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Are Pedal Assist Bikes Worth it?

Are Cars Better Than Electric Bikes? 

Does your car give you any trouble? There are lots of electric bicycles on the market, with more still being produced than every day. The effects of the lockdown have also caused an increase in the number of bikers due to the need for social distancing.

Be it running errands or getting to your place of work on time, electric bikes are a perfect option. The pedal assist bikes makes riding very effortless and gives you speed to make time fly by. This article is aimed at showing you the advantages of ebikes over cars as a means of transport.

Ebikes Vs. Cars

There are lots of reasons to choose an ebike over a car. These include:

Planning Weekend Adventures

Electric commuter bikes usually have sturdy tires, so are a perfect fit for every terrain. Their usefulness ranges from a ride in the park to blazing mountain trails. Whether with friends or family, you can plan a fun adventure that everyone’s going to participate in. Because despite everyone riding their bikes, they still get to enjoy transporting themselves to the chosen destination without breaking a sweat, thanks to the pedal assist.

Relaxing With Loved Ones

Have you had a difficult week at work? You don’t know how to spend your days on leave? You can simply pick up a bottle of wine, some food and take your ebike out for a spin. Involving your loved ones makes it more fun, especially if they own electric bikes too. The bikes also have rear racks for moving items, so you and your friends can create memories over fun games and food.

Running Your Errands

It might get a little stressful to have to take your car for a simple grocery shopping trip. Why not try out your ebike? It requires little effort to ride, while you can easily balance all your groceries on the rack of the bike and get yourself home.

Keep Your Body In Good Shape

Exercise is extremely important, so why not go for a vehicle that keeps you fit? It might get boring to sit in a car and drive. But for step through electric bikes, the pedal assistance makes it easy to try out a variety of assistance options, until you are able to pedal hard without getting fatigued. Increase your fitness goals and get yourself an ebike to keep you active.

Training For Sportsmen

As a sportsman, you need equipment to work out with. Though ebikes are not equipment found in the gym, their versatility makes them an option for working out and improving your stamina. Frequent rides would keep your muscle tones and fitness levels, high. The pedal assist doesn’t mean you don’t get to exercise, it only makes you able to work out for longer, boosting your endurance.


Traveling long distances on your ebike can be a very rewarding experience. You can enjoy the pleasure of making your trip with an electric commuter bike. However, you should ensure that the battery is fully charged before setting out to avoid getting stuck midway. If you don’t already have an ebike, choose one that’s fast and has an efficient pedal-assist system installed. Travelling has never been more fun. KBO Breeze commuter e-bike has a long-range of 55 miles per charge.

Which ebike is the best for daily commuting?

There are more and more uses for ebikes. Nowadays, they are also used for urban travel because their tires and thin and smooth for lesser resistance, with very efficient batteries and motors. The bike has a very rugged frame and metal rack at the back to convey your things to your destination. KBO electric bikes can be used for a wide variety of purposes unlike cars, which cannot even traverse the most difficult terrains.

A KBO commuter ebike is ideal for safe travels to the city. But you must best option for you based on the type of journey you are embarking on. It is better to choose an ebike that can function as a commuter bike all week, than as an adventure and travel bike on weekends. Cars do not offer you such flexibility. Before going on the trip, you should check that your bike is in good condition and the necessary safety apparatus are all in place. Also, check out the brakes to avoid accidents when moving at high speeds.

Green Effect For Ebikes

One of the main reasons to choose ebikes over cars is their lack of any form of carbon emissions. Cars require combustible fuel to run, which is eventually returned into the atmosphere through their exhaust. This has led to a worldwide crisis of global warming, hence the need for safer means of transportation without emissions. This is what makes ebike the ultimate choice. They offer you comfort, luxury, and an environmental-friendly means of transportation.

The green effect of ebikes has led to increased popularity over the years. They run on batteries, which can even still be recycled when damaged. So, make a world a better place for you and your kin by choosing electric bikes.

The Cost Of Buying and Maintenance

The cost of buying and maintaining a car can be quite daunting. You would have to purchase fuel frequently, repair damaged parts and pay lots of charges while moving around the city. However, with electric bikes, all these are a thing of the past.

First, you don’t need fuel to move your ebike. Once, it is adequately charged, you can take it out for a ride, sometimes of even far distances. Also, it is very affordable to purchase ebikes. Their prices range from $2,000-$3,500, which is not half as expensive as cars while offering you the same, if not more value. Bikers are not required to pay any fees or charges while commuting. Therefore, it is beyond all doubt that electric commuter bikes are a better option for everyone compared to cars.


Choosing an electric bike over a car is good for your health, finances, and the environment as a whole. It helps you save the cost of fuel, car maintenance, parking tickets, toll-free, etc. Also, it greatly lowers carbon emissions unlike how many individuals freely release into the atmosphere from their cars.

Nothing trumps an optimally functioning ebike, so endeavor to take yours for regular servicing to keep it in good shape. Whether you are looking for an excuse to step out, avoiding cars to contribute to the environment, or working out, electric bikes are simply perfect for everyone!