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HALF PRICE mAIL dIRECt to youR dooR P31 Wednesday, September 22, 2021 90p play now! T&Cs apply £25k to be won! page 33 bond’s secret weapon from hull page 3 ‘I opened my door and saw woman covered In blood’ pensioner woken by rape victim after horror park attack page 4 A woman was attacked in Bean Street park, off Anlaby Road

2 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 COMPLAINTS If we have published anything that is factually inaccurate, please contact the editor, Jamie Macaskill, at jamie.macaskill@ reachplc.com or write to: The Editor, Hull Daily Mail, Blundell’s Corner, Beverley Road, Hull, HU3 1XS Once verified, we will correct it as soon as possible. The Hull Dail Mail newspaper is published by Reach plc, which is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). We adhere to the Editors’ Code of Practice as enforced by IPSO, who can be contacted for advice at: IPSO, Gate House, 1 Farringdon Street, London, EC4M 7LG Website: www.ipso.co.uk Telephone: 0300 123 2220 Email: advice@ipso.co.uk If you have a complaint concerning a potential breach of the Code of Practice, we will deal with your complaint directly or IPSO can refer your complaint to us. Please go to www.reachplc. com/how-to-complain where you can view our Complaints Policy and Procedure. A ‘How to Complain’ pack is also available by writing to the Legal and Compliance Department, Reach plc, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AP. Weather News Anger as firm’s only entrance closed with a week’s notice CARAVAN COMPANY HIT BY ROADWORKS By GrEGOry FOrd gregory.ford@reachplc.com @FordWrit A HULL business owner has hit out at the city council after he claims he was only given a week’s notice that roadworks would close the only entrance to his property. Steven Pritchard, managing director of Motorhomes and Caravans Ltd in Stoneferry Road, is “fuming” at the way his business has been treated by contractors Ashcourt. The plans, which he says were only communicated to him a week in advance, sees the only working entrance to his business closed for between a week and ten days. The council confirmed that it tries to give two week’s notice to any stakeholders and residents in advance of works beginning. The authority said a team from Ashcourt visited Mr Pritchard on September 14, but an agreement for access was unable to be reached. A meeting is now set for tomorrow between the contractor, the business and other interested parties to reach an agreement for the duration. Mr Pritchard said: “What upsets me most is there was no consultation, we were given a week’s notice and told to suck it up effectively. “We have a busy yard here with 20 to 30 vans going in and out every day and we’re still in one of our busiest seasons, with three shows coming up this month. “We’re a local business just trying to do our best and after everything that has gone on with Covid you think the council would be trying their best to help us out too. “If we’d have known more in advance, even a month, we’d have been able to move some of the vans elsewhere for storage so we could keep operating at some level. “We would have told some of the guys to take leave if they wanted and we would have made the best of the situation because we know these works do have to be done.” Mr Pritchard said Motorhomes and Caravans Ltd is a “rapidly growing dynamic company” that employs about 40 staff and brings in more than £12m in revenue to the local community. Around the Country Today’s Weather Four-Day Outlook Birmingham Bristol Cardiff Carlisle Exeter Gloucester Leeds Liverpool London Manchester Norwich Nottingham Plymouth Swansea Wednesday Thursday °C °F °C °F pcloudy 20 68 pcloudy 20 68 pcloudy 20 68 cloudy 21 70 pcloudy 19 66 pcloudy 19 66 cloudy 18 64 overcast 16 61 cloudy 20 68 cloudy 20 68 pcloudy 20 68 cloudy 21 70 pcloudy 20 68 cloudy 19 66 pcloudy 19 66 cloudy 17 63 sunny 22 72 cloudy 22 72 cloudy 19 66 cloudy 17 63 sunny 21 70 pcloudy 21 70 pcloudy 20 68 pcloudy 19 66 sunny 18 64 cloudy 19 66 cloudy 18 64 cloudy 19 66 Around the World Amsterdam Beijing Corfu Majorca Mexico City Moscow New Delhi New York Paris Rio Rome Sydney Tokyo Wednesday Thursday °C °F °C °F overcast 19 66 overcast 17 62 sunny 27 81 rain 22 72 pcloudy 25 77 pcloudy 23 73 rain 23 73 rain 27 81 pcloudy 21 70 rain 21 69 rain 7 45 rain 8 46 cloudy 34 94 rain 33 91 rain 22 71 rain 21 69 overcast 22 72 pcloudy 24 75 rain 23 73 pcloudy 23 73 overcast 29 84 pcloudy 27 81 rain 17 62 sunny 22 72 overcast 29 84 cloudy 29 84 Skies will be sunny to partly cloudy today. Afternoon highs will range from 17 to 21C. Haltwhistle Durham Sun & Moon Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset Leeds Almanac Yesterday's High (°C/°F) Yesterday's Low (°C/°F) Yesterday's Precip Berwick upon Tweed 6:50 a.m. 7:02 p.m. Yesterday's High (°C/°F) Yesterday's Low (°C/°F) Yesterday's Precip Newcastle upon Tyne Sunderland 7:52 p.m. 8:11 a.m. Middlesbrough York Newcastle Grimsby Leeds upon Tyne Hull Hull Grimsby Sep. 28 Oct. 6 Oct. 12 Oct. 20 Last New First Full 21/70 18/64 19/66 10/50 12/54 10/50 0.00" 0.00" 0.00" Middlesbrough High Tides Steven Pritchard, inset, is fuming that his business’s entrance has been closed at short notice The company sells more than 500 motorhomes and caravans a year and displays at shows throughout the country. A Hull City Council spokesman said: “In this instance, the contractor visited the business on Tuesday, September 14, to discuss a solution that would allow the works to take place as well as access continuing to the site. Unfortunately, on this occasion, a suitable solution could not be agreed. “A meeting is taking place on Thursday, September 23, between the contractor and the business to agree a way forward that will allow the works to progress and access to continue during the duration of the works.” DON’T MISS OUT ON THE BIGGEST LOCAL STORIES To receive the latest daily news direct to your inbox, visit www.hulldailymail.co.uk/emails York 21/70 19/66 18/64 10/50 10/50 12/54 0.00" 0.00" 0.00" Thursday Cloudy. 16°C/ 61°F 12°C/ 54°F Friday Cloudy. 17°C/ 63°F 12°C/ 54°F Saturday Cloudy. 19°C/ 66°F 12°C/ 54°F Sunday Partly cloudy. 19°C/ 66°F 11°C/ 52°F Wednesday Thursday Holy Island 5.0 4:08 a 4.8 4:40 p 5.0 4:41 a 4.7 5:11 p Newcastle 5.6 4:53 a 5.3 5:25 p 5.5 5:26 a 5.2 5:56 p Tynemouth 5.2 4:50 a 5.0 5:22 p 5.2 5:23 a 4.9 5:53 p Sunderland 5.3 4:50 a 5.2 5:22 p 5.3 5:22 a 5.1 5:53 p River Tees Ent. 5.5 5:07 a 5.4 5:39 p 5.5 5:39 a 5.3 6:10 p Spurn Head 7.1 6:57 a 6.8 7:38 p 7.1 7:33 a 6.7 8:07 p Grimsby 7.3 7:11 a 6.9 7:53 p 7.2 7:47 a 6.8 8:22 p Wells 3.5 8:06 a 3.3 8:46 p 3.7 8:41 a 3.3 9:18 p Dover 6.7 12:46 a 6.9 12:56 p 6.6 1:16 a 6.8 1:29 p Liverpool 9.5 12:31 a 9.2 12:54 p 9.4 1:04 a 9.1 1:24 p

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 3 MEET JAMES BOND’S SECRET WEAPON Daniel Craig’s no Time To Die Trainer is from Hull Daniel Craig is back as James Bond wednesday £1,000 AL5 1NB BB2 3NE BN44 3YF CM7 5RL EH1 2NQ HP1 1UA HU17 8SF M23 1WF NG3 3PH NW2 5QU for every ticket in these winning postcodes PH2 7GA PO10 8TA PO12 3LW SE5 8TD SK10 5ED News SY3 9AT TN16 1RX TN21 8UR TR13 9FD UB10 9BZ By LUCy MarsHaLL lucy.marshall@reachplc.com @LucyMar20598189 IT’S almost time! That’s right, on September 30 we will finally be able to see the new James Bond film, No Time To Die. But did you know the man behind Daniel Craig’s Bond-worthy body is from Hull? 47-year-old Hull born and bred professional trainer Simon Waterson whipped Craig into shape for his action-packed scenes. Waterson joined the Royal Naval Commandos when he was 16, serving as a member of the 845 Naval Air Squadron – an elite special forces unit. He was in the forces for seven years before taking on a very different Naval Commander. Simon, whose family still live in East Yorkshire, left the city back in 1999 to work in Hollywood with Pierce Brosnan. He trained the star for The World Is Not Enough, before becoming Daniel’s right arm for his five Bond films. Simon trained Daniel for Casino Royale, Quantum Of Solace, Spectre and No Time To Die. For the latest film he also oversaw an elite nutritional plan, with Craig’s breakfast consisting of eggs, rye bread, avocado, kimchi, turmeric shots and black coffee. Describing his client, Simon told CNN: “Daniel had a firm vision of what he wanted and what he wanted to portray. He never wanted a trainer, he wanted a training partner so whatever I did he did. “We mapped out a certain path that was relevant to the script. Daniel is compliant and probably one of the fittest people I have ever trained in my life.” Explaining how he trains the star Waterson said: “So how I set up the conditioning room bears relevance to what they are going to be asked to do within the content of the movie. “So I will look at a certain sequence and try and mimic that in the gym. “Everything is movement based so a lot of very fast feet on the ground, etc - so if you can condition that to the stunt room then to the stage. “It’s like training to be in the Olympics.” ■No ■ Time To Die will be released on September 30. Bond film trainer Simon Waterson From Hull’s award-winning comedy TV mum, Lucy Beaumont, comes her hilarious debut on the trials and tribulations of motherhood. £18.99 hardback The Dog & Duck Inn 1 East End Walkington, Beverley, HU17 8RX Bookings advisable (01482) 881622 www.dogandduckwalkington.co.uk Published by Monoray Out 30th September • Available to pre-order now Signed copies available via Waterstones & WHSmith Private function room is available to be hired We are noW back open, please call the pub for opening & food serving times Recognising 5 Consecutive years of consistently high ratings from customers

4 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 News Pensioner woken by blood-soaked rape victim after play park attack Bean Street park, off Anlaby Road, west Hull RESIDENT SaID WOMaN WaS IN ‘TERRIblE STaTE’ aS ShE kNOckED ON hIS DOOR IN EaRlY hOURS By jamEs CampBELL james.campbell@reachplc.com @JCampbellHull A PeNSIONer has spoken of the moment he heard a knock on the door in the early hours and was met by a sobbing woman covered in blood. It quickly became apparent the woman had been the victim of a horrific rape in nearby Bean Street play park, off Anlaby road in west Hull. The shocking attack happened in the early hours of last Tuesday (September 14). The woman was also beaten up and had her phone stolen. The 84-year-old resident who lives near the park told Hull Live about the disturbing knock on the door. He said: “It was about 4.30am and naturally I was in bed when I heard this knock. I wasn’t sure at first, but there was another knock. “I went downstairs and asked who it was and I just heard this woman sobbing.” But the resident was in for a bigger shock when he opened the door. “When I opened the door I saw this woman covered in blood,” he said. “She had nothing on from her waist down, no underwear or anything. “I brought her inside and immediately called for the police and an ambulance. The woman Alleged drug users in Bean Street in 2017 was in a terrible state and she was clutching the attacker’s sweatshirt in her hand which was also covered in blood. “I could not believe what she told me. She said she was attacked and then called 999 and then was attacked again. “We had only come back from holiday the day before, so this was really horrible.” Bean Street is one of the cheapest streets to live in Hull, but it is an area previously plagued by drugs and antisocial behaviour. Just a few years ago, Bean Street park was attracting drinkers, while drug users were spotted shooting up in broad daylight. A shocking video emerged in 2017, filmed secretly from an upstairs window, showing a group congregating in a barely covered doorway to drink spirits from a bottle and inject themselves with what appears to be drugs. The group then are filmed walking away in a “trance-like” state, moving slowly, drinking from a bottle and staggering around. Drugs still plague the area, but news of a rape is particularly disturbing. The resident who helped the victim said: “I have lived in the area for nearly 60 years and I really like it, but it has had problems. “We had a drug dealer living in the nearby maisonettes, but he was reported by a few people and we have not seen him since.” But this is not the first report of a rape in the park in recent years. One woman walking her dog told Hull Live she was raped in the park five years ago, but her attacker was never prosecuted. She said: “I was sitting on a bench and got speaking to this young man who had a dog also. “He got up and left and then I went to leave a short while later. I saw him again and asked him why he was back. “He didn’t say anything but just put his hand on my mouth and dragged me into the park where he raped me. What made it worse is that he then asked me for a cigarette afterwards. “What happened last week has brought it all back. It is awful. “I don’t really know why I keep coming back here. It is close to where I live and my dog likes it. “I waited for two and a half years and the police had evidence, but the CPS decided not to prosecute. “No one, other than fellow victims, can know what a man can make a woman feel like when she is raped. I will never get over it.” The woman feels security should be stepped up in the park. She said: “A lot still goes on in this park with drugs and other stuff. “There needs to be more cameras. There is one on the community centre but that tends to be pointed up Bean Street and not the park.” Humberside Police are carrying out door-to-door inquiries in the area following the sex attack and residents in Bean Street, Coltman Street, Gee Street and Wellsted Street are expected to see an increase in officers on patrol. A force spokeswoman said: “residents of Coltman Street, Gee Street and Wellsted Street will continue to see a police presence as we conduct house-to-house enquiries as part of an ongoing rape investigation. “It was reported that a woman was raped by a man in the park at the bottom of Bean Street, behind Coltman Street, at approximately 4.40am on Tuesday, September 14. “The woman was also reportedly physically assaulted and had her mobile phone stolen.” Detective Chief Inspector Pete Thorp at Humberside Police added: “Understandably an incident of this nature will be extremely concerning for the local community. “We are treating it with the utmost seriousness and have already been conducting enquiries such as CCTV and CSI. “The victim is being supported and we are exploring every possible line of enquiry to identify the man responsible as quickly as we can. “If anyone has any information which could assist our investigation, please call 101, quoting log 50 of September 14. “Alternatively, Crimestoppers is a completely anonymous and independent reporting service who can be contacted on 0800 555111.” CONTACTUSNews desk ........................... 01482 315350 Sports desk ......................... 01482 315368 WRITE TO: The Mail, Blundell’s Corner, Beverley Road, Hull, HU3 1XS FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/hulllive EMAIL news@hulldailymail.co.uk TWITTER @hulllive Trade advertising .............. 01482 227885 Get everything you need to know about where you live with our app or via the InYourArea.co.uk Private advertising ........... 01482 908084 Home delivery ................... 0333 202 8000 General enquiries .............. 01482 327111 PHOTO SALES CALL 01604 683902 VISIT reachphotosales.co.uk/Reach EMAIL sales@dipintosales.co.uk

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 5 In brIEf News Children in the East Riding aged 12 to 15 will be offered a coronavirus vaccination before October half-term Man charged over theft of tourists’ bike A mAn had been charged in connection with the theft of a distinctive bike from a family of Belgian tourists in Beverley. The family-of-five had the white Urban Arrow cargo bike taken from Saturday market on Tuesday, August 17. Humberside Police launched a CCTV appeal after a man was spotted riding the bike through the town. A man was arrested and charged with theft. He was later released on court bail pending a later hearing. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the bike should call police on 101, quoting crime reference 16/82611/21. Children aged 12 to 15 invited for coronavirus jabs HOLIDAY DEAL mOnTH OF THE VACCINE ROLLED-OUT BEFORE HALF-TERM by JOsEpH GErrard joseph.gerrard@trinitymirror.com @JoeGerrard4 YOuNg people in East Riding aged 12 to 15 will receive a coronavirus vaccine invitation before the October half-term as their rollout and booster jabs are set to launch. East Riding Council Public Health Director Andy Kingdom said officials were aiming to launch both coronavirus vaccine rollouts this week. Parents and carers are set to receive letters from the local School Age Immunisation Service (SAIS) detailing arrangements for jabs and asking their consent for their children to get them. Residents including care home residents, over-50s and frontline health and social care workers will also be invited for a third jab once protocols are published, set for this week. The rollouts come after the chief medical officers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all recommended extending the vaccine offer to 12 to 15-year-olds. It also follows the go-ahead for the autumn booster programme for people in priority groups one to nine after recommendations from the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation (JCVI). Mr Kingdom said he would recommend that young people eligible for their first jabs should start talking to parents and carers about getting it. Pfizer vaccines are set to be given in schools, with special arrangements in place for young people not in mainstream education. Parents and carers will not be required to book vaccines though the National Booking System used for the existing rollout. Jabs are also due to be offered to young people turning 12 after the October half-term or if they are unable to get one before then. Additional supplies of the vaccine will also be kept on hand for those and their families who change their minds about getting it. Mr Kingdom said the rollout would protect eligible young people and those around them, but added coronavirus typically had milder effects for that age group. Meanwhile, eligible residents will also be invited for their third coronavirus jabs if it is more than six months since they received their first course. Officials are looking at offering flu jabs alongside coronavirus ones in the same appointment. Residents aged 16 to 49 with underlying health conditions risking worse coronavirus outcomes, adults living with immunosuppressed people and adult carers will be invited to book jabs in priority order. Mr Kingdom said: “We are following the vaccination guidance of the JCVI for all of our residents whether aged 12 to 15 or aged 80-plus. “Our vaccination rates have so far been excellent with the vast majority of people taking up the Covid vaccine when offered it, our uptake rates are about the third highest in the country. “I expect the same for both the booster and 12 to 15-year-olds campaigns, uptake rates among their parents’ and carers’ age groups are encouraging. “I would urge anyone eligible and not yet vaccinated to come forward and get their free vaccine.” Save £300 on TUI River Cruises with code TUIRIVER300 † TO BOOK, VISIT YOUR LOCAL TUI STORE, OR CALL A TUI TRAVEL EXPERT 020 3451 2688* Please see tui.co.uk/river-cruises or the relevant brochure for full booking terms and conditions that apply. All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. When you pay you will be supplied with an ATOL Certificate. Please ask for it and check to ensure that everything you booked (flights, hotels and other services) is listed on it. Please see our booking conditions for further information, or for more information about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate go to: caa.co.uk. TUI is a trading name of TUI UK Limited, a member of TUI Group. Registered Office: Wigmore House, Wigmore Lane, Luton LU2 9TN. Registered in England No: 2830117. ATOL No: 2524. ABTA No: V5126.

6 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 News Connor’s alleged killer pictured for first time as court hears of ‘fractious and volatile’ relationship Cole Jarvis has pleaded not guilty to 17-year-old’s murder THiS is the man accused of murdering Hull teenager Connor Lyons. On Monday, Hull Crown Court heard how the relationship between tragic Connor Lyons and his alleged killer Cole Jarvis was “volatile and fractious”. The 17-year-old was found dead on the river bank close to Thomas Clarkson Way on the outskirts of Bransholme on the morning of January 19 this year. He was strangled before drowning in the river and was found by a dog walker. Jarvis, 21, of Stroud Crescent West, denies murdering the teenager and his trial began on Monday at Hull Crown Court. Jarvis is likely to argue he did not harm Connor in any way that evening. Jason Pitter QC outlined the prosecution’s case on the opening day to the jury of ten men and two women. The court heard that both Connor and Jarvis lived in the By jamEs CampBELL james.campbell@reachplc.com @JCampbellHull same street - Stroud Crescent West - and had a “volatile and fractious” relationship. Mr Pitter explained the friendship between Connor and Jarvis was “not straight forward”. He said the pair always had disputes and “fought like cats and dogs”. Jarvis had previously assaulted Connor with an iron bar and people described him as a “bully”. But phone records of messages between the two showed, verbally at least, Connor gave as good as he got. On the night Connor died, he and Jarvis had gone “lamping” around the River Hull at about 7pm. Lamping is a method of hunting small mammals, such as rabbits or foxes, by stunning them with a bright light before shooting or setting dogs on them. CCTV showed the two together near the River Hull and then close Connor Lyons on his bike to the nearby Asda. But, at 10.20pm, CCTV showed Jarvis returning alone from the direction where Connor was found the next day. He was with Connor’s much loved dog. A witness also saw Jarvis in the area at that time. Mr Pitter then told the jury about Jarvis’s behaviour, which the prosecution say was suspicious. That same night phone records show Jarvis tried to sell Connor’s bike. He also told friends that Connor “had been down and talked about killing himself”. Mr Pitter argued this was an attempt by Jarvis to start covering his tracks. Jarvis also claimed he had simply taken Connor’s dog for a walk to the shops but he was covered in water and mud. Tests later showed his clothes were covered in mud similar to that found at the scene of Connor’s murder. Mr Pitter also revealed how Connor died, something which has not been made public before. He said: “He had been strangled and drowned.” The prosecution say Jarvis assaulted Connor intending either to kill him or cause him really serious harm which led directly to the 17-year-old’s death. “We say the defendant left the victim for dead,” Mr Pitter said. Jarvis was initially arrested on suspicion of theft after being found in possession of Connor’s bike. He had claimed to have no knowledge of the bike which was later found in the shed of a family member. But once the pathologist

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 7 Cole Jarvis is accused of murdering Hull teenager Connor Lyons Tributes at the scene where Connor Lyons was found dead established Connor had not just drowned but was also strangled, Jarvis was arrested on suspicion of murder and gave a “no comment” interview A blue rope was also found in Jarvis’s garden which had Connor’s DNA on it. Mr Pitter says the prosecution believe this may have been used as a ligature to strangle Connor Mr Pitter said: “The medical cause of death was drowning but when the body was examined by the pathologist there was evidence of strangulation. “That in itself could have been fatal and would certainly have likely rendered the victim unconscious. He could also have been held directly under the water. “Either way, Connor was left deliberately and vulnerable to drowning. Mr Jarvis either killed Connor or intended him really serious harm which led directly to his death.” A statement was read out to jurors from Connor’s mum Kelly Lyons. She said Connor was the second oldest of four siblings and had spent most of his time growing up in Orchard Park but moved to Bransholme with his family when he was 15. In the statement she said: “Connor was a pleasant young boy but when he was ten he started to get angry and got involved in petty crime. “He started smoking cannabis in his teens which made things worse. “He had a serious motorcycle accident around 18 months before he died. He suffered injuries to his spleen and other organs and we were told he was lucky to be alive. He said he smoked cannabis to deal with the pain. “I think deep down he had something wrong with him. I tried seeking professional help, but I wasn’t able to. “Despite that, Connor was always loving and caring and was always honest with me. “He was very close to his sisters and adores his baby niece. “He also got back in touch with his dad later in life and got on well with his extended family, particularly his aunt Angela.” Ms Lyons said that on that day Connor was killed she had been out in town and returned. She got Connor garlic bread and chips, which he came down for and took back to his room. That was the last time she saw him alive. She said she went to babysit a friend’s children and returned at 2am and Connor’s bike wasn’t there. The next day a neighbour called to say Connor’s dog was out in the street alone. Ms Lyons said: “Shortly after that the police arrived and told me they had found a body they believed to be Connor.” Ms Lyons said she knew Connor had a dispute with Jarvis, who claimed Connor had ripped him off. She said: “Connor always went out alone to settle disputes. He always stood up for himself, but he wasn’t physically that strong and not what you’d describe as ‘hard’.” The trial continues and is expected to last eight days.

8 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 News By IVan MOrrIs POxtOn @ivan.morrispoxton@reachplc.com @MoPo97 DelIveRy drivers across Hull are struggling to do their jobs as they claim a bike theft crime wave is sweeping the city. One driver has spoken exclusively to Hull live of his frustrations after thieves attempted to steal his bike late last month from outside KFC in Mount Pleasant, Holderness Road. The 34-year-old said it is “nigh on impossible” for delivery drivers to do their jobs in Hull because “twowheeled vehicle theft is endemic”. The man contacted the Mail following an article earlier this week about another delivery driver’s moped being stolen outside Gardeners Arms in Cottingham Road. “I am also a Deliveroo/Justeat/ UbereATS courier and there is not a single motorbike/scooter courier I’ve spoken to who hasn’t had a recent attempted theft, and many (unfortunately for them) successful,” he said. “The costs and grief to us is immeasurable. This kind of theft has got completely out of hand and it’s nigh on impossible for us to do our jobs now.” “The police are full of excuses: one minute it’s ‘we can’t chase them because they don’t wear helmets Delivery drivers struggling to do their job as bike theft crime wave sweeps the city driver says thieves tried to steal his bike and we can be prosecuted if they fall off and die while pursued’. “Next minute it’s ‘if we try to chase them, they’ll just go off-road’. Or if all else fails: ‘well you are insured, aren’t you?’ “Ultimately the issue seems to be that the Road Traffic Act 1988 was interpreted by a judge to allow for police to be held criminally liable if by pursuing a criminal an accident occurs that results in serious injury or death to the perpetrator,” said the Honda biker. The 34-year-old has owned a Honda Monkey since March 2020 and began working for Deliveroo at the beginning of this year. In late August, he suffered a theft attempt on his bike outside KFC in Mount Pleasant Holderness Road, having turned his back on his vehicle “for only 30 seconds”. He said: “When I got outside [the KFC store], a woman approached to inform me two scumbags on a scooter had rolled up, pulled out some kind of bar and slotted it through my handlebars in an attempt to snap my steering lock. “They failed or got rustled or scared off by the alarm, and the result was bent handlebars and mounts with repair costs running to £200 from my own pocket. “Not to mention several days of

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 9 The individuals who stole the moped have allegedly bragged on social media platform TikTok about it - though hiding behind balaclavas when doing so downtime from work while parts arrive. “Police responded to my report by looking for CCTV, found none (not that it would help) and find my incident pending new evidence.” A Humberside Police spokeswoman said: “On Friday, August 27, we received a report of interference Humberside Police launched a motorbike taskforce to tackle the illegal use of motorbikes in the Humberside force area to a motorbike on Mount Pleasant, Hull. “This is believed to have occurred between 3.30pm and 4.05pm. “If you witnessed this, or have any information relating to the incident, you are asked to call us on our nonemergency number 101, quoting crime reference 16/86513/21.” The delivery driver also detailed another incident just after 2pm on Sunday, September 12. He said: “At the intersection of Preston Road and Marfleet Lane, four of these masked thieves on two almost certainly stolen scooters rolled up at the lights right behind a police car. “The police can’t have failed to see them in the rear-view – the thieves were manically honking to draw attention to themselves, either at the police or at the sight of my bike and my staring at them.” The 34-year-old argued that the police car “could easily have turned diagonally and blocked them in long enough to grab hold of at least one of them”. He has since complained to Humberside Police’s professional standards department about the incident, who were unable to deter- mine whether his complaint was reasonable. As well as complaining also to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), the man has agreed to meet an officer from Preston Road police station to discuss theft in the area. In July as part of Operation Yellowfin, Humberside Police launched a 12-strong bike task force with members of Hull City Council’s antisocial behaviour team to tackle the illegal use of motorbikes. Based on ONS figures, between March 2020 and March 2021, there was a decrease of 43 per cent in recorded vehicle theft crime in Humberside Police force’s area. However, to what extent the decrease was due to pandemic restrictions is unclear. News Woman arrested for burglary A womAn has been arrested on suspicion of burglary at a house in Hull Road, Cottingham. Humberside Police were called to the scene after reports of a disturbance at 1.10pm on monday. The force confirmed officers arrested a woman on suspicion of burglary. An eyewitness said he saw a police officer standing in the doorway of the home at 2pm. Four police cars were deployed to the scene. The house, which is situated opposite magnolia House, a residential care home for the elderly, attracted the attention of several staff members and members of the public who watched as the police work to arrest the woman. This is the second case of a burglary in the area this month. on September 1, an elderly woman’s home was burgled of her jewellery and cash. Police at the scene in Hull Road, Cottingham A Humberside Police spokesperson said: “At approximately 1.10pm on monday, September 20, officers were called to a property on Hull Road, Cottingham, following reports of a disturbance. “Upon attending, it was discovered that a burglary had taken place and it is reported that damage had been caused to an external window. “A woman has been arrested on suspicion of burglary and remains in police custody while officers continue with lines of enquiry.”

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12 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 News / National Bees create an electric charge when they visit flowers which MINUTE BRIEFING The Duchess of Cambridge during a visit to Cumbria yesterday Kate takes the plunge thE Duchess of Cambridge braved new heights as she tried out abseiling on a visit to the lake District. Kate took the plunge at Cathedral Quarry in little langdale, Cumbria, after having a go at mountain biking with a group of air Cadets yesterday. Card use on the rise Card payments accounted for more than £4 in every £5 spent in 2020, British retail Consortium (BrC) figures show. debit and credit card transactions accounted for 81% of the value of spending last year. debit cards accounted for over half (54%) of all transactions by volume for the first time. The impact of the pandemic and the shift towards digital meant cash accounted for just 15% of the value of total spending. Coach merger talks NatioNal Express has unveiled plans for a potential all-share takeover of rival Stagecoach in a move that would bring together two of the UK’s biggest transport groups. Under the terms of the possible tie-up, National Express would own around 75% of the combined group and Stagecoach shareholders around 25%. the deal would value Stagecoach at £445 million. it comes after both firms have been hit hard by the pandemic, with passenger numbers slumping. Dunn claim ‘resolved’ Harry Dunn The parents of teenage motorcyclist harry dunn and their son’s alleged killer have reached a “resolution” in a civil claim for damages filed in the US. Suspect anne Sacoolas is charged with causing 19-year-old harry’s death by dangerous driving. Museum for mobiles a NEw online museum dedicated to the history of the mobile phone is to launch in November containing more than 2,000 unique handsets from 200 different manufacturers. the Mobile Phone Museum, which will chart the evolution of the mobile phone from 1984 to the present day, has also been backed by mobile operator Vodafone through a five-year sponsorship deal. the museum has been created by mobile phone expert Ben wood. how bees spark sweet smell of flowers The electrical charge created by visiting bumblebees stimulates some flowers to release more of their sweet-smelling scent, scientists have found. This is the first time a plant has been shown to use the presence of pollinators as a cue to emit more of its attractive perfume - increasing its chances of being visited. The tiny electrical charge carried by bees is thought to help pollen stick to them during flight but the team of researchers found that it can also 15m will be hit by £178 gas bill hike Around 15 million households across Britain will be hit with a £178 annual hike on their energy bills as the price cap is set to soar to another record high from April, analysts have said. Experts at research agency Cornwall Insight expect that the price cap will be hiked to £1,455 for the typical household. It comes after the cost of gas on wholesale markets rocketed at unprecedented rates, up 70% since August and 250% since the beginning of the year, according to trade body oil & Gas uK. The price cap is reviewed by regulator ofgem every six months based on a set of rules. April’s level would be a 14% increase on the already record-setting £1,277 that is set to come into force from next Friday. It is also £317 per year higher than current levels. announce their presence to the flowers they visit. Lead author dr Clara Montgomery said the trait possibly evolved in plants to maximise the effectiveness of the attractive chemicals they release. “Flowers have a limited supply of these scents, so it makes sense they only release them when their pollinators are around,” she said. “essentially, it is only worth advertising when you know you have an audience. Other cues they might use, Cornwall Insight senior consultant dr Craig Lowrey said: “Although the winter 2021-22 cap was a new record (£1,277 for a typical dual fuel direct debit customer), Cornwall Insight modelling indicates that – given the extent of the increases in the wholesale market and the manner in which the cap is set – this is set to be surpassed by that for summer 2022.” He added: “We would need to see a material and sustained reduction in the wholesale market to avoid the kind of cap levels we are predicting for the period.” dr Lowrey’s team also predicted that high prices are likely to stick around. The cap will drop slightly next winter, but only to £1,416, which would be the second highest level on record by some distance. A separate estimate from BFY Consulting such as daylight or temperature, can be unreliable, as it might also be windy or raining, which would reduce pollinator presence. “These scents are also used by insects that want to eat or lay eggs on the plant, so increasing their chances of only attracting pollinators is vital.” The research was carried out by scientists from the University of Bristol, rothamsted research, and Cardiff University. said April’s price cap might reach as high as £1,555 instead. The spike in the forecasts demonstrates the unexpectedly large upswing in gas prices in recent months. As recently as July, Cornwall Insight had predicted the cap to be cut to £1,251 in April, and further down to £1,219 for the winter of 2022. Predictions are based on the current wholesale prices of gas and electricity. Any changes to those prices will be taken into account by ofgem when it announces the next price cap early in 2022. The price cap is not an overall cap on how much a household can pay for its energy bills – households that use more energy will pay more. The level is calculated based on the usage of a typical household that buys both gas and electricity.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 13 Trudeau gamble backfires – but he’s still PM Justin Trudeau delivers his victory speech with his wife Sophie, daughter Ella-Grace and son Xavier, in Montreal, after winning a third term Canadians have given Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party a victory in parliamentary elections – but his gamble to win a majority of seats failed. The 49-year-old channelled the star power of his father, former PM Pierre Trudeau, when he first won an election in 2015, and has led his party to the top finish in two elections since. Mr Trudeau’s Liberals were leading or elected in 156 seats – one less than they won in 2019, and 14 short of the 170 needed for a majority. The Conservatives were leading or elected in 121 seats, the same number they won in 2019. The leftist new democrats were leading or elected in 27, a gain of three seats, while the Quebecbased Bloc Quebecois remained unchanged with 32 seats and the Greens were down to two. “You are sending us back to work with a clear mandate to get Canada through this pandemic,” Mr Trudeau said. “i hear you when you say you just want to get back to the things you love and not worry about this pandemic or an election.” The opposition’s campaign accused Mr Trudeau of calling an unnecessary early vote – two years before the deadline – for his own personal ambition. “Trudeau lost his gamble to get a majority so i would say this is a bittersweet victory for him,” said daniel Beland, a political science professor at McGill University in Montreal. Russia to blame for killing of Litvinenko Russia was responsible for the assassination of alexander Litvinenko, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled. Former Russian spy Mr Litvinenko died after being poisoned with a rare radioactive substance in London in 2006. a statement on the court’s ruling on Tuesday said: “Russia was responsible for assassination of aleksandr Litvinenko in the uK.” Russia has always denied any involvement in his death. The case was brought by his widow Marina Litvinenko, who had vowed to get justice for her husband and pursue the Kremlin through the international courts. a public inquiry concluded in 2016 that the killing of Mr Litvinenko – an outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin – who died after drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium-210 – had “probably” been carried out with the approval of the Russian president. Headed by the former high court judge sir Robert Owen, the inquiry found two Russian men – andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun – had deliberately poisoned Mr Litvinenko by putting polonium-210 into his drink at a London hotel, leading to an agonising death. it said the use of the radioactive substance – which could only have come from a nuclear reactor – was a “strong indicator” of state involvement and that the two men had probably been acting under the direction of the Russian security service the FsB – which Mr Litvinenko used to work for, as well as the KGB. Possible motives included Mr Litvinenko’s work for British intelligence agencies after fleeing Russia, his criticism of the FsB, and his association with other Russian dissidents, while it said there was also a “personal dimension” to the antagonism between him and Mr Putin. Mrs Litvinenko said it was a “very important day” as the findings highlighted Russia’s “brutal regime”. she told sky News: “it’s important Alexander Litvinenko in hospital after the poisoning which later killed him that Russia takes responsibility”, adding: “We must not give up the fight against this anti-democratic regime in Russia.” according to the statement on the European court’s ruling: “The Court found in particular that there was a strong prima facie case that, in poisoning Mr Litvinenko, Mr Lugovoy and Mr Kovtun had been acting as agents of the Russian state. it noted that the Government had failed to provide any other satisfactory and convincing explanation of the events or counter the findings of the uK inquiry.” The court found no evidence that either man had any personal reason to kill Mr Litvinenko and would not have had access to the substance “if acting on their own behalf”. state involvement is the “only remaining plausible explanation”, the findings said, adding that the Russia government had made “no serious attempt” to counter the findings of the uK authorities. “The Court found it established, beyond reasonable doubt, that the assassination had been carried out by Mr Lugovoy and Mr Kovtun. The planned and complex operation involving the procurement of a rare deadly poison, the travel arrangements for the pair, and repeated and sustained attempts to administer the poison indicated that Mr Litvinenko had been the target of the operation,” the statement added. News / World GLOBAL BRIEFING World on the edge of abyss, says UN chief The united nations chief has warned global leaders that the world faces “the greatest cascade of crises in our lifetime”. Secretary-general Antonio guterres rang the alarm in his speech at the opening of the un general Assembly’s annual meeting for leaders of its 193 member nations. “We are on the edge of an abyss – and moving in the wrong direction,” he said. guterres pointed to “supersized glaring inequalities” sparked by the pandemic, climate alarm bells ringing, upheavals thwarting global peace, a surge of mistrust and misinformation, and human rights under fire. The secretary-general said the solidarity of nations to tackle crises “is missing in action.” Worker killed in mask dispute A young petrol station worker in germany has been killed after asking a customer to wear a face mask. A 49-year-old man was arrested in the western town of Idaroberstein, and is being held on suspicion of murder. Authorities said the man told officers he acted “out of anger” after being refused service for not wearing a mask. According to police, the suspect left after the dispute but returned half an hour later and fatally shot the 20-year-old clerk in the head. The suspect, a german citizen who wasn’t identified by name in line with privacy laws, fled the scene but later turned himself in. New quakes hit La Palma SeverAl small earthquakes have shaken the Spanish island of la Palma, keeping nerves on edge as rivers of lava continued to flow towards the sea and a new volcano vent blew open. The new vent is 3,000 feet north of the Cumbre vieja ridge, where the volcano first erupted on Sunday after a week of thousands of small earthquakes. The new fissure opened after what the Canary Islands volcanology Institute said was a 3.8 magnitude quake on Monday.

14 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Opinion DON’T MISS OUT ON THE BIGGEST LOCAL STORIES Scan the QR to receive the latest daily news and more direct to your inbox www.hulldailymail.co.uk/emails CONtaCt US FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/hulllive TWITTER @hulllive EMAIL news@hulldailymail.co.uk News desk 01482 315350 Sports desk 01482 315368 Trade advertising 01482 227885 Private advertising 01482 908084 Home delivery 0333 202 8000 General enquiries 01482 327111 PHOTO SALES VISIT reachphotosales.co.uk/Reach CALL 01604 683902 EMAIL sales@dipintosales.co.uk LOCaL & trUStEd THE Mail has been at the heart of all things local in Hull and the East Riding since 1885. We are committed to championing our communities’ aspirations and bringing profound and lasting benefits to local life. We believe in celebrating and giving voice to local people, enriching lives and encouraging vibrant community spirit. DownLoAD the App ★4.7/5 ★4.2/5 The InYourArea iOS and Android app lets you follow the latest local news, information, events and more in your area. You can connect with other members of your community, submit events, promote a local business and more. exclusively to our apps, we let you follow news, information, ‘things to do’ and property prices for where you are right now with our ‘near me now’ feature. Our app is the best way to enjoy InYourArea. MAIL BOX Was the original James Bond from our city? CaNdIdaTeS for the title of the original James Bond have been suggested, one being Sidney George Reilly aKa “The ace of Spies”. In 1916, Billy Mcgee a 16-year-old, of Porter Street in Hull, lied about his age and joined the Royal Navy. Late 1917 found him on board HMS Glory in Murmansk in the middle of the Russian Revolution and, as the youngest rating, taking meals down to the brig where a Russian spy was imprisoned. One day the prisoner asked Billy where he was from and, when Billy said Hull, the prisoner replied that he knew the city well. The prisoner’s name was Solomon alexandrovitch Georgevitch Rosenblum. He was not a Russian spy, but arrested by mistake, an agent of the British Secret Services with the alias of Sidney George Reilly. Certainly Reilly knew Hull for he was employed in 1900 by the “Oleum Syndicate” composed of ex-Hull Mayor albert Kaye Rollit and Charles Wilson, MP for Hull West, including Lloyds executive Henry Hosier. The syndicate tasked Reilly was to investigate oil resources in The Middle east. If Sidney George Reilly was the role model for the fictional James Bond then his first international mission started from Hull. Ronald Fairfax, Hull. Support needed for struggling GP system aS a current patient myself, I am in full support of Sergeant Major Ben elton in his self-teach methods of diagnosis and pain management treatments on YouTube (Hull daily WRITE TO: Mailbox, Hull Daily Mail, Blundell’s Corner, Beverley Road, HU3 1XS EMAIL: letters@hulldailymail.co.uk NOtICES Find the latest information on planning proposals, traffic notices, goods vehicle operator licences, licences to sell alcohol and probate notices, from page 51 Mail, September 20). Undermining of the NHS is not in question, however, the GPs and in agreement with Savid Javid, need to step up to the plate and be counted cause it’s just diabolical neglect on their part. Paramedics, nurses, dentists, NAME AND ADDRESS: All letters must supply the name, full address (including house number) and phone number of the writer. We will grant anonymity, if requested. physios, pharmacists, carers and cleaners are the backbone of this country and deserve the weekly applause forever. While GPs are hiding behind these loyal, trusted and fearless colleagues, along with the NHS app and it’s so-called co-ordinators. Rightly so, the 3 per cent wage increase is an insult to the lifesavers. So come on, Boris, back up your awards ceremony speech and praise with 7 per cent across the board, pro rata 5 per cent takehome, including the GPs if they ever turn back up physically for face to face appointments. I would also like to see it mandated that surgery telephones are turned back on and answered between 9am to 6pm. Thirty and 40 callers in a queue is laughable. Peter, Hull. PICtUrE Of tHE day By Carolyn Shepherd Email pictures to picoftheday@hulldailymail.co.uk Europe made mistake we will have to pay for THeRe is currently a large natural gas price hike. The US and the eU (including the UK at that time) were opposed the the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which bypassed the Ukraine and Poland, going to Germany, and is now complete. Several countries kowtowed to US threats. The US objected to possible Russian economic control in europe. europe should buy US LPG shipped to the eU, which is more expensive, and the US would have economic control. europe made a big mistake, which we are going to have to pay for. John O’Mullane, Hull. Will the PM’s plan fix social care and how fair is the increase in NI? REcEnTly, Boris Johnson announced his social care plan. There would be a Health and Social care levy of 1.25 per cent on top of current employees’ and employers’ national Insurance (nI) contributions. The money raised would make payments to the nHS and be devoted to fixing the broken social care system. Underfunding causes perpetual problems in social care such as poor pay, high staff turnover and 120,000 staff vacancies. currently, those with assets above £23,250 (including the value of their home) pay the full cost of residential care for the rest of their lives. The proposals introduce a new means test. Individuals with assets below £20,000 will not be required to make any contribution to their care. Between £20,000 and 100,000 they will be eligible for means-tested support. There will be a lifetime cap of £86,000 on personal care costs from October 2023. Many Tory MPs objected to the nI increase as it broke a manifesto pledge not to increase taxes. However, the Government returned a comfortable majority at the third reading of the Bill. Only ten Tories voted against, 44 abstained. labour voted against, contending the increase would fall disproportionately on the lower paid and that there were other taxation options. At PM’s questions, Johnson claimed the labour Party were opposed to giving funds to the nHS. His comment recalls the line from a Mose Allison song: “ ... your mind is on vacation and your mouth is workin’ overtime”. Keir Starmer said the whole tax system had to be considered and those with the broadest shoulders should pay their fair share, although not specifying which taxes might be increased. During the second reading, Rachel Reeves, Shadow chancellor, listed areas labour might tax: financial assets, dividends, sales of property, pensions, annuities, interest, property rentals, inheritance. She offered no firm details. By contrast, detailed TUc research, “A new Deal for Social The humber Bridge from an unusual viewpoint care”, demonstrates aligning the rate of capital gains tax with income tax rates could raise up to £17bn annually. This would enable a £10 hourly minimum wage for all care staff (estimated cost £230m). It would also produce £16bn for improving social care services. The TUc argued raising capital gains tax “is a much fairer way to fund social care than hiking workers’ and businesses’ national insurance contributions”. labour has justifiably been criticised for not producing more detailed plans, especially as their 2019 manifesto promise was to introduce a national care system like the nHS. Michael Somerton, Hull.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 15 News Bankside road closed for weeks to replace ageing gas pipework more disruption for city centre motorists By jamEs CampBELL james.campbell@reachplc.com @JCampbellHull THeRe will be more disruption for motorists travelling through Bankside and Wincolmee with the closure of another road in the area. Northern Gas Networks (NGN), the gas distributor for the North of england, is carrying out upgrades across Hull and will now close Air Street for three weeks. But there is better news as work in Spring Bank West will be halted for three weeks around Hull Fair. As part of its programme of investment in Hull’s gas infrastructure, Air Street will close from Monday, September 27. The ageing metal pipework is being replaced by new, more durable plastic pipes, to ensure a safe and reliable supply of gas to customers. The work in Air Street will last for three weeks and is one of several city centre schemes currently being completed, having been planned in collaboration with Hull City Council. So that engineers can carry out the work safely and efficiently, and to protect the public, some traffic management measures will be put in place. Air Street will be closed at the junction with Bank Side for three weeks, with signs displayed for motorists and a full signed diversion put in place. Russel Kaye, business operations lead for Northern Gas Networks, said: “We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused during these essential works and thank customers and commuters for their patience while the works take place. “However, it is vital we complete them in order to continue to maintain a safe and reliable gas supply to the residents of Hull. “NGN is continuing to carry out its essential activities while following strict guidelines for safe distance working, where possible, and following good hygiene practices as we continue to live with coronavirus. “We want to assure residents and road users that we will be working hard to complete this essential scheme as safely and as quickly as possible.” In the meantime, NGN will suspend its Spring Bank West upgrade project for three weeks from this Friday, to coincide with the return of Air Street is closed for three weeks

16 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 News Single lanes on a URGENT WORK TO REBUILD ‘UNSOUND’ ARCADE A sTreTCH of Beverley road is set to go down to single lanes each way for six months following warnings a historic derelict building is no longer structurally sound. Bus lanes in Beverley road between Norfolk street and Trafalgar street are set to close from Monday, October 11, when all traffic will use the remaining inbound and outbound ones. The outbound bus lane had to be closed for a crane to hold up the front of Brunswick By JOsEpH GErrard joseph.gerrard@trinitymirror.com @JoeGerrard4 Arcade, currently propped up by scaffolding. Hull City Council’s major projects director Gary Taylor said officials had been warned the building, which previously had its floors and internal walls removed, was now at risk of collapse. Council leader Cllr Daren Hale said the works had to go ahead and that not taking action would amount to “playing fast The SIM your new iPhone would choose No pass? No entry to waste recycling sites from October NEW mEASURES TO KEEp NON-RESIDENTS OUT eAsT Yorkshire residents planning on an autumn clear-out have been reminded they will need to carry a pass to be able to dump their waste from Friday, October 1. The passes for the region’s household waste recycling sites have been introduced by east riding Council to make the system fairer, ensuring the sites are only being used by east riding residents. People living in the east riding By dEBOraH HaLL deborah.hall@reachplc.com @DeborahHall15 will have already received their free passes, as thousands were posted out in July and August, together with new bin collection calendars, along with instructions of how to use them. They can be used to gain entry to any of the council’s ten household waste recycling sites. It is hoped the new scheme should also help to reduce the queues building up at some sites. Other councils, including neighbouring Hull City Council, already use a similar system. Councillor Chris Matthews, the east riding’s portfolio holder for environment and climate change, said: “We are bringing these passes in to make sure east riding residents are getting full use of the waste and One of East Riding Council’s household waste recycling sites at Airmyn. Right, the new resident’s pass recycling facilities available to them. “residents in the east riding do a fantastic job with their recycling, which is there for everyone to see when the recycling league tables are released each year. “I would encourage all residents to keep hold of their passes and prepare for the change coming from October 1.” From that date, if a pass is not displayed in a vehicle, a site attendant

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 17 News main city road for six months A stretch of Beverley Road is set to go down to single lanes and loose” with public safety. Highways portfolio holder Cllr Dean Kirk said all non-urgent roadworks would be halted on surrounding roads to help ease congestion from the restrictions. He added the council accepted there would be delays as a result of the works, but was left with no other solution after looking at several different options. The restrictions are set to be in place until spring while workers shore up Brunswick Arcade, which has been held up by scaffolding for almost ten years. Mr Taylor said the works would take place after the council secured National Lottery heritage funding, with Brunswick Arcade within the Beverley Road conservation area. The director said: “We’re going to rebuild Brunswick Arcade. “We’re going to maintain the flow of traffic going both ways, but we will lose bus lanes in that period of time so buses will converge with the main traffic. “From April onward, the road will be back to how it is now and works will continue on Brunswick Arcade for another 20 to 24 months. “We accept winter isn’t the best time to do this, but we’ve had a structural report showing the scaffolding is no longer keep- ing the front of Brunswick Arcade up, we’re not confident it would survive the winter. “If we don’t do these works we’d be left with a huge risk to the public that the building could collapse into the road.” Cllr Hale said the building was taken into public control because of the risk posed by its previous owner removing floors and walls. The leader added Guildhall officials aimed to finish the works before Endeavour, also on Bever- ley Road, becomes a school and is expected to draw more traffic. Brunswick Arcade 30GB £10 50GB £12 Unlimited data £20 Was £15 Great coverage No contract Unlimited calls & texts SMARTY mobile will query whether that person lives in the East Riding and has a pass. Alternatively, a valid driving licence, utility bill, council tax bill or bank statement showing the person’s address can be used to prove that person lives at an East Riding address. However, non-East Riding residents will be turned away. The council will not replace any passes through loss or damage. If a resident misplaces their pass, they can use the alternatives instead. All passes will be renewed just before the expiry date of December 2022. For more information, visit www. eastriding.gov.uk/residentpass Residents in the East Riding do a fantastic job with their recycling Councillor Chris Matthews SIM Only 1 month plans. 50GB promotion ends on 12.10.21. All plans include unlimited calls and texts to standard UK landlines and mobiles. For network coverage in your area, see smarty.co.uk/coverage-checker

18 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 News Claire has to endure four hours of kidney dialysis, three times a week ‘A transplant could give me my life back’ We buy any house! WE BUY HOUSES FOR CASH Sell in days – or in your timescale No fees & no obligation Any condition or location NAPB approved & RICS regulated GET UP TO £30,000 CASH ADVANCE Call us FREE today for a cash offer available 24/7 0800 031 9071 goodhousemove.co.uk MuM who needed new kidney after a urine infection now waiting for third transplant BEST PRICE PAID By LISA BAXTER lisa.baxter@reachplc.com @LisaJBaxter1 An East Yorkshire mum who needed a new kidney after a severe urine infection is now on the transplant list for a third organ. Claire Britton, who has had two transplants and is on the waiting list for a third, says families should not put off having difficult conversations about organ donation. Claire, 45, is currently waiting for a kidney transplant and has four-hour sessions of dialysis three times each week, meaning her life is “on hold” for the foreseeable future. She is one of around 7,000 in the UK on the transplant waiting list. To mark Organ Donation Week, Claire, a graphic designer from Elloughton, has opened up on the painful realities of living with a failing organ and how crucial it is for people like her that families make plans for what happens in the event of their death. She said: “I had my first transplant 12 years ago, when I had a urine infection that was so severe it was almost at the sepsis stage. Kidneys usually recover, but I am diabetic, and mine never did. “I was on the transplant list for three months when I got the call. I burst into tears, all I could think was that someone had died, I didn’t think about myself.” The operation went well and she was discharged from hospital after three weeks. Then, five years ago, Claire was offered a second transplant - this time for her pancreas, which had failed, causing her diabetes, at the tender age of 14. That transplant came eight months after being accepted for it, and for several months it worked well and reversed the diabetes. Claire Britton with her partner Andy Jenkinson and son Alf Claire Britton is on the transplant list for a new kidney However, after eight months it failed, and Claire was back to being insulin-dependent again. “It was quite a blow, but I was so used to living with my diabetes so I looked at it as a positive, that I’d had eight months without it.” But there was more heartache ahead for Claire, when her transplanted kidney failed around three-and-a-half years ago, requiring her to go on life-saving dialysis treatment. “I was having it daily at home, but it stopped working several months ago. I couldn’t walk up the stairs, I filled up with fluid, I was breathless and had no energy,” said Claire, who lives with partner Andy and son Alf, ten. She was switched to having a different type of dialysis, which is carried out at Hull Royal Infirmary’s renal unit three times a week in four-hour stints, which sees her picked up for hospital at 5.30am. Claire said: “I don’t feel great when I have it, I have to rest, there are good and bad days.” A month ago she was accepted onto the transplant waiting list for a third time, for a new kidney to replace the transplanted one. It is a time of mixed emotions, knowing her life getting back to normal relies on someone else passing away. All adults in England are now considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups. But fami- lies are still able to object and refuse. Claire said: “It’s really important to let people know what you want to happen when you die. It isn’t written in stone and people do reverse a loved one’s decision, so people need to know their wishes. “When you’re the person waiting for one, you can’t understand the reasoning why people would not do it. “I have got a friend who had a transplant and she has got to know the family really well and it has really helped them that there’s still a part of their family member that’s still living.” For Claire, life has no chance of normality until she receives that call. “Life is definitely on hold. I was classed as clinically extremely vulnerable during Covid and didn’t really go anywhere. I still have a lot of anxiety about even going to the supermarket,” she said. “We can’t take our son on holiday as if I go more than two hours away from the transplant unit, I have to come off the list. I also have to be really careful as I am off the list if I get an infection. “A transplant could give me my life back. “We all feel like we’re going to live for ages, and that we don’t need to have that conversation about organ donation, but we all should.” The message of this year’s Organ Donation Awareness Week is “Leave Them Certain” which encourages families to talk about the subject openly in the event of their death. To mark the week, staff at Hull University Teaching Hospitals nHS Trust who work in the hospital restaurants, post room, general offices and reception desks will be wearing bright pink organ donation T-shirts. Hull City Council’s buildings in Queen Victoria Square will light up pink, along with The Deep, St Stephen’s shopping centre and other key landmarks in the city.

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20 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 News Dramatic drop in teen pregnancies ... but hull’s RATES are still highest in region By Susie Beever @susie.beever@reachplc.com @SusieMayJourno Teenage pregnancies dropped dramatically in Hull during lockdown – but the figures remain higher than anywhere else in the region. Data published by the Office of National Statistics shows the pregnancy rate among girls under 18 in the city fell by more than 30 per cent between April and June last year, with 23.8 teen pregnancies per 1,000 girls aged 15 to 17. This was down from 34.3 per 1,000 in the previous quarter. Hull has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Yorkshire and the Humber and one of the highest in England and Wales, although overall this has fallen gradually by around 60 per cent in the past 20 years. The figures include all pregnancies conceived when the girl was aged 15 to 17, regardless of whether they were carried to full term or terminated through a legal abortion. They do not include pregnancies which ended in miscarriage or illegal abortions. Gail Teasdale, Hull City Council’s lead for children and young people’s health, said teenage pregnancy rates were affected by factors such as poverty and employment, but improving education into sexual health and relationships had had an enormous impact on the figures over the past two decades. Speaking to HullLive, she said: “Our young pregnancy strategy’s been running for 20 years now and it was always meant to be a long-term strategy because it isn’t just about the services, it’s about changing the culture.” Schools are now teaching children from primary school age about healthy relationships, with contraception taught in schools from Year 9 onwards. Teenagers are also taught about consent, how to spot signs of exploitation, domestic abuse and LGBTQ+ issues. “There are a lot of factors linked to teenage pregnancy, like poverty, deprivation, poor educational attainment and aspiration, as well as poor access to public services,” Gail added. “We’ve done a lot of work with young people around their aspirations for the future, because what they were telling us 20 years ago was that you leave school and The number of teenage pregnancies in Hull plummeted last year have a baby and that was what was expected. “The rate has dropped a lot. But certainly the majority of teenage conceptions now are in 16 and 17-year-olds, compared with when we first started and we had 12 and 13-year-olds getting pregnant. “It’s very much about preventing teenage pregnancy where we can, but making sure that if you are a teenage parent, you are still supported to complete your education and go on into employment.” The national number of pregnancies to girls and teenagers under 18 fell to its lowest in 20 years last year, with 2,600 conceptions to under-18s between April and June 2020. St Helen’s in Merseyside was revealed as having the highest rate of young pregnancies nationally in this time, followed by Blackpool and Redcar and Cleveland. Yorkshire and the Humber had the third highest teen pregnancy rate in England and Wales, after the North West and the South East. Love every second of your free time Helping you decide where to go next with hundreds of recommendations right on your doorstep. Visit 2chill.co.uk

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 21 By IVan MOrrIs POxtOn @ivan.morrispoxton@reachplc.com @MoPo97 FOUR rainwater features are being co-designed by communities in Hull and the East Riding, as part of a government-funded flood resilience project. While all will collect and contain rainwater to reduce the risk of floods, residents will have their say about their appearance and any other functions the features may provide. These include being planter gardens, a bench and acting as an outdoor classroom. MAGIC is a two-year partgovernment-funded project about neighbourhood rain management and wellbeing in Hull and the East Riding, which started in June 2020. “It’s inspiring communities to take up the idea of collective community rain management,” said the project’s community engagement lead, Christine Sefton, of the University of Sheffield. “They may appear to be water features, and they may appear to be something else, but they will all be performing, in some capacity, as above ground, sustainable urban drainage systems.” The four buildings which will have the community co-designed News Rainwater features to be co-designed by residents SCHEME PART OF FLOOD RESILIENCE PROJECT rainwater features are Sewell garage in Chanterlands Avenue, Springhead golf course’s ticket office, Cottingham civic hall and Orchard Park community resources centre. The plan is for all designs to be decided this autumn and the features fully in place by early summer next year. Another rainwater feature is being set up in the grounds of Bilton Primary School, comprising a dipping pond and outdoor classroom. The University of Sheffield is leading the project in partnership with Living with Water, which includes Hull City Council, and TimeBank Hull & East Riding The hope is the rainwater features will encourage residents to both be willing to have water container features installed to their own properties and to work together on when to release the container water. She explained that the idea for these “example” rainwater features followed feedback from a feasibility study called MOCA, based around a survey of Derringham and Bilton residents. “Rather than having experts designing it for communities and then coming along and doing it to communities, we’re wanting to work with the people who use those buildings and say well what would you like, what is it that you love about this building?” As well as the rainwater features, MAGIC is seeking Hull and East Riding residents’ views in a survey on ways to manage rainwater to reduce the area’s high flood risk. Bilton Community Primary School summer fayre 2019, an outreach project forerunner to the MAGIC scheme Headline Sponsor WIN THE RECOGNITION YOUR BUSINESS DESERVES LAST CHANCE TO ENTER VISIT: WWW.HLBUSINESSAWARDS.CO.UK CLOSING DATE: SUNDAY 26 SEPTEMBER, 2021 #HLBusinessAwards Category Sponsors

22 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 News Pets are put through their paces at the Dog Hub. Inset right, Leanne Bottomley with Millie PICTURES: DONNA CLIFFORD haLf price traveL in your from monday 27th September *T&C’s apply. ‘Big Fun’ for dogs and their owners to play and socialise rescue centre opens hub, cafe and shop By sOpHIE KItCHIng sophie.kitching@reachplc.com @sophiekitching A neW facility dubbed the “Big Fun” for dogs has been launched in Hull and is ideal for those looking for a “safe” place to take their dog to socialise. The Dog Hub at Oakwood Dog Rescue in Chanterlands Avenue, Hull, started on July 20 for inductions and began its play session on August 3, providing an indoor socialisation park for dogs. All profits go back to the charity. Manager Leanne Bottomley has compared the facility to being like Hull’s “Big Fun” – a local indoor soft play centre for children – but for dogs. “It’s an indoor socialisation park,” she said. “For want of a better phrase, it’s Big Fun for dogs. “So we have a puppy area – we aren’t currently doing puppy play, but we will be doing that at some point. With us opening, we are taking it slow and steady. “We have a small dog park and a large dog park, which are side by side. There is agility enrichment as well. “This is a safe area to come and bring your dog to play and socialise. It’s creating a small community within the dog world.” The Dog Hub also has a coffee shop, Coffee Paws, and a secondhand dog equipment shop. Ms Bottomley says it is hoped The Dog Hub can provide a steady income for the charity. “The rescue doesn’t have an income and we rely solely on donations so, by doing this, we are hoping that the rescue will get a steady income,” she said. Membership for The Dog Hub ranges from £5 to £10 for the whole year – £5 for an individual, £7.50 for a couple and £10 for a family. Once joined, people are encouraged to book their sessions but, while the hub gets going, walk-ins can be accepted. Play sessions then usually cost £5 each, however, The Dog Hub has an offer on throughout September play sessions, meaning they are currently half price. There are also plans to potentially open a grooming parlour within the hub. “It is something that is on the cards for us just to help us raise that little bit more money for the rescue,” Ms Bottomley said. And as for “The Dog Shop”, essentially a charity shop for dogs, she said: “We don’t know of any other charity shop that’s primarily dog-based. “It’s something different and it helps people who are on a lower budget or the dog chews things or goes through harnesses because they are growing and getting bigger. “You can spend lots of money on things, whereas here you can get it for half the price and it supports the rescue. “We stock up the rescue with everything we need, and any surplus items do come over to us as well and people do regularly bring in donations we can sell on and all the proceeds go towards the rescue. “The majority of dogs are from Romania, we do have hand-ins on the odd occasion but we do work alongside International Dog Rescue, and we visit Romania with them, access dogs and bring them over to be rehomed from the conditions over there that are very dire.” ■ For more information about The Dog Hub at Oakwood Dog Rescue, including volunteering there, visit www.oakwooddogrescue.co.uk

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 23 Warning to gay couples booking holidays abroad TRAVEL AGENT SAYS THEY NEEd To BE AWARE oF LoCAL RuLES By LISA BAXTER lisa.baxter@reachplc.com @LisaJBaxter1 A HUll travel agent is warning samesex couples of the risks of travelling abroad to countries where gay relationships are banned after recently having to warn a couple about the risks of them booking a holiday to the Maldives. Andrew Earle, who has a string of branches in Hull and lincolnshire, has issued the warning after the couple inquired about the long-haul luxury holiday destination, unaware that public displays of affection between same-sex couples in the resort can lead to eight years’ imprisonment and 100 lashes. Mr Earle said it is a “difficult conversation” to broach, but staff have to ask about the nature of their relationship when booking certain exotic locations for couples. He said many people book their holidays online themselves, where the “questions are not asked” and they could find themselves turned away at the check-in on arrival, in the worst-case scenario. A staggering 77 countries out of 292 destinations do not welcome same-sex couples – making a quarter of holiday destinations out of bounds unless couples are willing to conceal their relationship or be cautious while out in public. Mr Earle said: “We were recently challenged with finding a gay couple a holiday and they wanted the Maldives, not realising that same-sex Same-sex couples can go to these countries, but they need to be mindful of local rules and customs relationships are banned and they would have to conceal the nature of their relationship. “We are seeing people wanting to book long-haul after not holidaying for two years, and this is something that people need to be aware of. It doesn’t mean same-sex couples cannot go to these countries, but they need to be mindful of local rules and customs, or there could be an issue.” Many countries, such as the whole of Africa, including South Africa; India; Sri lanka; the Seychelles; Barbados; Egypt; Turkey and Morocco are Andrew Earle unwelcoming of gay couples. Mr Earle said: “Plenty of people travel without an issue, but public displays of affection such as kissing and hand-holding could potentially lead to an arrest and an awful lot of people are completely unaware.” He said online booking can be problematic for that reason. He said: “The computer will happily take your money and no questions are asked, but if you later cancel for this reason you may lose your deposit. “I am not telling people what they can or cannot do, but if you book a holiday to Bali, for example, as a same-sex couple, you could find on check-in that you’re not able to have one room and you need to buy a second room, and that can become very messy.” Mr Earle’s travel firm Andrew Earle’s Holidays won an award for High Street Agency of the Year in the Agency Achievement awards last week. It was welcome news, coming on the back of a recent rise in foreign holiday bookings, which Mr Earle said it is the first flickering of life returning to “normal” in the UK travel market after a very turbulent 18 months. The travel boss, who is working “24/7” adapting to all the ever-changing travel regulations around Covid, as well as covering for staff on furlough, said his business earnings have plummeted from £30m of annual sales to £6m during the pandemic. However, his Cleethorpes shop took 21 bookings on Saturday, which is a “huge amount” and gives him hope that the decimated UK travel industry could be starting to recover. He said: “We been told that 58 per cent of adults will not travel at the moment, but we are expecting people to want to travel in 2022. “But we are seeing people booking more expensive holidays now, they’re treating themselves a bit more than normal with upgraded hotels and bigger cabins on cruises. “It’s been an absolutely horrendous time, and I have been working from 7am to 9pm throughout, but we hope it is slowly improving now.” plUS frEE EXclUSivE OK! vip BEAUTY And lifESTYlE mAgAzinE! SUBScriBE TOdAY And gET ThiS SignEd, limiTEd-EdiTiOn BEAUTY BOX cUrATEd BY SUpErmOdEl JOdiE Kidd fOr juSt £7.50 AvAilABlE OnlY WhilE STOcKS lAST! London botanicaL LaboratorieS Bright me Up Serum (full size) rrP £55 Andrew Earle, inset, owns several travel agents in Hull and Lincolnshire revitaLaSh Advanced Eyelash conditioner (luxury sample size) rrP£31 dr. PawPaw rich mocha Balm (full size) rrP £6.95 eyeko Sport Waterproof mascara (luxury sample size) rrP £5 SubScribe and Save today at okbeautybox.co.uk *£7.50 offer is only available to new customers. OK! Beauty Box subscription is £15 per month thereafter. News # OKBEAUTYBOX onLy £7.50* worth over £120 free p&p Monu Skin micellar Water (full size) rrP £23.95 Brought to you by

24 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Driver seriously injured in crash A driver has suffered serious injuries following a crash involving a minibus and car on the A165 near Fraisthorpe. emergency services were called to the scene after the crash between a blue Ford Puma and a white Mercedes minibus, which happened just before 4pm on Monday. The driver of the car is in hospital in a critical condition. Two occupants in the minibus sustained minor injuries. Humberside Police are now appealing for witnesses. A statement said: “if you have not yet spoken with us and believe you witnessed or have footage of the collision, call 101, quoting log 312 of September 20.” Chief of tourism body is to stand down after two years in top role welcome to yorkshire departure THE chief of Yorkshire’s tourism body Welcome to Yorkshire has announced his departure after less than three years in the top role. James Mason is to stand down as the organisation’s chief executive next month, it was announced on Monday afternoon. According to the organisation, Mr Mason will stay in post until Friday, October 22, so he can expand a Dementia Café he helped launch in 2018 in the run-up to Christmas. He will then take on a new role in the new year. Mr Mason is Welcome to Yorkshire’s second chief in less than three years after his predecessor Gary Verity resigned in March 2019. Before that, he previously worked for Bradford City FC. Following Monday’s announcement, Mr Mason said he had been “proud” to promote Yorkshire and oversee the start of the region’s By SUSIE BEEVEr @susie.beever@reachplc.com @SusieMayJourno tourism recovery in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a statement, he said: “I’m honoured to have held this position and to lead a team of talented hardworking people. “I’d like to express my gratitude to them all along with the many wonderful people across Yorkshire I’ve met in this role. It has been a privilege to work with you all, to promote Yorkshire to the world and stand shoulder to shoulder with you through a pandemic. “I only wish the organisation well going forward and most importantly the thousands of businesses that make Yorkshire so unique.” The announcement follows news earlier this month that next year’s Tour de Yorkshire was cancelled due to the continued impact of the The decision to leave wasn’t an easy one as I have really enjoyed the role James Mason James Mason, chief executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, is stepping down pandemic and “escalating financial challenges”. Launched in 2015 following the success of bringing the Tour De France’s Grand Depart to Yorkshire, the race visited East Yorkshire for five years, attracting huge crowds with Beverley and Bridlington. He added: “The brief when I joined was to guide Welcome to Yorkshire towards steadier waters and drastically reduce costs. “We achieved this despite all the restrictions we faced and never stopped innovating or striving for excellence. “I’d like to thank everyone for their involvement in trying to bring the Tour de Yorkshire back, especially our local authority partners with their continued commitment. These high-profile events will return to the region when the time is right. “The decision to leave wasn’t an easy one as I have really enjoyed the role, but I’m excited about putting my energy into my new role. “I will, of course, be committed to Welcome to Yorkshire and the staff until I leave.”

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 25 Hull City Council is investigating signs at a residential complex in the city centre News Investigation into city parking signs notice allegedly erected without permission By LISA BAXTER lisa.baxter@reachplc.com @LisaJBaxter1 HuLL City Council is investigating after a private parking enforcement company is alleged to have illegally placed signs on the wall of a listed building without planning permission. The Lister Court building in High Street, off Alfred Gelder Street, has signage warning non-residents of enforcement action if they park in the residential complex’s car park. Baysentry Solutions has placed signs at the residential complex in the Old Town, where flats are rented for £500 per month, which includes private parking. However, the council is investigating after it was claimed that the enforcement company do not have planning consent for the signs to be placed on walls of the listed building. If that is the case, any tickets issued could have been issued as a result of a criminal act in itself, and could potentially be void. The parking enforcement company, BaySentry Solutions, is Lister Court building, off Alfred Gelder Street, Hull registered to an address in Leeds. They were unavailable for comment when contacted. Lister Court is listed under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 for its special architectural or historic interest. It is a former warehouse dating back to 1880 which was converted into flats in 1985. Alex Codd, assistant director of economic development and regeneration at Hull City Council, said: “Our planning team are currently investigating this issue and working to ensure the full range of allegations being made are understood.” Stagecoach hiring bus drivers Stagecoach is looking for bus drivers to join its team in hull on a permanent contract. the travel company is advertising a trainee bus driver role based in the city, which comes with a salary of £22,591 once training has been completed. During the training period and the first six months of employment, the wage stands at £9 per hour, but will rise to £11.14 per hour after. the job guarantees 39 hours of work every week. the only qualifications required are that candidates have held a car licence for at least 12 months, with no more than six penalty points on it. however, if the licence has been held for less than two years, it must be clean. employees will not only become a qualified bus driver, but will also gain a recognised national qualification in Passenger transport. For more information on how to apply, visit the Stagecoach website.

18+ Players must be 18 or over. Terms and conditions apply. Excludes NI. The Health Lottery’s QuickWin game is a live online lottery draw every 3 minutes. The jackpot in each QuickWin draw is £25,000. All players matching 5 main numbers in each draw will win an equal share of the jackpot. The Health Lottery scheme manages 12 society lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain. This month’s society lo ttery is Health Lottery North West. For details on which society lottery is running each month please visit www.healthlottery.co.uk or ask your Health Lottery retailer. The Health Lottery logo is a registered trademark of The Health Lottery Ltd.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 27 From forklift driver to News By IVan MOrrIs POxtOn @ivan.morrispoxton@reachplc.com @MoPo97 A HuLL rapper, who only started producing music during lockdown, has spoken of his delight after he received a late call-up to perform on the main stage at the Inner City Sesh Festival on Saturday. Jay Mason, whose stage name is JT, performed his very first live gig less than two weeks ago, but was chosen to headline the university of Hull main stage at the weekend. “I couldn’t get to sleep, I got the message and was absolutely over the moon,” said Jay on the moment when he heard he was set to perform at Inner City Sesh. “I performed my first show at The Polar Bear club on September 7. “I was so lucky the organiser of Inner City Sesh, Mark Page was in attendance. “He told me that if he had of heard of me sooner he would of booked me onto the festival but unfortunately the 70 acts were already locked in. “The next morning to my surprise I had a message from himself saying that he couldn’t get to sleep without making sure I was on the main stage for the upcoming inner city sesh.” More than 24 hours after his slot on the main stage, Jay Mason clearly remained very proud to have performed at the event. “It was nice to perform at my first festival after such a short time of doing music. “And to perform to friends rapper at city festival JT made his firsT live music debuT JusT 12 days ago and family as well, it was ace. “It was a dream come true, 100 per cent.” The 21-year-old began making music during the first lockdown last year, when put on furlough from a forklift apprenticeship for eight months. Since then, he has established himself on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify. “To get to where I am now in such a short space of time is nothing short of mind blowing for me,” JT said. “I have an amazing partnership with my manager [Cameron] who is also my best friend since we was in Year 4 at primary school when I first Hull rapper JT was over the moon to have the opportunity to play on the University of Hull Main Stage at Inner City Sesh on Saturday moved from Victoria Dock school to Kirk Ella school. “We are a dream team and it’s a beautiful journey that we’ve been on.” Singling out London-based artists Digga D and AJ Tracey as his music inspirations, Jay said: “The way they rap and flow, I’ve tried to copy it and put my spin on it, and then they represent their city so I wanted to represent my city.” JT’s next confirmed gig is as the warm up to British songwriter ArrDee, when he performs at the Atik in Hull on Friday November 5. His newest single, Remedy, will be released this Friday. JUST £5.49 A BOTTLE ON 12 CRAFT WINES Plus 2 FREE wine glasses worth £18, and FREE delivery! Luxury Craft Wine Selection 12 CRAFT WINES WAS £136.38 NOW £65.88 Plus FREE WINE GLASSES AND DELIVERY! To order, visit virginwines.co.uk/VE2215 or call 0343 224 1001 quoting VE2215 Terms and Conditions: Please allow between 1-3 working days for delivery, however 85% of orders are arriving next working day. Also available as an all-red or all-white case. New customers only. UK Delivery only. You must be 18 years of age or over to buy alcohol. Strictly one case per customer. Not to be combined with any other promotion. By redeeming this offer you agree to try the Virgin Wines WineBank. WineBank uses easy monthly top-ups to save for your wine and rewards you with £1 for every £5 you deposit, plus free delivery on all future purchases. There’s no obligation to buy any more wine. Your default monthly payment is £25 which you can change on Virgin Wines' website. You can cancel your WineBank membership at any time and withdraw any funds you’ve added. Offer is unavailable to existing WineBank members. Calls may be monitored or recorded for training purposes. Images for illustration purposes only. For full terms and conditions, visit www.virginwines.co.uk/terms DRINKING IS ONLY FUN WHEN YOU DON’T OVERDO IT

ADVERTISING FEATURE Exciting job opportunities up for grabs at this leading timber firm Melton-based bsW tiMber solutions and bayraM tiMber are are recruiting for 50 neW positions folloWing their recent acquisition Some great career opportunitieS await at BSw timBer SolutionS and Bayram timBer Market leaders BSW timber Solutions and Bayram timber are recruiting for 50 new positions to be based at their Melton plants. The positions have opened following their acquisitions earlier this year by BSW Group, the Uk’s largest forestry and sawmilling business. The businesses are primarily looking for knowledgeable and skilled operatives to operate two new state-of-the-art timber planing lines that have been added following significant investment from the BSW Group. Formerly known as SCa Wood Uk, BSW timber Solutions is a leading timber manufacturer and distributor to the DIY, and Builders Merchant markets. Its modern production and warehouse facilities provide high quality machined softwood products to the Uk’s vital building material and joinery market. Bayram timber is a market-leading supplier of timber products into the Uk’s caravan and leisure home sector operating from a 17-acre site directly next door to BSW timber Solutions near the Ferriby Foreshore. The combined annual turnover of BSW timber Solutions and Bayram timber is £180 million. tony Hackney, CeO of BSW Group, said: “We’re thrilled to be able to offer 50 exciting new jobs to the local community, which will help to further strengthen our position in the value-added timber market. With over 500 employees across both the businesses in Hull, we as a group are delighted to have approved investments to add additional lines and headcount to both timber Solutions and Bayram.” Bruce Mckay, Managing Director of BSW timber Solutions, added: “It’s an incredibly exciting time to join BSW timber Solutions and Bayram timber as our businesses are in an industry that is seeing remarkable growth, and with the addition of the new investment comes a clear path for the sustained growth of the company. “We pride ourselves on our commitment to our employees, their wellbeing and safety, and on ensuring that our staff really enjoying coming to work. The successes that we have had so far, and our excellent company culture, is all down to the fantastic people who work for us here.” “as well as the two new timber planing lines currently being commissioned, that require skilled operatives to run them, we are also expanding our important support teams and are searching for talented professionals to join us.” Finding and rewarding talent BSW have been using innovative methods of attracting and onboarding over the last 12 months, utilising the technology to interview and run skills tests, and additionally to introduce new starters to key people in the business by ‘speed dating’ via video conference calls. With future apprenticeship options in sawmilling and timber machining already commenced during 2021 for existing employees, there are now plans for a new cohort in for 2022. BSW timber Solutions Hr Director Lynsey Pace added: “we would welcome discussions with college leavers and/or those wanting to start an exciting and interesting career in the timber industry as an apprentice. Generally, people do not consider the timber industry as a career, but we have found that once people join us, they love it and stay until retirement.” alongside training opportunities, BSW pays competitively within the Uk, recently awarding a significant cost of living increase across all businesses within the Group. With pension contributions, bonus schemes and above statutory holiday allowances, BSW also adds a cashback and discount online portal to their benefits package. ‘timber treats’ allows employees to purchase from hundreds of retailers, making average savings on day-to-day purchases of over 2% of their salaries. additionally, BSW are offering relocation packages for certain positions and are interested in hearing from people based in Southbank, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. working environment There is now the exciting job of integrating the businesses into the wider group, whilst preserving the culture and history of each site. “With a newly formed Board of Directors and ample talent throughout our business leaders, I’m genuinely excited to integrate and develop our cultural values across the sites”, said Lynsey. “We pride ourselves on our safety culture and clean working environments.” opportunitieS BSW have a variety of positions vacant that can be viewed and applied for HERE Or by emailing careers@bswtimbersolutions.co.uk Positions include: timber production operatives, semi-skilled and skilled machinists, forklift and sideloader drivers, finance professionals and sales administration. In addition to full time positions on days and nights, there are several part time positions working evenings from 5pm or 6pm until 11pm which would be suitable for students at college or university or parents looking for a worklife balance. Discover more at bswtimbersolutions.postingpanda.uk

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 29 News Elected mayor plans shelved ... but councils continue push for devolution By angUs yOUng angus.young@reachplc.com @angus_young61 THE region’s two councils are now pushing for a devolution deal without an elected mayor. Hull City Council and East Riding Council first submitted proposals to ministers for a deal worth £1.6bn nearly a year ago. Council leaders want to form a combined authority to oversee strategic issues such as transport, flood protection and improving skills and training. However, unlike other cityregions with elected mayors, such as Greater Manchester, Sheffield and West Yorkshire, interest in having one here appears to have waned. As such, councillors in Hull and East Riding now seem content to see a new-look combined authority without an elected political figurehead in charge of it. It follows Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s response to a series of Labour mayoral election victories Council leaders Jonathan Owen and Daren Hale in May when he floated the idea of future devolution deals being struck without the stipulation of having more elected mayors to run them. City council leader Councillor Daren Hale said: “We did take great heart from the Prime Minister’s recent speech – if you could ever do such a thing – when he said the mayoral option might not be the right solution for all areas of the country. “So we have expressed an interest in a potential county deal, putting forward our same bid for devolution that was based on closing the skills gap and a revenue injection into this economy of £25m a year with which we would hope to use to transform those areas of the city where there is a skills gap and where there is sometimes historic multi-generational unemployment. “We met the civil servants and had a brief discussion with then minister Luke Hall and we are waiting to see whether they accept our proposal and then, in return, we would consult on their reply. “It would build on the joint working that already goes on between us and the East Riding on those various joint committees that already take place, such as planning, transportation and other things.” Cllr Hale said ditching the idea of having an elected mayor would allow the contrasting political administrations at the Guildhall and County Hall to continue operating separately. While Labour remain in charge in Hull, the Conservatives hold a comfortable majority in the East Riding. Many Labour councillors in Hull had been wary at the prospect of having an elected Tory mayor following the defeat of Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter to Conservative rival Jonathan Evison earlier this year. Equally, many Conservative councillors in the East Riding remain sceptical about the need for closer ties with Hull, particularly those representing areas furthest away from the city. Speaking at a full city council meeting, Cllr Hale said: “It wouldn’t be giving away sovereignty, which I know concerns many people in this chamber, so we will wait to see what happens.” Progress on the saga will now depend on how quickly the newly named Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities picks up the devolution baton after the recent cabinet reshuffle. That saw both Mr Hall and his boss Robert Jenrick losing those jobs, with Michael Gove taking over as the new secretary of state while the department itself lost the words “Local Government” from its official title for the first time in decades. Cllr Hale said: “Luke Hall and Robert Jenrick have gone through the revolving cabinet door, so we will have to see whether there is another change in government policy.”

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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 31 ‘Geek’ Gavin realises his childhood dream toy fanatic launches family-run store News By dEBOraH HaLL deborah.hall@reachplc.com @DeborahHall15 An east Hull man’s long-held ambition to open his own toy shop has come to fruition. Self-confessed geek Gavin Rosenquest has launched Toys ‘n’ Stuff with his wife, Julianne, after plunging their hard-earned savings into the venture. The shop, at 341 Holderness Road, was officially launched on Saturday, September 11, by the couple’s youngest son, Broady, eight, who cut the ribbon to declare the business open. Gavin, who grew up on the city’s Longhill Estate and now lives on Bilton Grange, said: “Toys ‘n’ Stuff is a family-run store, our first ever shop and a lifelong dream. MP Karl Turner officially opens the shop “You have to start somewhere and we want this to be our first store, not our only store.” Gavin, who has sons aged 22 and 16, formerly worked as an operations manager but has always wanted to work for himself. “When I go around a town, I never go into the clothes shops, I always drift into the toy shops, being the geek that I am. “With the existing shops, I’ve found I never get that same magic feeling I did as a kid going into a toy shop. Everything seems generic. “We wanted to create a toy shop where children look around and feel that same excitement. “I remember when I used to go into a toy shop, I might look at the same thing two or three times on visits, planning where I was going to get the money from to buy it.” Toys ‘n’ Stuff will stock everything to interest all ages “from a threemonth-old to a 47-year-old who likes He-Man or Ghostbusters”, said Gavin. “We have decided to actively offer a selection of toys and games that get kids and parents playing with each other again.” Action figures, creative toys and pre-school educational toys are all part of the offering. The shop will be asking for customer feedback on what it stocks and will offer a wish list where customers can leave requests for what they would like to see on sale. The new Toys ‘n’ Stuff shop in Holderness Road At the opening, Toys ‘n’ Stuff was giving away free goodie bags and balloons to children and bubblegum to the grown-ups. “We are stocking a range of American confectionery at the shop as well,” said Gavin, who invited Hull East MP Karl Turner along to the opening event. “If I walk into my shop and don’t feel that same buzz of excitement I felt as a child, then I’ve failed.” GET YOUR FAVOURITE PAPER AT HALF PRICE * ORDER YOUR COPY DELIVERED STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR OR SUBSCRIBE TO PURCHASE AT A RETAILER OF YOUR CHOICE AND YOU WILL SAVE 50% THERE ARE TWO EASY WAYS TO ORDER YOUR SUSBCRIPTION AND CLAIm THIS GREAT DISCOUNT 1. You can order online at newspapersubs.co.uk/HDF It’s a quick and simple process that can be done 24 hours a day. Enter the offer code DAILYCP21 when prompted. 2. If you would prefer to speak to someone, please call us on 0333 202 8000 and one of our customer care advisers will be happy to assist you to arrange your home delivery or retail subscription. Don’t forget to mention the offer code DAILYCP21 to claim your additional discount. If you want to arrange home delivery from a local newsagent, the 50% discount is also available using the same offer code as above and you can give the retail subscription vouchers we send you to the newsagent as payment. If you have any other questions, please email newspapersalesteam@reachplc.com Terms and conditions: This offer is for new customers only and redeemable by direct debit. NEWS COLLECTED: *The price is £2.70 per week (50% discount) for the first 13 weeks and then £4.32 per week (20% discount) moving forward. NEWS DELIVERED *The price is £3.66 per week (50% discount) for the first 13 weeks and then £4.92 per week (20% discount) moving forward. After this period you will be given a 20% discount unless you decide to cancel. Offer ends: 31/10/2021 *Offer details correct at the time of printing.

32 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 News Hessle Road between Ribble and Dee Street in the 1960s Flinton Street demo in 1969 Porter Street Post Office in the 1950s By dEBOraH HaLL deborah.hall@reachplc.com @DeborahHall15 MORe than 200 images capturing the essence of Hull’s “Hessle Roaders” are destined to appear in a new book. The photographs, many previously unseen, are the work of renowned Hull historian Dr Alec Gill, who has dedicated the past 50 years to researching and championing the Hessle Road area and its people through his academic work and beyond. Alec, 75, has opened up his unique personal archive of more than 6,000 black-and-white photographs, taken on his trusty Rolleicord twin-lens reflex camera, to Iranzu Baker, a Hull-born, now London-based freelance writer and archivist. Together they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover the cost of publishing about 200 works from his collection in a book. A total of £17,500 will be needed to ensure the photographic book gets off the ground; in the space of four days, more than £5,000 has already been pledged by supporters. The campaign describes Alec Gill’s Hessle Road archive as “a book celebrating the photographic study of one road in Hull and its community at the heart of the UK’s historic fishing culture”. Alec said: “Over the last 50 years, I’ve been an ambassador for Hessle Roaders. “Iranzu came to Hull during the City of Culture year when I had my exhibition, The Hessle Roaders: Hull’s Fishing Community, at Hull History Centre, and we got chatting. Incredible photos of Hull’s ‘Hessle Roaders’ historian Dr alec Gill has DeDicateD 50 years to championinG the west hull community anD people “She’s like my curator and editor on the project.” Alec said: “It was a gut feeling whenever I clicked my lens that I was capturing life as it was happening. “I think I have this affinity with people and because I am small, they don’t see me as a threat. “I always wanted them to ignore me and let me get on with it. “A bloke from Hull was saying about my photographs that, although there is the poverty there, you can see the happiness in the eyes of the children I photographed.” This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thursday, October 7. Here are some the evocative images showing Hessle Road from the 1950s to the 1980s. Many of them have been taken by Alec Gill himself or have been donated to him over his years of recording the history of the close-knit community. P Adelaide Street in 1966 Daily life for the people of Hessle Road area Eton Street, Gertrude Terrace, 1967

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 33 News Calling at the local shop Keeping warm by the fire Stepping away from the fryer for a photo 16 7 70 9 69 49 47 45 41 64 int and a smoke 17300 57494 40438 35409 85063 74033 48549 78817 92242 67637 The sign says gents, childrens and smallwear for sale

34 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Family Health How’s the new term going? If you have children in junior school you’ve probably already had an email warning you head lice are doing the rounds. Unsurprisingly, six in 10 parents want to see the return of the nit nurse. so, let’s separate fact from fiction about these pesky critters. Head lice can jump Myth: “Head lice are tiny, wingless, six-legged insects that move by crawling. They cannot jump, hop or fly,” explains Duncan Reid, Pharmacy2U pharmacist. “Their legs end in hook-like claws, which make them perfect for holding on to hair. As head lice cannot fly or jump they can only be spread by direct head-to-head contact. “This is why children putting their heads together while playing is a common way to spread head lice.” Head lice prefer clean hair Myth: A head louse has only one preference – a home where they can obtain blood through the scalp, says Daniel Brash, pharmacist at healthcare4all.co.uk. “They can be found in any hair and washing it doesn’t remove lice.” They can be caught from bedding Myth: They can’t survive for long The truth about head lice Michelle O’cOnnOr clears up headscratching myths when not on the scalp, so there is no need to treat bedding, furniture, carpets or clothes, explains Duncan. “without a human host, a head louse will die within one or two days. Eggs can survive a little longer away from a human host but, without the warmth of being close to the scalp, they are unable to hatch.” sharing items such as combs can occasionally be a factor, but lice need a blood supply to survive. You can catch lice from pets Myth: “Head lice are very specific to humans,” says Duncan. “You cannot catch head lice from pets.” Lice glue their eggs on to your hair True: Lice produce a substance that sticks their eggs to hair. Detection combing is an effective way to get rid of lice True: There’s a whole array of treatment sprays and lotions available but wet combing, if done meticulously, is effective, says Daniel. wash the hair and apply conditioner. Use an ordinary, widetoothed comb to straighten and untangle the hair then switch to a fine metal detection comb. Make sure the teeth slot into the hair at the roots before drawing the comb down to the ends of the hair with every stroke, checking the comb PROVEN TREATMENTS ■ Hedrin Once Spray Gel (£5.99, LloydsPharmacy) kills head lice and eggs in one 15-minute treatment. It works by physically smothering the lice and contains penetrol, which helps the product to penetrate louse eggs in order to kill them. ■ Medical Herbalist and clinician Dr Chris Etheridge recommends Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray (£9.99, Boots) and Anti-Lice Treatment (£12.99) “clinically proven to eliminate lice, nits and larvae in 10 minutes, thanks to a combination of six vegetable oils and four essential oils”. Neither contains pesticides, dimeticone, silicone or neurotoxic repellents. for lice each time by wiping the comb with tissue paper. work through the hair, section by section, so that the whole head of hair is combed through. Do this at least twice to help ensure you haven’t missed any areas, until no more lice are found. If a child is scratching their scalp, they must have lice Myth: “An itchy scalp could be due to irritated skin, seborrhoeic dermatitis (dandruff) or eczema,” says Daniel. Mayonnaise kills them Myth: There’s no scientific evidence to support using mayonnaise or olive oil to kill or deter head lice. And wrapping your child’s hair in a plastic bag and leaving it on overnight poses a suffocation risk. LEMON AID WHAT TO EXPECT 16 YEARS AFTER YOU WERE FOR THE MOMENTS WHEN YOU NEED A LIFT OR A LAUGH… Sign up to our parenting newsletter at: lemonaidparenting.co.uk

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 35 Health & Lifestyle Staring at a screen for hours on end can lead to dry eye For your eyes only Do your eyes sometimes feel dry, itchy or gritty, particularly when you’ve been staring at a screen? You could be one of the millions of people in the UK suffering from dry eye syndrome. New research estimates up to six out of 10 adults suffer from dry eyes – a condition thought to have increased through the pandemic while people have been spending more time on screens. “If the problem’s really bad, dry eyes can cause blurry vision from mucous that’s not washed away by tears,” explains consultant ophthalmic surgeon Mr Badrul Hussain, who works at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. “Using a screen itself won’t cause dry eyes, but if you’re concentrating on the screen, you don’t blink as frequently, and your tears can evaporate more quickly.” Optometrist Francesca Marchetti notes: “Dry eye is caused by a lack of Eye drops can combat dry eye Hours staring at screens have seen cases of dry eye syndrome rise. Lisa Salmonasks for expert help lubrication in the eye – either due to staring at a screen for hours without a break, and a lack of blinking, or because the tear glands aren’t working effectively.” She recommends people who work on screens use the the 20-20- 20 rule – give eyes a screen break every 20 minutes, look at a distant object (20ft away) for 20 seconds, and then blink for 20 seconds. Both experts say it’s vital to tackle dry eye early, both to treat discomfort with lubricant eye drops, and also to prevent longterm damage. Here, they explain what causes dry eyes and how to treat them... What is dry eye syndrome? Every time we blink, tiny glands in the eyelids release a thin layer of tears made up of three layers (oily, watery and mucous) to coat the surface of the eye (cornea) and provide it with nutrients. But if insufficient tears are produced, they’re not of good enough quality or they don’t spread across the eye properly, the eye becomes dry. Those tiny dry patches will feel uncomfortable and will be irritated each time you blink. What are the symptoms? Experts say symptoms, which can occur in one or both eyes, can obviously include a dry feeling in the eye, as well as stinging, redness, feeling like you’ve got grit in your eyes, difficulty wearing contact lenses, blurry vision and even watery eyes, which is the body’s natural response to the irritation. Eye health expert Francesca Marchetti What causes dry eye? Dry eyes are caused by many different things, explains Badrul, including certain medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or Sjogren’s syndrome (which affects moisture secreted by the body), surgery or eye trauma, infection or inflammation of any of glands around the eye, or an infection of the eyelash roots (blepharitis). Ageing also makes you more likely to get dry eyes, as Francesca says from middle-age, the body produces less hyaluronic acid, which is important for retaining Consultant opthalmic surgeon Badrul Hussain moisture in the eyes. Hormonal changes during the menopause and regular use of certain drugs, including antihistamines, antidepressants and diuretics, can also affect the amount of moisture in the eyes, she says. How do you treat dry eye? Badrul says most people will be able to make their eye feel more comfortable by regularly putting in lubricating drops, which are available over-thecounter at pharmacies. “If you have any worrying symptoms, or changes in symptoms, along with significant pain, you need to see a GP or an optician,” he says. Headline Sponsor WIN THE RECOGNITION YOUR BUSINESS DESERVES THERE’S STILL TIME TO ENTER VISIT: WWW.HLBUSINESSAWARDS.CO.UK CLOSING DATE: SUNDAY 26 SEPTEMBER, 2021 #HLBusinessAwards Category Sponsors in association with BusinessLive

36 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Celebrity Wellbeing We shouldn’t tell ourselves what we can BLOOMING: Amanda Holden Sit up straight TOP TIPS FOr gOOd pOsture 4when using a laptOp and cannot do Amanda Holden tells Amy PA Acker about her jaw health problems and why she doesn’t have diets in her house... FIvE minutes into our chat, Amanda Holden takes one perfectly manicured fingernail and starts flicking herself in the face. “I can’t feel anything!” she exclaims. The numbness, however, isn’t the result of too much rosé wine with lunch or botched cosmetic surgery. Two years ago the Britain’s Got Talent star, 50, had all four wisdom teeth removed and ever since then the left side of her bottom lip and part of her jaw have lost all sensation. “I can’t feel a thing from here to here,” she says, gesturing along her lower lip and the side of her chin. According to the NHS, injury to sections of the trigeminal nerve can be a rare complication of wisdom tooth removal. It may cause pain, a tingling sensation and numbness in the tongue, lower lip, chin and gums. The damage is usually temporary, lasting for a few weeks or months. But some experts suggest that, for around one in 200 patients, the issue can be permanent. Amanda’s dentist isn’t entirely sure why the Heart Radio host hasn’t recovered from her extraction yet. “The numbness is on the side with the tooth that flipped out really easily,” says the presenter with a shrug. It’s bizarre but you get used to it” she adds matter o f factly. The numbness is one of two “random health things” bugging Amanda, though she is less breezy about the second. “I have TMJ,” she says, sighing. “I don’t even know what it stands for, but it’s something to do with your jaw and I’ve got it. “Most people who have it grind their teeth, but I don’t. Instead I have a habit of doing a thing which means I unconsciously tense a muscle in my neck and it causes me headaches at least once a week. It’s why I’m touching my neck now,” she says. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders affect the chewing muscles and joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull. “It may have started as a place to hold stress, but now it’s definitely just a habit,” says Amanda. Despite the tense muscles, Amanda isn’t someone who struggles to relax. “Mentally, I’ve always been in a pretty good, positive place,” she says. “I go running to clear my head. It’s when I think and get some time on my own, which is rare, and that’s when I check in. “I’ll do four or five miles a few times a week while listening to show tunes and that works for me. I’m just not very good at sitting still.” That’s certainly evident from the fact that Amanda was back on the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel three weeks after giving birth to daughter, Hollie, now nine. It’s even more The girls will definitely see me with a glass of wine and fish and chips incredible when you learn that, dur- Amanda with husband Chris and daughters Hollie and Alexa Amanda on her food ethos ing the delivery, her heart stopped beating for 40 seconds due to a haemorrhage that sent her into a coma and left her in intensive care. “That’s just how I get on with life, I just keep going,” says Amanda, who also has a second daughter, Alexa, 15, with her husband Chris Hughes. “It’s like falling off your bike – I wouldn’t sit in the lay-by and watch the wheels carry on spinning. I’d pick up my bike and get back on it and cycle off. I’d rather just move on and get on.” Such drive has certainly helped when it comes to Amanda’s multichannel career. As well as releasing her debut album, Songs From My Heart, during lockdown and mak- ing new E4 mockumentary The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle, Amanda has become a brand ambassador for Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus, a daily skincare supplement for the over-40s. “I’ve been taking it since March and it is amazing,” she says of the marine collagen sachet, which also contains retinol, hydrolysed keratin and vitamins B6, B12, C and D. “The other vitamins included in the sachet mean it’s just one shot and you’re done. The B vitamins are particularly good for me as I’ve been vegetarian since I was a teen. “My hair has definitely got thicker since I started taking it – my eyelashes, my nails, my skin is plumper – it has made everything bloom.” Despite turning 50 in February, age is clearly just a number to Amanda, having had two grandmothers who lived till they were 97. “My nan used to say ‘don’t deny yourself anything’ and I’ve continued that with my girls. “We don’t have diets in our house – I don’t cut out sugar or fat or anything like that. The girls will definitely see me with a glass of wine and have fish and chips on a Friday. “I think that because of the last 18 months, when we’ve all been told what we can and cannot do, that we really shouldn’t tell ourselves what we can and cannot do. I think that’s the best way to clear your headspace and to live happily ever after.” ■ Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus (£67.98 for 28; revivecollagen.com) Being hunched over a laptop for long periods of time will result in back, neck and shoulder problems. Here are some ways to keep them at bay: 1. Use a separate keyboard, so your laptop can be raised or put on a stand so that the screen is at eye level. 2. Always make sure your arms are on a stable base too, not just your laptop, to avoid any wrist and forearm strain. 3. Stand up and move around every 20 minutes or so, or at the very least look away from the screen and rest your eyes. 4. Make sure the chair you’re sitting on is ergonomic and gives you proper back support. DOCtOr’s NOtE Social support is crucial as we age Having social support can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study. Researchers from New York University have found that people who have someone available to listen to them for most of the time had a brain age on average four years younger than those who didn’t have anyone. Lead researcher Joel Salinas MD said: “This study adds to growing evidence that people can take steps – either for themselves or the people they care about most – to slow down cognitive ageing or prevent the development of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.”

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 37 Tenbury Applefest Travel Harvest boon Fishy tales and sea shanties Coastal living has become even more appealing in the last few years. In honour of all things by the sea, the new Homeward Bound Festival will take place along the Sussex coast from October 2-3. A selection of sea-themed talks, live music and immersive fine-dining dinners will be held at various beaches, pubs and piers from Shoreham to Newhaven. Join a seafood and oyster tour, or train to be a smuggler while enjoying a threecourse meal at Brighton’s Old Ship Hotel. ■ Visit homewardboundfestival.com Go to the coast with the most Julia delahaye discovers the tastiest trips around the UK for foodies to celebrate a ripe bounty this autumn THE last days of summer are often the most glorious, with warm rays bathing landscapes in a golden light. As we head into autumn, trees turn bronze, hedgerows gleam with ruby berries, and farm fields burst with pumpkins and gourds in radiant hues. Since pagan times, people have been reaping the rewards of their agricultural efforts and celebrating food with harvest festivals. Today, events provide an opportunity to taste fine products, learn about food production, and participate in creative fun and games. If you’re after a tasty day out, here are some of the best events taking place over the next few weeks... Bite-size entertainment More than 2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the UK, and many reach their russet peak in the next few weeks. Given a royal seal of approval by Queen Victoria, who declared it was “her little town in the orchard”, Tenbury Wells has a large number of orchards and hops. On October 2, Tenbury Applefest celebrates the 300 varieties grown locally, with entertainment from Morris dancers and a ukulele band. Shops also take part in an apple-themed window dressing competition. ■ Visit tenburyapplefest.co.uk a graPe escaPe In the last few years, British wines have soared in quality. Kent is famous for being the garden of grapes, and the harvest season is an exciting time to visit its vineyards. The Nest at Gusbourne Wine Estate in Ashford, producers of English sparkling wine, offers several visitor tours. Learn how grapes are picked by hand and sent to the winery for pressing, explore the 90 hectares of land on a guided walk, enjoy a wine tasting, or extend a visit to lunch. ■ Packages are available from Sept 23 to Oct 3. Visit gusbourne.com Find out how wine is made at Gusbourne Pumpkins are big at Blenheim PumPkins and dragons Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire provides a delightful setting for a new autumn festival, taking place from September 24-26 and October 1-3. Along with workshops on foraging and guided tours of the stately grounds, there will be a food market, dragon maze trail, live music and family games. Arrivals will be greeted by a harvest dragon and you can take part in a bestdressed scarecrow competition. ■ Tickets to the park and gardens cost £18.50 for adults, £9 for children (aged 5-16) and £17.50 (aged 17-25). Visit blenheimpalace.com a history oF harvests The tradition of harvest festivals has its roots in ancient civilisations. This year, Cornwall’s Lost Gardens Of Heligan will host the Heligan Harvest festival celebrating Past, Present and Future. Tales will be shared of Victorian ghosts who roam the gardens, and food prepared on the estate will be served. There will be demonstrations on how to improve your harvesting skills, along with details on how the gardens are fighting climate change with cows. ■ From October 9-24. Tickets: adults £17.50; children £8.50; under-5s free. Visit heligan.com hunter gatherer There’s something very rewarding about shunning supermarket shelves for hedgerows and fields – if you know where to search. To help fledgling foragers, Burleigh Court Hotel in Gloucestershire has created a Wild Foodie Foraging Experience led by in-house kitchen gardener Emanuelle Paulson. After a three-hour foraging walk, learning how to identify and pick seasonal edibles, enjoy a two-course lunch in the hotel’s restaurant. ■ Priced from £65 per person. Sessions will run on Sept 23 and Oct 14. Visit burleighcourtcotswolds.co.uk 5 YOU COULD SAVE FIND OUT HOW EASY IT IS TO SWITCH AND SAVE... VISIT INYOURAREA.CO.UK/GO/ENERGYSWITCH OR CALL 0800 049 2435 . ON ENERGY BILLS Are you one of the millions of UK households currently overpaying on their energy bills? On behalf of our loyal readers, we’ve partnered with one of the UK’s most trusted energy switching brands to create the InYourArea Energy Campaign - built with our readers in mind and designed to find you the best new deals, we could save you up to a huge £216* on your energy bill. We do all the hard work for you... so why not start saving today? READER OFFER *Between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2020, people who switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with Uswitch saved an average of £216.

38 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Travel HOTEL OF THE WEEK The cabins are cleverly thought out MAMA SHELTER LONDON Shoreditch, East London WHERE AND WHY: A few steps from both Cambridge Heath train station and Bethnal Green underground. Inside it’s fun and funky – a riot of colour and ceiling slogans aimed at the hipster market. But even a couple well into middle age can feel at Mama’s. It’s a chic, unpretentious experience at reasonable rates. The rooms boast TVs with a wide range of channels – activated from your phone – and bedding is luxurious. London’s Mama also offers two titillating packages entitled Mama Elopes and Sexcation. We declined – although regretted the decision when it transpired the Sexcation included a bottle of champers and a 2pm checkout. ON THE MENU: Meals can be taken in the Secret Garden, which is a colourful, circular room off the main dining area, with a retractable roof. Bar staff happily rustle up cocktails. Food is a hybrid of styles. Mama is a French creation – the first was launched in Paris and Mama’s menus claim “nuances are included from our London home with local produce”. That didn’t relate to our Shetland moules (£16) and roast Peterhead cod (£18) but they were excellent. There was a mix up over my wife’s breakfast, when staff didn’t appear to understand the concept of a soft-boiled egg. But she was graciously offered anything else on the menu to compensate. WHILE YOU’RE THERE: Broadway Market area is a short walk away, plus there’s Victoria Park, towpath walks by Regent’s Canal and numerous good pubs and restaurants. WAKE UP CALL: Rooms from £109 a night. mamashelter.com/londonshoreditch ■ ■ Review by David Prentice Space is clearly close to Sir Richard Branson’s heart, since he’s invested a stellar amount of money on his Virgin Galactic suborbital flights project. But I’m more interested in how the unusual use of space works in the Sea Terrace cabins on Scarlet Lady, his first cruise ship, since the bed converts to a day sofa. And it works brilliantly, so you have a ‘bedroom’ at night and a ‘lounge’ by day. Virgin Voyages promises a sea change for its Sailors (we are not called passengers) and we got one. Though it won’t be to everyone’s taste. Branson wants to shake up cruises just as he did the record and airline industries – and he might be on course to do it with a dazzlingly different offering: FIRST IMPRESSIONS With a Covid test at the port suitably negative, we’re issued with a band and a touch ‘lozenge’ to use for embarkation security, payments and unlocking our cabin door. Most of the pre-cruise check-in process was done via a smartphone app at home, a wearying process of freezes, crashes and reinstalling. As we board, I admire the 108,192 gross tonnage ship’s distinctive vertical bow and the dashes of vivid Virgin red against on-trend grey. Government virus restrictions mean a reduced capacity of 1,169 out of a potential 2,816 Sailors; we’ll have plenty of space. THE CABIN Besides the bed/sofa switch, we loved the balcony hammock. It’s not the biggest cabin and we were concerned about storage, but once we’d put away our kit for the four-night trip we felt there was ample room for a week with clothes for a warm climate. The bathroom has a good rainfall shower and the amenities are fine Nigel Thompson enters Virgin territory on Branson’s swanky first cruise ship THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE? (except for the sludgy black soap). The TV, lights, a/c, curtains and steward services are operated by the cabin tablet, which worked well, as did the slow-but-steady free wi-fi. THE FOOD You will be wowed. There’s no main restaurant but there are many choices and six no-fee signature dining venues. The Wake: A smart steakhouse where we had a superb filet mignon. Razzle caption Dazzle Razzle Dazzle: Named and styled for First World War ship camouflage, it is ‘veggie forward’ but does have chicken and salmon dishes. The vegan ‘Impossible’ plant burger is phenomenal. Pink Agave: Mexican cuisine with a modest menu but what’s there is done well. Test Kitchen: ‘Experimental’ food with six courses – triple mushroom mousse/pate, confit egg and peas, scallops and jamon, beef with choc- Manor nightclub entrance olate and beetroot jus (it looked like a Mafia hit), blue cheese ice cream, chocolate and coconut cake. Gunbae: A Korean barbecue sharing experience with a lively atmosphere. We feasted on seafood, sliced steak and pork belly, egg fried rice and various veg. Memorable. We never made it to the Extra Virgin Italian, but heard great reports from fellow Sailors. Also a shout out to The Dock for its meze, the Galley food court for variety and The spa

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 39 Travel native in between covered. We gravitated to On The Rocks martini and cocktail bar with its live music, while The Dock and the Athletic Club are nice stern alfresco areas. Costs are US$ and at the lower end of the scale for usually pricey non- British ships, with the stipulation from cruise line boss Tom McAlpin there should be dollar single-figure drinks on every tariff. For example, a draught Heineken is about £3.70, with a glass of sparkling wine about £6.50. More good news is that the included ‘basic bevvies’ are decent – that covers tea and filter coffee, non-pressed fruit juices, the likes of Coke and Fanta, plus filtered still and sparkling water. Barista brews are from about £3.70 and very good. nEEd tO KnOw ■ Virgin Voyages offer a four-night Fire & Sunset Soirée sailing on Scarlet Lady departing from Miami to the Bahamas on October 6, calling at Nassau and a private beach club experience in Bimini. From £470 per person, cruise only. ■ Valiant Lady will sail a three-night Long Weekender from Portsmouth to Zeebrugge on March 18, priced from £450 per person. ■ An 11-night Canary Islands, Spain, & Portugal itinerary from Portsmouth on March 21 starts at £1,600 per person. virginvoyages.com COSY BERTH: Scarlet Lady offers a comfortable night’s sleep 02 Caption White This is 21st century food for sure – I had more avocados in four nights than I’ve had in the last four years. the Lick Me Till… Ice Cream (ooh, er) gelato stall. We tested this extensively – that key lime and chocolate is not going to eat itself. This is 21st century food for sure – I had more avocados in four nights than I’ve had in the last four years. THE DRINKS A fabulous choice, from the Draft Haus craft beer venue to Sip Lounge, a truly plush champagne spot, with every alter- Nigel enjoys the hammock HIT THE DECKS There’s a wraparound promenade on Deck 7 and we liked the elevated Runway jogging and walking track on Deck 17, keeping step-counters away from the pool and sunbathing areas. Cabanas can be hired and there are plenty of Jacuzzis; the actual pool space is limited as it’s more aimed at sitting in the water with a cocktail than swimming. The highlight has to be The Net, a red catamaran mesh suspended over the stern on Deck 16. It’s about 10,000ft above the sea (possibly a slight exaggeration) and a tad unnerving at first but, once you’re on, it’s a bouncy hoot. WELLNESS & FITNESS A key feature with the stylish Redemption spa and terrific gyms. If you want to get off the ship in better shape than you got on, there’s anything from cardio workouts to yoga and medi-spa treatments. If you want to look a bit different there’s Squid Ink, the first tattoo shop at sea. It was doing a brisk trade. ENTERTAINMENT A lot and it’s diverse – music, comedy, acrobatics, a vinyl record store with DJ, the fun of Scarlet Night, bingo, pub quizzes and more. Standout for us was the Duel Reality show by Montreal’s The 7 Fingers troupe. It’s a fantastic theatrical circus take on Romeo and Juliet and one of the best shows we’ve seen on a cruise ship: 10/10. THE FUTURE Scarlet Lady will winter in Miami and Puerto Rico for the Caribbean, then head around the Med from Barcelona next summer. The line’s second ship, Valiant Lady, will debut in Portsmouth in March and will be identical to Scarlet. Resilient Lady will follow in the Med in July, with an unnamed fourth ship expected in 2023. Is Richard Branson on to something with his take on cruising? It’s going to be a fascinating journey as new ships and concepts arrive. Virgin Voyages is not about your age, it’s about your attitude of mind. Watch this space. An uplifting celebration of Britain’s most inspirational pets NOMINATE NOW THEPEOPLESPETAWARDS.CO.UK PETS ARE FOR LIFE, NOT JUST LOCKDOWN TAKE THE DOGS TRUST SURVEY NOW

40 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Puzzles & Stars Cryptic crossword Quick crossword Gogen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 25 27 21 22 23 24 Stuck on today’s puzzle? Call 0905 789 4220 to hear individual clues or the full solution. Calls cost 80p per minute plus network extras. Service Provider: Spoke Ltd, helpline 0333 202 3390 YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS 22/09/2021 Across: 1 Nape; 3 Falconry; 8 Tail; 9 Barn door; 11 Bottle-opener; 13 Enrich; 14 Castle; 17 Communicated; 20 Chargers; 21 Flaw; 22 Re-encamp; 23 Troy. Down: 1 Notables; 2 Printer; 4 Amatol; 5 Conveyance; 6 Noose; 7 Yarn; 10 Black magic; 12 Send away; 15 Titular; 16 Antrum; 18 Orate; 19 Scar. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS Across: 4 Kidnap; 7 Espresso; 8 Actors; 10 Amuse; 13 Clay; 14 Yeti; 15 Lean; 16 Sag; 17 Seer; 19 Deed; 21 Panatella; 23 Hula; 24 Area; 26 Rag; 27 Brie; 29 Trot; 32 Clan; 33 Geese; 34 Barley; 35 Obstacle; 36 Carton. Insert letters to form the listed words, moving between adjacent cells horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction. Insert all the remaining letters of the alphabet (except Z) in the grid so all the listed words are spelt out in this way. 1 D R 26 C Q ACROSS 3. Give short change – it’s a mistake of sorts (9) 8. This is not really done (4) 9. They try to avoid anything in the line of duty (9) 10. But it doesn’t spin over the ring (3,3) 11. Put on edge (5) 14. It splits up the levy (5) 15. We hear doleful breathing when the extent is known (4) 16. Apparently these teams aren’t the tops (5) 18. So backward about turning up for work (4) 20. Act it so as to be understood (5) 21. Youth with the French spoon (5) 24. Dead man’s chest (6) 25. Very much gain should result from it! (1,4,4) 26. Let out for no rent (4) 27. Followers stand in confusion about here (9) ACROSS 5. Little devils (4) 7. Specific (10) 8. Highland dress item (4) 10. Soon (4) 12. Cooker top (3) 13. Weighing device (6) 16. Of a town (5) 18. Roll of banknotes (3) 20. Stratagem (4) 21. Pleasant (4) 22. Consume (3) 24. Beginning (5) 25. Slumbering (6) 26. Belonging to us (3) 27. Dread (4) 29. Painful (4) 33. Tedious (10) 34. Dandy (4) DOWN 1. Trying time for a beginner (9) 2. Bad enough to cause alarm (9) 4. Play, but don’t bother about the score (4) 5. On the one hand, quite justified (5) 6. Northern blockhouses (6) 7. Give her a letter for the collection (4) 9. They’re found on snowshoes – not skates! (5) 11. Slide about and move sideways (5) 12. It’s useful for musicians and haymakers (9) 13. Only a few words, perhaps, but they carry conviction (9) 17. Steals up with a seat (5) 19. Biblical headhunter (6) 22. Deposit for a house (5) 23. Being old, agreed about being dropped (4) 24. Inclination to talk hypocritically (4) DOWN 1. Father (3) 2. Knock senseless (4) 3. Scrutinise minutely (4) 4. Influenza (3) 5. Irritate, vex (3) 6. Heaps (5) 9. Of little length (5) 10. Maltreats (6) 11. Dog’s foot (3) 13. Pry (5) 14. Country road (4) 15. Newspaper boss (6) 17. Genuine (4) 19. Desire earnestly (5) 23. Golf peg (3) 25. Solus (5) 27. Destiny (4) 28. Skin problem (4) 30. Australian bird (3) 31. Social insect (3) 32. Purchase (3) Down: 1 Decay; 2 Spout; 3 Here; 4 Koala; 5 Duty; 6 Abroad; 9 Candle; 11 Met; 12 Sisal; 13 Certain; 15 Lea; 16 Sea; 18 Enable; 20 Elate; 21 Pug; 22 Ere; 23 Havana; 25 Cos; 28 Rayon; 30 React; 31 Tenet; 32 Clot; 33 Guts. X BRED DERV FIGHT FLUX B E V U K GONE JOG MOPE N P I F L PITY QUIVER SPECULATION S O G T A TALK TIED VITAL J M Y H W WHAT A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y 2 K C J P W F R A D E O U H T L Codeword This puzzle has no clues. Instead, every number printed in the grid represents a letter, with the same number always representing the same letter. For example, if 8 turns out to be a V, you can write in V wherever a square contains 8. Using your knowledge of words, complete the puzzle. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 N 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 I Need a little help getting started? Then call 0901 293 6261 to hear four random extra letter clues. Or text CODE and send to 64343 to receive 4 clues. Calls and texts cost £1 plus any network extras. Service Provider: Spoke Ltd, helpline 0333 202 3390 YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 T J D Q C B M K N E I F G 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 W R A H S Z U X Y L O P V Split Decision Cross out one of the two letters in each divided square to reveal a completed crossword grid. G K I O C L W K H S G X Q S B R I N A M N I R O N E T O R U T N Y V M F N E H E R BLEW CRATE FROG JADE PAROXYSM SHARK SQUAD STACK VYING WELD S E S L S E A K S Y A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y I YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS A L I B I N M N G R A S P S G U T R E A T YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS J T B S Q Y O R U W P V X A C H E I L K M D F N G L M D J S B U Q E T O X V C W K I N R H F P A G Y

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 41 In association with teamdogs.co.uk Sudoku 1 9 2 7 3 6 7 YESTERDAY’S SUDOKU: Easy Circlegram Niner 5 7 4 3 2 1 7 6 2 9 4 6 7 5 1 3 6 9 1 7 8 5 7 8 4 1 2 6 9 3 4 3 6 9 5 7 8 2 1 1 2 9 3 6 8 5 4 7 7 1 2 5 8 4 9 3 6 9 8 5 6 7 3 4 1 2 6 4 3 1 2 9 7 5 8 2 5 1 8 9 6 3 7 4 3 6 7 2 4 5 1 8 9 8 9 4 7 3 1 2 6 5 Each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9, and so must each 3 x 3 box. EASY 3 6 5 3 2 9 6 5 6 9 3 8 1 5 1 9 HARD 8 5 4 4 8 3 9 6 9 1 6 3 1 6 4 3 5 1 YESTERDAY’S SUDOKU: Hard 2 6 5 3 4 1 8 9 7 9 3 8 7 2 6 4 5 1 1 7 4 5 9 8 6 3 2 5 8 6 4 7 3 1 2 9 3 1 9 6 8 2 5 7 4 4 2 7 9 1 5 3 6 8 8 9 3 1 6 7 2 4 5 6 4 2 8 5 9 7 1 3 7 5 1 2 3 4 9 8 6 Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within the circle can be rearranged to form words with a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark? E K I E H O N T R ? I S M D E A F YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS The letter represented by the question mark is A. Harrier, Alsatian, Airedale, all breeds of dog. Alphamuddle Wordsquare Rearrange the letters in the top grid to make five words that read both across and down. Five letters have been placed in the bottom grid to start you off. C R A S T E N A T O C E T A C T T E A S T N A A R E A L E E R I A R O M L I M I M E A T M E A T S T P N E S T Find as many words as possible using the letters in the grid. Each word must use the central letter and at least 3 others, and letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns, but verb forms ending in ‘s’ are permitted. There is one 9-letter word to be found. T N R U P C I A G HOW YOU RATE 20 Good; 25 Very Good; 30 Excellent. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS PARBOILED abed, abide, able, abler, abode, adobe, bade, bail, bailed, bailer, bailor, bald, bale, baled, baler, bard, bare, bared, bead, bear, beard, bide, bier, bile, biped, bipolar, bird, blade, blare, blared, blear, bled, blip, boar, board, bode, boil, boiled, boiler, bold, bolder, bole, bore, boreal, bored, brad, brae, braid, bread, bred, bridal, bride, bridle, brio, broad, broil, broiled, debar, doable, drab, lobar, lobe, parboil, piebald, probe, probed, rabid, ribald, robe, robed. Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 952195 gives a boy’s name; 8734 gives a boy’s name; 61586 gives a boy’s name. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: SHORTCAKE YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS Find the familiar phrase, saying or name in this arrangement of letters. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: A girl in every port 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 www.dingbats.net 22/09/2021 RUSSELL GRANT For more call 0905 789 4271 For more call 0905 789 4272 For more call 0905 789 4273 For more call 0905 789 4274 For more call 0905 789 4275 VIRGO For more call 0905 789 4276 arIEs March 21–April 20 After some initial hesitancy, you are now discovering that you and a new friend or partner are completely at ease with each other. You often find yourself looking forward to being in their company. This could be the beginning of a meaningful romance if you are single. TaUrUs April 21-May 21 New plans may be delayed before they’re put in place. These are designed to relieve the worry and tension that a work-related situation has been causing. Your patience is a great example to others as you have no doubt now that the plans will go ahead and they will make life easier. GEMINI May 22-June 21 You’ve reached a turning point in your life as you feel more certain of your own opinions and less inclined to agree with other people for the sake of harmony. Could it be early childhood conditioning that has stopped you from being who you really are? You are ready to just be yourself. caNcEr June 22-July 23 There may be awkward moments to deal with but these won’t cause much inconvenience. You’re responsive to atmosphere and other people’s feelings that you almost take these on as if they were your own. Some solitude should help you distinguish your own emotions from that of others. lEo July 24-Aug 23 Good news regarding a close friend or loved one’s health and wellbeing will leave you with a huge sense of relief. You have been concerned recently that someone has been overdoing things lately and now they are agreeing to take it easy for a while, this will set your mind at rest. Sharing plans, ideas and hopes for the future cultivates a happy, harmonious home life. A partner’s good mood will rub off on you making you feel positive and enthusiastic about joint activities. Providing you aren’t expecting instant results this is a great time to start a new venture. SCORPIO CAPRICORN lIBra Sept 24–Oct 23 You won’t want to feel as if you are being pushed into anything. If a friend’s suggestions do not appeal to you then you will be of a mind to stand your ground and just not get involved. You’re growing tired of the way this person seems to think and expect to always get their own way. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4277 access charge) scorPIo Oct 24-Nov22 If you’re in the middle of a confusing situation, whether this is at home or at work, you could discover to your relief today that there is an easy way out. There are also one or two surprises in store for you although this isn’t something that you should get overly excited about. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4278 access charge) saGITTarIUs Nov 23-Dec 21 An offer or opportunity will come your way that could make a special dream come true. Recent financial transactions need to be reconsidered. If you’re buying or selling property or something of value, check all contracts and agreements before signing the dotted line. Keep watchful. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4279 access charge) caPrIcorN Dec 22-Jan 20 Whatever conclusions you draw from activities you are involved in now, the more constructive you make your contribution to them the better you will feel. Your involvement in groups to do with justice and green issues will be appreciated more than you realise. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4280 access charge) aQUarIUs Jan 21-Feb 19 Important meetings will take the shape of examinations, tests and interviews. You should feel good about moving towards your highest potential. Some thorough research could bring valuable information to light. You may need to go over financial matters with an expert. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4281 access charge) VIrGo Aug 24-Sept 23 PIscEs Feb 20-Mar 20 A creative mood could manifest itself and it’s likely your family, friends and partner will be both your subjects and your inspiration. Art, poetry, music, photography are all ways to express your emotions. Catch up on emails and phone calls you may have neglected recently. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4282 access charge) Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge – maximum of 5 minutes duration. You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. Service provider Spoke. Helpline 0333 202 3390

42 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Nostalgia FLASHBACK PHOTO SALES VISIT reachphotosales.co.uk/Reach EMAIL sales@dipintosales.co.uk CALL 01604 683902 The Deputy Mayor of Beverley, Cllr David Horsley, outside the Westwood Hospital, with one of the Hull Daily Mail campaign posters opposing cuts to NHS funding, on April 4, 2005 This shot shows a large group picture of hospital staff after presentations had been made in July 1986 The Friends of Beverley presented a cheque for £500 to the Alzheimer’s Society at Beverley Westwood Hospital. From left, Friends of Beverley with Dodi Beardshaw, Felicity Redfern, artist Sue Williamson and Don Thomson with Alzheimer’s Society’s Dr Peter Hiley, Laraine Stokoe and John Bestley, on August 7, 2002 Back on the mend We look back at Westwood Hospital, in Beverley Michelle Beckett, left, of Skirlaugh, with her baby Kamara Beckett, was the last baby to be born at the Beverley Westwood Hospital. Also Karen Robinson, of Elderberry Drive, Pickering Road, with her son Jack Leslie Robinson, who was the first baby born at the Castle Hill Hospital Maternity Unit, in April 1997 The East Yorkshire Federation of Women’s Institutes presented cheques for £110 to Beverley Westwood Hospital’s Maternity Unit and to St Mary’s Church in January, 1987. Irene Helliwell, left, and Mrs Winifred Ogram, far right, presenting cheques to the Rev Bert Hall and to Miss Wendy Robinson watched by nurses, from left, Claire Brusby, Shirley Vinters and Carol Rowlands The opening of the new Therapeutic Garden at the Westwood Hospital, Beverley in 2000. Inspecting the new garden staff nurse Natalie Plaistowe and superintendent physiotherapist Alex Fuller An ambulance negotiates the landmark arched entrance to the Westwood Hospital on Wodolands, Beverley. It was retained during the recent redevelopment process when the site was turned into housing, on March 22, 1984 Students at the Beverley College raised £826 when they held two fairs, with one at Christmas and one at Easter. The students sold craft items, cakes and sweets which they made and donated the money to Beaver Lodge at Westwood Hospital. Pat Knight, centre, from Beaver Lodge, received the cheques from students, from left, Mark Kemp, Paul Moralley and Catherine Clark, in 1997

Royally missed SOAP Watch CORONATION STREET ITV, 7.30pm & 8.30pm Yasmeen announces that she doesn’t want Zeedan’s money and is ashamed of his behaviour. Zeedan does his best to mend the rift, beginning with an apology to Ryan. Freda is hurt when Bernie says that Aled will be normal once he’s had his operation. With Gemma stressed, Freda a host of royals share their stories of the Duke those closest to the Duke of eDinburgh pay tribute to him in this touching Documentary FROM his dedication to the Armed Forces through to his love of a family barbecue and The Hairy Bikers, this tribute sees the Royal Family reminisce about Prince Philip, who died in April aged 99. Originally planned to celebrate the Duke’s 100th birthday in June, the landmark documentary now reflects on his life and legacy. All the A-list Royals are out in force to give interviews, including Princes Charles, William and Harry, with cameras also going inside Buckingham Palace to meet the Duke’s longserving staff and visit his study, private office and library. “We were lucky to have him Gemma is frazzled PRINCE PHILIP: THE ROYAL FAMILY REMEMBERS BBC1, 9pm for nearly 100 years,” says Charles. Harry adds: “What you see is what you got with my grandfather, he was unapologetically him.” With interviews filmed both before and after his death, expect to hear about the Duke of Edinburgh’s long involvement with the Armed Forces. “He put a lot of the generals and others through their paces,” says Charles. Prince Zeedan makes an apology offers to take Aled for a walk, but is further upset when she hears Bernie and Chesney saying Aled might not fit in. David has a run-in with Daniel over Max’s school work. Prince Harry PICK OF THE DAY BiG fan: the Duke enjoyed the hairy Bikers EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm It’s the aftermath of the pub robbery, which left Charity in hospital, Chas is furious, then PC Swirling, below, arrives to investigate the break-in. He’s suspicious that there’s foul play, especially after noticing that someone The Duke of Edinburgh reveals: “Going off to Afghanistan he was very matter of fact and just said, ‘Make sure you come back alive’.” It’s reassuring to know that – just like every dad – Prince Philip liked to retain all control of the barbecue. Prince Charles says: “If I ever tried to do it, he’d say, ‘Go away!’” While Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, reveals he was a fan of cookery shows, with The Hairy Bikers being a favourite. A personal and surprising portrait of the longest-serving consort in royal history. has deliberately cut through a cable. Paddy explains that he has an idea who might be guilty. Jamie is officially divorced and is trying to be friendly with Dawn – but she’s not interested. And people are lining up to talk to Charity while she lies in her hospital bed. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 43 SEX ACTUALLY WITH ALICE LEVINE Channel 4, 10pm Alice Levine spends the majority of this documentary consumed with embarrassment as she either watches people have sex or sits nervously outside bedrooms. She’s out of her comfort zone as she meets couples who make money out of their sex lives. It’s astonishing how many people have decided that for big money, it’s worth investing in a webcam and streaming their bedroom antics. Alice meets Kayla and her decorator boyfriend Jack, pictured above, who can make £1 a minute for their evening shows. Alice sits awkwardly in the corner sipping a glass of water. But Alice wants to know the downsides of monetising the most intimate aspects of your life. UK Breaks CHRISTMAS NIGHTS AT EDINBURGH ZOO 2 DAYS BY COACH ONLY £99 Departing Mon 20 Dec ‘21 Light up those winter nights in the lead up to Christmas with our two-day family fun break! Edinburgh Zoo’s Christmas Nights light trail will take you through the grounds, guided by dazzling projections and fairy lights for a spectacular night to remember. BY Sara WalliS Tonight’s TV JAY’S YORKSHIRE WORKSHOP BBC2, 9pm Jay’s woodworking team gets to work on an executive Union Jack desk for an Army veteran who set up the charity Hull 4 Heroes. Paul Matson suffered problems such as homelessness when he left the forces, but now helps other former servicemen and women. Also visiting the workshop is Lesley, who wants to thank Edgar and Elizabeth, who fostered her when she was a teenager, giving her a sense of family. Elizabeth has always wanted a rocking horse, so Isabelle and her team create a contemporary take on the traditional toy. Finally, Ciaran and his team make a personalised snooker cue for Qasim, who galvanised people in Bradford to get meals to people in need during lockdown. Jay Blades National Holidays is part of the JG Travel Group and is a leading specialist in great-value coach holidays across the UK, Ireland and Europe. What’s Included z Return coach travel from Hull, Beverley & Hessle z Overnight stay at the 3-star Holiday Inn Express City Centre, Edinburgh with breakfast z Admission to Edinburgh Zoo’s Christmas Nights z Free time in Edinburgh including the Christmas Markets Single Supplement £15 Operated by Just Go Holidays Ltd trading as National Holidays. Coach package holidays and short breaks are subject to National Holidays terms and conditions. Your booking is protected by Bonded Coach Holidays (BCH) and the Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited (ABTOT); this is a government approved consumer protection scheme. Tours offered subject to availability and government guidelines. Errors and omissions excepted. Prices per person, based on two people sharing a double/twin room. Calls to 033 numbers are free within inclusive minutes packages otherwise standard rates apply. Call 03332 342 515 (quoting RCH) or visit nationalholidays.com/RCH 033 numbers are free within inclusive minutes packages otherwise standard rates apply.



46 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Music CLUB SPOT The latest news from clubland with Dave Norman Great efforts to transform social Got an event? Email sandfield@sandfield.karoo.co.uk James Dunkerley, manager of St Vincent’s Social Club, below left club in lockdown This week, we visiT sT vincenT’s social club and Talk wiTh manager James Dunkerley ST Vincent’s Social Club, in Queens Road, Hull, is one of the most inviting community clubs and you are always guaranteed to receive a warm welcome from the committee, staff and customers. The club is run by a small committee of volunteers and, alongside manager James Dunkerley, they made big efforts during lockdown to start refurbishing throughout the club. James said: “Although we still have some finishing-off work to do, the concert room, games room and lounge have all been decorated to a really high standard and the transformation has made the club feel much brighter and fresh. “We have a good sized outside area that we never really utilised to its true potential, but now, thanks to the efforts of our members, the makeover has given us a lovely outside area to sit in when the weather allows. “It was time well spent and all of the refurbishment efforts have brought the club up to date with today’s trends.” The club building actually belongs to the Diocese of Middlesbrough, but is managed by the local parish having been running as a social club for over 60 Frank West years, firstly under the guidance of Walter Ibbetson and then latterly by the St Vincent’s Club stalwart Frank West. Sadly, Frank passed away earlier this year but he always had the best interest of the club at heart. Frank moved to St Vincent’s when the old Tanyard club closed over 20 years ago and he is one of the characters that has made the St Vincent’s club such a success by extending the club concert room building and adding catering facilities for private functions. Through its links to the church, over the years the club has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for so many local and international causes. Even in recent times, which are Margret Newton, aka JJ McColl proving difficult for many pubs and clubs the St Vincent’s members, staff, committee and the local lodge of the RAOB have raised money in support of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. James added: “We continued doing weekly raffles and fundraising nights and have managed to raise £1,654. The members decided that some of the money raised will be used to purchase a defibrillator that will also be suitable for children, should the need arise, as is a special paediatric one. It will be placed on the outside of the club, will be available for the local area and that it should be installed in the coming weeks.” St Vincent’s Social club boasts a comprehensive list of weekly events and a great games room supporting snooker and darts teams. One of the teams that St Vincent’s sponsors is Lads FC who are a great football team that supports mental health and they meet every Sunday lunchtime and play from the club. At the moment, like many others, due to just coming out of lockdown the club has reduced their opening times, but on Saturday and Sunday nights they feature live entertainment from 8pm as well as the usual bingo and raffle. Among the acts set to appear is Mike King on Saturday Bilton BL - Gary Julian Four in Hand - Eric Richards Hessle Ex - Ali James Highland Laddie - Johnny M Hornsea Ex - Leanne Smith Ozone - Geoff Aday Ryder - T ony Ellis St Vincent’s - Kirsty Williams Ritz - Dean Egan Tranby - Lee Davison Walton - Strykes Twice Willows - Licks October 2, Lianna on October 3, Meeshia on October 9 and Wendy Greer is singing there on October 10. The function room is available to hire for events, new members are always welcome and St Vincent’s is always open for anyone who would like to call in and check it out. AMONG the gigs of note this week is The Hulljazz Players Night, which is being held tonight at The William Gemmell club in Anlaby Road, Hull. The night features the Hulljazz house band with guest Martin “Mad Dog” Jones on trumpet and vocals. It’s an open mic night for singers and instrumentalists. Entry costs £3 and the night starts at 8pm. Tomorrow night, Ritz Showbar country music club in Holderness Road features music from The Sundown Duo and entry is free. FINALLY, I was very saddened to William Gemmell - Jade Adams Sunday Hessle Ex - Dr Jive (£2) Hornsea Ex - John Mycroft Ritz - Dan Furniss Ryder - Dave Norman (2pm - 5pm) St Vincents - Toni Ellis Walton - Geoff Aday Willows - Tin Soldier / Last Band Standing William Gemmell - Paul Ryder hear of the passing of one of the area’s most loved artistes. Singer Margret Newton, who sang on the clubland circuit as JJ McColl, passed away following a short illness last week. She was known by many as “Scotch Maggie”, which was something she really liked. Margret had the loveliest and melodic of Scottish accents when she spoke, which obviously carried across to her country music singing style. Always generous with her time, she spent many hours tutoring some of the area’s up-and-coming young talent and passing on her vast and wide-ranging experience. Condolences go her family and her many friends on their sad loss. She was a good friend and she will be missed. ■If ■ you have any news, views or special events coming up, email me at dave@sandfield.karoo.co.uk

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48 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 BAGULEY William Edmund "Bill" Passed away peacefully on 3rd September 2021, aged 88 years. Devoted Husband of the late Doreen. Dearly loved Dad of Paul, Jeanette, Melanie and Stephanie. A proud and devoted Grandad and Great Grandad. Service to take place at Haltemprice Crematorium on Wednesday 29th September at 2:30pm. Donations in lieu of flowers would be most welcome in memory of Bill for Cats Protection and The Dogs Trust. All enquiries to F. Stephenson & Son, Beverley. Tel: 01482 881367 BEALES Jean Passed away peacefully in Hull Royal Infirmary on 15/09/2021 aged 75. Much loved Wife to Alan. Loving Mum to Tracy. Grandma to Amelia and Ben. Will be sadly missed by all of her family and friends. Service to be held at Chanterlands Crematorium, Large Chapel on 01/10/2021 at 3:30pm, followed by refreshments at the Cock and Bell in Preston. Family flowers only please. All enquiries to Co-op Funeralcare 01482 329131 BIGGADIKE Edward (Ted) Passed away on 31st August 2021 aged 77 Years. Beloved Husband of Jackie. Much loved Dad of Nicky, Darren & Emma, In-laws and cherished Grandad and Great Grandad. He will be sadly missed. Sleeping peacefully and free from pain. Service to be held Monday 27th September, Chanterlands Crematorium (Large Chapel) at 12.30pm, Cortege to leave residence at 12.00pm. Family flowers only, donations may be left at the service for Parkinson's UK CLARK Ellen Sadly passed away Hull Royal Infirmary, Tuesday 7th September 2021 aged 75 years. Beloved wife of Derek. A much loved mother of Paul and Jon. A devoted grandmother to Jed, William and Ellie, and a wonderful friend to many. Free from pain at last - Rest In Peace A service for Ellen, followed by burial, will be held at St Paul's Church Tickton, Thursday 7th October at 12.30pm. Family flowers only please but any donations, if so desired, may be left following the service to Versus Arthritis UK. Resting at - F. Stephenson & Son Beverley Tel:- 01482 881367 COULMAN David Free from pain now, Dave. Now with loved ones gone before. Fly high, dear brother. Sister Brenda, Mel and Family RIP CUTHBERTSON Kenneth Passed away on the 14th September 2021 aged 90 years. Reunited with loving Wife Madge. A much loved Dad to Carol and Ian, Wendy and Steve, Christine and Paul. A loving Grandad and Great Grandad. Will be sadly missed by all. Service to take place on Friday 1st October, 4.00pm at the Chanterlands Crematorium (Small Chapel). Family flowers only please. Donations may be left at the service for Dove House Hospice. Resting at John Parkin & Son, 3 Saltshouse Road. Tel. 376104. FAULKNER Peter John Died peacefully at home on 13th September aged 87 years (Alzheimer's). Beloved and loving husband of Janet for 59 years, loving brother to Arthur and late Brian, brother-in-law, uncle, great-uncle and great-great-uncle. Private Family Service to take place. FAULKNER Peter Deepest sympathy to Janet on the sad loss of Pete. A much loved Brother and Uncle. Rest in peace. Arty, Ian, Tracy and family xx FEATHERSTONE Eileen (nee Preston) Sadly passed away on 18th September 2021 aged 71 years. Beloved wife of Leonard, loving mother of Megan, Dominic and in-laws Adrian and Sarah, much loved and respected grandma of Isabella, Beatrice, Eva and Leo. Funeral service to be held on Monday 4th October at All Saints Church North Cave at 12pm. Family flowers only pease however donations may be left at the service for the Lewy Body Society. Resting at M Garton & Son 819 Hessle Road Tel: 01482 354036 www.mgarton.co.uk FISHER Jean Passed away peacefully on 11th September 2021, aged 95 years. Now reunited with her beloved Husband Bert. Service to take place at the Haltemprice Crematorium, Willerby, on Monday 27th September at 12:30pm. All enquiries to F. Stephenson & Son, Beverley. Tel : 01482 881367 GRICE JOYCE (nee Wilson) Passed away on the 14th September 2021 at Hull Royal Infirmary aged 84 years. Much loved sister, aunt and great-aunt. Will be sadly missed. Funeral service to be held on Tuesday 5th October at The Parish Church of the Ascension, Calvert Road at 11.00am. Donations may be left to Dove House Hospice. Jones Funeral Directors 148 County Road South, Hull Tel: 01482 504501 www.jonesfunerals.co.uk GRICE Joyce (née Wilson) My devoted sister, reunited with Mam, Dad and our Brother Ray. Forever in my heart. Your ever-loving Sister Chris xxx KEMP Audrey (Nee Wilde) Passed away peacefully at home, aged 92, on 14th September 2021. Reunited with loving husband Reg and daughter Yvonne. Loving mam of Copper, Joe, Maren, Paul, Shaun and Mark, loving nanna of all her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchild. Service at Eastern Cemetery on 30th September at 1pm. Resting at Annison & Boddy's KIRKWOOD Marian Passed peacefully on 19th September 2021 at St. Catherine's Hospice, Scarborough, aged 92 years. Formerly of Spellow Farm, Driffield. Marian Kirkwood, a dearly loved wife of the late Norman, dear mother of Christine, Gwen, Caroline and families. Funeral service to take place at Garton Church on Monday 27th September at 11am, prior to interment at Driffield Cemetery. Family flowers only please, donations gratefully received for Garton Church. All enquiries to GM Sharp Funeral Directors, Lance Grange, Cranwell Road, Driffield. Telephone 01377 240503 LAMB Rodney Stewart Passed away peacfully at Lakeview Manor on 10th September 2021, aged 75 years. Much loved husband of Susan, proud dad of Phillip, in-law Karen, devoted grandad of Nicholas & wife Gemma, Joanna & partner Kriss, treasured greatgrandad to Lewis, Riley, Jacob and Ronnie, brother to Ken and Tina, in-laws Gwyn and Margaret. Re-united with mam and dad, sister Dorothy and brothers Tommy and Stephen. Never forgotten. Funereal service to be held on Monday 27th September at 11.30am at St Mary's Church, Sculcoates Lane. Family flowers only please, but donations to the staff at Lakeview Manor for the love and care that they gave to Rodney may be left at the service. Enquiries to Hortons Funeral Directors 557-563 Spring Bank West. Tel. 01482 354246 LAVERACK Barbara Joan (nee Upton) Passed away peacefully on Friday 10th September 2021 aged 86 years. Beloved partner of Alan. Mother to Glenn. Much loved grandma, auntie and great auntie. A dear and loving friend, who will be greatly missed. Following a private committal at Haltemprice Crematorium, a thanksgiving service for Barbara will be held at Tower Hill Methodist Church, Hessle on Tuesday 28th September at 12:15pm. Family flowers only please but any donations if so desired, can be left following the service to a charity of Barbara's choice. Any enquiries to Rudstons of Hessle The Chevin, Beverley Road, Hessle. 01482 649065.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 49 MONK Mary Sadly passed away on 11th September 2021. Beloved partner of Peter, mum to Toni and Rob, grandmother to Kirsty and Jess. A service to be held at St Mary's Church, Cottingham on Monday 4th October at 11.30am. Enquiries to: H. Kemp & Son Ltd. Tel. 01482 844695 NEWLOVE John Eric 08/07/1929 - 12/09/2021 Passed away peacefully in Hull Royal Infirmary on the 12th September 2021. Loving Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather, who will be very much missed. Family Flowers only please All donations to Dove House Hospice. Service will take place at Haltemprice Crematorium, on Friday 22nd October 2021 at 11:30 am All Enquiries to Coop Funeralcare Telephone: 01482 329131 QUILLIGAN Sandra (Nee Pinder) Passed away on 10th September 2021 in Castle Hill Hospital aged 78 years. Dearly loved Wife of Michael. Funeral service to take place on Friday 1st October at Chanterlands Crematorium 11.00am (small chapel) ROBINSON Marilyn Jane Peacefully at home on the 16th September 2021. Aged 73 years. Reunited with Mum Enid & Dad John. Loving Mum to Steven, Katie & in-laws. Doting Nanna to Kirby, Nathan, Jack, Miley & Taylor. Beloved Great-Nanna to Elsie. Cortege to leave family residence Thursday 7th October 12.00 noon for service at Chanterlands Crematorium 12.30pm (Large Chapel). Resting Mike East & Family Funeral Directors, 239 Southcoates Lane. Chapel hours Mon - Fri 10am to 4.30pm. Family flowers only please. Donations if desired to Macmillan Cancer Support collection plate at service. ROWE Malcolm Passed away peacefully on 9th September 2021. Dearly loved brother of Colin, in-law Jeannette and family. Reunited with loved ones. Will be sadly missed by us all. SCARGILL Dorothy 06/11/1929 - 07/09/2021 Passed away In Hull Royal Infirmary on 07/09/2021, aged 91 years. Dorothy was a loving Mother to David and Sandra, In-law to Maggie and Eddie, Grandmother to Paul & Ilona, Nicky, Jo & Ryan and Matt & Claire and Great Grandmother to Abe, Izzy, Ava, Nancy and Libby. Dorothy will be very much missed by all. Family flowers only. Any donations are welcomed to Dove House please. The service will be held at Chanterlands Crematorium in the Large Chapel on 27th September 2021 at 11:30 am. All enquiries to Co-op Funeralcare Telephone: 01482 329131. SHEPPARD David 29/09/1944 - 09/09/2021 Passed away peacefully at home dignified to the end surrounded by his loving wife and 4 children on the 9th September 2021. Funeral to be held at the large chapel, Chanterlands Avenue Crematorium on the 6th October 10.30am, donation plate at service for Help for Hero's in lieu of flowers. Our legend. Resting at Heavenly Services 01482 240080 SHEPPARD David My loved and loving best friend and husband of 49 years. I love you, I miss you and see you in my dreams. Your love will carry me on. I will see you every time I look into our children's/ grandchildren's eyes. Love Jacky "Sid". Respected and loved Dad to David, Ian, Rebbecca and Katie. In-laws Kellie, Sharon, Adrian and Chris. He is, was, always be in our hearts forever. You have left a place no one could ever fill Dad "Par and Papa Bear". So loved and respected grandad to all your grandchildren, you left us the best memories. We're going to miss your many, many stories. Respect from us all. Love you. 25 kisses sent from us, our legend protected us till the end. SIMMONDS Ann Shirley Peacefully at home on 8th September 2021 aged 78 years. Beloved wife of the late Ken reunited at last, loving sister of Mike, Amena and the late Kasim, beloved aunty and great-aunty and will be sadly missed by her extended family and friends and Millie the dog. Service at the small Chapel, Chanterlands Crematorium on Monday 27th September at 3pm. No flowers by request but donations for RSPCA may be left at the service. SMITH Marian Passed away on 15th September 2021 aged 94 years. Much loved wife of the late George, loving mum to Pete, Ann and Chris. Also in-laws. A treasured gran and great-gran who will be greatly missed. Funeral service Holy Trinity Church Leven 11.00am Thursday 30th September. Cremation private. Family flowers only please, but donations may be left at the service in aid of Dove House Hospice. All enquiries to C. M. Allott & Son Ltd., Southgate, Hornsea. Tel 01964 534689 TATE Mavis Sadly passed away 8th September 2021, aged 85. Beloved partner of Stephen. Loving mam of Steven and a beloved Sister and Aunt. Sleeping peacefully Funeral service to be held on 29th September at the Haltemprice Crematorium, 9.30am TELLA Sheila Sadly passed away on the 13th September 2021 aged 83 years surrounded by her loving family. Reunited with loved ones. Will be sadly missed by all her loving family and friends. Service to take place on Friday 15th October, 11.00 am at the Eastern Chapel. Family flowers only please. WEST Irene (Rene) Passed away peacefully on 8th September 2021 aged 96 years. Beloved wife of Bob, loving mother to Irene and Pat, much loved grandmother and great-grandmother. Service to be held on Monday 27th September at Chanterlands Crematorium (Small Chapel) at 11.00am. Resting at M Garton & Son Tel: 354036 www.mgarton.co.uk WILSON Audrey Kathleen (nee Bower) Passed away peacefully on 15th September 2021. Aged 85. Reunited with her beloved husband Frank. A dearly loved mum, grandma, sister and aunt. Now safe in the arms of Jesus. Funeral service at St. Andrews Church, Kirk Ella on Thursday 30th September at 1pm followed by interment at Tranby Lane Cemetery. Family flowers only please. Donations to St. Andrews Church may be given after the service or sent c/o Robert A Drew & Son, 78 Main Street, Willerby HU10 6BZ. funeral-notices.co.uk Announce, share and remember forever Funeral Notice Partners The following Funeral Directors have chosen funeral-notices.co.uk to provide notices on their website meaning you may view their current and past notices on their own websites. Check out your local Funeral Notice Partners below: E .W . Brown & Son Ltd Visit: ewbrown.co.uk Visit: hkempandsonltd.com Visit: hortonsfuneraldirectors.co.uk Visit: jribbons.co.uk Visit: jonesfunerals.co.uk Visit: johnparkinandson.co.uk Visit: lewisnorthenfuneraldirectors.co.uk Visit: mgarton.co.uk Mike East & Family Funeral Services Visit: mikeeastandfamily.co.uk Visit: robertadrew.com Visit: coganferriby.co.uk Interested in becoming a preferred parter to funeral notices? Funeral Directors can be added free to this advert by calling 03444 060 276 NOBLE Hilary Happy birthday in heaven above, sending you all our love 79 today. Love Husband Brian, Gillian, Robert, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren xxxx HULL FUNERAL DIRECTORS E W BROWN & SON LTD t: 01482 342214 a: 433 Beverley Road w: ewbrown.co.uk JOHN PARKIN & SON LTD t: 01482 376104 a: 3 Saltshouse Road w: johnparkinandson.co.uk

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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 51 Services Public Notices ADMIRAL • NEW ROOFS • FELT ROOFS • UPVC FASCIA/SOFFITS • GRP FIBREGLASS • INSURANCE BACKED GUARANTEES 01482 627895 07778 137788 46 St Mary’s Close, Hessle, HU13 0HJ SOUTHWELL ROOFING EST: 30 YEARS No job too small, all work guaranteed, Discount for OAP’s Repairs, ridge tiles pointed, slates replaced. Fascias, gutters, wood/PVC, reroofs & built up felt roofing. 01482 641589 | 07970 299706 221 Tilbury Rd Hull 01482 641589 ALL ABOUT ROOFING P Bailey & Son All roofing work carried out. Fully insured. Free quotes. 01482 778479 or 07899086574 CS ROOFING LTD All Insurance Work Euro Safe Competent Work On Recommended Approvals Cure It Fibreglass Systems. Call 01482 877203 or 07769 844619 £1495 www.windowsdirecthull.co.uk 01482 580088 - Office 07850 247843 - Tom HULL & EAST RIDING RUBBISH House, Garden and shed, Rubble clearance’s, Dismantle of sheds and garages, Full waste licence, call Chris & Dave 07853921474, 07593071583. Sholty & Cully. MASTER DECORATOR 30yrs Exp, All aspects of decorating discount to OAP’s 01482 709114 07977 925934 CHEAP And reliable electrician. 25 years experience. Free quotes! All safety precautions to be taken during this time 501351 / 07956 662360 Established 1993 DOUBLE GLAZING WMC REPAIR SPECIALISTS • We supply/fit/repair all windows, doors & locking mechanisms. • 24hr/7 day call - out. • Will beat any quote by 20% • 10yr guarantee on parts & components. Call Mike Cass 307585 - 07860 958336 windowcentre@windowcentre.karoo.co.uk Unit 1, Courtney St Ind. Est., Hull HU8 7QF We are following all Covid-19 guidelines and using all necessary PPE. Supporting the Your TV Reception Fixed Today! Bad Reception? No Signal? Picture Freezing? Friendly local fully insured engineers in your area today - Call now! Aerial & Satellite Specialists Free Estimates - TV Wall Hanging 01482 529 050 07868 809 796 Hull Aerial & Satellite CLASSIC AERIALS Freeview Aerials Erected and Repaired, Extra Points. For Same Day Service Call 01482 718191 07837 679750 RUBBISHMAN CHEAPER THAN A SKIP We do all the work House clearances, Garden, Office, shops & Trade etc. Single items & Demolition. Fully licensed & insured. 01482 565349 07734 082419 HOME REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS. All building work undertaken. 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Speak to Ken - 40 Years Experience 07909633157 / 01482 508612 BEST CONNECTION PLUMBING & HEATING Boilers, Servicing, Repairs & Installations, Gas Fires, Cookers & Water Heaters All Plumbing & Heating Jobs CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE Call Steve | 07749 128539 Public Notices MARGARET MARY HOPKINS Deceased Pursuant to the Trustee Act 1925 anyone having a claim against or an interest in the Estate of the deceased, late of Mere Hall Care Home, Hull Road, Hornsea, East Yorkshire, HU18 1RW, who died on 01/05/2021, must send written particulars to the address below by 23/11/2021, after which date the Estate will be distributed having regard only to claims and interests notified. Graham & Rosen Solicitors 8 Parliament Street, Hull, HU1 2BB KINGSTON UPON HULL CITY COUNCIL Planning Services, Development Management, Guildhall, HULL, HU1 2AA The following applications have been received and can be viewed online. Please make comments to the Council within 21 days of this notice. Comments are available for the public to see online. We will not acknowledge your letter, but decision notices will be available to view online in due course when a decision is made. View applications and decisions, & make comments on-line at www.hullcc.gov.uk using the site address. Proposal affects the character and appearance of a Conservation Area 21/01201/FULL FORMER ST MATTHEWS CHURCH BOULEVARD Change of use from church to mixed use community facility, including café, business/workshop space, meeting and teaching room, event space, education zone, community market. External alterations including installation of conservation style roof lights to north and south aisle roofs, installation of photovoltaic panels on nave roof, new fire escape door with a new external staircase in east elevation of the tower, and creation of external ramps (revised resubmission of 20/00935/FULL). Listed Building Consent 21/01202/LBC FORMER ST MATTHEWS CHURCH BOULEVARD Application for listed building consent for various internal and external alterations in connection with change of use from church to mixed community facility, including cafe, business/workshop space, meeting and teaching rooms, event space, education zone, community market. THE KINGSTON UPON HULL CITY COUNCIL THE KINGSTON UPON HULL BEVERLEY ROAD (TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF THROUGH TRAFFIC) ORDER 2021 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Kingston upon Hull City Council by virtue of Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 has made an Order. The effect of the Order is to prohibit any person with or without a vehicle from proceeding along 52A - 54 Beverley Road, Brunswick Arcade, also vehicles will be unable to turn right from Trafalgar Street onto Beverley Road, Kingston upon Hull. The purpose of the Order is to ensure the safety of the public and operatives during the controlled demolition of Brunswick Arcade at 52A -54 Beverley Road . The alternative route for vehicles and pedestrians will be signed . Access will be maintained for emergency services. The Order will come into effect 11th October 2021 and may continue in force for a period not exceeding eighteen months or until the works which it is proposed to carry out have been completed, whichever is the earlier. It is anticipated, however, that the works will be completed in a period of approximately 396 days. PUBLIC ENQUIRES TO: Andy Sharp 01482 320486 Please see the website one.network for further information. DATED the 22nd September 2021 Ian Anderson Director of Legal Services & Partnerships Goods Vehicle Operator's Licence Ross Gray Trading as JNI Transport Limited of 54 The Mount, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 5JW is applying for a license to use at Golden Hills Farm, Skerne Road, Driffield, YO25 8NQ As an operating centre for 1 goods vehicle and 1 trailer. Owners or occupiers of land (including buildings) near the operating centre(s) who believe that their use or enjoyment of that land would be affected, should make written representations to the Traffic Commissioner at Hillcrest House, 386 Harehills Lane, Leeds, LS9 6NF stating their reasons, within 21 days of this notice. Representors must at the same time send a copy of their representations to the applicant at the address given at the top of this notice. A Guide to Making Representations is available from the Traffic Commissioner’s Office.

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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 55 Hotshots - Junior Sport Hull pipped by Harrogate SCHOOLS UNDER-14S AFC Tickton Comets and Cygnets with their new Vivo Electrical-sponsored training kits Boom time as girls go for goal in Town GIRLS’ FOOTBALL Girls football is booming in Beverley thanks to the explosion in popularity of the women’s game, according to one local coach. AFC Tickton has gone from struggling to field girls’ teams to having a squad at every age group from under-9s to under-17s and even a waiting list to join some sides. The number of women and girls playing football in England is now more than 3.4 million, a 54% increase since the Football Association launched its Gameplan for Growth in 2017. Tickton Comets Under-11s coach Tim Brady said: “The increase in interest among girls has been phenomenal. At one point we were struggling to find enough players and it meant we had to combine girls from two different age groups but now we’ve got teams at every level. There’s now a waiting list of girls wanting to play for some teams. “As well as players, we’re seeing more and more female coaches get involved, which is fantastic. 2Between the under-9s to under-12s teams, three of the four coaches are women. “Our under-12s team, Tickton Cygnets is coached by Emma White, who had no background in football but stepped in to keep that team going and was even shortlisted for an FA Award earlier this year for services to grassroots sport.” The new season Women’s Super League - the top flight in England - kicked off in September, and the growth of the game shows no sign of slowing down. Mr Brady said: “The general promotion of the women’s game in recent years has been a massive factor, along with the success of the England team. Girls have been inspired to come along and give football a go and their attitude is fantastic, they just get on with the game. “More exposure is also great as it means our sponsors get a bit more recognition for the support they give us. This season, for Comets and Cygnets, it’s Vivo Electrical, who have helped pay for our training kits. Local businesses like this who support grassroots sport help keep clubs like ours going and we’re hugely grateful for that.” Tickton’s girls teams train at Longcroft School & Sixth Form College and play their home matches on the newly developed pitches at Beverley Leisure Centre. For more information, visit the club’s Facebook page: https:// www.facebook.com/ afcticktonofficial Hull Schools in seven heaven after win over Rotherham SCHOOLS’ U13S Hull Schools under-13s made a perfect start to the season with an excellent 7:2 victory against a very physically powerful Rotherham Schools. Will Scrimshaw opened the scoring with a contender for goal of the season, after great hold up play from Reece Williams. Rotherham responded quickly with a smart finish from their centre forward. The visitors’ keeper was lucky to stay on the field after Patrick Yorke was clean through before being cynically cut down. From the resulting free-kick, goal of the season contender number two was hammered home by captain Sasha Gomeniuk. Hull Schools added another two before half-time with smart finishes from both Kristian Catchpole and Reece Williams respectively. The home side made two changes at half-time. This, along with a change to 4-4-2, made Hull more solid at the back but still a threat going forward. Hull went further in front with a smart finish from Alex Batty after he was first to respond to the loose ball. Rotherham wouldn’t go away and scored a second, as their player responded first after a smart stop from Hull’s Hayden Nelson. Hull completed the scoring with George Doyle adding a further two goals, the first a header from a lovely free-kick from Owen Bartle and the second a smart finish after some great work from the excellent Catchpole. hull Schools under-14s went down 4-3 at Harrogate in their first game of the season. The hosts went ahead on five minutes and kept the pressure on to score a second in less than 10 minutes. Maskell’s off-target shot sparked Hull into life and Atkin won the ball in midfield. It took a lucky deflection past two defenders and Maskell and Forlow poked the ball past the onrushing keeper for 2-1 after 14 minutes. Hull looked deadlier going forward with some excellent football from the Hull midfield of Maskell, Laycock, and Atkin. Jalloh received a great pass from Maskell and he was fouled as he was darting into the penalty area. He picked himself up and fired home from the spot for 2-2. After a dazzling dribble, Maskell played the ball across goal for Whitfield to tap home. Harrogate forced mistakes from Hull, scoring in the 50th minute making it 3-3 and finished off with a late goal, leaving them deserved winners. Kingston hang on for victory HULL SUNDAY U16s Kingston Hull FC under-16s opened their 2021-22 Drypool League campaign with a deserved 3-2 win against Elloughton Blackburn at Shelley Avenue. Kingston had the better of the early exchanges which culminated in a well worked goal on seven minutes when good passing between Zane Taylor and Tonijs Padrevics saw Matty Stephenson smash home from five yards out. Elloughton levelled three minutes later with a back post header from a corner. On the half hour Kingston pushed their noses in front when Jack Lilley headed in a Padrevics corner at the near post. Kingston troubled the Elloughton defence after the break but despite this early pressure they couldn’t find a third goal which was punished on 61 minutes when Elloughton broke to level at 2-2. Elloughton had their best spell for the next 10 minutes, but Kingston scrambled back on each occasion with Jack Midgley outstanding, supported well by Tommy Merckel, Harrison McLaughlin and Daniel Cuthbert-Hall with keeper Jake Frederick also solid between the sticks. With 10 minutes left Kingston gave Kevin Park a breather and reintroduced Padrevics. With wingers Harvey Ralph and Hepworth looking like the main source to get a goal a tactical switch proved a masterstroke when swapping the two over as three minutes later Hepworth latched onto a Padrevics pass to cut inside and unleash a curling shot into the top corner. Elloughton tried hard for the last seven minutes but Kingston held on to win.

56 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Sport Albert Vete Simon Whitehead/ News Images Rovers give injured four time to heal Four Hull KR forwards will undergo fitness tests on the eve of Friday’s play-off eliminator against Warrington Wolves. Rovers have a whole host of injury issues ahead of the clash at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, with Adam Quinlan, Greg Minikin, Ryan Hall, Matt Parcell, Dean Hadley, Elliot Minchella and Ethan Ryan already ruled out. There are also question marks over the fitness of George Lawler, Albert Vete, Will Maher and Korbin Sims. KR head coach Tony Smith is set to make late decisions on all four middles. “We’ve got to run our eye over George Lawler in the next couple of days,” said Smith. “He’s out of the cast now after dislocating his thumb. We’ll have to see how he is and how he rehabs. “Will Maher will be a chance. He had tightness of a hamstring during the game the other day. “He seems OK so far so he’s a possibility. That’s where we’ve got him at the moment. “Albert Vete is a chance. He had tightness of the calf the day before the (Leeds Rhinos) game. “Korbin Sims is another one we’re going to have to run our eye over in the next couple of days. “We’ll know at captain’s run whether he’s right to go or not. We’ve got a number of them in that category.” Parcell became the latest addition to the casualty list when he was forced off late in the first half at Headingley last week. The Robins have since received positive news on the hooker’s injury, which does not require surgery as first feared. “Matty had a scan and will go see the consultant,” said Smith. “The good news is he hasn’t torn his pec away. He’s got some damage to the ligament. “It won’t be a repair at this stage is the thought. He won’t need an operation and should be able to just rehab.” While Parcell is likely to be back in training sooner than expected, there is no chance he will be risked against Warrington. Smith added: “No definitely not.” Hull KR’s Will Maher SIMON WHITEHEAD/ NEWS IMAGES Maher Kenny-Dowall’s got good news for all Robins supporters SHAUN Kenny-Dowall says he’s back in full training ahead of Hull KR facing Warrington Wolves in the play-offs on Friday. The Rovers skipper suffered an injury scare last month, limping out of the game against Wigan Warriors with a foot issue before returning to inspire his side to victory. He came through the worst of the injury without missing a match and now feels in good shape heading into the play-offs. “It hasn’t been too much of an issue, it’s just more of a nuisance than anything,” said Kenny-Dowall. “I probably had to jab it up for three or four weeks in a row but I just have to keep it strapped up now. I’m not really thinking about it now, which is good. pens new KR deal Shaun Kenny-Dowall “I’m able to train again now. I wasn’t training for a few weeks but I’ve been back to full duties the last couple of weeks.” Kenny- Dowall finished the regular season as an everpresent for the second year running, By JAMES O’BRIEN james.obrien@reachplc.com @jamesobhdm Will Maher will remain with Hull KR for the 2022 Super League season after signing a one-year contract extension. An arrival from Castleford Tigers in late 2019, the towering prop has become a reliable performer for Tony Smith. Maher featured 11 times in his debut campaign and has kicked on this year, making 15 successive appearances after returning from injury against former club Castleford in May. A hamstring issue sustained in the final round of the regular season means he is a doubt for Friday’s playoff date with Warrington Wolves but he has done enough to convince Smith he is worth at least another year. “I’m looking forward to working with Will next year,” said the Rovers head coach. “I think he’s really progressed since he first joined us. “Still, I think his best years are still to come. He knows he’s got things to work on but he’s a terrific young man and smart with the way he goes about his rugby league - both in preparation and on the field. “He’s a pleasure to work with and he’ll face competition in the middle in 2022, but I think that will bring out the best in him.” Maher’s new deal means Rovers have resolved the futures of all 14 offcontract players before the end of the season. Retained: Jordan Abdull, Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Kane Linnett, Matt Parcell, Ethan Ryan, Luis Johnson, Ben Crooks, Will Dagger, Jimmy Keinhorst, Will Maher. Departing: Adam Quinlan, George Lawler, Greg Minikin, Owen Harrison. meaning he has still yet to miss a game since joining the club at the end of 2019. “I do pride myself on looking after my body, being professional and doing the little things throughout the week with recovery, massage, that kind of stuff,” added the 33-year-old. “I do invest a lot of time in that side of the game and mentally I’ve been in a really good state this year too. If your life is good off the field it flows into all the areas on the field.”

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 57 Who’s in the running for stand-out star? Sport By WILLIAm JACKSOn william.jackson@reachplc.com @WilliamJ93 The 2021 Super League season was one to forget for Hull FC. It started promisingly but ended miserably as the Black and Whites missed out on the Super League play-offs by losing nine of their last 10 games. However, while Brett Hodgson’s side haven’t met expectations there’s been a number of impressive performers this year. With that in mind, the Mail’s FC reporter William Jackson picks out three of FC’s most impressive and names his player of the season. 3. Jake Connor It’s fair to say Connor took to his new fullback responsibilities like a duck to water. With 22 try assists and six tries, the playmaker has been involved in 28 of Hull’s 67 efforts this year, making him one of the most influential players across the entire competition. He’s linked up well with Josh Reynolds at times and his creativity and dynamism in the number one role has been absolutely vital for Hodgson’s side. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely that his performances will earn him a call-up to the England squad, but that must be his aim in 2022 after seeing the World Cup pushed back a year. 2. Adam Swift The winger didn’t exactly enjoy his first year with the Black and Whites as injuries limited him to just five appearances. However, he well and truly put himself back on the Super League map in his second season with the club, bagging 13 tries and looking capable of topping the scoring charts for much of the year. Swift has excelled on the left wing, building strong understandings with Connor, Josh Griffin and Marc Sneyd and earning himself a new two-year deal to remain at the club until the end of the 2023 season. He’ll be looking to play another huge role for the Black and Whites next season with Swift undoubtedly considered the side’s best winger. 1. Chris Satae When it comes to the club’s player of the year, Chris Satae is the outstanding candidate with his performances through the middle being the driving force behind much of Hull’s season. THREE FC PLAYERS HAVE LED THE WAY The prop annihilated Wigan Warriors in the Challenge Cup, a performance that will be remembered fondly for years to come, but he also managed to turn in consistently powerful displays every week for the Black and Whites. He’s the man Hull looked to make the metres down the field, he’s the man FC relied on to get going and he’s the man who has shone consistently the brightest this year in a black and white shirt. The 28-year-old is another who has been rewarded with a new deal and on current form it must be said that Hull have secured one of the best front-rowers in the division. adam Swift scores a try for the Black and Whites rICHarD seLLers/ Pa wIre Hull FC’s Chris Satae Mark Cosgrove/ News IMages Hull’s Jake Connor Connor still has eyes on clinching an england role Jake Connor still has high hopes of working his way into Shaun Wane’s england fold in time for next year’s World Cup. The Hull FC full-back was a member of the international side under previous coach Wayne Bennett, earning five caps for england and three in the colours of Great Britain. However, he has struggled for international recognition since Wane took the job at the start of 2020 with the former Wigan man consistently overlooking Connor. The 26-year-old played against england for the Combined Nations all Stars in June, but he still hopes to be involved in the World Cup after seeing the competition postponed by a year. “I think it always is [the aim] for any english player,” Connor said of his international aims and next year’s World Cup. “You only get that call-up if you’re playing well throughout the season and when people say they’re not really focusing on it, they actually mean it because if you’re not playing well at club level, you’re not getting picked at international level. “I know I just have to be consistent again next year and hopefully that call-up comes. “I think it all helps the season going back to normal and obviously I’ll have another season at full-back and that can only improve me along the way. It’s always in the back of your mind, I just have to keep playing well and hopefully it comes. “If it doesn’t I just have to keep working hard and if I don’t get picked then there’s nothing you can do.” Wane is set to name his squad for October’s Test against France soon and Connor will have his fingers crossed that his impressive year has not gone unnoticed. However, despite being one of the most influential players in the competition this year any communication from the england boss has been kept to a minimum. “Not really no,” he said when asked whether Wane had been in touch to discuss what he needed to do to break into the international fold. “It’s hard, I’m a coach myself and if I’ve got a coach’s brain on then it’s the direction you want to go in and the way you want to play. “It’s out of my hands and if he wants to play a different way that doesn’t suit my style then you can’t really do much. I don’t really know what to say on it. I just have to keep playing well and that’s all I can do.” OFFICIALHORSERACING COMMENTARY AND RESULTS Cal09016094248 Calscost65pperminplusyourtelephonecompany’snetworkaccesscharge.18+only. SP:Spoke.Helpline:03332023390

58 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Hull City TIGERS NEWS By BARRY COOPER barry.cooper@reachplc.com @bazdjcooper All is not lost for Hull City, despite a dreadful run of form which has seen the Tigers collect just two points in their last five Championship outings. Such is the emotive industry we live in, the aftermath of Saturday’s 3-1 defeat to Sheffield United was a tough one. Emotions were running high, Grant McCann used words like ‘criminal’ and ‘unacceptable’, while goalkeeper Matt Ingram questioned the desire of some of the players in wanting to do their jobs. As City prepare for Saturday’s date with Stoke City, the Mail looks at reasons to be positive for Tigers followers. Finding the net City left it late, very late to avoid setting a new club record without scoring. Sixteen minutes were left before the Tigers made it seven games without scoring - legitimately at least - a goal, and that’s one nobody, least of all McCann, would have wanted. As it was, Keane Lewis-Potter’s fine finish in the 74th minute ended that run and at least ensured that particular narrative was put to bed, for now. While players may suggest publicly that the missed chances hasn’t harmed confidence, their play in front of goal would suggest otherwise. No matter how hard you try to convince yourselves otherwise, confidence will have taken a hit of some degree. That’s now done, and City can afford to go to Stoke at least knowing they’ve broken that drought, and in Lewis-Potter, they’ll have a striker with renewed confidence. Tyler Smith came off the bench, as he did at Blackburn, and livened up proceedings in giving McCann’s side some much-needed pace and a greater threat in attack, while his finish was crisp and confident. It was a goal which should not have been chalked off, and probably encapsulated where things are at for City right now, the key moments just aren’t going for them. Despite results and their position in the table, City can now play with a little more freedom in the top half of the pitch and maybe not snatch at quite so many opportunities. Honeyman’s back George Honeyman’s frustrations at missing the season to date were plainly obvious when Revenge mission as McCann sets sights on revival ALL IS NOT LOST FOR THE TIGERS DESPITE LONG WINLESS STREAK The referee issues a yellow card to George Honeyman against United Ben early/ news Images within two minutes of coming off the bench at half-time, poor old Ben Osborn was caught in the cross-fire and ended up on the receiving end of a Honeyman special. He picked up a deserved booking, even if he felt aggrieved that a John Egan challenge Hull City’s Josh Magennis on him went punished a few seconds earlier. Even for a player who enjoys collecting cards for his mantelpiece, it was quite a comeback. While his influence was naturally limited in his first 45 minutes of football since early May, having him back was a huge positive, and going forward, the side will only be strengthened by him being out there. While it would be grossly unfair to pin too much hope on Honeyman, he’s so pivotal to the way in which McCann’s side plays and frankly, they’ve missed him. Is sweet revenge on the cards again? City did the double over Wigan last season and in spectacular style, so now it’s the turn of Stoke City. Winning 5-0 at the DW and beating the Latics 3-1 in the final home game to secure the League One title probably went some way to gaining revenge for the 8-0 thrashing - are we still allowed to mention that? Now, 18 months on from a 5-1 thumping at the bet365 Stadium last March, the Tigers and their supporters will return hoping for a fonder 90 minutes. Prior to the opening day success at Preston, that defeat in the Potteries was the last game City fans saw live in the flesh, and with the absence of witnessing any home success in almost two years, wins anywhere right now will be welcomed. Should they not get a positive result against Stoke, the Tigers could well end the day bottom of the table and McCann, already feeling the heat, will be desperate to make amends this Saturday. Again, few will give the Tigers a hope against Michael O’Neill’s men, and while they’ve started the season well, their weekend defeat at crisis-club Derby County will not have gone down well with the natives. Unleash Tyler The 22-year-old has looked a real threat since his arrival from Sheffield United, and but for some pretty shoddy officiating on Saturday, would have opened his Tigers account against his former club. At Blackburn last midweek, Smith was bright, he looked energetic and wasn’t afraid to get in the box and have a go. His fine run to collect Honeyman’s pass and then cross for Lewis-Potter to score showed what he can bring to the team, the ability to run in behind and provide an end product, while his run and finish for the wrongly chalked off goal was very good. The challenge for Smith is to do that when he’s handed a start, and having only been given one so far - coming a day after he’d signed for the club - his chances, you’d think, will come. Josh Magennis, for all his industrious work has struggled to make a genuine impact in the last few games, and City have become too predictable in attack, lacking pace and the ability to stretch teams and make the pitch bigger. Smith’s cameo outing off the bench coupled with Magennis’ ongoing hip problem dictate that he should be given the chance to lead the line this weekend. The revolving door. There will be some among Hull City fans that have and those who will never warm to McCann, and that’s fine, that’s how the cookie crumbles.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 59 Hull City head coach Grant McCann and, inset, striker Tyler Smith News Images Hull City Steve Cooper sImoN galloway/ Pa wIRe Even his staunchest critic, however, must feel an element of sympathy for the City boss given the state of injuries he’s having to contend with. If City have their strongest XI fit and available, there’s little doubt that they’ve got enough to win games this season, but to have so many injuries at the start of the campaign is going to bite a team, particularly one coming up from the division below and one with one of the smallest - if not the smallest - budgets. To lose Honeyman was a sucker punch, to then lose Mallik Wilks to a ridiculous challenge on the opening day was a kick in the you know whats and since then, it’s been a revolving door in the treatment room. No sooner do you get Honeyman back then you lose his partner in crime, Greg Docherty, followed closely by Tom Huddlestone and that’s after Callum Elder spent most of the summer nursing a problem picked up from another poor challenge on the final day of last term. You get Wilks back but then Magennis picks up a knock and has a recurring hip problem, and that’s not to mention Alfie Jones being out, plus a somewhat harsh sending off for George Moncur in the opening home league game of the season. His challenge was late, it wasn’t great, but it was a yellow card at most and to think he got a three-game ban for something so innocuous again sums up City’s misfortune. Believe in the boys Often when teams struggle, fans call for the manager’s head and then inevitably decide the players are not fit to wear the shirt. Even despite their struggles, this is a group of players that for the most part, are giving their all, that care and want to do well for Hull City. Even on Saturday, City weren’t beaten because their players downed tools and gave in, it was the polar opposite, even at 3-0 down and they kept going and finished strongly, getting some reward for what had been a day to forget. This is a young group, with a core of players local to the area that knows what it means to play for this club, and what they lack in quality and at times, experience, they more than make up for in attitude. They’re going to make mistakes, they’re going to be found out at this level against sides playing in the Premier League when they were operating in League One, that’s going to happen, they have to learn and learn quickly. Ultimately, however, this is a group that care and are doing their best and so far, supporters have stuck with them, and rightly so. We’re only eight games into a 46 match campaign and there’s a long way to go yet. Anything else? In attempting to shine a light on some positives, it’s not to take away from the very basic errors McCann’s men are making right now, particularly when it comes to defending their own box. Errors that at this level will, and are being punished. City simply must get smart to what life is like at Championship level, cut out those errors and at the very least, track runners from corners. If those mistakes are not ironed out, and as Ingram rightly points out, players don’t show responsibility in key moments, the positives that are there will soon be squashed. Cooper is new Forest manager By BARRY COOPER barry.cooper@reachplc.com @bazdjcooper NoTTiNGHaM Forest have secured their replacement for Chris Hughton after the ex-Newcastle and Brighton chief lost his job following the 2-0 defeat to Middlesbrough last week. Steve Cooper, who led Swansea City to the play-off final at Wembley in the summer has been charged with lifting Forest off the bottom of the table where they sit a place and point behind Grant McCann’s Hull City, and has been handed a two-year contract. Forest had been without a win this season prior to Saturday’s 2-0 success at City’s Yorkshire rivals Huddersfield Town, form which saw Hughton’s near year-long spell at the City Ground come to an end. Cooper, the former England Under-17s boss, left Swansea in the summer having guided the Welsh club to successive play-off campaigns, including that final loss to Brentford in May. Hughton’s sacking continued the Reds’ run of sacking a manager every year since 2010 with none of those bosses clocking up 60 games in charge. “Steve was our first choice as head coach and we are delighted to have secured his services. His record of developing young talent is exceptional,” said Forest’s chief executive Dane Murphy. “Steve knows what is required to be successful in the Championship and has a proven track record with Swansea. “We have reduced the age of our squad over the summer and Steve is the ideal coach to blend a team to start moving us up the table. “on behalf of the owner and the Board, we welcome Steve to the club and look forward to providing every support he needs to be a success at Nottingham Forest”. Cooper’s first match in charge is this weekend’s clash with Millwall at the City Ground, and he’ll face the Tigers on December 18 before the return at the MKM Stadium on the final day of the campaign. Forest will be replaced at the bottom of the table by arch-rivals Derby County this week when their administration is confirmed, with an automatic 12-point penalty invoked, which will also see the Tigers move up a place ahead of Saturday’s trip to Stoke City.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 SPORT DON’T MISS OUT ON THE BIGGEST SPORT STORIES SCAN THE QR TO RECEIVE THE LATEST DAILY SPORT AND MORE DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX www.hulldailymail.co.uk/emails Published by Hull Daily Mail, Blundell’s Corner, Beverley Road, Hull HU3 1XS (01482 327111). Registered office: Reach plc, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP. Reproduction of the contents of this newspaper in any manner is not permitted without the prior consent of the publisher. Printed by Trinity Mirror Printing Oldham, Hollinwood Ave, Chadderton OL9 8EP MAHER PENS NEW DEAL AT THE ROBINS: PAgE 56 PEATS IS IN THE FRAME FOR HULL centurions’ hooker is on black and whites’ radar By WILLIAM JAckSON william.jackson@reachplc.com @WilliamJ93 HuLL FC have tabled a contract offer to Leigh Centurions’ hooker Nathan Peats. The Black and Whites have made no secret of their desire to freshen up their playing squad over the off-season and the Mail understands Peats is one player they are keen on. The hooker, who spent half the season on loan with Huddersfield Giants, is available following Leigh’s relegation from the top flight and FC have made their move. It is believed Hull have made the Australian an offer to join the club ahead the 2022 campaign, but any deal is far from done with Peats, who is currently based in the North West, still considering his options. As such, FC are thought to have identified other targets should their move for Peats fail to progress. Peats only joined Leigh at the start of the year following his release from Gold Coast Titans, but he was loaned to the John Smith’s Stadium outfit in July as part of a p l a y e r swap. He made 22 Super L e a g u e appearances overall last term and scored one try, which incidentally came in an impressive performance against FC for the Giants in July. His work around the ruck and his ability to kick-start attacks made him a success in the Super League this season, but Peats has huge amounts of NRL experience under his belt, too. Brett Hodgson The 30-year-old started his career with South Sydney Rabbitohs and spent three seasons there before earning a switch to Parramatta Eels. Due to the club’s salary cap breach, Peats left the Eels in favour of a move to Gold Coast, where he spent his final four and a half years in the NRL. It was his performances with the Titans that earned him a State of Origin call-up in 2017 and he made three appearances for New South Wales as a starting hooker in that series. Peats has also made five appearances for the Indigenous All Stars, with his most recent outing for the side coming in 2020. After finishing the season with nine losses in 10 games, the FC Hull FC target Leigh Centurions’ Nathan Peats ED SYkES/SWPix.coM hierarchy are determined to make changes and back head coach Brett Hodgson heading into preseason, which gets underway on November 1. Darnell McIntosh has already been signed in place of the departing Bureta Faraimo, but the club are looking to make a few more additions over the coming weeks.

Positive news for Resq after a year of Covid upheavals Contract win for business to expand siemens plant WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 1 Entrepreneur and adventurer sign up for summit speech page 3 page 3 page 4 Powered by Ideal Heating investing in green tech with expansion 13,000sq m of manufacturing and warehousing space plan By david laister david.laister@reachplc.com @davelaister A £16m expansion of Ideal Heating’s Hull site is under way, as it prepares to increase production of green solutions to keep UK homes warm. Low-carbon heating products are to become an ever-larger share of the 3,000 units completed daily at the sprawling National Avenue site,with a further 13,000sq m of manufacturing and warehousing space now being added. Hundreds of jobs are being created as new technologies scale up, with electric air-sourced heat pumps, heat interface units for district heating systems and hydrogen boilers all being brought forward. It is bringing new skills to the city, with the company even working with educators to encourage the addition of the likes of hydrogen to the curriculum. Jason Speedy, chief operations officer, said: “This investment is part of a wide, ambitious plan to significantly grow our business through the introduction of lowcarbon products for the future. “While we may be best-known today for our range of efficient gas boilers, we’re also leading the way in the development and production of low-carbon heating solutions such as heat pumps and hydrogen boilers. “We’re delighted that the expansion of our National Avenue site will enable us to step up production of these and other new heating technologies, reinforcing our well-established green credentials and creating more high-quality jobs in the city.” Scunthorpe construction firm Britcon has been appointed to deliver the huge expansion on the existing footprint, alongside yellow Hull firm GGP, providing project management,structural, civil and architectural services. It will see a new access road developed and offices as well, on land that has been spare for more than a decade since a foundry was demolished. Nick Shepherd, managing director of Britcon, said: “We are delighted to be working with Ideal Heating in delivering this iconic and modern industrial and manufacturing expansion project. We are fully committed to the local area, just as Ideal Heating is. “We have a strong local supply chain and are excited to be working in partnership with our client and associated stakeholders in not only delivering this project, but also utilising our experience and resources to deliver local employment opportunities during the construction period.” Completion is anticipated by October 2022. Steve Hairsine, chief financial officer for parent company Groupe Atlantic’s UK division, and Ideal Heating director, said:” The expansion of the site will help us create high-quality jobs in the city, developing skills of the future and improving the local economy. “We are very proud of our history and heritage in Hull, stretching back to 1906. That’s 115 years, and we’re delighted to continue to invest in the city. Since 2019 we have created 150 jobs and we see that continuing as we move forward. We’re investing in 10,000sq m of warehousing and 3,000sq m of manufacturing - we are going to need people in there. “We are gearing up for what the future needs, and as we get closer to manufacturing, as that ramps up, Ideal Heating’s chief operations officer, Jason Speedy, left, and Britcon managing director Nick Shepherd break ground at the National Avenue site in Hull we’ll see exactly what is needed.” Ideal now employs 750 people in Hull, with a further 250 elsewhere in the UK. It contributes to a global workforce of 11,000, with revenues of £2.1bn. The investment is entirely private money.

2 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Business News Powered by ResQ has office space at Hammonds of Hull Revenues surge at ResQ despite a year hit hard by Covid-19 Unresolved business banking complaint? We can help settle disputes dating back to December 2001. The BBRS is a free, independent service helping SMEs settle unresolved banking complaints. See if our dispute resolution specialists can help you. thebbrs.org/hull Hull contact firm targets 2021 £50m turnover mark By david laister david.laister@reachplc.com @davelaister Revenues surged 53 per cent to £22.7m for Hull contact centre specialist ResQ in 2020, ahead of major wins with Vodafone and the Government that are set to propel it further. The company opened its second Hull site recently, with a third in Durham, as 2021 is set to see the business surpass the £50m turnover mark. The uplift from 2019’s £14.8m came with increased gross profits too, up from £4.1m to £7.6m. Employee numbers rocketed from 576 to 849. Nine months on and it is now closing in on 2,000. And it came despite the huge interruption of the Covid in the calendar-aligned financial year. Nic Marshall, director, explained how the 15-year-old firm innovated to meet the working from home challenge as the pandemic hit He said: “2020 started out with great promise on the back of strong financial performance in January and February. March was on course to deliver record levels of revenue and net profit. “The shockwave felt from the outbreak of Covid-19 halted the business’s progress in its tracks. Large numbers of employees began selfisolating throughout March and April, putting significant pressure on the business. This was further amplified as a solution for home-working had to be built. Procuring the necessary hardware at scale was difficult and costly. “The business demonstrated great resolve and developed its own technologies, which allowed for remote working. This technology was created, tested and rolled out within weeks. “The technology-enabled the business profitable operating rhythm in May 2020.” Mr Marshall said the decisive actions taken at the outset to adjust operations “demonstrated the company’s ability to quickly flex, respond and adapt our operations with minimal disruption”. He told how new customer wins, twinned with the technology, allowed for significant growth in employee numbers without the traditional overheads. These did materialise this year, however, as it took substantial Nic Marshal space within the Hammonds of Hull building in addition to the Criterion House headquarters on George Street. “Delighted” with the outlook for the coming year, Mr Marshall added: “Having navigated the challenges of 2020, the business has demonstrated great resolve and grown significantly during the year. “Based on the current run rates and business forecasts, the directors fully expect this upward trajectory to continue into 2021 as the full year effects flow through.” Vodafone work expanded massively from 80 heads to 730, and a recent Crown Commercial Services framework win will open up government departments and other public sector bodies to the business. It is one of only 18 companies to be included, and is described as recognition for the bold steps that the company has taken in aligning its capabilities with the needs of Whitehall departments and their agencies, non-departmental public bodies, and devolved administrations. Matt Marshall, chief commercial officer, said the listing is set to “turbocharge ResQ’s growth ambitions”, with it well placed to deliver the digital first strategy. “We’ve enjoyed tremendous growth within the last year and this latest accomplishment signals the start of another exciting chapter for our fast-paced business,” he said. “As we move from strength to strength, we plan to use our thriving client relationships, ever-growing digital capabilities and strong team spirit to inspire further success.”

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK 3 Business News Powered by Hull jobs lost as aviation industry dives A downturn in the aviation industry has seen more than 40 jobs go in Hull. Orvec International, a designer, supplier and manufacturer of woven and non-woven products, had a number of major global airline operators as clients. Administrators, called in after it was plunged into crisis following the loss of its main market, have now sold the business and a number of assets to a West Yorkshire firm, John Horsfall & Sons. It supplies textiles and linens to the airline industry, and is based in Huddersfield. Having employed 42 as the pandemic hit, 21 of the remaining 22 employees were immediately let go by the new owner, with a final member of staff supporting Chris Pole and Howard Smith from Interpath Advisory with their duties. The Malmo Road business had traded for almost 50 years, turning over £11m before Covid hit. An artist’s impression of how the expanded Siemens Gamesa blade plant will look in Hull £82m contract awarded as firm looks to expand ‘blade factory’ Sell seamlessly in store and online Siemens Gamesa is growing By david laister david.laister@reachplc.com @davelaister An £82m contract to build out the massive expansion to Siemens Gamesa’s Hull blade factory has been awarded. Volker Fitzpatrick, behind the original build, will deliver the huge project, anticipated to complete in May 2023. It involves two additional manufacturing facilities and repurposing of the current facility, work that will double capacity while enabling the offshore wind giant to produce larger blades. The buildings will cover a total footprint of 42,362 sq m. Rob Bullen, Siemens Gamesa’s head of real estate in the UK and Ireland, said: “Siemens Gamesa is again delighted to be working with VolkerFitzpatrick to deliver an industry-leading infrastructure project. “This project is more ambitious even than the initial factory build in Hull back in 2016, and Siemens Gamesa needed a partner that could match our aspirations for delivering the project. It’s evident, even from the early stages of working together on the project, that we have found that partner in VolkerFitzpatrick.” Phase one will include pre-cast piling, drainage and foundations, and steel frame structures. The steelwork has been specially designed to allow 40m clear spans, with a working height of 18m and significant load-bearing capability, to accommodate the various gantry and console cranes required for the manufacturing process. Phase two will involve some modifications to the existing 34,217sq m blade factory, to repurpose it from a production facility to a finishing area. This will include internal reconfigurations, as well as upgrading and replacing mechanical services. The team will also alter the building’s envelope, steelwork and doors, to allow for larger blades to be manoeuvred in and out. Stuart Deverill, managing director of VolkerFitzpatrick’s building division, said: “VolkerFitzpatrick has a long-standing, collaborative relationship with Siemens Gamesa, having worked together on its original blade factory in 2016. “I am delighted that we have now been appointed to deliver these two new facilities and look forward to seeing the works progress over the coming months.” The Hertfordshire-based firm has pledged to hire trainees and a portion of its supply chain from the surrounding area. The team will also reuse stone from the existing site, helping to minimise waste material. Councillor Daren Hale, leader of Hull City Council said: “We at Hull City Council are proud to welcome VolkerFitzpatrick back to the city. “We look forward to working collaboratively with them and Siemens Gamesa to maximise the benefits of this appointment for the region.” Accept contactless payments. Build a custom online store. Shape the way you sell at square.com/go/retailers Squareup Europe Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (registered reference no. 900846).

4 HULL-LIVE.CO.UK WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 Business News Powered by in brief Area net zero pipeline plan is published Plans for the network of pipelines that carry the net zero ambitions of the Humber region’s industries have been unveiled. A major consultation process is launching for the huge infrastructure project, connecting some of the largest emitters to a supply of hydrogen, while taking away carbon dioxide captured from the processes. Three corridor routes and four landfall options have been put forward by National Grid Ventures as part of The Humber Low Carbon Pipelines project, after extensive analysis of the huge zone that takes in much of the region. Stretching from Drax on the western border to sites off the East Coast, it aims to take in the Keadby power cluster, British Steel at Scunthorpe and proposed hydrogen production sites at Killingholme and Saltend, from Uniper and Equinor, locations where emissions are also high. The removal of millions of tonnes of CO2 is the prize, while enabling a fuel switch for heavy industry in the most intensive industrial cluster in the UK. Andy Benjamin, director of CCUS at National Grid Ventures said: “The Humber has a long heritage in industry and power generation, providing the critical infrastructure that enables them to decarbonise helps retain key jobs on our collective pathway to decarbonisation. By working with partners from across the region, we are bringing forward transformative plans to help unlock the Humber’s low-carbon future. “With the launch of this first phase of consultation, we will be speaking to communities along the potential route to understand their views which will help to shape how we take the project forward.” The consultation runs until October 22, with feedback to help inform further stages in 2022. Climate change conference Waterline Summit talks By david laister david.laister@reachplc.com OBE and endurance explorer Chris Ramsey. More high-profile speakers will be announced in the coming weeks. speakers for The Waterline Summit 2021. Taking place just weeks before @davelaister Mr Vince founded Ecotricity, the Organised by Marketing COP26, this presents a unique world’s first company to sell green energy. Humber, The Waterline Summit will be a hybrid of in-person panel opportunity to position the Humber at the centre of the global climate He is also known for his role as discussions and events and change challenge. I would urge chairman of Forest Green Rovers immersive virtual experiences. everyone who has not already done FC, the world’s first carbon-neutral Several contributors will also so to register their place for what football club. Forest Green has be attending COP26 in Glasgow promises to be our biggest and most an all-vegan team, only sells in November. They will tell the important summit yet.” vegetarian and sustainable food international audience about the The Waterline Summit is options at matches, and has a strip made from recycled plastic and crucial role the region has to play as the UK’s biggest carbon emitter supported by its event partners the University of Hull, Yorkshire Water, coffee grounds. with the greatest decarbonisation Yorkshire Energy Park and Ørsted, Mr Ramsey is a pioneer of electric potential. as well as its COP26 partner, Zero and sustainable expeditions, known Marketing Humber will link the Carbon Humber. for pushing the technology to its region to the international event First launched two years ago to limits. through an online platform, providing unite businesses, communities, Adventures have taken in nearly resources, podcasts, interviews academics and students to drive 30 countries, have helped inspire and streamed events from COP26. the race to net zero, the campaign people to adopt more sustainable Dr Diana Taylor, managing makes the case for the Humber, as lifestyles and his next expedition in director of Marketing Humber, said: the UK’s Energy Estuary, becoming a December 2022 will see him drive “We are incredibly excited by the “living lab” for the journey towards a from pole to pole in an electric car. programme of events and guest zero-carbon economy. A green energy entrepreneur and an electric vehicle adventurer will be among the headline speakers this year’s The Waterline Summit. The flagship event is returning next month, bigger and more ambitious than before, linking the Humber to the global COP26. Held from October 18-22, just a few weeks before the United Nations’ climate change conference, the summit will link innovative decarbonisation projects and pioneering work taking place to tackle climate change across the Humber region to similar efforts worldwide. It will feature prominent speakers including entrepreneur Dale Vince Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity and chair of Forest Green Rovers. 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