OnlyFans Model Allegedly Stabs Boyfriend — Then Uses Arrest To Promote Her Page?!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content] Instagram influencer and OnlyFans model Genie Exum has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend on Monday evening, according to police. The incident took place at around 6:45 p.m. in NYC. Cops arrived after receiving a 911 call from the 10th Avenue apartment complex’s doorman, who reportedly saw the victim enter […]

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OnlyFans REVERSES Plans to Ban NSFW Content After Tremendous Backlash

Last week, adult media subscription platform OnlyFans moved to ban almost all NSFW content.

The ban was worse than anyone had imagined, and the public backlash was justifiably intense.

So intense, in fact, that OnlyFans and the payment processors whose new policies made this happen were clearly taken offguard.

On Wednesday morning, the platform announced that they are suspending those changes. They’re not banning porn.

OnlyFans Logo

It was not even a full week between OnlyFans announced their ban on virtually all NSFW content and this welcome reversal.

Wednesday morning, OnlyFans took to Twitter to announce the good news.

“Thank you to everyone for making your voices heard,” the tweet from the company’s official Twitter account began.

OnlyFans tweet - reversal on NSFW ban

“We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community,” OnlyFans shared.

“And,” the platform’s tweet continued, “have suspended the planned October 1 policy change.”

“OnlyFans stands for inclusion,” the tweet concluded, “and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.”

Tyler Posey OnlyFans teaser

That tweet is currently pinned to the official OnlyFans Twitter page, making it hard to miss.

In a follow-up tweet, OnlyFans shared that they would soon be releasing a message to their content creators.

Later on Wednesday morning, that message to the site’s hardworking content creators was sent out.

OnlyFans message to creators about policy non-change

“Our acceptable use policy will remain the same,” the message assured OnlyFans creators.

“The proposed October 1, 2021 changes are no longer required,” the site added.

OnlyFans wrote that this is “due to to banking partners’ assurances that OnlyFans can support all genres of creators.”

Anfisa Nava OnlyFans profile

“OnlyFans is committed to providing a safe and dependable platform for all creators and their fans,” OnlyFans wrote.

Obviously, this is an imperfect situation, with many hesitant to trust this good news — or the site that betrayed them just days ago.

But it is still good news.

OnlyFans The Onion spoof headline tweet

As evidenced by this The Onion parody, the OnlyFans news was not well-received.

Obviously, both longtime subscribers and new subscribers were stunned and unhappy.

After all, OnlyFans offers a rare amount of direct access for paying customers who can access exactly what they want from exactly the creators they like.

Larissa Lima OnlyFans profile 18 Dec 2020

The most important issue, however, was the blow that this represented to the creators themselves.

We’re talking about a move that would have impacted thousands of sex workers with only a matter of weeks as notice.

OnlyFans’ proposed “policy” change amounted to widescale layoffs, in many cases targeting marginalized people who depend upon the income.

Jordyn Woods OnlyFans page

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and even before, numerous sex workers turned to OnlyFans as a safe means of paying the rent.

Strip clubs closed with pandemic lockdown, and a deadly virus made full service sex work dangerous.

Well, more dangerous. FOSTA/SESTA, criminalization, and our society’s disregard for sex workers has made full service dangerous for a long, long time.

Danielle Bregoli IG OnlyFans promo

When office buildings and countless other places of in-person employment shut down, only a fraction of people were able to continue working from home.

This led to a colossal boom on OnlyFans.

Existing creators spent more time on the site, many shifting from part-time to full-time. And new creators flocked in.

Bella Thorne OnlyFans 14 September 2020

With money from subscriptions, sales of specific packets of photos and video, and tips, bills were paid.

Content creators’ families were fed and housed. In an uncertain time, life went on.

OnlyFans has processed about $2 billion in payments — and gets to keep a whopping 20% of all of the action.

Stephanie Matto OnlyFans profile

Sex workers turned OnlyFans into an adult media behemoth in a relatively short time.

For months, there have been warning signs that something was changing.

OnlyFans is offering a safe-for-work streaming option, but only for chefs and magicians and other non-porn, non-nude creators.

Eric Nichols OnlyFans profile - November 2020

They exist. A lot of the celebrities who use the site essentially use it like a second, paid Instagram.

And that’s okay!

What’s not okay is that sex workers on the site were increasingly alarmed by how advertisements seemed to deny that they existed at all.

Evelin Villegas OnlyFans profile

Then came the ban, announced on August 19.

As we covered thoroughly at the time, the outcry and backlash were immediate and thorough.

OnlyFans, however, insisted at the time that their hands were tied — by payment processors.

Deavan Clegg OF - OnlyFans header May 2021

You can’t pay for something online without using some sort of currency, usually a credit card, a debit card, or an online equivalent.

OnlyFans’ CEO said that payment processors, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of New York Mellon, and the U.K.’s Metro Bank were cutting them off.

Additionally, many fingers quickly pointed to MasterCard’s new, extremely strict rules on content standards for payment authorization.

OnlyFans mastercard "myth of consensual sex work" meme tweet

It’s great that these payment processors have now reached some sort of agreement with OnlyFans so that things can continue as before.

(We don’t yet know the details behind that … and would be curious to learn more)

But obviously, these banks and card companies didn’t wake up one day after a porn-filled nightmare and decide to hate human sexuality.

Karine Staehle OnlyFans Profile 13 January 2021

There are, as it turns out, dedicated groups of people who already hate human sexuality full time.

These organizations, characterized by some as anti-sex worker hate groups, lobby governments and businesses alike with one goal.

Exodus Cry, NCOSE, and their ilk have been pushing to make it harder (and one day, impossible) for sex workers to exist.

Tyler Posey OnlyFans teaser

It’s not a conspiracy theory to say that these groups have their origins in Christian dominionism.

Many people have sincerely held beliefs about sex and sexuality that relate to their faith. That is fine.

What is not fine, of course, is attempting to turn those personal beliefs into laws for the rest of the world to follow.

onlyfans b&w header logo

What makes these efforts even more sinister is that they are often in the guise of “saving” women, or even masquerade as “women’s rights.”

Obviously, not all sex workers are women. Many men and nonbinary sex workers exist, on and off of OnlyFans.

But to most of the world, all iterations of the profession are associated with women.

Corey Rathgeber OnlyFans profile

It is categorically absurd to characterize banning sex work as supporting women’s rights.

Right to what — to not have a job?

Telling someone else what to do with their body is a very poor way to safeguard their human rights.

Danielle Bregoli OnlyFans profile 2 April 2021

OnlyFans was only the latest target of these lobbying efforts.

It was not so long ago that PornHub purged a tremendous volume of content after similar efforts. Before that Tumblr infamously banned NSFW content, even art.

Backdoor and Craigslist are also victims of sex trafficking hysteria, as the United States Senate played right into the hands of these malefactors.

Tyler Posey teases exclusive content on OnlyFans

What makes the OnlyFans purge different is the widespread backlash. Almost all of the coverage was pro-sex worker.

The outrage was directed at site itself and at payment processors and at the sinister groups that wanted this to happen.

Major news outlets interviewed sex workers whose families would be devasted by the ban instead of filming celebrations by hand-wringing prudes. That may have made all of the difference.

OnlyFans Backtracks! Says They Are NOT Getting Rid Of Porn… For Now!

Can OnlyFans redeem themselves? As we previously reported, the subscription service caused an uproar when it announced it would be banning pornography in October 2021, blaming their “banking partners and payout providers.” It was a controversial decision, considering their brand was known mostly for NSFW content. Many sex workers protested the loss of income and […]

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OnlyFans Creators Decry NSFW Ban: This Will Ruin Lives

Last week, news broke that OnlyFans is banning almost all NSFW content from what was previously a massive adult media subscription platform.

The ban was more restrictive than anyone suspected, depriving sex workers of almost all of the content options that the site once hosted.

The changes stemmed from MasterCard’s new rules, which were themselves spurred by lobbying by anti-sex worker hate groups.

Content creators who have used this site to house and feed themselves and their families are spelling out exactly how this is ruining and, in some cases, endangering their lives.

OnlyFans Logo

Last week, we reported on the ban and the immediate reaction of social media.

Once the jokes about this being Bella Thorne’s fault died down, the grim reality set in.

OnlyFans used its creators for years, becoming a financial behemoth. $2 billion in transactions later, it’s throwing most of them to the wolves.

Jordyn Woods OnlyFans page

Allegedly, this is all just an effort to “crack down” on any “illegal” content hosted on the site.

OnlyFans already has strict policies of identity verification for anyone appearing on the platform, and has all along.

These new rules, prompted by demands from payment processors, permit mild nudity but ban even simple masturbation.

OnlyFans mastercard "myth of consensual sex work" meme tweet

Groups like Exodus Cry and NCOSE, both characterized as anti-sex-worker hate groups, have been lobbying for this for years.

This is a victory for them and for their fellow Christian dominionist organizations that want to enshrine their religious beliefs in law.

In fact, the only drawback — from their perspective — is the intense backlash, with the vast majority of press coverage siding with sex workers (you know, the victims).

Tyler Posey teases exclusive content on OnlyFans

Strippers, cam workers, OnlyFans models, porn stars, and full service workers are all types of sex workers, and that is not an exhaustive list.

So many of them used OnlyFans as a means of generating revenue for to help pay bills and make ends meet, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, some — particularly disabled, trans, and otherwise marginalized creators — even found that they made more at this job and began doing it full time.

Evelin Villegas OnlyFans profile

“This is something the anti-porn and anti-trafficking organizations have been pushing for,” veteran adult movie actress Alana Evans tells Axios.

As president of the Adult Performers Actors Guild, she predicts: “But I think it’s going to create more trafficking situations.

Alana warns: “I have models telling me they think they have no choice but to move into full-service sex work.” Even before the pandemic, that came with dangers.

Eric Nichols OnlyFans profile - November 2020

Courtney Tillia is a model and life coach as well as a 34-year-old mother of four who was blindsided by the ban.

Speaking to People, she describes the ban as “shocking,” as “sudden,” and as disturbingly “vague.”

“It also leaves us feeling not so great,” she admits, “because we were the ones who built that platform and made it into what it is today.”

Tyler Posey OnlyFans teaser

Courtney, who taught special education for years before depression drove her to a new career, had supported her family on her OnlyFans earnings.

“We made it a brand that people know, and to go back on the people who built it, it’s pretty awful,” she remarks.

“I fell in love with it,” Courtney adds. “I fell in love with being liberated and being able to share myself in different ways.”

Karine Staehle OnlyFans Profile 13 January 2021

“I started this for my own expression,” Courtney details.

“I had no idea there was so much money to be made in it as there is,” she adds.

And she, of course, is not alone.

OnlyFans Logo

Erin Ashford has been one of OnlyFans’ top models, earning thousands of subscribers in her two years on the platform.

She tells Axios that the decision to unceremoniously dump content creators was “earth-shattering.”

Erin worked various jobs in Arizona before finding her way to OnlyFans, which has enabled to build a majestic new life for herself.

Danielle Bregoli IG OnlyFans promo

“I’m not the only one who will be affected by a change in my income,” Erin warns, referring to the farmland on which she now lives.

“There are six families depending on the paycheck I give them every other week,” she explains.

“It seems so easy for OnlyFans to turn their back on me and other adult content creators with such little thought as to the thousands of families that will be affected by this,” Erin laments.

Tyler Posey OnlyFans banner

Maya Morena, a college student who is another OnlyFans creator, spoke to CNN.

“During COVID, I just stopped [full-service sex work] completely because it became too dangerous,” she explains.

“This was the best month I’ve had on OnlyFans,” Morena says of her most recent earnings, “and now it is basically ruined.”

Deavan Clegg OF - OnlyFans header May 2021

Crystal Jackson and her husband, Chris Jackson, are parents in California who have been making $150,000 per month on OnlyFans.

Posting suggestive photos, their income skyrocketed to $500,000 in August, before this grim news broke.

“If you were to get half a million dollars a month for an hour of work a day, would you do it?” Chris posed. “Yeah, you would.”

Anfisa Nava OnlyFans profile

Crystal describes her OnlyFans brand as “modest and reserved, real-neighbor mom.”

Because her content is so tame, she does not expect to be banned directly by the horrible new policy.

However, for both lack of interest and for moral reasons, many subscribers are fleeing OnlyFans to more inclusive platforms.

Stephanie Matto OnlyFans profile

There are many factors behind this, from corporate greed to hateful ideological lobbying to the ill-advised and inexcusable passage of FOSTA/SESTA.

The broader culprit may be how our society treats sex workers, devaluing them and their labor — and in some cases, making their jobs illegal.

OnlyFans creators don’t need to “get real jobs.” They have real jobs, and they have just received what’s essentially news of massive layoffs. It’s shameful.

OnlyFans NSFW Content Ban: It’s So Much Worse Than You Thought

Multiple websites and other businesses have built their brands on the backs of sex workers and then pushed them aside when it’s convenient.

OnlyFans’ ban of most NSFW content makes the (previously) adult media subscription site only the latest on a disgraceful list.

We knew that OnlyFans was throwing its content creators, the ones who made the site a household name, to the wolves.

But we now know that OnlyFans’ ban is stricter and more malicious that it sounded when it was first announced.

OnlyFans Logo

Last week, OnlyFans vowed to release their official new terms of use.

Some on social media accused the site’s content creators of fear-mongering, that they should wait for the new terms to come out.

Now, a quick comparison between the old terms of use and the new ones tell us how alarmingly wrong they were.

Jordyn Woods OnlyFans page

The OnlyFans policy update does affirm that some nudity will still be allowed … but the exceptions are extreme and absolute game-changers.

OnlyFans photos and video are no longer allowed to show, promote, or advertise any “excually explicit conduct.”

If you’re wondering what in the world that means, the new terms of service spell it out.

Deavan Clegg OF - OnlyFans header May 2021

It’s not just that OnlyFans creators can no longer have sex of any kind.

Sexual intercourse is banned, whether it is actual or fake or done with a toy or tool.

And between people? That goes for oral and anal sex as well as genital, in any combination. All banned.

Tyler Posey OnlyFans teaser

If you’re thinking “okay, they’re just going softcore now,” well … we’re not done.

Masturbation, whether actual or simulated, is prohibited.

And while nudity is allowed, zooming in on anybody’s genitals or holes is no longer allowed.

Anfisa Nava OnlyFans profile

That’s right — closeup shots of anybody’s bits can get you banned.

There is also a ban on body fluids, which means that the aftermath of sex or masturbation is prohibited.

And of course, they cannot post teasers promising more for direct customers off of OnlyFans, because they cannot advertise any thing sexually explicit.

Larissa Lima OnlyFans profile 18 Dec 2020

The new terms require that all of this “sexually explicit conduct” be removed before December 1, 2021 at the latest.

Users who violate the policy could see their accounts suspended or terminated, or even have access to their earnings revoked.

That last one sounds like OnlyFans is threatening to keep creators’ money if they break these new rules.

Stephanie Matto OnlyFans profile

There’s no more porn on the porn site.

And “porn” here includes selfies if they zoom in too closely on the wrong areas.

With that, many people’s early morning Twitter scroll might contain more explicit material than OnlyFans creators can now offer.

Evelin Villegas OnlyFans profile

Of course, that depends upon whom they follow.

But while this is an inconvenience for customers, this is a travesty for sex workers who made the site a success.

OnlyFans processed billions of dollars (keeping 20% of all earnings), and now it’s discarding countless people from safe, reliable work.

OnlyFans mastercard "myth of consensual sex work" meme tweet

Last week, we reported on the downright sinister forces at play who made this ban a reality.

MasterCard implemented new rules recently that required obscenely difficult new standards for any adult content.

And the malefactors who lobbied for that consider this to be a victory.

Danielle Bregoli IG OnlyFans promo

Ultimately, as we outlined in our reporting last week, this puritanical Thanos-snap on horny content was deliberately caused.

For some time, Christian dominionists engaged in a culture war have been using “sex trafficking” hysteria as a wedge issue.

In many ways, it’s the new “Satanic panic.”

Tyler Posey OnlyFans banner

When we refer to Christian dominionists, we’re not talking about most American Christians.

We’re talking about people who want everyone’s laws defined by their theology.

Exodus Cry and the so-called National Center on Sexual Exploitation are two of the tools in their armory used to target sites like OnlyFans.

Bella Thorne OnlyFans stats 28 August 2020

Both Exodus Cry and NCOSE have been characterized as anti-sex worker hate groups, and with good reason.

There is no way to advocate against someone’s entire way of life and source of income and also support those people.

Paradoxically, these groups and others sometimes claim to be crusading for “women’s rights” … by seeking to infringe upon the bodily autonomy of countless women.

Corey Rathgeber advertises OnlyFans

Before this, Exodus Cry is believed to have been responsible for PornHub purging massive amounts of content.

The claim at the time that circulated among anti-sex worker groups was that “most” of the site’s content was suspect or illegal.

While that was not true, all non-verified users of the porn streaming site were suddenly iced out, leaving mostly large studios behind.

Tyler Posey teases exclusive content on OnlyFans

OnlyFans has been a godsend for countless sex workers, but new and old, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re talking about a source of stable income where content creators can work from home and generate revenue to feed their families and pay bills.

Trans and disabled content creators found OnlyFans particularly appealing because many other lines of work can involve discrimination and accessibility issues.

Colt Johnson OnlyFans profile

There is one silver lining to this grim story: the publicity is not going the way that the malicious puppetmasters intended.

When PornHub was purged, many uncritically echoed the sentiment that PornHub was pretty sketchy to begin with (true) and that the purge was necessary (not so true).

This time, the overwhelming majority of the media coverage of the OnlyFans purge has been pro-sex worker.

Tyler Posey IG OnlyFans caption

The goons at anti-sex worker hate groups clearly did not expect the finger-pointing to so quickly identify them and MasterCard, or to so loudly condemn this.

This is a nightmare for so many content creators, who will now have to find new sites in order to continue working.

While many hope that OnlyFans’ financial value will crash and burn as it richly deserves, there are countless creators on the site who are scrambling for new work.

Deavan Clegg OnlyFans profile

For now, we as individuals can support sex workers individually in some cases, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

Unmasking and exposing these groups in our midst that exist only to lobby to make the world a worse place has to be a priority.

Anti-sex worker hate groups have lobbied card companies, the DOJ, and more. It’s time for people with power to stop listening to the bad guys.

Bella Thorne Gets Blamed As Sex Workers BLAST OnlyFans For Porn Ban!

If you hadn’t heard, OnlyFans is going through some major changes. As of October 1, the site known primarily as a platform for sex workers and adult performers will officially BAN all porn on the site! In a statement, the UK-based company said the removal of all sexually explicit material is “to comply with the requests […]

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OnlyFans Bans Most NSFW Content: Fans Blame Mastercard, Politics, and Bella Thorne

For years, now, OnlyFans has been an adult media subscription platform giving sex workers a safe, reliable revenue stream.

It has been used by Teen Mom stars, by 90 Day Fiance stars, and most infamously, by Bella Thorne.

Now, the site has announced an alarming pivot that will abruptly ban a vast swathe of the site’s content.

Horrified and upset social media users are wading through reports and misinformation to find out whom to blame. Did Bella Thorne ruin the site?

To quote a popular and too-often relevant meme: we are all looking for the guy who did this.

On Thursday, August 19, Bloomberg and other outlets reported that OnlyFans was banning a lot of what people consider to be “porn” from what most would call a porn-based site.

Sex workers and content creators had been noting red flags in this direction for some time.

Tyler Posey teases exclusive content on OnlyFans

Despite some confusing press coverage, OnlyFans creators will still be able to upload photos and videos, even including a degree of nudity and sexual content.

Other things, ranging from illegal material (already banned) to some more outlandish kinks to fairly commonplace kink staples, will be banned.

There is a lot of uncertainty among non-celebrity OnlyFans creators, many of whom have invested money in camera, lighting, and equipment because this is their primary source of income.

So what exactly is leaving the site? Initially, we just heard that “sexually explicit” material will soon be forbidden.

Certain types of bondage and fully consensual “rough” sex scenes are out, according to initial reports.

OnlyFans already requires that anyone appearing in any content be an adult with a verified identity. 

OnlyFans Logo

They are now policing the type of sex that consenting adults have, and effectively making all of the site’s remaining creators walk on eggshells.

Some, most of whom are either opposed to sex work or whose default stance is to disparage women, say that sex workers impacted should get “real jobs.”

But OnlyFans creators already have a real job. Whether it’s stripping, cam work, porn, or full service, sex work is real work.

Danielle Bregoli OnlyFans profile 2 April 2021

OnlyFans is not the first site to try to banish a huge portion of its content.

The infamous Tumblr Purge of 2018 all but killed the blogging platform, and was devastating to artists and sex workers alike.

Before that, Backpage and Craigslist both had to suspend features that had been a godsend to sex workers.

Bri on OnlyFans

Much of this has stemmed from FOSTA/SESTA, an ostensibly well-intentioned but ultimately reprehensible piece of legislation passed several years ago.

Under the guise of fighting “sex trafficking,” the legislation made plenty of (consensual) sex workers unable to operate online because web services risked penalties if caught hosting them.

The results of this go much deeper than an inconvenience to sex workers or their clients.

Larissa Lima OnlyFans profile 18 Dec 2020

On sites like Backpage, full service sex workers were once able to safely screen potential clients before meeting face-to-face.

Now, unable to do so, they are back to meeting clients in person without vetting them. The potential dangers are obvious and potentially deadly.

Every Senator who voted for the bill, including ones that you or I might happen to like, has blood on their hands.

Danielle Bregoli IG OnlyFans promo

OnlyFans is only the latest casualty in what appears to be a war against having fun on the internet.

We have to remember that this is a direct attack on people’s livelihoods, not just an inconvenience to people who want to look at naked people.

Who is to blame, exactly?

After the disgusting news about OnlyFans’ policy shift broke on Thursday, Bella Thorne’s name was soon trending.

Why? Because when Bella famously joined the site to tremendous financial success, she effectively “broke” several features.

She was also accused at that time of interfering in the work of actual sex workers who, unlike Bella, were not famous millionaires and actually need the money.

Bella Thorne OnlyFans 14 September 2020

The joke on Twitter was that Bella’s participation in the site last year began a domino effect that led to this.

While her cavalier use of the site to post largely SFW content led to her being accused of “scamming” customers, this was not actually her doing.

In fact, Bella doesn’t really post the kind of content that’s being banned. The actual causes of this are much more sinister.

Jordyn Woods OnlyFans page

So … what is the truth?

OnlyFans’ official explanation that the change is to “comply with the requests of our banking partners and payout providers.”

With that in mind, this twist on a familiar meme was spawned: 

OnlyFans mastercard "myth of consensual sex work" meme tweet

This meme migh tbe a joke, but it’s spot-on in many ways.

MasterCard is implementing new rules and requirements for any adult media sites.

If the sites fail to meet the card company’s extreme demands, then customers can no longer use those cards to pay.

Eric Nichols OnlyFans profile - November 2020

So why exactly is MasterCard transforming into Frollo and setting fire to anything that dares to make people horny?

It’s not just MasterCard. Paypal is known for being hostile to sex workers. And it’s expected that Visa and other cards will soon have similar rules.

There is a complex chain of factors leading to this, but a huge part of it is … Christian dominionism. We’re not kidding.

Tyler Posey OnlyFans teaser

This Twitter thread actually lays things out with specific sourced detail if you want an exact rundown of cause and effect.

The “short” version, we say a little too late at nearly 900 words into reporting on this, is that there are malicious groups waging a “culture war” in our society.

They go after the LGBTQ+ community, women’s rights, and more … but sex work makes an easier target.

Deavan Clegg OF - OnlyFans header May 2021

Face it: raging loudly about gay people existing isn’t as popular of a position as it was a couple of decades ago.

The trans community is on the receiving end of a lot of bigotry but, in the United States, mainstream transphobia meets an increasingly partisan divide.

What issue could unite conservatives with gullible liberal politicians and their constituents? Fear-mongering about “sex trafficking.”

Karine Staehle OnlyFans Profile 13 January 2021

Sex trafficking is a real thing. There are people in this world who are forced into horrors that most of us cannot imagine.

But that should never be conflated with sex work. “Consensual sex worker” is redundant.

By the same token, someone who is voluntarily a paid construction worker or farmer should not be conflated with a slave.

Tyler Posey OnlyFans banner

What happens is that people with Christian dominionist agendas — who want to make their religion’s laws part of our legal code — raise the alarm.

They talk about sex trafficking and exploitation, both real and imagined, on sites like Pornhub, OnlyFans, Backpage, and more.

No politician wants to be seen as “pro-sex-trafficking,” with the possible exception of Matt Gaetz, so the worst kind of bipartisan coalition is formed.

Anfisa Nava OnlyFans profile

Legislation targeting sex trafficking almost invariably makes life harder and more dangerous for actual sex workers.

Part of this is because of restrictions on online content.

It’s also more challenging because full service sex work is illegal in most of the United States.

Stephanie Matto OnlyFans profile

And by the way? Not all of them can get other jobs.

This is especially true for trans and disabled sex workers and for single parents.

A job done from home with a flexible schedule that can make you real, consistent money? For many, that’s their dream job.

Corey Rathgeber OnlyFans profile

This goes deeper than a toxic bipartisan war against sex workers, however.

Anti-sex worker hate groups, often crusading under thin veneer of “women’s rights” or the always ominous “family-oriented” banner, lobby payment processors directly.

They convince major banks and cards and other financial services to not do business with any sites that hot sex workers.

Evelin Villegas OnlyFans profile

At worst, Bella Thorne may have shown OnlyFans that they can still make money from painfully tame, non-sexual material.

That is why, for months, this has been building, starting with OnlyFans playing ads for chefs and other SFW entertainers.

They built their massive media empire on the backs of sex workers. Now, the site is discarding a lot of them. It is shameful.

OnlyFans To BAN PORNOGRAPHY Come October!

OnlyFans is cutting off the hand that feeds it — and it’s not immediately clear whether they will be able to survive this BAD decision… On Thursday, in a statement provided to Variety and other media outlets, the social network best known for amassing an active base of more than 130 million users — the majority of […]

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Danielle Bregoli Threatens Endless Stream of OnlyFans Content: Cash Me Out(side), Heaux!

Earlier this year, just one week after turning 18, Danielle Bregoli joined OnlyFans to staggering success.

She made $1 million off of the adult media subscription site in her first six hours.

That’s impressive and alarming, much like Danielle’s rap career albeit for different reasons.

Now, Bhad Bhabie is threatening to unleash endless OnlyFans content for her horny, creepy subscribers to gobble up.

In 2016, Danielle Bregoli was just a poorly behaved middle school student embodying the worst stereotypes about Florida.

An awful mother, a loose grasp of the English language, a short temper, and unrealistic aspirations of fame and fortune.

At least, they were unrealistic.

After insulting Dr. Phil (as one should) and threatening the studio audience with her “cash me ousside, how ‘bou’ da?” catchphrase, that changed.

Danielle became a meme and was able to capitalize on that, launching a rap career and even a reality series … on Snapchat.

Her music sold astonishingly well and she was soon a millionaire, still as willing to brawl as ever.

On March 26 of this year, Danielle celebrated her eighteenth birthday.

She also submitted the documentation to OnlyFans, a widely popular adult media subscription site, to create her own account.

After the standard one week of processing time, her account was created … and Danielle announced it to the world.

In a better world, most of Danielle’s income would have been limited to peers of young adults close to her own age.

Instead of a trickle of college-age fans, the barely-18-year-old who rose to fame at just 13 made $1 million in just six hours.

We don’t know the age demographics of her subscribers, but our guess is that the majority were not teens. That’s uncomfortable.

Danielle Bregoli IG $1 million in 6 hours

Now, Danielle is speaking to In Touch Weekly about her rationale behind becoming an OnlyFans creator.

“The bag was there … I’m not going to not go get it,” Danielle stated.

The self-styled Bhad Bhabie remarked: “I learned that a long time ago.”

Danielle Bregoli IG OnlyFans promo

“I get to do what I want on there without any censoring,” Danielle noted.

“And,” she added, “I get to make real money.”

Danielle noted that this makes OnlyFans “unlike basically every other platform.”

“I’m just having fun on there,” Danielle added.

“And,” she reminded everyone, “I just started a few months ago.”

“So,” Danielle continued, there is “going to be way more content on there.”

Her OnlyFans success is not going to distract her from her actual career in rap.

“I’m really excited about my new music and EP,” Danielle gushed.

She added: “It’s definitely going to be ‘all me.’”

“I’m older now,” remarked the rapper who was born in 2003. “I know the game now.”

“I will tell producers and music execs which songs I want,” she explained.

“And,” Danielle continued, “how I want them to sound.”

“I would definitely say my sound is more ‘mature’ and details my personal growth,” Danielle assessed.

“I just finished filming the music video for the lead single which will be out soon,” she revealed.

“And,” Danielle teased, “I may have a couple surprise guests on the album, but you will have to wait and see.”

Danielle also revealed that she has a largely unknown talent.

“I can actually do nails! I’ve been practicing on my friends and mom,” she shared.

“My best friend owns nail salons and a nail kit business,” Danielle concluded, “and we are working on a few things together, too.”

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