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Bell System

Task Force
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Welcome to the Bell System Task Force, a task force of WikiProject Telecommunications. A WikiProject is a group of pages in the Wikipedia article namespace which are devoted to the management of a specific topic or family of topics within Wikipedia; and, simultaneously, a group of editors who use those pages to collaborate on encyclopedic work. It is not a place to write encyclopedia articles directly, but a resource to help coordinate and organize the writing and editing of those articles. This group focuses on the history of the Bell System.

Open tasks

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  • Article requests : Pictures needed for the older telephone sets, handsets, subsets, etc.
  • Expand : History of all the Bell operating companies.
  • NPOV : Maintain neutrality in all articles.
  • Verify : All information posted should be verifiable with listed references


To join the task force, simply click here, and then add your name to the bottom of the list.
Feel free to include any particular areas of interest you’d like to contribute to.


The following categories are used by this task force:

Using the "Bell System" parameter of the WikiProject Telecommunications banner adds articles into the category Bell System articles, which keeps track of the quality of task force articles.

The content category Bell System is not associated with the task force. Nevertheless, it can be used to find articles not yet tagged by the task force.


The following templates may prove useful to members of the task force.

The template below is our userbox.

Bell System hires 1969 logo blue.svgThis user is a member of
the Bell System task force.

To add it to your user page, simply copy and paste the following text:
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Telecommunications/Bell System/userbox}}


The following template is used for navigating between different Bell System articles.
To add it to any article that could use it, simply copy and paste the following text:
{{Bell System}}

Please also see the WikiProject Telecommunications talk page banner.
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