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Neighbours is an Australian television soap opera. It was first broadcast on 18 March 1985 and currently airs on digital channel 10 Peach. The following is a list of characters that appeared in the show in 2018, by order of first appearance. All characters are introduced by the shows executive producer Jason Herbison. The 34th season of Neighbours began airing from 8 January 2018.[1] Mick Allsop was introduced during the same month, while Rafael Humphreys made his debut in February. March saw the arrival of Chloe Brennan. Bea Nilsson made her first appearance in May. Jemima Davies-Smythe began appearing from September, while Nance Sluggett, Pierce Greyson and Heather Schilling made their first appearances in October. Valerie Grundy, Delaney Renshaw, Regina Grundy, and Shaun Watkins appeared in December.

Mick Allsop[edit]

Mick Allsop
Neighbours character
Portrayed byJoel Creasey
Duration2018, 2020–
First appearance30 January 2018 (2018-01-30)
Introduced byJason Herbison
ClassificationFormer; guest (returning)

Mick Allsop, played by comedian Joel Creasey, made his first appearance on 30 January 2018.[2][3] Creasey's casting was confirmed by Anna Byrne of the Herald Sun in October 2017.[4] Of appearing in the show, Creasey commented, "That was fun because it was a soap opera. It was very over the top, and they were like 'Yes! More!' They're all so nice out at Neighbours. I had a blast doing it."[4] Creasey described Mick as "a new gay in town with a backstory",[4] and "a bit of a misunderstood stalker".[2] Executive producer Jason Herbison praised Creasey's "hilarious" performance and added that his character could return in a recurring capacity in the future.[5] Creasey reprised the role for scenes filmed at Sydney Mardi Gras in 2019. His appearance aired on 28 February 2020.[6] The following year, Creasey reprised the role and returned to the Neighbours set in July 2021 for filming.[7]

Mick comes to Harold's Cafe for a coffee, where Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) recognises him as his stalker from his time in dance troupe Rough Trade. Rory Zemiro (Ash Williams) later claims that Mick has trashed his motel room, before approaching him at the Erinsbrough Backpackers' for a talk. Mick overhears Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) and Paige Smith (Olympia Valance) discussing Rough Trade and he introduces himself. He tells them that he is a big fan of Rory and not Aaron, as they were led to believe. He also tells them that he and Rory used to have sex, while Rory was dating Aaron. Two years later, during Sydney Mardi Gras, Mick sees Aaron and his partner David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) taking a selfie together and photobombs them. Mick tells them that he recognised Aaron's walk and followed them, before asking what their plans are. Aaron and David then run off down the street and hide from Mick.

Rafael Humphreys[edit]

Rafael Humphreys
Neighbours character
Portrayed byRyan Thomas
First appearance12 February 2018 (2018-02-12)
Last appearance2 April 2018 (2018-04-02)
Introduced byJason Herbison
ClassificationFormer; recurring
HomeUnited Kingdom

Rafael Humphreys, played by Ryan Thomas, made his first appearance on 12 February 2018.[8] The character and Thomas's casting details were announced on 12 October 2017.[9] Unconfirmed reports of his casting were previously published in early September 2017.[10] Thomas explained that he was on holiday when his agent contacted him about the role. After speaking with a producer, he accepted the part as the character was different to those he had played before.[9] He added "I grew up watching the show so to get the chance to join the cast is amazing".[9] Johnathon Hughes of Radio Times observed that Thomas's casting was "a canny coup" for the show, as a well known soap actor would please British viewers.[9] Thomas finished filming his guest stint during the week commencing 20 November 2017.[11]

Rafael was initially billed as being "a mysterious loner with dark secrets", who comes to Erinsborough to confront an incident from his past.[9] Greg Barnett, the commissioning editor at Channel 5, described Thomas as "the perfect handsome devil", whose arrival would bring "darker times" to an established character.[9] Thomas was photographed with actors Olympia Valance and Andrew Morley on set, leading Hughes to speculate that Rafael may be involved with their characters Paige Smith and Jack Callahan.[9] He was also pictured filming scenes with Matt Wilson, who plays Aaron Brennan.[11] Publicity photos later showed Rafael with scars covering his back and it was revealed that he is set to target Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) in a revenge storyline.[12]

British actor Ryan Thomas plays Rafael.

Rafael visits the Lassiters Complex amid a 90s fancy dress party. He goes to The Waterhole and watches Paul Robinson from afar. After noticing that Paul has left his penthouse key card behind, Rafael takes it and lets himself into the penthouse. He watches on while Paul sleeps. Rafael checks into the Erinsborough Backpackers, and later enquires about a staff wanted poster in the pub. Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) gives him a trial shift. He befriends David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) after helping out with his mixed up meal order, and Sheila is impressed enough to hire him. Rafael asks Sheila about Paul and learns he owns a new housing development called Robinson Heights. David tries to flirt with Rafael and later asks him out for a drink. Rafael tells David that he was born in the UK, but spent a lot of time in South America as that is where his mother was born. Sheila lets Rafael know that David is Paul's son, so he cuts the date short and leaves. Rafael reports Robinson Heights for unsafe work practices. Mishti Sharma (Scarlet Vas) catches Rafael breaking into the building site and he asks her to charge Paul with murder. He explains that his mother died during a fire in a factory owned by Paul. He gleaned from his mother's diary that the factory was unsafe, so he blames Paul for her death. Mishti later tells Rafael that she has been unable to find anything to support his claim, and there is nothing she can do.

Rafael apologises to David and asks him out on another date. David invites Rafael to spend the evening with him at Paul's penthouse, where he is babysitting Gabriel Smith (Kian Bafekrpour). When David goes to check on Gabe, Rafael finds a folder on Robinson Heights and photographs the documentation, including a page about a reimbursement scheme for the former residents, which he then sends to the West Waratah Star newspaper. The paper runs a story about the housing development ripping off pensioners, and Rafael assures David that he did not say anything. Rafael tries to talk to Jayden Warley (Kahn Oxenham) about the safety at Robinson Heights and is overheard by Jayden's mother Sue Parker (Sue Gorman), who wants to know why Rafael is asking questions about Paul's interests. They plot to cause an accident at the site. Paul invites Rafael to a family celebration. When he is alone with David, Rafael shows him his scars and they have sex. Jayden reveals to Rafael that he has been sabotaging the Robinson Heights site for weeks on his mother's orders. Rafael contacts Sue to call off their arrangement, but as he reaches the site, he finds David's brother Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) trapped under a fallen concrete slab. Rafael starts to call an ambulance, but leaves when Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) comes across the scene.

Aaron Brennan questions Rafael about Jayden, but Rafael says he does not know him and accuses Aaron of being jealous of his relationship with David. Rafael later catches Aaron going through his belongings and Aaron asks him why he has Sue Parker's business card. Aaron knows that Sue hates Paul and believes Rafael is dating David to get to Paul. Aaron follows Rafael outside and grabs his shirt, which rips and exposes Rafael's scars. Rafael, Sue and Jayden are questioned by the police and Rafael admits to his involvement in the accident at the building site. Paul bails Rafael out and tells him that he does not recall Rafael's mother or the fire, but vows to find out what happened. Rafael assures David that his feelings for him are real despite what has happened. Leo meets with Paul's old business partner Dakota Davies (Sheree Murphy) in London and she later sends him a USB stick containing a document in which she admits to start the factory fire to claim the insurance. Rafael apologises to Paul, who offers to pay his $10,000 fine. Rafael decides to return to the UK to find Dakota. Before he leaves, he tells David to consider giving Aaron another chance.

Chloe Brennan[edit]

Chloe Brennan, played by April Rose Pengilly, made her first appearance on 27 March 2018.[13] Pengilly's casting and character details were confirmed on 1 March 2018.[13] She secured the role shortly before moving to Los Angeles, stating "I think it's a goal for most Aussie actors to be on one of these iconic Aussie shows that is beloved world wide, but I'd kind of given up on it, my goal was America."[13] Chloe is the sister of the established Brennan brothers; Mark (Scott McGregor), Aaron (Matt Wilson), and Tyler (Travis Burns). She has been mentioned on-screen by her family several times,[14] and Wilson teased her introduction in July 2017.[15] Chloe comes to Erinsborough to see her brothers, after spending years travelling overseas.[14] Of her character, Pengilly said "Chloe Brennan is one of the most fun, interesting roles I've ever been offered and I'm already having a ball playing her."[14] For her portrayal of Chloe, Pengilly was nominated for Best Soap Newcomer at the 2018 Digital Spy Reader Awards; she came in sixth place with 5.9% of the total votes.[16]

Bea Nilsson[edit]

Bea Nilsson
Neighbours character
Portrayed byBonnie Anderson
First appearance18 May 2018 (2018-05-18)
Last appearance24 May 2021 (2021-05-24)
Introduced byJason Herbison
ClassificationFormer; regular
OccupationApprentice mechanic

Beatrix "Bea" Nilsson, played by Bonnie Anderson, made her first appearance on 18 May 2018.[17] Anderson's casting details were announced on 5 May. She was initially contracted for two years and the show marks her first major acting role.[18] Of her casting, Anderson commented, "I do pinch myself, this is an amazing job to have, even though I started filming in February, it still feels surreal being on set, seeing how it all happens and being a part of it."[17] The show's executive producer Jason Herbison revealed that they created the character of Bea for Anderson after meeting with her.[17] Bea is the estranged half-sister of Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) and Susan Kennedy's (Jackie Woodburne) niece.[17] Megan Davies of Digital Spy stated that Bea and Elly have "a tempestuous history", and Elly worries that her sister will turn her life upside down, especially as Bea has "a dark past".[17] On 21 February 2021, a reporter for the Herald Sun confirmed Anderson's departure from the show.[19] Anderson chose to leave so she could concentrate on her music career.[19] She stated "I was like a pig in mud at that place. Neighbours really changed my life for the better in so, so many ways. I feel like at the age I was, 23, when I joined the show it has really shaped me into the person that I am today. I have overcome a lot, I have grown and I am proud of the way I live my life. It was really good to have that structure and now after 3½ years on that show I have decided it is time for me to continue challenging myself and create space to focus on my music and songwriting and more acting."[19] Her final scenes aired on 24 May 2021.[19][20]

Bonnie Anderson was introduced as Bea in May.

Bea's sister Elly Conway spots her in the Lassiter's Complex, but Elly soon loses sight of her. Bea's aunt Susan Kennedy notices her in the complex the following day and follows her until she stops. Bea admits that she was unsure whether to say hello or not. Susan persuades Bea to come home with her and see Elly. Susan suggests that the sisters get to know each other properly, and Elly apologises to Bea for her behaviour the last time they were together. Elly invites Bea to stay with them, but Bea has already booked an apartment. She agrees to go out for dinner with Elly, who introduces her to Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor). Elly later takes Bea on a tour of the area. When Bea returns to her apartment, she rants to her boyfriend Patrick (Rob Mills) about Elly's perfect life, while she has nothing. He convinces her to resolve things with Elly. After learning that Bea knows her way around cars, Mark offers her an apprenticeship at the local garage but she is reluctant to accept as she learned her skills at a former boyfriend's chop shop. Patrick can see that she wants the job and tells her to contact Mark and accept it. Bea admits that she feels guilty that Patrick is in a wheelchair after he was assaulted by a group of men, who were harassing her. After learning that Bea has met Xanthe Canning (Lilly Van der Meer), Patrick encourages Bea to befriend her. Mark tells Bea about Elly's former boyfriend Finn Kelly, who tried to ruin her life and put Susan in hospital.

Mark accuses Bea of inputting the wrong numbers for the invoices, but Elly comes to her defence and Bea agrees to join her on a girls' night out. Patrick berates Bea when she suggests that his rehab should take place at a hospital. Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) advises Bea to give her boyfriend space and Patrick buys her a dress as an apology. Bea later confides in Yashvi that she was homeless for a while. When she comes home to find Patrick's wheelchair empty, Bea calls him and he explains that he has been regaining movement in his legs and fell when he went out to test them. Bea brings him home and he proposes. Bea accepts on the condition that he meets her family, but he cancels at the last minute. He later suggests they invite Elly to see them elope. On the day of their elopement, Patrick and Bea take part in the local scavenger hunt until Patrick complains of pain in his legs and they return home. Patrick later goes out to write his vows, and upon his return he tells Bea that he spoke with Elly and she refuses to attend their wedding. On the way to Maryborough, Bea becomes suspicious of Patrick and leaves the car. He chases after her, revealing that he was never paralysed. He knocks Bea out and puts her in a shipping container, where she is later joined by Elly and Susan, who explain that Patrick is actually Finn Kelly. Bea accuses Elly of ruining her life. They are later found by Mark and Karl. After she is checked over, Bea says she will find a hotel, but she begins sleeping in the garage work van, until Elly asks her to move into Number 28.

Susan invites Elly and Bea's mother, Liz Conway (Debra Lawrance) to Erinsborough. Liz confirms Bea's beliefs that Elly asked their mother to kick her out when she was fifteen. However, Elly reveals that Liz told her and Susan that it was not her fault. The sisters realise that Liz has been lying to them both, and when Bea finds a photo in Liz's wallet that she is folded out of, Liz admits that she wanted Bea gone as she reminded her too much of Bea's father, Lars. Elly and Bea ask Liz to leave, but she attempts to make amends by inviting them to lunch, where she gets drunk and talks about herself. Liz later claims she has been mugged by Finn, which causes Bea and Elly to soften towards her until they learn from Mark that she made it all up.

Finn later confronts Bea, Susan, Elly and Xanthe resulting in him being pushed off a cliff by Susan. The incident is ruled as self-defence, and Finn later wakes up from his coma. Finn's brother Shaun Watkins (Brad Moller), who had arrived in town a few months previously, returns to help him despite Ned warning him to stay away. Ned becomes overprotective of Bea and at one point assists Harry Sinclair (Paul Dawber) in his attempt to set up Finn. After this results in Bea's hospitalisation, she breaks up with Ned. She later recommences a relationship with Finn, which Karl, Susan and Elly are initially against. However, in time, Finn comes to be accepted by the Kennedys, especially after they discover Shaun is the father of Elly's baby, and how he blackmailed Elly into letting Finn stay with them. Finn and Bea's relationship appears to be going well until Elly is held hostage by Robert Robinson (Adam Hunter) and he helps Elly give birth to her daughter Aster Conway (Isla Goulas, Scout Bowman). Unknown to Bea, this reignites Finn and Elly's feelings towards each other.

Bea later contacts Finn's father Trent Kelly (Peter Houghton) in an attempt to reunite them. However, this angers Finn, especially after he discovers she did this without telling him and that his father had intended to save him when he was held hostage in Colombia, but gambled the ransom money. Finn's memories also return and he plans to kill Bea. When they head to Pierce Greyson's (Tim Robards) island to celebrate Elly's 35th birthday, Finn pushes Bea down an old mineshaft and leaves her to die. He then lies to the others that she has gone back to Sydney. Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) finds her and attempts to rescue her but is also trapped. Elly eventually discovers that Finn has been deceiving her and he pushes her into the mineshaft as well. The three are later rescued when Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) informs the other islanders of Bea's whereabouts. Upon returning to Erinsborough, Bea is horrified to discover that Finn has also murdered Prue Wallace (Denise van Outen) and Gary Canning (Damien Richardson), the latter of whom tried to save her and Harlow. Upon discovering that Elly had feelings for Finn, she is angry, but convinces her to return home. Bea learns that Finn is dead and Elly is accused of murdering him. When Claudia returns to Erinsborough, Bea became suspicious of Claudia. When Elly is sentenced to prison for Finn's murder, Claudia wins custody over Aster. With the help from Aaron and Chloe, Bea realises that Claudia is planning to leave Melbourne with Aster so she and Susan rush to the airport to stop her. As they arrive, they are shocked to find Shaun, alive, confronting Claudia's actions. Elly is bailed from prison and Claudia is charged after turning herself in.

Bea meets and befriends Levi Canning (Richie Morris) and they both volunteer to clear up Pierce's island, with Roxy and Levi's cousin Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan). While clearing up, Levi has a seizure. Levi admits that he hit his head as a child and as a result developed epilepsy. He tells Bea not to tell anyone but Bea is concerned about him keeping it quiet from his family and colleagues. Bea learns that Elly is planning to move to Switzerland with Shaun and Aster, Bea is angry at Elly for not telling her. Bea begs Elly to stay as she needs her, but Elly tells Bea that she needs a fresh start so Bea lets her go, but prefers not to accompany her at the airport. They say their goodbyes outside the house as Elly leaves with Shaun and Aster. Bea is then harassed by Tucker Brunnings, while setting up for her performance at the Waterhole. Bea tells him to back off, but he continues to provoke her and when he mentions Elly, Bea snaps and punches him, which Levi witnesses. Levi supports Bea as she tries to move on without Elly. Bea supports Levi when he has a fall out with his grandmother Sheila Canning (Colette Mann), and when she learns from him that he moved out and is staying at Lassiter's, Bea offers for him to stay at her place. Bea asks Susan for permission, but she refuses. Bea then tells Levi the bad news.

Bea realises that she has a thing for Levi and tells Yashvi about her feelings for him. Yashvi decides to set them up on a date and Bea dresses up and meets Levi at the Waterhole. She begins to flirt with him, but later gets a call from Yashvi that she had interrogated Levi minutes before and confesses to Bea that Levi has no interest in her. Bea takes off, feeling embarrassed. Levi comes to Bea, telling her that Sheila accidentally destroyed his epilepsy medication in the washing machine and asks her to get his medication from the pharmacy. Bea first refuses, but agrees to do so, when Levi has trust in her. When Bea secretly gives Levi his medication, Yashvi has followed Levi and finds him and Bea together. When Yashvi starts questioning Levi for lying to her about his whereabouts, Bea steps in and reveals to Yashvi that she and Levi are secretly dating. Bea and Sheila goes to Switzerland to see Elly and Aster. When Bea returns, she helps Levi, when he has a seizure in front of Kyle and Sheila.

Jemima Davies-Smythe[edit]

Jemima Davies-Smythe
Neighbours character
Portrayed byMagda Szubanski
First appearance3 September 2018 (2018-09-03)
Last appearance27 September 2018 (2018-09-27)
Introduced byJason Herbison
ClassificationFormer; recurring

Jemima Davies-Smythe, played by Magda Szubanski, made her first appearance on 3 September 2018.[21] The character and Szubanski's casting details were announced on 30 May 2018, along with details of the show's first same-sex wedding.[21] Of her guest role, Szubanski said, "I thought it was just one of the best offers I've had for a long time. I thought it was both hilarious and historic so when they asked me I just jumped at it. I think it's gold."[22] Szubanski, who led the "yes" campaign for marriage equality law in Australia, plays marriage celebrant Jemima, who marries David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson).[21] Jemima is also revealed to have a connection to "Ramsay Street royalty".[23] It was later confirmed that she is Karl Kennedy's (Alan Fletcher) half-sister.[24]

Magda Szubanski was introduced as Jemima in September.

Jemima is contacted by her half-brother Karl Kennedy, but she tells him she does not want to meet him. However, she later travels to his home town of Erinsborough, where she overhears that Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka need a celebrant. Jemima steps in for Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and uses her speech. After the wedding, Jemima finds that the front grill of her car fell off when Susan leant against it. Karl offers to cover the cost and gives Jemima a business card, leading her to realise that he is her half-brother. Karl explains that he and Susan went to Echuca to find her, but Jemima says that she was not sure if she wanted to meet another half-sibling. Karl invites Jemima to stay with him and Susan, and they bond over their shared love of music. Susan starts to suspect that Jemima is a freeloader when she forgets her purse while out to lunch more than once, and allows Karl to pay for further repairs to her car.

Jemima befriends Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) when she offers to teach her how to speed read. They also bond over the fact that Susan appears to look down on them. Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) recognises Jemima and tells her that he knows her secret. They have lunch together, and Jemima overhears Susan telling Paul that she is a gold digger. Jemima redecorates Number 28 in the Danish Hygge style.[25] She later encourages Karl to knock down some shelving units at the house. However, Susan is not pleased and asks Jemima to leave. When Karl refuses to throw his sister out, Jemima realises she can trust him and reveals that she is a multi-millionaire. Jemima explains that she earns money from a song she wrote about riding the tram, which was something she used to do with her father. Jemima plans to stay in Erinsborough, which prompts Susan to tell Jemima that she was hurt when Jemima changed the words to her speech at Aaron and David's wedding. Susan also apologises for calling her a gold digger and they make up. Jemima then announces that she wants to take care of Karl and Susan financially. After receiving a call from her daughter, Trudy, Jemima explains to Susan that Trudy and her grandson are just after her money. Karl and Susan turn down Jemima's offer, as Karl believes her money has poisoned her relationships. Susan encourages Jemima to reconcile with her daughter, and Jemima decides to visit her in Boston. Karl and Susan wave Jemima off from the hotel and discover she has gifted them a toy tram.

Nance Sluggett[edit]

Nance Sluggett
Neighbours character
Portrayed byDenise Drysdale
First appearance3 October 2018 (2018-10-03)
Last appearance12 October 2018 (2018-10-12)
Introduced byJason Herbison
ClassificationFormer; recurring

Nance Sluggett, played by Denise Drysdale, made her first appearance on 3 October 2018.[26] Drysdale's casting details were announced on 27 June 2018.[27] She began filming her first scenes that same week.[27] Of joining the cast, Drysdale said "I am very, very excited about it! I have been around as long as the show so to be finally doing a role on it is quite an honour and everyone has been so welcoming."[27]

The identity of Drysdale's character was not immediately released. But Sophie Dainty of Digital Spy reported that she would "make life very difficult for a particular local resident."[27] The serial's executive producer Jason Herbison said the character would be "eccentric" and will perplex viewers "with her antics."[27] On 24 September, it was announced that Drysdale would be playing Nance Sluggett, the mother of criminal Jeremy Sluggett (Tamblyn Lord).[26] She comes to the Flametree Retreat to collect $100,000 that Jeremy left with Gary Canning (Damien Richardson). But when Gary admits that he has spent the money, Nance asks for free treatments in return for keeping her son off Gary's back.[26] Dainty's colleague Daniel Kilkelly wondered if Nance and Gary's arrangement would become something more, saying, "With a flirtatious look in her eye, could Nance also have more than just treatments on her mind?"[26]

Nance comes to The Flametree Retreat to collect her son, Jeremy's money from Gary Canning. He attempts to put her off, but Nance realises that he has spent the money. Gary explains that he paid for his daughter's university fees. Nance asks Gary to give her a foot rub, while she thinks about what to do. Nance invites Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) to join her. Nance continues to receive free treatments from Gary. A few weeks later, Nance returns to collect the money, as Jeremy is up for parole. But she then informs Gary that she can stop Jeremy from getting parole if Gary gives her a job as assistant manager at the retreat. Nance clashes with Gary's mother Sheila Canning (Colette Mann), leading her to cancel the deal with Gary.

Pierce Greyson[edit]

Pierce Greyson
Neighbours character
Portrayed byTim Robards (2018–2020)
Don Hany (2020–2021)
First appearance5 October 2018 (2018-10-05)
Last appearance17 June 2021 (2021-06-17)
Introduced byJason Herbison
ClassificationFormer; regular
OccupationBusiness owner
Co-owner of Lassiter’s Hotel

Pierce Greyson, played by Tim Robards, made his first appearance on 5 October 2018.[29][30] The character and casting details were announced on 19 July 2018. The show's executive producer Jason Herbison stated that Robards went through "a full audition process" and worked with several of the show's actors, before he was cast.[29] Robards commented, "I've been putting in the work behind closed doors with different coaches – pushing myself out my comfort zone and then this role came up so I'm super excited. I watched Neighbours as a kid so to be on the set with such iconic characters like Paul Robinson, Toadie and Susan is an amazing experience – the entire cast and crew have been so welcoming."[29] Pierce is a rich investor, who is billed as being a mix of Harvey Specter, Christian Grey and Robert Redford.[29] Mat Whitehead of Ten Daily commented, "Pierce Greyson – which is exactly the sort of name you'd expect for someone who is as handsome as he may be mysterious – Robards is set to 'arrive in style'."[29] Pierce also finds romance during his time in Erinsborough.[29] The character departed on 19 November 2018,[31] but on 14 February 2019, Robards announced that he would be reprising the role and joining the full-time cast.[32] Pierce returns during the episode broadcast on 21 May 2019.[33]

Robards began playing Pierce in October.

In August 2020, it was announced that the character would be leaving the show, with Robards originally due to film his final scenes in September. However, Robards chose to finish up four weeks early amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, so he could return to Sydney to be with his wife, who was expecting their first child.[34] Robards stated "I made the gut-wrenching decision to depart Neighbours early, as my responsibilities as a husband and father have to take precedence."[34] The role of Pierce was recast to Don Hany, who said "I'm thrilled to have been invited to be part of a show that is part of Australian television history. I've never done the show before so it's all new, and I'm so happy to be here. It's a testament to the resilience of the show that it's still running at a time like this."[34] The character's last scenes aired on 27 November 2020.[35] Hany reprised the role the following year, and Pierce returned on 2 June 2021.[36]

Pierce watches on as Chloe Brennan repairs her dress with safety pins, before she greets him and explains that she will be looking after him during his stay at Lassiters Hotel. After a tour of the hotel, Pierce asks Chloe about a Cash4Company business card he found, but she changes the subject. While they are in The Waterhole, Pierce rings the number on the card, having worked out that Chloe is behind the business. Chloe tells him that it is nothing to do with the hotel and offers to resign, but Pierce wants to hire her services. Pierce hires out the Back Lane Bar and then books Chloe's services using a pseudonym, so does not refuse to go on a date with him. Pierce meets with Lassiters Head of Business Affairs Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) and asks him if Chloe can accompany him on a tour of the Melbourne graffiti laneways. After their night out, Pierce asks Chloe back to his room for sex in return for payment, but Chloe does not go. She reconsiders Pierce's proposal, but after he presents her with a necklace, she leaves without having sex with him. Hotel manager Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) assigns Chloe to assist Pierce with plans for a wine tasting event. Pierce is initially cold towards Chloe, telling her that when it comes to business, he is detached.

After learning that her brother Tyler Brennan (Travis Burns) has been released from prison, Chloe hugs and kisses Pierce, as she changes her mind about having sex with him. Pierce later sends an expensive bottle of wine and the necklace to Chloe's house as payment, despite Chloe having had sex with Pierce based on genuine feelings. Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) convinces Pierce to join him in buying out the minority shareholders in Lassiters. But after Chloe explains that Paul has a grudge against Terese, he listens to Terese's pitch and agrees to partner with her instead. Pierce continues to date Chloe and falls in love with her. He takes her to a ski resort, where she tells him that she has Huntington's disease. The following morning, he finds Chloe has run away and learns that she does not have romantic feelings for him. Paul blackmails Pierce into dropping out of the Lassiters deal with Terese by threatening to reveal his relationship with Chloe to his business partners. Pierce apologises to Chloe for pressuring her, while she apologises for running off. Pierce pays Chloe's debts to her mother and offers to fund her future medical treatment. Later that night, Terese comes to Pierce's room to asks if there is anything she can do to change his mind, but he turns her down and leaves Erinsborough.

Pierce returns the following year. He and Chloe have a brief catch up, and he offers his support when she struggles to deal with the fact that she cannot comfort her brother Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) and Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) through their break-up because of the part she played in it. Chloe later asks Pierce for some advice for Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan), who is preparing a business pitch. Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) notices Pierce with a ring and Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) tells Chloe that Pierce has hired out the Back Lane Bar, which makes her think that he is going to propose to her. At the bar, she tries to let him down gently and kisses him goodbye just as his fiancée Ebony Buttrose (Christie Hayes) walks in. Pierce convinces Ebony that nothing is going on with him and Chloe. Pierce and Ebony establish their respective businesses at Lassiters, and Ebony encourages Pierce to buy a racehorse, which he later learns is stolen. Pierce also buys a house, but Ebony tells him they cannot move in until the decorators have finished. However, when he stops by unexpectedly, he finds Chloe there. He asks Mark to talk to Chloe, as he thinks she is obsessed with his relationship, but Mark tells him to talk to Ebony, who explains that her sister was living in the house, as she had no where else to go. Ebony also admits that she was giving her sister money that Pierce gave her for the perfume business. Pierce asks Ebony to sign an agreement in which she agrees to commit to their relationship, without profiting from it, or he will give her $250,000 to walk away. Ebony signs the agreement and Pierce thanks Chloe for her help. However, Ebony is troubled by the continued chemistry between the pair and changes her mind, taking the money and leaving Pierce. Pierce and Chloe grow closer after Ebony's departure and he is disappointed when she starts dating Elly. This does not work out and Chloe and Elly decide to stay friends. Soon after, Pierce and Chloe begin a relationship. Pierce's estranged son Hendrix Greyson (Benny Turland) is expelled from boarding school and he moves in with Pierce and Chloe. Pierce tries to bond with him but he struggles with Hendrix's spoilt wayward behaviour.

Pierce and Chloe become engaged at the Melbourne Cup and decide to marry quickly due to Chloe's Huntington's. Hendrix is unhappy with their plans and Pierce discovers he has developed a crush on Chloe after he kisses her. He reacts badly and Hendrix decides to move back in with his mother, but Pierce stops him at the last minute. Pierce and Chloe marry with Hendrix's blessing. In the New Year, Hendrix's mother Lisa Rowsthorn (Jane Allsop) visits Erinsborough and confesses to her son that Pierce did want to parent Hendrix, but she refused to let him become involved. Lisa tells Pierce she wants another baby and asks him to be a sperm donor. After Chloe admits that she may want to have a baby one day, Pierce rejects Lisa. Pierce's professional rivalry with Paul turns personal when Paul disapproves of Hendrix's relationship with his granddaughter Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan). Pierce and Chloe organise a birthday celebration for Elly on Pierce's private island. The trip is derailed when Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) attacks the guests and sets the island alight. Pierce and Chloe escape the island unscathed but decide to sell the island. When the sale falls through, Pierce and Chloe decide to set up a camp for young people on the island. Chloe struggles to manage their new venture and working at Lassiters, so Paul hires Naomi Canning (Morgana O'Reilly) as a temporary events manager. Pierce and Naomi are old friends from Sydney and Naomi develops a crush on Pierce. As her relationship with both Pierce and Chloe grows strong, Naomi suggests that they have a threesome. Believing it was what the other wants, Pierce and Chloe agree but back out at the last minute. An embarrassed Naomi leaves town and Pierce and Chloe commit to working on their ongoing communication problems. Chloe fears she is experiencing Huntington's symptoms but discovers she is pregnant. She wrestles with whether she wants a baby, fearing it will have inherited the Huntington's gene from her. Pierce is thrilled when she tells him, but they agree to decide whether to continue the pregnancy after a 10-week test for Huntington's markers. Chloe's mother Fay Brennan (Zoe Bertram), who has advanced Huntington's, comes to stay with the family to give Chloe's brothers a break. Pierce hires Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) as a live-in nurse for Fay, but the pair dislike one another and Pierce resents Nicolette and Chloe's closeness. He begins confiding in his neighbour Dipi Rebecchi (Sharon Johal), who is experiencing marriage problems. Pierce and Chloe get good news about their baby's Huntington's markers. Their joy is short-lived as Chloe miscarries. Pierce unfairly blames Nicolette and kicks her out when he realises she is in love with Chloe. Fay returns to Adelaide and Chloe briefly accompanies her, increasing the distance between her and Pierce. In her absence, Pierce clashes with Dipi's husband Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan) about his repeated failure to support his wife. When Chloe returns, she enrols them in a cooking class run by Dipi, but they end up in a big argument and Pierce decides to stay at the hotel. Pierce and Dipi kiss after comforting one another about their crumbling relationships, but agree it was a mistake and commit to making their marriages work.

Pierce makes a romantic gesture by naming his new wine "Chloe Greyson", but Chloe is angered that he has used the married name she never took. When Chloe insists on reconciling her friendship with Nicolette, Pierce turns to Dipi and they have sex. They begin an affair and Pierce (now Don Hany) increasingly turns to Dipi about his problems. Paul sees them together and blackmails Pierce into selling him his share of Lassiter's. Still unhappy with Hendrix and Harlow's relationship, Paul threatens to expose the affair unless Pierce moves his family away from Erinsborough. Chloe and Hendrix object to Pierce's plans, and Chloe later walks in on Pierce and Dipi having sex. She tells Pierce their marriage is over and although he initially fights for a reconciliation, Paul helps him realise that his marriage was broken long before he began his affair. When Dipi hears that Pierce and Chloe have split permanently, she proposes that they start a relationship with one another. He rejects her and tells her that she should fix her marriage with Shane. He decides to move to Sydney for a fresh start. Hendrix refuses to go with him so Pierce arranges for him to stay with their neighbours Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne).

Six months later, Pierce returns to Erinsborough to oversee the sale of the winery. Hendrix is hurt when he realises his father has returned for his business rather than to see him, but Karl helps rebuild their relationship by arranging for Pierce to give Hendrix driving lessons. Pierce learns that Chloe is in a relationship with Nicolette and voices his concerns that she is only with Nic to overcome her grief for Fay, who has recently died. Nicolette becomes increasingly insecure about Pierce and Chloe spending time together and taunts Pierce by saying she is giving Chloe the baby he never could give her, when in reality she is acting as a surrogate for Chloe's brother Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) and his husband David Tanaka (Takaya Honda). Pierce expresses his concerns about Nicolette to David's brother Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) when he returns to Erinsborough to buy the winery. With his relationships with Hendrix and Chloe more amicable, Pierce returns to Sydney.

Heather Schilling[edit]

Heather Schilling
Neighbours character
Portrayed byKerry Armstrong
First appearance25 October 2018 (2018-10-25)
Last appearance23 June 2020 (2020-06-23)
Introduced byJason Herbison
ClassificationFormer; recurring
Other namesAlice Wells[37]

Heather Schilling (also credited as Alice Wells), played by Kerry Armstrong, made her first appearance on 25 October 2018.[38][39] Armstrong's casting and character details were announced on 27 August. Of joining the cast, the actress stated "It is not often you get to be so creative in your own backyard so when the producers asked me to play the role of Alice Wells in Neighbours it was simply irresistible."[38] Alice was billed as a "demure and kind-hearted shortbread baking" grandmother, who shows a darker side when she comes up with "a shocking plan" for one the show's families.[38] Armstrong said Alice would push boundaries, and the actress was encouraged by the producers to see how far she could go with her character.[40] In the November 2018 issue of Soap World, it was revealed that Alice is Andrea Somers' (Madeleine West) mother.[37] After she helps with their children, Sonya Rebecchi (Eve Morey) and Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) hire Alice as a live-in nanny.[37] Armstrong reprised the role on 17 June 2019.[41] The following month it was confirmed that Heather is also the biological mother of Dee Bliss (West), who was adopted by the Bliss family.[42] Armstrong reprised the role the following year, and Heather returns on 21 May 2020.[43]

Heather notices Sonya Rebecchi struggling with her children Nell and Hugo in Harold's Store, and helps her out by taking Nell to the toilet. She introduces herself as Alice Wells and offers to watch the children as Sonya works from home. Sonya and Toadie take Alice out to The Waterhole for a drink to say thank you. Alice explains that she came to pack up her daughter's belongings, after she went overseas, and Alice plans to reunite with her grandchildren, who she has not seen in a long time. Sonya and Toadie ask Alice if she would consider babysitting their children again, and she suggests that she could be a live-in nanny and they hire her. It emerges that Alice is Hugo's grandmother and Andrea Somers' mother, the woman who conned the Rebecchis. Alice begins manipulating the Rebecchis, convincing Toadie to pay for expensive treatment for Andrea and to keep it from Sonya, which causes an argument. She later convinces Nell to hide during a Halloween event, and pretends that she does not know where she is, sparking a search. Alice then calls the DHS, who question Toadie and Sonya. When Toadie tells Alice that her services are no longer needed, as Nell and Hugo have daycare places, Alice gives Nell food poisoning to keep her job. Alice manipulates Nell into saying that she wants to stay with her, instead of going to daycare.

Alice listens in on Sonya's AA meeting and learns that she is scared to take medication for a tension headache, so Alice crushes up some painkillers into a drink for her. Alice later visits Andrea to tell her about her plan to split Toadie and Sonya up, while Toadie learns from Andrea's daughter Willow Somers (Mieke Billing-Smith), that her grandmother is also a scam artist called Heather Schilling. Alice fakes a hand injury to get Codeine, which she secretly feeds to Sonya so she will develop a dependency on it. Alice deliberately hits her hand with a rolling pin to gain more painkillers, and suggests to Sonya's sister-in-law that Sonya is drinking again. She also learns that Toadie and Sonya are searching for Andrea's mother, and are expecting some information from a private detective. Alice strikes Toadie's assistant Piper Willis (Mavournee Hazel) over the head with a crowbar and steals the envelope containing Andrea's file. Alice amends the file to say that Andrea's mother is dead. She then stops giving Sonya the painkillers so that she develops withdrawal symptoms. Sonya becomes sick and is hospitalised after becoming dehydrated.

After Alice overhears Toadie declaring his love for Sonya, she decides to kill Sonya so Toadie will be free for Andrea. Alice soaks Sonya's gardening gloves in pesticide and then encourages her to work at the nursery, so she has to wear them. During a food break, Sonya licks her fingers and ingests the pesticide. She becomes seriously ill and asks Alice to pull over. Alice refuses to call an ambulance and watches as Sonya passes out. When she comes to, Alice explains that she had to poison her, as she wanted herself, Toadie, Hugo and Andrea to be a family. Alice apologises and then leaves Sonya to die. Willow comes to visit Toadie and Sonya, and finds her grandmother Heather posing as their nanny. Heather tells her about her plan and when she catches Willow texting Toadie, she locks Willow in the shed at the nursery. Heather flees Erinsborough and learns from Willow that Sonya has been found alive. She visits Andrea to tell her that her plan has gone wrong. When Andrea becomes upset, Heather tells her that when the time is right, she must tell Toadie about the person at the Salamanca Markets.

Months later, Heather surprises Andrea at her apartment in Geelong, having been kicked out of her friend's home. Andrea urges her to hide in the bathroom to avoid being seen by Willow. Heather overhears Willow mentioning that she used to lock Andrea up, and confronts Andrea about her lies when they are alone. Andrea allows Heather to stay at her apartment, while she moves into Lassiters, and urges her to lay low. However, Heather comes to Erinsborough and sees Andrea arguing with Ian Packer (Nathan Carter). Andrea later tells her mother that the police are ramping up their search for her, before learning she has been visiting Erinsborough. Heather copies down Ian's number from Andrea's phone, and later seduces him for information about Karen, the woman that Andrea looks like. Andrea catches them together and berates her mother, telling her that Karen is not a threat. She also asks Heather about a red-headed woman she recalled during her hypnotherapy session. Ian later returns and Heather asks him to keep their relationship a secret from Andrea. She then convinces Ian to tell her where Karen is, as she wants to make sure she will not return and ruin Andrea's life.

Heather travels to Byron Bay with Andrea following, and sets up a meeting with 'Karen' who is revealed to be Dee, resulting in Andrea pushing her off a cliff. Dee poses as Andrea so she can convince Heather to return to Erinsborough and Heather and Andrea are arrested. It is later learned that Heather is Andrea and Dee's mum, she recalls having given birth to two babies in which one was unknowingly taken from her by a nun and given to the Bliss family. Although Heather is remorseful for her actions, Dee decides to cut all ties with Heather and Andrea, and they are left in prison.

A year later, while visiting Andrea, Dee notices Heather walking through the prison and decides to organise a visit. Although Heather continues to show remorse for her past, Dee's decision to continually visit her angers Toadie. When he tries to prevent them from seeing each other, Dee becomes annoyed and after a series of issues, they break up. Meanwhile, Andrea vents her anger about not being able to see Hugo to Heather, who refuses to help her in any scheme. Dee asks Heather about her and Andrea's biological father, but Heather claims not to remember him. She later tells Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) that his name is Peter Wilson. On another of Dee's visits, prison guard Owen Campbell (Johnny Ruffo) helps Andrea to escape by drugging Dee, so Andrea can change into her clothes. When Dee wakes up, Heather realises she is not Andrea. She and Toadie eventually convince the prison staff that Andrea has escaped. After learning that Andrea has taken Hugo, Heather works with the police to get him back. She contacts Andrea and tells her she is also on the run. They arrange to meet at Erinsborough High School, where Andrea is arrested and Hugo returned to Toadie. Although Toadie thanks her, he later visits Heather and says that he blames Dee's decision to reconnect with her for Andrea's actions. Heather later arranges a prison transfer due to this, and Dee leaves to meet her father Peter in Alaska.

Valerie Grundy[edit]

Valerie Grundy
Neighbours character
Portrayed byPatti Newton
Appears on21 December 2018 (2018-12-21)
Introduced byJason Herbison
ClassificationFormer; guest

Valerie Grundy, played by Patti Newton, appeared on 21 December 2018.[44] Newton's casting was announced on 10 December, while Valerie's appearance had previously been teased in spoilers for the show's 8000th episode. The character's surname is a tribute to Reg Grundy, who produced Neighbours in the 1980s.[44] Valerie is a "shy and reclusive" woman, who has lived in the corner house of Ramsay Street for 34 years. Her death brings the local community together, while Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) goes inside her house and discovers she was a hoarder, who has acquired a variety of items from the residents of the street over the years.[44]

Val greets Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) as she passes through the Lassiters Complex, before Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) apologises to her for kicking a football over her fence. As Val returns to her home on the corner of Ramsay Street, she waves hello to Toadfish Rebecchi and Piper Willis (Mavournee Hazel), who wonders whether to interview Val for her vlog. Later that day, Piper tells Toadie that she has tried knocking on Val's door, but there was no answer and Val's dog, Regina (Timba), is continuously barking. Piper and Toadie go inside and find that Val has died of a heart attack.

Delaney Renshaw[edit]

Delaney Renshaw
Neighbours character
Portrayed byElla Newton
First appearance21 December 2018 (2018-12-21)
Last appearance17 January 2019 (2019-01-17)
Introduced byJason Herbison
ClassificationFormer; recurring

Delaney Renshaw, played by Ella Newton,[45] made her first appearance on 21 December 2018.[46] Newton's casting and character details were announced on 6 December. Delaney is the daughter of a "notorious" Sydney crime family, who have been mentioned on-screen several times since the arrival of Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) in 2016.[46] Delaney comes to Erinsborough to see Leo after informing him that her father and uncle are up for parole. She also makes it clear that she wants a romantic relationship with him now that she is an adult.[46] Kilkelly branded Delaney "troublesome".[46] Bridget McManus and Melinda Houston of The Sydney Morning Herald called the character a "femme fatale" and said "Delaney (Ella Newton, Harrow) continues to wreak thrilling havoc behind the scenes."[47]

Delaney contacts Leo Tanaka to inform him that her father and uncle will be released from prison soon. Delaney comes to Erinsborough to see Leo and declares her love for him, but Leo tells her that he is in a relationship and nothing is going to happen between them. Delaney stays at Lassiters Hotel and discovers Leo is dating manager Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou). She propositions him in the hotel sauna, and threatens to tell her father and uncle that he was the person who informed on them if he does not enter into a relationship with her. Leo and his father Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) give Delaney a number of free items from the hotel to keep her happy. She later comes to Paul to ask for his help with Leo, and tells him that Mannix Foster (Sam Webb) died as a result of Paul leaving him in the middle of nowhere while injured. She uses the information and a recording made just before Mannix died to blackmail Paul. Leo breaks up with Terese, but is reluctant to be intimate with Delaney. When Terese comes face to face with Leo and Delaney in the elevator, he kisses Delaney to show that he has moved on. Delaney receives a phone call and tells the person on the other end that Leo has no idea what is going on. She later catches Terese with her phone, but Terese tells her that she was just putting it back, after it fell out of her bag.

Delaney tells Leo that her father and uncle got parole, and reveals that she is fearful of seeing her father. Leo spends the night with Delaney, but they do not have sex. He later tells Delaney that he cannot pretend to love her anymore and ends their relationship, as he is in love with Terese. Paul advises Delaney that she cannot make someone love her, and offers her a job with a Lassiters hotel abroad. After seeing Leo beg Terese for a second chance, Delaney returns to her hotel room to find her father Raymond Renshaw (Frank Magree) and uncle Ivan Renshaw (Michael Shanahan) waiting for her. Raymond learns that Delaney came to Erinsborough to see Leo, as she fell in love with him while he was working at the club. She then tells him that Leo was the one who went to the police about the money laundering, not Mannix. Ivan goes off to find Leo and Delaney worries that Ivan will hurt him and refuses to leave with Raymond. Delaney learns that Ivan shot at Leo, but Terese jumped in front of him and took the bullet. Delaney assures Leo that she did not talk to her father or uncle about him. Leo calls Delaney's mystery contact and discovers that it is Mannix, who explains that after Paul dumped him in the bush, he called Delaney, who took him to a motel where he recovered. Delaney also tells Paul that the body he dug up was an associate of Raymond's. Delaney attempts to apologise, but Paul and Leo order her to go. Leo later tells her she is safe from Raymond and Ivan, who are going back to prison. He suggests that she goes and finds her mother to make a fresh start. They hug and Delaney leaves.

Regina Grundy[edit]

Regina Grundy
Neighbours character
Portrayed byTimba
First appearance21 December 2018 (2018-12-21)
Last appearance23 January 2019 (2019-01-23)
Introduced byJason Herbison
ClassificationFormer; recurring
BreedFrench Bulldog
Home34 Ramsay Street

Regina "Reggie" Grundy, played by Timba, is a French Bulldog, who made her first appearance on 21 December 2018.[48] Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy announced on 17 December that a new dog was being introduced to the show during the 8000th episode.[48] Reg initially belongs to Valerie Grundy (Patti Newton), who dies in the episode. After Reg fails to get along with the Rebecchi's dog, Clancy (Rocky), she is adopted by David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson).[48] Valerie and Reg were created as a tribute to Reg Grundy, who produced Neighbours in the 1980s.[48] Timba is owned by Wilson.[49] Reggie departed with Valerie's sister on 23 January 2019.[50]

Reggie continuously barks after her owner Valerie Grundy dies, alerting Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) and Piper Willis (Mavournee Hazel), who enter the house and find Val. After Val's body is removed, Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) convinces her parents to look after Reggie. Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka take Reggie out for a walk, as she is not getting along with the Rebecchi's dog. Piper tells them that she and Toadie have yet to find any of Val's relations, and it is not guaranteed that they would want Reggie. After speaking with Aaron's brother, David adopts Reggie for himself and Aaron, and brings her home to Number 24. While she is left alone, Reggie ransacks various rooms, leading Aaron to find a Christmas card from his sister Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) to Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) amongst the rubbish. Reggie is taken from the Lassiters complex, while David is in the cafe. He and Aaron later spot her with Vera Punt (Sally-Anne Upton), who explains that she is Val's sister. David and Aaron are reluctant to let Reggie go, as they have fallen in love with her, but eventually decide to let her leave with Vera, who later moves into 34 Ramsay Street with Reggie.

Shaun Watkins[edit]

Shaun Watkins
Neighbours character
Portrayed byBrad Moller
First appearance27 December 2018 (2018-12-27)
Last appearance10 July 2020 (2020-07-10)
Introduced byJason Herbison
ClassificationFormer; recurring
OccupationSchool counsellor

Shaun Watkins, played by Brad Moller, made his first appearance on 27 December 2018. Details of Moller's casting were not announced until his first appearance. Shaun was introduced as the younger half-brother of villain Finn Kelly (Rob Mills). He comes to Erinsborough to meet Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne), and prove to her that Finn was not always bad.[51] Shaun was later shown in a trailer promoting 2019 storylines, and Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy questioned if he could be trusted or whether he was "just as freaky as Finn? Only time will tell."[51] Writers also involved Shaun in Elly Conway's (Jodi Anasta) relationship problems. They pair have a one-night stand and Elly falls pregnant with his child, giving him an opportunity for blackmail.[52][53] In May 2020, it was announced that Moller had reprised the role once again, months after Shaun was declared dead.[54]

Shaun leaves a photo album containing childhood photos of Finn Kelly on the doorstep of Susan Kennedy home. Susan and her husband Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) meet Shaun at the local pub The Waterhole, where he reveals that he is Finn's half-brother. Shaun explains that when he and Finn were younger, they were both kidnapped during a trip to South America. Their mother and Shaun's father paid the ransom for Shaun, but not Finn, as they blamed him for the incident. Finn was held captive for six months, until he was rescued by the military. Shaun hopes that by telling Susan the story, she will understand Finn's actions better. Despite finding no record of the incident, Susan meets with Shaun again, who says it was covered up. He gives her an unopened letter from Finn to their mother that he wrote while he was held hostage. Shaun explains that their mother has had no contact with Finn, while his father blamed Finn for his heart attack. Shaun also says that Finn's anger caused him to do terrible things. Susan's niece Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) contacts Shaun asking to meet, but her boyfriend Ned Willis (Ben Hall) warns Shaun off and he leaves town.

Shaun returns when Finn wakes from his coma and claims to have retrograde amnesia. Shaun supports Finn when he visits Ramsay Street and meets his victims. Ned confronts Shaun and tells him to take Finn away, but Shaun refuses and Ned punches him. Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) breaks up the fight, and Shaun press charges against Ned. Shaun and Finn's mother Claudia Watkins (Kate Raison) comes to Erinsborough intending to take Shaun home with her. He tries to convince her to visit Finn. Shaun meets Elly Conway at the Back Lane Bar, and they have a one-night stand. Shaun later learns Elly is pregnant and that he is the father. He uses the information to blackmail her into changing her victim impact statement and convince the Kennedys to house Finn. He leaves for Switzerland after seeing Finn settle in. Weeks later, Finn invites Shaun back to Erinsborough, after Elly's marriage ends. He almost gets into a fight with her husband Mark, who knows he is the father of her baby. Shaun tells Elly that he wants to be a part of his baby's life, but Elly is distant. Shaun attends an art class with Elly and they bond over the baby while they draw. Elly invites him to attend the 12-week scan. Mark asks Shaun about the fire at the police forensics locker, but Shaun assures him that he was not involved as he was in Sydney. After seeing how happy Elly is upon talking to Mark, Shaun goes to see Mark and asks if there is a chance they could get back together. Mark refuses to discuss the issue with him. Shaun tells Elly that he is planning on leaving to give her and Mark space, and will return for the birth. Elly later tells him that she and Mark kissed, so she agrees with his decision to leave. After Shaun tells Finn that he is going, he says his goodbyes to everyone and returns to Switzerland.

Shaun comes to Erinsborough to pull Finn into line, after he falls out with David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) over their involvement in Elly's pregnancy. After Finn apologises to David and Aaron, the four men take a baby swaddling class together. Elly returns from Sydney when Bea is injured, and Shaun comforts her when she gets upset. He asks Elly about them starting a relationship, but she turns him down. David finds custody papers in Shaun's bag and Elly accuses Shaun of trying to take her baby. He explains that his mother had the papers drawn up, but he has no intention of filing them and they tear them up. Shaun tells Finn about a program he ran in Switzerland that pairs disadvantaged children with mentors, and they present the idea to Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) for the Sonya Foundation, however, Toadie tells them that Finn cannot be involved as he will not get police clearance to work with children. After Shaun helps Elly to clean up after the school dance, she kisses him. He returns to Switzerland to begin organising his relocation to Erinsborough. A week later, Finn, Bea and Elly learn that Shaun is missing after being caught up in an avalanche while hiking. Claudia soon informs Finn that the search has been called off following a blizzard, and it is now a retrieval mission, leading Finn to declare that Shaun is dead.

Six months later, Shaun is rescued and flies to Melbourne on Claudia's private jet after realising she was there. Upon arrival he is greeted by her and his daughter Aster Conway (Isla Goulas, Scout Bowman). He reveals that while hiking, he injured his ankle before a blizzard and was forced to stay in a log cabin but was unable to leave due to heavy snowfall posing a risk to his life. Upon inquiring why Aster is with Claudia, he discovers his mother's numerous schemes to take custody away from the Kennedys, Elly and Bea, and how she sent Elly to prison for Finn's murder. He tries to convince her to do the right thing, as Susan and Bea arrive and are shocked by his presence. After Claudia turns herself into the police and was charged, Elly was bailed out of prison. Shaun refuses to forgive Claudia. Shaun reunites with Elly and he temporarily moves in with the Kennedys. Shaun breaks down in front of David, and admits that he misses Finn and is shocked and angry at him for what he has done to the residents of Ramsay Street. Bea tells Shaun that Finn made some video diaries and gives him a copy. Shaun watches them and angrily throws his laptop at Karl's garden shed, in front of Elly. Shaun then throws the memory stick, containing the videos into the lake, before announcing to Elly that he has decided to return to Switzerland to sort himself out. He promises to return to Erinsborough for her and Aster, and they say their goodbyes. Shaun returns weeks later and comes to Elly's defence when she is hassled by a journalist. Shaun takes a job as a counsellor at Erinsborough High, and he helps Emmett Donaldson (Ezra Justin), who struggles with maths and making friends. However, Shaun is fired when he admits to leaving the school doors open, which Emmett and his friends took advantage of to vandalise a classroom. Shaun supports Elly when she is rejected by a mother's group for being a murderer, and organises their own parent's group in the garden, where he and Elly have sex. Shaun then asks her to move to Switzerland with him, which she agrees to do. Shaun departs with Elly and Aster to start a new life together in Switzerland.


Date(s) Character Actor Circumstances
9 January Lyle Kinsey Justin Monaco[55] Aaron Brennan returns to his gym and thanks Lyle for covering for him. Lyle later supports Rory Zemiro through a workout. When Rory asks him about Aaron's partner, Lyle tells him that he has only just started working there.
11 January Petra Jabour Frances McCarthy[56] Petra is a wellness blogger and influencer, who is invited to review The Flame Tree Retreat by Amy Williams. Petra is unimpressed with the restaurant and dismisses the food, saying it tastes like dirt. Amy points out that Petra does not understand that they are trying to create a positive space and tells her they do not want her money. Petra posts a video of Amy's rant online, but Amy receives positive attention from those commenting on the post.
12 January Sebastian Haeusler Adam Rowland[57] While at the Back Lane Bar, Sebastian notices Dipi Rebecchi dancing and later approaches her at the bar to introduce himself. He attempts to flirt with Dipi, but she soon tells him she is married. Sebastian replies that her husband is a lucky man, wishes her a good night and moves away.
17 January Levi Jansen Sam Allen[58] Levi is a restaurateur, who leaves his business card with Amy Williams at The Flame Tree Retreat. Shane Rebecchi gets in contact with Levi, and arranges a meeting to show Levi his urine powered generator. Gary Canning enters Levi's hotel room, believing that his daughter is in there, scaring him. Levi leaves the hotel and cancels his meeting with Shane.
19 January Kurt Pilgrim Rob Flanagan[59] Kurt is a property developer, who has a business meeting with Paul Robinson and Leo Tanaka on a boat. As he goes to leave, he and Leo come across Sonya and Toadfish Rebecchi kissing in the hallway.
22 January Crystal Carmichael Tanya Braunovic[60] Aaron Brennan auditions for Crystal on behalf of dance troupe Rough Trade. Crystal tells Rory Zemiro that she is impressed and wants Aaron involved in the gig. Rory accepts on Aaron's behalf.
25 January–19 March Gus Martinez Blake Draper[61] Gus is Tia Martinez's older brother, who buys several bottles of stolen alcohol from Jimmy Williams. Gus asks Jimmy for more and threatens to tell on him if he stops providing the bottles. Gus is displeased when he has to share his work experience at the Whitten Oval with Yashvi Rebecchi. AFL Women's player Ellie Blackburn puts them through several drills and is impressed with Yashvi, before telling Gus that he did well too.
25 January John Bushell David Robson[61] John complains to Lassiters receptionist Brandon Danker that he has been charged for alcohol he did not drink, as he has a liver condition. Leo Tanaka intervenes and tells John that his bill will be amended.
29 January Kerry Lee Bronwyn Lamb[62] Kerry notices Tyler Brennan in the Lassiters Complex and moves her grandchildren on to avoid being near him, as she knows he has been charged with murder.
31 January–26 February Adrian Snyder Michael Vice[63] Adrian visits Fitzgerald Motors to get an oil leak fixed. When he returns to collect his car, Adrian asks Tyler Brennan if he knows a Phillip Banks. Adrian then explains that Phillip is inside the same prison Tyler is expected to be sent to, and he will offer Tyler protection if he gets proof that Phillip's wife is being unfaithful. Tyler initially tells Adrian that he will not do it, but accepts when Adrian threatens to harm his girlfriend Piper Willis. Days later, Adrian come back to the garage to see Tyler, but Ben Kirk tells him he has the day off. Adrian later has Piper's cat poisoned. Adrian asks Tyler to alter a van so Banks can escape prison. However, he finds Tyler has not carried out the work. Adrian tips broken glass into the Brennan's swimming pool, leading to Ben Kirk cutting his foot. Tyler's brothers Aaron and Mark Brennan meet with Adrian to make a deal to keep Tyler safe from Banks. Adrian asks them to carry out the work on the van.
1 February Verity Banks Simone Annan[64] Verity is approached by Tyler Brennan at The Waterhole and she accepts a drink from him. She invites him up to her hotel room, where she catches him going through her things. Verity tells him that she knows her husband, Phillip, sent him, and that his brother Mark Brennan was the police officer who put him inside. She also explains that her husband is looking to divorce her and leave her with nothing, but she is not going to let that happen. Tyler offers to help Verity if she can help him, but she apologises as there is nothing she can do.
7 February Kurt Pilgrim Rob Flanagan[65] Kurt visits Amy Williams to talk about the Robinson Heights housing development. Amy tells Kurt that his budget is grossly overestimated and she knows there are other contractors who could do the work for less. She asks him to reconfigure his quote, but Kurt refuses and then tells Amy that he will speak with her father, so she fires him from the project. Kurt attempts to talk to Paul Robinson about his dismissal, but Paul supports Amy's decision.
9 February Sarah Whelan Kylie Ryan[66] Sarah is a vet who treats Clementine after she is poisoned. She tells Xanthe Canning and Ben Kirk that she has pumped Clementine's stomach and she will be okay, before presenting them with a bill for $900.
13 February Detective Hall Tucker Damon Hunter[67] Detective Tucker helps Tyler Brennan rescue Piper Willis from falling off the edge of a building, before arresting them both. Tucker later informs Piper that the charges against her have been dropped.
Constable Marko North Craig Johnson[68] Constable North escorts Tyler Brennan into the court room and removes him when he receives a jail sentence.
13 February 2018,
18 April 2019,
20 April 2020
Tipstaff Freddy Poljack Nick Buckland[68] The tipstaff assists Judge Roz Challis and asks everyone in the court to stand when she is entering and exiting the court room during Tyler Brennan's trial. He is present also during Finn Kelly's sentencing hearing, and calls the various witnesses to the stand to give their statements. He is later present during Elly Conway's sentencing hearing.
22 February Lisa Connolly Tasha Sanders[69] Lisa is a building safety inspector, who visits the Robinson Heights housing development. She instantly notices Jayden Warley is not wearing a hard hat and later sees a truck with an unsecure load. She asks site manager Amy Williams to stop all construction until she has finished her inspection. Lisa issues Amy and Paul Robinson with a provisional improvement notice.
6–29 March Cameron McGilp Jharaiz Kiriona[70] Upon returning to the hospital, Izzy Hoyland approaches Cameron and tells him that she left her purse in the hospital's research lab. Cameron tells her that only staff can access the lab, so Izzy attempts to flirt with him, before threatening to report him to Clive Gibbons. A couple of weeks later, Cameron catches Holly Hoyland trying to return confidential files that she took.
8 March TJ Gantry Sami Obama[71] TJ tries to get a glass of wine at The Waterhole, but Shane Rebecchi keeps boring him with a story and stopping himself from pouring the wine.
15 March–9 May Rita Newland Lisa Kay[72] Rita visits Toadfish Rebecchi at his home to discuss Izzy Hoyland. She is the daughter of Izzy's late husband, Clint, and wishes to contest the validity of her father's will. Rita visits Toadie the following day and tells him to get everything signed before she leaves. Rita's deal asks that Izzy give up all claims to the estate, and Rita will forget about the money that has already spent. Rita later looks over the paperwork Toadie has drafted up, as Izzy plans to settle, but she turns down Toadie's plea to honour the $20 million hospital donation. Rita is impressed with Toadie's legal skills and offers him the chance to do more work for her, which he accepts after she agrees he can continue to work independently. However, when she gets hit in the face by a cake thrown by Toadie's brother Shane Rebecchi, she retracts Toadie's job offer. When she later returns to Erinsborough, Rita conspires to replace Clive Gibbons with Karl Kennedy as COO of the hospital.
16 March–10 May Poppy Ryan Eloise Ross[73] Jimmy Williams stops Poppy to talk, but he struggles as he has a crush on her. Days later, Kirsha Rebecchi meets Poppy in Harold's Cafe and tries to get to know her interests on Jimmy's behalf. She does not overhear Poppy insulting her. Jimmy asks Poppy out on a date to play mini-golf and she accepts. Jimmy's mother Amy Williams later interrupts Jimmy and Poppy kissing after a study session. Poppy tells Kirsha that she does not always have to hang out with them, as she is a third wheel. Amy brings Jimmy and Poppy over to Kirsha's house for a swim, and Poppy makes a comment to Kirsha about the time she got her period at school. At the school camp, Poppy continues to bully Kirsha, who alerts Jimmy. Yashvi Rebecchi comes to her sister's defence, and Poppy is sent home from the camp. Before she leaves, Jimmy breaks up with her.
19 March Ellie Blackburn Herself[74] Ellie puts Gus Martinez and Yashvi Rebecchi through drills, as part of their work experience. Ellie is impressed with Yashvi and suggests that she finds herself a team to play for, to help her technique.
22 March Fraser Kurzil Josh Geary[75] Fraser is interviewed by Mark Brennan and Elly Conway for a job at Fitzgerald Motors. Fraser admits that he has not started his TAFE course and Elly realises that he has lied on his CV, so he leaves.
27 March Hayden Strom Jack Stratton-Smith[76] Hayden is an Uber driver, who drops Chloe Brennan off at Lassiters, where she thanks him with a kiss.
29 March Ross Wilson Himself[77] Ross performs at The Waterhole for Sheila Canning, as a favour for Clive Gibbons. When Ross invites Sheila on stage, but she forgets the words to the song and leaves.
3 April Vic Burton Nick Mitchell[78] Vic takes photos of Number 32 Ramsay Street and tells Dipi Rebecchi that he is a real estate agent, who is following up on a request.
9 April 2018,
31 May 2019
Elaine Louder Marie-Claire Anastasia[79] A Lassiters day spa assistant. Chloe Brennan asks her to change David Tanaka's booked massage to a couple's package. When Elaine shows David to the room, he finds Mark Brennan waiting for him. Elaine assumes Mark is not out when he insists that he should not be there, before revealing Chloe changed the booking. The following year, Elaine gives David, Aaron Brennan, Ned Willis and Bea Nilsson a letter from Finn Kelly explaining why they are at the spa. She asks which couple wants to start with the sauna and David and Bea follow her.
12 April–8 May Jake Hendra Guy Greenstone[80] Jake overhears Dipi Rebecchi calling his daughter a cheat for bumping Yashvi Rebecchi and tells her to pull her head in, as it was a fair move. When Jake yells at Yashvi to miss a goal kick, Dipi tells him to shut up and punches him. She soon apologises. When Jake comes to Harold's Cafe, Dipi agrees to serve him, but asks for an apology to Yashvi first. Jake tells her to get over it and Dipi asks him to leave, as he is banned from the café for life. Jake retaliates with an online post urging people to boycott the café, which affects Dipi's business. Dipi later apologises to Jake and rescinds the ban.
13 April Jaida Patrick Dana Miltins[81] Jaida is a football recruiter who attended Yashvi Rebecchi's last game. Shane Rebecchi brings Jaida to Harold's Cafe to meet Yashvi. Jaida tells her that she is still pretty raw, but if she keeps playing well, then she may be considered for next year's draft.
16 April Lockie Harding Alexander Arco[82] Piper Willis notices Lockie dropping off a book at the book exchange and believes he is the person who is underlining various passages in the books. She follows him to the local gym and learns he works at the Back Lane Bar. She introduces herself to Lockie, who does not confirm that he is the underliner, and he invites her to stay for a drink so they can talk about books. Lockie eventually admits that he was dropping the book off for his mother and refuses to believe that Piper does not want to have sex with him. He locks the door to the bar and attempts to force himself on Piper, who knees him in the groin and escapes the bar. She later reports him to the police.
17 April Martin Popovich Michael Rusic[83] Martin tells Terese Willis, Xanthe Canning and Elly Conway that he is just the cleaner when they burst into the Back Lane Bar looking for Piper Willis.
18 April–28 September Monique Hughes Madeleine Vizard[84] Monique is Mishti Sharma's best friend. Her partner Leo Tanaka invites Monique to Erinsborough to visit Mishti. Monique later overhears Chloe Brennan talking about serving alcohol to an underage Xanthe Canning, and Monique tells Leo that she will keep it from Mishti if he gives her $1000. Leo refuses to pay up and he threatens to tell Mishti about the blackmail. Monique later calls a truce. Mishti introduces Monique to former police constable Mark Brennan. Mark tells Monique that he tampered with evidence and leads her to think he is corrupt himself. He then mentions that Sheila Canning is willing to pay protection money and Monique attempts to extort money from Sheila. She soon learns that she has been set up when Sheila goes to the police and Monique quickly leaves town. Mishti later contacts Monique and tells her about Dilhan Ozdil and the sex tape he created. Monique has Dilhan beaten up. She then meets with Mishti, and tells her that her former fiancé Zander was not corrupt, he just helped Monique out of a bad situation. Mishti then arrests Monique.
11 May Brett Davis Ed Rickards[85] After Kirsha Rebecchi and Susan Kennedy go missing in the bush, SES volunteer Brett leads the search for them. Brett is hesitant to let Kirsha's father Shane Rebecchi join in the search effort, as there is only 30 minutes of light left. In the morning, Amy Williams announces she is leading a group to start a search, and Brett tells her that no one should leave without coordinating with the SES first, but Elly tells him he cannot stop Amy. Brett is soon concerned to learn that Karl Kennedy is out in the bush, while being treated for DVT with blood thinners.
18 May–9 August Marisa Taylor Shannon Barker[86] Marisa plays for Eden Hills Dolphins AFLW team, along with Yashvi Rebecchi. She accuses Yashvi of receiving special treatment after overhearing Piper Willis asking to interview her. Following the game, Marisa tells Yashvi that she gets an easy ride from the umpires because of her skin colour. Marisa continues to racially abuse Yashvi, who eventually tells her mother. During a meeting with Yashvi, Dipi Rebecchi, their coach and her mother, Marisa refuses to apologise and says the comments were just sledging. Coach Romy removes her from the team. Yashvi's father Shane Rebecchi later refuses to let Marisa use the bathroom at The Waterhole, despite Marisa working at Lassiters Hotel. Marisa tells him there are a lot of people who think like her. Marisa helps Chloe Brennan decorate the pub, and reluctantly agrees to put up posters featuring the Rebecchi family. The posters are defaced and Marisa is seen tearing one of them down, leading Chloe to fire her. Yashvi's younger sister Kirsha Rebecchi later admits that she defaced the posters and Marisa blackmails her. When Shane finds out about the blackmail, he confronts Marisa and calls her a bigot. She films Shane and uploads the footage to the internet. Marisa is offered her job back at Lassiters, which she accepts. But after Yashvi tells her some home truths, Marisa resigns.
31 May Lesley Taylor Lisa Aldenhoven[87] Lesley, her daughter Marisa, and Coach Romy meet with Yashvi Rebecchi and her mother Dipi to discuss the racist comments Marisa has been making towards Yashvi. Coach Romy tells Marisa that the messages are racial vilification and that they are unacceptable. Marisa refuses to apologise, saying the comments were just sledging, so Coach Romy removes her from the team.
Coach Romy Britton Jessica Hackett[88]
6–20 June, 27 September Dilhan Ozdil Kyle Hazebroek[89] Dilhan notices Mishti Sharma at The Waterhole bar, and she brings him home for a one-night stand. Xanthe Canning later catches Dilhan taking money from Mishti's purse. Xanthe screams and Dilhan flees the house. He later sends Mishti a text message asking her to call off the police or he will upload footage of them having sex to the internet. Aaron Brennan arranges to meet Dilhan and pretends that he shares his interests. He gets Dilhan to show him his laptop, before Mishti arrests Dilhan. Aaron deletes the footage of Mishti, but she later learns that it has been posted online. Dilhan's bail is posted by his father, and he later sends Mishti threatening text messages. Leo Tanaka finds Dilhan playing pool at The Waterhole and attempts to goad him into a fight, but Dilhan realises that his bail will be revoked if he fights Leo. As they argue, Leo throws a punch and hits Ned Willis, giving Dilhan the chance to walk away. Months later, Dilhan is brought in to Erinsborough Hospital, having been attacked by someone hired by Monique Hughes. He apologises to Mishti as he goes into surgery.
14 June Travis Webb Jack Martin[90] Travis goes on a blind date with Mishti Sharma. He tells her about his time volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary in Borneo, while she admits that she is very work-orientated. Travis encourages Mishti to dance with him.
15 June Dean Duffy Cezar Adams[91] As he is being taken to the Erinsborough police station, Dean notices Mishti Sharma and wolf whistles at her, before calling her gorgeous.
26 June– Hugo Somers John Turner[92] Hugo is Andrea Somers's infant son. Sindi Watts brings him to Erinsborough and tells Toadfish Rebecchi that he is Hugo's father. Toadie takes a DNA test and cares for Hugo as he waits for the result, which eventually confirms that Toadie is Hugo's father. Toadie's wife Sonya Rebecchi attempts to bond with Hugo. When she is distracted while changing Hugo, he falls from the change table, but is not badly hurt. Toadie and Sonya hold a naming day for Hugo to officially welcome him to their family, and they give him the nickname Sunfish as per Rebecchi family tradition. In 2020, Andrea escapes from prison via dressing up her identical twin, Dee Bliss, in a prison suit. She then pretends to be Dee and takes Hugo, before escaping town with Owen Campbell. Owen eventually admits to Toadie where Andrea, who is still holding Hugo, is hiding. Using Heather Schilling, Constable Levi Canning lures Andrea into Erinsborough High and Toadie safely manages to get Hugo back.
2–13 July Javier Gaetano Bernard Angel[93] Javier works at the hospital. He remarks to his colleague Patrick that it seems he does not have a life outside of work. Patrick tells him that he has a partner, who reminds him of a former girlfriend who caused him trouble. Karl Kennedy and Mark Brennan later question Javier about Patrick, and he tells them about the conversation they had.
10 July 2018,
7 September 2018,
24 March 2020,
2 September 2020
Patricia Hillman BillieRose Cachia[94] A paramedic, who brings Xanthe Canning to Erinsborough Hospital following a hit-and-run. She tells David Tanaka that Xanthe has a broken sternum and is not responding to any vocal commands. Weeks later, Patricia is called to Lassiters Hotel, after Ned Willis falls asleep in a sauna and develops hypothermia. She tells Amy Williams and Yashvi Rebecchi that he will be kept at the hospital overnight. She also reassures Yashvi that a few minutes more and the situation could have been much worse. Two years later, Patricia brings in Bea Nilsson and tells Karl Kennedy about her injuries, including a leg fracture. Patricia later admits a young female patient who has been involved in a car collision, and has to get David's attention when he struggles to focus.
17 July Dr Wes Madden Brian Lipson[95] Dr Madden is treating Andrea Somers at a psychiatric hospital in Tasmania. Sonya Rebecchi tells him that Andrea gave birth to a son six months ago, which leads Dr Madden to speculate that she is suffering from postnatal psychosis.
23 July Sara Dennet Emma Choy[96] Sara is a nurse at Grovesdale Hospital in Hobart. She tells Willow Somers, Sonya Rebecchi and Toadfish Rebecchi that they can visit Andrea Somers, but only one in at a time.
23 July, 30 August Annabel Rutherford Sophia Davey[97] Annabel is a well known photographer who agrees to shoot Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka's wedding, but only if she can photograph a recreation of their proposal first. Aaron poses with Ned Willis, but Annabel tells them that she is not seeing the love between them. Aaron admits that David could not make the shoot, but Annabel says she just wants her promo shot and Ned puts in more effort. The following month, Annabel is hired to photograph the Rebecchi family. After they turn up late, the children struggle to stay still and Annabel fails to get any good shots.
24 July Ian Palmer Bruce Carboon[98] Ian is an exam supervisor who watches Xanthe Canning take the UMAT at Erinsborough Hospital. When Xanthe drops her pencil due to a spasm, Ian has to tell her father and grandmother to leave when they rush in. Xanthe suffers a seizure and Ian leaves to fetch a doctor.
25 July–14 November Jeremy Sluggett Tamblyn Lord[99] Gary Canning meets with Jeremy to ask him for his former cellmate Finn Kelly's whereabouts. Jeremy says he has an address, but he will only give it to Gary if he holds onto some money for him. When Jeremy goes to collect the money from The Flametree Retreat, he is interrupted by Sindi Watts, who calls the police. She attempts to stop him from leaving, but he pushes her to the ground and makes his exit. He is later arrested by the police and sent back to prison. Following his release, Jeremy is approached by Paul Robinson with a plan to set Gary up. Jeremy tells Gary about a job he has for him, but Gary turns it down and reveals he knows that he is working with Paul. Lord previously guested on the serial as Barry Salter 30 years earlier.[100]
27 July Tean Murray Siobhan Connors[101] Tean rejoins Leo Tanaka at a table in The Waterhole, and remarks that the bathrooms there are better than those at the Erinsborough Backpackers, where they met. They then leave together.
7 August Louise Zimmerman Jasmine Anders[102] Dr Zimmerman replaces Rob Carson when Amy Williams comes to the hospital for a mole check and a HPV test. She tells Amy that Dr Carson was called into a meeting.
13 August Danielle Southgate Annie Lumsden[103] Danielle joins Amy Williams and Chloe Brennan at Erinsborough Backpackers for drinks and games. After Amy leaves, Chloe and Danielle steal the Ramsay Street sign. When a police car pulls up to the Backpackers, Danielle runs off, leaving Chloe to deal with the police.
16 August James McTavish Jordan Holtman[104] James is one of the trainers at The Shed gym. Aaron Brennan tells James that he has to let him go, as the gym is losing money and he was the last trainer hired.
17 August Lenny Hicks Reg Watson[105] Lenny is a guest at Lassiters Hotel, who comes to see the new games room. He persuades Chloe Brennan to let him and his friends gamble for money.
22 August Orion Ibraheim Simon Barbaro[106] Orion asks Chloe Brennan out on a date, after meeting her in the games room at Lassiters Hotel. They have dinner and Orion reveals that he is a widower with two children. Orion gives Chloe an envelope of money for a taxi, and she finds $300 inside.
27 August Harrison Keller Chris Hanrahan[107] Harrison meets with Chloe Brennan at The Waterhole for a lunch date, following a recommendation from Orion Ibraheim. Harrison tells Chloe that he is married with children, and that he just wants someone to have an open and honest conversation with. Chloe's brother Mark Brennan interrupts and tells Harrison to leave or he will contact his wife.
30 August–18 October Pavan Nahal Akkshey Caplash[108] Pavan meets with Mishti Sharma after contacting her through an arranged marriage website. He flies to Melbourne for their first date which goes well. Mishti later invites him to Erinsborough to have lunch with her family, and her sister Dipi Rebecchi arranges for her drama group to host an improv event. Pavan impresses everyone with a rap about arranged marriage, and he later proposes to Mishti, who accepts. Mishti asks Pavan to take a marriage compatibility test. Pavan tells Mishti that he once got into debt, while Mishti reveals that she wanted to shoot the man who killed her former fiancé. Mishti meets Pavan's mother, Menna Nahal, who later comes down to meet Mishti's family. Mishti informs them that she has been suspended from the force. Pavan learns that Mishti was in a sex tape and ends their engagement. Days later, Dipi comes to see Pavan while he is in Erinsborough to talk about Mishti. He explains that he ended the engagement because Mishti lied to him. Dipi points out that Mishti was a victim of a crime, which is why she did not tell him about the video. Pavan apologises to Mishti and tells her that he still wants to marry her. Pavan accepts a job offer in Sydney and Mishti agrees to move to the city to be with him.
25 September–2 October Thomas Hewes-Belton Greg Parker[109] Gary Canning brings bank manager Thomas to the Lassiters Complex for lunch. Thomas informs Gary that the loan he has been approved for will not be in his account for two weeks. A week later, Gary asks Thomas if the loan can be paid into his account a day early, but Thomas tells him that he cannot approve the loan as he knows Gary cannot keep up with the repayments following his demotion.
28 September Caroline Alexander Melanie Beddie[110] Caroline hires Chloe Brennan through her Cash4Company business to have sex with her son, Sandy for his birthday. Chloe plans to outsource her services, but her friend cancels at the last minute. Chloe approaches Sandy at The Waterhole and asks him to have a drink with her. As they are talking, Chloe notices some girls at the pool table looking at Sandy and she encourages him to speak to them. Chloe introduces herself and Sandy to the girls. Greta initially assumes Sandy is Chloe's boyfriend, but Chloe assures her that they are not together. She then mentions that Sandy does taekwondo and Greta tells him she does it too. Caroline is pleased when Chloe tells her Sandy and Greta are going to continue seeing each other, and she gives Chloe a bonus.
Sandy Alexander Charles Russell[111]
Greta Van Pelt Peggy Ford[110]
1 October Menna Nahal Mala Singh-Narayan[112] Menna is Pavan Nahal's mother, who comes to Erinsborough to meet his fiancée Mishti Sharma. Menna is not impressed when Mishti admits that she has been suspended from the police force for disobeying orders. After Mishti's sister Dipi Rebecchi shows her around the house, Menna tells Pavan they have to leave.
4 October Bohdi Crawford Grady Lynch[113] Bohdi is approached by Elissa Gallow while he is collecting the mail, and she asks for his help in retrieveing a letter that she claims she mistakenly posted.
9 October–23 November Det. Pete Shaw Christopher Stollery[114] Detective Shaw asks Mishti Sharma whether Cassius Grady's confession letter is at the station, but she informs him that Cassius's mother Elissa Gallow intercepted it. After Elissa is apprehended, Shaw tells Cassius that Elissa will be charged as an accessory. Cassius refuses to give a statement about his involvement in Hamish Roche's murder, until Shaw releases Elissa. Piper Willis visits Cassius and gets him to change his mind. Shaw asks Cassius why he came back to Erinsborough and he explains that he needed to find his medallion. Instead of fleeing, he stayed because he fell in love with Piper. Weeks later, Shaw interviews Susan Kennedy after she confesses to pushing Finn Kelly from a cliff. He also interviews Bea Nilsson, Elly Conway and Xanthe Canning about that day. When Susan later admits that she wanted Finn dead, Shaw arrests her for attempted murder.
23 October 2018,
13 January 2021–
Sgt. Andrew Rodwell David Lamb[115]
Lloyd Will[116]
Constable Rodwell stands guard outside Cassius Grady's hospital room. When Sheila Canning notices Rodwell yawning, she convinces him to briefly leave his post and get a coffee. Three years later, Rodwell and Yashvi Rebecchi track down Kane Jones and arrest him. At the station, they question Kane about his crimes and the kidnapping of Harlow Robinson. Rodwell and Levi Canning investigate an assault on Roxy Willis at Eden Hill University a few weeks later. Rodwell tells Levi and Bea Nilsson that there are no cameras and no witnesses, before Levi finds a distinctive ring in the undergrowth. Rodwell later arrests Brent Colefax with the help of Kurt Bridges. Weeks later, Levi congratulates Rodwell on his promotion to Sergeant. Rodwell asks why Levi is at work when he is supposed to be on leave, and Levi tells him he just wanted to check out the noticeboard for anything new. Later, Rodwell informs Rose Walker that her recently smashed in car windscreen was broken by Dr. Anna Buke, who was under the impression that it was Melanie Pearson's car. When Isla Tanaka-Brennan is taken from their car, Rodwell questions Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka. Later, Rodwell mistakenly accuses Levi of being in a threesome, but he corrects Levi and says that he is in a polyamorous relationship. Rodwell then presents Levi with a photoshopped image of Levi and Ned Willis that was taped to Levi's locker.
13–15 November Dr Carla Taylor Devon Lang Wilton[117] Dr Taylor is Andrea Somers' doctor at Grovesdale Hospital. She bumps into Alice Wells as she comes out of Andrea's room and, assuming Alice is a volunteer, asks her how Andrea seems. Days later, Dr Taylor meets with Toadfish Rebecchi to tell him that Andrea's growing sense of identity is a good sign her treatment is working. She tells him that Andrea has been asking questions about her family and advises him to visit her.
14 November Mike Lalor Mitchell Pope[118] Mike is a barman at The Waterhole, who Alice Wells orders a cocktail from. Karl Kennedy greets Mike and orders his usual. Karl tells Mike about his trip to Boston, but Mike is not very interested and Alice introduces herself to Karl.
7 December Brian Pitts Aaron James Campbell[119] Brian and his friends are drinking in the Botanical Gardens, when he notices Sonya Rebecchi coming towards them, so he offers her a drink from a bottle of bourbon.
10 December Alex Bruce Sinui Pavino[120] Nurse Alex helps Sonya Rebecchi as she drags herself into Erinsborough Hospital, and assures her that she will be okay. He later attempts to change Sonya's saline drip, but she resists as she thinks he is giving her painkillers.
11 December Brit Edwards Jodi Haigh[121] Brit drops off a van containing some stolen goods for Gary Canning to deliver.
17 December Catherine Miragliotta Holly Hargreaves[122] Gary Canning meets with Catherine at a warehouse to collect and move more stolen goods.
18 December Blake Grimwood Lochie Graham[123] A student at Erinsborough High. Blake hands Kirsha Rebecchi a note to pass along, but she is caught by acting principal Jane Harris, who gives them extra homework. Blake then tells Kirsha that he has a present for Jane from his mother, but he does not want to give it to her himself, so Kirsha does it. Blake watches on as Jane unwraps a box of aphrodisiac tea. Jane later tells him off for laughing when he notices her drinking the tea.
18 December 2018,
8 January 2019
Joseph Bullen Will Ward-Ambler[124] Joseph remarks that Gary Canning is late with the delivery of stolen solar inverters, and Gary tells him that he got a flat tyre. Joseph notices that one of the boxes is opened and Gary replies that the inverter slipped out, but he put it back in. Joseph pays him and points out where to put the boxes. Joseph comes to Ramsay Street to ask Gary about the inverters that were placed in the Pavilion Coffee Hut. Gary tells him that they are gone, before Amy Williams asks him to leave because she is Paul Robinson's daughter and he knows people far worse than Joseph.
20 December Mitch Neebles Jack Doherty[125] Mitch meets Chloe Brennan at the Back Lane Bar, where he is celebrating with his water polo team. Mitch and Chloe talk and flirt most of the night, before they leave the bar together.


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