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  • Name: Yuri Borisov ( Yuriy Borisov )
  • Date of birth: 8 December 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Reutov
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status:

    Yuri Borisov: a biography

    Young, but already a promising theater and movie actor Yuri Borisov was born on 8 December 1992 in the suburbs. The boy grew up in the small town of Reutov, where he played in local school theater. After high school Yuri went to conquer the capital and was successfully admitted to the famous schepkinskoe school in the acting Department, from which he graduated in 2013.

    While training at the University Borisov took an active part in student performances. The boy tried to try myself in different roles, to maximize their professional roles. So, he was able to play the role of an adventurer Alexander Sparks in a satirical play «zoy’s flat» on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov, the inspectors in the Polish play «Times have changed» directed by Vladimir Beilis, draftsman Ragnar Brovik in the «Builder Balinese» Henrik Ibsen, and even put a dance room in his crazy character, a patient in a psychiatric hospital, in his study on the music of French composer Laurent Boutonnat «Night stage» at the graduation course. By the way, for the role of Sparkle, the student received the award «Gold list» for best actor among the graduates of 2013. The play «Zoyka’s apartment» was seen, and his production took the company private «Penguins Gang». Borisov plays it to this day.

    Also, as a student, a young actor actively collaborated with other Moscow theatres. So, in the theater «STD» on Strastnoy Boulevard played in the romantic performance «With favourite do not leave», where she played the role of Mitya. And at the Maly theatre actor appeared in the role of the monarch in the play «Black snow» on the works of Mikhail Bulgakov.

    After the release of «Chips» in 2013, Yuri Borisov started to play the famous troupe of the theatre «Satyricon», where he continued to participate in performances until 2014. The actor plays the Ambassador Lodovico in the legendary Shakespeare tragedy «Othello», and also performs the role of the faithful friend of Romeo Balthasar in «Romeo and Juliet», directed by Konstantin Raikin.

    While studying at the University the young actor paid great attention not only to the persuasiveness of a dramatic game, but also additional skills that can often come in handy artist: stuntmen, horse riding and choreography.

    Yuri Borisov movies

    As a film actor, Borisov made his debut while still a second year student. One of his first works was the role of social film-drama

  • «Elena» directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev. This picture made a triumphal procession through the thirteen international film festivals in France, Greece, Brazil, Canada, Finland, great Britain, Belgium, Hungary and Mexico and went into wide release in eleven countries. «Elena» was awarded in Cannes, seven times nominated for «nick» and won the prestigious film award Sundance / NHK International Filmmakers in the category «Best European independent film». Then the actor starred in Alexander Proshkin in the postwar psychological drama «Atonement.» Since Borisov was invited to dramatic roles in movies. So, he starred in the historical television series «Duels», where she played scout Alexey Kozlov in his youth. Then was the main role of a Timid schoolboy lover Krokhina in the TV series «everyone has their own war», which was warmly received by the viewers. The artist also became the main protagonist of the short film «Fracture».

    And yet romantic roles in dramatic films constitute the main role of the artist. Yuri Borisov starred in the mini-series

  • «Butterfly». In this four-part story of the tragic love story of the main characters in the performance Yury Borisova and Maria Poezzhaeva amid the tragic events of 1986, when there was the largest man-made disaster — the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. «Butterfly», which was released before the 27th anniversary of the tragedy in 2013, was a great success with the audience, and Yuri Borisov and Maria Paisieva became the personification of undying love on the backdrop of a terrible human error.

    In 2014, Yuri Borisov starred in three films and television series: crime novel «goodbye, my love!» (operative Kibirov), military film «the Old gun» (minesweeper), as well as in the melodrama «thing of nature» (Igor Zvonarev).

    For 2015, the artist has big plans. Already out sports series called «

  • Shot» with his participation, where Yuri tried on the image of a young athlete, participant of the Sochi Olympic games. In the near future planned outputs of the series «Young Guard», in which Borisov will play Sergei tyulenin and historical telenovelas «Officer’s wife», where the actor will appear in one of the main roles, playing Viktor Terekhov.

    Yuri Borisov: the private life

    The personal life of Yuri Borisov, the artist carefully guarded from media attention. The actor is still young and most of the time is dedicated to filming and professional growth, which is well evident from his recent works.

    Yuri Borisov filmography

    • The officers ‘ wives
    • The young guard
    • Road to Berlin
    • Leaves nature
    • Goodbye, my love!
    • Shot
    • Butterfly
    • Mum detective
    • Freud’s Method
    • Each has its own war
    • Fights
    • Redemption
    • Elena

    Yuri Borisov: photos

    Yuri Borisov

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