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This special series is all about helping you succeed as a composer - from offering inspiration, advice on getting started and advancing your career, to creative tips and tricks, helpful resources and lessons learned, from some of the industry's most successful composers for film, games and beyond.

In this interview, you'll hear what it takes to get started and succeed in the game industry from Emmy award-winning and three-time BAFTA-nominated game composer Inon Zur, who recently released the score for Square Enix's Outriders. Zur also scored blockbuster game franchises including Fallout, Dragon Age, Prince Of Persia, and The Elder Scrolls.

By Jennifer Walden and Asbjoern Andersen, images courtesy of Inon Zur
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Award-winning composer Inon Zur is internationally renowned for his emotionally dynamic original game scores for Fallout, Dragon Age, Prince Of Persia, The Elder Scrolls, and more! His most recent score for the epic sci-fi action RPG Outriders (Square Enix) features heavy orchestral soundscapes blended with futuristic musical sound design.

Inon’s iconic themes and avant-garde scores for the Fallout series have been described as “sophisticated and atmospheric” (Classic FM) and received two BAFTA nominations. His best-selling soundtrack for Fallout 4 is celebrated as one of the best original video game scores by BAFTA, The Game Awards, and Classic FM. Recently, his original score for The Elder Scrolls: Blades received top honors at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards.

Classically trained with a flair for powerful, melodic orchestral writing, Inon conducts and records world-class orchestras and his music is also performed in symphonic concerts. He has produced and collaborated with artists including Florence + The Machine and is signed to Sony Music with his debut major-label album release Into The Storm.

Inon’s upcoming soundtracks include a neo-classical and multi-ethnic score for Syberia: The World Before (Microids), as well as several other major projects currently in development.

Find out more about his work at

• How did you get started in the composing industry? What was your first game score and what was that experience like for you?

After I relocated to the United States from Israel and finished my music studies at the Dick Grove School of Music and UCLA, I had a few opportunities to compose music for student films; one of them was featured at the Sundance Film Festival.

So for my first game, I composed a Klingon opera!

Professionally, I started my career in television and film, composing hundreds of TV episodes for Power Rangers, Digimon, and Escaflowne on the Fox Family channel. In 1997, I got my first invitation to score for video games which was for Star Trek: Klingon Academy. It was a great experience that opened up a whole new world to me as I was always passionate about recording with live orchestras and games provided this opportunity. So for my first game, I composed a Klingon opera!

• Any advice you’d share on how to land a composing job in the game industry?

In today’s industry, you need to diversify your efforts in many directions in order to land a gig. First off, you need to be trained and capable in composing, since the competition is fierce.

Then, you need to concentrate on 3 main areas:

1. Develop personal relationships with people in the industry that trust you and can give you an opportunity. Usually, if you form a successful working relationship, this will lead to more jobs with the same people, and can launch your career.

…you need to think about ways to expand your outreach to people.

2. Be creative in connecting your social media to your job search. You have to be very active, but not in posting meaningless info. Rather, you should try to show your capability and your experience, as well as showcase your music as much as possible. Obviously, you need to think about ways to expand your outreach to people.

3. Be very active at conventions, conferences, societies and other industry events that can give you visibility and start endorsing you in the industry. Don’t miss a chance to introduce yourself to the industry and be prepared to have an impressive presentation of your music when the opportunity arises. That includes the best demo reel you can create, a smart and simple website that shows everything about you and your abilities, IMDB page and any other online presence that can support you and your quest.

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Special feature on the music of Outriders with Inon Zur

• What were some essential lessons you’ve learned throughout your career?

1. Never say no to a gig.

2. Always deliver on time and on budget.

3. Be a team player with the studio, understand that the production is the most important thing, and your music is just there to support it.

4. Learn to accept criticism, don’t argue when the producer calls for changes, just do what they want because usually they really know what they need for their project.

Learn to accept criticism

5. Always try to come up with new and interesting materials, don’t fall into the usual “go-to” musical schemes and solutions. Remember that your team expects you to create something which will be unique to their project, so you need to work hard to develop a special music signature and soundscape for every project you are working on.

6. Make sure that your contract is well-negotiated, and your legal rights are being respected. Never give up your music credit and make sure you can always collect at least the writer’s shares for your music.

7. Be fun to work with. Producers really like to have a good personal relationship with their composer, so make sure you respect that.

Try as much as you can not to complain

8. Try as much as you can not to complain, even when things are not exactly going in the direction you imagine they should go. Always look at the big picture when it comes to your working relationship with the company.

9. Last but definitely not least: enjoy what you do. This will be reflected in your music.


Highlights from A Sound Effect - article continues below:

  • Video Thumbnail

    This cutting-edge library was created in collaboration with several award-winning sound designers, whose credits include Disney+, Diablo 3, The Outsider, Soul, Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Mortal Shell and many others.

    Cinematic World includes over 600 highly detailed designed, signature and source sound effects.

    All sound effects come in 24bit 96kHz, including detailed naming conventions and rigorous Soundminer-embedded metadata.

    All source sound effects were recorded with professional high-end equipment, including Sound Devices 788 with ORTF setup of Sennheiser MKH 8040’s and MKH 8050, as well as Rode NTG8, LOM Elektrosluch, DPA 4060 and Sony PCM D100.

    Library Review:

    RT Sonics’ libraries are awesome and irreplaceable – not only do they feature ready-to use-designed assets that stand out from the crowd, but also have immaculately recorded construction kits that I keep coming back to! You can tell that these libraries are created by sound designers, for sound designers.” –

    Alex Previty

    Sound Designer Audio Lead | Spider-Man (PS4), PlayStation

    Cinematic World features:

    Heavy Hits, Low Hits, Pulses, Clock Loops, Mech Suit Buildups and Weapons, Strings, Risers, Pings, Car Whooshes, Monster Roars, Bass Drops, Braams, Whooshes, Whoosh Hits and much more.

  • Dark ERA, ancient pagan music and the sound of the Vikings

    With Dark ERA, Eduardo Tarilonte – the master of mystical sounds – leads us back into the dark age where legends were born and where old northern gods still determined the fate of mankind. This library allows you to discover sounds to which the vikings and other already forgotten cultures and tribes were celebrating and singing their myths.

    The fascinating sound of Dark ERA ranges from the transcendental drones of the ancient stringed-harp Tagelharpa to the unmatched grace of the gut-stringed Lyre to the distinctive and characteristic sound of the Nordic bone flutes and the overtone flute Fujara. Goose bumps are guaranteed with the sound of war horns such as the wooden Lur, thunderous mighty percussion, a full ensemble of frame-drums as well as mystical throat chants.

    These instruments are complemented by an impressive collection of pulsating pads and atmospheric soundscapes which evolve over longer periods. These unique sounds ensure that Dark ERA can clearly be regarded as the next masterpiece created by Eduardo Tarilonte.

  • RAW CELLO FX features manipulated and mangled cello sound effects designed to provide the full character of the instrument and harmonic richness in order to create a completely unique set of organic samples between music and noise, intimate and vivid bold sounds expanding new possibilities out of this instrument.

    Different techniques and less-than-conventional microphone placement have been used to create gorgeous harmonics and a wide array of interesting sounds. We “played” with fingers and hands, different bows against the strings, objects and kitchen utensils, bowing, scraping or hitting single and multiple strings or parts of the wood body. 

    The collection features designed hits, bow, crescendo, screech, woosh, swell, bonus fx folder and is ready for trailer and soundtrack projects.



  • TH Studio Production presents VANDRIA, an epic cinematic vocal library, featuring the voice of the singer Megi Angelova.

    Born in Bulgaria, Megi Angelova is a singer/songwriter based in London, UK. Coming from a background of musicians and artists she always has been fascinated by art and music which inspires her to look beyond the frames and to experiment with different styles of music, vocals, lyrics, musical instruments and sound effects .

    The library includes a version for the full Kontakt 5.8.1+, and a .wav version:17 Kontakt 5 instruments:
    • 2 Types Vocal Legato
    • 2 Types Vocal Legato Portamento
    • 2 Types Vocal Legato Sustain 
    • Vocal Music Phrases : Cm , C#m, G#m, Hm .
    • Vocal Whispers Phrases
    • Vandria Pad

    + WAV version

  • Realtime Pitchshifting PlugIn version 2!

    Elastique Pitch is the real time pitch shifting solution for RTAS, VST, AU and AAX. Powered by zplane’s élastiquePro pitch shifting engine which is used by millions of end users around the world, the plugin ensures the highest, program independent pitch shifting quality.

    Elastique Pitch focuses on the essential things: you won’t find any unnecessary or confusing controls or functionality. Instead, the plugin offers you quality, stability, and ease of use.

    In the second edition we´ve added a feedback delay and the infiniSTRETCH function of the new élastiquePro v3 engine. Both make it easy to use Elastique Pitch in a more creative way.

    The key features of Elastique Pitch V2 are:

    • multi channel: support for synchronous pitching of up to 8 audio channels
    • real time: no offline pre-analysis required
    • feedback with delay for more creative usage
    • Three different views
    • Program-independent high quality with the highly-acclaimed élastiquePro v3 engine (speech, single-voiced, classical/popular music, etc.)
    • phase coherence: absolute phase stability between all channels
    • MIDI input: for pitch control
    • formant shifting: shift formants independent from pitch
    • factory presets: for typical film pull-ups/pull-downs
    • AU, VST, AAX and RTAS support for Mac & PC

    technical specifications

    • audio format: 1-8 channels (I/O), 44.1-192kHz sample rate
    • plugin format: AAX, RTAS, AU, VST
    • pitch range: ± 12 semitones = 50-200%
    • timbre range: ± 12 semitones = 50-200%
    • plugin latency: 150ms @48kHz
    • min. system CPU: 2GHz
    • OS: MacOsX >10.6.8, Windows 2000/XP, Vista, Win7/8
    • Host: Pro Tools > V8

    WIN | MAC

  • An equalizer is probably the tool you use most while mixing and mastering, so you need the best of the best. With FabFilter Pro-Q 3, you get the highest possible sound quality, a very extensive feature set, and a gorgeous, innovative interface with unrivalled ease of use.

    Mixing and mastering features
    Pro-Q 3 offers everything that a demanding engineer could wish for: top-quality linear phase operation in addition to the zero latency and unique Natural Phase modes, smooth dynamic EQ, per-band mid/side processing, full surround support (up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2), an intelligent solo feature, optional Auto Gain and a built-in, fully customizable spectrum analyzer.

    Effortlessly sculpt your sound
    FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is designed to help you achieve your sound in the quickest way possible. Via the large interactive EQ display, you can create bands where you need them, enable dynamic EQ for any band, and select and edit multiple bands at once.
    Unique features like Spectrum Grab, Full Screen mode and EQ Match will speed up your workflow even more. Try it yourself!

    FabFilter goodies
    Of course, you also get all the usual FabFilter goodies: perfectly tuned knobs, interactive MIDI Learn, undo/redo and A/B switch, Smart Parameter Interpolation for smooth parameter transitions, an extensive help file with interactive help hints, sample-accurate automation, advanced optimization and much more.

  • A crush on music

    Distortion and saturation play a very important role in music production. From subtle, clean and warm tube or tape saturation to the wildest multiband guitar amp effects: FabFilter Saturn 2 delivers.

    Saturn 2 introduces a host of new features such as a redesigned interface with modulation visualization, new subtle saturation and linear phase processing for mastering, many new distortion styles, and more.

    Warmth, harmonics, color and dynamics

    FabFilter Saturn 2 offers a range of different high quality distortion models, inspired by the vintage sound of tubes, tape, transformers and guitar amps. In addition, you get five creative FX distortion styles to mangle your sounds in weird and unexpected ways.

    With its multiband design and per-band feedback, dynamics, drive, tone and modulation options, Saturn 2 will bring a unique flavor to your music.

    Bring your sounds to life

    Add life and depth to your music using the extensive modulation section. By applying subtle modulation to crossover frequencies, dynamics, band levels or tone controls, great warmth and definition can be achieved.

    With all the XLFOs, EGs, XY controllers/sliders, envelope followers and MIDI sources you will ever need, you get practically unlimited modulation possibilities. Creating new modulation connections could not be easier: just drag and drop. And Saturn 2 visualizes all modulation in real-time to show exactly what’s going on.

    FabFilter goodies

    Finally, FabFilter Saturn 2 contains all the usual FabFilter goodies: perfectly tuned knobs, MIDI Learn, Smart Parameter Interpolation for smooth parameter transitions, interface resizing and full screen mode, support for Avid control surfaces, GPU-powered graphics acceleration, extensive help with interactive help hints, SSE optimization, and much more.

  • smart:comp is the latest addition to the product line of A.I. powered plug-ins by sonible. This unique spectro-dynamic compressor finds the parameters for well-balanced compression results in just a few seconds. Through frequency-selective processing, smart:comp also ensures unparalleled transparency. With this multidimensional approach, compression has evolved to the next level.

    smart:comp is the synergy of intelligently enhanced time-domain compression and trailblazing spectral compression. Behind the user-friendly and intuitive interface of this new plug-in, runs the smart:engine – an A.I.-based, content-aware system designed on the basis of psychoacoustic principles as well as extensive hands-on mixing experience.

    The time-domain compressor recommends the most appropriate settings for threshold, ratio, attack and release with a single click, as the spectral compression dynamically keeps an eye on the tonal balance of the input signal.

    The interrelated nature of compression parameters can make the crucial task of compression time-consuming and tedious. smart:comp significantly speeds up this process and delivers results with greater precision than ever, making it a valuable assistant for mixing and mastering professionals and aspiring talents alike. 

    Getting the best out of a track: content-aware parametrization and tonal balance
    When activating the learning mode of smart:comp, the plug-in analyzes the incoming audio signal and sets specific parameters that result in well-balanced compression – all with the familiar look and handling of a single band compressor.

    The spectral compression is all about giving a track the best possible definition and maximum transparency. By continuously analyzing the input signal across more than 2000 bands, smart:comp acts like an intelligent, ultra-high-resolution multiband compressor that dynamically smoothes out tonal imbalances. It only applies compression where it is really needed and therefore ensures a consistent tonal and dynamic balance at all times.

    Creating space: frequency-dependent sidechain ducking
    In order to seamlessly merge signals that compete for attention within the same spectral regions, smart:comp ‘listens’ for potential spectral clashes between the input and the sidechain signals, when operating in sidechain mode. By dynamically ducking affected frequency regions of the input signal, it creates space for the sidechain signal.

    Users’ choice – easy to use and fast
    smart:comp comes with a lean and intuitive user interface that allows for easy handling of this high-tech tool. Although the plug-in greatly assists in creating a fast workflow when the smart:engine is activated, users retain their control over the final outcome and are able to access and adjust all essential parameters.

    Similar to sonible’s smart:EQ 2, the new compressor plug-in smart:comp comes equipped with profiles for different audio sources. These profiles allow smart:comp to optimally adapt its internal processing to the characteristics of the respective input signal.

     “As compression is probably the most critical task in the mixing process, the development of smart:comp has been a fascinating challenge. Together with our engineering team, we wanted to take the next step in the evolution of audio compression – and now we can proudly say: We have taken it!”

    smart:comp – key features

    • Automatic, content-aware compression parametrization
    • Spectral compression with sensitivity control
    • Attack and release shaper
    • Frequency-dependent ducking in sidechain mode
    • Smart auto gain

  • Animal Collections Animal Hyperrealism Vol I Play Track Over 1300 sounds included $170

    Animal Hyperrealism Vol I is a library containing sounds themed animal vocalisations, from real to designed creatures totaling more than 1300 individual sounds in 290 files.

    The sounds were partly recorded with animals trained for media production, partly recorded in zoos and wildlife centers. The asset list includes but is not limited to: african lions, bengal tigers, horses, donkeys, cows, exotic birds, owls, bobcats, pumas, dromedaries, wolves, dogs, geese, lemurs, gibbons and many more.

    All the content has been recorded at 192KHz with a Sanken CO100K plus a Sennheiser 8050 for center image and a couple of Sennheiser MKH8040 for stereo image. All files are delivered as stereo bounce of these four mics, though in some instances an additional couple of CO100K was added to the sides.

    The resulting ultrasonic spectrum is rich and allows for truly extreme manipulation of the content.

    Bonus: Two extra libraries included for free:
    This library also includes two additional releases from Mattia Cellotto - for free: Crunch Mode delivers 230 crunchy sounds made with a variety of vegetables, fresh bread, pizza crust and a selection of frozen goods. The Borax Experiment gets you 158 squishy, gory, slimy and gooey sounds.
  • Cold Weapons Swordfighter Play Track 479 sounds included $25

    Swordfighter is a robust package with sharp sounding swords, heaps of variations and all the extras you need to make a fight come alive. Build unique sword swings with various hits, swooshes, schings, different fighter vocals and impacts on various surfaces. All up there are 137 sword sounds, 93 surface impact sounds, 15 knife throwing sounds, 48 swooshes and 180 fighter vocals.

    This version includes two sub-folders: one optimised for a film & TV workflow and the other optimised for video games workflow. Plus a few bonus sounds of a charging army.

  • Genres Vintage Anime SFX Play Track 350+ sounds included $69

    The Vintage Anime Sound Effects Library brings all of the excitement of your favorite Japanese animated series to your fingertips. Inspired by classic cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s, these recognizable and versatile sounds will instantly enhance any FX collection. Vintage synths were used to create the auras, beams, mecha blasters, atmospheres, magic spells, guns, sonic blasts and explosives that makeup this pack of over 350+ custom 24bit/96khz .WAV files. Perfect for film, video games, podcasts and any project that could benefit from a power up!

    Both designed sounds and source recordings:
    • Classic anime sfx from the 80’s and 90’s

    • Auras, mecha, beams, blasters, spells, explosives and more! 350+ sounds!

    • Tons of source material for experimentation

    • Expert crafted metadata

    • Vintage Anime PDF

  • Creatures WINGS Play Track 1444+ sounds included From: $99

    We are extremely proud to present our first library, WINGS – a one-of-a-kind sound library.

    From tiny insects to small birds, from fairies to dragons, WINGS offers a creative palette with a diverse range of sounds to choose from.

    With over 1400 files (more than 4 GB for the 192 kHz version ) we’re confident you will find the perfect sound.

    When purchasing WINGS you get 2 packs, our Design category that includes 180 files and the Source category that offers more than 1200 sounds. Featuring the very best of our foley sessions.

    All single flaps have been careful edited, allowing for unique speed or rate adjustments.

    Pick your preferred version at the introductory prices below:

Need specific sounds, instruments or plugins? Try a search below:


• Any favorite tricks and workflows tips that help when composing for games?

The most important step is to have for yourself the best technically-equipped studio you can afford. Don’t save on assets, since they will make your job easier. Make sure you have a ready-to-go midi template for many musical styles to call upon so you can just pull up the appropriate midi palette and get going. It will save you time.

Learn to understand the musical world in gaming.

Learn to understand the musical world in gaming. There is specific terminology employed within the industry, and you need to know all about that and how it works.

If you want to be even more proactive you can learn programs like Wwise which is an implementation program. This way you can present yourself as a composer and an audio director. For smaller games, this could come in very handy.

Be sure you are familiar with the game including all the related information to the story, so you can compose music that will be appropriate and enhance the game.

• What are your favorite sites and resources for composers?

Anything that can enrich your knowledge and boost your inspiration. Usually, YouTube will do the job. You can also go on composer and industry forums. It never hurts to read what’s new and what issues other composers are dealing with.


Above all, it is important to just be a decent human being.

• What’s one special thing you did to become a successful composer?

I would have to say it was not one single thing. It is a combination of all that which I mentioned that helped me pave my way in the industry. Above all, it is important to just be a decent human being. Be kind to others, even if they are your direct competition. Hard work and dedication are a must 100% of the time!


A big thanks to Inon Zur for sharing his valuable insights with us!

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• Sherri Chung – composer on The CW’s Batwoman and Riverdale, NBC’s Blindspot, and CBS’s The Red Line
• Cindy O’Connor – composer on ABC’s Once Upon a Time

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A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:
  • The Arrow Barrage Complete collection is a compilation of three lovingly crafted libraries that cover a huge array of textures and performances in the context of individual and massive group archery batteries. Each library has hundreds of files and thousands of unique performances and sound particles renders. Together these libraries form a comprehensive tome of textures, impacts and whooshes that can be used in contexts far beyond archery.

    • 3 complete arrow barrage libraries included
    • over 84 minutes of sound
    • 452 elements files and over 2000 unique performances
    • 234 designed files and over 1100 unique sound particles renders

  • Game Audio Packs Gamemaster Pro Sound Collection Play Track 8076 sounds included, 189 mins total $49

    Pro Sound Collection is the highest quality and most affordable sound library you will find. The ultimate collection of 8076 ready to use sound effects!!!

    This is the perfect collection of sounds for all types of sound designers, game developers and video editors who need a large range of high quality sound effects ready to use. Designed specifically for games, film and other media by award winning sound designers.

    What’s included? EVERY sound Gamemaster Audio ever made! ALL our other other sound libraries (plus other sounds) have been packed into in this amazing sound collection.

    Pro Sound Collection Includes:

    Gun Sound Pack $19
    Bullet Impact Sounds $19
    Human Vocalizations $25
    Magic and Spell Sounds $25
    Punch and Combat Sounds $29
    Sci-Fi Sounds and Sci-Fi Weapons $25
    Silenced Gun Sounds $25
    Troll Monster Vocalizations $10
    Explosion Sound Pack $10
    Footstep and Foley Sounds $10
    Fun Casual Sounds $15
    Fun Character Voices $10
    Retro 8 Bit Sounds $15
    Fun Animal Voices $25

    Total value $301!!!

    Sound Categories:

    • Alarms • Ambience • Animals • Beeps • Bullets • Buttons • Cartoon • Cinematic • Collectibles • Comedy • Doors • Electricity • Explosions • Fire • Foley • Footsteps • Guns • Hums • Items • Levers • Magic • Misc. • Nature • Powerups • Punches • Retro/8Bit • Sci-Fi • Snow / Ice • Switches • User Interface • Voice • Water • Weapons • Whooshes + MANY MORE!

  • The Rock Slides sound effects library includes 57 recordings of various small rock, pebble, and other debris slides.

    There were multiple microphone positions used, but the two most common were a stereo microphone placed on the middle of the slope, capturing the slides from left – center – right as they slid down the mountain.

    The other was the stereo microphone placed at the bottom of the slope as the rocks traveled down the slope towards the microphone. This captured more of a crescendo with the sound of rocks growing louder as they travel closer to the microphone.

    31 %
Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Holograms is a versatile and comprehensive collection of hologram sound effects. It’s separated into modular categories, giving you maximum flexibility in designing holograms and holographic interactions of all shapes and sizes. Categories include small/medium/large hologram activations and drones, positive/negative/neutral ui beeps, interference, radio transmissions, alarms, and telemetry. The energy drone/activation source is also great for force fields, shields, and all manner of sci-fi energy textures.

    – 391 files
    – 948 total sounds
    – 96 kHz / 24 bit
    – modular categories to mix and match

  • Recording of a Swedish Strv 121 tank

    The Swedish 1989 Stridsvagn 121 (Strv 121) sound library provides 371 clips in 25.56 gigabytes of audio. Based off of the German Leopard 2A4, this tank showcases the sound of a 47.6 liter, V12 cylinder, diesel turbo engine.

    11 synchronized takes share a total of 29 onboard and exterior perspectives. The 20 onboard perspectives include recordings from the interior, exhaust, tracks, 3rd-person perspective, and engine with ramps and steady RPMs. The 9 exterior perspectives include slow, medium, and fast driving while the battle tank passes by, reverses, departs, and arrives. There are also shut downs, revving, idles, start ups and others. The package also provides bonus four-channel Ambisonic AMBEO recordings of the interior cabin, performed effects of steering wheel movements, mock driving performances, throttle moves and other sounds, and impulse response recordings from inside the vehicle.

    The sound library also shares complete embedded metadata support, 5 custom mixes of the onboard perspectives, metadata import files for keywords in seven languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish, and easy-to-use mixing sessions.

  • Low-price. High-quality. Essential.

    A collection of 50 essential firework sound effects, including launches, crackles, whistles, close, distant and multi displays!

    The sounds are fully compatible with the Universal Category System (UCS) – a public domain initiative establishing a standardized category list for the classification of sound effects.

    Note: All of these sounds (and more!) are included in the 96 General Library.

  • [ATTENTION: This preview only simulates gameplay to demo a portion of the library’s content.]

    Plunge your players into the worlds of ancient Greece with ultra immersive mythology-themed sound effects and high quality win tunes for your slot game! With 310 top quality audio assets (155 original sounds), each one is handcrafted and optimized to be the perfect addition to your slot game, offering a massive value to players of any Greek Gods/Ancient Greece themed casino game!

    DOWNLOAD NOW and captivate your players from the first spin!



    Any sound needed for an immersive and engaging slot gameplay is included, so transform your project with this staggering collection of meticulously designed sounds! Whether you need any User Interface SFX – BUTTON SOUNDS, BET HIGH and BET LOW sounds, MINIMUM and MAXIMUM selection sounds, NOTIFICATIONS, TRIGGERS, REVEALS, REEL SPIN STARTS, REEL SPIN LOOPS, HUMS and WHOOSHES, simple and special ANTICIPATION REEL STOP sounds – or ZEUS, HERA, MEDUSA, POSEIDON and various Creatures Voice Overs and Sound Effects, Multi-Level WIN PAYOUT TUNES with and without COUNTER ROLLUPS, COIN SOUNDS, SYMBOL SOUNDS, anticipation-building WIND UPS, as well as BASE GAME (multi-level layered or full mix) MUSIC LOOPS, FREE GAMES/FEATURE MUSIC LOOPS, Sounds and Music for SUMMARIES and TRANSITIONS, they’re all here, offering you the perfect sound always within reach!


    Whether your slot game is land-based or online, each asset has been painstakingly optimized to cut through the background chatter and immerse your players deep within any ancient Greece adventure like never before! Keep your players coming back for more with inviting sounds and catchy music that will grab their attention, reward play, and build long-lasting connection!


    Enrich your title in seconds with beautifully mixed, AAA quality sounds brought to you by our team of industry veterans, whose 1000 slot games worth of experience have culminated in this extraordinary sound pack! Each audio file is drag-and-drop ready, presented in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats with meticulously labeled keywords, so you can create the perfect gaming experience for your players in a matter of moments!

    For your convenience, we have included each asset in High-Quality WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 Bit) and MP3 (320 Kbps) formats.

    DOWNLOAD NOW and reward your players with this jackpot of music and sound effects that provides your game with any audio you could ever need!



    • 310 Audio Files (155 original sounds) – all in High Quality WAV and MP3 formats

    • Symbol Sounds, Buttons and other Interface Sounds, Reel Spin and Stops, Trigger Sounds, Selection and Reveal Sounds, and more!

    • Music Loops, Multiple Layering, Numerous Variations and Edits, Multiple Level Win Tunes, Payouts and other Celebration Tunes + much more!

    • Gods and Mythological Creatures Voice Overs and Sound Effects – Medusa, Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Monster Roars and Screams, and more

    • Ready to use – requires no editing, labeling or splicing. Categorized, organized and individually labeled files for maximum use efficiency


    DON’T DELAY any longer, you are only a step away from bringing your game to life. Take action and DOWNLOAD NOW!

    17 %
    Ends 1623880799
  • There’s always room for more Footsteps in your sound collection and this library offers you up 170+ recordings of male and female steps, skids, stops and jumps using a variety of footwear on several surfaces from dry treated Foley stages and natural environments such as household bathrooms and kitchens with room reverb.

    Footwear includes boots, sneakers, stilettos, platforms and slippers on carpets, concrete, tile wood and snow.

    We also included multiple isolated parquet flooring creaks to round off this extensive collection of fancy footwork.

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