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Many notable bands originally went by different names before their mainstream breakthrough.[1] This list of original names of bands list only former official band names that are significantly different from the eventual "famous" name. This list does not include former band names that have only minor differences, such as stylisation changes, with the band's final band name.

The bands listed here must be notable, can be from any genre of music, and includes vocal groups whose members do not play instruments.


This is a sortable list, ordered alphabetically, starting with the name that the band is best known as, followed by the band's original name, and any other names they previously used (in chronological order).

Band Original name Other former names Ref
The Beach Boys The Pendletones [1]
Bee Gees The Rattlesnakes Wee Johnny Hayes and the Blue Cats [2][3]
Black Sabbath The Polka Tulk Blues Band Earth [1]
Blondie Angel and the Snake [4][5]
Blur Seymour [6]
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony The Band-Aid Boys B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e [1]
Creed Naked Toddler [1]
Creedence Clearwater Revival The Blue Velvets The Golliwogs [7]
Def Leppard Atomic Mass [1]
Destiny's Child Girl's Tyme [8]
Elbow Mr. Soft [9]
Empire of the Sun Steelemore [10]
Goo Goo Dolls The Sex Maggots [2][9]
Green Day Sweet Children [1]
INXS The Farriss Brothers [10]
Joy Division Warsaw [11]
Lamb of God Burn the Priest [1]
Lemon Demon Trapezoid Deporitaz [12]
Led Zeppelin The New Yardbirds [8]
The Libertines The Strand [9]
Maroon 5 Kara's Flowers [1]
Muse Rocket Baby Dolls [7]
Nickelback Village Idiots [7]
Nirvana Skid Row Pen Cap Chew; Bliss; Ted Ed Fred. [7][13]
Oasis The Rain [9]
Pearl Jam Mookie Blaylock [1]
Pink Floyd Sigma 6 Meggadeaths; The Screaming Abdabs; Leonard’s Lodgers; The Spectrum Five; Tea Set [14][7]
Radiohead On a Friday [1]
Red Hot Chili Peppers Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem [1]
R.E.M. Cans of Piss Negro Eyes; Twisted Kites [15]
Savage Garden Crush [10]
Selena Gomez & the Scene the Scene
Simon & Garfunkel Tom and Jerry [1]
Slade The N'Betweens Ambrose Slade [6]
Slipknot The Meld [9]
Snow Patrol Shrug Polarbear [2][9]
Sonny & Cher Caesar and Cleo [4]
Sparks Halfnelson
Spice Girls Touch [16]
Sugar Ray Shrinky Dinx [1]
They Might Be Giants El Grupo De Rock And Roll Circle Gets the Square; Dumptruck [17]
U2 Feedback The Hype [7][2]
Van Halen Genesis Mammoth [7]
The Who The Detours The High Numbers [2]

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