Zion Williamson is the NBA's Next Superstar

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"Zion Williamson is a better shooter than Blake Griffin will ever be, stronger than Charles Barkley, and faster than Karl Malone... He's one of the few NFL guys in the NBA." — Colin Cowherd

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Video Transcript
Saying this since I saw Zion play at Duke, I'm like this is the next Phenom and as a lot of criticism, Oh, my guy can't shoot. He's too big and I say the only thing I worry about his torque. He's gonna get hurt but this is what a phenom looked like and began James the House. That's where people wanna live and be in the neighborhood grow old and so I look at Zion and to me, it was an obvious thing. That's what a phenom looks like the smile the game the power and last night you saw all of it. You saw the size the burst you heard the MVP Chance 17 Points the burst in the fourth even a little controversy. They pulled him out. You saw a kid. That's what a phenom looks like when it is not in good shape. He's not in great shape right now he. It was a dead in the first half. He looked tired. He was passive. The game was fast, but phenoms pick up on it very very quickly. He is a better shooter than Blake Griffin will ever be. He is stronger than Charles Barkley and he is faster than Karl Malone, five or six NBA players in my. And I've been watching this leak from 5040 years. I'm talking about the highly-skilled guys. not Ben Wallace. There's been five or six highly-skilled guys that just look different Shack Barkley Lebron Karl Malone and Zion Zion doesn't even look like an NBA body. You know how I say. Odell Beckham is the first NBA guy in the NFL. Zion's one of the few NFL guys in the NBA. He's running up the court. He doesn't look like a tight end. He looks like a defensive tackle and in a. Now that is three ball centric very finesse can't touch anybody lot of skinny 219 pounds centers and guys who can shoot threes. He is gonna bully his way to 20 - four night. Never forget this about Lebron James Lebron 's first five years in the League. I remember going on the air and saying I know he's great, but he bores me. It's just a freight train. He's running over everybody. Then he developed an inside game after being humiliated against the Mavericks and the Championship. then he developed a. He's always been a good distributor, but Zion Williamson, that is what a phenom looks like the criticisms were silly. Well. I don't know about. he's never gonna be able to shoot. He doesn't need to be a great shooter to get 20 - four night and sell tickets. He looks different. Sometimes you just have to not out. I think the room first of all. he's like what 19 Were you refined at 19? I didn't really think I was a good broadcaster until about 30 - three at 19. He's gonna be a totally The best high school player ever and it took him about six years where you were like, Yeah, he's close, but he still has to get an inside game. of course he didn't have it all buttoned up yet. The other thing is his shot wasn't broken. It just needed to be tweaked. Ben Simmon shot Markelle Fultz shot Russell Westbrook shot those are broken shots. Derek Rosie shot This was just a jumper that needed to be tweaked. Even Ray Allen came into the League and wasn't a dead eye. Three shooter. Ray Allen was athletic and became a great three -point The one thing I almost always almost always feel can be tweaked, but don't think the room. Sometimes there's a physical element to you that signals a star Tyree kill of the Kansas City Chiefs. He's just too damn fast to cover. It's gonna work. If you give him a decent quarterback, don't think the room you can't keep up with them. Deion Sanders. He's just too fast. You know you Zion's just too big in a League now with no power forwards, 220 -, four pounds centers and a bunch of guys lanky guys who can hit threes the power forward basically gone. I mean Center. He's a small ball lineup scenery if Cavan Luna had that talent, he could go to the Warriors. You put him in with Clay and staff and Draymond and Zion Center. That's what he looks like in today's modern NBA. So you saw it all. He was a 12 shot to the NBA. Last night, The NBA has been sagging. There's not a lot of urgency. you know Lebron's in his seventeenth year. it looks like the two L A teams are way better than everybody else. He is exactly what the NBA needs. Here's how big of a phenomena is and and sometimes I always used to use the rule with my late mother. Patricia the difference between a star and a superstar is my mom knows superstars. My mom didn't know who Derek Jeter was she knew who rod was my mom didn't know who Scotty Pippin was she knew who MJ was okay. My mom doesn't know A million comedians. She knows who Ellen is she knows who Seinfeld was okay, Zion's going to be a superstar and it's not just gonna be as. Average in his stats, John Moran is gonna be a star. He's getting close to being one. This is what a phenom is about literally taking your breath away, looks different than everybody else The smile The sound afterwards. I also think he's incredibly likable and if you look at the history of really big superstars in America, Magic was likable and Brett Farve was likable. Jeff Gordon, the Nascar guy was likable. There's a like ability about him. You just wanna put your arms around. If you could accept you can't because he's a tank, but there's a real decency. you know I don't wanna get too melodramatic, but there's just certain players. I root for. he's an easy kid to root for. I said. Four Westbrook's talented. I can't root for him. Rogers has talented. It's hard to root for him. Zion's easy to root for so I just couldn't been happier last night.
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