Man Confronts Armed Boogaloo Boys In Ann Arbor, Michigan

An armed group attempted to get the attention of Ann Arbor police over the weekend for some kind of confrontation, but a bystander was not having it.

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A handful of Boogaloo Boys showed up outside of the police department, armed with guns and tactical gear, to protest the arrest of Omar Shafie in late March. Shafie engaged in a 36-hour standoff with police after his parents called 911 to report that he was “suffering a mental health crisis, was armed, and had assaulted them,” according to MLive.

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Shafie was ultimately arrested unharmed, but fired his weapon multiple times. The Boogaloo Boys were reportedly protesting that the police “stripped [him] of his Second Amendment rights.”

But as polarizing as the police are in the United States right now, a lot of people aren’t thrilled with the idea of random men who think they’re part of a militia wandering the streets with big guns either.

As the group, which has ties to far-right extremists, stood outside the police station trying to get cops’ attention, an Ann Arbor citizen tried to persuade them to leave. 

“I care about the children of this town,” he told them. “Walking around with goddamn guns, what…are you teaching them?”

One of the Boogaloo Boys insisted that “police are still killing people” and asked the man if he thought that was okay.

“No, it’s not, but it’s not for you either,” he replied.

“We’re not killing anyone,” the dude with a gun shot back.

“You are not the police,” the bystander reminded him. “You are a militia. The law is they are in charge, not you. Get the f—k out of our town.”

The idiocy of a group with a general history of violence among their ranks armed to the teeth claiming that they are protesting another group with a general history of violence among their ranks armed to the teeth was not lost on people watching the whole thing play out at home.

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Ultimately, the Boogaloo Boys did not receive the attention they were looking for from police and went home.

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*First Published: April 6, 2021, 5:54 am