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  1. Nov


    Cologne, Germany

    Gebäude 9

  2. Dec


    Regensburg, Germany

    Airport-Eventhall Obertraubling

  3. Dec


    Canceled Nuremberg, Germany


  4. Jan

    21Arrow right icon

    Minehead, UK

    Giants Of Rock

  5. Feb


    Moscow, Russian Federation

    Crocus City Hall

  6. Feb


    Östersund, Sweden

    Folkets Hus Östersund

  7. Mar


    Johanneshov, Sweden


  8. Mar


    Gothenburg, Sweden


  9. Apr


    Canceled Milwaukee, WI, US

    Northern Lights Theater, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

  10. Jun


    Outdoor Bassum, Germany


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  • Nazareth are a progressive hard rock band inspired by the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones hailing from Dunfermline, Scotland and formed in 1968.

    The 60’s in Scotland, rock was a dying genre with not much happening on the scene as most bands struggled for individuality and a signature sound. Rising from the ashes of semi-successful local band The Shadettes frontman Dan McCafferty (vocals) accompanied by members of local bands: Manny Charlton (guitar), Pete Agnew (bass) and Darrell Sweet (drums) completed the original line up of Nazareth.

    With most of the band members settled in terms of family life, it was in 1971 that Nazareth made the executive decision to move to the big smoke (London) sacrificing their day jobs and moving from familiar surroundings to further the band’s prospects. Moving into a tiny communal flat, Nazareth slaved away to produce their eponymous debut self-titled album later that year. It was the release of their second album “Exercises” released the following year which really catapulted them onto the scene, receiving glowing reviews and led to them securing a support slot on tour with Deep Purple.

    1973 was a great year for the band as released their third album “Razamanza” (which reached number 11 in the UK charts) and their fourth album “Loud n’ Proud” which scored them their first top ten album success.

    In 1979 Nazareth grew in numbers as they added Zal Cleminson as a second guitarist. With moderate success achieved in the US and Canada during the eighties as the band underwent numerous line-up changes and continued churning out albums one after the other.

    In 1984 the band signed a record deal with Vertigo which was followed closely by a pivotal support slot for Status Quo at Milton Keynes Bowl as they released their fourteenth album “The Catch” in the same year.

    Apparently after an unfulfilled request of the band playing at Axl Rose’s wedding, in 1993 Guns N Roses paid tribute to the band with their rendition of their classic single “Hair of the Dog”.

    This iconic band with a long standing career have traversed the world and inspired some of the most prolific rock bands of this generation as their continue keeping rock well and truly alive.

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Live reviews

  • Nazareth

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 40 years since the musical beginnings of Scottish rockers Nazareth, and they’re not only are they still here to tell the tale, but the group continue to record and tour, and wherever they roam they pack out venues full of nostalgic fans. The quartet formed in Scotland back in 1968, and their original line-up consisted of vocalist Dan McCafferty, guitarist Manny Charlton, bassist Pete Agnew, and drummer Darrell Sweet. Inspired by their contemporaries in the 1960’s like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Nazareth’s hard-rocking sound, catchy hooks and pop inflections made them a hit- particularly in the ‘70s with their successful breakthrough number 1 hit, a cover of Roy Orbison’s ‘Love Hurts’. Mcgafferty’s trademark hoarse growl when he sings this soulful tune still sounds (almost) as fresh as upon it’s release, and it’s always going to be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. When I saw the hard-working, hard-partying bunch a couple of years ago in Munich on their 2012 tour, bagpipe music filled the auditorium before the boys appeared majestically bathed in an atmospheric glow, before launching into their fantastically played hour-long set. They played all their well-loved songs like ‘Hair Of The Dog’ and early hit ‘Silver Dollar Forger’, which had everyone singing the words, as well as a couple of great covers such as ‘Love Hurts’ (of course!), and a rousingly lively version of Joni Mitchell’s ‘This Flight Tonight’. While they’ve certainly been around the block a few times, Nazareth still put on a cracking show, and if you don’t believe me, go check them out for yourself!

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  • The theatre is black, save for the stage, which is lit up both by the blue light, made hazy by the smoke machines, and the energy of the band as they rock out. Dan McCafferty screams out the lyrics to “Hair of the Dog”, while Manny Charlton kills it on guitar and Darrel Sweet pounds out an impressive drum solo. The crowd goes wild as Nazareth hits the stage, and neither musicians nor audience will rest until Nazareth walks off at the end of the night. A Scottish hard rock/metal band, Nazareth formed in 1968 and hit it big in the United Kingdom throughout the early 1970s. In 1975, with their sixth album Hair of the Dog, they secured an international presence and, with their following seventeen albums, have only grown better. They have produced Top Ten hits, such as “Broken Down Angel” and “Bad Bad Boy”, and multiple hit singles, such as “Holiday”. Despite many changes in their line up, including a recent switch from lead singer Dan McCafferty to Linton Osborne in 2014, Nazareth have maintained a steady production of great rock music.

    Whether indoor or outdoor, no matter the size of the crowd or the venue, Nazareth never disappoints. Their thirty plus years of experience show, and they improve with every show. If you haven't had the experience of rocking out to Nazareth live with hundreds of other fans, go to a concert and you won't regret it!

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  • Not many bands can claim to give the very bands that they were inspired for a run for their money in terms of longevity, but Nazareth are among that elite number; having been inspired to start a band by The Rolling Stones, they formed in 1968 and continue as a creative force to this day, meaning they’re not lagging far behind the Stones in terms of proximity to their fiftieth anniversary. The group, from Dunfermline in Scotland, tasted their biggest success back in 1995, with a hit single that was actually a cover - of ‘Love Hurts’ by Boudleaux Bryant - but their album that dropped around that time, Hair of the Dog, was also a real success, having sold over two million copies around the world. Today, only bass player Pete Agnew continues as an original member of the band; long-time frontman Dan McAfferty was forced to step down last year due to health concerns. A new singer, Linton Osborne, will continue to play the classics as well as new material with the band as they tour across the UK and Europe; fans can expect tracks from Rock ‘n’ Roll Telephone, released in June as the band’s twenty-third record in a remarkable career.

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  • Nazareth were great even though it’s like a new generation with the classic songs.

    Support were shocking and inappropriate for Nazareth. They were overly loud to cover up

    How bad they were. Best moment of the night was when they finished

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  • I loved every second of it. Small venues are always the best, because you can get closer and almost feel like you are in the show rather just watching it.

    Great band, great energy and even banter. Totally recommend them

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  • Hello Guys.

    Thanks a lot for your show. It was a fantastic experience.We enjoyed that evening togehter with your friends

    Hope to see you again in germany.

    Best regards

    Juergen Krumm


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  • A very good show❤️❤️❤️ Good venue, all artists so friendly and sending the warmth to everybody. They are not arrogant, a very energetic and share with their energy to everybody

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  • Love Nazareth! Please do a tour date in Chicago, Illinois soon! My husband and I would love to buy tickets to see you! Nazareth is one of our favorite bands!

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Past concerts

  1. Nov


    Burgkirchen an der Alz, Germany

    Bürgerzentrum Burgkirchen a.d. Alz

  2. Nov


    Nördlingen, Germany


  3. Nov

    12Arrow right icon

    Sarnen, Switzerland

    UrRock Musik Festival

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