Seeing pics of celebrities growing up is always so much fun because it reminds us that, often, they were just normal kids like the rest of us. Today we wanted to take a trip down memory lane with the two Spears sisters. Anyone who remembers the 2000s knows their faces, as Britney was one of the biggest pop stars at the time (some would even argue that she still is), while her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, was a child star until she caused a worldwide media frenzy by getting pregnant at the age of sixteen.

But clearly, both sisters fought their way through every obstacle life threw at them, and they seem to be living happy family lives nowadays. But back in the day when they lived in Louisiana, the two were just regular kids with big dreams, two girls who were into performing, dancing, and even sports, girls who had crushes and girls who were very close to their family. So today we will take a look at their childhood: From baby pics to prom dresses, get ready for a double dose of Spears!

Here they are, 15 photos of Britney Spears growing up, followed by 10 of her younger sister, Jamie Lynn.

25 Let's Start Off With A Pic Of Britney As An Adorable Toddler

How utterly cute was Britney as a toddler? The pop star was born in 1981 in McComb, Mississippi, and she was the Spears family's middle child. The star spent her childhood in Kentwood, Louisiana, and early on her parents could tell that she was going to be an entertainer. Judging from Britney's childhood pics, the singer seemed to have a pretty happy early childhood, and the huge grin on her face is there to prove that. Also a side not — look at her haircut! Cuteness overload!

24 Young Britney Was Always A Spectacular Performer

According to IMDB, Britney was always a fantastic dancer, and as a child, she attended dance classes and loved gymnastics. Truth be told, she definitely has the photos to prove that, and during her childhood, Britney won many dance and gymnastics competitions. In the photos above you can see little Britney in her stage costumes, and we can all agree that she definitely looked incredibly cute and professional, and she always knew how to strike a pose! The two people with her are her proud parents Jamie and Lynne Spears, who even brought a camera to make sure they have photos of Britney's big performance day.

23 Britney Loved Anything Disney As A Kid (Who Didn't?)

Each and every one of us can probably relate to being a Disney fan, as Disney was such a big part of almost everyone's childhood. And guess what, celebs were no different. Before they were these big superstars the rest of us admired, they were just regular kids, for whom a trip to Disneyland was what dreams are made of. Young Britney was clearly a huge Minnie Mouse fan, and getting a picture taken with her must have been the highlight of little Britney's day.

22 And, Of Course, She Was Always Into Singing

While Britney liked dancing and gymnastics, her one true passion was always singing. According to IMDB, little Britney loved singing so much that she even tried out for The All New Mickey Mouse Club when she was only eight years old but was turned down due to her young age. As we all know, a couple of years later she became a member of the club and met some other very talented kids who played important roles in her life.

21 And She Loved Dressing Her Little Sister Up — But We'll Get To Jamie Lynn A Bit Later

Britney Spears and her younger sister Jamie Lynn — which we'll get to a bit more later — were always super close as sisters, and Britney loved playing with Jamie Lynn. In the photo above you can see a young Britney doing an even younger Jamie Lynn's hair, and judging from Jamie Lynn's smile, the little girl was loving it. Britney was clearly in her zone, trying to focus on making sure the final hairstyle turns out flawless, which we bet it did!

20 And Here She Is With Her Older Brother Bryan

Bryan Spears, who's now a television and film producer, is the oldest sibling of the bunch. He was born in 1977, and as we already know, four years later he got his first younger sister Britney. It seems as if growing up all three siblings were very close and spent a lot of time together. And we have to admit, these old school '80s and '90s sibling portraits are definitely a vibe — we kind of wish they were still a thing.

19 You Could Tell Even Back Then She Had That Something Special

Young Britney was absolutely adorable, and we can all agree that it was always quite obvious she'd be a big star one day. The girl just had something unique about her, and you can even see it in the photo above. The camera always loved her, she had her own style, she was a great performer and she loved singing. When all those things come together, it's only a matter of moment before a star is born. And when it comes to Britney, the star was born very early!

18 As A Teen, She Developed A Passion For Dancing

We already mentioned Britney loved dancing and gymnastics, but as a teen, her focus shifted on rather pop and hip-hop inspired dances — something we got to see a lot of later on in her performances. Can we also just point out how Britney always had that certain cool and relaxed thing about her, I mean just look at her face here! She makes it all seem so effortless. Young '90s Britney is was definitely serving everyone some future pop queen looks!

17 And, As We Know, She Joined The Mickey Mouse Club

According to The Famous People, in 1992 Britney again auditioned for The Mickey Mouse Club and this time she was selected along with other child artists like Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Christina Aguilera — all of which you can see in the photo above. Seriously, who would have known that these kids would become such big celebrities one day? Unfortunately for everyone, the show got canceled after two seasons and Britney moved back to Kentwood. But don't worry, she didn't stay there for too long!

16 Yes, Britney Spears And Christina Aguilera Used To Be Good Friends

Since we brought up The Mickey Mouse Club, we have to mention the iconic Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera friendship. Anyone who paid attention to the music industry in the early 2000s knows that these two pop divas had their musical debuts around the same time, and were immediately declared as rivals. And while they perhaps weren't the closest of friends at that point in their lives, during their time at The Mickey Mouse Club, the two girls seemed pretty inseparable.

15 Here's Britney With A Young Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, & TJ Fantini

Of course, besides just the talented Christina, Britney also got to hang out with these cool boys, and honestly the fact that Justin and Britney's romance probably started with them crushing on each other on The Mickey Mouse Club is so adorable. While we respect both celebrities and acknowledge they absolutely have the right to live their lives, we can't help but feel a bit salty that the two didn't have a happily ever after. I mean, who could forget their iconic denim partner look?

14 Rocking That School Girl Look Was Always Her Thing

Honestly, when most of us think of Britney Spears and her debut popular song "Hit Me Baby One More Time," we tend to think of that school girl uniform look that Britney made iconic. Yup, uniforms were not cool, but then that video rolled around and all of a sudden they were every girl's favorite look. And as you can tell from the photo above, teenage Britney used to rock that innocent school girl look even before that music video came out.

13 But Britney Was Also Into Sports, In Particular Basketball

Speaking of "Hit Me Baby One More Time," remember those basketball scenes? Yup, Britney also played basketball in her high school, and it seems that she wasn't bad at it at all. According to Snakkle, Britney joined the team during her freshman year at Park Lane Academy in McComb, Mississippi, and we think she looked absolutely fab in a basketball jersey. Of course, as we know she didn't end up becoming a professional basketball player, but here and there a little bit of her love for the sport shows up.

12 Her Prom Dress Was Absolute Perfection

We love seeing what our favorite celebs wore to their prom, and teen Britney rocked this gorgeous red gown! It's definitely a red-carpet-worthy look, and we love that she decided to combine it with rather simple makeup and a very '90s-looking updo. We don't know who Britney's date for the big night was, but we bet whoever the guy ended up being — he's still bragging to people about it! Who could blame him, taking Britney Spears to a school dance is a big deal!

11 And Here She Is In 1998 Right Before Her Big Break

Lastly, here's a young Britney right before her big break in 1998. Her debut hit song "Hit Me Baby One More Time" was released at the end of 1998, and this is the first look Britney gave us — the innocent girl next door. The young singer must have been thrilled that her music is finally going to be released, and we bet she couldn't in a million years expect it to blow up that much. While the singer has been through lots of things over the years, it does seem as if she always managed to retain her bubbly southern personality.

10 Britney Was Very Excited When Little Jamie Lynn Was Brought Home

In 1991, when little Britney was ten years old, her younger sister Jamie Lynn was born. As you can tell from Britney's first photo with the youngest family member, she was absolutely thrilled to finally have a sister! Little did she know at the time that both of them would one day become famous and end up doing what they love the most. Also, a side note — can we just acknowledge how cute Britney's outfit is? Maybe little Jamie Lynn doesn't care, but we had to mention it!

9 And Jamie Looked So Much Like Her Older Sister

Growing up it was soon evident that little Jamie was going to be the spitting image of her older sister Britney, she looked pretty much exactly like her — the same eyes, same nose, and same hair. Of course, it quickly became obvious that little Jamie would take after her sister personality-wise as well, especially once little Jamie started showing an interest in performing. But in the pic above, she's just an adorable toddler whose pink snapback is slightly too big for her!

8 The Sass Must Run In The Family

This photo of little Jamie Lynn striking a pose and giving us such diva vibes might just be our favorite on the list. Her girly outfit is definitely a look — little Jamie knows how to match her pinks — and as you can tell from the cute sandals she's wearing, Jamie was, just like her older sister Britney, a Mickey Mouse fan as well. Jamie Lynn was also born in McComb, Mississippi, but raised in Kentwood, Louisiana where the whole family moved.

7 Here's Jamie Lynn And Britney Having A Family Lunch

Yup, in the photo above the two cuties were having lunch with their mother Lynne and we honestly just can't get over how alike the two sisters look. In fact, the two always looked so much alike that Jamie Lynn played a role in Britney's 2002 debut film Crossroads. Yes, you've guessed it: Jamie Lynn played the younger version of Britney's character Lucy. Unfortunately, the movie wasn't too big of a hit with the critics, but true Spears fans love it regardless!

6 Here's Little Jamie With Her Already Famous Big Sis'

Once Britney became the biggest pop star of the early 2000s, paparazzi wouldn't let her go anywhere without snapping pics. And in a bunch of those photos, you could see the star hanging out with a preteen Jamie Lynn, who at the time wasn't famous yet. As you can tell from the photo above, Britney did try her best when it came to looking after her younger sister, which also — you guessed it — meant holding her hand when crossing the street.

5 And Look At Her Hanging Out With Justin Timberlake

We already mentioned Justin Timberlake before, and if you were not aware that he and Britney dated back in the day, you either must have been living under a rock, or you're very young. Anyway, the two were for a while everyone's favorite celebrity couple, and for little Jamie Lynn that meant that she would get to hang out with the popular NSYNC singer pretty much as often as Britney did. In the two photos above you can get a glimpse at what their hangouts used to look like.

4 Growing Up, Britney And Jamie Were Very Close

We already mentioned the family was pretty close, and the bond between Britney and Jamie Lynn was always strong and special. In the photo above you can see the two sisters with their mother Lynne, who was always very supportive of her children's aspirations. Pics like these remind us that most celebs had a very normal upbringing, one that, in a way, often resembles our own. And judging from this photo, the three always seemed to have a good time together!

3 Here's Jamie Walking At A Kids "R" Us Fashion Show

Back in 2002, an eleven-year-old Jamie Lynn walked in the Kids "R" Us fashion show in New York City, and as you can guess, she absolutely nailed the walk. While we all now know that she didn't end up pursuing work in modeling, the few instances she was a model are nothing she should be ashamed of. In fact, we think it's amazing that she dared to walk in front of strangers and strut with such sass and determination!

2 And The Same Year She Attended The Teen Choice Awards With Her Sister

In the same year — which was also the year Crossroads was released - the two sisters attended the Teen Choice Awards and were even on stage presenting together. Little Jamie was, of course, giving everyone cuteness and sass, and it seems as if older sister Britney was even a bit jealous. We're sure it was all part of the show, besides who can't relate to a bit of sibling rivalry? On another note — how 2000s do their outfits look? Yup, extreme midriff-baring looks were a thing back then.

1 Seriously, Can Anyone Imagine The 2000s Without These Two?

Alright, those were 25 images of the two sisters growing up, and if they didn't make you nostalgic, are you even human? The two were major stars in the 2000s, and while they may not be as relevant anymore, they are definitely not forgotten. Britney went on to become an even bigger popstar who eventually couldn't deal with all the fame, while Jamie Lynn got pregnant as a teen and kind of had to put her acting on hold. Either way, both of them have found their ways, and we bet there's more to come from the Spears sisters in the future!


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