Titletown High: Lenley Gross Age Wiki, Boyfriend Family & Instagram

Who Is Lenley Gross From Titletown High Netflix? Meet The Grayson Leavy’s Girlfriend On Instagram

Who Is Lenley Gross From Titletown High Netflix? Meet The Grayson Leavy’s Girlfriend On Instagram

Who is Lenley Gross from the reality show Tittletown High? Lenley is the girlfriend of Grayson Leavy, and she has a very supportive family.

Lenley Gross is an actress best known for her roles in the show “Titletown High.” 

The Netflix comedy follows four athletes from the country’s football champions as they deal with coach Rush Propst’s long-standing rivalry while being distracted by their girlfriends and loves.

The series is directed by Jason Sciavicco, tells the true story of the actors. Every actor in the show portrays a character from their own life.

Grayson Leavy, Jacarrius Peak, Jake Garcia, Samuel Brown, Zoey Watson, and Malia Spells are cast members.

Titletown High: Lenley Gross Age And Wiki

Lenley Gross is between the ages of 16 and 18. She is a sophomore in high school, which puts her age in perspective.

Although she looks mature for her age, it’s easy to be misled by her age. She is from Georgia and attends Valdosta High School, which is the setting for the sitcom “Titletown High.”


Gross is a member of the collegiate volleyball team as well as the cheerleading squad.

What she intends to build a career out of is intriguing, and we shall learn more as time passes. So far, she’s having a good time in school.

Lenley Gross Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating?

There is a lot of speculation about Lenley Gross’s boyfriend. Hunter Price, who is not on the show, is dating Lenley Gross.

Grayson Leavy is Lenley Gross’s boyfriend, which caused some confusion. Leavy, on the other hand, is still obsessed with his ex-girlfriend and now best buddy Zoey Watson. In Lenley’s life, this introduces a complex relationship. 

Grayson is asked to pick between Lenley and Zoey. He chooses to break his connection with Lenley and chose his long-lost sweetheart Zoey.

On Forbes, Sciavicco stated that the story is entirely true. If that’s the case, then Grayson Leavy was Gross’ ex-boyfriend.

She is now happily dating Price, who is a wrestler at the same school as her.


Lenley Gross Family And Instagram 

On Instagram, Lenley Gross posted a photo of herself and her mother. In addition, we can observe from her Instagram photos that she lives with her parents.

In the United States, parents can only abandon their children once they reach the age of 18. Her parents, on the other hand, are not on Instagram.

If you want to see more of Lenley Gross, check out her Instagram account, @lenley_gross4.