WINSIP CUSTER: 21 Days To Disaster: The Clinton/Trump Imperial Presidencies

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, October 17, 2016

21 Days To Disaster: The Clinton/Trump Imperial Presidencies

Trey Gowdy Lays Out Hillary's Sins. Trumps?  Both Are Anti-America Imperial Presidential Candidates.
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by Fabian Colbachi, CPW News Service

    "The U.S. is on a collision course to elect a Democratic or Republican imperial president," says historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth.  "Either option is anti-American because the Founders rejected an imperial President.  Empire building was not in the Founders' game plan.  The expansion of U.S. influence was not initially chasing the control of the world's opium supplies of the Ottomans and British, but the expansion of the U.S. was primarily the replacement of cultures that had imperial models of leadership.   Only after 1833 with the creation of a power elite that imported a secret society's motives into the New Atlantis envisioned by England's Francis Bacon and followers Thomas Jefferson, even Jacksonian Democrats who shift away from European monarchial, pyramidal, top-down models of leadership.  The Clintons and Trumps are two forms of the same retrograde motive for power and control."

      Wigglesworth has a good feeling about Trey Gowdy.  "I have an innate feeling that South Carolina Congressman,Trey Gowdy, is coming out of the Baconian model of leadership though he is not yet aware of the betrayal of that model by corporate America.  He cannot have it both ways.  Hillary looks to Goldman Sachs for her support and Goldman Sacks was clearly anti-Baconian business as is the Supreme Court in its coronation of corporations that the Founders would have never allowed.  In fact, as Christopher Hedges has rightly pointed out, banking speculartors were hung in the American colonies. If there was any doubt about the corporation's appeal to monarchial model, look to the 1999 failure of Bill Clinton to veto the repeal of the bank smashing, anti-monarchial, pyramid flattening Glass-Steagall Act.  Look to first-born George Bush' rape of the nation without Glass Steagall in place and to Obama's failure to reinstate it while not altering the NeoCon's agenda for wars in the Middle East.  Add to this assault on the New Atlantis of Francis Bacon who needed the original U.S. Founders to fine tune his vision of a nation built on liberty and justice for all and it is apparent that the American electorate has been treated like cattle to be neutered and barrels of oil to be processed.  Conservative South Carolina split from Tory/Jacobite/Hessian North Carolina that put on its flag a total fraud....the date of the Mecklenburg Declaration that essentially camouflaged the reality of a state from where the too big to fail banks, North Carolina/NCNB/Bank of America joined with Wall Street's post-Glass Steagall enclave of big banks of the historic criminal bamboozlers of the American people that Andrew Jackson took on as would have Teddy Roosevelt as evidenced by his support of the Sherman Anti-Trust laws.  Gowdy stands in the tradition of South Carolina that vindicated Col. Daniel Marvin, the U.S. Special Forces officer who refused to carry out regime change in Cambodia and who lived to tell about it in his book The Expendable Elite, and who was in a position to understand why some misguided Democrats in Orange County, North Carolina would torch a Republican Party office, according to Wigglesworth.  "Sadly, Craig Stevens and the special forces officers killed in Benghazi were like Col. Daniel Marvin, expendable elites, who were sacrificed on the altar of U.S. misguided foreign policy run by a clearly sub-par group of bimbologists or ruthless war profiteers," said Wigglesworth.
      If North Carolina Democrats see "Nazi Republicans" as a threat, the threat is much broader than that.  San Diego, California is home to the U.S. Navy SEALS whose headquarters are built in the shape of a Nazi swastika, whose founder, Drapier Kauffman (if you aren't to believe that the first Navy commando was William B. Cushing) the father of Elizabeth Kauffman Bush who married the brother of George Herbert Walker Bush, was baptized next to her Godmother, Wallis Simpson Windsor, the known Nazi spy and wife of Edward I of England.   The Windsors who met in San Diego at the Coronado Hotel before they fished and hunted at Texan Clint Murchison's private estate flying into his American Liberty Oil Company air port, are hardly Baconian Democrats. Their family fortunes in Germany have been made in, in enriched and depleted uranium like that used in San Diego-based General Atomic's Predator and Reaper drones.  American Liberty was also the name of the 1930's political movement like that resurrected by Donald Trump of a brother-group, "America First", as his 2016 campaign slogan.  The American First Committee was also associated with the Nazi penetration into U.S. politics as was the publisher of the American Mercury Magazine, Jason Chilton Mathews, whose McAllen, Texas hacienda was directly next to Nazi-sympathizer and U.S. Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy's oil wells drilled by his Mo-Keen Oil Company.  "Obviously the Roman Catholic, top-down-from-Joseph-to-John-to-Bobby was not a Baconian Democrat, but a 'Camelotian' whose followers earned a seat at the round table by their loyalty and total allegiance to the cult-of-the-first-born-child," said Wigglesworth noting that the Houston Post reporter, Peter Brewton, had revealed that a partner in Mo-Keen had also been a partner in Great Western, Inc, a Texas oil company that controlled a sister-CIA-airport to Mena in Lijitas, Texas near Big Bend Park along the Rio Grande River.  The co-owner with Kennedy had been the number two USN intelligence officer in charge of Guantanamo during the botched Bay of Pig of pigs invasion.  Wigglesworth said the botched Bay of Pigs invasion was more important to the success of the racket of endless war than a successful Bay of Pig's could have ever been.
     While Hillary Clinton's brother is at the top of UraniumOne the uranium mining company, GWB's Yale Skull & Bones fraternity brothers, Neal and Linden Blue, the former business partners of Nicaragua's murdering dictator, Anastosio Samoza, whose granddaughter, Anastasia Samoza spoke for Hillary Clinton at this summer's Democratic National Convention, is strong evidence that Donald Trump's claims of a "rigged election" are true.   Then you have to wonder just why Trump was trying to impress Billy Bush, the nephew of George Herbert Walker Bush, son of the Riggs National Bank Executive with its ties to BCCI and Iran-Contra which connects to Anastosio Samoza.  Why such bizarre misogynous mumblings and why NBC's Access Hollywood releasing the tape of Trump to the Wall Street Journal the Friday before the St. Louis debate, in the hometown of George Herbert Walker, ancestor of Sierre Leone slaver of the Royal African Company, Thomas Beau Walker, with George Herbert Walker's and Prescott Bush's connections to the U.S.'s "Business Plotters", opposed in their attempt to conduct a military coup in the U.S.A. according to two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner General Smedley Darlington Butler, are talked about in our media?  "Trump was walking into the spider's web in St. Louis, also home of Minoru Yamasaki's alma mater, Washington University, and of Yamasaki's Pruitt-Igoe project that was the site of an undisclosed nuclear radiation experiment like the Tuskegee Experiment, the subject of Lisa Martino Taylor's PhD dissertation available online.  Minoru Yamasaki had built the World Trade Center in 1972 the same year that Pruitt-Igoe was demolished by Controlled Demolition Inc, CDI, the company that "pulled" Pruitt Igoe using thermite, an invention made in the 1890's, and the company hired by the New York Port Authority to quickly finish the demo of the WTC after 911," said Wigglesworth.

The key to understanding the Billy Bush tape is the connection
of Iran-Contra mule, Farhad Azima, to Bush AND Clinton and whose Waco,
Texas, McClennan County Buffalo Airlines hauled weapons and drugs
for the Iran-Contra Mena, Arkansas operation.  Azima went on to
become a major Clinton Foundation/Library contributor, staying close to a potential
pardoner of his crimes under Reagan/Bush.  Azima's U.S. attorney was Tennessee
Senator, Fred Thompson.  For more on Azima read Peter Brewton's
1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, signed by Simon & Schuster
but derailed by S&S in an election year that saw the FBI stand down on
the Saudi influence peddling investigation that had both James R. Bath and
Saudi royal banker Khalid Bin Mahfouz in its crosshairs.  This was the
information missing from Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 911.
Simon & Schuster would publish the Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine book
Stronger Together while NBC affiliates across the nation provided public
announcements of their community mission "stronger together" more
than a year and a half before the Clinton/Kaine book was released.  Peter Brewton's
work was a help for Gary Webb's book Dark Alliance, but Brewton
focused primarily on the 1980's S&L crisis, its relationship to the CIA and
Iran-Contra network in Houston, Texas and beyond which he would later
say was the dress rehearsal for the 2000-2008 credit default swap bamboozle
that was dependent on Bill Clinton's failure in 1999 to veto the repeal of
the Glass-Steagall Act.  Gary Webb's relationship to Peter Brewton would trigger
a visceral response from Washington Post reporter Jeff Leen in an IRE, Investigative
Reporter and Editors debate in Washington, D.C. following the release of Dark
Alliance.  That debate was moderated by Steve Weinberg the Journalism Professor
Emeritus at the University of Missouri where Melissa Click was fired for her
viral video of stifling free speech.  Leen's boss at the Washington Post, Steve Coll,
went on to become the Henry Luce Professor of Journalism at Columbia University
home to Robert Merton ("the Father of Applied Sociology") the father of Robert
Merton the Harvard economics professor who created the Black Scholes credit
default formulas that provided the voo-doo metrics upon which the post-Glass-
Steagall bamboozled housing bubble was based and for which Robert Merton
received a Nobel Prize for economics.
     By the end of 2001 the Bush White House's Chief Economist,
 Dr. Morgan Reynolds of Texas A&M University had
resigned citing his belief that the invasion of Iraq based on what Zbigniew
Brzezinski called "absolutely false evidence" was also a bamboozle.
Moving from the Washington Post to the Houston Chronicle was Leen's colleague
and Coll's Metro Editor, Vernon Loeb, who approved the falsified stories of
Lt. Pat Tillman's death, the Jessica Lynch story and who became with Paula
Broadwell the author of All In: The Education of General David Petraeus
Like Iran-Contra firewaller, Michael Bromwich, who arrived in Houston
to review the corruption in the Harris County Medical Examiner's office,
Vernon Loeb placement over the crippled Fourth Estates of the Houston Chronicle
with its longstanding ties to the Bush family in the heart of the petro-chemical
capital and its historic sulfur and lead supplies often called "The Arsenal
of freedom".   Eisenhower was right.  It would become the "arsenic of freedom".
Now you know why two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient General
Smedley Darlington Butler who said "I was a goon on three continents for
the National City Bank Boys" wrote the book War Is A Racket.
    From Louisiana to Mexico along the Gulf Coast the USA sat on the world's largest
sulfur supply.  In Houston is Freeport McMoran Sulfur Co. on whose board was that
other Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Henry Kissinger, for whom worked L. Paul Bremer, the Iraqi
Provisional Governor when Lt. Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing arrived after Bernie Kerik
to train an indigenous security force and tell General Petraeus he was in danger of becoming
a modern Belisarius.  Westhusing had studied the Greek Classics at the University of Texas
where SEAL Team 6's Admiral William McRaven became Chancellor not far from Houston's
National Lead Company that like the Civil War backer of brutal abolitionist John Brown,
George Luther Stearns, lead was put into much more than bullets.  Into lead-based paint, banned
in Europe fifty years before it was illegal in the U.S. and into gasoline additives without the
health risks reported like on the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and Brown & Williamson
Tobacco Co's cigarettes.....the two biggest Reynolds heirs being Gordon Gray and his son,
C. Boyden Gray, George H.W. and G.W. Bush's family attorney.   Wall Street's Bernard
Baruch had monetized Freeport McMoran with Herman Frasch's hot water and steam
extraction process and sulfur went into gunpowder and other products.  The marriage
between Wall Street and Judge Holden's diety was complete.  "War,"
said Holden in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, "IS GOD."
     Cormac McCarthy's scriptures rest securely at home in the heartland fifty miles south
of Admiral McRaven's new office and about that far from where Osama Bin Laden's brother
inexplicably flew a borrowed ultra-light into a high power line on in 1988.....took off
like a drone and carried the experienced jet pilot up and right into a high power line
on a airport owned by the in-laws of General Bruce Carlson, Commander of the NRO, National
Reconnaissance Office, that stood down NORAD on 911.  McCarthy's cathedral just north
of San Antonio which also produced Blood Meridian's real-life main character, John Joel Glanton,
is Lyndon Baines Johnson's alma mater. LBJ proved, of course, that some gods aren't worth
worshipping.  They'll drive you stark-raving-long-haired mad.
     National City Bank's chief law firm, Brown & Wood of New York merged
in 2000 with the historic Springfield, Ill. law firm of Sidley Austin which
not only "watched over" Mary Todd Lincoln after the murder of her husband,
but employed young Michelle Obama and Barack Obama.  Sidley Austin/Brown
& Wood was domiciled in the WTC on 911 and of its 600 employees
lost only one. -FC

      "I'm just hoping that Trey Gowdy is the Grand Inquisitor that he appears to be for the original vision of the American experiment.  For all of our problems we remain, as Churchill said, 'the worst form of government except for all the rest.'   Of course, Churchill hasn't seen what happened to us since 1833 and since the evolution of  the post-World War II U.S. intelligence apparatus with so many former Nazi filling the ranks," said Wigglesworth.
       "Houston, we have a problem," said Wigglesworth.  "And it's much bigger than that Apollo 13 couldn't get back from the moon.  It's that Houston's commitment to fossil fuels and oil cartel's,  to the war machinery,  makes the earth a very dangerous place.  They will keep us from tapping the power of the sun that could buy us time.  Lots of time.  Four billion years.  The racket of war burns oil and sulfur and its not good for planet earth.  Julius Robert Oppenheimer's desire to democratize nuclear power may not have been the answer, but it was a step in the right direction.  In Houston you have all these conflicted personalities involved in public policy that definitely impact planet earth.....Kenneth Pitzer the Rice University President, Frank Vandiver also a Rice President and Director of the Mosher Institute for Defense Studies funded by Ed Mosher of Mosher Steel that put 13,000 tons of steel into the critical first nine floors of the World Trade Center, there's Robert Herring whose wife pumped Charlie Wilson to empower Al Qaeda and the Mujahedeen, there's Clint Murchison whose connections to the America Liberty League and America First Committee of the 1930's supported a fascist plot that worried FDR, whose family like the Cushings, Huntingtons, Russells, Tafts, Heards, Delanos and other New England Brahmins made money from the Golden Crescent's poppy fields and their opioids which deadened the pain of canon fire, the bread and butter of the war racket.  If the American Liberty League and the America First Committee of the 1930 backed the infamous "Business Plotters" who targeted FDR we cannot discount the founder of the John Birch Society, Fred Koch, whose company had built many of the German Reich's petroleum refineries. You've got domiciled in Houston at Rice University the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy with his family's ties to the Union and Southern Pacific Railroads.  At Rice University you also have the alumni from New York, RiceUniversity alum James Rhodes' sons, David Rhodes President of CBS and Ben Rhodes, formerly with Rudy Giuliani's New York mayoral race whose hand prints were all over the Hamilton report on 911, on Benghazi and on the Iran nuclear deal," said Wigglesworth who has shown that the U.S. Civil War was ignited not primarily over slavery and states rights, but which for the power elites was a race for the Pacific between a Northern and Southern rail route with the South commanding the flattest and quickest route which the North stalled with bullets and gunpowder.  Until we understand these connections we cannot understand the NeoCon's agenda described by General Wesley Clark in the Middle East, in Benghazi, nor the Clinton connections to Mena, Arkansas and Iran-Contra fiasco that shows the twisted connections between distant regions kept in turmoil  Hidden in their political philosophically is an agnostic thirst for power elite.....agnostic with respect to all, but the fact that their god is war and wars make them money....for them," said Wigglesworth.
     Congressman Trey Gowdy from the state that validated Col. Daniel Marvin and separated itself from the Jacobite/Tory/Hessian state of North Carolina, prepared the U.S. media to assume again its role as a reliable Fourth Estate in asking "Do you know why Craig Steven was in Benghazi?"  He followed that one with another equally penetrating questions.  If in the third and final Presidential debate in Las Vegas, Donald Trump does not mention the content of Trey Gowdy's address to the press, if Trump does not lay bare the tentacle stretching so deeply into the Obama White House and the Clinton State Department, you will be witnessing in the 2016 election an elaborate drama being played out to impress upon the American people that they have a real choice...a sham...another bamboozle.  A real choice? There is none.   We clearly have two imperialist Presidential candidates. 

CBS's 60 Minutes employed Lowell Bergman who botched the death of
Salem Bin Laden in 1988 by saying that the trained jet pilot crashed his
BAC-111 jet instead of a borrowed ultra-lite.  Bin Laden's family company
employed the architect of the World Trade Center, Minoru Yamasaki,
who also built the infamous Pruitt-Igoe project in St. Louis that
was demolished in 1972 by the same company that completed the
WTC demolition after 911, Controlled Demolition, Inc..  At Pruitt-Igoe
CDI used thermite to "pull" the structure in 1972.  That was the
same year that the WTC was completed.  CBS's 60 Minutes also employed
Dan Rather and Mary Mapes who botched in 2004 the GWB Ellington Field
memo stories.  GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate
was James R. Bath who served with Khalid Bin Mahfouz, the Saudi
royal family's banker on the board of BCCI, Bank of
Commerce and Credit International, that was the leading
Iran-Contra money laundering bank.  Mapes and Rather had the
story in late 1999 and could have presented it in 2000 before
the 2000 Presidential election.  Mapes and Rather
had teamed up in 2004 to "break" the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, which
had actually been broken by Amnesty International in 2003.  At the
time Rather owned with Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld the Tecolote
Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  The Field of Dreams ultra-light
field where Salem Bin Laden died and was taken to the Brooks Army
Medical Center in San Antonio is owned by the in-laws of USAF
General Bruce Carlson, the former Commander of Offutt Air Force Base
and head of the NRO, National Reconnaissance Office scheduled
NORAD drills on 911 confusing NORAD's response, a story covered by
Slate.Com's Scott Shuger who wrote IGNORAD before he died in
a witness-less scuba diving accidents a few months later in California.
With the help of James R. Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz
the Houston Gulf Manor Airport, the favorite private airport for the
NASA astronauts because of its proximity to the Johnson Space Center
and Ellington Field where GWB and Bath had roomed together and which
has long been associated with the CIA was razed after 911.
    Scott Shuger had also written for The National Monthly where he was
the editor the article "Paperback Fighter" about novel's Tom Clancy's writings
on the false sense of security and overstated reliability and precision of modern
weapon systems.  Shuger's background in national security and weaponry made
his voice a clarion call for knowledgeable Americans.


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