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E3 2000: Norm Koger Signs New Deal with TalonSoft

Designer of the critically acclaimed Operational Art of War series comes back to TalonSoft.

Back in 1997 Norm Koger signed a deal with TalonSoft and developed one of the most praiseworthy wargames of all time, The Operational Art of War. The sequel to the game was also extremely well received. Well now Koger has signed a new deal with the company and is sure to begin work on a new title soon.

TalonSoft, whom Koger considers the "number one advocate of wargaming," has made an effort over the last year to branch out from their hardcore wargaming roots. While many of the action titles recently released by the company have shown signs of promise, we're very happy to see that TalonSoft is staying close to their wargaming roots. TalonSoft president Jim Rose says that the deal reinforces their position as "the premier developer and publisher of wargames now and in the future."

Neither Koger nor Rose were willing to disclose details on any future projects, but we'll be keeping our noses pressed against the windows of the TalonSoft offices until we get some hard hinkfo. Or until they call the cops.

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