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Movie Reviews and One-Minute Critic

Not sure what to watch? Search through several hundred of Richard Roeper’s movie and TV reviews, and read the latest edition of “One-Minute Movie Critic.”

Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper records “Roeper Rundown” videos in the Sun-Times studio Thursday, February 14, 2019.
Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper
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Need some guidance on what to buy, rent, stream or see at the theater? Search here for links to many of the reviews by Richard Roeper, the Sun-Times’ movie columnist since 2013 — and a contributor since 1987. Or for current releases, scroll down for the One Minute Movie Critic, with short reviews and star ratings for new movies you can see now.

Chicago Sun-Times Movie and Streaming Reviews

Review Link Review Date
Review Link Review Date
‘As We See It’: The funny, moving adventures of three roommates on the autistic spectrum 1/20/2022
Part history, part fantasy, ‘The King’s Daughter’ dwells where nonsense reigns 1/20/2022
In Season Four, blood and betrayal run through the ‘Ozark’ mountains 1/19/2022
‘Jockey’ a small but strong movie about a small but strong athlete 1/18/2022
On the superb HBO series ‘Somebody, Somewhere,’ a Kansas woman struggles to fit in 1/14/2022
‘Ray Donovan’ movie sends off the haunted antihero in style 1/13/2022
Clever new ‘Scream’ finds the perfect balance of the vintage and the fresh 1/12/2022
‘Wolf Like Me’: Peacock series about mysterious relationship doesn’t end well 1/12/2022
‘My Mom, Your Dad’: Their college-age children play matchmaker for the middle-aged on likable reality show 1/11/2022
‘Peacemaker’: John Cena a hilarious bonehead on twisted superhero series 1/10/2022
‘Euphoria’: Searing Season 2 demands, deserves your attention 1/9/2022
‘A Hero’ keeps up with a man who can’t keep his story straight 1/6/2022
‘The 355’ subjects big stars to the same old secret-agent cliches 1/6/2022
‘Women of the Movement’ powerfully portrays the inspiring story of Emmett Till’s mother 1/5/2022
‘Parallel Mothers’: Almodóvar smoothly delivers twin stories in the maternity ward 1/5/2022
The glory days never fade in the remarkable, ridiculous dojos of ‘Cobra Kai’ 12/30/2021
‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’: Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand star in lean, pristine Shakespeare 12/23/2021
‘Licorice Pizza’: Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1970s ensemble film never stops entertaining 12/22/2021
‘American Underdog’ tells Kurt Warner’s story, from undrafted to unequaled, in wholesome fashion 12/22/2021
‘The Tender Bar’: Ben Affleck scores again as a barkeep dispensing wisdom with the whiskey 12/21/2021
‘The Matrix Resurrections’ frustrates as often as it thrills 12/21/2021
‘The King’s Man’: Part satire, part adventure, prequel fails at both 12/20/2021
‘1883’: Brilliant ‘Yellowstone’ prequel portrays an era of open spaces, constant dangers 12/19/2021
‘The Lost Daughter’: Maggie Gyllenhaal directs chilling psychological drama set at a beach getaway 12/16/2021
‘Swan Song’: Dying Mahershala Ali debates whether to send in the clone 12/16/2021
‘Red Rocket’: ‘Florida Project’ director makes a gem about a cad who can’t be trusted 12/15/2021
‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: Marvel hero takes an existential turn in innovative new adventure 12/14/2021
‘Nightmare Alley’: A great, great movie about some bad, bad people 12/13/2021
‘And Just Like That’: Smart sequel reminds us why we love ‘Sex and the City’ squad 12/9/2021
‘National Champions’: College QB revolts in sports drama that keeps straying out of bounds 12/9/2021
‘Being the Ricardos’: Nicole Kidman amazes as the Lucy easy to love and the Lucy hard as nails 12/9/2021
‘Mr. Saturday Night’: How an Aussie impresario caught disco fever and made a movie classic 12/8/2021
‘Don’t Look Up’: Broad humor undermines satire about a country in denial 12/7/2021
‘West Side Story’: In Spielberg’s hands, the classic musical feels wonderful, witty and bright 12/6/2021
‘Harlem’: If only everyone could have friends as funny and likable as these 12/3/2021
‘Landscapers’: Clever HBO series knows where bodies are buried — in a British backyard 12/3/2021
‘Wolf’ brings out the animal in some fine young actors 12/2/2021
‘8-Bit Christmas’: This ’80s Chicago gamer movie is rated E for everyone 12/1/2021
‘Christmas With Felicity’ showcases Chicago suburbs as gorgeous winter wonderlands 12/1/2021
‘Christmas Again’: Scarlett Estevez gets into the spirit as Chicago kid having a yuletide Groundhog Day 12/1/2021
‘Silent Night’: Brits have a holly jolly apocalypse in deadpan Christmas comedy 12/1/2021
‘The Beatles: Get Back’: Candid documentary captures frustrations — and fun — of ‘Let It Be’ sessions 11/25/2021
‘The Unforgivable’: Sandra Bullock parole drama a high-prestige letdown 11/24/2021
‘The Humans’ sets the table for a funny, harrowing Thanksgiving 11/23/2021
‘Hawkeye’ another sharp arrow in the Marvel quiver 11/23/2021
‘Encanto’: Joyful, colorful Disney musical teaches the value of family 11/22/2021
‘House of Gucci’: Stitching together lots of material, prestige murder movie still feels flimsy 11/22/2021
‘C’mon C’mon’: Joaquin Phoenix drops the clown act, gets real 11/21/2021
‘Malfunction’: Janet Jackson documentary exposes very little about halftime scandal 11/19/2021
‘King Richard’: Will Smith finds his sweetspot as the haggard, hardball dad of Venus and Serena Williams 11/18/2021
‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’: 4 freshmen get oriented toward adulthood in sweet HBO Max series 11/17/2021
‘Bruised’: The movie flails, but Halle Berry makes a solid MMA fighter 11/16/2021
‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’: A good story is key, and this sequel doesn’t have it 11/16/2021
‘The Power of the Dog’: Benedict Cumberbatch burns as a cowboy tormenting his brother’s new wife 11/15/2021
With new cut of ‘Rocky IV,’ Stallone gives Apollo (and the movie) more dignity 11/12/2021
‘Mayor of Kingstown’: Jeremy Renner runs the show in a place where prison’s the town business 11/12/2021
‘The Souvenir: Part II’: A beautiful movie about the process of making a movie 11/11/2021
‘Yellowjackets’: Chilling Showtime series strands a girls’ soccer team in some creepy woods 11/11/2021
‘The Shrink Next Door’: Therapist invades his client’s life in darkly funny Apple TV+ series 11/10/2021
‘Belfast’: Kenneth Branagh makes a masterful memoir of his tumultuous Irish boyhood 11/9/2021
‘Violet’: Olivia Munn shows her vulnerable side as a success convinced she’s a failure 11/8/2021
‘Dexter: New Blood’ lacks the vitality of original serial-killer show 11/5/2021
‘Finch’: Schmaltzy Tom Hanks tearjerker teams him with a robot, a dog and ... nobody else? 11/4/2021
‘Red Notice’: Netflix heist thriller so obvious, it borders on parody 11/4/2021
‘Being Blago’: Yes, it’s him again, on a documentary series worth watching 11/3/2021
‘Dangerous’: What’s that horrible Mel? Just Gibson, stinking up a movie 11/3/2021
‘Spencer’: Kristen Stewart speaks softly but says so much as a princess in despair 11/3/2021
‘Eternals’: The ponderous jibber-jabber and pointless battles seem like they’ll never end 11/2/2021
‘Later Days’: Likable grown-ups relive high school in a clever Chicago comedy 10/29/2021
‘Last Night in Soho’: Gorgeous horror story revels in the looks, sounds of London’s swinging ’60s 10/28/2021
‘Army of Thieves’ a safe bet for fans of breezy heist films 10/27/2021
Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Durant revisit their teens in smart, engaging streaming series 10/27/2021
Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Durant revisit their teens in smart, engaging streaming series 10/27/2021
‘Antlers’ a scary story of being traumatized by a monster — and by reality 10/26/2021
‘Passing’ a stunning story of race and pretense 10/25/2021
‘Invasion’: Expertly crafted sci-fi series takes a personal approach to a threat from beyond 10/22/2021
‘The Electrical Life of Louis Wain’: Benedict Cumberbatch the cat’s meow as a feline-loving artist 10/21/2021
‘The Harder They Fall’: A Western of cool fights, great music and spectacular hats 10/21/2021
‘The French Dispatch’: Great actors thrive again in Wes Anderson’s wry but remote little world 10/20/2021
‘Smoke and Mirrors’: Meet the adorable guy who makes horrible looks 10/19/2021
‘Four Hours at the Capitol’: Powerful HBO documentary takes no sides 10/19/2021
‘Succession’: In Season 3 of HBO series, actors keep getting better as their characters’ deeds get worse 10/15/2021
Stunning visuals propel lagging storyline in ultimately impressive ‘Dune’ 10/15/2021
‘Hard Luck Love Song’ turns lyrics into a movie worth seeing 10/14/2021
‘Mass’: Parents of a school shooter meet parents of a victim in searing film drama 10/14/2021
‘What Happened, Brittany Murphy?’: How a likable star got mixed up with the wrong con man 10/13/2021
‘Halloween Kills’ puts a knife in the promising reboot of Michael Myers 10/13/2021
‘The Last Duel’: Rousing historical epic triples the fun with multiple takes on a 14th century showdown 10/12/2021
Fascinating documentary gives a taste of Charlie Trotter’s dazzling talent, complex personality 10/12/2021
‘Dopesick’: Opioid series’ side effects may include confusion, exasperation 10/11/2021
‘Pretty Smart’: There are inventive new Netflix shows, and then there’s this 10/8/2021
‘Justin Bieber: Our World’ elevates the pop star — and his tech team 10/7/2021
‘Old Henry’: Outstanding Western gives the versatile Tim Blake Nelson a chance to shine 10/7/2021
‘South of Heaven’: Jason Sudeikis drama looks like a slice of heaven, until it goes south 10/7/2021
‘15 Minutes of Shame’: Sobering HBO Max doc profiles people chastised on the internet 10/6/2021
In ‘Cleanin’ Up the Town’ doc, ‘Ghostbusters’ makers say: We came, we saw, we kicked off a phenomenon 10/4/2021
Profound ‘No Time to Die’ sends off a magnificent 007 10/4/2021
Scandals in the wins: A review of Netflix’s ‘Bad Sport’ 10/2/2021
‘Maid’: No tidy answers in Netflix’s rewarding story of a single mom overcoming obstacles 10/1/2021
‘Addams Family 2’: A movie the whole family can miss 10/1/2021
‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’: Marginally better sequel concludes in the same old tedious way 9/30/2021
‘The Many Saints of Newark’: Wildly entertaining ‘Sopranos’ prequel respects the family 9/29/2021
‘Titane’: Woman has a thing for cars and carnage in unnerving horror show brimming with creativity 9/29/2021
Intelligence at the root of ‘The Problem,’ Jon Stewart’s funny, thought-provoking new series 9/29/2021
‘The Lost Sons’: New CNN doc examines the complex, ultimately poignant story of Paul Fronczak 9/24/2021
‘The Guilty’ looks for thrills in 911 calls, but the plot keeps breaking up 9/23/2021
‘Midnight Mass’: The best Stephen King story Stephen King never wrote 9/22/2021
‘Dear Evan Hansen’: The truth is, this musical is manipulative, and strange 9/22/2021
‘Intrusion’: Latest thriller at an isolated house isn’t remotely entertaining 9/21/2021
‘The Starling’: This bird’s not worth watching 9/21/2021
‘This Is the Night’: Homage to ‘Rocky III’ doesn’t go the distance 9/20/2021
‘Live at Mister Kelly’s’ recalls Chicago club where talent thrived, regardless of color 9/17/2021
‘The Big Leap’: On feel-good Fox series, amateurs pin their hopes on a ballet TV show 9/17/2021
‘The Premise’: B.J. Novak drops five tall stories, and they don’t all land 9/16/2021
‘Chicago Party Aunt’: Netflix sitcom’s a deep-dish delight, even while tapping every local cliche 9/15/2021
‘Cry Macho’: Clint Eastwood hits the road in one of his lesser efforts 9/15/2021
‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’: A dark future when dialogue is wacky and Nicolas Cage could blow up anytime 9/14/2021
‘Queenpins’: Movie’s coupon con artists lack redeeming qualities 9/10/2021
‘Scenes From a Marriage’: Even when tense, HBO remake always watchable 9/10/2021
‘American Rust’: It gets very hard to stay with Showtime’s meandering steel-town drama 9/10/2021
‘Kate’: Winstead slays in the year’s third over-the-top female assassin movie 9/9/2021
‘The Voyeurs’: Neighbors who are spying in a plot no one’s buying 9/9/2021
‘Small Engine Repair’: Sparks fly in a provocative drama not easily forgotten 9/8/2021
‘The Card Counter’: In one of the year’s best films, Oscar Isaac plays a gambler who knows when to walk away 9/8/2021
‘Impeachment’: FX series turns Clinton-Lewinsky scandal into addictive entertainment 9/3/2021
‘Worth’: Michael Keaton impressive as a lawyer with an impossible task post-9/11 9/2/2021
Now there’s a ‘Karen’ movie, and it’s a terrible film about a terrible person 9/2/2021
‘The Gateway’: Two-fisted social worker takes on abusive husband in stylish B-movie 9/1/2021
‘Cinderella’: Upbeat take on the fairy tale transforms Camila Cabelo into a movie star 9/1/2021
‘How to Be a Cowboy’: On ranch reality show, mending fences means mending real fences 8/31/2021
‘Shang-Chi’: Marvel offers beauty, humor and cool combat as a villain’s son fights his way to heroism 8/31/2021
‘Only Murders in the Building’ stars an unlikely but appealing true-crime trio 8/30/2021
‘He’s All That’: Right about now, the teen makeover tale is being retold with a gender swap and a TikTok star 8/27/2021
‘No Man of God’: How a young FBI man got Ted Bundy to open up 8/27/2021
‘Candyman’: New ‘spiritual sequel’ has striking images to show and bold things to say 8/25/2021
‘Clickbait’: You won’t BELIEVE what happens in Netflix mystery (because it’s ridiculous) 8/23/2021
‘Together’: One couple’s fierce showdown in lockdown 8/23/2021
‘Sweet Girl’: Big Pharma thriller may cause disgust and disbelief 8/20/2021
‘Gossip’: Most of the juicy dirt in Showtime series comes from a single source 8/20/2021
‘NYC Epicenters’: Spike Lee shares his New York state of mind 8/19/2021
‘The Protégé’: Routine assassin story replays the same old hits 8/19/2021
‘Flag Day’: Sean Penn, daughter Dylan mesmerize as father and child at odds 8/18/2021
‘Reminiscence’: Too bad Hugh Jackman’s sci-fi noir about a memory machine is so forgettable 8/18/2021
‘Nine Perfect Strangers’: Likable stars bicker in a sort of New Age ‘Fantasy Island’ 8/17/2021
Original ‘Candyman’ held a mirror up to a divided Chicago 8/17/2021
‘Magnificent Coloring World’: Chance the Rapper’s concert film captivating and so, so cool 8/12/2021
‘The Story of Champagne’ a bubbly trek through the sparkling wine’s history 8/11/2021
Free Guy’: Ryan Reynolds at top skill level in clever video game comedy 8/11/2021
‘Beckett’: Ludicrous Netflix chase thriller keeps running off courset-review-netflix-movie-john-david-washington-alicia-vikander-greece 8/11/2021
‘Coda’: The conflict is unique, but the dynamic is universal in smart teen drama 8/10/2021
‘What If...?’ has some fun imagining a parallel Marvel universe 8/10/2021
‘Respect’: Playing Queen of Soul, Jennifer Hudson worthy of the throne 8/9/2021
Netflix series ‘Untold’ takes behind-the-scenes look at stories of struggle — and ultimately redemption 8/7/2021
Who will save your soul? The decider in the haunting film ‘Nine Days’ 8/6/2021
‘Vivo’: Fun musical’s hero looks like a lemur and sounds like Lin-Manuel Miranda 8/5/2021
‘Annette’: Most of the weirdness works in bold, fever-dream musical 8/5/2021
A second crack at 'Suicide Squad' surpasses the original 8/4/2021
‘Cocaine Cowboys’: A true-crime series so great, it’s addictive 8/3/2021
‘Pray Away’: A powerful look at people trying therapy to be ‘ex-gay’ 8/2/2021
‘The Pursuit of Love’: A tamer, more subtle ‘Bridgerton’ substitute is better than none 7/30/2021
‘Masquerade’: If you’re waiting for a great Bella Thorne movie, keep waiting 7/30/2021
‘Ride the Eagle’ finds the humor in people being apart 7/29/2021
‘The Green Knight’: Dev Patel gets medieval in a dazzling, dizzying fever dream 7/28/2021
‘Stillwater’: Matt Damon excels as a stoic Oklahoma dad on a mission in Marseilles 7/28/2021
‘Jungle Cruise’ an empty Amazon package 7/28/2021
‘For Madmen Only’: Like the man himself, doc on improv guru Del Close offers little that’s conventional 7/27/2021
PBS doc traces how Chicago changed Buddy Guy, and how Buddy Guy changed the world 7/26/2021
‘Settlers’ doesn’t go beyond the surface of Mars 7/23/2021
‘Snake Eyes’: Bombastic ‘G.I. Joe’ reboot a losing bet 7/22/2021
‘Old’: A beach speeds up aging in M. Night Shyamalan’s latest letdown 7/22/2021
‘Bo Burnham: Inside’: A comedian’s triumph in a small space comes to the big screen 7/21/2021
‘Ted Lasso’: In Season 2, team ties a lot, but peppy coach keeps up his winning ways 7/21/2021
‘Woodstock 99’: HBO doc recalls would-be peace fest that degenerated into vandalism and violence 7/21/2021
‘Joe Bell’ lacks the impact of the real-life story it tells 7/20/2021
Val Kilmer opens up about his missteps and struggles in a fascinating documentary 7/20/2021
‘Schmigadoon!’: Charm is bustin’ out all over in Apple TV+’s funny musical theater parody 7/16/2021
‘Roadrunner’: A profound look at the life Anthony Bourdain savored, and then ended 7/15/2021
‘Heist’: Netflix has fun with 3 strange but true robberies 7/14/2021
‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’: Please, make the rapping Porky and clapping Pennywise stop 7/14/2021
‘Pig’: Nicolas Cage skips the hamminess in an elegant story of pain and purpose 7/14/2021
‘Fin’: The sharks should be scared of us, an insightful documentary explains 7/13/2021
‘Catch and Kill’: How Ronan Farrow uncovered the secret life of Harvey Weinstein 7/12/2021
‘The White Lotus’: Resort guests check in but aren’t worth checking out 7/8/2021
‘Black Widow’: Not much originality in Scarlett Johansson’s Marvel origin story 7/7/2021
‘Monsters at Work’: What happens when the Pixar beasts don’t scare anymore 7/6/2021
‘The One and Only Dick Gregory’ an eye-opening portrait of groundbreaking comedian, activist 7/2/2021
‘Tomorrow War’ little more than standard-issue action fare 7/1/2021
Never-ending murders abound in saga-ending ‘Forever Purge’ 6/30/2021
A stripper and a sex worker share darkly funny road trip in social media-fueled ‘Zola’ 6/29/2021
‘Summer of Soul’ is a treasure trove of iconic performances in a festival that history forgot 6/29/2021
‘No Sudden Move’ a clever neo-noir triumph for Soderbergh, powerhouse cast 6/28/2021
Who invented plastic? New documentary shines spotlight on the genius we hardly know 6/27/2021
‘The Ice Road’: Will trucker Liam Neeson crack before the frozen lake does? 6/25/2021
‘False Positive’: Pregnancy is fertile ground for scary-movie thrills on Hulu 6/24/2021
‘Who Are You, Charlie Brown?’ is a warm tribute to the blockhead and the man who made him 6/24/2021
‘Sex/Life’ a Netflix guilty pleasure with a high hottie count 6/24/2021
‘Lansky’ fails to capitalize on its chief asset: Meyer Lansky 6/23/2021
‘Epstein’s Shadow’: How the well-off Ghislaine Maxwell became crony to a criminal 6/22/2021
‘F9’: Fast, furious and the wrong kind of ridiculous 6/22/2021
‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ returns with an update and a flashback 6/21/2021
‘The Birthday Cake’: No matter how you slice it, star-studded mob film still seems undercooked 6/18/2021
‘Physical’: ’80s aerobics buff dislikes herself for the wrong reasons 6/18/2021
‘The Sparks Brothers’: All about the art-pop duo that’s enigmatic, influential and sort of famous 6/17/2021
‘Fatherhood’: Kevin Hart keeps it real (but funny) as a daunted single dad 6/17/2021
‘Luca’: Pixar’s underwater fantasy shimmers with gorgeous visuals, sweet story 6/16/2021
‘Penguin Town’: Adorable birds go where the humans are in a frothy Netflix docuseries 6/16/2021
‘The Misfits’: Pierce Brosnan leads a preposterous heist but looks good doing it 6/11/2021
‘Kevin Can F- - - Himself’: A despairing sitcom wife steps off camera, where life isn’t so funny 6/11/2021
‘Infinite’: In Mark Wahlberg’s reincarnation thriller, a lot of action you’ve lived through before 6/10/2021
‘Blindspotting’ an insightful Starz series worth a look, and a listen 6/10/2021
‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ way off target 6/10/2021
‘Loki’: It’s another win for Marvel as Tom Hiddleston makes fresh mischief on Disney+ 6/9/2021
‘In the Heights’: Entertaining and eye-popping, the Broadway hit lands with a splash on the big screen 6/8/2021
‘The Kings’ takes us back to a time when Leonard, Duran, Hagler and Hearns ruled the world 6/5/2021
‘Lisey’s Story’: Stephen King series brings out all the emotions in brilliant star Julianne Moore 6/4/2021
‘Chasing Wonders’: A mad dad takes some of the joy out of well-acted family drama 6/4/2021
‘Monuments’: Weirdos, wit and love after death on the way to Chicago 6/3/2021
‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’: Stay the hell away 6/3/2021
‘Spirit Untamed’ a heartfelt tween adventure on horseback 6/2/2021
‘Changing the Game’ gracefully examines the dilemma of young transgender athletes 5/31/2021
Eye-popping ‘Cruella’ dazzles with spectacular outfits and offbeat origin story 5/26/2021
Friends’ reunion a pleasant nostalgia trip with some unfortunate pivots 5/26/2021
‘A Quiet Place Part II’: Spine-tingling sequel brings more terror of the strong, silent type 5/24/2021
‘Solos’: 7 stories of seclusion, most of them pretty great 5/21/2021
‘Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.’: The funny frustration of a supervillain in a tailspin 5/20/2021
‘1971’ does some powerful mixing of the year’s events and the year’s songs 5/20/2021
Lovable ‘Dream Horse’ runs a solid but familiar track 5/19/2021
‘Final Account’: Germans reminisce — some mournfully, some proudly — about their Nazi past 5/19/2021
‘Georgetown’: Stylish directing debut from Christoph Waltz, starring as a charmer not to be believed 5/17/2021
‘Spiral’: Even with Chris Rock, it’s the same old ‘Saw’ 5/13/2021
‘The Woman in the Window’ won’t keep the viewer on the couch 5/13/2021
‘Profile’: Unfolding entirely on screens, terrorism thriller loses its connection 5/12/2021
‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’: Angelina Jolie takes on killers, fire and lightning in one of the best thrillers of our time 5/12/2021
‘Hacks’: Jean Smart slays as a comedian with echoes of Joan Rivers 5/11/2021
‘Army of the Dead’: Zombie fans hit the jackpot in Zack Snyder’s blood-soaked heist film 5/11/2021
‘Monster’: Good kid goes on trial in provocative Netflix crime film 5/7/2021
‘The Water Man’: Family-friendly monster movie will delight kids, move adults 5/6/2021
‘That Damn Michael Che’ makes you laugh a lot, squirm a little 5/6/2021
‘Wrath of Man’: Bullets fly every which way in Jason Statham thriller, and so does the plot 5/6/2021
‘The Sons of Sam’ rethinks Berkowitz murders, and a journalist obsessed with them 5/5/2021
‘Here Today’: Billy Crystal, Tiffany Haddish achieve a friendly, funny chemistry 5/5/2021
‘Percy vs. Goliath’: Christopher Walken keeps it down to earth as a farmer battling a conglomerate 4/30/2021
‘The Story of Late Night’: CNN smartly recaps seven decades of TV after dark 4/30/2021
‘Without Remorse’: A Tom Clancy movie starring Michael B. Jordan can’t go wrong, but it does 4/29/2021
‘The Mosquito Coast’ has a pest problem, and it’s the lead character 4/29/2021
‘Eat Wheaties!’: Tony Hale tickles as another awkward weirdo 4/28/2021
‘Things Heard & Seen’: Overwrought horror starring an overqualified cast 4/28/2021
‘Four Good Days’: Mila Kunis reaches new heights as a drug addict at her lowest 4/27/2021
‘Street Gang’: How ‘Sesame Street’ team created a kids’ show not like the others 4/23/2021
‘Stowaway’: Tension builds nicely as unplanned crewmate puts Mars mission in peril 4/22/2021
‘Mortal Kombat’: Brutal fights look almost as painful as the dialogue 4/22/2021
‘Secrets of the Whales’: Amazing footage shows not just how the sea mammals look, but how they live 4/21/2021
‘Rutherford Falls’: Ed Helms blends into another great TV ensemble 4/20/2021
‘Together Together’: Likable Patti Harrison breaks through as a true movie star 4/20/2021
‘Sasquatch’: Nosy man doesn’t find Bigfoot, but other beasts turn up 4/19/2021
‘Mare of Easttown’: Kate Winslet plays a troubled detective with authority, authenticity 4/16/2021
‘American Oz’: A superb PBS portrait of L. Frank Baum and the dreams that he dared to dream 4/16/2021
‘Vanquish’: They shoot, they chase, they shoot some more in rote crime movie 4/15/2021
‘Monday’: Impulsive couple needs to get a room — far away from here 4/15/2021
‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’: Jamie Foxx squanders his talent on hackneyed Netflix sitcom 4/14/2021
‘Wahl Street’: A movie star’s empire seems unstoppable — and then pandemic hits 4/14/2021
‘Thunder Force’: Superpowers turn two likable actors into an anemic duo 4/9/2021
‘The Nevers’: On HBO’s ambitious fantasy series, women’s supernatural gifts just keep on giving 4/8/2021
‘Voyagers’: High-concept spaceship adventure sputters mid-flight 4/7/2021
‘Chad’: An ‘SNL’ alum plays teenage boy at his awkward, impolite stage 4/6/2021
‘Exterminate All the Brutes’ jumbles old and new, fact and fiction to condemn Western colonizers 4/6/2021
‘This Is a Robbery’: Huge art heist gets the dazzling Netflix true-crime treatment 4/6/2021
‘Hemingway’: A must-watch PBS documentary for those who admire him and those who will 4/2/2021
‘Concrete Cowboy’: A teen, his dad and their horses, trotting the streets of Philadelphia 4/1/2021
‘The Serpent’: For suave monster, the world is his killing ground 4/1/2021
‘French Exit’: Brilliant Michelle Pfeiffer, in Paris and surrounded by upper-class twits 3/31/2021
‘Moment of Truth’ asks: Did the right man take the rap for killing Michael Jordan’s father? 3/31/2021
‘The Last Cruise’ takes you along on a real-life outbreak at sea 3/29/2021
‘Godzilla vs. Kong’: As big screens reopen, two big beasts go mindlessly into battle 3/29/2021
Tina Turner makes your pulse react once more in HBO documentary 3/25/2021
‘Senior Moment’: William Shatner, charming at 90, still can’t save thin rom-com romp 3/25/2021
‘The Vault’ houses a heist that’s preposterous but rich with personality 3/24/2021
‘Nobody’: Bob Odenkirk comes on strong as an angry dad at war with the mob 3/24/2021
‘John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise’: The killer speaks in the definitive history of a Chicago horror 3/23/2021
‘Happily’ a black comedy that starts with sizzle and ends with a shrug 3/19/2021
‘Genius: Aretha’: A respectable bio with music as its heart and Cynthia Erivo as its soul 3/19/2021
‘The Courier’: Benedict Cumberbatch plays it cool as spy who helped prevent WWIII 3/18/2021
‘City of Lies’: Johnny Depp the real deal as a cop obsessed with justice for Tupac and Biggie 3/18/2021
‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’: Superhero team-up was more fun the first time 3/17/2021
‘Kid 90’: A former child star revisits her crazy teen years, with video to back it up 3/12/2021
‘Cosmic Sin’: Bruce Willis barely wakes up for absurd intergalactic thriller 3/12/2021
Engrossing ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ doc takes a deep dive into the college admissions scandal 3/12/2021
‘Come True’ an eerie, original take on horror fueled by nightmares 3/11/2021
‘Long Weekend’: Bart’s feelings for his new friend are real — but is she? 3/11/2021
‘The One’: Your DNA does the matchmaking on Netflix’s frustrating sci-fi series 3/11/2021
‘The Father’: Anthony Hopkins at the peak of his powers as a man losing grip on reality 3/10/2021
‘My Salinger Year’: Literary newbie’s memories of the author are the kind of wry worth catching 3/5/2021
‘Coming 2 America’: Laughs galore as Eddie Murphy reunites the Akeem team, adds some all-stars 3/4/2021
‘Boogie’: In its portrayal of basketball, culture-clash drama fouls out 3/4/2021
‘Chaos Walking’: When everyone’s thoughts can be heard by everyone, it’s a pain in the ears 3/3/2021
‘Boss Level’: Time to wake up to Frank Grillo’s star power 3/3/2021
‘Moxie’: Sweet high school movie follows teen’s conversion from nobody to rebellious zine girl 3/2/2021
‘Murder Among the Mormons’: Series smartly recalls when a forgery scandal turned fatal 3/2/2021
‘Raya and the Last Dragon’: Like animated Avengers, new Disney heroes save the world with color and laughs 3/2/2021
‘My Zoe’: Will secret cloning plan end well? Because the movie sure doesn’t 2/25/2021
‘Cherry’: Marvel directors, star tell a powerful real-life story of love and addiction 2/25/2021
‘Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry’: Inside the singer’s dual lives as busy pop star and moody teen 2/25/2021
‘Crisis’: Multilayered drug thriller overdoses on big moments 2/24/2021
‘U.S. v. Billie Holiday’: Playing the star as both gifted singer and tragic figure, Andra Day up to the challenge 2/23/2021
‘Superman & Lois’: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ... a soap opera? 2/22/2021
‘The Violent Heart’ breaks as thinly drawn characters make ridiculous moves 2/19/2021
‘Allen v. Farrow’ recalls the scandals with new comments, old phone calls 2/19/2021
‘Silk Road’: As one driven man aids online crime, another tries to stop him 2/18/2021
‘Body Brokers’: It’s easy to get hooked on crime drama exposing a lucrative rehab racket 2/18/2021
‘I Care a Lot’: Twisted predators swindle the seniors in an entertaining, darkly funny thriller 2/17/2021
‘Amend’: Will Smith spotlights U.S. heroes, villains in the long fight for equality 2/16/2021
‘Young Rock’: Clever sitcom flashes back to Dwayne Johnson’s adventures as a kid and a teen 2/15/2021
‘Young Rock’: Clever sitcom flashes back to Dwayne Johnson’s adventures as a kid and a teen 2/15/2021
‘Minari’: Immigrants try to make sense of their new home, and their family, in a witty and wise period piece 2/12/2021
‘The World to Come’: Farmer’s wives fall into a glorious but dangerous romance 2/11/2021
‘The Mauritanian’: How a Guantanamo prisoner, abused for 15 years, struggled to hold on to hope 2/11/2021
‘Nomadland’: Settle in for an instant masterpiece about the vagabond’s life on the road 2/10/2021
‘Land’: Robin Wright knows what she’s doing depicting a woman who doesn’t 2/10/2021
‘Music’: Sia’s awful movie portrays autism with grating, candy-colored musical numbers 2/10/2021
‘Clarice’: Grisly ‘Lambs’ spinoff series comes in like a lion 2/9/2021
‘Son of the South’: A true civil rights story worth telling, however quaintly 2/5/2021
‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ a powerful flashback to when a rat took down a Panther 2/5/2021
‘Framing Britney Spears’ recalls toxic treatment of the pop star at her highest and her lowest 2/4/2021
‘Life in a Day 2020’: A lot can happen worldwide in 24 hours 2/4/2021
‘More Than Miyagi’ waxes poetic about Pat Morita’s charms and struggles 2/4/2021
‘Falling’: A vexing issue detracts from Viggo Mortensen’s directorial debut 2/3/2021
‘Bliss’: From one reality to the other, trippy mind-bender keeps us guessing 2/3/2021
‘Firefly Lane’: Flashback gimmicks mar Netflix’s well-acted saga of friendship that lasts 2/2/2021
‘100 Days to Live’: Chicagoans go mysteriously missing in director’s impressive debut 2/1/2021
‘Malcolm & Marie’: Two smart, beautiful people have an argument for the ages 1/29/2021
‘The Dig’ uncovers some dirt about the archaeological crowd, but keeps it classy 1/28/2021
‘Palmer’: Justin Timberlake really steps up as a felon turned father figure 1/28/2021
‘Supernova’: A moving love story of longtime partners facing a challenging future 1/28/2021
‘The Night’: A hotel horror story to recommend with few reservations 1/27/2021
‘The Little Things’: Denzel Washington leads killer cast of a moody L.A. murder mystery 1/27/2021
‘Penguin Bloom’: A charismatic magpie earns its wings 1/26/2021
‘No Man’s Land’: Border action films fail in different ways 1/22/2021
‘The Marksman’: Border action films fail in different ways 1/22/2021
‘Our Friend’: A man, his dying wife and their invaluable pal, all played by actors we believe 1/21/2021
‘Flack’ proves there is such a thing as bad publicity TV 1/21/2021
‘In & of Itself’: Derek DelGaudio’s magical feats open up your mind — and your tear ducts 1/20/2021
‘The White Tiger’: Another ‘nobody’ dreams big in India, and he’s the kind of slumdog who bites 1/20/2021
‘Stallone: Frank, That Is’: Doc argues Sylvester’s musical brother should have been a contender 1/19/2021
‘Some Kind of Heaven’: Inside a senior mecca that cultivates bliss but can’t keep out reality 1/18/2021
‘Wandavision’: They beat Thanos, but can ‘Avengers’ duo handle a wacky neighbor? 1/15/2021
‘One Night in Miami’: Some thrilling sparring between Cassius Clay and other heavyweights of history 1/14/2021
‘Rock Camp’: Breezy documentary watches music fans pay to play with their idols 1/14/2021
‘Promising Young Woman’: No means no mercy by the anti-heroine punishing predators 1/13/2021
‘News of the World’: Tom Hanks, tween team up in a Western big enough for the both of them 1/12/2021
Netflix’s ‘Night Stalker’ pays respect to the lives a killer took 1/9/2021
HBO documentary aims to be the definitive Tiger Woods bio film and aces it 1/8/2021
‘Fatale’: Sexy, savage stalker women are seldom this dull 1/7/2021
‘Pieces of a Woman’: Heart-stopping beginning leads to an unforgettable character study 1/6/2021
‘History of Swear Words’: Netflix doc filthy rich with insight about obscenities 1/4/2021
‘Shadow in the Cloud’: Flight officer fights off boors and beasties in a wonderfully bonkers B-movie 12/31/2020
‘Cobra Kai’: Johnny’s complex now, and ain’t that a kick in the head 12/30/2020
‘We Can Be Heroes’ lets the plucky children lead the way 12/25/2020
‘Bridgerton’: Netflix series as scandalous as ‘Scandal,’ as delicious as ‘Downton Abbey’ 12/24/2020
‘Soul’: Pixar takes a bold, beautiful voyage to the afterlife, and the before-life 12/23/2020
‘The Midnight Sky’: A few of the universe’s remaining humans face challenges in one of 2020’s best films 12/21/2020
‘Sylvie’s Love’: In beautiful 1950s Harlem, a rocky road to romance 12/21/2020
‘Sister of the Groom’: There’s no one to like in this movie about love 12/17/2020
‘Greenland’: Comet threatens Earth in disaster movie that’s more than just chaos 12/16/2020
‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’: Chadwick Boseman’s last and best work in a perfectly constructed period piece 12/15/2020
‘Wonder Woman 1984’: The Amazon and the era a totally rad combination 12/15/2020
Audrey Hepburn documentary reminds us how the actress became beloved worldwide 12/14/2020
‘Another Round’: Four men experiment with teaching while intoxicated 12/13/2020
Hear the call of ‘The Wilds,’ a deeply involving soap about teen girls on their own 12/11/2020
After a while, ‘Crocodile’ star just seems sad in comeback film 12/11/2020
‘I’m Your Woman’: Rachel Brosnahan stuns as another marvelous Mrs. — an endangered mom on the run 12/10/2020
‘Songbird’: Latest consequence of COVID-19 is a brainless sci-fi thriller 12/10/2020
‘The Prom’ preaches tolerance with showtunes and Broadway razzle-dazzle 12/9/2020
‘Wild Mountain Thyme’: An eccentric Irish love story from deep in County Quirk 12/9/2020
‘Let Them All Talk’: Cruise ship the ideal vessel for Soderbergh’s observational wit 12/8/2020
‘Elyse’: Anthony Hopkins lends his grace to wife’s awful movie 12/4/2020
‘Your Honor’: Bryan Cranston’s acting is laudable on a series sometimes laughable 12/4/2020
‘Love, Weddings and Other Disasters’: Leave this one at the altar 12/3/2020
With ‘The Godfather, Coda,’ Coppola revises ‘Part III’ for the better 12/3/2020
‘Wander’: Aaron Eckhart makes a great conspiracy theorist, and he isn’t acting alone 12/2/2020
‘Black Bear’: Who’s afraid of the twisty stuff? 12/2/2020
‘Dear Santa’: You better watch this feel-good doc on volunteers helping deliver the presents 12/2/2020
‘Superintelligence’: Melissa McCarthy comedy asks very little of the brain 11/26/2020
‘Mosul’: Intense Netflix war film is one of the year’s best 11/25/2020
‘Black Beauty’ update an uplifting animal story with a beautiful message 11/25/2020
‘The Flight Attendant’: As a party girl facing unexpected turbulence, Kaley Cuoco goes above and beyond 11/25/2020
‘Uncle Frank’: Homecomings seldom happy for closeted professor 11/24/2020
‘Happiest Season’: A gay holiday rom-com can be just as flimsy as the straight ones 11/24/2020
‘Buddy Games’: When obnoxious bros compete, we’re all the losers 11/23/2020
‘Black Narcissus’: Himalayas consume the newly arrived nuns in a striking FX miniseries 11/21/2020
‘Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square’: The singer’s positively angelic in cozy Netflix musical 11/20/2020
‘Run’ gets its dubious drama from the mama 11/18/2020
‘Small Axe: Mangrove’: Compelling film spotlights a riot trial the whole world should have been watching 11/18/2020
‘Dusty Groove’ film sifts through the emotions of giving up your vinyl 11/17/2020
Watching ‘Big Sky’ is totally addictive — and totally free 11/16/2020
‘Mank’: The entertaining life of the ‘Citizen Kane’ writer, all there in black and white 11/13/2020
‘Ammonite’: Newcomer chips away at a fossil hunter’s stony exterior 11/12/2020
‘Fatman’: Who’s got a hitman on his tail? Must be Santa, as played by Mel Gibson 11/12/2020
‘Jingle Jangle’: Oh what fun it is to revel in a rousing holiday musical 11/11/2020
‘Freaky’ a body-switching movie with a body count 11/11/2020
‘Echo Boomers’ a nifty little gem about crooks with a cause 11/10/2020
‘Hillbilly Elegy’ a sure bet for Oscar love, and deservedly so 11/10/2020
Sensitive and never sensational, streaming series ‘A Teacher’ depicts a predatory school affair 11/9/2020
‘Moonbase 8’: Three funny guys’ lunar humor seldom lands in new Showtime series 11/6/2020
‘Operation Christmas Drop’ a military-grade holiday romance on Netflix 11/5/2020
‘The Life Ahead’: Sophia Loren commands the screen at 86 11/5/2020
‘Let Him Go’: Steely duo takes on a ruthless family in a rousing noir-Western 11/4/2020
‘The Informer’: Joel Kinnaman flexes as a bad guy who’s really a good guy 11/4/2020
‘Triggered’: In darkly funny horror film, some won’t survive an explosive game of Survivor 11/3/2020
‘That Good Night’: A charismatic performance caps career of the great John Hurt 11/2/2020
‘Spell’: It’s about time horror fans enjoyed some more ‘Misery’ 10/29/2020
‘True Adventures of Wolfboy’ makes the usual points about being a teen who looks different 10/29/2020
‘Holidate’: Netflix’s cheesy rom-com is a nothing-special occasion 10/28/2020
‘Come Play’: Digital demon stalks a little boy in wonderfully twisted horror movie 10/28/2020
‘Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine’: Trump lip-sync artist works well with others 10/27/2020
‘The Craft: Legacy’: The sequel’s magic lies in its respect for teen issues 10/27/2020
‘The Undoing’: Nicole Kidman faces ugly allegations in beautiful surroundings 10/23/2020
Synchronic’: Risky time-travel drug keeps two EMT’s busy in a gritty indie 10/22/2020
‘Roald Dahl’s The Witches’: Too scary for children, too bland for adults 10/21/2020
‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’: Fictional foreigner no wiser in USA return, daughter in tow 10/21/2020
‘White Noise’ highlights the small lives, not the ugly views, of white nationalists 10/21/2020
‘537 Votes’: How the Supreme Court and irate people in Miami picked a president 10/20/2020
‘Grizzly II: Revenge’: George Clooney survived this terrible ’80s sequel — but his character didn’t 10/19/2020
‘Bad Hair’: Cause of death is not natural — it’s a weave 10/16/2020
‘City So Real’: In-depth, epic documentary captures big stories and small in a splintered Chicago 10/16/2020
‘Rebecca’: A passable version of a story Hitchcock told much better 10/15/2020
‘The Devil Has a Name’: Not your average legal thriller as a little guy battles Big Oil 10/15/2020
‘Honest Thief’: To tell the truth, this is not one of Liam Neeson’s best 10/15/2020
‘Belushi’ documentary gets to the soul of the man 10/14/2020
‘Totally Under Control’: A no-nonsense look at how COVID-19 ran amok in the U.S. 10/12/2020
‘A Rainy Day in New York’: Woody Allen’s soggy script drips with dated humor 10/8/2020
‘The Right Stuff’: New series parties with the dashing men of Mercury Seven 10/7/2020
Adam Sandler sinks to new lows in dismal ‘Hubie Halloween’ 10/7/2020
‘Connecting’: Wonderful pandemic comedy plays group chat for grins — and sometimes tears 10/6/2020
‘Spontaneous’: Funnier, smarter than the average exploding-teen movie 10/5/2020
‘neXt’: AI stands for ‘alarming intelligence’ on Fox’s slick sci-fi series 10/5/2020
‘The Comedy Store’ well-stocked with stories from the biggest stand-ups 10/2/2020
‘Kingdom of Silence’: What the life and death of Jamal Khashoggi reveals about U.S.-Saudi co-dependence 10/1/2020
‘On the Rocks’: Bill Murray, Rashida Jones show a captivating father-daughter dynamic 10/1/2020
‘Once Upon a River’: A backwoods journey dense with beautiful images and brilliant acting 9/30/2020
‘The Glorias’: Surreal style overwhelms the substance of Steinem biopic 9/30/2020
‘The Boys in the Band’ revival smoothly mixes tears and venom 9/28/2020
‘Save Yourselves!’: It’s millennials vs. extraterrestrials in a wry social comedy 9/27/2020
‘The Comey Rule’: Former FBI director does no wrong in Showtime’s plodding drama 9/25/2020
Jessica Chastain is terrific in ‘Ava’ as a former Special Ops toughie, the movie not so much 9/25/2020
‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’: From an infamous event, Aaron Sorkin makes an instant classic 9/24/2020
‘Misbehaviour’: Feminists crash the pageant in a cheeky British period piece 9/23/2020
‘Fargo’: Chris Rock brings the pain — and the menace — in an ambitious, mobbed-up period piece 9/23/2020
‘Dreaming Grand Avenue’: There’s poetry in the emotion of a transcendental Chicago story 9/22/2020
Imaginative ‘Utopia,’ shot in Chicago, creates a world even crazier than our own 9/21/2020
‘Lost Girls & Love Hotels’: Alexandra Daddario ups her game as an expat doing some Tokyo drifting 9/18/2020
‘The Way I See It’ sheds light on Reagan, Obama and the man who chronicled both 9/17/2020
‘The Nest’: Jude Law, Carrie Coon fuse their skills playing spouses in conflict 9/17/2020
‘Antebellum’: Well-made drama on slavery’s horrors builds to an exasperating ending 9/17/2020
‘Challenger: The Final Flight’ details the reasons the disaster happened and the people we lost 9/16/2020
‘Ratched’: Netflix version of the ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ nurse is a lousy scaregiver 9/16/2020
‘Foster Boy’: Courtroom melodrama has a cast of pros and something to say 9/15/2020
‘The Third Day’ an island getaway where you can’t always get away 9/14/2020
‘Blackbird’: Susan Sarandon at the top of her game as a woman taking charge of her death 9/12/2020
‘The Devil All the Time’ a brooding story of a father, a son and some holy hypocrites 9/11/2020
‘Coastal Elites’ leans so far to the left, it falls over 9/10/2020
‘I Am Woman’: Helen Reddy biopic is strong — and it’s predictable 9/9/2020
‘The Broken Hearts Gallery’ exhibits all the charming aesthetics of a rom-com 9/9/2020
‘The Sit-In’ flashes back to a momentous week on ‘The Tonight Show’ 9/8/2020
‘Away’: Sweeping, soapy Netflix space series focuses on the emotions of the mission 9/3/2020
Dazzling ‘Mulan’ comes to life with flying colors 9/3/2020
‘Tom of Your Life’: In mere hours, a boy becomes man in a lovely indie 9/1/2020
‘Robin’s Wish’ explains the undiagnosed condition that tormented Robin Williams 8/31/2020
‘Get Duked!’: Odds of laughing at ‘Hunger Games’ twist are mostly in your favor 8/28/2020
‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’: A meet-the-parents road trip turns trippy 8/28/2020
‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’: Being excellent is infrequent in the belated threequel 8/27/2020
Beautiful ‘Fatima’ has faith in the children who said they saw the Virgin Mary 8/27/2020
Sharp documentary ‘#Unfit’ makes a case that Donald Trump suffers multiple mental disorders 8/27/2020
‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette’: Actor grapples for respect in oddball documentary 8/27/2020
‘The Binge’: As drinking movies go, this one’s sloppy and obnoxious 8/26/2020
‘The Personal History of David Copperfield’ serves Dickens with all the fixins 8/26/2020
‘Tenet’ a mind-bending blast in a time zone of its own 8/26/2020
‘The 24th’: The stunning story of U.S. soldiers battling U.S. police in Texas 8/21/2020
‘Words on Bathroom Walls’: Inept moments of fantasy muddle well-meaning teen comedy 8/20/2020
‘The One and Only Ivan’: Big stars go wild as talking animals 8/20/2020
‘Desert One’: Brilliant documentary dissects the disastrous U.S. rescue mission in Iran 8/20/2020
‘Tesla’: Jolts of creative whimsy electrify a delightfully oddball biopic 8/19/2020
‘Cut Throat City’: New Orleans pals attempt a heist that’s big but hardly easy 8/19/2020
‘Unhinged’: Russell Crowe flies off the handle in a flimsy stalker movie 8/17/2020
‘Murder in the Woods’: You’ll never guess what happens to the teens in the cabin 8/14/2020
‘Lovecraft Country’: ’50s travelers take on bigots, B-movie beasts in wildly creative HBO series 8/14/2020
Project Power’: Pills, thrills and chills in a exciting saga of short-term superheroes 8/13/2020
‘Ted Lasso’: Jason Sudeikis scores as an American dipping a toe into British football 8/13/2020
‘Spree’: As the passenger’s screaming, the driver’s streaming 8/12/2020
In ‘Boys State’ doc, teens know the merits — and the tricks — of U.S. elections 8/11/2020
Mapleworth Murders’: Hilarious actors criminally misused on sophomoric detective spoof 8/10/2020
‘Waiting for the Barbarians’: Inquisitors rule with iron fists and stilted metaphors 8/7/2020
‘Spinster’: Chelsea Peretti widens her range in a sly comedy/drama 8/6/2020
‘Burnt Orange Heresy’ a pleasing piece of art built with sharp little brushstrokes 8/6/2020
‘Work It’: Sabrina Carpenter dances like she never danced before 8/6/2020
‘The Tax Collector’ in the upper bracket of gore and overcooked plotting 8/5/2020
‘She Dies Tomorrow’: A haunting gem about knowing your expiration date 8/5/2020
‘An American Pickle’: Twice the Seth Rogen but half as good as it could have been 8/4/2020
‘Red Penguins’: Fun documentary revisits a wild collision of Russian hockey and U.S. hucksters 8/3/2020
A movie that Go-Go’s there: Documentary digs deep into band’s history 7/30/2020
‘A Most Beautiful Thing’: A boat bonds West Side teens in an uplifting documentary 7/30/2020
‘The Big Ugly’: Great cast stirs up some West Virginia mountain mayhem 7/29/2020
‘The Weight of Gold’: How aspiring to Olympic greatness can lead to mental illness — and even suicide 7/29/2020
‘I Used To Go Here’ review: Gillian Jacobs aces it as a bummed alum 7/28/2020
‘Retaliation’ review: Orlando Bloom captivates as a vengeance-minded soul 7/24/2020
‘Radioactive’ review: Marie Curie film has all standard biopic elements 7/24/2020
‘Most Wanted’ review: Great thriller comes through despite chaotic editing 7/23/2020
‘Yes, God, Yes’ review: A sweeter, gentler kind of teen sex comedy 7/23/2020
‘The Rental’ review: Friends’ road trip takes a creepy, compelling turn 7/22/2020
‘Fear City’ review: Netflix doc looks back at when gangsters of N.Y. ruled 7/21/2020
‘Guest Artist’ review: Film loses steam soon after arriving at the station 7/20/2020
‘A Nice Girl Like You’ review: It pretends to be bawdy, totally fakes it 7/16/2020
‘The Sunlit Night’ review: All quirk and no play makes for dull indie comedy 7/16/2020
‘Fatal Affair’ review: Netflix thriller borrows twists from better movies 7/16/2020
Esther Povitsky review: Comic teased by Skokie parents in hilarious special 7/15/2020
‘The Painted Bird’ review: Intense war story tough to stomach, rewarding to see 7/15/2020
‘Showbiz Kids’ review: HBO doc offers fresh takes on child actors’ struggles 7/13/2020
‘The Old Guard’ review: Charlize Theron’s warrior hurts but never dies 7/10/2020
‘Relic’ review: Oh Granny, what big knives you have! 7/9/2020
‘Expecting Amy’ review: Pregnant Schumer works on her delivery 7/9/2020
‘Palm Springs’ review: Funny love story masters the ‘Groundhog Day’ formula 7/8/2020
‘Mucho Mucho Amor’ review: Walter Mercado story lifts spirits on Netflix 7/7/2020
‘Greyhound’ review: Tom Hanks war movie sticks to surface battles 7/6/2020
‘The Outpost’ review: War movie unflinching in showing soldiers’ risks, heroics 7/2/2020
‘Hamilton’ review: Not a shot wasted in Disney+ version of great musical 6/30/2020
‘Four Kids and It’ review: Like creature, family film produces foul aroma 6/30/2020
‘Force of Nature’ review: Lurid film like ‘Die Hard’ with a tempest 6/29/2020
‘And She Could Be Next’ review: Vital PBS doc profiles heroines of politics 6/28/2020
‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ review: Compelling doc on killer and his pursuer 6/26/2020
‘The 11th Green’ review: If high enough, you’ll like Ike, aliens and Obama ringer 6/25/2020
‘My Spy’ gets Chicago (and the action and the comedy) all wrong 6/25/2020
‘Eurovision Song Contest’ review: Will Ferrell goes all-in for goofy music spoof 6/24/2020
‘Irresistible’ review: Jon Stewart’s satire brings big-time politics to little town 6/22/2020
‘Perry Mason’ review: HBO’s prequel is a case of the unsavory sleuth 6/19/2020
‘You Should Have Left’ review: Thriller should please horror fans 6/19/2020
‘Short History of the Long Road’ review: A teen’s lyrical life at the wheel 6/18/2020
‘Wasp Network’ review: A viewer could get lost in smoke of these Cubans 6/18/2020
‘7500’ review: Too many dull parts between exciting parts of hijack thriller 6/17/2020
‘Love, Victor’ review: Hulu series returns to Simon’s school — and plot 6/16/2020
‘2 Minutes of Fame’ review: Jay Pharoah impressive even without impressions 6/14/2020
‘Exit Plan’ review: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau takes unsettling suicide trip 6/12/2020
‘Artemis Fowl’ review: Disney+ brings wondrous fairy land into your home. 6/11/2020
‘Da 5 Bloods’ review: Spike Lee makes brilliant Vietnam epic for Netflix 6/10/2020
‘King of Staten Island’ review: Pete Davidson as a loser — the lovable kind 6/8/2020
‘Tommaso’ review: Willem Dafoe an able surrogate for Abel Ferrara 6/4/2020
‘Becky’ review: Kevin James slays as a killer tangling with the wrong girl 6/4/2020
‘Shirley’ review: Elisabeth Moss scores again as author Shirley Jackson 6/3/2020
‘Spelling the Dream’ review: Netflix doc looks at Indian American kids in the bees 6/2/2020
‘Laurel Canyon’ review: Pool of music trivia runs deep in documentary 5/29/2020
‘End of Sentence’ review: Hop aboard the latest father-son road trip 5/28/2020
‘Space Force’ review: A soft launch for Steve Carell’s celestial sitcom 5/28/2020
‘The High Note’ review: Tracee Ellis Ross and a supremely sunny movie 5/27/2020
‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’: Survivors have their say in Netflix doc 5/25/2020
Lance Armstrong’s ESPN documentary brings out his zeal — and his ego 5/22/2020
‘The Lovebirds’ review: Cracking up is easy to do in dark breakup comedy 5/21/2020
‘Military Wives’ review: Movie sings a familiar but uplifting refrain 5/20/2020
‘Scoob!’ review: Boisterous Scooby-Doo movie needs a muzzle 5/15/2020
‘Blackballed’ review: Call this Donald Sterling doc ‘The Last Dunce’ 5/14/2020
‘The Great’ review: Would-be satire of Russia’s Catherine isn’t even good 5/14/2020
‘Snowpiercer’ review: Train rolls on in bloody, sometimes bizarre series 5/13/2020
‘Capone’ review: Gross scenes soil Tom Hardy’s strong performance 5/11/2020
‘Trial by Media’ review: Netflix revisits 6 heavily hyped court cases 5/8/2020
‘Valley Girl’ review: An inept musical remake? Fer sure, fer sure 5/8/2020
‘I Know This Much is True’ review: HBO series wallows in people’s misery 5/7/2020
Jerry Seinfeld Netflix special: Dazed and bemused in ‘23 Hours to Kill’ 5/5/2020
‘Becoming’ review: Michelle Obama has earned Netflix film this flattering 5/4/2020
‘Billions’ review: Money’s the root of all the delicious evil in Season 5 5/1/2020
‘James Vs. His Future Self’ review: A funny, cerebral time-travel tale 5/1/2020
‘Dangerous Lies’ review: Clever Netflix thriller asks — who do you trust? 4/30/2020
‘Upload’ review: On Amazon, a funny but profound vision of the future 4/29/2020
‘Hollywood’ review: Netflix series a so-so fantasy about La La Land 4/29/2020
‘Never Have I Ever’ review: Sweet Netflix teen comedy series overachieves 4/26/2020
‘Penny Dreadful: City of Angels’: Spinoff goes from noir to supernatural 4/24/2020
‘Bad Education’ review: Hugh Jackman a class act as thieving school boss 4/24/2020
‘Extraction’ review: Chris Hemsworth flexes physical, emotional muscles 4/23/2020
‘Defending Jacob’ review: Addictive mystery series keeps us guessing 4/22/2020
‘Time Warp’ review: Docuseries sheds light on beloved cult movies 4/20/2020
Apple TV+ series ‘Home’ takes us inside creative dwellings worldwide 4/17/2020
‘Selah and the Spades’ review: Anything goes for wild prep-school teens 4/16/2020
‘#blackAF’ review: Netflix comedy is hilarious right from the start 4/15/2020
‘The Last Dance’ review: Series captures dominance, drama of ’90s Bulls 4/15/2020
‘Mrs. America’ review: Phyllis Schlafly as a savvy woman of steel 4/13/2020
‘Cooked With Cannabis’ takes pot-infused cuisine to new highs 4/13/2020
‘Run’ review: HBO series takes twisty route on its way to funny moments 4/9/2020
‘Saint Frances’ review: Chicago film star is born in locally made indie 4/8/2020
‘Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered’ sheds new light on brutal, baffling case 4/3/2020
‘Coffee & Kareem’ review: Plot almost as foul as the 12-year-old’s mouth 4/3/2020
‘Elephant’ review: Meghan Markle narrates a gentle Disney documentary 4/1/2020
‘The Scheme’ review: Hoops hustler tells all in well-crafted HBO doc 3/29/2020
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‘Kill Chain’ review: HBO doc sounds alarm about voting machine hacks 3/26/2020
‘Crip Camp’ review: Compelling Netflix doc recalls a haven for disabled 3/24/2020
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"Self Made" review: Octavia Spencer dominates the screen in grand style 3/19/2020
"Big Time Adolescence" review: Pete Davidson shows true talent playing a loser 3/18/2020
"Little Fires Everywhere" review: Reese Witherspoon hits a high-strung high 3/17/2020
"The Plot Against America" review: powerful vision of what could have been 3/15/2020
"Bloodshot" review: Vin Diesel as a new man doing the same old stuff 3/12/2020
"Extra Ordinary" review: Irish horror story also produces big laughs 3/12/2020
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"Stargirl" review: An irresistible film debut for Grace VanderWaal 3/11/2020
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"Spenser Confidential" review: Mark Wahlberg in a funny Boston B-movie 3/6/2020
"The Way Back" review: Ben Affleck a believable boozer, basketball coach 3/5/2020
"Greed" review: Inequality satire makes its point with wretched excess 3/4/2020
"The Banker" review: Fun period piece deserves your highest interest 3/4/2020
"Devs" review: Mind-bending puzzles pay off in the end 3/3/2020
"Hope Gap" review: Annette Bening just right in a moving story of moving on 3/3/2020
"Onward" review: The worst Pixar movie yet 2/27/2020
"The Misogynists" review: Trump fan has a lot to say in a movie that doesn"t 2/27/2020
"Emma" review: Anya Taylor-Joy puts a devilish spin on the role 2/26/2020
"Seberg" review: Biopic wastes time on people who aren't Jean Seberg 2/26/2020
"The Invisible Man" review: A fresh horror take worth seeing 2/26/2020
Dwyane Wade documentary review: "Life Unexpected" a candid look at NBA star 2/21/2020
"Ordinary Love" review: Plenty of emotion, not much insight 2/20/2020
"Standing Up, Falling Down" review: Unlikely friendship not as corny as it looks 2/20/2020
"The Call of the Wild" review: Digital dog drags down the classic story 2/19/2020
"The Lodge" review: Snowy, scary horror with smart plot, stylish look 2/19/2020
Harrison Ford: Why Chicago kid felt called to "Call of the Wild" 2/18/2020
"Hunters" review: Nazi-chasing series balances the silly, the somber 2/17/2020
"The Photograph," elegant and insightful, puts the focus on personal choices 2/16/2020
"Space Jam"" revisited: 1996 movie is a jam-packed escapade 2/15/2020
Blumhouse's "Fantasy Island" review — not worth the trek to the multiplex 2/14/2020
"Downhill" review: Remake seldom finds the funny in dad's blunder 2/12/2020
"High Fidelity" review: Zoe Kravitz electric as Rob the music snob 2/11/2020
"Foosballers" review: Documentary puts a thoughtful spin on foosball 2/7/2020
"Birds of Prey" review: It's Harley Quinn for the win 2/6/2020
"Horse Girl": Alison Brie resonates as an awkward misfit losing her grip on reality 2/6/2020
"Locke & Key" review: Netflix series offers little to latch on to 2/5/2020
"The Assistant": Predatory boss abuses and erupts in a sort of white-collar horror film 2/5/2020
"McMillions" review: HBO recaps McDonald's scandal, and we"re lovin" it 1/31/2020
"Coda" review: Patrick Stewart in a subtle drama of empathy and ivory 1/30/2020
"The Rhythm Section" review: Addict becomes a master spy, ludicrously 1/29/2020
"The Gentlemen" review: Matthew McConaughey, Henry Golding, Hugh Grant play tough guys in funny crime thriller 1/23/2020
"Color Out of Space": What's freaking out Nicolas Cage this time? A stinky meteorite 1/22/2020
"The Last Full Measure": Flashbacks reveal an airman's heroics in powerful Vietnam story 1/22/2020
"Avenue 5": In new HBO series, a cruise ship in space collides with mediocre humor 1/17/2020
"A Fall from Grace": Tyler Perry brings the best out from some veteran actors 1/17/2020
"Troop Zero": Sugary as it is, underdog story also cozy and inspiring — scout's honor! 1/16/2020
"Bad Boys for Life": Will Smith, Martin Lawrence keep up their chemistry 1/15/2020
"Dolittle" a pathetic waste of seriously talented cast — and moviegoers" time 1/15/2020
"Little America" review: Funny, inspiring vignettes tells immigrant stories that are pleasing without preaching 1/15/2020
HBO's "The Outsider," drawn from Stephen King book, grows stranger by the week 1/10/2020
"Underwater" movie review: No clear reason why murky deep-sea adventure was made 1/9/2020
"Just Mercy" moving and inspiring, even as it follows a formula: Roeper 1/8/2020
"Like a Boss" review: Charms of Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne can't conceal crass comedy's blemishes 1/8/2020
"1917" brilliantly depicts both the chaos and the humanity of World War I 12/24/2019
"Spies in Disguise": Will Smith earns his wings again as the voice of a secret-agent pigeon 12/24/2019
Does "Uncut Gems" deserve the Oscar talk? You bet it does 12/23/2019
"Little Women" movie review: Greta Gerwig makes the classic story feel fresh and relevant 12/21/2019
"A Hidden Life" carries all the spectacular imagery — and occasional tedium — of Terrence Malick 12/19/2019
"Bombshell" movie review: #MeToo docudrama bursting with talent 12/19/2019
John Mulaney and "The Sack Lunch Bunch": Netflix special is one crazy, mixed-up kids' show 12/19/2019
"Cats" movie review: Musical coughs up a hairball of self-indulgence and creepy human-feline hybrids 12/18/2019
"Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" review: The good (not great) side of the Force 12/18/2019
"American Dharma" review: Steve Bannon gets a pass in Errol Morris" tame profile 12/12/2019
"Mel Brooks Unwrapped" review: HBO special showcases the director's blazing talent 12/12/2019
"Jumanji: The Next Level" reunites the video game avatars for rousing, sometimes confusing adventure 12/11/2019
"Richard Jewell" review: A study, not a diatribe, about runaway media and FBI agents victimizing an innocent man 12/11/2019
"A Million Little Pieces" review: James Frey's book works on film, and that's the honest truth 12/5/2019
"Knives and Skin" review: Neo-noir thriller made in Chicago, overflows with haunting visuals, Richard Roeper writes 12/5/2019
"The Two Popes" review: A rich papal powwow starring Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins 12/5/2019
"The Aeronauts" review: Fun, old-fashioned and full of hot air, Richard Roeper writes 12/4/2019
"Work in Progress" review: The hilarious hardship of being smart, funny and queer in Chicago 12/4/2019
"The Moodys" review: A warm holiday homecoming for a Chicago family 12/3/2019
In "Dark Waters," Mark Ruffalo scores as another kind of avenger: an underdog lawyer 11/26/2019
"Queen & Slim" review: Accidental outlaws flee the law on a road trip rich with insight 11/26/2019
"Knives Out" a skillful slice of old-fashioned whodunit: Richard Roeper 11/25/2019
"Dolly Parton's Heartstrings": Songs come to life with all the singer's charms 11/22/2019
"21 Bridges" review: Dumb plot, crummy look sink Chadwick Boseman thriller 11/21/2019
"Honey Boy" review: Shia LaBeouf smartly recalls his own youth, Richard Roeper says 11/21/2019
"Frozen 2" mostly as magical as the original: Richard Roeper 11/20/2019
"Waves" immerses us in a family unaware of the trouble ahead 11/20/2019
"A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" movie review: Tom Hanks makes a wonderful Mister Rogers, when he's there 11/17/2019
"Marriage Story" review: A couple divorces with humor and wrenching pain 11/14/2019
"The Good Liar": Even Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen can't save this convoluted con game 11/14/2019
"The Report": Adam Driver proves his versatility with understated work as a torture investigator 11/14/2019
"Ford v Ferrari" a rip-roaring flashback to "60s motorsports 11/13/2019
"Charlie's Angels" 2019 review: Pointless reboot doesn"t work for me 11/12/2019
Christian Bale says his "Ford v Ferrari" ride beats the Batmobile 11/11/2019
"Green Eggs and Ham" on Netflix becomes a breezy animated series kids will like here, there or anywhere 11/8/2019
"Midway" arms its big-name cast with stock roles, second-rate dialogue 11/7/2019
"Doctor Sleep" review: Ewan McGregor makes a decent Danny in "The Shining" sequel 11/6/2019
"Last Christmas" review: One of the best holiday movies in years 11/6/2019
"The Irishman" review: Netflix's glorious saga of a notorious killer 11/4/2019
"Frankie": Isabelle Huppert a marvel in a family drama that's scenic but seldom authentic 11/1/2019
"Motherless Brooklyn": Edward Norton's richly layered film noir has one major flaw — Edward Norton 10/31/2019
"Paradise Hills" review: Young women learn subservience in futuristic fairy tale 10/31/2019
"Harriet": Cynthia Erivo convincingly plays the freedom fighter as both rebellious slave and action hero 10/30/2019
"Terminator: Dark Fate" review: Too much deja vu makes sequel a boring retread 10/30/2019
"The Morning Show" review: Sex scandal shakes up news team on AppleTV+'s new series 10/29/2019
"Mrs. Fletcher" follows two lives, and only one is worth watching 10/25/2019
"JoJo Rabbit": Imagine that — in these sensitive times, a Hitler comedy that works 10/24/2019
"The Current War" review: Electrical period piece seldom flickers 10/24/2019
"Black and Blue": Heavy on stereotypes, police thriller blows its chance to make a statement 10/23/2019
In the glow of "The Lighthouse," Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe go brilliantly insane 10/23/2019
"Watchmen" worth watching for clever plot twists, outstanding acting 10/19/2019
"Modern Love" transforms N.Y. Times columns into smart, funny video vignettes 10/18/2019
"Parasite" review: Insightful social satire earns its twists and turns 10/18/2019
"Zombieland: Double Tap": Drop-dead funny stars breathe some life into a tired genre 10/17/2019
"Maleficent: Mistress of Evil": Angelina Jolie wears the horns again in a gorgeous, ambitious thrill ride 10/16/2019
"Living With Yourself": Paul Rudd doubly delightful as a man and his higher-caliber clone 10/15/2019
"El Camino" review: Netflix's Jesse Pinkman movie lives up to "Breaking Bad" standards 10/11/2019
"Pain and Glory": Pedro Almodovar makes moments with meaning 10/11/2019
"Gemini Man": It's Will Smith times two in a dumb digital disaster 10/10/2019
"The Addams Family" delivers light laughs and a heavy message 10/10/2019
"Dolemite Is My Name" review: Now this is the Eddie Murphy we know and love and laugh with 10/9/2019
"The Parts You Lose": For bullied boy, this bad guy doesn"t seem so bad 10/4/2019
"Lucy in the Sky" review: Natalie Portman, we have a problem 10/3/2019
"The Laundromat" crudely mixes the dark and the light, blemishing everything 10/3/2019
"Joker" review: Joaquin Phoenix a first-class clown in chilling, absorbing supervillain movie 10/2/2019
"Holy Trinity": Welcome to a bizarro Chicago where the colors are bold and the humor is bawdy 9/27/2019
"Where's My Roy Cohn?": A thorough portrait of a ruthless real-life villain 9/26/2019
"Judy": A role that got away from Renee Zellweger 9/25/2019
New Netflix series "The Politician" gets low approval rating from Richard Roeper 9/24/2019
Distant replay: Sports movie, buddy movie or tearjerker, you can't go wrong with "Brian's Song" 9/21/2019
"American Dreamer": The best proof yet that, as a dramatic actor, Jim Gaffigan is ready for his closeup 9/20/2019
"Rambo: Last Blood" review: "Repellent piece of trash" should end Stallone franchise 9/20/2019
"7 Days to Vegas": In both poker and comedy, gambling romp knows its stuff 9/19/2019
"Between Two Ferns: The Movie": Zach Galifianakis" clueless alter ego just as rude on the road 9/19/2019
"Ad Astra": Brad Pitt sent to save Earth in a beautiful, daring space oddity 9/18/2019
"Downton Abbey" movie a happy homecoming 9/17/2019
"Haunt": Fun-seeking students the prey in a stylish Halloween gore-fest 9/12/2019
"Hustlers" slickly strips down a real-life crime to sisterhood and glitter-covered hilarity 9/12/2019
"Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice" pays tribute to a versatile virtuoso 9/12/2019
"Unbelievable" a credible, exceptional story of the system helping — and harming — a rape victim 9/12/2019
"The Goldfinch": Morose encounters with the unhappy, the unstable and the crudely caricatured 9/11/2019
"Super Size Me 2": It isn"t Morgan Spurlock expanding this time, it's the chickens 9/6/2019
"Official Secrets": Would-be thriller jumps from one talking point to the next 9/5/2019
"It Chapter Two" a good scare, but not as good as the first one 9/3/2019
"Untouchable" focuses on those who endured Harvey Weinstein's horrors, and those who knew 8/31/2019
"The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" puts you in a magical world of cute puppets, ugly puppets, scary puppets 8/30/2019
"The Fanatic": Look who's stalking — It's John Travolta in another of his oddities 8/30/2019
"Don't Let Go": Too many hangups spoil a promising, time-bending thriller 8/29/2019
"Brittany Runs a Marathon" keeps the laughs coming at a steady pace 8/28/2019
"After the Wedding": The twists don"t turn out in morose, off-putting drama 8/23/2019
“World City In Its Teens” review: A filmmaking masterpiece about 1930s Chicago 8/23/2019
"Peanut Butter Falcon" review: It's sweet and corny but undeniably engaging 8/22/2019
"Ready or Not": Say yes to the distress of a bride chased by killers 8/20/2019
"Major League" is a comedy of errors — and hits 8/17/2019
"The Nightingale": After an act of brutality, a woman reacts with resilience 8/16/2019
On HBO's "Righteous Gemstones," the Lord's servants work in devious ways 8/16/2019
"Blinded by the Light": The sounds of Bruce Springsteen energize a familiar story 8/15/2019
"Good Boys" stays sweet through kids" raunchy run-ins 8/14/2019
"Where"d You Go, Bernadette" focuses on a woman you wish would stay gone 8/14/2019
Why the heroes didn"t take a knee in "Avengers: Endgame" — the co-director explains 8/13/2019
"Light of My Life": Dystopia tale falls prey to Casey Affleck's excesses 8/9/2019
"Them That Follow" examines the hazards of misreading God's will 8/9/2019
"Brian Banks": A skillful rendition of a wrongful conviction 8/8/2019
"The Art of Racing in the Rain" squanders its golden opportunity 8/8/2019
"The Kitchen" review: If you can't stand farfetched plot twists, stay out of this movie 8/7/2019
Thrilling but also engaging, "Luce" keeps us guessing 8/6/2019
"Mike Wallace Is Here": Footage from the past says it all in insightful bio of a journalism great 8/1/2019
"Hobbs & Shaw" gives the very cool Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham nothing cool to do 7/31/2019
New series from 'south Side" team another solid-gold success 7/30/2019
The best treats, trifles and trivia of Quentin Tarantino's latest movie 7/29/2019
"Skin": Jamie Bell indelible as man whose tattoos give away his neo-Nazi past 7/26/2019
"David Crosby: Remember My Name": Thinking about the many times he has fallen 7/25/2019
"Eastland" documentary profiles heroes and villains of the 1915 Chicago River disaster 7/25/2019
"South Side" sitcom so funny, so smart, that 10 episodes aren't enough 7/23/2019
"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" review: Quentin Tarantino's colorful snapshot of an era 7/22/2019
"This Changes Everything": Stars detail Hollywood's slow progress in correcting its sexism 7/20/2019
"Into the Ashes": Stylish, violent Western noir keeps us guessing 7/19/2019
"Sword of Trust": Marc Maron leads a cast of pros in sharp-edged comedy 7/19/2019
"The Art of Self-Defense" review: Bad mojo at the macho dojo 7/18/2019
"The Farewell": The lovely story of a family like everybody's 7/17/2019
"Moneyball" was on the money: Hollywood did everything right 7/13/2019
"Cooked": Edifying documentary sheds light on Chicago's deadly "95 heat wave 7/12/2019
"Lying and Stealing": Fun actors, odd details set caper apart from the B-movie pack 7/12/2019
"Miss Arizona": Comic melodrama strong in the talent portion but short of perfection 7/11/2019
"The Lion King" review: Lifelike remake looks beautiful, mostly lives up to original 7/11/2019
"Stuber": Actors" chemistry gives Uber comedy a Lyft 7/10/2019
Dave Bautista, Kumail Nanjiani step out of their comfort zones for "Stuber" 7/9/2019
"Ophelia" review: What a piece of work is the woman who loves Hamlet 7/4/2019
"Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am": The author's inspiring story, as told by her friends and herself 7/4/2019
For patient horror fans, "Midsommar" pays off 7/1/2019
"Spider-Man: Far From Home" 3-star movie review: light, bright, wildly entertaining 6/27/2019
“Yesterday”movie review: A fab opportunity missed 6/26/2019
"The Raft" movie review: an oddly fascinating experiment in life and filmmaking 6/25/2019
“Wild Rose” review: Jessie Buckley is pure star power in formulaic but engaging story 6/25/2019
"The Loudest Voice" review: Russell Crowe a powerhouse as Roger Ailes 6/24/2019
"Nightmare Cinema": The goriest, most twisted movie of the year so far 6/21/2019
"Being Frank": Even as a deceitful jerk secretly doing double daddy duty, Jim Gaffigan wins us over 6/20/2019
"Echo in the Canyon": Jakob Dylan signs a love letter to "60s folk/rock scene in Laurel Canyon 6/20/2019
"Framing John DeLorean": Hybrid film, assembled from mismatched parts, still a heck of a ride 6/18/2019
HBO's "Euphoria" series starring Zendaya a cautionary tale for teens, horror show for parents 6/14/2019
"The Last Black Man in San Francisco" review: So much beauty 6/14/2019
"Late Night" review: Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling bring the laughs 6/13/2019
"Shaft" review: Samuel L. Jackson's new version mostly goes for laughs — and misses 6/13/2019
"The Dead Don"t Die," a meta comedy about zombies, takes deadpan approach to undead 6/13/2019
"Toy Story 4" review: A Pixar sequel as wonderful as the others plays for keeps 6/13/2019
"Men in Black: International" review: The difference is, they make this look silly 6/12/2019
"16 Shots" a riveting recap of Laquan McDonald shooting, muddle that followed 6/11/2019
"Rolling Thunder Revue" revisits a tour when Bob Dylan sang, drove the bus — and even had fun 6/10/2019
"Halston": Traditional doc on the designer is adorned with an unusual detail 6/7/2019
"Loopers": Bill Murray tips his cap to caddies in a lively, respectful documentary 6/6/2019
"Dark Phoenix" a mediocre entry in the "X-Men" movie canon 6/5/2019
"Pavarotti" documentary review: Ron Howard delivers beautiful tribute 6/5/2019
"The Tomorrow Man": 2 great actors go astray in a rocky romance 5/31/2019
"Godzilla: King of the Monsters" review: "MonsterVerse" entry forgets to have fun 5/29/2019
"Brightburn" review: The child from the spaceship is no Superman 5/23/2019
"The Souvenir" a stunning study of a smart woman who can't quit a dangerous man 5/23/2019
"Aladdin" review: Will Smith's blue Genie is pretty cool, once you get to know him 5/22/2019
"Booksmart" review: For the smart girls, a wild but insightful night of partying 5/21/2019
"Rocketman" review: The greatly entertaining biopic Elton John deserves 5/21/2019
"The Professor": Fear and loathing in academia, starring Johnny Depp as a scholar to avoid 5/17/2019
"Catch-22": War is hell, but sometimes silly, in George Clooney's military satire 5/16/2019
"Trial by Fire": Death Row thriller worth seeing for provocative issues — and one scorching cameo 5/16/2019
"John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum": More fights, more insanity, more great dogs 5/11/2019
HBO's "What's My Name" expertly tells story of Muhammad Ali as fighter, thinker 5/10/2019
"The Hustle": The attempts at humor sting in a crummy con-job comedy 5/9/2019
"Tolkien" portrays "Hobbit" creator as suitor, soldier — and crashing bore 5/9/2019
"Wine Country": Sweet and expressive, but with some earthy notes 5/9/2019
Mary Magdalene lives in Jesus' shadow, even in her own movie 5/3/2019
"Extremely Wicked ..." review: As Ted Bundy's wary wife, Lily Collins excels 5/2/2019
"The Intruder": A real estate thriller located in a cul-de-sac of idiocy 5/2/2019
"Long Shot": Mismatch of Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron launches the laughs 5/1/2019
"Avengers: Endgame": 22 little moments that added up to greatness 4/30/2019
Stirring documentary "Knock Down the House" captures the rise of AOC 4/30/2019
"Avengers: Endgame": Three hours of action and emotion, and worth every second 4/26/2019
Quirky comedy "Family" like "Uncle Buck" in Juggalo makeup 4/25/2019
"Red Joan": The spy who bored me 4/25/2019
Authentic and impactful, CBS' "The Red Line" will ring true for Chicagoans 4/22/2019
"Fast Color": Smart, cool story of a woman who hates her supernatural powers 4/18/2019
"Her Smell": More than enough of hard-rocking Becky with the bad attitude 4/18/2019
"Teen Spirit": A 'star Is Born" story with a "Karate Kid" feel 4/18/2019
After 30 years, "Field of Dreams" has held a place in the heart of America 4/14/2019
"Crypto" review: A cybercurrency thriller in which odd little moments are a major asset 4/11/2019
"Hellboy" reboot cares more about carnage than character 4/11/2019
"The Chaperone" introduces a wild young star, then looks elsewhere 4/10/2019
Two strong stars enhance a "Native Son" updated for now 4/5/2019
"The Best of Enemies": Detente between foes shouldn"t feel so obvious 4/5/2019
Mediocre new "Pet Sematary" still better than the old one 4/4/2019
"Shazam!": Let's hear it for the boy who becomes a superhero 4/4/2019
Jordan Peele's reboot plays great, if not quite "Twilight Zone" great 4/1/2019
"Screwball": Too much kid stuff in cheeky doc on baseball juicing 3/29/2019
Financial thriller "The Hummingbird Project" delivers hokum at high frequency 3/29/2019
"Hotel Mumbai" a rough but respectful recap of a city's scariest days 3/28/2019
White House comedy "Veep," one of TV's all-time best, begins its final term 3/28/2019
Mel Gibson plays a racist cop in lurid thriller "Dragged Across Concrete" 3/22/2019
"The Aftermath": Brit officer, German maverick share home, things never get real 3/21/2019
"The Highwaymen": Solid detective film redeems the man who nabbed Bonnie & Clyde 3/21/2019
"Us" review: Jordan Peele follows "Get Out" with a sensational slasher thriller 3/20/2019
"Captive State" review: Aliens invade Chicago in a sci-fi action film with an indie-movie feel 3/15/2019
"Finding Steve McQueen": Criminals not quite geniuses in a story not quite true 3/14/2019
"Never Grow Old" review: John Cusack oozes menace as Old West villain 3/14/2019
"Gloria Bell": Simple moments, powerful ones — Julianne Moore makes all magnetic 3/13/2019
"I'm Not Here": J.K. Simmons stuns as a boozy, broken man recalling his missteps 3/9/2019
"Climax": Young dancers in horror rave exciting to watch, annoying to know 3/8/2019
"The Kid": Top-tier actors saddle up for a boy's-eye view of Old West outlaw 3/7/2019
"Triple Frontier": Surprises around every corner as Special Ops vets try a heist 3/6/2019
"Captain Marvel" review: Humor, sweetness empower a fun "90s throwback 3/5/2019
Look who's stalking: The great Isabelle Huppert slums in humdrum film "Greta" 2/28/2019
"Green Book" review: A feel-good '60s road trip with a bruiser and a jazzman 2/24/2019
Cancer barely fazes the low-key, funny friends of "Paddleton" 2/23/2019
In "O.G.," shot at an Indiana prison, Jeffrey Wright stuns as inmate nearly free 2/22/2019
In HBO documentary, Michael Jackson is possibly a molester, definitely a weirdo 2/21/2019
"Fighting With My Family": Uplifting comedy follows clan with WWE ambitions 2/20/2019
"Alita: Battle Angel" a big-name, big-budget ripoff of much better sci-fi 2/14/2019
"Happy Death Day 2U": The first succeeded, so Tree dies and dies again 2/13/2019
Tucker: A man, his dream, his cars, a scandal — and a Chicago film classic 2/10/2019
On "Crashing," how comics are respecting — or mocking — the #MeToo movement 2/8/2019
"Rendezvous in Chicago" feels like eavesdropping on clever conversations 2/8/2019
"Man Who Killed Hitler ...": Exciting sighting of Sam Elliott as Bigfoot hunter 2/7/2019
"What Men Want": Taraji P. Henson brings the fun to a hit-and-miss comedy 2/7/2019
"Miss Bala": Run away from Gina Rodriguez's ludicrous drug-running shoot-"em-up 2/1/2019
"Velvet Buzzsaw": Netflix movie funny as an art attack 2/1/2019
"Russian Doll": Netflix series relives "Groundhog" scenario, smartly and darkly 1/31/2019
"Cold Pursuit": In the crisp winter air, Liam Neeson makes revenge a riot 1/30/2019
"The Lego Movie 2" pieces together pop culture, pop music into another winner 1/28/2019
"An Acceptable Loss": Star firepower of Jamie Lee Curtis, Tika Sumpter prevails 1/25/2019
"Egg": Having babies a fertile topic for wicked, fast-paced dialogue 1/25/2019
"Serenity" a thriller so nice, you"ll want to see it twice 1/24/2019
"Don't Come Back From the Moon": Beauty in a town where kids flower, dads flee 1/18/2019
"Canal Street": A Chicago crime story, sharply made, sadly familiar 1/17/2019
"Glass" half empty: M. Night Shyamalan's trilogy comes to a disappointing end 1/16/2019
The story of a colossal music festival failure, told twice (and well) 1/16/2019
"Stan & Ollie" showcases Laurel, Hardy and the great actors playing them 1/10/2019
"The Upside" puts up pointless obstacles on two men's path to betterment 1/10/2019
"True Detective" restores its luster with Season 3, led by fiery Mahershala Ali 1/2/2019
"On the Basis of Sex" makes weak argument for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's success 12/24/2018
"Vice": Christian Bale transforms himself in a zany take on Dick Cheney 12/24/2018
"Bird Box": Sandra Bullock at her best in a thriller of blinding skill 12/23/2018
"If Beale Street Could Talk" a tender romance in a dark, all too recent reality 12/23/2018
"Second Act" review: Upbeat but familiar shtick from Jennifer Lopez 12/21/2018
"Welcome to Marwen": The uplifting story of a charming figure and his action figure 12/20/2018
"Aquaman" review: Soaked to the gills with fun 12/19/2018
Steve Carell welcomes the challenge of "Welcome to Marwen" 12/18/2018
"Vox Lux" review: A career low for Natalie Portman 12/14/2018
"Ben Is Back" review: Julia Roberts has never been better 12/13/2018
"Mary Queen of Scots": Two monarchs with the same message, over and over 12/13/2018
"Mary Poppins Returns": A revival in the most delightful way 12/12/2018
"The Mule" review: Clint Eastwood in a trafficking jam 12/12/2018
"Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" review: It's the wall-crawler's best movie yet 12/11/2018
"Dumplin" " review: Good golly, so much Dolly Parton 12/7/2018
"Asher" review: Ron Perlman nicely executes a hit-man role 12/6/2018
"Roma" review: Every moment a masterpiece in Cuaron's gorgeous period piece 12/5/2018
"The Favourite" review: Raunchy royal romp brings out best in 3 top actresses 11/29/2018
"Robin Hood" review: All this outlaw robs is your time 11/21/2018
"At Eternity's Gate": Vincent van Gogh portrait painted with a shaky brush 11/20/2018
"Creed II" review: Plenty of heart, punch left in the franchise 11/20/2018
"Beautiful Boy" review: a sensitive addiction drama 11/19/2018
"Ralph Breaks the Internet" review: A GR8 chance to LOL 11/19/2018
"Ballad of Buster Scruggs" review: The Coen brothers go west 11/16/2018
"The Front Runner" review: Gary Hart's crash, told with satire and sympathy 11/16/2018
"Instant Family" review: Broad comedy blends badly with heavy-handed melodrama 11/15/2018
"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" review: An overloaded chamber of subplots 11/13/2018
"Widows" review: Viola Davis in one of the year's best movies 11/12/2018
"A Private War" review: Rosamund Pike acts with authenticity as combat correspondent 11/8/2018
"Boy Erased" review: Lucas Hedges does the heavy lifting as a gay teen being "cured" 11/8/2018
"Dr. Seuss' The Grinch" like you've never seen/With a Grinch who isn"t very mean 11/8/2018
"Homecoming" review: Julia Roberts heads up Amazon series" knockout cast 11/2/2018
"Suspira" review: You can dance, you can die in convoluted horror remake 11/1/2018
"Wildlife" review: Well-acted family drama doesn"t quite work 11/1/2018
"Bohemian Rhapsody" review: Freddie Mercury bio is no pleasure cruise 10/31/2018
"Mid90s" review: Jonah Hill makes a hella accurate '90s flashback 10/25/2018
"What They Had" review: Top-notch cast in a moving Chicago drama 10/25/2018
New "Halloween" stays true to splatter movie traditions 10/18/2018
"The Oath" review: Thanksgiving the setting for edgy social satire 10/18/2018
"Bad Times at the El Royale" review: An homage to the Tarantino homages 10/12/2018
"The Hate U Give" review: An emotional story reflecting realities of right now 10/12/2018
"First Man" brilliantly depicts rise of Neil Armstrong, step by giant step 10/11/2018
"A Star Is Born" review: The thrills aren't just musical 10/5/2018
"All About Nina" review: A hot-mess comedian walks into a bar ... 10/4/2018
"The Old Man & the Gun": Robert Redford steals the show in final role 10/4/2018
"Venom" review: The dumb plot and weak effects sting 10/4/2018
"Blaze" a sad, poetic portrait of best singer you"ve never heard of 9/30/2018
"The Sisters Brothers" review: A new look at the Old West 9/28/2018
"Smallfoot" review: Zippy, silly animated tale applauds the curious nature of the beast 9/26/2018
"A Happening of Monumental Proportions" review: Lots of stars in off-putting scenes 9/23/2018
"Little Italy," like its laughable poster, seems to come from a dumber era 9/23/2018
"The Predator" review: Get to da exit! 9/13/2018
"A Simple Favor" review: Kendrick, Lively click in wickedly funny thriller 9/12/2018
"Peppermint" movie review: Jennifer Garner back to kicking butt in nasty revenge thriller 9/11/2018
"Slice" review: Chance the Rapper fits right in with witty cast 9/11/2018
"Kidding" review: Jim Carrey brilliant as a despairing puppet show host 9/7/2018
"Next Gen" overloads its animated robots with too many shifts in plot and tone 9/7/2018
"Destination Wedding" review: Lots of lines for Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, no one else 9/6/2018
"Operation Finale" review: Eichmann capture somehow made formulaic 8/30/2018
"The Wife" review: Glenn Close knows her Nobel-winning husband is no prize 8/23/2018
"Mile 22" review: Mark Wahlberg in a gruesome, convoluted mess 8/17/2018
Reviews of "The Miseducation of Cameron Post" and "Down a Dark Hall," 2 teen girl dramas 8/17/2018
"Crazy Rich Asians" review: Upbeat, upscale rom-com delivers 24k entertainment 8/14/2018
How non-actor Henry Golding won the coveted lead role in "Crazy Rich Asians" 8/11/2018
"BlacKkKlansman" review: Spike Lee delivers one of the best films of the year 8/8/2018
Why is John David Washington the star of "BlacKkKlansman"? Because Spike Lee said so 8/7/2018
"Christopher Robin" review: Winnie the Pooh fairy tale as sweet as hunny 8/3/2018
"The Spy Who Dumped Me" never lets Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon show comic chemistry 8/1/2018
"Mission: Impossible — Fallout" review: Tom Cruise at his unstoppable best 7/26/2018
"Don't Worry He Won't Get Far on Foot" movie review: A tour-de-force for Joaquin Phoenix 7/20/2018
"Eighth Grade" movie review — Brilliant film captures agony, ecstasy of adolescence 7/18/2018
Denzel Washington unstoppable in slick, well-acted "Equalizer 2" 7/18/2018
"Mamma Mia 2" review: Campy sequel sure to please fans 7/18/2018
"Eating Animals" film asks: Want food from a farmer or a factory? 7/13/2018
"Skyscraper" leaves Dwayne Johnson hanging a few too many times 7/12/2018
Candid Whitney Houston film reminds us how exciting the rise, how sad the fall 7/7/2018
"Sharp Objects" should be first choice for summer appointment TV 7/6/2018
"Ant-Man and the Wasp" a buzzworthy sequel full of laughs and CGI thrills 7/5/2018
Harsh and moving, "Leave No Trace" on the mark about life off the grid 7/5/2018
"Sicario: Day of the Soldado," brilliant and a bit nuts, lives up to original 6/28/2018
"Uncle Drew": NBA greats step up their joke game in a winning court comedy 6/28/2018
The meaning of people's Bill Murray stories, outta nowhere 6/22/2018
"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" is how bad? It's "Rocky V" bad 6/20/2018
"Yellowstone" TV series a juicy soap opera in Western attire 6/19/2018
"Tag": In dopey comedy, nobody's a winner 6/15/2018
"Gotti" ranks low in the mob-movie hierarchy 6/14/2018
"The Incredibles 2" succeeds but lacks the superpowers of the first 6/12/2018
John Travolta wears the jacket, and the jewelry, to nail mobster role in "Gotti" 6/9/2018
While "211" in progress, Nicolas Cage (mostly) plays it cool 6/7/2018
"Hereditary" a slow build toward horror shocks not easily forgotten 6/7/2018
A woman confronts her teen trauma in HBO's powerful film "The Tale" 5/25/2018
"On Chesil Beach": As waves roar, a good-looking love story crashes 5/24/2018
"First Reformed": Ethan Hawke stuns as a clergyman hot under the collar 5/23/2018
"Always at the Carlyle": Insightful documentary peeks inside hotel of the stars 5/17/2018
"Dark Crimes": Exploitation, manipulation and Jim Carrey at his bleakest 5/17/2018
"Deadpool 2" a dark, gruesome delight, from start to very funny finish 5/14/2018
"Measure of a Man": In Bicentennial summer, a teen aims for some independence 5/10/2018
"Terminal" presents an outrageous plot, but eclectic cast makes it work 5/10/2018
"Anon": Amanda Seyfried sticks in your mind as a sci-fi mystery woman 5/4/2018
In "The Week Of," Adam Sandler plans a wedding ... for ruder, for poorer 4/27/2018
"Avengers: Infinity War" unites Stark and Star-Lord in a massive Marvel mashup 4/25/2018
"Super Troopers 2" jokes about cops and Canada mostly misfire 4/19/2018
On way to medical career, Chicago native detoured to "Super Troopers" 4/18/2018
"Rampage" makes giant mutant gorilla, wolf and crocodile look stupid 4/12/2018
In "You Were Never Really Here," the quiet moments show Joaquin Phoenix's power 4/12/2018
"Andre the Giant" film sizes up the struggles of being Andre the man 4/9/2018
"Paterno": Al Pacino back in top form as the football legend tainted by scandal 4/6/2018
"A Quiet Place": A family stays safe and soundless in well-crafted thriller 4/5/2018
In teen sex comedy "Blockers," the dirtier the antics, the dumber the jokes 4/5/2018
In praise of "Jesus Christ Superstar," a generation's cool take on the gospels 3/29/2018
"Ready Player One": Come play with us in Spielberg's dazzling virtual universe 3/26/2018
"The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling" reveals deep emotions in the late comedian 3/24/2018
"Midnight Sun" better than nothing, better than "Everything, Everything" 3/23/2018
"Paul, Apostle of Christ" thoughtfully depicts a disciple's final days 3/22/2018
"Unsane": On an iPhone, Steven Soderbergh creates effective little thriller 3/22/2018
"7 Days in Entebbe" turns audacious rescue into a listless thriller 3/14/2018
"Gringo" delivers one wild, wacky, convoluted ride you don"t want to miss 3/8/2018
Little seems real — not Chicago, not bloodshed — in Bruce Willis" "Death Wish" 3/1/2018
In the likable cast of the violent comedy "Game Night," there are no losers 2/22/2018
"Annihilation": Innovations abound as Natalie Portman ventures into the unknown 2/21/2018
"Mercury in Retrograde": Saugatuck trip an eye-opener in slice-of-life drama 2/15/2018
"Basmati Blues": Yes, Brie Larson made a musical about rice, and it's terrible 2/9/2018
"The 15:17 to Paris": Performing an act of bravery doesn"t mean you can act 2/9/2018
"The Ballad of Lefty Brown" puts Old West sidekick Bill Pullman out front 2/7/2018
Bears documentary shuffles '85 memories into a must-see time capsule 1/26/2018
No modesty on the menu for Uptown chef profiled in painfully raw "42 Grams" 1/26/2018
"A Futile and Stupid Gesture": A majorly meta telling of National Lampoon story 1/25/2018
After exciting start, heist thriller "Den of Thieves" loses momentum 1/18/2018
"Mom and Dad" has fun with a crazy premise: diseased parents hunting their kids 1/18/2018
The war horsemen ride to Afghanistan's rescue in cliché collection "12 Strong" 1/17/2018
The twists in Liam Neeson's "The Commuter" visible a mile down the tracks 1/11/2018
"Phantom Thread": Daniel Day-Lewis gets to very fiber of a fussy man of fashion 1/9/2018
"Hostiles": Wounds of the West heal slowly in brutal frontier tale 1/4/2018
Steven Spielberg casts his glow over a brave '70s newsroom in "The Post" 1/3/2018
Put an orc in it: Will Smith's cop fantasy "Bright" a Netflix disaster 12/26/2017
As character studies and poker tales go, "Molly's Game" the real deal 12/26/2017
Intriguing "Downsizing" uses smaller people to explain bigger ideas 12/21/2017
Smart and funny, "I, Tonya" attempts some tricky moves, nails them all 12/21/2017
Rising above the lurid material, Al Pacino gives "Hangman" his all 12/20/2017
Catchy songs steal the show in "The Greatest Showman" 12/20/2017
Beauty surrounds intense, unsettling fling in "Call Me by Your Name" 12/14/2017
"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" stays true to joys of the franchise 12/12/2017
In dark thriller "Bullet Head," dogs wag the tale of a heist gone awry 12/8/2017
"Darkest Hour": Gary Oldman brings out power, and flaws, of Churchill 12/6/2017
"Voyeur": How famed writer Gay Talese got duped by a snoop 11/30/2017
The exciting Land of the Dead is where "Coco" really comes to life 11/21/2017
"Roman J. Israel, Esq." waylays a winning Denzel Washington character 11/21/2017
Signs of hope can be a beautiful thrill in searing world of "Mudbound" 11/16/2017
Humor, heartbreak merge in "Three Billboards ...," one of year's best 11/16/2017
Fun "Justice League" cleverly assembles a superhuman fight club 11/15/2017
Louis C.K.'s "I Love You, Daddy": Impressive but impossible to enjoy 11/11/2017
"All the Queen's Horses" plainly explains how Dixon got plundered 11/9/2017
Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird" so appealing, we can't wait to see her next 11/9/2017
"Last Flag Flying": Veterans" story told with wit and emotion 11/9/2017
Director takes personal approach to CTE in "Requiem for Running Back" 11/9/2017
Seemingly smug at first, "Tragedy Girls" ends up effective horror 11/9/2017
In fun "Thor: Ragnarok," action unfolds with a goofy "Guardians" vibe 11/2/2017
"All I See Is You": Ridiculous behavior by Blake Lively, Jason Clarke 10/26/2017
"The Killing of a Sacred Deer" chooses a unique style, sticks with it 10/26/2017
Arnold Schwarzenegger hams it up with "SNL" alum in "Killing Gunther" 10/20/2017
Limited in actions, Andrew Garfield holds our attention in "Breathe" 10/19/2017
In "Goodbye Christopher Robin," harsh themes a bit of a bother 10/19/2017
"Wheelman" successfully puts a supporting player in the driver's seat 10/19/2017
"Only the Brave" lays out the humanity of its firefighting heroes 10/18/2017
Vince Vaughn a convincing prison brute in "Brawl in Cell Block 99" 10/12/2017
"The Florida Project" ably explores gloomy lives under sunny skies 10/12/2017
"The Mountain Between Us": Irritating duo finds love on the rocks 10/5/2017
Visual marvel "Blade Runner 2049" as awesome as the original 10/2/2017
"American Made": Tom Cruise charms as pilot with a need for greed 9/28/2017
"Our Souls at Night": Robert Redford, Jane Fonda in a lovely romance 9/28/2017
In the "Woodshock" forest, pomposity grows and grows 9/28/2017
Pearl Jam at Wrigley: A thrill for Vedder and fans in "Let's Play Two" 9/27/2017
"Brad's Status" shocker: Ben Stiller as a bitter, resentful guy 9/21/2017
Bigger and louder isn"t better for "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" 9/21/2017
Ludicrous, badly cast "American Assassin" full of holes 9/14/2017
Angelina Jolie's expert touch evident in "First They Killed My Father" 9/14/2017
O "mother!," what art thou? Odd Jennifer Lawrence film pounds senses 9/13/2017
"The Limehouse Golem": Well-acted horror both fictional and factual 9/10/2017
No doubt about "IT": Stephen King clown puts serious scares on screen 9/6/2017
"The Layover": Bad acting by Kate Upton, co-stars fuels air disaster 9/3/2017
Now in 3-D, brilliant "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" worth a fresh look 8/25/2017
Ballet tale "Leap!" seldom missteps (except for that murder thing) 8/24/2017
As sociopath thief, Robert Pattinson earns no empathy in "Good Time" 8/17/2017
"Ingrid Goes West": Internet satire #blessed with perfectly cast stars 8/17/2017
"Pilgrimage" sends Spidey, "Walking Dead" star on a 13th century quest 8/10/2017
Attempt to redeem reprehensible dad cracks "The Glass Castle" 8/10/2017
"Brigsby Bear" smarter than the average indie dramedy 8/3/2017
Stilted dialogue, McConaughey's corny villain crumble "The Dark Tower" 8/3/2017
"Landline": Amusing '90s period piece strikes the right dial tone 7/27/2017
Charlize Theron joins action's top echelon with slick "Atomic Blonde" 7/26/2017
Tight focus intensifies the drama of riot recap "Detroit" 7/25/2017
Bruce Willis cop film "First Kill" goes with any refreshment of choice 7/20/2017
Christopher Nolan's deeply moving "Dunkirk" a triumph in filmmaking 7/18/2017
In "Blind," the old chemistry comes back for Alec Baldwin, Demi Moore 7/13/2017
Plenty of hilarity amidst the heresy of "The Little Hours" 7/13/2017
"A Ghost Story" finds meaning in one man's paranormal inactivity 7/12/2017
No time for monkey business in gritty "War for the Planet of the Apes" 7/11/2017
A lesser Hemsworth tames Old West town in the cliché-riddled "Hickok" 7/6/2017
Unique "Spider-Man: Homecoming" explores school as much as skies 7/3/2017
"The Big Sick" turns unorthodox courtship into smart, silly rom-com 6/29/2017
Depressing, mean-spirited jokes in "The House" never pay off 6/29/2017
"Baby Driver" a high-speed vehicle for the fast and the hilarious 6/27/2017
Satirical fairy tale "Okja" lets great actors go hog wild 6/26/2017
"Maudie": Sally Hawkins delights as a hard-luck pauper who loves life 6/22/2017
Blending camp, cults, cameos & cannibals, "The Bad Batch" not all bad 6/22/2017
"All Eyez on Me" keeps it real on the good, bad of Tupac Shakur's life 6/16/2017
In "Beatriz at Dinner," the characters get emptier as the plates do 6/15/2017
"Once Upon a Time in Venice": Even in schlock, Bruce Willis entertains 6/15/2017
Not the slo-mo walk! Script gets lazy as "Rough Night" women get crazy 6/15/2017
"It Comes at Night" keeps us guessing about characters' nature 6/8/2017
Selfish dad glowers in the attic in darkly funny "Wakefield" 6/8/2017
That's one cool dog saving lives (and the heroine) in "Megan Leavey" 6/7/2017
In Netflix's "War Machine," Brad Pitt goes over the top — and it works 5/26/2017
Promising chiller "Black Butterfly" wrecked by one twist too many 5/25/2017
"Baywatch": A dumb TV show inspires a dumb movie 5/24/2017
In teen tale "Everything, Everything," genuine emotions never get out 5/18/2017
"The Real Life Rocky" gets his due in appealing biopic "Chuck" 5/11/2017
"The Wall": Mystery of unseen sniper heightens thriller's tension 5/11/2017
Fun banter of Hawn, Schumer dashed when "Snatched" gets to jungle 5/10/2017
How deep are truths of the soapy thriller "Illicit"? Not very 5/4/2017
"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" brings the funny and the feels 5/2/2017
"The Circle" uses latest tech culture to state old, tired ideas 4/28/2017
Nicole Kidman's "Queen of the Desert" moves at a camel's pace 4/13/2017
Jake Johnson plays intriguing Chicago character in "Win It All" 4/6/2017
Young math whiz gets a lesson in division in gripping "Gifted" 4/5/2017
Ambitious and unnerving, "The Discovery" an afterlife delight 3/30/2017
"Dig Two Graves" offers fine acting, big thrills on a low budget 3/24/2017
"T2 Trainspotting" mates older, not much wiser in worthy sequel 3/23/2017
Poorly acted "Ottoman Lieutenant" also glosses over genocide 3/9/2017
"The Shack": Christian novel adaptation works in tedious ways 3/2/2017
In "Logan," reinvented Wolverine makes a deep impression 3/1/2017
Artsy "Dark Night" takes aim at shooting sprees, misses 2/23/2017
"Get Out" earns its laughs while honoring horror traditions 2/22/2017
Don"t subject yourself to mean, humor-free "Fist Fight" 2/16/2017
"The Great Wall" a ridiculous monster epic made in China 2/15/2017
Measured "Alone in Berlin" delivers noteworthy message 2/10/2017
Keanu Reeves back with a vengeance in "John Wick: Chapter 2" 2/9/2017
"A Dog's Purpose" a doggy downer of grief, neglect 1/25/2017
Poet in motion: Bus driver watches world pass by in "Paterson" 1/19/2017
M. Night Shyamalan back to his old magic with gripping "Split" 1/18/2017
"The Founder": Intelligent fun on a sesame seed bun 1/17/2017
Annette Bening the standout of superb "20th Century Women" cast 1/12/2017
Talking tree all bark, little bite in "A Monster Calls" 1/5/2017
"Silence": Scorsese revisits issues of faith in haunting style 1/5/2017
Exhilarating "La La Land" depicts love in classic musical fashion 12/15/2016
"Bad Santa 2": Thornton's crass Kringle returns minus the humor 11/23/2016
Catchy songs, charming teen star animate the gorgeous "Moana" 11/21/2016
Rebecca Hall a stunner as a doomed reporter in "Christine" 11/17/2016
Prof tries to talk to the aliens in exhilarating "Arrival" 11/10/2016
"Almost Christmas": Great cast home, hopelessly lame for holidays 11/9/2016
The blood and the beliefs flow in Mel Gibson's "Hacksaw Ridge" 11/2/2016
"Moonlight": Boy becomes man in a vibrant film about a tough life 10/27/2016
"The Handmaiden": Crush complicates the con in multi-layered tale 10/27/2016
"The Accountant": Ben Affleck an entertaining transaction hero 10/12/2016
"American Honey" an eye-opening peek at how young people party 10/6/2016
"The Girl on the Train": Ludicrous thriller goes off the rails 10/5/2016
"Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" neglects the kids 9/29/2016
"Queen of Katwe": Uplifting story of playing chess for success 9/21/2016
Lightweight "Magnificent Seven" entertains with guns blazing 9/20/2016
In "Snowden," Oliver Stone depicts the NSA leaker as pure hero 9/14/2016
"Sully": Brace for emotional impact of Tom Hanks" cockpit triumph 9/9/2016
"The Light Between Oceans": Soap gets in your teary eyes 8/30/2016
"Hands of Stone": As Roberto Duran, Ramirez boxes like a champ 8/25/2016
Jonah Hill, Miles Teller armed and hilarious in slick "War Dogs" 8/16/2016
"Hell or High Water": Modern western the year's best film so far 8/11/2016
"Bad Moms": Funny women go awesomely over the top 7/28/2016
"Jason Bourne": A welcome return for Matt Damon's spirited spy 7/28/2016
"Microbe & Gasoline": Teen outcasts roam under eternal sunshine 7/28/2016
"Tallulah": The funny, moving story of a baby snatcher 7/28/2016
Determined to be hip, "Nerve" catches all the high school cliches 7/26/2016
"Lights Out": In the dark, this supremely scary movie glows 7/21/2016
"Ghostbusters" reboot a horrifying mess 7/17/2016
"Swiss Army Man": Bold, weird, with Daniel Radcliffe good & dead 6/30/2016
"The Legend of Tarzan": Decent jungle yarn, nothing to yell about 6/29/2016
"Independence Day: Resurgence": Quality descends in sci-fi sequel 6/25/2016
"Free State of Jones": Debatable premise but brilliant execution 6/23/2016
"The Neon Demon": Stylish horror story lacks much substance 6/23/2016
"Genius": In biopic, great actors play great authors with gusto 6/16/2016
"Not a Stranger" has real feel for Chicago talk, Chicago streets 6/9/2016
"The Conjuring 2": Too much of a good, scary thing 6/7/2016
"Me Before You" goes to extremes to wring the tears 6/2/2016
Quicksilver's heroics rev up routine "X-Men: Apocalypse" 5/24/2016
"Love & Friendship" has strong sense of Austen's sensibility 5/19/2016
"Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" stays too long at the party 5/18/2016
"The Nice Guys": Crowe, Gosling hard-bitten but hilarious 5/17/2016
12 things you didn"t know about "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" 5/15/2016
"Being Charlie": Stoned or sober, the hero's a little weasel 5/12/2016
"How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town" neither sexy nor funny 5/12/2016
George, Julia the key assets in tense, funny "Money Monster" 5/12/2016
"The Trust": Nicolas Cage, Jerry Lewis and an entertaining heist 5/11/2016
"Captain America: Civil War" review: Choose your own avenger 5/3/2016
"Mother's Day": Stupid crapfest should be neither seen nor heard 4/28/2016
"The Meddler": Susan Sarandon wins us over with her mom mentality 4/28/2016
"Elvis & Nixon": 2 pros excel as icons with ambitious minds 4/19/2016
"Criminal": Kevin Costner stoked, Oldman a joke in loony thriller 4/13/2016
"The Jungle Book": It all looks real as boy meets talking animals 4/12/2016
"Mr. Right": Sam Rockwell as the hit man of her dreams 4/7/2016
"Remember": An improbable revenge story with some wrinkles 4/7/2016
"I Saw the Light": Routine Hank Williams bio looks, sounds great 3/30/2016
"Get a Job": A decent millennial comedy emerges from limbo 3/24/2016
"Eddie the Eagle": Skiing is believing in uplifting story reminiscent of "Rudy" 3/6/2016
"Rolling Papers": Pot becomes legal, and newspaper rolls with it 3/6/2016
"The Big Short": Jocular fun with collateralized debt obligations 3/6/2016
"Zootopia": Clever critters in one of the best animated films ever 3/2/2016
From 1991: Richard Roeper visits the "Home Alone" house in Winnetka 12/4/2015
"I Smile Back": As a destructive addict, Sarah Silverman shows serious talent 11/5/2015
"Experimenter": Stylistic jolts don"t always help academic drama 10/21/2015
In 1975's "Mahogany," Diana Ross timeless, but the attitudes aren't 8/21/2015
"Digging for Fire": Discovery in the dirt unearths some truths 8/20/2015
"Strangerland": Nicole Kidman, beautiful images in irritating Aussie story 7/9/2015
"Self/Less": Body switch leads to fascinating questions, tiresome action 7/6/2015
"Inside Out": A funny, gorgeous exploration of one girl's brain 6/15/2015
James Franco delivers powerful performance as real-life killer in "True Story" 4/16/2015
"An Honest Liar": How the Amazing Randi debunked psychic frauds 3/19/2015
"Focus": Will Smith clearly back on track in smart, stylish film 2/27/2015
"The Babadook": Storybook monster comes to life in year's scariest movie 12/18/2014
"Come As You Are" review: Funny movie freshens up the road-trip cliches 11/20/2014
"Interstellar": Epic beauty in its effects and its ideas 11/4/2014
"Nightcrawler": Jake Gyllenhaal a convincing creep, but gaffes spoil story 10/30/2014
"Rudderless": Jarring twist makes a good film even better 10/16/2014
"A Walk Among the Tombstones": Liam Neeson, wise and weary 9/18/2014
"This Is Where I Leave You": Tina Fey, Jason Bateman deserve better 9/18/2014
"Tusk": Kevin Smith's uniquely twisted curiosity cuts deep 9/18/2014

One-Minute Movie Critic

Mini-reviews of recent releases for viewing at home or in theaters. All reviews by Richard Roeper unless otherwise noted.

★★★★ Superior | ★★★ Recommended | ★★ OK | ★ Time-waster | NR Not rated

The 355 | ★★: Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o and Penelope Cruz are among the stars playing international agents teaming up to retrieve a powerful techno-device. This slick clunker comes across as if the screenwriters had gathered the scripts for dozens of similar films, dropped them into a software blender and whipped up one big bland smoothie of a story. See it: In theaters. (PG-13, 124 min.)

American Underdog | ★★★: The life story of Kurt Warner is made for this faith-based, Cinderella sports story, which is so wholesome and golly-gee wonderful it makes “The Blind Side” look like “North Dallas Forty.” That’s OK, as Zachary Levi as the Super Bowl MVP quarterback and Anna Paquin as his wife Brenda are terrific together and do a fine job of selling the sometimes hokey material. See it: In theaters, on demand. (PG, 112 min.)

Being the Ricardos | ★★★1⁄2: Aaron Sorkin writes and directs a whip-smart, cheeky, sepia-toned re-imagination of the story of Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz. Nicole Kidman is outstanding at reminding us there were two Lucys: the comedic genius, and the hard-nosed, independent-minded woman who took guff from no one. See it: On Prime Video. (R, 125 min.)

Belle | ★★★1⁄2: An ultra-modern anime take on “Beauty and the Beast” transfers the fairy tale to a digital metaverse realm where an exotic avatar called Belle (a shy teen in the real world) is drawn to a notorious villain. It’s striking how the film marries the realities of the analog world with the digital, making each world shimmer. See it: In theaters. (PG, 121 min.)

Encanto | ★★★1⁄2: Mirabel, the heroine of Disney’s new animated musical, is the only person not to possess magical powers in the Colombian house occupied by three generations of her family. Blending just the right mixture of comedy, heartwarming drama and thrilling adventures, this is one of my favorite movies — animated or otherwise — of 2021. See it: In theaters, on demand, on Disney+. (PG, 109 min.)

Ghostbusters: Afterlife | ★★: A generational sequel to the first two “Ghostbusters” films focuses on a 12-year-old girl (Mckenna Grace) investigating supernatural events in her new home, a small Oklahoma town. This action-packed, frantic, loud and incomplete jigsaw puzzle is missing one major element: a truly involving and cohesive new story. See it: In theaters, on demand. (PG-13, 124 min.)

A Hero | ★★★: Amir Jadidi delivers a beautifully nuanced performance as a charming fellow who’s also a bit of a con man, even if he’d never categorize himself in that manner. But we’re mostly rooting for him in writer-director Asghar Farhadi’s smoothly polished gem. See it: On Prime Video. (PG-13, 127 min.)

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania | : Adam Sandler, the marquee sell in this franchise as Count “Drac” Dracula, bows out for this fourth film, which finds Johnny (Andy Samberg) becoming monstrous while Drac and the other monsters turn human. It’s hard to overstate just how garish and frenetic this whole endeavor is. See it: On Prime Video. (PG, 94 min.)

House of Gucci | ★★1⁄2: In this awards-bait drama, Adam Driver stars as fashion company heir Maurizio Gucci along with Lady Gaga as the woman who marries him and insinuates herself into the family’s wheelings and dealings. The movie somehow manages to feel slight and overlong at the same time. See it: In theaters. (R, 157 min.)

Jockey | ★★★1⁄2: Clifton Collins Jr. delivers a well-calibrated performance as a talented but aging, broken-down jockey who comes racing around the turn with one last chance at a mount on a potentially great horse. The storyline is deliberately paced and utterly natural, with an authentic, docudrama feel. See it: In theaters. (R, 94 min.)

A Journal for Jordan | ★★: While deployed in Iraq, a soldier (Michael B. Jordan) sends advice for his young son to the boy’s mother (Chanté Adams) in a tearjerker directed by Denzel Washington. Frustratingly, the boy supposedly at this film’s center is not. (Matt Kennedy, AP) See it: In theaters, on demand. (PG-13, 131 min.)

King Richard | ★★★1⁄2: In this warmly funny and deeply involving sports movie, Will Smith does a remarkable job of disappearing into the persona of Richard Williams, who was determined to the point of obsession with making sure everyone would know the names of his tennis prodigy daughters, Venus and Serena. See it: In theaters, on demand. (PG-13, 144 min.)

The King’s Daughter | ★★: It’s a kick to see Pierce Brosnan as a physically imposing Louis XIV, scheming to steal the immortality of a mermaid who has befriended his daughter. But this historical fantasy adventure, despite some moments of campy delights, is eventually sunk by the meandering story, some over-the-top performances and underwhelming special effects. See it: In theaters. (PG, 97 min.)

The King’s Man | ★1⁄2: The century-earlier prequel to the two “Kingsman” movies is not forgettable trash, it’s MEMORABLY BAD. Ralph Fiennes stars as a spy looking out for Great Britain’s interests above all else in a film that can’t decide if it’s a full-out black comedy satire or an adventure film with serious overtones. See it: In theaters. (R, 147 min.)

Licorice Pizza | ★★★★: Director Paul Thomas Anderson’s instant classic follows the 1970s friendship of a hyperactive teenage boy (Cooper Hoffman) and a woman 10 years his senior (Alana Haim). This a visual feast brims with razor-sharp dialogue, hilarious comedic vignettes, brilliant performances and some genuine heart. See it: In theaters. (R, 133 min.)

The Lost Daughter | ★★★: As a professor on holiday on a Greek island (Olivia Colman) interacts with a loutish family, flashbacks reveal she used to be a young mother (Jessie Buckley) overwhelmed by parenthood and marriage. This is a well-crafted psychological drama with excellent performances and sure-handed work by Maggie Gyllenhaal in her directorial debut. See it: On Netflix. (R, 121 min.)

The Matrix Resurrections | ★★1⁄2: It’s cool to witness the return of Keanu Reeves as Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, but the fourth “Matrix” film is just a bit too consumed with giving us a meta version of itself to make for a satisfying viewing experience. Ultimately this feels more like a warmed-over tribute to the past than a bold and fresh new chapter. See it: In theaters. (R, 136 min.)

Munich — Edge of War | ★★: It’s an odd time to be commemorating the appeasement of fascists. And by honoring the noble hopes of Neville Chamberlain (well-played by Jeremy Irons) to placate Hitler, this watchable, engrossing historical thriller misses the moment. (Jake Coyle, AP) See it: On Netflix. (PG-13, 131 min.)

National Champions | ★★: Stephan James stars as a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback who boycotts the national championship game to fight for compensation for college athletes. This is a curiously disjointed film that often loses momentum as we follow some meandering storylines and developments that feel arbitrary and, in some cases, superfluous. See it: On demand. (R, 147 min.)

Nightmare Alley | ★★★1⁄2: First at a seedy traveling sideshow, then among the wealthy of Buffalo, an awful con man (Bradley Cooper) goes up against people even more corrupt than he is. Drawing brilliant performances from an ensemble that includes Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara and Willem Dafoe, this lurid and blood-soaked noir thriller from Guillermo del Toro is an entertaining, wall-to-wall watch. See it: In theaters. (R, 139 min.)

Parallel Mothers | ★★★1⁄2: Penelope Cruz does some of her best work in dual stories about the opening of a mass grave and her complicated relationship with a teen mom, both involving heartache and loss and the keeping of secrets. Director Pedro Almodóvar weaves together these tales in a way that is unnerving and yet authentic, strange yet relatable. See it: In theaters. (R, 122 min.)

Ray Donovan: The Movie | ★★★: A feature-length finale gives closure to Liev Schreiber’s title character — a morose, haunted Hollywood “fixer” — and the outstanding ensemble of supporting characters. The Showtime series had begun spinning its wheels in recent seasons, but with this movie, Ray gets the send-off he deserves. See it: On Showtime. (NR, 100 min.)

Red Rocket | ★★★1⁄2: In the latest blazingly original gem from director Sean Baker (“The Florida Project”), a former porn actor returns to his hometown to manipulate everyone he knows and everyone he’s just met. Simon Rex is absolutely electric as Mikey, who scrapes by on his looks and his oily charm and his uncanny ability to get people to give him a second chance. See it: In theaters. (R, 128 min.)

Sing 2 | ★★: In the sequel to the animated hit, Buster Moon must fulfill a promise to recruit a reclusive rock star into his sci-fi musical. A laudable message about overcoming anxiety is drowned out by commercialized blare of the musical number. It’s all amiable, shallow and occasionally sweet. (Jake Coyle, AP) See it: In theaters, on demand. (PG, 112 min.)

Spider-Man: No Way Home | ★★★: After his identity is exposed, Spidey (Tom Holland) enlists Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to make everyone forget. His multi-verse solution brings back past movie villains Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) and Electro (Jamie Foxx) in an action film that starts slow but turns more exciting and funny as it proceeds. See it: In theaters. (PG-13, 148 min.)

Swan Song | ★★★: In the near future, terminally ill Cameron decides to have a clone built to be with his wife and children after his death. It’s an emotional deep dive into some heavy existential territory, and thanks to the brilliant, nuanced work by the great Mahershala Ali, our heart goes out to both Camerons. See it: On Apple TV+. (R, 116 min.)

The Tender Bar | ★★★: An essentially fatherless boy gets educated in life and the joys of reading by his uncle (Ben Affleck, nomination-worthy), a self-taught philosopher who presides over a Long Island tavern. George Clooney’s sure-handed direction and pitch-perfect attention to the 1970s and 1980s period-piece material make for classic comfort-movie formula. See it: On Prime Video. (R, 104 min.)

The Tragedy of MacBeth | ★★★1⁄2: Joel Coen (without brother Ethan) co-writes and directs one of the most visually striking and leanest versions of “the Scottish play” ever put on film, with blockbuster performances from Frances McDormand and Denzel Washington as Lady and Lord Macbeth, and a brilliant supporting cast. See it: In theaters, on Apple TV+. (R, 105 min.)

Scream | ★★★1⁄2: The new “Scream” stabs and jabs at our memories of the original and creates some bloody fresh twists of its own. The franchise springs back to life — and death — by bringing back Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette in a clever and organic way, while also introducing some terrific new characters. See it: In theaters. (R, 114 min.)

West Side Story | ★★★★: Director Steven Spielberg has injected new life and new blood into the classic musical. His soaring reboot manages to come across as fresh and timely, thanks to some key tweaks to certain characters and moments, and a sensational feature film debut by Rachel Zegler as Maria. See it: In theaters. (PG-13, 156 min.)

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