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Nice weird low-budget brahmedy
ThomDerd30 January 2021
For the ones about to watch this film here's a few things to consider: it's a nicely shot film with an interesting storyline and good acting. Pace is slow but picks up half way through and the plot keeps you interested. You 'll encounter some inconsistencies and some massive plot holes but if you're willing to put these aside, you ll enjoy it. 7,5/10
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A decent Sci-Fi-Thriller that COULD have been great.
jayenglish-8353912 February 2021
This is a decent movie. And that's unfortunate because the concept here is really cool and I think with better writing and less bland and uninspired directing/cinematography, this could have turned out to be a modern sci-fi/thriller classic.

The acting from the two leads, Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan is definitely solid, especially Mackie. However unlike Mackie's character, I didn't find Dornan's to be particularly interesting nor compelling, which is disappointing considering that his character has an important connection to the heart of the story.

The visual effects are pretty great but they could have really popped more if supported by directing and cinematography that didn't look and feel as bland as it was at times.

Synchronic also has some serious issues with pacing scattered throughout the runtime which was very hard not to notice, and at times the consistency of tone just wasn't quite there. At times it's a very dark and bleak watch, then there will be scenes that are quite funny but it just didn't work as well as it sounds like it would due to the vast contrasts.

To sum it up, it's a decent movie that is quite enjoyable and gripping enough to make you care somewhat. It's just a shame that it's not what it could have been.
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Decent with stupid plot holes
rmmil15 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This film is decent, and I love "time travel" concept films in general, but there are few scenes that made no sense in the "no person would do that" kind of way, or contained too many "coincidences", which heavily impacted my ability to suspend disbelief for the remainder of it (the scenes in question happening about 1/2 way thru the film).

I haven't seen anyone else complain about this yet, so I'll rant about it here: WHY did the lead protagonist use his DOG to test if he could bring back living things? No one would do that. No one. Not if they loved their pet. He would have gone to a pet store and bought a mouse, or a snake, or anything. He wouldn't use his dog!

Also, why does this drug that seemingly randomly places people in the past (depending on where you are standing...okay?), always place them within moments of mortal danger? No one is ever just dropped in a random field, no, they are placed inches from death. A frozen Ice Age tundra with nothing for miles...but a caveman is nearby, or a 16th century swamp...with a conquistador feet away, etc., etc. This film would have you believe in the far past everyone was constantly within 7 minutes of being killed. It was all just a little "too much" for me and took me out of it.

And no one would take their darn dog!!
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Could've done a lot more with the subject material
MoistMovies13 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
The whole synthetic DMT aspect was something new and besides time travel i thought they were going to go even more weird with it.. But they didn't. And that's kind of a shame considering one of the many report people have from just normal DMT is talking to inter-dimensional beings or aliens. I thought the scene where Mackie goes to the voodoo serimony would have been a good jumping off point for adding some more out there science fiction concepts related to DMT. The ending was very lackluster to me... a hero saves blah blah blah... I've seen that ending in 100x different ways.. fading into history to riding into the sunset..,. The first half I was much more into it, would've been a 8/10 if i stopped there.. the end took two off for me. But thats because i found it bland and uninspired. Would i recommend it... Not sure
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7.5 for this "Buddy-Thriller-Scifi-Horror-Dramady" Movie!
FilmFlowCritics7 October 2019
There are certain topics, that a lot of film makers avoid, because either its physically to complicated to set up rules and explain them, or they fear the possible backlash. This is why it's even more refreshing to see this approach back in cinema again.

While the movie doesn't reinvent the wheel, it is an absolute joy to watch and you are not being held back from enjoying the plot by wondering about the specific mechanics about "how does this actually work?" (Without going into spoilers to much, just see it for yourself!)

Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie have an authentic and gripping buddy relationship and both of them should be happy to have signed up for this script. I even struggle to put this movie into a genre, because there is no "Buddy-Thriller-Scifi-Horror-Dramady" category. This movie is weird in the most positive sense of the word and should be enjoyed without reading any spoilers ahead, hence this style of review.

The budget for this movie wasn't massive, but due to a fantastic piece of cinematography work, it looks much more expensive and just beautifully well done! Yes, money is important in this industry, but here we have a stunning example what can be done with dedication and creativity!
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Don't listen to any of the haters...
bear-0099716 April 2021
If you're a science-fiction fan you're gonna like this movie. The story was good, the acting was good. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I've probably seen every science-fiction movie there ever was. If you'd like a good sci-fi movie, then just give it a chance and you won't be disappointed.
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Abfabbb26 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
The movie seemed like a hybrid of "What Dreams May Come"/"Limitless"/with a touch of Wachowski's ("Cloud Atlas" or "Inception"). Except it didn't deliver. Some scenes were interesting and the concept had potential, but it never fully fleshed out and unfortunately stayed at the level of an hour long TV program. The dialogue was frequently muddled, low volumes ; weird accents so that it was not relaxing to have to concentrate so hard on "hearing" what the actors were saying. I expect dialogue problems when I am watching some British shows----but not in an all English language movie. I do not have hearing or cognitive issues and found this to be a problem throughout the movie. The opening concept of the snakebite was interesting but went nowhere ; the scientist who created Synchronic was interesting but went nowhere. The examination of the Dannelly marriage is boring. Brianna needed to be more complex and sympathetic so that the rescue was intense. I knew more about/cared more about the dog than Brianna because she only had a few lines before she disappeared. The movie does give food for thought to sci fi fans and was okay to pay for a rental while stuck inside during a pandemic. BUT----it was disappointing .
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Complete waste of a great concept
szgadam20 January 2021
What a disappointment.... The movie comes up with an interesting and good concept, then wastes 60-65 minutes of it's ~100 minutes playtime with an utterly meaningless drama between two, painfully superficial characters and barely spends anytime with it's interesting concept.

Most of the movie is Z-category bland drama, small part of it is an undeveloped, but good time travel concept. A massive waste.
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Solid, interesting concept
anburton-0076317 April 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked the overall vibe and aesthetic of the movie, and thought the writing was pretty good. The time travel aspect could have been more in depth but I understand time constraints. Would have given it at least an 8 if not for the dog thing. I get it's foreshadowing for what happens to Steve but that was way more sad than just a death. Dog didn't ask to be dragged along on an experiment, and he gets left behind and fades into nothing... pretty upsetting.
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Good idea, fun to watch, but ultimately let down by some illogical writing
moiravanderputt11 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
After watching the trailer my friends and I decided to watch the movie because we thought the overall idea of the story seemed interesting. The beginning of the movie started off pretty strong. I liked the use of the drug as a sort of "time travel device." The cgi and acting was decent and good enough to make the movie intriguing and engaging. I also liked some of the more philosophical thoughts explored in the movie about death and time. Although, I feel like these ideas were mostly kept on surface level and were not explored far enough.

However, some things in the movie were disappointing. Steve bringing his dog was one of the things that let my friends and I down the most. There is no logical reason for Steve to use his dog as an experiment. He could literally go to a pet store and buy a rat instead of taking his dog. Stuff like this really takes you out of the movie since it's very hard to believe that Steve would actually put his dog at risk like this.

Another thing that was disappointing was the ending sequence. While Steve is being confronted by the man with the gun, he does not check his watch once. If he had seen that he had around five seconds left he could have tried to quickly run/jump towards Brianna and the stone. Maybe Steve would have been shot while running/jumping towards Brianna. But still, it would make more sense for Steve to wamt to go back home at the risk of being shot, than to be stuck in an war zone filled with racist soldiers.

The last thing that bothered us was the handshake at the end. Steve sacrificed himself to safe Dennis' daughter, and all that Dennis does is shake his hand? These guys have been friends for over 18 years and in their last moment together they decide to shake hands? A good hug between friends could have made this ending a little better.

In the end, this movie was still enjoyable. If you like sci-fi and don't really care about plot holes, this movie is a good watch.
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People want original movies and when they have it they complain
Luispei001531 March 2021
Why is it that when theres a movie with an original idea or script people complain and hate about it, because of this toxicity future writers and directors might not want to take the next step to do original ideas. Yes, the movie is not a masterpiece and sometimes it feels a bit rushed ( when Anthony M. Starts discovering how it works ) but overall it has a great concept, great actors and emotion. Just watch it and ignore the bad reviews.
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Didn't enjoy it, random story that's hard to care about
selfedluke25 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This was a lame attempt at a trippy dark thriller with a uninspired premise that never takes off. It's one of those movies you struggle to care about and find hard to take seriously. Plot centers around two paramedics who keep finding overdose victims taking the same DMT-derivative pill, leading one of them to eventually "test" them on himself, which magically transport him into different pasts based on which square inch of his room he is standing on. Yes- this is a movie about pills that physically transport people into the past. Gimmicky? Sure. But in theory this could have been made into a heady, smart sci-fi movie if the script/world building were good enough.

Much of the dialogue was empty and boring; the first half of the plot is a melodrama with unnatural sounding and forced conversation. The main paramedic weaves in and out of a series of rescues in which the directors don't even try have him do proper protocol (they make a bunch of dumb, obvious errors in judgement no real EMT would do). Then we see glimpses of his poorly directed personal life in which he has boring conversations with depressed drug addicts, drinks beer to pass the time, and fights with his best friend and wife who weirdly appear in and out of the movie like afterthoughts.

It attempts establish dramatic and deep scenes but they come across like cardboard.

There's even randomly inserted dumb 2020-woke dialogue that had nothing to do with the scenes or what these characters would say to each other in real life ("Dude you can't drive the ambulance down that district, a black guy driving around there? Would be more dangerous than half our calls!")

The second half of the plot is the paramedic "testing" the drug by doing it a bunch of times and getting thrown in catoonish-time periods where rednecks and ghosts and wild animals instantly attack him. Then the only decent part happens- he goes on a somewhat ingesting journey to find and and rescue a friend who got stuck in a past timeline.

In general if I had to praise it for something, the directors seemed to have some cool moments fleshed out in their head (the space sequences, the great editing transitions) but these were not enough to make up for a empty story and repetitive formulaic bleak characters with dialogue that sounds like it's fresh off the Amazon TV factory for another random genre show.
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A good story that is superbly made
If you are a fan of Benson and Moorhead's previous work, you will most likely enjoy this feature too as they maintain their same storytelling style that smoothly combines fantasy, horror and comedy. And with a larger budget this time, they're able express their mind-bending stories to a greater level.

Specifically, the score and cinematography are great throughout the film and exceptional at some points. Also, both Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan deliver fantastic performances of two best friends who are struggling with their own personal obstacles.

The story itself is unique in a general sense. But within the realms of the sub-genre that it plays into, it can seem somewhat typical if you follow those types of films. However, the approach taken to portray this story is unique. For me, this separated it from other films of similar narratives and it kept me engaged with the story and the characters.
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buddymakesdo1 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This was a highly original film with a great concept. Unfortunately, every aspect of the production fell quite short of the mark.

Jamie Dornan seemed a bit bewildered and never seemed to be able to deliver his lines believably, but this was fine since the script was just awful. None of the characters were believable and their dialogue was stilted and unnatural.

Low budget shouldn't mean low quality; this should just be an opportunity to get creative and do more with less. Sadly...they managed to do less with less.

The sole exception was the development of Anthony Mackie's character, Steve. He came across as genuine, even if the circumstances of the story were bizarre: ( In the Antebellum South, people didn't look or act as they were portrayed here, for starters. Blue-eyed White folk didn't live in Louisiana during the Ice Age and Louisiana was NOT an Arctic wasteland populated by wandering mammoths ). The other characters were all throw-aways and I could care less what happened to any of them.

I would like to see this concept redone with better actors, delivering better lines and with much more attention to detail.

This was disappointing. There was one thing nagging me after I watched the film and I just now realised what it was: whatever happened to that damned shaggy dog, because I DID care what happened to it.
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Quite linear and predictable...
paul_haakonsen12 January 2021
I hadn't even heard about this 2019 movie titled "Synchronic" before now in 2021, as I had the chance to sit down and watch it. I read the synopsis for the movie and it sounded like it could be something worthwhile watching. So I gave the movie a chance.

And yeah, "Synchronic" definitely was watchable, but it wasn't an impressive movie. The storyline was just way too generic and predictable. It felt like writer Justin Benson was opting for the easiest way for constructing a storyline for the movie. Everything was just so linear and running on auto-pilot. So I can't really claim to have been blown away by the storyline told in "Synchronic".

Actually I would say that the movie's directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead set up a whole lot of things that had potential, but ultimately they failed to bring them to fruition, and it just felt half-hearted. There definitely was potential to be found in the movie, but it was just wasted as nothing felt thoroughly explored, explained or exposed.

The acting in the movie was good, but the actors and actresses just didn't have an overwhelming amount of material to work with, so it felt like it was semi-hindered performances.

My rating of "Synchronic" lands on a very bland and mediocre five out of ten stars. The movie is good enough for a single viewing, if you enjoy linear sci-fi movies. But the contents of the storyline just were far too feeble to support more than a single viewing. "Synchronic" came and went without leaving much of any ripples in the fabric of time and space.
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Almost, but not quite.
artswan-7764218 April 2021
Interesting concept and excellent base material and acting, but the writing fumbled what could have been a very good story.
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Poorly written, but watchable
nicolasmaczk13 January 2021
It was not good, but it was almost kind of watchable (from a far, drunk, or maybe even dead). The idea was probably okay-ish for non sci-fi connoisseurs, but sci-fi fans will definitely find it absurd. The characters are again, poorly written, you can't connect with them since they don't connect with each other either. It feels like the protagonist wants to save his friend's daughter just out of the blue, and the only connection you've seen between the daughter and the protagonist is a depthless conversation that he cut short. Maybe there where more, but I swear I spent more time thinking about interesting things, so maybe I missed it... I really didn't care about that girl, in fact it could have been the protagonist's plumber, it would have had the same impact. I'm always amazed that with the amount of talent out there, this kind of movie can still see the light of the day. You feel no passion and no talent, I don't know the guys who made that film, but they're certainly not getting on my "to follow" list
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Get the dog back
alexandra-juzbasic4 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Stupid part, shouldn't have lost the dog.

Stupid and annoying and pretty pointless.
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started off really good to become a complete bore half way
kaefab1 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was good until the lead started taking the drug going into the past and recording everything.

From that spot on the movie became a complete bore fest.
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Einstein you little devil!
enterlexx4 April 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Not in this movie! (They even mention Back to the Future!)

The dog in this movie is lost in time and left behind.

I know it is a movie, but it ruined the whole movie for me.

I am all for bad stuff happening if needed, instead of all that Disney happy happy stuff, but in this case it felt really bad and unneeded

So sad, especially because the dog made the sad lonely crying sound before it finally disappeared.

The whole movie i kept hoping he would have 1 pill left and returned to save the dog. Obviously that never happened.

Too bad they can't do some reshoots anymore and change that.

If you can ignore the dog part it is a good movie.

Really it a 2 part movie, the second part being the best and getting interesting.
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Slow, boring, with little dialogue or scifi
nickimcneill28 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I am disappointed that I went to see this movie and that I trusted the good reviews. I haven't heard of the other two films by the creators or directors but I think you will only like this if you are already a fan of them.

Anyway, the pace is slow and the dialogue is spare (so if you like Aaron Sorkin like I do then this is not for you). The main idea of time travel takes over 1/2 of the movie to really show up and then it isn't explained enough or even stick to it's own premise by the end. And if you are a scifi fan, there isn't enough of that either.

I don't want to give spoilers just know it is a waste of time and depressing.
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lazy writing full of platitudes and lectures
ali-najafyi13 January 2021
Fist, the drug in the movie is nothing like DMT or ayahuaska. I am sick of movies claiming made up drugs in them being like DMT. The story is lazy, pretty weak. Characters not defined, the chemistry behind them is non-existent, you wouldn't know if two certain people are spouses or friends or enemies if the movie didn't tell you. Weak acting, very lazy tempo and directing, doesn't even feel like a movie. The premise has a stupid logic and the movie defies it constantly. while being a bad movie, it does everything it can to scream platitudes and lecture people which makes it a cringe fest!
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H.G. Wells on Acid...
Xstal12 January 2021
... but it's a bad trip, mistimed and persistently incurable as 'The Time Machine' is replaced by a synthetic pill and a pair of modern day Morlocks demonstrate just how bad storytelling, film making and special defects can be - couldn't even cast a decent rock!
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Slow-moving bore
hampersnow-2890520 January 2021
I had high hopes for this which is probably why I ended up seriously disliking it. Years ago, the people behind shows like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, knew to tell their stories in 30 minutes to 1 hour. This could easily have been told in 1 hour but instead we are forced to sit through slow-moving scenes that are suppose to work as character development and never do. In fact the movie is filled with random scenes and random conversations that add nothing to the story. I never cared for the 2 leads, didn't believe in their friendship , I just saw 2 actors acting and not all that well. The Sci-fi or whatever it was aspect of the story didn't work either. There was no chemistry among any of the actors and each character was drawn as being kind of unlikable. Dialogue at times was a bit hard to understand. The cinematography was nice but that was about the only plus. When it comes to time travel, time-tripping, time-whatever type movies , this is among the worst I've seen.
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it's American dumbed down
hilarybreeze-5911823 January 2021
It was good then it wasn't; then it was good and then..., classic problem for american sci fi, DRAMA! it lost its focus; could have been an amazing time travel movie but the writing/direction kept creeping back to married life and emotional family crap! it would have been better to omit the whole family and add a "missing" girlfriend. I find too many USA sci fi are dumbed down, over explained, convenient, meaningless messages of our future crap and this movie is a prime example of that! The acting is great and Anthony could have held the movie alone if written for one lead instead of 2. Doran accent kept slipping back, why can't he have his native tongue for this or any movie? I recommend this sci fi for its unique adventure but I limit myself from saying it was good, because it could have been amazing.
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