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 A collaborative team of editors aiming better organize and improve all chiropractic-related articles


Current objectives are tentative and subject to change as the WikiProject evolves. All suggestions for improvement are welcome on the project's talk page. For now these considerations are to be made:

  • Ensure all articles pertaining to chiropractic are accurate and reliable. Adhere to WP:HEALTHRS, WP:UNDUE, and WP:NPOV among others.
  • Work through removing the vast amount of pages with article maintenance tags.
  • Explain emerging chiropractic in related pages that don't currently have much information on them (i.e. Ultrasound, Gait analysis, etc).
  • Explain established chiropractic in related pages without much information on it currently (i.e. Radiology, Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis, many links on and from Spinal disease, etc).
  • Create pages for more popular methods of adjustment (i.e. Thompson, SOT, TRT, etc). Could be in conjunction with spinal manipulation (PT's) or OMT (DO's) where applicable.
  • Create pages for instrumental leaders in chiropractic history.
  • Improve all pages related to chiropractic organizations, schools, and governing bodies.
  • Advertise the WikiProject to gain new members.
  • This can be a very inflammatory subject, so not only should we attempt to remove any unsourced negative bias, we must work to give no undue weight in favor of chiropractic either. It's important, among all else, to keep a neutral point of view.

Articles needing attention[edit]

Feel free to add as you see fit

  • Chiropractic - There needs to be mention of the debate over Chiropractic practice as a Pseudoscience, but the article is looking quite heavy handed in bashing the technique.
  • Chiropractic treatment techniques
  • All Chiro-related journals

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