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Wolverine Boots and Shoes

Wolverine Boots and Shoes

With more than 130 years in the work boot-making business, it's no wonder that Wolverine stands behinds its lineup of Wolverine boots and shoes with a guarantee of your total comfort and satisfaction. These folks know how to make boots. Although it boasts more than a century of history at its headquarters in Rockford, Mich., this company isn't resting on its laurels. It combines the knowledge it's gained from the past with ongoing innovation and ingenuity to keep its boots and shoes not only current with footwear technology and trends but constantly stepping forward into the future.

Wolverine DuraShocks work boots are one great example of this company's forward-looking attitude. These boots feature a brand-new energy return system. Layers of cushioned comfort, energy return and shock absorption underlie a rugged, durable outer sole. Advanced components in the soles deliver maximum comfort along with performance. If you are looking for dependability and comfort in your work boots, Wolverine DuraShocks boots are a smart place to look. We also stock DuraShocks insoles to add comfort to just about any shoes or boots you wear.

At Work Boots USA, we carry plenty of DuraShocks as well as Wolverines with other features suitable for a variety of activities, from work to recreation. Shop our huge inventory of Wolverine work, athletic and casual boots and shoes, and you'll find footwear for occupations ranging from nursing to logging. We carry boots with steel toes as well as soft toes and composite toes.

If you're into hiking, hunting or other recreational pursuits that take you into the great outdoors and put you at Mother Nature's mercy, we stock a wide range of Wolverine boots and shoes perfect for outdoor pursuits. Rugged and lightweight, many of these boots are waterproof, keeping you comfortable in even the worst conditions.

Although they aren't cheap, Wolverine work boots are really a great value in the long run. Built carefully with the best materials, they will outlast and outperform their less-expensive competitors. And when your job or even your life may depend on it, wouldn't you rather have a pair of boots you can count on?

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