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Technology And Performance Of Bavarian Motor Works

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Bavarian Motor Works, better known by their acronym BMW, have produced vehicles all over the world for nearly a century. Through those years they introduced innovative technology and superior performance in support of their goal to build the ultimate driving machine. Today they participate in the production of motorcycles, sport utility vehicles, as well as sport and luxury classified vehicles. Bavarian Motor Works is also part of “The Big 3” German automakers, along with Audi and Mercedes. However, in the beginning when the company first came together in 1916, they didn’t even participate in the production of motor vehicles. Within the first four decades of the organization, BMW was environmentally involved in two world wars and experienced crippling occurrences. Plants and corporate building were destroyed and rebuilt as well, as the thousands of employees that went out of work. The company even experienced an ultimatum to risk losing the business for good or merging to survive. Bavarian Motor Works came together during a merger of two publicly limited companies owned by Gustav Otto and Karl Rapp, Bayerische Flugzeug- Werke and Rapp Motorenwerke on March 6, 1916 (source). In the beginning the company competed in engine production, not just for cars but for trains and other commercial vehicles. They also supported their government by creating engines for their government vehicles and machinery. Bavarian Motor Works was based in Munich, Germany and the building was

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