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(I) (2018)

Sam Lerner: Ronald 'Ronnie' Wakowski



  • Brad : [from trailer]  Ah Penelope.

    Penelope : Dare.

    Ronnie : Make out with Olivia!

    Penelope : Let's get this party started.

    [walks over and begins kissing Olivia] 

  • Alexis Podell : [Calux possessed]  I dare you to get on the pool table and show everyone your pool cue.

    Ronnie : I knew it.

    [Gets up on pool table] 

    Ronnie : Dear Ladies and Gentleman, this fine young woman here has asked me to play a game of Truth or Dare with her, and like a true gentleman, I chose dare!

    Guy in Bar : Go Ronnie!

  • Tyson Curran : [as Ronnie dare lap dances him flexing money at him]  Yeah! Make it rain pesos.

    Ronnie : I don't want your pesos.

  • Alexis Podell : [from trailer displaying demonic smile]  Truth or Dare?

    Ronnie : Dare.

  • Ronnie : You can't keep Ron Ron from a party.

  • Carter : Nothing I'm just surprised she hasn't punched you in the face yet. Guess she's nicer than I am.

    Ronnie : Oh yeah, How about I punch you in the face?

    Carter : Wouldn't be the worst thing that's happened to me this week.

  • Brad : Penelope, Truth or Dare?

    Penelope : Dare.

    Ronnie : Make out with Olivia? Come on, could be fun.

    Penelope : Did not see that one coming.

    Actor : It's okay Olivia just close your eyes and pretend it's Lucas.

    Olivia : You know what!

    [Penelope plunges into kiss] 

  • Ronnie : [Stepping away from Carter]  Can't say no to shots, that's why I am go to step away, not because of what you just said.

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