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2016 Magic Flute rehearsal - image upload during an edit-a-thon
screen shot of three faces on zoom, all smiling
Meeting 12 May 2021 between the Canadian Association for the Performing Arts, (Frédéric Julien | Director of Research and Development, Bridget MacIntosh | Cultural Strategist) and Lisa Maule | NZ Wikiproject Coordinator
St James Theatre, Wellington
Lisa Densem - Re-publica Portland 2019 - d2 (48934668148)
Circa Theatre
"Cleopatra" in Domain cricket ground 1914 New Zealand
Love For Love, 1979,Palmerston North
Limbs Dance Company
Student parade Queen Street 1920s
BATS Theatre

This is a project to increase content and improve the quality of performing arts information from Aotearoa New Zealand on Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. It is being coordinated by Lisa Maule. Lisa is a theatre designer and arts manager with a keen interest in preserving and celebrating the performing arts landscape of Aotearoa. In April 2021 she was awarded a grant by the US-based Wikimedia Foundation for a four month project to increase content about performing arts in Aotearoa on Wikipedia. This was funded partly because of Lisa's focus to ensure good representation of women, Māori and Pacific Island artists and projects.

Existing editors please add yourself to the 'participants' section below for news and updates. There are lots of short articles with expansion possibilities in lists below.

New editors get in touch. Email to express an interest and to learn next steps (

The initial stage of the project ran over four months 17 May - 10 September 2021, with three edit-a-thons and 107 new articles created.

Performing arts scope[edit]

Performing arts is defined as theatre, dance, cabaret, and music performances and other cultural forms. Other events, festivals, musicians and composers are also encouraged.

Wikipedia Articles to create and improve[edit]

Enough information available on an internet search to create an article of at least stub status. Note - for international editors Pākehā is a white New Zealander. This project aims to especially include content on women and people of colour on Wikipedia.

Suggested articles lists[edit]

Here is a shared google document with suggested articles and references. Comments can be made with suggestions.

Short articles for expansion



Articles that have a problem to fix[edit]

Draft articles needing some work

References for citations and information[edit]

Refer to the google document for research material. You can also comment to share references - it is a living documents to be updated over time.

Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Take photos of NZ performing arts related people, places or events and upload them to Wikimedia Commons. Look through your photo archives - have you taken images of festivals, street performances, venues? You famous friend or auntie? (Please find out about copyright, privacy and permissions).

Suggested commons categories[edit]

Theatre Companies in New Zealand, Playwrights from New Zealand, Actors from New Zealand, Designers from New Zealand, Dance in New Zealand, Dancers from New Zealand, Choreographers from New Zealand, Theatre directors from New Zealand, Theatre of New Zealand, Opera vocalists from New Zealand, Entertainment venues in New Zealand

Wikimedia Commons how to[edit]

Get That Picture in the Wiki-Verse. Designed by Christina Blust CC BY-SA 4.0 (

Suggested projects[edit]

  • Upload a photo you take of your local community hall, theatre or performance venue
  • Upload images of performing arts people from the New Zealand governor generals website (check it has the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.[1])
  • Upload images from Digital NZ - this list shows images with reuse licences although always check on the original website. Link
  • Notable people - you can upload photo's of yourself and your work if you own the copyright - get in touch for guidance (

Images of venues which hold performing arts are needed. Please use Category:Entertainment venues in New Zealand plus any more localised specific categories.

Please email the url of any uploaded images to so the categories and other technical details can be checked.



Add yourself to the participants list below. You will get regular updates.


Please add your new articles to the bottom of the lists. The initial four months of the project created 107 new articles (that were recorded here).

New articles - biographies[edit]

  1. Cat Ruka - dancer and choreographer (she/her - Māori)
  2. Malia Johnston - choreographer (she/her - Pākehā)
  3. June Kerr - dancer (she/her - Pākehā)
  4. Anne Rowse - dancer (she/her - Pākehā)
  5. Susan Jordan - dancer and choreographer (she/her - Pākehā)
  6. Sarah-Jayne Howard - dancer and choreographer (she/her - Pākehā)
  7. Bianca Hyslop - dancer and choreographer (she/her - Māori)
  8. Dolina Wehipeihana - dancer and choreographer (she/her - Māori)
  9. Helen Pearse-Otene- playwright (she/her - Māori)
  10. Tupe Lualua - choreographer (she/her - Samoan NZer)
  11. Michelle Scullion - (Wikidata) composer and musician (she/her - Pākehā)
  12. Geraldine Brophy - actor, director (she/her - Pākehā)
  13. Diedre Irons - pianist
  14. Rosalie Carey - founder of the Globe Theatre
  15. Sara Brodie - director - 2015 Arts Foundation Laureate
  16. Cathy Livermore - dancer
  17. Kate Hawley - costume designer, performing arts and film
  18. Meggan Rollandi - scenographer / designer
  19. Nisha Madhan - actor
  20. Julia Croft - actor / director
  21. Jack Gray - choreographer and director of Atamira Dance Company
  22. Luke Di Somma – New Zealand musical theatre composer, lyricist, musical director
  23. Honor McKellar – New Zealand mezzo-soprano opera singer and singing teacher (DYK)
  24. Carla Van Zon – Artistic director in New Zealand, born 1952 (DYK)
  25. Sue Paterson - arts manager
  26. Tanya Muagututi'a
  27. Alice Canton - actor, director, creator, writer
  28. Michael Haigh
  29. Rodger Fox - jazz musician
  30. Lisa Densem
  31. Phillip Rhodes (baritone)
  32. Hilary Halba Created as part of the Dunedin Edit-a-thon
  33. Cindy Diver Created as part of the Dunedin Edit-a-thon
  34. Jenny Wake Created as part of the Dunedin Edit-a-thon
  35. Terry MacTavish Created as part of the Dunedin Edit-a-thon
  36. Benson Wilson
  37. Lisa Warrington - theatre director, academic and author - (she/her - Pākehā) (DYK)
  38. Emily Mair - soprano
  39. Dylan Lardelli - composer
  40. James Reach (playwright) (not NZ, a spillover!)
  41. Rob Mokaraka playwright, producer, actor
  42. Arthur Meek (playwright)
  43. Ninna Tersman (Swedish playwright, first winner of Adam NZ Play Award)
  44. Mitch Tawhi Thomas
  45. Louise Petherbridge
  46. Philip Chatfield - ballet dancer, artistic director
  47. Leonie Holmes - composer
  48. Deirdre Tarrant - dancer, choreographer
  49. Cathy Downes - Created as part of the Tāmaki Makaurau Edit-a-thon
  50. Claire Ahuriri-Dunning
  51. Miriama McDowell - Created as part of the Tāmaki Makaurau Edit-a-thon
  52. Arnold Trowell - composer
  53. Tracy Grant Lord - Created as part of the Tāmaki Makaurau Edit-a-thon
  54. Peter Hayden -actor, and television producer, writer and presenter
  55. Turid Revfeim - Created as part of the Wellington Edit-a-thon
  56. Sara Neil (dancer) - Created as part of the Wellington Edit-a-thon
  57. Taane Mete - Created as part of the Wellington Edit-a-thon
  58. Mere Boynton - Created as part of the Wellington Edit-a-thon
  59. Justine Simei-Barton - Created as part of the Wellington Edit-a-thon
  60. Susan Wilson (director) - created during the Wellington Edit-a-thon
  61. Jason Te Kare - Created as part of the Wellington Edit-a-thon
  62. Jan Bolwell - created immediately after the Wellington Edit-a-thon
  63. Helen Medlyn - opera singer, actress (DYK)
  64. Natasha Wilson - opera singer
  65. Elizabeth Whiting - costume designer
  66. Louise Potiki Bryant - choreographer, dancer, video artist
  67. Madison Nonoa
  68. Raymond Hawthorne
  69. Gaylene Sciascia
  70. Sheilah Winn - arts patron and philanthropist, of the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival
  71. Judy Callingham - television drama scriptwriter, presenter and journalist
  72. Sharni Spencer - Australian ballet dancer, graduate of NZDS
  73. Lucy Marinkovich - dancer, choreographer (she / her - Pākehā)

New articles - organisations, venues, companies, festivals, awards[edit]

  1. Kila Kokonut Krew - music and theatre company
  2. Massive Theatre Company - theatre company
  3. Oamaru Opera House - venue
  4. New Zealand Association of Teachers of Singing – Professional society in New Zealand
  5. Annual Auckland Theatre Awards – Annual performing arts awards in New Zealand
  6. Wellington City Opera – opera company
  7. The PumpHouse Theatre
  8. The Māori Sidesteps
  9. Gamelan New Zealand
  10. Allen Hall Theatre (joint DYK with Lisa Warrington) Created as part of the Dunedin Edit-a-thon
  11. New Zealand School of Dance
  12. Doubtful Sounds - Wellington community choir led by Bryan Crump
  13. Kilimogo Productions Created as part of the Dunedin Edit-a-thon
  14. Dunedin Theatre Awards
  15. Dance Aotearoa New Zealand
  16. Playhouse Theatre, Dunedin
  17. Centrepoint Theatre
  18. Māngere Arts Centre - Ngā Tohu o Uenuku
  19. Wow! Productions
  20. The Basement Theatre - Created as part of the Tāmaki Makaurau Edit-a-thon
  21. Silo Theatre - Created as part of the Tāmaki Makaurau Edit-a-thon
  22. Te Putanga Toi Arts Access Awards - Created as part of the Wellington Edit-a-thon
  23. Going West - created immediately after the Wellington Edit-a-thon
  24. Tempo Dance Festival - held in Auckland
  25. New Zealand Opera Company
  26. National Opera of New Zealand
  27. Young and Hungry Arts Trust - youth theatre organisation since 1994
  28. Entertainment Technology New Zealand - a professional association for the design, management, craft and technical performing arts and events

New articles - productions[edit]

  1. That Bloody Woman - musical production (DYK)
  2. Nga Tangata Toa – 1994 play by Hone Kouka
  3. Waiora Te Ūkaipō - The Homeland (Hone Kouka play)
  4. The Prophet (2004 Hone Kouka play)
  5. Hōhepa – 2012 opera
  6. Pass It On - play by Renée
  7. Ihitai 'Avei'a - Star Navigator - 2021 opera
  8. Wednesday to Come - play by Renée

Articles improved[edit]

Articles with a fixed problem

Draft articles needing some work - now in main space

Online Wellington edit-a-thon


There were four edit-a-thons / editing workshops as part of this project to generate content in a collaborative environment and to teach new editors.

Wikify the Kia Mau Festival[edit]

This mini edit-a-thon on Saturday 5 June was a takeover of an existing Meetup event in Wellington.


Results over 12 hours tracked with a dashboard:

Articles Created 25 Articles Edited 89 Total Edits 575 Article Views 234
Editors 7 Words Added 57.1K References Added 239 Commons Uploads 8


  • Articles include Wikidata
  • It was acknowledged by the participants that improvements were time consuming as base information (such as venues or production companies) is also missing
The red door of Allen Hall

Ōtepoti Dunedin Edit-a-thon Sat 19 July 2021[edit]

after lunch participants at the Hocken Collections seminar room

An edit-a-thon took place in Ōtepoti Dunedin on Saturday 10 July at the Hocken Collections Library from 10.30am – 4pm, Wikipedia:Meetup/Dunedin 4. This was the first of three edit-a-thons. The coordinator Pakoire and co-host DrThneed were joined in person by seven others, which included six new editors from the performing arts community, and two people working remotely in Wellington and Christchurch.

There were two content focus areas for the workshop:

  • To improve content around the legacy of Allen Hall Theatre, which is the theatre venue of the Otago University theatre department and has been operating for decades
  • To celebrate the current performing arts companies in the city by increasing content on people and organisations in Wikipedia

In addition the Theatre Aotearoa Database was put forward as a resource useful for expanding theatre articles.

Comments from new editors after they had learnt the basics and started editing related to how accessible they found doing it. There was motivation amongst many in the group to continue to meet as a way of progressing the articles they are interested in. Conflict of interest is an area of consideration for editing in performing arts, since most subject experts are also practicing arts and producers. This edit-a-thon / meetup format was useful and people worked on unrelated articles but in tandem with others who knew where to get information.

Both the Otago Theatre Department and the Hocken Collections Library were keen to host this event but the timing meant the Hocken was a better option. It was a very suitable venue and the event was very warmly supported by staff with special thanks to Lynn Benson. The university subject librarian for Art and Humanities Alexander Ritchie has also expressed a desire to support Wikipedia events in the future.

Results over 12 hours tracked with a dashboard:

Articles Created 19 Articles Edited 53 Total Edits 474 Article Views 11.2
Editors 11 Words Added 48.1K References Added 245 Commons Uploads 4

Notes: 4 new Wikipedia articles on the day and 15 new Wikidata items

Auckland Theatre Company studio's
Glen Eden Playhouse Theatre

The red door of Allen Hall is being used as a hook for a Did You Know feature on the Wikipedia homepage including two new articles created for this event, Allen Hall and Lisa Warrington.

Auckland Women in Performing Arts Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Sat 14 Aug 2021[edit]

Held at the home base of the Auckland Theatre Company with support from the Auckland City Council as part of their Open Studio programme. Focusing on notable women two new editors made a great difference as well as learning about Wikipedia, it was a small edit-a-thon with four people in-house and three contributing remotely. Lisa the coordinator had meetings whilst in Auckland with Te Pou Theatre, choreographer and dance archivist Susan Jordan, and the Audio Foundation, and managed to take images of Auckland places of interest for uploading.

New articles created because of the edit-a-thon include six biographies on women:

Results of the Auckland edit-a-thon tracked over 12 hours with a dashboard:

Articles Created 12 Articles Edited 69 Total Edits 352 Article Views 36.6K
Editors 6 Words Added 21K References Added 200 Commons Uploads 6


  • Articles include Wikidata
Downstage Theatre plaque uploaded as part of the Wellington edit-a-thon

Wellington Te Whanganui-a-Tara Performing Arts Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. Sat 21 Aug 2021[edit]

New articles include: Madison Nonoa

Sixteen editors joined the event dashboard,. People joined our Zoom video meeting when they were able and breakout rooms allowed small group coaching and also social catch ups. There were four new editors - two from last weekend in Auckland, and two with accounts set up for the day. Out of the fifteen editors two were in Australia and one in USA, eight from Wellington and five dispersed around Aotearoa.

New articles created because of the edit-a-thon include:



Results of the Wellington edit-a-thon tracked over 12 hours with a dashboard:

Articles Created 16 Articles Edited 219 Total Edits 1.2K Article Views 13.1K
Editors 16 Words Added 77.5K References Added 225 Commons Uploads 95


  • Articles include Wikidata

Media coverage[edit]

More information[edit]

  • Data gathering for Wikidata bulk uploads: Spreadsheet in progress (not shared yet)

New editors information[edit]

How to set up an account: YouTube video – How to Edit Wikipedia – a 2018 tutorial (47:44) (the first few minutes)

Make some edits by adding a citation - follow along to this (preamble finishes at 11mins): Webinar by LIANZA and Mike Dickison

  • Email Lisa to express an interest and to learn next steps.
  • Leave a message for Pakoire / Lisa Maule the project coordinator by starting a new section on this talk page.

Join an edit-a-thons / editing workshops in Dunedin, Wellington or Auckland. Having some one-to-one time with an experienced editor is recommended when you start out. You never know what questions you will have! Get in touch, on-line tutorials can also be arranged.


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