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Be aware of human trafficking, gang stalking

  • Bill Buley / The Garden Island

    Rose A. Buchanan

I came to (The Garden Island newspaper) to inform people of my situation that I am in so as to help me and others. It’s called “human trafficking” and/or “gang stalking. It is a billion-dollar industry that targets people for various reasons; mostly for criminals to make money off your life in any way “they” can.

Everyone always asks, “who are ‘they?’” If I knew exactly who “they” are, I’d be able to get a restraining order. “They’’ do the harassment and targeting with many people. which is why it’s called “gang stalking.’’ There has been a brief story on a news station a few years ago about it.

Nothing is being done to fix it. When a victim tries to get help, “they” have their people in as police, agents, lawyers, judges, etc. It is another form of “organized crime” with a twist of terrorism.

The criminals make the victim look like they are crazy, on drugs, paranoid, or anything they can so you won’t believe them or help them. That’s how they are a billion-dollar industry; excellent at deception and at making the victim look guilty of something.

I know in my personal situation, they have lied to make me look like a pedophile, thief, abuser, hater, etc., so people will be nasty and ignorant, and at times, violent toward me. Then they tell people it is me that is bad or have bad karma.

I have excellent karma or I wouldn’t keep rising above the terroristic, cultist tactics being used against me. They have destroyed my career of 17 years operating heavy equipment, destroyed my 18 years partnership with my friend and wife.

Yes, I am a lesbian, much of this is because of that. Homophobes assume all LGBT people are pedophiles. These guys have “teams” of people that handle smear campaigns to destroy reputations, businesses, families, friendships and whatever else they can. They are destroyers, not builders of love, faith and hope.

People have told me, sometimes, of what was said to them. An example is a woman I was working with who told me that she was told to lie to help get me fired. Then she never spoke to me again, as if she was afraid. Many people have been brave enough to tell me but many have not.

I have been on the island of Kauai for eight days. The same harassment has already started here with trying to interfere in my job prospects. I passed all drug tests and passed interviews the third day that I was here. The fifth day, the same guy that said he’d put me to work couldn’t believe that my email with my resume was blocked from getting to him until I gave him real evidence from printing it and the rejection of it.

I am telling you this to let you know I am being stalked, harassed and kept from working by people telling lies. I am not part of a game, team, volunteer or anything like it for Hollywood or anywhere else.

I have been to police and FBI in other states to file complaints. I am trying to inform good people of the tactics of these terrorists so you can understand and know if it happens to you.

I had a good life with a wonderful wife, an excellent career, lots of family and friends and activities. All of this has been stolen by terrorists using cult tactics to try to force me to marry a man, have kids and live a life other than what I had built for myself.

I have a rainbow family: a brother-in-law that is half-Japanese, two African-American sisters-in-law, a nephew-in-law that is of Mexican descent. There isn’t any group that I have been prejudiced against except the people that are doing this to me. The “they” are multi-cultural. It’s not just one group doing this.

In Hollywood, they consider it a “game” to do this to people. Human traffickers don’t have an age, color or gender preference. It is evil and evil doesn’t have a color.

I am going to go to local police to file paperwork. The only thing I can do is give the evidence when it comes up. They do have professionals who can track the cyber criminals doing the blocking of emails because it gives them numbers and trails to follow.

If these things are happening to you, please turn it in and follow through with trying to get these people put in prison where they belong. If any of their lies about me were true, I’d already be in prison! They have the ability to make fake videos, fake news and fake conversations! All of which, I have been told by various people, has been done to me.

I am here for only good intentions of island life of the aloha spirit with my beautiful, future wife. I am looking for steady employment and staying on Kauai. I hope to be able to write more information about these topics from my personal experience of being the victim of gang stalking and human trafficking.


Rose A. Buchanan recently moved to Kauai.

  1. gordon oswald October 15, 2018 5:24 am Reply

    First of all, Garden Island, did you really print this story? Seriously! There are much better Psychiatrists and Health facilities on the mainland that could be of help to you Rose from the standpoint of dealing with your horrible situation. May this unfortunate Rose find the help she needs. Everyone in our family who read this is heartbroken for her pain. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the same boat as Rose find their way to Kauai. We just don’t have the infrastructure or facilities to take care of them!

    1. John November 27, 2018 4:04 am Reply

      She is right, there are estimates of 10.000 to 300.000 people suffering this in the us alone and it’s global. 70% are women and 90% have no criminal record. Both me and my wife were targeted, they will defame,smear and destroy your life and relationships

      1. Raymond L January 10, 2019 10:41 pm Reply

        Look up gangstalking, organized harassment on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress. It is real and 1-2% of the general world population could be Targeted Individuals in all countries. It is society corruption, evil, and demonic. The evil clients, organizers, handlers, and perps are persecuting the TIs.

        Youtube: RL (Targeted Individuals and Perp TV)

        1. Ann September 6, 2019 6:11 pm Reply

          This is true,I have been going through the same situation as rose for the last 17-18 years, somethng has got to be done !

          1. anonymous and could prove it behind and know some of them September 22, 2019 10:54 am

            I have had past of this and escape vowed to be that one to prove it and bust it. I was. kid. I became maybe part of an intent to traumatize that left me a vulnerable kid, I was terrorized and it had to be a gain for profit thing or something. I escape and also consider that they sometimes let m ouse go to then take it back. I walked out of isolated trauma and a family who only become reactive if I escape them and thrive. I began to thrive gain and began toward ion unravel who got to me and induce torture on me. I was an artist nuyc honors no drugs no lesbian and a smart kid with out any history .. however my father did something to me or was made to that would lower my means to be heard. so I worked to unravel the mystery and tie it to a terrorizing game. or someone afraid id speak and tis sister who only care if I could open my mouth.i went up way up and mange to outwit all abuse and no love games. then three years ago a set rep occur and a specific persons were used to induce a fatal wound on me nD DE LEFT ME SO I WOULD REVSERSE MY HEALING AND RED HERRINGS ALLW AY UP AND PEROSN USED TO ABUSE ME FAILED TO DAMAGE ME TO LET FAMILY OR OTHERS CONTROLERS IN I CAST OUT. I HAD A FREE LIFE AND A HAPPY ONE AND GOT TO MAKE FRIEND AGAIN IS NOT WHAT THEY WANTED AND IT SEEM WHEN I DI THIS SISTER BECAME REACTIVE HAVING ME WEAK SICK AND UANBEL TO MAKE FRIENS AND BE. A TARGET LEF TME LAONE AND A VICTIM FOR THREE YAER WITHOUT ANYONE CARE BUT WHEN I ESCAPE THEY MADE MOVES.. INSANE MY FRIENSD SAID THEY WOUL DKIL ME ONE DAY. I CAN NOT FIND MY FRIENDS AND PERSON S REFSUED TO GIVE ME ANY INFORMATION ON THEM.

          2. Anonymous May 13, 2020 9:03 am

            This has been happening across Wisconsin south of Lacrosse, WI. They have a police officer doing taps on people for years… That’s used to tell their group where you are and where you are getting a job. I’ve seen this first hand and also issued reports to various police and then the fbi when they didn’t act. They are disgusting groups of liers and due to the pretty girls in their group quickly make friends with people wherever you go or work to harass you. I’ve personally hear different them saying to keep doing voice to skull technique on people which is related to that gang harassment crap. Up here they are calling them self a gang and I assure you it’s an giant drug user group of stupid people who lie and look for things to steal. Here they seem to back cocaine use in their gang stalker/harassment club It’s disgusting they have the time to bother someone for more than one day. We all wish they had decided to make a choir group instead.

          3. Michelle Ollerenshaw June 28, 2020 7:24 pm

            This is so true they destroy people’s lives and families by defamation of character and they empty your bank account using covert hypnosis. My life is ruined by all the lies they have been spreading. No-one should ever have to go through this!!!

          4. Kat August 27, 2020 3:27 pm

            If you can ever get a pictures of license plates you should. I have crazy family members that do this so i can background check them and see they’ve been moving around to where i live to follow me. If you can show these same people are stalking you in multiple location s by paper trail evidence such as background check then you have them.

          5. Pamela Thompson September 8, 2020 5:40 am

            I have been a targeted individual for 10 years which resulted in the death of my husband. I do know who my perps are.

          6. Pme89 November 14, 2020 5:35 am

            I hope so it’s a nightmare it’s been 2 years

          7. Rushton Jr December 2, 2020 7:12 am

            I am from alabama. I was targeted by mafia cop jason mize, cooper (Guantanamo bay cuba jail guard a jeff co sherriff) and local mafia members. Walker county police mafia. Ed Coke head Odum. I moved away to california where it started. My landlord ex cop Jorge Antonio Sanchez 4536 valley west told me to enjoy the voices. My cousin is a kkk member he also put me on a list. They stole my new born baby girl. Email me. I have friends on my side. I know a bunch of federal police involved in narcotics trafficking. bless!!!! It is real and it is going to stop!!!!

          8. Hand May 31, 2021 3:55 pm

            I used to have three.
            Now I am Free.
            I wish you all the best.

          9. Jessica August 2, 2021 4:12 pm

            I know I have been a victim of my neighborhood/community doing things to make me seem mentally unstable scared thinking I’m being stalked there is things like static in my phone people in this community knowing my where about’s ect a police officer even told me over the phone maybe you should move.

          10. matilda colazo August 18, 2021 5:36 am

            Myself and my 8 year old have been victims this whole year of 2021. Moved to a different state and I am still experiencing same attacks . How can I make them go away?
            Its such a rough way to cope.

          11. leah e September 21, 2021 11:24 am

            I have been going through this since about 1994- it is real and destroys not only your life, but any other family member that you have living with you, such as your kids- they become targets too. As the years go on, they become more aggressive in their attacks (poisoning both me and my son and threats with pitbulls, etc) because they’ve gotten away with it for so long! I too believe something has to be done but I doubt that anything ever will be done-I personally believe in tge word of God in the bible and that this is only one major reason for His judgement – on people that only desire to do wicked things continually to others, and so on, as spoken in Revelation

          12. Denverj September 28, 2021 3:27 am

            I feel like this happning 2 me

        2. Anonymous May 25, 2020 2:36 am Reply

          They harass her, but it is not because you are a lesbian or homosexual.

          1. Debra August 1, 2020 6:59 am

            Anonymous, I am in Southeast Wisconsin. I have been harassed since divorcing a police officer. People were placed in my life (I should say men) for trafficking reasons. I have no doubt there are videos of my somewhere on the dark web for these pervert pieces of trash to watch. My neighbor has also told me “we are watching everything you do.” I have met other “fake” TI’s who further destroyed my life. Some of these TI groups purporting to assist a victim in this program simply send out their perpetrators to further discredit and damage the real victim. I have met some awful people in Southeastern Wisconsin.

          2. Redit December 28, 2020 9:24 pm

            It’s happening to me. They systematically picked my life apart. I lost my house, my car, my marriage and when I contacted authorities I never heard back from them. Child services took my kids because they said I’m delusional.

        3. brooke July 9, 2020 8:29 am Reply

          It is not only 1-2% targeted, everyone is targeted, 1-2% don’t go with the flow, don’t follow injected thoughts and feelings, they fight back until they figure out what is happening. This is common, most people or all people are targeted, they just don’t know it so they don’t fight back

          1. shannon August 24, 2020 7:01 pm

            truthfully the end result of this situation is the rise of the anti christ as people become aware of the tactics of the enemy, they will cling to him cause he will be able to “stop” this…. your only hope is in the Love of Jesus and salvation thru him. Believe on the Son of God and you will be saved. We think we are temporary but we are eternal, do not believe that this world just accidentally happened. It did not , Jesus is Love and truth incarnate and they hate him because of it. the world will tell you this is all there is, they will bow their knee to the creator of all things…. and they will lament for eternity… 🙁 Lord have mercy on them.

          2. JJ acobb November 25, 2020 4:59 am

            Just what are these injected thoughts and feelings? Can you please explain what this is really about?

        4. NJS July 10, 2020 6:52 am Reply

          I have been going through the same situation I know who some of these people are and if your really a person that is having this done to you than I think that I have some info that may be a help to you and would like to talk further about it together if possible.

          1. Tasha Rhodes July 11, 2020 12:50 am

            This believe this may be happening to me. Please message me on Instagram if you can @tashathedoll

          2. Deedee July 22, 2020 7:07 am

            Can u call me 7634013935

          3. Lionheart July 27, 2020 9:54 am

            I have been going through this now for 3 years. They have emergency personnel, parole sheriffs and the local police, and people working in a contracted New Begainings program. I had been forced homeless by Parole and even had a person calling my room prior to the homelessness making threats because the assistant manager told him personal information which was not true, because I denied he advances only month prior. These people are involved in sex drug and cortels. Motels have hidden cameras in side rooms and law enforcement help with the Tech attacts. This is military grade equipment. You also see trained plain clothes military personnel. Here the theme is Hollywood. Maybe because the connection to this area.

          4. Nikole Peters August 6, 2020 1:19 pm

            I am having this done to me. I know the local authorities are involved. I’m unsure who to turn to. I also, believe that their is a demonic cult going on and I’m aware of members. I have pictures to prove this. This group is a group that is using “the church” and passed down to new family members. The biggest problem is the sex trafficking of minors and women if age and most on drugs into sex slaves. This is in 2 different states in Florida I know of. Who do I go to for help. Pls help

          5. Maranda Sanders August 12, 2020 6:11 am

            I know this is happening to me in Louisville please help

          6. Elizabeth Price September 19, 2020 4:27 pm

            I could definitely use your help. Thank you so much.

          7. 40mills September 21, 2020 7:33 pm

            Anyone can email me & I can get you more info.

          8. Ed September 25, 2020 2:42 am

            I’m not surprised the NSA is the illuminati in our homes over our heads and on and on . Yes this is happening to me and I can tell it gives them false power as they feel safe in numbers. They have offed almost every official oh what hell they look forwards to for long term greed?

          9. Fred September 30, 2020 1:32 pm

            My wife died she was a ti

          10. cheryl October 4, 2020 7:24 am

            Yes unfortunate this is so true i know the specific person and am alone lost educations, lost laborious hard workers,blackmailing ,drugging and on a continuum will not cease will use private home mine will abuse sons spoken off, it is of manipulation 49 powers of mind book seduction found in home of youngest, whom was [pure til 23,upon meeting.too forcible provocatively taking $$$ anytime, There was a woman reporter whom had this done famous had to stop wk,related to the drugging
            manipulations of family sadly goes,against mom 3 sons turned by her&affiliates

          11. Yoal October 7, 2020 11:42 am

            It’s happening to me with voice to skull. My perp is very sensitive like bitch style sensitive so I play the dirty jones and cuss him out. I LOOK forward to the day I’m able to STAND MY GROUND …. thankfully I live in a beautiful little alcove where no one is interested in playing those little lame childish games. Send me more info please.

          12. K wallace October 14, 2020 6:21 pm

            Please send me a pm

          13. Zopa October 22, 2020 10:50 am

            What info
            Please t

          14. Rrock November 2, 2020 6:15 pm

            I would like to hear the info please

          15. M conkey November 6, 2020 8:03 am

            If that’s tru, u would like to offer some advice or help. I am going through this now. Been going on about 40 days and I’m tired and have nothing and no one and can’t think of any good reason to keep going so please …

          16. P89 November 14, 2020 5:53 am

            Contact me please

          17. Candace Hughes November 15, 2020 8:50 pm

            I am in Chillicothe, OH. This man is a police officer, using a different last name. He is from Britain. Gangstalking and torture needs so much more awareness and needs to stop.

          18. Sabrina November 27, 2020 4:22 am

            I’m a victim. I wish I knew where to go or who to ask for help. It is getting bad. I’ve been forced from place to place. My emails about interviews or jobs don’t always make it to me. The concept of it is hard for anyone to believe, so I’ve not gone to my family. I fear any small communication with them will be lost even at mention of what I’m going through. I’m coherent, I’m logical, I’m taking notes, I am very aware and maybe even mistakenly saw or found things that weren’t being counted on, and it is how I figured out what is happening. Once I started to search (vents or corners) for cameras after seeing reflection, once I started to google things what i thought was just a neighbor stalking me, I found much info but no place to go, or call, or join. Or get support from. And then the following started. Specific Vehicles, no matter where i went. I’m on the NE coast near DC. They have broken into residences I’ve rented, forced me to leave more than 5, placed and released chemicals inside home, and vehicle, They’ve even been to my family home. I’m sure they have surveillance. This isn’t simple equipment, I saw what can only be described as a miniture rotating 360 camera in a reflection of a bathroom doorknob more than once , otherwise would not have even known about it. They have attacked me and constantly still do all day and night – with what I now believe may be microwave, radiation, EMF, DEW , and also lasers. Whether in home, in car, or out shopping. They also use portable remote devices to harm you, I think it may individual devices or tools but perhaps they use their cell phone also somehow to target you. I’m followed and watched 24/7 as if I’m an investment or some animal being hunted. I may even be somewhere on dark web maybe that is why they are always around, circling my car, my homes, behind me when I leave, arrive, and then I’ve heard people on the roof or in units below if I go stay at a friend, they follow me and a few hours later the electronic harassment begins. They also sleep deprive. I’m not sure what to do, I’ve started feeling sick and I can’t reach out to anyone. My email, cell phone, all hacked I’m sure they can see this post. If anyone knows please give me specific number or email or support group so I can atleast have one person who believes this. Instead of the many who are dropping off as friends because they can’t imagine who would spend the time, money, effort to do such things. I wish i had that answer. I’m really falling apart here and scared they have a final agenda, otherwise why the need for constant surveillance. I wish someone could please help me. If you know how and read this please contact me I don’t know what else to do now.

          19. Mikey December 5, 2020 8:30 pm

            This is happening to me in colorado right now where the sex trafficking is huge.
            They even produce their own porn with many videos and the majority of them don’t look consensual. I really need help. I have a daughter with a person I believed to be involved. She does body rubs for a group but they’re gang stalking me hard. I was lead to believe I was reached out to by an FBI attorney after going to them and the DEA. Turned away by both BTW. After doing more research that so called FBI attorney is in a video. Their resources are incredible. Colorado springs is as corrupt as it gets. I’ve been fake arrested. Taken to a fake physch ward where there’s zero history of either. I’m fully aware my job is filled with their people. My custody battle isn’t even close to legal. I’m originally from Oklahoma. I wish I knew how to get someone’s attention from there to here. Also my ex won’t say a word to me about anything. Except for a couple hours of FaceTime. Only responding to things about my daughter and nothing else. Also she’s managed to say or show my family something so bad they look at me with disgust. No one will tell me whats being said.

          20. Sarah December 16, 2020 2:35 pm

            Please email me I could use the info they have been doing this to me for 3 to 4 months

          21. Sarah December 16, 2020 3:46 pm

            Please email me any info u can I am going through the same thing and am going to fight.

          22. Sadly December 28, 2020 9:31 pm

            I’m scared to let anyone have my information but wish I knew more people that have been through it also. I really thought I was the only one.

          23. James LeGrave April 11, 2021 11:19 am

            HELP! Government officials are trying to silence me. My life has been compermised. I’ve even been laughed at by the FBI for trying to reach out for assistance in these matters. Im being harassed and gang stalked. This is what I submitted Dr Phil:

            Dr. Phil,

            This is my second attempt at reaching out to you at this email address. My 1st attempt I was almost completely done and my phone fritzed out and completely deleted what i was attempting to reach out to you in regards to. Here we go:

            Currently Im being (gang stalked) and I sincerely believe that my life is in jeopardy due to the mass amounts of information I have against multiple hospitals, treating physician’s, kewaunee police and judges. I need your assistance with investigators that will dig into the root of all this corruption.

            The company (Alliance Industries) I was terminated from due to filing workman’s comp while on medical leave, has been getting to all my treating physician’s prior to me. I’ve been injured by doctors on purpose even. If a investigator were to look into anomalously made donations at any/all hospitals I’ve been to, they’d see it came from that company. One place in particular (Nuero spine center of Wisconsin) after treating me and “doctoring up” the medical documents, had a expansion made to their facility shortly after I was pushed through.

            I’ve attempted to reach out to your show in regards to this matter. Lisa returned my inquiry and when I attempted to contact her with the number provided, I was hung up on. I still haven’t received notice of your team being able to assist me. (See attachment)

            I need assistance! I’ve got doctors lying on medical documents, lawyers won’t take my cases stating that they’re too complex, judges accepting bribes, I’ve been jumped by local police department back in February 2020 by 3 guys who took my walker, had a riffle pointed at me on county E, kewaunee police department made a fake video to try and convict me. I was injured while working at Alliance Industries in menasha. I injured my back. Alliance Industries has been getting to all my doctors that I try to see. I’ve been injured by doctors. They have lied on multiple medical documents. I audio recorded my doctors visits and have significant evidence both paper and audio showing foul play. My phone is tapped. I’m suing for: workcomp, disability and 12+ malpractice cases. I’ve contacted well over 300 lawyers and even paid lawyers just to have the same answer: sorry your case is too complex. Then they drop me. I’ve had horrible relationships that make sense now as to why they were so horrible. They were paid to come into my life and bring me down to make me feel like crap prior to seeing any of my doctors so doctors could blame this all on depression. I recently was denied disability yet again due to the extreme amount of lies that doctors and physical therapist put on their documents. They did a complete hip replacement (that wasn’t necessary) and are refusing to fix or admit that my back is the main issue. I’m in pain daily watching my legs die right before me. I truly have nobody to turn to for help. Someone out here please help me! This is no joke. It’s unfair and cruel.

            Dr. Phil i am not able to get a doctor who will fix me. I’ve been alienated. I truly would like my life back. I need really good investigators, a team of lawyers (I’ve filed hipaa violations), honest doctors/surgeons and your support in this matter. Please help?

          24. Joanne Fletcher April 13, 2021 2:13 pm

            NJS July 10, 2020 6:52 am Reply
            I have been going through the same situation I know who some of these people are and if your really a person that is having this done to you than I think that I have some info that may be a help to you and would like to talk further about it together if possible.

            This is happening to me. Maternal family involved. Local criminals involved. Clean-skin. House arsoned to below stumps. Bureaucrats from RSPCA, Local Gov. Council Rangers continuously receive reports every six months that are false and malicious. Can’t go to state or federal Human Rights Commissions. Advocacy agencies don’t want to deal with the issue. I want my life back. :(((((

          25. Nicole April 18, 2021 5:19 am

            this has been going on in my live for 14 yrs, some i know most i dont. its mental hell. i untill today when i found this thought it was all in my head. would love to talk to someone about this and if i could get some advice to bring them down

          26. Tony May 18, 2021 2:12 am

            What info?

          27. bev haskins June 17, 2021 8:37 am

            Im a t i
            It is living hell
            now we know Jesus Christ and His suffering. We will all be together in His kingdom one day. We will be able to face judgement. The perps and gangstalkers will not be known by Creator and will be thrust into hell. Along with all top leaders who allow this torchure . It is biblical. Trust God only.
            I pray ex gov. Officials that know it is true and are trying to help us, someday soon will suceed. That we all pray this and know if it happens its because God allowed it and all the glory belongs to Jesus.

          28. nicholas patenaude November 7, 2021 6:32 pm

            please somebody help me out this has been going on with me for a year now and i was psyops attacked leaving me with 50 drones over my house nightly in a hovering position using sound wave technology giving me a condition Bells Palsy which paralyzed my face. they threw me in a hospital and now i can hear things from a mind control microve chip they put in my ear which causes cancer. they covered my chimney and smoked me out of my home. they attacked me at gunpoint with invisable cloak suit technology and as they use nanotechnology they alter your everyday staging you for crimes you dont do and and watch you on the gang stalking network or listen to you in your own home and even bathroom through illegal tactics and monitored illegal surveillance with their pretty disguised CI federally employed girls that hem you up on social media and dating websites. they will try and frame you or kill you through a fake murder drug OD or natural caused murder induced death. my mother and ex wife are in on it as well and somebody needs to help me and others sue this entity before we all die!!! contact me!

        5. Katalena Serenity July 29, 2020 9:01 am Reply

          I am also a victim of this horrible tormenting endless plague. I need to call someone but don’t know who to turn to. If you have any resources please let me know. My email address is

        6. Bobby Digital November 16, 2020 8:16 am Reply

          To help fix your problem or at least provide relief. Check your trust certificates in your mobile device and turn them off. Set up a screen time or allotted time frame for one minute for all apps. Any malware in your phone will subsequently be limited due to it utilizing the 1 minute while operating in the background on your phone. All, takenscreen shots of websites in your history that your unaware of.

          With this info and your phone, take it to a computer tech in your community and tell him your info has been compromised and this information you gathered will help mitigate and allow the tech to fix your device and life. Keep in mind that all of your emails,numbers, WiFi routers have been compromised. Your wifi router is the biggest link, swap it out for a new one and ensure your passwords and network administrator passwords are 10 numbers/symbols minimum.

          1. Nikki January 3, 2021 4:57 pm

            I’m scared to talk to anybody on this page but my sister needs help

          2. Lyv September 23, 2021 8:33 pm

            This has been happening to me for about 2 months now. You said check the trusted certificates ? That’s funny I was going through my phone to see if there was anything and I had found TONS of them. I screenshot yes them all too I turned them off. But still happening to me unfortunately.

        7. Anabella December 14, 2020 3:59 pm Reply

          She is right! I am a victim of this! So I know from experience.

        8. Katie Larkins December 20, 2020 12:23 am Reply

          I justnrecently discovered exactly what this was or meant and i have been living with this for many years. Its the worst kind of living nightmare i feel like anyone has ever lived through. My own family started a bunch of lies on me and its been hell every single day of my life since whichever 1 of them decided that they were better than me. It still is going on as we speak.

          1. Charlie Taylor December 24, 2020 11:02 pm

            If you all are tired and ready to fight back then email me personally and rally up all those you know in our situation and lets get to work. Its time to step out and step forward im a way unexpected. Reach out to me and lets get free. No fear or intimidation can stop truth in the form in which i intend to bring it. Your silence and being alone gives them power but we can make a difference believe me. I’ve got what they cant stop with your help and heart. Be active.

          2. Tony May 18, 2021 2:27 am


          3. Emily Jeffcoat October 13, 2021 9:13 am

            I’ve been dealing with this for 7 years now that I can account for. It seemed like I was being watched since I was 23. I’m 37 now.. I hear their voices in my ears sounds like my own thoughts. They use mental tactics to make me appear crazy or commit crimes. I’ve been pushed to arson, murder, suicide etc… I’m in MS. I’ve lost everything and been jailed and imprisoned cause of these people. WE HAVE TO FIGHT BACK!!!!

        9. Glenna April 15, 2021 9:59 am Reply

          Hi my name is Glenna schlapfer and I’m having the same kind of problem from the state of Utah but mostly from sevier county ut. Now I’ve got two missing daughters and the local police department won’t help me what so ever but I’ve only been threatened to be arrested if I look for my kids and I have had even my own family has been part of this and I was just yelled at and called names by a police officer a couple hours ago being told to leave town I haven’t done nothing wrong and I’ve been singled out for about 2 years wanting to any kind of violence against me and my family in any kind of way

          1. Ian howland July 8, 2021 6:10 pm

            I’m 22 years old with health issues and heart issues and I am a ti they have had me in the hospital 3 times and threaten to kill me daily. Plz help

          2. Jason July 31, 2021 2:49 am

            Come one come all. It is what it seems like . Jails , institutions, or death. Is their intended goal. That was what I heard on of the volunteer say one day. Every aspect of a community that is willing to do anything to put there foot print in the concrete and have forever their wants for their great great great grandchildren to have in their thought of our future society’s plotted course. They forgot about a couple of things well using out dated means to put forth their plan for a better tomorrow. One thing was personal choice. I think thats aloud in the north America . Another was God!. For he does love us all even his addicts. The things he’s done thru out time to help those under attack you would not only disbelieve but you would fight with the teaching we have of the god today. Remember thos though
            You are to be God fearing!!. That’s not a joke. Hell bring down the heavens around you for messing with his creations. Us being one of those.
            Anyways know you are not alone. Know others fight daily just as you do. Don’t give up. Believe in your self. And know there is another Self out there, that is a Significant Evolved Life Form. He try’s and help weather or not you believe in him/her. He has more than one name. God is just one of them. Don’t ever give up on yourself. Know it’s not only you. Know that I for one have been going thru this for 18+ years. I can only thank the god for allowing me to k ow and believe in myself. If I could help

        10. Antionette G Williams April 27, 2021 6:04 am Reply

          Hi. I am currently being targeted. It is beyond repair. I started hearing everyone’s voices in my surroundings on my 30th birthday in August and now I hear the voice of any name called and police. Many people have died and the country is about to be at war. Baltimore needs help. They have been using voice to skull communication and more worse torcher tactics. 4437124437
          I believe I will not live another month

        11. Anonymous May 8, 2021 7:20 pm Reply

          Wow. Yes I understand…
          Initially I just thought it was mostly hateful x.. because he has a long history of domestic violence against me…
          Which yes he is the one that started it.. he started making fake videos he wrote down everything All MY emails & passwords( I found in a box with stolen change from my daughter’s piggy bank! A mild demonstration of this type of depravity) all of this for financial gain…not much either… because he was strung out on dope… instead he decided to make it look like I was, and I was imagining everything, and that I was crazy.
          They were not counting on the fact that I have more of a brain left in my head than they do.
          And I’m doing whatever it takes to protect my kids from this nonsense.
          I’ve never done anything out of the way or out of ordinary.
          The plain and simple fact is I’m just different and I’ve always been different.
          I don’t fit into this small town I live in.. we ended out here out of necessity,not because I wanted to be here.
          Mind you, there is a different type of church every few blocks… As for different types of human services, for kids… and there’s nothing… Can’t even find something so simple as a mentor here.
          These people even have the nerve to make themselves seen, and noticed while they follow me to an ATM.
          I’ve been forced to get money orders. cannot keep a bank account because our identity has been stolen not just myself, my three kids too… the stalkers go out of their way to point out how their dad got life insurance on all three kids apparently….( Endless mail about it)
          I never married him for a reason.
          I gave this man everything I could. he really did have some serious mental problems , but I didn’t realize there is no cure for a psychopath or a narcissist. I was not even familiar with these terms until I started healing.
          God forbid I heal and get better and move on! that’s when this all got worse.
          He even physically assaulted me over and over and over after I agreed to meet with him to get it over with after not seeing him for 6 months.
          He had six or seven different fake facebooks all of them were reading like my own life story ,. Unfortunately, I’ve known this person since 1992 and it was all lies he was using more filters than a woman! Unrecognizable:(…and I’m really upset because every time I try to fix my new email passwords are changed ! I thought I was doing the right thing because he finally did get incarcerated. number one he should not have been let go two months ago, he was on felony aggravated assault domestic violence probation… and he was caught with drugs on a video I finally started making after I don’t know it seems like an 8 to 12 hour or deal of him constantly hitting me and destroying the inside of my car.,.and making obvious recordings of me… and then came the horror of what I found in the phone he left in the car:( he had taken over my phone company my phone numbers every Facebook every everything I received a letter from him at the jail he’s in now. A different county where he admitted he knew who was getting into all of my emails and Facebook and phones… well in the end I hold him responsible because I never had this kind of difficulty before he got involved with some really shady people around covid time… Because I’ve come to learn how hateful a lot of people truly are here… cannot be myself where I live , don’t trust anybody.. they all talk about each other but they are friendly to each other’s faces.. it’s just not my thing..and they are cowardly they won’t stand alone just like mentioned above… they have to be in groups to do this.. and it’s very cowardly of them to stalk you! Same type stalking me and my kids.. and the way they’re doing it and for similar reasons.. we may not live the same lifestyle, but I chose not to be a part of this hypocritical community where they put each other down all the time, they don’t lift each other up in positivity …they don’t have respect for the planet.
          They have made so many false calls to police and other ” authorities” but as I mentioned it started with him, and I feel like it ends with him. the only way my children and I are going to be truly safe is to move out of here. because I have fought left and right for even a domestic violence advocate, when I cannot find one after two months of searching high and low+ they still won’t fix the police report even though I have proof of the assault& death threats, it’s becoming hopeless situation. he’s going to do time anyway, but since it’s not stopping,( I don’t know if any of you are aware but since they now show these episodes of what life is like on the inside in general they can get their hands on more drugs and electronic devices in there then many people can get out in the normal living world)
          Nobody would just make this up! I can’t believe that first commenter, they must be part of one of those gang stalking for money teams.
          My gosh it makes me feel like we may have to move a whole different country at this point….
          I thank you for being brave enough to write the article I thank you for being a strong woman and articulating so very clearly what is going on.

          I have two special needs children, fighting for services, everything now = uphill battle. it’s not easy for me to do such a well written article as you have done.

          Please continue to be strong and to be brave ! you give us all hope that are going through this.
          Thank you!! Many blessings.

          1. Christopher Pobanz May 21, 2021 2:31 pm

            Where you in West Phoenix by chance ?

          2. Tina gilliland September 17, 2021 12:50 pm

            I’m followed everywhere I go I mean everywhere. I wake up in the night to loud honks, cars peeling out and tires Squealing . My car has a bullet hole I have no idea when it was shot. Law enforcement takes my requests for help anytime I call for anything a joke. I got aircraft above my house every night all night. Help

        12. Sean Newberg May 9, 2021 10:53 am Reply

          It’s absolutely real. It happened to me too. And ignore those dumb, know it all jerks that like to pretend you’re crazy. You aren’t crazy. We Will Get Them! Hopefully sooner than later. The key is research and offering a reward. Cameras will slow them down. Wear a body cam. Keep a dash cam in your car and secret cameras wherever possible. I’ve got an abundance of evidence. Still collecting for the day they are sued.

        13. Matthew Curtis May 22, 2021 6:12 pm Reply

          Ive been dealing with this for over 6 years and 2 years ago started compiling all the evidence i could find. Thanks for your story. Its good not to feel completely alone in this situation.

          1. bev haskins June 17, 2021 8:55 am

            Im ready to stand up against this evil. Everyday i fight this evil narcaist rule. 316-350-9712
            The evil controls my phone. Im almost 59, this started around age 14. Im very tired of it. The plus is i know Jesus . My only hope

        14. Hunted one July 16, 2021 7:37 pm Reply

          Help I think I’m going to die

        15. M Mealey September 26, 2021 8:30 pm Reply

          I am a targeted individual in akron ohio. These people some of which I know from growing up in Firestone Park are criminal minded psychotic, sociopaths. I Have been stalked for 4 years and it gets easier to deal with but worse as in affe ti,g and involving others. Anyone know of any help. IveI’noticed cult activities and people with pig masks stalking my home.

        16. Osvaldo Hernandez October 2, 2021 8:46 am Reply

          This is currently happening to me , i live in Houston Texas, two individuals they hired who were meant to lure me to them confessed to me that it was not paranoia. They didn’t give me many details of who they were . One said it could be anyone but originally started like a biker gang, the other said it consisted mostly of disabled veterans. Which would explain why most of the trucks following me have the DV letters In Their license plates. I got many of them on video following me around . I have no idea why, I’m gay an open about it, i have noticed where all this underground brothels are and never participated which might be 2 reasons they are after me. They beat me to stores that im headed to and manage to have the people there deny service to me. Sometimes that has not worked for them

        17. Marydee Mallari October 2, 2021 12:25 pm Reply

          Totally feel victimized. Straight, even though they degraded me to believe I’m the bad racist or homophobic person.
          Maybe I am. Honestly though I know I’m not.
          I don’t think anything justifies hurting a person’s well-being especially when your intentions have always been good and to improve situations not enable a situation you couldn’t understand. What has happened to me. What has been spoken to me. How things have unfolded in my life AND decisions I made that were suppose to improve my self worth have done the opposite.
          I’m truly grateful for every work opportunity I ever had. To debilitate and past judgement on me because of a past diagnosis shouldn’t be less relevant that an offensive emotional rant a person says off spite and hurt that intelligent criminals know how to delete and manipulate into making you look like only you said hurtful things.

      2. Virginia Guy January 15, 2019 2:08 pm Reply

        It is real. I have seen it. When tens of the same vehicles follow you through 4 states and let you know total strangers giving you the finger, it throws flags up. Your cell and computers are hacked and so on. You contact The FBI, law enforcement, Congressmen, DOJ, and so on and no one does anything. Some even tell you they won’t touch it. If you are being ignorant about it then you just are not informed or you actually do know and are continuing these criminal’s agendas.

        1. Rhi December 19, 2019 4:39 pm Reply

          It is absolutely real and not a case of a mental illness or sickness. It’s real, it’s happening to me and the issues is there is not enough awareness or help to the people such as myself that need it. I’m a survivor, fightoer and I need help just as these other people who are suffering. More legal help needs to be offered and more services to block the people that will not stop at all and go 24/7 at us victimss or individuals.

          1. Lyv September 23, 2021 8:42 pm

            Any advice you have ? The same thing is happening to me I want to understand I know there is a way to get rid of them I haven’t figured it out.

        2. MJ May 12, 2020 2:00 pm Reply

          It is all very very real. I have first hand experience.

          1. Andrea Sokol April 16, 2021 12:34 pm

            Please help! I am a victim of organized stalking. Wanda Probe set up V2k where she harasses me daily. She is trying to frame me to go to prison. She has wire tapped me & wants to “press charges” on me for everything I ever did wrong, even though I have nothing to hide. This Wanda Probe hacked my brain & knows my whole life history & says it to me on V2k. She also murdered my beloved tuxedo cat, which was very special to me. Wanda Probe has also contacted my doctor & successfully got me taken off one of my meds for ADHD. Wanda Probe has also broken into my room where I live & stolen many items. She has done so much more to me too. Wanda Probe is going after an Autistic person.

      3. Archie Gibson July 31, 2019 2:42 pm Reply

        Anyone know of support groups or anything? Need someone to talk to

        1. Melissa August 1, 2019 4:03 am Reply


          In the past week I conceived of an ambition to start a fundamental community outreach and support organization in my local area. I am not surprised to encounter your comment which reverberates my current train of thought.

          1. Sheree Garcia October 7, 2021 1:31 am

            Thank you so much for reaching out to us.
            I thought I was alone really needed to hear these comments, now I need direction My cell phone and computer are monitored uhhh I can call outside my home from my house phone,there are cameras in my house, please help ….any advice? Email e plz my name is sheree…. thanks May God guide you and protect you all !

        2. Vatarad V. August 17, 2019 5:29 pm Reply

          Go on Reddit website and join r/gangstalking subreddit. A lot of people are experiencing this issue and it can be helpful to understand what’s happening and sharing your experience. There is a lot of infos you can get there. Good luck!

          1. DANIEL J PAVLOVSKY May 15, 2021 12:48 pm

            /gangstalking on Reddit is such garbage. Obviously controlled opposition.

        3. Lauren December 28, 2020 10:37 pm Reply

          Charlie Taylor. Please contact me.
          Now is the Time.

          1. Melodie Dalton April 18, 2021 4:27 am

            Hypertheticly if I was a ti in a position whereas, I haven’t 100 been discredited, I know they are going to traffick me for sex. Who can I, what can I do. It was my 3 or 4 close call, I mean I was, by the grace of God, just escaped, I don’t think I should tell anyone I care about or stay with anyone I care about. I believe they have given my dad a stroke.

      4. Mary October 27, 2019 3:47 pm Reply

        Sign the petition
        Make this illegal
        Gang Stalking
        Electronic harassment
        Voice to skull V2K

        1. Susan Dowell June 17, 2020 11:47 pm Reply

          I live in Montclair, CA. I have been followed for at least 16 years. I first noticed it when I filed for divorce. Only in the last 3 years did I discover gangstalking. So very hard to believe every relationship, coworkers, so call best friends and family could really be involved. What’s so very hurtful is they won’t listen to you and act like you must be crazy. That is why I can’t trust anyone. Please what can I do?

          1. Cortez September 8, 2020 6:56 pm

            Susan, I have a plan to take this to the court but I can’t do it alone. We are in the same boat and the only way to stop this is to help each other. If you are interested please reply!

          2. Brendan September 30, 2020 12:11 am

            It is mind control. They are messing with your perception of reality. They are using voice 2 skull. No one knows what you are going through.

          3. Brandy Hinkle October 19, 2020 10:07 pm

            Hi does any one know of resources I can contact? I’m a 44 year disabled female who is an alumni of MSUB in Billings Montana, I had a successful 20 year career from working as a teacher, communications coordinator, health educator for county and state health department s all the way to grant writing and technical writing for an agency with top secret. Clearance.

            I was living in Colorado and moved back to Montana. Within 10 months In had been sexually assaulted by a police officer, beaten severely by someone with 8 prior assault charges only to be told by the police that I did it to myself baited with jobs (technical writing and retail sales in a furniture store) neither of the owners paid me and I was poisoned and held captive out of fear of the police.
            I had also been charged with crimes I did not commit that were dismissed.

            This never should have happened to me I’m colleges educated , bc way through two masters degrees education and marketing) I moved back with my life savings and between my checking, savings, IRA, stock portfolio and credit cards I had $150,000. But, due to being charged with a crime I didn’t commit (fake DUI and driving without insurance) which is total be. I was driving a truck I wanted to buy and their insurance had lapsed my car was insured and covered me in other vehicles. I actually got pulled over by the sheriff’s office shortly after and they ran my insurance through state farmers and didn’t charge me.

            Ive been forced to stay in hotels because my phone and email keep getting hacked and I suspect I’ve been character assassinated. Apparently there is. A dark web site ran by an organization called the company and its a prostitution ring of somee kind. I’ve been told someone signed me up and now their are pornographic images that are cgi and emails, text and voicemails that these members get from someone pretending to be me. I found out because one of the rental places (the only one to respond out of 12) and I heard the guys upstairs bidding on me and talking about terrible things they were going to do to me. I called the police the next day and based on their nonverbal reactions I could tell they knew this website exists. Now I’m back to staying in a hotel a local nonprofit is paying for it, as I’ve been paying 80-120 a night and have ran out of money. I only get $1500 a month from SSI but it doesn’t last long when I can’t find affordable housing due to being blacklisted and having electronic communications blocked, money taken out of my checking account and being microchipped. This is ridiculous, when I moved here I had substantial savings a credit score of 742 and was an independent, self sufficient, productive member of society. Now I’m a homeless, need to declare bankruptcy, disabled and hunted by human traffickers. dos anyone know of any person or organization s that will actually do something?

          4. Paul January 15, 2021 7:54 am

            I’ve been going through this since August 2019.
            My experience is much like most peoples stories. I’ve been followed by the black vehicles, harassed in motels, phone and computers hacked.
            I’m in Los Angeles county where LA Count Sheriff department has been identified as having “deputy gangs” (see LA Times) which are part of the picture.
            I wish I could find a group of TI’s to trust.

        2. edna flores August 3, 2020 10:43 pm Reply

          I am being gangstalked targeted with my children and these criminals are everywhere.

        3. edna flores August 3, 2020 10:48 pm Reply

          I also have traffickers monitoring my every move assaulting us police are involved and everybody and theyre momma.

      5. Kathy May 16, 2020 6:05 pm Reply

        Gordon, Typically when someone makes your type of response to people with this type of “evil scheme” happening to them, this is what is said. I’m very sorry and it’s unfortunate that you are ignorant to what really happens in our society. This happens a lot and all over the world. You are very rude, get educated before you start judgeing others wno clearly are seeking to “WARN” others from this type of terrorism and abuse. It’s happens to be something we as good citizens need to stop. Be part of the solution and NOT the problem. The police can help this woman, it is hard to catch them so you have to get evidence on them, fingerprints, cameras, video etc. Police can’t help if they don’t know who “they” are. Kimda like drone amd satellite stalking, they go hand in hand with this, also hack your electronics, control your phones and anything or way you have of being able to tell what’s going on. I pray about my situation and i’m good at reading people. Real Eyes Recognize Real Lies, The good news is this is about to be exposed in the media and mainstream, not my story but the “Gang stalking and Trafficking” We protect our children in my town. But, this lady is NOT lying to anyone. It’s not fake news. Take Care and God bless

      6. Josh June 11, 2020 8:56 pm Reply

        I’m also targeted…so whoever was responding with that sacastic ignorant response is underinformed or maybe we’ll informed and apart of it

      7. Jennifer Schoenholzer June 20, 2020 9:06 am Reply

        My name is Jennifer schoenholzer PO box 26623 Albuquerque NM 87125. My story is very real.hard to prove bit real. Her story is real.. She was made to look crazy just like me . I need help.. They have everything about me 2.5 years constant stalking. It’s real. If I’m found dead this is why.

        1. Diane August 15, 2020 12:14 pm Reply

          Help. Does any one know how to stop this. I was set up by my ex who worked for the state gov. I have been to lawyers, police and woman’s organizations. Any contact from a fellow person this is happening to I greatly appreciate it.

          1. Moon May 29, 2021 5:59 am

            Hi TI there are many of us.Millions of people around the world are going through .So am I .I know who they are how got started in my case .I know to them it s a game .I know some of you are in different categories of thier mindsets and punishments is what they call it .Some go through horrible punishments because somebody in thier community felt that you deserved it or sadistic or narcissist you knew wants to get back at you or hurt .You maybe innocent or you did do something wrong or you live a different way then the culture accepts .i can t tell how to fix .Probably can t unless everyone who has gone through this bands together against them Yes there are ways to cope with this and how to learn about this .Don t hand your life over to them give up on living .I want to work and help people through teaching methods on how to relax and take some control back. So you can say hi .on Facebook Luna Moon .I ‘ll be glad to talk maybe I can get some healing videos up on YouTube sometime in future.Bkessings to you take care of yourselves

        2. Shannon August 26, 2020 10:30 am Reply

          I am in fear for my life too. They are telepathic. I believe it is the Cartel. Are you still alive?

          1. I am October 22, 2020 11:17 am

            Yes we can find these people if we all fight together we are what they dream to be an can’t

        3. He already knows October 22, 2020 11:13 am Reply

          Albert Daly

        4. Bobby Digital November 16, 2020 8:30 am Reply

          Add on: if you set a timer for each app, you should be able to separately identify the apps that the malware may be utilizing. Make sure no to click or add for extra time if the app box is grey or inactive.

          Turns out the biggest issues I came across were with apps that help make life easier along with devices that make life “easier”.

          If the cops or Feds will not help. It’s possible you may be a candidate for opportunities or they can’t even fix it. Which is scary.

          Remember, your phone can emulate or mock real websites and information. Anything you read online should be supported with a hard copy book or actual source of the information.

          Please don’t let this eat you up. Turn off your phone and enjoy a day without it. My key was working out to relieve all the stress.

          Be strong, be patient and think about any device or electronic piece of equipment that has showed up in your life out of surprise. Could be a link.

        5. Bobby Digital November 16, 2020 8:35 am Reply

          Jennifer it’s best to stay strong and stop using your full name. Especially your address. Protect this information like you would do with your purse.

          I was at the edge of insanity with this hack. Called the man-in-the- middle or man in the browser attack. Or at least my situation.

          Only way to beat it is to know about computers in depth . But it can be controlled or at least have a tech set up your home and personal network for encryption and alternative routing.

          The more attention you give this issue the more it keeps pushing.

        6. Shannon December 5, 2020 2:51 am Reply

          I started hearing voices 5-6years. They made me believe it was people around me at first talking about me, then I surpassed that facade, so they made me believe they were police. Then they tried to make me believe they were the cartel. Then they acted as tho they were good guys and bad guys, they gave me dreams that were supposed to make believe they were aliens. But now I know The voices from men and women are all together in this, there’s no good guys in my head. They made me look crazy and built my record for mental illness. First hand I’ve seen police, emts, nurses and doctors, and neighbors all be a part of it. They raped me in the hospital and set it up to make me sound crazy and think I was crazy and seeing things. I used drugs then, they used that against me tried to make me think I was hallucinating. They used lasers inside of my home, holograms, and listened to everything that was said in my home. The doctors repeated things only I and my boyfriend would know. Gang stalkers. But I believe they are affiliated with the Cartel or communications have been intercepted by the Sinaloa Cartel. They claim to be two separate groups, but they are all together to sex traffick you, or plot to kill you. They don’t all know where abouts. They search for me everyday. I deter them with many different tactics to keep them from reading my mind entirely. Lie lie lie to yourself and to them. Make yourself as credible as possible and stay away from hospitals!!! No psych wards!!! No doctors!! Please reach out foofor help everywhere you can! Do not let society’s opinions stop you from speaking out. I will be dead soon. It’s only a matter of time now before the cartel finds me and kills me. I’m starting to believe these gang stalkers sold me off to the cartel to dispose of me since they have achieved making me look crazy and discrediting me.

        7. Caroline Carradine January 6, 2021 10:48 pm Reply

          Would you like to email me your story. I am a victim of this torture in Germany Berlin and my story is the one others will never ever believe.
          I went to hospital to get medical help for my liver and my kidney and could escape 20 years later after being hold in hostage for seven years and hunted down the following years with torture.My story is so unbelievable I must talk or I am getting almost mad…they have my birth certificates passports,I had no phone internet clothes food and was forced to work without money or one day off-they even took my organs in my case seven or more lymphnodes.
          I am still under heavy surveillance and I have lost everything.
          Noone was missing me noone found it strange that I wasnt allowed to visit familiy………I was set under heaviest drugs and no protein.
          What no proteins means to the monthly period of a girl one can imagine.
          I haven t got a uterine anymore.It fell out after all the years of malnutrition and sleep derivation.
          I am in shelter care now but noone has an intereset to go to police !
          That says a lot I think !

        8. July 6, 2021 2:15 pm Reply

          I’m in Oregon and it’s real here and I can prove it via video pics and journal……been going on for over 2 yrs

      8. J mettling July 14, 2020 2:20 pm Reply

        You are ignorant. I am a therapist and my life has been ruined by this evil. You may be one of them since you oppose it so heavily

        1. Donna Licursi August 6, 2020 12:23 pm Reply

          I’m still getting stalked it is violent please help me
          Donna licursi

          1. Walter George January 31, 2021 8:05 pm

            Rose is right, Only its Community Oriented Policing, aka gang stalking…thats why so many and if your photographic minded you’ll notice same yada yada yada, after short while…Community Oriented Policing aka, Overseen by Police Dept.

          2. Andrea Sokol April 12, 2021 10:51 am

            Hi.. I live in Pennsylvania. I’m being gang stalked by a woman named Wanda Probe. She has me on a V2k network where she can read my mind. Wanda Probe hires or gets other people to help stalk me. She has wire tapped me & hacked my emails & my Facebook account & my Twitter. Wanda Probe wrote to my doctor & successfully got me taken off my ADHD medication & now I can’t concentrate. She sabotages other things too. She reads my mind to see what she can take away in my life. She got someone to kill my beloved cat. Wanda Probe has also lied & slandered me behind my back. I have no friends because of her. She has also faked my email address & has hundreds of online sock puppets. Wanda Probe threatens to throw me in prison falsely. She threatens to take my Autism services away. And no one believes me on the organized stalking, especially the V2k. In fact, once I told someone I was hearing V2k & I was forced into a Mental hospital. The whole time I was there, I found that all the patients were stalkers too. It was all arranged by Wanda Probe. And not only that. I was remotely tortured the whole time I was there, which only kept me there longer. I found in the archives a website about Wanda Probe being a major stalker: I’m not her only victim.
            Is there anything that can be done about this? I don’t deserve to be Gang stalked. I just want the organize stalking to end.

      9. Judith Hill August 31, 2020 6:40 pm Reply

        It is obvious you have not been exposed to this horrible group of people who exploit innocent people for financial gain. I realize some of the claims people have about gang stalking is extraordinary but true.
        Most times it is not a mental health problem involving the victim.
        It is the total insanity of the obsessive compulsive gang stalkers who usually do not have a life so they exploit and micromanage the lives of their victims.

      10. Nicholas Kersh September 15, 2020 9:30 am Reply

        Im victim to this horrible mental torture. I hope and pray someone will help me stop this. Im on my last leg and am loosing all hope.

        1. Robert James Liguori September 30, 2020 5:48 am Reply

          It’s Babylon… comprised of deep states, shadow governments, cartels, mafia families, vengeange groups, secret societies, gangs, hate groups, supremacy groups, corrupt service organizations, health scare groups, rogue operations, etc. etc. etc.

          I was falsely labeled paranoid schizophrenic after going for help for threats.

          In short, there’s a lot of corruption in this world.

          In short, the world is corrupt.

        2. Walter George January 31, 2021 8:06 pm Reply

          What towns are y’all in so we can build a map

      11. Teri October 28, 2020 3:13 pm Reply

        I am a victim of electronic harassment and gangstalking with psychotropic involvement. I know who the stalkers are. Some are very high up in government. I am hoping that our President knows this is a very immediate cyber attack or cyber threat. I have laser hits and scars all over me. They caused me to get bucked off my horse breaking my back by hitting my horse via satellite. I was hit causing a severe fall breaking my shoulder. It’s been horrible!

        1. Andy November 10, 2020 1:07 pm Reply

          I have laser hits and scars over my body. One of the scars on my finger holds something just below the layer of skin. I believe it’s GPS of some sort. Maybe like you would put a chip in a pet. These people know when I wake up, go to sleep, leave my home, know when I’m coming home. It’s creepy. I have proof. But like all of you have said. They are everywhere. Looking for someone who has a lawyer. A non profit organization “Mercy House” housed us knowing what was to happen to me and is still continuing. . Any body reading this please call 657-356-4140. I can say this. One way of beating it. Is give it to God. Even though it is all around us. Ignore it, pay no attention to it. It makes them purposeless. I can’t believe what I have. Just read in the last 30 minutes is shocking. TO ALL…. BE SAFE. AND IF YOU NEED A PLACE TO COME STAY OR JUST TO GET AWAY. FEEL FREE TO CALL MY NUMBER. I KNOW, IN THE PAST THREE YEARS I KNOW IVE WANTED AND NEEDED A PLACE TO GO. ANY TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT. DONT LET PRIDE KNOCK YOU DOWN. CALL

        2. Lyv September 23, 2021 8:51 pm Reply

          Eugene Oregon

      12. Jefferson Cabusao November 10, 2020 9:27 pm Reply

        This is all true because I am also a victim. I have been a Targeted Individual for almost 2 years now and my perpetrators are the Saudi family that I used to serve in Saudi Arabia along with my former employer Prince Abdullah Khalid Turki Al Saudi. I used to work with them as a House Cook. They are nothing but criminals. They are members of a million dollar syndicate. I am already in the Philippines but I am having an hard time to look for a job because they get in touch with the companies that I would like to work with. They can even block some important emails that I need in order for me to secure a job online. They implanted Voice to Skull technology in my brain and Remote Neural Monitoring that is why they can read my mind as well as the people around me. I am also a victim of smear campaign. They show the whole world that I am crazy, delusional, schizophrenic and pedophile but the TRUTH is I am not. I was never a criminal. I never used drugs. I am a law abiding citizen. My Saudi perps are just narcissists because they could not believe me that I was able to leave them.

        1. Walter George January 31, 2021 8:15 pm Reply

          Very Well Written and Accurate..Middle Eastern eastern do seem to be influential and heavily involved. IN FACT AND IN INDIA, THEY HAVE BLACK WINDOWED CAR GANG STALKERS DOMESTIC TERRORISTS THERE AS WELL…ITS MORE WELL KNOWN AS COMMUNITY ORIENTED POLICING…HENCE, WORTHLESS DIRTY RAT PIGS. cops gone bad that laugh when you’ve been gang raped, or SUV literally shot by guns as you run flee for your vrry life and can’t get a police report to save your life… The killed my German Shepherd, Smoky and stole 2 more, Hunter and Duke Duke… A female police officer has Duke Duke in Pleasant Hill, California AND WONT LRT ME HAVE HIM BACK, NOT EVEN FOR 10K CASH AND SHE RUNS A DOG RESCUE…

      13. CJ January 1, 2021 11:46 am Reply

        I have been going through this for the past 2 years with someone involved in government contracts, and I too love this woman who asked for help and was kind enough to lend a hand and got sucked into this evil game that these people are playing with others to gain full control of them. Yes, it is about total control of one’s life, and unless you are a white male, you too are on the chopping block. I am a retired military officer and they are playing headgames with me through subliminal messaging and other marine tactics…This is not an illness, it is real.

      14. Holly aka Boots January 18, 2021 11:47 pm Reply

        The same thing is happening to me and my wife in Cloudcroft NM. I refuse to let it break us up. There endless chatter via V3k or shortwave radio insists this is how they break up same sex couples and that we will be with men. Their language is appauling. They have threatened to rape and murder us. All this has been reported to local police the FCC and my attorney. My neighbors have the birage of the illegal broadcast pointed at my house. I’m doing all I can to find these creeps and will never give in to them or allow them to humiliate me in any way. Loud Gay and Proud.

      15. roxanne Alvarez February 10, 2021 2:25 am Reply

        Hello everyone ibama 29 yar old femLe in San Antonio texas who have been a targeted individual and so is my huaband alex briones. Ever since cps kidnapped my chilsren illegally my life my reputation has been ruined!! Cant get a job no where, everyone sees me as dangerous to society. They have tried running me over . they have ran over my husband on our bikes. YOu name it. I am currently homeless due to them gang stalkers all around bexar county. San Antonio TX .
        Just cause we want to wxpose the corruption of CPS. How they remove children illegally. Amd my children have suffered fro sexual mental and emotional abuse under CPS care. JUSTICE only GOD can judge me.

        1. Sufferer for real June 12, 2021 7:49 am Reply

          I’ve been poisoned (arsenic) over the past year, and most recently with dioxin through my water lines. I found controls in my attic that would allow this the poison to reach only me as there were valves partitioning the release of chemicals. My husband has been engaged in something for years and I never knew it due to traveling for work. I’ve had to go on home healthcare to administer meds to keep me hydrated due to the ailments the poison has caused. All of this started as I began staying home due to COVID – noticing his weird behavior such as cell calls not showing on bills, not where he said he was going to be, etc. I know I hv some sort of device poisoning me internally as that’s controlled via a wireless signal as when I’m meeting someone to share the things I’ve seen or proof I have, I literally get physically ill. Trust me, it has NOTHING to do with nerves! I notice him passing signals back and forth to various people we see, etc. Myphkne has been forwarded to an unknown number for last two years, my husband somehow uses a software that allows him to make calls using my phone and email, along with my sons, so that I wouldn’t question the calls being made. I am a fighter and won’t stop until I put a light on this satanic crap. There’s a lot going on with sex trafficking and I need help knowing how to find out the device that’s poising me. Please help!

      16. Ptsd February 13, 2021 7:45 pm Reply

        The only person I have known personally who thought she was being gand stalked was schizophrenic. Since then I have talked to quite a few people online who have experienced this phenomenon, and I am even further convinced that gangstalking is a meme and its adherents are schizophrenic.

        The website on which I met other people being gangstalked has more than 10,000 subscribers. The best way I could attempt to reason with them was to point out that if 10,000 Americans across the country were really being stalked by a group of people or organization of some kind, that group or organization would be on the very tip top of the FBI watch list, along with Muslim extremists and white supremacists, and likewise local police departments would be aware of it and you would have news stories almost every night about it. I mean this would be a VERY serious national security issue if it was happening, it would be a bigger story than Covid 19.

        Instead there is nothing of the sort, not one single case of anyone being arrested not one single accidental death caused by Simeon fleeing a stalking mob, there is literally no coverage if this anywhere, it is only the stuff of blogs and forums online, and if you call the police and tell them you are being gang stalked you will be able to hear the gesture the cop makes to his fellow officers through the phone, I mean the thing whener you trace a circle around your ear with your finger to imlke someone is nuts.

        The reason none of these has happened, that there is zero media coverage and zero mention of it by the FBI, cops, etc is becoming gangstalking is nothing more than a meme, and idea that spreads virally from one human host to another via immigration, as imitation, for us as humans, is how we learn from each other. It’s a word virus. Other memes include religions, and more similar to this discussion, the recurring shared phenomenon of alien abduction…. In the 1990s and somewhat less frequently still today, people who were completely unconnected I far flung corners of the country were claiming to have been abducted by aliens, and eerily, their stories were mostly remarkably similar to the extent that it kind of seems like something must be happening for all of these people to have a similar experience with alien abduction. But the explanation is, the abductions are a meme, an idea that spreads virally through imitation. First one person had the idea this happened probably triggered by sleep paralysis, that feeling when your mind wakes up before your body does and you perceive that you are paralyzed or plastic-wrapped to the bed, you know what I mean, right? Well one person explained the sleep paralysis phenomenon as alien abduction, complete with little Grey mean and anal probing, and other people, when they read it, either they applied it to when they remembered experiencing sleep paralysis, or once they read about it they subsequently experienced sleep paralysis, and they imagined the same thing happened to them.

        Gang stalking functions in the exact same way. One schizophrenic person feels he is being followed by a group of people and he shared it on the internet, and then other schizophrenic people read it and they too perceived the same thing. This is how the schizophrenic mind works, they see their conspiracy theories manifest in reality, and all it takes to get a notion on rotation in their steel trap minds is for them to hear someone talk about a conspiracy that catches their ear, as schizophrenics tie literally everything bad that happens to them into their web of conspiracies.

        A good friend of mine is schizophrenic, I mentioned her earlier. When I met her she didn’t know she was schizophrenic, she knew it on some level, but no one had ever recognized her symptoms and suggested it to her, so she didn’t have a name for it yet. Schizophrenia is most commonly characterized by paranoid obsession and auditory hallucinations. The belief that someone is following you is VERY COMMON with schizophrenics, and they are almost always hearing voices too. Gang stalking is the most quintessentially schizophrenic concept I have ever heard, nothing more perfectly demonstrates what it’s like to be schizophrenic,c, so as much as I hate to say it, and as mush as you will hate to hear it and will surely tell me all bout how much you hate me for saying so, if you are experiencing gang stalking you are most likely schizophrenic. That’s just my opinion, but it’s based on years of helping a person with their schizophrenia. The problem is, schizophrenia is not something you are born with, you can be genetically predisposed to become schizophrenic, but it usually doesn’t onset until you are in your 20’s or early 30’s. That’s why it is so hard to convince someone that they are schizophrenic, because they know they never were before, so how could they be now suddenly. But that’s actually exactly how it happens, nothing could be more unexpected, and unfortunately it is an extremely debilitating condition, for which there is no cure, that effects about 1% of the American population. That may not sound like much but 1% is 3.2 million Americans. Sounds like a lot more that way, huh? Now you can easily see how if even a small fraction of people with schizophrenia believe they are being gang stalked, there could easily be websites about it with 10,000+ suscribers.

        It breaks my heart to see so many afflicted people who are going through what my friend is of course still going through today. She doesn’t believe in gang stalking anymore, but she is of course still schizophrenic, she has to be…. You don’t get to opt out. But the best advice I have, which none of you will follow but I may as well say it anyway, is this: go to a psychiatrist and tell hi or her that you are being gang stalked. I assure you that doctor will tell you you are probably schizophrenic, they will be able to diagnose the condition just based in the gang stalking belief. If they don’t , come back here and tell me how wrong I am, but if I’m right at least you will get help.

        I’m dead serious, I’m not making fun of anyone, I’m not calling you crazy or stupid or insulting you at all, I am trying to help you. If you don’t want my help you don’t have to take it, but you could be cool about it and not curse at me and be mean to me, since I am being respectful to you and at least trying to help. But I would never joke about this, it is way too serious. I love my friend very deeply and I would do almost anything for her, and I would never gaslight her, nor would I gaslight you. The difference between me and everyone else who doesn’t believe you is that I know what you’re going through, and I know how to at least mitigate the harmful effects of the mental illness. The biggest step toward getting better you can make is to allow for the possibility that you have a problem and consult a professional. I hope at least one of you reads this and is helped by it, sadly I doubt that will happen.

        1. N May 14, 2021 5:52 pm Reply

          I have been paranoid about hacking but not gang stalking for 5 years. I do wonder if I’m on some darknet site though. At least it made me start getting a degree in computer science. I kinda wonder if I should just scream at some psychiatrist about this and stop holding so much back? Then maybe something would happen with my psychiatric evaluation. Or the multiple police reports I’ve made against the person I used to hang out with online… I realize that last comment is probably not what you want to hear. I have as a matter of fact had these issues though:
          1. calls cut short with a weird little sound I never heard otherwise (I just call back though, sometimes over and over) after shit-talking the person (2018)
          2. a phone subscription that couldnt take calls or texts from a majority of people for months (not sim or phone, it was the number – I snapped and broke the calls-cut-short-phone when number 4 happened. I later realized the new one couldnt take calls after my residential councilor complained and I finally after several months asked people on facebook to text or call me. Then I realized I was mostly unreachable) (2020)
          3. non-received e-mails from private investigative agencies etc (they called back fine on my landline several times, but when I gave them an email to talk further I got no response) (2019? 2020?)
          4. calls to the psychiatry sent to other random places as if through the yellow pages (2019)
          5. phone cam turning on when talking to people (primarily people of the other sex – I think this stopped when my residential councilor at the time plus the waiting staff where I used to meet him saw it as well. I shit talked the hell out of the hacker at that place following that, and add to it was VERY attracted to the person in the staff at the coffee shop. Thinking about this makes me feel better lol. Sadly they dont work there anymore and I got a new residential councilor as if meant to induce paranoia… But that happens a lot anyway. Add to that though, my residential councilor used to be an IT-guy who got out of that business due to not wanting enemies. Maybe he figures my situation is less scary than the hells angels, if there would be something to it) (2018 and early 2019)
          6. tinder account getting deleted (2018)
          7. people I blocked on social platforms just getting unblocked (2018)
          8. phone randomly start playing dramatic music with no app or video playing (2018? 2019?)
          9. computer start sounding as a siren in the middle of the night (it was years ago now and I was too stressed out at the time to look for the source if it was a program, now I’m kicking myself for not checking the task manager and sound settings) (2018 and 2019)
          10. mick settings on computer being randomly inaccessible (greyed out) while I hear everything going on in the room echoing in the headphones, but I can’t talk on social apps (2018)

          It doesnt make it better that when I tried to talk to the person who I suspected they ignored me for months, until just randomly listing why no one would believe me about this stuff and saying “Good luck”. Even after that it required talking to other people around the person about how I wanted no contact for them to oficially break their ties to me. Even after I had publicly accused them and later privately requested they stop referring to me in different places to give me peace of mind… I get that they might be an idiot and I a lunatic though. If they were innocent, I just wish they were more socially competent. Then maybe I would have seen that.

        2. Covidiots August 27, 2021 7:32 pm Reply


      17. Gloria Del Angel February 17, 2021 11:14 am Reply

        Hi my name is Gloria im in love with Jesus and I too am a target I know people who are involved but as you know they deny and make it look like your crazy, my son and a daughter suffer the torment as well I have seven kids although not all are a target they are however well known, I have watched a black man try and kid nap my grand daughter and the black man later became my daughters friend hugging her in my face laughing at me with my daughter in his arms and then my daughter calling me crazy. There was nothing I could do but walk away. All I know is Jesus has a plan and Jesus said let vengeance be His so am going to open my home to a public bible study. Yes this will bring in the followers but so be it if God is for me who can be against me of whom shall I fear, nobody is right. This is bigger then anyone thinks there are so many followers. So, Rose is right they are everywhere doctors lawyers judges you name it there part of it police there is no protection only Jesus. Stick close to Jesus cuz He does have a plan thats all I know love you all even the followers love them hate the sin Amen

      18. Libby March 28, 2021 10:00 pm Reply

        I would really appreciate and love for the woman who wrote this to please contact me if possible. Trust me if not comfortable doing so I completely understand. Just had to try something at this point!

      19. Steve May 26, 2021 2:10 am Reply

        I am being gang stalked in little rock Arkansas I have reported to authorities but like the article says I was treated like I was crazy I have found absolutely no help can someone please help me

      20. Leslie Lynn June 6, 2021 10:54 am Reply

        Except for a few qualities, and specifics, to read this, is like reading my own life story. I lose a little more by the day, now I have no resources, no home, and nowhere to turn.

      21. Kassie Parks June 16, 2021 2:25 am Reply

        I am dealing with the same stuff, it’s super bad and my life has been put in danger more then once. Can’t call 911 because they intercept my call and don’t help me when I ask for help. So much more but to much to message here. It’s scary and sometimes I’d rather kill myself in front of them so they can see what theycaused because I don’t know who they are, what thier purpose is, why us, why are they trying to hurt us? I don’t know how to get help.

      22. Jenika Liddell July 24, 2021 12:48 pm Reply

        Are American people good examples of being in the best world we can live in?

      23. Sara Fairbanks August 5, 2021 9:22 pm Reply

        nobody should ever state a person’s mental health issus or your alleged state of their mind! If Gangstalking has not been an actual reality for you!! I am experiencing the exact same situation as Rose. You my friend need to do more research and I pray that it Nevers happens to you!!!

      24. David Lynn Park August 9, 2021 3:06 pm Reply

        The garden the garden Isle newspaper has the best journalistic staff for a community at size anywhere in the nation. I’m in Huntington Beach right now and I’m going through the same thing I think it’s over a theft. I know the hacker’s name and he is a homeless man with a brother who is or was a cybersecurity expert anyway he’s heating up my phone right now interesting people.

      25. MIKE August 19, 2021 8:30 am Reply

        These people are psychopaths. Destroying names, families, a person;s ability to lead a normal life. I see it, I understand it and pray for you with all my spiritual might.
        They involve brain-slow members of community, government workers and people with mediocrity complexes as targeting others makes them feel superior and smaaarttt.
        After awhile from where they stand they have the need for targeted individuals as that’s how they get paid. Have no fear, speak your mind and be aggressively active (within Law) when it comes to your basic human rights.
        I lost my name, my family, will, and the color of life as God intended. I understand completely and stand in solidarity for anyone going through hell by this molesters and spiritually powerless God foods.

      26. Nicole Larkin September 12, 2021 10:18 am Reply

        Please Please Plesse have Rose A Buchanan contact Nicole Larkin whom we worked together and I being gangstalked by Alayah of Fema Denton Texas illegally out of work retiliation she purposely had me gangstalked. By her illegally gangstalking family and friends i.e. Pudding and his brother which is Tonya Johnson boyfriend of Fema her bestfriends has joined her in gangstalking me Ashlee, Racheal, and White and Black Cathy. Linda aka MOM9T6P her cousin Cathy and her husband big boy of Fort Worth Texas Sidney well known theif hacking my information and steals real bad. Rose please contact me via email or asap Ive been gangstalked since 2019 noticing v2k but was worked mobbed 2016 when started Fema. Please have Rose Buchanan get in touch with me asap

      27. Kika September 21, 2021 10:36 am Reply

        I need help.. This just started happening to me. I don’t know what to do… Please can someone Contact me.

      28. Jeanette T October 18, 2021 7:29 pm Reply

        I am living in am apartment building that I believe that have cameras. They are there for me to have sec with somebody and they film it and sell it. I have been running away from these people for about 10 years now.
        I lived a life with drugs and sex, but I havebeen clean for 2 years. These people stalk me when I am out with my son l, they allow us me all over.
        I need help on what to do.
        I live in Minnesota.

    2. Karnac February 2, 2019 6:04 pm Reply

      gordon oswald…Sounds like a perpetrator of these crimes? Insinuating mental illness is a common tactic.

      1. james denman December 9, 2019 6:55 am Reply

        excellent !! it is the number initiative established by the caos theory aka “Alice in Wonderland” technique implemented by the cia for interrogation plus… Have you ever met someone who claimed to want to help you in some way but they had a secret agenda to push further into the rabbit hole. cold blooded two faced instilling disbelief in your own sense of reality. THINK for YOURSELF!!!

        1. Lionheart July 27, 2020 10:11 am Reply

          Mine here in Red Bluff Ca. Are trying to make me look like a gang member or some one high in the ranks. The facts are that i was introduced to some people and witnessed very dirty crap and tried to bring it to light. I had no idea that they had so many people in the activities. Small community and a hub for trafficking of humans. sex, drugs and let us not forget large pot grows. rather many small ones who co op and then funnel through legal growers and dispensaries. they own businesses and land. The human trafficking by use of temp agency’s which pay low wages and collect profits from who they place.Local Non Profits have these people catering to these very people I was working in a restaurant Denny’s and sexually inappropriate made by the manager. So I informed my family, program and parole officer. A week later I was let go. Forced to resign because a select few made false statements about me. Funny thing is that my Parole officer’s kid plays ball with the New managers kid. This was said by her.

        2. CJ January 1, 2021 11:49 am Reply

          You are correct…This woman I tried to help has ties to the CIA and DEA via her ex-husband.

      2. Kevin May 15, 2020 12:28 am Reply

        I agree.
        Perps are always wanting to help you?
        Reinforcing the psychological help angle.
        They are just doing what they are told by their Masonic lodge superiors.
        I know firsthand.

        1. J mettling July 14, 2020 2:24 pm Reply

          How do you know first hand? Do you know how i can stop this in my life?

          1. Ptsd February 13, 2021 8:00 pm

            You go to a psychiatrist and tell him you are being gang stalked. He will know what to do. Very important : do not say that you want to harm yourself or anyone else. As long as you don’t say that, the doctor will give you medication and recommend a therapist.
            I know this is how you stop it because I knew someone it was happening to and I helped her overcome it. She didn’t see a Dr, because she had me to help her every day with it. If you don’t have anyone similarly dedicated to helping you, see a doc, get the meds and see the therapist . There is nothing bad about therapy, I see a therapist myself. I quite enjoy. But they can help, I assure you.

      3. kathy May 16, 2020 6:17 pm Reply

        Karnac…. EXACTLY!! This is their reaponse. Crazy , Druggie, Pedophile, the list go’s on and on. It’s a team, it’s a legion of these pieces of garbage. Heathens…. I for one am not a Heathen. Don’t believe anyone who says this because it’s said on purpose. They also try to tell you it’s police when it’s not. Maybe some police in her situation but not mine. They tell you that so you won’t go to the police. GO TO THE POLICE. I AM. AND I’LL KEEP GOING UNTIL THEY STOP BREAKING IN MY FLIPPIN HOUSE. They also try to make the victim look crazy, and tear them down, elitist jerks run it and well they need to be brought down off of their throne that’s all. Moral of the story, IF WE ALL STAND UP, NOBODY FALLS. Gonna try to myself but i meed others to be with me. Take care

        1. JC July 21, 2020 8:50 am Reply

          Regarding local authorities it’s sad, but I still respect the badge. My name is known all too well along with my address. We have city, county, CHP & FBI sub-station I am in county and have been an acquaintance of our long time sheriff. They are underfunded, short staffed, some just not trained in this type of criminal & horrific activity. We weren’t supposed to grow so big, but being just over the hills 100 miles from L.A. it was bound to happen. I wish I had the luxury to just “ignore” it. Poisonous chemicals, pesticides, cig smoke and believe sleeping agent as well have a dedicated hose leading between the walls and seeps through receptacles, cracks & mysterious holes I never drilled. My epileptic, mildly autistic son lived it. He left one day while I was still sleeping, my only eye witness to that as he got the chemical crap as well.
          I’ve been TI for about 2 1/2 years. I was the live in nanny until I was doused twice there, questioned/confronted the Hispanic Male & beautiful white wife about bugging my room. They don’t speak low enough & I’m not afraid to confront issues. I was let go (gladly). I only took the non paying position out of kindness & pity.
          We all have a story to tell, so if you don’t support…abort, please. I saw my fav quote here earlier, “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem “, but this isn’t an anecdote site, is it. Lol. I’m coming off a bad few days of that chemical kiss anyone knows the name of, plz tell me. It makes my throate close up, puffer was empty….hmmmm, tampered with too. I found another and not asthmatic. Cars tampered, house breaking, gun stolen, smart home controlled (not by me), I could go on & on & on, but y’all know exactly what i mean. I filed a R/O, my son got scared & pulled no show 2 days before court. We were headed up north after that. Covid has crippled us even more and fueled these cowards. After over 50 calls to sheriff’s, met team out, gun, multiple cams, changing numbers, phones, stayed in another area for a while, they only continue. But this is where i lost faith…i followed protocol, did everything authorities asked while being treated stupid, crazy and on the spot diagnosed by a 25 y/o deputy as schizophrenic, I finally sent an email to my elected civil servant & friend 1(one) email. Next day 3 deputies/ met team at my home with threats of imprisonment if i attempted again. I’m sure my sheriff didn’t read nor send them. So what’s wrong with this picture? I got a continuance on court. I have circumstantial evidence along with witnesses, but my piece of paper wont save the damage done, heal PTSD, bring my son home. But it’s still a shaky leg to stand on and maybe someone will be there to catch me and so on. Quiet? Ignore it? Try dodging a mad bull coming at ya.
          Three kinds of people in this worl:
          Those that make things happen.
          Those that watch things happen.
          And those that wonder what happened.
          I’m trying all alone like a Jack Russell terrier to keep from drowning. Keep telling people, the media, other TI’s so they know they AREN’T crazy or the only one. I know where I’m going when my days are up. All I care about is taken. I have nothing to lose. I know who started mine so I’m heading full force towards ground zero and to heck with those who fall starry eye with them. Good luck.

          1. Deedee July 23, 2020 3:50 am

            Same situation…we need to fight.7634013935

          2. sfgirl August 11, 2020 8:28 am

            I would love to team up with someone like you to fight this ,even for me until it happened to me, UNBELIEVABLE crime. I’m in SF.

          3. Yemewadishe Allain October 10, 2020 7:49 am

            This is happening to me too..Raping me , using stun guns , Telling people I am crazy ,trying to say I use drugs , Police are in involved, you’re Friends , you’re job , it is Demonic …Everyone is scared to help

        2. Deedee July 22, 2020 7:13 am Reply

          Same situation…we need to fight.7634013935

        3. Debi July 22, 2020 1:25 pm Reply

          This IS ALL VERY REAL AND VERY FRIGHTENING!! I’m also a victim. Mine started, where I can see things happening, approximately 7 months ago. However, I’m pretty certain it’s been happening since 2016. Although I cannot prove it, I know for sure approximately 16 months ago is when I can reference the serious issues were getting started. As of today, July 22, 2020, I’m being evicted from my home of 8 and a half years. I’ve been isolated, in every way from every person I know, (almost). My home has been totally taken over, my car, phone, email, internet, etc. I’m beyond heartbroken that this kind of evil exists in the world. Im 50 and have NEVER not paid my rent. That’s the FIRST bill every month to be paid. Unfortunately they managed to make it impossible for me to get a job. Im a very hard worker and a very caring person. This has sidelined me in a way that is beyond my understanding??I’m here and available to be a part of taking our lives back. I just don’t know how?

      4. Walter George January 31, 2021 8:18 pm Reply

        Very Accurate and Spot On. !!! We are all not having a Worldwide group hallucination
        I like to tell them, modeled after a Gentleman I saw on a video

    3. Sally March 19, 2019 2:17 pm Reply

      I have gone through similar things. Only difference is i choose to ignor it and continue to live life. Not all people are bad anf they may not know the harm they are causing.

    4. Tyler Auer June 23, 2019 7:56 am Reply

      It is real. I’ve had it for three years along with remote neural monitoring which is much worse.

      1. How with all the slander financial ruin and made to look like a criminal makes life prettybshiity for me November 11, 2019 3:12 am Reply

        Definatly share the same crap that poor woman wrote about i j ave no doubt !

    5. Gangstalking Slammer June 27, 2019 6:10 pm Reply

      This is the kind of mis-information a computer gangstalking puppet spews out in order to hide the truth of whats really going on. The arrogance you can see a mile a way. These people believe they are inferior to the rest of humanity. Probably corking his fat ass on a chair right now looking at kiddie porn under a mountain of fast food rappers, napkins, and carriers from McDonalds, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and whatever other gutter corporation GMO butcher house on his street corner.
      These are the people who are using billions of tax payer dollars to social engineer our societies of honest, good, and open minded citizens because they cannot divide them like the religious zealots and political humanobots who make up the other 85% of society. Dare to think for yourself and fat ass here and his team of psychopaths will hunt you down and ostracize you from society. Great country its turned into. Just like the Stasi Nazis of World War ll. Wake up people this is happening and they are getting more brazen in offering jobs now on Google to work for these internal government terrorists.
      Yeshua will have his vengaence upon all of the liars, murderers, and soulless in the end. For he promises all those who ask to have his love and kingdom shall have it. I believe even this lesbian women will there before most these fake christians participating in this who know nothing of his love. However, we forgive those who know not what they do. May they find his light someday. Peace.
      Gangstalking Liar Finder

      1. Deedee July 22, 2020 7:21 am Reply

        Same situation…we need to fight.7634013935

        1. SAR May 9, 2021 3:01 am Reply

          I am a victim I’ve been physically assaulted
          Tortured by apartment employees for 9 years a total of 13 now but the Lord is starting to give me proofs of these things take it to God is your only hope it’s evil

      2. Lionheart July 27, 2020 10:17 am Reply

        Funny you mention Fat assess. I have a couple of those that are part of the cyber attracts on me. I even have the therapist who knows I am being gangstalked tell me to go out and walk. I go to a gym and when ever I am out and about. stalked. The homeless on the street who are part of this illegal group too.

        1. Walter George January 31, 2021 8:21 pm Reply

          Bingo !! They are informants and paid with gift cards…Some are actual military, I can’t damned believe it..
          Lots of Reservists picking up extra hours and pay

    6. Gangstalker Slammer June 27, 2019 6:14 pm Reply

      This is the kind of mis-information a computer gangstalking puppet spews out in order to hide the truth of whats really going on. The arrogance you can see a mile a way. These people believe they are inferior to the rest of humanity. Probably corking his fat ass on a chair right now looking at kiddie porn under a mountain of fast food rappers, napkins, and carriers from McDonalds, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and whatever other gutter corporation GMO butcher house on his street corner.
      These are the people who are using billions of tax payer dollars to social engineer our societies of honest, good, and open minded citizens because they cannot divide them like the religious zealots and political humanobots who make up the other 85% of society. Dare to think for yourself and fat ass here and his team of psychopaths will hunt you down and ostracize you from society. Great country its turned into. Just like the Stasi Nazis of World War ll. Wake up people this is happening and they are getting more brazen in offering jobs now on Google to work for these internal government terrorists.
      Yeshua will have his vengaence upon all of the liars, murderers, and soulless in the end. For he promises all those who ask to have his love and kingdom shall have it. I believe even this lesbian women will there before most these fake christians participating in this who know nothing of his love. However, we forgive those who know not what they do. May they find his light someday. Peace.
      Gangstalking Slammer

      1. Lloyd George January 31, 2021 8:33 pm Reply


    7. RebeccaisaccebeR July 17, 2019 6:01 pm Reply

      This is the typical programmed response of a loser gangstalker.

    8. Chase July 18, 2019 1:50 am Reply

      Please help me chase dyrdahl

    9. Tamala Jackson August 2, 2019 3:45 pm Reply

      You can block your home by lining the walls with glass deceptive blocks. In Hawaii there is a man, Derek Find who has a traced to find out who is harming you..My company owns a grandstanding traced for years.

      1. Tiffany November 15, 2019 4:32 pm Reply

        How can I find this Daric

        1. Karen Cahail November 4, 2020 10:11 am Reply

          I too am a victim of organized stalking and I live on Oahu now. It happened to me in Wichita Kansas. I’m sorry for what you went through. Maybe together we can fight this raise awareness for its really going on. When I went through it I went to the FBI the CIA the kbi the Federal Trade Commission the Kansas Attorney General the White House advisor on violence against women and Barack and Michelle Obama separately.

      2. Tamala:My family and especially my oldest daughter have been gangstalked by someone from FB for 10 years. Where do we go for help? Her life has been ruined by this? January 28, 2020 3:13 am Reply

        Please tell me who to go to to get help with gangstalking. Jerilyn Capaccione

      3. SAR May 9, 2021 3:05 am Reply

        I am a victim I’ve been physically assaulted
        Tortured by apartment employees for 9 years a total of 13 now but the Lord is starting to give me proofs of these things take it to God is your only hope it’s evil I live off my fixed income I want that glass house my dog is ill and has been tortured I am losing my mental capacity and Bill I have a form of dementia from the 13 years of attacks I was posing with chemicals and other agents for 5 years someone help me get the Glass House I’m afraid they’re going to take me soon to another country and do really really bad things to me or use me for your purposes I’m terrified

        1. JO May 19, 2021 5:10 pm Reply

          Can we talk ,I have many unanswered thoughts and question but don’t know who to talk to, because I think myself is crazy by some of the things I see or wanna say is going on.

    10. J D August 8, 2019 8:15 am Reply

      I am a victim of gang stalking. I have been since 2012. I really don’t know the natural side of gang stalking. Some people say it is because you took someone to court. I just know it stems from the occult and it is a form of electronic torture and harassment by means of mocking, brain washing, and false accusations.
      If you are a Christian and are gang stalked, you have done something to offend God. I know this from experience. You have been turned over to the Babylonians.

      1. MP September 20, 2019 8:38 am Reply

        So I have been turned over to s and/or the Bb’s? What was your experince and how did you fix it?

      2. Kevin May 15, 2020 12:33 am Reply

        God is mercy and love.
        Read the book of job, you will understand more of why you are being harassed.
        God tests you, the devil tempts you

    11. Dillon russell October 1, 2019 6:43 am Reply

      I am a victim aswell I live in Tallahassee FL I’m 27 and clean cut but fell victim to homelessness 2 and half years ago I’ve been in and out the homeless shelter since. I am constantly followed and harassed by police, ems, fire department and my peers I’m followed everywhere I go by many vehicle’s aswell as my reputation being destroyed how do u stop this

      1. Lloyd George January 31, 2021 8:37 pm Reply

        Thry want to falsely incarcerate you, that way you’re making money for them from the Tax Payer

    12. Billy October 26, 2019 1:25 pm Reply

      Have been going to this talking for a long time for years my wife of relationship with her have about 13 years ended I’m in a divorce filing divorce with her she is part of it I believe in human trafficking how I’ve been followed and tortured and poisonous happening again and again and again stops for a while then it starts again and signals cars I believe they’re also related that what the cartel are these they’re very organized I would say I don’t know how they find me but they do again and again don’t know what to do I feel that I’m being poisoned several times I don’t feel I know I am for the way I feel I’ve been to the doctor I’ve been in the hospital I’ve been to the police and I don’t get any help they don’t believe me there’s only a few exceptional people that are close to me for the last 30 40 years who believe me I’ve left my house my wife my son my step-son I should say my dog 1002 miles away and they found me back in Maryland within a week in a hotel while I was working came back to California and here they are again wherever I go they seem to catch up with me sooner or later probably through the I could go on and on with the mental confusion due to the poisoning has gotten to me find it very difficult to function of discontinuous this torturous on their in torturous and eventually my heart will give out due to the poisoning

      1. Lionheart July 27, 2020 10:23 am Reply

        They are using the Government connections. Your SSN as well as name and family are monitored. They also have tech to mask their voices, and appear to be a family or friend. Your calls are redirected to a receiving hub. The use of cell towers utility companys and others are a well known fact.

    13. Gem December 19, 2019 5:54 pm Reply

      Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency
      Ms. Soleilmavis Liu
      Sponsor Activist of Peacepink
      Yantai, Shandong Province, China
      Recent years, the words “mind control abuse and torture” and “target individual” appears frequently online. Thousands of people in groups or individually cries attention to the abuses and tortures with electromagnetic mind control technologies through internet and all other channels. The scale of the ongoing crimes is large, and hidden. People are asking for the worldwide attention and an international investigation of enormous human rights violations that are silently taking place worldwide at this moment.
      One of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights is the proliferationof mind control technologies and their accompanying abuse and torture. Thousands of innocent victims across the globe have become activists for their freedom.
      Electromagnetic mind control technologies are weapons which use electromagnetic waves to hijacka person’s brain and nervous system and subvert an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making. This article is a brief introduction to mind control technologies, the grave situation of hidden mind control abuses and tortures, and victims, includingSoleilmavis Liu, whose work is to expose mind control technologies and their torturous abuses, and to urge governments worldwide to investigate and halt these egregious violations of human rights.
      Keywords: Mind control technology; voice-to-skull; victim, Human Rights; Torture; Abuse
      Thousands of people in groups or individually cries attention to the abuses and tortures with electromagnetic mind control technologies through internet and all other channels. The scale of the ongoing crimes is large, and hidden. People are asking for the worldwide attention and an international investigation of enormous human rights violations that are silently taking place worldwide at this moment.
      This article will briefly introduce mind control technologies, current data of mind control victims, Soleilmavis’ case summary, and their work to expose mind control abuse and torture. Soleilmavis’ case summary and her work will hopefully bring more public awareness to the secret crimes of mind control abuses and tortures.
      Brief introduction of mind control technologies
      Mind control technologies are weapons which use electronic microchip implants, nanotechnologies, microwaves and/or electromagnetic waves to subvert an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making by attacking the brain and nervous system. The development of these methods and technology. This is happening throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Voice to Skull is real. sign the petition to help save lives. Freedom and human rights are being attacked.

      1. Betty September 6, 2020 1:35 pm Reply

        It is real and not a joke I have filled several reports online. They just tell me to stop all contact which is what I’m doing. The cops told me something along time ago and basically nine times out ten it’s someone you know. I know that information doesn’t help some it helps me because I know who’s doing it . Watch your backs and who you talk to . They will send more just ignore and report them too. It is not funny and to be honest I consider these people terrorists too . I also learned that they can file charges against the people and as long as you got proof there’s nothing they can do. For those of you who don’t know your gang stalking group just look for unhappy faces and finger pointing . Usually they’ll look real snarky have a huge frown never smiling you think they would be happy with all the hacking . Do not interact with the person when you find out stay away.

    14. Donald Ray Howard January 5, 2020 9:19 pm Reply

      I am a victim of a night stalker who broke a Boston Red Sox wooden bat over my head in my sleep. The attacker was turned in by me Jan. 2nd 2019. The F.B.I. is guilty of negligence and protecting Child Molesters and Rapist. Justice must prevail.

    15. Mohib Jivan January 11, 2020 11:34 pm Reply much are you getting paid to be a shill and a disinfo agent?
      These tactics have been verified by Robert Duncan, who used to be with the CIA, and assisted in developing the stalking program, with Direct Energy Weapons and microwave weapons. His books are available to read, about this stalking program. “HOW TO TAME A DEMON” and “PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER, Vol 2”. Also in these books by Dr. John Hall, “GUINEA PIGS”, and “A NEW BREED: SATELLITE TERRORISTS IN AMERICA. The public is woke.

    16. John Binns January 17, 2020 8:04 pm Reply

      Anyone who is an enemy of the deep state can get targeted. I was targeted for my alleged involvement in blackhat hacking activities, and while many of the complainants ARE in fact mentally ill, it is something that does actually happen.

    17. Marcus Aethorumn January 22, 2020 2:53 pm Reply

      Thanks for sharing the same kind of problems, and worse I have been experiencing. It is related to shadow government and affluent people with too much time on their hands and too much money to accept false promises of immortality. The lesbians in the program love to tie up the guys sexually and perversely assault them and steal the collagen from down there. Men steal the collagen too. They all take from the less fortunate and people are targeted according to your personal health records in Canada. It is a global order conspiracy utilizing criminal and non-criminal sub groups. I like to call them sycophants and grovelers Unitedk!

      1. wtf? November 29, 2020 6:30 pm Reply

        You’re a nut-job. No lesbian wants to think of your junk, let alone get close to it.
        Lay off the crack.

    18. Sandra Wampler February 13, 2020 11:58 pm Reply

      First of as she says it’s a organized crime. I know this person in this photo. I’d believe this. As I’m a victim of this crime this is currently happening to me an I’m in Missouri where I’m always having things like this because family only by blood set me up an drugs me an has tortured me since I was a child. No the police aren’t protecting me an they are helping a person who stole a intent as a child from me. That’s how messed up the crimes are not being stop an there’s only one help in the world and it’s not drugs or therapy it’s salvation! Fixing the problems is salvation. An no one is helping these people. They are abusing them.

    19. Mark Cervantes March 19, 2020 3:21 pm Reply

      I hate these satanic gang stalking monkeys.

      1. Gang stalking apes June 24, 2020 8:35 am Reply

        Charleston Heston was right

    20. William Reynolds April 20, 2020 7:54 pm Reply

      They are gutless cowards that don’t have a single bone in their jelly fish bodies. They wouldn’t hide what they did if it had any redeeming value. Do their children know how utterly spineless their mommy and daddy is? Do the kids follow in the same fearful deceit, probably because lack of any moral fiber in their diets.

    21. Andrea May 19, 2020 2:02 am Reply

      First of all Gordon, I’m going to guess that your a government official. Only a government official would say something that uneducated and ignorant. I’m right so far! That being said, you need to take your uneducated and ignorant self back to school. Get a little education and definitely quit your job. Your job is not helping you at all! Then you need to find a really good Dr. or brain surgeon. After that, get yourself some heavy duty medication! Maybe Thorazine!
      Unfortunately everyone, Gordon is a gang stalker! Only a government official or a gang stalker would say something so uneducated and ridiculous. No help for you buddy.
      Now you have my diagnosis! Gordon your Mentally ill. Get some help. You need it drastically. Thank you.

    22. larey May 20, 2020 6:46 pm Reply

      This lady has a two-way communication device hidden behind her ear somewhere she has a two-way conversation with the person or people and it can be captured when they’re talking to her any recording device can pick up them talking you just have to multiply the volume like 50 times and you can hear them in there so can be proven

    23. Coy June 1, 2020 3:11 pm Reply

      Help me understsnd

    24. Ari July 17, 2020 5:08 am Reply

      The people dismissing this as mental illness are the same type saying COVID 19 is a hoax. If they havent see/experienced it YOU must be crazy. Just like male shrinks who called women hysterical/delusional when they didn’t know what women were going through.
      This stalking is real. It is a global control and abuse program. It’s multicultural cuz participants belong to international unions. Catholics are a huge part of it cuz so many of them have histories with unions.
      Some members of UFCW 21 are active participants.
      The online b.s. about voice to skull technology etc is a smoke screen to send victims after a red herring.
      Unions give your neighbors incentives and plant stories about you. They tell neighbors to place items around their homes in certain colors so you feel like the world is in on it and against you. They’re global cuz the unions are global.
      They’re sick, immoral people.

      1. lionheart July 27, 2020 10:34 am Reply

        Where I was living. They came in and placed darker curtains. Which did not allow any light in, Then had people around the complex making noise, loud vehicle and complete harassment. Very sadistic. You have these people who claim to be Christians as well as others who can do this to people. Crazy. I know at least for me here. it is human, sex and drug trafficking. The amount of money to operated these organized terrorist operations is huge. I also have to deal with the gangs here too. all working together.

        1. SAR May 9, 2021 3:35 am Reply

          Explain if you are Christian I have done something to offend God and have been turned over to the Babylonians what does that mean
          I am a person of God some might call me a Christian all I know is I believe in God his son Jesus I am a victim of gang stalking terrorism I have been abused so many times so I hope that for the people that believe in God be careful how you word your senses I’m a Christian and I’m not involved in the tax on the people I’m involved in a way out looking for a way out God has so many times come and protect me against this evil institute that is ran through the internet Lucifer’s principalities given to him via God years ago I would like to Hope every victim here could possibly find a way to get in a quiet place shut everything down go to God and ask him to do what he’s done for me he has kicked a s s for me and I love him and I’m nothing without him I fear Him and no one day the evil people working to destroy good will have to answer to his great power God almighty Lucifer has not much time left to terrorize God’s good people I love you Lord I serve you first thank you for all you’ve done for me and I asked and your name your son’s name that you protect the people that are victimized by this great evil show them what you’ve shown me GOD you are the mighty powerful
          I depend on you and this war of darkness and principalities is what the Lord told me I’m dealing with a few years before it got bad real bad pray to him people ask him to protect you I love you God thank you son Jesus and your name all things no idols before you I serve you and honor you to the day I die my quest is to live in your heaven for eternity away from all the evil that myself and these people I’m reading about having drugs it’s my prayer to you Lord to open up the gateways in the byways and to institutions when they will have believed in the people that are shouting and crying for help lastly we are on the end of times
          The endurances of all harms done to us will soon be part of the past that we no longer have to suffer from
          A lot of pray for each victim here my heart goes out to you as I feel the person that’s talking about the brain control with some type of object that’s what has happened to me I want many times with organizations in my apartment attacking me of what the needles in my arms I give all of my fears to God but yet I’m afraid I’m human I’m asking every member here that is part of this world attack from Lucifer’s and his angels of evil to pray for each other my prayers that we all our sisters and brothers in Christ and one day we’ll have no more suffering from the layers of his attacks the peon Lucifer may God bless you and your son’s name I pray amen

      2. Covid19isgooglesbaby September 13, 2020 5:16 pm Reply

        In actuality the people targeted for gangstalking are the same people unlikely to accept the covid-19 narrative at face value. For most of their life, they have been monitored as potential troublemakers and vengeance seekers because they know the artifice that is human authority and hypocrisy in addition to having been systematicslly abused. Women, gays, blacks, skeptical Aquarians, inquisitive Geminiams, free spirited Sagittarians, drama free Taureans etc are just some examples of types that rock the boat and disturb the structures of power hungry Arians, the capitalist Cappies, the heteronormative Scorps, the “normal” focus on the family” Cancerians, the wolf in Pope’s clothing Pisceans. Sadly many in the targeted group have become enemies of themselves, hence why you have noticed some displaying such cognitive dissonance. Either because of a lack of willpower or lack of luxury to be a total rebel (think being a parent and risking loss of custody ) some have been forced into treachery by the diabolical medical establishment, the primary hub for mind control mechanisms (“safety” conscious NRBs, vaccines, glucose devices, eyewear etc). The most popular trigger to get non-conformists into working against themselves is Trump and the highly biased yet persistent TDS. If most could drop just this one attribute (turn off CNN, MSNBC, FOX, they’d begin to slightly undermine the brainwashing agendas. But lets not forget that the final piece that makes it all work is the devil’s apprentice, aka Google, governed by the ever puritan Virgoan fact checking and thought policing net nanny along with some Libran censoring, evil-denying Utopianism to make it all ok because we’re in this “together”.

    25. Keys Lanier September 2, 2020 5:42 am Reply

      You can’t imagine how relieved I was to discover that I wasn’t crazy,and definitely wasn’t alone in this. I’m going to do my part to establish strong awareness,by also telling my story. Even as I sit he inre, they are attacking me physically as they always do anytime I do anything that involves awareness. They attack my heart the most,bc they know I have an existing heart condition. It’s sadistic,but won’t escape the judgement of God. As far as going to police for help, there’s no way to provide evidence as they keep my phone on a constant state of active hacking,deleting any video or other evidence,as soon as I record it. Been through 3 phones and number changes. I wish you the best,and God will give you the grace to get through it,as he has with me,until things change for us Targeted Individuals.

      1. Cortez September 7, 2020 4:18 pm Reply

        I am in the same boat! This is happening to me for a decade now. I am lucky to have the strength to stay focused on what is more important in my life. It started before I became US Citizen. I thought that this will eventually go away after my naturalization. Unfortunately, gang stalking becomes a distraction in my daily life. Me too, I changed phones and numbers and even houses multiple times but it never stopped. What is more damaging is that US government doesn’t same to leave any chance for anyone to formally complain about gang stalking. I have been working on filling a complaint for couple weeks now but I am unable to find the right way to do it. I am here because I am looking for a judiciary advice or probably a civil rights lawyer. I am convinced that gang stalkers will never stop as long as they can get away with it. They have all necessary support, intelligence and money to cover up all their wrong doing. Unless victims start to officially complain, nothing will change. My suggestion is to fill a group complaint against law enforcement and federal for their negligence of protecting individuals including US citizens knowing that they are under real treat. US constitution protects everyone’s privacy and the federal is required to enforce that. Please reply if you like the idea!

    26. Jadee Hogue September 21, 2020 1:22 pm Reply

      Only people who are involved make these kind of comments.

    27. Josh September 23, 2020 11:30 am Reply

      I love how the stalkers will post comments about how the claimant needs psych help. They are on virtually every online statement from a stalking victim in the comments section and they follow the same format as this one.
      This commenter IS one of her stalkers.
      I’ll explain why I know this.
      The commenter goes directly to “she needs a psychiatrist” and does not even entertain the possibility she may be telling the truth. Secondly, why is it so impossible? People have a million weird hobbies, and in the age of information, it’s not a stretch to conceive that hackers or other malcontent 4chan 8chan types would engage in this activity. It’s the “ultimate game”. The natural progression of gaming culture, if you really look at it. So why is she mentally ill, but the identity theft victim is being truthful?
      Third, delusional disorder is characterized under several bullet points, none of which she checks off in her statement. She speaks sanely, gives specific examples, and is not scattered or unorganized in her thought process. She is being truthful.
      A reasonable person could easily conclude that it likely IS happening to her.
      And judging by the format of the comment and the fact that these extremist calls for psychiatric institutionalization are found on nearly every post, article, etc online, leads me to conclude that this commenter is associated with or is the perpetrator himself.
      We will bury you, stalkers. Your day is coming fast.

      1. Sabrina November 27, 2020 3:56 am Reply

        I’m a victim. I wish I knew where to go or who to ask for help. It is getting bad. I’ve been forced from place to place. My emails about interviews or jobs don’t always make it to me. The concept of it is hard for anyone to believe, so I’ve not gone to my family. I fear any small communication with them will be lost even at mention of what I’m going through. I’m coherent, I’m logical, I’m taking notes, I am very aware and maybe even mistakenly saw or found things that weren’t being counted on, and it is how I figured out what is happening. Once I started to search (vents or corners) for cameras after seeing reflection, once I started to google things what i thought was just a neighbor stalking me, I found much info but no place to go, or call, or join. Or get support from. I’m on the NE coast near DC. They have broken into residences I’ve rented, forced me to leave more than 5, placed and released chemicals inside home, and vehicle, They’ve even been to my family home. I’m sure they have surveillance. This isn’t simple equipment, I saw a rotating 360 camera in a reflection , otherwise would not have known about it even. They have attacked me with what I now believe may be microwave, radiation, EMF, DEW , and also lasers. I’ve followed and watched 24/7 as if I’m an investment. I may even be somewhere on dark web maybe that is why they are always around, circling my car, my homes, behind me when I leave, arrive, and then I’ve heard people on the roof or in units below if I go stay at a friend, they follow me and a few hours later the electronic harassment begins. They also sleep deprive. I’m not sure what to do, I’ve started feeling sick and I can’t reach out to anyone. My email, cell phone, all hacked I’m sure they can see this post. If anyone knows please give me specific number or email or support group so I can atleast have one person who believes this. Instead of the many who are dropping off as friends because they can’t imagine who would spend the time, money, effort to do such things. I wish i had that answer. I’m really falling apart here and scared they have a final agenda, otherwise why the need for constant surveillance.

    28. Robert James Liguori September 30, 2020 5:50 am Reply

      It’s Babylon… comprised of deep states, shadow governments, cartels, mafia families, vengeange groups, secret societies, cults (e.g., Illuminati), gangs, hate groups, supremacy groups, corrupt service organizations, health scare groups, rogue operations, etc. etc. etc.

      I was falsely labeled paranoid schizophrenic after going for help for threats.

      In short, there’s a lot of corruption in this world.

    29. flashlight on gaslighters October 6, 2020 4:53 pm Reply

      have wonderful employer that backed me up when human traffickers commenced with their harassment and chronic stalking. took me two years to figure-out, one year to cope, but as result, participated in creating human trafficking organization to fight this horrible crime successfully changing laws in my state to protect and serve human traffick victims. anyone criticizing this post, probably paid troll for trafficking network. gaslighters gonna gaslight and there is a bright flashlight shining. my story seems crazy, but luckily, smart, strong woman that documents EVERYTHING. #SetThemFree

    30. Db October 10, 2020 2:30 am Reply

      Rose. I am going tbrough similar and would love to talk to you

    31. rob October 12, 2020 4:39 pm Reply

      I support what this woman is saying too. There is something known as willful disbelief. Are you really so close minded and with everything we’ve seen recently that you couldn’t imagine to be true? Or are you one of “them.” Good luck to this woman and stay strong.

    32. Matthew Haley October 19, 2020 5:38 pm Reply

      I can’t believe the comments I read on here, not believing what this person has written. It is very true and happens to women all the time and everyone tries to make out like you have some mental condition and there is noone that you can trust or turn to. This is very real and has happened to me! This is the reason so many women and children are abducted and tortured and abused and murdered because dumbasses don’t believe this really happens to real people! Human Trafficking and gangstalking is very very real! People need to open their eyes to protect what is happening to women and children worldwide!

    33. Wow November 3, 2020 3:56 pm Reply

      Hey Oswald is that something u were told to post or are u the one GS the lady ? I tell u wut a few years ago I would have felt and thought the same thing but and then guess wut ? It’s happening very slightly or begining to and the only difference in my life? A new cell phone and service through mysterious Walmart and verizon. Two of the HUGEST entity’s out there or here on this planet and yet iam the one who can’t get a clear cut response at all from anyone at the above mentioned Giants. And every second that passes iam gravitating deeper into the identity that’s being socially engineered with under the name of Verizon and Walmart and not in that order. So unless ur in on it Waldo why don’t u keep ur cliches to ur self it happens every day all over and then we wonder how as a species so much more advanced than any others on this out door prison of a free world. Yay go Humans I am glad the world gots my back yayyy! No it’s every turn every minute tryin to take wut u possibly might have earned the good ol fashion way. Fa-Q very much.

    34. Monti December 4, 2020 6:02 am Reply

      Gordon you are out of line. This woman is probably not delusional. This could happen to you or to someone who you love. You could be next. Why would you immediately discredit this person and alluded to her being mentally out of touch with reality. No Gordon. You are one who is out of touch. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you begin to see the truth. It’s not pretty. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    35. Don S December 16, 2020 5:51 pm Reply

      You need to get right with the Lord if your a disimformation .. This type of stalking is Global and used by corporations,insurance companies and anyone of influence that wants to traffic someone.. Its really very simple. And big buisness. I was trafficked by insurance, through medical fraud and right into private sector lawneforcement and its all paid for on the tax payer dime. Whistle blowers in the FBI and lawenforcement already proved your accusations are simply ignorant. This is nothing but corrupted crime perpetrated on innocent people. You dont get 2 million + gangstalking victims talking about the same style tactics being used .. Text book tactics..

    36. Katie Larkins December 22, 2020 4:13 pm Reply

      How do i get help to get away from these people?

    37. Richard Brown December 27, 2020 9:59 am Reply

      My name is Richard Brown from Newton County Arkansas. Live in area called Wayton in Arkansas. They started their gangstalking me about eight years ago the cops are involved. I was setting in the local sheriff’s office one waiting to speak with an officer’s. While I was setting there they was having meeting in the back room. So as I set there I heard my name come from the room they was in they said, ” This Richard Brown guy is not going to help us or snitch on anyone” then one guy in the meeting spoke up and said, ” He didn’t even get scared of the bottom raid we put in the program.” This was all coming from the local police department. Now sense we have new sheriff me and my kiddos was eating in the local Ozark Cafe and the sheriff was there eating that morning with some of the deputies and the probation officers at the time. Sheriff was talking to the probation officer about me. The said, ” It is only hate crime being done torward him talking about me like he didn’t care any. ” I have kiddos at home with me that the sheriff knows about and sometimes hate crime can get very violent we one’s get jealous of you because you have your life on track and they don’t. These person that lives close loosened lug nuts on my four wheelers and the truck at the time me and my family would places in. That’s premeditated murder that was planning the death of me and my family. The police won’t do anything to them type of people around here because those people are their snitches that make their jobs easier. I travel for work and they have been calling ahead and having their little demons waiting on me when I get to where I’m going. They have gotten into my bank account information as well. The weapons being used are DEW’S ( directed energy weapons) they use alot radiation that’s projected alot of radiation at the skull area of the body and the individual that was targeted. These people are evil and jealous all because they screwed their lives up along time and have to take it out on someone else.

    38. Sherri Storey January 15, 2021 6:11 am Reply

      Gordon Oswald, please bow out of commenting on someone’s mental health status without proper credentials and clinical time and testing of Ms, Rose.

      I am the victim of “gang stalking” which is about to get national notoriety because one of the perps is a known killer wanted by the FBI for 51 years.

      I too was marked as crazy by my perpetrators. I am as mentally sound as it gets. To be able to endure the “gang stalking” on the level I have and not end up in a mental hospital chasing butterflies or in a hotel committing suicide speaks volumes.

      Oswald, you are a terrible person and should think twice before speaking/judging on such subjects you clearly have no knowledge.

      Good luck to you Ms. Rose and thank you to The Garden Island for bringing attention to this repulsive subject in the form of Ms. Roses story.


      1. A. Smythe May 28, 2021 3:08 pm Reply

        I’m also a victim of absolutely BRUTAL, relentless daily gangstalking. The stress has been so overwhelming I recently had a stroke because of it. These gangstalking groups most often have roots in criminal coverups for extortion. I know three people who are involved in these groups because they’ve committed murders. Murders that I have firsthand knowledge about and even evidence, one of which was 31 years ago. The man who committed that murder is a known Aryan Nation white supremacist who murdered a black man that I knew as a child, because he was black, and then robbed him to make it look like a “drug deal gone wrong”, when it was a murder he committed as part of an attempted initiation into another hate-group offshoot of the Aryan Nation. Then he started making a series of videos claiming he was a “gang leader” in charge of an ANTI-racist group called “FSU”. Hollywood ate up this false narrative with a spoon, and now this racist scumbag murderer is the head of a famous television show on FX called Mayans. He’s pretending he’s Latino now, using the name “Elgin James”. That’s not his name, and that’s not his real history. He’s a racist and a murderer. And he got away with it for all these years because of this online subterfuge they create to distract, confuse, and discredit any victims of their crimes or witnesses. The gangstalking is a very effective way of discrediting and destroying the lives of witnesses with knowledge of their crimes. He was using an instagram-based gang stalking network of drug dealers. They also use and other social media sites to gangstalk and terrorize witnesses or anyone in the areas they monopolize for drug dealing, drug trafficking and human trafficking. No rational person would participate in gangstalking and terrorizing other people and even their own family members unless they’re criminals themselves, who were threatened with being reported to get them to participate. When they hack a person’s digital communication and enlist their own friends and family members to supply personal, private information about them to the group to use, the person thinks their being mind-controlled or hypnotized and having their mind read or something. That’s a logical thing for them to think, since it’s too hard to believe or accept that your own family members would be capable of doing this to them. It’s heartbreaking. And it’s all illegal. And yes, more REAL information needs to get out there for people to learn about it. These most certainly ARE criminal networks of people using some pretty sophisticated forms of hacking and surveillance to terrorize people and destroy lives. And when someone is experiencing this it’s often so overwhelming and terrifying that they do experience a psychological breakdown as a result. Then you see an army of them online making crazy comments supposedly from people who are victims of this crime, to make everyone going through it appear insane. Or a religious fanatic, or someone who thinks they had a microchip implanted in their brain. It’s alot simpler than any of that, actually. It’s just CRIME. and it’s a network of people working to cover up the CRIME, by making sure anyone who can report anything is discredited.

    39. Holly aka Boots January 21, 2021 5:50 am Reply

      There w was a typo in my earlier post. My neighbors have heard the illegal V2k or shortwave radio broadcasts directed at my home. Do not be afraid to ask your neighbors if they have heard random radio broadcasts coming from outside. You are not mentally ill. When my neighbors told me they heard these creeps as well it gave me all the cred I needed to fight these evil people.

    40. Byron January 29, 2021 7:09 pm Reply

      I am a victim & it’s sickening they have called me a child molester & everything they wouldn’t stop till I went to a mental doc “because they made me by saying it’s in your head” it’s still going on I lost everything my baby momma of 4 yrs my job etc. I’m 24 yrs old & never have had any mental illnesses this all recently started happening & it’s been going on a year now & don’t know who to get help from most the police are in on it & they try to make me think there’s a prostitution ring going on they make me hear people have sex & say it’s my baby momma & they say stuff like “yeah she’s a nasty bi**ch ain’t she” I’m so sick of it idk what to do except fall in line they also have my tvs bugged with mics I can hear everything they do & say but when they don’t want me to they will say “turn it down” then it stops my family’s in on it my mom & aunt ect. All Ik is I’m miserable & don’t know what to do

    41. Lloyd George January 31, 2021 9:22 pm Reply

      Gordon is a Gang Stalking Ninny or a Troll…. Gordon needs Gang Stalked…EXCUSE ME, HE NEEDS TO BECOME A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL, BY HIS LOCAL COMMUNITY ORIENTED POLICING COMMITTEE. 🚔 🤔😷😏🤥👍👍👍🤔🤔🤔😡😡😡😠😠😠👿

    42. Devon DeGenero March 7, 2021 5:49 pm Reply

      This is very real they have destroyed my relationship with my girlfriend and even had her raped by a gang.

    43. Denise March 21, 2021 6:24 pm Reply

      The people saying she needs professional help are indeed her gangstalkers I guarantee it. I’ve been thru the same. We ain’t crazy. Its cool , the gangstalkers will pay for what they did one day 😀
      Jesus Christ is real call on him for help

    44. Caroline Schott April 20, 2021 10:28 pm Reply

      My family is gangstocking me from Washington state to Florida and I just recorded them on Facebook live in apartment attic crawlspace in Orlando Florida planning to take it to Hawaii, they mentioned the bucket list family as a target. See my Facebook page Caroline James. 4-21-21

    45. Efren Plata May 9, 2021 9:53 am Reply

      , Efren Plata DOB of 11/19/1978 picture below, have lived in the residence alone at 14018 Wildcat Lair in San Antonio Texas, 78253 since 2011 alone. Its a duplex and upstairs has been vacant since February 1 2020.

      I have audio in proving internal and external communications and video of certain individuals like Ann Marie Campbell, Anthony Ramirez, Patricia Paredes picture below 10/25/1980, Tina Arbarca, Samantha Garcia 5/4/1985, Bailee Nicole Hestand, Manuel Rodriguez, Kristine Hernandez, Mariah Queens, Vincente Hernandez Abarca (Illigal), Jesse Plata, Emerio Plata, Gracie Plata, Vania Carmina Plata, Sonia Rodriguez aka Lasican Marguex Padilla, Sarah Strickland, Stephanie Strickland, Amber Rodriguez, Jessica Rodriguez, David Plata,whom ive been witnessing and have others whom we can sepeona whom i accuse of Gangstalking, illigal entry, invasion of privacy, and violation my constitutional right of 4th and 14th amendment. On 05/09/2021 completes 9 years. I presume that Hacked into manifold radio antanae across street I presume to which is causes a cross talk to electromagnetically assaulted me certain channels to link to residental networks, recievers (victim), and wireless devices. Ive Alerted KASAT 12, on 5/7/2021 whom they may be some officer involved Det. Alicia Lopez, Christopher Chavez#2021. I assume they know my personal business inside my home, so hidden cameras is my assumption, stalking, and breaching confidentiality agreement which i send to the district clerk with my signature if it was a illegal survalliance whom clearly violates the penal code 21.15. Also obtaining illegal evidence in section 2511.
      Efren Plata

      1. R September 17, 2021 8:10 pm Reply

        Ok, I said to write everything to the FBI n local police, but maybe not everything, because mine are saying, human trafficking, fgm, adoption houses for human trafficking, serial killer stuff, lots of rape, cell phone hacking, bne, extortion, identity fraud, Europe, central america, Asia, africa, USA n can. Fountain of you/ genetically mutated. Prison, Hollywood, they threaten family members, get others hand dirty, threaten eachother, watch ever move and infiltrate police. So I’m gonna write in their most common quotes, n telepathy n some trusted creditentials HaCking my PHONE. Because, in all it’s too crazy. Bobby, that another one. But yeah mine has multiple top dogs, lots of people they collected, trauma, money, new bodies, getting out of prison, the game, power are some of the things they want. It’s an evil business and the device, the string with photos is a portion of it.

      2. sammy October 19, 2021 10:58 am Reply

        hello from thailand! they tried to ruin my life as well. i got similar accusations and a lot of lies span by them. i have moved to the third apartment till now. they stalk me hire my neightbors to knock my room walls all night and upper floor so i cant sleep. they tell them im a mentally ill criminal so they wanna help them get me off of the place by disturbing me in different tactics. they gangstalk me to believe lies or false motivations they tried to get me. they curse at me everyday to set me up for something. everytime i sleep they they knock my room so. i suudenly awake to hear them gangstalk me big time. im adjusting my attitude to more positive mindsets. i do things opposite to what they coeorge me to. honestly sometimes i believe them about accusing someone of breaking in my place. its good reminder to be more careful. i still hear them talk. dont know what to do but live with it. they tell me to seek help from psychiatrists everyday or even threaten to kill me and my family and frame me for doin it, ending up taking my life. hope they will get karmar they deserve one day. and i got no criminal or drug records. i got no idea why i have been targeted. its been 3 months till now

    46. Ill tell you what it is May 20, 2021 8:43 pm Reply

      Your problem is multi-fauceted as there are different groups. First federal agencies ie homeland security and the CIA are building a system of people for control. The CIA likely has multiple black ops programs for control and human experimentation in coop with military with purpose to study human reaction and ultimately influence people in large groups to control crime, influence voting, and prevent uprising. Next, the Mexicans. Drugs, human trafficking, theft, and any crime you can imagine. Yes, your typical family unit is involved as everyone has a family they want over the border and they seek dominance in as many communities as possible. This is why crime is so rampant in these communities. Its a Mexican Mob. African African Americans have a similar but less organized more for civil rights. Whites in the South and Christians do it too but less criminal. Then theres politics. Democrats are building a massive mob that parts of engage in criminal activity as Republicans have theirs. These have always existed but are growing as compounded corruption grows. All operate independently but all exist. You likely have fallen target to one or more. The FBI is useless. The police need LOTS of evidence. These groups are gangstalking and are responsible for endless crimes from federal through local criminal violations. You fight it, it can get worse. We are becoming more psychologically violent with eachother because we lost are ability to be physical. These you will see everywhere from grocery shopping to your workplace. Do not confuse this randomness horrible trait of our failing society with the above. If you need help I can help you.

      1. Natasha January 13, 2022 1:20 pm Reply

        Help. 15 years and counting. They guy told me to my face that I would be one of the first to try out the experiments. Now I understand what he was talking about. They are harassing me at every turn.

    47. Lacey Johnson May 21, 2021 11:03 am Reply

      What legal actions can I take place I have a group of gang stalkers that will not stop and I know everyone of them that are involved what legal actions can I take immediately

    48. Keri Hegwald June 10, 2021 6:13 pm Reply

      You are ignorant and will probably never know what it feels like to have a title company conspire with a delusional neighbor claiming “son” as they ignore your full filed power of attorney and practically give your family estate to Tim Remington the day the insurance arrives or allow actors to forge death certificate and status in a non community state ,my mom died the day they demolished her home and business and stole all hope…..welfare would rather me go back on benefits,which I refuse to do …..then to amend the death frauded certificate to the TRUTH …and just give me what is mine …in Idaho RIGHTS are not intended for poor people ……they like theatrics and to destroy anything good in a targets life , my mom was ignorant like you and payed hundreds of thousands of dollars for insurance of all kinds …..when she needed it , it was not there ……she was surrounded by people that hated her trying to get her to change her power of attorney on her death bed watch YouTube Scotty weaver pioneer title and the alter church confuse elders ant legends in cda Idaho
      They erased her like she never existed
      Her 93 year old boyfriends kids lied smeared and stole our lives ……it’s bad

    49. Victory June 25, 2021 11:20 am Reply

      She is correct. Organized crime is trafficking us. They pay us but they are shifty to get along with and they steal everything. The “oh she’s crazy” will only last so long. People are getting wise to it.

    50. Light Blue June 28, 2021 12:46 am Reply

      This is really happeningto some people. It’s also called community harassment. Theyre tactics alone can induce psychosis and trauma which complicates the persons life even more

    51. Dan Mc July 5, 2021 2:56 pm Reply

      Same thing for me. Lots of stolen money they try yo tske away cellpbone and computer so you cant tell anyone.. They have low level employees in shops and
      Cellphone stores on payroll.

      Also seems rtl me that locsl police could be in but i found they were intercepting 911 calls so likely i never spoke to real police. In person at station is only way.

      I am followed everywhere by cars with temp tags

    52. Amelia August 23, 2021 9:31 am Reply

      You are out of line with your comments and false accusations. Rose does not need psychiatric help. What Miss Rose needs is for someone to listen and help her with what the issue at hand is. What she speaks of is very real and happens to so many others in this world. There are hundreds of thousands of victims that are too scared to speak out on the matter in fear that people like you will call them crazy. I to have the same issue as Miss Rose. I find it very brave on her part for reaching out to others. For informing others. Your comments make you seem as if you were one of them. Rose Know this, you are NOT crazy. I’ve already excepted that people will call me crazy or think that I am. Just know this, you are not, neither am I. Know that you’re not alone.

    53. Jon S Hall September 1, 2021 6:13 pm Reply

      These people have destroyed my life I don’t know they are but I’m telling them now you know everything about you have destroyed my life you fallow me every where so now I want $$$$ for defamation of character for one then you will apologize to mother who still thinks I’m crazy $$$$ bring the big bucks I got you on tape I will expose you I am an American citizen you will not get away with theybhave everyone off I have nowhere to go now they got to everyone I want $$$$$$$

    54. Roxy September 17, 2021 11:54 am Reply

      Is it a group of younger people, in their 20s who sound like crazed psychopaths and say things like I’ve had a hard life, like they deserve to abuse people? Is telepathy involved? Because if so, we should pressure the RCMP to make critical incident reports and investigate. I’m going through the same thing and believe there is a way to cut them off

    55. Tina gilliland September 17, 2021 12:50 pm Reply

      I’m followed everywhere I go I mean everywhere. I wake up in the night to loud honks, cars peeling out and tires Squealing . My car has a bullet hole I have no idea when it was shot. Law enforcement takes my requests for help anytime I call for anything a joke. I got aircraft above my house every night all night. Help

    56. R September 17, 2021 7:58 pm Reply

      Hey, is telepathy an element in everyone of these cases? And possibly body swapping or amnesia? Because there is a device that causes this and alot of these cases couLd be related. Let’s push to have our local police record the telepathic involvement. I’m in BC, and I think this group, which refers to itself as an operation, is pretty spread out. There’s a solution to the telepathy/ telematic device but I don’t know it. Also, maybe a bunch of us should write into the FBI, stating as much quotes as aND Elements as we can think of. Mine sound under 30 with “hard lives”

    57. Rachel Melissa Droneburg September 20, 2021 8:55 pm Reply

      Rose my name is Rachel i came across your post. I am. Being stalked by a gang or cult maybe both, no one believes me, I’m called crazy mental, no one will help me, I know who started it my ex mario Aaron but theirs lots more helping him. I moved to another state and it’s still happening

    58. Jennifer Wicker October 6, 2021 10:02 am Reply

      I think this is happening to me presently.

    59. Marc October 9, 2021 8:07 am Reply

      Spoken like a true stalker.

    60. J.L. Furey October 15, 2021 5:18 am Reply

      The insight this forum made available by the Gardens Island, Gordon’s comment, and Rose’s account, masterfully written (said the person of superfluous tendencies who longs for succinct) provides a unique and collective insight to the very bizarre, undeniably real problem known as Gang Stalking. The normal sociological perspective automatically compounds the difficulty one has trying to resolve the problem. For if a victim tries to described the things they are witnessing, they will appear crazy. No one helps crazy people. It is not responsible. Crazy people are responsible to seek professional help, and that is what responsible friends and family are supposed to say. Sadly, this topic is a reality that destroys ideals. Gordon’s response highlights the example of what exactly is being attacked: One’s mental health. Good luck to you Rose, Thank you to The Garden Islands for the forum provided, and Gordon…… you have a spiritual problem, and your moral superiority complex is an addiction as well as it’s own form of mental illness, so I’ll pray for you.

    61. Dennis Lara O. October 17, 2021 1:24 pm Reply

      I have been going over this YEAR after YEAR!!!! I am in total tears! You have no idea or don’t have a clue that SOMEONE shares this information! Because is happening to me AS WE SPEAK! While I am sitting in my car near Cry Help Hospital, and because the poor and vindictive minds of ignorants, they participate in this activities to scare and ruin people’s life’s and reputation! I am for sure going to share this information as much as possible, and hope HOPE we get to call the attention of the authorities!

    62. Jo October 18, 2021 9:10 am Reply

      I read your article and due to my current life situation it resonated with me more than I can express into words and being from Montreal Quebec the corruption and underground hellhole on earth is real I don’t want to go into much detail but I’m struggling to survive the same situation it’s been 2.5 years and it’s only gotten progressively worse and has found ways to cut all my ties to every living human connection I made and now has be isolated. They isolated the target and the town is gone quiet to me it feels like the quiet before the storm. I hope to hear bacfrom you

    63. G McGill October 30, 2021 8:09 am Reply

      Gordon, unfortunately there are many like you who prevent those of us who are targeted from receiving the justice that we deserve as American citizens. Most of the many, many, targeted individuals I’ve spoken with from around the world are highly educated, well rounded, emotionally stable individuals. They’ve marked for harassment and a torture of sorts by those who have determined that they will spend all of time preventing others from living the life that God intended them to have. No this is not mass hysteria nor it the result of some other mental disorder. It’s “straight up” the result of complete disregard for human lives. Since you’ve determined to speak on the matter in such a negative way then you and others like you give fuel to the criminals who are predators.

    64. Mrs anonymous November 6, 2021 8:10 am Reply

      I’m dealing with this. I have to o brave. They are making it seem like I’m crazy but I no longer second guess myself. Thank you for sharing, I’m not the only one. Honestly I left for a week and I think they built a panic room inside my 3 week new house. I smell weed and cigarettes in the vents. I can hear talking in the bathroom. The extent they go to amazes me to get back to the place. Been fined 3 times for excessive alarms
      Police are useless. I’m strong and brave. I’m his will not break me

    65. Gary Kallio November 12, 2021 7:43 pm Reply

      For Gordan I really hope that you have found God, and received all the precious gifts he has to offer you. I’m very sorry for all the terrible things that have happened to you. You should definitely seek professional help for the problems you are having. And I hope things get better for you. My deepest sympathies go out to your family. I pray for them to help you get the help you need.

    66. Penny November 22, 2021 11:22 pm Reply

      This reply is for John. His suggestion that Rose find a shrink is completely off base. The last thing any target needs is a false diagnosis of mental illness. If you think doctors wouldn’t join in, then you are uninformed or very naive. Ethics fly out the window when this crime is presented to even the most honest professionals.

    67. the shutdown December 1, 2021 5:14 pm Reply

      If you have nothing worthy or positive to say, please don’t be hateful or a bully. If you do not have a PhD in psychology. Then please do not speak as if your comment has any validation. Because this evil abuses are in fact. FACT.and have been brought into the Federal Court system. One case out of Jacksonville.
      22 locals found guilty of hassment and stalking and other charges.some are even cooperating. And 4 agents have been charge and were convicted. This last year cause fisa court to state openly that they found the fbi way out of bounds of authority. When you finally open your eyes and take off the blinders and see things in real time they really are .let me know. Or keep stalking and harrasing people if that’s who u are
      22 local

    68. Jaydan Goldstein December 29, 2021 1:55 am Reply

      I’m one of their victims in Irving Texas. It’s a cover for theft of my services in counterterrism …..covering up their massive extortion with stalking and human trafficking and threats to give me and my family to the Saudi’s. If we tell on them. They are gross people on their own heads

    69. Natasha Powell January 13, 2022 1:13 pm Reply

      I believe that I am going thru the same thing. Since birth I have been bullied. I cant take it anymore. How do we escape this torment and harassment?

      The shocking part is that so many people in my family and church and the MAIN PEOPLE. I can tell by what they say to me. They tell me to just be strong and let GOD handle it. As if it were that easy. Please help me. I cant take it anymore.

      Please comment.

  2. tunnels October 15, 2018 6:32 am Reply

    Wait. What????

  3. Charlie Chimknee October 15, 2018 6:47 am Reply


    1. Brandy Hinkle October 19, 2020 10:08 pm Reply

      Hi does any one know of resources I can contact? I’m a 44 year disabled female who is an alumni of MSUB in Billings Montana, I had a successful 20 year career from working as a teacher, communications coordinator, health educator for county and state health department s all the way to grant writing and technical writing for an agency with top secret. Clearance.

      I was living in Colorado and moved back to Montana. Within 10 months In had been sexually assaulted by a police officer, beaten severely by someone with 8 prior assault charges only to be told by the police that I did it to myself baited with jobs (technical writing and retail sales in a furniture store) neither of the owners paid me and I was poisoned and held captive out of fear of the police.
      I had also been charged with crimes I did not commit that were dismissed.

      This never should have happened to me I’m colleges educated , bc way through two masters degrees education and marketing) I moved back with my life savings and between my checking, savings, IRA, stock portfolio and credit cards I had $150,000. But, due to being charged with a crime I didn’t commit (fake DUI and driving without insurance) which is total be. I was driving a truck I wanted to buy and their insurance had lapsed my car was insured and covered me in other vehicles. I actually got pulled over by the sheriff’s office shortly after and they ran my insurance through state farmers and didn’t charge me.

      Ive been forced to stay in hotels because my phone and email keep getting hacked and I suspect I’ve been character assassinated. Apparently there is. A dark web site ran by an organization called the company and its a prostitution ring of somee kind. I’ve been told someone signed me up and now their are pornographic images that are cgi and emails, text and voicemails that these members get from someone pretending to be me. I found out because one of the rental places (the only one to respond out of 12) and I heard the guys upstairs bidding on me and talking about terrible things they were going to do to me. I called the police the next day and based on their nonverbal reactions I could tell they knew this website exists. Now I’m back to staying in a hotel a local nonprofit is paying for it, as I’ve been paying 80-120 a night and have ran out of money. I only get $1500 a month from SSI but it doesn’t last long when I can’t find affordable housing due to being blacklisted and having electronic communications blocked, money taken out of my checking account and being microchipped. This is ridiculous, when I moved here I had substantial savings a credit score of 742 and was an independent, self sufficient, productive member of society. Now I’m a homeless, need to declare bankruptcy, disabled and hunted by human traffickers. dos anyone know of any person or organization s that will actually do something?

      1. Lloyd George January 31, 2021 9:27 pm Reply

        Amazing the parallels, damned near my story, EXCEPT THEY GANG RAPED MY WIFE, MULTIPLE TIMES..BE SURE TO RESEARCH INVISIBILITY SUITS on YouTube and and Scopolomine…aka Devil’s Breath, search those till you’re ready to be tested on the subjects…You’ll Thank me, Guaranteed !!

  4. tunataxi October 15, 2018 7:11 am Reply

    I’m all for equal opportunity no matter what you sexual preferences but this story sound’s odd. “Human trafficking ??? Gang stalking ??? There are plenty of gender bending citizens on Kauai all with jobs. Perhaps you should seek some sort of professional help. Thinking you should have landed a job in only 8 days on Kauai is an unreasonable expectation.

    1. Faith September 19, 2019 6:22 am Reply

      Tunataxi, you have every right to have your opinion,you’ll be forgiven for it from everyone in this world that is a T I ,unless you are T I or the opposition (gang stalker) you won’t have the brain capacity to begin the understanding or to digest the devastating tragedies a T I suffers…eg you ,I’m guessing are as hard worker,a wife and kids,mum and dad,friends,family and life going as you are hoping for ,imagine you were given the choice of losing one of these luxuries…or here is another scenario ,up to this point of your life,along with the future ,on average would you say how many times have you felt threatened of losing one of those choices? God forbid any of them, but by the time you have read this , the T I’s ( including myself a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL,20 yrs + ) lost all these luxuries a long time ago, but when you have counted roughly your life time of tragedies ,you’ll still have fingers left to count,but times that by hundreds,and that is more a less we the T I goes through,along with mental,indirect rape, down to being watched having a no2 ,loss of privacy…yes alot more in one day,not in a Lifetime,so my friend it wasn’t about the job…she has lost everything, along with dignity,and I’ll leave you with this thought for you to ponder on…one of the main reasons we TI’s get this heinous crime committed on us and I speak for alot if not all of us …is because like you,we were opinionated and standing up for some wrong doing,but we are all paying for it in ways you wouldn’t comprehend , from family,friends, neighbors,religions …do I need to go on? Your worst enemy should not have to go through. This,we are honest ,god fearing people,who hold onto the one thing that they can’t take from us..FAITH .

      1. Jerilyn Capaccione January 28, 2020 5:40 am Reply

        Need to know who can help with being gangstalked.

  5. JKS October 15, 2018 7:41 am Reply

    Paranoia and heavy equipment. What could go wrong?

    1. Nicholas March 23, 2019 4:44 am Reply

      Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.

      1. Lillian Dominguez May 25, 2019 3:53 am Reply

        I think these people are cowards and they need a group of people to lie it’s sadthey need help mentally

      2. Mel November 1, 2019 4:15 am Reply

        Well said.

      3. sg December 7, 2019 5:06 pm Reply

        excellent point!!

      4. Lloyd George January 31, 2021 9:29 pm Reply

        Very Well Written and Extremely Accurate !!!!!!
        Standing Ovation !!!@

    2. William Reynolds April 20, 2020 7:57 pm Reply

      they could meet me in their living room some dark night, that could go really wrong.

  6. lawrence clean October 15, 2018 9:27 am Reply

    Thank you for sharing your story. You are not alone, there are many, many people complaining of being subjects of intelligence work, what you are referring to as “gang stalking.”
    It’s also called cointelpro. As far as who are committing these acts of surveillance and sabotage, one of the key offenders are surveillance role players, which are being hired by many private security companies around the country to carry out work that may not be allowed directly by law enforcement.
    Here is one of these companies:
    This is just one company, there are TONS of them, usually run by former spies or ex-military. I hope that helps you understand who is committing these vile acts against civilians. Sorry you are targeted, you are not alone. -LC

    1. Lloyd George January 31, 2021 9:32 pm Reply

      Politically Correct it’s known as, “Community Oriented Policing “”, Henceforth, Officers who turn a blind eye, Saluting !!!

  7. KawikaW October 15, 2018 11:21 am Reply

    Wow. Perfect example of why you should not eat tide pods.

    1. Kamila October 18, 2018 12:31 pm Reply

      Thumbs up KawikaW

  8. Paid2Talk October 15, 2018 11:42 am Reply

    Quick question, if you’re a victim why would you be putting your picture out on the local paper so everyone can see you? If you’re trying to find a job and you’re being stalked now all of you’re stalkers have your picture…doesn’t seem very intelligent to me. I truly hate that you’ve been targeted but you’re going about this all wrong. Good luck but this isn’t helping your cause.

    1. Jacqueline Meyers December 9, 2018 2:42 am Reply

      I wonder the respinses are so straight up calling a person a lier or crazy are themselves part of the gang stalking creaters.

    2. Tekia Thompson July 21, 2019 1:35 pm Reply

      I to am a target of gangstalking in Nlr at.. it’s hello living like this what’s hard on me the most is having to watch my children’s grow up being tortured.. lied on at school put in I school suspended for no reason teacher hit my 8 yr old in the head with stone 15 year old beat my 5 year old on bus with belt buckle nothing was done. The perps go in my home messing with our clothes putting stuff in my food scratching crosses on all my things put some kind of mite that eat through our skin in our clothes and beds. Some kind of way every apartment we move in they get in the attic and knock stump talk through the vents mess with the air condition where it won’t work but when landlord comes it work.. it’s all about mind manipulation.. call and make police report no help.. a lot of people say they never heard of it but so many people or participate in all the illegal activities.. even the restaurant do their part my food as had toe nail pubic hair spit slimy stuff like sperm.. they send women to my husband dressed like a slut.. cut my tires scratch my car up some bad when I was talking to a lawyer about my children a man ran into the back of my car at a red light and they put a big dent in my car.. hack my phones and computer calling my family pushing them away from me.. I can’t even get help at the food pantry to feed my kids they give all nice food all I get is bread and crackers that’s it. The doctor at ER act like I’m not human.. They lie and say I have a nasty attitude when I treat all with the up most respect.. I wish people would stop questioning a person sanity and help that person who can make things up like this.. My cry have always been help my kids I lost my kids trying to get help they went to DHS for no reason and sent me to mental institution for no reason.. the judge said I’d I reached out to the police and DHS I was protecting my children’s. I got my babies back but till this day it’s hard and get harder as I watch my kids grow up and get blocked out on life my now 20 yr old got block from going into the army he past all test and still blocked.. Gangstalking is real people are suffering with their children’s it have to be a way to get help TI’s constitutional rights are all being violated trash all around your home they do that saying your garbage worthless , nothing.. If people don’t believe grownups they should talk to children’s with parents permission and see how it affects the childrens

    3. Ceeflo July 16, 2020 12:32 pm Reply

      Paid to talk- if you are a victim they already have your pic you genius.

  9. LMat October 15, 2018 12:33 pm Reply

    Uhhh, I think this belongs in the Craiglist’s Rants and Raves section…
    Not sure why TGI felt the need to print this. Sounds a little koo-koo to me.

    1. That Girl October 7, 2019 1:56 pm Reply

      All apologies to these humans who are trafficked unknowing to their design. Laughter is the best medicine until it reveals your ignorance.

      These things exist. I do attest.

    2. Mary October 27, 2019 3:51 pm Reply

      It’s clear to me that most of you have not done your research thoroughly. Voice to Skull/ V2K/ electronic harassment is real. It is not a mental illness. It mimics one therefore it’s a perfect crime. The victims are not believed. This is a very serious crime of harassment and stalking. Please sign the for freedom of these victims. It’s illegal in three states. Please petition to congress to make this illegal in all states as a federal crime. This is torture and ruins lives while the perps are getting away with it. It causes cancer, tumors, birth defects, and one usually gets their lives ruined because it’s really hard to focus when you have the perps screaming in your head. They mock you and humiliate you with your insecurities and fears and failures. The victims have to live their lives and find a way not to lose everything you have ever worked towards and live life. This often leads the victims to suicide because they can’t find a way out. They are trapped. They feel after they fight it for so long that there is no way out. Take this seriously. Fight for freedom of these victims instead of writing an ignorant comment.

      1. Rylee July 5, 2020 7:16 am Reply

        Hey Mary thank you for your understanding. I also am a victim of V2K. I already have enough problems. Dealing with hearing voices when I wake and when I go to sleep Is new to me. I’ve read and learned Extensively about Illuminati mind control and the cia’s mk ultra project. One book that helped me put things into perspective is “The Illuminati formula for creating an undetectable total mind control slave.

  10. Scott E October 15, 2018 4:26 pm Reply

    Ummm what? Gang stalking? What the hell is that? Human trafficking on Kauai??? WTF???Please explain unless your bats*!t crazy!

    1. Tekia Thompson July 21, 2019 1:38 pm Reply

      Just Google gangstalking or go on YouTube be aware they put fake stuff out there to hope you know how to eat the fish and spit out the bones

    2. Amelia August 23, 2021 9:44 am Reply

      No! You should seek professional help for not being more open minded to the issue!! It is real!! It is happening!! And the fact that hundreds of thousands of victims are terrified to speak out in fear of consequences from the people that are gang stalking them or people like you calling them crazy is the saddest thing I’ve ever endured!! We need help!! Rose you are not alone!!!!!!!!

  11. manawai October 15, 2018 8:47 pm Reply

    After reading your letter and what it reveals about you; not others, as an employer, I’d definitely say “pass”.

    1. Kelly Kline June 11, 2019 1:27 am Reply

      How the hell do you know what they say??? “PASS” huh…..investigations on you then. Lol

  12. Canada October 16, 2018 6:01 am Reply

    It happens in Canada as well to people. The police are involved and they “gang stalk” many people on black lists that they keep. The people who are victimized are not involved in criminal activity and have no criminal associates.

    There was even a news paper article recently about this subject in Canada on the website.

    1. ItsbiginVancouver February 13, 2019 2:10 pm Reply

      It’s big in Vancouver, a lot of cultures are involved. I too was a victim. They still keep tabs on me, but it’s not heavy following like it was last year. I went home to visit and they followed me 2 provinces away.

      1. Stacey Taken Alive February 17, 2021 5:51 pm Reply

        Everything happen’s for a reason. God gives his hardest battles to the strongest warriors. I know it is hard to believe but there is a sillver lining to every dark cloud. You are gonna be alright, no matter what. Be still. And may peace & love cast out all fear for all that is done in the dark to come to the light! God bless you and yours. There are people out here that care, never ever think you are alone.

        1. Rich March 23, 2021 2:30 pm Reply

          Thank you Stacey for your kind words!! I am a true believer in the Lord thy God!! God Bless you!!

  13. Pete Antonson October 16, 2018 2:06 pm Reply

    Such a joy to see the cadre of white trash trump supporters, who lost their souls last year, taking a break from saying “my precious” while counting their money or their “Insults 101” classes on Twitter, to prove that, consistent with their mentally ill leader, they will never have any empathy for anyone other than themselves!

    1. StrayCatZ National Socialist July 23, 2019 8:21 am Reply

      Yeah because rednecks are Communists now that run Zersetzung with unlimited resources, even they’re attacked by the elite for being too White & too patriotic. Tell me does your anti-White behaviour motivate you in everything you do. Chip on your back perhaps?

    2. Willa September 15, 2019 9:24 am Reply

      I am a Trump supporter and have been targeted for over 15 years now. I am also a christian. This stalking did not start with The current POTUS. This is a deep state, shadow gov’t , Mind control/mind studies phoenomenon.
      Mind studies is “the last great frontier” and is definitely Satanic, vile, cowardly, offence toward humanity. Being perpetrated by some who are informed and know what they are doing and others who think they are doing a service to the community. These are the brainwashed, as most of us were before we awakened to what was really happening to us. Not mental illness. That is the easy out for most who don’t want to take the time to do the research. The bottom line is; it is coming from the Satanic world, not Christ. Take a hard look at the scriptures. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts. Jesus and His deciples were all persecuted. This is NOT from Almighty God. Every GOOD and perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of Lights.
      The dividing line is ; Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, I (Jesus) have come that you might have life and that in abundance.
      If you are being stalked and don’t know where to get help, think about asking the Father in the name of Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit and with the evidence of speaking in tongues. This is the only thing that has kept me sane for the last 15-16 years.
      God bless all of you.


      1. Infused September 15, 2019 6:06 pm Reply

        I am also a TI Targeted Individual. Have been since 1998 that I know of and it could have begun much sooner. I believe that anyone with connections to, or having involvement with Organized crime, law enforcement, family court, psychiatry, children’s aid society, correctional services a nasty judge etc. Can become a target. Especially if someone has tried to distract from their own crimes and have a fall guy, or if you know too much. Many people become targets and we can’t all be having the same delusion. If this were not happening why does the Government of Canada have a Hand Book for police and crown prosecutors about Criminal Harassment? Why are thousands of people across the globe experiencing Stasi like stalking and monitoring? Why are people experiencing, Zersetzung? The only issue remains, why are they doing it? There is ample proof that it is happening…why isn’t it being stopped? Some of us fear for our lives even after years of stalking. We need the culprits arrested and jailed for life with no parole!

        1. Infused September 15, 2019 6:10 pm Reply

          Additional Note: I am in Ottawa Canada and police have been made aware and have done nothing. I believe police are part of the problem and in on the gang-stalking. Also look up surveillance role players. Other terms Organized Stalking, Gas lighting criminal harassment etc. The terms are unlimited there is no question that this is real!

          1. t.k. January 25, 2020 11:14 pm

            I am from Ottawa and i was approached Aug 27 at a Canadian coffee shop in suburbs by criminals that wanted me to use my business to help and Cst made feel like I was out of my mind and the Sgt who .i had a 8yr friendship with denied even knowing me. my friends took me to the civic hospital in the first week for a psych evaluation and 2 of the doctors said you’re ok you don’t need to be admitted but then why did Cst and Sgt keep saying this? I would be running out of the house at 2am with my passport in hand into a blueline taxi towards one of the hotels at by the airport liek the hampton inn….the radisson saw me flustered and in my pyjamas and would not even give me a room for fear their hotel would be damaged.

            i need help i received a written threat and when i mentioned it to the police guy who i had built some trust with and even showed the threat i got blocked. when i went to the civic hosp that night aside from the white vehicles that had beat me there. a car with red plates was driving back adn forth around me and i knew at that point this was way bigger than anything i could deal with

          2. t.k. January 25, 2020 11:17 pm

            while u were posting this comment i was on week 3 of harassment. is it a coincidence or was this aimed at me? i am even more scared now,

        2. William Reynolds April 20, 2020 8:08 pm Reply

          They’re the ones that are afraid, otherwise they’d publicly pronounce what a great service they provide for the country. I think its hilarious that they have to waste their time to follow me around and go wherever i demand they go. I’m living my life while theirs is being wasted as my personal audience. Who needs Hollywood to have strangers that are totally wasting their lives just to be where I’m at. They don’t have lives off their own so they have to fill it with someone else’s. It’s truly pathetic when you honestly see how cowardly and simple they are.

          1. Victory June 26, 2021 11:16 am

            So true; they are our audience. This is how they spend their lives as do boys and girls.

  14. Ivan N. Harris October 16, 2018 4:03 pm Reply

    Some of the most IGNORANT comments to this article are sad. If you don’t know what “gang stalking” is, you should educate yourselves. Knowledge is power. Best wishes, Ruth!

    1. james October 17, 2018 7:21 am Reply

      I did educate myself on gang stalking. It’s a symptom or sighnthat that the person claiming to be a victim of gang stalking suffers from paranoid delusional behavior and needs to seek treatment. Thanks for prompting me to do my research.

      1. Cliffhangerz December 2, 2018 11:10 pm Reply

        I’m a serious victim of gang stalking here on kauai! Born and raised!! It’s for real and the harder I tried to get help the harder I was harassed and have been hospitalized 7 times from the police abuse and craziness of the realist thing. And how I lost all my life support after mother passing of cancer. I threatened to sue and all hell broke loose and almost lost my life twice. No joke. I have been evaluated by state physic s and you name it all passed me with flying colors literally. So please Kauai this is real and my life was ruined by “them”

        1. Bethany Wright January 20, 2019 11:37 am Reply

          I’m a victim and preparing to begin classes for my masters in psych. I have learned to separate my life into, gangstalking garbage and real life in order to survive. God bless you ! They usually are some of your stalkers that comment and suggest psychological help just fyi. LOVE YOU! STAY POSITIVE!

          1. Cynthia R Pitre September 8, 2019 3:29 pm

            It amazes me how a person (who is obviously a supporter of Gang Stalking) can sit here and read all the comments about how this thing is Really Happening to people….still leave an uneducated ignorant response about paranoid and mental issues. Even in the presence of TRUTH The Devil will still do what he does best….always remember he is the Father of lies and deception…chaos and confusion!!!!!
            The Target Who Fights Back

      2. Luke May 1, 2019 8:47 am Reply

        It’s not research if you just read the first article at the top of a google search! Some people…. I read that article too, after someone tipped me off to the name of what I was going through, I was flabbergasted by the ignorance.

        1. Bill April 5, 2020 7:18 pm Reply

          To – Luke May 1, 2019 8:47 am – That article you read at the top of a Google search, by the “New York Times,” is classic disinformation. Or, described more simply as, “fake news.”

          I wonder why it keeps rising to the top of google searches, quite a mystery? Well, probably not a mystery.

      3. frank April 10, 2020 1:40 pm Reply

        Please understand, those pushing that mental illness propaganda are the perpetrators. Once you are tagged with mental illness, anything you say or do will be attributed to that illness, thus rendering you helpless. You can buy a full page ad in the New York Times with 10 of the top Psychiatrist verifying that you are not mentally ill, but even your closest friends will continue to look to see if there was some truth to that initial mental health diagnosis. This is what they do to Whistleblowers, activist and truth tellers.

  15. Sarena October 18, 2018 8:24 am Reply

    James, perhaps doing further research on the subject will help you learn of this crime called “Gang Stalking” “Contract Stalking” or “Electronic Harassment”. Please go to these websites.


    On those sites, you will find legal affidavit’s from FBI /CIA agents and medical doctors confirming these crimes really are occurring.
    Every individual doesn’t’ know who is targeting them, however, there are some individuals that do know the individuals who are targeting them and legal actions are usually taken.

    Please see this recent story of individuals found guilty of doing just what “Rose” is speaking about.

    Calgary police officers convicted of corruption in harassment campaign targeting mother.

    Also, please see “Youtube video” Police Acknowledge Gang Stalking (Group/Organized Stalking) in the Media

    Because we don’t understand something please research what a victim is claiming before calling the delusional and other names when no one here has the medical license or credentials to do so.

    Best Regards Rose..

    1. Jennifer Michell Parnell February 3, 2021 2:18 am Reply

      Look they are doing exactly that placing THOUGHTS on people thought process. And they do kill and make it look like accident or someone else. They destroy your family. That’s what they do. Since I was born my peeps knew they were coming. For me. My entire WORLD of a family been knowing . They been being watched. They will watch them a long time it’s how they get every last member of this. And we f one goes down usually they all know. They are all the same. And I say the cia all intelligence agencies look for this. They have special people to do this cause it is what caused ww3 to almost happen. They mess with little kids also. And yes they sexual. Bit our computer chip company been ready. They only targeted me cause of God’s real gifts. That’s why it’s like this. And believe me they have people watching them watch you and are doing the same to them except just watching their thought process itself by now. And they are ready with everything they have done. Their is a few more of them to get. It’s a big ass circle and every spot you on they in one and remember that .when they on B’s. That’s a spot and there’s non ending spots for them. We have ppl all over the world on this every country…. WORLD wide me..look at that shit them damn killers done killed about 19 in our families just where I’m at but . We don’t go down like THAT. Cause the Lord wants his children back. And he’s taking them back from this sick stuff. Of evil that we making into a documentary for everyone all countries are. So all MILITARY know what it’s gonna be like from now on. First spot and down your ass goes built by the perfect place for this called never ending special ops training for all new members of our team..which is life land of free home of the brave. Undercover in between the lines. Chipped and how about that. A mother board is the targets..cause we all that way except for the ones you actually think you could do wtf ever to. So just let them be the mic hell cause it’s for them anyways. Just know that everyone has right to protect themselves from this. All automotive company and all industry and it don’t matter we got them .world wide Sting. Because of the God gifts we gonna need .and they will be here still trying.not space is a bitch sometimes. Never know what’s up there. Or when. Space program. And it’s only for this and other lil things. Thanks family for helping our WORLD.we are the world. I love you guys keep on praying for them to get every last one kid and all . Every member. Human trafficking been kinda slow huh yeah. Truth lies and spies.and then there’s these nasty spot spot. I see hear and know them ..haha and it’s all your own B’s.

  16. Rowena Estillore October 18, 2018 11:54 am Reply

    This crime is really happening. It is called “gang staIking” or “organized stalking” or “cointelpro” or “electronic harassment”. I am also a victim of this crime. They use surveillance technologies like remote neural monitoring (RNM), voice to skull technology (V2K), directed energy weapon (DEW) or microwave weapons etc. They use satellite to track their targets so anywhere you go they can surveil you. They can also use electronics like TV, microwave, laptops/computers etc as a means to surveil and track that is why sometimes they call it “electronic harassment”.

    If you go to, there are former NSA/CIA/FBI agents and employees that talk about this crime that is truly happening. There are affidavits of all victims and most are former high ranking officials of the government. Look up DARPA, MK Ultra, Cointelpro and other programs about mind control and psychological warfare.

    There is one Targeted Individual that won electronic harassment in court

    This crime also happened to US Diplomats in Cuba

    1. John Erin Binns January 17, 2020 8:06 pm Reply

      This is 100% true. Anybody can build one of the same electronic weapons with a surplus microwave amplifier, a transmitter (like a HackRF connected to a Raspberry Pi), and a waveguide antenna. It isn’t hard to do, and it’s the preferred method of harassment by secret services because it leaves no physical evidence. Microwave harassment is part of the new COINTELPRO program.

  17. manawai October 18, 2018 3:31 pm Reply

    This proves it! We have more than our share of lolo’s on Kauai. “They use satellite to track their targets so anywhere you go they can surveil you.” So these stalkers have so much money, that they put up their own satellites costing millions of dollars just so they can track some individual for no purpose other than voyeurism? Okaaaayyy…. I think we need more mental facilities if these “victims” keep moving here. Oh ya, what about those folks who claim they’ve been kidnapped by aliens in flying saucers and the “probing” they do? Gotta worry about that too!

    1. John Erin Binns January 17, 2020 8:07 pm Reply

      It’s not satellite based, that’s a common piece of misinformation which is frequently spread. Anybody can build one of the same electronic weapons with a surplus microwave amplifier, a transmitter (like a HackRF connected to a Raspberry Pi), and a waveguide antenna. All for UNDER $1000. It isn’t hard to do, and it’s the preferred method of harassment by secret services because it leaves no physical evidence. Microwave harassment is part of the new COINTELPRO program.

  18. Rowena Estillore October 18, 2018 9:21 pm Reply

    They do not put up or purchase these satellites. Some people commenting here are not smart enough. These satellites being used are owned by the government. Some belong to other agencies but the government is given access to use it.

  19. Rowena Estillore October 18, 2018 9:24 pm Reply

    These programs are actually for terrorist but because of the billion dollar funding they get post 9/11 and that FISA court there are no checks and balances. Anyone can be targeted for personal vendetta/revenge, dissent, jealousy, human experimentation etc.

  20. Elle October 19, 2018 8:23 am Reply

    Since some of the folks commenting want to call Gangstalking delusional… How about we call it, what they call it, “COMMUNITY ORIENTED POLICING”! I bet they heard of that. That is the nice pseudo clean name these demons like to call it.

  21. space November 2, 2018 8:59 pm Reply

    I wouldn’t believe it if it didn’t happen to me. The military intelligence surveillance complex is now at war with the American people. The FBI DHS or other agency are putting innocent people on terror watchlists and then their names go the local/state Fusion Center where they’re shared with local police, Infragard, and community watch vigilante groups. I believe it’s to keep budgets growing. There are many tactics used on “targeted individuals” but it’s psychological ops so public doesn’t see it. TI’s are under constant surveillance. It’s a real trip!! But it’s real.

  22. Robyn Patrick November 14, 2018 9:32 am Reply

    Thank you so much. This has been a nightmare for me. I obviously pissed someone off so bad that I am now being victimized. If the person who I made angry would have just confronted me and told me that information instead of playing games with my life, then I might have a fighting chance. No one deserves this hell and anyone who is replying to this article being negative is ignorant of their government’s real motives or is either being paid from defense contractors. All of these gang stalking individuals being paid to
    commit genocide or fraud or whatever against their fellow countrymen or women in this United States need to have the same thing done to them and their families. Instead of committing murder and fraud for money, maybe Americans need to learn to stand up for each other and stand up to these monsters before there is nothing or no one else left to take a stand.

    1. Kevin November 22, 2018 7:24 am Reply

      Couldn’t have said it better, Robin. I too am a target. Only after I noticed things were happening around me that couldn’t possibly be a mere coincidence all the time, did I do an internet search and stumbled across gang stalking. Something I never heard of in my life and had I not experienced these tactics myself, and the tables was flipped I’d probably think someone was paranoid too. I unfortunately made the mistake of chasing down one of my followers which led to me being pulled over further down the road. I tried to explain the best I could to the police who held me there for 2 hours of what was going on around me. Where do you think I ended up? In an ambulance to get checked out by a psych dr, my car towed and my license pulled. I had to appear before the board and prove to them that I was not delusional or suffered some kind of psychiatric illness. Funny thing is, the guy I chased down and cut off hit the rear of my vehicle and caused minor damage that the police pointed out to me, yet even though they got all of their information from “witnesses” that called in including the guy who hit me, they refused to give me his information to fill out an accident report. It’s a big game to these people to play this hunt and seek game, most who do not realize the true purpose of what they’re participating in. Don’t know the exact reason as to how I got placed in this program, but it is quite evident I am. My car has been fucked with, my house has been broken into and nothing taken, I am constantly followed and the cocky smirk of those I believe to be the various handlers who direct these morons on what to do and where to be, etc. takes a lot on my part to not go right up to then and punch them in the face. The ones doing it me appear to be retired military and most of the perps seem to be those that had a hard time socially growing up and probably picked on and they seem to find some awkward sense of community with their peers in doing this. Eventually, this will get exposed to the general public and then it’ll be their turn to deal with consequences of their stupidity and off righteousness they believe they have in treating people in this manner. Just hope it’s sooner rather than later

  23. Rose Ann December 7, 2018 12:20 pm Reply

    My experience maybe isn’t usual ‘gang stalking” but definitely a psy-op with gaslighting and a cover up of hearings in court about me that were excluding me and full social spectrum involvement otherwise and including family, churches, etc friends law enforcement. Yep, did the mental health issue etc and general defamation and personal attack defamation in court I’ve overheard people say that….. stonewalling and silence and ignoring me…. target, isolate, withhold information.. friendlies have said ‘everyone else knows why can’t she”.. questions by some people but not yet any disclosure and it’s seven years.. there might be psychotronics and neural monitoring… voice to skull ?? i don’t know….many people seemed to be under gag order or something… 3 hrs from a military intelligence center and homeland security Mastering the Human domain facility… I guess and speculate about “everything” but know that this is a cover up and a ‘code of silence’…. want me to think and other people to think I’m “crazy, making it up, “doing it for money” and police help with mental health framing, and mental health counselors too etc… the state mental facilities seem to be part of the scheming…

  24. Ms Jenkins December 12, 2018 11:16 am Reply

    THROUGH GANG STALKING, THEY TRIED TO ABDUCT MY SON 3 TIMES …… IT IS REAL. UK Thank you so much for your post Ms Rose Buchanan, this has been a burden for years and years trying to protect my son. We we subjected to home invasions also for many many years .. God Bless you. Many thanks for bringing this horrific nightmare to light ……… Forever grateful

  25. tunnels December 27, 2018 2:45 pm Reply

    I can’t believe TGI would print such utter nonsense. But hey, I’m open to believing that UFOs are real.

  26. Richard Bruce January 2, 2019 1:15 pm Reply

    Rose, I believe your story because it also happened to me, see the VICE YouTube channel movie “The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking”. Most people are totally oblivious to what this world is and they ridicule you as crazy as you describe, but the truth about these programs to target and destroy people for money is coming out. I urge you not to be simple in your thinking it is only people, and only about money. I believe it is also about destroying people that are potential threats, or who have offended the powers that should not be. See my channel Richard Bruce on YouTube.

  27. Lori K. January 6, 2019 12:59 pm Reply

    It is clear those commenting here with meanness and feigned lack of understanding of the problem explained in this story are part of the problem- trying to undermined victims and spread disinformation. To protect the cause.
    Indeed paranoia becomes a real problem when one is under constant harassment, attacks and gas lighting. It’s self preservation. And not comfortable to have to live life looking over one’s shoulder, WISHING it was all imagined. It is beyond terrifying to realize grown ups, including some in powerful positions, are so sadistic or stupidly complicit using such evil tactics to harm decent and innocent citizens. I too have suffered being illegally stalked and harassed for far too long. My young children are targeted as part of the torture process. The perpetrators let me see them videoing, live streaming, photographing my children and me. They enjoy watching me become terrified and staying vigilant, not knowing what is their intention or what to do about it. Evil doesn’t describe the abuse we’ve experienced well enough.
    Have I angered the wrong person? The perps are from all walks of life. Many are neighborhood watch and citizens on patrol who clearly think they’re doing their civic duty by terrorizing me and my family. But many are military, retired vets, police, EMTs, fire department, public school workers…anyone in the federal employee slot seems to be involved.
    They’ve broken into our home in TN many times, leaving the same sinister calling cards, hacked our emails, phones, bank accts, credit cards…perps try to befriend my children (which is beyond horrifying), park in our driveway and drive away when we approach, follow us slowly as we take walks, crowd us in public and madly snap pictures at the same time…the list of their constant tactics is long. I look at the people who seem nice and wonder why they do it, sometimes they seem terrified of me. It’s scary wondering what they’ve been told, or threatened to get their compliance and scare them. Disheartening. I don’t know how to make them stop. I hope that as these watch lists grow (seemingly state by state for the purpose of gearing fed dollars to state counter terrorism budgets?? Maybe also as a psych study/ experiment as there always seems to be an “observer” present when someone is trying to provoke anger or terror…maybe they are trying to provoke violence???) that they will be exposed and Americans will be outraged that this has been allowed to go on. In the mean time, our health is being severely affected. And our lives are not full, happy and successful as they should be as we seem to be set up for frustration and terror around every corner. I hope the people who knowingly and willingly take part in the “soft kill” of decent people, like us, will, themselves, experience the same and wake up to how illegal and morally wrong it is- and step forward to help stop this cultural decline. Where are our congressional leaders on this topic? They should be demanding data turned over by fusion centers and stop the citizen patrol madness….or does the data lie and convince them that only bad people are on these “watch lists”? How can my young children be bad and deserve this? Where is the law to protect them? Step up people in power and with a voice who KNOW this is happening in our country!

  28. Erika Flores January 11, 2019 9:18 pm Reply


    1. Bob February 13, 2019 10:18 pm Reply

      Im dealing with the same.u can contact me

      1. Levi bush August 17, 2020 5:40 am Reply

        Am having exact same done to me. Been going on since atleast early teens but way seriously worse now. I am 36 and can’t even gto the store or get a job or see my kids or meet any friends now. Every time someone informs me of what is going on the scumbag in charge of it all has them locked up or set up in other ways to make it look like they are lying or one doing it. Was engaged until she told me of them doing it and forcing her too be involved then she disappeared from my life for a year before calling me to try telling me again in which she was punished for it again by them. All of it is being done by them drugging me whenever I try getting help and whipping my phone’s or planting illegal stuff on me or worse to keep me from being able to seek help or be believed, even police have helped them. I’m fighting urge to end life daily just to have it stop. I need help from others in my situation. To them who say we are making this up, go to hell and stop being ignorant and blind to reality of today. Contact me if able to help and hopefully I will get your email or call b4 they do.

  29. Michael mease January 15, 2019 12:08 pm Reply

    Hi my name is Michael Mease from cedar rapids Iowa me myself have been being attacked by people that are close to me and people that are not that made me feel like I’ve gone crazy they boosted up my basically of who I am I’ve been to prison I’ve done drugs so they have used that against me to make people believe that I’m worst I’m a bad person so I’d have no credibility and the main one is my spouse I do I do believe that she might be in on it because a lot of it is coming from her but there has to be people that are helping her. I got out of prison about 2 years ago and ever since then I came home to my wife being completely different to me believing that I’m being filmed in the house 2 her acting like she’s talking to people to make me believe that I’m crazy when nobody’s around she acts one way and then when people come around she actually different she’s use my vulnerability of my secrets against me to keep me home I mean I love the woman to death and that’s why I don’t want to believe it but it is true I do believe that there is a local stocking crew in cedar rapids Iowa and they are working on individuals that have domestications drug dealers I mean people that just have done wrong to people yes I have done wrong in my past and I paid my debt to society by going to prison and now somebody is ruining my life every aspect of it is being destroyed the ripped away from me I justI just wanted my story out there that way at least somebody knew if anything happened to me my story would be out there I had a friend named Shane way Bell same thing kind of happen to him and my wife was involved not that my wife was involved but she was around then the time that it happened and now all the sudden the same things are happening to me play smarter than me they got my criminal record to play me and they have basically tortured me this last two years I’ve almost killed myself but I don’t want to die thanks for reading my story like I said my name is Michael Mease cedar rapids Iowa email me if you want to

  30. Sanbria Chavez January 16, 2019 4:55 am Reply

    This is definitely a real thing. They think it’s a game but is so torturous to so many and so wrong on so many accounts. Thank you for sharing your story. You are brave beyond measure. I read this and my heart goes out to you

  31. Patty January 17, 2019 8:22 am Reply

    I watched gang stalking unfold on a young woman that just graduated with a criminal justice degree herself this week. Gang stalking is very real and very evil.

  32. Phil wren February 14, 2019 9:38 am Reply

    Hello my name is phil wren I’m now 44 yo from mandurah western Australia I was a heavey machine operator in the mines and I tripped over the most bitter little 23 yo who was so bitter he got jealous over a spare packet of smokes and that i knew one of “his friends” longer than him and he knew some narcissistic people with these skill sets that i went to school with I have been going threw this since 2011 and they used false allegations of attempted kidknapping to blind side me so a blind eye would be turned to frauds and in my case stolen birth certificate phones in my name and a possible life insurance policy these are facts in my case, but police still refused to investigate i found this out via slip ups by her in a false vro , asking qs to myself like why my id why after 20 years did she come back into my life then the false allegation of break and enter when I was as a fact with proof 1800km away ,i let the first 3 vro’s slide then asked for her transscripts you should of seen the qs i received from my laywer to the magistrate about why i only asked for hers it took 5 years to get proof no help from senior police or famIly ,they use “micro management & power of suggestion NOT some super secret device FOR mind control “eg several people saying gee that green shirt would look good on you but after ther 3rd person mentions it, even tho a week b4 you hated it all of a sudden it starts to look appealing because we care how others see us, targets are usually chosen along time b4 they even know and often picked due to their demeanor as in very pleasant polite and non aggressive behavior so it ups the safety of the hunters and public and introduced by your closest peeps after the allegations have had time to reach their intended targets and sway them “like why would his or her bestfriend friend say that about him after 20 years of friendship it must be true for them to say that as most people are not honest enough or strong enought to confront the lies head-on and just ask the victim,then there’s the offer of a no qs asked attitude if something were to happen say suicide or “accidental death” they also in my case used spyware to keep on top of things and friends call forwarding my convosations to create paranoia when my phones were off and the same friends were just telling me I was paranoid and actually run me threw the mental health system whitch gave them more power and excuse my storey all because I couldn’t get some body to listen I even tried to extream measures to make sure they confronted my friend making sure that of my own accord I had done nothing wrong to get proof but they were already under the spell and had committed to much crime to be able to assists with police intervention so now I’m stuffed like the rest of us 😕 but one thing for sure GO GET YOUR FREEDOM OF INFORMATION and try to check for court order gag there’s whispers they put one on me total permanent black out or extremely large fine for breaking it so what do people do they give it the old I carnt afford that or if it’s threw threats it comes down to “it’s them or me and 97% of us choose ME it’s self preservation a normal human behavior more than 8 years of studying this first hand as a victim and many years as a “grey man growing up” near these people “hunters” who just gave me the old has a nobody and continued talking loose lips sink ships only that kept me a live my hunters have clocked up over 50 years of charges at maximum penalty hope this post is with in the guide lines of this site sorry to ramble tho but i hope some of what ive had to say brings some form of hope to some one this is legalized forced suicide and a game to them once my truth started to come it caused my dad to need a triple stint put in his heart threw stress an innocent 80yo who took citizen of the year 1988 an ex bush fire fighter who has helped many people selflessly and they have Nava done anything for anyone period except to help them selves thank you for taking the time to make a page like this

    1. phil February 14, 2019 9:56 am Reply

      P.s after all the study I have done I beleive that the use of the dark web and fake social media accounts is used for training and idea swapping and the use of Bitcoin for payment because you cannot have so many victims all across the world with nearly the exact same symptoms (since each and every human is differant and had a differant experience in life so how can we all have nearly the exactly the same expirance and call it a mental health problem…(the first doctor I seen said the most honest thing I had herd in quite some time was a person with mental health problems doesn’t know they have a problem he also said to me that I know the difference between paranoia and what’s real!!!!!!! as in everybody has a normal healthy amount of paranoia it stops is from doing dumb things thanks peeps

  33. Ittakes2baby February 19, 2019 12:34 pm Reply

    Unless any of the people on this site are the actual VIP gamblers/predatory perverts/pedifiles/human traffickers/twin sibling crime syndicates/gov contractors – principle investigators working on translational research initiatives (i.e.’ brain studies or neurodegenerative diseases)/perverts and naive prepubescent hormonally driven kids who subscribe to social media/video game/blackweb (Torr) sites that make money livestreaming/watching others suffer “anonymously watching” or betting/gambling on real life of targets making money on predicting behavior/ (bitcoin) on outcomes of criminal pranks done to the targets- for sick amusement (like the hunger games or a psych experiment watching a rat in a maze)/puppeteers (not shills or paid “perps”) of this program, it is reasonable to believe those of us who have been identified as dispensable, don’t have the full picture. But it is clear, No one has the right to own another human life period! Cyber or otherwise. We all can agree what is being done is criminal and wrong. What we don’t know is how to stop it.
    If we did have the full picture, we’d be able to put an end to this nonsense.
    But its encouraging to exchange experiences, confirming similar scripted events across demographics and attacks, share hypotheses and look at it scientifically as we are able considering that our lives have been intentionally disrupted in horrifying ways. One person above commented that it appeared like a giant psych experiment. In many ways I believe that is a part of it. To ultimately control another human being without them being complicit, you have to first see what works and what doesnt work…by running “pranks” or putting the test subject through the designed maze…that’s why so many “TI’s” have similar scripted theater and terror campaigns. If it worked for other innocents, why recreate the wheel so to speak.
    I believe part of this program is run by a combination of corrupt politically motivated “money controllers”, gov contractors testing out their new technologies for proof of concept before selling to the government (including biotech, genetic companies, pharmaceutical companies, satellite technology companies, and biomedical/engineering spin off companies from local universities) needing to manipulate the environments of their live human/living cadaver “test subjects” (essentially human trafficked victims) to boost the results of short term “trials.” Most are frauded. Most are used by opportunists reporting their results fraudulently and taking credit hiding human trafficking crimes within “biomedical research” endeavors.
    They need to have human subjects (even if unwilling or unconsented) to show quicker results for their research trials. Aligning themselves with underground or anonymous self interest groups/crime syndicates who are more than willing to help to anything as long as they are paid. As long as its not “them or their own families that are volunteered.” Ie: its possible for instance that research driven corporations like the Michael J. Foxx foundation, aligned with corrupt university syndicates (parkinsons research cores like the Udall centers) actually target innocent families and children to expedite their research results…working with corrupt physicians/technicians who are paid off – framing healthcare to meat objectives of corrupt corporation – exposing testing subjecting innocent people to atrocities almost without detection…shared data…shared corruption.
    I believe there must be a component where the terror campaign component of this program is run or driven by an artificial intelligence software/program, we are put into an algorithm labeled as a terrorist and based on esoteric misinformation entered – we are targeted, isolated, terrorized, studied, exposed to crimes and chemicals and whatever suits those subscribed to the databases financial or scientific needs. It was designed post 911 to defend the US and its allies from threats including terrorism. It is doing what it was designed to do, only unfortunately it is illegally being used on innocent people who are most likely victims of reproductive human trafficking! And don’t even know it.
    To some degree after I have spent more time than I should investigating all reasonable angles of this program in an attempt to understand and learn how to protect myself and other innocent victims from experiencing this same terror campaign for which I have been brutally exposed. This terror campaign is just ONE component of the overall program. So many misdirections, so many opportunistic perverts more than willing to exploit innocent children and families for money, power, fame, reproductive “justice.” It’s wrong anyway you look at it.

  34. David Kuvelas February 28, 2019 8:41 pm Reply

    I was also gang stalked within the USA for over 3 years within the USA, here is my story:
    I understand everything you’re saying as all these things happened to me as well. My gang stalking came because I broke the code to the financial system, if you have the means you can take advantage of this to make money for yourself. In a way you can get these people back for what they’re doing to you, because it’s the same people, they are called Freemasons. I also broke the Freemason Code as well. My gang stalking ended when I moved out of the USA, all they do now is slander me everyday on the Internet. You can set yourself free from these people financially…..find your way over to my trading website Oil Trading Academy….it’s not a joke, it’s not a scam…’s the reason I’ve been gang stalked for over 3 years, slandered for the last 8 years online, and the reason why I had to leave the USA in order for the gang stalking to stop. The FBI are apart of the gang stalking……it’s all Freemasonry……Set yourself free, I have the way……David Kuvelas

    1. inga October 31, 2021 11:06 pm Reply

      Please email me. I have a story. Writing my book ASAP. Need your knowledge

  35. Charles King March 15, 2019 6:18 pm Reply

    I was gang stalked hard for about three months last spring. Don’t know why I was picked and don’t know why they cut me loose so soon. will wake you up to many things and you can use that info to fight the state.

  36. Kristy Crocker March 18, 2019 1:51 am Reply

    I need help with this. It’s goingon in my life. Im at the last stages of it. They have turned everyone against me. Making it seen one way. They are gonna take me down with big charges i didnt do. The cops are involved in it. I been kelp in a sleep walkingtype coma til the last few months. Im in rainsville alabama. Help… S.o.s

    1. Meda August 29, 2020 3:46 am Reply

      Kristy you can contact me if you want to. I’m going through something very similar. 813-521-9380

  37. Jason rhodes May 16, 2019 2:13 pm Reply

    Its been almost 9 years for me. I thought neighborhood was full of racist, bullying, neo-nazis but tolerable. Shame, houses are going for about $1M and everything appears to be good. Abt 6 years ago, the gang stalking became real obvious. Red Cars to start then multi colored cars always in pattern in sequence of BLUE, RED, WHITE everywhere I drive. Red colored clothing on pedestrians every block, especially when crossing walk in front of me. This is in every town within 100 miles of Hayward in Northern California. Sometimes it takes a few minutes but they’ll show up driving or walking. I’m not going to talk about gang stalking tactics because you all experienced or read about it. Gang stalking is alive and well in 2019. I have no friends or family for their protection, they (perps) will annoy them when trying to give me support. All the best people live in the neighborhood, don’t look too closely you might not like what you see. If your not one of them then your probably in support; it can’t be everybody, it’s evil, perverted, demonic and criminal …you fill in the rest. God Bless TI

  38. Brett May 23, 2019 8:09 am Reply

    This is the ramblings of a person suffering from schizophrenia. What she left out what was hearing voices, as she knew this would clue everyone into what’s going on. There are tens of thousands of untreated people suffering from schizophrenia who experience the same paranoia and hearing voices and they go online in forums and validate each other’s experiences so that they do not seek treatment.

    1. Jennifer October 27, 2019 3:19 pm Reply

      It’s clear to me that you have not done your research thoroughly. Voice to Skull/ V2K/ electronic harassment is real. It is not a mental illness. It mimics one therefore it’s a perfect crime. The victims are not believed. This is a very serious crime of harassment and stalking. Please sign the for freedom of these victims. It’s illegal in three states. Please petition to congress to make this illegal in all states as a federal crime. This is torture and ruins lives while the perps are getting away with it. It causes cancer, tumors, birth defects, and one usually gets their lives ruined because it’s really hard to focus when you have the perps screaming in your head. They mock you and humiliate you with your insecurities and fears and failures. The victims have to live their lives and find a way not to lose everything you have ever worked towards and live life. This often leads the victims to suicide because they can’t find a way out. They are trapped. They feel after they fight it for so long that there is no way out. Take this seriously. Fight for freedom of these victims instead of writing an ignorant comment.

      1. Jeremy Joslin March 30, 2020 11:23 am Reply

        It is happening to me and I believe you.
        Who are you?

    2. Jesse Pinkman October 5, 2020 8:35 am Reply

      Gangstalkers are about to go to PRISON FOR LIFE> Hahaha!!! This is coming out now.

  39. john john June 9, 2019 4:06 am Reply

    guys, this never happened to me, but anybody who DOESN”T believe this is a real thing, is naiive or arrogant, look at the world we live in right now. we give up our privacy and data for sub minimum wage jobs (uber, lyft postmates). every google search is sold to the highest bidder, every text message you write is stored in a cloud and Verizon sells that shit. every thing is fucked. i now understand why people want to work under the table and not pay taxes because, even though I believe in the government to protect humanity from evil for-profit private companies, these private companies have taken over the government, because what is the government, PEOPLE> humans are easily corrupted by money. plain and simple. look at yourself and everyone around you. money influences EVERYTHING. if you truly think private investigators or agencies are NOT out their “gang stalking”…. then you need to wake the fuck up. if they can make money doing something, they will do it. period. end of sentence. my heart goes out to these people, thank you for being brave and sharing your stories, one day the truth of these insane situations will come to light. and anybody bashing them and calling them crazy can go fuck themselves, you are a pile of garbage in your heart and you know it. your karma will return to you!

    1. Jeremy Joslin March 30, 2020 11:28 am Reply

      I am being gang stalked. Who are you?

  40. 77% of all americans June 11, 2019 10:14 am Reply

    This is fact 77% of all Americans if told by someone in a uniform doesnt matter if its police uniform , military uniform, just any kind of uniform, will do whatever they tell you to do …..and 77% of you will do it without asking for identifying credentials to make sure they are real

  41. Betsy Smart ❤️ June 20, 2019 8:41 pm Reply I’m currently being targeted by these type of people claiming I’m some bad guy they where hired by the cartel who tried and failed to kill me I could use some help

  42. Lawrence June 24, 2019 9:58 pm Reply

    No organised crime group would need to put their own satellite’s up? They could monitor TI’s using smart phones, using satellite’s by proxy. Hackers also exist, and they could be part of these groups.

    1. Justin April 29, 2020 2:14 am Reply

      Correct, the people involved work for communications companies. Mostly just sad radio operator types. Everything uses radio now and people just don’t understand it. If you think your being targeted you have ran into people from these groups or they know you. Typically nothing random about it. Audio pressure waves and some other physics level science behind it but they are losers nothing more and their connections are limited by their jobs.

      1. Joseph Walker Thompson Jr August 16, 2021 5:49 pm Reply

        Yes world press and outher groups like NFL are involved.

  43. S Lamotte July 6, 2019 11:42 am Reply

    Organized gang stalking is real. This lady is telling the truth. To those who have not been targeted, I’d say you are lucky, and hopefully you never will know what it is to be a target. To those of us who are, this is a very real sick game which is bizarre. Even we ourselves do not know why this is happening, except that it is really happening to us. My feeling is that innocent people are targeted for different ‘purposes’ – each one to fit a sick individual’s demonic fantasy. If you think they cannot monitor you 24/7 or see you inside your home every breath you take, every waking moment, then you are the unlucky person because you can be violated without even knowing it and therefore will not be able to guard yourself against any possible or perceived violation of self. The Bible has never mentioned mental illness but it has lots of about demonic activity. So those of us who are telling the truth about this are not mental; you do not have to believe us but we speak the truth about what is happening to us. Rose Buchanan is experiencing very similar gang stalking as me although I am not a lesbian and so far these demonic people have not messed with my workplace that I know of but that could be because I have worked for a long time at the same place and many people know me. But these demons somehow direct putrid smells to my nostrils – must be using some kind of DEW – and no matter that I wear a mask to cover my mouth and nose, the smell gets through; DEWs have that ability. I have to find a remedy for this but in the meantime, God has given me the strength to bear it all – no weapon forged against me will prevail. They also use DEWs to mess with my heart…like it’s sputtering and going to fail and leaves me breathless. These DEWs can give one a heart attack – research it. I tell friends that if something happens to me it is because of these sick individuals who I do not know. To TI’s be aware that they can see your every move inside the house and out, and so guard your chastity (especially ladies) as much as you can – I know that taking a shower (and I like long showers) and using the toilet are impossible to avoid but in every other way try to cover up, even when undressing or dressing put a towel around you until at least you get your underwear on. Even when I sit on the toilet, I cover up certain areas so the vulgar demons don’t get a view. They are so sick they would even want to see your poo and/or they want you to smell their bodily odors – trust me; there are a variety of psychopaths out there with different fantasies and some demonic bunch of highly placed individuals are profiting out of it. If you think this is sci-fi then your mind is limited, especially to demonic activity and to how technology is being forged and used against innocent civilians. No wonder in the Bible it is written ‘no weapon forged against me shall prosper’…be on your guard. I’m posting this mostly for those of us who are TI’s since we are the people who need to be on our guard….the other lost souls who don’t believe us are empty and will not understand so there is no need to waste time on them. Having said that, I can understand why they don’t see what we are going through, because this is a highly demonic thing at work that no one but the persons being violated will know the extent of it. So I do not condemn those who doubt us, but just please read up on what TIs are saying and do not pay attn to those who try to make us out as mental patients because that is exactly what they are counting on – to carry out their sick individual activity. I believe Rose is correct in that these sick people are making money out of such harassment – my feeling is that this is a program where psychopaths can pay to use the criminal cartel’s equipment from a distance to violate innocent people and their daily lives, especially women and children, and to have their ‘remote’ jollies and sick fantasies carried out. They are all cowards – whoever ‘they’ are – as they employ the general public to harass innocent people while ‘they’ hide themselves behind dark tinted vehicles and draw attention away from themselves so they will never get caught while they make their millions out of it. This is a multi-level structure where it may be hard to find the perps, just like money laundering and other criminal activity by those in high places is hard to trace unless an innocent person/patsy is framed. We can only use the term ‘they’ because, like Rose and all of us TIs say, we ourselves do not know who these criminals are and we all know they are wicked souls who do not want to be caught so why would they show themselves? Ask yourself this, seriously! They can commit the perfect crime and not get caught for lack of evidence. I ask this of those people who keep asking us in an accusatory fashion who ‘they’ are – if you are a criminal would you want to get seen or caught? Please use logic and do research before accusing us of being mental. This is exactly why this crime is perpetuated – who wants to go to prison right? I had absolutely no idea about this evil activity or about the term TI until I became a target myself; when I told my friends and colleagues and anyone who would listen to me about this bizarre underground activity, they would ask who are ‘they’ as everyone does without actually thinking about what they are asking, and I got the sense they too thought I was going batty. I didn’t know where else to turn to except to the web; and I searched the web with the appropriate search words of things that were happening to me and that’s when I came across this whole new unfortunate world of targeted individuals and the criminals who target them. I learned so much from the TI’s and I am so grateful to them and I applaud them for being brave. This is why I am trying to help those who are suffering through this evil just as I am, with whatever knowledge I can provide them. We, TIs, are the brave ones, not the criminals – they are cowards. Brave people vs cowards – which do you think are more powerful and honorable? These criminals are in high places and they have every power tool and access available to them to reach deep into our lives and our deepest personal spaces so do not doubt what we are saying. Our tax dollars at work. The politicians are just puppets, unless they too are in this crime syndicate…they will be targeted too if they interfere with the criminals. And beware, they have the ability to go in and remove our postings or change and ‘sanitize’ it as they see fit; however, they do not need to in most cases because they know the general public is clueless; their criminality is in full view because they know that the general public and those not targeted will think of us as mental – except to those who they targeted…and they want those targeted individuals to see them and pay attention to them because that is part of their sick schemes. The Bible says to bless and not curse those who persecute you so that is what I do, I bless them, and I know that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy will take care of the rest. I am confident in that knowledge. I am not afraid of those criminals who stalk and persecute me, I go about my life as best I could and learn to adjust to life every time an evil arrow is aimed at me. I salute those who have been targeted and I know they are the brave ones out there…..we are so much stronger from learning how to adjust to life every time the criminals send things our way. The other reason the criminals watch us 24/7 is because they are afraid of getting caught – they want to see who you associate with, chat with and even play games with our electronic equipment and phones….they do and that is a fact. After all, ‘they’ want control of the individuals they target and want them as their property, and want to steer us in the sick way they want us to live according to their sick fantasies. But TIs beware, they use loud speakers and other DEWs that produce an assortment of voices and sounds to make you think it is coming from friends and neighbours, they will even park in people’s driveways, even though they don’t have any connection but this is to make you feel afraid of your neighbours and cause fights with them and distrust them – this is part of their isolation tactic so do not distrust your neighbours – that is what the criminals want to see happen for a multitude of reasons – but be on the best of terms with your neighbours and do not distrust them; the criminals could tell them lies about you. You can overcome all that by being nice to them. Take care and be on your guard at all times and most importantly keep the faith and pray always.

  44. S July 10, 2019 8:33 am Reply

    Hands down, gang stalking is REAL. I am a target at the moment in something that is like the strangest conspiracy ever. It is so, so much more strange than the average person would likely be willing to accept as a potential reality. What’s more, it is a matter of a spiritual level of reality that not-the-“average” person has consciously developed. Abilities such as astral travel/projection are second-nature in many individuals. When you factor in that there are definitely ties to mafias and the most extensive, copious amounts of just about any drug that you could possibly imagine, with the upmost knowledge of the effect of each, being used for obtaining super-human abilities, you are looking at it. There is a push towards transcendence, which is the natural course for humanity, but I am wagering that depending of the intent, you get different results and different attitudes towards humanity and the natural world. We are encroaching upon a time in which humanity is going to be ever more intertwined with technology and what-have-you. It is not just about the drugs. I do not believe that that is just as easy to say that it is “bad”, but there are other factors and practices being employed that could absolutely be summed up under the category “black magic”. I do not know what to do myself. The idea of surveillance is something far up and away from what even the movies have portrayed when you factor in this spiritual element. I am fearing for my life right now and I just really, in many ways, wanted to live a “simple life”, but this thing started spinning around me and now I cannot get away from it. There is a war going on on this planet. It is clandestined. And when we are talking about people that are able to live largely off just a crystal of drug or something in there pocket and who operate in the night, how can we compare? I wanted to live in the light, more or less. I do not want to be in secrets, but that seems to be the nature of this whole thing, obviously, and probably for good and bad reasons. If we, as a race, where to all of a sudden get a surge of the real reality that exists, the average person would probably have their head blow a gasket. But being as it is secret, it puts the potentially targeted individual in a horrible, but horrible situation. Being as that the best thing to counter this sort of behavior is awareness and community support. That is a catch-22 and I as well have had my life and relations and work and mental and spiritual health etc… be deteriorated by this. This being a commonly stated effect of attacks of sorts. It is a true crime. Waiting for that better world when we get out of this. There is so much good in this world and I cannot even begin to claim that I know what the heck is going on, but this is the Kali Yuga and we are going through it. We may very well become aware of some gnarly realities coming up. Sorry about the bad energy, and I totally believe that this is going to be a vibed-out planet in the future, but there is this too. You have my nod that this sort of thing exists. Hope we get past it. Really believe that we need to bind together and lend support if it goes thick in this direction, and hope that we can get through this in the most peaceful way that is possible.

    1. Amanda May 9, 2021 8:20 pm Reply

      I’ve been a victim for over a year. Friends and family have already started to avoid me because the only way I know how to explain this does sound bizarre, but it’s not fair to be labeled only because I don’t have any further information. If you get a chance, please contact me. It’s uplifting to read about survivors.
      Thank you,

  45. kelsey w July 13, 2019 4:26 pm Reply

    This here, what I’d call “purposeful minimization”, is yet another covert way of brushing off or making seem ok the absolutely horrific deeds being done to this poor woman. I’ve had people in my life try and tell me similar Things after I’ve just gotten done explaining to them about my own attacks, occurring all day long, every single day- 24-7 since circumstances I will never understand left me homeless and completely destitute just a few months ago.. Look for repeating odd happenings daily! GANGSTALKING IS REAL! IT RUINED MY LIFE AND HUNDREDS OF OTHERS DAILY. Help by fighting back and BELIEVE !

  46. Sherri July 17, 2019 5:40 pm Reply

    Skeptics like you John point their finger claiming he/ she is delusional or paranoid, thus furthering the goals of the perpetrators. It is readily reported by victims of organized harassment, that law enforcement will ignore their pleas for help and actually participate in the gang stalking themselves along with fire fighters, various utility workers and post office employees.

  47. kauaiboy July 18, 2019 6:32 am Reply

    Please remove this story from the 3 “most popular stories” you have listed for 2019.

    Surely there are more popular stories in your archives, stories of more concern to local residents.


  48. Allison July 20, 2019 11:52 am Reply

    Thank you, Rose. I have Asperger’s & am going through something that sounds similar except my experience feels like it’s a simulated world with, the only word that comes to mind, sadists. I’ve been to doctors who diagnose me with some sort of schizophrenia & prescribe pills that only accentuate the horrors. I’d like to discuss privately, but am afraid of a-holes & snarky comments. I have a temporary fb “jane doh exclamationmark”. I know I’ll probably get more critisism than helpful replies, if any. After 13 years, I’m at the end of my rope.

  49. Melissa August 1, 2019 12:50 pm Reply


    The mental illness belief system is more than a tactic. It is a weapon, it is mind control, it is subjugation, it is oppression.

  50. Willie Valderez August 6, 2019 1:01 pm Reply

    Exact same thing is happening to me. Exact. Ongoing to present. Sporadic initially and beginning primarily noticed in Apr/May timeframe of 2017. I began to notice random red flags. Really picked up in May 2018 in San Francisco, CA, after I foiled a roofie attempt by some latino guys too eager to have me drink my drink I had taken my eyes off of momentarily. I saluted and didn’t drink shit, walked home. They (whomever is the shot caller) uses local criminal gangs I believe and anyone who willing to make some “extra on the side”. All you need is two eyes and a cell phone and maybe you score $20 for any new piece of data / observation / call. A lookout network is built. Varys called them little birds. Now multiply them x’s 50,000 cartel members and give them all a cell phone. So they hold down real jobs to support families but some sociopath cartel or mafia boss is directing them. Lightly, I think a sick Cartel boss who has enough resources to throw at this type of sick criminal and pyschopathic behavior as form of entertainment must be behind… Like a gang or maybe some kind of sinister Snowden thing. Like his fear was what if the metadata info collected 2001-present on EVERYONE falls into hands of someone who would use it for evil. Or a gang ie CARTEL (cough Sinoloa, remember the fast & furious debacle? wtf?) for profit? I am not a conspiracy theorist so if it’s bigger than that then God help us all. Back in May 2018, once I was onto them and Then once they knew I knew! then they have continuously surveilled and stalked me, no matter where I move about throughout the country. They eventually show up. Like a FB catfish alias profile messenger group or Whatsapp groups encrypted…all you need is a burner sim and internet connection to share pics globally with the group ie network…arrange things like corp org chart for controls. It is global in my case so phone number/email probably compromised in some electronic way, being used to track movement and gather intelligence. I too have no idea what is going on nor why….because of this unknown I speculate I have been slandered or false rumor spread or case of mistaken identity? Idk and really 100% have no idea why I was and have been and am currently still being targeted and observed. and I’ve never committed any sins against anyone. On my mother and I never say that lightly. I too feel I would be in prison already if whatever campaign smear they are on were true. Or did I offend some La Eme or Mexican Mafia or Latin Kings boss or jefe on the street somehow? Do they believe I did something I didn’t do? Either way, I’m still 100% innocent. I’m being terrorized but I too am holding my head high b/c nothing to hide and nothing to prove. I am 100% situationally aware now without being 100% paranoid lol. In other words, before I was aloof and didn’t raise my head…now I see every person, every license plate etc. Everything not ‘normal’ I notice and I no longer believe in coincidences. There have been too many and those are what are called red flags if you accumulate enough of them. I hope the FBI becomes competent enough electronically to learn to identify and recognize these tactics being used by transnational criminal gangs. There is definitely a tie to electronic surveillance first to locate you, then once physical location is know it turns more to direct surveillance tactics (trackers/hack phone) so turn on airplane mode when not expecting calls if can. My primary fear has evolved to foiling kidnapping attempts due to numerous red flags such as attempted home invasion under guise of dressing up as fake Feds or fake detectives. Thwarted. Not a threat, just true: Hollow points ready to welcome anyone brave enough to kick in my door. Let’s dance and I’ll take my chances on a self-defense case b/c I’ve collected enough evidence and documented as much as I can. They can’t delete my USB files if they cannot find them. Cartels Cartels Cartels….from Mexico/Colombia and guess who’s new to the game? “Bad guy” Indians from India and other “bad guy” asians…”bad guy” filipinos (all “good guys” 100% welcome, 24/7, pro-immigration but also pro-border control) displaced by Dutarte’s policies (which are working btw even though barbaric…guess necessary brutality sometime…cross reference Saddam holding sunni’s and shia’s together under that imaginary border)..Do the math. .He who controls the addictive powder(s) controls everyone else. Everything else. Billions and billions in resources. That’s the true boss of everything. And don’t tell me they are only into drugs for money. Like they are not diversified. They own the shipping company now probably. Kidnappers from the displaced losing-side cartels involved in the Mexico cartel wars (2004-2011) are documented openly bragging that kidnapping is the easiest, most lucrative relatively, and the fastest method for money to be made in the criminal world. You just bring the tactics north. Human smuggling is easier money and fastest growing arm of the business, which also includes kidnap for extortion (or worse), Fuel/Cargo theft (Hawaii Moving and Storage’s Gavriel “DannY” Tal, owner and Armando Garcia of Kauai or Oahu racket), Protection and Security rackets. Wake up, people. They are here. They are in our backyards. From Montana to Maine. Utah to Vermont. They laugh because they fly people to Canada and walk across our borders. FBI/ATF/ICE/CBP/CIA/NSA/DOJ. Please Do something to discover these criminals Please. Innocent people are being terrorized by these innovative electronic monitoring and surveillance tactics since 2017 in my case. If I told you in 2015 that the Russians are hacking our elections back then, you would have told me I am crazy 😉 and laughed your asses off at the looney tunes. I’m trying to get ahead of the curve. Let’s talk collectively and not be dismissive. Communicate, listen with grains of salt, and be empathetic. Something is going on. There’s too much smoke for there not to be any fire. What it is ain’t exactly clear…-Buffalo Springfield. I am using this platform knowingly disclosing…hoping that if something ever happens in the future that the FBI is competent enough to discover this bread trail. It is documentation that can be found to tell my story if something is happening with this gang-stalking situation I’ve been in for over a year when it’s been serious and active.

    Lastly, Watch out for what is called “disappearances” in the future…no crime if no body. and the FBI should monitor caustic soda imports (due to SOF Israeli training) and sales/production throughout the USA. Read “The Taken” by Javier Valdez Cardenas (assasinated journalist).
    This joe Rogan podcast w/EC is Not directly related to the gangstalking topic but FYI to current times (like gangstalking). Most USA citizens have no idea how bad it has become. Here’s who I think may be behind the culprits. Not racially. I mean anyone who is doing business with the Cartels is in that boss’s pocket…for life. So globally. Any local criminal gangs working with high level organized crime can be of any race. When I say high level, I am referring to the guys who never get caught and that’s why you will never ever know their names. “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” This is the only group with so much money and so many resources to spend on this type of activity….It is also a way to wash money or not have to risk transporting it back south across the border. Drugs move north. Money Cash and Guns move south. Having too much cash to store or use or spend is actually a problem….bc it draws attention. Thus endeth the lesson. -Sean Connery in the Untouchables

  51. Swak August 10, 2019 8:26 am Reply

    “Follow The Dollar!” It is the love of money that is feeding this Beast System that we are all bowing down to. As the dispensations pass, the Beast gets more and more desperate because without $$$ none can buy or sale. So what it had to do was corner every aspect of the market and this includes legal which is not as profitable as the illegal sector. Unfortunately it has covered all its bases so that none can turn to the left or to the right because it’s been in existence for so long and has hidden in plain sight until the operatives were ready for it to go mainstream. The truth is, it all began with a lie because that’s the strategic and tactical objective, to deceive. When we are young, we’re fed fairytales and we grow up believing that good conquers evil. However, when we are made to face reality rather than bedtime stories we get an altogether different view and it’s anything but pleasing. So in essence what I am saying is since childhood we have been conditioned aka force fed what our puppet masters want us to believe because as the FBI are so quick to quip that the Burden of Proof is on you. In other words I defy you to prove it. Because we have fine tuned this metallic (gold, silver, brass, iron, clay) munster since Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, The Roman Empire and the newly resurrected return of the Papal See aka new and improved. Some will take offense but that’s only because they are still asleep. That’s how long this abomination that maketh desolation has been standing in the holy place we call earth. Now you can accept it at face value so you can move on with the next phase of the program, or you can buy into the psycho analytical bull being push around about people being in need of mental help cause one thing is for sure and it is that everybody from around the world might lie, but they don’t all tell the same lie. Now if it is happening to you in this country, and to them on that continent and it’s happening to folk on a global scale, it’s real cause there ain’t enough pipes to pass around to get folk so stoned that they can’t see for tripping. What can be done? You can stop being programmed for one thing. Stop allowing your choices to be made for you. Stop listening to people tell you what you want to hear and take back what belongs to you, which is your right to your sense of well being. This is why it’s so successful, because we teach what we accept and anything they tell us we just blindly accept. Now we’re paying for it and in ways that none of us can afford. If you don’t know by now that you’ve gone live from one end of the globe to the other you must be living under rocks. We see it in moving pictures call television (tel-a-vision) in other words they tell us what to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste. They have been telling us about democracy which is a dressed up bastard child that no one truly claims, we sing songs of patriotism and watch as they dress cops up like commandos and them to kill and ask questions later. Well if they’re dead who they gone ask? We watch as we are discriminated against because we do not live in a free society but in a prison of our own making because we have signed ourselves over to this rogue element that’s spitting and stamping on every right you’re told you have until you try To voice an opinion and your brain is permanently censored. We see the Georgia guide stones telling us about culling the population and we sit idly by as it taking place under the different guises like targeted individuals and every other black ops program unleashed on the unsuspecting gullible idiots we have become as if it’s normal. Along the roads, streets and highways are wired poles and mobile towers, and CCTV equipment that give direct access into every home and business below and above ground. You are watched during health and conference and your most intimate moments, there is no such thing as a secret or privacy as long as you have a smart meter, appliance, or electronic gadget in your possession or attached to a shotgun shack. Children even infants are fair game to sick minds as they sleep in their cribs and awaken to shriks that cannot be mistaken to a parent’s ear as gut reaching pain and I will stop there cause you don’t want to know, and we keep pouring money into the belly of the Beast who turns it into $$$ power for perps to gain access to baby monitors in the comfort of your home. You walk up to someone and try to relay that you’re experiencing targeting and the very person you thought you could trust is telling you that you’re delusional, when nothing could be further from the truth. Even the child you have given birth to Has signed on to get that pair of jeans or sneakers you’ve said no to. Neighbors and friends, co workers and patrons, husbands and wives, church members and faculty educators all, from every walk of life are card carrying members of the very thing that is deceiving us all and all we can say is this person or that person needs help, they have lost touch with reality. Most of us are knee deep in bowing to the beast that has become their own personal ATM, and they would sell their own mothers just to hear the flutter of the sound of dollars being flushed through the cylinder. To those of you who have been awaken, say thank you. Understand there is no turning back. At the same time, know that you are never as strong as when tested, nor as weak as when faced with fear. You must find an anchor in who you are. Life is not promised to anyone. Live the way in which you choose to die. The strong are going to have to be there for the weak, and you know who you are! This system is older than any of us and continues to survive the test of time. However, understand this, the only way it can gain power over you is that you have to agree. Now that sounds funny, but only you know how much you’re willing to go through. I told myself a long time ago that things seem upside down, like good was being passed off as bad, and I began to wonder were we all under some spell. Come to find out I was wide awake and that life for me would never be the same because when you know who-what-when-how and why the only thing left is where. So now we know where we are. We are in a place that wants conformity, unfortunately for us, that’s the one thing that there just is not enough of, so like Houston, we’ve got a problem and there are others like us. We are one up on you cause there is no new thing under the sun. So now Beastie, let’s see how you do!

  52. Donald ball August 11, 2019 2:35 pm Reply

    I have realised that I have been a recipient of an ex spouse’s extreme narcissistic behavior with extreme gaslighting that has led to hardcore gangstalking. Like everyone I thought it was just a me thing but now realize that this is a real thing. Gaslighted for the first ten years the. The following ten years has been the gangstalking. I am asking for any help please.
    Thank you
    Sincerely Donald Ball

  53. J August 30, 2019 10:05 am Reply

    I am a victim of gang-stalking too and Im fighting back.

    This is VERY VERY real, and some of the detractors are surely working to discredit her.

    Yall are gonna follow the wrong dude and someones gonna die.

    And soon we start striking back.

    1. Zen Paradox TI September 25, 2019 1:19 pm Reply

      Some excellent sources for information about Organized Gang Stalking, do yourself a favor by checking out and Richard Lighthouse e books,, Judy Wood. These will lead you in good directions. YouTube LookoutfaCharlie has good info. Spread the good word! You’re Welcome!! Zen Paradox TI – gang stalking survivor and fighter for truth and Justice against this evil terrorism. PEACE

    2. Victim January 28, 2020 1:13 pm Reply

      There is a Instagram account park_greene_apt who is filming an entire neighborhood full of electronic harassment, gang stalking and there goal is weed money, here is the way to get free through the FBI, and it’s labeling them terrorist from the start this guys is doing it live soon. Once this becomes a threat to millions of people who call the FBI daily it will need to be addressed .
      Get numbers , gets there alias!!!! Don’t give up ;

  54. Leelee September 22, 2019 2:10 pm Reply

    It’s real. I’m a survivor of gang-stalking, harassment, human-trafficking, and mind-control. This is a spiritual battle against free will and the American Constitution. The covert participants are public office officials, law enforcement, and the wealthy 1%. Communism is being forced upon us one by one. These covert assailants used their ability to harass and mind-control us to exploit harass its targets.
    I was targeted to be a Bride to undesirable men. I was sexually harassed by these so-called grooms. Everywhere I went, I was bombarded and harassed by cars and followed. My life was threatened. I’m attacked through subliminal messages, and neuro-electronic psychic attacks. I was harassed off my jobs. I was harassed at my apartments. I was conspired against everywhere I went. I reported it to every law enforcement agency possible.

  55. JAMIE bulecza September 29, 2019 4:16 am Reply

    My name is Jamie bulecza I am a victim of gangstalking. I reported my checking account was wired fraud, an a crooked town sheriff, banker, mayor,, city employee an corrupt old attorney an the good old boys, because I reported to fcc about continue calls which I later found out that’s how they hook up to steal your money, called police sent a detective out an he pretend to work it ,he did not , he was part of it. T. I was began stalking an they even set up neighbor to stalk, I moved to Tallahassee FL the corrupt law continue here. The worse is they got keys from home an I was drugged by I say chlorphore ,and was raped by them. They crimnally assaulted me an I knew I woke up an knew I had been sexually assaulted, I drove home to Tallahassee the raped Accord ed noth towns an I was torture drugged by them an screamed in pain. I still an torture an poison an electronic weapons. Need help to get them arrested an in prison . Call me for any help 8509018960

  56. Randy Watson October 10, 2019 8:21 am Reply

    I’ve been stalked for over 20 years now but did not realize it until just the last 2 or 3 years. Once I realized this, all the questionable ‘dots’ I’ve seen over the years suddenly connected and made sense. I’ve been trying to figure out why anyone would want to follow me around 24/7 and I can only think of 2 reasons at this time; Organ harvesting or drug gang revenge. Both pay enough to cover the expenses required for multiple trackers.

    This is my theory: Very wealthy people with little or no moral values would pay almost anything to keep making money if their health were in such poor condition they needed organ transplants. You have multiple rich and dirty people needing organs then you have a market for tracking ‘donors’. Do you think many of the politicians we see on TV every day would have those kinds of motives? Many look sick and ready to keel over as it is. It would be a simple job for them to organize a team of “trackers” to locate the right candidates with healthy bodies and right blood type. Follow them a while until the time is right and harvest time brings the goods they need to continue their pathetic existence in this life.

    The drug cartel is the other which I feel is more likely in my case. Once many years ago I blew the whistle on an operation at my job and their house of cards collapsed. The ones running the op never faced any criminal charges and one of them was placed in witness protection. I thought nothing of it then but it makes sense that one of them took ‘the deal’ and the real boss(es) may have been caught and incarcerated. I don’t know for sure if anyone did time but if they did, their time could be ‘served’ and they may just now be free and ready for revenge.

    It could also be a hybrid of the two but all I know is that ‘Once Is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Third Time Is A Pattern’ and I have been seeing patterns for a while now. The hardest thing to deal with is the fact that I have to continue to work in order to pay bills and I don’t have time to document, video and build proof in order to take any legal action.

    Best thing to do if you don’t know what to do is pray to God that you figure out what to do before it’s too late. Don’t depend on law enforcement unless you have hard evidence.

    1. Frances September 18, 2020 7:15 pm Reply

      I also independently researched around the Problem and the Blood Type’s Hypotheis was made by me as well, see in ”Blood Groups and Rhesus Factor not to mentiont he whole Work concerning Gang Stalking itself, ”Gang Stalking that is Bullying-and-Persecution of Today” Part 1 of 2 ”Update” , ”Minds and Hitmen/HItwomen” , and 1001 Thanks for this helpful and informative Comment of Yours. Blessings.

  57. Mary October 15, 2019 1:19 pm Reply
    Please sign the petition. Voice to Skull/ Electronic Harassment/ V2K is real. It is currently illegal in three states. This shows how serious these crimes are. You will go to life in prison to pay the price of this inhumane crime. Please sign the petition to help current victims and any future victims to make this illegal in all other states. This is a human rights issue and takes away your freedom to privacy and peace in your own mind. The perps use equipment to torment you 24/7 and it will never stop unless they stop and leave you alone. It allows them to read your mind and get all of your personal information from your brain. It will make your subconscious talk to them as your brain responds to them talking to you and your brain responding to your subconscious. The victim does not have peace or quiet in their brain which isn’t tormenting. It’s constant noise. It will keep your brain up and cost you your sleep and causes other side effects. It’s complicated. They will humiliate you with your secrets and failures. The main purpose is to hurt you to the point of failure. Most victims lose everything in their lives as the my become jobless, homeless, and hopeless. This causes cancer, brain tumors, and birth defects. And it often leads to suicide. Do not confuse this with mental illness. This is real. Most people don’t know whom the perps are and some do. This started in the cia, fbi, and army. The equipment can go long distances as it follows you everywhere you go. The common citizen is now able to do this as well. Please help stop this as it should already be illegal. It’s a human rights issue. It’s state to state law instead of federal. Please sign the petition today. Thank you so much.

  58. David Webb October 25, 2019 12:14 am Reply

    BWHAHAHAHA. It’s 2019 and not 1999. People are awake to gang stalking and to people who are targeted individuals. Look at the perps trying to label targets as crazy ha!

    Hey, we must be crazy for these right? See links below for multiple rallies worldwide:

    All you “stealth” flying under the law criminals will be exposed soon. Ever watch a movie? What happens to the bad guy at the end? LOL. What happened to Nazi and later on Stazi Germany?

  59. David Webb October 25, 2019 5:56 pm Reply

    300 Gang Stalkers arrested:

    Street preacher talking about gang stalking in churches:

    Protest in the UK August 29, 2019:

    Illegal surveillance in the Bay Area, California:

    California senator being informed off gang stalking:

    Wiiliam Shatner aka Captain Kirk talking about gang stalking:

    Randy Quaid and his gang stalking in Hollywood:

    Chicago newspaper talking about targeted individuals:

    and protest:

    Gang stalking on local tv news:

    Yeah, we’re crazy.

  60. Johnny October 27, 2019 9:59 am Reply

    Dear everyone in this thread.

    I found out for my own situation, that people behind this could be people that works with technology, robot technology, medicin,biogen, sience and so on and I found information to privat people in Denmark and companies outside of denmark. US,Asia and many others countries. I show some of my private list here in my story. It’s on Danish and maybe the first time someone have ever have found these information regarding to these people and companies. And maybe because they use DEW so there can be no proff. But they also make a totally monitoring of you psycial and that was maybe my breackthroug to show there is something wrong about my situation. You can see a little of these list here. Hope it will come to a end one day. But this is some of the people behind who can get benifith of doing these things. My websit. I am showing some of these list,who where not ment to be found
    Thank you

  61. ry thomas December 8, 2019 8:57 pm Reply

    Me and my two closest friends have fallen victim to this outlet of organized crime. If you think it is a mental health problem being expounded into a hysterical conspiracy theory by schizophrenics empathizing online, please, I beg you to be more open minded to our narrative, as you are sincerely mistaken on this one, people are missing and discrediting something really big and really wrong that is going on under our noses here. I would like to refer you to an article( )written by activist and dissident psychologist Dr. Seth Farber, in a scathing response to a NYT article, an article taking the standpoint on the TI narrative and phenomenon, most reporters are greatly mistaken about in their assessment. There is very much a syndicate operating, attempting to frame people with mental illness. Two years ago when my best friend told me about organized surveillance harassment campaigning being carried out against him and then subsequently being assaulted eventually, and perpetually, with some form of advanced sonic weaponry, I did not believe him at all. I, being someone who was and still is, quite read up on mental illness and psychology, then, truly believed him to be schizophrenic, as anyone read on the effects of that particular infliction would, especially through a healthy skeptics consideration into, what was very much at the time, some quite extraordinary claims. I admit now, that I have gloomily come to realize, I was gravely mistaken. Failing to believe him, before his abuse became so extreme (and to a point where he was forced to relocate his residence, and resettle, all the way across the country to another state), now serves as the biggest regret I hold against myself in my life. He, having cut ties with me, out of the disappointment of a friend I had become(I failed him,treating him, in need, as if he were a mad man), is now no longer contactable to me. I have fallen beside my self with loss, witnessing and being victimized eventually myself, relaying now in my own experience all the injustice he accounted for and described for me two years prior. And now absent in my need, as I was for him, absent for his strength in one more number, I wish he were there, providing us with one more voice not to be ignored. He, being only the first of a series of three such victims in my life, that I know personally, I myself now having become the third target. Three of us now, all friends, living only within a mile radius of each other, have all become victims of this quasi-stasi like syndicate. Our targeting happened sequentially one after the other, an exact year in between. Before I even read ANYTHING online about TIs or gangstalking, two of my friends were reporting this stuff to me and then it began happening to me, and it wasn’t until much later I discovered the TI community or even the phrase “gangstalking”. I was also attacked by a military like vehicle that had sophisticated weaponry and speakers mounted to it, i suffered a fugue and saw stars, and experienced symptoms that were incredibly similar to the symptoms of the microwave weapon attacks that were carried out on US diplomats at the embassy in cuba in 2016, that being in the news, was the only reason I suspected a sonic microwave weapon to be the culprit. My friend two years prior, who I believed erroneously to be schizophrenic at the time, reported to me being attacked by the same sort of vehicle, with the same effects in the same way. After I was attacked by that vehicle, the speaker system mounted to the vehicle informed me, “your whole family are TARGETS now thanks to you”, this again being before I even found A TARGETED Individual community online. When I went to the police following my attack, they refused to file a report, and joked about how microwaves were harmless.

  62. MICHAEL December 23, 2019 7:26 am Reply

    Dear: Fellow HUMAN,
    I am raising awareness about this critical and growing issue. I DO NOT believe anyone can or will change what is occurring in the WORLD TODAY. I am choosing to CONTINUALLY RAISE AWARENESS instead. I have sent a copy of “MY CURE” to at least 33 different Human Rights Organizations, To numerous Investigative Reporters and Major News Outlets. Copies have went to countless Health and Medical Inst., Org., etc. I have posted “MY CURE” on many Social Networking groups/sites/pages, many Targeted Individual, Morgellons, and Remote Neural Monitoring websites. I PROMISE YOU, soon when this TECHNOLOGY is perfected, IT WILL GO INTO EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET and will not be so easily detected or removed. I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to continually telling my story “MY CURE” to ANYONE and EVERYONE willing/needing to hear it. I came within weeks or months of DEATH, because I knew something else, VERY EVIL was really occurring. THIS IS NOT A WAR ON DRUGS, if it were THEY* would not CONTINUALLY USE,MAKE,SELL and REPEATEDLY allow meth to be sold, only to try to justify ATTACKING AND INFECTING YOU with NANOTECHNOLOGY. They* know how to remove the NANO and how to keep it from entering themselves. THIS IS A WAR AGAINST MANKIND. THIS IS WORLD SPONSORED MURDER OF HUMANS. The VICTIMS of this SADISTIC PROGRAM of OUR WORLDS GOVERNMENTS can remove this nano/fungi WHENEVER they want, in front of WHOEVER they choose (INVESTIGATORS, ATTORNEYS, REPORTERS, DOCTORS, CAMERAS, WITNESSES). The worlds governments are unable to remove this nano/fungi from anyone. Once THEY* infect the victim, only the victim can remove it. Today, 1 year after I removed the NANOTECHNOLOGY They* infected me with, I feel perfectly fine and have had ZERO symptoms. This is my story.
    ———————- Hi, my name is MICHAEL -THIS IS-“MY CURE” ——————-
    Here’s how I REMOVED & CONTAINED THE NANOTECHNOLOGY that THEY* CHOSE to infect me and MANY others with… I QUIT using THE METHAMPHETAMINE THAT THEY* use/make/sell… 6 YEARS AGO. I HAVE NEVER MADE OR SOLD ANY METH AT ALL… NOR HAVE I EVER WANTED OR TRIED TO…. 6 years ago, I stopped using it, and had a PERSISTENT EAR RINGING/BUZZING that WOULD NOT go away(unless i grounded myself good)… 5 years ago, POPPING in the ear started, like going up and down mountains. …4 years ago CONSTANT clearing throat, ..3 years ago glands(under arms and groin) always hurting…. 2 years ago, Thrush on tongue …Beginning 1 year ago, LAST YEAR, ..ALL YEAR, I had BLOOD IN STOOL, CONSTANT RINGING IN EAR, CONSTANTLY clearing throat, Thrush on tongue, All while glands hurting…(AND STILL BEING 6YEARS CLEAN) …. Each year progressively worse than the previous year. IS IT CANCER? IT IS MALIGNANT AND METASTATIC (malicious and spreading). I knew it WAS NOT cancer. I knew IT WAS NANOTECHNOLOGY that THEY* attack users (that THEY* repeatedly sell or allow to be sold to) with. IT travels through most anything, disrupts electronics, and seems to like moisture and warmth. I KNOW THEY* direct the attacks toward you, and I have seen the attacks retreat when it needs to. It will enter slowly through the skin and on the edges of fingernails …causing the side of nails/skin to curl-up and feel sore. While THEY* ARE SLOWLY KILLING YOU, would have you COMMIT SUICIDE, or SOMETHING WORSE.
    ——-This is NOT medical advice, I have no allergies, So i did this. —-
    ——-Antioxidants/Alkaline kill NANO/FUNGUS, or at least makes IT run. —–
    I took 2 cinnamon, 2 olive leaf extract, and 2 turmeric capsules. Waited several hours, then put cocoa powder ALL over and under my tongue. I shook up partially filled dark cocoa powder container, barely opened lid and inhaled floating dust threw nose and mouth 2 or 3 times. I then squirted or poured at least 1/2 cup of chocolate syrup (great antioxidant) onto top of scalp. I quickly then (stepped into a disposable tub of 3 to 6inches of HOT water) or to have a closer look and contrast, I put HOT water into white ceramic bowl. I Put my fingertips, or, foot/feet into the hot water (tub or bowl) and WATCHED the NANOTECHNOLOGY physically flee from me. IT (The NANO/EVIDENCE) IS NOW TRAPPED IN THE WATER, If i put just fingertips into the hot water, I will have splits/cracks 1/2inch from the thumb side of my index-finger nails(where it leaves). I DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING NOW IN THE WATER. If sober(not spun) and/or not under attack, small red spheres, of (NANO) appear and begin to grow, formed from the substance/NANO streaming out of my finger tips and skin. If not sober (spun) and/or under attack, SOMETHING ELSE COMPLETELY forms from the substance/NANO, that streams out of my fingertips or feet and into the HOT water. I DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING NOW IN THE WATER, Or it WILL RAPIDLY re-enter my body. *INSTANTLY*— I had NO MORE ringing, popping ears. NO-MORE CONSTANTLY clearing throat. NO-MORE thrush on tongue. NO-MORE blood in stool. NO-MORE glands that are hurting from the constant fighting. IT (Whatever IT IS) left my body the same way THEY* made IT enter ..Cutaneously (through skin and edge of nails). GOD BLESS
    * THEY- meth dealers/task force/police/military/World Governments… know–The worlds heroes/SCUM
    – There are MANY good men and women (who don’t support or have any knowledge of this program) in the police/military/Worlds Governments- THIS DOES NOT PERTAIN TO THEM.
    Thank You for your time and willingness to listen. Sincerely, Michael

  63. benmaven December 30, 2019 10:36 am Reply

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  64. S. January 14, 2020 5:48 am Reply

    I briefly perused the comments on here and noticed they were not very helpful.

    If I had to guess why you are experiencing unwanted attention from groups of strangers I would say:

    – In Hawaii racism expressed towards white people is a problem.
    – In all US states bigotry toward LGBTQ population is a problem.
    – If you have complained to a law enforcement agency about your problem and used the term “gang stalking”, you may be getting a misguided response from a LE agency or it’s public safety partners in the community.

    You should be aware that there are hate groups that maintain lists of people who identify as LGBTQ. Such lists may include name, address, and known hangouts. People with access to the list will patrol areas where you and your associates may be found for the express purpose of intimidation. I am aware this activity occurs in Eugene, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas – it would not surprise me if this was true anywhere in Hawaii.

    Watch out for online trolls that have formulated their own understanding of mob harassment. In reality groups that organize around causes that terrify or intimidate others are a mob. It is easy for mobs to form around causes using any number of social media platforms or digital communication networks. Being harassed by a mob is not a form of mental illness, but shortsighted people have trouble understanding that mobs are real and criminal mob activity occurs every day in the US. Mob activity is extremely difficult to report unless a community is aware of what a mob is and how to recognize one.

    Watch out for comments and blogs posts you leave online about “gang stalking” and “target individuals”. Those two terms trigger mob activity and excite trolls. Internet trolls will discover your identity and location based on your posts and harass you about having mental illness without realizing they are contributing to the very problem you describe. Some people view victims of mob harassment as threats to themselves and may seek opportunities to commit violence against you make false statements to police and your employer about you.

  65. smith benson January 20, 2020 11:51 pm Reply

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  66. Brandy Posas January 23, 2020 10:54 am Reply

    I am also being stalked, followed, harrassed, threatened, and even my husband is being harrassed. It’s been a rough for the past 6-7 years and it’s only gotten worse. I can’t get a job anywhere and I’ve applied everywhere. I was taling online college courses trying to earn my bachelor’s degree due to my account being hacked and password changed so I couldn’t login to complete assignments. I’ve found a GPS tracking device on my vehicle. My husband and I have found listening devices and cameras in our home. They follow us everytime we leave our home. Someone comes in our home everytime we leave. We’ve bought security cameras to try and catch these stalkers and they have all been destroyed. We’ve had our tires slashed 2 different times. We have drones that Hoover over our home all night and have caught the drones lurking in our bedroom window and even in our skylight when showering. Everything that we own technology wise has been gutted and replaced with a hidden camera or listening device. One of my cars has been caught on fire. These people have even tried to kill me by cutting my break line and almost making me have an accident. Our food has been poisoned. We’ve been pulled over several times for bogus reasons just so they could search our vehicle and try to plant something in it to pin on us. My husband has been taken to jail just cause the officer wasn’t able to set him up when searching the vehicle cause my husband videoed it. We’ve had to move 4 different times and we’ve had to get 3 different vehicles cause they have destroyed them. We’ve even been chased and almost ran off the road trying to leave town to get away from them. These people are crazy, sick, and will do anything to ruin someone’s life or kill someone. It’s sad when it’s the police officers in your own county. I’ve tried to contact attorneys, the local news, the Victoria tx advocate to try and make a report but it never goes through. It’s so bad that I feel as if my life is at risk. We aren’t bad people. My husband works and I just stay at home. We dont go out partying or to start trouble. We mind our own business and dont know how or why this has happened to us but we dont know what to do or who to tell. So if anyone knows of something or someone to report this to please help us and let us know. If your are a victim of this gang stalking dont give up.

    1. Kayleigh March 5, 2020 6:33 am Reply

      I’ve been gang stalked by a “rich” guy and his sad ass family and business associates for quite some time now. I seriously cant stand this guy. I dated his cousin for 4 days 9 years ago until I found out he flushed crack pipes in my toilet. They brag that NO cop or court in this nation will help me. The most inhumane things have been said and done to us. I do know the identities of the people doing this to us. I’ve heard I’m not the only one they’ve done this to. I’ve heard them say how much fun they find this type of behavior to be, they find “power” in it. I think if I can find more “targeted people and we all get together we can STOP these mentally inept people from doing this again.

    2. Geoffrey October 7, 2020 12:31 pm Reply

      They’ve made me wreck my car. Broke in my house numerous times and poisoned my food . Hacked my phone and all my electronic devices. Took over my security system. Chased me every day and the list is goes on . Its as long as yours but I fight back as much as I can an i will NEVER give up nor will I EVER let them get the best of me . Pray , fight , and stay strong .

  67. Isaiah Eastman February 12, 2020 2:10 pm Reply

    This story is totally true. I have been gang stalked for years. Mostly in Oregon, Montana, and South Dakota. This is real stuff and they try to make us (targeted individuals) look crazy to the outside world. I have been able to deduce who some of the players and teams are who stalk people really are. They isolate you and try to plant thoughts and ideas in your head that aren’t true or delusional. They use electronics on you and the internet. A lot of why you’re stalked is because of your backgrounds, beliefs, and what you really know to be true in this world. Ask God to help you through it. It is the only worthy advice I have. These people who stalk you are advocates for satan. I was once told if I sell my soul to satan, the stalking would stop. No thank you. In the Bible it talks about how God’s people will be persecuted. These are the end times. Great natural disasters and wars are just around the corner for the earth and it’s people. Dying in the service of the One and only true God is the greatest honor to be received on this earth.

  68. Andrew Peacher February 15, 2020 3:35 am Reply


    Are you a victim of gangstalking or a targeted individuals get in touch ref your story.

    We will publish your comments and storys in confidence.

    Websites Blogs.

    We have made this simple site would you like to share website links or stories even just visit and share each others site now and again.

    We hope to make a app for the victims to expose their stalkers.

    Email us

    Thanks Admin.

    1. beverly haskins March 1, 2020 6:10 pm Reply

      Yes I’m a targeted individual. Took me years to figure out because I hated technology, because it never works right for me. Only place you can find out about this horrible crime. I finally googled someone with $ watching me 24/7. And there it was gangstalking. It’s unbelievable but I recognize it all, it’s true, and no one will help, so has to be big $ and power behind it. I was getting home invasions and only taking 1 piece of silverware at a time. Sometimes replacing with cheaper ones. Its the same “they” Jesus spoke of. They hated me, “they” persecuted me,They are people, just like pharasies that hurt Jesus. Not demons, so don’t let some people turn it into that. I think those ex via and ex fib should help us more, that know this is going on. How do they look in mirror, baby’s are being tortured. Stay close to Jesus and in bible. All people God used in there had hard lives too. God HATES evil as much as these evil jealous cowards hate us. We all have a better place someday. I’ve had lots of smirks from the Mormons here too…? Hummm don’t let anyone fool you in these last days. Praying hard for us all. Someday. Mine may have started in 1976. Around there, at least I know now why my whole life a disaster. T. I in ks.

  69. THE HOLY REMNENT February 19, 2020 7:04 pm Reply


  70. Kayleigh February 28, 2020 3:40 am Reply

    I’m currently being gang stalked, it started for me in 2011. They have resorted to most of what i’ve read on here. I know the names of several of the people doing this to me, but to no avail. I’m working on the 3rd restraining order on 1 and the 1st on the other. I’ve heard so many rumors about myself from people I’ve not personally met, been attacked, had my home broken into, attacked my kids. Some guy told me the only way to end this is sex. I refuse. One actually told me there will be no cops or courts in this nation help me. This started in Arizona, I’ve fled literally across this nation and they follow. This gang stalking IS a serious issue. I consider these mentality domestic terrorist. LAWS need to tightened across this country in favor of the targeted ones.

    1. Survivor June 15, 2020 5:38 am Reply


      Having the names of the individuals is a plus.
      I hope you are writing down times and events. Cases must be built.
      I would highly recommend hiring a Private Detective or lawyer that will hire one Make sure to check laws in your state in regards to the PI. These people are not invincible. They are criminals, living a criminal lifestyle, and can be caught doing it.
      Do not live in fear. These Are mind games/gaslighting.
      There are people that will help. They are not above or over the law.

    2. Cortez September 8, 2020 6:12 pm Reply

      Did the restraining order work? Please share more details if it did! Thanks

  71. Diane May 18, 2020 4:44 am Reply

    I heard about a interesting story don’t know if it’s true…but wondering if this could be like same thing stalking situations others are talking about?
    A person hired law friend or group to do dirty work for them to entrap person on thier road they don’t like, by implanting/entrapping him to force him to say he raped a person of his past and they also did the same thing to his friend implanted him to say the same story of a rape or crime hoping for a an arrest or labeled as a rapist or criminal trying to force the person unlike to move, loose their job, retirement and memory passed on from loved ones or other family and using it like a carrot ..if you don’t do what we say or you give us all money they will steal it anyway, if you don’t leave your job and family they will have the court do it for them with a non stop threat if they go to the police..saying you can’t win! Also they are stalking their every move now even on the internet, blocking, twisting even changing and removing anything they write or look up for any type of evidence to flip or screw them up later! It’s to get them in a revenge set up attempts!?I wonder if removing changing or manipulating others writing or past life is a crime also!?I also think it is to set the cops up also and they are probably hiding something themselves and that person knows what it is so it’s a get rid of them to cover their past crime also!?

  72. fanksDL June 15, 2020 9:37 am Reply

    Illegal subliminal sounds and voice is being sent through implants with music through cars speakers and home speaker directed your way or also using triangle system with friends around your home.. …or phone capabilities that they implant in your jaw, cartilage or teeth above the shoulders close to the ear for reversed system….so police can’t her it !that are illegally put in a person to try to make them different or to change them because they want you to do what they do and do their commands and of jealousy and to keep you from talking about their illegal activities in the woods surroundings you!!also it’s to make you stop noticing the wanted person living in the neighborhood! A group over hear was heard talking about this and no one knows how to make the police understand what is happening to those people they don’t like!~ ! and they don’t care if it causes a accident to anyone lese on the road while they drive or around their own neighborhood! and this is almost In central Wisconsin !

  73. Vrnda June 19, 2020 4:11 pm Reply

    I need advice on a otdbtusk hums. Sex trafficking at la hotels involving international travelers .

  74. Anonymous July 3, 2020 11:07 pm Reply

    It’s the CIA. I know this because this has been happening to me since I contacted them for help. They are the only one with this kind of access to make this happen.

  75. Anonymous July 9, 2020 12:09 pm Reply

    To understand gang stalking you must read this book. Anyone being tortured read the book!!! ‘Hidden Evil The Financial Elites Covert War Against Civilians! By Mark. Rich’. You will be horrified what has gone on in history to lead up to this point. It is run by the elite occult sadists who slaughter and cause death and suicides. Their intention is to create a tyranny dictatorship a triad – illuminati – they are the military elite and they torture civilians, their intention is to cause death. Always stay positive, be resilient, do things that make you strong, happy and laugh and keep speaking out!!! Keep your voices going, these psychopaths can’t get away with it forever if we keep speaking out!!!

  76. Alec Watson July 12, 2020 5:13 am Reply

    Rose , I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been going through this . I’m a young single gay man who will be turning 40 in six months . They have been targeting me now intensely for the past five years . But when I look back and think it’s really been going on for at least 10 years . I think we’re pawns in this sick game and it’s scares me to think that’s these powerful people are taking over society and want to rule the world with their totalitarian mindset. I’m going crazy, it’s taking away friends , families , employers etc. There manipulating everything I post online and making it look as if I’m crazy . I was once a healthy individual that got caught up in a web of se, drugs , & alcohol and most likely pissed someone off in power who did this to me. I’m so sorry.–

  77. Diane July 14, 2020 5:52 pm Reply

    This is what’s happening in Wisconsin right now so beware folks!!!
    Rape scam artists mixed updated revenge artists and real state thugs who are their friends want your money and land especially for the hiding stuff in deep woods , maybe even your job using fixed manipulation real live mind reading implants, threats and fraud stories make you a rapist, your long past friend your victim, even telling you it was your sister or brother who told them you did that and they don’t know anything about that! Fraud is big time stuff now days and the mind reading /bio body hacking stuff is going to get interesting in the future, but it’s now folks!

  78. Nick July 17, 2020 5:50 pm Reply

    So does anybody know who “they” are?

    1. Anonymous September 8, 2020 2:57 am Reply

      Yes. Most Gang-Stalking is done by the local police. That’s why reporting it to them is useless. After 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security was formed and created a domestic intelligence network run by federally funded, but locally operated “Fusion Centers”. These Fusion Centers were originally focused on Terrorism, but lacking enough terrorists to track, they expanded their focus to “all crimes, all hazards”, a dubious term really meaning anything that they don’t like. Innocent people were placed on “Watch lists” and “Targeted” for a myriad of reasons, leading to all forms of police harassment. Why would the police do this to innocent citizens? Federal funding (salaries, equipment, training, pensions, etc.) and, because they can get away with it. Police harassment (Gang-stalking) is profitable, paid for in full by you, the American taxpayer.

  79. Donna Licursi July 23, 2020 8:10 am Reply

    I have the same problem they go around crippling people’s lives trying to intimidate and brainwash they did the same thing to my daughter she’s disappeared there trying to make me believe that you still alive I have been going through this for the past 15 years or so everyday it’s a different story I’ve contacted the officials the FBI and Interpol… I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one in this sometimes I feel like we’re the only ones and we’re alone maybe if we all come together on this we could crack down on them they also use computer systems to control us and I think that not that I think I know somehow there’s an implant I don’t know if it’s on your knee or didn’t there’s somebody that managed to manages to follow me around it’s a type of an in Internet system I do believe that has to do with human trafficking and prostitution and drugs and crime and I do believe it is gang stalking because there’s this gentleman on YouTube that describes everything to 100% but unfortunately they do know your every move and everything that you’re up to my phone is hacked my internet or Wi-Fi is hacked and I feel like it’s also not that I feel like because I said it’s in my house also and you hear a lot of these people communicating and talking and they’re insulting you all the time and trying to cripple your life I’ve been out of work because of this and I’ve had to move around 2 I don’t know how many ounces I’ve been treated like a criminal by the police department because I go out yelling and screaming all the time and it’s not my fault but if you go and tell them that you’re hearing these things and these things are going on they treat you like a mental case so I hope that if we come together we can build a whole community of people and get rid of these disgusting mental bastards and crack down on them from Montreal by the way and my name is Donna Licursi and proud of it they trying to get you by creating also this false relationships which is all ahead game you don’t believe nothing that they tell you everything is 100% lye I don’t know why for what reason and I never even had a relationship with anybody that was involved in organized crime or drugs my whole life so I’m just telling you beware and be very careful and never be safe enough. In this world anyways not anymore too much corruption and I don’t know why there to classify this as a cybercrime I know that it’s criminal and I know that it is organized crime for sure I’m sure it has to be but when the infatuation is with our lives on what they want from us I think that they wanted to harbor these internal type of Internet systems inside of our body so they can communicate illegal activity through us so nobody catches on to what they’re doing does it hide they how they hide all of their information inside of us and inside of our internet systems and in our houses and there’s all kinds of in plantations a lot of things have to do also with chemicals and gases you get these weird smells anyways the list goes on and I hope that I could help somebody out there to justify what’s going on with them and their lives by the way I do get people following me around on foot and by car I do believe they do have a way to trespass into people’s homes also so being extra vigilant there’s a lot of things that I heard even disabling video cameras for surveillance they have access to all kinds of gadgets a lot of these computer systems also are government-owned I believe their Maximilian are we chess programs and different types of programs in that domain I don’t know what stupid fool is but going to give these programs to people that are psychotic or criminal as the worst weapon especially when people can enter your life and your house like this I think it’s the worst most disgusting thing that could ever happen to anybody and they know that they’re in control because they are hiding behind these tools that they use which is the internet

    1. Cortez September 8, 2020 6:02 pm Reply

      Donna, your story sounds very familiar. I am sure that we can solve this mystery if we work together. Gang stalking works thanks to the level of isolation that is created in the victims’ lives. The key is to help each other to break the isolation.

  80. Donna Licursi July 23, 2020 8:13 am Reply

    Sorry for the spelling and grammar

  81. Max July 30, 2020 3:19 pm Reply

    Only here I can see that there’s a lot of suffering shared all over the planet, suffering from the same evil. An evil that’s not a mystic or an collective hallucination. But just high technology used for a purpose to keep a belicious socially engineered society. Builded on hate, instead of love. Crime instead of law, and so on. Nothing much else to work on than to expose such. Getting a clear evidences that can build a case. That takes courage of you all to fight for your rights. Keep it going until justice for all.

  82. Targeted Individual August 6, 2020 3:38 am Reply

    Human trafficking / gang stalking this is the Jewish system. The description of the methodology immediately points to the Jewish factor. You are being secretly pursued by the Jewish mafia connected with the secret services.

  83. Denise August 8, 2020 12:07 pm Reply

    Check out this article:

    Helped me wrap my head around it, not that it gets any better…good luck all TIs ❤️

  84. Diane August 13, 2020 7:46 am Reply

    This is what is happening in Illinois, California, Wisconsin and in many areas of the USA! Maybe? Hey!? Read about voice implants!!! A friend had something happening and said read this it’s the grinders society. They are implanting themselves for every thing and they don’t p[ay for the free service and good stealing your electric TV and what ever!!! . They are the home made Cyborgs..( not police or military or real psychiatrists!)) who think they can control you, loose you and screw you over and rich and can go over the police surveillance set them up and lay both games so you can’t say anything either way making you look like a trouble maker and also covering their activity with counter home made military of their own that they learned by reading and from mostly internet? Mocking police, hospital help for people really needing help but they abuse you and use it for their own purpose! Maybe they need to look at this for that reason alone! who know? Scary stuff though anyway! Not sure but this might help! Universities should all have a new class for electric harassment and what is illegal with Bio- hacking implantable, listening internal devices that could be being being abused by someone or groups …(?) and if not taken they don’t pass university!!Someone is playing their own investigator, police, court or… ” revenge and get you person” hey? just opinion but makes kind of sense!

  85. Andrea August 25, 2020 9:07 am Reply

    Please contact me I’ve been going through this misery for 3 years. It’s started in Hollywood CA I’ve fled diff places and soon or later they find me.

    1. Cortez September 8, 2020 5:51 pm Reply

      Any progress Andrea?

  86. Cortez September 7, 2020 4:20 pm Reply

    I am in the same boat! This is happening to me for a decade now. I am lucky to have the strength to stay focused on what is more important in my life. It started before I became US Citizen. I thought that this will eventually go away after my naturalization. Unfortunately, gang stalking becomes a distraction in my daily life. Me too, I changed phones and numbers and even houses multiple times but it never stopped. What is more damaging is that US government doesn’t same to leave any chance for anyone to formally complain about gang stalking. I have been working on filling a complaint for couple weeks now but I am unable to find the right way to do it. I am here because I am looking for a judiciary advice or probably a civil rights lawyer. I am convinced that gang stalkers will never stop as long as they can get away with it. They have all necessary support, intelligence and money to cover up all their wrong doing. Unless victims start to officially complain, nothing will change. My suggestion is to fill a group complaint against law enforcement and federal for their negligence of protecting individuals including US citizens knowing that they are under real treat. US constitution protects everyone’s privacy and the federal is required to enforce that. Please reply if you like the idea!

  87. Amelio Renteria September 14, 2020 7:55 pm Reply

    I am going through exactly what everyone is talking about here in Sonora,Ca. I’m fighting back as much as possible.

  88. Robin smith September 21, 2020 8:15 am Reply

    I am living in dewitt county texas and i have been a victim of this as well I know the individuals that are doing this to me and I need your help in taking these people down. I know of many people that are being targeted as well they just didn’t think i was going to be able to pin point who it was but they are wrong very wrong . they have a group of people trying to do this to us so we follow their god and to what they say population control get the lower class people out of our town because we have allot of retired government people retired here in this town . they try and control us by stating they were going to rape my daughter and grandchildren if I didn’t do what they said . I was on the verge of death because of this . there was so many of them targeting me at once they ruined my schooling and ruined my relationships with my family getting them on board stating that my children would be brought back to me if they would participate in the targeting and told my kids that they were making me a better mom having everyone believe that I was on drugs to make me look crazy and as if my word was nothing. The man i was dating is going through the same thing becoming somebody I do not know . I was called the whore of belzebub so its really not a good place to be and it is the people that I confided in that I spoke with that i told I was like the woman in the bible meaning i related to the woman in revelations 12 but they thought it was the whore in the bible so they tried to create the whore in me trying to recreate the story in the bible . i have lost everything in my life and that wasn’t good enough for them they staged a scene that made me believe that there was a crime scene at my exs house where I used to live to get me to freak out and call tge cops which i did because I believed the man I love was hurt . when the police got there which mind you they have been hurting my family for years trying to get me to snitch or just to take down who I was with when he wasnt doing anything wrong they just didnt like him so they wanted him out of their town so they claim its theirs . so they did whatever they could to try and place us in prison to get us out of the town . they set that scene up i called the law and they came into the home illegally and started to take stuff out of the home with no warrant this is how bad they wanted to get rid of us and we did nothing wrong to these people they believed we were drug dealers and we didnt sell drugs that was people talking and they just knew they were right but they were not . the officer Davidson left after he keep on until i agreed i used drugs when i didnt and had been using satallite terroism to make me look as if I was on drugs made me look sick and very unhealthy. I had been clean the whole time this was going on . then the officer left for about 3 hours I over heard him on the radio that he was at the hospital that he picked up someone and when he got back all of a sudden he went into the house giving me a printed up search warrant which was not legal by no means then all of a sudden finds drugs that were not there before I video taped the home before they got there because i knew they were sabatoging my life for along time getting my kids taken and destroying my life as i knew it im sick of this and need help taking these people down I have called feds into this to look at what is going on and homeland security has been watching for almost a year now i am willing to expose everyone and all they do to do what they claim their doing and thats clearing our home town of trash as far as corrupt law enforcement church folk and rich people im sick of the games they play with us lower class peoples lives we have been to jail wonder if they can handle it when they go for this targeting people i wont give up until this is done and i get my life back my kids my money that was stolen my education that was stolen and the relationships they destroyed . please be apart of this to help me bring these folks down . god bless

  89. Zachary Urman September 25, 2020 4:15 am Reply

    My name is Zachary Urman and Im in the same situation .
    I know who they are..
    Stay strong and look for each other.
    Thank you for writing about this fascist garbage
    Lake Zurich ,IL

  90. Jon September 25, 2020 5:04 pm Reply

    This is happening to me too! Rose is not crazy!!!! I am going thru the same criminal stalking. I have been unable to get a job for17 months. I even documented the stalkers stating they will make sure I will never get a job!!!!!

  91. Jon September 25, 2020 5:06 pm Reply

    This is happening to me too!!!! Rose is not crazy or paranoid!!!!

  92. Brandon Edwards October 4, 2020 8:51 pm Reply

    Its tragic and I wish I could do something about it. Some of them of course are even commenting. My advice to everyone is once you grasp that reality, hold on to it with no fear and it will help you become smarter and ease your mind. My knowledge has come to their liking and they’ve made far too much money from collecting my ideas so they’ll probably never leave me alone and the captain of the police force here county is far too shady hl. Create no dirt for yourself, Stay aware, Be honest with yourself and realize and accept your wrong doing plus anybody can change, doing wrong doesn’t make your person, you make your person. Be a total legit being and your mind will begin to ease. I cant say the hurt from your past exposure to the tragic things that these crooks have lead you into will be eased but I can tell you that you control your thoughts and your mind and actions and living without fear and in complete honesty will allow us to take back control. Take back control of your mind, limit your situations and communications and stay alert. Show your loved ones discretion, these people are powerful.


  93. Kelly October 13, 2020 5:11 pm Reply

    I know this story is a couple yrs old but I have to tell my story.
    No I am not experiencing GS. I was attacked today by someone who accused me of being a GS! She started on the road as i pulled up next to her at a red light. She had her dog on her lap and I thought it looked unsafe. She made a sudden right turn on a side street. I thought that was the end of that.. NO it wasn’t! I made a right turn into a parking lot complex with a 4 way stop sign. There she was! Glaring at me! I made a left and she followed ME into the Walmart parking lot. She tailed me closely but I paid no attn I thought she was strange but wrote it off because… you know…. http://www.people of Walmart dot com… LOL Some guy pulled out a a space and i decided to take the spot. As i was getting out of my car i was acutely aware that someone was loudly honking. I looked to see as I was using my remote to lock it. It was this woman! She was yelling at me behind a closed window and I told her i couldn’t hear her. She rolled her window down STILL honking *WTF?? and began accusing me of being a GANGSTALKER! because she thought i was following her! (she was behind my car when I pulled into a spot!) So, then I told her I knew what it was but did not believe in it. I suggested she get some help and tried to walk to the entrance. She throws her car into park blocking traffic in the parking lot and tries begins trying to hit me! I kept backing up and then I had to call 911. She took off but not before she took a bunch of pix of me and my license plate! I was so shook up that I didnt leave my car till the police got there which was 30 min. For 15 min she kept circling the parking lot honking. *WTF is up with honking? Is this a prescribed reaction for chasing a would-be GS?
    I did however get her license plate #and gladly filed a report with the PD..
    She yelled out a website about GS but I cannot find it. She claimed that she is going to post my pic with my license plate number on that site! I am very upset.
    All i was trying to do was go to Walmart to pick up my dogs medication at the pharmacy as she is a seizure dog! And THIS happened..

  94. Sleepless in NC October 24, 2020 5:18 pm Reply

    Dear Rose Buchanan, I too have been a targeted individual and been gang stalked for decades it is only in recent years that I have been fully aware of it. when I look back on the harassment I suffered through random road rage, or people coming up to me and making derogatory comments and being accused of fabricated garbage now I see the pattern and am sure this has been going on for decades. Your sexual preference has nothing to do with it, someone in your circle is an informant and a member and has nominated you. Same with me even family members and co workers that i thought were also my friends have been engaged in the stalking and harassment. Their #1 goal is for the TI to look for faults in themselves or something to isolate us to justify why this is happening. It is a disgusting and illegal act being done to the target and unfortunately the law is not on our side. The only solution is unity and speaking against it and bringing awareness so members of the community does not join against the target. Many TI have become homeless or worse have committed suicide and that is not acceptable. When you have Law enforcement, Doctors, Lawyers engaging in this disgusting illegal actions, what can we expect from ordinary people. It is truly a shame I am appalled by people in my own circle engaging in this. Awareness is the key, we need to be brave and keep speaking about it and please don’be be afraid of people thinking you are crazy or paranoid. have the conversation with facts meaning show them documents from the internet, videos. These demons are taking advantage of the Covid Crisis to beef up their operation and have become more vicious and aggressive. I could write a book about all of their disgusting tactics. Stay strong and keep talking about it, to people around you and online.

  95. Rrock November 2, 2020 6:35 pm Reply

    So what ive gathered is a group called communitarians are responsible and it’s showing in society and they are in government. Community policing is popping up with mass surveillance also. Think of a central data base system that sends out or exposes your privacy to the community because the community wants to know who is around them from the war on terror to crime. This is communist stalking and where our nation is heading making us the test subjects for Americas social credit score system. Look if your town police dept has community policing where mine does and it originated in seattle. My town is allowed to use private contractors or groups to police without saying who they are. In San Diego they use the church of scientology and look them up they openly do exactly what is happening now under community policing laws. Basically its a network and we are on the blacklist and are supposed to conform and comply. What do you think the virus is for? People to comply. Communitarians want crime free, drug free “happy” people who don’t ever question government and pay debt on time….BIG BANKS run these people who have been presidents….people this is the new world order aka communism with modern twists. Left and right….social media is SOCIAL media and they are the same thing as China social credit score here in America…its being tested out we are the test subjects..there is no one group its many so its impossible to get them for harassment, 💯

  96. mitunsdet November 5, 2020 5:43 pm Reply

    Ich bin gegen covid 19. Was ist deine Meinung? mituns

  97. prasant November 17, 2020 2:01 pm Reply

    well i am understand and also victim . pl tell the resouce of gangstalking device to get and what will be mkt price for this device

  98. Ramona De Noe December 3, 2020 1:30 pm Reply

    I am a victim because I’m being accused of killing a baby child with chemicals from my 3rd story apt. That i had put down the bathroom sink not only to unclog it but because i want the pepper sprays and pesticides to stop coming into my place via someone spray them at my front door..i actually saw the man on the bottom floor climb up the back balconies to get to mine to spray pesticides at my bedroom window while i i got angry and put those down the drain , not knowing there was a baby living there with the young parents..before this apt i i lived in others and the harrassments started 5yrs before the 3rd story incident…as i tried to stop it all by calling the police , going to drs. fro getting sick from what they were doing to me i had to move a lot…but on this one with the third floor i got so sick from what they’d done to me that i had slipped and fell in the bathtub while taking a shower and suffered a serious contusion with bleeding on my brain and it had moved a little to from the fall.. i had gone to the manager prior to that complaining constantly of harassments too but nothing was done until someone put a dead duck on top of my airconditioner unit and started to get a sick smell in my apt. Along with some strange looking wasps …than the manager finally fired the maintenance guy…he was constantly coming into my apt to rig it and poison me while i was gone like spraying my clothes with chemicals and insulation and fumigating it with some sort of white powder that i learned later had metal flakes in it…after i found out about the child i quit doing what i was doing in retaliation and moved…but i was never told that any child died from anything i did. Mostly it was just vingiar and baking soda and sea salt.. a few times bleach and asprin and one time i used San flush down the toilet,,but the pepper spray continued and so did my head aches,…now this is still continuing to this day from 1997…i know i called the police too much but i kept thinking they oiled help me and that never happened, instead i got asked if i took my medication that day…today I’m still going thru hell and it’s getting worse..these people caused me to have one nervous break down once and seizures another time..i believe that what ever these folks are mad about that i have payed my dues, my karma for something over and over again and again and now that I’m old. They stuck won;t let go,,,..they hide underneath our motorhomes and have rigged them all that we’ve bought, rigged our cars…rigged our other houses that we had to sell and leave behind because of this.. I’m tired, I’m getting old..i just wish this would all stop because i refuse to commit suicide For sure…..isn’t there anyway to gain any peace from all of this? I mean i now i never did anything so bad that i have to die for it?

  99. KPD Gang Stalkers December 16, 2020 11:28 am Reply

    Gang stalking is real & I’m going to start listing the names of people involved. Don’t bother reporting it to KPD. I started noticing the following things happening. I didn’t know they were gang stalking tactics until I looked up why are people blowing the car horns every time I walk out my door, in a parking lot, walking down the street etc. the highlights during the day, my house doors found wide open, dead animals in my yard, dog & cat collars & leashes & seeing people taking dog after dog to various people houses near St. Catherine’s & in the parking lot. People randomly stopping me to take pictures of me while walking, or asking random questions. Seeing punks in yards cutting dogs runner ropes & wait for the dog to wander off & thentake the dog. Gaslighting- overheard that my dog was going to be murdered & 2 of them were, I was going to prison, & my house was going to be burnt down. I found my neighbors in my garage & garbage & they would steal my stuff & return the items by giving leaving them on my lanai. My car, mail , phones, etc have been tampered with. Maile, a neighbor has surveillance cameras zoomed into the front window. KPD said it’s not illegal. My sister is involved & I see this is some kind of cult. I often find animal entrails in my driveway. They are murdering & mutilating animals. Maile has left dead rats that she Kills in my yard. She takes delight in describing how she chokes the life out of them. This person teaches & isn’t liked by her co-workers. She talks about witch craft. Look, I know everything. But I was told if I tell anyone I going to go to prison, be put in a mental hospital or MURDERED. I reported it to KPD they told me they were going to arrest me for false reports. I have evidence hard core physical evidence including the radiation marks on my skin from microwave guns. I have constant ringing in my ears, burning sensation in my eyes, radiation splotches on my skin & my curtains have wholes in them that just disintegrated the material. They have been harassing people with microwaves & the laser lights that have a sudden flash like an old camera lightbulb. S K carvalho, I’ve got the proof now from the camera memory card that you said you had no way of looking at due to lack of equipment LIAR! You have the equipment in your cruiser. All the proof is there. I’m glad I was threatened by a cop who oddly enough didn’t introduce himself by name & refused to give it to me when I called about the gang member in my family physically abusing me at my own home. I was told that I was making false charges & would be arrested. Well, that was the 2nd time I had to call. The first cop told me to file a TRO & follow his instructions. Before the TRO could be taken care of in court, the aforementioned incident happened. After this cop threatened me I asked him why the cop in the prior incident told me to file a TRO if he didn’t believe me. He said that cop didn’t believe me either. REALLY!? So when I had to run in fear to the courthouse to rescind my request for the TRO, I explained KPD threatened me & I was too afraid to w go into the police station to file the TRO. Now, the harassment has been stepped up. The electronic harassment is causing physical damage that’s noticeable. I am writing this today as I found out that other people on this island know about the community gang stalking because they are part of it. I want to blow the cover off of this wide open. I know I have family members doing it to me as well. There’s nothing wrong with me other than I discovered this dirty little secret. And I’m pissed because everyone is covering up for it to get all their “gift cards” or white 4 wheel drive Toyota Tacomas, & all your white vans & etc. A lot of these people are affiliated with the USO – Brun roll over on those maddas & narc on them. I’m sick of it. Above all- KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE at all times & if you find strays, help them so they don’t become part of a ritual killing. This is no joke-if your a target & I was threatened Or should I say I heard or was being gaslighted a while back which “You pissed off the wrong people. You’re going to prison. Your house is going to be burned down & im going to murder your dogs!” 2 dogs murdered. My house completely vandalized & crawling with people all day long. All 4 sides of my house have surveillance cameras looking from the neighbors & I am told itis legal. I’m ready to turn this island upside down with what I know. So, those of you on Kawaihau road, Moa, Hekili, Ohu, Anne, Hansard, Laipo, I am going to start giving out more names, license plate numbers like the KPD dates & times of when they brighter me with their highlights in the middle of the day CK2244 on June 16th after3:00pm Kuamo’o road. Think I’m joking? I implore the you. And all the people On Ka’apuni road that heard the gunshots & report them in Nextdoor- not all the gunshots you hear are simple hunting. My brother-in-law used to do it to deliberately scare me. He’s a person that sit in the county planning committee & he was shooting his gun on his property not more than 15 feet from his neighbors house. He claims he was shooting at cars & chickens – UM ILLEGAL & no action taken for a fire arms violation. This has been going on for decades. My husband told me about it ALL but I didn’t believe him. He was killed in an unexplained accident – the explanation given didn’t make sense. You report this stuff to your U S House of Rep- that would be a Tulsi Gabbard. Someone with authority & credibility needs to address this because I’m tired of being zapped with fricking DEWs. KPD (not fair to say it’s all of them because they have targeted other good cops & high ranking officers).

  100. Turn N KPD Gangstalkers December 16, 2020 12:17 pm Reply

    2nd part of post

    I am writing this today as I found out that other people on this island know about the community gang stalking because they are part of it. I want to blow the cover off of this wide open. I know I have family members doing it to me as well. There’s nothing wrong with me other than I discovered this dirty little secret. And I’m pissed because everyone is covering up for it to get all their “gift cards” or white 4 wheel drive Toyota Tacomas, & all your white vans & etc. A lot of these people are affiliated with the USO – Brun roll over on those maddas & narc on them. I’m sick of it. Above all- KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE at all times & if you find strays, help them so they don’t become part of a ritual killing. This is no joke-if your a target & I was threatened Or should I say I heard or was being gaslighted a while back which “You pissed off the wrong people. You’re going to prison. Your house is going to be burned down & im going to murder your dogs!” 2 dogs murdered. My house completely vandalized & crawling with people all day long. All 4 sides of my house have surveillance cameras looking from the neighbors & I am told itis legal. I’m ready to turn this island upside down with what I know. So, those of you on Kawaihau road, Moa, Hekili, Ohu, Anne, Hansard, Laipo, I am going to start giving out more names, license plate numbers like the KPD dates & times of when they brighter me with their highlights in the middle of the day CK2244 on June 16th after3:00pm Kuamo’o road. Think I’m joking? I implore the you. And all the people On Ka’apuni road that heard the gunshots & report them in Nextdoor- not all the gunshots you hear are simple hunting. My brother-in-law used to do it to deliberately scare me. He’s a person that sit in the county planning committee & he was shooting his gun on his property not more than 15 feet from his neighbors house. He claims he was shooting at cars & chickens – UM ILLEGAL & no action taken for a fire arms violation. This has been going on for decades. My husband told me about it ALL but I didn’t believe him. He was killed in an unexplained accident – the explanation given didn’t make sense. You report this stuff to your U S House of Rep- that would be a Tulsi Gabbard. Someone with authority & credibility needs to address this because I’m tired of being zapped with fricking DEWs. KPD (not fair to say it’s all of them because they have targeted other good cops & high ranking officers).

  101. Petra December 16, 2020 7:58 pm Reply

    Hello I don’t know how to start because it s so absurd and crazy …I am getting stalked by multiple people and my Ex boyfriend is behind it . I m an immigrant from Germany living in Canada . I was living with my dream guy for 4 years until I couldn’t take his Narcistic behaviour anymore … so I moved out and that s when it all started ( since over 1 year now 24./7 I live in an apartment building with 6 apt and i live on the upper level… it started with hearing voices saying obsone things I dont wanna repeat …and it s always the same they ‘re saying . I have to mention that my Ex boyfriend cheated on me. He brought the girl into the house while I was asleep . He tells everybody that I am crazy or spreading lies about him . In the past I have worked as a Health Care provider and did mainly nightshift and because of lack of sleep I started seeing things , it happen maybe 3 or 4 times . He is using this against me and told everybody I see things …back to my story …those voices are saying the woman’s name he cheated with ..Vanessa f…me in a whispering voice ..I tried to tape it but it s hard to do so ….I have seen people going in and out the building in the basement and then dissapeard .they are all associated to him …it s at least 6 people involved andbi have seen the girl he cheated with dropping them of … just a few days ago I caught one of them and told him to leave me alone ..did not dare to call the cops as it was just me and him .. Also i get followed everywhere I go by at 4 or 5 vehicles ….I try to stay strong but this whispering is nerve wrecking . I can’t tell anyone because he told everybody i m mentally I’ll a and paranoid …I don’t know how they do it ..maybe speaking thru the pipes .. I ‘ll ckecked but did not see them …but they are always going in the basement …they can always see what I m doing too …checked for a camera …My ex came to visit me one-time and as in went out of the room he started talking to them .When I confronted him he yelled at me calling me nuts and the C word . Which his favorite word …he knows veering I m doing who I talk to on the phone etc …I can’t stand this situation anymore and don’t know what to do ..I have proof and he made all believe I m crazy…I am in Canada by the way

  102. TI doctor who has seen the UK upper class and Tavistock - the 'home' of our harassment protocol December 23, 2020 10:21 pm Reply

    I am an ex-doctor persecuted out of the profession by descendants of the same Pharisees who persecuted Jesus Christ. They own all the banks and use this money to fund regime change in the Middle East, mass immigration in the west, and various other schemes including gangstalking and electronic harassment. Note that Jesus Christ was also gangstalked and the Koran alludes to the guilt of this group too. Also note that many sites and people are ‘honey traps’ intended to deceive TIs and the general public as to the existence of this problem and ‘who’ is behind it all. The tech is advanced and interfaces with your body’s Central Nervous System in order to induce different states and inject thought as per ‘mind control’ via suggestion/hypnosis. I believe it affects 100% of the population, but Tis are the very small percentage who resist the programming. I believe intravenous injections and vaccines to be the main vector for disseminating the nanotechnology that interfaces with us and is hooked up to a sort of ‘internet of things’ where the signals come from communications technology including cell towers where the waves ‘piggyback’ off of 3g/4g/5g signals. I know how this all sounds, like some sci-fi movie, but my research reveals it to be a very good approximation of the truth, even if I am a little ‘off-the-mark’ with regards to the specific details.

    1. Sarah A Kerman December 26, 2020 4:05 pm Reply

      It’s my own family that is doing this to me & they did it to my father. He passed away in April. I never knew this, but he was an inventor. I’m not sure if he knew how wealthy he was. I am his only child & the sole beneficiary to his trust. I also didn’t know a trust existed until after he passed, somehow all of my “friends” knew before I did. I am 39 years old, at 37 I sold my home & moved in with my parents. The biggest “life trouble” I had previous to this was a divorce in 2013. I now am jobless, have been charged with three felonies and have been homeless twice. I have always been 100% against suicide, but in October I tried taking my own life. I took the pills at about 2 pm on October 17th, I was booked into the county jail at 7 pm on 10/18 with felony burglary charges. When I returned home my apartment was ransacked. Earlier that week my mother asked if I would like a carton of vanilla ice cream, I turned it down. Vanilla ice cream was melted all over my kitchen floor. I am terrified of being sold into slavery. I believe both sides of my family may have a history in the trade. My spirit and confidence are broken as well as my background, I feel as though selling me is the next step.

      1. Lesly January 6, 2021 10:14 am Reply

        HI Sarah. I’m so sorry to hear about your horrible situation. The people who targeted me are different. I think they believe they are doing a good thing, and although a lot of sad and unfortunate stuff has happened to me, the people doing it have also been very kind at times. I don’t fully understand what is going on, but I do know that there are some good people involved in this who have been compassionate with me. My best explanation is that this is a vast and very decentralized machine, so parts of it are probably highly malicious while other parts are not. Since they track everything I do online, I’m writing this to appeal to them, if possible, to look at what might be going on with you, and who might be doing it, so that they can intervene. I have hope that the decent people on that side can perhaps make a difference by speaking up when they see abject cruelty, like what is happening to you. As targets we seem to be powerless to change things, but the decent people who are involved in this may be able to. I know it sounds hard to believe, in your situation, that there are actually decent people over there who believe they are doing good, but I can assure you it’s true. I’m thinking of you and I hope things get better.

  103. Julie December 31, 2020 2:33 am Reply

    After being trafficked to Pakistan by someone with Autism after having 5 apartments 2 cars and my entire home destroyed, the US Government doesn’t do anything for anyone including doing what’s going on.

    Most of the People involved in what’s going on in the States are Autistic they were Retards and Gang Members who destroyed my home and everything.

    After being in Pakistan for going on a year now I found that who’s doing this is a Psychologist or Psychiatrist maybe a group of them, it’s possible there studying terrorism. The Autistic Adults feel a sense of belonging commiting horrible acts of terror that a lot of people are now enduring, they believe it’s the Pakistani Army having them do these things, I can’t confirm or deny this.

    I know there using by personal experience of being driven on a military base and forced into Marriage or jail there Using the army.

    I have experienced bug posing even admitted to by the Gang Latin King’s, when I leave my home and stayed in a flat I rented with the owner upstairs who thought women shouldn’t leave the house, it’s possible they did that to stop me from leaving the house. In the states it went on for years. In Pakistan the Landlords wife and him worked for the Pakistan Government his Wife worked in Intel he would never ever let her leave the house, well if your bug poisned everytime you leave your not leaving… See the point…

    They may be actually attempting to force their society on you.

    In Pakistan the Men believe they know everything and what’s happening is they obtain Medical Education here and for free or little costs go to the USA and Practice Medicine, they think we’re all ultra rich because they make a killing and when people are from the USA the Cost of Medical Education is so high the loans take up most of the pay.

    So I think it’s possible along with another program called “old is Gold” which is actually extortion of older women’s money from Western Women which I’ve been informed it’s Government doing it but it may not be it’s happening but it may also be the same group, as all the hotels have even a computer program on it saying “old is Gold” I’ve been told it’s Military Funding…

    I have speculation that the US Government may have funded the research not knowing even what they were agreeing to possibly during the Obama years.

    The issue is I believe there trying to force their society on you and as a Woman in Pakistan they don’t work so destroying your job they don’t think is a big deal they don’t understand your not going back to your family to support you.

    Most of the Men here Military or even Doctors are Mentally I’ll and I think it may be inbreeding, but to find them to study anything in our Culture is crazy, there trying to learn and change people… I think…

    Latin King’s are involved for sure and I believe due to where they are obtaining drugs for funding from, you can guess.. and it’s not Mexico and then it gets too when the US Government only pays people working for them here 400 usd a month and there driving New cars where they get their real income from yes not from their Government Job I tell you that… So in a way some Government Employees are involved.

    Yes it’s happening and unfortunately the US Government doesn’t protect people and Latin King’s want to make you look schizophrenic so the everyone is out to get me and it’s my government is what they want you to believe, I’m telling you it’s not directly the US Government… Unfortunately I’m a victim too and the terrorists are now virtually unstoppable unless the USA takes a firing squad and kills all the Latin King’s and puts Autistic Adults in Psych Wards and deports these people it’s not going to stop.. because these people are highly funded and drugs control a lot and there using people who would kill for their next hit and people you can’t prosscute …

  104. andrea December 31, 2020 10:24 am Reply

    Me too , I live in Vancouver and have no idea why , but they have various people who take turns harrassing me 24/7 , I think I am going to die and no one will know one will know the truth . That people are being hunted like animals .
    I think CPP and Masons are in it together ( which includes police , RCMP as they are all in it together ) Satans legion of locusts from the pit . You should look up the hebrew word for Scorpion , you would find it interesting .

  105. Lesly January 5, 2021 11:17 am Reply

    This is a very real and very destructive problem, and it is backed by a highly malicious misinformation campaign. Many of the comments left on this site are written by volunteers who have been asked to discredit people who speak out — to make them look crazy, essentially. So you read Rose’s article, which is very articulate and troubling, and then you read many of the comments, which seem to be a little unbalanced, and you may begin to believe that Rose is also unbalanced. But she is not. She is telling the sad and troubling truth. If you are targeted, don’t be silent. When your friends, family, neighbors ask what’s up, tell them. The first time they hear it they may have trouble believing it. But one day they will hear it from someone else. And then someone else. And they will know that it’s true. So don’t be silent. Keep telling your story. If we all do that, it will slowly but inevitably bring this thing into the light, where it belongs. Don’t despair. You are not alone.

  106. Lesly January 5, 2021 11:37 am Reply

    I just wanted to add a big thank you to Rose for your bravery in speaking out. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on targeted individuals to keep quiet — or else. And also kudos to the Garden Island for having the courage and integrity to publish this. A lot of big mainstream media outlets won’t touch this. They are too afraid of retaliation from the people behind this to do their jobs. You at the Garden Island are not. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  107. Anna Rosado January 9, 2021 7:49 am Reply

    I’ve been being gang stalked as far as I can remember 2012. I’ve lost multiple jobs, cars, homes, businesses, most important my son. The individuals are Andres Leal (cousin) Paul Flores (stepfather) & Ernest Alderete (Attorney, business partner possible boyfriend). Two of them claimed to be Christians, but all three of the practice witchcraft. These are the puppet masters. I’m a victim of sex trafficking, being drugged, raped, tortured day after day. They made secret entrances in every residence I reside in. I wake up with bruises & bite marks, strangulation marks, tracks on my arms from being drugged & also tracking devices/implants/chips. They put one in me that is scrambling my head. There in my knees, elbows as far as I’m aware. They were in my head, neck, knees, ankles, but all taking out by the VA, but they placed some of them in my body again. I’m a veteran with honorable discharge & my son is currently in the US Navy. I have numerous evidence, but the system has failed my son & I. Every ER I’ve gone to refuse to give me the proper care. Protecting these men by not giving me the rap kit multiple times. Officers refuse to help because they are all part of this injustice. Acting as if I deserve to be tortured, raped & abused. They rather act as if I need to go to psychologist. Do not go! Its a loop hole in the system to lock us up so they can continue to do these evil acts! What these people are doing to us is an abomination of God. They are not God, but are doing pure evil to Gods people. I’ve rededicated my life to the Lord & He has giving me a peace that surpasses all understanding. They can touch my body, but not my soul. These individuals are many but God will have his wrath. God is the majority. I don’t wish harm on one. I forgive them! I hope they repent & find salvation. No human deserves this. God promise to pay back everything that was stolen & I know now I’m no victim, but I am victorious. What the devil meant for bad, The Lord will use it for his glory. After I gave The Lord 100%. surrendering & giving him this battle. Jesus has delivered me! I’m strongly encouraging all of you. Your all destined for greatness. The devil wouldn’t be trying to kill, steal & destroy you. Be encouraged & put God 1st. He will send the holy spirit to give you insight & a vision. This is not our final destination. John 3:16 For God so loved the world he gave his only son, who ever believes in him shall not parish but have eternal life.

  108. Caroline Carradine January 17, 2021 4:21 pm Reply

    One must learn to kill the enemies and getting away with it.
    We whites have never learned what is a normal thing for the other countries cititzens.
    A spanish,turkish italien swedish arab croatia family knows hot to get rid of enemies and
    finding real estates.
    Only we say you cant do it it isn t allowed – or but one can t really do it !
    Learn to kill secretly dear white caucasians ! And give brith to children and share your cars with every family member and dont buy silly expensive things.

    Kill – before it is too late !!!!
    Or,how do you think the enemies will vanish ?
    There is no such thing than magic !!!!

  109. Jill Hampton January 28, 2021 10:56 am Reply

    If you are a victim tell Everyone. Your family, friends, neighbors, etc. Contact your local authorities, FBI, FCC, newspapers and television stations. Hand written letters are best. I know you will get the response you are crazy. It does not matter. You need the time and date of these events documented. Go ahead and see your doctor and a psychiatrist. Again their oppinion is their oppinion. You need documentation that you reported this and also in case you have changes in your health. Journal everything. What you hear, see, feel, what they say, if they follow you and if you know who the offenders are. Write down vehicle descriptions and offender descriptions. I actually have a case with the FCC. You can contact Agent David Hartshorn of the San Francisco FCC office and the Roseville California FBI. These federal agencies are well aware of these cases. Jill Hampton

  110. Mental Edge January 30, 2021 5:52 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing. Nothing worse then being the only person who thinks you are sane. I’m not perfect by any means but the anonymous harassments and alienation ive experienced of the past few months has set me back in so many ways. Hacked, gang stalked, and alone while in recovery and coping with a mental health diagnosis related to anxiety and stress. Im not a victim but my son and those closest to me are and that’s why I wont just hide and give in or give up hope someone will understand. Thanks again!

    1. Michael January 30, 2021 9:02 pm Reply

      Then my anxiety subsides and my feelings are mixed. There is a lessoned to be learned. At times i am angry and other times humbled. I realize im the one victimizing those closest to me and I need to do better. My heart is in the mix but my head is tired, We are exactly where we are suppose to be. If not for this struggle i may not have taken a hard look at myself and my priorities. May not have had the will to change.

  111. Candy Grandpre February 3, 2021 11:53 pm Reply

    Hello, everyone. My name is Candy Grandpre. I’m a Targeted Individual, as well. Gang Stalked & tortured with Directed Energy Weapons. I’m Targeted by the Psych World.

    The slander campaign against me is VERY strong! Even in the so-called “TI community”. I know I’m real. I know what I’m going through. Everyone wants me to stop exposing my targeting, but they’re the MAIN ones lying & calling me fake! I’m tired of being told to “ignore” everything. They’re trying to kill us!

    The same folks who falsely accuse me of being fake, are the ones who tried to offer me “deals” to become both a prostitute & a perp. They’re trying to silence me & are trying to get me to sell out. Even the other REAL TI’s are believing the smear campaigns & lies about me. It’s the WORST nightmare! NEVER sell your soul. Don’t become a perp.

    It all started in foster care back in the 90’s. The foster mom abused us & put us in a cult. She’s a narcissistic abuser. She pitted me & my twin sister against each other, & now SHE’S perping & gaslighting me!

    I’m glad I became a Christian. It seems like a lot of people who wake up to MK Ultra mind control, become Gang Stalked.

    I’m homeless & disabled. Blocked from working or getting permanent housing. I’m currently in a hotel as temporary housing. When I DID have jobs, I had to deal with workplace mobbing.

    I suffer sleep deprivation, forced diarrhea, shocks to certain parts of my body, & other stuff I can’t think of at the moment.

    I get followed. I can’t even take out the trash without someone “monitoring” me. I get treated like I’m VERY dumb with NO sense! 1 of my perps told me more than once that the police got me under surveillance.

    I have no family or friends. No support. Nobody to turn to. I’m SICK of the torture & abuse!

    1. Candi I. March 28, 2021 3:35 pm Reply

      It all started for me when the internet became mainstream. There was not the security then that there is now. People that are computer savvy and studied cult techniques, are part of the scheme. This technique is not new. It has been around since the beginning of time, but has become easier with modern technology and illegal use of spying devices. Breaking into someone’s personal business on the internet is like breaking into someone’s house. If someone wants to break in badly enough, they will eventually find it. They are mentally ill, opportunistic individuals. Sometimes they do not need any reason other than the fact that they view their victims as weak individuals that are weak and easily broken. Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein and R. Kelly used these techniques to control their victims and all have narcissistic personalities. Because these perpetrators have been exposed, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for victims. People are becoming more aware of this type of insidious harassment but authorities are trying to work on the bullying in children first. I am an adult who has experienced being stalked for many years. I was not aware of how bad it was until I experienced daily coincidences to the point where it was not so random. I have been listened to daily, so wherever I go, I am mocked, in an attempt to feel humiliated and shamed. It is all in the name of control to get a desired reaction as they are anonymous. You may know who it is but you can not prove it because internet crime is not admissible unless its is proven. They also target individuals in your life, including your family and start bullying and harassing them. They move near you so that they can involve your neighbors, making you feel that everyone is against you. Many times they involve people and they many times are unaware. I am not sure if people are paid or what is in it for the middle man, all known is that stalking by proxy is a way to get others to do their dirty work. It is time to stop judging the mentality of the victims and start looking at the mentality of the perpetrators. The above mentioned offenders are great examples.

  112. Stacey Taken Alive February 17, 2021 5:32 pm Reply

    So sorry to hear that even though you are surrounded by so much beauty, these pirates are still attempting to steal your peace & harmony by gangstalking and defaming you.
    But, do not give up! I believe you! And I value your story. But it is just one of many stemming from the affects of generational immorality & greed that is nothing new & has long been around. The terror of macro/micro trickle down economic terrorism by the militias, mercenaries, and secret police, just now getting around to trickle its adverse affects down to people like you, previously allowed to prosper economically; but not no more. Hate to burst your bubble, not to offend you, but Your story is Not unique. Consider yourself lucky enough to live to tell it, thousand’s upon thousands, even millions throughout time in the US and abroad have not been so fortunate. I too have a story, as my ancestor’s before me, as an indigenous woman long been marginalized, missing and murdered, and never investigated because it is law enforcememt and secret ops military themselves perpetrating the rapes, serial murders, serial kidnappings, so do not despair. Just know that it is the crazy way of this abusive man made world and the favoring of man made slave labor laws that dehumanize human beings everywhere around the world. Laws that are thinly veiled, and some that are not like the Patriot Act keep up the shenanigan’s, steeped in human rights abuses around the world & extra punitive to women & children with no age discrimination. It is the same time honored traditional misogynist slave driver’s mean’s to rule by creating “crime” in order to punish the undesirable’s/deplorables that now includes people like you. Their rule has always been through keeping up appearances of doing good. And giving the optic illusions of so called “law & order” by deceptive means, and brute force and militant violence. The Norm’s of a draconian civilization you once ignored because it did not concern you, have always treated people like me this way. Sad to say, you are late getting here. It is now the mob mentality rule gone amok & becoming more prominent among the FREE well-to-do truly elitist’s of empires, with their knights that protect their status to remain unaccountable and above any type of law. On their side is all the printed paper money that they could want, and their bio-war faring plagues to insitute plethora of disease/vaccines to come to shorten life spans, (for a younger brainless workforce) drug industries/secret technologies, weapon making corporations, & the world banks, utilizing all logistics and means to create a globalist one world Godless order for just people who think & behave immorally like them.

  113. Diane February 19, 2021 7:55 pm Reply

    A person they were standing by a fridgerator, also they heard while on internet in the background and also being heard through TV set in background of regular broad casting a voice or voices coming out them saying: They are going to burn their home down, poison their dogs and kill them on road by a silent way if they did not move and leave their family …because they have a new person who is black in their family but not from Africa…And also said they ruined their white supremacy group in their area because of it! And they need to leave the others in the area alone or they will hurt them also! Also they said they would ruin their lives by entrapping their own family, sister and brothers and and them as sex offenders with fake letters and videos or them doing illegal stuff on internet! I said I would contact the president FBI and the Military because this is terrorism and this person may be implanted since no one else can hear it and it they tested the theory with the test a doctor told them about with using a radio on a non talking station and it comes form the TV set the beeping tracking sound! The probably hacked the near high tower and electric grid that is probably down the road and they probably have a friend who is a internet or electric smart technician or physiatrist with rich dr. friends who knows dental or orthopedic friend you go to for dental or orthopedic work and they might be hoping to steal money or free TV signals through your body! Go to: Want to know .com and look up Nano implants and or electric harassment it gives you all the information and its is all 100 % true and clarified@!and find a lot of the information in one of our biggest clinics.. mayo Clinic! reference library about Nano implants and transducers “audio ones” included! Oh and old war spy technology with Kitty cat ( Real Cats !) 2 way listening ( with tracking now!)and talk able implanted spies! same stuff! hey they sell a version of this for pets a radio and a clip on speaker for pets like a C.B. radio! I wonder if military can now pick up all those illegal used signals and free loading stealing and silent offenders?

  114. James F. March 20, 2021 12:18 pm Reply

    I am saddened to read through this long list of troubled people. It is a societal failing that we can’t help people experiencing what you believe is happening to you. This condition is insidious in that its “victims” seek out others going through similar things, letting the unprovable testimony of strangers serve as proof that it’s all real. Just look at the people who have combed the internet to post here that they too are gang stalked. Thus they feel validated, and their delusion is reinforced.

    May I suggest, if you have any doubt about whether what you are going through is real, try to consider the basic logistics of what you think has been done. Does it make logical sense? Is it even feasible? Why would so many work so hard to make your life a living hell?

    One fundamental truth that you certainly can believe is that almost everyone’s most significant concern is themself, and by extension, their family’s well-being. Unless you’re a friend or relative, why would someone even give you a second thought? They wouldn’t. There is no conspiracy against you. You’re not that important. No one is.

    What I do believe is that you’re hurting and going through trauma. And you need help. But to get that help, you need to trust someone. If you reach out in earnest, accept that you may be wrong about some things and that you cannot do it alone, I believe you can work towards a better life.

    I wish you the best and hope for brighter days ahead for you.

  115. Josh Reed March 22, 2021 3:54 pm Reply

    While it is most certainly sad, and reaching out to strangers s who experience the same incidents can be quite comforting, I have to delve with you on this being a mental health issue. To make matters worse, the misinformation online regarding who commits the harassment is not only an impediment to victims but an absurdity to outside observers, and rightfully so.

    Remote neural monitoring, electronic weapons, the FBI, the CIA, the Freemasons, and spiritual warfare (really guys? Demons?)–it all distracts from the very simple tactic that police use to make sure that you are not a threat to society or, more importantly, their livelihoods. Where I live, there are many people who form groups that call for the defunding and even abolition of our police department, and many of those people report being followed home by police. They do not see nameless, faceless shadow people, but police officers in uniform who follow them home at five miles per hour. If they roll their eyes, scoff, or laugh defensively, then some of these people visit their workplaces. Some of them you will find on Facebook on your local police department’s page, or under followers of private investigation groups. I don’t recommend added them as friends unless you want to escalate the problem further.

    The logic is simple: the more vocal you are about police and the more negative attention you bring to yourself, the more you will see them. At this point you may be thinking, “Well, no shit. Those people get what you deserve.” Not exactly. Innocent people can get caught up in the mix due past history, guilt by association, or false allegations of sexual harassment; in my case, from an individual whose name I don’t even know.

    Maybe you visit your local headquarters and have an officer laugh at you while his red-faced officer stares daggers. Maybe you contact your local watchdog agency, who never responds because they take over the investigation. Maybe after a year of amassing evidence from firsthand and secondary sources, two apologetic officers visit your home and admit that they were being surveilled. Each individual’s experience is different and I don’t presume to know what led them to be targeted, but I never felt threatened by those who are paid to protect us. They’re cops and above all, they’re human. It’s business.

  116. Yeah Right April 4, 2021 5:41 pm Reply

    It is communism/socialism – the agenda of the ‘elders of zion’ to bring in the ‘global’ novus ordo seclorum ‘new social order’ of antichrist.
    Their method is to use ‘the mob’ – community (soviet) against dissenters. They are preparing the so-called democratic world for what the people of the USSR and other communist countries already know and are familiar with. Just because the country hasn’t altogether ‘flipped’ doesn’t mean that communism isn’t already present, since all the masons – i.e. cops, doctors, etc (slaves) are willing agents of this ancient agenda. Ted Bundy states that the intention of the Illuminati is to make 1 out of 6 people snitches. But that was grossly underestimated. The intention is to ‘chip’ everyone of us and to surveil each one through the other one – Texxe Marrs.

  117. Benjamin Collins April 8, 2021 10:30 am Reply

    I am gang stalked, also, here in Madison, Wisconsin. I was first targeted in 2018 and it hasn’t stopped since. I have been forced into psych wards three times, mind controlled, tortured, nearly murdered, almost raped, sexually harassed, threatened almost all the time some days, and nobody helps me. I can only pray it stops. My name is Benjamin Collins. My twitter handle is knowitall71 and I am on facebook too… is my email address.

  118. E April 18, 2021 5:38 am Reply

    this has been going on in my life for the last 14yrs. some i know most i dont. for years i thought it was in my head, mind game. i would love to get some advice on what to do,

  119. E April 19, 2021 3:29 am Reply

    where can you go for help in this situation,

  120. SWAK April 28, 2021 5:42 pm Reply

    As far back as I can recall (3 years old), I have been targeted and I am a senior citizen now. Targeting is as invasive as a stubborn weed that refuses to be uprooted. I liken it to a situation where you pull, scratch, dig and exterminate but the weed jumps from one spot to another like an old cotton wood.
    Since I can recall snippets I have traced my own targeting origins to immediate family members then it progressed to being carried out by those I don’t know. The brutal encounters I have experienced have made me question everything from faith to fear. What I have discovered is this, even conjoined twins are individuals in their own right and although through no fault of their own fate dealt them the only hand that they could play, so to their advantage they decided that two heads are better than one and have join forces out of self preservation and a perspective that there really is two ways to look at a thing in order to either change it or accept and still be able to be who they were created and meant to be by adapting and overcoming in a world of entanglement.
    I too have adopted a similar perspective, and it is this, “I am just me so whatever my purpose I must be who I am because I cannot be anyone else.” So I have gone forward with this, “that no matter what goes on in my life it has a direct purpose for my having encountered each ordeal on the path I’ve chosen or was preordained for whatever reason.” I truly believe that no one but the Self Existing One is perfect, and that no matter who I chance to meet is like me, a work in progress. I receive it as if it was meant for those who watch me to see how an imperfect being will handled each obstacle that was placed on their course because be they the toils, tests, troubles, trials, tribulations and triumphs of life, for whatever reason these are indeed the very makings of me, good and bad. The way I see it is that we all have within us good or bad, it all depends on how we hued men (humans) choose to act on them even in cases of chance. We are of sound mind, power and love to be used in order to work through whatever seen or unforeseen circumstance that invades the space we call life. So what we want to do is never allow our tools to become unusable, or have them taken away, or allow them to just sit by the wayside of life. Put them to work on our behalf and in every area of our lives create within us an arsenal that will maintain, repair, store or issue any combination of warfare strategies and tactics that will allow us to have a certain amount of freedom to take our stand in life as we deem humanly fit that we may strive, thrive and survive to the best of our ability in a world uncertain.

    Next, I believe in calling a thing by its name. For some reason until I can put a handle on it I don’t feel that I can comprehensively see it to my own advantage be it enemy or elder.
    Targeting is as old as humanity itself.
    I was brought up in the Christian Faith and can remember learning that most things begin in your environment because it is a direct line of how you envision (communicate with) your surroundings. If affluent you label it good, if it’s on the low end of the economic scale it’s labeled bad. a Anywhere in between is used as a compass which signals inner workings serving as a notification that we’re about to enter another zone and that until we decide where we’re headed the prongs from the fence we’ve straddled serves as a reminder that there is a point to our hesitating and we should choose well.

    Lastly either you are going to live in love or you’re going to live in hate. Again I choose to believe that there is good and bad in everybody, that all depends of how you choose to act on issues of life that flow from the heart. Since we all are imperfect, what is needed is a base that we can build on to offer us the best support to keep us balanced, stabled and well grounded.
    Most things occur before the actual physical (carnal) act takes place, only they occurs in the spiritual (thought life) realm. Thoughts that may not have been released but captured and placed under a position more authoritative when it comes to conducting thought life. A lot of the time what we think becomes what we speak, and of course once it’s out there it’s like a live round meant for a certain target but somehow it often misses its mark, and this is what the targeting program is about, dealing with small hearts and even smaller minds that miss the mark. People who have convinced themselves that this is their chance to do all the wrong in life and not have to be held accountable for their choices. It’s like we’re told that we have free speech, but no one bothers to inform us that we may say what we like, but that we will be held liable for slander, sued for pain and suffering for the mental stress we’ve caused, or for breech of contract for speaking on a certain topics forbidden. I use this as an example because in today’s societies it takes little to nothing for an individual to take issue with the slightest phrase that truly amount to nothing to most, but then there is always someone whose going to cry foul and the next thing we know we find ourselves on a watch list, a flight risk, a dissident, a terrorist, being preyed upon by family, friends, foes, neighbors, criminal elements and so-called handlers not to mention those in authority who have gone rogue and all because you dared to comment or raise an issue or feel different about a matter that may or may not be the least important to you or significant to any for this matter. It’s dastardly lucrative, and where there is a body the vulture culture is circling overhead waiting to devour the victim of choice. My thing is to stay strong. What is thrown at you survive it no matter what. The main thing is incarcerations be it mental facilities (because we lose ways to physically and legally to defend ourselves as well as our rights when nothing is wrong with us but we are being led to the slaughter by cunning connivers who have sold their souls at the expense of ours.), another is to avoid incarceration because this too limits our rights and our ability to defend ourselves. Sometimes it’s best to keep it moving when under attack because it’s a ploy to delay us for worse scenarios or a strategic tactic to force us into encounters that to those who refuse to awaken to what is actually taken place in this world to either deny us or side with the perpetrators.

    I am a loner, first it was by force and then through adaptation it became my choice.
    It is not easy because there is no support, nor officials you can look to for help or assistance for the matter.

    It gets down right tiresome when everyone is trying to play at what they are not. Call law enforcement and they suddenly become medical experts, call lawyers and they suddenly become police. Call politicians and they become uninterested. Call doctors and they become swine trampling pearls. It is embarrassing to say but the world as we thought we knew it never existed and the best thing we can do for ourselves is to fall on our knees and beg God to not abandon us because before I fall in to the hand of men, I will cut my own switch and tell God to remember that a Father who loves His child corrects his child.

    By now there can be no doubt as to what is taking place, and on a global scale at that. You already know who is spearheading it, and what is hoped to accomplished as well as the nefarious abominations being played out witnessed beneath the hosts of Heaven. It involves every walk of life, there is no crime they won’t do because the enemy comes to steal, kill and to destroy.
    Unfortunately, we all have feet of clay and we are never going to agree, accept to disagree. So we can expect this devilment to continue as it began (a liar, a murderer, disobedience, rejection of the Creator, fear, hatred, ingratitude, malice, menace, corruption, backbiting, blasphemy, lack of forgiveness and absolutely no love which is unfortunate because the answer is always going to be traced back to love because love is the answer. The greatest commandment is love.

    If you want my help here it is, be who you were created to be, think on what is pure, accept what cannot be changed, change what can be for the better, have an attitude of gratitude no matter what you’re going through because there is always one worse off.
    Actually I see it getting worse before it gets better, even though this stuff is happening you owe it to yourself to achieve what you were sent into this world to achieve whatever word that God Put in you because his word goes out and does not return unto Him until it has done the very thing it was sent out to do.
    God is Love and He is Life and Both are right in any case. Be the ability to keep hope, the forerunner to faith alive.

    See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” (Isaiah 43:19,)
    11Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.12The LORD will indeed provide what is good, and our land will yield its increase. Psalm 85:11-12
    Not matter what we are going through, God’s Grace is sufficient. Let the buffet serve as a reminder that you are not alone in this.

    I offered my back to those who beat me, my cheeks to those who pulled out my beard; I did not hide my face from mocking and spitting. Isaiah 50:6

    Last but not least, imagine yourself with your flesh ripped, a garland of thorns puncturing your temples, you are being made to carry the beam that you will soon be nailed to and raised up on be fore a crowd of hecklers. You ask for libation and are given vinegar to sop, your life is pouring into the earth, suddenly those in charge grow impatient awaiting your demise, then one of them pierces you through the side, the blade enters your heart, but before you exit this life you forgive all.

    Just as he was born to this purpose, so were we. Be a good and faithful servant, get the testimony because all hangs on the prophets and those who hold the testimony of Christ.

    We are living sacrifices. Nothing more, nothing less.

    No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. 1 Cor 10:13

    I have heard a lot of the events that have been shared and I have to say knowing of my own unfortunate sad story, I have to say that what I’ve heard is believable. The lack of empathy, the godlessness, the criminally insane and abominable things being carried out in the name of God’s image is downright shameful and I am embarrassed to be a member of the human race. God is well within his right to incinerate it all and say to hell with it!

  121. CHRISTINAPART5 May 17, 2021 1:04 pm Reply

    This is all true. I’m sorry that we are all going through this. I believe it’s the mafia, dark left/deep state, and many, many religious cult groups participating in this. When I say cults I am talking about ALL of the major or minor religions of the world. I’ve been gangstalked at my church, at my elementary school, at almost every job I’ve held, and in my neighborhood right now. I believe this is high level satanic witchcraft. I get some relief listening to the Zeph report, although I’m not sure about him sometimes either….We have to try to get support within our community somehow. It doesn’t matter who you are, you have been sold out by your family or through the government as a human trafficking victim. This is MK Ultra 3.0. It’s not a political thing, or a sexual orientation thing, or a religious thing in my opinion. This is straight from the pit of hell. The only thing I can do is trust God and grow in my relationship with Jesus Christ. I used to hang out with all different kinds of people, from all walks of life. Gay, straight, male, female, black and white all others….Asians, foreigners, etc. It doesn’t matter. I used to be same sex attracted and never fit into any group in the gay rainbow, so I considered myself slightly bisexual. I had gay friends, and bisexual friends too. I was not a committed Christian. But none of that matters. Gays will gang-stalk, (I was drugged and raped by a militant racist lesbian couple who I considered to be my friends. They had a man rape me while I was paralyzed right in their apartment). Christians will gang-stalk. Atheists, and agnostics too. They don’t care because this is all about soul and life and making a deal with the devil himself. These people have a severe spiritual sickness. God have mercy on them. Keep fighting the good fight. Don’t let these evil people change you, or modify your core value system. Don’t give up…..there’s always a sunny side to life. Always. Don’t fall into the temptation to end your life either or to do hard drugs! Jesus is the answer, turn to Him today and He will carry you through.

  122. fishnuxrp561 May 20, 2021 8:28 am Reply

    Hello. And Bye.

  123. Christopher Pobanz May 21, 2021 2:26 pm Reply

    Just reading through some of this. I’ve been through some of this with the previous neighbor that I actually moved away I can see in the commentary like he has on several other places around the net. He’s taking the position as though he is me and the victim of himself via fake profile which I don’t know what that does for him. Although I’ve been the victim of this and the gang stalking thing I think is more so my previous neighbor must have come up with a real good lie to tell a gang here in Phoenix. I’m still not sure what that specifically is even at this point but I have had a truck full of landscapers sitting in a gas station parking lot with all four of the guys looking at me with one polishing his gun. Being that’s the case I would assume he has done what his personality type does and he has said and accuse me of doing precisely what he does like what I believe he just may have done on 5/15/2021. It goes beyond gang stalking and what all else is here it’s flat out murder with your victim being made to be the murderer. My reason for moving was the Reyes family was destroyed and Reyes Jr is still in jail for the murder he was badgered to commit. He had been diagnosed as schizophrenic. Tragically what happened on 5/15/2021 is a double homicide of two children. The woman says she didn’t kill anybody I’m sure she didn’t sadly she had to drive down to the police department as I bet my previous neighbor had all of her devices disabled to the point she couldn’t even get a hold of the police or didn’t trust the phone to actually be calling the police when she did. Daryl’s telepathically way of speaking just like on 1/12/2020 he is just become giddy with his little three year old girl voice that he likes to run just so happy that he caused a murder. And now after 5/15/2021 at exactly 4:30 a.m. was when I started to hear Daryl pretending to be a three year old girl again and just like on the murder on 1/12/2020 he was just so happy . My previous neighbor actually has YouTube pages bragging about what he does calling it sending decent people to hell. One bragged about sending his children to purgatory for bringing home a bad report card. Yet it’s all joking and a video game. This Yui Oneou needs every bit of help she can get. Both her kids have been killed and she’s now in jail for doing so and I don’t think she did it not to mention Gustav free is Junior is still in jail for what the previous neighbor pulled. I don’t know if he’s still plans on trying to do any sort of a frame job like he had insinuated 9 months ago when he said that I like to cut people up like what happened in the crime scene, then on social media was talking about human remains being found in somebody’s storage locker which I don’t know if he plans on doing that to me or somebody else. Scrolling through this website I can see there’s been plenty of bad things said about another and the comment got approved people speaking directly about another I’m thinking that this website is something moderated by himself as a lot of these comments look like they were authored by himself as I believe he likes to take the position as a victim online to see exactly what his victims will have access to. The one that talks about living in the hotel rooms would be him trying to act as though he’s me. After I moved away from him he’s been following me from hotel to hotel here in the Phoenix valley. This write-up I don’t think it’s being seen by many but I was just going to see if it got approved or declined to tell myself whether or not he was moderating this website or not.
    This comment just this morning would have been probably when I touched the website for just a couple minutes and he already left a response letting me know that just that 30 seconds on one web page even though he has two children to be raising he’s not going to be doing that he’s going to be watching me Christopher Pobanz as much as he can even after possibly slaughtering two children. The kind of torture that he likes to give to me I think is because he knows that I’m an empath and I feel these people’s pain. And he thinks it’s so cute to act like the double homicide of a 6 year old and a 9 year old mean absolutely nothing to him.
    He wanted to blackmail me as he kept an eye on my finances. The talk of dollars and cents from the person in the hotel would be the loose that he hoped for. I’m thinking the Reyes families BMW that disappeared shortly before he moved in. Then reappeared as his a few weeks later, but with the girl driving it and I bet blamed for blackmailing the Reyes Family out of there car. That car should be what if it hasn’t happened yet and if law enforcement wasn’t going to pay attention even with the double homicide maybe that car would be the first thing to get law enforcement to finally start to act as that’s something verifiable. I believe my previous neighbor enjoys using his 3-year-old girl voice to disclose a crime to me and then he likes to hone his hacking skills to try and prevent the crime from being reported. As once I said I think you just like your butt to pucker in anticipation of something to happen with law enforcement. On one website that I visit and so does he within 45 minutes of brand new profile titled pucker appeared right next to me. › news › son-arr…
    Son arrested in stabbing death of Avondale father, put knife in dishwasher | Arizona News | – Arizona’s Family

  124. fishznstd760 May 22, 2021 1:47 am Reply

    Hello. And Bye.

  125. Betty Long June 11, 2021 3:56 pm Reply

    I have been being attacked by all kinds of people, Gays, Lesbians, homosexuals, Queers, transgender, transsexual. I blame my landlord. They raped butchered and robbed me. Because he rents to these types of people and its hard to move when the gang is endless and there is money to steal. My reputation has been ruined because of the gossip that is made by these sick lunatics. I actually was kidnapped quite a few times robbed , stabbed. beat raped and force to eat vomit and every filth thing they felt. My raped and beat and passed around. Women’s lib was the worst. I even witness them wearing infants penises, they can’t grow penises they hack their enemies and victims off and wear them while they dissolve their cell so They use their victims blood for hormones These people swell like watermelons filled with water cause they caused themselves liver damage. They are incurable scapegoats for the real thieves and mutilators. Their serial. I pity the people born with both sexes, I think they deserve a group too. I don’t like people that march up and down the street that act savages screaming lies and saying their other people but society is not civilized anymore United States has gone to the pits and spreading diseases like aides, cancer death. United States is a downward spiral of deception and filth.

  126. Uhrwerk June 18, 2021 11:09 pm Reply

    I was married to someone involved with this scene for a decade. I was not aware of their involvement at the time. My ex inadvertently left behind photographs taken via spycams in private residences and hotels. In addition to that some kind and/or stupid soul documented the communication used in this scene.

    This is a real treatment many people are subjected to for various reasons. It’s the same treatment some ex-members of the Church of Scientology state they’ve been subjected to, and presented in court. In some instances the victim either prevailed or settled out of court.

    Wealthy individuals and influential organizations (such as insurance companies and police departments facing a reputable plaintiff) subject victims to constant surveillance from P.I.s, corrupt law enforcement, known criminals, and community watch groups. The community watch groups are fed a lie, such as the victim is a pedophile, a drug dealer, or a violent and emotionally unstable individual.

    The cops who are involved, well, I hate to say it but since crimes against children are a key part of these smear campaigns, I can’t help but worry that actual children are involved and some LEO out there is well aware and ok with it all. One common thread among a lot of victims I met over the years were that they were single mothers or had ties to children with severe mental handicaps (such as being a teacher).

    Many victims did not ever step on the toes of anyone with clout and money. They are simply known to have emotional issues and are generally innocent in my experience. They do tend to make a scene or be quite vocal once they catch on to the harassment. I want to make it **PERFECTLY CLEAR** that just because someone is emotionally sensitive or has been diagnosed with a condition it does not make them any less of a victim if they are actually exposed to this scene.

    The primary goal is to discredit specific individuals, as well as to obtain financial gain via identity theft and extortion. It also provides a distraction from organized crime operating in otherwise placid communities. A community is far more likely to rally against some perceived lunatic rather than the person on the PTA who is quietly dealing drugs or filming people in intimate situations without the second party’s knowledge. (What I’m saying is do **NOT** go to hotels for “fun times”)

    During the harassment information is gathered from the victim and participants as a means of gaining information for use in the aforementioned identity theft and extortion. A big “get” is proprietary and sensitive business info. This could be anything from site access, to customer financials, to information regarding the network topography of companies that deal with highly sensitive information.

    People who report this activity to the authorities tend to end up being harassed by corrupt law enforcement for prolonged periods of time. This can mean years.

    Report this if you’d like. People have made attempts going past the last decade to present. This is a robust scene that operates across state lines. There is a system in place to keep it running, and the authorities seem terrified of addressing it. It’s the modern day mob.

  127. Kyle June 19, 2021 7:02 am Reply

    hey guys I’ve been going through this for over a year it started 8 years ago really but within the last two in went from occasion a l gaslighting and stalking to being targeted for profit im guessing the used brain computer interface technology in conjunction with voice Ed to a kull or gaslighting and nanotechnology nur we omesh totally darpa Elon musk sci fi type stuff top secret military stuff and that’s a who I called the fbi darpa dept of def sec of def nobody would have we lp I s a I’d thongs like stolen military tech domestic terrorism etc no help then when they were done they injected their choice of people for me to be friends with a girl target they had used up prostitutes out and forced to work for them pretty much then things got bad and I’m for real God Jesus Christ as my witness I started being targeted by demons the ones she brought and others I don’t know if I’m just one of very few people to experience real demonic presences or if its the end of days but my whole r own is either perp or ex targets because there’s some end of days demonic activity and I’ve seen others witness it and really have a demonic presence make itself known and they just cover it up or are together I’m in northeast ms need some help 6624910576 we need to go to Isreal I’m ready please get in touch ill help you or we can help each other I have no person I can trust pray read king James Bible as old as possible they have swapped mine out and are changing what God’s word says but He still communicates if you try hard enough through His word I pray God aids and Blesses Protects and leads all of you that are in the same or similar situation as me and still have a good heart a clear conscience and that are still working for God’s good glory and not evil

  128. diane July 1, 2021 10:16 am Reply

    Wonder if this is some of the reasons for so many accidents or maybe even mind control like this ( Maybe They are copying that stuff they do when they make people act weird at shows…but criminal does forced suicides and reasons for missing people and murder and now also sex offending activities… ever think of that?

  129. Sean Ross July 3, 2021 8:07 am Reply

    Please help me. It’s been going on since January 1 2019. Theyve killed my sister, theyve stolen my homes at gun point theyve convicted me with no crime They’ve destroyed my reputation
    They’ve taken all my sources of income, my business. I have tangible proof of all this. PLEASE HELP ME

  130. Diana Sarazen July 8, 2021 4:12 am Reply

    I’ve gone through same issues since 2013 when I agreed to help police only to catch woman who pregnant left black man over dosing 12 hrs without calling police then 2pm called them he died 7am and she was worried about being pregnant and drugs yet broke into my home stole all my meds etc…Chippewa falls wi. Then moved to eau claire 2013 til 2019 mostly off and on to rice lake 1 year but gang harassment staling etc sojourner shelter in eau claire is still going on noe and they never leave mr alone. Anthony butler Stephen Jones senior Marcus welby jen mahoney Anne Mayer and cj bunker all steal rob innocent people drug us and worse helpppp

  131. Tony July 17, 2021 1:45 pm Reply

    Organised stalking is simply proactive policing, community watch harassment or intelligence led policing. But it’s gangstalking and was created by police agencies in the 5 Eyes. It’s now spread all over the world. They will always find a reason to target you when you’ve been under community watch surveillance your entire life. There is no justification for this. Those police agencies need to held accountable. This needs to be exposed.

  132. You Already Know August 17, 2021 11:18 am Reply

    Put up lots of cameras , Trust me they will make a mistake and wind up being recorded, remember they are not very smart at all or else they would be making good money with no time for games.

  133. rob August 19, 2021 10:33 am Reply

    She is absolutely correct. These tactics are being used in every major city in the United States. It is called “cybernetics” and the operatives are referred to as “cybernetic operatives”. The operatives involved are very tech savvy, criminally adept, and sadistic as hell. They destroy lives for profit, and generally follow a socialist / fascist political platform.

    Believe me. This is real. What’s worse is that this effort, and or these clandestine strategies are currently being used by local, state, and federal government national security agencies to target individuals (t.i.’s), who try and expose these tactics to the general public. They (cybernetic operatives and their supporters) see themselves as crusaders, but they are merely fascists, fanatics, zealots, and anarchists working through a “deep state” platform of clandestine censorship strategies. They target whistleblowers, and individuals whom are a threat to their strategies, and or extremists political agenda’s.

    In my case the operatives were being funded by a major telecommunications corporation who used them to target employees (like myself) whom have been, or became whistleblowers. It was a major collective effort to silence, discredit, disparage, and dehumanize my person in an attempt to scapegoat a civilian for criminal acts being committed by law enforcement, corrupt corporate entities, covert government operatives, greed driven bureaucrats, and of course cybernetic operatives.

  134. diane August 20, 2021 10:17 am Reply

    New get you” fraud game…
    Person in the area pulls undies down and . does .other stuff!! 😮
    Then flipped the activity saying your a sex offender now in front of you and, they say your family Sister or brother.. said it also …but they never did and the cops also have nothing on you about the same flippers are threatening they will make you move and leave your family and job or else they will have their family claim rape by making it look like you did something to their kids in the neighborhood! and they will have their gang surveillance/stalk you in everything even at home and at the job…because you are on their sex offender list!!be treated like outsider/trouble maker !

  135. Anastasia Maria August 20, 2021 12:18 pm Reply

    Its wonderful to see so many people speaking out. It is really REALLY Really GOOD to see all this.

    I’m 61 and I have been heavily gangstalked since Nov 2012 killing one of my cats in Feb 2013 and the other Dec 23, 2016. Broke my heart. It was black magic and tons of paranormal activity with demons. it was awful to watch them die. My life has been a wreck since all this gangstalking began. My character has been assasinated, my dream of Whale Communicators wiped out by all this.

    I use to make $175,000 as an Instructional Designer in the telecom industry and cant even get a response to a technical resume anymore.

    I’m tired very tired!!!

    Thanks everyone for commenting – so good to read these.

  136. Natalie September 2, 2021 10:05 am Reply

    Yes they are all criminals. And, yes they are watching all of us right now. We must endure the evil for now……

  137. Chris Hewitt October 1, 2021 3:19 pm Reply

    Everyone will dispute everything. I have failed the love of my life and forever will pay for that with her absence but I do believe this happens and she is a victim. Here is my thing, she fully believes I am participating and that I will benefit soon. I will NOT and have NOT aided or had any knowledge of anyone doing these things to her but how in the hell do I show her that even though I am an addict and I failed her that I didn’t do this? She has lost everything and now in her mind, I did it actively. I did fail her but I didn’t do this!

  138. Chris G from Chillicothe Ohio October 6, 2021 7:09 am Reply

    For anyone doubting ruths claims is either part of “Them” or have never experienced this before. I have and currently am, 3 yrs now is when i cought onto it, its only got a million times worse over time, when i started noticing it it was 3 sometimes 4 cars same 4 no matter where i went they we’re there as time has went theres around close to 100 cars now. They control your life. Mentally they make you and other people think your insane or your using. I will tell you now law enforcement is your worst go to trust me. I went to law enforcement in Ross County. ohio they told me to go have a mental evaluation done than 2 months later i m being charge with a felony charge of felonious assult that im still fighting in court i didnt do anything but my fiance of 6 years up and leaves. Out of nowhere so im telling you all this the shit is real and honestly if someone could help me out of this without saying im crazy or on drugs would be nice. Because honestly i have no hope im a shell anymore and could honestly be dead atleast than it would stop

  139. jay mike October 8, 2021 11:46 am Reply

    This is so going on with me and i never knew so many were going through this also. I picked up on this a couple years ago and have tried everything i thought until discovering a device in my attic intercepting my signal. This aint just my landlord this goes up the chain to our leaders of this state all for their profit. Their crazy b.s dont work on me but the fact that they make accusations with no evidence other than what they write on paper to be used as if it were founded truth or evidence in a court of law while they deny me my rights to due process. I know who these individuals are and they block me from info, steal my mail, bribe my lawyers, and use my identity for illegals. I can tell you this isnt just some random criminals coming together, its our state politicians, state employees such as DMV, USPS, POLICE, SHERRIF, FIRE DEPARTMENT, CHILD SUPPORT, JUDGES, LAWYERS, CHILD WELFARE SERVICES, BUISINESS OWNERS, STATE VOTING DEPT,EDD, AND EVEN FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO ALL fall into the greed of money. I have worked since i was 15 years old with over 20 years and now i dont and it is pointless because i know it will just end up being some bogus reason to end my employment for their benefit in either some workmans comp claim or a lawsuit for how they handled my situation that they will hide and block from my knowing for them to collect. It goes on and on but i do have proof and information that would expose some high profile individuals if i could reach someone that truly is who i intended to call and not someone posing as that contact.

  140. Diane October 29, 2021 7:30 am Reply

    Everyone could fill a report survey asking by the law..if they have any type of known you put in or bought… implants “Not medical, but they are reported on the sheet,,,, !) mandatory what the others are used for talk or voice and let them read the laws of your state and constitution; rights of people around you sign date sent back to the state!! That might get their attention or change it?new to date Strict laws for any type of voice or signal or mocking synthetic telepathy implementable?telepathy cyborg authorization card law when going to other countries visa versa ?

  141. diane January 13, 2022 6:48 am Reply

    Criminal Interrogations and interviews should be done with a real police or FBI, military… and with a witness for all and in a real office not over mind technology or reading …not telepathy because people could fake it out, use a fake person to answer or be witness which could screw up any mind reading or lie detector test…test should be done on both victim and witness because they could have planned your arrest or offence years earlier 2, 4, even 50 years s ago ..with a friend, a look alike criminal … your family( brother or sister….!) over even a spouse! epically if they know of inherence that could be passed to you later or for pay back if you got someone in trouble!
    This new technology is frightening stuff and getting worse!

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