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Bmw 's Impact On The Manufacturing Of Cars

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BMW begins its long history, which stretches for almost a hundred years, in Germany. BMW had a major impact on the manufacturing of cars. Rapp needed a financial backer to do this and in 1916 he renamed the Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works). After a financial problem with the company Rapp left. When Rapp left the company Franz Josef Popp took over. He set up BMW as we know it today("BMW Early History ).

In 1913 a German engineer Karl Friedrich Rapp who had been the early director of a successful aircraft company, started his own business to make aircraft engines. He named the Rapp Motorenwerke and set up shop in Munich Germany. He did this because the biggest buyer of his engines was nearby. The company did very well and was contracted to build a large sum of V12 airplane engines to fill a very high demand. BMW made many aircraft engines during WWI. After the war was lost the Versailles Treaty prohibited German companies from producing aircraft and aircraft engines. BMW had to find a new way to stay in business and get income. Again and again BMW had discussed getting into the car business but it was never really necessary until now("History of BMW ). At this time in history German 's economy was very bad and inflation was very high. BMW started to make low cost cars in early 1925. They were a success and BMW made a full swing into the automobile business.

In 1930 BMW began work on a new four-cylinder engine. The engine was advanced for its time but it

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