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Ripples, Chapter 8

  • Posted on January 31, 2019 at 3:19 pm

by Sapphmore and JetBoy

Jessica and her friends danced, drank, laughed and raised hell until nearly two in the morning. Eventually, their last glass was emptied, and the ladies decided to call it a night.

As they were leaving, Jessica noticed Rachel swapping phone numbers with Heidi, the young fitness trainer who Rachel had been groping earlier on the dancefloor. Fighting a pang of jealousy, Jess looked around to make sure that no one was going to be left behind and spied Serena, the normally straitlaced, sensible business-suited accountant, kissing someone Jessica recognised as the woman from the ladies who had spoken to her earlier. They were in a dim corner, but still visible in the flashing strobe lights.

As Jessica took in the sight, she quickly realised that Serena wasn’t actually kissing the woman — instead, the woman had Serena pressed against a wall and was kissing her. Serena’s hands were in a sort of I-surrender pose, raised to shoulder height, her fists clenched.

Suddenly, Jess thought she recognised the woman — yes, she did. It was Karen… Gregson? Grigson? Whatever the name, she worked at a hairdressing salon that Jessica sometimes visited when she needed a last-minute appointment.

Karen had one hand behind Serena’s head as they kissed, the other at the side of her breast, using a thumb to prod and tease Serena’s nipple. Then, without breaking their kiss, Karen trailed her hand down Serena’s body to cup her groin through the front of her dress. Knowing Serena as she did, Jess half-expected her to pull away and slap this would-be groper. Instead, her friend stiffened for a couple of heartbeats, then placed both hands on the stylist’s face, fervently returning the kiss.

As Karen finally broke away, Serena dropped both hands to her sides and remained leaning against the wall — eyes closed and mouth open, as though in a trance. Karen whispered something in her ear, to which Serena opened her eyes, stared at her and nodded. With a satisfied smile, the stylist deftly plucked a card from her clutch bag, slid it into the cleavage of Serena’s dress, then gave her a brief kiss and a pat on the cheek before turning to leave. The accountant gazed longingly after her, then her eyes met Jessica’s, and she quickly looked away, blushing furiously.

Not wanting to embarrass Serena, a dazed Jess made her way toward the exit in a daze. What on earth is going on around here? First, Rachel is exploring the idea of sex with women, then she gets me into it — now, it seems as if every female I know has become a lesbian, my own daughter included! Has this been going on for ages, only I was too busy mooning over my husband to notice?

As the group made their way outside to the waiting minibus, and Jess was making sure everyone was accounted for, she noticed that Serena was missing. Just as she was about to ask the others if they’d seen her, Serena arrived.

“Jess, I’ll make my own way home, I just met a friend, and she’s giving me a lift. Thanks for a fun evening. Good night everyone.” The others said goodbye and after a wave, Serena was gone. As they all boarded the taxi, Jess looked back and saw Serena walk towards Karen, who was leaning against a cab. She opened the door as Serena reached her, giving her a brief kiss before ushering her into the back.

In the minibus, Jess chose not to mention anything about Serena’s little adventure to the others, but made a mental note to ask the accountant about it next time she saw her.

The driver dropped the women off at their respective homes, until it was just Jessica, Abigail, Melinda and Rachel who, when the minibus made it to her place, invited the others in for a nightcap.

As they sat in Rachel’s living room, drinking small shots of coffee liqueur, they began to talk about their evening.

Melinda surprised Jess by saying, “Well, that was a different sort of Ladies’ Night. I didn’t realise that this community was such a hotbed of lesbian lust!”

Jessica was somewhat distracted, thinking about how many of the women she knew might be gay, or at least played both sides. She studied Abigail and Melinda, looking for a sign of intimacy between them, but couldn’t pinpoint anything.

Rachel’s voice interrupted her train of thought. “Come on, now — you’ve got to admit that some of those women were pretty damned hot, especially the young ones.”

“Yeah, we noticed you paying a lot of attention to one or two,” Melinda responded.

Suddenly Abby came out with, “Hey Jess, d’you remember that night when we’d just started secondary school, the sleepover we had?”

Jessica knew what was coming next. Abby turned to Rachel and said, “Jess and I practiced kissing on each other, and I remember her being bloody good at it.”

“Was she, indeed? Who would’ve thought?” Rachel said with a mischievous smile.

Jessica responded, a little too quickly, “I d-don’t remember that.” But her face said otherwise.

“Well, I do, and I also recall it getting quite hot. Maybe we should have another sleepover some time!” she said with an exaggerated wink.

“Count me in,” Rachel said with a grin.

Jessica couldn’t help blushing, but answered back, “I think Rachel was right about that club turning you into a lesbian.” She noticed that Abby stole a quick glance at Mel before they laughed, then saw that Rachel was looking at her curiously.

Setting her shot glass down on the coffee table, Melinda stood and stretched herself. “Oooooogh. I need to get to my bed.”

Abby also stood, “Me too — my bed, I mean. Thanks for arranging this, girls. Let’s do it again soon.” Brief hugs were exchanged, then she and Melinda left.

As they made their way up the garden path, supporting each other with arms round each other’s waists, Melinda whispered in Abby’s ear and both giggled like schoolgirls. As Rachel closed the door, Jess caught a quick glimpse of Abby dropping her hand to Mel’s behind and giving it a squeeze.

Jessica turned to Rachel and was about to ask if she had seen that, but instead she said, “Actually, I should probably get home as well.”

Rachel arched an eyebrow. “Why on earth do you need to go home? The girls aren’t there — what, are you planning to do housework or something? Stay here with me tonight.” With that, she closed and locked the door. “Anyway, I want to hear more about this sleepover where you made out with our Abigail. Come, let’s get a little more comfortable.” With that, she grabbed Jessica’s hand and led her up the stairs.

Jess meekly followed her friend upstairs and into her bedroom, where Rachel pulled her over to her bed. Turning to face the redhead, hooked two fingers into the cleavage of Jessica’s dress. “So, you’re a hot kisser with the girls, eh? I thought you said you’d never dipped into that par-ti-cu-lar honey pot?”

“I was only twelve, I’d forgotten all about it.”

Rachel shook her head. “Don’t believe you,” she murmured.

She pulled her friend to her by the front of her dress and kissed her — gently at first, then with increasing pent-up passion. She’d been waiting for this opportunity for days and had no intention of letting it get away, especially after getting so turned on by her antics at the club.

At first, Jessica froze, but quickly responded to her friend’s soft lips, then the warm, wet tongue probing her mouth. She’d witnessed a hell of a lot of heated lesbian action that night, but hadn’t gotten anything more than a peck on the cheek for herself. Now it’s my turn, she thought.

Wrapping both arms around her friend’s waist, Jess sighed happily as Rachel’s hot mouth did lovely things to her neck, her chin, her ears. Then, Rachel abruptly pulled away.

Confused, Jessica could only stare. “What’s wrong? Why… why did you stop?” She was breathing heavily, wondering if she’d done something wrong, or what Rachel was going to do.

She didn’t have to wait long. Still clutching the front of Jessica’s dress in her fist, Rachel advanced, pressing her friend backwards until her legs came up against the bed, forcing her to sit down.

Rachel took one step back, then slid the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders. She hooked her thumbs into the sides of the stretchy material, slowly tugging the skin-tight garment down her body until it pooled on the thick carpet.

It struck Jess that, though she’d known Rachel for ages, this was the very first time she’d seen her friend in the nude. It was a sight worth waiting for. Nearly every afternoon, Rachel took an hour-long break from running the tea room to work out at the neighborhood gym, and her toned body was positively luscious.

But before Jessica could get much of a look, Rachel stepped forward and straddled her legs. She pushed Jess onto her back down on the bed and leaned over until their noses were almost touching, gazing deep into the redhead’s eyes before crushing her mouth to Jessica’s, kissing her even more fervently than before.

Now far past any doubt she might have felt, Jess responded, fully matching Rachel’s urgency. They kissed for a long while — tongues exploring, mouths sliding together, smudging their lipstick. Jessica reached out to cup the breasts that hung freely just above her own, comparing them to Sally’s larger ones. Rachel’s were perfectly formed, and still firm for a woman of her years.

Sliding down to nudge Jessica’s legs apart with her foot, Rachel slid a hand up her friend’s thigh until she was touching the front of her thong, which by then was soaking wet. She tugged the tiny piece of sodden material to one side, then slid two fingers into Jessica’s well-lubricated vagina. Jess moaned loudly, and Rachel silenced her with another eager kiss.

After about twenty thrusts, coupled with some vigorous attention to Jessica’s clitoris, Rachel pulled away again, quickly moving onto her knees between her partner’s spread thighs. Jess raised her head from the pillow, wanting to see what her friend was up to.

Looking at Jess with an intense hunger in her eyes, Rachel grasped the sides of the sparkling dress between fingers and thumbs, then drew it up over Jessica’s body. Quickly understanding what her lover wanted, Jess lifted herself up to help, raising her arms as Rachel pulled the garment off.

“Good girl,” Rachel cooed, carelessly casting the dress aside.

She roughly yanked Jessica’s thong down her thighs and over each foot, clumsily removing her shoes at the same time, impatiently pushing them off the side of the bed. Rachel held onto her friend’s knickers, though — bringing the wet garment to her nose and inhaling deeply, then licking playfully at the damp gusset before throwing the thong over her shoulder.

Placing her hands on Jessica’s knees, Rachel spread them apart, then bent down and pressed her mouth into the hot slit. She licked deep, the tang of the juicy flesh sharp on her tongue, then travelled upwards to flick at the inflamed nubbin of her new lover’s clit.

It was love at first lick. Rachel had dreamed of, yearned for Jessica’s cunt ever since she’d decided to explore sex with other women — in fact, the growing attraction she’d felt for her old friend was what had set her on the path of bisexuality in the first place. And now that she was finally making love to Jess, feasting on her sweet pussy, it was even lovelier than she’d hoped. She went down on Jessica like a woman possessed, the warm, thick nectar dripping from her lips and chin.

Jessica thrashed about on the bed, clutching at Rachel, who continued her oral attack on her friend’s womanly core. By then, Jess was mouthing expletives Rachel had never heard her utter before and didn’t think she ever would, until at last she moaned, “Oh m-my God, I — I can’t take any more!” before emitting a loud, prolonged cry as her first orgasm kicked in. But not the last, oh definitely not the last, Rachel gleefully told herself.

Her thirst sated for the moment, Rachel sat back on her heels, her mouth glistening with wetness. She slowly licked her lips, reveling in the taste as she looked at Jess, who was panting heavily. Rachel crawled forward until she was straddling Jessica’s chest, then moved up further until her own very wet cunt was directly above Jessica’s face.

The object of Rachel’s lust gazed up into her eyes, reading the fierce need in them — then lost in purest desire, she reached up to grasp the woman’s buttocks, drawing Rachel down to her already open mouth.

Not counting the kiss she’d exchanged with Abigail as an adolescent, Jessica had never kissed another woman until a couple of weeks ago, let alone licked another woman’s pussy. In truth, she’d only rarely tasted her own juices, even when masturbating. Now Jess had enjoyed hot sapphic encounters with three different partners so far this month, one of these her own twelve-year-old daughter.

Her enthusiasm more than making up for any lack of expertise, Jess forced her tongue into the hot, swampy tunnel, trying to gulp down as much of the vaginal fluids as possible, as though she hadn’t tasted liquid for a week. Then there was Rachel’s clitoris, which she sucked at eagerly, thrilling to the shudders that raced through her partner’s body with each juicy slurp.

Rachel’s hands were on Jessica’s head and she was moving her hips back and forth, smearing herself against that hot, sucking mouth. As she did so, her puckered rosebud rode over her lover’s flickering tongue, sending her to even greater heights of ecstasy.

The idea of licking Rachel’s anus was so deliciously kinky that it drove Jess absolutely wild with renewed lust. She spread the woman’s arse open with her thumbs, thrusting her tongue into the snug orifice.

This triggered a crescendo in Rachel’s rising ecstasy, and she suddenly came, throwing her head back, a choked scream escaping her lips before she slumped forward, spent.

Somehow she managed to dismount Jessica’s face and stretch herself alongside the redhead. They both lay on their backs panting heavily for awhile, their bodies bathed in perspiration, neither of them speaking.

Finally, Rachel turned to Jess and said, “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

Jess turned to her, reaching across to touch her cheek. “I had no idea. God, I never knew that sex could be like that. It was amazing. Um… was it okay for you? I’ve got no idea what I’m doing.”

Rachel shook her head. “Jess, you’ve no need to worry on that score, believe me. Just do what you like having done to you.”

“The trouble is, I’ve pretty much forgotten what I like.”

Arching an eyebrow, Rachel smiled. “Well, let’s see if I can help you remember.”

Helping a still-dazed Jess to sit up, Rachel reached around to unclip her bra — the last remaining scrap of clothing between them — then peeled it away. She gazed lovingly into her friend’s eyes, then dipped down to lick the tip of one breast, then the other.

Soon Rachel advanced from delicate flicks of the tongue to taking each nipple between the teeth and gently biting it. Reaching down, she hooked a finger into Jessica’s vagina.

“Oh, Rachel!” Jess cried, clutching at her partner’s shoulders.

Sitting up, Rachel whispered, “God, you are so fucking sexy… so desirable. Why, why did we wait so long to do this?”

Before Jess could answer, Rachel’s mouth claimed hers in a sweet, tender kiss that had her head spinning. The next thing she knew, they were stretched out on the bed, still kissing, their bodies moving together like dancers in a very sensuous ballet. They made slow love, fervent love, taking the time to explore the delights of each other’s bodies.

“I have to lick you again,” said a wide-eyed Rachel. “Will you do it to me too, Jess?”

At that moment, Jessica couldn’t think of a single thing she needed more. “Yes! Yes, I will, Rachel. I want to taste your pussy…”

Rachel quickly switched around until she was facing her new lover’s feet, then straddled her, moving into the sixty-nine position. Lowering her shaved sex to Jessica’s parted lips, she bent to press an open-mouthed kiss into the juicy, heated flesh of her best friend’s cunt.

Jess tentatively ran the tip of her tongue along the prominent labia, as though licking up melting ice cream from a wafer cone, then again, probing deeper. Growing bolder, she brought her mouth into play, kissing the juicy slit. It was immensely satisfying. Jess began to feast on Rachel’s baby-smooth pussy, determined to get her new lover off in a big way.

She inhaled sharply at Rachel slid one, then two fingers into her and moved them in and out — slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed. Taking a cue, Jess did the same, working her own fingers into Rachel’s creamy hole, thrilled by the liquid sound each stroke made as she fucked her best friend.

As she slowly increased the tempo of her thrusts, Jessica flicked at Rachel’s clit with her tongue, grateful that the woman had a clitoris prominent enough to find by touch alone, because her parts were up too close to make out much detail.

Suddenly Jess felt Rachel’s digits slide even deeper inside, curving upwards to the roof of her vagina. Oh, shit, she’s going for my G-spot.

As the finger found its mark, Jessica felt a tongue flick the edge of her anus, then slide wetly through the crack of her arse. These new sensations had Jess on the verge of losing control, but when the tongue was replaced with a finger, muscling deep into her rectum, and Rachel’s lips found their way to her clit, Jess jerked almost violently, firework displays going off in her head. Oh, God, it’s about to happen, I’m gonna come, and it’s going to be absolutely colossal!

Wanting Rachel to climax at the same time, Jess sucked greedily on the erect clitoris above her, swiping at its fleshy tip with her tongue. Just then, the finger that Rachel had in Jessica’s bum hole took a hard twist — and that, as they say, was all she wrote. Her intense, lengthy and very loud release came seconds later, quickly followed by Rachel’s orgasm.

Once their cries had died down, Rachel dismounted Jessica’s face, then moved to lie alongside. She turned on her side to face her friend, placing a gentle kiss on her lips. They lay quietly for a few moments, with Rachel moving a hand lightly up and down her partner’s torso and thigh.

“Verrry impressive,” Rachel murmured. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

Jess turned to her, then hesitated. Rachel’s eyes widened, then she raised herself up on one elbow to look at her friend. “Jess? Oh my God, you have.”

In spite of herself, Jess felt her cheeks flush. “Well… okay, I did, but I’m not sure that I’m comfortable talking about it.”

Rachel’s expression was a stern one. “Excuse me? I’m your best friend and confidant, and have you already forgotten that a mere three minutes ago, we were dining on each other’s pussies? That makes you morally obligated to share the juicy details of your first lesbian fuck with me. Besides, I know you’re dying to tell me everything — so give, girlfriend.”

Jessica sighed. “Hate to say so, but damn it, you’re right — I do need to talk to someone about this.”

“I’m all ears,” Rachel said, drawing close.

“You know Sally from the shop, don’t you?”

Rachel’s eyes danced with excitement. “I do indeed; she’s the really cute blonde with the big tits. Are you telling me you got it on with her? You lucky bitch! Fuck me, I wouldn’t mind some of that.”

“It wasn’t like that, not really. She asked me for some career advice, and I took her home to look through some books and leaflets. She got so excited that she kissed me. Only… then, she kissed me again and I responded. God, she’s young enough to be my daughter.” With that, she pictured Alice’s head between her thighs, and shivered.

“Anyway, it started getting pretty hot between us, but we stopped when I heard Alice come home.”

“You’re kidding! Did she see you?”

“I wasn’t sure, so after Sally left, I went to her room to see her reaction. Alice told me that yes, she saw us kissing.”

Rachel made a face. “Oooh, awkward! What did you tell her?”

“I said that Sally was just especially happy about the help I gave her.”

“Did she believe you?”

“Okay, now that’s where it gets complicated. Alice said she saw us too, that night you came over. You know, when we watched your dirty DVD and made out?”

“Oh my God, what must she think? Then what happened?”

“Well, I wasn’t sure what to say. I just… blurted out that I was lonely, feeling a bit down. Then she told me that it was okay if I was gay.”

“She did, did she? And… what did you tell her?”

“I said I wasn’t sure.” Jess gave her friend a shy glance. “But now, I think I might be.”

“Now that’s the best news I’ve heard all week,” Rachel said, a tone of admiration in her voice. “Now that you’ve sampled the delights of a woman, we have some catching up to do.”

“That’s not all. You know the other day, when I came over to talk to you about our night out? Well, I got home early, and a few minutes later, Sally knocked on my door.”

Rachel studied her friend, intrigued. “Go on…”

“Sally said that she has a crush on me, and wanted me to be her first woman. I don’t know what came over me, but we ended up in bed and having sex. I couldn’t help myself; she’s so pretty and… and I was on fire! It was incredible, my God, she’s so… enthusiastic.” She glanced at her friend, suddenly nervous. “Are you upset with me? Do you think I’m awful?”

“Are you kidding me? You’d have been a bloody cretin to let an opportunity like that pass.” She paused. “Er, as we seem to be in sharing mode, there’s something I’ve got to confess.”

Intrigued, Jess gave Rachel a questioning look.

“I was so turned on after I left your house that first time, that I expected to finger myself into a stupor as soon as I could get naked and between the sheets. Instead, I got something even better. You remember me mentioning Millie, the babysitter?”

“Er, I think so. Wait a minute — are you telling me that the two of you–”

“Spot on. We got to talking about boys, and Millie got to complaining about this particular specimen that she’d been dating — you know the type, couldn’t give a toss about anything but getting in her knickers. Well, I couldn’t keep myself from dropping a few very pointed hints about fooling around with girls.”

“Good grief, Rachel!” Jess said, but then laughed. “You are a menace.”

“Guilty as charged. Millie did seem interested, so I offered to teach her about kissing women… then one thing led to another and I showed her exactly what she’d been missing. Oh, and she loved it — decided then and there that her wanker of a boyfriend was history.” She paused, sighed. “She wanted to return the favour, but there wasn’t time — it was already late, and I had to drive her home. So, sad to say, I had to get myself off that night.

“Ever since then I’ve been wearing out the batteries on my toys, fantasising of you and Millie. Mostly you.”

Jess pursed her lips. “So… how old is Millie, exactly?”

“She just turned sixteen.”

“My God, Rachel… we’re playing with fire, you and I!”

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for some genuine heat in my life,” Rachel said with a wicked grin. Perhaps we should compare notes, or swap — or better still, have a little foursome with our new playthings.”

“You… you’re not joking, are you?”

“Come on, it’s worth thinking about, at least. So, have you been with Sally since then — or anyone else…?”

As soon as she saw Jessica’s face — that same uneasy look as before, nervously nibbling at her lower lip — Rachel knew that there was more to tell. Shit! Jess thought, knowing that she’d failed to anticipate her friend’s question, and had been betrayed once again by her demeanor.

“Oh, my God — another?” Rachel’s breasts bounced in a most enticing way as she sat up. “Oooohh, I want details!”

“I can’t!” Jess wailed, lying back down on the bed. “It’s too awful. You’ll think I’m some kind of pervert!”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, lover,” a grinning Rachel countered. “Now you’ve really got me intrigued. Don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul. I won’t judge you, either, because I’ve definitely done worse.”

“I’m not so sure you have, actually,” Jess said, making a face.

“Oh my God, are you trying to make me drop dead from acute curiosity? Let’s see, now. Did you get into something especially kinky with Sally, then? Or perhaps someone else, another employee. Bridget, maybe? She’s damn hot, I’ll say that. Ooh, or was it Caterina?” she said with excitement.

Jess looked thoughtfully at her friend. She’s not going to give me a moment’s peace until I tell her. Then again, I really do need to share this with someone — and it ought to be Rachel, especially after what we just did.

She lay back, staring at the ceiling for a moment, contemplating what her friend’s reaction might be. Will she be disgusted, flee the room and never want to see me again? Glancing over at Rachel, she finally made up her mind, taking a deep breath before speaking.

“Okay. So, I told you about how my daughter saw us kissing while that lesbian DVD of yours was playing, remember? Well, that’s not all Alice saw that night. Later, she was… lurking outside my bedroom door, spying on me while I was watching that DVD again, fingering my pussy.”

Rachel was definitely intrigued. “Was she, now?”

“The thing is, I was watching that part on the disc with the woman and the teenage girl — I guess they were supposed to be mother and daughter?”

“Oh, I do love that scene. That’s Becca Brooks playing the daughter… she’s one of my faves.”

Well, it got me incredibly hot. I was fucking myself hard and deep, just about to come, and then… oh, God, I can’t believe I’m admitting this!”

“Jessica Matthews,” Rachel said, her eyes blazing, “if you don’t stop teasing me and get to the bloody point right now, I will strangle you with my bare hands, dismember your corpse and bury the pieces in unhallowed ground.”

In spite of herself, Jess burst into shaky laughter. “Okay, okay. So… there I was, watching this incredibly sexy scene of a mum licking her own daughter from behind. I was right on the verge of coming — and just before I did, this image flashed in my mind of me, doing those same things with Alice.”

“Fuck me, that must’ve been intense. How hard did you come?”

“Oh, the earth definitely moved. But that’s not the important part. When it happened, I… I said Alice’s name. Out loud.”

“Wait. You spoke your daughter’s name when you had an orgasm — and she was watching?”

“Exactly,” Jess admitted, a bit shamefaced.

“Jesus,” Rachel said. “And since Alice was spying on you, she obviously couldn’t say anything right then… so how did you find out about what she heard?”

“Oh, I’m getting to that. The next night, Alice knocked on my bedroom door and asked if she could talk to me. Oh my God, Rachel! She had a nightdress on but with most of the buttons undone. I could see her breasts, and when she sat down on the bed, I realized that she wasn’t wearing panties! I couldn’t help but  look… and, well, the sight of her got me turned on in a big way.”

As Jess continued, finding herself less and less able to make eye contact with Rachel, she didn’t notice her friend slip a hand down between her legs and begin to gently finger her cunt.

“We talked some about, um, the feelings for other girls that she’d been experiencing. Then she accidentally let it slip that she’d seen me masturbate — and asked me why I’d called out for her when I came.”

“Hmm. That must’ve been awkward. What on earth did you tell her?”

Jessica shrugged. “I decided I had to be honest. So I told her the truth — that I’d been touching myself while thinking about exploring sex with a woman, and thought of her at a crucial moment. But I did make it clear that I wasn’t going to try to, you know, make a move on her.”

Rachel nodded thoughtfully. “Do you think she was worried about something like that?”

“No. And I’ll tell you how I know that. Because then, Alice told me that, if I did want to do sexual things with her, she was fine with it.”

Rachel froze, her hand pausing in mid-stroke. “She didn’t.”

“She absolutely did. Oh, she tried to take it back, pretend she was kidding… but then I got Alice to talk about her feelings, and she finally admitted that she’d been having sexual thoughts about me. Well, I was still trying to be truthful, so I told her that I was experiencing the same kind of… desires. I told her that seeing her right then, wearing nothing but a nightie — that she aroused me, got me hot.” Jess gave a nervous laugh. “I don’t know how I summoned up the nerve!”

“What happened then?” asked Rachel, fingering herself again.

Taking a deep breath, Jessica soldiered on. “Alice asked me if I would kiss her.”

She let that resonate for a moment, then an impatient Rachel demanded, “Well, did you?”

“I said no at first — but she sort of persuaded me to do it anyway. Yeah, I know it was wrong of me, but damn it, I wanted to kiss her. So I did.” She paused then added, “Trouble is, we didn’t leave it at that.”

Rachel continued to slowly manipulate her clitoris, staring in awe at her best friend. “Tell me. All of it.”

“We started kissing, slowly at first, but then I sort of brought my tongue into it — and suddenly Alice was giving me these incredibly hot French kisses… well, I just got swept up in the moment, and so did she. The next thing I knew, she was feeling me up, playing with my tits. So I started touching her breasts, and that got me so worked up that I kissed and sucked on her nipples.”

As Jess spoke, she watched her friend masturbate, getting deeper and deeper into the story. Guess I didn’t need to worry about Rachel being disgusted with what I did with Alice. In fact, she’s turned on!

“That’s when Alice reached down and started touching herself. Jesus, what an amazing sight that was! But she got frustrated, told me she was having trouble making the “good feelings” happen, and — and she asked me for help.”


“So I did. I got her to sit between my legs, and I masturbated her — my own twelve-year-old daughter — until she came. I think it was her first proper orgasm.” Jess fell silent for a moment, sighed, then continued. “When I finished, I couldn’t believe what I’d done. I tried to apologise and said I shouldn’t have, but Alice insisted that she’d wanted me to… to love her like that.”

“Oh. Oh, my God!” gasped Rachel. Her legs were spread wide, and she was driving two fingers in and out of her vagina. “Is — is there more…?”

“Yes,” Jessica said. “Alice wanted to pleasure me. I tried to tell her no, but what she was feeling was too strong. She opened my nightdress and before I could stop her, she started sucking on my nipples. Then she started using her fingers on me, and that’s when I gave in. It was too much for me, damn it! Before I knew it, Alice had me on my back and was licking my pussy.”

Rachel’s pumping wrist went still. “Wait. She — your daughter went down on you?”

“She did.” Jess had been avoiding her friend’s stare; now, she turned to look at Rachel, watching as the naked woman rubbed herself. Neither spoke — the only movement in the room was Rachel’s wrist and hand, working frantically until she climaxed again.

Jessica smiled wryly. “Well, I can see what you thought about that,” she said as her friend recovered.

Once she’d caught her breath, Rachel sat up, taking hold of Jessica’s hand. “Listen, Jess — I don’t know if you’re beating yourself up for what you and Alice did, but you shouldn’t. I’ve done the same thing with my oldest,” she said.

Jess could only stare, “What do you — you had sex with Bella?”

“Um… not quite full-on sex. I taught her how to masturbate a few months ago. She’d been talking to some of her friends at a sleepover, and they got on the subject of boys and sex, like girls that age do. She pretended to understand, but when she got home, she asked me how to touch herself.”

Realising she wasn’t alone in dealing with this delicate issue, Jess began to feel a sense of relief.

“We didn’t go as far as you did; I just showed her what was what and a bit of technique. She had some trouble at first, so I touched her a bit, then she did it on her own. We sat facing each other and masturbated together but didn’t touch again — or even kiss, though I felt myself wanting to. Still, it was hot and I frigged myself all over again just thinking about it, soon as I got back to my room.”

Jess said, “What should I do about this, Rachel? Everywhere I look at work, I see beautiful women and young girls in sexy clothes or underwear. I’ve started to spend more time in my office or working at home to keep these, these cravings of mine at arm’s length — but it isn’t enough. Everything keeps reminding me of Sally, or you… or even Alice and the things I did with her, for Christ’s sake. It’s making me mental!”

Rachel shrugged. “Why are you fighting those feelings?”

Jess gave her friend a puzzled look. “What do you mean? Are you suggesting that I start coming on to my employees… or customers? Or that I go to bed with my daughter again?”

“First, what’s wrong with letting other women know that you’re interested? Nothing, long as you’re able to take ‘no’ for an answer, if that’s how they respond. This isn’t the Victorian era, for fuck’s sake — you’re not going to be persecuted for being gay. As for Alice, why shouldn’t you continue to share this with her?”

“What are you saying?” Jessica gasped. “That I should be having sex with Alice?”

“It’s already happened once — and the way you tell it, the two of you had an incredible time.”

“B-but she’s my daughter! And only twelve years old, damn it!”

Rachel glared at her. “Don’t go all self-righteous on me, girlfriend. You’ve been lusting after that cute little twelve-year-old ever since it happened. I can hear it in every word you speak about her. Admit it — you can’t stop thinking about making love to Alice again. Can you?”

Jess felt herself wither under Rachel’s scrutiny. “Oh, hell…” A long pause, then she gave a weary nod.  You’re right, Rachel. I do want her, so much it makes me ache inside.”

“Uh-huh. And I’ll wager that Alice is thinking about you that way, too. Has she said anything about it?”

“No…” Jessica replied, “but you’re right, she is having those kinds of thoughts. This morning, I found a pair of my dirty knickers hidden in her pillowcase. She’d been using them to rub herself off.”

“Fucking hell, Jess!” Throwing her hands up, Rachel began to pace the room. “What on earth are you waiting for? You and Alice should be making love on a nightly basis, and you haven’t even tasted her yet!”

“Easy for you to say,” Jess retorted. “It’s a big thing, becoming lovers with your own daughter. You haven’t had sex with Bella, after all.”

“Oh, but I plan to.”

Jess stared at her with her mouth open. “You — you do?”

Rachel nodded. “I’ve been thinking about it ever since she and I masturbated together. And listening to you describe being with Alice… it sounds amazing, makes me realise how much I want Bella.”

“How do you think you’ll… make it happen, then?”

“Good question,” Rachel said, seating herself on the bed. “I’ll have another chat with her, see if she’s got any more questions. But this time, I’ll teach her about more than how to finger her pussy. A lot more.” She paused. “Then there’s Cindy, she’s growing up pretty fast.”

“Cindy? But she’s only ten!”

“She has to learn some time, and it’s better coming from me,” Rachel insisted.

Jess opened her mouth to object — then fell silent. That’s a lot like the argument I gave myself, she thought, to justify what I did with Alice. That, and the fact that my daughter and I were both naked, we were kissing, she was touching me and I just wanted to fuck her.

Moving closer to Jess, Rachel placed a hand on her friend’s hip, languidly caressing the soft skin. “I wonder if Alice and Bella talk about this stuff. When Alice comes over and they’re together in Bella’s room, I hear a lot of giggling. When I ask them what’s going on, they say ‘Nothing’, but now I think of it, I’m sure they’re up to something naughty.”

“Like what?” Jessica asked.

“Well, they always seem to be half naked. They tell me they’re dressing up, or just wanted to cool off. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that our little angels are practicing kissing — or more.”

Jess recalled the sight of her daughter, naked in bed the morning after Rachel came over. Did Alice touch herself the night before, while thinking of me? Was she already having fantasies of sex with Mum?

Rachel had a thoughtful look on her face, and Jess wondered what was going through her mind. She didn’t have to wait long.

“Perhaps we should sit them both down with us and find out if anything is going on. At the very least, we should offer the girls some guidance… perhaps together?” Rachel raised an eyebrow, then licked her lips as she reached out to cup Jessica’s breast.

Jess knew what Rachel was suggesting, and also knew she should be shocked — but the truth was, she was already anticipating another session of lovemaking with Alice. And when she added Rachel and Bella to the mix, imagining the four of them in bed, loving one another in a glorious lesbian orgy, she felt herself quiver inside with renewed lust.

“Maybe you’re right,” Jess murmured, stroking Rachel’s thigh. “I don’t know — I need to think some more about this.”

Rachel smiled to herself. She knew that she’d planted a seed in her new lover’s mind, one that was already beginning to germinate. “How about a kiss?” she said.

The two women came together and made love once more — this time, gentle and slow. They shared a few tender kisses, then covered themselves and fell asleep.

As they had been on most nights since that first time with Rachel, Jessica’s dreams were filled with images of women and girls of all ages. The difference this time was that she pictured herself kissing and having sex with them, all of them… and instead of guilt and conflict dominating her feelings, there was something much closer to euphoria, a sense of enlightenment.

Jess slumbered on, a faint smile on her lips.

Now available from our fictional workshop: Chapter Nine!


The Cuddle

  • Posted on January 29, 2019 at 3:20 pm

By Chrissy Larkin

{ This story was originally posted at the Nifty Archive in April 2018 }

Earlier this year, my husband started working a swing shift where he doesn’t get home until well after midnight. The new schedule has put our sex life on hold, as you can imagine. We have one child, a daughter who is fourteen, named Polly.

After weeks of hardly any sex, I found myself feeling increasingly desperate, often daydreaming about sex and masturbating at night for some relief.

In the meantime, my daughter Polly and I bonded at a time when most girls her age push to get out from under their mothers. It didn’t come easy, I had to work at it. One thing I did was to create a little ritual where we would get in our PJs, make some popcorn and cuddle up on the couch to watch TV.

During these moments when it was just the two of us, I would try to make the experience fun for just us girls, and pour myself a couple glasses of wine to help me relax. Even though Polly was now a teenager, she was still small for her size, so it was easy for her to cuddle up on my lap while we watched TV, ate popcorn and talked.

While Polly was small in stature, she had been developing, and now had nice-sized breasts for a girl her age. When we cuddled, she would lean back against me and I would wrap my arm around her, so that it rested just underneath her breasts, and I could feel them.

It was on one of those nights, a warm one, which meant Polly was wearing a very light cotton top. I had perhaps more than my usual amount of wine, and that was when things took a turn between my daughter and me.

Polly was leaning back as we watched together, and her warm little body felt comfortable and smelled nice, a fresh, youthful scent that I found alluring. I looked down at my daughter and could see her nipples were erect and clearly distinctive against the thin fabric of her top.

We were chatting idly as we watched a TV game show, and I mentioned to Polly how she used to cuddle up on my lap when she was little girl and suck her thumb. She sort of groaned in reply. Then I asked if she knew why she’d sucked her thumb. Polly shook her head, so I explained how I breastfed her and it lasted longer than normal; she was still doing it when she was three, a time when most children had been weaned from the nipple.

“And now look at you, with your own lovely breasts and nipples,” I continued. I couldn’t see Polly’s face, but I knew she was blushing.

I didn’t say anything else, but slowly moved my hand and touched her nipple. I still don’t know what compelled me to do that, but my inhibitions were down, thanks to the wine and how cozy it felt with us so close on the couch. I teased Polly gently, saying how nice and stiff they were. Polly didn’t respond, but I could hear her breathing, and probably wondering what the hell was I doing.

There was dead silence, my heart was beating like a hammer, but I continued to touch my daughter’s nipple through her shirt. Then I slowly slipped my hand underneath Polly’s shirt to cup her breast and tease her nipple, which seemed large and swollen. My mouth was dry, and I knew I’d gone much too far, but I couldn’t stop, not yet.

My daughter was breathing more deeply and started to lean back into me, as I let my hand roam from one breast to the other. I continued to murmur words of praise for her lovely shape, and as I did, I slid my other hand inside her pajama bottoms. Polly let out a little gasp, but rather than close her legs, she opened them up. I took that as a sign that she wanted me to continue. I ran my finger down to her pussy lips and found them to be wet. Very gently, I stroked her with my finger while my other hand continued to massage and roll her nipples.

I felt her pussy lips open up and when I touched her clit, she let out another, deeper sigh and moved her hips. I was still shaking with excitement and couldn’t talk, but I didn’t want to rush the moment and went slowly. Still, my little girl must have been overwhelmed because she nestled her face against my neck and let out a soft, sexy whimper.

I massaged her clit just like I did my own, while cupping and caressing her little breasts that fit so easily into my hand. Her whimpers turned into cries of pleasure, her breath came faster and became more ragged and then she moaned, pressing her face into my neck. I could feel her coming in my arms, a series of convulsions, her thighs clamping down on my hand. God, it was so sweet!

I let my daughter calm down, hugging her all the while. When I looked at her, she was flushed, her eyes wide open and glowing with wonder. Again acting on impulse, I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. It sent a shiver down my spine, it felt even more intimate than having touched her! I could feel my own wetness grow stronger when our lips met.

I told her this was our little secret, and she nodded. I kissed Polly again, still soft and just on the lips, but longer this time. We continued to kiss, and now I was the one who moaned.

I slid my hand back into my daughter’s PJs, caressed her inner thighs, then looked at her and simply asked, “More?” She nodded.

Just like the first time, I placed one hand under Polly’s shirt and tweaked her nipples while my other hand roamed below. She yielded her body to me, opening her legs and resting her head on my shoulder, her face nestled against my neck. I could feel her every breath, hear every whimper. It was incredibly intoxicating to have my daughter in my arms like that as I built up the pleasure inside of her, then slowed it down, then built it back up until I let her release and orgasm in my arms.

At one point I slid my finger down past her pussy and pleasured her anus. She wasn’t expecting that, nor was she expecting it to feel so good. Somehow, I knew exactly how to touch her.

I was dying to take Polly’s hand and encourage her to touch me, but I didn’t want to go too far this first time. Instead, I gave my darling daughter, my child with a young woman’s body, as much pleasure as I could with my fingers. When I felt her grow close to coming again, I whispered for her to let go, as I stroked her faster and faster.

And she repaid my efforts, crying out “Mommy! Mommy!” over and over as she shuddered and finally went limp in my arms. I hugged her tightly while my mind wandered,  already wondering and fantasizing about what might happen next between us.

The End


Pages from a Diary – Chapter 17

  • Posted on January 27, 2019 at 2:44 pm

by Rachael Yukey

November 6, 2006

I didn’t finish everything I wanted to write about last night… it just got so late, and I needed to get some sleep. I never guessed when I got started that these diary entries would be so long! It turns out this was something I needed. And something else, too. I’m starting to notice that writing about real stuff is improving my writing a lot faster than my A.L. creative writing class was by itself. But anyway…

When we got back to Julie’s house yesterday, Jason called my mom and said I was ready to be picked up.

“Your mom says she’s a little rushed,” he said after he hung up, “so she’s not coming in. She wants you to just be ready to go when she pulls up out front. She’s coming right over.”

I sighed and put my coat back on.

“Rats,” Julie was saying. “I wanted to show you the PA system Dad and I set up in the garage yesterday. It’s so cool, Mallory! I’m gonna mix sound for that student concert Dad’s putting on with Mr. Larson in the spring. Oh, yeah… I told you about that didn’t, I?”

I smiled a little. I was still sad about having to go home so quickly, but when Julie gets excited about something it’s impossible to be grouchy in her presence. She looked like she was going to launch right through the ceiling at any second.

“Twice,” I said with a giggle, “and I already knew the first time, cus I heard him ask if you wanted to do it.”

Julie blushed and giggled. “Oops!” she said.

I smiled and put my hand on her arm.

“How about a quick peek now,” I said, “and you can show me for real later.”

Julie squealed, and tugged on my hand.

Poking my head into the garage, I could see small black speakers set up on stands at the end of the room furthest from the big door. There were larger black boxes on either side on the floor… a different kind of speaker, maybe? There was a wide control panel with a ton of knobs on it set up on a table in the middle of the floor, facing towards the speakers. Julie was talking at a great rate.

“Those speakers up high, those are the mains,” she was saying. “Just little ones… Dad calls it a PA on a stick. The bigger ones on the floor are subwoofers; they’re for the notes that go thump! And over there…” she was pointing to the control panel… “is the front-of-house mixing console. That’s where I’ll be! It’s gonna be so cool, Mal…”

Then Jason was there, drawing us back into the house. He was smiling.

“Don’t worry, kiddo,” he was saying. “She’ll get the grand tour soon enough. No time for it now. Say, Mal… want to play keys for one of the groups? With your ear, it won’t be hard… you’ll be amazed how easy most popular music is to play. We’re starting rehearsals in January if you’re interested.”

“It sounds fun,” I said, “but I’ll have to see if my parents will let me. It’s weird… they worry more about what music I hear than what shows I watch.”

“There’s a reason for that,” said Jason, “and they probably don’t even realize it themselves. It’s so ingrained in traditional Christian upbringing that the response is just automatic. But think about it: what was Lucifer’s job before God gave him the boot?”

I had to think about it for a second. Then it came to me.

“Wasn’t he in charge of the angels that sang… oh, wait. I get it!”

Jason was grinning. “Actually, the Bible never says that directly… just gives hints that he was involved with music. But ever since the early Catholic period, that sort of inference has been drawn. So, the assumption is that Satan was a musician, and in the Bible stories you probably heard in Sunday school when you were younger it’s been framed as absolute truth. And it follows from there that music is going to be his favorite medium for getting inside your head and stealing your soul.”

“So wait… it never actually says that?” I was surprised.

“Nope,” said Jason, as I watched Mom’s Explorer pull up out front. “And here’s another fun one for you. Re-read Genesis and tell me where it actually says that the snake Adam and Eve shot the bull with was Satan in disguise.”

Mom honked her horn. My head in a whirl, I hugged Julie and kissed her cheek. For a crazy moment I almost planted that kiss on her mouth, but I caught myself in time. I hate having to hide! Jason is a great guy, but Lisa and Megan are the only people we can really be us around. I hugged Jason, and grudgingly stepped outside.

When I got into the Explorer, I could see why Mom hadn’t wanted to come in… she looked awful. Her face looked pinched and pale, and her eyes were red. I was pretty sure she had been crying. As she pulled away from the curb, I fought a quick war with myself… Is it better to pretend I don’t see it, or do I say something? She looked so sad I couldn’t let it go.

“Mom,” I said carefully, “are you all right?”

“Oh, sure, honey, why do you…” her words seemed to freeze in her mouth.

“No,” she said, so softly I had to strain to hear it, “I’m not doing that anymore.” She glanced over at me, then back at the road.

“I had a talk with your dad,” she said, still speaking softly, “and it didn’t go so well.”

“Did you fight again?” My heart sank. Nothing was ever going to change.

“Not like before,” she said. “I explained to him that I have needs that aren’t being met. I told him some ways that we could solve that problem. And he was very calm about… he just sat down on the couch and read scripture to me. All the parts that lay out the biblical duties of a wife and mother.”

She sighed.

“He’s right, Mallory, I know he is… we’re Christians, and the Bible really does say all those things. And so… all the conversation did was make me feel like… like…” her chin was trembling.

“Like shit?” I offered.

“Mallory!” she looked shocked.

“I thought we were being honest with each other now. That’s what you feel like… right?”

We were less than a mile from home, but suddenly Mom jerked the wheel. Gravel crunched under the tires as she pulled off into a field approach. She put the Explorer in park, laid her head on the wheel, and sobbed.

“I feel like shit all the time,” tears were absolutely streaming down her cheeks. “Listening to the pastor going on about biblical commandments makes me feel like shit. The other women at church talking about their perfect little lives makes me feel like shit. Your dad telling me what a Christian woman’s wifely duties are and reading it to me right out of the f… f… the fucking Bible REALLY makes me feel like shit!”

Her voice had risen; she was almost yelling now. Her fist began to beat on the dashboard. Her next words came out short and clipped.

“I’m. Tired. Of. Feeling. Like. SHIT!”

Then she was just crying loudly, her body racked with sobs.

I wasn’t sure what to do… I’ve seen Mom cry before, but the intensity of this caught me completely off guard. I couldn’t believe I’d just heard her cursing the Bible… is my mom losing her faith? I know what that’s like… the confusion and the fear. I’m still learning how to cope with it. I’d always kind of thought that stuff would be easier for an adult, though. It’s depressing to think that maybe it’s not. Another question for Jason or Lisa, maybe?

It’s impossible to really hug somebody in the front of a vehicle with two bucket seats unless that person leans towards you, and Mom was bent straight forward with her head on the wheel. I settled for leaning over a little and awkwardly putting my hand on her shoulder. I cast around desperately for something useful to say but wasn’t coming up with anything. After a little while her sobs started to taper off a little bit.

“What did you tell Dad you wanted to do?” I asked.

Mom sniffled and sat up. She wiped her face with both hands… didn’t help much. She laid her head back against the seat.

“I…” she struggled to find her voice. “I was thinking about getting a part-time job,” she said. “I’m not qualified for anything so it wouldn’t be a very good one, but we could start putting some money away again. And then…” her voice caught again. She drew in a steadying breath.

“There’s a program,” she said at last. “Lutheran Social Services has a program for women in rural communities… It’s really designed for uneducated farm wives. People like me. It’s to send us to school without having to move away from home. These days lots of colleges are setting things up so you can take classes over the internet, and LSS will work with you to find the right online course for what you want to study. And they have a grant program to help you pay for it… plus they think I’ll probably qualify for the usual financial aid.”

“They think… you mean you’ve already talked to them?”

Mom rolled her eyes and sighed. She put the Explorer in reverse, looked over her shoulder, and backed out onto the gravel road.

“I didn’t mean for you to know about that,” she said as we pulled away. “I keep forgetting how smart you are… stuff like that doesn’t get by you, I guess. I haven’t told your dad that I called them. But I have an appointment to go talk to them tomorrow at the New York Mills office.”

“Are you actually going to do it? Go back to school, I mean?”

We crested the hill that comes right before our driveway; we’d been almost home when we stopped.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I have to decide what I would want to take, for one thing. It’s gotta be something that I could get a job in locally… I figure I could commute to Perham or Wadena, maybe to Fergus or Alex if the pay was good. But that would just about be the limit.”

She turned into the driveway, and pulled into her usual parking spot in front of the house.

She put the Explorer in park.

“And… there’s other things,” she was saying. “Your dad doesn’t want me to, and the Word says wives are supposed to submit to their husbands. Not to mention I need to have enough time to be your mom, which I haven’t done the greatest job of lately as it is. So, I don’t know.”

She opened her door and got out. I followed her into the house. Dad was nowhere to be seen, and I figured he must be out in his shop. Mom went straight to the kitchen and looked inside of the crockpot, then plopped into a chair. I sat down more slowly.

“I think you should do it,” I said.

“You mean… go to school?”

“Yeah. I mean… nothing is going to get better if things don’t change, right? You know what I think, Mom? I think everybody has to live for themselves a little bit. If you don’t have what you need, how can you have anything to give to anyone else?”

Mom just stared at me. I swear, it was almost two minutes before anyone said anything. Finally, she got her mouth in gear.

“Wow,” she said at last. “That’s an observation I’d never have been able to make at your age.”

She sighed.

“What about the Word?” she said. “Your dad doesn’t want it to happen, and the Bible makes him the head of this family.”

I thought about that one for a moment… how far did I dare go?

“I don’t know,” I said at last. “Except that I’m not sure I believe in all the same things you do, Mom.”

There… I’d said it. There was another long silence. Finally, she rose from the chair and began taking dinner plates out of the cupboard.

“You’d better run out to the shop and tell your dad that dinner’s ready,” she said.

November 11, 2006

Jason is on tour. He’ll be gone for a little over two weeks. Yesterday was Friday, and Julie took the day off of school so she could ride down to Minneapolis with Lisa and drop him off at the airport. I hated not having her there at school… Especially since I haven’t seen her anyplace else since Sunday… but something really cool happened to make up for it. Cindy Moen and Emma Fronning came over and sat with me at lunch, and then we hung out on the playground along with a couple of other girls. Cindy invited me to her birthday party next weekend. They really aren’t just hanging around me because of Julie! That’s awesome.

I wish I knew what the deal is with Mom. I tried to ask her how her appointment last Monday to see about school went, but she changed the subject.

Dad got the combine into the field Monday and has been going pretty hard, so we really haven’t seen him. He’s got two local guys he hires to help him out when he’s combining corn, and they’ve been roaring in and out with the big grain truck. I know what that means: prices are down, so Dad is storing the corn at home in his big aluminum tanks and waiting for the market to be better. I hope he has room; I think most of last year’s crop is still in there.

One thing that has been nice this week is that I’ve had lots of time to practice piano, and to work on my A.L. art project. But it’s not all rosy; the teacher rejected my concept for the drawings. I showed her the rough sketches on paper and one of the mushrooms I’m planning to transfer them to. I was doing pastoral woodland scenes because I thought they would fit the medium, and the teacher said she loved the basic idea but I should draw something else.

“Woodland scenes?” she said. “It’s a cliché, and it’s not you, Mallory. Find something that fits the medium AND fits your personality.”

Yeah… okay. Great. Back to square one.

Julie asked me on Thursday if I could come over Friday after school and have a girl’s night with her and Lisa since Jason was going to be gone. Mom gave me permission, so yesterday after school I crossed the street to the parking lot instead of getting on the bus. As promised, Julie and Lisa were waiting for me in Lisa’s Honda.

Lisa was her usual self but Julie seemed a little… subdued. When we got to her house, she took me out to the garage and showed me around the PA system she was learning to run. She turned it on and played some music through it.

“But that’s easy,” she said. “What’s going to be hard is having a bunch of live instruments and voices feeding in all at once and having to make them all sound good together. Dad gave me a couple of books to read while he’s gone, and we’ll really get to work when he gets back.”

Lisa was in the kitchen when we came back in. She was checking a roast she’d left in the oven.

“Dinner in about an hour,” she said. “Anything you ladies want to do in the meantime?” Julie just shrugged and looked at her feet. What the hell?

Julie and I took Benjie for a walk, and when we got back in, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“What’s eating you?” I demanded as we took off our coats.

“Huh?” said Julie.

“You seem kind of sad, and maybe if I know why I can help.”

“I’m fine,” Julie said shortly.

“No, you’re not.” Lisa’s voice. Our heads craned around, and she was walking towards us across the room. She must have been in the kitchen again.

“You’ve been mopey since we dropped your dad at the airport,” she went on. “Wanna talk about it?”

Julie hung her coat up, brushed past Lisa, and plopped down on the couch.

“It’s stupid,” she said.

I sat down next to her and put a hand on her arm.

“Tell us anyway,” I said softly.

Julie sighed.

“He won’t admit it, but he misses the road,” she said finally. “He gave it up to take care of me. But what happens when he’s out there for a couple weeks and remembers how much he loves it? What then?”

I put my arm around her. Lisa knelt in front of her and took her hand.

“And then he comes home,” she said. “He’s talked to me about this, you know. You’re right: he loves playing, and he misses being out there with a show to play every night. But he loves you more. Look how hard he’s worked to settle in here and build a place for both of you in the community. There’s stuff you don’t even know about… stuff that comes across my desk because I’m city clerk and treasurer. This is his home now, and as soon as he’s done playing these shows he’ll be right back here, teaching in the back room of the Salvation Army and taking ambulance calls. He’ll probably do this kind of thing again… you know, a few weeks out filling in for someone… but it won’t be a full-time thing.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so. You’ll see. I’ll tell you something he said to me the other night. He said he’s lived his childhood dream, and done things only a handful of people ever get to experience. He said if it’s all over and what he has left is the memories, he can’t ask for much more. And if he gets a little taste of it once in awhile… like he’s doing now… it’s icing on the cake. I think he’s at peace with where he’s at in life. Not many people can say that… you know?”

Julie got a lot more cheerful after that. I talked her into doing the weekend homework assignment with me while we waited for the roast to cook. Julie puts it off till the last minute a lot of times, but I like to get it all done early so I don’t have to think about it anymore. We ate in the living room so we could have a movie with our dinner. Lisa sat at one end of the sofa and Julie on the other, leaving me in the middle.

I finished my food first, and by that time I was already having a hard time keeping my mind on the movie. It was turning to other things… I had Julie and Lisa to myself for the whole evening and all of the next day! No way were we just going to watch movies and do crafts or talk or whatever… I had a few other things in mind. I tried to push the thoughts aside for the moment, but no use. I realized I was getting wet.

After what seemed like an eternity but was really just a couple more minutes, Julie ate her last bite, pushed her plate in towards the center of the coffee table, and leaned back. My right hand slid across her thigh, caressing her through her jeans. She shifted over a little until she was pressed against me and slipped an arm around my shoulders. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Lisa looking at us sidelong with a sleepy little smile.

By the time Lisa finished eating, my fingertips were sliding slowly up and down the length of Julie’s inner thigh, and her legs were spread wide. Her fingers were winding and twisting through my hair. Lisa had slid over a little while she ate the last of her food so that her leg was touching mine, and my left-hand fingers were idly playing with the fabric of her skirt. After she set her plate down, I let my hand move upwards, sliding in under the edge of her blouse. My fingers drifted across the smooth, warm skin of her belly. Her hand found its way to my leg.

By the time the movie was over I was on Lisa’s lap, with Julie pressed in close to us. Our hands were all over each other, and all of us were breathing heavily. Lisa slipped an arm around my belly to keep me from falling, leaned forward, and got ahold of the remote. As the TV went dark, I turned my head towards Julie and captured her mouth with mine. She met me with fire and enthusiasm, our tongues twisting and dancing together. Lisa leaned in and peppered the sides of our faces with little kisses, her arms encircling us both. I broke off the kiss with Julie and turned my head just a little… and then my tongue was in Lisa’s mouth. Julie began kissing my neck.

Lisa broke off the kiss with me and pushed my hair back; it had fallen into my eyes.

“My room?” she said.

I slid off of her lap, took her hand in one of mine and Julie’s in the other, and pulled. They both rose from the couch, and followed me as I turned and almost ran for the stairs.

I didn’t want to wait… I’d spent the first half of the movie getting all worked up thinking about the things I wanted to do when it was over, and the other half being fondled and teased by Lisa and Julie. I needed someone to take care of me, and right then!

I pulled my shirt over my head as I climbed the stairs, dropping it on the floor when I reached the top. I had my jeans undone by the time I stepped into Lisa’s bedroom, and I shoved them to the floor along with my sodden panties. To hell with the socks, I decided. I stepped out of the jeans, turned around, and sat down on the edge of the bed.

Julie was right behind me, already taking off her own clothes, and Lisa was walking through the door unbuttoning her blouse. I lay back on the bed, my feet dangling.

The corners of Lisa’s mouth quirked up.

“Anyone in a hurry?” she said… but for all her amusement, her voice was strained and shaky.

Letting her blouse drop to the floor, she knelt on the floor in front of me and leaned in. Her nails traced the insides of my thighs, and I moaned with delicious longing as she kissed my belly.

Julie came in behind her and unhooked her bra, then got onto the bed and knelt over the top of me.

We kissed again as Lisa’s fingers found my swollen pussy lips, caressing and teasing. She split them open slowly and gently, her eyes riveted. She ran her fingers along the insides of my lips, and I could feel the gooey moisture she was spreading. I moaned. My hips were rising and falling.

“So beautiful,” Lisa said in a shuddering, breathy voice.

“Eat it now, and I’ll let you look at it all you want later,” I gasped.

All three of us cracked up a little.

Lisa leaned in and first ran her tongue across one of my labia, then the other. Her finger teased my entrance.

I shoved my hips upwards at her, hard.

She let her tongue slip between the folds, and my whole body went rigid at the intense wave that coursed through me as it brushed across my clit. Her tongue began to move in slow little circles. The sensations were amazing, and so was the feeling of triumph… Lisa was eating my pussy! I’d been dreaming of it ever since I borrowed her sexy lesbian novel.

“Finger-fuck me, too,” I said. It came out almost as a whisper.

If she was surprised at the request, she didn’t show it. She eased a finger slowly inside. It was easier this time; the same feeling of fullness as before, but without the discomfort. She began to move it in and out slowly, and the sensations from that alone made me shudder and gasp. When her tongue went back to work, I was in heaven.

Julie was bent over me, gloriously naked, kissing my chest and licking my nipples.

I tugged on her arm until she slid upward a little, and kissed her fiercely. I reached down between her legs and began rubbing her pussy lips, applying as much pressure as I could. Moisture oozed out of her slit, coating the tips of my fingers.

Julie began moving her hips rhythmically against my hand.

A few seconds later I felt my orgasm coming, and a particularly strong wave made me throw my head back and cry out, tearing our lips apart. Julie lay her head on my chest and squeezed me tightly, her breath harsh and ragged and punctuated with little gasps.

I squeezed her back with the arm that I wasn’t using to rub her pussy, pressing her hard against me as I came, crying out and pumping my hips hard against Lisa’s face.

I kind of went mostly limp for a few moments after, but I did manage to keep my hand moving. Julie was on her knees and bent double, her face pressed against my chest and her ass in the air. Her gasps were turning to moans.

Lisa got up off the floor, slid onto the bed, and got behind her. She began caressing Julie’s naked ass with both hands. I slid a finger in between my best friend’s smooth, silky, and oh so slippery wet pussy lips. She moaned a little as I brushed across her clit, and then gasped as I hooked my middle finger and slid it into her pussy.

With my finger in up to the second knuckle and my palm pressed hard against her I began to move rhythmically and fast.

Julie was moaning with almost every breath now, and Lisa was bent over her raining kisses and love bites all over her ass. Julie began thrusting her hips back and forth so hard that I stopped moving my hand and simply applied pressure; she was doing all the work! Her moans became cries that rose in intensity.

“Oh, God,” she cried suddenly. Then she was screaming over and over, pumping hard against my hand as her pussy muscles squeezed my finger in rhythmic pulses. Suddenly she reached down and tore my hand away, let her legs splay out behind her, and lay collapsed and panting across my chest.

I put my arms around her, while Lisa embraced her from behind. Lisa was breathing really hard. After a few more seconds I squirmed out from under Julie and came around behind Lisa. I showered her back with kisses and little bites, while one hand caressed her ass through her skirt. Her breath became increasingly ragged, and her hips were rocking back and forth slightly. I tugged on her arm, and she rolled over onto her back.

I lay on top of her and pressed my lips to hers. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and we shared a long, luxurious kiss. Then I moved downward, blazing kisses across her neck, and then down some more, fondling her luscious tits with both hands as my mouth closed over one nipple and then the other, sucking and licking greedily.

Julie came around me, lay on her stomach, and slid her tongue across the nape of Lisa’s neck.

Finally, I left Lisa’s tits behind and kissed my way downwards. When I got to her skirt, I undid the button on the side and tugged. Lisa lifted her butt up, and I took off the skirt and panties together. Then I kissed my way slowly up her legs, from her ankles all the way up. I kept trading between legs, kissing and licking as I went.

I didn’t make it all the way. By the time I got just above her knees, she was moaning and thrusting her hips.

Julie had a nipple in her mouth, and was squeezing the other between her thumb and index finger.

Lisa’s hands slipped under my arms and pulled me up until my face was right over the top of her pussy.

“Please,” she gasped, “no more teasing!”

I buried my face in her, breathing in deeply through my nose and taking in her glorious scent. As my tongue went to work, I slid two fingers of my right hand inside of her. Her breath hitched and tore. Rolling my eyes upwards I saw her pull Julie into a passionate kiss. Then she broke the kiss, holding Julie to her tightly and pressing their cheeks together and she began to moan out loud. Then she was coming, pressing her ass down into the mattress as she cried out and pussy juice soaked my hand.

We all lay together in a pile for a little bit after that. Julie and I were on either side of Lisa with our heads on her chest, and she had an arm around each of us. After a bit I slid over just a little and kissed Julie’s soft, beautiful lips. She kissed me back, and our tongues met. As we kissed slowly and tenderly, Lisa put a hand on each of our heads and wove her fingers into our hair.

“So what exactly is the deal with you two?” Lisa said after Julie and I broke the kiss.

“Huh?” I said.

“Well, I mean… are you still thinking of each other just as friends with something a little extra, or is it more than that? Or have you maybe just not talked about it yet? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want.”

I looked at Julie. She shrugged and nodded.

“We did talk about it a little,” I said slowly, “right after that first time at Megan’s house. I don’t know if we know what to call it, but there is more. Something special. And we promised not to do… you know… this… with anyone else unless we were both there.”

Lisa giggled.

“So that’s why you didn’t take me up on those hints when your dad was on that call the other day,” she said to Julie.

“Yeah,” said Julie. “We promised we’d save it for when we’re together.”

“God, that’s sweet,” said Lisa. “And I totally respect that. I won’t try it again.”

“Lisa,” I said, “can I ask you something?”

“Of course, honey.”

“That first time I was over here, I felt like… I don’t know. Like there was something different about the way you looked at me, and the way you touched me. I didn’t know what to think of it at the time. Was it… I mean, were you thinking…”

I ran out of words. I was starting to wish I’d kept my mouth shut. Lisa looked distressed.

“Oh, sweetie, I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to creep you out, or…”

“You didn’t,” I broke in. “It’s okay. I’m just asking if this was on your mind already.”

Lisa put a hand over her eyes.

“Yes and no,” she said. “Look… I’ve known since I was a freshman in high school that I liked girls that were… well… a little younger than me. Okay, a lot younger. I like my men older, but with girls it was the opposite. I mean, I like grown women too… but there’s a certain way that girls get me excited like nothing else does. And I got involved with a girl just a couple of years older than you two when I was sixteen.

“It was good, and when her parents moved, we parted as friends. I still hear from her once in awhile. I haven’t been with a girl so young since… but I have fantasies, you know. And…”

“Wait,” Julie broke in. “Megan was saying there were rumors about you and another girl when you were in high school. Was that…?”

“Oh, God no,” said Lisa with a laugh. “I had a girlfriend my own age. We didn’t exactly get caught… but we were found under, shall we say, suspiciouscircumstances. Enough to get people wondering about us. But we were more careful after that, I was openly dating some guys, and it tapered off. I guess the rumors didn’t completely die, though, if Megan’s hearing about it still.”

She sighed a heavy sigh.

“Anyway… yeah. When you came to the house, I could see a dynamic between you and Julie even then. You probably didn’t even notice it yourselves. But it got me seeing you both in a way that I haven’t let myself think about girls your age in years. I just couldn’t help it… and I guess I couldn’t help but make it obvious.”

She was looking upset again, so I kissed her cheek and squeezed her.

“I’m glad you did,” I said. “Maybe if you hadn’t, we wouldn’t all be here right now.”

Her face smoothed, and she smiled.

“I think you two would have found your way, though,” she said. “and of course, there’s Megan. You girls HAVE to tell me what goes on over there one of these days!”

“Why don’t we bring her over here and showyou?” I blurted.

Lisa went very still.

“Ummm… you girls do understand that anyone else finding out about this is a terrible idea, right?”

“She knows,” I said. “we didn’t tell her… she figured it out. She doesn’t know any details, but she knows something has been happening with you. And she’s cool with it… actually I think she’s a little jealous of us. She thinks you’re hot.”

Lisa stared at the ceiling for a few seconds, then smiled.

“Well, I am pretty sexy,” she said with a giggle.

Fucking sexy,” I clarified. We all laughed. I picked up the phone book on the nightstand next to the bed, and thumbed through it until I found Megan’s number.

“Uh… Mal? What are you doing?” Julie wanted to know. I put my finger to her lips. I picked up the phone next to the bed and dialed the number. Megan’s mom answered.

“Frost residence.”

“Hi, Mrs. Frost,” I said. “It’s Mallory Kalvornek. Is Megan there?”

“One moment,” she said. I heard a clunk as the phone was set down, then another a minute later as it was picked up.


“Hi, Megan,” I said. “I’m going to be hanging out with Julie and Lisa at their house tomorrow… Jason is out of town. We were wondering if you wanted to come and… you know… help Julie and I out with some A.L. stuff for awhile.”

“Whoa… uh… okay. Yeah! I think I can make that work. What time?”

Lisa was tapping my arm.

“Tell her to come for lunch,” she said. “Say, 11:30 or so.”

“I heard that,” said Megan. “I’ll be there!”

We said goodbye and hung up. Lisa was smiling.

“It’s still early,” she said. “Let’s watch another movie up here, in bed! Who wants popcorn?”


Two Moms, Chapter 21

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By Naughty Mommy

The next day, Saturday, after a late breakfast, Jess and I decided to ride our bikes to the big mall which is about three miles away. Our moms were just relaxing. Well, my mother was looking at all these papers and things from her office, if you can believe that, while Jessica’s mom, Karen, was reading a magazine.

Anyway, we walked with my bike over to her house where Jess got her bike, and then we took off.

It was a lot of fun at the mall. We had a good time trying to shock people, holding hands in public, acting sort of romantic, even kissing a few times. No one really paid much attention to us, unfortunately, but still it was a blast.

We walked all around both levels of the mall, going inside some stores and looking at what they had. Neither of us bought anything, but we did try on clothes a couple times and made out like crazy in the dressing rooms. Jess said she wanted to play a video game in the arcade, so we did that, and later we got some Frosties and fries at Wendy’s in the food court.

On the way home we took a different route and rode through this city park which is close to our neighborhood. That was really nice. But what was even nicer was what we did when we got back to my house.




“This is so amazing, just incredible,” said Karen. “How long did it take you to acquire all this?”

Nora smiled. “Most of it I got in sort of a big spurt a few years ago. I found this treasure trove on the web and downloaded as much as I could. Then I traded with some people too, other collectors online. Now I have just about everything I want, though, so I don’t do that very much anymore.”

They were in Nora’s bedroom, sitting at her desk, taking some time to review the full breadth of her extensive collection of digital photos.

“I would go wild if I had so many pictures like this. I’m sure I’d —” Karen burst out laughing. “I was gonna say I’d be masturbating all the time. Except I already do that, so I don’t know what I’d do.”

“Well, you can look at them any time you want. All you have to do is ask. What’s mine is yours, beautiful lady.”

The women shared an open-mouth kiss, then went back to looking at the photos on the computer. Karen wore a short silk robe, borrowed from Nora, and nothing else. The robe was open and Karen’s hand was between her legs, routinely stroking as she’d been doing almost since they first sat down. Nora was in a pair of loose terry shorts and an oversized tank top, with no bra and no panties. She wasn’t playing with herself, not quite yet. Her pussy was still sore from all they’d done the night before, but she felt the need and squirmed in the chair, squeezing her legs together.

“Show me the kind you like best,” said Karen. “Some of the ones, you know, that turn you on the most.”

“All right.”




We put our bikes in the garage and came in the back way, through the kitchen. Our moms weren’t in the kitchen and they weren’t in the living room either, where we’d left them.

When we turned to go down the hall, I saw that my mother’s bedroom door was open just a crack and I thought I could hear voices from inside. That gave me a sneaky idea.

I put my finger to my lips, signaling Jess to be quiet, then took her hand and together we crept up close to the door. We listened and heard…

“God, they are so hot. I wish I could eat every one of those little pussies.” That was Karen, Jessica’s mother.

“I know. I can never get enough,” said my mom. “Just look at their beautiful bodies, so smooth and so young. So fuckable.”

“What age do you think you like best?” Karen asked.

“Mm, maybe around twelve.” (That’s my age, I realized with a thrill.) “Just when the girls are starting to mature, getting little breast buds, possibly their first bit of pubic hair.”

“Yeah, that’s really awesome. It’s so exciting to see. I have to admit, though,” said Karen, “that even when they’re younger, only nine or ten, they can still be so, so sexy.”

“Oh, of course, no doubt. I can easily come to a picture of a girl that age. Like, wait — here, let me show you this one.”

“My god, just look at her…”

Jess squeezed my hand and led me away a few steps. She whispered in my ear, “Let’s both take off all our clothes and jump in the room and surprise ‘em, okay?”

I grinned. “Really??”

“Yeah, let’s do it.”

So we did. We stripped right there in the hall, staying as silent as we could, trying not to giggle. Leaving our clothes in a pile, we tiptoed up to the door, looked at each other, nodded, then burst inside.

“Surprise!!” we both called out, our arms flung up in the air.

“You wanna see some naked girls?” cried Jess. “Real-life naked girls? Here we are!”

Our mothers whipped around toward us from where they sat at the desk. My mom was blushing like mad, with a hand over her mouth. But Karen clapped and laughed, “Beautiful! Just beautiful!”

I sat down on the bed, panting with exhilaration, and Jess took a seat beside me. “Were you guys lookin’ at porn?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” Karen nodded. “Lia’s mom was showing me all these really great pictures she has. But you’re right, honey. Having you two here in the flesh with us is even better.”

As she said this, her eyes ran up and down our nude bodies. She spread her legs and started playing with herself. All she had on was one of my mother’s robes, which was open already so she was practically naked like us. I’d seen Karen masturbate plenty of times before, of course, but never with my mom there too. This was new and exciting!

“We, uh…” began my mother, still blushing. “Maybe we —”

“What?” Karen interrupted. “You’ve done it before with Lia, and I’ve done it with both of them. So why don’t we all do it together?”

“I want to,” said Jess.

I glanced down and saw that she had both hands between her legs, massaging her pussy. Then I looked up at my mom, who was staring at Jessica, her eyes wide.

“I think we should do it, Mom,” I told her. “We can all watch each other. That’d be fun, wouldn’t it?”

She didn’t say anything, just nodded and licked her lips as she brought a hand up to her breast and squeezed it through her tank top. It was easy to see that her nipples were hard. When I saw that and thought about it, it made my mouth water. I really wanted to suck my mom’s nipples!

I scooted back on the bed so I could put my feet up and get to my pussy more easily. Although I wasn’t very wet yet, I knew it wouldn’t take long. As I began rubbing my clit with my right hand, I poked the index finger of my left hand just inside my opening, moving it around a bit. I love how that feels.

Karen moved her chair nearer, then lifted one foot up on the bed, right next to me. Her legs were wide apart. I could see everything, and unlike me, she was already very wet. Her fingers gleamed with moisture as she slid them in and out of her vagina.

My mom stood, pulling her tank top off over her head and tossing it away. She shoved her shorts down and stepped out of them. Now she was naked. Pulling her chair next to the bed, she sat down again and put her feet up, one on either side of Jessica. She used her fingers to open her labia, fully exposing herself.

“Show me your cunt, little girl, and I’ll show you mine,” my mother said.

“Oh my god,” said Jess, her face turning red.

She’d seen lots of naked women before, of course, ever since she was just a little girl, sometimes up very close like this. But I think it probably turned her on even more knowing it was my mom she was looking at. Anyway, she seemed really excited.

“I love your little pussy,” said my mom. “So hot and sexy. Will you let me have a good look at it?”

“Um, yeah, okay,” Jess nodded, as she pulled her pussy lips back.

“Jesus Christ, look at that,” my mother said. Dropping her feet to the floor, she leaned in extremely close between Jessica’s legs. For a moment I thought she might even start licking, but she didn’t. She just studied her, sighing, “Ooh, that is so hot… a beautiful, juicy, little girl pussy…”

“I’m gonna come, Lia,” announced Karen breathlessly. “You want to see me come?”


I turned my attention back to her. Karen’s hand was moving really fast, making a squishy sound and slapping against her vulva as she fucked herself. The smell of sex was strong.

“I’m gonna come,” she repeated. “Want to watch me come?”

“Yeah, I do, and I wanna come for you too.”

I rubbed my clit more quickly while pushing my finger deeper inside. It felt great, like always — but I couldn’t possibly keep up with Karen, no way. By the time I reached my peak, the woman had already climaxed twice, and then she came for a third time when I finally did. She is just unbelievable.

Jess and my mom were both playing with themselves too, of course, at the same time as us. And they both had orgasms about when I did, I think. I’m not really sure, though, ‘cause it was hard to tell with all that moaning and squealing and everything.

I didn’t attempt to keep count, but over the next hour or so I know we all came a lot more than once, and Karen a lot more than that. We shifted around, with everyone getting up on the bed, and then we watched each other masturbate.

Sometimes we’d move in really close so we could look at a pussy right when the climax was happening. I’d done that before a few times with Jessica, but never with Karen or with my mom. It was so exciting to have my face only a few inches away from my mother’s cunt and watch as she rubbed herself and fucked herself and then climaxed for me. Really, really hot. I could smell her juices and practically taste her. This naturally made me want to play with myself, and when I did, my mom got down between my legs and stared at my bald but extremely wet pussy while I opened it up wide for her and then made myself come.

We just kept doing this over and over, trading around, everybody watching everyone, until finally we were exhausted. A perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, don’t you think?




The days and weeks flowed past.

Jess and I went to school, of course, like usual, and after a while we no longer tried to hide the fact that we were girlfriends. It actually surprised me that no one seemed to mind very much. A few of the kids teased us a little, but nobody was mean about it or anything. And the teachers were pretty cool too, so everything was fine.

We always walked home together after school. First we’d get our homework out of the way and then fool around, kissing or watching porn or masturbating or even more. Just having fun, like most girls do when they’re alone together. If we were at Jessica’s, we might also watch her mom masturbating or having sex with her friends or with the maids, although that didn’t necessarily happen every day, just most days.

It’s weird how quick that began to seem normal, seeing all these ladies have sex with each other right in front of me. It still made me really excited, obviously, but I didn’t freak out or feel embarrassed like at the beginning, and in fact I didn’t have a problem letting them know how turned on I was getting. I mean, I would play with myself while we were watching them, and Jessica did too, and we both had orgasms that way. It was pretty great.

Our moms were totally a couple now, and that was awesome. I’d never seen my mother so happy. She was still working hard at her job, occasionally staying late or bringing stuff home on the weekends, but she said everything was going really well. I knew she was trying her best to get this big promotion or something, and I hoped she would.

During the week, we sometimes would have Jess and her mom over for dinner, or maybe we’d go to their place, but we never had sleepovers on weeknights. When the weekend came, though, that was a different story. Because then the four of us spent just about all our time with each other. It was almost as if we were living together in one house then, except we had two houses. But we had a lot of our stuff at each other’s places, clothes and makeup and everything else. It was like being at home wherever we were.

Looking back, it seems obvious that it would lead to what happened next, the second of those two big things I mentioned before. I guess I should have seen it coming, but in fact it took me by surprise.




I remember the date.

It was December 19th, my half-birthday, six months since the day I’d turned twelve. And finally, hallelujah, I was actually starting to grow boobies! Not much yet, but my nipples were definitely getting bigger and they felt sore sometimes. When I looked at my chest in the mirror, it wasn’t completely flat any more. My body had begun to look at least a little bit like a woman’s. Although I still didn’t have any hair on my pussy, I knew that would come eventually, and in the meantime, my mom and Jessica’s mom loved seeing me that way whenever I got naked and masturbated in front of them.

Anyway, speaking of our two moms, can you figure out what the big thing was that happened that day?

We had dinner that evening at Karen’s house. Everything was really fancy, fancier than usual, I mean. It felt like a party or a celebration with lots of candles burning and extra flowers and stuff. Plus, there were four gifts on the table, little wrapped packages in front of where we each sat, kind of like early Christmas presents. We weren’t allowed to open them right away, though, not until after we finished dessert.

I wanted to eat fast so we could open our gifts, but our mothers took their darn time, drinking champagne first and then a couple different kinds of wine. See, Margaret had made this special meal for us with lots of separate courses. She and Freja brought out appetizers, then soup, then fish, then duck, and at the very end, apple pie. With all that food, of course, I was really full. It was all delicious, and we had a good time at dinner, but I was still eager to see what my gift was. So I gobbled down my pie, stuffing it in, then waited for the others to finish.

“Girls, you two can open your presents first,” said my mother with a smile. She and Karen were seated next to each other on one side of the table, holding hands. Jessica and I were on the other side.

I grabbed my little package and Jess grabbed hers. They were both the same size and wrapped the same way, and when we tore them open, the gifts we found inside were nearly identical. Not quite, though, because they were necklaces with two halves of lovely gold hearts at the end of delicate chains. On one of them, Jessica’s, was inscribed the word ‘Together’, and on mine it said ‘Forever’.

We jumped up and ran around the table to hug our moms, kissing them and thanking them. They helped us put the necklaces on and then watched as Jess and I shared a long wet lover’s kiss. When that was done, and after some more hugs and thank-you’s, it was time for our mothers to open their gifts.

They unwrapped them at the same time as we stood watching. The paper came away, revealing small velvet boxes. When they opened the boxes, we saw two gorgeous rings, with big diamonds.

“These are—” Karen started saying, but she was all choked up. Tears ran down her cheeks. Finally she managed to sob, “our — engagement rings!”


“Yes, it’s true! We’re getting married!” said my mom. She was crying too, but was able to talk just a little easier. 

They placed the rings on one another’s fingers, kissed, and then turned to us. My mother wiped her face. Her mascara was all smeared. I thought she looked beautiful.

“We’ll be married on December 31st, on New Year’s Eve, in Guadeloupe,” she said. “That’s in the Caribbean. And you girls are coming along with us, for the wedding and for the honeymoon!”

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Tears of the Sun, Chapter 5

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by Purple Les

The Tequila Kid was up early. While Annie and Arabella slept on in the dark of morning, she went naked to the well and poured a bucket of water over herself. It was icy, but bracing — just what she needed to start the day. Filling the bucket again, The Kid brought it back to the cabin, then fed the stove and started a pot of coffee.

Annie stirred and got up, moving slowly so as to not wake the ten-year-old girl who’d kept her up late playing sex games. She kissed The Kid and whispered, “Mornin’, Tequila. I’m gonna go milk the cow and gather up the eggs.”

Annie put on her boots and went out naked to the barn. Once she’d returned with a bucket of milk and four eggs, she washed and put on some clothes. The Kid was already dressed, seated at the table and sipping coffee from a steaming mug. She’d just finished cleaning her pistols and was now loading them with the cartridges Annie had bought for her. That task accomplished, The Kid slid the shiny nickel-plated Colt 45 peacemakers into the double-holstered black leather gun belt she wore around her waist.

“No need to be quiet, Annie. Time for Button to get up. We have to hit the trail.” With a smile and a twinkle in her sky-blue eyes, she added, “I reckon you two kept each other up for a spell last night.”

“That youngster done wore me out,” Annie said, blushing in spite of herself. Her voice caught in her throat when she said, “I guess it’s good you’re both leavin’, else my cunt will be plum rubbed raw.”

The Kid stood up, took Annie in her arms and kissed her deeply, then said, “We’re much obliged to you for the hospitality, Annie. You’re a mighty fine woman. Next time I’m hereabouts, I hope you’ll allow me to pay you a visit.”

Annie beamed. “You’re always welcome here. In my home, and my bed.”

The Kid’s expression turned serious. “Listen, Annie. You can still help me to keep Button safe.”

Annie gave The Kid a determined look. “Anything I can do for her, I’ll do, Tequila. Count on that.”

“Good,” The Kid said, “In a day or two, a half-breed Indian with a bowler hat with an eagle feather and an old blue cavalry jacket will show up here. Don’t trust him, not for a second. Keep your shotgun on him. He’ll ask about me and the girl. Tell him you saw me. That I spent the night and moved on to town. Don’t say anything about Button. No matter how he asks, tell him I was alone.”

Annie looked a little worried, but replied, “I’ll do just as you say.”

The Kid woke up Arabella. The little girl ran outside to the privy, then came back in and washed up.

They all ate breakfast together. The girl had stayed naked and Annie couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful child, recalling the pleasures they’d shared in the warmth of her bed.

Annie had bought a dress and underclothes, as per The Kid’s instructions, and boy’s things as well, including a straw hat.

The Kid had Arabella put on the boy’s clothing. “You got a pretty new dress here, Button, but you need to wear britches for riding and such.” She put Arabella’s hair up in a bun, then set the hat on her head. “There, Button. You look just like a boy now.”

“Well, I don’t think I ever saw a boy with such a sweet face.” Annie said. Then she added with a wink, “Or such a cute behind.”

The Kid went to the barn and saddled up Charlie Redeye’s horse, adding two full canteens, the bedroll, and her large heavy saddlebags. The last thing she did was put her Winchester in the rifle boot. She walked the horse outside to where Annie and Arabella were hugging goodbye.

Annie wore a new ribbon in her hair, and The Kid smiled when she saw it.

The Kid mounted the horse, then reached down and pulled Arabella up on to the saddle behind her. The girl settled hung tight to The Kid, with both arms wrapped around her waist.

“Adios, Annie.” The Kid said as she nudged the horse forward with a soft kick to his side.

“Bye, Miss Annie.” Arabella yelled as The Kid got the horse up to a slow trot.

“Bye, Button. Bye, Tequila.” called Annie, watching them ride off till they vanished from sight. Finally, with a wistful sigh, she went into the barn to begin the day’s work.


Annie had shown her a map, so The Kid had already planned out the route they would take. She guided the horse down a path that would avoid the town of Hellsfork and take them direct to Oak Creek.

A couple of hours later, they stopped for a break to let the horse rest and have themselves some water and hardtack. Then they rode on at slower pace, until they found themselves moving through the sagebrush near a creek as the sun was setting.

“We’ll camp here tonight,” The Kid told Arabella as she reined in the horse and they dismounted.

After they made camp and dined on some cornbread Annie had given them, they lay side by side on the bedroll, gazing up at the stars that filled the sky.

“It sure is a warm night. I reckon we could sleep right on top of the bedroll,” The Kid said.

Arabella turned over on her side and said, “It’s so warm, I bet we could sleep bare naked.”

The Kid turned to the girl and, in the moon’s friendly light, saw a big smile on the ten-year-old’s face. “We could, if we’d a mind to,” she replied.

Accustomed as she was to the quiet of riding the trail, The Kid had to admit that it had been fun listening to Arabella chatter all day about whatever came into her head. She’d also enjoyed the way that the girl would occasionally fondle her breasts from behind as they rode.

Now that she’s had her a taste of it, The Kid told herself, little Button’s gonna want love all the time.

Arabella looked back up at the stars. “I like dressing like a boy, Kid. It’s fun.”

“Well, now. I hope you ain’t turned into a boy.” The Kid said, a hint of mischief in her voice. “If you’re so warm, you best take them duds off, so I can check and make sure you are still a girl.”

“All right.” Arabella giggled. Sitting up, she pulled off her shoes and socks, took off her jacket and shirt, then stood up and removed her pants. The Kid looked Arabella up and down as the young girl stood, bathed by the moonlight, dressed only in her boy’s drawers.

Arabella unbuttoned the underwear and let it drop to the ground. Putting her thumb between her legs, she spoke in a gruff voice. “Look! I’m a boy.”

“Want me to suck that, little boy?” The Kid said as she got up on her knees, her face near Arabella’s thumb. The child pulled her hand away and The Kid said, “Now where did that little noodle go? Well, I reckon you are a girl, after all.”

The Kid pulled the naked ten-year-old down onto the bed roll and began to kiss her all over. Arabella laughed and giggled till The Kid was lying between her thighs, staring at the child’s smooth sex.

“Please… please lick me,” Arabella begged, a note of urgency in her voice.

Gently kissing the girl’s slit, The Kid then traced it with the tip of her tongue. Spurred on by Arabella’s blissful sigh, she began to lick harder, faster. The child spread her legs as far as they would go, offering her cunt up to her older lover, moaning long and low as she approached her climax.

Then her moan slowly rose into a wild cry, the little girl staring up at the night sky as she came. The Kid continued to pleasure Arabella — carrying her to the peak of ecstasy, then bringing her back down with the gentlest of kisses upon her sweet pink cleft.

As Arabella recovered, The Kid crawled up to lie beside her, and the two lovers’ mouths drifted together once more.

“I like how I taste on your lips,” said a sleepy-eyed Arabella. She relaxed into The Kid’s arms — then abruptly sat up, as if she’d just recalled something she’d forgotten. “Hey, Kid — can I do that to you? Make you feel good?”

The Kid smiled warmly at the child. “Anything you want, Button.”

Arabella grinned back. “Miss Annie showed me a few things,” she said, then got on her knees and began to unbutton and tug at The Kid’s clothes. “Let me make sure you’re a woman!” The Kid helped her some, and soon she was naked too.

Kneeling above The Kid, Arabella gave her a deep kiss, then began to suck her nipples, switching from one to the other. Thrusting a hand between the young woman’s legs, she caressed The Kid’s wet pussy, then slipped two of her fingers inside and started fucking her, using her thumb to manipulate the erect clitoris. It didn’t take long for The Kid to climax.

As they cuddled together under the bedroll, the night air grew cooler. The Kid sighed contentedly, tousling the girl’s hair. “Miss Annie taught you real good, I gotta say.”

Arabella giggled and said, “Uh-huh, she did. I sure do like her.”

“Me too, Button. Me too.”

Within a few minutes, they both dozed off.


Arabella awakened up at dawn. There was a small fire going, and coffee heating up. The Kid was naked and standing hip deep in the creek, looking intently into the water with her arms beneath the flowing surface. The child watched, wondering what The Kid was up to.

Suddenly The Kid lunged down into the creek and, an instant later, threw a large trout out of the water and onto the bank. She quickly emerged, the water glistening on her skin in the morning light, and snatched up her knife, which she’d left close by. The Kid hit the fish’s head with the butt of the knife, killing it instantly.

Glancing up, she spied Arabella and gave her a wink. “Howdy, Button. You feelin’ hungry? I got us some breakfast here.”

“Thanks, Kid. I am hungry, now I think of it. You gonna cook that?”

“Sure am.” The Kid scaled it and cleaned the fish, then washed the blood off it in the stream, cleaning herself at the same time, then carried it over to the fire, where her skillet awaited.

As she seasoned the sizzling fish with oil and herbs The Kid said, “Go do your necessities, Button. This’ll be ready ‘fore too long.”

When Arabella returned, they breakfasted on coffee, fried fish and what was left of Annie’s cornbread.

“That was mighty good. Thanks, Kid,” Arabella said, then wiped her mouth with the back of her forearm. “It’s nice, just being here with no clothes on. I like lookin’ at you naked.”

“You’re a sight for sore eyes yourself, Button.” said The Kid.

Slowly rising to her feet, Arabella padded over to the bedroll and stretched out on it, her legs spread wide apart, a smile on her angelic face.

“Well,” said The Kid, shaking her head and smiling, “Why not.”

Kneeling next to her Arabella on the bedroll, she bent down and began to lick the little girl, her tongue gliding again and again through the smooth slit. Arabella saw that The Kid’s cunt was within reach, so she reached out to touch it, her fingers fiddling about in the juicy flesh. Soon, they each experienced a satisfying climax.

The Kid gave her young lover a minute or so to recover, then sat up. “C’mon, Button — we got things to get done ‘fore we hit the trail.” Moving over to where her saddle lay, she hunkered down and fished around in the bag for her towel and soap, then turned back to Arabella, who was stretching herself. “Let’s hop in the creek and get ourselves washed up,” she said.

“Sounds like fun!” the girl said, a wicked smile on her lips.

“No foolin’ around, now,” The Kid said, trying to look stern. “If we get to makin’ love again, we’ll never be on our way. Anyhow, ain’t you had enough to hold you for a couple hours, at least?”

“Nope,” Arabella replied.

“Lord, give me strength,” The Kid muttered, but with a smile. Shaking her head, she waded into the water. Arabella followed, and they quickly washed up.

Drying herself as best she could with The Kid’s rather small towel, Arabella put her boy clothes back on. The Kid wore her Levi Strauss jeans, boots, gray and white checkered shirt and green corduroy vest. Then she fastened her gun belt around her waist, a six gun in each holster and six gun on each side.

As she put her hat on, Arabella asked, “How come your hat’s so beat up, Kid? Where’d all them holes come from?”

The Kid shrugged. “I got a story for every hole. Tonight I’ll tell you a few. But for right now, let’s break camp.”

She saddled up the horse, then turned back to Arabella, “Listen, Button. We’ll be passin’ not too far from where your family was attacked.” She placed her hand on the girl’s shoulder. “I’d like to take a look around there, if you think you could stand it. It’s just a few hours out of our way. Might get some clues there as to who’s responsible. What do you say?”

“Okay,” was Arabella’s answer, though the girl couldn’t conceal the glumness she felt at the prospect of returning to the place where her parents and older sister had lost their lives.

Mounting the horse, The Kid pulled Arabella up to sit behind her, then they rode off.


Charlie Redeye had slept for more than ten hours. He awoke confused and disoriented, then dozed off again. The next time he woke, he knew it to be near dawn. Charlie saw his canteen and pint bottle of whiskey sitting nearby. It took a little while to understand that the reason his limbs didn’t work was due to being tied up.

He tried to work out what had happened, and figured it out quickly enough. The Tequila Kid was what happened. He thought he’d killed her, then she had the drop on him. She’d buried him up to his head. No, wait, that isn’t right. She’d talked about it, but had given him coffee spiked with whiskey instead, and then… well, here he was, with at least half a day lost in between then and now.

It took Charlie three hours to get free of the ropes. The moment he was loose, Charlie lunged for the pint bottle bottle and gulped down its contents, then tossed the empty away. Now that his burning thirst was eased — for the moment, at least — the half-breed slowly stood up and moved around, wincing at the stiffness of his joints.

When he saw the rest of his whiskey bottles smashed on the rocks, the liquor long since evaporated, Charlie howled with rage. He stomped around the abandoned campsite, cursing the Tequila Kid’s name with every breath he took.

His horse was gone, and he ached too much to travel just yet, so Charlie elected to make camp there for the night, at least, The Kid had taken all of his weapons, but left his food untouched, so he’d be able to travel after an evening’s rest.

With nothing else to do, and needing to think about something, anything besides his lost whiskey, Charlie searched the area, looking for signs of the missing girl. Right away, he found a small pit. It looked like an animal had dug into it — maybe dragged something away?. All the pit held were the tattered remains of a little girl’s clothes.

Seating himself, the half-breed began to think. Did The Kid tell the truth? he wondered. Did the girl die, get buried here? He shook his head, uncertain. Hard to say. The Kid, she’s a sneaky one, I know that.

He put the clothes in his saddle bag, ate a handful of jerky, and turned in for the night.

The next day, Charlie set off, leaving everything behind but his saddle bag. He followed the creek, quickly finding some tracks, but they vanished where the heavy rain had been. He walked all day and night, briefly resting here and there.

An hour or two after dawn, he came across a small trail that went to a little cabin and barn.

He stopped and yelled out, “Howdy!”


Annie appeared from the barn, the shotgun in her arms. No doubt about it, this was the half-breed she’d been warned about. The Kid had given her a perfect description of the man.

“Howdy.” Annie called back. “You lost?”

“I lost my friend, wonder if she came by here. Young woman, dress like a man. Wears two pistols. Maybe had a little girl with her, not sure.”

Annie nodded. “If you mean the Tequila Kid, she was here. Rode off on her mangy horse two days ago.”

“With the little girl?”

“She was alone. No girl with her. You need water?”

The stranger licked his cracked lips. “Some whiskey, if you got it.”

“I don’t. If you want to catch up to The Kid, she rode on to the town of Hellsfork.”

“Do you have a horse? Someone steal mine. Let me look in your barn, see if my horse in there.”

Annie Bloom pulled the two hammers back on the shotgun, raised it to her shoulder and put her finger on the triggers. “I got a lot of work to do, and you’re wastin’ my time, mister. I’d hate to shoot you in half and have to spend the day burying your sorry-ass carcass. Now move on or die.”

Pausing to spit on the ground, Charlie Redeye sullenly turned and went back the way he’d come. Annie followed at a distance and watched him head down the trail to town until he was long out of sight.


As the Tequila Kid and Arabella relaxed by the campfire that evening, The Kid told the child about a few of the holes in her hat and how they got there.

After a moment’s silence, Arabella asked, “Can I hold one of your guns?”

“I reckon so.” The Kid answered. She drew the gun on her left hip and unloaded it. She spun it in circles on her trigger finger, tossed it in the air, caught it by the barrel and extended it to Arabella.

With wide eyes Arabella took the grip, and then reached out with her other hand as she realized how heavy the pistol was. “How’s it work?”

Figuring it was a good idea to teach her some of the basics of firearm use, The Kid said, “First, you pull the hammer back.” Resting the gun on her lap, Arabella did just that, grinning delightedly when the hammer locked into place.

“That’s right, Button. Good job. Now, hold it up with both hands. See, you look down the barrel at the sight on the end of the gun. That helps you to aim it at what what you’re tryin’ to shoot. Then you squeeze the trigger, nice and slow.”

Arabella aimed it at a branch on a tree and squeezed the trigger until the hammer fell back with a loud click. She studied the weapon in awe. “Gosh! Can I shoot it for real some time?”

“All right, some time.” Taking the gun back, The Kid reloaded it and slipped it back into the holster. “We best turn in now, Button. Lots to do tomorrow.”

The Kid got up to check on the horse, then got into the bedroll with Arabella. She watched the girl fall asleep while she thought things out.


Charlie Redeye reached Hellsfork at sunset. He went to the first saloon he came to and was thrown out for being a half-breed. Making his way to the dead line side of town, he entered a lower class saloon and laid his money on the bar, muttering, “Bottle of whiskey.”

Reaching beneath the counter, the barkeep produced a bottle, which he set down in front of Charlie, then said, “Take it somewhere else to drink, you,” not bothering to hide his contempt.

Charlie took his prize to a nearby alley, where he pulled the cork with trembling hands, tilting his head back to take that first glorious pull from the bottle. He stood, swaying slightly, letting the warmth of the cheap liquor surge through him. Sliding down to sit against the wall, he downed another slug, then another.

He came to the next morning, head pounding, the empty bottle at his elbow. Struggling to his feet, Charlie shambled into the street. He found a cheap hash house, where he bought breakfast, then went back to the bar for another fifth of whiskey. The bartender was different this time, a bored younger man who took the half-breed’s money without a word. Charlie took a couple of swallows to steady himself, then tucked the bottle into his saddle bag.

He asked around about the Tequila Kid, with no success. Charlie spent the day idle in the town, gradually polishing off the contents of the bottle. Later that night, he stole a horse hitched in front of a saloon and rode off for Oak Creek.


The Kid reined in the horse at the top of a hill. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she peered off into the distance and spied a spot of white against the tawny hue of the land. Dismounting, she helped Arabella down from the saddle. “Stretch your legs, if you’ve a mind to,” was all she said.

Reaching into her saddlebag, The Kid took out a battered brass telescope, which she held to her eye. Sure enough, she saw a covered wagon, lying on its side. “I think we found it,” she said, turning to Arabella.

They mounted the horse, then rode until they were within a few hundred feet of the wagon. The Kid stopped by a Joshua tree, and they both dismounted again.

“I think you best stay here for now,” The Kid told Arabella, taking a small spade from her saddlebag. “I’d like to look around, take care of any remains before you come down. Watch the horse for me, okay?”

Arabella nodded, and The Kid walked down the hill.

She drew closer. There was the broken water barrel Arabella had been hidden in. Cautiously making her way around the side of the overturned wagon, The Kid found three bodies. They’d been got at by vultures — maybe only one or two of them, but they’d done some real damage.

She stood, arms folded, fighting to calm her anger as she studied the remains of Button’s parents and big sister. They’d all been shot, then scalped. Scalped not by Indians, but by white men. She could tell by the way it had been done — a sloppy, amateurish job.

About half a dozen arrows bristled from the wagon. Plucking one from the canvas, The Kid examined it closely. Again, it was unlike any Indian arrow she’d ever seen. She put two of them aside to take with her. The footprints around the crime scene were old, but still visible. The horses of the attackers had been shod, and the men had all worn boots.

She spied a small piece of colorful paper caught under one of the wagon wheels, and bent to pick it up — a cigar band, not one she recognized. There was a picture on in, the painted head of an Indian chief. She put it in her vest pocket.

She found a handprint on the wagon — a large one, made by blood. The tracing she’d made in Adobe Wells of the hand mark left on the neck of Arabella’s dead grandmother was back in her saddlebag, but she knew without a doubt that this bloody print had been left by the same man’s hand.

They pretended to be Indians, but these fellows was white men for sure. Why’d they go to so much trouble, and who were they tryin’ to fool? She pondered the question, but finally shook her head. Time enough for thinking later — there was work to be done.

Using the spade, The Kid dug a grave. Luckily, the earth was soft, and the digging was fairly easy. Getting the hole deep enough still took a couple of hours, though. That accomplished, she cut a large piece of canvas from the wagon’s side, then used it to drag each body to the grave. The smell was awful, and The Kid was fighting a losing battle with her stomach all the while. She’d covered her nose and mouth with her bandana, but the stench of decaying flesh still seeped through.

Once the bodies were safely in the hole, The Kid quickly shoveled the dirt back in. Dropping the small shovel, she marched about fifty feet away from the grave, then fell to her knees and vomited up that morning’s breakfast. Finally she rose, wiped her mouth, then kicked some dirt over the mess.

Returning to the burial mound, The Kid began to cover it with large stones, carrying them to the grave until she was bathed in sweat from head to toe. Taking a couple of planks and a bent nail from the wagon’s frame, she put together a makeshift cross, placing it upright in the center of the grave. Removing her hat, she whispered, “Rest in peace,” then walked back to the Joshua tree to get Arabella.


While Arabella had waited for The Kid, unwanted images came into her mind’s eye. The faces of her family, their eyes wide with horror. Wild Indians yelling and hitting and stripping her mother and sister, and their screams of agony. The big Indian who kept hitting her Pa. “Where is it, Hodgekiss?” he kept saying in his deep rumble of a voice, “By God, we’ll make you watch your wife and daughter get raped and killed. So you better talk.”

She remembered hearing her Pa say, “Go to blazes! You’ll kill us all anyway, so damn you to hell!” Then her father’s cry of pain, suddenly choked off. That must of been when he died, she realized. Tears ran from Arabella’s eyes as the awful things she wanted to forget came back to assault her.

Then she saw The Kid, standing just a few feet away. “You can go say goodbye to your folks now, if you want,” she said. “I took care of them.”

They walked to the wagon in silence. Once there, Arabella saw their family Bible stuck under a part of the wagon. She picked it up out of the dust, cradling it tenderly in her arms.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make a more decent grave,” The Kid said.

Arabella knelt by the pile of rocks. “It’s fine, Kid. Thank you.” She opened the Bible, thumbed through its pages and said, “My ma used t-to read us this every night.” The Kid removed her hat and listened closely as Arabella began to read. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…”

The child broke down a few times, but managed to get through the whole psalm, finishing with, “And I shall d-dwell in the house of the Lord… forever.” With that, Arabella fell across the grave, weeping piteously. The Kid knelt next to Arabella, comforting the girl until she was cried out.

As Arabella stood, wiping her face, The Kid said to her, “If there’s anything else you want from here…” She’d noticed that, unlike when genuine Indians attacked, the family’s everyday possessions had been left behind.

“No. I guess just this Bible is all.” As Arabella turned to go, she saw something glint in the sun and walked over to it. She bent to pick the trinket up — it was her ma’s gold wedding ring. “And this.” She put it in her pocket, then gazed at her older friend with sorrowful eyes. “Please, Kid, let’s go.”

The Kid nodded her head and mounted the horse, pulling Arabella up behind her before they hit the trail for Oak Creek.

Coming into visibility on the desert horizon: Chapter Six!


The Temptation of Tanya, Chapter 4

  • Posted on January 21, 2019 at 3:15 pm

by StarSapphire

After Tanya, her mother Leanne and I became sexually intimate several weeks back, our lives were finally coming close to settling down. Having both an eleven-year-old girl and her mother as lovers was new and exciting, but it did pose a few problems.

Leanne and I both agreed that we would keep Tanya’s adolescence as normal as possible under the circumstances, and we both placed a high value on her education. When we made love, it was always in my bed or Leanne’s. Tanya’s room was off limits, and scheduling sex in this unusual ménage a trois was sometimes tricky.

So as not to interfere with her school work, Leanne and I agreed to only have sex with Tanya on the weekends. As we owned separate condos opposite each other, Leanne and I often slept together at her place during the week, then the three of us would use my big king-size bed Friday night, Saturday, and all day Sunday if that was what we planned! Luckily, none of us felt any jealousy, and everyone was encouraged to speak up if they were feeling neglected. So far, things had worked out wonderfully well.

Leanne and I didn’t want to deprive Tanya of a normal life as an adolescent lesbian (insofar as that was possible, and leaving plenty of play around the definition of ‘normal’), so we told her that having a girlfriend of her own would be okay as long as she told us about it. She seemed to take this in stride without really questioning us on the topic. We just assumed that Tanya wasn’t interested in anyone at that point, and had filed away our proviso for future reference. Of course, assuming things with Tanya isn’t always a wise idea.

Tanya did have a special friend, Vanessa, who she brought around after school and on weekends. To Leanne and me, their relationship seemed to be quite innocent. Vanessa was also 11, had long straight blonde hair, a flat chest and a delightful little bubble-butt that Leanne and I adored. The two of them would spend time together like any pair of young girls — doing homework, playing on the computer, watching TV and breaking out into mysterious giggle fits for no apparent reason. In fact, I loved watching them together, and even developed something of an attraction to Vanessa, though I had no intention of doing anything about it.

One Saturday afternoon, the girls were at Tanya’s, where I was hanging out while Leanne worked, as she did every other Saturday. I was reading in the living room when both of them ran up to me giggling and blushing, and Tanya asked if she could nip across the street and show Vanessa my shower. I was a little surprised but consented, figuring that my casa was her casa in this relationship. Off they went.

Some time passed, and I began to wonder what they were up to. Not that I was worried about my place, but since I was being the responsible adult that day, I thought I should check.

When I opened the door I could immediately hear my shower running. Oh, the little minxes had discovered the joys of showering together, had they? I entered my bedroom and saw their clothes tossed on my bed before I quietly entered the shower room.

I didn’t want to surprise them — especially Vanessa, who might be shocked and embarrassed if I simply marched into the room. Instead I briefly watched their vague shapes moving behind the steamed-up shower door, then retired to the living room to await their return.

After ten minutes or so, I heard the water turn off. They soon appeared, wearing bath towels wrapped around themselves. They both gave a start when they saw me on the couch. They were a lovely sight, especially the way Vanessa blush at having me see her wearing nothing but a towel.

“Carla, we didn’t know you were here,” Tanya said with a big smile. Vanessa looked less happy, probably wondering if she might be in trouble.

“Thought I’d let you finish. You took so long, I came by to check on you. Did you like my shower, Vanessa?” I asked, to put her at ease.

Both girls glanced at each other and giggled, and Vanessa answered with a shy “Yes, ma’am.”

It did seem that they’d been up to something, which I thought was really cute. After all, I’d played similar games with other girls at that age. At that point, I had no designs on either of them and was simply happy that Tanya had found someone her own age who was willing to engage in a little risqué experimentation.

But Tanya, it seems, had other ideas. “Do you think Vanessa is pretty?” she asked me suddenly.

“Of course she is. You’re adorable, Vanessa. Why do you ask?”

“Because Vanessa thinks she has a stick body and a pointy nose, and I’m trying to tell her she’s pretty.”

“Vanessa, honey, you’re adorable! I know we all feel kind of awkward and gangly when we’re 11, but trust me girl, you’re going to be a knockout!” She blushed at my compliment.

“Carla likes girls too,” Tanya told her, gesturing toward me.

For a moment Vanessa looked baffled, then she hid her face in her hands. “Oh, you told her! I’m so embarrassed!” the girl cried out between her palms.

“Told me… what?” I asked, baffled.

Tanya just grinned. “That Vanessa also likes girls. See, she’s all flustered about it because she thinks you are soooo sexy, Carla!”

I was a bit taken aback at Tanya’s abruptness. “Well, I think you’re pretty sexy yourself, Vanessa. Thank you for the compliment,” I told her. “And yes, I’m a lesbian… so if I’m hearing Tanya right, you think that you are one too. Is that it?” I wanted to be careful how I handled Vanessa’s ‘coming out’ to me, which Tanya, the little brat, had just forced upon her.

Vanessa blushed again. “Yes, I think so. I mean I never think of boys that way… and Tanya and I we, uh, we…”

“I get the picture, Vanessa.” Turning to Tanya, I folded my arms. “So, you little minx, you seduced your little friend in my shower, did you?” I said with mock severity.

“Oh, no, Carla! It was way before that.”

Before! I should spank you, but you’d probably like it, you little hussy!”

I admit that I was a bit shocked. I’d assumed Tanya would tell us if she was playing around with another girl. On the other hand, simply imagining these two together cancelled out any annoyance I might have felt. In fact, the thought had me getting a little wet down below. “Okay you guys, you’d better get dressed — then come back across the street, okay?”

After Vanessa had taken her cute little butt home, I confronted Tanya. “So, missy… I thought you were going to tell your mom and me when you had a girlfriend.”

“I was going to tell you soon, I swear! Tanya said coyly. “Anyway, do you like her? She really likes you Aunt Carla, a whole lot. She asked me if I could talk you into getting naked for us,” she giggled with a little leer.

“Tanya! Have you told her about us? You weren’t ever supposed to do that!!” I was genuinely worried.

“Oh, no! I just keep telling her how hot I think you are. So we both have a crush on you, and we want your sexy body!” Another lewd cackle escaped her full young ruby lips.

“You’ve already had my sexy body, little girl!” I reached over and tickled her. As Tanya tried to squirm away, I grabbed her and kissed her hard and passionately, then pulled back. “God, I have to admit that I was getting pretty wet in there, looking at you two in those towels. Vanessa is a real cutie, isn’t she?”

“She really is!” Tanya exclaimed. “You want to watch us do stuff, huh? Let’s see what I can arrange. She’s coming over again on Wednesday, after school. What do you think?”

“I think if you put your dirty little mind to something it’s going to happen, and I can’t stop you,” I chuckled. “Now, I’m going to make you finish what you started in there, Tanya dearest.”

“Do you wanna fuck me?” Tanya said in her little girl voice, her finger tip in her pretty mouth, the other hand cupping her crotch.

I pushed Tanya back on her couch and fell on top of her. My hand went immediately up her t-shirt as we kissed, feeling her tiny titties and puffy little nipples. Our tongues tangled and delved inside each other’s mouths as my hand moved down her belly and unbuckled her belt and jeans, lowered her zipper and slipped inside her underpants to cup that juicy little cunt. I fingered her gently as she made little mewling and groaning sounds into our kiss.

“Off with those clothes,” I commanded, sitting up. As I watched she removed her t-shirt and kicked off her jeans and panties — leaving her white socks on, which looked too sexy for words. Then I undressed, saving my bra till last, knowing how hot the sight of my titties got her. I played with them, knowing how much she liked seeing me do that. She began to masturbate, running her finger rapidly up and down her slit as I stroked and tugged on my hard nipples.

“Oh fuck, Carla! I’m going to come!” Tanya cried as her back arched up from the couch and her hand worked furiously at her hard little clit. As she began to vibrate and quake with the power of her orgasm I grabbed my own hungry cunt and rapidly frigged myself into a howling orgasm. God, did I need that! Watching Tanya do herself always got me hot as a fireplace poker.

Afterwards we lay snuggled in each other’s arms until it was time to fix dinner. Leanne was due home soon and we had a few things to discuss. We grabbed a quick shower — no hanky-panky this time — and got busy with the food.

“Fess up, young lady and tell your mom about Vanessa,” I instructed Tanya as the three of us sat around Leanne’s kitchen table, eating spaghetti and garlic bread.

“What about Vanessa?” Leanne inquired, looking at us both.

Leanne was so gorgeous that I fell in love with her all over again every time I saw her. She had a perfectly sculpted face, framed by the same dark honey blonde hair as mine, but her makeup was always perfect. She kept her luscious figure in perfect trim with regular exercise, too. In her profession as a TV journalist, such care and attention to appearances were mandatory, and Tanya and I were the indirect beneficiaries of that fact.

“Well, um,” Tanya began. “Vanessa and I are having sex, Mom, and I haven’t told you about it. I’m sorry. Carla saw us together in her shower this afternoon. Anyhow, Vanessa thinks both of you are totally hot.”

“In the shower?”

“I didn’t actually see anything,” I quickly interjected. “Tanya here basically outed poor Vanessa and revealed their relationship to me. Gotta say, they make a cute couple. And apparently, according to missy here, young Vanessa wants to see me naked.”

“She wants to see you both naked, actually,” Tanya piped in.

“Tanya, you haven’t told her about us, have you?” Leanne asked anxiously.

“No, Mom, of course not. But wouldn’t it be fun if Vanessa could join us? I know how hot she is for you both, and it’s a lot!” Tanya giggled.

“Whoa, slow down, honey. That could be very risky. If she say, got mad at you or something, she just might tell on us,” Leanne said.

“Oh no, Mom! Vanessa’s not like that! Besides she practically hates her parents. They drink a lot and she’s always left on her own. I bet she’d love to join our family.”

“Honey, we can’t just go around adopting all the needy young girls in the neighborhood. Especially if we’re going to have sex with them. We need to be very careful,” Leanne explained.

“I agree,” I added. “But let’s take things slowly and see what happens. Vanessa and I just might do a little ‘bonding’ together. I’ll have a little tete a tete with her on Wednesday.”

“Mmmm, it’s not that I don’t want her hot little body,” Leanne said. “We just need to be cautious.” Then she broke into a grin. “Wow, I’d love to be a fly on the wall this Wednesday afternoon!”

“More than you know,” I said. “This little minx here wants to let me watch them have sex without Vanessa knowing. I’m seriously thinking about it!”

“Hey, that’s not fair to Vanessa, you guys,” Leanne scolded. “How would you like to be spied on making out with another girl when you’re that young?”

“The thought is making me wet, actually,” I giggled.

“Me too!” chimed Tanya.

“Goodness, whatever am I to do with you two lusty vampires!” Leanne despaired. “You guys are gonna swoop down on that pretty young girl and suck out every drop of innocence she has left!”

“Vanessa? Innocent? Aw, Mom, give me a break!” cried Tanya. “I’m the one who’s had sex with her, remember? If she found out that Carla was watching us fuck, she’d start coming and never stop!”

“Okay, okay!” said Leanne. “What the hell do I know?”

“Aw, Mom. You’re just jealous. If you were here Wednesday, you’d be all over Vanessa like the girl-lovin’ babe I know you are!”

“Tanya! That’s no way to speak to your mother!” Leanne said with some alarm. “Even if I do like hot little girls like you and Vanessa, I don’t want you calling me a babe, okay?”

“So you are jealous, then.”

“Yes, fine, I suppose I am. Still, good manners have a place even when seducing 11-year-old girls, and don’t you forget it, young lady,” Leanne then pointed her finger right at me. “And you too!” she added.

“Heaven forbid!” I replied. It was always fun to watch Leanne’s unique sense of the moral universe unfold. That was one of the many reasons I loved her so much. “We will do no young maiden before her time, rest assured,” I jested.

Tanya looked confused. “What’s Carla talking about, Mom?”

“She’s just making a little joke, honey. Something to do with wine,” mused Leanne.

“That’s really funny, Aunt Carla,” Tanya deadpanned.

“I see my humor is just too sophisticated for the likes of you two. In any case, Leanne honey, I’ll give you all the sordid details about Wednesday, not to worry.”

Leanne and I then had Tanya relate the tale of Vanessa’s seduction, of how she got the girl to practice kissing with her, progressing to masturbating together and ending in a bare-naked sex fest where Tanya put all the tricks we’d taught her to good use. In Tanya’s hands, the poor girl didn’t have a chance, as well we knew. That got us all prepared for bedtime, and we spent the night in my big king-sized bed together.

After a delicious evening snack on Tanya’s pussy, Leanne and I caught up on each other as Tanya watched and got herself off again. We concluded with a hot three-way grope involving fingers in every orifice, then snuggled in together for the night. I couldn’t wait to see what developed Wednesday.

That day I left work a bit early, in the hopes of meeting Tanya and Vanessa as they got home from school. I was only in Leanne’s place a few minutes when they both burst through the door, bubbling over with young girl energy. They looked adorable in their colorful clothes and flushed faces.

“Hey, Carla!” Tanya cried and ran over to hug me.

Letting Tanya go, I beckoned to Vanessa. “You want a hug too, sweetness?” I asked her. She enfolded herself in my arms willingly and seemed to hold me especially close. I was thrilled at the contact with her, and felt my juices start to flow.

“Carla,” Tanya asked, “Can Vanessa and I play in your shower again? Please?”

I readily gave my permission, reminding them to clean up after themselves. They left, then Tanya came back, pretending she’d forgotten something. “When you get there, go into your kitchen and I’ll take Vanessa onto your couch with me,” she giggled. “You’ll be able to see everything!” With that, she vanished.

I gave them both about ten minutes, then stole across the street to my place. There I sat down by my cooking island, where I had an unobstructed view of my big black leather couch. I arranged my toaster and blender such that I could peer between them to conceal my presence. I felt so wicked!

It didn’t take the two young bathers long to arrive before my waiting eyes. And what a sight! They were both naked, and I had my first view of Vanessa’s delectable young body. Her long blonde hair was damp and hung limply around her face but her body was a taut pink wonderland. Both girls positively glowed, but Vanessa had a slightly pinker complexion than Tanya and stood out immediately. Her nipples were coral pink and puffy and her nicely rounded butt was just adorable. Her tight little slit was hairless and lovely, making me long to taste it. I was on fire with lust.

While I watched the two of them sit down together, I felt a sense of wonder at even being in this position — one which, even just a few weeks ago, would have been unthinkable to me. Yet there I was at age thirty-five in my own kitchen, peeping on two eleven-year-old girls who were about to have sex, my pussy practically gushing in anticipation. Life does take some strange turns.

Tanya and Vanessa didn’t take long to get started. They first giggled a little, then embraced and kissed. Vanessa’s back was to me, so I could look directly into Tanya’s face when it weren’t engaged in a tremendously passionate French kiss with her friend.

As I watched, Vanessa’s hand moved up Tanya’s back, then around to play with her budding breasts. I could hear Tanya moan with pleasure at her young lover’s touch before she broke off their kiss, stood up and nudged Vanessa onto her back, stretched out on the couch.

“Let’s fuck, okay?” Tanya asked.

“Yeah! You mean rub our pussies together, right?”

“Uh-huh, but let me suck your nipples first,” Tanya replied.

So saying, my dark-haired young lover laid herself down on top of Vanessa, then lowered her lips to capture each of the girl’s tiny nipples in turn, sucking them into her mouth. I delighted in the contrast between their black and blonde hair as Vanessa closed her eyes and smiled, lost in pleasure.

By this point, Vanessa had opened her legs wide enough for Tanya to lie between them. Then she took Tanya’s face in her hands and drew in to give her a tender kiss, then said, “Now fuck me, Tanya!”

With a bad-girl grin, Tanya looked down and lined her groin up with Vanessa’s, then began to move her hips.

The tight ass of my little lover was moving in a steady rhythm as Tanya ground herself against Vanessa, who had her head thrown back and was beginning to breathe in short rapid gasps.

Soon the girls were rocking in an incredibly erotic rhythm as their cunts ground furiously together. Both of them were caught up in a lusty trance, with wickedly sexy little cries and whimpers coming from their open mouths.

Vanessa quickly came, which surprised me and delighted Tanya who continued to hump her friend until she was completely sated.

As you might imagine, watching this dynamic sexy show had own cunt badly in need of some attention. Knowing that Tanya was fully aware of my presence only added to my excitement as I shoved a hand inside my slacks and began to toy with my clit.

As I began to masturbate, Tanya dismounted Vanessa, then lay on her back at the other end of the couch, legs spread wide. “Now it’s my turn. I want you to lick my pussy,” Tanya said. “You know how much I like the way you do that!”

Vanessa smiled, then lay down between her partner’s thighs, bringing her mouth to Tanya’s waiting pussy and taking that first juicy lick. As I watched, still fingering myself, I could see her tongue moving up and down Tanya’s slit — finally settling on her clitoris, which she sucked right into her mouth. Tanya was twisting her head back and forth, a low growl escaped her lips as Vanessa paused to insert a finger into her tight little cunt.

As she began to finger fuck Tanya, Vanessa’s lips remained hard at work, sucking on her friend’s clit. The girl’s climax was not long in coming, and her whole body shook with its impact.

My own orgasm was fast approaching, but I abruptly delayed matters and, in a bold move, stood up and walked in on the two lovers as they lay snuggled together on my couch. This wasn’t my original intention, but what I’d just seen compelled me to make my move, heedless of the consequences. It was no doubt what Tanya had in mind for me anyway. In for a penny, I thought.

“Carla!” Vanessa gasped as she looked, a look of total shock on her face. “Gosh, I’m so sorry!” she cried, trying and failing to conceal her nudity

“Sorry for what?” I asked, as Tanya gave an evil little giggle. “It’s okay with me if you two want to make out, but next time, do me a favor — ask before you use my place to do it.” I spoke with a nonchalant air, which was hardly how I felt. In fact, the sight of these two had my blood practically boiling.

Still blushing furiously, Vanessa continued to look away, trying to hide her obvious embarrassment at being caught in flagrante delicto. I, on the other hand, was flushed from excitement. Tanya just sat up, looking quickly back and forth between Vanessa and me in eager anticipation of whatever was to come next. What that was going to be, I suddenly realized, I didn’t know.

Nevertheless, I continued. “But don’t mind me. I’m just happy you two seem to be enjoying this physical relationship you’ve developed.” Then I paused. “Is there anything I can do to… help you two out?”

I was astonished by the implications of the offer I’d just made. It was as if I wasn’t in control anymore, that lust now ruled me completely.

Tanya and Vanessa quickly looked at each other, then up at me. Tanya gave Vanessa a little push on the shoulder. “So ask her,” she demanded.

“Well,” spoke Vanessa, her head bowed, her hands clasped tightly together between her legs in an attempt to cover her sex. “We, uh, we would really like to see you without any clothes on,” Both girls giggled and blushed at Vanessa’s boldness.

Tanya winked at me as I took a moment to absorb the impact of this girlish request. Strip for them? In a New York minute I would, but I decided to be a bit coy instead. “Now what would you young girls want with an old lady’s body like mine?” I taunted.

“You’re not old!” Vanessa declared. “And you’ve got great boobs. I’d really like to see them!”

“What about you, Tanya? Do you want to see my boobs, too?”

“Sure I do! I think you have awesome tits,” she giggled.

“Okay, then, but let’s keep this our little secret. No telling the parents that I got naked in front of you. Is that a deal?”

“Yes!” they both chorused in glee.

“Okay, then,” I replied as I began to unbutton my pastel blue blouse. My heart was beating ninety miles an hour as I slipped the garment off my shoulders. Both girls stared avidly at the exposed cleavage. Reaching behind me, I unclasped my lacy white bra and slid it off my arms. Bare-breasted and standing up straight I asked directly, “What do you think?”

Vanessa’s eyes were huge as she stared at my semi-nudity. “They’re… beautiful!” she gasped. My nipples were hardening rapidly under her stare. “Now can we, um, see your pussy?” she asked, glancing Tanya’s way for approval. Tanya eagerly nodded, like she’d never seen my dripping wet cunt up close and personal before. My little lover was quite the actress when she chose to be.

I guess you can,” I said as I casually unzipped my black slacks and let them fall to the floor. I stood there briefly in a pair of white bikini panties, then hooked my thumbs into the waistband and quickly shucked them.

I now stood before Tanya and Vanessa totally naked, quivering inside with anticipation — although I strove to appear calm, as if stripping in front of naked eleven-year-old girls was something I did every day. “Like what you see?” I asked boldly.

Vanessa covered her mouth, blushed again and giggled. “Carla, you have a great body! I’ve never seen a woman naked before. This is so exciting!” she squealed.

“Well, then, I’ll let you have a closer look,” I said, sitting down between them on the couch. “Can you see everything you want?” I spread my arms out along the back of my couch and opened my legs.

Vanessa feasted on the sight of my naked body, then extended her hand, then paused. “C-can I touch them?” she asked, indicating my breasts.

“Of course you can, little one,” I replied. Both of Vanessa’s hands then cupped my breasts, her little fingers scissoring my stiffened nipples.

“They feel so, so nice!” Vanessa looked up at me with wonder in her eyes. “Wow, I can’t believe this is even happening! Oh, Carla, you d-don’t know how much I’ve wanted to do this,” she stammered.

I smiled at her. “That’s so sweet, honey. Come here, give me a kiss,” Our lips met, lingered, and soon our tongues were delving deep into each other’s mouths. Vanessa was a great kisser, surpassing even Tanya in that regard.

When we finally broke apart, Vanessa asked me, “Can I touch your pussy?”

“Sure you can, dear. Touch it as much as you like. And don’t worry, you can’t break it!” I laughed.

I felt her hand on my vulva, gently combing through the pubic curls at first, then dipping into my wet slit with two fingers.

“Ooohh, you are so wet down there!” Vanessa exclaimed. “That means I’m really turning you on, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, baby, you are. Just keep stroking my clit like that. Oh, that’s the way!” I cried. Her slender fingers were gliding up and down my slit. She wore a glazed look of lust on her face, staring open mouthed at my dripping cunt as her busy fingers continuing to frig me.

Soon I felt my delayed release fast approaching. I was primed as a black powder fuse for this explosion. “Don’t stop, Vanessa honey! Don’t stop. I’m coming! Oh, God, I’m c-coming!” I cried as wave after hot wave of ecstasy washed through my body centered on my swollen clit and Vanessa’s busy fingers. My back arched off the couch as the pleasure rose to a crescendo, then I slowly, slowly came down from what had to be one of the best orgasms of my life.

“God, Vanessa,” I moaned. “That was so good!” I quickly wrapped the girl in my arms and rocked her back and forth, my hand at the back of her head as I nuzzled her wet blonde hair, tasting her shampoo and her little-girl sweetness.

Not to be left out, Tanya wrapped her arms around us both. “That was way hot, you guys! Now it’s my turn,  Carla,” she announced.

“Oh, I haven’t forgotten you, missy. Here — let me at those luscious pink nipples of yours.” Kneeling before Tanya, I began to suck the tip of each budding breast in turn as Tanya mewled with delight. Slipping my hand down between her legs, I began to masturbate her as Vanessa began stroking her pert little bottom. She was very wet, and got even wetter as Vanessa and I knelt beside her, toying with her holes until she wrapped her arms around me tightly, shaking helplessly as another soul-shattering orgasm wracked her slender young frame.

“Now it’s your turn, Vanessa,” I said. “Lie back. I’m going to lick that beautiful pink pussy of yours.”

Pushing her back onto the sofa, I spread her silky smooth thighs and dove in. Oh, the succulent taste of her juicy cunt! I licked up and down the crack, then centered my efforts on her vagina, fucking her hard with my tongue. I briefly detoured to rim her tight little anus, then back to her clit for the grande finale. I could barely hold on I as I drove Vanessa to a bucking, thrashing orgasm.

“Oh, my God!” Vanessa sobbed. “I didn’t know it c-could be so good! Oh thank you, Carla! Thank you so much!”

My pleasure, Vanessa. My pleasure, I assure you,” I whispered in her ear as I embraced her damp, boyish young body, squeezing her close to my heaving breasts.

The three of us had only laid together for a few minutes when the unmistakable sound of a key turning my front door lock hit us. It could only be Leanne! Tanya’s crafty mother had decided to catch us in the act, no doubt.

“Hi,” Leanne announced from the door. “Anyone home?” As if she didn’t know!

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Pages from a Diary, Chapter 16

  • Posted on January 19, 2019 at 4:08 pm

by Rachael Yukey

Nov 5, 2006


I woke up early this morning, and my excitement over the upcoming visit to Megan’s house kept me from going back to sleep. I swear, Julie is rubbing off on me! At the very thought of all the things we might do I felt a familiar, tingling warmth between my thighs. For once, I pushed it aside. Save it for this afternoon, I instructed myself firmly. I got up.

I had almost an hour to kill before I needed to start getting ready for church, so I worked on my line drawings. I’m doing pastoral woodland scenes. It usually wouldn’t be my thing, but I think it’ll be a natural fit with the medium I’m drawing on. Right now I’m still roughing them out on paper.

Finally I put it aside and got dressed. I went downstairs, and was very surprised to find Mom waiting in the kitchen with real breakfast for me… eggs and sausage. Dad wasn’t up yet so we ate together at the table. He got up at the last minute, said “Good morning,” wolfed a plate of food down, and out the door we went.

Megan wasn’t at church, but she had told me in advance she wouldn’t be. I smiled at her mom and said “Hi.”

We did an art project in Sunday school, cutting and pasting construction paper to make a flat Noah’s ark. I love art projects, in particular because I’m way better at them than anybody else around me most of the time. When you’re the kid who gets ignored a lot, it means something to have everyone else admiring your work.

Sitting through the service, I realized I was mentally rolling my eyes. It’s really true… I don’t believe anymore, I thought. It was starting to happen anyway, but it all came together in those first few seconds after I found my father on the floor.

Suddenly I was terrified. I’ve gone my whole ten years… almost eleven now… with a simple, rock-solid faith that the God of Abraham sent his son Jesus Christ to die for my sins, and that along with the Holy Spirit they were watching over me and taking care of me and maybe even sending down an angel or two from time to time. It’s just in the last month or two I’ve started to doubt, and now I just flat-out don’t believe it. So, if God isn’t out there, is there anything? If life isn’t about getting into heaven, then what does it all mean? Are we really just all alone? And what happens when we die?

As the service neared its end, I forced my mind to other things. I’d already decided on a first step… talk to Jason Hanson, and maybe to Lisa as well. They’re not Christians, and Jason in particular seems like the kind of person who thinks a lot about things and doesn’t jump to conclusions. If he believes or disbelieves something, he’ll be able to explain why.

Just that simple act of deciding to do something calmed me down, and my mind turned to where I was going after church. Easy, girl, I warned myself. You’ll make a puddle in your pew! I had to nibble the insides of my cheeks to keep from giggling out loud.

It was cold enough out that nobody felt like walking, but since we’d arranged it in advance it was easier. My parents thought it was for an A.L. project that Julie was also getting involved with, Julie just told her dad she was going over there to hang out, and Megan’s mom… okay, I don’t know what the hell Megan told her. Whatever. Jason and Julie were waiting outside the church in Jason’s pickup. Mom walked out with me, and as I climbed into the back of the club cab Jason rolled down a window so she could talk to him.

“Thanks for driving them, Jason,” she said.

“No sweat. Are you hanging around the church today, or going home?”

“Home today,” she said. “I have… a little unfinished business to take care of.”

“Well, Julie is going to call me when they’re done,” he said. “I’d drive Mallory home for you, but I’m on call for the ambulance and have to stay within four miles of town. You guys are like one mile over that limit. But if you want I can snag Mallory, and then call you and you can just pick her up at my place.”

“That’d be great,” said Mom, “considering I just realized I’m not sure exactly where Megan lives. I’ll wait to hear from you, then.”

After we pulled up outside of Megan’s house, Julie and I said goodbye to Jason and clambered out of the cab. He pulled away from the curb as we strolled up the front walk together, and I was just reaching for the doorbell when Julie stayed my hand. She pointed mutely up at plain white sheet of paper taped to the door, with a message written on it in artful calligraphy.

Julie and Mallory… welcome. Come inside.

Underneath that was written in smaller letters:

Bring this note with you.

I tried the door; it opened. Julie tore the note down. We stepped into thementryway; another note was taped to the wall.

Hang up your coats and come in. Don’t leave the notes behind.

We took off our hats, mittens, coats, and boots. I grabbed the note, and we stepped cautiously into the living room. Neither of us had spoken since we got out of Jason’s truck. Our heads swiveled, eyes taking in the dim, empty room. Then I spotted the next note. At the top was an arrow pointed towards the stairs, and underneath that it said:

You know where to go now… don’t you?

I ripped the note from the wall and made my way to the basement stairway, Julie trailing close behind. Down the stairs, then left. The long hallway was lit, but the den and second kitchen at the end of it was shrouded in darkness. It has good windows for a basement, but I could see as we neared the end of the hall that Megan had drawn the shades. Nobody was in the rectangular open space. The microwave clock blinked balefully at us. Megan’s bedroom door was closed, and the note on it said:

Enter if you dare.

Hands trembling, I stepped forward and opened the door.

The shades in her room were drawn, and the only light was the hazy dim glow of a purple lava lamp. Megan was lying on her bed, on top of the comforter. She was wrapped in something lacy and black which really hid nothing at all and was open in the front. Underneath it I could see a tiny pair of black panties that barely covered her secret parts, and a black bra with some purple trim.

“I was starting to think you weren’t coming,” she said in a low, sultry voice. She swung her feet off the bed and rose in one smooth, graceful motion. The lacy thing was a sort of cape that cascaded from her shoulders and went most of the way to her feet. The little snatches of flesh you could see through it in the dim lighting were incredibly erotic. She spread her arms straight out to the sides, and the front of the cape opened wide to reveal the black panties and bra. Then she let herself tumble backwards onto the bed again, laying with her arms spread wide, her legs dangling off the bed and her knees apart. At that moment she looked to me like the Goddess of Sex, and I couldn’t believe Julie and I were getting this gorgeous creature all to ourselves for the afternoon. I was rooted to the spot, just taking her in. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Julie staring at her slack-jawed, equally immobilized. Megan’s head lifted slightly, and a smile played about her lips.

Coming?” she said.

The paralysis broke. I flung myself at the bed, nestled myself into the crook of her left arm, and pressed my lips to hers. Her tongue darted into my mouth. Julie was on the other side, nibbling the edge of Megan’s ear and then sliding her lips down along the nape of her neck. Megan wrapped an arm around each of us, drawing us in so we were each draped across half of her body. Her hips were thrusting up and down a little. I slid my hand down onto her stomach, and her butt lifted most of the way off the bed. She pulled her lips away from mine and moaned aloud.

“I’ve been lying here for half an hour,” she gasped, “and I am so fucking horny.”

Then she and Julie were kissing. It was a wild, primal kiss. I could see their tongues sometimes as their faces turned, and Megan was making guttural little noises. I moved downwards, kissing and nibbling her collarbone while my hand played across her stomach. Then I moved it upwards and let it trace across the swell of a breast. The black and purple bra was a smooth, velvety material. As I followed the curve I came to a nipple, firm and sensuous even through the bra. She shivered as I traced my finger around it.

“Sit up,” I told her.

She and Julie broke off their kiss. Her eyes met mine.


“Sit up so we can take this off.”

Her eyebrows arched in amusement. “Oh, really?”

“Let me see your fucking tits!” I commanded. I’ve given up on being surprised at the things that come out of my mouth in the bedroom. What still does surprise me is the way people react. Julie let out a small moan, and her breath instantly roughened. Megan’s eyes widened slightly, but she pushed us both gently to the side and sat up.

I traced a finger lightly around the upper edge of the bra, outlining the top edge of each breast in turn.

“Julie,” I instructed, “get rid of this damn thing, will you?”

Julie slipped around the back, and began kissing Megan’s shoulders as she unclasped the bra. It came loose, and I ever so slowly let it slip down Megan’s arms. My hands splayed out across her small, firm breasts, fingers caressing softly. Megan shivered deliciously.

“There’s my tits,” she said, a slight smile on her lips. “Happy now you slutty little bitch?”

Wow… that was unexpected. But it was also hot! My panties were positively sticky. I decided to run with it.

“You’re the one with your tits hanging out,” I taunted her. I traced around the edge of a nipple with my tongue. She moaned a little. Julie’s mouth was busy with the back of her neck from behind.

“So, who’s the slut?” I went on. I teased the other nipple with the tip of my tongue, then spoke again, “The girl wearing a respectable church dress…” I closed my mouth over the nipple and let my teeth graze it as I pulled away, and her moan was almost a wail… “or the bitch waving her tits around for everyone to see?”

My mouth closed over the nipple again; my tongue caressed it. She moaned louder. My eyes met hers again.

“Lie down, you fucking slut,” I told her.

Julie got out of the way in a hurry. Megan lay back, and my greedy mouth found her nipple again. God, I love tits! I wish I had some. Julie’s mouth traced its way around and fastened on the other breast. Our heads bumped, and our eyes met for a moment. There was a special communication in that glance, something I can’t share with anyone but Julie. It’s like there’s something extra there, something that’s only for us. I can’t explain it any better than that.

Megan was gasping for breath and giving little moans. My hand slipped down, sliding over the waistband of those tiny little panties. She thrust her hips up as my fingers caressed her gently through the fabric. I applied some pressure and made a circular motion with my fingers. Her moan was different this time… a low, guttural sound. I thrilled at the feel of her… the fabric under my fingers was dry, but I could tell from the way it moved that the material beneath was saturated. I picked up the pace, and moisture began to seep through the thin cloth, dampening my fingertips. Megan’s breath was coming in harsh gasps, punctuated by those animalistic moans. A little more pressure, and the fabric under my fingers slipped down between her outer lips. She wailed.

To hell with this, I thought. The panties were narrow and sheer, and I pushed them to one side easily. I slipped my finger directly down into her juicy folds. Her hips bucked wildly against it, the slippery moisture quickly coating my fingers. A little further down, and two of my fingers slipped inside of her almost of their own volition. My God, it was wet in there.

I slipped my fingers in as far as they would go, my palm resting against the outside of her pussy lips. I started kissing her shoulder and neck. Julie’s attention was fixed on her tits, her mouth roving up and down the soft mounds, taking in a nipple here and a nibble of flesh there. Megan tilted her head down a little, and our tongues came together with an urgency that was almost violent. I began applying pressure down below, my fingers pressed tightly against the upper wall of her pussy and my palm pressing against her clit. I could feel the juices oozing out of her, and there were sloppy squelching noises with every motion. Squeeze, release. Megan threw her head back, tearing our mouths apart.

“Harder,” she groaned.

I began moving my hand a little faster.

“Harder… please! Fuck me like you mean it!” she wailed.

I picked up the pace even more, now pulling my hand away till just the fingertips were in, then slamming them home. Every time my palm contacted her clit, she yelled “Uhhh!” Her hips were pumping furiously. Then Julie’s hand slid beneath mine, her fingertips slipping between the juicy pussy lips and finding the clit.

“Oh, God,” Megan wailed. I was finger-fucking her hard and fast, my palm slamming repeatedly into the back of Julie’s hand. Her fingers were working furiously. Megan was pressing her head back into the mattress, her ass held high above the bed.

“Oh, God,” she screamed again. “Oh God, oh Jesus… fuck… oh my fucking GAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW…”

That last cry seemed to go on forever. Her pussy pulsed against my fingers as her hips beat furiously at the air. I kept going as it started to subside and suddenly the pulsing started again. I felt a spray of warm fluid against my hand as she let out a series of short, sharp screams. Finally she collapsed onto the bed.

I pulled my fingers out… the juices were literally dripping from my hand. I was pretty sure I knew what had just happened… Julie and I had read about squirting on the internet.

I took Megan’s lower lip between my teeth, then pulled away.

“Did you just squirt on me?” I demanded in a near-whisper.

Megan was still struggling to catch her breath.

“Pretty cool, huh?” she gasped. “You hit just the right spot… that’s only happened to me a couple of times before.”

“You got my hand all wet,” I accused. I brushed my drippy fingers over her lips. Her tongue snaked out and licked a finger. Julie leaned in and her tongue slid down the length of another finger.

“You like that?” I wanted to know.

Julie smiled at me. I turned my hand over, and smeared my wet palm across the lower part of her face, right across her mouth. Her tongue snaked out again, licking my palm greedily, then her lips. Her breath was quickening. My eyes met Megan’s.

“See what you made me do?” I said. “She’s all messy now. It’s your fault for getting me all messy.”

Megan’s eyebrows shot up. I’d just been teasing a little, but she took it a whole different way!

“Have I been a bad girl?” she inquired.

“Very,” I said.

“What do I have to do to make it up to you?”

I couldn’t believe where this was going! But it excited me more than anything else so far, so I decided to run with it. I had an idea.

“Lick her face clean,” I said. I smeared the remaining moisture on my palm onto Julie’s cheeks.

Megan rolled onto her side, leaned in, and began licking Julie’s cheeks slowly and softly. First a lick up one, then the other. Then her chin. She was getting closer and closer to her mouth. Julie’s breath was really ragged now. I began running the fingers of one hand through Julie’s thick hair, and I was caressing her thighs with the other. Julie had on a pair of leggings under a short red dress, and my hand disappeared beneath the dress. Megan was licking Julie’s lips now, and Julie was moaning a little, rocking her hips up and down slightly as I inched slowly up her thigh.

Megan’s lips looked like they were about to make contact with Julie’s, but I had another idea. I wasn’t sure where all this was coming from, just that Megan and Julie kept letting me take control, seemed to want me to take control, and I was loving every second of it!

“Hey, wait,” I said. It was hard to sound commanding when I was so turned on I could hardly catch my breath, but I did my best. “Are you about to kiss her? Because you’re still making up for getting my hand all messy. You have to ask before you get treats.”

“I’m sorry I made a mess,” said Megan. “Can I kiss her now?”

“Kiss her,” I said, making it sound like I was telling her to instead of giving permission.

Megan and Julie kissed. My hand was way up under Julie’s dress now, my fingers slipping just a little under the waistband of her leggings. Then I had another idea. I took my hand away and sat up. I tapped Megan’s shoulder. She broke the kiss and looked up at me.

“You were bad,” I said, “and her face got all messy because of it. She is the one you need to make it up to. Julie, if you could have anybody do something for you right now, what would it be?”

Julie met my eyes, and gave me a ferocious grin.

“I want my pussy eaten!” she exclaimed.

“Get her naked,” I said to Megan.

Megan put her arms around Julie’s shoulders and pulled her into a sitting position. She tugged the dress out from under her butt and off over her head. I slid around behind Julie, put my arms around her, and rained kisses on the back of her neck and her shoulders. My fingertips found her nipples, and I squeezed them gently. Megan’s hands were under the waistband of Julie’s leggings, but I could see that trying to pull them down from this position was a little awkward. I got out of the way so Julie could lie back down, and Megan took the panties and leggings off in one motion.

“Tease her.” I said. “Make her crazy for it.”

Megan began kissing and licking up and down the inside of Julie’s thighs. She’d come almost up to her pussy, then pull away. I was running the fingers of both my hands through Julie’s hair, and I leaned in and kissed her hard. Julie met me with fire and enthusiasm. One of my hands stayed in her hair, and the fingertips of the other caressed her belly. She was thrusting her hips up every time Megan’s mouth came close to her center.

“Oh, God,” murmured Megan.

I broke the kiss and looked down at her.

“What?” I demanded.

“Her cunt smells so good,” she said.

“Good enough to eat?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Put your finger in her,” I said.

Megan blinked.

“Wait, have you guys gone there yet?”

“Do what I said,” I told her in a low, serious voice. “Julie loves to get finger-fucked, don’t you Julie?”

Julie’s breath was coming in harsh little gasps now. She didn’t speak, just nodded.

“So, quit arguing with me and put your finger in her cunt!”

Megan caressed Julie’s outer lips for a second, then probed downwards with her middle finger. She carefully slipped it inside, watching Julie’s face the whole time. I knew that if she saw the smallest sign that Julie wasn’t into it, she would stop no matter what I said. Julie was moving her hips back and forth, trying to fuck Megan’s finger before it was even all the way in. Once her finger was buried inside of Julie all the way to the palm, Megan paused for a moment. She was still staring right into Julie’s eyes.

“You good?” she inquired.

Julie nodded vigorously.

“Fuck me, please,” she said.

Megan’s eyes met mine.

“You heard the lady,” I barked. “Fuck her! And get that tongue in there!”

Megan’s finger began to move, and she lowered her face to Julie’s pussy. Julie shuddered, her breath increasingly ragged and harsh. Suddenly I was feeling unbearably hot. I reached around and unzipped my dress, and pulled it over my head. Just then Julie let out a moan, and her hand shot out, grabbed mine, and squeezed. I couldn’t wait anymore.

I started fondling myself through my panties with my other hand. A little pressure, and an involuntary moan escaped my lips. I leaned over and began kissing… no… devouring Julie’s neck. Julie was crying out softly, her ass pressing down hard into the bed with every moan. She was squeezing my hand even more tightly now. I could hear the wet sounds being made by Megan’s tongue and finger, and then Julie was screaming, her hips bucking up and down, and squeezing my hand so hard it hurt a little. Then she subsided.

I was licking and nibbling her nipples now, practically out of my mind. I was rubbing my pussy fast and hard through my panties, totally lost in the intense waves of pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye I just barely registered Megan raising her head and grinning.

“Get her,” she said.

Suddenly Julie pushed me, hard. I went toppling over onto my side. Megan shoved me the rest of the way over onto my back. She yanked my panties off of me. Her fingers slid rapidly up the inside of my leg starting at my foot, but before she got all the way to where I so desperately needed to be touched, Julie was pushing her out of the way.

“Look out, this one is mine!” She exclaimed.

She buried her face in my cunt, her tongue moving fast and furious on my clit.

Oh. My. God.

Megan began kissing my chest and licking my nipples, and it was all over in seconds. I was screaming, and my entire body seized up. Suddenly everything seemed far away and distant… Vaguely I remembered this happening that day in Lisa’s bedroom. What had she called it…? The room went dark around me.

Megan was shaking my shoulder.

“Mallory! Oh, my God… Hey! Mal…?”

I rubbed my eyes, then opened them.

Julie was tugging on Megan’s arm.

“Relax!” she was saying. “this happened before! Lisa…. I mean… we found out it’s just something that happens sometimes to some people when they come extra hard. It’s called little death. She’s okay.”

I shook my head to clear it, then smiled up at Megan to let her know I really was okay. Megan let out a sigh of relief, and let herself collapse back onto the bed. She still had the lacy black cape clasped around her shoulders, and the panties were still on. I hadn’t taken them off, just shoved them aside. She looked insanely sexy like that.

“Wow,” she said. “Who knew I’d love being dommed?”

“Huh?’ said Julie.

“Mal’s a dom,” said Megan.

“A what?” I said.

“It’s short for dominant. You take charge in bed, and other people submit to you. That’s what really makes a dom… lots of people want to be dominant, but it works for you because there’s something about the way you do it that makes everyone want to follow your lead. You tell me to do shit, and it’s like… like I just have to! And it turns me on. It’s hot as fuck.”

“That’s it!” Julie exclaimed. “I’ve been trying to find the right words for how she gets in bed, and that’s totally it. And it really is pretty hot.”

“So… you guys don’t mind?”

“I think it would get old if it was all the time,” said Megan. “I mean, I’ve heard of people who are full-on submissives who want to be dominated like, you know, all the time, but that’s not me. I don’t think it’s Julie, either. But if you don’t overuse it, I think it’s great! I never thought I’d like something like that, but it was sexy as hell. Especially ‘cus you’re so quiet most of the time. Who knew you’d be a total alpha female when you came out of your shell?”

Now that was something to file away in my mind for future thought! We’d studied alpha behavior a little in school, enough to know that in humans, males are more likely to have alpha personalities than females. I know a few like that myself… Chief Moen is one. Now that I think about it, so is Jason Hanson. He’s not even in charge of anything here in town, but when you get a bunch of people in the room he can get everyone’s attention with a single gesture, and they’ll totally follow his lead. Is that me? It’s hard to believe. But lying there in Megan’s bed naked, with Julie naked beside me and Megan mostly naked, I wasn’t going to spend a lot of time thinking about it. Besides, Megan was still talking.

“So…” she was saying. “When did you two start doing penetration? I was too scared to try putting anything in my pussy until I was almost fourteen!”

“It’s only been her so far,” I said. “It was almost by accident at first… I was playing with her pussy and my finger just slipped in a little bit. She liked it, so we went with it. I haven’t had anything in mine yet. I guess I’m still a little scared.”

Megan slid to the edge of the bed, got up, and crossed the room to her dresser. She dug under the clothes and came up with a small plastic bottle.

“What’s that?” said Julie, sitting up and drawing her knees up under herself.

Megan returned to the edge of the bed, and turned the label towards us.

“Cherry flavored personal lubricant?!” I exclaimed.

“Sure! Makes things extra slippery, and if you want to eat somebody out after you use it, it’s super tasty! The regular, non-flavored lube tastes gross… it’s a mistake you only make once. But anyway…” she hesitated a moment… “if you wanna try it, this will make a finger slide in REAL easy. What do you say?”

Did I want to get finger-fucked? I felt myself getting horny all over again at the idea. I lay back, spread my legs wide, and smiled up at Megan. She grinned back at me, then looked to Julie.

“Your fingers are skinnier than mine,” she said, “so you first. Ready?”

Julie nodded. Megan knelt on the bed, popped the lid on the bottle, and upended the bottle right above my twat. Some liquid squirted out, drizzling down onto my pussy lips and into the folds. I could feel some of it running down into the crack of my butt, and somehow that turned me on even more. It was a little cold, but I didn’t mind. The scent of cherries filled the room. Megan nodded to Julie.

Julie reached down with her right hand, and used her first two fingers to massage the slippery liquid down in between my swollen lips. I felt my body shudder as her finger brushed across my clit, and a harsh gasp escaped my lips. She went lower, and gently teased my entrance with the tip of one finger. My ass rose from the bed; I wanted that finger inside of me now! Megan squeezed a little more fluid out, aiming it so it sprayed straight down to where the tip of Julie’s finger was circling the outside edge of my vagina. All of my senses were tingling.

Julie’s eyes met mine, and I nodded. She pushed her finger just a little way in. I grunted… it didn’t hurt exactly, but there was a little bit of pressure, and it was a bit uncomfortable. Julie noticed and began to ease her finger back out, but I grabbed her wrist and held her still.

“It’s okay,” I got out. “Just go slow.”

The pressure was starting to subside now. I tugged a little on her wrist, pushing her finger in a little deeper. It didn’t get any worse, so I kept pulling. The sensation of something inside of my body like that was thrilling and a little scary at the same time. It wasn’t the kind of intense pleasure waves I got from something touching my clit, but there was a tingling warmth and a feeling of fullness. I felt extra stimulated, like it wouldn’t take much to make me come. Finally Julie’s finger was all the way inside of me, up to the palm.

“Feel okay?” said Megan.

“It feels a little tight,” I said. “But it doesn’t really hurt. It’s just a little uncomfortable.” I was surprised how unsteady my voice was. For someone who had just had a super-intense orgasm, I sure was turned on!

“Sounds like you both got off easy,” Megan observed. “I bled like a stuck pig the first time something got shoved up there. You probably just need to relax. So here’s what we can do… Julie can just keep her finger in there and eat that luscious cherry-flavored pussy of yours, and you tell her when you’re ready for that finger to start moving.”

She leaned in over my head, and we shared a slow, tender, but still passionate kiss. Her head blocked my view of Julie, but I could feel her shifting on the bed between my legs. Then her tongue was exploring my outer lips. I raised my hips to meet her, and that wonderful, warm tongue slipped down in and began circling my clit. I gasped into Megan’s mouth. She started to pull away, but I planted my hand on the back of her head and held her there. Our kiss intensified.

So did the sensations Julie was creating down below. Having something inside of me while my pussy was being eaten just seemed to heighten all of my senses. My muscles must have relaxed, because it was totally comfortable now. Suddenly I needed that finger to move. I tore my mouth away from Megan’s.

“Fuck me, Julie!” I wailed.

The finger began to move, first tentatively, then picking up the pace as my midsection responded to the added sensation by bucking desperately against her. I wrapped my whole arm around Megan’s head, plastering our cheeks together.

“Oh, God,” I heard myself saying. “Oh, my god. Oh! Oh! OHHHHHH…!”

I wailed and screamed as I came. I don’t think Julie even had to move her finger as my hips bucked back and forth. It was sliding in and out easily now, slick with both the lubricant and my own juices. Finally my body went limp.

The next thing I knew Julie had come up alongside of me on the opposite side from Megan, and they were both holding me tightly. I realized they were both breathing heavy, too… getting me off had gotten them horny all over again.

“Now you two need to get off,” I said. “So here’s what we’re going to do…”

Moments later Julie was on her back. Megan was on all fours, her pussy lowered onto Julie’s mouth. Julie had two fingers inside of that sweet opening, pumping them in and out. I was on my stomach between Julie’s legs, fucking her with one finger. My tongue lapped her clit furiously. Her hips rocked back and forth against my face. I kept my eyes raised so I could see Megan’s ass, and Julie’s fingers sliding in and out of her twat. I wanted to burn that image into my brain, forever. Megan was crying out repeatedly, and I could hear little moans coming from Julie, but her tongue never stopped its work. Megan came with a yell, rocking her ass back and forth. She reached around and gently removed Julie’s fingers from her dripping hole, then rolled off onto her back. Julie’s twat was starting to feel really loose and relaxed, so I decided to try another finger. It went in easily, and the extra pressure was all it took. She came right then, moaning and burying her ass so far into the bed my mouth lost contact with her clit.

We lay in silence for awhile, spent. Finally Megan slid up onto one elbow.

“So,” she said, with an air of somebody picking her words with care, “Julie. When we were talking about little death before, you started to say something about Lisa, and then switched tracks. What was up with that?”

Julie and I shared a quick glance.

“Ummm…” said Julie “… Lisa…ummm… answers questions for us sometimes, you know? Like when we don’t understand something, we can go to her. Know what I mean?”

“Uh huh,” said Megan, amusement written all over her face. “You can’t bullshit a bullshitter, you know. What’s really going on?”

Julie looked a little panicked, so I stepped it.

“We promised we wouldn’t talk about it,” I said.

“Helped you guys out a little, has she?” Megan snickered. “There’s rumors about her, you know. Like, that she got caught messing around with other girls a few times when she was in high school. So, everybody was kind of wondering if she was gay, or maybe bi. I guess bi. Cool! So… maybe I should see if I can get her alone sometime. Who knows what that could lead to?”

What, indeed? My mind was full of possibilities… but it also made me think of something.

“You know what else,” I said. “I think… I think my mom might be into girls, but maybe doesn’t know it yet.”

That got their attention! I gave them a short version of the conversation we’d had.

“Am I onto something here? Or am I way off?” I asked them.

“Sounds like you might have something,” said Megan. “Planning to do anything about it?”

“I’m not sure what you mean”, I said, although I knew perfectly well.

“Well, I kind of want to do something about it!” she replied with a laugh. “I’m getting all hot just thinking about it… your mom is a fuckin’ babe.”

“I know,” I said, “but she’s my mom. I feel weird that I think she’s a babe.”

Talk turned to other things. It felt good to just lie there naked together, passing the afternoon. Finally we realized it was getting late; Julie had promised to call her dad in plenty of time to be home for dinner.

“We should shower again,” said Megan. “Wouldn’t do to send you back to your folks smelling like cherry lube and pussy.”

We all got giggling at that.

In the shower, Megan suddenly slapped her forehead.

Damn,” she said. “I was gonna introduce you to the joys of detachable showerheads, wasn’t I? It’s a little late now. We’ll make it a point next time.”

We called Jason, and had our boots and coats on by the time we heard his truck pull in. He honked the horn, and we piled into the entryway. Julie and I each shared one last passionate kiss with Megan, kissed each other, then opened the door and stepped out into the cold.

There’s more to tell about today, but I’ll finish up tomorrow. It’s late, and I have school in the morning.

Mallory has more emotional crises to deal with in Chapter 17!




Two Moms, Chapter 20

  • Posted on January 17, 2019 at 12:10 am

By Naughty Mommy

When Jess finally finished climaxing in my mouth, I really wanted to come too. I waited for just a minute, though, so she could sort of calm down and get her breath back, and meanwhile I licked my lips, tasting her. My face was a complete mess, covered with her goo, partly from how creamy she always gets but also because of the way I’d gone totally nuts — shoved myself so hard in there while I was licking and sucking as if I could force my whole head up inside her pussy. That would be awesome!

Anyway, when it seemed she might be coming back to life, I got to my feet in front of her and asked, “Are you my sex doll? My toy?”

“Uhh…” she blinked, before adding with a grin, “Of course I am.”

“And will you do whatever I want?”

“Yep, I will. Anything.”

I climbed up on the sofa and stood, naked, with one foot on either side of her. Jess was still fully clothed in that beautiful pink satin dress, except for not wearing any panties. I wanted her to stay that way a while longer ‘cause I loved how it made her look, and also I loved the contrast with me being nude like she really was a toy I was playing with. 

“I want you to lick me,” I said, stepping in closer. I took her head in my hands and held it right in front of my bald mound. “Lick my pussy. Make me come in your mouth.”

As I pulled Jessica’s face into my crotch, she giggled happily and began licking. I was so excited, though, so extremely turned on, that I just sort of started humping her mouth. 

I held her head really tight and pushed myself against her, sliding up and down faster and faster and faster while looking down at that cute little girl face, watching as it got all shiny with my juices — until I had this huge screaming orgasm, so loud I wondered if our mothers might hear me. I hoped they would!




As the girls had sex in the living room, their two moms were in a frenzy of their own in the master bedroom. 

The special laptop was open on Nora’s bed, offering a slideshow of some of the hottest, dirtiest, most illicit photos from her extensive collection. That wasn’t attracting too much attention, however, because the women were all over each other, clutching, grabbing, kissing, groping, sucking. 

First they traded arousing stories about the forbidden things they’d done so far with their daughters — showing them pornography, masturbating with them, Karen going all the way with other women right in front of Jessica — and now both were describing what they wanted to do next. 

“Sit on her face,” panted Karen, “grind my fucking pussy in her mouth!”

“My finger deep inside her sweet vagina, making her come!” growled Nora. 

“Then a 69, sucking her clit while she sucks mine!”

“I’ll fuck my little girl, pussy to pussy!”

They’d been at it for less than an hour, but Nora had climaxed twice already and Karen at least three or four times. These orgasms had mostly been self-induced as the women frantically rubbed themselves, nearly out of their minds with incestuous lesbian lust. 

They couldn’t maintain this wild pace forever, though, and soon eased into more conventional lovemaking. 




After I came in Jessica’s mouth, humping her face, we decided it was time to go in my bedroom. I finally let her take her clothes off, and then we sat naked in front of my computer for a while, watching lesbian porn and talking about what all those hot sexy women and girls on the screen were doing. We masturbated, with both of us coming again. Then we brushed our teeth and got in bed.

“I’m so happy,” I said, laying on top of my girlfriend and squeezing her tightly. “I love you so much, and I love my mom, and I love your mom too. I’m just so happy!”

“Me too,” she croaked, “but you’re crushing the breath outta me!”

“Oh, sorry,” I laughed, as I relaxed my grip and moved a little to the side. “I didn’t realize how strong I was.”

“Yeah. Remember, you’re way bigger than I am. But that’s okay, I love knowing how much you love me.”

“I do, Jess. More than anything, forever.” I brought my mouth to hers and we kissed a lover’s kiss. 




The women’s torrent of words gradually slowed as mouths became engaged in kissing lips or sucking nipples or licking clits. Their smooth bodies slippery with sweat and vaginal secretions, they writhed on the bed, sliding easily from one position to the next. Karen adored Nora’s breasts and loved sucking on her nipples while humping her leg. Nora couldn’t get enough of Karen’s beautiful pussy, whether licking, finger-fucking, or tongue-fucking. And for both, simply kissing was a supremely erotic act. 

That was where they found themselves as the evening grew late. Lying side by side on the rumpled sheets, the laptop screen long gone dark, legs and arms entwined, softly kissing, sharing endearments, thoughts now turning from fantasy to the reality of what their future might hold. 

“But do you think all of this will happen? Ever, really?” asked Karen. 

“Yes, absolutely. I’m positive that it will. If you want it, that is.”

“You know I do.”

“So do I. And I’m certain Lia wants it too. I mean, you should see her face when she’s staring at my pussy while I play with myself. It reminds me of when she was a baby or a toddler, and I was breastfeeding her. She’d look at my tits and my nipples like there was nothing more she wanted in the world. And when we masturbate together, she gets that same look now, so hungry, her eyes wide, licking her lips…”

“Wow, nice.”

“Uh-huh,” Nora nodded. “But what about Jessica. Do you think she might be, you know, into it?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she would. I mean, she’s come along really happily with everything so far, no problem at all. She seems totally cool with it, you know, all that crazy stuff that goes on at our house. Having sex with me would be, well, it’d be a big deal for sure, but not that much more than what’s already happened. And I don’t think it’s made her, like, maladjusted or anything, do you? She seems fine to me.”

With a chuckle, Nora said, “No, I don’t think she’s maladjusted at all. Jessica is about as happy and confident as any kid could ever be.”

“I know. I’m pretty proud of her. But, um, I have a question.”


“You said something a minute ago, I think, about breastfeeding Lia when she was a toddler. Is that right?”


“Well, I mean, how old was she when you were doing that?”

“Um, I finally stopped around the time she turned four. Of course I didn’t have any milk by then, or not very much anyway. Lia still loved breastfeeding maybe once or twice a day, though, and I loved it too. But I figured I’d have to break us of the habit before she went to kindergarten. You know, to keep from bringing up awkward questions.”

“Yeah… so did it, um, turn you on?”

“Actually, no, not really. At least not at the time. Later, though, long after we’d stopped, I’d often think about it when I masturbated. While I played with my pussy, I’d imagine she was still sucking my nipples at age seven or eight or nine — and that would make me come really hard. In fact, that’s when I started fantasizing about actually having sex with her, making love with my own daughter. That led to my obsession with pictures of naked little girls, and, well, here we are now.”

“Yes, here we are now,” purred Karen while fondling her lover’s breast, bringing the nipple erect. “And I need to come again. Are you up for one more, maybe?”

“Only one?” Nora leered, wagging her eyebrows. “I can do better than that, I think.”

“Ooh, goody,” Karen sighed as their mouths came together.  




While I was catching my breath between kisses, I asked, “What do you think our moms are doing now?”

Jess shrugged. “Fucking. Just like we are.”

That made me giggle. “You’re probably right. Do you wish we could watch ‘em?”

“Well, maybe we could. I’ve watched my mom plenty of times. It’d just be up to your mother, I guess.”

“Yeah… maybe… so, um, tell me again what it’s like for you when you watch your mom have sex. I mean, I’ve watched her too, but I really love it when you tell me how excited it gets you.”

“Okay, sure,” she said. “It’s always totally great, of course, but… I think the best time was on her birthday, last summer in July, before I met you. I didn’t tell you about that yet, did I?”

“No, I don’t think so. What happened on her birthday?”

“Well, it started in the morning while I was eating cereal and she was drinking coffee. She’d already opened her presents. Margaret had taken me out a few days before and helped me shop for some nice things for her. And she liked what I gave her. But then my mom said what she really wanted for her birthday was just to have orgasms all day long, like one after the other, from breakfast until she went to bed at night.”

“Oh my god, really?”

“Uh-huh. And so right away after she said that, Freja got down between my mom’s legs and started licking her. All she had on that morning was a robe with no panties or anything under it. So now she’s sitting there with her legs spread, her robe wide open, and Freja’s eating her. Then Sophie starts kissing my mom and playing with her tits and sucking her nipples, and in just a couple minutes she came.”

“That’s pretty hot,” I told her. I had a hand between my legs now, rubbing my clit. “Did you, I mean, were you playing with yourself too?”

“No, not yet. It all happened so fast. I was still eating my cereal when she came the first time. But then after that, my mom got up on the table and laid on her back and she had all three of them, Freja and Sophie and Margaret too, take turns licking her so she could have orgasms with all of ‘em. And while that was happening, I pushed down my pajama bottoms and start playing with myself and I came when she did, maybe the second or third time.”

“Jeez, your mom is amazing.” 

“Yeah, she is. Um, so, she went in the family room after that and started watching a bunch of porn. All those kinds of movies she especially likes, you know, ones called ‘Mommy and Me’ and stuff like that. She sat there naked on the couch for a long time, like maybe three or four hours, rubbing herself and coming again and again. During that she also asked Sophie to call some of her friends and ask ‘em if they would come over.”

“Sophie’s friends or your moms?” I asked.

“Actually I think it was both. Because pretty soon, by the afternoon, there were lots of different ladies there, some I’d seen before and some I hadn’t. I guess there mighta been fifteen or twenty of ‘em, all having sex, some with each other but mostly with my mom. They’d, like, get in a line and one after the other kneel down in front of her and lick her until she came.”

“Were you watching this the whole time, all those hours?”

“No, not really the whole time. I watched for a couple hours in the morning when she was just masturbating by herself. Well, not all by herself, because Sophie was with her some of the time, and Freja too. But they had their regular work to do, I guess, and they weren’t there all the time. Anyway, I watched what most of was happening and I played with myself. But I couldn’t keep up with mom in orgasms. No way. I don’t think anyone can. She’s sort of, y’know, unique or something.”

“Yeah, she really is,” I agreed. 

“Anyway, I got up after a while and went to my room and took a shower and did some other stuff and then I came back downstairs later and Margaret asked what I wanted for lunch. I dunno what I had, just a sandwich or something — oh, wait, now I remember, it was mac and cheese. She had some left over, Margaret did, and she gave me a big bowl of it. Hers is just so good, the best I’ve ever had. I remember thinking how totally great it was to be sitting there in the family room eating mac and cheese and drinking Coke and watching all these naked ladies have sex with my mom. All my favorite stuff all at once.”

“Is that why you said this was, um, your best time watching?”

“No. I mean, that was great. But it was later that night when the best part happened.”




“God, yes, yes, YES!” Nora screamed. 

Karen was finger-fucking her while also sucking a taut nipple. She had two fingers inside, plunging in and out of Nora’s vagina. She’d already made Nora come twice that way and now the woman was climaxing for a third time. Karen was sure that was about all she could take, though, so as the latest orgasm wound down, she lifted her mouth from the breast, withdrew her fingers from the dripping cunt, and carefully mounted her lover, pussy to pussy.

Nora’s face was beaded with sweat, her eyes still closed, features pinched. Occasionally she would shudder as a residual spasm, another jolt of pleasure, seized her. Karen watched and waited, arms extended, holding herself up on the bed. She badly wanted to come one more time, even if Nora couldn’t. Finally, when she saw Nora take a very deep breath and then let it out, and as her body seemed to relax, Karen slowly began to move on top of her. 

“I just want to fuck you,” she whispered. “I love you and I want to fuck you. I wanna come on you.”

Nora opened her eyes. Smiling broadly, she wrapped her legs around Karen’s butt, pulling her close, then reached up to cradle the woman’s lovely face in her hands. 

“Yes, fuck me,” Nora breathed. “Fuck me and come on me.”




“So, what was the best part?” I asked. 

I was still playing with myself, rubbing my clit, as we lay side by side facing one another, a lamp on the bedside table giving some light. The sheets were down near our waists. Jess wasn’t masturbating then, just watching me as she told the story. 

“Um, it was later, after dinner. My mom hadn’t had anything to eat all day, I don’t think. All she’d been doing is watching porn and having sex and always rubbing herself in between. I don’t know how she kept it up for that long. It would kill me. But she’s different. A lot of people if they knew what my mom does might say she’s messed up or something, but it makes me really proud of her. It’s like she’s someone special, kind of like one of those Olympic athletes, you know?”

“Yeah. If they ever had a Sex Olympics, your mom would win for sure.”

“You’re right, she would,” Jess laughed. “Gold Medal for most lesbian orgasms or whatever.”

“And the Bronze Medal and Silver Medal too. She’d win ‘em all. But go on, tell me about the best part.” 

“Okay. Well, anyway, like I was saying, she hadn’t eaten anything, so around five o’clock she finally took a break. Margaret had put together this good healthy meal for us. It was all spread out on the table in the dining room, fresh veggies with yogurt dip along with nuts and berries, and some pasta too and baked salmon and these great roasted sweet potato wedges she makes. Plus there was wine or, if they wanted it, Red Bull for extra energy.”

“Wow, they were serious about it. Like athletes, like you said.”

“Yep. So everybody got plates and dug in. I think there was still at least fifteen women at our house. They stood around talking and eating and drinking, with everyone nude, which was neat to see. I ate too, and so did Sophie and Freja, and of course my mom. It got a little slower for a while after that. They finished eating and just relaxed for maybe another half hour, talking and stuff, until they all went outside to the pool. Some of ‘em went in swimming, but mostly they just sat around, resting. Naturally, though, my mother couldn’t rest for very long. Pretty soon she was rubbing her pussy again. She made herself come once, and then, like they’d done earlier that day inside, they sort of got in line, one lady after the next going down between my mom’s legs, licking her, making her come over and over. They all knew what she wanted, I guess, and they were glad to help her.”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it. What were you doing then?”

Jess grinned. “Well, that’s why I said this is the best part, because of what happened, what I did with her. See, when we went outside she had me sit beside her, both of us naked, in that big swinging chair we have. You know the one I mean.”

“Uh-huh, yeah.”

“And so, we were just cuddling and stuff, which was really nice. She kissed my head and told me how much she loved me and everything, and I told her happy birthday, and before you know it, she started masturbating, rubbing her pussy with me sitting right next to her. And she was kissing me too at the same time, even putting her tongue in my mouth which she’d never done before.”

My fingers were moving fast on my clit. “God, Jess, you’re gonna make me come.”

“That’s what she did. She came while she was kissing me. But then, after that, when the first one of those women in line started licking her, my mom took my hand and moved it to her tit. That was another thing she’d never done before. She asked me to play with her nipple, and so I did. We were kissing, and when she wasn’t kissing my mouth, when she was maybe looking down at the lady eating her, then I would kiss or lick her neck and talk dirty to her, and also I kept squeezing and pulling her nipple, which really seemed to turn her on.”

“You actually did that?!”

“Uh-huh. That’s why I said this was the best ever. It’s the only time my mom let me touch her that way. We masturbate together pretty often, of course, either in the family room or her room or my room, but it’s always just watching, never really touching. Except for this time.”

“That is so hot.”

“I know, it was. Then, after a little while, we sort of changed positions. I got behind her in the swing, so now she was leaning back against me and I had both hands on her tits, grabbing them pretty hard, but she didn’t seem to mind that. I would suck on her neck, and sometimes she would turn and kiss my mouth, using her tongue, but mostly she watched what the ladies were doing, and of course she kept having orgasms, again and again.”

I was trembling with excitement as I listened to the sexy story, getting very close, my clit throbbing.

“Finally I got so turned on about everything that I absolutely had to touch myself. I squirmed around so I could slide one hand down between us. My legs were already spread apart, with her leaning up against me, and when I got my fingers in there, I discovered I was completely slippery, Lia, all slick and gooey. Some of that stuff was on my mom’s back too.”

“I’m almost there… almost there…”

“My mom could feel what I was doing with my hand and she said, ‘Play with your pussy, baby girl. Come for Mommy!’ And of course it didn’t take me long at all then, being so wet and so ready, holding her tit with one hand, rubbing myself with the other, hearing her talk to me like that. So I —”

But then I heard no more as I exploded into orgasm. 

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Tears of the Sun, Chapter 4

  • Posted on January 15, 2019 at 2:11 pm

by Purple Les

Annie Bloom couldn’t believe that her act of kindness had paid such a rich dividend. She’d chosen to let this mysterious young woman and the little girl stay in her cabin for the night to avoid the rain.

Not only had the woman turned out to be the legendary Tequila Kid, but now the Kid was down on her knees licking Annie’s pussy, the two of them stark naked. The fact that a cute little ten-year-old girl was sound asleep just a few feet from them only added to Annie’s excitement.

Ever since she’d grown into young womanhood, Annie had experienced odd feelings for little girls. It began with her baby sister Mary, who she’d adored from the child’s birth. She’d always been fiercely protective of her younger sibling, and was happiest when spending time with her.

When she was fourteen and Mary eight, Annie finally realized that she was in love with her sister, loved her the same way most women loved men.

It happened when her best friend Lucy told her in excited whispers about what she’d just learned about the facts of life, how men and women would undress and lie together as lovers. Annie’s thoughts immediately went to Mary, and how good it would be to know those pleasures with her — the two of them completely naked, their bare bodies lovingly entwined in the bed they shared.

For a year, Annie was besieged by fantasies of her little sister. She longed to tell Mary everything, to declare her love — but never could summon up the courage. What if Mary responded with fear, or even disgust? Annie was far from worldly, but she knew instinctively that these feelings of hers were anything but normal. If her sister found out, it might destroy the wonderful relationship they already had, and that was a risk that she could never bring herself to take.

A month after Mary turned nine, she was bitten on the ankle by a Mojave rattlesnake and died after hours of convulsive agony.

Annie was devastated, screaming and weeping hysterically for hours. In the days that followed, she drifted numbly through life, emptied of all joy. The grief she felt forced Annie to put away childish things and grow up, to think about what she intended for herself as an adult.

Her mother died a year later from consumption. Around that time, some of the local young men began to take an interest in Annie, but she made it clear to her father Jesse that she had no intention of marrying any of them — then, or ever. She never explained why, but suspected that he understood.

Jesse brooded over his daughter’s decision for a couple of days. Then one day, as they ate their breakfast, he looked up at Annie and said, “If you ain’t gettin’ married, you got to learn to fend for yourself, girl. I won’t be around always.”

He took his daughter in hand, raising her to be self-sufficient and tough as nails. He taught her to shoot, taught her to fight. Taught her to stand up to any man who treated her without respect.

On her eighteenth birthday, Jesse gave Annie two hundred dollars, a horse, a shotgun and his own pistol, then kissed the girl and sent her out into the world.

She’d seen her share of trials since then, but had always managed to get by on her own terms. Annie had stuck by her decision to live without a man, taking pleasure with other women whenever she could, most of them Indians.

She bought her cabin for fifty dollars from the previous owner, who’d grown sick of working the land and gone to California to seek gold. Annie had been there ever since. It was a hardscrabble life, but her own.

Now she was perched on the edge of her bed, legs spread wide, staring in awe at the Kid’s face between her thighs. She would occasionally glance over at the sweet sleeping girl, letting her thoughts run wild, picturing the child naked and watching them. It took only a minute or two for her to reach a climax.

Annie lay panting for breath, unable to keep herself from smiling like a fool. She’d been licked before, but couldn’t remember it ever being as incredible as this. Her body felt as it it was glowing, giving off heat like the stove.

Lying back, Annie swung both feet up onto the bed. She extended her arms to The Kid. “C’mere, you… it’s your turn.”

“Sure, Annie,” The Kid said, “but let me just look at you for a little bit, okay?” She slowly stood, placing a hand on the rise of her mound, and began to masturbate while she drank in the sight of her new lover.

Liking what she saw, Annie reached down to fondle her own pussy. They watched each other for a few minutes, letting their lust build, driven by the liquid sounds of fingers in cunts and the thick, intoxicating aroma of a woman in heat. Then the Kid took Annie’s hand, brought it to her lips and licked the finger that had been buried in Annie’s hole. She offered her own finger to Annie, which the older woman eagerly sucked clean.

The Kid climbed on top of Annie, lowering herself between her lover’s parted thighs. Their nipples brushed together as they met in a tender kiss.

At first, the lovemaking was slow and gentle, but their passion quickly mounted. The Kid kissed Annie with a hunger that stole her breath away, probing the woman’s mouth with her tongue. Their bodies began to move in unison, grinding together like the gears of a locomotive, generating heat with each stroke.

As their movements grew more frantic, the squeaking of the oaken bed frame could be heard in the cabin. Breaking away from their kiss, Annie whispered, “We best try to be quiet. Wouldn’t do to wake up the girl and have her see us like this.”

The Kid put her mouth to Annie’s ear and murmured, “Maybe she’d like what she saw. Maybe you’d like her watching us. Maybe you’d like to see her naked, too.” As the Kid spoke, she dismounted Annie and lay next to the woman, reaching between her legs. She smiled. “God damn, you sure are wet.”

Annie moaned. “You m-make me that way, Kid. Ohhhhhh, yes, fuck me, good and hard.”

The Kid thrust her finger deep into Annie’s cunt, then quickly added another. “Like this?”

“Mmm, yes.” Turning to face the younger woman, Annie reached out to touch the Kid’s pussy before sliding her fingers into the juicy slit.

They began to masturbate one another — their arms pumping, fingers plunging in and out, in and out, as they swapped heated kisses and sucked each other’s nipples in turn.

Soon The Kid was coming, breathing hard through clenched teeth as Annie fucked her. Dazed and winded as she was, The Kid continued to fuck Annie back, determined to bring her lover to another climax.

It soon struck her, though, that Annie was having trouble reached her peak again because she’d already come once. So the Kid decided to get the woman especially excited.

“You like the idea of Button wakin’ up and seein’ us fuck, don’tcha?” she hissed. “Sweet little girl like that, watchin’ us carry on. Maybe while she watched, she’d get naked too. You like to think of that, Annie? Maybe she’d even touch herself. Wouldn’t that be a sight? Little naked ten-year-old girl playin’ with her cunt, an’ all the while she’s learnin’ all about how women love each other.”

By then, Annie was working herself frantically against the Kid’s probing fingers, urging her, “Don’t stop! Oh my God, d-don’t stop!”

But The Kid had no intention of stopping. “Maybe she’d ask you to lick her down there, same way she saw me doin’ to you. Maybe she’d say…”

The Kid didn’t get to complete her thought before Annie came, claimed by an orgasm that shook her like a rag doll in the grip of an angry child. She trembled violently, stiffened, then went limp.

Annie was utterly spent, but she managed to cradle The Kid in her arms while the younger woman brought herself to a second orgasm of her own.

Finally sated, the two women slipped under the covers, holding each other as they fell into a deep slumber.


Annie woke up just after dawn like she always did, when the first hints of morning light shone around the edge of the curtain. Sitting up, she gazed down at The Kid, who’d just awakened herself.

“Good mornin’, Tequila,” Annie whispered.

Raising herself up on a elbow, The Kid kissed Annie, then said, “Mornin’.”

Annie got up, then put her boots on. “Be right back. I’m gonna go fetch us some water.”

Lying on her side, The Kid watched Annie, who was naked except for those boots, take a bucket and go outdoors to the well, where she filled the bucket.

The Kid lay back, enjoying the feeling of being truly relaxed for what felt like the first time in months. Funny how spendin’ the night with a good woman makes the new day so damn beautiful.

She glanced over to where Arabella lay on the bedroll, lost in thought as she watched the child sleep. Her reverie was broken when Annie came back in with the bucketful of fresh water. Annie carefully filled her pitcher, her ewer, and the basin, then set the bucket down and began to wash herself. The Kid watched, admiring the woman’s bare body.

Once Annie was clean, she gave the younger woman a shy smile and softly said, “Last night was pure heaven. Thank you, Kid.”

The Kid got out of bed, padded over to Annie and gave her a gentle kiss on the mouth. “I’m much obliged to you too.” With a wink, she turned to the basin and washed herself.

They got dressed, then Annie put some wood in the stove and re-kindled the fire from last night’s embers. She loaded the coffee pot and put it on the stove to heat up. “I’ll go milk the cow and gather us up some eggs. If you don’t mind keeping an eye on the coffee, that is.”

“Don’t mind a bit.” the Kid answered.

When the coffee finished brewing, the Kid poured herself a cup and sipped it as she went back to watching Arabella sleep. She knew that rest was the best thing for the little girl. She’d done well on the trail yesterday, but it seemed too soon for her to set out again. I’ll ask Annie if she’ll let us layover for another night, she decided, then smiled. Can’t imagine she’ll object.

Annie came back in with milk and four new-laid eggs. The Kid poured Annie a cup of coffee, then refilled her own cup. They sat gazing warmly at each other, thinking of the secret fun they’d had during the night.

“I was wonderin’ if I could ask you a big favor, Annie,” the Kid said blowing on her coffee.

“I’ll do whatever I can for you,” Annie replied.

“Well, first, would it be all right with you if me and Button was to stay here for one more night? I reckon it’s a mite too soon for her to hit the trail again.”

Annie laughed. “Hell’s bells, Kid — far as I’m concerned, you can bunk down here for a year!”

“Kinda thought you’d feel that way,” The Kid replied. “Now, there’s somethin’ else I need your help with. See, me and the girl need to keep outta sight round this neck of the woods. There’s some mighty bad men after the both of us. Best that I don’t tell you too much.”

“Hmm,” Annie nodded. “Are these the same men as killed the girl’s folks?”

“I think so. Thing is, I need some supplies for the trail. If I give you the money, can you go into town and get them for me?”

“Sure. What things? I’ll make a list.”

The Kid furrowed her brow in concentration. “Well, we need provisions. Hardtack and jerky, coffee, some flour and corn meal. Clothes for the girl… some britches and drawers, a boy’s shirt, shoes and a hat. That’s for while we’re on the trail. And I reckon she needs somethin’ to wear once we get where we’re goin’, too. Get a dress, a bonnet, some girl underclothes and shoes. Oh, and a couple boxes of bullets. I’m all out.”

“Hold on — I need to write all this down,” said Annie. Rustling up a stub of pencil and a blank page torn from her almanac, she scrawled out what The Kid wanted.

“Here ya go.” Opening her money pouch, The Kid gave Annie a sheaf of worn bills.

“That’s too much, Kid!” Annie protested.

The Kid smiled. “Some of it’s for you. Get yourself some coffee, and anything else you need more of since we been here.” She added, “And Annie… buy yourself some new ribbons for your hair. I’d like it if you would.”

At that, Annie blushed, but said, “All right. Thanks. I will.”

“One more thing, Annie. Will you be able to get all them things for me without anyone askin’ questions, or wonderin’ why?”

“Sure, Kid,” Annie said. “I always go to the deadline side of town. Folks tend to mind their own business over there. There’s a Mexican store — they’ll have what you need.”

They strolled to the barn, where The Kid helped Annie hitch her ox up to the wagon, then sent the woman on her way with a kiss and a wave.

Making her way back to the cabin, The Kid entered just in time to find Arabella waking up. “Mornin’, Button. You sleep okay?”

Arabella stretched and yawned, then wiped the sleep from her eyes. “I sure did. G’mornin’, Kid. Where’s Miss Annie got to?”

“She’s gone to town to pick up some things for us. You hungry?”

Arabella pondered that for a moment and then said, “I’m starved. Bet I could eat a bear!”

That got a laugh from the Kid. “I think we’re fresh out of bear. But I reckon I can rustle you up some bacon and eggs. You want coffee or milk?”

“Both, please,” said the girl. While the Kid made breakfast, Arabella went outside to the privy, then came back and washed her face and hands in the basin, after she filled it with fresh water from the ewer.

When The Kid set two mugs on the table, Arabella seated herself and drank from each in turn. Moments later, The Kid put a plate of food in front of her. “Here you go,” she said, then sat down to eat her own breakfast.

Afterwards, Arabella and the Kid washed the dishes and pans they’d used. Then The Kid went out to clean the barn, where Arabella helped to put fresh straw down. Returning to the cabin, The Kid looked at what Annie had in her larder. Helping herself to various odds and ends, she threw together a pot of stew, which she set to cook.

“Keep an eye on this, Button,” she said, turning to the child. “I’m gonna go get us some chunks for the fire.”

Stepping out to the woodpile, The Kid spat into her hands, then picked up the axe and began to split logs. Soon, she came back with a generous armload of kindling.

“How’s the stew, Button?” she said, stacking the new-cut wood in the firebox.

“Good. I just gave it a stir.”

“Thanks kindly. Now while the stove’s nice and hot, I’ll fix us a bath. Give us somethin’ to do while that stew’s a-cookin’. Besides, we need to get you cleaned up, little lady — you’re too pretty to be all covered in trail dust!”

Arabella blushed, then watched with interest while The Kid got a big metal tub down and put it in the center of the room, then made several trips to the well for water. She put some of it in the tub, and the rest on the stove to heat up in two large pots. Going back out to the well, The Kid filled one last bucket, which she brought inside and set next to the tub.

“Looks like a lot of work,” Arabella said.

“Worth it, though — you’ll see,” The Kid replied. She found a towel and soap and put them near the tub on a small three-legged stool. By then the two big pots of water on the stove had come to a boil, so she poured each one into the tub. Sitting down, she took off her boots.

Arabella watched wide-eyed as the young woman removed every stitch of her clothing. Now nude, the Kid stepped in the metal tub and slowly lowered herself into the steaming water.

Now Arabella had that funny feeling between her legs, the feeling that made her want to diddle herself. She toyed with the notion of sneaking off to do that while the Kid bathed, but then she couldn’t see her naked.

Then the Kid spoke, and all thoughts of leaving the room were instantly forgotten.

“Don’t just stand there, Button. Take that dirty old shirt off and get in the tub with me. I ain’t about to heat up more water!”

Arabella was dumbstruck. Me and her, both of us naked, taking a bath together. She loved the idea, but at the same time, felt a sudden attack of shyness.

“Aw, c’mon, Pokey. I won’t watch if you’re feelin’ bashful,” the Kid said.

“I’m not!” Arabella retorted, her cheeks red, then added, “Uh, I mean, you can look if you want to.”

She unbuttoned the man’s shirt, which was all she’d worn for days. Undoing a few top buttons, she pushed the shirt off, letting it slip from her shoulders and down to the floor. The girl stood nude before her older friend.

The Kid’s heart throbbed as she studied the child’s smooth, bare body. Arabella’s long hair fell down over her flat chest, but one of the girl’s nipples peeked through. Her hips were narrow with just a hint of flare to them, her sex a tender pink cleft, framed by those lovely legs.

The Kid honestly couldn’t recall when she’d last felt such intense, all consuming desire.

Arabella dipped a toe into the tub. “Gosh, it’s hot.”

“Just get in slow, Button. Feels right nice, once you’re in.” the Kid said, unable to keep from stealing glances at Arabella’s hairless pussy.

Arabella cautiously stepped into the tub — first one foot, then the other.

“Sit here, Button.” The Kid indicated the area between her legs. “Lean back against me. I’ll help you get clean, how ‘bout that?”

As Arabella turned around just before seating herself, The Kid got a good look at the child’s flawless behind. Then she was all the way into the water, her back touching the Kid’s stiff, wet nipples.

“You do your front,” The Kid said, “then pass the soap to me, and I’ll take care of your backside.”

Taking the bar of soap from atop the stool, Arabella lathered her chest, then stood up in the small tub and soaped up her tummy and legs, then scrubbed her groin. All the while, the Kid stared as if hypnotized at the slick wet bottom of the little girl, now only a few inches from her face.

Arabella turned to hand the soap bar to The Kid. “Okay… the front of me is all done.”

Raising herself up a little, The Kid washed Arabella’s shoulders, then painted her back with creamy lather. She paused to soap her hands again before gently washing the girl’s buttocks, trailing a finger in between them. The Kid saw Arabella shiver as she caressed the ten-year-old’s rosebud.

“There you go,” The Kid murmured, giving that pert little bottom an affectionate pat. “My turn.”

Arabella sat back down and watched as the Kid soaped up her taut breasts, her nipples quickly growing stiff to the touch. Standing up in the tub, The Kid began to wash down below, Arabella awed by the sight of her older friend rubbing soap into her hard belly, then her privates. The Kid had a sparse patch of pubic hair, and Arabella loved seeing the labia enlarge as the Kid’s fingers explored her fleshy folds.

“Here,” the Kid said handing the soap back to Arabella, “You do my back now.”

Arabella had to stand up, sometimes on tiptoe, to lather the Kid’s shoulders and back. Soon she’d made it down as far as the Kid’s ass — and she hesitated, wondering whether to continue.

The Kid noticed, and said, “Guess I could wash my own butt. But you can, if you care to.”

A second later, she smiled as Arabella’s soapy hands began to roam over her firm backside, then slowly glide up and down the cleft of her anus.

“That’s it,” said The Kid looked, peering over her shoulder. “Get it nice and clean for me.”

Arabella did just that, spending much more time than she needed to get the job done. Then they took turns washing each other’s hair. Finally, they both knelt down in the tub and splashed each other with the warm water, trying to rinse most of the soap away. The Kid noticed that Arabella’s eyes kept straying to her bouncing tits.

“Stand up,” she said and they both got to their feet. Bending down to take hold of the extra bucket, The Kid raised it up high and poured the contents over the two of them. Arabella squealed, startled by the shock of the cold water.

They stepped out of the tub, and the Kid dried Arabella with the towel, fighting the temptation to put her mouth on the child’s beautiful body, so near that she could feel its warmth. just inches from her face. Arabella then watched intently as the Kid dried herself off.

Spying a tortoiseshell comb on Annie’s bedside table, The Kid used it on her own hair, then on the girl’s. Arabella winced and made faces as The Kid carefully worked out the tangles in her long blonde tresses, but she loved how it felt to nestle against The Kid’s body while they were both naked.

As the Kid returned the comb to its proper place, Arabella turned to her and said, “I got that funny feelin’ down there ‘tween my legs, Kid. Oh, I got it real bad.”

“Oh. You mean like when you and your big sister would do that thing you called diddling?”

“Uh-huh,” Arabella nodded. “I need to do that soon or I’ll go crazy, I think!”

“Well, now, Button. We don’t want you going crazy, do we?” Reaching out, she took the girl’s hand. “Tell you what, why don’t we go lay on the bed.”

Silently moving over to the bed, the woman and the child laid down side by side. Placing a hand between her thighs, The Kid began to masturbate, gently fingering her cunt. She was definitely wet, and it wasn’t from the bath.

Arabella watched wide-eyed, then let her hand move down to her own slit and began to touch herself.

“You said how you and your sister used to do this together,” the Kid said. “Would you tell me more ‘bout that, Button?”

Arabella pursed her lips, summoning up the memory. “Well, I guess I was eight or thereabouts. I woke up one mornin’ and looked over, and there was my big sister Sophia. She had the covers throwed back and her nightgown was pulled up to her belly. She was touchin’ herself. Her finger was movin’ in and out of her hole, I recall that.”

Arabella got up on her hands and knees and crawled between the Kid’s legs. She sat down cross-legged, bringing her hand back to caress her hairless slit as she watched the Kid pleasure herself.

“I watched her for awhile, then I asked what she was up to. Sophia didn’t know I’d been lookin’, and I guess I scared her some, cause she pulled the covers up. But I told her I liked seein’ her like that, so she pushed the covers back down and let me see. She told me it was called diddling, and that it was the best feeling in the world.

“So I asked her to show me how to do it. She said it had to be our secret, and then she took off her nightgown, and told me to take mine off, too.”

The Kid’s fingers worked harder and faster on herself as Arabella continued her story.

“Well, watchin’ each other diddle became our favorite game. Till one day, we did it different. Me and my sister, we started to diddle each other.” Arabella giggled, recalling the fun they had. “We did it every chance we could.”

The Kid said, “Want to do that with me? I mean, touch each other till we have our come. That sound good to you?”

Arabella’s eyes were ablaze with excitement. “Gosh, yes! I’d love that more than anything!”

“Lay down next to me. You can touch my titties, if you’ve a mind to.”

The child did just that — fondling The Kid’s breasts, then exploring more of the young woman’s body. The Kid shivered, head spinning as Arabella’s fingers got familiar with her.

Then they were lying side by side, facing one another. Arabella had her hand on the Kid’s pussy, and the Kid was trailing a finger up and down through Arabella’s moist slit, going deeper in the little girl’s smooth crease with each caress.

Soon, they found each other’s clits, and the motions of the ten-year-old girl and her older lover quickly grew more vigorous.

Suddenly, Arabella pushed herself half on top of the Kid, mounting her leg. She took the Kid’s left nipple into her mouth, grabbing and groping at the other breast as she rubbed herself off against her partner’s thigh.

Grinding back against Arabella’s juicy cunt, The Kid began to toy with the girl’s firm little bottom. Her fingers strayed into the crack, pressing against the tender anus.

That made Arabella rub herself harder and faster against the Kid, her thin body jacking back and forth until, with a shriek, she reached climax.

Dazed, slowly swaying atop the woman, Arabella managed to dismount The Kid’s leg, then collapsed by her side and lay there, glassy eyed and panting.

After she’d come to her senses, Arabella said, “That was… it was real good.”

“Well, you did all the work yourself, Button,” the Kid said. “Now it’s your turn. Lay back and let me show you a few things.”

Arabella stretched herself out, then sighed blissfully as The Kid nuzzled her neck, then licked a path up to her chin, ending with a soft kiss on the lips. Drawing back, the young woman gazed down at her.

“Listen, Button,” said The Kid, a quiver in her voice, “I been wantin’ to do this with you ever since you first woke out there in the desert and looked up at me. Once I saw them pretty brown eyes of yours, I was a goner. Now I’m gonna make love to you, the way only a woman can do it.”

Arabella couldn’t speak, could barely breathe. She stared into the kindly face of the woman who had saved her life… who now wanted to teach her about love. Finally, she managed to nod and whisper, “Yes. Please.”

The Kid bent down for another kiss… only this time, the tip of her tongue brushed Arabella’s lower lip. It surprised the child, making her gasp — and before she knew what was happening, that warm, wet tongue had gained entrance to her mouth.

A startled Arabella nearly pulled away, but just in time, she realized: This is how grownups kiss. She’d seen her parents do it that way a time or two, at least before they’d converted to the religious faith that had led them out west. It thrilled her, the idea of being kissed that way by The Kid.

Arabella relaxed, letting The Kid’s tongue explore her mouth, quickly deciding that she liked it a lot. In fact, it made her want to participate.

Her tongue stirred to life, moving to engage with The Kid’s. She was timid at first, but overcame that almost immediately. Soon, the woman and the ten-year-old were kissing like ardent lovers.

Suddenly, The Kid broke away, and Arabella whimpered in disappointment. She got over that soon enough, as The Kid began to nuzzle her way down to the child’s flat chest, licking at one tiny nipple, then the other. And when Arabella felt the woman take the tingling bud between her lips to suckle, she cried out in awe, clenching her little fists.

The Kid lavished attention on her nipples, then kissed her way down Arabella’s slight body. The girl watched, her heart racing as the Kid’s face got closer to her special place, which was her sister Sophia’s name for it.

Arabella once asked Sophia if they could maybe kiss each other down there, just to find out what it would feel like…? But her sister had refused.

Now the child stared up at the ceiling, her body pulsing in anticipation, thinking, Please, Kid… PLEASE do that to me!

Then it happened. The thing she’d wanted so badly for so long was taking place. The Kid was kissing and licking between her legs. It felt better than diddling, a million times better. Raising up on her elbows, she watched in wonder as the Kid’s tongue traced her cunt, again and again.

The pleasure quickly mounted into something unimaginably good — and Arabella fell back on the bed, raising her knees, wailing, “Oh my d-dear sweet lord! I love you, Kid. I love you forever an’ ever. Don’t stop, don’t STOP! Ohhhhhh!”

Arabella’s back arched, and her legs went out straight and rigid as those wonderful feelings cascaded down on her like a cleansing spring rain. She shook and trembled, her voice rising to a shriek, then she went limp, sinking into the sweat-dampened sheets.

The Kid’s mouth was no longer down there licking, but somehow it didn’t matter. Arabella lay quietly, feeling warm from head to toe, thinking about how perfect this moment was. I want a lot more moments like that. Me and The Kid. I love her so much.

The Kid briefly cuddled Arabella, then got up, letting the child rest. While she dozed, The Kid tended the stew. She added more wood to the stove and made dumplings, adding them to the bubbling pot. While it simmered, The Kid got out the flour crock and made biscuits. Lining them up on a greased tin baking sheet, she slid them into the oven, then dragged the tub of bathwater outside and dumped it in the vegetable garden.

The sun was beginning to move down in the sky when the Kid heard Annie return in the wagon. She went out to help return the ox to its stall and unload the supplies. Annie was surprised and pleased to see that The Tequila Kid was naked but for a pair of moccasins.

As they entered the cabin, Arabella woke up and covered herself with a blanket, but not before Annie had got a glimpse of the nude girl.

Annie’s heart throbbed as she tried to make sense of it all. She’s naked in my bed… and The Kid ain’t got a stitch on either. Could they maybe have…? She’d seen the still-damp wash tub on the stoop, and knew that they’d bathed while she was in town — but something told her that there’d been more going on between The Kid and Button than just getting themselves clean.

The child was looking about for the man’s shirt she’d been wearing, finally spying it on the back of a chair where The Kid had hung it. She pointed at the ragged garment, her cheeks flushed. “Um, Kid, could you hand me that?”

“Hold on, Button!” Annie said, shaking her head. “Don’t put that dirty old thing back on, not after you’ve took a bath.” She went over to a battered old chifferobe in the corner, opened its door and rummaged around inside, emerging with a nightshirt. She handed it to the girl. “Here. You can wear this.”

Arabella smiled. “Much obliged, Miss Annie.” Letting the blanket fall from her bare body, she stood, slipping into the cotton nightie. The women both watched, though Annie was thrilled the most by the sight.

The Kid didn’t bother to dress herself, electing to remain nude. Annie and Arabella had no objections to that.

They all sat down to eat. After the first bite, it was agreed by all that the meal was delicious.

“These are the best dumplings I ever ate.” Annie declared, mopping up the last of the gravy from her plate with a biscuit.

The Kid looked into the pot. “There’s just a little stew left. Who wants it?”

“Ooooohhh… I’ll bust if I eat another bite!” Arabella declared.

“Well, I ain’t had vittles this good in ages. Guess I’ll finish it.” Annie said, holding out her plate.

The Tequila Kid took the can of cling peaches out of her saddle bag and displayed it to the others. She’d found it earlier in the day, having forgotten it was there. “Are you sure you can’t eat nothin’ else, Button?” she teased.

The child’s eyes lit up. “Wellllll… maybe a couple bites more.”

They ate from the can, passing it around and spearing the slices of golden fruit with a fork. It made a fine dessert. The thick rich syrup had them licking their lips afterwards.

When the can was empty, they joined in to clean the plates, pots and cutlery, then drifted back to the table and sat. Annie got the jug out, then she and The Kid took a couple swigs from it.

When Annie rose to put the jug away, the Kid got up too — and as the woman turned around, the Kid put both arms around Annie and kissed her on the mouth. Unable to help herself, Annie made the kiss a passionate one. Then she spied the little girl out of the corner of her eye and hastily stepped away.

Embarrassed, Annie glanced at Arabella. “Sorry, Button. I forgot you was right there.”

The girl just smiled. “It’s okay. I don’t mind if you two kiss. I think it’s beautiful.”

“Well, here’s somethin’ I think is beautiful,” The Kid said as she began to unfasten Annie’s blouse.

With a nervous laugh, Annie tried to push The Kid away. Undeterred, The Kid gave a hard yank on Annie’s skirt, which came loose and fell to the floor, revealing her plain cotton drawers.

The Kid looked over at Arabella. “Bet you’d like to see Annie all naked… wouldn’t you, Button?”

“I sure would!” Arabella said, surprised by how quickly she’d answered — and how much she meant it.

“Well there ya go, Annie.” The Kid said, “she wants to see.”

Annie could only gape, her eyes flicking back and forth from the little girl to the young woman as the Kid slowly removed every stitch of her clothing. When Annie was as naked as The Kid, they began to share caresses and increasingly hungry kisses.

“Oh, Kid,” Annie whispered, her hands trembling as she touched her younger lover, “what are we doing? This is plumb crazy.”

“No, it ain’t, not at all,” The Kid murmured, glancing over at little Arabella. “Just look at her, Annie. She loves watchin’ us. It’s plain as day.”

Annie turned to look, a blissful sigh escaping her lips at the wondrous sight of this child of ten, wearing nothing but an old threadbare nightshirt that was practically transparent. The girl’s nipples could easily be perceived beneath the thin material, and the oversized nightie had slipped down to expose one of Arabella’s shoulders.

As she stared, Annie felt The Kid’s hands — rough, yet wonderfully gentle — reach from behind to cup her bare breasts. She twisted around and kissed the younger woman, her arms twining round The Kid’s back, hands sliding down to fondle her ass.

The kiss was long and deep, and when the two women finally drifted apart, The Kid turned to Arabella and said, “Stand up, Button.”

On shaky legs, trying not to seem as timid as she felt, the little girl rose to her feet, bracing herself for whatever was about to happen. Arabella had loved her afternoon of sex with The Kid, but watching Miss Annie and The Kid kiss and touch each other with no clothes on thrilled her nearly as much.

Placing a hand on Annie’s cunt, The Kid effortlessly slipped two fingers inside her. Gazing steadily into Arabella’s eyes, she said, “I can tell that Annie thinks you’re real pretty, Button. You got her so wet that my fingers went right in her. What do you think about Annie?”

Arabella’s mouth moved a couple times with nothing coming out, then she managed to say in a shaky voice, “You’re sure beautiful, Miss Annie.”

“You like seeing us both naked?” The Kid asked. Arabella nodded eagerly.

The Kid turned to Annie. “She’s sure a cute thing, ain’t she?”

“She… she’s perfect,” the older woman breathed. “Like an angel, come down from paradise.”

“Bet you’d like to see her take that nightie off, wouldn’t ya?” Annie could only nod ‘yes’ as the Kid continued to finger her vagina.

The Kid looked back at the little girl. “Well, how ‘bout it, Button? Annie would like to see you naked. Come on, it’s only fair — we got nothin’ on, and you’re lookin’ mighty hard at us.”

By then, Annie was so overwhelmed that her legs were shaking, so the Kid sat her down on the bed, then padded over to Arabella. Placing her hands on the young girl’s shoulders, she walked her to the bed to stand in front of Annie.

The Kid bent to kiss Arabella’s neck and shoulders. Almost without thinking, Annie began to finger her own cunt, eyes locked on the little girl’s sweet face.

Arabella grasped two handfuls of the nightshirt and slowly lifted it, baring her childish body. Tugging the garment over her head and off, she let it drop carelessly to the floor. Annie whimpered, her eyes growing moist as she stared at the nude girl before her.

The Kid gently nudged Arabella forward till she stood between Annie’s open legs. Slowly extending her hands, Arabella reached out to cup Annie’s generous breasts. She weighed them, savored their heft, then began to caress the tender globes.

“Can… can I kiss you, Button?” asked Annie, timid as a schoolgirl. Arabella gave the woman a bashful nod, and they drifted together until their lips met.

The Kid watched, her excitement growing as they kissed with an increasing fervor, their tongues flickering back and forth. Then she feasted on the sight of Arabella’s flawless young body once again, especially her bare behind. While she marveled at its beauty, Annie’s hands slid down the child’s back until she was cupping that tender bottom. The Kid began to finger her cunt, losing herself in the moment.

Annie’s eyes met the Kid’s and they shared a brief smile, then the woman reached out to touch her little lover’s face. “Would you like to lay down with me, Button?” she asked.

With a dazzling smile of her own, Arabella said, “I’d like that very much, Miss Annie.”

They gently climbed onto the bed, moving as if they were caught up in a dream and didn’t want to awaken. Annie lay back, pulling the girl on top of her, and they kissed again.

Moving next to the bed, The Kid reached out to fondle Arabella’s bottom with one hand, rubbing Annie’s tits with the other. As their kiss deepened, the child started grinding her pelvis against Annie’s groin, moaning with a growing need, seeking release.

Watching this, The Kid got an idea. “Here, Button,” she said, “sit up… now, let’s move you to here.” She took Arabella by the shoulders, guiding the child until she was straddling the older woman’s face. “Good. Now we set you down on Annie’s mouth — and you ride it, like you’re gonna ride a horse.”

Arabella looked down into Annie’s adoring eyes as she offered her smooth slit to this new lover, who began to lick and kiss the child’s small opening.

Kneeling at the foot of the bed, The Kid went down on Annie, burying her mouth in the hot, juicy flesh.

Arabella glanced over her shoulder, feeling an extra thrill when she saw what the Kid was doing to Annie. Turning back, she whispered “I love you,” to Miss Annie, then closed her eyes, working herself even harder against Annie’s eager mouth and tongue.

As the Kid licked Annie, Annie licked Arabella — until they both reached orgasm at almost the same instant. The woman’s moans were muffled by the cunt of the little girl, whose choked cry filled the cabin.

Spent, Arabella collapsed next to an equally dazed Annie. Raising herself up, The Kid knelt on the bed looking at them and masturbating, and the older woman and young girl watched as she came.

The Kid lay down on the other side of Arabella, and they rested together in the shared afterglow.

After a few minutes, The Kid sat up. “Y’know,” she said, “This here bed’s a mite too soft for me. You two sleep here, I’ll take the bedroll tonight.”

The Kid kissed Annie and Arabella goodnight, then got up and spread out the bedroll, making herself cozy. She dozed off with a smile on her lips, serenaded by the sounds of giggles and sighs from the bed.

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Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 4

  • Posted on January 13, 2019 at 3:43 pm

by Girl Lover

Monday at school, Alice couldn’t concentrate at all. Her mind was not on her schoolwork but instead, was planning over and over in her mind, how she was going to break the news to her teacher that they had had sex a few days ago, and that she wanted to have more sex with her. No matter how she worded it in her mind, it didn’t sound right.

Ms Kruse, you might not remember, but I was the girl you were having sex with on Friday.

No, that wasn’t good.

Ms Kruse, we had sex a few days ago and I want more.

That was even worse. It made her sound like a pervert. Well, a bigger one than she already was.

Ms Kruse, I know you like girls and I was wondering if you wanted to lick my butt some more seeing as how you‘ve already done it.

Alice sighed. That was the worst one yet.

There was no good way to say it. The day passed by and as the last bell rang, signaling the end of the day, Alice waited at her desk as the other kids gathered their things and left.

Ms Kruse didn’t see her as she was wiping the chalkboard. She turned around,

“Alice? What’re you still doing here?”

Alice frowned worriedly, not saying anything.

“Alice? Is something wrong?”

“I need to tell you something,” Alice mumbled.

Ms Kruse came over, sitting down beside her.

Alice wanted to tell her, but how? What if Ms Kruse told her parents? But then Ms Kruse would be in trouble.

“What is it?” Ms Kruse asked expectantly.

Alice kept her face down, scared to look at her teacher. She took a deep breath, then said, “I… I was…”


“I’m not trying to get you in trouble.”

That got Ms Kruse’s attention. Her face growing serious, she asked, “What are you talking about?”

Alice paused then said quietly, “I was at Rebecca’s house Friday night. Upstairs in the loft.”

Ms Kruse’ face became horrified as Alice continued.

“I was the young girl that you and the other woman had sex with.”

Ms Kruse’ hands flew up to her face as she gasped.

Alice quickly looked up at her and said, “I’m not going to tell anyone…”

Ms Kruse kept her hands covering her face, as she muttered, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!… Alice, I swear I didn’t know!… I didn’t know it was you!”

“It’s okay!”

“You got to believe me, Alice! I didn’t know!” She begged

“Ms Kruse, I liked it. I want to do it again!”

Ms Kruse looked at her, “You want to… what?”

“I want to have sex with you,” Alice quietly told her.

Ms Kruse stared at her for a while, then whispered slowly, “You want to have sex with me?” Ms Kruse silently mouthed the word, ‘sex’.

Alice nodded.

Ms Kruse couldn’t believe what she was hearing, “Why?”

Alice smiled, “I like it.” Then asked, “Is that okay?”

Ms Kruse looked at her, still horror-stricken from the enormity of it, then she slowly lowered her hands.

“Alice… I could lose my job… be arrested…”

“I wouldn’t tell anyone. I don’t want to get in trouble anymore than you do.” Alice assured her. “I really enjoy sex and I really want to do it again with you.”

“Alice… do you know what you’re saying?”

“Yes, I liked it so much that I went back to Rebecca’s house the next night for more sex.”

After a moment, Ms Kruse said, so softly that Alice almost didn’t hear her, “I would like that too.”

“What?” Alice asked.


Alice perked up, “Great!”

Ms Kruse said, “Alice, I can’t be seen with you. Could I pick you up down the street and then we could go to my house?”

“Okay!” Alice answered excitedly.

“What about your parents? Are they expecting you home?”

“I could tell them that I’m staying late so you can help me with my math.”

“Oh, okay. I guess I’ll pick you up at the corner.”

“Okay,” Alice headed towards the door, “I’ll see you in a few.”

Alice left, quickly walking outside and down the street towards the corner. By the time she got there, Ms Kruse pulled up and she got in.

As Ms Kruse drove off, she looked over at Alice, “I still can’t believe that was you.”

Alice smiled, “I can’t believe you licked my butt.”

Ms Kruse blushed. “Oh my God! This is so embarrassing. Nobody knows about this side of my life.”

“Same with me.”

As they got close to Ms Kruse’s house, Alice said, “We’re close to my house.”

They pulled up to the house and went inside. Ms Kruse laid her purse down on the table and Alice followed her to the bedroom.

Ms Kruse stopped at the foot of the bed and looked at the girl, letting out a nervous snicker, “I’m so nervous I feel like it’s my first time. I mean, usually I’m pretty wild.”

“So am I,” Alice said as she pulled her pants down.

Ms Kruse watched in a state of shock as her young student pulled off her clothes and then laid down on the bed, stark naked.

Snapping out of her shock, Ms Kruse pulled off her own dress, along with her panties and bra, and joined Alice on the bed.

“Wow,” Ms Kruse said in amazement, “I’ve always been attracted to older women. That’s why I’ve been going to Rebecca’s parties. I never thought I would be attracted to a kid.”

“I never thought I would be attracted to a grownup.”

“I’m having a hard time getting my mind around how you’re so young and that I’ve known you and your parents for a long time,” Ms Kruse said, “So, uh, how do you want to do this?”

“Well… ” Alice sat up, “I know that you like licking my butthole… so why don’t you do that.”

Ms Kruse blushed.

Alice turned over on her hands and knees, her butt sticking up in the air, as she turned around to watch her teacher.

Licking her lips, Ms Kruse sat down behind Alice’s butt, her hands grasping the child’s hips. Her reservations quickly disappeared at the sight of the tiny wrinkled, brown anus staring at her. She released the breath that she realized she had been holding as she brought her face to the child’s beautiful tiny bottom, then unable to hold herself back anymore, she pressed her face into the crack, her tongue slathering along it.

“Oh fuck, I could do this all day,” she gasped. She licked her finger, then slowly pushed it against the small wrinkled anus. “Tell me if this hurts,” she told Alice before slowly pressing her finger in.

As Alice felt Ms Kruse finger go in, her butt cheeks instinctively clenched and she winced at the slight discomfort.

“Is that okay?” Ms Kruse asked.

“Yea.” Alice pushed back against her teacher’s finger, driving it in further, and gasping at the incredible feeling it gave her.

“Ooh, you like that?” Ms Kruse asked.

Alice smirked as she wiggled her butt about, enjoying the feeling.

After a while, Ms Kruse slowly pulled her finger out and with a bit of maneuvering, she scooted around till she was under Alice, in between her legs. As her teacher pulled her down, Alice watched as she lowered herself down onto her teacher’s open mouth, feeling Ms Kruse’s tongue squirming around inside her.

Leaning down, Alice pulled open Ms Kruse’s pussy, revealing the pink softness within her teacher’s lips then pressed her face into the pussy, feeling its heat and wetness against her skin. She slid her finger inside, marveling at how it felt.

“Stick it in deeper,” she heard her teacher croak. Alice complied, slowly pushing her other fingers in and then her hand.

“Oh shit!” Ms Kruse gasped, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Rolling her eyes in amazement at the obscene words coming from her teacher, Alice jiggled her hand, causing even more obscene words to come flying out of her teacher’s mouth.

“Oh! Fuck… fuck… fuck… fuck… fuck…” Ms Kruse wheezed as a gush of pussy juice soaked Alice’s hand, leaving a large wet spot on the bed.

Alice turned around, straddling Ms Kruse’s thigh. She rubbed herself along her teacher’s leg, pressing her pussy hard against it.

Ms Kruse could only stare in wonder as her student, this little girl, frantically ground her little pussy against her leg. Her face wincing, her breath coming out in frenzied moans.

Ms Kruse grabbed Alice’s thighs, pulling the little girl into her until a shrill wail erupted from Alice’s mouth.

A moment later, Alice rolled off, both of them totally spent.

Ms Kruse pulled the little girl against her, holding her and rubbing her back.

“Oh God…,” Ms Kruse breathed out, still panting. “That was the most incredible thing. I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard.”

“Me neither,” Alice echoed, her eyes still closed as she rested on her teacher’s bare breasts.

Ms Kruse looked over at the clock, “What time are your parents expecting you home?”

“I don’t know.”

“We should probably take you home.”

They got up and Ms Kruse led her to the bathroom so they could wash off in the shower.

As they washed themselves off, Alice said, “Y’know, we oughta do this every day after school.”

Ms Kruse raised her eyebrows at the thought.

Alice continued, “I could tell my parents that you’re helping me with my homework.”

Ms Kruse pondered it over in her mind, trying to figure out if such a crazy notion could work. “I guess we could.”

“On Friday and Saturday nights, do you think you could give me a ride to Rebecca’s parties.”

“Yea, I could do that. You really shouldn’t be walking alone at night anyway.”

They stepped out of the shower, got dressed and Ms Kruse dropped off Alice near her home.

The next day when school ended, Alice couldn’t go with Ms Kruse to her house because there was going to be parent-teacher meetings later that evening. Alice and her parents came to the school, as did all the kids and their parents. As Alice was walking around, talking to various kids in her class, she suddenly found herself face to face with…


“Alice!” Susan exclaimed, just as surprised. After recovering from her surprise, Susan lowered her voice so others wouldn’t hear, “I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that you would be in school. I just never thought of it. Ms Kruse is your teacher?”


“I guess you know my son, Jeremy.”

“Yea, I know him. Did you know that Ms Kruse goes to the parties too?”

“Yes. I’ve been with her a time or two. I was just as surprised when I realized I was having sex with my son’s teacher.” She snickered at the thought. “Will you be coming this Friday?”

“Mm-hm,” Alice nodded, “Ms Kruse is bringing me.”

“Mom, can we go now?” Jeremy suddenly appeared, interrupting them.

“Okay Jeremy,” then turning back to Alice, Susan mouthed, “I’ll see you Friday,” before leaving. Alice wasn’t really able to speak with Ms Kruse that night, but she knew that she would see her tomorrow after school.




The rest of the week, Alice went home with Ms Kruse for their daily rendezvous. On Friday, they held off, wanting to save their energy for later that night at the party. After Alice’s parents fell asleep and Alice left the house, she met Ms Kruse on the corner and they went to the party.

As they walked in, Rebecca came over to greet Alice.

“Hi! I’m so glad you were able to make it. A lot of the ladies have been asking for you.”

Alice’s eyes lit up.

“I didn’t know if you were coming, but now that you’re here, would you like to come to the living room?”

“Sure!” Alice said eagerly. She went into the changing room and quickly undressed, then followed Rebecca to the living room.

Rebecca announced, “Oh ladies, look who’s here!”

Everyone glanced over to Alice, their eyes lighting up in anticipation, along with several excited ‘Oohs’.

Alice stood in the midst of them as they came over, standing around, eagerly running their hands over her body. Reaching out with each hand, she grasped two of the pussies before her, letting her fingers slide inside as another woman took her head and guided it to her breast. Opening her mouth, Alice latched on to the woman’s nipple and began sucking. The woman closed her eyes, relishing the moment. Alice felt someone’s finger probing her pussy, while another finger pushed itself into her butthole. Alice felt like a pin cushion, being prodded and felt by dozens of fingers, and was loving every minute of it.

Eventually, she was guided to a couch and sat down. A woman approached, standing before Alice so that her pussy was in front of Alice’s face. Alice pushed her mouth into the woman’s pussy, rubbing her face against it, smearing her juices all over her face. Alice grabbed the woman’s hips, holding her pussy against her face as she frantically licked and was soon rewarded with a spray of cum, wetting her face. Out of breath, the woman stepped aside, allowing another woman to come present her pussy to Alice. Alice immediately started licking her pussy too. Soon, a line of several women formed, awaiting their turn for this little girl to give them the most amazing orgasm. Resembling an assembly line of sorts, as soon as one woman had come all over Alice’s face, she would step aside and the next woman in line would step up so that Alice could eat her pussy.

Much later, as the last woman thanked her and left, Alice got up, her face glistening from all the cum coating it, as well as leaving a very wet puddle on the floor. Wondering how many pussies she had licked, she rested for a bit, then wandered upstairs, looking for new adventures. She peeked into each of the bedrooms, looking to see who would catch her eye. In the loft, a number of women were strewn upon the couches while a few others stood along the wall, silently watching them. One of those along the wall was a very overweight woman, certainly shy and nervous looking.

She had one arm draped over her large, sagging breasts, trying to cover them to little avail, while her other hand covered her pussy, although the thick patch of pubic hair could clearly be seen. She was not young, about in her early thirties, seemingly a homebody who lived alone and probably had a pet cat. Alice immediately liked her.

Going over, she casually stepped behind the woman, wrapping her arms around her and pushing her face into her large bottom. The woman jumped and looked behind her with a very surprised look to see such a young girl holding her.

Alice simply smiled up at her, “Do you want to go to one of the bedrooms?”

The woman whispered nervously, “I-I was just curious and only wanted to watch. What’re you doing here?”

“You can do more than just watch, y’know,” Alice whispered slyly, “You can fuck me if you want.”

The woman’s jaw dropped, “You’re just a kid. You shouldn’t even be in here.”

“Rebecca lets me come.” Alice took her hand, “C’mon. Let’s find go find a bed we can use.” The woman found herself being led down the hall by this bold little girl. Peeking into the rooms, one by one, Alice found an empty one and went inside. Climbing on the bed and lying on her back, spreadeagled, she looked at the woman.

“So, what do you want to do first?”

The woman simply stood there astonished, “B-but you shouldn’t…”

Alice raised up on her knees, reaching out and taking the woman’s hands and gently pulled her onto the bed so that she sat down on the edge. Alice ran her finger down her arm.

“Well… I want to have sex and I think you do too, since you’re here.”

“But, I don’t know… ” the woman objected in a quiet whisper.

Alice stopped and looked at her expectantly.

The woman took a deep breath, “I really wasn’t planning on doing anything. I just…” She paused, clearly troubled about something.

“What?” Alice asked.

The woman’s brow creased, then she whispered, “I don’t really know what to do. I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t even know if I’ll like it. The other ladies seemed so… confident and know what they’re doing, but I don’t.”

Alice’s voice was gentle and supportive, “I’ve been with most of the women here so I can show you what to do.”

The woman’s eye’s widened as Alice told her, “C’mere and lay down,” patting the middle of the bed.

The woman hesitated.

“I promise you’ll love it.”

“I don’t even know your name,” the woman balked.

“It’s Alice. What’s yours?”

“Andrea. Are you always this forward?” She scooted backwards along the bed.

“If I’m curious about something.”

Alice carefully situated herself between Andrea’s legs, placing her hands on the woman’s breasts.

“I’m really nervous about this,” Andrea told her.

“I know,” Alice replied. “What do you want me to do? Whatever you want.”

Alice reached down with one hand, cupping the woman’s pussy, “Or you can let me take care of you. I’m very good.”

Alice’s fingers slipped into Andrea’s pussy, causing her to draw in her breath. Then Alice leaned forward, putting her mouth onto Andrea’s nipple.

Andrea was at a loss as to what to do. She simply stared at this young girl doing things that she could never imagine a child doing. Her nervousness of the whole situation kept her from feeling anything at first. She had never been in a relationship before and though she had found herself attracted to various people, her prudishness had always kept her from experiencing anything of a sexual nature. For a long time, she had thought of sex as vulgar, though she didn’t really understand it. But then one day, she saw a picture of a scantily dressed woman on a website and was drawn to it. She stared at it for a long time, not understanding why she found the woman attractive, but she couldn’t deny that she did.

Exploring these feelings further led her to look at the lesbian personals section of Craigslist, where she learned of this party every Friday and Saturday night. She was terrified about coming here, especially of showing her naked body to others, but talking to Rebecca beforehand helped put her mind at ease. When she arrived, she just stood off to the side, not joining in, just watching the others. Which was very nice in itself. But now, here she was. Actually engaging in sex, but with a child instead of an adult.

She slowly began to relax, concentrating on what the girl was doing to her. And in doing so, she began to feel something that she had never felt before. Something that was becoming more pronounced and stronger. It took a hold of her, causing her muscles to tense up and she became short of breath as the little girl continued to move her fingers around her pussy. The feelings were so strong, that she began moaning softly. At first, she tried to stop, out of embarrassment, but it was too much and she let herself moan openly. Suddenly, the strange feeling grabbed her, locking her up like a muscle spasm. She cried out from the intensity of it.


Andrea was exhausted, panting as if she had run a marathon. “Wha…what happened?”

Alice giggled. “That happened to me too. That was an orgasm and quite a strong one from the way you reacted.”

“She’s something, isn’t she?” Turning towards the unexpected voice, Andrea saw Rebecca leaning against the door, watching them. “How are you doing?”

Andrea blushed, “Uh…good.”

“I see that you’ve been enjoying Alice here. She’s very popular, y’know. Many of the ladies come to these little parties simply because of her.”

Watching the little girl grasping her breast and suckling on it as if milk would come out, Andrea had to agree, “I can see why.”

Alice then asked Andrea, “Can you turn over?”

With a perplexed look on her face, Andrea turned over on her belly, then looked back to see what she was going to do. To her utter shock, this seemingly sweet little girl spread her butt cheeks apart and began licking her butt crack. Andrea was at a loss for words.

She looked over at Rebecca for an explanation, who replied to her questioning look.

“Some people like that sort of thing. Does it bother you?”

Andrea’s forehead creased, “No… I guess not. It’s… just… I never dreamed that people would want to do that.”

Andrea looked back at the little girl’s head, half hidden behind her large hips.

Rebecca came over, sitting on the bed behind Alice’s tiny butt, sticking up in the air, and began licking her equally tiny pussy. Rebecca felt Alice give a start to her touch, but she never left Andrea’s butt. Having not come at all this evening, Alice’s lust quickly ramped up and she exploded with a high-pitched cry. She stopped licking Andrea’s butt, instead laying on it while she rested.

She felt Andrea carefully move away from under her and sit up against the headboard. Alice crawled up, turning around to lean back against her. She relished resting against such a soft, cushiony body. Her hands feeling Andrea’s thick legs, while Andrea’s hands felt her in return. After so much sex, it felt good just to relax like this.

Rebecca asked Andrea, “Well, how was your first time here?”

“It was really nice. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I didn’t really know what to expect. I mean I hoped that… something would happen, but I really didn’t know what.”

“That’s what everyone says the first time.”

“When is the next time that you will be doing this?”

“Tomorrow. Every Friday and Saturday night.”

“Okay, I’ll be here tomorrow.” Andrea looked down at Alice leaning against her, “Will you be here tomorrow night?”

“Oh, yea. I love these parties too much not to come.”

Rebecca snickered at this remark.

“Well…,” Rebecca addressed them, “It’s getting late and I need to chase ya’ll outta here so I can get some sleep.”

They got up and went downstairs. As Andrea went to the changing room to get dressed and leave, Alice saw Ms Kruse lounging on one of the couches, drinking a glass of water.

As Alice and Rebecca approached, Ms Kruse told them, “All that fucking dehydrates me.”

“Me too,” Rebecca agreed.

Alice sat down next to Ms Kruse, cuddling up against her. “Are you ready to go?” Ms Kruse asked her.

“No, but Rebecca says we need to.”

“Ah, I know the feeling.”

“Sorry guys,” Rebecca told them, “but it’s after four in the morning and I need to get some sleep or it’ll throw my whole schedule off.”

Alice stared at her wide-eyed, “Is it really after four?!”

Rebecca pointed to the clock, “Yep.”

“Oh geez,” Alice moaned, “My parents will be up in a couple of hours.”

“Well, I guess we better get you home,” Ms Kruse put her arm around the young girl. They got up and strolled toward the changing room to get dressed.

“How many ladies did you fuck?” Ms Kruse asked her.

Alice thought for a while, “I think it was about…ten or twelve. And there was Andrea too.”

“You beat me. I only fucked three myself.”

“Well, there’s always tomorrow.”

As they got dressed, Alice thought about who she should visit on Sunday. Julie? Doris? Susan? Andrea? It didn’t really matter; she loved them all. In this crazy world of constant sex that she was in, the possibilities were endless.


The End