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Optimus Prime starred in a film series that made billions of dollars. Woohoo!


Transformers (2007)

As a tribute to his immense popularity, Optimus Prime is the only Movie Transformer with a toy in every regular category (Legend, Fast Action, Deluxe, Voyager, and Leader).

Legends Class toys

Shortening the smokestacks is good; it makes the toy safer. But removing ONE and keeping the other? Crazy.
  • Optimus Prime (Legends, 2007)
    • Japanese name: EZ Collection Optimus Prime
Legends class Optimus Prime is an extremely simplified toy of the extremely complex movie design. As such, he features numerous unavoidable inaccuracies, such as not transforming or even looking very much like the original design or the larger toy versions in robot mode. However, proportionally Legends class Optimus Prime is not far off from the real truck and the Leader class toy's vehicle mode, aside from missing a smokestack on the driver's side. He is articulated at the shoulders and upper legs via ball joints. He can also hold small weapons, such as Cyberverse.
The toy was also later released as part of the blind-packed EZ Collection lineup, distributed via TakaraTomy's subsidiary Subarudo.

"Say, have we met?" "No, I'm not from around here." "I can tell. You look way more realistic than I do."
  • Generations Legends (Target exclusive multi-pack, 2007)
A Target exclusive, this four-pack of Legends Class figures contains two versions of both Optimus Prime and Megatron, namely Legends of Cybertron Optimus Prime, Movie Legends Optimus Prime, Legends of Cybertron Megatron and Movie Legends Megatron.

Get ready for the safety recall, folks.
  • Battle for the Allspark (Toys"R"Us exclusive multi-pack, 2007)
A Toys"R"Us exclusive, this six-pack of Legends class figures contains unmodified toys of Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, and Barricade.

Be afraid, Decepticons, because I hide in the shadows!
  • Nightwatch Optimus Prime vs. Stealth Starscream (Legends Allspark Battles two-pack, 2008)
The previously-released Legends Class Optimus Prime toy is redecoed to match the Leader class Nightwatch Optimus Prime deco. He comes with a predominantly black and silver redeco of Starscream. The robot mode is mistransformed: his body is not collapsed down to the waist.
In Asia, at least some units (often separated from Starscream) got dumped to Hobby Shop dealers and were sold at a lower price.

Deluxe Class toys

Until I find my feet, I have to use these giant robot hands.
  • Protoform Optimus Prime (Deluxe Class, 2007)
    • TakaraTomy ID number: MA-05
    • Accessories: Gun, missile, flame attachment
Based upon the "Protoform" (Cybertronian) appearances of the Transformers in the Movie, Protoform Optimus Prime transforms into his "entry" mode. This mode somewhat resembles a cybertronic truck, with false wheels sculpted onto the sides, and Optimus Prime's trademark windows in front. A flame decoration piece fits to the back of the "vehicle", creating the illusion of a flaming comet's tail. The bottom of the vehicle has small wheels to roll the toy across smooth surfaces. Oddly, it has NO automorph gimmick at all, a feature most main-line figures have.
He resembles previous Optimus characters in robot mode: his angular chest windows are reminiscent of Cybertron Optimus Prime, while his near-animalistic limbs and color scheme are evocative of Beast Wars Optimus Primal. He has excellent articulation due to his many ball joints, and is armed with a rifle. The flame attachment can fit onto the end of the (non-firing) gun barrel.
Some packaging variants of this figure (perhaps a Wal-Mart exclusive) included a free movie poster depicting a Cybertronian eye overlooking Earth, with an added sticker to the outer plastic bubble saying "Exclusive movie poster!". It is more of a preview of upcoming figures.
Aaron Archer designed this toy in a single day; it was the last toy he personally worked on. He prefers the redeco from The Last Knight.[1]
This toy was repurposed as a member of the Dynasty of Primes in Tales of the Fallen #4. His alternate mode served as a basis for the Vok Novaroids for The Road to Legends' Revival Chapter 5: LG-EX Big Powered Prologue Part Two.

Made out of sculpted wildberry Slurpee.
  • Protoform Optimus Prime Fusion Cluster Edition (C3xHobby Convention exclusive Deluxe, Japan 2007)
    • Accessories: Gun, missile, flame attachment
An extensive redeco of the Protoform Optimus Prime mold that was exclusively available at the Japanese C3xHobby Convention in August of 2007, and later offered by e-HOBBY in limited quantities. Most of the body is made out of transparent turquoise plastic in order to mimic its frozen state in the "coldness" of space, while orange paint is used on the front end of the "entry" mode, mimicking the heat effects of sudden atmospheric entry. The flame attachment is made out of clear blue plastic, with the tail end being covered in gold paint.

Movietoy jazz optimus brawl 3pk.jpg
  • Deluxe three-pack (multi-pack, UK 2007)
    • Accessories: Gun with missile and flame attachment
This three-pack, which was available at general retail in the United Kingdom, contains an unchanged Deluxe Class Protoform Optimus Prime together with equally unchanged Deluxe Class Decepticon Brawl and Autobot Jazz toys.

Expectation VS Reality.
  • Gold Protoform Optimus Prime (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Accessories: Gun with missile and flame attachment
This gold vacuum metallized (save for his black joints, which they were made out of unpaintable plastic) Protoform Optimus Prime figure was featured as a Lucky Draw giveaway (along side similarly gold vac-metal versions of Voyager class Optimus Prime and Protoform Starscream) in the December 2007 issue of TV Magazine. Released in 2008, only 5 pieces were made, making it one of the rarest Lucky Draw figures; the images at right represent the only known photographs of it.

Voyager Class toys

The last one of you out of here gets a... gets a lead salad!
  • Optimus Prime (Voyager Class, 2007)
    • Japanese Name: Twin Blaster Optimus Prime
    • Japanese Release Date: 2007-8
    • Japanese ID number: MA-13
    • Accessories: 2 rifle/smokestack-fuel tank assemblies, 2 missiles
The mid-range Voyager class Movie Optimus Prime toy transforms into an amalgamation of the Kenworth W900 and the Peterbilt 379, making this toy fairly inaccurate to the actual vehicle Optimus Prime turned into. Because of the smaller size and lessened complexity, the Voyager class Optimus Prime features a significantly different transformation sequence compared to the Leader class toy, and indeed, the actual CGI design. However, as the actual truck cabin no longer forms his chest, the cabin now features a small interior with opening doors and a non-removable cowboy-hat-bedecked driver figurine that flips out of the seat when the driver's side door is opened.
In robot mode, Voyager class Optimus Prime is proportionally more accurate to his CGI design than the leader class toy and has a more accurate headsculpt. However, due to the aforementioned lessened complexity, significant sacrifices had to be made, such as "cheats" to the transformation sequence to achieve this. He is thus less accurate overall than he initially appears. In addition to previously mentioned changes, he carries much of the truck's front hood, grill and fenders on his back like a backpack. Nevertheless, he maintains a superb level of articulation and posability.
Optimus Prime is armed with two large rifles formed out of a combination of both smokestacks and fuel tanks. These rifles peg onto his lower arms with grips for his open hands. The under-slung fuel tanks can fire spring-loaded projectiles. In vehicle mode, both smokestack rifles can be deployed as twin cannons, and this mechanism can also be used to store the rifles and deploy them as shoulder guns in robot mode.
He has a strange little joint in his chest that allows you to sort of put his torso upside down. It has no obvious purpose, as it's locked into place in both modes.

We'd hate to see what those smokestacks looked like BEFORE Hasbro shortened them.
  • Robo-Vision Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2007)
    • Accessories: 2 rifle/smokestack-fuel tank assemblies, 2 missiles
A Target-exclusive redeco of the Voyager Class Optimus Prime toy, this limited edition version boasts a "Supermetal finish", resulting in silver metallic paint covering much of his paintable gray/silver plastic, a much higher contrast in his red and blue plastic colors and improved 'flame' paint decorations.
Unusually for the smaller Voyager Class of toys, Robo-Vision Optimus Prime comes packed in robot mode in a special hexagonal column box with many windows, similar to the original packaging for 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime. The package also includes a Robo-Vision Decoder. Strangely, this Target exclusive preceded the release of the regular Voyager by a large margin, coming out on June 2, 2007 with the initial wave of movie toys.
This toy has been retroactively declared part of the Premium Series of more movie-accurate redecos of core characters from the movie.
All international versions came in the same packaging, but lacked the "Only at Target" sticker.

Movietoy bee and optimus 2pk.jpg
  • Bumblebee and Optimus Prime (Argos exclusive two-pack, Hong Kong/UK/Australia/France 2007)
    • Accessories: 2 rifle/smokestack-fuel tank assemblies, 2 missiles
A two-pack, available as a mass retail release in Hong Kong, as an Argos exclusive in the United Kingdom, as a Kmart exclusive in Australia, and with undetermined distribution in France. Contains an unchanged Voyager Class Optimus Prime and an equally unchanged Deluxe Class Concept Camaro Bumblebee.

Given later events, probably less "battle damaged" than "covered in the blood fuel of his enemies".
  • Arcee, Starscream & Optimus Prime (Sam's Club exclusive three-pack, 2007)
    • Accessories: 2 rifle/smokestack-fuel tank assemblies, 2 missiles
A three-pack, exclusive to Sam's Club stores, consisting of redecos of Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Deluxe Class Arcee, both with a battle damage deco, and an unchanged Voyager Class Starscream. The Optimus figure would later be released on its own in international markets; see below.

Movietoy gold voyager optimus.jpg
  • Gold Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2008)
    • Accessories: 2 rifle/smokestack-fuel tank assemblies, 2 missiles
A gold-chromed version of the Voyager Optimus Prime toy was available as part of the same Lucky Draw contest as the Golden Protoform Optimus (see above) in the December 2007 issue of TV Magazine. Limited to only 3 pieces, it is insanely rare. The photographed sample here features a chromed truck grill, while a boxed unit has an unchromed grey grill; the owners of both pieces, the Mapes Brothers of Transformers @ The Moon, believe both are genuine TakaraTomy toys, so it unsure if the one with the chromed grill is a testshot or a production variant.

Is this good enough for you?
  • First Strike Optimus Prime (Voyager Class, 2008)
    • Accessories: 2 rifle/smokestack-fuel tank assemblies, 2 missiles
Released as part of the Allspark Power refresh of the movie line, First Strike Optimus Prime is an extensive redeco of Voyager class Optimus Prime in a colour scheme based upon Generation 1 and Classics Optimus Prime. The included toy bio describes this coloring as Prime paying tribute to the markings he wore as a young soldier when the war began. Due to the transformation, this figure actually ends up being less like its G1 counterpart in robot mode, a sacrifice made for the slavish redeco of the vehicle mode. You can't have your cake and eat it too, folks.

Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?
  • Autobot Optimus Prime ("international market" exclusive Voyager-sized toy, 2008)
    • Accessories: 2 rifle/smokestack-fuel tank assemblies, 2 missiles
A single-packed version of the battle damaged Voyager Optimus Prime toy from the Sam's Club exclusive three-pack. Although the assortment number and the general packaging style (which are both the same also used for the Premium Series redecos of Voyager Class Autobot Ratchet and Megatron) seemed to indicate that this might be a Best Buy exclusive, it was later confirmed to be an "international market" exclusive. It was released in Hasbro's Southeast Asian markets, but was not available in the USA outside the Sam's Club three-pack.

  • Freeway Brawl ("Screen Battles" two-pack, 2008)
    • Accessories: 2 rifle/smokestack-fuel tank assemblies, 2 missiles
A second Target-exclusive redeco of the Voyager Class Optimus Prime toy, the gray molded pieces were recolored beige-grey, and multiple parts that were previously molded in blue and red (the chest, shoulder pads, and leg interiors) had their mold colors swapped, with extra paint operations to make up the difference. As such, the toy has very few visual differences from the regular release of the sculpt, in a "doing things differently to achieve a very similar end result" sense. This version was only available in a pack with an unchanged Deluxe Class Bonecrusher.

Leader Class toys

Y'think Prime got a makeover? We have it on good authority that Movie Roller is a kicked-out low-rider with a jammin' sound system and neon-purple undercarriage lighting.
  • Optimus Prime (Leader Class, 2007)
    • TakaraTomy ID number: MA-01
    • Accessories: Removable Ion blaster, 1 missile
The largest 2007 Transformers movie Optimus Prime toy, Leader Class Optimus Prime featured, at the time, the most accurate representation of the CGI designs' complex transformation sequence. He transforms into a heavily-customized Peterbilt 379 conventional extended-hood, and unusually for a mainline figure, he has rubber tires on all his wheels. His Ion blaster weapon is stored in the rear of the truck's bunk, exposed like an engine block. Though Optimus has no trailer, he has a hole where the fifth wheel hitch is sculpted in the rear of the truck, should owners find a suitable trailer to use. Due to safety reasons, the tips of his long smokestacks are made of rubber. A switch on top of the cab roof activates horn sounds and window lights.
Featuring a complex transformation, the front and back ends of the truck essentially fold and converge to become Optimus Prime's legs, as much of the truck rear is connected to the robot thighs via a series of folding panels. The rear wheel cowlings feature a hinge joint in the middle of them so they do not impede his knee articulation. The halves of the rear cabin of the cab, directly connected to the smokestacks, rotate and connect to his torso and unfold into his arms. As with most mainline Movie toys, Optimus Prime features Automorph gimmicks, and due to his price point, he has three of them. Firstly, during initial transformation, rotating his front fenders to become his heels flips the top parts of the grill to become his toes. Secondly, sliding out the double-barrel cannon in his right forearm flips out his spring-loaded Ion Blaster, which lands into place for his right hand. (The Ion Blaster can actually be popped off his forearm fairly easily, as it is held in place by a simple clip.) Optimus's final Automorph, located in his torso, is activated by flipping the silver lever on his stomach, activating a series of spring-loaded actions where the truck windows are pushed apart and the lever between them is raised, enabling the head to spring up from the chest cavity. At this point, yellow LEDs light up the chest windows and Optimus Prime's eyes, accompanied by a "powering up" sound effect.
Optimus Prime has a wide range of articulation for a relatively bulky figure. He has ratcheting joints in his shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, with swivel joints and ball joints supporting them in his biceps, lower knee joints, and ankles. His hands even have individually articulated fingers and thumbs!

Cylinders are the right of all sentient beings.
  • Optimus Prime bonus pack (Costco exclusive multi-pack, 2007)
    • Accessories: Removable Ion blaster, 1 missile
A Costco exclusive special pack of Leader Class Optimus Prime with Legends Class Bumblebee and Autobot Jazz as bonus figures. All three toys are unchanged from their respective original releases.

Completists, eat your heart out!
  • Chrome Optimus Prime (Leader Class, 2007)
    • Accessories: Removable Ion blaster, 1 missile
Two custom-made pieces (presented in robot and vehicle mode) by the Hasbro Transformers team as the grand prize for G4TV and Jumpcut's contest for fans to remix selected Transformers clips. Won by TFW2005.com member James Zahn, this one-of-a-kind (well, two-of-a-kind) piece is an almost fully vacuum-metallized Leader-class Optimus Prime in red, silver and blue (based heavily upon Generation 1 Optimus Prime), presented with a custom display base with an embossed silver Autobot insignia and a perspex display case.
It is certainly one of the rarest Transformers toys ever, and unless you are James, you will never own one.

Either this is Ultra Magnus or Nemesis Prime.
  • Nightwatch Optimus Prime (Leader Class, UK 2007)
    • TakaraTomy ID number: MA-18
    • Accessories: Removable Ion blaster, 1 missile
The first Nightwatch Optimus Prime is an extensive redeco of the previously released Leader-class Optimus Prime, replacing most of his red and blue with different shades of blue and black. In fact, he resembles the original Diaclone Powered Convoy color scheme of Generation 1 Ultra Magnus's truck cab. The previously blue and red flames have been replaced with silver flames, while various other decos have been replaced by copper.
This version was released in the UK several months before the AllSpark Power version. Available exclusively through Argos stores, it came in an American-style box with the original Movie packaging design. This version was also released by TakaraTomy in Japan.

"Now that is what I called a gold-plated kill."
  • Gold Optimus Prime (Leader Class, 2007)
    • Accessories: Removable Ion blaster, 1 missile
A gold vacuum-metallized Leader class Optimus Prime was available as a Lucky Draw prize figure in Japan, as well as being a promotional competition figure for various Hasbro branches elsewhere in the world. Only 88 pieces were made.
Although the figure can transform, the feet were fixated to accommodate with the stand.

Ultra Prime or Nemesis Magnus?
  • Nightwatch Optimus Prime (Leader Class, USA 2008)
    • Accessories: Removable Ion blaster, 1 missile
The second Nightwatch Optimus Prime was released as part of the "AllSpark Power" second half of the Movie line. He is similar to the UK version of Nightwatch Prime, replacing most of his red and blue with different shades of blue and black, retaining his resemblance to Diaclone Powered Convoy in most respects. However, the subdued black and copper on the first Nightwatch Prime have been replaced with gold and a very bright blue, to signify the All Spark energy affecting the Transformers. The translucent parts were also cast in purple translucent plastic instead of black translucent plastic.
Another difference is that this version comes in an AllSpark Power-style box instead of the original style.

Bunny-ears Prime.
  • Optimus Prime ("Premium Series" Leader Class, 2008)
    • Accessories: Detachable, Retractable "energy sword"
The Premium Series Optimus Prime is both a retool and a redeco of the Leader Class Optimus Prime toy. The major selling point is a more movie-accurate head sculpt with longer ears and detailing based on the final CG head design, and a flip-out energy sword to replace the ion blaster that was included with previous versions of the toy. This energy sword is detachable and attaches where the Ion Blaster did, compatible with non-premium Optimus Prime Leader-class-based releases. Because his ears are much longer, the truck roof panel that hides his head now has two holes cut into so the head can fit inside the cabin.
The paint deco is... unfocused, to say the least. In vehicle mode, the grill, headlights, and bumpers (and thus his feet) are painted silver, yet the red in the small Autobot insignia has been removed. There is silver paint on the fuel tanks (toy battery cover), but not on the other tool boxes and equipment in the same location. There is also silver paint on all 6 wheel rims, the air cleaners, and the windscreen visor. In robot mode, the silver paint is mainly located on his thighs and crotch, though in order to save on costs, the dark blue and gold paint on his thighs and knee joints have been sacrificed.
Unlike the initial Premium Series toys, this one was available as part of the regular mass retail Leader class assortment. The instructions still depicts the original Leader Class mold's head.

  • Transformers Commemorative Box Set (Autobots) (2008)
Released an an exclusive for Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong (ACG, also known as Ani-Con) 2008, The Premium Series Optimus Prime toy is released without any changes along with Premium Series Bumblebee, Premium Jazz, Premium Ironhide, and a regular Ratchet. The toys are packaged with a synthetic, leather-like box, and it comes with a sheet of Certificate of Authenticity.
The boxsets are limited to 100 pieces.

He loves his lips so much, he won't let anyone sculpt them on his toys.
  • Optimus Prime Battle Mode (Leader Class, 2008)
    • TakaraTomy ID number: MA-21
    • Accessories: Detachable, Retractable "energy sword"
The TakaraTomy version of Premium Series Optimus Prime has a considerably different deco from Hasbro's release. Similar to the unique chrome Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime Battle Mode features vacuum-metallized parts for nearly all of the silver truck parts, for a greater resemblance to the polished chrome on the real prop trucks. Unfortunately, as his feet are the front fenders and grill, this will likely lead to chipping. In robot mode, he retains several decos that were removed from Hasbro's Premium Optimus Prime for cost reasons, such as the blue and gold decos on his thighs. Finally, the flip-out energy sword is coloured gold to reflect its "powered up" appearance.

Fast Action Battlers

"Okay mommy, me got my backpack and big gun thingy. Me go to robot school now?"
  • Power Hook Optimus Prime (Fast Action Battler, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: QC-01
    • Accessories: 1 Missile
Fast Action Battler Power Hook Optimus Prime is a (roughly) Deluxe-class made for children of younger ages than the rest of the mainline and was designed to have quick conversion and action feature. He has a little string attached to his missile that was tied to his "backpack" for easy storage and so the little ones wouldn't lose the missile.
Unsurprisingly, he is rather inaccurate to the film's design.

The more things change, the more they, uh, get bigger guns.
  • Leader for the Ages (Wal*Mart exclusive two-pack, 2007)
    • Accessories: 1 gun, 1 Missile
This Wal*Mart-exclusive two-pack contains the Fast Action Battler Power Hook Optimus Prime toy, designated "2007 Optimus Prime", and the Classics Optimus Prime toy from The Ultimate Battle DVD two-pack. Both toys are identical to their normal individual releases.
For some reason, the Classics Optimus toy is designated "1984 Optimus Prime" on the packaging, even though it was released in 2006... well, he looks like Prime from '84, so hey, what the hell.

Rodimus, is that you?
  • Fire Blast Optimus Prime (Fast Action Battler, 2008)
    • Accessories: 1 Missile
Fire Blast Optimus Prime is a redeco of the previously released Power Hook Optimus Prime fast action battler. The color scheme is loosely based upon Generation 1 Rodimus Prime, explained rather oddly in the card bio as being the camouflage Optimus took while hunting Decepticons on Mars post-movie... because there are so many long-nose cabs driving around Mars. Yeah.

Cyber Slammers

Okay, let the bumper car battle begin! One shall stand, one shall...get knocked back a few metres.
  • Optimus Prime (Cyber Slammer, 2007)
Cyber Slammers Optimus Prime is an amazingly cute truck that transforms into an amazingly cute Autobot. "Slam" his robot mode down into car mode and he rolls along for a while, then snaps back up into robot mode. Sure to please the toddler you brought with you to the PG-13 movie! Like most Cyber Slammers, Prime manages to cram most of his vehicle mode's major details into a compact, super-deformed version of that mode.


The Optimus Prime of your nightmares.
  • Optimus Prime (2008)
    • Japanese ID number: TS-01
    • Accessories: Display stand
Trans-scanning Optimus Prime is a Japanese-exclusive figure with many interchangeable parts. At its most basic, the figure is a spindly skeleton referred to as a "core body". To this skeleton, two sets of armor pieces can be attached to create one of two forms for Optimus Prime: his protoform mode or his Earth mode.
The protoform mode consists of eight pieces of metallic blue plastic that plug into the arms, chest, pelvis and legs of the figure. With these pieces attached, the figure can be manipulated in a manner that might charitably be called "transformation" into his meteor-like "entry mode," accomplished by doing little more than tucking the head out of sight and folding the chest back. This blue-and-grey lump can be mounted on a three-piece stand that comes with the figure, allowing you to display it in mid-plummet. Optimus Prime's Earth mode, meanwhile, is made up of many armor pieces (including a particularly large backpack) that form a rather kibbly robot mode, which can then transform into a truck approximating a Peterbilt 379. We would go into what an abominable, unintuitive, parts-massaging mess this transformation is, but we wouldn't want to fill up the rest of the page.
Optimus Prime also includes a pair of interchangeable, open-palmed hands that can be swapped out for the clenched fists that are in place in-package. The Core Body mold was re-used for the simultaneously released Trans-Scanning Bumblebee figure.

Optimus Prime Figure

The shoulders house a kickin' stereo system.
  • Optimus Prime (Spychanger, 2007)
"Optimus Prime Figure" (オプティマスプライム・フィギア)[2] is a redeco of 2001 Robots in Disguise Spychanger Scourge, painted to resemble Movie Optimus Prime. Of note is the tampographed detailing on his chest resembling Movie Prime's distinctive chest design. Like most Spychangers, he features high speed axles and can roll very well across smooth surfaces, but lacks the weight to propel him quickly.
He was only available exclusively in Japan with a pre-order for the Transformers DVD and HD-DVD.

Revenge of the Fallen

Legends Class toys

AT LAST! Two smokestacks!
  • Optimus Prime (Legends, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: EZ-01
Don't I look awesome with my corpse backpack?
Revenge of the Fallen Legends class Optimus Prime is an all-new, much more accurate mold compared to the 2007 Legends class Prime, having a much greater accuracy in both robot and vehicle mode. In particular, his vehicle mode isn't inexplicably missing one smokestack like the 2007 toy. It should be noted that he was molded in only one paintable plastic color, with red and blue deco patterns decked on it. The top of the truck's bunk (ending up on his back in robot mode) has a slot to combine with Jetfire. For some reason, this isn't mentioned in the instructions, though they're hardly needed.
Compared to the final product, stock photos of the figure loses blue paint operations on his knee armor. This mold was also used to make Darkside Optimus Prime.
During the May 30 launch event for the Revenge of the Fallen toyline in Japan, Legends Optimus were given out to attendees. The only difference is a sticker on the packaging commemorating the event. Optimus also saw release as a blindpacked figure for the first wave of the Revenge of the Fallen EZ Collection sets. And like all the first waves, he comes with a flyer advertising the TakaraTomy releases of the Revenge of the Fallen toyline. His pair of legs is also mistranformed to fit in the bubble.
In Malaysia, this toy is also one of the four Legends Classes to be released as promotional merchandise for the Petronas Gas Station. He can be obtained starting from the 12th of July, via RM30 ($7.04) worth of gas or RM15 ($3.52) worth of foods and items in the Mesra Shop.
Anyone looking to buy this figure on the aftermarket be warned, there is a very convincing-looking knockoff that's been making the rounds. While the paint applications are pretty much identical to the real deal, the pegs on the legs/trunk front can be a little too tight when attached. in some worst cases; it can break off if attempted to pull off by force.

A little blue paint goes a long way.
  • Optimus Prime Damage Version (Legends, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: EZ-09
A "Battle Damaged" variant featured in the second wave of EZ Collection (the Japanese name for Legends class toys), with more elaborate, weathered paint applications.
This redeco is also the first mold to utilize the slightly retooled Fuel Tank/elbow tabs, which is slightly smaller than the first release.

It's certainly power armor... the kind that hasn't been finished yet.
  • Power Armor Optimus Prime (Legends, 2009)
This redeco of Legends class Optimus Prime features a slightly darkened color scheme and red legs.

Here to mend and defend! ... hahaha, no, really, hand your face over. Now.
  • Defender Optimus Prime (EZ Collection, March 2010)
A redeco of Legends Optimus Prime replacing his red plastic with more blue and silver, but sprucing things up a bit with red flame paint operations. Defender Optimus Prime (ディフェンダーオプティマスプライム) was only available in Japan as part of their Transformers Animated promotion in March 2010. It was given away for free to customers who purchased Animated merchandise at Edion, Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera stores.

  • Optimus Prime Clear Ver. (EZ Collection, April 2010)
    • Japanese ID number: EZ-21
Optimus Prime Clear Ver. (オプティマスプライムクリアVer.) was only available blindpacked as part of TakaraTomy's EZ Collection Vol. 3. It is a clear version of the Revenge of the Fallen mold, cast in (entirely colorless) clear plastic with opaque paint operations (which is the same paint mask from the original Legends Class toy albeit slightly darker) on the details. This redeco also uses the slightly small fuel tank/elbow tabs from the Battle Damaged release.
The toy had a preliminary name: "Optimus Prime Tokubetsu Color" (オプティマスプライム特別カラー, "Optimus Prime Special Color").

Voyager Class toys

Look! I got a tan! (Hasbro Version Pictured)
(Tokyo Toy Show 2009 TakaraTomy Version Pictured)
  • Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2009)
    • Accessories: 2 rifle/smokestack-fuel tank assemblies, 2 missiles
Voyager Optimus Prime is a redeco of the toy from the first movie's toyline. Like several redecos or retools of 2007 movie toys, there has been some effort to make this release noticeably different from the previous releases, though the toy ends up looking less accurate to the actual movie appearance than those previous releases. Optimus Prime has a sort of faded Autobot logo on the side of the truck's bunk, and kanji (Chinese characters) on the roof (ending up on his knee in robot mode.) The word "上海将军" means "Shanghai General", while "大将" means "Grand general". The beige-gray plastic used for this toy is similar to his Screen Battles toy, only with a slightly reddish hue.
The Japanese version of the toy, named "Optimus Prime Revenge Edition", was exclusively available at Tokyo Toy Show 2009, and later also from e-HOBBY. Despite being sold in Hasbro packaging like the mass retail Revenge toys in Japan (plus the addition of Japanese stickers marking it as a Japanese market release and containing Japanese safety warnings and manufacturer information), it slightly differed from the Hasbro version insofar as it lacked the tampographed kanji lettering.

  • Optimus Prime & Bumblebee (Two-pack, 2010)
An unchanged version of Revenge of the Fallen Voyager-Class Optimus Prime (see above) was released in a two-pack, alongside with a slightly modified version of the Movie Deluxe-Class "Premium Series" Bumblebee. This two-pack has been confirmed to have been released in Malaysia and was apparently also sold in Indonesia and India.
Like his pack-in mate Bumblebee, a near-identical knockoff of the 2-pack has been making the rounds since the 2010s, with Optimus Prime possessing a lighter shade of opaque blue paint on the thighs.

Kaboom, yo. Ka-friggin-boom.
  • Defender Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2010)
    • Accessories: 2 rifle/smokestack-fuel tank assemblies, 2 missiles
This redeco of Voyager-Class Optimus Prime swaps out the red and some of the silver plastic with black and blue, changes the blue flames to red and silver, lightly nodding towards his Generation 2 Laser incarnation.
Defender Optimus Prime also comes with two packaging variants: aside from his default packaging, the other was packed in robot mode in a vertical packaging similar to the Leader Class figure.

Use your friends wisely.
  • Jet Power Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2010)
    • Japanese ID number: MR-01
    • Accessories: 2 rifle/smokestack-fuel tank assemblies, 2 missiles, sword, Jetfire armour parts
Unite for the Universe Optimus Prime would have been a redeco of the 2007 Optimus Prime Voyager-Class mold in a similar style to the Leader-Class Buster Optimus Prime (see below), with a much more accurate and detailed paint scheme, including white stenciled flames. He would have come with a set of Jetfire armour parts to form the powered-up Optimus Prime seen at end of Revenge of the Fallen, and due to not having to form Jetfire's robot mode or his jet mode, the armour parts are far more accurate to the movie's design of them than the leader class Jetfire toy could manage. While not combined to Optimus Prime, the armour can be arranged to form a sort of weapon emplacement mode or a jet engine on the back of Optimus's vehicle mode.
Both Jet Power Optimus Prime and the accompanying redeco of Voyager-Class Revenge of the Fallen Megatron would have come with an issue of the Unite for the Universe comic book, but due to the cancellation of both figures, the comics were eventually included with the Movie Masterpiece releases of Leader-Class Starscream and Bumblebee. Of amusement is the fact the comics are essentially showcasing toys that have been canceled.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.


He won't be taking anybody's faces at THAT size.
  • Stratosphere (Voyager, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: RA-17
Voyager-Class Stratosphere comes with a transformable Optimus Prime mini-figure that deploys from his cargo bay, based upon scenes from the Revenge of the Fallen movie. The articulation is limited to hinges on his arms, legs and shoulders, all three of them being contingent from his transformation.
Towering at only barely over two inches, this was actually not just the smallest movie-verse Optimus but even the smallest transformable figure of Optimus Prime for a while - ironically enough, being even slightly tinier than the Smallest Transforming Transformers Optimus Prime - that is, until he was later "out-tinied" by two other cute super deformed versions.

Leader Class toys

I will not stop telling you that I am Optimus Prime. Ever!
  • Optimus Prime (Leader, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: RA-01
Revenge of the Fallen Leader-class Optimus Prime is an entirely different mold from the first movie's Leader-class Optimus Prime.
Like the previous Prime, it is loaded with features, though it ditches the first movie's Automorphing for the new Mech Alive gimmick. When a grey tab on his midriff is pressed, Prime's entire pectoral region "flexes", lights in his chest and eyes glow, and he declares "I am Optimus Prime" in Peter Cullen's voice. For the European release of the figure, to get past the language barrier, the Cullen sound clip is abbreviated to just "Optimus Prime"; in some regions, including Quebec and the UK (but only after a month or two), both versions were made available. A transformation sound effect activates when his torso is transformed, and once Prime is in truck mode, an almost unnoticeable button (a small square located beside the screw for the battery compartment, undocumented in his instructions) is revealed, which activates engine-idling noises.
Each arm features flip-out blades that trigger when a button on the forearm is pressed. Each of these blades has a Cyberglyphic symbol on it. The blades severely restrict Prime's arm articulation when retracted, as they get in the way of the kibble, but as there is very little one can do with Prime's arms without causing the blades to deploy, this is hardly noticeable.
One detail not reflected in most of Hasbro's photos is that the sun visors above Prime's windows are mounted on ball joints and can be positioned like they are in his CG design. The hood halves on his arms can slide up on their hinges and the blue panels at the back of Prime's lower legs can be pulled out slightly as well for further screen accuracy.
Overall, the robot mode of Revenge of the Fallen leader class Optimus Prime toy is slightly taller and considerably more athletic-looking than the 2007 Transformers Leader-class Optimus Prime toy.
Who's your daddy? He is.
Optimus Prime can also combine with Leader-class Jetfire to form Jetpower Optimus Prime by slightly transforming his backpack and feet. Sadly, this takes away from his leg articulation, because otherwise he could never support the massive backpack he has in this mode. However, fans have created alternate configurations that increase leg articulation and movie-accuracy.
Like several new-mold Revenge of the Fallen toys, Optimus Prime suffers from some cost-cutting measures that affected the final production version of the mold. According to Hasbro's stock photos/back-of-box photo of the hand-painted prototype, the toolboxes on the sides of his legs were designed to fold away further for a sleeker, cleaner look. Additionally, the rear tires would have been able to split in half, with the inner half of the tire going inside the outer half to recreate the thin tires seen on Prime's CG design. Some articulation was lost on the toy between Hasbro stock photography and the final release. His fingers are no longer articulated; instead, the entire hand is now one molded piece. Finally, the lower arms appear to have been originally designed so that his hands could slide in or out of them during transformation. Sadly, he also lacks rubber tires, which the original movie Prime did have. Meanwhile, the articulated fingers was later used for the Asia Premium Series & Movie The Best releases.
As a result of striving for vehicle realism and painstaking accuracy to his visual portrayal in the live-action films, this Optimus Prime ends up being ridiculously complex. Transforming him back into a truck is probably more complicated than shown in the movie and can only be considered torture. Very unfortunately, the instructions for this toy are infamous for being amazingly vague and unclear in their visual depiction of the transformation steps, making transformation even harder. Also, let us not forget that, upon transforming him back to robot mode, he will declare his identity over and over and over and over and over until you're finished.
The TakaraTomy release of Optimus Prime replaces the red plastic from his neck down to the middle of his pectorals with gray plastic. The smokestacks also are a different shade of gray, and are more opaque than the Hasbro release. This version can also attach Energon stars.
The entire mold also became a victim of counterfeiting, ranging from upscaled (and sometimes simpified) molds to high-quality clones. Several of his redecoes/retools below also suffers from this too.

Revenge of the Fallen mold: Optimus Prime (Leader Class)

Version 1 (ROTF tooling):

Version 2 (DOTM tooling):

  • Limited Edition Optimus Prime (Leader, 2009)
This release of Optimus Prime was available at the May 23, 2009 midnight launch of the Revenge of the Fallen toyline at the Shanghai Toys 'R' Us. Limited to 576 pieces, this piece was presented in a wooden box with a numbered certificate, Autobot sigil dog tag, and of course, the leader class Optimus Prime toy. The toy itself was unchanged.

Who are you, again?
  • Optimus Prime with Autobot Camshaft (Leader value pack, 2009)
This Walmart exclusive value pack featured an unchanged Leader-class Optimus Prime sold with an unchanged Camshaft from the first movie toyline. They came packaged in a special wider box and were sold for the same price as a normal Leader toy.
Leader-class Revenge of the Fallen Megatron was available in a similar value pack at the same time, which likewise included Camshaft.

It's like Optimus and The Fallen had some illegitimate love child.....
  • Optimus Prime Black Version (Leader, Japan 2009)
An exclusive to Amazon.co.jp, this redeco of Optimus Prime is bundled with the Japanese release of the Revenge of the Fallen DVD. He is another in a long line of black repaints, swapping most of his red and blue plastic for black, some of his bright grey plastic for a cool grey and blue, and is covered with gold and silver flames. His orange blades are now translucent blue.
TakaraTomy improved upon the original Leader-class Optimus Prime instruction sheet by including supplementary photographed steps that were previously vague or neglected in the original release.

Reinforcing the belief that Takara makes better toys than Hasbro.
  • Buster Optimus Prime (Leader, Japan 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: RA-24
    • Accessories: 2 fuel tank/exhaust assemblies - combine into Ion blaster
This version of Leader-class Optimus Prime features a new lower face sculpt that lacks a Mouthplate, as well as the replacement of his fuel tank/exhaust assemblies with new, transforming versions that can combine into his ion blaster/barrage cannon. To the simultaneous pleasure and displeasure of people who had already purchased the first release of Leader-class Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime, Buster Optimus Prime features an extensive paint job that closely matches Prime's appearance on the big screen, including covering almost all of his grey plastic with silver paint or chrome, expanding and outlining all of the flame tampographs white for greater accuracy to ILM's computer model, and generally painting in small details, nooks and crannies that were neglected on the first release due to cost-cutting reasons. The red and blue plastic colors also vary from the original release, to better match his film appearance.
As with Optimus Prime Black Version, Buster Optimus Prime uses the improved instructions.

There, my lips are gone. You all can stop stealing and repainting the original's head now.
  • Jetpower Optimus Prime (Leader 2-pack, 2009)
    • Accessories: 2 fuel tank/exhaust assemblies - combine into Ion blaster
This TakaraTomy Asian market-exclusive Leader Class two-pack consists of a redecoed Jetfire and a slightly altered Buster Optimus Prime. Buster Optimus Prime is almost identical to the single-pack Japanese release of the toy, but unlike the standalone Buster Prime, has a head with a faceplate, itself containing more paint details than the first release of Revenge of the Fallen Leader-class Optimus Prime. The flames are outlined with light blue instead of white for accuracy to the physical truck prop (though it ends up being inaccurate in robot mode). Jetfire has a subtle, more movie-accurate colour scheme.
Despite the fact that this is a TakaraTomy release, this version doesn't use the improved version of Optimus' instructions, using instead the original (and less helpful) version.

This release of Buster Optimus Prime was susceptible to a paint scraping issue on the silver painted slide-out barrel of his blaster. This problem was fixed for the DOTM Re-release by relocating the silver paint app from the barrel to the inside wall of an exposed gas tank that had been previously left as unpainted grey plastic. The black paint app on the barrel was left unchanged.

In mid 2010, this set was released in Australia. In early 2011, it was released in the Philippines. In late 2011, this set was re-released in Dark of the Moon packaging.

Making one of the most complex Transformers ever entirely out of clear plastic? What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
  • Optimus Prime Limited Clear Color Edition (Leader, 2010)
This translucent plastic version of Leader class Optimus Prime is Prize A in a "Family Mart" convenient store chain competition beginning in October, 2010. Punters can purchase entries into the competition for 500 yen each.

  • Optimus Prime Gold Version (Leader, 2010)
This gold redeco of Leader Class Optimus Prime was offered as a Lucky Draw in the December 2009 edition of TV Magazine, and is limited to a mere 3 pieces, making it one of the lowest production run Lucky Draw Campaign Toys.
Let's see what you can see...

This article is in need of images.

Fast Action Battlers

Two blades means twice the fun!
  • Double Blade Optimus Prime (Fast Action Battler, 2009)
    • Accessories: Projectile
Double Blade Optimus Prime is an all-new Fast Action Battlers version of Optimus Prime, with a much more accurate sculpt and a less-inaccurate transformation. He features two spring-loaded energy swords and a projectile launcher with a single missile.
For whatever reason, his elbows have been molded so as not to bend, despite actually having real pinned elbow joints. The plastic section in the way, however, can be easily sliced out to restore full functionality.

Prime was under the impression that melting bots down into different layers counted as armor. Those who questioned him were soon found with missing faces.
  • Power Armor Optimus Prime (Fast Action Battler, 2010)
    • Accessories: Projectile
Power Armor Optimus Prime is a redeco of Double Blade Optimus Prime, coloring much of the toy black. Intended to represent him combined with Jetfire.

Battle Chargers

It's the return of the bumper cars, only this time we can sit down.
  • Optimus Prime (Battle Charger, 2009)
Battle Charger Optimus Prime is, much like the first movie line's Cyber Slammers Prime, a super-deformed truck from which a robot mode springs up as you play. The toy uses a pull-back motor, and when pulled back and released, the toy's roof will flip open and Optimus Prime's cutesified robot mode will pop up.

Oh great, the front is silver. Well THAT'S a big difference...
  • Cyber Armor Optimus Prime (Battle Charger, 2009)
A redeco of the first Battle Charger with parts of the truck colored silver, such as the hood and hubcaps.

Gravity Bots

Oh no, Optimus let himself go again!
  • Optimus Prime (Gravity Bot, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: GB-01
Gravity Bots Optimus Prime is an extremely simplified version of Optimus with a small tab on the bottom of his feet so that when he is placed on his feet he automatically transforms robot mode. There is also one on his back side that will transform him to vehicle mode.

feeling' a little blue about the mass here.
  • Battle Steel Optimus Prime (Gravity Bot, 2010)
A redeco of Gravity Bots Optimus featuring a gray hood with red flames, which is inspired by his Defender redecoes.

Transformers (2010)

Legends Class toys

Prime can't deal with you!
  • Fireburst Optimus Prime (Legends Class, 2010)
Transformers: Hunt for the Decepticons Fireburst Optimus Prime is a redeco of Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime, with its coloration inspired by Generation 1 Ultra Magnus. The toy retains all the functionality of the previous releases, including the undocumented ability to combine with Jetfire.

"Looks like we're surrounded, Jetfire." "Who's 'we', Autobot?"
  • The Victory of The Fallen (Kmart Exclusive Legends Class 5-pack, 2010)
Optimus Prime is a redeco of Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime with predominately red forearms and red/silver thighs, which it was meant to be a Generation 1-inspired deco. He comes bundled with redecos of The Fallen, Megatron, Jetfire, and Starscream in a Kmart-exclusive five-pack. To date, this is the only Hasbro release of this figure that acknowledges the combining feature between Jetfire and Optimus Prime.
This redeco is also re-released as part of the Chronicle EZ Collection lineup. (See below.)

  • Optimus Prime (EZ Collection, 2010)
This Japanese exclusive release of Optimus Prime features much more black coloring than the previous releases, and it's (coincidentally) based on the Fast Action Battlers Power Armor Optimus Prime toy, so as to be used with the similarly-repainted Legends Jetfire figure to form the Optimus' powered up combination. For some reason, he has red eyes. This redeco also uses the slightly small fuel tank/elbow tabs from the Battle Damaged release.

Voyager Class toys

GIVE ME YOUR, UH... MONEY! (Hasbro version pictured)
I call these bad boys the "face takers" (TakaraTomy version pictured)
  • Battle Blades Optimus Prime (Voyager Class, 2010)
    • TakaraTomy ID number: AA-01
    • Accessories: Matrix of Leadership, 2 Fuel Tank-Gun assemblies, removable Energon Swords
Battle Blades Optimus Prime is a brand new sculpt that attempts to replicate his Leader Class design. He is much more movie accurate than the previous Voyager incarnations. He features two energon swords made of soft plastic, similar to his Leader Class incarnation, albeit not spring-loaded. They can be detached from the mushroom joints they're on, although doing this excessively may cause them to warp.
He also has a removable Matrix of Leadership in his chest which is made of unpainted gray plastic. In an awesome homage, the Movie matrix rests on a stand molded to look like its G1 incarnation.
His fuel tanks can also separate from the truck panels and become two barrage cannons. Oddly enough, these guns are mentioned nowhere on the box even though they would normally be a selling point.
The instructions neglect to mention that the entire roof of the cab is on a concealed hinge which greatly eases the difficulty of Prime's transformation. For whatever reason, the instructions treat the toy as if the hinge does not exist, going so far as to show Prime's head magically clipping through his chest to transform. The instructions also neglect to mention that his heel/bumper pieces must be slid out until they click, making the figure just that bit more stable, and that the rotating truck door panels on his upper arms can be pulled further out (but not off) from their sockets, allowing more space for the panels to swing around his hood-arms during transformation. It should be noted that the chest windows on all releases of this sculpt are prone to slight cracking, often out of the packaging.
The TakaraTomy "Autobot Alliance" release of this toy has some significant differences, including casting the red plastic in a darker shade, making his shin and wheel joints grey rather than Hasbro's bronze, painting the Matrix of Leadership silver, and swapping out the dual energon swords for battle hooks, similar to 2010's Leader Class Optimus Prime (see below). However, due to the Japanese release retaining the Hasbro packaging, the box still advertises the dual energon swords rather than the hooks. He retains the masked face used for the Hasbro release.
This mold was also used to make Dark of the Moon Darkside Optimus Prime.

Leader Class toys

Reinforcing the belief that Hasbro makes better toys than Takara.
  • Optimus Prime (Leader Class, 2010)
This retool of Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime features the head from Buster Optimus Prime and has had his blades replaced with semi-articulated Battle Hooks for face-destroying action! He has a darker paint job and sports black splotches on his body and head to signify battle damage. However, due to these extra "battle damage" paint applications, some other paint applications that were present on the Revenge of the Fallen release were omitted. He also sports a new voice box in robot mode, replacing the infamous "I am Optimus Prime!" with "We must stop the Decepticons!" The international release, however, retains the same abbreviated "Optimus Prime" sound clip as the original release. To the annoyance of many fans, this version was the main version released just about anywhere outside the United States (all of Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia). The box also mentions racing sounds, which may or may not be referring to the button-activated diesel engine noises carried over from the Revenge of the Fallen version of the figure.
This version uses the TakaraTomy version of the instructions, which improved upon the original Leader-Class Optimus Prime instruction sheet by including supplementary photographed steps that were previously vague or neglected in the original release.

Revenge of the Fallen mold: Optimus Prime (Leader Class)

Version 1 (ROTF tooling):

Version 2 (DOTM tooling):


With just one button push, he's ready to steal your fa-I mean the cons' faces.
  • Optimus Prime (Activator, 2010)
A small and simple toy, Activators Optimus Prime features autotransformation from truck to robot, activated by a button on his roof. It has no weapons or any other gimmicks. Then again, Prime's hands are molded into clenched fists.

Prime's Flash cosplay almost went swimmingly.
  • Rally Rumble Optimus Prime (Activator, 2010)
Rally Rumble Optimus Prime is a redeco of the first Activators toy above, in Generation 1-inspired color scheme (at least for the truck mode) and rally-themed markings like lightning bolts and the number 01.
During the period between December 26 2010 and January 31 2011, Hasbro ran their "Supercharge Your Holidays" promotion: for every $20 spent on Hasbro-branded product, customers could receive a free, random product from a list provided by Hasbro. Among the items on the list was "Transformers Activator & Speed Stars Mini Vehicle". According to this discussion thread on Allspark.com, Rally Rumble Optimus Prime (as the figure is listed in the thread) was one of the figures distributed.

EZ Collection Real

  • Optimus Prime (Real Color Ver.) (2011)
  • Optimus Prime (Metallic Color Ver.) (2011)
Released as part of The blindpacked EZ Collection Real by TakaraTomy's "TakaraTomy A.R.T.S", this Optimus Prime is an extensive redeco of the Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class figure, sharing the same paint mask with the Battle Damaged figure sans the weathering. Like all land-based vehicles in this line, He features an extra paint applications on the wheels rims, which is only seen in the stock photo compared to the final product, which is left bare due to being molded with unpaintable plastic. This redeco also uses the slightly small fuel tank/elbow tabs.
Like his EZ Collection Real brethren, Optimus Prime comes with two different variants: The "Real Color" features a flat shade on the plastic colors and paint, while the "Metallic Color" features metallic paint and plastic instead.
Stock photos showed that his blue paint applications being brighter. This could be a trick of a lightning, since the final product's blue paint applications is still the same dark blue color seen in the Battle Damaged figure.

Dark of the Moon


The Japanese release (CV) of the figures features no physical changes on both the toy, and it includes one instruction sheet of "how-to-play" the cards for the Mechtech Wars Online games, and an advertisement flyer promoting the Japanese release of the Dark on the Moon toyline.

Steer clear of hanging cables.
  • Optimus Prime (Cyberverse Commander, 2011)
    • Series: 1
    • Number: 001
    • Japanese ID number: CV04
    • Accessories: Jet pack, two rifles, 3-D glasses (Preview Pack)
Released as part of the first wave of the Cyberverse Commander class figures, this Optimus Prime is a roughly Scout-sized figure.He comes with a jetpack that can combine with both his truck and robot modes. The jetpack attaches via C joint clips, and the jetpack can transform in and out of a winged configuration when Optimus is in truck mode. Optimus himself features C joint bars for his smokestacks and trailer hitch, as well as bars on the top of his headache rack, while his hands and jetpack can hold/mount his rifles via C joint-related 3mm clips/holes.
These glasses allow Optimus to see the aliens in his midst. Wait a minute..
Optimus was first released as a "Limited Edition Preview" in March 2011, over two months before the full release of the Dark of the Moon toyline on May 16, 2011. He comes packaged with a pair of Anaglyph 3-D glasses for use on the transformers.com website, but they cannot be used to view 3D movies in cinemas.
This toy is also notorious for being a shelfwarmer in a small number of Walmart stores for 8 years.
The figure also saw regular release, with no changes of the figure but lacks 3D glasses.

Perfect for fighting queen xenomorphs.
  • Optimus Prime / Armored Weapons Platform (Cyberverse Action Set, 2011)
    • Series: 1
    • Number: 004
    • Japanese ID number: CV12
    • Accessories: Missile
This release is a redeco of the Cyberverse Commander Optimus Prime figure, with a lighter gradient paint job that lacks the flames, and with Optimus sporting a G1 insignia. Instead of his jetpack and guns, he comes with his trailer/Armored Weapons Platform, which can transform into a base and exo-suit. The trailer itself features movie-style insignias.
Like the other Cyberverse Action sets, there is an included cardboard backdrop for display.

  • Battle Steel Optimus Prime (Cyberverse Commander, 2011)
    • Series: 1
    • Number: 008
    • Japanese ID number: CV20
    • Accessories: Dual Cannons, two Energy Swords
This release is another redeco of Cyberverse Optimus Prime, this time with a predominately navy scheme with black accents (which vaguely resembles his Generation 1 colors), and a pair of barrage cannons that can be either held or mounted on his smokestacks, as well as a pair of handheld swords. He is compatible with all his previously released Cyberverse accessories, but not all at once.
The official stock photo of the toy in its packaging featured its name as simply "Optimus Prime", but the final version of the toy available at retail is named "Battle Steel Optimus Prime". He is also mis-transformed in the stock photo to the right: His legs haven't been extended.

Fighting evil by moonlight / winning love by daylight / never running from a real fight / He is the one named Sailor Prime.
  • Battle in the Moonlight (Cyberverse multi-pack, 2011)
    • Accessories: Missile
A Walmart exclusive set featuring a redeco of Optimus Prime in swapped red and blue with light gray and his Cyberverse Armored Weapons Platform in dark "night sky" themed colors and stickers.
The set also includes redecoes of Ratchet and Crankcase, as well as a large, badly photoshopped diorama featuring a photo of a daytime city with a night backdrop and a ruined Dodge Neon on the right side, complete with Dodge insignia.
The stock photography shows the trailer with an intentional defacement mark that does not appear on the retail release. Oops.

Prime in his early cycles. His interest in playing Autocops and Robbercons seemed so innocent back then...
  • Ultimate Gift Set (Cyberverse multi-pack, 2011)
    • Accessories: Jetpack, two rifles
A Walmart exclusive set featuring a redeco of the first Cyberverse Commander Optimus Prime figure, featuring moderately brighter colors and paint, while his jetpack and rifles are now black, with the jetpack's wings having silver flames. He also lacks the flame pattern on top of his hood, and features different flame patterns on the sides of the hood.
As with Battle Steel Optimus Prime, his legs haven't been extended in the stock photo. His Jetpack/rifle combo is also installed in the wrong way.
He comes in a 5-pack with redecos of Crowbar, Powerglide, Bumblebee, and Sideswipe.

Deluxe Class toys

DOTM Optimus Deluxe.jpg
  • Optimus Prime (MechTech Deluxe, 2011)
    • Accessories: MechTech Blaster/Energon Battle Axe
Exclusive to Walmart, this Deluxe Class Optimus Prime is an all-new mold, close in scale to Voyager Class Megatron. He has a high range of motion, with ball jointed shoulders and hips, swivels at the neck, knees, and feet, and double swivels in the elbows. As a result of the transformation process, he can also rotate at the waist, though this is hindered considerably by his "backpack" kibble. This can be remedied by pointing the truck nose downward, as it is in the packaging. Optimus Prime also features the spring loaded "Automorph" feature in his head, if the truck kibble pushes the small grey switch from his back before splitting the chest into half. And due to how close the head of the faceplate and the front unpaintable piece is, Optimus' "nose" section has a tendency to chip off after many transformations.
Optimus Prime features a MechTech Blaster that can convert into an Energon Battle Axe reminiscent of the Generation 1 character's iconic weapon, though the weapon cannot be locked in battle axe mode. There is also a pair of C joint rods on the underside of both forearms. His MechTech blaster can plug into the port on each of his arms or be held in either hand in robot mode, or plug into one of two holes on his truck roof/robot shoulders.
After step 5, the instructions did not mention that you should fold back the shoulder panels to form the sleeper part until the 11th step. Care must be taken while transforming the legs: the small peg located on the lower leg can be snapped off due to the peg being slightly thick to accommodate with the hole. Also, take note that Optimus Prime cannot wield 5mm weapons with longer posts, as the way that his pinky finger is molded prevents the post from pegging down through his hands. Also, take note that the legs' sculpted small rectangle peg (the one that locks the robot mode legs in place) is prone to warping if care is not taken during transformation.
The hand-painted prototype photos from both the packaging and the instructions shows that Prime had long smokestacks, but it was shortened for safety reasons in the final product.
His MechTech weapon was redecoed from Mudflap's weapon. This figure is currently being sold in Universal theme parks in new packaging based on the ride. He is advertised as a Universal Studios Exclusive, despite having no visible changes from his original widespread release.

Yes, the only image we could get of this Wal-Mart exclusive is from a data book released in a country where the toy didn't even come out. Note: astronaut not included.

  • Lunarfire Optimus Prime (MechTech Deluxe, 2011)
    • Accessories: MechTech Ion Blaster/Cannon
This redeco of the aforementioned Deluxe Class Optimus Prime toy is also exclusive to Walmart, features gold flames and highlights, as well as more prominent blue areas. He comes packed with a red version of Dark of the Moon MechTech Voyager Class Optimus Prime's Ion Blaster/Cannon.
Apart from the package art, Lunarfire Optimus Prime's stock photos are extremely difficult to find with an exception of the one included in the magazine pictured here.

Just like the toy above, this is the only image we could get that has both of them. Note: both figures have the same accessory, and both accessories don't have golden sections.
  • Optimus Prime (MILK Magazine exclusive Deluxe, 2011)
  • Optimus Prime (Black) (MILK Magazine exclusive Deluxe, 2011)
    • Accessories: Mechtech Blaster/Energon Battle Axe
These Redecos of the aforementioned Deluxe Class Optimus prime are exclusives to Hong Kong's Milk Magazine. They are officially licensed items produced in association with Hasbro Hong Kong to celebrate the magazines' 10th year anniversary in 2011.

The "Standard" version sports an extremely detailed "premium" and screen-accurate paint job, while the Black version sports a black deco that makes him look very much like if he is dead.

Each figure was sold separately in a black box with a black movie Optimus Prime silhouette that is visible thanks to the the "Exclusive Optimus Prime" and the Milk's 10th anniversary logo. The outside of the box prevents anyone from seeing the figure inside, meaning that you have to open to see if the version that you've got is the "Standard" version or the Black version.

They come packed with the same Mechtech weapon from the first release. The stock photos shows the gun with the same colors from the first release of the mold but all chromed all over when in reality it's all silver.

Voyager Class toys

All Japanese releases of the toy (excluding prize figures) come with a character card and an accompanying transparent plastic card of his MechTech weapon for the MechTech Wars online game.
Yeah, I'm compensating... for YO MOMMA.
  • Optimus Prime (MechTech Voyager, 2011)
    • Japanese Name: Space Optimus Prime
    • Japanese Release Date: 2011-07-16
    • Japanese ID number: DA-17
    • Accessories: MechTech Ion Blaster/Battle Cannon
Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Optimus Prime is an all-new mold. He features heatshield details in his sculpting and translucent solar panels on various parts of his body and huge gas tanks. Optimus himself is differently proportioned, having larger feet and a smaller torso and arms. He also features some faux-kibble/parts: His actual windshield chest is being covered by a sculpted panel featuring his characteristic deformed windshield-chest, and a pair of sculpted tires on his thighs. His pair of optics is designed to have a light-piping gimmick, but it was rendered useless since it was painted in smoke gray on top of the colorless transparent plastic.
He comes with a large MechTech Ion Blaster that can convert into a "Battle Cannon". Like all of the MechTech Voyager class toys, this deployed form can lock into place. Specifically, the weapon must be pressed all the way in and rotated to lock it.
In Japan, he was released as "Space Optimus Prime",

Omae no kao o kure!
  • Optimus Prime / MechTech Trailer (MechTech Voyager, May 14, 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DA-03
    • Accessories: MechTech Ion Blaster/Energy Blade, MechTech trailer
Release exclusively in Japan, This Optimus Prime is a retool of the figure above, removing the heat shield and solar panels, as well as replacing any rocket booster parts (such as his heels) and gas tanks with normal truck parts. His light-piping eyes are painted in translucent light blue.
He also has a new MechTech Ion blaster with a flip-out Energon Sword, and like all Voyager Class MechTech weapons, it can lock into place by latching one of the levers to the body of the gun.
His MechTech trailer opens up much like Generation 1 Optimus Prime's trailer (as well as being able to stand up to harken back to the Generation 1 Combat Deck's upright mode), includes storage for many MechTech weapons inside and out, and is able to transport up to two Deluxe class (or one smaller Voyager) Autobots.
The flame deco on Optimus' forearm parts (hidden by the wheels) are flipped in the stock photos, which is present in the vehicle mode. The updated version of the photo (seen in the packaging) features the correct deco. Meanwhile, all of the stock photos of the Ion Blaster/Energy Blade (sans the extra step instruction) depicts the blade as a painted opaque piece.
The instructions also depict his fuel tank assemblies being positioned like the first figure's gas tanks, though you can swivel them frontwards for a better appearance, as seen in the stock photo.
The figure omits the extended pieces of the side doors in vehicle mode (the ones which can be seen above the gas tanks in robot mode), leaving the sides of the robot mode's chest exposed. There was a variant version which has the extended pieces, covering the gaps behind the front wheels in truck mode.[3]

They don't want to hurt me
Or my dad or my mom.
All they want to do is
Take me to the prom.
  • Optimus Prime / Includes Deluxe Class Comettor (Multi-pack, 2011)
    • Accessories: Matrix of Leadership, 2 fuel tank gun assemblies, removable Battle Hooks
This Walmart-exclusive redeco and retool of the 2010 Transformers toyline "Battle Blades" Optimus Prime toy features the Japanese release's hooks (instead of swords), plus an all-new mouthplate-less, mouthed face. As part of the set's lunar theme, reflections of stars are painted across his vehicle mode sides and on his windshield, with a sharp reflection of Earth's Moon in one of his windows. This time, his Matrix of Leadership is cast in orange plastic.
This exclusive has a peculiar and common error in that the arm hooks' hubs stick out farther than they should, causing a gap that runs down the middle of the cab's nose in vehicle mode.
This Optimus Prime cannot tow the Mechtech trailer, as the original mold has no trailer hitch to begin with.
Optimus comes with a "bonus value" Deluxe Class toy, Comettor. The pair together cost a dollar less than a regular Voyager Class toy. It was also available at Galeria Kaufhof department stores in Germany, with Comettor not highlighted as a "bonus" figure.
In Australia, this release was available at Kmart for a considerably lower price than a regular Voyager Class toy.

"Give me your..."
[Deploys axe]
  • Fireburst Optimus Prime (MechTech Voyager, 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DA24
    • Accessories: MechTech Rifle/Cybertanium Battle Axe
Fireburst Optimus Prime is a redeco of the standard Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Optimus Prime, sporting a darker shade of blue and a "burning" color scheme that includes replacing all translucent blue parts with translucent orange. Because of this, his light-piping eyes were neutered by opaque light blue paint.
He comes with a MechTech rifle that converts into a large battle axe, and can be locked in by pulling the lever all the way in and tilting it into a gap to the left. The rifle has a separate flip-out handle, while the axe uses the rifle's long barrel as the handle, meaning that Optimus can grip the axe with both of his hands. This weapon was also retooled in a running change, adding a stop to the handle instead of relying solely on the gear system to prevent the locking assembly from flying off into parts unknown.

DOTM Voyager LuckyDraw TritaniumOptimusPrime.jpg
  • Tritanium Optimus Prime (MechTech Voyager, 2011)
    • Accessories: MechTech Ion Blaster/Energy Blade, MechTech trailer
This gold vacuum metallized version of Voyager Class Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime (with trailer) is a prize in TakaraTomy's Dark of the Moon Lucky Draw campaign. To qualify for winning this toy, one needed to have entered all three Dark of the Moon campaigns (beginning on May 14, 2011). This toy is limited to 100 pieces.

  • Optimus Prime vs. Shockwave (MechTech Voyager-Class two-pack, 2011)
    • Accessories: MechTech Ion Blaster/Battle Cannon
This Costco-exclusive two-pack contains an unchanged Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Optimus Prime alongside a unique redeco of Voyager-Class Shockwave.

  • Streetside Bot Brawl (Multi-pack, 2011)
    • Accessories: MechTech Cybertronian Cannon A, Cybertronian Cannon B
Part of the Toys"R"Us-exclusive "Streetside Bot Brawl" three-pack, this is a battle-damaged redeco of the initial Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime toy. Unlike the other figures in this set, Optimus received a different set of MechTech weapons from his standard release: he was given redecos of Laserbeak's cannons.
He was sold with a grey and purple redeco of Dark of the Moon Voyager-Class Shockwave and a battle-damaged redeco of Dark of the Moon Deluxe-Class Bumblebee.

Don't mind me, just pelvic thrusting over here.
  • Optimus Prime with Mechtech Trailer Special Edition/Optimus Prime Universal Studios Edition (Cybertron Con 2012 exclusive, 2012)
    • Accessories: MechTech Ion Blaster/Energy Blade, MechTech trailer
Available as a Cybertron Con 2012 exclusive, this Optimus Prime is a redeco of the Takara Tomy retool of the Voyager Class figure. While the individual Optimus figure shares the same paint operations, his trailer was decorated with a Universal Studios & Transformers: The Ride logo patterns. It included a new collector coin.

Leader Class toys

Mobile Armored Strike Kommander.
  • Striker Optimus (MechTech Leader, November 17 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DA28
    • Accessories: Eliminator Gun & Assault Blaster (forms Mega Striker), shield/battle shield
Labeled as a "Triple Changer", Striker Optimus is a redeco and retool of Dark of the Moon Supreme Class Jetwing Optimus Prime, with new weapons. The base figure has most of the same mold changes as Jetwing Optimus Prime (see below), but has been altered further; in particular, the transforming smokestacks and fuel tanks/ion blaster parts have been replaced with retooled regular tanks that now function as mounts for the new accessories. The colors on the toy are darker than Jetwing Optimus, with a different flame deco that extends farther along the sides of the toy. Additionally, two new 5mm holes have been added to the gray hinge behind the cab in order to accommodate the Toys"R"Us Japan-exclusive battle blade accessories. The "I am Optimus Prime" saying of Buster Optimus Prime has also been replaced with the "We must stop the Decepticons!" saying of 2010 Transformers Optimus Prime, although batteries are not included.
He comes with a shield with a fold-out handle, allowing Optimus to hold onto it with either hand in robot mode. It has a simple transformation gimmick for vehicle mode which is activated by pressing a button at the top of the shield, causing the sides to spring outwards. In vehicle mode, the shield can be laid flat across the bed of the truck, attaching via a post on the back onto the truck’s trailer hitch. Alternatively, the bumpers on the shield can be rotated outwards, and the front can be bent down in order to form a new front end and hood for "battle vehicle mode", resembling the Stealth Force vehicle modes seen in Dark of the Moon.
The figure also comes with two gun accessories, the "Eliminator Gun" and "Assault Blaster", which combine into the "Mega Striker", a rifle that closely resembles the one used in Dark of the Moon. The separate guns also have a MechTech-style transformation, and pulling a lever transforms them into alternate crossbow-like shapes. In "battle vehicle mode", the sides of the truck are rotated up, and the guns can be attached by small pegs to holes in the modified smokestacks, or they can plugged into any of the standard connection points with their 5mm posts... except the ones on the hinge behind the cab, since those are supposed to be for his Energon battle blades.
As with all Japanese Dark of the Moon releases, this set comes packed with a character card and an accompanying transparent plastic card of his new rifle in its combined mode for the MechTech Wars online game.
Due to the remolding of the smokestacks, Striker Optimus cannot use the Jetwing pack in robot mode.

Revenge of the Fallen mold: Optimus Prime (Leader Class)

Version 1 (ROTF tooling):

Version 2 (DOTM tooling):

  • Jetpower Optimus Prime (Leader 2-pack, 2011)
    • Accessories: 2 fuel tank/exhaust assemblies - combine into Ion blaster
A re-release of the Jetpower Optimus Prime two-pack, this time in Dark of the Moon-branded packaging.

ROTF Buster/Jetpower silver painted barrel vs. DOTM Jetpower unpainted grey plastic barrel.

The DOTM packaging release of this 2-pack features an altered paint application on Optimus Prime's ion blaster/barrage cannon. On the original ROTF packaging release, the slide-out barrel on Prime's blaster is painted silver with a black paint spray app to simulate usage of the weapon, and the exposed inside wall of the gas tank at the top of the blaster is left as unpainted grey plastic (exactly like the blaster on the original single-boxed ROTF Buster Optimus Prime). After receiving numerous reports from customers that the silver paint on the slide-out barrel was easily scraped off by merely transforming it from gas tank to blaster, Takara-Tomy briefly stated in an interview that they had addressed the issue for the Dark of the Moon packaged version by swapping the placement of the silver paint application. Thus, the Dark of the Moon packaged version now features the slide-out barrel on Prime's blaster as unpainted grey plastic with an unchanged black paint spray app to simulate usage of the weapon, and the exposed inside wall of the gas tank at the top of the blaster is now painted silver.

  • Optimus Prime versus Megatron (Leader 2-pack, 2012)
A re-release of the Movie Leader Class toy, Optimus Prime comes in a Taiwanese-exclusive two-pack alongside the Movie Leader Class Megatron toy.

Supreme Class toys

Insert Aquaman's rousing song of heroism right here.
  • Jetwing Optimus Prime (MechTech Supreme, Australia: June 11, Japan: June 18-19 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DA15
    • Accessories: Tank A & Tank B (forms Ion Blaster), Jetwing jet pack, Arm Gatling Cannon A & B, Leg Armor A & B
Jetwing Optimus Prime is a retool of Revenge of the Fallen Leader class Buster Optimus Prime, with an accompanying large jet pack and massive dual Gatling Cannons. The base Optimus Prime figure has several modifications including: a new stomach area and elbow flares to reflect the changes to Optimus Prime's CG model in Dark of the Moon, modified lower arms to incorporate MechTech ports and clips for the cannons, and a retooled area under his back so the jet pack can fit on more securely. The dual energon blades mounted on his arms have been removed. The toy retains Buster Optimus Prime's electronics, but batteries are not included.
The Jetwing jet pack attaches onto Optimus Prime via a part that hooks onto one of the hinges behind his neck, and a spring-loaded clamp that latches onto a recessed area under Optimus' back. The fuel tanks that form Optimus' Ion Blaster must be removed for this mode, and they can be stored inside the engines for the jet pack. The Jetwing can be used on previous Leader Optimus Primes from Revenge of the Fallen onwards, but due to the lack modifications seen in Jetwing Optimus Prime, the combination isn't as stable. The jet pack features four MechTech ports on the main wing articulation points, and two C joint mounting points on each wing. The Gatling Cannons both feature two MechTech ports and 2 C joint mounts on either side of each cannon.
The design of the Jetwing jet pack and its cannons were based upon earlier concept art for Optimus Prime's flight tech for Dark of the Moon, and as such are not accurate to how his equipment appears in the movie itself.
As with all Japanese Dark of the Moon releases, this set comes packed with a character card and an accompanying transparent plastic card of his MechTech weapon for the MechTech Wars online game.
Jetwing Optimus Prime was available for early purchase in Japan at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2011 (held at Tokyo Bic Sight) on June 18 to 19, shortly before its wide release in July.
However, the toy was available in Australia a week before the Tokyo Toy Show, packaged in translated English packaging and instructions by Tomy Asia.

Revenge of the Fallen mold: Optimus Prime (Leader Class)

Version 1 (ROTF tooling):

Version 2 (DOTM tooling):

  • Jetwing Optimus Prime Black Version (MechTech Supreme, 2011)
    • Accessories: Tank A & Tank B (forms Ion Blaster), Jetwing jet pack, Arm Gatling Cannon A & B, Leg Armor A & B
Jetwing Optimus Prime Black Version was to have been a Japanese raffle prize exclusive to Circle K[4] stores, along the lines of the clear Revenge of the Fallen Leader Optimus Prime (see above). No official information about it or the other raffle prizes ever appeared after the initial images surfaced.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Despite his color, we can assure you this one is not a bad guy.
  • JETWING OPTIMUS PRIME Black Ver. (MechTech Supreme, 2011)
    • Accessories: Tank A & Tank B (forms Ion Blaster), Jetwing jet pack, Arm Gatling Cannon A & B, Leg Armor A & B
JETWING OPTIMUS PRIME Black Ver. is a black, teal, and chrome redeco of Jetwing Optimus Prime exclusive to the Asian market. He appears to have been based on the cancelled TakaraTomy contest prize Jetwing Optimus Prime Black Version (see above), with a few color alterations here and there, plus the obvious addition of chrome. It was originally solicited by online retailers as the far goofier-sounding "Dark Nightwatch Jetwing Optimus Prime".
It comes in packaging identical to TakaraTomy's Jetwing Optimus Prime figure, with the exception of an additional sticker on the front denoting the toy's name.

Violently shoots rainbow-colored Nerf darts when fired.
  • Jetwing Optimus Prime (MechTech Supreme, 2012)
    • Accessories: Tank A & Tank B (forms Ion Blaster), Jetwing jet pack, Arm Gatling Cannon A & B, Leg Armor A & B
This redeco of Jetwing Optimus Prime is a North American Amazon.com and 2013 Black Friday Toys"R"Us exclusive. Among other deco changes, he features Generation 1-style trailer stripes on his Jetwing jet pack, Movie-style flame color gradient on his Gatling Cannons, and AllSpark Power blue paint on the mechanical detailing.
The box seems to have been created rather hastily from the Japanese original. It is roughly identical to the Tomy release, but with the Japanese text edited out... mostly. Random Japanese text remains floating in space on the top of the back panel and underneath the "Jetwing Optimus Prime" name on the front. Curiously, the left flap has been rewritten to eliminate mention of NEST and the jetpack's ability to detach, while the right flap has been (badly) edited to remove all mentions of MechTech.


Truck forearms of DOOM!
  • Ultimate Optimus Prime (MechTech Ultimate, 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DA32
    • Accessories: Trailer/Omega Combat Armor, MechTech Ultimax Super Cannon
Billed on his packaging as "BIGGEST Optimus Prime Toy!", Ultimate Optimus Prime consists of an articulated tractor-trailer. The cab can transform into a "normal" Optimus Prime on its own, roughly equivalent to a Voyager in size and complexity, though with a lower degree of screen-accuracy than most large Optimus toys. Prime has 5mm fist holes, as well as additional 5mm ports on his front wheel wells and both sets of external fuel tanks. Four of these remain available in robot mode. The trailer has twelve more 5mm ports. Despite this, the toy comes with no weapons scaled such that the cab-only robot can usefully wield them.
The real selling point of the toy, however, is the colossal Omega Combat Armor. Optimus' trailer transforms into nearly two feet of limb extensions, armor, and wings. The armor remains completely integrated (except for the Ultimax Super Cannon) during transformation, with no partsforming, although this renders the final power-up robot mode somewhat limited in articulation, having no leg articulation whatsoever aside from swinging the hips out slightly and twisting at the ankles for maximum stability. The armor adds six more 5mm ports of dubious utility around the feet, retains the four from the cab robot and the eight from the trailer (on the backs of the wings), and has his own pair of 5mm fist holes. In trailer mode, it can support itself using folding blue landing gear, although the attached ball-jointed struts make it somewhat less than realistic.
The centerpiece of the power-up robot mode is Prime's gigantic Ultimax Super Cannon, an electronic light-and-sound weapon the size and mass of a Deluxe figure. The whole cannon attaches to a special socket slightly behind Prime's shoulders, can store on the back or flip over to be gripped in both fists in armor mode, or stored upside-down underneath the trailer in truck mode. When pointed forward, the cannon has a larger helmet styled after Prime's own with a large translucent face shield featuring a painted targeting system. The weapon has three electronic modes: each of two small buttons plays its own weapon-firing noise and flashes one set of lights, while the large pull-switch in the cannon's center plays the sounds of a powerful barrage, flashing both sets of lights and (every third time) finishing off with the declaration "I am Optimus Prime". The Ultimax Super Cannon also has two of its own 5mm ports for even more MechTech firepower. When mounted on his back, the Cannon has two hook-like sections that securely lock into the "backpack", allowing the Ultimax weapon to serve as a handle for Optimus' imaginary "flight" operations.
Although the trailer is made exclusively for the cab with which it comes, it is scaled much more closely to and can be pulled by Optimus Prime's Revenge of the Fallen Leader class iteration.
In Japan, Ultimate Optimus Prime comes with a character card and an accompanying transparent plastic card of his MechTech weapon for the MechTech Wars online game.

  • Ultimate Optimus Prime (MechTech Ultimate, 2011)
    • Accessories: Trailer/Omega Combat Armor, MechTech Ultimax Super Cannon
Available exclusively at Hasbro Toy Shop and their booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, this version of Ultimate Optimus Prime is presented in vehicle mode, packaged into a large, foil-embossed bubble packaging (similar to late Alternators packaging) styled after Optimus Prime's trailer, with an additional foil-embossed sleeve styled after the hood of Optimus Prime's truck. Exclusive to this release is a set of stickers one can apply to the trailer. The toy itself is otherwise identical to the regular retail release.
Let's see what you can see...

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Specifics: Stickers

Oh, there's going to be fireworks...
  • Ultimate Optimus Prime (MechTech Ultimate, 2012)
    • Accessories: Trailer/Omega Combat Armor, MechTech Ultimax Super Cannon
This is a redeco of Ultimate Optimus Prime. While Prime himself only features a red grill, the trailer has been extensively redecoed, with an ornate golden Chinese dragon being painted on the trailer panels, and the various gray parts of the trailer panels, armor, and cannon being replaced by blue, red, gold, and burgundy. The toy was released as a "Year of the Dragon" Special Edition in 2012, since the Chinese Zodiac sign for that year is the Dragon.
This toy was later made available in North America as an Amazon.com exclusive.

Robo Power


DOTM Activators OptimusPrime.jpg
  • Optimus Prime (2011)
As with other Dark of the Moon Activators toys, this Optimus Prime (released under the Robo Power subline) is a very simple one-step transformation toy. You simply slam him down on the big blue button on the back end of his truck mode and he transforms thanks to spring-loaded mechanisms. To transform him back, just slam him down again on the same blue button.
Shockingly, he actually has arm articulation! Swivels at his shoulders allow you to rotate his arms 360 degrees! Go little Prime! Unfortunately, because his big blue button sits right under his feet, his robot mode is a little unstable when it comes to standing.
Prime was packaged in vehicle mode on an open, bubble-less card and tied down with twist-ties around the body of his truck form so that he couldn't be transformed in package.

Bash Bots

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Autobot.
  • Optimus Prime Vs Starscream (2011)
Bash Bots Optimus Prime is a small, rock-em-sock-em-styled toy that transforms from a super-deformed truck into a robot by pulling or pushing the lever below it's built-in stand. He & his stand can connect with any Bash Bots to fight with, especially the included Starscream (instead of his nemesis Megatron).


  • Optimus Prime (2011)
Go-Bots Optimus Prime is built around the same pull-back and auto-transform mechanisms as all the Dark of the Moon Go-Bots toys. Prime's pull-back motor can be used in either robot or vehicle mode.
In robot mode, the motor gimmick really comes to the fore—his head, shoulders, and legs move in time with his forward movement. His legs pump up and down, his shoulders pump up and down, and his head rocks side-to-side. This gives the toy the illusion that it's running, rather than just rolling.
The other gimmick for Prime is his auto-transform gimmick. From truck mode, push him down on his back bumper and his bonnet automatically folds back and his arms automatically pop out. He needs to be transformed back manually.
In robot mode, Go-Bots Optimus Prime has a limited swivel joint for head articulation, and while he has other movable joints, all of them are spring-loaded and unable to hold a pose.

Asia Premium Series

I even cost the same as the other guy. It pays to wait, doesn't it?
  • Striker Optimus Prime (MechTech Leader, 11-06-12)
    • Asia ID number: APS01
    • Accessories: Eliminator Gun & Assault Blaster (forms Mega Striker), shield/battle shield, two battle blades
The first release in the Asian-exclusive Asia Premium Series toyline is an extensive redeco of the previously-Japanese exclusive Striker Optimus. He features a comprehensive paint scheme directly based on Jetpower Optimus Prime, with blue pinstriped flames, lots of silver paint, and vacuum metallized parts, although his hands are left unpainted in favor of painting his mirrors silver. Along with his standard accessories, he also comes with 2 battle blades, which were previously exclusive to Toys"R"Us Japan. He features the "We must stop the Decepticons!" voice chip, but batteries are not included. Rather helpfully, his instructions are supplemented with text instructions written in English for all the steps, as well as the additional photographs used for the previous Striker Optimus toy.
Originally set for a September 28th release, it ended up being delayed to 6th November instead.
Revenge of the Fallen mold: Optimus Prime (Leader Class)

Version 1 (ROTF tooling):

Version 2 (DOTM tooling):

and the fandom rejo-where's the faceplate?
  • Optimus Prime (Ultimate Edition, 2015)
    • Asia ID number: APS-01U
    • Accessories: Eliminator Gun & Assault Blaster (forms Mega Striker), shield/battle shield, Tank A & Tank B (forms Ion Blaster), Jetwing jet pack, Arm Gatling Cannon A & B, Leg Armor A & B, Knuckle, 2 Battle Blades, 2 Battle Hooks
Asia Premium Series Optimus Prime Ultimate Edition is an extensive screen-accurate redeco of Jetwing Optimus Prime (with a maskless head from Buster Optimus Prime), this figure features loads of accessories from the Striker & Jetwing figures, and includes brand-new knuckle and battle hooks based on the HFTD Optimus', which can be installed in either hand. The figure lacks the chrome of previous releases, instead opting for silver paint. The pin-striping is also absent, but he does have painted pupils. The figure also features 2-2-1 articulated fingers, which the first Leader Class did not have due to budget cuts. The ion cannon included lacks the black paint application, leaving it completely silver. When purchased from select retailers, this toy will also include a shiny metal number plate and a bonus mini AllSpark cube accessory. His instructions depict a weaponized mode which has some clearance issues, as his Gatling guns are shown attached to the Jetwing, which pushes against his arms. His Eliminator Gun and Assault Blaster cannot tab into the Gatling gun tightly either.
Mold degradation is evident in this release, as the bumper of the vehicle mode is notably bent.


Wait, you bought the Victory of the Fallen set already? how about a race with your set's Prime?
  • Optimus Prime (EZ Collection, 2011)
Chronicle EZ Collection Optimus Prime is a redeco of the Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Optimus Prime toy, which color scheme is the same as (or probably a re-release of) his Victory of The Fallen 5-pack toy. Like other Chronicle Legends toys, he is sold in a blindpacked box.

He decided to take that weapon since Jolt's absence.
  • G1 Optimus Prime & Movie Optimus Prime (multi-pack, 2011)
    • ID number: CH01
    • Accessories: MechTech Blaster/Hand Cannon, trailer
Chronicle "Movie Optimus Prime" is an e-Hobby exclusive redeco of the Deluxe-Class Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime figure, and comes in a two-pack with a reissue of the Generation 1 Optimus Prime figure. Instead of the blaster/axe MechTech weapon the original release of the figure came with, Prime is armed with a redeco of Dark of the Moon Jolt's Blaster/Hand Cannon weapon.
The set comes with a deluxe-scaled version of Prime's Dark of the Moon trailer, which is compatible with both figures, and sports 5mm post-holes that will hold (among many other things) G1 Prime's laser rifle and the MechTech weapon Movie Prime is armed with.


Nigh-infinite configuration possibilities, and somehow a WORSE base mode than pretty much every other Optimus's trailer-bases. Wow.
  • Optimus Prime (2011)
    • Set number: 30689
    • Pieces: 542
    • Kreons: Optimus Prime, Bluestreak, Skywarp, two Stunt Drivers
    • Accessories: Optimus rifle, weapons sprue (sniper rifle, pistol, submachinegun, handcuffs, radio, ammo box), large tool sprue (shovel, hammer, electric drill, clamp), small tool sprue (socket wrench, screwdriver, wrench, hatchet), 2 traffic cones
Naturally, Optimus Prime got the biggest of the sets in the first year of Kre-O. The set can be built into a large long-nose tractor-trailer rig with a removable "sleeper" cab that hides a computer station, and a trailer that can carry the set's two motorcycles or open up to carry larger car builds. The robot mode build includes a huge Optimus, based largely on the live-action movie Optimus, though with a head based almost directly on the Classics Voyager Optimus. He is armed with a distressingly plain brick that fires pressure-launched missiles (aka his smokestacks). Most of the leftover parts in robot mode become a "headquarters" which is mostly just a random assemblage of mismatched-color panels and a pair of barricades. Both main builds leave numerous parts unused if you go expressly by the instructions, but hey, it's a building kit, surely you can find someplace to apply most of them.
The set comes with a bevy of Kreons, including Optimus Prime (this one based heavily on Generation 1 Optimus), Bluestreak, Skywarp, and a pair of human Stunt Drivers. A packaging error resulted in some releases of this set to come with the promotional "Matrix chest" Optimus (see above) rather than the normal version pictured here.
Speaking of errors, the instruction manuals (he has two) both have errors in their parts listings, showing numerous pieces in the wrong colors or not making it clear that some parts are, well, clear. Making things more confusing, not all of these miscolors are reflected in the step-by-step instructions, while a couple new ones are added there.
Unless otherwise noted, the following Age of Extinction Kre-O sets were available exclusively at Toys"R"Us stores in the US.

Shotgun optional.
  • Cell Block Breakout (2014)
    • Set number: A6951
    • Pieces: 135
    • Kreons: Evasion mode Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Vehicon
The Optimus Prime Kreon in this set is based on the character's rusty, crusty "evasion mode" from the Age of Extinction movie. He has a ferrous-metal backpack, which is used to interact with the magnetic parts in the various sets. In this specific set's case, it's so he can be grabbed by the buildable Strafe's dino-claws, once Strafe uses said claws to open up the "laser" cage made to contain Optimus. (Yeah, we know Strafe appears way after Optimus ditched this look in the movie.)

KreO-Toy AoE Kreon Optimus gold.jpg
  • Grimlock Street Attack (2014)
    • Set number: A6955
    • Pieces: 196
    • Kreons: Gold Knight Optimus Prime, Vehicon x2
    • Accessories: Buildable spear
"Gold Knight Optimus Prime" is based on the character's less-screen-accurate-and-toy-only gold knight design, carrying a built-up long spear with which to prod on the huge buildable Grimlock t-rex.
Some promo photos show Optimus with a tamopgraph on the mouthplate, but the final version is blank.

KreO-Toy AoE Kreon Optimus.jpg
  • Galvatron Factory Battle (2014)
    • Set number: A6952
    • Pieces: 388
    • Kreons: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Vehicon, Dr. Littleman, 2 KSI workers.
    • Accessories: Optimus rifle
The Optimus Prime Kreon in this set is based on the character's design from the Age of Extinction movie. This set also includes a buildable Dinobot beast and a Galvatron super-robot.
The stock photos shows that his mouthplate was unpainted.

  • Optimus Prime Dino Hauler (2014)
No Kreon this time! The centerpiece of the "Optimus Prime Dino Hauler" set is a buildable vehicle mode Optimus Prime with a cage-like trailer, designed to carry the Dinobot beast Snarl.

Axes and guns but no sword.
  • Optimus Prime (Custom Kreon, 2014)
    • Set number: A7836
    • Collection: Collection 1
    • Pieces: 30
    • Accessories: Rack, blaster, battle-axe, smokestack backpack, wing-pack, extra body parts
Part of the first wave of Age of Extinction Custom Kreons, this Optimus comes with a buildable parts rack on which to hang/store his many many extra pieces. His "normal" helmet and blaster are chromed, plus he comes with an extra clear-plastic helmet, torso and legs. He also has a pair of extra arms (originally from the Kre-O Battleship aliens) plus a spare hand, as well as a buildable battle-axe, a buildable smokestack-pack, and an extra Wheeljack-style wing-pack.

This Kreon of Optimus Prime is very, very similar to both the "Galvatron Factory Battle" and the "Decepticon Replicator" Optimus Kreons. This one however has silver hands, a light smirk under his facemask, and lacks the clip-on smokestacks.
This set popped up at Toys"R"Us a few short weeks after the initial product without any advance warning... and retailed for a mere $25, despite the size of the set.

Optimus Minor?
  • Dinobot Ride (2014)
    • Pieces: 46
    • Kreons: Optimus Prime
    • Accessories: Stand-brick, robot sword
This version of Optimus uses the micro-Kreon build introduced in the Kre-O Cityville Invasion sets. He comes with a mini-build of dino-mode Grimlock as part of a small bagged kit.
This set was only available on June 28 as part of a special promotion at Toys"R"Us, given away free from noon to 2pm (roughly) as part of an in-store building event that coincided with the opening weekend of Age of Extinction and the final day of a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale on all Transformers product.
The building set also comes with a poster with a preview of all Kre-O Transformers products released in 2014. Remaining stock of the kit (new condition, of course) is later dumped to several Hobby Shops in Asia.

  • Decepticon Replicator (2014)
    • Set number: A8601
    • Kreons: Bumblebee, Nemesis Prime, Optimus Prime, "Scientist", Stinger
    • Accessories Optimus rifle
This iteration of Optimus is incredibly similar to the "Grimlock Unleashed" and "Galvatron Factory Battle" Optimusses. In fact, the only difference between this Kreon and the Factory Battle Optimus is the face: this one has a closed-mouth frown and blue eyebrows.

  • Silver Knight Autobots (2014)
    • Set number: A8602
    • Kreons: Drift, Optimus Prime, Hound, Crosshairs, Bumblebee.
    • Accessories: Spear
A five-pack of Kreons representing the main Autobots of the Age of Extinction movie. He also comes with a dual-bladed spear, and since he only uses the sword in the movie, You can actually swap his spear with Bumblebee's claymore.
This set was made available at the "Transformers Exhibition" event in Taipei, Taiwan from June 27 to July 6.

KreO-toy Optimus Universal4pack.jpg
This version of "movie" Optimus is based on his Revenge of the Fallen incarnation, as that's how he appears in "Transformers: The Ride – 3D" and as a mascot character on the park grounds. He is available exclusively in a box set sold at The Ride's gift shop at Universal Studios theme parks. After several years of only being available at the park proper, the four-pack was eventually added to Universal's online store.
In 2015, a new run of the set was produced, this time using the revamped-from-the-head-down 2015-style Kreon bodies. Optimus's tampographs are slightly sharper, with thinner black outlines, but are otherwise unchanged. This set would later see slight production changes; all of the figures' tampographs have gone back to thicker lines and being a bit sloppier, while Optimus's medium-pearlescent-gray plastics (his arm-mounted smokestacks) have been lightened considerably and lost a significant amount of metallic sheen.
In mid-2020, the set was revamped again again, now removing Evac and replacing him with the N.E.S.T. Sentry. This version of the set uses the latter version of the other three characters with the thicker tampograph lines and lighter medium-gray plastic.

  • Transformers: Age of Extinction Blu-ray and KRE-O pack (2014)
Available for the Toys"R"Us exclusive Blu-Ray + DVD release of the Transformers: Age of Extinction, this Optimus Prime Kreon is based on the "knight armor" version of Optimus from late in the movie.

  • Optimus Prime (Mini-Con Combiners, unreleased)
    • Accessories: Bazooka, phaser, Uzi, scoped pistol, Klingon blaster
"Mini-Con Combiner"' Optimus comes with one standard Kreon and four Cityville-syle mini-Kreons of the same character, each one a different incarnation from various franchises. With some extra parts, the mini-Kreons become limbs to make a larger combiner-bot.
One of the Mini-Con limb-bots (Soundwave helmet) is based on the original movie version of Optimus. The main torso-bot is based on Generation 1 Optimus's original body. Two of his limbs are based on Armada Optimus Prime; one "normal" (Inferno helmet), one pre-Earth-body (Knock Out helmet). And the remaining one (Ironhide helmet)... actually looks to be based on the Optimus-like-but-not-Optimus Micromaster Overload! The heck?
First shown at New York Toy Fair 2015, the Mini-Con Combiners were apparently cancelled without fanfare... a decision that must have come late in the day, as they went on to star in their own promotional animation, "Stuck in a Tree", released about eight months after the trade show.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Movie Trilogy Series

  • Optimus Prime (2012)
Another redeco of Deluxe-Class Dark of the Moon Prime, this release uses a darker grey, a less magenta-y red, and less gold on the front end. Included is the trailer originally available with the Chronicle release. The trailer holds up to seven MechTech or similar 5mm peg accessories. Four holes are located on the top-front end of the trailer, with another three inside. The door also folds down to become a ramp, and the inside of the trailer is big enough for several Legion or Commander Cyberverse toys, or one smaller-end Deluxe figure. Two C joint bars also run along the bottom of both sides.
Unlike both the Walmart exclusive Deluxe figure and the Japanese release, no weapon accessories are included.
Amusingly, the packaging still showcases 3 canceled Movie Trilogy Series Deluxe class toys.

EZ Collection Gum

  • Optimus Prime (EZ Collection Gum)
Released as part of the blindpacked EZ Collection Gum series, this Optimus Prime is basically a clean version of the "battle damaged" figure seen in the second wave of the EZ Collection set.

Age of Extinction

Robots in Disguise (2014)

I'm a little teapot short and stout. Here is my handle, here is... okay, maybe not.
Smash & Change Optimus Prime is a simple figure that transforms by "smashing" the rear end of the truck/the robot's feet into the ground. He features only elbow articulation in robot mode and includes a sword accessory that can be held in his hand or mounted on the side of his truck mode. The handle on the rear of his truck mode is molded to emulate his Vector Shield.

AoE smash and change Silver Knight Optimus.jpg
  • Silver Knight Optimus Prime (Smash and Change, 2014)
    • 28 OF 30
    • Accessories: Sword of Judgment
A Target-exclusive redeco of the Smash & Change Optimus Prime toy featuring silver plastic & painted parts.
Smash & Change Silver Knight Optimus Prime also shares the same Thrilling 30 number as Platinum Edition Silver Knight Optimus Prime below.

AoE 1-step Optimus Prime.jpg
  • Optimus Prime (One Step Changers, 2014)
Similar to the Activators toyline, One-Step Changer Optimus Prime features a spring-loaded transformation. He features swivel articulation in the head and both arms. He shares a similar (not identical) transformation with his fellow One-Step changer, Hound. Also, due to his transformation scheme, his shoulders can be pushed forward (the arms is pushed on the same time), which also allows him to wield a close ranged weapons with longer handles with both hands.

  • Transformers: Age of Extinction Collection (One-Step Changer six-pack, 2014)
The "Transformers: Age of Extinction Collection" set includes a Silver Knight redeco of the One-Step Changer Optimus Prime toy.

  • Optimus Prime (Power Battlers, 2014)
Power Battlers Optimus Prime is a simplified, deluxe-class sized toy with a 'Blade Strike' gimmick in robot mode when his legs are squeezed. Due to his gimmick, he ends up having four arms. Unfortunately, Power Battlers Optimus Prime has very limited articulation on his shoulders.
His stock photos are slightly mistransformed: his legs were not folded out. This mold was later redecoed into Power Battler Nemesis Prime.

  • Electronic Stomp & Chomp Grimlock (One Step Changers, 2014)
The included static non-transforming Optimus Prime figure (in the size of a Commander Class figure) can ride Stomp & Chomp Grimlock in dinosaur mode, and the toy is able to detect if the said rider is Autobot or Decepticon and change its electronics effects accordingly.

Warning: Sparks may shoot to your face.
  • Optimus Prime & Grimlock (Dino Sparkers, 2014)
Dino Sparkers Optimus Prime is a static, non-artiulated figure of Optimus Prime's "evasion mode" body, wielding a sword and riding on a translucent chunk of plastic that sorta resembles Grimlock's beast mode. Pulling back and releasing it causes "cold" sparks to flash inside the dino's back end.


"First Edition" toys

If you paid 80 bucks for this... you have our condolences.
  • First Edition Optimus Prime (2014)
    • 14 OF 30
    • Accessories: Sword of Judgment, Sentinel Shield
First Edition Optimus Prime is, as his title suggests, the first toy available to the public from the Age of Extinction toy line. Prime is an all-new Leader Class-sized figure, featuring his new Western Star "5700 OP" concept truck vehicle mode and his updated robot mode from the film (well, mostly based on his initial design rather than the final design in the movie). His transformation is much simpler than his counterparts from the previous three movie lines, being billed as transforming in "15 easy steps." His torso, shoulders, upper legs, and the vehicle mode grill are all completely chromed with the exception of minor blue and red details painted on his chest. However, this comes at the expense of his smokestacks and wheels being bare gray plastic, whereas they are chromed in the film. His simplified transformation also comes at the expense of having a very bulky "backpack" of kibble composed of the rear of the truck cab and the fuel tanks, limiting his shoulder and hip articulation. However, his truck kibble can be detached from the main figure to form the majority of his vehicle mode on its own.
He includes the Sword of Judgment and Sentinel Shield accessories, which he can respectively wield and mount on his left forearm, all via a 5mm post. In truck mode, the sword is stored underneath, while the shield mounts onto the trailer hitch. The sword also features a 5mm post on its hilt. Interestingly, the truck mode is able to pull G1 Optimus Prime's trailer.
He was only available as an Amazon exclusive in the United States, but was also released at brick and mortar retails in Australia and Hasbro's Asian markets, such as Singapore. Oddly enough, even though the official press release for the figure identifies it as "14 of 30" in Hasbro's Thrilling 30 campaign, the packaging does not sport any such markings.[5] To complicate matters further, a later retrospective by Hasbro on Facebook identifies another product as "14 of 30", which doesn't sport any such markings on its packaging either.[6]
Some units lack the silver paint on the sword and shield, and the grey plastic is a lighter shade.

Surprise! You get to buy two of me!
  • Silver Knight Optimus Prime (2014)
    • 28 OF 30
    • Accessories: Sword of Judgment, Sentinel Shield
A redeco of First Edition Optimus Prime in the 'Silver Knight' scheme, molded in dull Silver (or light grey) plastic and sporting paint operations, and the sword & shield is molded in clear light blue plastic. Like all of the AOE "Silver Knight" Optimus Prime toys, this was a Target exclusive.

Surprise! You get to buy three of me! And now with 25% more chrome!
  • Optimus Prime with Trailer and Sideswipe (2014)
    • Accessories: Sword of Judgement
Another redeco of First Edition Optimus Prime with a retooled faceplated head and minor changes to the flame colors that are slathered in chrome. Comes in a two-pack with a redecoed Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Class Sideswipe, using the alternate Swerve head, along with the Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy/Optimus Prime trailer without Roller.
In the United States, this set was a "shared exclusive" between BigBadToyStore, Toys"R"Us, and Hasbro Toy Shop. In Canada and Singapore, it was exclusive to Toys"R"Us, whereas in Australia, it was a Myer exclusive. In Taiwan, it was made available for purchase during an event celebrating the launch of Transformers Rising.

Legion Class toys

All of the Legion Class Optimus Prime toys features an undocumented feature of him combining with Legends Class Jetfire.

"It's true. This mould is back!"
"Yes, consumers, and this time no force in the universe can stop me."
  • Optimus Prime (Clear Ver.) (EZ Collection, 2014)
One of the very first toys to be released as a freebie for the TV Magazine, Optimus Prime (Clear Ver.) is a redeco of Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Optimus Prime in black and clear blue plastic, available only in the August 2014 issue of the said magazine. His only paint operations are on his abdomen and face, but stickers for additional detail are included on the issue's sticker sheet. Optimus Prime has been slightly retooled to include a magnet in his right foot, allowing him to interact with Lost Age Battle Command Optimus Prime and Age of Extinction Stomp & Chomp Grimlock.

AoE Wal-Mart legion Optimus Prime.jpg
  • Optimus Prime (Legion Class, 2014)
The single carded release of Optimus Prime is a redeco of Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Optimus Prime, exclusive to Walmart in the US and Asda in the UK. Deco changes included in this toy are the top half of the knee armor's blue being omitted and an Autobot insignia tampographed on the left knee, and similar to the Legends Class Power Armor Optimus Prime: the red arms, and the abdomen was replaced into blue.

I got my old paint job back, can you guys give me retooled hands now?
  • Optimus Prime & Grimlock (Legion Class two-pack, 2014)
Optimus Prime is another redeco of Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Optimus Prime, features gunmetal-stque grey plastic, and his paint operations being similar to the first Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class toy. He is also packaged with Grimlock, himself a redeco of none other than Energon Cruellock. Like other Legion-themed product, he is exclusive to Walmart in the US and Asda in the UK.

Deluxe Class toys

You know you want me.
  • Protoform Optimus Prime (Deluxe Class, 2014)
    • Japanese ID number: AD09
    • Accessories: Gun, missile, flame attachment
Part of the first wave of TakaraTomy Lost Age: Movie Advanced toys, this Japanese-exclusive redeco of 2007 Transformers Protoform Optimus Prime is given a Generation 1-styled color scheme (which is also based on his appearances in IDW's Transformers: Foundation comic-book mini-series). It was unclear whether the now-blue flame effect was meant to represent his jetpack blast effect or his atmospheric entry heat effect, which is for no reason: entirely blue instead of hot red.

Shinybots! Roll Out and Be FABULOUS!
  • Silver Knight Optimus Prime & Grimlock (Deluxe, 2014)
    • 29 OF 30
    • Accessories: Sword
A redeco of the Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class toy, this Optimus Prime has large portions of his body, mostly his truck parts, vacuum metalized silver, and his light-piped eyes were neutered by blue paint. He comes with a redeco of Generation 1 Rampage's sword, which can be wielded by his 5mm-compatible hands (Although not shown in the instructions). As his body, legs, and front truck kibble were chromed, care must be taken while transforming, especially with the shoulder kibble & the bottom leg's posts (This can be amended if you slightly widen the holes with 3mm hand drills). As with the original Dark of the Moon Deluxe Class figure, the instructions did not mention about forming the sleeper part until step 10, the pinky finger prevented the sword to peg down through his hands, and of course: his truck mode can attach with the Armored Weapons Platform included in the Chronicle or the Movie Trilogy Series figure. This figure has slightly loose shoulder joints.
This figure was only available in a two-pack with a Voyager Class Grimlock figure. The two-pack was exclusively available at Target stores in the United States, Canada, and Australia, at Tesco stores in the United Kingdom and Hungary and at Galeria Kaufhof department stores in Germany. In Asia, some of the remaining stock is available in some hobby shops and some video stores like Speedy Video.

Voyager Class toys

Continuing Megatron's legacy of being a drifting, shotgun-toting hobo hiding from the feds. (Hasbro version pictured)
A little less blue goes a long way. (TakaraTomy version pictured)
  • Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2014)
    • Series / Number: M4 / #001
    • Japanese Name: Classic Optimus Prime
    • Japanese ID number: AD02
    • Japanese release date: 2014-05-17
    • Accessories: Ion cannon, projectile/nozzle
Part of the first wave of Age of Extinction: Generations Voyager Class toys, "Evasion Mode Optimus Prime" is an all-new figure based on the character's initial form in the film, transforming from a cab-over semi-truck into a robot mostly similar to his previous movie design. The truck mode is heavily based on Generation 1 Optimus Prime's White Freightliner WFT alt mode in both sculpt and deco, although it draws a few details, such as the singular smokestack and wheel designs, from the heavily faded Marmon 97 seen on-screen. In robot mode, he sports faux-kibble windows and, amusingly, two false smokestacks. Unfortunately, due to the way his arms transform, he lacks actual elbow joints, which makes the lower forearm the only poseable section. Optimus can wield weapons with longer posts while his hands are in a "default" 90° position. Also, while you transform him back to truck mode, his hands must be in the same sideways position to ensure the truck kibble is properly flushed.
Optimus includes a spring-loaded missile-firing "ion cannon" modeled after Megatron's shotgun from Dark of the Moon, with the missile features a sculpted shotgun nozzle on the front section. It can be held in his hand or attached to the top of the truck cab or truck bed via 5mm post, and, in an unadvertised feature, sports tabs on the rear-most handle that allow the Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Megatron toy to wield it.
In time-honored tradition, Prime's instructions depict the toy with an alternate "pretooled" head – in this case, a version with the faceplate deployed, used on the Platinum Edition and "Rusty" releases of the figure (see below). Additionally, his packaging stock photography depicts him with extra white/silver paint details, especially on his chest and wheel rims, as well as having gray upper arms with red details, among other differences.
Despite his relatively small truck mode (which is almost as small as a Deluxe class toy, but slightly larger than his Generation 1 toy's truck) he is quite tall. Due to the lack of molded trailer hitches, Evasion Mode Optimus Prime cannot tow the Mechtech Trailer, though it can be hooked with the truck's cavity, albeit slightly lifted up.
The TakaraTomy version, part of the first wave of Movie Advanced Series toys, is dubbed "Classic Optimus Prime", and opts for a deco closer to Prime's previous on-screen appearances, omitting the blue paint on his feet and hands to reveal the gray plastic underneath, and adding new paint details all over. Instead of painting it in clear light blue, his light-piping eyes are neutered with opaque light blue paint.
The faceplated version of the mold was used to make Nemesis Prime.

More like Revenge of the Fallen Paint Apps, amirite?
  • Revenge Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2014)
    • Japanese ID number: AD12
    • Japanese release date: 2014-05-17
    • Accessories: Matrix of Leadership, 2 Fuel Tank-Gun assemblies, removable Energon Swords
Part of TakaraTomy's Movie Advanced Series lineup, Revenge Optimus Prime is redeco of the 2010 Transformers Battle Blades mold, featuring darker plastic, a pair of flip-out swords (the second release of this mold since Darkside Optimus Prime.) from the Hasbro release, and chromed fuel tank-guns & sun visors. His shins & wheel joints are bronze from the Hasbro release as opposed to the grey of Takara's Autobot Alliance release.

  • Evolution 2-Pack Optimus Prime (Voyager Two-Pack, 2014)
    • 23 OF 30
    • Japanese Release Date: 2017-10-3
    • Accessories: Ion cannon, projectile/nozzle
A Voyager-class two pack of Classics Optimus Prime, representing the Generation 1 version of the character, and a redeco of Age of Extinction Evasion Optimus Prime representing the Movie character (The deco patterns is most likely to emulate the character's design in 2007, with vague results). Like Rusty Optimus Prime (seen below), he features flames on his vehicle mode doors.
Unlike the stock photography, the actual toy doesn't feature a mouthplate. In October, the two-pack was one of the three Evolution 2-packs available as a Toys"R"Us exclusive in Japan, with no changes on the figures with an exception of the packaging, which the front box features Japanese translated versions of the English text, and a sticker on the back confirming that this was a Japanese release. The robot mode stock photo lacks the gun nozzle/missile.

For a bot who's supposed to be in hiding, he's sure got a lot of chrome.
  • Optimus Prime & Grimlock (Platinum Edition Voyager 2-pack, 2014)
    • Accessories: Ion cannon, projectile/nozzle
Released as a two-pack with Voyager Class Grimlock, Platinum Edition Optimus Prime is a redeco of Evasion Mode Optimus Prime with chromed shoulders, fists, pelvis, lower stomach and leg sides. He features a headsculpt with a mouthplate. His truck stripe is now white.

"Counselor Prime, what do you think?"
  • Optimus Prime Battle Damage Color (Milk Magazine exclusive, 2014)
    • Accessories: Ion cannon, projectile/nozzle
This hand-made custom of the Evasion Mode Optimus Prime figure is exclusive to Hong Kong's Milk Magazine. It's an officially licensed item produced in association with Hasbro Hong Kong. The weathering was done by Ori Toy.

Can't believe people are willing to pay a fortune for a dirt-covered Ultra Magnus cab that's missing its trailer-armor.
  • Rusty Ver. Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2014)
    • Japanese release date: 2014-08-18
    • Accessories: Ion cannon, projectile/nozzle
A redeco of the Voyager Evasion Mode toy, Rusty Ver. Optimus Prime features extensive paint applications to give him a screen-accurate vehicle mode, and was released as a Toys"R"Us Japan-exclusive. It uses the alternate, faceplated head mold.

No wonder why Lockdown is hunting him.
  • Limited Color Optimus Prime[sic] (Battle Command Campaign, 2014)
    • Accessories: Ion cannon, projectile/nozzle
Limited to 10 pieces, Limited Color Optimus Prime (限定カラー クラシックオプティマスプライム) is a gold chrome redeco of the Voyager Class figure, and he's released as part of the Transformers Battle Command Campaign given away to ten winners via a lucky draw. The initial phase for entry was operated in July 2014, when those wishing to enter the draw had to mail in the proof of purchase from the Takara-Tomy Lost Age Optimus Prime. The actual mailing out of prizes was to take place on November 2014.
In December 2014, Two additional copies were produced for the Transformers: Age of Extinction DVD lucky draw campaign, with the buyers using the included application postcard on each DVD they purchased to win the item. Depending on the buyer's luck, they'll win a Nicola Peltz (Tessa) and Jack Reynor (Shane) B2 poster (limited to 10 pieces) or the Movie Advanced Series release of the Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (limited to 38 pieces) instead.

  • Autobots United (Platinum Edition 5-pack, 2014)
    • Accessories: Ion cannon, projectile/nozzle
The Autobots United 5 Pack includes another redeco of Voyager Class Evasion Mode Optimus Prime. This release features the faceplated headsculpt and, unlike the rest of the set, which strives for screen-accuracy, features a heavily Generation 1-inspired deco. Deco changes include replacing most of the blue & grey plastic into red, with blue paint applied on it, and his dark grey plastic is now a lighter shade. His Ion Cannon is now painted black to resemble his Generation 1 toy's blaster, color-wise.
He came in the BBTS shared exclusive "Autobots United" set along with screen-accurate redecos of Crosshairs, Bumblebee, Drift and Hound.
In the picture to the right, he is mistransformed, his shoulders are not folded.

Cookies and Cream Prime.
  • Breakout Battle (Platinum Edition, 2014)
    • Accessories: Ion cannon, projectile/nozzle
The "Breakout Battle" set includes another take on a screen-accurate "Scrapyard Optimus Prime", featuring a brown paint wash on tan plastic. The set was a shared exclusive between Toys"R"Us, online retailers such as Big Bad Toy Store, and Myer in Australia. The set was released in Australia, Singapore, and Canada but never actually made it to retail in the U.S. The set also includes Rollbar and a Vehicon.

Leader Class toys

No one makes fun of Prime's security survival backpack and gets away with it! (Hasbro version pictured)
And it's a Buster right outta the gate! (TakaraTomy version pictured)
  • Optimus Prime (Leader, 2014)
    • Series / Number: M4 / #001
    • Japanese ID number: AD01
    • Japanese release date: 2014-05-17
    • Accessories: Sword of Judgment, Vector Shield
Part of the first wave of Age of Extinction: Generations Leader Class toys, this is yet another completely new "big" Optimus Prime figure. While smaller than the First Edition toy, this one features more silver and chrome paint in vehicle mode, a more poseable robot mode, and a Vector Shield accessory instead of the Sentinel Shield. Unlike the First Edition figure, Leader Class Optimus Prime's pauldrons and hip-skirts are formed from truck kibble, giving him a marginally smaller backpack. His accessories have roughly the same functionality as the First Edition toy, with his sword being hand-held and pegged onto his hands or storing underneath the truck, and his shield mounting onto his left forearm or storing on the back of the truck. Additionally, the sword sheath underneath the truck can be folded up and used in robot mode.
It should be noted that this Optimus Prime can accommodate the Battle Blade accessories to recreate the scene of him fighting against Galvatron.
This figure was only made available as a store exclusive in parts of Europe, at least in the United Kingdom (at Argos) and Germany (at Rossmann drug stores).
Apparently, early plans for the shield were to have it colored gold and silver, but it was later changed to gray and red. When a hand-painted prototype of the toy was first displayed at the 2013 New York Comic Con, the shield was colored yellow and silver; in addition, the original versions of the official Hasbro stock photos also depict the gold color, but the versions featured on the back of the toy's packaging were edited so they would accurately depict the final toy's colors for the shield. Meanwhile, the versions of the stock photos provided to websites and online retailers depict the shield in its final colors for the robot mode, whereas the vehicle mode photo is the unedited version featuring the shield's original colors. Furthermore, UK-based retailer Argos also featured unedited versions of the stock photos for both modes in one of its catalogs, causing some confusion among fans.[7] Sometimes, the spring loaded "Automorph" feature in his head is too strong and causes the head to fly off...
Some units feature a darker tone on the red paint applications.[8]
The TakaraTomy version, part of the first wave of Lost Age: Movie Advanced toys, features numerous silver paint details, and alters the deco on his chest to be more screen-accurate, among many other changes. This figure's Vector Shield accessory is later redecoed as the "Golden Vector Shield", as the giveaway item for the 2nd The Last Knight Campaign in Japan.

This time, NO ONE dared to transform it.
  • Gold Plated Optimus Prime (Leader, 2014)
    • Accessories: Sword of Judgement
This gold vacuum metallized version of Optimus Prime is a prize in Hasbro's Asia Age of Extinction campaign. To qualify for winning this toy, one must be the biggest spender of the day during the midnight launch of the AoE toyline at specific Toys"R"Us or participate in a lucky draw. This toy is limited to 7 pieces. 2 are in mainland China, while Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan each have one.

  • Optimus Prime (Lucky Draw Leader Class, 2014)
    • Accessories: Removable Ion blaster, 1 missile
Released as a prize figure for the Transformers Celebration 2014 event held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City store's Toys"R"Us, this Optimus Prime is a redeco of the first Leader Class figure, albeit unlike the first lucky draw figure, this release features a more balanced deco consists of chromed paintable plastic and gold unpaintable plastic, and it doesn't need to be fixated with a stand. To qualify for winning this toy, one must spend about 3,000 yen and up on various Transformers toys to enter the lucky draw event.

  • Leader Class Grimlock & Leader Class Optimus Prime (Platinum Edition 2-pack, 2014)
    • Accessories: Sword of Judgment, Vector Shield
Platinum Optimus is a redeco of the Leader Class Optimus Prime. Optimus' color palette is now darkened with some additional paint details. His "Sword of Judgment" is now a light blue. Optimus features more chrome on his "Vector Shield", chest, and on his head. The set was a shared exclusive, available from BigBadToyStore and Toys"R"Us, and was also sold during a Taiwanese event celebrating the launch of Transformers Rising.
Initial prototype photos shows that Optimus' blue plastic is casted in translucent blue, which is not present in the final product.

Transforming my mouth is terrifying.
  • Armor Knight Optimus Prime (Leader, 2014)
    • Japanese ID number: AD31
    • Accessories: Sword of Judgment, Vector Shield
Armor Knight Optimus Prime is a retool of Age of Extinction: Generations Leader Class Optimus Prime. It features a new head sculpt with a rotatable faceplate (one side with the mask, the other without, the whole part rotates), along with other remolded body parts (such as his skirt, feet, and chest), giving it a more screen accurate appearance. He includes more movie-accurate weapons, featuring a new sword and shield, albeit in not-so-accurate colors (the sword's transparent orange blade was also a nod to the sword's "heat up" mode in the concept art.). He is covered in metallic paint, along with additional chrome details on his rims and bumper.
The new Sword of Judgement accessory is later redecoed in screen-accurate colors, as the giveaway item for the 1st The Last Knight Campaign in Japan.

Gotta admit, this is awesome.
  • Black Knight Optimus Prime (Leader, 2015-08-03)
    • Accessories: Nemesis Sword, Sphere Shield
Black Knight Optimus Prime is a black repaint of Armor Knight Optimus Prime (which is a retool of the first Leader Class Optimus Prime) in Nemesis Prime's colors with an Autobot symbol, which is also a double reference to Eldedroid's colors. His entire clear parts were cast in red.
Black Knight Optimus Prime is a Toys"R"Us Japan exclusive.

Lost Age Series

Am I awesome?
  • Battle Command Optimus Prime (07-19-2014/4-2018)
    • Japanese ID number: LA01
    • Accessories: Trailer/Wing Backpack/Battle Station, 2 Hound's guns, 2 Sword-Guns, 2 face-guns, Sword of Judgement
A roughly Voyager-sized mold of Optimus Prime. He transforms into a Western Star "5700 OP" concept truck as seen in the film, in 4 steps:
1. Press 2 buttons on the truck steps make the side panels pop out in position.
2. Fold down the front section to transform it's robot mode legs.
3. Fold back the rear parts to form the kibble.
4. Position the arms into place, and Optimus will announce "Transform!", with a classic transformation sound effect.
Like Stomp & Chomp Grimlock, his truck kibble from the back can accommodate One-Steps and Power Battlers (Both Hasbro and TakaraTomy), activating his various voice clips and flashing lights by interacting with the magnets in their feet. He is notably less kibble than other AOE Optimus Primes...from the front, at least. The back and sides are not so promising with large chunks of Western Star truck kibble hanging off his legs, making him look as if he's wearing a petticoat. At least the jetpack helps balance the whole thing out...
The Sword of Judgement included with this toy is the same mold as the weapon included with the Age of Extinction leader class Optimus but cast in flat grey rubbery plastic rather than the transparent plastic and paint operations of the initial release. This Optimus Prime erroneously features blue paint on his feet instead of the screen-accurate red.
This Optimus Prime can tow the Mechtech Trailer, though it lets the wheels lift off the ground.

  • Battle Command Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Strongest Tag Set (Multi-pack, 10-18-2014)
    • Japanese ID number: LA14
    • Accessories: Trailer/Wing Backpack/Battle Station, 2 Hound's guns, 2 Sword-Guns, 2 face-guns, Sword of Judgement, 1-step Changer High Octane Bumblebee
A re-released version of the figure above, packaged with a One-Step Changer High Octane Bumblebee, unchanged from its original Hasbro release.
As with the Final Battle set below, this toy also won the Japan Toy Awards 2014 ceremony, which is indicated by a small, golden sticker on the left side.

  • Final Battle 4-Figure Set (Multi-pack, 2014-10-18)
    • Japanese ID number: LA-SP
The Japanese release of the Silver Knight Optimus Prime from the Age of Extinction Collection 6-pack set is bundled with 1-Step Helicopter Drift, Galvatron, and Slug.


ConstructBots AoE dino-rider Optimus Prime.jpg
  • Optimus Prime (Dinobot Riders, 2014)
    • Accessories: Gun
A smaller toy that can ride on Dinobots. He includes a small gun.
His nominal Dinobot steed (if it wasn't already abundantly obvious) is Grimlock.

  • Dinofire Grimlock (Dinobot, 2014)
    • Accessories: Gun
Available only in the "Dinofire Grimlock" set, this Optimus is a slight redeco of the individual Dinobot Riders Optimus Prime, featuring a brighter shade of red and blue.

  • Optimus Prime with Gnaw (Dinobot Warriors, 2014)
Optimus Prime transforms from a truck-thing to a robot. He includes a sword weapon and his Dinobot partner Gnaw who can turn into a backpack, arm and chest armor, and a gigantic axe.

  • Grimlock with Silver Knight Optimus Prime (2014)
    • Accessories: Gun, Sword
Bundled with a redecoed Grimlock, Silver Knight Optimus Prime is a redeco of the Dinobot Riders Optimus Prime. He also comes with an extra sword accessory.
The set was currently released as a Target exclusive.

Legend Commander Collection

  • Optimus Prime (2014)
    • ID number: LC-04
Part of the Legend Commander Collection sold at Transformers Expo, Optimus Prime is an extensive redeco of the "One Step Changer" Optimus Prime, retaining the pin from the original mold. Remaining stock was sold through TakaraTomy Mall.
This mold was also used to make Silver Knight Optimus Prime from the One-Step Collection.


QTransformers AOE Optimus Prime.jpg
  • Optimus Prime (2014)
    • ID number: QT-01E
Q-Transformers Optimus Prime is a super deformed toy based on his Age of Extinction design, transforming into a cute little Western Star 4900 SB. It was sold as an exclusive at Transformers Expo months before the proper release of the toyline. Being only one and a half inches tall, this is actually the smallest transformable figure of movie-verse Optimus Prime, and it even gets close to being the tiniest transformable Optimus Prime ever made if it wasn't for another slightly smaller Q-Transformers release.
This mold was also used to make Q-Transformers Nemesis Prime.
  • Optimus Prime (2014-12-26)
    • ID number: QT-01
This standard retail version of Q-Transformers Prime is identical to the Transformers Expo release.

QTransformers QT23 Optimus.jpg
  • Optimus Prime (Watashi ni ii kangae ga aru) (2015-07-25, 2016-01-30)
    • ID number: QT-23, QTF-01
This Optimus Prime is a new mold that matches the character's more cartoony and simplified appearance in the Q-Transformers: Mystery of Convoy Returns cartoon. The "Watashi ni ii kangae ga aru" added to his name means "I have a good idea" (私にいい考えがある). A line originally spoken by G1 Optimus Prime at various times in the Japanese dub of the original cartoon, it has a reputation as a catchphrase of his among Japanese fans and has been reused by many Optimus Primes since, including the Prime in the Q-Transformers cartoon.
This toy was re-released with a new ID number as part of the second Q-Transformers series.

  • Q-Transformers Protagonists 3-Figure Set (2016-01-30)
    • ID number: QTFS-01
The second Optimus Prime toy was also sold in a three-pack with fellow cartoon main characters Bumblebee and Lockdown. They come with a cardboard backdrop to be displayed on that depicts a typical service area of a Japanese expressway, much like the real locations the characters stand around in in the cartoon.
Although usually sold in Japanese markets, some department stores in Asia had sold the set as well.


Bearbrick AOEOptimusPrime.jpg
  • Optimus Prime (2015)
A special edition Bearbrick released in celebration of the Transformers 30th anniversary, Optimus Prime is a redeco of Bearbrick G1 Optimus Prime in a deco based on his Age of Extinction appearance. He transforms from a Bearbrick painted up like himself to a bear-eared robot and comes with no accessories, but holes in his robot mode hands can accommodate other toys' weapons.
This mold was redecoed into Nemesis Prime and retooled into Megatron and then further retooled with a new chest into Bumblebee and Starscream.

Battle Masters

BattleMasters OptimusPrime Grimlock 2pack.jpg
  • Optimus Prime / Grimlock (2015)
A redeco of the sword-wielding version of Battle Masters Optimus Prime, Silver Knight Optimus Prime is a non-transforming "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots"-like toy with arms that punch through the use of levers in his legs. He can also be placed on the included controller handle, allowing the punches to be activated with a pair of triggers. Optimus Prime was only available in a Target-exclusive two-pack with Grimlock.

Movie The Best

Voyager Class toys

  • Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2017-02-04)
    • Japanese ID Number: MB-01
    • Accessories: Ion cannon, projectile/nozzle
Released as part of TakaraTomy's Transformers Movie The Best toyline to conclude the 10th anniversary of the live-action film series, this Optimus Prime is an extensive redeco of his Evasion mode toy. He also uses the faceplated head and the dark gray-colored Ion Cannon used for the Evolution 2-pack/Platinum Edition 5-pack release. While his deco had taken cues from both the TakaraTomy release of Evasion Mode Optimus Prime and the Platinum Edition Breakout Battle figure, the weathering pattern bears a similar resemblance to his rusty version of the figure. Unfortunately, this release suffers from heavy mold degradation, particularly in the form of ill-fitting tabs around the truck front/shoulder area.
Like the rest of the Movie The Best figures, Optimus Prime is packaged in vehicle mode.

  • Dino Ride Grimlock & Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2017-03-25)
    • Japanese ID Number: MB-09
This reissue of Grimlock comes with a new non-transforming Optimus Prime mini figure, standing in the size of an Armada Mini-con. He also comes with his trademark sword & shield.

Leader Class toys

And the fandom finally rejoiced for real...
  • Optimus Prime (Leader, 2017-03-25)
    • Japanese ID Number: MB-11
    • Accessories: 2 fuel tank/exhaust assemblies - combine into Ion blaster, 2 Energon Swords, 2 Battle Hooks, Knuckle
This Optimus Prime is an extensive screen-accurate redeco of the Dark of the Moon Supreme Class/Leader Class Striker retool, using the Ion Blaster accessory from the Buster Optimus Prime and the Toys"R"Us Japan-exclusive battle blade accessories. He also comes with the Knuckle piece and the Battle Hooks and uses the 2-2-1 articulated fingers featured from the second Asia Premium Series release. He also features a whopping 40 phrases recorded by Tesshō Genda.

Revenge of the Fallen mold: Optimus Prime (Leader Class)

Version 1 (ROTF tooling):

Version 2 (DOTM tooling):

You bought the Masterpiece Prime already? Come on.
  • Optimus Prime (Revenge Version) (Leader, 2018-03-24)
    • Japanese ID Number: MB-17
    • Accessories: 2 Energon Swords, 2 Battle Hooks, Knuckle, 2 fuel tank/exhaust assemblies - combine into Ion blaster
Another release of the Leader Class Optimus Prime figure, now redecoed from the original Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class mold, but with the gimmick-less arms from the Supreme Class retool, and a pair of articulated fingers which was not previously used for the original release. He also retains his pair of Energon Swords, Hooks, and his Knuckle piece. He also retains the fuel tanks that can combine to form his ion blaster. In terms of deco, he features a darker plastic color and paint (which resulted in two-tone shades of silver & gunmetal), which is meant to go with this line's Jetfire.

Just in case you don't want to customize your valuable Calibur Prime.
  • Nemesis Prime (Leader, 2018-03-24)
    • Japanese ID Number: MB-20
    • Accessories: Temenos Sword, Calibur Axe, Overshield/Fifth Wheel Hitch
Movie the Best Nemesis Prime is a redeco of the TakaraTomy exclusive Calibur Optimus Prime figure, with darker paint and plastic, and bright, metallic, purple eyes, and the mark of Quintessa on his face. As for the weapons, the Caliber Axe uses translucent purple plastic instead of orange, and there is more silver at the base of the blade. The Overshield has black replacing the original's silver and purple replacing the original's bronze.

Masterpiece Movie Series

...until this came. (Hasbro version pictured)
If you have bought the Hasbro release, then I have some bad news for you, and your wallet.
(TakaraTomy version pictured)
Released to conclude the 10th Anniversary of the live-action film series, Masterpiece Movie Series Optimus Prime is a brand new mold that transforms from a 25 cm-tall robot (a little taller than MP-10 Convoy) resembling how the character appeared in the first live action movie into a Kenworth W900 modified Peterbilt 379, in 43 steps, with many of the engineering cues being distinctively based and improved on the Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class mold.
The figure has diecast in its feet, shins, and abdomen. It features pinstriped flames, articulated fingers, a headsculpt with a face that can rotate between masked and unmasked modes in a method identical to Armor Knight Optimus Prime's, and an abdomen that opens to reveal a chamber housing a diecast Matrix of Leadership. He comes with said Matrix, his "Rifle" (aka "Ion Cannon"), and a pair of "Energy Swords" that tab in behind his wrists (the hands unfortunately have to be bent forward to accommodate these). All three weapons can combine and store on the trailer hitch in vehicle mode. Speaking of, Optimus can tow the trailer from Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy (and its various redecoes).
Though the figure does a much better job of conveying the on-screen character model than the ROTF Leader Class mold did, there are still a few inaccuracies—most notably the forearm and shoulder pad designs and the head/torso proportions. The final product also lacks certain paint details visible in stock and packaging imagery, such as the blue rings on his feet and the gold on his pelvis. It should be noted that this mold does not combine with Jetfire.
The TakaraTomy release replaces the dark gray plastic on the Hasbro version with lighter gray as well as adding the missing paint apps shown on the box.
In addition, it is very difficult, if not impossible for the vehicle mode to tab together properly. The entire cab assembly breaks apart very easily as the tabs lack sufficient friction to keep it together, resulting in either a gap forming between the front windows and the hood or part of the hood raising up. The pipes that are supposed to connect to the bottom of the smokestacks also don't swing out far enough to properly do so if the feet are tabbed together completely. When attempting to complete the cab assembly, it is advised to apply upward pressure on the front side barrels while pushing the cab downwards. A misassembly error is also present on all versions of the mold, where the roof hinges that connect the sides of the cabin are reversed.
As expected, the Hasbro stock photos have the figure mistransformed in both modes. The backpack is a mess, the chest and torso bits aren't properly configured, and the smokestacks in truck mode aren't extended.
In the United States, Canada, and Hasbro's Asian markets, Masterpiece Movie Series Optimus Prime was exclusively available from Toys"R"Us, whereas in Spain, he saw a wider release, being at least available via the Spanish subsidiaries of Amazon and Carrefour. It's currently unknown if he was also available in stores, or limited to online purchases. In Greece, he was officially available via at least one toy store chain, aptly named simply "Toys-Shop", but again might have been available online only.

Nekoptimus Prime.
The second Masterpiece Movie Series Optimus Prime transforms from a robot based on his appearance in the Bumblebee mid-credits scene into an unlicensed approximation of a 1970s Marmon cab-over truck, rather than the Freightliner he appears as during the film's ending scene, much like the Studio Series toy below. He comes with his "Ion Blaster" used in the Cybertron sequences in the film, which can be folded and stored behind his cab. He also includes a new Matrix of Leadership, despite the Matrix never appearing or being mentioned in the movie. Similar to the Masterpiece Movies Series toy above, Optimus Prime can tow the trailer included with MP-44 Convoy.
Unfortunately, due to reduced parts count and possibly cost-cutting measures, the trigonal kibble on his shoulders ends up slightly protruding on the vehicle mode. This also results in a somewhat amusing appearance for the truck mode, as the placement of the said kibble looks like it has a pair of cat-ears.
Hasbro stock photography depicts much brighter and saturated colors, as well as clear blue windows. TakaraTomy stock photography (right), which was revealed months later, features darker, more film-accurate colors, and clear grey windows. The Hasbro box also features the peculiar (especially for a Masterpiece figure) call-out "Articulated Head" depicting Optimus just... turning his head to the left. The photography is also strangely low resolution compared to previous releases in the line, possibly a consequence of 2020 pandemic complications.
This toy was revealed on February 25, 2021 via live-stream. It is a Target exclusive in the United States and a Toys"R"Us exclusive in Canada.

The Last Knight

Turbo Changers

(In case you didn't know, this is the TakaraTomy stock photo.)
  • Optimus Prime (One-Step Changer, 2017)
    • Japanese Name: Speed Change Optimus Prime
    • Japanese ID Number: TLK-07
    • Japanese release date: 2017-04-29
This Optimus Prime is a minor redeco of the One-Step Changer figure, omitting the paint apps on the knees, the flames on his shoulders, and changing the robot mode chest's deco. Along with his wavemate Bumblebee, Optimus Prime loses his pin on his leg, which is used to activate Stomp & Chomp Grimlock's pop-out weapons and gimmicks. As with the first wave of the Turbo Changers, Optimus features a nearly invisible tampograph on his vehicle front, which can be revealed with Mega Turbo Changer Dragonstorm's UV-powered Cyberfire gimmick.
In 2019, the toy was given away free for the school kids who attended the ”The World Of Transformers” Exhibition held at the Parco Museum in Ikebukuro from March 15th to Monday, April 1st, 2019.

  • 1-Step Turbo Changer 6 Pack (2017)
    • Accessories: Axe, Club, 2 spear-like weapons, Scimitar, Shield
This Optimus Prime is a redeco of the figure above, featuring red wheels and various Tech Spec-sque patterns on the legs & chest which can be decoded with their transparent red weapons, which is molded in a sprue similar to the ones used for the Arms Microns kits & Robots in Disguise (2015) Mini-Con figures. He can use any weapons included in this set, although his primary weapon is an axe.

(Hasbro version pictured)
(TakaraTomy version pictured)
  • Optimus Prime (Knight Armor Turbo Changer, 2017/2018)
    • Japanese Name: Big Optimus Prime
    • Japanese ID Number: TC-01
    • Japanese release date: 2018-02-03
Knight Armor Turbo Changer Optimus Prime is a Voyager-sized figure that transforms from truck to robot in just 2-steps: pulling his whole truck kibble to the front then fold down to complete the robot mode, although converting him back requires some few steps. His only articulation is the elbows, and he features 5mm compatible hands. He also features a "Knight Armor" gimmick, which consists of his mask popping out to his head with the press of the button on his chest. Take note that you need to flip back the mask manually before you turn him back into Truck Mode.
The TakaraTomy release of the figure features extensive paint applications to resembles his on-screen appearances, and his pop-out mask is now vacuum metallized with some gold details.

Tiny Turbo Changers

TLK-toy TTC-OptimusS1.jpg
  • Optimus Prime (Tiny Turbo Changer, 2017)
    • Series: 1 & 2
    • Bag Code: I
Tiny Turbo Changers Optimus Prime is a small, stumpy, soft-plastic blind-bagged mini-figure that changes from robot to a licensed Western Star 5700 OP Truck with just a few simple steps. He features ball-jointed shoulders and hands that are compatible with Cyberverse weapons and other 3mm post accessories. Like all Tiny Turbo Changers, his vehicle-mode tires do not spin, sorry.
Being only an inch and three quarters half, he is the second smallest transformable movie version of Optimus Prime around, only losing the first spot to the Q-Transformers version. Much like the normal-colors Bumblebee, he was available in both Series 1 and 2 of the line, with no noteworthy changes between releases. Not even their bag codes were altered. Their instruction books were updated to say "Series 2".

TLK-toy TTC-Optimus3pack.jpg
  • Optimus Prime / Steelbane / Bumblebee (3-pack, 2017)
    • Accessories: "Autobot" weapons sprue (2 swords, flail-axe, left shield-half), "Decepticon" weapons sprue (2 cutlasses, knife, right shield-half)
Released as part of the Target-exclusive Reveal The Shield subline, this Tiny Turbo Changer 3-pack contains a redecoed Optimus Prime and Bumblebee (in their first non-blindpacked release) and a new Steelbane figure. This version of Optimus features red wheels & Tech Spec-esque patterns on his robot mode chest and... groin-flaps, though the real decoding is on his vehicle mode roof, which when seen through the attached clear-red weapons (or similar plastic device) reveals... an Autobot symbol. Surprise.
Despite being a store-exclusive, the 3-pack containing this figure absolutely choked store shelves thanks to their inability to sell, and were still available in plentiful numbers two years after the film's release.

Titan Changers

  • Optimus Prime (Titan Changers, 2017)
Titan Changers Optimus Prime is an all new mold that transforms from a tall robot into a truck in just 4 easy steps!

Legion Class toys

All versions of the Legion Class Optimus Prime toys feature an undocumented feature of him combining with Legends Class Jetfire.
With this toy, I will make people think that I went back to my old body like Bumblebee has!
  • Optimus Prime (Legion Class, 2017)
Legion Class Optimus Prime is a redeco/retool of the first Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class figure, with the deco resembling the paint job from Optimus Prime's Western Star "5700 OP" concept truck. While the main body is identical to the figure, the arms and legs are newly tooled, with simple assemblies for the wheels. The retooled legs now features a more solid stopping point, which prevents the center front grill/legs to swing back further. It should be noted that his flame decals are painted over the side windows.
The newly tooled legs also feature unreasonably long pegs to secure their connection in vehicle mode. They have a tendency to snap off over time, though this doesn't affect the toy too much.
In 29th August to 29th September, the entire 1st wave of The Last Knight Legion Class figures that almost massively shelfwarmed in Malaysia's Toys"R"Us stores was sold as a giveaway item for the customers who purchased The Last Knight toys in a price of RM200 (approx $46) in a single receipt. Optimus is one of the four.

Who are you, again?
  • Optimus Prime and Ravenspar (Walmart 2-pack, 2017)
This unchanged release of Legion Class Optimus Prime was available in a two-pack with Ravenspar, a redeco of Prime Cyberverse Soundwave, under the Autobots Unite subline imprint.
This set was intended to be exclusive to Walmart stores in the United States, but although it was stocked by the Walmart US online store, it supposedly never actually made it to brick and mortar Walmart stores, instead ending up at US discount retailers, primarily Ross stores. Internationally, it was available in Hong Kong (possibly as a non-exclusive general retail release), at Walmart's subsidiary Asda in the United Kingdom, as a Prisma exclusive in Finland, and as a Walmart exclusive in Mexico. It was also listed at the websites of Dutch retailers Bart Smit and Intertoys (owned by the same parent company), but again, it's unsure if it was ever actually released in the Netherlands.

  • Optimus Prime and Grimlock (Toys"R"Us 2-pack, 2017)
Available with Grimlock, this Optimus Prime is a redeco (or possibly a repaint) of the figure above, featuring extra paint applications on the chest and thighs, and he features a different flame pattern on his side doors. His Autobot insignia is now tampographed on his right arm. The cyberglyphs on his front hood is confusingly translated as "PRIME". The 2-pack also comes with a card, which the glyphs being decoded as "DINOBOTS". Optimus Prime and Grimlock also saw release as a Toys"R"Us Japan exclusive, making this Optimus Prime redeco/slight retool to be first sold at Japanese markets.
The final product retains the simple-assembly wheels rather than being assembled with rivet pins seen in the stock photos.

  • Optimus Prime (Clear Ver) (2017)
This Legion Class Optimus Prime is a transculent redeco of the mold above, utilizing the retooled pegs and the deco pattern from the Toys"R"Us 2-pack. He is made available for the Transformers 35th Anniversary exhibition held at Yokohama Doll Museum, given away for elementary school students who purchased the tickets.

  • Transformers Fanbook 2020 (TV-Magazine Mook, 2020)
This release of the Optimus Prime figure is unchanged from the "Optimus Prime and Grimlock" 2-pack, bundled with a slightly redecoed Megatron as part of the "Battle Set" freebie included in this book released by Kodansha.

Allspark Tech

  • Optimus Prime (Starter Set, 2017)
    • Accessories: Cube, USB cord
Allspark Tech Optimus Prime transforms from a Rescue Bots-styled robot into a deformed Western Star truck and back. As a Starter pack, he comes with electronic Allspark Cube that can fit on his chest cavity, which gives him different sound effects for his robot & vehicle modes. He also comes with a USB cord, mostly used for recharging.

  • Shadow Spark Optimus Prime (Starter Set, 2017)
    • Accessories: Cube, USB cord
Allspark Tech Shadow Spark Optimus Prime is a redeco of the figure above, based on his Nemesis Prime alter ego seen in the movie. His electronic cube could probably feature different sound effects.

Premier Edition

Deluxe Class toys

  • Optimus Prime 2-Pack (2017)
    • Accessories: MechTech Blaster/Energon Battle Axe, Gun/missile/flame attachment
This 2-pack release of Optimus Primes are redecoes of Transformers (2007) Protoform Optimus Prime, and MechTech Deluxe Class Optimus Prime.
"Cybertron Optimus Prime" new features a darker grey plastic, and mostly shares the same paint mask to the original Deluxe class figure, with added paint details on his head and the mesh-like pattern on the front of his "entry" mode. The silver paint on his chest was slightly changed from the original and he lacks the paint on his feet, his "headlights", and the top of his "entry" mode. Lastly, he features Cyberglyphics on his vehicle mode windows, and the rear sides of the vehicle. His flame attachment is now cast in translucent red plastic with orange sprays.
Although MechTech Optimus Prime's deco is similar to the first Deluxe Class figure, some of his parts (robot shoulder flaps, chest piece/truck front) were recast in blue plastic (with the chest being painted red), and his paint applications on the pelvis, headlights & thighs are omitted. His front truck hood/backpack's deco is altered: the truck steps and the fenders were painted blue, and the gold gradients on the flame tampographs are removed, while he features additional flame tampos on both sides of his front hood, and an Autobot Insignia on his left robot shoulder. He still retains the light-piping gimmick, but cast in clear plastic, with the eyeballs being (halfheartedly) painted with clear blue. His MechTech weapon is cast in transparent orange plastic, with the exception of the scope/lever and the gun barrel, which remained opaque silver plastic due to being cast with unpaintable plastic. He also features Cyberglyphics on the left side of his vehicle mode front hood.
All Cyberglyphs in this set translate to "PRIME"

Voyager Class toys

"No, I'm way more awesome than you!"
  • Optimus Prime (2017)
    • Accessories: Sword, Shield
This Voyager-sized Optimus Prime is an all-new mold (with a similar transformation scheme to Age of Extinction Voyager Class Galvatron, notably the shoulders, rooftop backpack, and the leg/wheels combo) based on his Leader Class figure. He features a similar but different transformation scheme, which results in a somewhat clean robot mode, although most of his vehicle kibble hangs on his back. He also features the sword & the shield based on his final design in the movie, albeit the sword being painted similarly to the Armor Knight Optimus Prime's sword. His Sword can store underneath his Vehicle mode or his robot mode backpack, while the shield can be stored on the truck's fifth wheel hitch, which can also tow the trailer included from the Japanese exclusive Mechtech Voyager. Although the pectoral armor can be slightly pushed up a little bit further, the pieces have to actually stop at where the rectangular peg holes are located.
Surprisingly, this was also the first Hasbro exclusive transforming Movie Optimus Prime figure to be based on the final design seen in Age of Extinction. He even features the forearms that Prime had before obtaining the Sword of Judgement, which unfortunately means that he is inaccurate to his appearance in the battle of Hong Kong and the entirety of The Last Knight. The sword's blade is still painted as the heated-up version from the concept art.
Continuing the family tradition.
Like the larger First Edition figure, you can actually separate the robot mode from his vehicle shell, displaying both of his modes at once... albeit unlike the First Edition figure, this tweak could sacrifice the even stability between those two separated figures. Some of the pieces like the legs/rear wheels are particularly difficult to separate.
While he can tow the Mechtech Trailer, it cannot turn left or right due to the gray trailer hitch slightly pressing against the trailer's landing gear joints, and it slightly lifts the trailer with the front-rear tires lifting off the ground. The 2018 giveaway event-exclusive Quad Barrel Shotgun accessory can be used for this figure.
The Hasbro stock photos of the toy are slightly mistransformed: his pectoral armor is not folded correctly in robot mode. At least a very small number of units feature a faceplate-less head sculpt which was probably intended for a later retool, but there is no news about this pretool being released in the future. This figure was also released in Toys"R"Us Japan on May 1st, 2017 as a store exclusive, likewise identical to the Hasbro release.
The CG stock photos feature extra silver paint apps on the lower thighs and hands, which the final product does not feature.

  • Optimus Prime (Toys"R"Us Giveaway, 2017)
    • Accessories: Sword, Shield
Released as one of the prizes from the "Midnight Madness" event in a Toys R'Us in Singapore, this Optimus Prime is a redeco (of sorts) of the Voyager Class figure. The figure's deco is unchanged from the standard release, but he now has weathered battle damage paint all over him (yes, this includes applying to unpaintable plastic). In addition, the bright yellow paint is applied onto the blade.
In some countries like Malaysia, Prime could be obtained by buying some certain items in an expensive price, given away along with a similarly 'battle-damaged' redeco of Bumblebee. He was also released as a prize figure for the Transformers Atrium Fair in Takashimaya B2 Atrium located in Singapore from 13 till 26th June 2017.
He was also available at the movie launch event in a Toys R'Us in Hong Kong, as a prize for spending HKD$1,500 on Transformers-related products.

Once again proving Takara's superiority, only for double the price!
  • Dark Optimus Prime (Omni7 exclusive Voyager Class, 2017)
    • Accessories: Sword, Shield
This exclusive redeco of Optimus Prime features darker shades of red and blue than his other releases and has extensive paint applications to resemble his on-screen appearances in The Last Knight, particularly his Nemesis Prime alter ego seen in the film. To that end, he features movie-accurate flame patterns, which are larger and more elaborate than the ones on the regular release or the SDCC exclusive, on his vehicle mode exterior and robot pectoral armor. His eyes and sword are also painted metallic purple, but his shield is completely unpainted for some reason.
Dark Optimus Prime could be purchased along with advance tickets for The Last Knight via movie cards from June 25, 2017, on the Omni7 website, and from September 29, 2017, if the item was purchased without advance tickets.

Ksatria Emas.
  • Optimus Prime (MyNEWS Lucky Draw Prize, 2017)
    • Accessories: Sword
Available as a Lucky Draw prize for the Malaysian news and convenience store MyNEWS, this Optimus Prime figure features a gold chrome finish on every plastic on him (and yes, this probably includes unpaintable plastic).
The only way to obtain the prize was:
  1. Purchase any Transformers product worth RM30 (approx $7 in the US) in a single receipt from any myNEWS store (Well, the only TF-related items in this store were Robots in Disguise Tiny Titans, The Last Knight Tiny Turbo Changers, and Generations Alt-modes)
  2. Take a photo with your Transformers collections.
  3. Like their Facebook page, and post your photo and your receipt as a comment under the contest’s posting on the official Facebook page with their The Last Knight-related hashtags.
  4. And finally, submit your entry by emailing your photo and receipt to their e-mail address.
And oh, not to mention that the figure was limited to 10 pieces, so uh, good luck.

"Takara is better than us? We'll show them! give him the best paint apps we got! And give them the free extra tire piece."
  • Optimus Prime (SDCC 2017 exclusive Voyager Class, 2017)
    • Accessories: Sword, Shield, Tire piece
The San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusive Optimus Prime figure is another redeco of the Premier Edition figure, which aims for a more movie-accurate look than the original by still sharing the same paint masks, but replacing the chest's deco with flames and adding extra paint applications on the legs, arms, chest, head, tire rims, both sides of the engine compartment, and the sword and shield... but for some reason still sports the movie-inaccurate blue 'collar', as well as the smaller, less accurate vehicle flame tampographs instead of the more movie-accurate ones used on Dark Optimus Prime. His Autobot insignia is also moved on the upper back section of the air dam. He is packaged in a stylish, display-case-like-box similar to later Transformers: Alternators releases and the Hasbro Toy Shop/SDCC 2011 exclusive figure.
Hilariously, Optimus Prime also comes with an authentic tire piece from a Western Star 5700XE truck (no seriously, look it up.). His stock photo is also slightly mistranformed: his pectoral armor is not rotated properly in robot mode. Also, the fifth wheel hitch pieces seem to be missing on his robot mode stock photos.
Remaining stock was sold through Hasbro Toy Shop.

  • Optimus Prime (Reveal the Shield Voyager Class, 2017)
    • Accessories: Sword, Shield
This redeco of the Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Optimus Prime figure features a really unusual deco pattern consisting of red transparent tires, the vehicle front grill and fuel tanks (the fenders remained opaque red due to unpaintable plastic). Some of his parts like the vehicle front hood and the truck roof feature a pattern similar to the ones used for the Tech Specs in the Generation 1 toys. He features a new sword and shield accessory, which can be used to decode the patterns.
In the United Kingdom, this Optimus Prime was released as an Argos exclusive along with several other sets branded as part of the Reveal the Shield subline imprint. His United States release was initially claimed to be exclusive to Target by online retailers from Asia, but even though the other Reveal the Shield products eventually became available at Target, Voyager Class Optimus Prime was released as a Toys"R"Us exclusive in the United States instead, complete with a "Toys"R"Us exclusive" sticker. Also, both his United States and Asian releases lack the "Reveal the Shield" logo the United Kingdom release has (but still feature the "Reveal hidden images" call-out).

  • Optimus Prime Clear Version (2017)
    • Release Date: 2017-12-13
    • Accessories: Sword, Shield
This limited edition redeco of Premier Edition Optimus Prime features almost entirely clear plastic (some parts remain opaque due to unpaintable plastic), and he was available as a 7net online shop exclusive. He can be obtained if the customers purchase the movie's different releases:
1. Blu-Ray + DVD + Special Features Blu-Ray.
2. 3D + Blu-Ray + Special Features Blu-Ray.
3. 4K + + Blu-Ray + Special Features Blu-Ray.
4. 5 Movie Collection either Blu-Ray or DVD versions.
This version of Prime shares his paint masks with Dark Optimus Prime (see above), but uses silver instead of charcoal gray for the painted sections.

Leader Class toys

Not Nemesis Prime, we swea...wait, maybe I am!
  • Shadow Spark Optimus Prime (2017)
    • Accessories: Sword of Judgment, Vector Shield
Released exclusively in Asia, Shadow Spark Optimus Prime is a redeco of the Age of Extinction Leader Class Optimus Prime, featuring dark grey plastics, weathered deco patterns, and some opaque plastic which was recasted from transparent plastics. He features a scratched Autobot insignia on the right side of his sleeper-cab, and a Cyberglyphic on the left side of the front hood. Some weathered parts does not match well with some other parts (the fenders, for example).
In May 2017, the figure was released as a lucky draw item by Coca-Cola, along with the limited edition cans, as part of China's promotion for the movie. On the other hand, Shadow Spark Optimus Prime also became a massive shelfwarmer in several Asian Toys"R"Us stores.

I stripped all of my chrome. Now would you buy me?
  • Optimus Prime (2017)
    • Accessories: Sword of Judgement, Vector Shield
This Optimus Prime is a somewhat/nearly screen-accurate redeco of the Leader Class figure, but uses the original Leader mold instead of the Armor Knight retool unfortunately. In comparison to the first Age of Extinction Leader Class figure, his vacuum-metalized front truck bumper, sun visors, robot mode chest, smokestacks and side tanks chest was omitted, revealing the grey plastic underneath. His chromed chest was also stripped of chrome for adding paint operations, his shield was unpainted, and both of his sword and truck mode windows were casted in colorless plastic. He also features some extra silver paint on his robot mode forehead, and his white-colored Autobot insignia is slightly tampographed on the left. And lastly, his light-piping eyes is neutered by blue paint.

No, buy me. My fifth wheel can form into my shield, and I'm better than you.
  • Calibur Optimus Prime (Leader Class, 2017-07-15)
    • Japanese ID Number: TLK-15
    • Accessories: Temenos Sword, Calibur Axe, Overshield/Fifth Wheel Hitch, Energon Sword (limited edition)
Calibur Optimus Prime is a retool of the Armor Knight Optimus Prime figure, who is a retool of the original Age of Extinction Leader Class figure, with the fifth wheel hitch now forming his handheld shield based on the one used in Dark of the Moon, which results in a backpack-less robot mode and an additional partforming gimmick to boot, although the shield still can be converted into a backpack like the original Leader Class mold do. He also comes with an axe based on the one used in the third film.
The initial release of the figure comes with a limited edition Energon Sword. According to Amazon Japan's page, the included Energon Sword & Axe is also compatible with Movie the Best MB-11 Optimus Prime figure (seen above), which basically makes Calibur Optimus Prime a weapon expansion pack for said figure.
In an amusing (but glaring) example of poor quality control in a Takara product, the back of the packaging features a small amount of Engrish, notably the word "kinetic" being written as "Kinetick". The bio also denotes the elemental metal as "Cyber-Matter" living metal, which is a term that originates from the Aligned continuity family. Oddly, TakaraTomy's stock photo of the robot mode figure was later used as a cutout "battle figure" included with Telebi Magazine's Burning Megatron.
The Calibur Axe was later redecoed into "Bronze Caliber Axe", as a giveaway accessory for the 3rd The Last Knight Final Battle Campaign in Japan. In 2018, Optimus Prime is released along with Megatron as part of the TakaraTomy Mall exclusive "Optimus Prime VS Megatron" set.

Turbo Change Series

  • Optimus Prime (Turbo Changer, 2018)
    • Japanese Release Date: April 21, 2018
    • Japanese ID Number: TC-06
This Turbo Change Series Optimus Prime toy is mostly identical to The Last Knight Turbo Changer toy, but with new packaging. Like most of the wave's Turbo Changers, Optimus Prime's pin on the leg is most likely to be restored for activating the second Battle Command Optimus Prime toy's (See below) gimmicks.
In 2019, the toy was given away free for the school kids who attended the ”The World Of Transformers” Exhibition held at the Parco Museum in Ikebukuro from March 15th to Monday, April 1st, 2019.

  • Battle Command Optimus Prime (2018)
    • Japanese Release Date: April 21, 2018
    • Japanese ID Number: TC-09
    • Accessories: Trailer/Wing Backpack/Battle Station, 2 Hound's guns, 2 face-guns, Sword of Judgment, Vector Shield
This Turbo Change Series Optimus Prime toy is a slight redeco/retool of the Lost Age Series toy. Deco changes include omitting the flame tampos on his legs and shoulder, and added blue pinstripes on the Trailer/Wing Backpack to evoke his Generation 1 toy's trailer. It also omits the gun/swords that came with the original release. This toy also features some new parts like the screen-accurate forearms, the command deck for the smaller Turbo Change Series toys, and the trailer's adapter. His usual Sword of Judgment is now replaced with a screen-accurate mold that is similar to the Armor Knight toy's sword, and he now features a new Vector Shield piece, which can convert into a battle axe.

  • Battle Command Optimus Prime - Strongest Directive Set (Multipack, 2018)
    • Japanese release date: October 27, 2018
    • Japanese ID Number: TC-13
    • Accessories: Trailer/Wing Backpack/Battle Station, 2 Hound's guns, 2 Sword-Guns, 2 face-guns, Sword of Judgment, Vector Shield
This Turbo Change Series Battle Command Optimus Prime is later re-released, along with redecoes of Bumblebee and Drift.

In an alternate reality, the KSI succeeds on creating their own Optimus Prime clone.
  • Optimus Prime (Turbo Changer, 2018)
    • Japanese release date: December 27, 2018
    • Japanese ID Number: TC-14
This Turbo Change Series Optimus Prime is an all-new mold, sharing the same transformation scheme with the One-Step Changer Galvatron. Like the Bumblebee Speed Series Optimus Prime and Leader Class Legendary Optimus Prime toys below, this toy is not accurate to his appearance in the Bumblebee film.
Unfortunately, this Turbo Change Optimus Prime suffers from poor quality control, which consists of seemingly fragile arms & faulty transformation.


After 10 years, it's time to buy me again.
  • Optimus Prime (Leader Class, 2017)
    • TakaraTomy ID number: TLK-EX
    • TakaraTomy release date: August 31, 2017
    • Accessories: Removable Ion blaster, 1 missile
Transformers Tribute Optimus Prime is a redeco of the 2007 Leader Class toy, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the live-action film series. While the deco's paint mask is the same as the said figure, he features a more saturated blue and red, and chromed feet/front grills and front fenders used for the MA-21 redeco, and he also features chrome on both sides of the stomach. While the Hasbro stock photo shows that his feet are slightly mistransformed in robot mode, the Takara stock photos shows his feet correctly flipped out.
He was initially released in some Asian countries without any prior announcement from Hasbro itself. He was also released as an Amazon Japan exclusive.

Look into my eyes and it's easy to see: one and one make two, two and one make three, it was destiny.
Once every hundred-thousand years or so, when the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow and the grass doth grow...
  • Optimus Prime & Orion Pax (Evolution Pack, 2017)
    • TakaraTomy ID number: TLK-EX
    • TakaraTomy release date: August 31, 2017
    • Accessories: Orion Pax's 2 guns, Titan Master, Optimus Prime's gun
Released as part of a new line called Transformers Tribute, Orion Pax is a redeco of Titans Return Sergeant Kup, and transforms from a red-and-blue Cybertronic pickup truck which is also an homage to Generation 1 Crosshairs's vehicle mode Orion Pax's original e-HOBBY toy. His Titan Master, retooled from Flintlock, features a new face that is based on the Thrilling 30 Orion Pax toy. As a redeco of the Kup mold, Orion Pax still suffers the leg panel misassembly.
The set also includes a redeco of Generations War for Cybertron Optimus Prime figure, which changes the original figure's dark red plastic to a brighter, more vibrant red, changes the gray plastic to a darker charcoal tone, changes the "windows" from gray to nearly black, and replaces most of the original figure's pink-ish red paint details (which were yellow on the redeco from the "Rage over Cybertron" three-pack) to teal.
The use of a G1-based Orion Pax design and an Aligned-based Optimus Prime design with Movie Optimus Prime packaging art makes it hard to know where on the wiki this should go, but given the general movie-themed bent of the Tribute line, we're putting it here. Continuing the tradition, the 2-pack was first released in some Asian countries like Taiwan without any prior announcement from Hasbro itself. A few months after the 2-pack's release, Tribute Optimus Prime & Orion Pax saw worldwide release through Amazon, including an Amazon Japan listing bearing a The Last Knight ID number.

Studio Series

The face-taker returns...
  • Optimus Prime (Voyager Class, 2018)
    • Movie: Revenge of the Fallen
    • Hasbro ID number: 05
    • TakaraTomy ID number: SS-05
    • TakaraTomy release date: April 28, 2018
    • Accessories: Two Energon Swords, "Forest Fight" backdrop (1st version)
Studio Series Optimus Prime transforms from a robot into a Peterbilt 379 semi-truck. He comes with a pair of Energon Swords, which can be mounted onto his arms or store on the back of his robot mode or truck mode. The figure combines engineering concepts from his Age of Extinction Voyager Class figure with techniques previously used on Prime: First Edition Optimus Prime. He also features a more subdued color scheme compared to other Optimus Prime figures. Like the rest of the Studio Series figures, the figure prioritizes robot mode scale and thus stands shorter than his Voyager Class wavemate Starscream. The CG renders depict him possessing long smokestacks, but the final product has them shortened... again. He also comes with a cardboard backdrop display depicting the forest battle from Revenge of the Fallen.
While the 5mm compatible arms can fit with most weapons with the same post size, some of the weapons' handles can barely fit on it due to either the slightly thickened tab or sculpted thin panels.
The rear truck cabin/back kibble can turn slightly floppy over time in robot mode, as there are no tabs and holes to secure it. This mold is not meant to combine with Jetfire, although it can be achieved with some fiddling. However, it can carry (but not combine with) Studio Series 44 Optimus Prime's trailer.
While stock photos and renders show the figure with a faceplate, this image posted by the Transformers Facebook page shows him with his mouth exposed. This was later found as a variant at least once. A running change was made, changing the blades to be more translucent. The semi-translucent blades release features a date code "73461", whereas the translucent orange blades version features a date code written as "80171".
TakaraTomy's stock photo of the robot mode is mistransformed on the right elbow: His forearm is bent back instead of the front.

For the people who complained about my first release above.
Jet Optimus SS.jpg
  • Optimus Prime (Voyager Class, 2018)
    • Movie: Transformers
    • Hasbro ID number: 32
    • TakaraTomy ID number: SS-25
    • TakaraTomy release date: March 23, 2019
    • Accessories: Ion blaster, "Highway Showdown" backdrop
Released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Revenge of the Fallen (though sold under the first Transformers film's branding), this Studio Series Optimus Prime is an extensive retool of the figure above, featuring many new parts, namely a new backpack, chest piece, back of thighs, forearms, a (removable) abdominal area, and lower legs with a pair of non-transforming fenders. These new parts lead to a better resemblance to his appearance in the first two movies and allow him to combine with Studio Series Jetfire to form "Jetwing Optimus Prime," while resulting in a somewhat more involved transformation. His color scheme features a much higher contrast than the previous release. Unfortunately, as a trade-off for having a more accurate robot mode, his vehicle mode suffers; his front drive tires lift off the ground, he’s missing the toolboxes behind his fuel tanks, some of his robot mode kibble is exposed beneath his doors, and several of the floodlights above his windshield are gone.
Instead of Energon Swords, he now comes with an Ion blaster like that used in the battle of Mission City. It can be stored on various rectangular peg holes on Prime's vehicle mode or on the larger rectangular pegs on his cab nose/forearms or robot mode back. While Optimus can use the first mold's blades, the new backpack's design prevents the swords from being stored, and using the intended "underslung" grip displaces his forearm armor slightly. He also comes with a cardboard backdrop display depicting the highway fight with Bonecrusher from the first Transformers film. Since the Leader Class figure below is a redeco of this one, it should come as no surprise that this one is fully compatible with the trailer and jet pack.
As the front grills rely on the hook-and-tab assembly to complete the truck mode and combined to the fact that they're molded in translucent plastic with silver entirely painted on it, the painted tabs can chip off after many transformations, slightly breaking the front grill assembly apart, leaving a very small gap. Care must be taken when combining him with Jetfire, as it can place much stress on the hinges that the grills are connected to.
The packaging stock photo features him having a misassembled hip, which is facing backwards. Speaking of misassembly, a small amount of Optimuses have two left or right upper arms. These errors prevent the front section from fully transforming. This can be identified by viewing the front section while he's still in-package.
His rear wheels were later reused for Earthrise Optimus Prime.

  • Optimus Prime (Voyager Class, 2019)
    • Movie: Bumblebee
    • Hasbro ID number: 38
    • TakaraTomy ID number: SS-30
    • TakaraTomy release date: April 27, 2019
    • Accessories: Ion blaster, "San Francisco Bridge" backdrop
The third Studio Series Optimus Prime is based on his appearance in Bumblebee, and as such closely resembles the G1 Optimus design. He transforms into an unlicensed approximation of a 1970s Marmon cab-over truck, rather than the Freightliner he appears as during the film's final scene. Optimus comes with the Ion blaster he is seen wielding in the film's Cybertron sequences and a backdrop featuring the Golden Gate Bridge where he meets up with Bumblebee.
While his truck mode scales with most of the Studio Series brethren, Optimus's robot mode shares the same height as his other Optimuses in this section, which means that he towers over his original size in the film. Unlike his appearance in the movie, this Optimus's design closely resembles Mark Yang's concept art of the character, complete with flat feet. Unlike most of the Studio Series figures, this Optimus doesn't have any insignia tampographed or sculpted on. The silver weathering on his stomach varies from figure-to-figure.
Unfortunately, the grey lower leg panels tend to disconnect/dislodge if the feet are swiveled, or if the pressure is applied downwards while standing. The silver-painted hinged panels on the sides of his truck mode (and to an extent, the painted crotch) are prone to chipping due to being involved in the transformation.
This Optimus Prime cannot tow the MechTech Trailer due to the still-too-far-forward hitch port. It can, however, hitch up properly with the Studio Series Leader Class trailer below, though the fifth wheel's 5mm hole isn't wide enough to properly connect with the 7mm hitching peg. Placing the peg in the hitch holds it loosely in place, which is fine for static posing but likely to fall off with play.
This toy was one of the items that was released as part of Hasbro's Transformers 35th Anniversary promotional mailer box[9] and was also given a repaint as part of TakaraTomy's own 35th Anniversary exclusive set.

Takes your wallet and your face.
  • Optimus Prime (Leader Class, 2019)
    • Movie: Dark of the Moon
    • Hasbro ID number: 44
    • TakaraTomy name: Jetwing Optimus Prime
    • TakaraTomy ID number: SS-39
    • TakaraTomy release date: August 31, 2019
    • Accessories: Trailer/Armored Weapons Platform/Omega Combat Armor, 2 cannons, Energon-axe, Energon Sword, Shield, Ion blaster, abs piece, "Battle of Chicago" backdrop (2nd version)
This Optimus Prime is a redeco/retool of the second toy with a new stomach area that is molded to be accurate to his appearance in Dark of the Moon, complete with a new trailer forming his weapons platform and combat armor. He also comes with two cannons, an energon axe, a shield, an energon sword, and a slightly redecoed (de-decoed?) ion blaster from the second toy, losing its blackened barrel. His fellow Leader Class Autobot, Jetfire, comes packaged with a replacement Transformers and Revenge of the Fallen-accurate abdomen piece, allowing them to combine... though the piece is color-matched to Optimus's first Studio Series 05 release, a figure that lacks this figure's new molding and is thus incompatible with Jetfire. In addition to the new deco and molding, the hinges in his back that the panels with the fuel tanks are attached to now have pins, preventing the pieces from popping off when swiveling them into position during conversion.
In terms of deco, Optimus features gradient orange paint on his forearms/truck front which the Voyager Class release didn't have, while the formerly transparent parts are now cast in opaque blue plastic, with both his real and faux windows painted silver. Meanwhile, the CG stock renders feature several color and deco details that are inaccurate to the final toy; notably, the joints on his grille section are shown to be orange rather than gray, the windows are shown to be transparent rather than opaque, and all the weapons are shown to be painted, even though the only weapon that actually features any paint on the final toy is the sword. Conversely, both the CG render and the near-final stock photo of the robot mode show the new abdomen piece as being painted in a single red color, while the final product (including the TakaraTomy stock photos) have the details in the center section painted in movie-accurate silver.
The CG render on the front packaging is a rather lazily-edited version of the Optimus Prime art (complete with Revenge of the Fallen-styled abdomen), with the Jetwing unit slapped on his back. There are also a few obvious design oversights, with no official instructions on how to store the Ion Blaster and no actual means of attaching the shield to Prime's arm in a shield-like manner. And while Prime himself has been improved to prevent parts popping off, the dark grey "shoulder straps" on the Jetwing have a frustrating tendency to pop off due to the raised rectangular details directly under them, meant to hold them in place with friction but instead causing the part to flex and deform under pressure.
Despite the figure's size classification, Prime himself is Voyager-sized (obviously, seeing as he's a retool of a previous Studio Series Voyager). The Leader Class price point comes from the extra accessories that he comes packaged with.

Movie Edition

Anyone remember the live action Scrappy-Doo?
  • Silver Knight Optimus Prime (Tiny Turbo Changer, 2018)
    • Series: 3
    • Bag code: I
Released in series 3 of Tiny Turbo Changers, Silver Knight Optimus Prime is a redeco of the series 1 figure based on the Silver Knight Target exclusive subline from Age of Extinction. By this point in the the mold's life, weardown has set in and many copies have incredibly loose balljoints that pop out easily.
US retailers appear to have skipped this assortment (so far), though it has appeared in large numbers in European markets.

The Second closest thing you can get a Movie-verse Fire Convoy.
  • Optimus Prime (Tiny Turbo Changer, 2018)
    • Series: 4
    • Bag code: I
Released in Series 4 of Tiny Turbo Changers, Optimus Prime is a redeco with an almost entirely red body while retaining some blue on his head and the rear half of his legs, which results in a Generation 1-inspired deco on his vehicle mode and a very bland robot mode.
And the mold degradation continues, with many samples having popped-off limbs still in-package.

TTC-toy Movie-Edition-Series-5-Optimus-Prime.jpg
  • Optimus Prime (Tiny Turbo Changer, 2019)
    • Series: 5
    • Bag code: H
Released in series 5 of Tiny Turbo Changers, Optimus Prime is based off his appearance in the Bumblebee film.


If you buy me, I won't take your face.
  • Optimus Prime (Titan Changer, 2018)
Optimus is a repackage of his Last Knight Titan Changer mold.

Leader Class toys

Dear diary: JACKPOT!
  • Legendary Optimus Prime (2018)
    • Japanese ID Number: BB-02
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster
Released exclusively in Japan, Bumblebee Legendary Optimus Prime is an all-new Leader Class mold, taking many cues from the Age of Extinction Classic/Evasion Mode Optimus Prime mold. His head can switch between maskless and masked faces. His Ion Blaster can be held in his 5 mm compatible hands or store on his back. His truck mode can tow MP-10 Convoy's trailer. This figure was later redecoed into "Bumblebee" Nemesis Prime.

Energon Igniters

  • Optimus Prime (Speed Series, 2018)
Released as part of the Bumblebee Energon Igniter's Speed Series line, this Optimus is a Legends/Legion-sized mold that transforms from robot into a Cab-over truck with the transformation scheme shared with the Transformers (2010) Reveal The Shield Legends Class toy, and he features 3mm compatible hands. Optimus' truck mode can also be attached with the Energon Igniters core, and due to the toy being lightweight, it can propel his vehicle mode forward very quickly, making him a fast-moving truck.
Due to its simplified transformation, Optimus' robot shoulder parts ended up sticking out from his truck mode, and his upper cabin panel ends up being integrated with his head. Unlike most Speed Series toys, he also shares a similar pivoting shoulder articulation from his Reveal the Shield counterpart, and his Energon Igniter port ends up under his right foot in robot mode rather than on his knee.

The Actual Closest thing you'll get to a movieverse Fire Convoy
  • Red Fire Optimus Prime (Speed Series, 2019)
Red Fire Optimus Prime is a clear red redeco of the figure above, released as a freebie for the May 2019 issue of Telebi-Kun Magazine, along with a buildable paper Tyramigo and a Super Sentai Data Cardass KishiRyuOh Five Knight card from Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, a Ganbarizing Kamen Rider Zi-OTrinity Card, and a Kamen Rider Buttobasoul Zi-OTrinity Medal. The head, grill (only 80% of it) & window paint applications remain.
Red Fire Optimus Prime is once again available for the Wonder Festival 2019 event, provided by Takara Tomy at their booth.

Are you sure this is not a fan-painted custom?
  • Transformers Proficiency Test Optimus Prime[sic] (2020)
Released as a commemorative item for the Transformers Proficiency Test event held in Tokyo and Osaka on February 16, 2020, this Optimus Prime is an extensive redeco of the Speed Series figures, featuring additional paint operations on the legs, side windows, and the silver striping on his forearm/truck kibble. The paint is more matte than the original figure's metallic paint.

  • Optimus Prime (Power Series, 2018)
Power Series Optimus Prime is a redeco/retool of the Power Plus Series toy below, featuring new truck parts and maskless robot head, though the faux robot chest is retained from that mold. The CG stock photo for his robot mode depicts him having slightly longer "ears" than the final product.

  • Optimus Prime (Power Plus Series, 2018)
    • Accessories: Energon core
Released as part of the Energon Igniters Power Plus Series subline, this Optimus Prime is a Scout-sized mold that converts from robot to truck based on his appearance in Age of Extinction in just a few steps. His only articulation is the swiveling upper arms & pivoting arm joints, and his fuel tanks also doubles as a flip-out cannons, activated in vehicle mode. As with all Nitro and Power Plus figures, Optimus also comes with an energon core, which allows his vehicle mode to propel forwards.

  • Optimus Prime (Nitro Series, 2018)
    • Accessories: Energon core
Released as part of the first wave of the Energon Igniters Nitro Series, this Optimus Prime is a new Voyager-sized mold that converts from a robot based on his Age of Extinction body into a truck in 11 steps, and he features 5mm-compatible hands & articulation on his head, arms, and only his upper legs. He also features built-in Ion Cannons in this lower leg panels, activated in vehicle mode. He also comes with his own energon core, which is a different mold from his Power Plus toy.

35th Anniversary

  • Convoy & Optimus Prime Set (2-pack, 2019)
    • Release Date: December 2019
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster
Released as a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive, this Optimus Prime is a redeco of the third Studio Series mold with a focus on increased accuracy to the Bumblebee movie. To this end, he features less swirly, flat grey plastic and additional paint operations on the hand dorsals, the front windows' joints, the lower legs' grey plastic, and the stomach section (with the weathering removed). The gunmetal on his forehead and faceplate is now silver, the knees' details are omitted, and he features tampographed Autobot insignias on his shoulders. In preliminary stock imagery such as the images to the right the shoulder insignias were depicted as only white outlines on the red plastic without the 'face' and 'eyes' filled out in red and white respectively, but the actual product had the insignias correctly colored.
Optimus Prime is packaged in a box designed to evoke the original Generation 1 toyline with new '84-style package art to boot, and is only available as a set with (but packaged separately from) Convoy.

Premium Finish

Sentient beings, buy me again! I have some toils of war.
  • Optimus Prime (Voyager Class, November 27, 2021)
    • TakaraTomy ID number: PF SS-02
    • Hasbro ID number: SS-02
    • Accessories: "Ion Blaster"
As part of the second wave of TakaraTomy's Premium Finish subline, Optimus Prime is yet another detailed redeco of the third Studio Series mold with an even greater focus on increased accuracy to his appearance in the Bumblebee movie, even moreso than the 35th Anniversary figure above. Hence, unlike the 'clean' approach taken by the 35th Anniversary figure, this Optimus is cast in less saturated colors and features additional paint operations replicating the slight amounts of weathering and grime that were present on his CG model. He also includes the same ion blaster weapon as the other releases of this mold, now cast in gunmetal plastic.
Oddly, the stock photos lack silver paint on the front of the vehicle mode that the original mold has.


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