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Live updates from Bellator 290: ‘Bader vs Fedor 2’ media day in Los Angeles

Adam Guillen Jr./MMA Mania

Los Angeles — The Bellator 290 media day is under way with several fighters taking part in the event on hand to field questions from the media ahead of their respective fights inside Kia Forum in Los Angeles Calif.

Headlining the event will be a Heavyweight title fight between Ryan Bader and Fedor Emelianenko. In the co-main event, Johnny Eblen will put his Middleweight title on the line against Anatoly Tokov.

MMA Mania is on site reporting on all the action going on in the lead up to the event, so follow along for news and notes from all the fighters.

Jaylon Bates:

“I’m ready to fight thinking about Jornel keep me up at night and. I like fighters that keep me up at night.”

“I love being the underdog. Put me as the underdog and I will come out on top.”

Ali Isaev:

“I don’t think I got in late. I am happy I got in when I get in despite being almost 40. It’s all about being how flexible you are. It was God’s reason why I am here.”

“Back then I wasn’t thinking about Fedor because I was a wrestler. But I know he was always big shot.”

“It is pleasant to be on the card with Fedor as he wraps up his career.”

“I don’t like to predict. It’s Heavyweight and anything can go with Fedor vs Bader.”

Grant Neal:

“I am happy to be back. Gained a lot of knowledge and I am excited to show it.”

“I can not focus on him, I focus on me.”

“I will get this win, marry my fiancé and then get another fight in.”

“Wherever the fight takes me. If wrestling works we will use that, if striking works we will use that.”

“Everybody in the Top 10 is an honor to step in the cage with. That being said, there is only one thing on my mind and that is beating everybody in front of me.”

“We’re not here to be jiu-jitsu fighters, we are here to beat the shit out of people.”

“It doesn’t matter if I’m playing ping pong, I just don’t like to lose. Everybody likes to win. Not everybody hates to lose, some are okay with it. It is unacceptable to me.”

“The presence of Fedor is awesome. It’s an amazing feeling to be fighting on same card. It helps me get in the mindset and shows me I am supposed to be here and I love it. I was getting coffee with him and I look at him and say, ‘Man, I have been watching you since I am 10 years old.”

Neiman Gracie:

“I am here to turn the tables and get back in line with things not going as planned lately. I m trying to overcome bad situations to be a better fighter.”

“The specialist in my opinion are hard to deal with. I am a specialist and I believe I can take the fight to the ground and I am one of the best in the world.”

“I plan to fight four times this year. I asked to be very active so maybe fight three months from now.”

“I used to dress s Royce Gracie for Halloween. If Spider-Man was there I knew Reno could beat him up because I had the real heroes next to me.”

“It is much easier to knock someone out than to take them down, pass guard, take their back and choke them out.”

“It’s not just about winning. I never did a boring fight. So I care about winning well, do a statement.”

Brennan Ward:

“It’s one of those fights that I am actually excited about. I’m stoked.”

“Some dangerous shit is going to happen and it is not going to leave the first round.”

“I took time away from my job for this fight. It was a hard decision because I was in the union and provided well with my family. I don’t want to look back and say I didn’t go for it. I don’t want this regrets. I am now fully committed to this and I’m in better shape then ever.”

“It doesn’t get worse than I was. I was at the bottom of the barrel but you can come back like I did.”

“I am friendly with guys in my gym but they know I am coming and they are waiting for me.”

“It feels like I have not missed a beat. It seems like it’s been years since we traveled. But it feels good.”

“I am always looking to end it in the first round. I am in good shape but I do not want to fight for 15 minutes. That is why I am on the main card with no number next to my name.”

“A fight is a joke compared to what I have been through, all joking aside. This is exciting and fun because of what I had to come through. I am not going to squander this opportunity.”

“If I was bad for business I would not be here. I am good for business. If this fight goes the distance fire both of us.”

Steve Mowry

“Whenever I saw Bellator sign him, I knew I would fight him. We are going to do the thing after training together some in the past. He wasn’t there long.”

“I would like to have Arnold Schwarzenegger to walk me out to a fight some day.”

Anthony Johnson was a fucking animal. Knocking everyone out. We were training partners and he had a lot going on in his head and his heart. I had seen a positive change in him.”

“I’ve worked my ass off for this fight and look forward to capitalizing on this.”

Jornel Lugo:

“I can not complain about this matchup. I love it.”

“I am going to show you guys how much I have improved.”

“I learned a lot from the Danny Sabatello loss. It’s bittersweet because I learned a lot from it.”

“ I am not worried about who is here, I am here to fight, to win.”

“I want one more un-ranked fight after this then get back into the rankings and then make my title run at one point.”

“I was a really big fan of Bellator coming up.”

“If you want to be successful at anything you have to go through suffering and things that were not fun.”

“This is a going to be a war, like cats and dogs in a ball of smoke in the cartoons.”

Diana Avsaragova:

“I am happy to be on Bellator and eventually get the belt.”

“The goal is to fight tough opponents despite her losing streak.”

“I have not visited any gyms here, but I will be here for a bit so I plan to visit some gyms before I go back.”

“I am not a bid dance, but she can go ahead and dance all she wants.”

“A win over Valerie Loureda wouldn’t have helped me get to the belt.”

“I am very happy to be fighting with Fedor on this card and I am happy they put me on this card.”

Karl Albrektsson

“The preparations have been very good for this fight. He is a very good athlete and a good wrestler. This is a very tough matchup and skilled opponent.”

“I am very happy with Bellator. They take good care of you and they are all very professional. I would love to fight for the title here after a good win streak.”

“I got my head right. Talked about my anxiety and relaxation with professional help and it has helped me.”

Sabah Homasi

“you will see how excited I am Saturday night. I am going to blow my load and beat this guys face in.”

“It started on social media, trolls, people tagging me on his stuff. It took a while but I asked my manager to get it done and he got it done.”

“I love someone who will show up and meet me in the middle.”

“It’s going to be a damn car crash, that is what is going to happen.”

“I Just want to fight more. I am in my prime and I’ve only fought a few times the last few years. I want to be active.”

Thiago Alves is the reason I learned how to check kicks and is the reason why I kick how I do. The first time I sparred with Thiago he beat up my lead leg and I learned no worked together to kick like that. I love that guy. He molded me to what I am today.”

“I feel like I was a bit of a late bloomer, but here I am and excited to show up my skills.”

“These guys, my training partners are my family and we have been together for a very long time. They are who I train with and they are a big reason why I am where I am today.”

Bellator 290 goes down this Saturday night (Feb. 4, 2023) inside Kia Forum in Los Angeles, California. For complete live streaming results click here.

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