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Guyanese Dictionary

Although everyone in Guyana speaks and writes in the official language (English), here are some of the local phrases regularly used in speech. I found this Coolie “dictionary” of phrases on a Xanga blog (original URL lost). The guy that wrote the dictionary has a fairly accurate meaning for all of the words. Its pretty funny (to me anyway).


abe( ah-bee): an abbreviation of abedeze, meanz us people

abedeze (ah-bee-these): please refer 2 abe

aja (ah-jah): ur grandfather upon ur fatherz side

ajee (ah-jee): ur grandmother upon ur fatherz side

aloo (ah-lew): a potato

am (ahm): this iz generally used in place of it. Like wa u name am?

amerindian (ah-mer-ind-yan): wellz since itz confuzing calling dem native americanz and us coolie pplz indian 2, this here iz used in order 2 eliminate confusion.

amitabh bachan (a-meet-abh bah-chan): da rang barse dude. indian movie star that all ayo mumma luv fuh some reason

antiman (an-tee-man): fag

arti (ar-tea): when dem doez got u put da flower around da fire and doez drop da money inz

ayo (aye-yo): an abbreviation of ayodeze, meanz you ppl

ayodeze (aye-yo-these): please refer 2 ayo


babla n kanchan: dem dudez from india that learn fuh sing coolie style. dem been remake a bunch a dem coolie folk songz

baboo ( bah-boo): father. and also according 2 diz mad jamaican gyal iz a word fuh us cooliez in jamaica 2.

back dam (back damn): thatz like farm country in guyana

backoo (bak-oo): small animal that makes alot of noise. used most commonly in referring to babies with big mouths

backtrack (bak-trak): how over 3/4 of us coolie pplz ended up here (i na really go bother define diz cuz iz only coolie pplz that are eva gonna read this, but u kno what i mean). iz like da coolie version of amtrak iite.

bade: to shower or bathe

bad eye someone (bad-eye som-one): this iz like when yuh rass doez wish bad pon sumtin

bai (bai): da guyanese way 2 say boy

baigan (bai-gan): an eggplant in its uncooked state

baiya (bai-ya): ur brother

bajee (bah-jee): spinach

Bake and salfish (bake-n -sal-fish): diz bready ting u doez usually got in one triangular shape that u doez eat wid cod (thatz salfish) wid tomato, onion and garlic and ting

bako(bah-ko): woman’z private partz

balanjay (bah-lan-jay): an eggplant in itz cooked state. u kno how dem doez put am in one foil wrap and doez cook up on da fire.

Balay (bay-lay): when u doez use the rolling pin (belna) on something

banga mary (ban-ga-mary): one type of fish abedeze got in guyana

bangles (ban-gulz): u kno dem big round tingz dem gyal doez got pon dem hand. Aye guyz just get ready fuh when dem gyal dem make u buy dem some.

basmati rice (bas-ma-tea-rice): u kno da rice dem indian pplz doez got in dem moviez that u doez got fuh put gogglez on 2 look at, yeah that. thatz a great add, look out our rice will blind yuhz. dem need a lil betta marketing dehz. but those commercialz are alwayz quite entertaning. and denz yuh got that basmati song, yuh kno how it goez: diz gyal name basmati, she come from be be, she na wan fuh dance now, she gone and get away, basmati dance gyal. dance down 2 the ground, hold on2 u gangli, and spin it all around

batie (bah-tee): u backside

batie-man (bah-tee-man): a fag

belly work (beh-lee-wok): diarrhea

belna (bell-na) : a rolling pin

berbice (ber-bees): diz a one river a guyana

berbice mad house (ber-bees-mad-house): diz a whe abedeze would keep mad pplz like me in guyana

bhajan (bah-jan): dem songz abedeze hindu pplz doez be singing a temple

bindi (bin-dee): diz ting like one tikka but sticky

black bush (black-bush): this other thing that like farm country

bladda (blad-da): a balloon

bodee (bode-ee): according 2 one guyanese gyal diz hea iz how triniz doez say bora

bora (bore-a): one of dem green ting u mumma doez make u eat

bouji (bow-jee): ur brother’z wife

box (box): to beat up

broadsiding (broad-sid-ing): iz when yuh doez tek the flat side of a cutlass and doez knock somebody wid am.

broke-up english (bruk-up-en-glish): da language only abedeze true cooliez can talk

bubbie (buh-bee): breasts

buck man (buck-man): an amerindian

buckta (buk-ta): underwear

buddy (buh-dee): this iz what u should call ur eldest brother.

bugga (buh-ga): 2 f*ck, basically in da good way (i hope me mumma neva see diz so plz avoid sending diz ting 2 anyone over 30)

burnham (burn-am): that dude that waz president of guyana that been ban da aloo

buss-up shut (bus-up-shut): this here iz roti that dem trini folkz doez eat , gwan and ask sum1 wid an aim sn just put in an sn wid tnt in front and add gyal or bai after am wid sum #’z. one of dem will xplain it 2 u

bwoy(b-why): da trini way 2 say boy


calaloo (cal-a-loo): itz a vegetable thingy that me na like, if u wanna kno go 2 golden krust and order urself a calaloo pattie, i think dem should pay me fuh advertising

canal #1 (ca-nal-num-ber-one): u see diz ya so da best part of guyana just fuh da simple reason me from dehz, and b4 u think this iz an unfair statement, just rememba u’d say da same thing if u were da one defining ur village.

canyadan (can-yah-dan): virgin bride

carahee (ca-ra-hee): that thing u doez cook the curry in

casava (ka-sa-va): this vegetable like one squash. diz gyal been tell me u can fry am and make chipz wid it

catahar (cat-a-har): that thing that doez taste like meat but na meat that u doez tink a meat when u go a mandir

cha cha (cha-cha): u daddy brother

cha chee (cha chee): u daddy brother wife

chamakay (cham-a-kay): i na kno what diz iz but me mumma doez be going around singin a wha u go do wid da chamakay bai, a wa u go do wid am, ee na fit fuh go in da market, but dulharie beti, y u go stay wid am, dularie beti why u go stay wid am

cham cham (cham-cham): this meanz 2 nibble on sumtin. like when yuh doez wan sumtin fuh cham cham pon

channa (cha-na): chick peas

chi-chi man (chee-chee-man): thatz a fag. u all kno da chi-chi man song by TOK so i really na go bother continue wid diz ting

chicken foot (chi-ken-foot): wellz iz a chicken foot that all ayodeze mumma and daddy doez put in dem soup but u rass neva go admit 2 am

chowki (chow-kee): that big round ting that u doez balay da roti onz

chune (choon): muzic

chunkalunkz (chunk-a-lunkz): used in trinidad 2 refer 2 a cute person.

churile (chu-rile): a female posessing “witchy”/iiritable personality or behavior

cook-up (kook-up): diz here iz a type of food that abedeze coolie pplz doez eat. itz generally a form of rice and chicken that iz really sticky 2 each other. i burned da cook-up one day, somebody go find me a gyal fuh marry cuz i’m gonna die trying 2 survive on me own cooking.

coolie (cuh-lee): da very best type of ppl

corentyne (core-en-teen): me rass neva been 2 corentyne, but me tink iz another part a guyana

crappo (crap-poe): a frog

cuff (cuff): to punch

cunny (cuh-nee): cunt

cunt (kunt): a woman’z private partz

curry (kur-ee): the most delicious food in the world. all else iz na worthy. u should eat everything u can in the curried form at all times.

cutlass (kut-lass): u rass may tink diz a one machete. i seen dem damn thingz what dem white folkz call machetez, so damn small. a true cutlass iz much more the size of a scimitar, but a lil wider wid a curved blade and brought ova from guyana cuz u grandpa been a chop cane wid am


dabu (da-boo): a gourd, or a dipping thing. u doez use am fuh get the dhall out in case yuh na kno wha me a talk aboutz

daag (daag): backstabbing/unreliable person

dada (dah-dah): a big brother or cousin

da very best of dem guyanese baboo (da-veh-ree-best-of-dem-guy-a-neez-bab-oo): i am da very best of dem guyanese baboo or whoeva happened 2 send u diz chain lettaz

dee dee (dee-dee): ur big sister

deepavali (dee-pav-a-lee): or diwali, this is abe hindu festival of lightz. u doez light diya and ting 2 celebrate him

deh (deh): there

deh so (deh-so): ova there

dem (dem): them

demerara (dem-a-ra-ra): aye diz here iz another river in guyana and just cuz me from deh it gonna be da best one 2 and if u got a problem wid me saying diz plz refer 2 my definition of canal #1

dhall (dal): this here is yellow peas, u does boil dem in2 a liquid form usually wid stuff that u doez add

dhall belly indian (dhall-be-lee-ind-yan): ok that song waz just 2 hot na 2 put in me dictionary and since i a dhall belly indian it had 2 go inz

dhall gutney (dal-gut-nee): that ting u doez use fuh grind da dhall widz

dhall roti (dal-ro-tee): iz roti wid some grind up dhall in am, now if ur like me wid way 2 much time on ur handz u alwayz a wonder what the hell iz da point of eating dhall roti or dhall phurri az some otherz may call it with dhall. there iz already dhall in da roti and if u na got enuff skillz 2 keep da dhall in it whilez eating and da dhall fall out, ur just gonna end up wasting dhall. i’m a therapists dream ain’t i?

dharm (dharm): duty

diwali (dee-wa-lee): please refer 2 deepavali

diya (dee-a): a small candle used in hindu ceremonies

dohti (dote-ee): that big white shirt and pantz dem doez got yuh wear fuh dem hindu ting dem. itz quite roomy (da original gangsta baggy clothez and all). but itz a bad idea 2 wear dem in da winter. yuh go freeze yuh rass off.

Doublez (duh-bulz): iz diz ting wid channa in am and aloo in between dem diz 2 ting that like a small roti

duff (duf): dumplings actually

dugla (dug-la): ur half black and half indian

dulaha (dool-a-ha): bride-groom

dulahen (dool-a-hen): da bride

dunkay (dun-kay): no matter

dunkay damn (dun-kay-damn):lacking in common sense or skills

dutty (duh-tee): dirty


edo (eh-doe): a yam

ee (ee): it/it’s

epsom salt (ep-som-salt): that ting u parentz dem doez mek u drink 2 mek u get belly work. and denz u got 2 drink tea wid it 2, now all u young folkz betta na eva do that 2 u piknee dem

essequibo (es-eh-qwee-bo): one nother river in guyana, in me opinion abedeze got 2 much river

eye a jump (eye-a-jump): me na kno what da hell dis meanz yet, i just kno dem old pplz does say am alot. it usually meanz sumtin bad go happen like sumbody go die

eyepass (eye-pass): to disrespect someone


fassie (fa-see): a fag

fiya rass (fie-ya-rass): this damn big ball of fire in guyana that does be floating around for no apparent reason.. supposedly jumbee or sumtin. or sum1 who iz feisty or got a hot mouth

fuh (fuh): for or to

fuh appreciation (fuh-a-preesh-ee-aish-on): this iz when yuh rass doez go by sum1 just 2 hang a lil while but u na hungry but u fee; guilty cuz u tink u a insult dem if yuh na tek anything so u doez tek am fuh da appreciation.

fullahman (full-a-man): a very derogatory term form muslim pplz. actually meanz half-man cuz dem get half dem ting chop off when dem doez get circumsized. ok and according 2 diz other bai diz a wha it meanz: ta word fullah is a tribe of pepl ta come from africa and lived in guyana and they were muslim and pple make fun of ta muslim by callin them fullah man. u kno we got luv fuh y’all anywayz.


Gaff (gaf): fuh talk wid some pplz

galahar (gal-a-har): one chicken neck

gangli (gan-glee): that lil skirt ting pon da sari, shalwar, or lahangay. me na knowz, i a guy so me na kno which one itz on

gilbakka (gil-bak-ka): diz other type of fish in guyana

gimme (gim-me): give me

godey (go-dee): iz like when yuh doez live heavy ting and u parentz a tell u that u go get godey. they mean a hernia, if yuh na kno what one hernia iz look am up

go in da pack (go-n-da-pak): okz u get how eva may cardz dem hand out. dem cut da deck and whateva card iz a da bottom iz da suit u have 2 play at the beginning. whoeva playz da highest card may then play any card of their choosing and so da process continues. if ur opponent doez not have the suit 2 play he must go in da pack until he getz a card of da same suit 2 play. da object of da game iz 2 get rid of all ur cardz.

gt (gee-tee): used in reference 2 georgetown, guyana. we doez usually say we gt cuz therez a 90 % chance of being born deh if u from guyana. if u wazn’t u waz born in a bush

guyana (guy-an-a): i kno i na really need fuh define diz but what da hellz. a country on the eastern coast of south america. considered part of the caribbean and west indiez also due 2 da fact that abedeze doez speak english or something.

gyal (gyal): da guyanese way 2 say girl

gyam (gyam): give

gyul (gyul): da trini way 2 say girl

gwan (gwan): going on, like when u doez say a wa gwan wid ayodeze it just meanz whatz going on wid upplz


hassa (hass-a): one type of fish in guyana

hema malini (hee-ma-ma-lee-nee): diz waz one star gyal back in da day, like sridevi, but been look a lot bettaz fuh hug up on.

hice (hice): when dem lil piknee doez go hice me. Dem really a say hoist me. Dem wan fuh be lifted up off da ground.


(apparently there are no coolie wordz that start wid i that i know of)


jackass (jak-ass): in addition 2 da commonly used insult diz iz also a card game. u remove all but one jack from da pack. each person getz a certain amount of cardz and den have 2 get 2 of a kind of each 2 discard. u need 2 get rid of all ur cardz 2 win. whoeva iz left wid da jack at the end iz da jackass

jalaybee (jah-lay-bee): itz this sweet thing thatz kinda orange and sticky

jandhi (jan-dee): that thing u doez get the pandit 2 do and denz dem doez give u a flag 2 put am up in u yard so u can go like i claim this land in the name of hanuman or sumtinz (just rememba me hindu so me can get away wid saying that)

jan ke patke (jan-ki-pat-kay): make unneccessary noise/confusion/argument

jaray (jah-ray): diz ya so iz obeyah, just trini style

jootah (jew-tah): diz hea a like spit. thatz why ayodeze parentz doez say me na wan u jootah

jumbee (jum-bee): a ghost (commonly believed that a sprinkle of salt will make these go away, see all da money da ghostbusterz wan fuh charge u? i would get one obeyah man like me though, i board certified by the american medical association and all, j/k b4 dem sue me 4 claiming that)


kajol (kahj-ol): one of dem star gyal responsible 4 the hell that us guyz had 2 watch one 2 many times kuch kuch hota hai

kankawa (kan-kah-wa): all twisted up and made wrong in some way

karela (ka-rai-la): that mad bitterting that u mumma doez make u eat when u face all pimply and ting

karhee (kar-hee): mango enhanced dhall with miniature polowries floating in it

ketch ting (ketch-ting): basically meanz u’ve gotten a proppa nice gyal or bai of ur very own

kitchree (kitch-ree): u see way back in da day, b4 my time, in guyana diz iz what dem been call cook-up

knack about (knack-a-bout): to wander or be anywhere outside the confines or your house

korhee (kor-hee): ur kinda clumsy

kutnee (kut-nee): a dog or a damn sneaky bastard


lahangay (la-hen-gay): some pretty clothez dem gyal piknee doez wear (refer 2 sari 2 see what it meanz 2 guyz)

lanch-boat (lanch-boat): a ship

le le (leh-leh): drool

liberty avenue (lib-er-tee-av-en-you): if yuh rass come 2 diz word and u coolie and na kno am, just delete diz ting, i would rather my creation not be infected by ur unworthy self

lolo (loe-loe): a man’z private partz

lota (loe-ta): that bowl dem doez got at mandir fuh keep in da water

lookanannie (look-a-nan-ee): one type a fish in guyana


madhuri dixit (madh-oo-ree dixsh-it): one star gyal that been a proppa dance

magga (mag-a): used in reference 2 someone who rass way 2 damn skinny

mai (mai): mother

majee (mah-jee): dem muslim priest dem. well since me been done say pandit a bandit in x1 umm majee doez eat bajee. thatz da best i could tink ofz

ma ka chodo (ma-ka-chode-oh): mother f**ka

mala (mah-la): that garland of flowerz dem doez put on u,iz like a hawaiian lei or sumtinz

maliblunta (mal-ih-blunt-a): according 2 angie iz a wasp wid a wicked sting

mami (ma-mee): ur mother’z brotherz wife. i believe it iz some sort of fruit as well in guyana

mamoo (mah-moo): ur motherz brother

mandir (man-deer): a hindu temple

maroo (mah-roo): da tent that dem doez put the dulahen and dulaha under during da wedding. and when it doez rain da poor tall coolie baiz like me and some otherz end up usin stickz 2 mek da water fall off cuz we da only onez that can reach.

matekor (mat-eh-kore): night before a hindu wedding/ phurri, katahar, punkin and garlic night

mek (mek): to make or create

mek story (mek-store-ee): 2 create problemz wid pplz

mook (mook): garbage/idiotic person (used most commonly when referring 2 a male)

moo moo (moo moo): useless or oblivious person. synonym of mook

mousie (mow-sea): ur motherz sister. also a popular song

mousam (mouse-am): ur mother’z sister husband (me tink diz a song 2)

mosque (mosk): that place dem fullahman dem doez pray inz

murti (mur-tee): the picz and statuez of dem hindu godz


nah (nah): don’t or no az like when u doez say me nah kno (that meanz I don’t kno 4 u white pplz)

nana (nah-nah): grandfather on ur motherz side

nani (nah-nee): grandmother on ur motherz side

niggeritis (nig-er-ite-iss): da state of when u doez eat and den right after fall asleep like one typical black man ( i kno thatz kinda racist, but itz da only way i kno 2 define it)

ninety-nine (nine-ti-nine): 2 dress mad nice like yuh a star bai or star gyal

nita: da very best of dem jamaican baboo

nota (note-a): snot


obeyah (obe-yah): voodoo in guyanese termz actually

obeyah man (obe-yah-man): thatz what i do. iz like da voodoo lady but itz a guy. 4 all ur obeyah needz just contact me, i’m board certified by the american medical association. i just kidding b4 dem sue me rass.

oil roti (oil-roe-tea): iz da roti u doez cook wid da oil


pa (pah): father

paira (pay-ra): ayodeze kno wha me a talk about iz da damn sweet thing that doez taste good. itz got that whole creamy look and all yuh knowz, kinda yellow but na, maybe more of a beige

pandit (pan-dit): one hindu priest

partna (part-na): one of ur friendz

patwa (pat-wa): diz here language i seem 2 be defining. iz a mix of english, dutch, french, swahili, hindi, urdu and all dem ting.

peerha (peer-ah): stools that the bride and groom sit on during a wedding ceremony

peppa (pepp-a): pepper

phagla (pag-la): a word you use to call a guy a lil krazy

peppapot (pepp-a-pot): diz soupy thing usually wid chicken foot in am

phaglee (pag-lee): same meaning as phagla but used for girlz instead

phagwah (pag-wah): one of abedeze hindu holidayz dem. we doez got a parade in qwnz every year where we throw powder on pplz and i end up looking a whole lot more light skinned than i am with all da white powder pon me face. called holi in india i believe.

piknee (pik-nee): word used in reference 2 a kid

plaintain (plan-tain): eh look it up in an american dictionary, i getting lazy right nowz. anywayz u can mek fried plaintain chipz wid am. yummy

play fresh (play-fresh): to hit on someone. diz iz generally what da guyz do. if one gyal did it, we’d call she on pot. for those of u that na kno wha pot meanz in coolie term, itz a couple of wordz down from here

polowrie (po-low-ree): that ting made wid flour and ting in a circly shape. u kno sundar popo be singing about am inthat kaise bane, kaise bane, polowrie bein chutney. Kaise banee

poohah (poo-ah): ur father’z sister

poohar (poo-har): u have absolutely no skills in anything u do

pom-pom shortz (pom-pom-shortz): them damn short shortz that u doez see pon dem potz

pon (pon): upon or on

popo (poe-poe): a trini term 2 call someone baby

posee mout (poss-ee mout): someone wid a really big mouth

pot (pot): therez only one damn way i can put diz, a liberty avenue gyal wid way 2 much make-up on. heelz 2 make she damn short self seem taller, and way 2 short pom-pom shortz. da equivalent 2 a qwnz pot iz a twin donutz gyal. i neva been 2 twin donutz so i in no position 2 judge but i kno half a da bronx guyanese population doez be dehz.

pretoria (pre-toe-ree-a): diz here iz how dem old pplz been a call dem gyal one pot back in da dayz

proppa (prop-a-nice): proper or very like when u doez say that gyal proppa nice

punannie (poo-nah-nee): a trini word used in reference 2 a womanz private partz

puthagee (puht-ah-gee): portuguese person


quarter-inch ply-board (quart-a-inch-ply-boad): term used in reference 2 someone who rass 2 damn magga


rajesh khanna (raj-esh khan-na): i got no damn idea who diz dude iz. some gyal just yell a me 2 put he inz. iz an indian movie star

rani mukherjee (ran-ee mookh-er-jee): ok diz hea iz one star gyal that all dem guyanese bai like. iz na cuz shez damn hot although she iz quite pretty, itz because shez a lil fatter than all da rest and we sick of seeing all dem magga gyal

rant (rant): diz a wha u doez say when u na feel like fuh say rass

rass (rass): i happened 2 have loss me rass, so i’d rather not even bother trying 2 attempt defining dis. instead i will use the definition given 2 me by sum1 wid a rass. actually diz iz 2 damn hard 2 try 2 define 4 everyone. if ur coolie u should know by now what one rass is. i need a damn rass transplant.

Roti (roe-tea): iz diz ting that like a pita bread. u doez got couple kind sadah, dhall, oil and buss-up shut. Me na know ha buss-up shut iz but me kno iz da trini one


sadah roti (sah-da roe-tea): iz da roti u doez cook when yuh rass 2 lazy fuh make dhall roti or oil roti

salfish (sal-fish): cod

samdha (sam-dah): refer 2 samdhi cuz i az confuzed on diz one as i am on that one

samdhi (sam-dee): look I forgot xactly what diz one iz but it iz a relative by marriage. I tink itz ur piknee’z mother-in-law. Thatz all I can recall at the moment.

saney pod (say-nee-pod): that thing dem doez boil down and make u drink that doez make u run yuh rass 2 da toilet proppa quick

sari (sah-ree): u kno dem pretty clothez dem that ayodeze gyal piknee doez wear. (4 u guyz allow me 2 define this in a term more suited 4 us, diz iz where most of yuh money go be when yuh get one wife, along wd dem shalwarz and lahangay dem)

scraven (scrave-en): greedy

scunt (skunt): one sweaty cunt

shalwar (shal-war): more pretty clothez dem gyal piknee doez wear ( refer 2 sari if u wanna kno what it meanz 2 us guyz)

sisto (sis-toe): ur sister

skin yuh teeth (skin-yuh-teeth): fuh proppa smile

skulk (skulk): to avoid or not attend. used most commonly when u mumma ketch yuh rass cutting “yuh skulk from skewl yuh rass yuh” and den she does go in2 diz whole speech bout how ting been when she waz young and dem been only had 2 piece a chalk and a board 2 write on

skull cap (skul-cap): da ting dem fullahman doez wear pon top dem head

sridevi (shree-day-vee): way back in da day indian moie star. most commonly heard by old folkz that doez go ” aye gyal, wine like sridevi”

starbai (star-bai): well cuz i’m conceited i’ll just say me. or a flashy dresser/attractive

stargyal (star-gyal): flashy dresser/attractive. and itz also whicheva mad gyal eva decide fuh marry me

stchew yuh teeth (stew-yuh-teeth): iite diz hea iz when yuh doez mek da sound wid u teeth when u rass probally damn annoyed at something.

story (store-ee): a problem between u and someone else

sue-sue (soo-soo): to pee

sugah cake (shu-gah-cake): ayo rass na coolie if yuh rass na kno what this iz, i ain’t even gonna bother 2 define diz

sundar popo (sun-dar-po-po): i na care if u luv him, hate him, or just na care. u gotta admit he’z earned a place in diz dictionary, he iz da immortal kaise banee, kaise banee, polowrie bein chutney, kaise banee man

suriname (sur-i-nam): anywayz itz a country in south america. u doez sing that song bout itz capital yuh kno. come leh we go gyal, i say come leh we go, come leh we go gyal, 2 paramaribo, pack up yuh grip gyal, and come leh we go, come leh we go gyal, 2 paramaribo

sweet homan (sweet hu-man): a mistress

sweet man (sweet-man): a male version of a sweet homan

sweet rice (sweet-rice): rice pudding served at hindu religious ceremonies


tabla (tab-la): one drum

tamarind (tam-ar-ind): iz one type of food me na kno how 2 descrube, kinda sour but sweet

tamarind balls (tam-ar-ind-ballz): u kno same ting az da damn tamarind but in ball shape i guess

tamarind sauce (tam-ar-ind): i tink iz da ting dem doez give yuh wid da polowrie at hot n spicy

tarbaby (tar-bay-bee): sum1 da really black. case in point, me

taree (tar-ee): that pan dem doez got fuh da arti

tassa: diz hea a one drum 2

tawah (tah-wah): that big black round ting ayodeze doez cook da roti pon

tearmout (tear-mout): big mouth

tek (tek): to take

tek yuh eye and pass me (tek-yuh-eye-n-pass-me): me rass na kno wha da hellz diz meanz either, but dem old pplz doez say it way 2 much. i think it meanz to disrespect the person

tegli (teh-glee): half spanish and half coolie

tie-head: diz a wha me daddy doez call dem dudez wid da turban cuz that wha dem tie dem head widz

tikka (tik-ah): that dot dem gyal dem doez got pon dem forehead. if iz black gwan ahead and play fresh wid dem, if itz red i tink da mean the gyal dem done tek

ting (ting): one proppa nice gyal or bai fuh yuh ketch

tink (tink): think

tnt (tea-en-tea): a shortened term for trinidad and tobago.

trini (trin-ee): diz iz how u doez say u from trinidad. trust me none body a say trinidadian. na even dem trini pplz. da only time u eva go see trinidadian iz on a newspaper. yo that waz also da name of da damn original yellow power ranger. she waz mad kool like that

trinidad and tobago (trin-ih-dad-n-toe-bay-go): two islandz in the caribbean. i only define diz cuz ayo trini pplz might get mad at me 4 defining guyana and na dehz

trump (trump): what white pplz call spadez

tun tun (tun-tun): a big fat indian movie star gyal back in da day. terry gajraj waz singing bout she: i dream about tun tun and keshto mukherjee starring in a movie wid jaiya bakhuri, they waz filiming in delhi, da other part of town,tun tun blow a kiss and keshto fall 2 the ground


(apparently there are no coolie wordz that begin wid u that i kno of either, excluding names of course)


(apparently once more there are no coolie words that beginz wid v, excluding names of course)


wa (wa): what

wa mek (wa-mek): how come?

wan (wan): want

watrass (wat-rass): diz iz some type of animal abedeze doez got in Guyana

wen (wen): when

wine (wine): diz dance move that abedeze coolie pplz doez do. according 2 diz phaglee lil gyal me knowz, it meanz 2 work up yuh waist

wrenk (renk): meat that u wazn’t supposed 2 eat cuz u rass suppose fuh go mandir 2day


(apparently i’ve encountered yet another letter that no coolie word beginz wid, ur all prolly sick of me saying names excluded of course for da lettaz that no coolie word beginz wid but i got 2 do it)


yardiez (yar-deez): according 2 da mad jamaican gyal thiz meanz jamaicanz

yatin boots (yah-tin-bootz): sneakers

yuh (yuh): your or yourz. dependz upon the context it iz used in

yowri (yow-ree): another type of animal in guyana that me na feel fuh describe


(wow izn’t diz a great way 2 end me damn dictionary wid a letta that no coolie word beginz wid, now thatz funny)



1. Imtiaz A - July 29, 2006

Hey man, great dictionary! Kitchree is actually dhall and rice mixed together. It looks like kook-up, but isn’t.

2. Aena Johson - September 29, 2006

diz iz wer u belong sis.

3. chris - November 16, 2006

juck…to poke

patkay….lick down

penhi…..someting to do wid bubby and milk


4. Risee - November 25, 2006

ay bai yuh rass 4got dat one guyanese word dat begin wid a v iz vex an i kno u kno dat deh word mean 2 annoy/bother/make angry

5. star bai - December 1, 2006

Z my coolie friend is for zed the guyanese letter for z

6. real GT bannuh - December 21, 2006

You forgot words like

Bamzi – butt
Bannuh – a male
Pagalee – a little retarded
Kounce – take a shit
Patacake – vagina
Pokey – see patacake
Queh Queh – celebration before a wedding
Bazadee – confused
Puntuh – a bannuh who went in de bush an come back wid nuff gold an money
Kochore – a snitch, a brownnose
Ole hige – a ole lady who does suck chiren blood & egg
Patwa is also a fish

I got nuff mo how much yuh payin!!

7. angel gyal - December 31, 2006

oo meh rass u musta teken long tyme fuh do dis

8. Naz - January 4, 2007

I got three- Chota or Chilla (pancakes)

Choka- many kinds, something to eat…allo choka, coconut choka, balangee choka, fish choka, tomato choka, shrimp choka…

Coka- a dam they built to control the rising of the water in the dams

oh lard- Dam is another one!

9. Rebecca - January 12, 2007

how bout how we start a convo

1) whatagwaan

2) wham

10. starr - January 13, 2007

pimpimchuri-yellow bird in guyana
cyant-can’t or to fall over
mudda skunt- kinda like sayin mother fucker
same-sum kinda vegetable
bundoor-black person
chynee-chinese person or what u would call a light skinned gt person

11. Guytrindian(half breed) - January 24, 2007

carpar/ caps- Blakman

3-canal- cutlass

batteryder- short short poom poom shorts

200 proof coolie- nuff said

Hul alyuh chamar a$$- go away you worthless individuals

Penal- Land o” d wutless injun

Mahaicony- The Capital

12. sinvalentine - February 9, 2007

you guys forgot
chahtaye- to lick
brux- broke

13. Annie - February 28, 2007

I gotta say, this is funny. What is Queh Queh? Never heard of that one. Keep on posting.

Aisha - June 5, 2012

You can’t be a real guyanese at all lol………..Queh Queh is what we do the night before wedding……a kind of get together dancing in a circle

14. Lee - March 2, 2007

Yo – this is great!
One more-

Bowgie – your sister-in-law

15. nisha - March 3, 2007

im half guynaese and trini and my family is from 35 village in berbice so dil lil dictionary wuh yuh get hya well and makin meh laugh so tail! Lol im totally American but its always fun to reimmerse myself in my Guyanese culture, its SO funny

16. nisha - March 3, 2007

queh queh is a drumming ceremony typically performed the night before a wedding of a guyanese girl. Lots of drum beating and innapropriate song lyrics … they’re fun but you shouldnt invite friends if theyre American, it tends to scare people lol

17. >>Swt Gtz Gyal - April 7, 2007

Oh Rass Bai,

I’m a GT gyal who wud nah wan do diz…buh bai you mus have time to list all ah diz…Yuh can call meh lazy buh, which gyal or bai wud waste time an do diz?? Tho it duz come in need fuh dem ppl who wan pretend dem GTz…ahaha…lmao…

18. >>Swt Gtz Gyal - April 8, 2007

Swt Gtz Gyal is in fact a canadian with high aspirations of being a GT.

19. ANINNYMOUSE - April 9, 2007

Z-Zed (Zed)
Means Zero

20. Mamacita_xX - April 10, 2007

word i neva knew der wuz a guyanese dictionary…lol..

21. Haris - April 25, 2007

eye a jump – means a sign that something going to happen for man, right eye means good and left means bad…and for women…it’s the opposite

rain a fall and sun is out – sumbody dead

juka – really dark ppl that does magic

good job in de guyanese style language

22. cananese gyal - June 30, 2007

bunbunai (bun-bun-eye): fret

23. heyvfdsv - July 3, 2007

very funny!! i am proud to be guyanaese once again!!!!!

vote pedro!!

24. Padmini - July 5, 2007

Hey nice dictionary dude but yah rass an idiot too berbice ain’t no river well if it is a river it’s also um.. a whole like area n u forget them other areas like suvannah n stuff like that n u forgot kaieteur falls dude that’s the tallest falls in the whole world bigger then deh falls in canada. Oh n u also forgot Shahrukh Khan that dude is funni kk. Oh n finally a dictionary came out cuz sumtimes me have no idea wat mi mummie a talk bout or mi grandma either.
Oh and tek yuh eye and pass me means basically that u did sumthin like mi mom a say i didn’t clean the house n i did but she says no. It means that the person ya saying it to u disrespect. Oh n u also forgot LASH the thing ya get wen u not a listen to ur parents n it hurts too.

25. gtzfynest - July 18, 2007

heyy u forgot wayway-a midget

26. Shane - July 18, 2007

yeh fehget to put

nancy–one fiction story

27. Naimisha - July 22, 2007

well, fuh de “v” yuh could include “vex” buh neh na no if dem othas no wha da mean

28. ALAN - July 22, 2007

U FORGOT LIX (licks) meaning u go home and someone beat u rass good

also Jigga (Jig-A) meaning u can’t sit still, like u always moving. also Sinanetle (Sting-A-net-til) meaing the same ting.

and Vex, e mean u mad.

but me na know what Muda Scunt means

29. skunt - August 15, 2007

i noe i didnt noe there was a guyanese dictionary lol u can use it wen u need to cuzz some one lol

30. ya muddaaa - August 15, 2007

dis damnnn shytt sooo truuee…ooo mehhh laaaddd ooo! who eva write dis, need sum goooddd lixxxx!!

31. ya muddaaa..again - August 15, 2007

i guyanesee n trinii tooo…dis shytt tooo funniee..

32. heyvfdsv - September 3, 2007

Oh Goshness, this is the ice man and i’m guyanese ooops, i mean Guyanese.

33. POPO - September 8, 2007

canyadan is NOT Virgin Bride – its a ceremony where the bride’s father hands over the bride to the groom or rather

is weh de dulhan daddy does give he daughta to the coolie man

34. POPO - September 8, 2007

U AN ALL (you-an-aal) – the answer that fits any question – (ask Bill and Ron) e.g.

Q: Weh you a guh?

Q: Yuh gat any rum deh?

Q: Feel like playin’ damino?

Q: Did you tief de Black Label during the Jandi?

35. CiNDY - October 4, 2007

latrin—outdoor toilet
peter pak—time to honour the dead
basin— like a big bowl
fat gyal— fat girl
fat bai– fat boy
battam house–bottom of your house
daab— like to daab your battam house with mud and cow/donkey shit

bandar—another way of saying clumsy
botar–when your stubborn
suskay–to complain;;quarrel
jankay and patkay
rukshan—like to behave bad (ah bai suh rukshan me tell yuh lol)
manish—to be bad (dah wan manish lil gyal)
lilawattie (lol) oh lilawattie yuh bady likka gold
krekateh-that shell thing ppl does eat u does find it in dem does draina

draina—like a gutter
drowngid– (hey lil bai u betta nah guh in ah trench before u drowngid)
laata–its like a discoloration that some people does get on them skin…like spots but it’s not that visible

fat poke—fruit

chanchi—that thing you does get when you grate coconut to make oil;

laabaria (laa-ba-ree-a) —type of snake in guyana
kamoodi-type of snake in guyana
patwa—fish in guyana

roat—(row-oat)—thing u does get with your parsaud..its like roti
braazair (bra-zair)—bra

dig dutty–the thing where all dem ole gyal them does do right before the wedding

mitii (mit-thigh)—sweets

churile—(u look like wan churile) a churile is actually a jumbie like lady whose abode is by the latrin

setting fowl—hey gyal u look like wan setting fowl when u jiss wake up

fiyah side—outdoor cooking stove

rakhi—the ashes from the fiyah side

fancy frack—nice dress

yuh belly nah gat battam lol

36. Shane - October 11, 2007

dis dictionary is very helpful and i alway stump dem whites no offence

37. Shane - October 11, 2007

u also forgot :

jak fruit = katahar
me nah no wah katahar is but you will figure it out

38. The Great Ajay - October 19, 2007

this sure looks a lot like my entry from xanga…plz refer 2:

damn teefing coolie

39. The Great Ajay - October 19, 2007

lols jk….i haven’t seen this thing in a couple years…remind me 2 release a new version

40. Jonelle Williams - October 20, 2007

Ya man this is so good who eva put this up pon de internet cause me was born as one guyanese and me is going to die as one guyanese………

shally - May 30, 2011

ok wat do u mean about that

41. yah rass - November 2, 2007

ohh yea yah rass faget fine:skinny and faget:forgot dunno more hav to listen to ma mom sha sha:she say more cuss word den anyada:other wad wad:word

42. PRADA - November 16, 2007

I’s A Trini But I Still Does Love De Guyanese Talk

43. T-Bwoy inna TX - November 16, 2007

“Bram-bram”… dats wut yuh sey wen it time to change de subject.

Gyal: “Las nite when yuh drink up all de Jack Iron, yuh start dressin’ up inna mi lingerie, bai, an’ den you…”


44. Sashlyn - December 4, 2007

Tikkai= what if

45. Guyanabai - December 14, 2007

lapote- to spread out

46. Susil - December 27, 2007

cacahole= assholee

47. Anetta Gani - January 9, 2008

Putagee – Portugese
Hungish or scraven – always hungry
puta puta – soft mud
big foot – Supposedly a putagee sickness but some hungish people tek am ova.
crab dag – no good
flattie – 1/4 or 1/2 bottle of rum
basadie – stupid
pagalie – not with it
ramgolie, tunus, baizie – creole created names
bizi bizi – a bush
sponge down – quick clean up

48. eee - January 31, 2008

trini’s dont say: Bwoy

we also say: Bai

49. davidcoll - February 14, 2008

anyone know some words stemming from Guyanese folklore, Jumbee, etc?

50. chi - March 3, 2008

I teach in a primarily all Guyanese school in NYC and I’m so glad I found this site! Not that I use the terms in school of course (that would seem weird b/c I’m whiter than white), but it helps me better understand their culture a little more.

51. Chuck - March 27, 2008

the letter z
ZING, the sound a real Guyanese kite does make..

52. Stephanie - April 4, 2008

alyuh- you ppl
bacchannal- confusion or argument
tolee- man’s private
chamar-a branch of hinduism
coolie-low class indian
nigger-low class negro
macow-one who minds people business
jumbie bud-an owl (bird)
dougla-a mixed person of negro and indian descent
shut yuh ass-keep your mouth shut
go fly kite-fuck yourself

53. lilawattie - April 12, 2008

oh rass u hear wah happen ah lusignan in january

54. Yardie gyal - April 16, 2008

Coolie baboo is used in Jamaica but very rarely as it somewhat offensive.

I am surprised that so many of the Indian relation names are intact. Indians in India use Bua for paternal aunt, Mama for maternal uncle, Bhabi for brother’s wife, etc.

I am not surprised, however, by how many of the words are in common with Jamaica: obeah, battie, wha mek, etc.

And for those who don’t know- Liberty Avenue is a street in Queens. The heart of the Indo-Guyanese neighborhood in New York. Lots of good things to eat!

55. punwassie - April 24, 2008

walack- hit, or beat
hapkay- jumpbirdy- mans private
loongera- wild people
dan dan- dress

56. punwassie - April 26, 2008

scarn- nasty, dutty
jumbie- ghost
yuh head na qo0d- your crazy
frak- old lady dresses
donkey cart- them ting ppl a ride a guyana
chunke- something to do with curry
bunjay- mix up yuh curry
chaddar- bedsheet/ blanket
boil n fry- some kind of thing
katahar- some thing with seed
papaiya- some seed

57. lilawatrie - June 27, 2008

aye sweet dictionary….but u gotta put in “FIH and FAN” fuh de berbice ppl dem…..

“which part ah guyana yuh deh fan?”
ayo gah fih start do de ting now

58. radha - July 5, 2008

you forgot janjot or janjat or howeva u spell it…but kool dictionary…

59. radha - July 5, 2008

nice nice nice dictionary but u forgot:
sunfish…a type of fish
kaituer falls

60. coolie - July 7, 2008

how yuh gah “fullahman” but yuh fuhget “chamar” ?

61. radha - July 9, 2008

there is nuttin rong wid chamar ppl if dats wah u sayin
but if ur not srry for coming off rude

62. radha - July 9, 2008

lolz u forgot
cutex—nail polish

63. radha - July 9, 2008

u also forgot

talk name

and fass

64. ravi - August 4, 2008

hey guys.. here are some more words…

meinno- i don’t know

yuh wan fuh hear storee- gossip.. like an event, something weird or amazing

chruh chruh gawd- honest to god

machrass- mattress

pawtspoon- a spoon for the pot

draw- drawwer

stinganettle- restless or uneasy

pigy-wink- to bug people

pooch pache- to waste time

goose egg- zero

dunda head- stupid

turna- a spachella to flip roti

schtupit/schupity- stupid

good job!

65. justine - October 13, 2008

bettrush-grass louse

66. justine - October 13, 2008

pat salt-likes to be in everything

67. justine - October 13, 2008

lotayla-big tune you does go to the wedding house and request the dj to play

68. Anita S. - October 29, 2008

e fahget ‘coocoo belly’
wun fish dah smell and taste like coocoo belly

69. Chateh - October 29, 2008

All ayu skunt mod
-Chateh Rass

An yes, e skunt fahget “chateh”, yu know when yu chateh yu plate like wun cyat?

70. ATL BAI - November 10, 2008

how yuh go foget TEEF under da t’s????????

71. ATL BAI~Steve N. - November 10, 2008

OH YEH YUH foGET PATACAKE ….my favorite~

72. bacardiiiii - November 18, 2008

hahahahahah this is crazyyyyy funny.. i like the kajol one because I see dat friken movie too much times.

73. sepulmattica - November 27, 2008

thanx for this,my girl is from berbice,and I am a white guy from america.some time she yells some shit at me that I dont understand,like “u mudda skunt” lol,I am learning,but this really helps tho.

HEADS - January 23, 2010


74. kevels - February 1, 2009


75. chutneyman - March 1, 2009

muhma– ur mother (haha sounds like a diss)

cuss– to curse; not like dem wite ppl curse here in America shit is valid

o me muhma– oh my god (OMG)

laad– god

lil bai bicycle naa ga brakes– ur a restless picknee

wayya do da fah?– Y did u do that 4?

clap– to hit

wa go on?– Whats goin on?

76. chutneyman - March 1, 2009

me na no– I dont no.

bachroom– bathroom

COOL LIST. HILARIOUS! Me belly bust.

laff til yuh belly bust– U laugh real hard. LOL

77. chutneyman - March 1, 2009

mati– another person (Stop clap han pon mati!)

hard ears– U naa hear!

78. DennisAnthonyDevonishJr - March 21, 2009

Me’s ah yankee but me fada ah guyanese and me wan talk like he and wan to find ah pretty coolie beenie fi marry, Inshaallah.

79. james in toronto - March 22, 2009

You forgot SAGGABAI. A man who is considered to be a real ladies’ man.
Sometimes a SAGGABAI could be considered to be a SWEET BAI.

80. DularieGyal - April 9, 2009

eh eh yuh got sum tym on ya hands bai

81. Ashley - April 9, 2009

bai!…yu ras funni funni skunt, yu mek meh pee meh pantii lol

82. Ashley - April 9, 2009

PANTY (PAN-TEE)- disa wha dem gyal wear like bukta

83. Ashley - April 9, 2009

lol lol lol lol lol

84. Ashley - April 9, 2009

and bai is wuh really do you, yu forget DRAWS- but bai how yu ah forget draws wuh dem old gyal wear unda dem frock lol
FROCK (FROCK)- wuh dem ol’ lady does wear.

85. ShalGyal - April 25, 2009


up-turn – turn something up-side down

86. navin (gtzkorhecoolie ckrew) - May 5, 2009

wat abt mussy? and bad fa days and scratchagy……
mussy = must be
bad fa days = ur good
scratchagy = old pplz nagging

87. Angelina - May 14, 2009

dem baye say ayo a do won good wok heh

88. Rae - May 28, 2009



89. Rae - May 28, 2009

o Skite- liek o shit

90. berbeast representative - June 12, 2009

oww meh booooy! – surprised to see someone.. (doing/having something)
yuh moomah/muddah’s man! – insinuating your mother is a whore
bleddy – inspired from Britian’s “bloody”. i.e. – “yuh bleedy bitch yuh!”
ker – to take. i.e – “ker yuh rass da side.”

91. berbeast representative - June 12, 2009


bleddy – inspired from Britian’s “bloody”. i.e. – “yuh bleddy bitch yuh!”

92. GuyanaGyal - June 16, 2009

Yuh forgot KUT LASS – Is da big sword/ knife yhu does use fuh chop up dem plants and so

93. Beckstar - July 2, 2009

Dude how dont you have ‘ Smell-o-pine ‘ like shit, yuh mudda nah teach yuh nuttin?

94. Kevin - July 28, 2009

man meh like dis lol coool dictionary man

95. *Guyaneze-Gyal-Tina-Fuh-Life* - July 30, 2009

“WA DE RASS DIS? ME NEVA KNO DIS EXIST!!! LOL….Me feel like me back home again.. ayo funny man…enyway me gat nuff word fe put in yuh dictionary BUT anybady kno whe me can find wan guyanese majee/mahjee? Lemme kno ppl Thanx! (

“U A PLAY DE ASS WID ME”: Kinda means you’re an ass or you’ve got to be kidding me…

96. CoolieMan - August 6, 2009

clap – to have…Eh bai clap some roti naa

97. CoolieMan - August 6, 2009

Kattahar – can also mean nothing…yuh ga kattahar and you na gat kattahar, a same thing

98. CoolieMan - August 6, 2009

maichony creek – da best place fah live

99. CoolieMan - August 6, 2009

how ayuh forget sorrow bai…2 brother in laws

100. CoolieMan and ChutneyMan - August 6, 2009

Tittivate – to irritate somebody

101. CoolieMan and ChutneyMan - August 6, 2009

dotish – clumsy or stupid
blasted – emphasis on a word…blasted fool
poohar – did something in a bad manner

102. CoolieMan and ChutneyMan - August 6, 2009

pee pee – crazy fool

103. greedyazzsunil - August 6, 2009

Ay baii how yuh really nah geh nuttin betta fah do…guh write wun book le abbi ready read wun story…

104. CoolieMan and ChutneyMan - August 6, 2009

Yuh wan hear ah story? “Once upon a time, dere was a maan, he shoot he son an’ he battie bun.”

Wen rain ah fall an’ sun ah shine, jumbie ah marr’ed he daata.

If if and if: “If SHIT had wing, it woulda fly!”

105. miszhotn3zs - August 9, 2009

Guyanese version of the song buy you a drink

Me ga Buy you one drank. ooo oo ooooo!!!.

106. miszhotn3zs - August 9, 2009

One day. one man fall in dee wata. and he underwear soak. he muma bring he home and tell he fa take on bath.

Them na have dryer. so she take dee man underwear. and bake then in the oven

He wear dem. and carry on with his day =]

107. miszhotn3zs - August 9, 2009

Donkey Batty round but he shit square

CoolieMan and ChutneyMan - August 9, 2009

u 1 real funny rass lol

108. CoolieMan and ChutneyMan - August 9, 2009

kyuck – somebody who a move wit no life

109. blazziinnnfiya15 - August 9, 2009

coolieman and ChutneyMan and Miszz hotn3zs… ayo skunt na ga nuttin betta to do.. rass man… mudda sucka man….lmaoo

Chutneyman - August 15, 2009

Eh budd-e….awee 3 couldnt sleep da nite. Awee 1 funny rass 2! Awee a just mek up story n so on pun dis site. LMAO.

110. rumboogie - August 17, 2009

pokey- a gyal fish

111. Anna - August 18, 2009

oh skunt this is too funny. i love it!

112. nadia - September 9, 2009

i have one

BOON BOONAIII [ boon boon aye]- means to fret.

113. nadia - September 9, 2009

tenny/posey- thing u does pee in when u friken fuh go outside nite time because of teef man.

114. nadia - September 9, 2009

mouth leh leh – drool

115. stargyal - September 22, 2009

oh meh mumma rass…lol

116. eggball - September 22, 2009

This is some funny ass shit… good job on the gt language!!!!!!!!

117. zack - September 22, 2009

eh budey nice transilation who ah you gimme yah name bai bye now meh ah ga eat some bunjai choka and roti

118. Ramlal Kapoor - December 26, 2009

Ayuh is a bunch a dunce coolies who na know shyt about dey own culture.. kanchan is a lady yuh skunt.. ayuh rass ah false advertise.

119. gtzbaibiigyal - December 27, 2009

oh muddah skunt.! lmfao. ayuuh dese too mah funnie. but me tink yuh fuhget cocky (cahk-ee) like whan name for dee man privatesz. lol. other den dah all of this dictionary too funniie. meh luv dis.. me nevah see any ov dis before. nice job bai! lmfao!

120. gtszgyurlsz - December 28, 2009

oh bai.. meh tink yuh fuhget d!$ one..

tittavate-(tit•eh•vate)- when yuh does touch something or make am up how eeh nah supposed to deh.

mess- the guyanese word for shit..poop.

DACTA SWEE - January 24, 2012

totarate – don’t mess wit me rass gyal. Go totarate wit sombady dat wont beat yuh up.

Chanchy – the white stuff, dat secretes under the skin of an uncircumcised tallywally. Men doing time in prisons where cheese was not served would rub the putrid smelling secretion on there bread and eat it.
As the story goes borapork was doing time at Sibley Hall Mazaruni. Near the end of his tenth year of his forced residency, he was placed in a cell with a young man who told bp several times that he had cheese and bread with his watered down coffee. Bp told his cell mate that the institution never served cheese and the palawala fellow said that he got the cheese from his dick. Want a piece of my bread? He said to bp, Chanchy on bread is palatabe. Bp tried the concoction and just like the small island jail bird he mouth gat white-corners – cajh.

121. Christine - January 4, 2010

Dont forget pani (pan-e) it mean water in hindi

122. abdool saheed - January 9, 2010

dis is de best ting eva

123. lalalalala ; ) - January 11, 2010


lmfao this shit is jokkkess .

124. Smiles & Disaster - January 13, 2010

Lungara – A bum or person with no ambition

Chatay – To eat food like wan haaag!!!

Hice an Lick Dung – To pick up someone and throw them down on
the ground

Just Now – Can be used in past, present and future tense. eg. I’m gonna be there just now! Just now I was there! When yuh guh do dis ting bai? Just now!

Deh Deh – There, Da ting deh deh, I was to be deh deh!

English duck – When a coolie person tries to speak proper english!

Cut up yuh English – Refer to English Duck

DACTA SWEE - January 24, 2012

Hice-up an throw down – high fall.

125. dally - January 30, 2010

uum dat shit aint nice not all muslims are fullaman so u need to change dat shit

126. dally - January 30, 2010

if me catch dis person yuh guh be sarry, and if yuh think its funny its really not

127. kalabatee - January 30, 2010

dats very rude about wa u rass put about muslim bein fullaman and de mosque…watch u tongue u antiman rass yo…

dally - January 30, 2010

i agree with you kalabatee they think its funny

128. Aptie Sookoo - February 22, 2010

Good job! Can I suggest that you consider posting some of the local proverbial expressions. I must admit, that while I understand the language, I avoid its usage and find extreme difficulty reading it. One of the proverb that readily comes to my mind and reminds me of my mother (may God rest her soul) is – If you eat fire, you must shit coal.

DACTA SWEE - January 24, 2012

Your item reminds me of a song we sang as children, ‘there was a Quli man named buggerbattee an he lived with a Quli gyal called sooorebattee.’

129. Jon - March 8, 2010

Doubles doesn’t have aloo/potato in it. It seems you have a very limited knowledge.

130. YUH KUNT ! - March 23, 2010

Ayhudese a one fuckin’ KUNT! Yuh nah noe how fe talk GUYANESE!
ayo skunt madd rassss !!!
youu gett itt mod rass yuhh runn offf!!
If you gat one problem call me skunt !

(416) 786-5467

nathan - September 27, 2010

get ya mad rass off this page!


131. peacerules - May 3, 2010

good job on the dictionary but if we are going in on some words we forgot i still here DoDo-go to sleep

132. Helena Martin (DaSilva) - May 5, 2010

I am Guyanese but I see a lot of the words are different from what we used in my era. The folks here must be a much younger generation. My book will be out soon so you can buy it if you really want to see the complete list. It’s a hilarious read I promise!

133. Avinash Bhardwaj - May 8, 2010

Thank you for providing Guyanese dictionary This is first time I came to know Guyanese words
many words resemble my own language that is Hindi/Punjabi.
best wishes for Guyana and Guyanese.

134. Star-Ba][ - May 24, 2010

he made this for people to remember a bit of dem rootz cuz after a while you move away from guyana you start to loose your talk. I born in Guyana and I left when I was really young, most of the words I can still remember because of my parents and friends.

Resepect for trying to keep the roots up

Mike – a.k.a Star-Ba][

135. Jay - May 27, 2010

what about dig shit and plant onion,budloo,

Jay - May 27, 2010

me feget fowlcock,lond,if me memba any mo me go tell ya

136. oHrAssUgTBai? - June 14, 2010

like omfg my mom nd dad is from guyana im from malibu my grandma is purto rican my grandpa is trini[mom side] my otha grandpa is from equdor nd meh otha grandma is guyanese
GO MALIBU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
umm i speak trini nd guyanese and uhh i have ah pretty messed up family! i have aim
[ freakygurlx3you ]
i have facebook! abigail singh
himme up on aim and i have gmail!
u have to be coolie if yuh wan 2 talk 2 meh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
malibu is d best i was born thr!!!!!! himme up im ________ years old!

137. kisha - June 29, 2010

well this is just like trinada

138. yuh na need to no yuh rass ^_^ - July 13, 2010

No comment… I already knew most of these words xD and not a proper definition for each of them! ^_^

139. Chris - July 15, 2010

What does Vex mean?

140. vijay - July 18, 2010

ganda egg a rotten egg

141. Chutneyman - July 26, 2010

Me come back afta a long time! Me c more n more coolie ppl who a feel bord a come on dis site n comment. Me miss Coolieman n Miszhotn3ss up deh. O meh muhma me love u all bad bad. Ayu rass funny.

Chris…if u na no wha vex mean me vex wit u…lmaooo

Vex — to na talk to nobody, hold wahn grudge, mout tun lilli, mout swell up

142. Chutneyman - July 26, 2010

Me n coolieman up deh r DJs, hit em up if ayu dese need sum guyanese songs or dem old flim chune or even blak man or white man even spanish man song, awee dese ga all dem ting rass, especially remix


Esiquibo I met lilawati, a very sweet n charming young lady, I was lucky to meet such a beauty, so very boldly I said up2 she

Everyday ah drinking meh rum!!!!! But dis woman have to spoil my freedom!!!

143. Chutneyman - July 26, 2010

Orassugtbai…..dnt post ur info like dat

144. GuyanaPride11 - August 15, 2010

Me wa fuh say me nah understand how ayodese does cyah understand when me fuh taalk. me fuh live in de US for laaang time and people does carry on like dem nah fuh understand what me fuh sayin.

145. GtGyal - August 23, 2010

OH RASSS ! all true words and all funny too.
i got fuh say, de word dat stick out de most is starbai and stargyal
starbai is you and de mad gyal dat decide fuh marry you LOL.
my nani does tell me dat all de time.

146. sarah - September 27, 2010

lmfaoooooo.! haha this is halriousss. genious work andy =]

147. Skuntesh - October 10, 2010

This is some good wok bai..But Where is BARA and BIGANY?

148. cooliegyal - October 17, 2010

wow……… seriously the lotala part is mad funny got me cracking up. lol some funnie coolie people up in this

149. BIGBrownBattY - October 19, 2010

Bai… me nah kno wah fuh say. meh juss beena titivate wid me phone and me find this skunt. OH MEH MUMA. me waste 30 minit juss ah reaad dis ting. big up

150. steph - October 29, 2010

cant remember which family member said this to me.
I believe it was “ah must look like a wahkapickey”
meaning i must look like you gonna rule or walk over me….what is the correct spelling or term for that sentence?

151. steph - October 29, 2010

also another one is “you could proper rouw” or “stop rouwing” meaning you could complain or whine nuff and stop whining or complaining…i cant spell the word my mom says it all the time

152. gyalfforguyana - November 25, 2010

you for get

drinks whick means soda

153. Benish - December 28, 2010

how would yu say ” i feel like kissing you right now?

154. Peace - December 29, 2010

I find you dictionary represents mostly East Indian dialects.
My Guyanese, as a Guyanese born and raise differ in some ways.
Racism will never die in Guyana

155. Therese Morris - January 12, 2011

What is another name for Banga Mary? Doing some research on this fish and would appreciate any help. Thanks

156. dylan - February 20, 2011

dis proppa nise fa gt werd

157. donald - February 28, 2011

guyana is a good place to go

158. Allyssa - March 7, 2011

Add “kimbo” (kim-bo): one’s hip.
Example: “Look how she standin there wit she hand pon she kimbo”

159. Michelle and Priya - March 25, 2011

eh bai u forget

cookwarie- sumone silly or dotish
ketch a fits – when someon a behave crazy or out of random

Tuckra- to take or get something tiny or smal 🙂

160. Zero - May 5, 2011


161. guyanaman - June 4, 2011

fullah man mean fool-a-man dem like to fool people up

162. guyanese all d way - June 14, 2011

this is a boss of a thing n tru stuff budday…i like it…anyways, i jus happen fah stumble pon this thing.lmao..n i jus lafing me rass out

163. Navita Kiki Jagnarine - June 28, 2011

lmfao gud stuff

164. arvind - July 8, 2011

for v there is vex

165. GTPorguese - September 3, 2011

tree- number three
cucu- shit
wee wee- pee
swell up yuh mouth- frown
sowa face- mean grin
brux- broke

166. Debbie Mahes - September 15, 2011

Hahahaha the comments is funnier then the Dictionary lol
Great job.

167. DEDO@ ROGER.COM - September 29, 2011


DEDO@ ROGER.COM - September 29, 2011


168. Kencil Banwarie - October 3, 2011

Hey, this is really cool. I’m actually doing some research for a specialised dictionary to be called Guyanese Medical Dictionary. It;s good that we talking about our language and keeping it going. And you’re right, there’s no standard orthography, so I’m hoping to use one that was proposed way back when, and modify it (which has already been done in the 90s). Example:

bong belii n. constipation

The “o” is pronounced as the “u” in “dung”; and double “i’s” as “e” in “eat”.

169. Mrs P. Carroll - October 17, 2011

some of your words are spelled wrong, and further more i feel as though you are quite insulting to people who are born in Guyana.
Our english is a broken english and perhaps mixed with many different people who are speaking english as they know it. who really knows where our speech and knowledge of english came from. We were govern by the british and they certainly didn’t speak english like that…… s…o…o so, Where did this speech of english came from Miss Moonsammy?

DACTA SWEE - January 24, 2012

Now hear this rass. Operation – when yuh batty a leak an yuh have one black leg and one yellow leg. An yuh frens call yuh stink man.
Bt low-low, when you could put yuh sotie head in yuh bt hole an do yuhself commoness.
Bad woman – prostitute.
Bad sick – gonorrhoea or syphilis.
John bull – an area near the magistrate court in G’t where only Black and Indian women sold dem pata-cakes.
Boolegeh – when yuh hungry an yuh get dark eye just before yuh pass out.
Pokey lothan – pussy watchman. Mostly, an older man who deh with a younger woman. An because he has a sleepy-willie at times he a deh deh an watch she 24/7.
Tallywally – sotie, cock, laar? Plantain, womb-shifter….
Remember this conversation old men, ‘honey bunch, please gee me lil bit. Okay dahlin come fuh a taste.’ An den yuh feel de spence running down yuh back. Yuh break too fast. Nice quicky, yuh feeling good an de birdy a lie down deh tinking bout vanberkley because she wanted much more than five minutes.

170. Aly - October 18, 2011

_wtf iz this is retardedno offensee but it izz o_O

Ur crazy I just hope u know that
Ps. U take ur eyez pass me means like who do u think u r…so if I yell at my grandma she could say “u take u eyez pass me”

You r the most weirdest person ever u need better language

DEDO@ ROGER.COM - October 21, 2011

shut yuh skunt fada

171. DEDO@ ROGER.COM - October 21, 2011

yuh na ga none sense ah da why yuh na do am . yuh idiot. mneh tell yuh fi lick out yuh gran muddas clit. yuh data goh geh lick when me see her

172. DEDO@ ROGER.COM - October 21, 2011

wha da ! ka dem fi goh an lick out clitoris dry. meh like it wet and full ah juicy

173. GSang - October 31, 2011

Yuh forget “fat eye”

Fat-eye is whe yuh get from watching up under a young woman’s skirt. Yuh eye does get fat from watching such wonderful sights! lol!

174. SKR - November 5, 2011

Bai…I am frm India.
Just now got to understand so much about Guyana n Indians living there(by a novel).
It is an awesome effort you have taken to open this Guyanese dictionary. Tell u what, I feel really amazed by Guyana…would for sure wish to visit once and experience the culture.

Slangs sound cool..!

175. DACTA SWEE - January 24, 2012

Po – posey – tenny – bedroom chamber dat is wat some women, lil children and antimen pee and dirty in when dem don’t have w/c in dem house. An dem empty it in the alley when de morning is still dark.
Slapcan, a bucket dem people at lot 12 Camp Street use to smell-up dem cells when dem shit and piss in it.

Spence – wata – sperm
Break – bust de wata – ejaculate
Khance she – nack she – had sex wit her
Tackling she – trying to have sex wit her. Trying to get some pata from she, man.
Cat boil – when you present something to another an yuh tek um bak. Dat is when one of yuh eye swell-up an get pus.
Fairmaid – blond, white woman with fish tail in place of legs. She sits on the jetty at Fort Groyne and beacons lil boys to come in the wata an do she commoness. Next ting you find out dem drown. Man, this is no nancy story, I saw one of dem sitting on the koker at Sand Hill in the Demerara River and as soon as she raised up she right han, I was gone, man, long gone.
Drazzy, some of dem had four strings – a pair of panties.
Nara – bad, bad, belly pain. Den dem put raw rice in muslin, tie it, making a ball like shape at the bottom, put oil above the tie, put it on your navel, light the top of the muslin dat is saturated wit de oil an den put a thick ten ounce glass over it. Yuh belly swell up in the glass fuh half an hour an de nara gone but it comes back two days later. Den yuh muddah seh, ‘sombady cuss yuh gal.’
Baitmai – East Indian woman.
Paamu – Amerindian woman.

An rememba when dem a seh, ‘she gat turtle flesh.’ Betta walk wit yuh petroleum jelly.

176. DACTA SWEE - January 24, 2012

A good friend of mine, Maurice B. #6647 (May God Bless His Soul) introduced me to a beautiful East Indian lady when we were stationed at Reliance Police Station, Canje. The night before I worked ‘undercover’ she cooked aloo paratha. The morning I got up and was readying myself to report for duty when I saw her holding something under her right arm-pit. I asked what she had under her arm and she told me it was the roti she made for me and dat she warming it up because the rain fell and wet-up the fire wood.

I would have eaten the victual but when I was about to bite a piece off something touch me lips. Man I pulled brakes and made an inspection. What I saw frightened me, the hair from her arm pit stuck to the Indian bread and had formed on it as though a mustache. Man, did I take off down the road on my ticker (SA).

When I told Maurice what had occurred he said that I should remember the adage, ‘when you’re single and they – BGPF post you to Barbice you either get married, get mad, an then them put in that specific hospital in Canje or send you back to your place of origin in a wooden box with six silver handles. But all she was doing was putting a KNACK pun you so that you marry she. Because you din eat the morsel you gon either dead or get mad. Man, I was lucky, one week after the incident I was transferred ‘under arms’ to ‘A’ Division. Zander, is weh you put me cutlass?

177. DACTA SWEE - January 25, 2012

At our police training school on Camp Road. July 1960 our first month in the class room.
Sgt. Walcott, ‘can anyone define the difference between burglary and buggery?’ An eerie silence took over a once noisy class room. Then he voiced the answers.
Burglary is when you break and enter.
Buggery is when you enter and break.
And loud laughter permeated the silence.

Kanwah eyes – cross eyes – cock eyes, when you are standing right in front of the woman who is speaking to you and the projection of her eyes is directed towards your friend standing ten feet to your left.

Goady entutembah – elephantiasis. Anybody out deh memba a man called ‘Clarence,’ he used to hang out pon Sussex Street wharf but lived on James Street, Albouystown. Boy o Boy, his testicles were so enlarged that dem seh he had to wear a specially sewn pair of pants cause the gigantic, growing flesh weighed about seventy pounds. He used to pee he pants cause he had an inny lolo.
It took him nearly 40 minutes to walk from Lombard Street to Saffon Street on Sussex Street.
Clarence denied himself surgery because the doctors at PHG told him that after the operation he would have had to pee like a woman.

Pissy Mule – a male in his late teens, still peeing he bed anytime he sleeps on it.

Lebbeh lip – disfigurement of the lower lip caused by the constant sucking of fingers especially the thumb. OR the natural thickness of lips by some Guyanese whose descent is African. Saw some of them in Lagos, Nigeria and never thought dem things could have adorned human faces. I always thought about losing my nose if one of their women tried to kiss me.

Pork chop lips that is when de husband, de boy friend or de significant other attempts to rearrange the contours of dem woman friends’ lips with biffs, baffs and buffs and dem de lips swell-up like puffer fish. Now she only having beef broth for two weeks.
If my mudda were alive I would have prompted her to tell alyu some stories.

Ramjit – East Indian man.
Choke and Rob – Black man, like me.

178. DACTA SWEE - January 26, 2012

Pokey tongue – clitoris
Pokey lips – labia majora
Grung itch – athlete’s foot – fungus between the toes.
Portwal – Portuguese man
Buffianda – Amerindian and people. My good hair, good looking, highly educated children.
Ketch me wapiti – rape a female – Amerindian whilst she is walking the trail or when the traders were bringing them to GT to work as prostitutes at whore houses on Lombard, Lyng and James Streets.
Doebuck – Amerindian antiman.
Massakooraman – a being – male with long blond hair and beard. Had to present him with white rum for safe passage up the Demerara River when nights were dark.
Cut-down – small long necked, green, six ounce rum bottle. In the Forties, when filled with ‘happy juice’ it cost only six cents. But lil boys had to pay a bitt (eight cents) at a rum shop on the southwest corner of Regent and Wellington Streets.

179. DACTA SWEE - January 26, 2012

Pumping de cock – beating the sotie – stroking the plantain – bus de nut – masterbating.
Wata she garden – ejaculated in the pata – sex.
Monkey glands – dat bai gat monkey glands. De young man who makes love to six different women a night and ejaculates six and a half times before his willie goes to sleep for a week or two.
Swimming in it – Quli man with a lil sotie attempting to make love and satisfy a gyal with a deep pata. Den he a sing. Man a swimming in it.
A nah touch, a nah touch, a nah touch.
Balata batty – dem gyals with big, big ovalish/round batty dat look like twin eggs boiling in a lil sauce pan. An when dem walk de batty a shake hey, dis side, now dat side, then it come back a middle an violently tremble. Yeh man, some big, big men used to keep one han in dem side pocket all day long.
Make love in she favour – bais and young men dat gat the heat for a woman an dem can’t make the cut wit she. So dem go under the bottom house pump the tallywally angrily, ferociously, harmfully and as they start to ejaculate, happily ball out she name, or say it silently. An when dem come to themselves dey wipe the tallywally head off wit newspaper and sometimes the words Graphic or Argosy was left printed on it.

180. gt hawt gyal - January 26, 2012

oooh mudda skunt hole ah laff til meh belly buss ayo funny no rass

181. gt hawt gyal - January 26, 2012

weneva eva yuh gon talk bout a dead person yuh call dem name den seh “god bless de dead” den yuh continue fuh talk yuh story…example uncle john “god bless de dead’ he de use to cook a bad cook up bai

DACTA SWEE - January 27, 2012

The flesh is what is ‘dead.’ The soul is everlasting. One ask God to bless the soul as it ascends into Heaven or to some other place during its celestial journey, not the expired flesh wherever it may be interred, or become ashes or rather in an Asian country where vultures eat the flesh of their dead. Only old
Guyanese people make the statement, which you put forth.
Have a happy!

182. DACTA SWEE - January 26, 2012

Deh Bad, like when nutin yuh do go right to help yuh out. As a young copper I met a Quli man who lived obliquely opposite Vigilance Police Station, in Friendship ECD where I had a bed in the barrack room. Every time I worked the 12:00 to 8:00 night shift the man would come over to the station to play two man card games and dominoes. Sgt. Heeralall gave him permission. So one day he said to me, ‘ting deh bad with me, a doan know who to turn to. I feel like killing meself.’ Right away me an he walked to de sarge house an he tell de sarge exactly what he told me. Sarge walk he home. One o’clock in the afternoon sarge woke me up from my peaceful slumber and told me to take de man to see de chinee dacta in Buxton.

I took him to see the dacta and he greeted the patient and was escorting him to a room. The fried asked me to sit outside but the patient insisted dat I company he in the room. Fried agreed. He said to the doc ‘ting deh bad wit me cause I can’t make love to me wife an she en playing hard to get.

Doc ask de patient to explain the reason he could not make love to his wife. Now he start crying an he seh, ‘a can’t do she from the front, she gat gonorrhoea. Me can’t go through the back door, she gat diarrhoea an she can,t give me a mouth job cause she gat pyria.’ So de dacta asked, ‘why on earth are you living with dat no good woman?’ And the patient began laughing hysterically and stated, ‘she gat worms and I love fishing.’

Man, I left the patient an de doc in the room an went straight to the rum shop, cause I was eyeing up the birdie cause she used to pout her mouth an lick her lips each time she saw me. Now ting deh bad wit me.

183. DACTA SWEE - January 26, 2012

Lie like skyte: As a fifteen year old rising star, I decided to tackle a beautiful twenty year old East Indian miss who worked at miss Chan cakeshop on Wellington Street adjacent to metropole theatre.
She told me she was a virgin and she would only have sex wit me after we were married. So I began sweet talking the beauty cause all I was interested in was to knack the pata and move on and look fuh anadah beauty. To mek lang story short she fall fuh me soor an we went to ‘lovers lane,’ the six furlong pole at Durban Park.
So in the heat of passion she gave in. Now me happy, de cherry is mine and as soon a put it inside, she hold me tight, tight, tight an just as me start to break she seh, ‘don’t break in me, a does get ketch quick.’ So now me a tow she back to she house an me ask she why she tell me she was one virgin an she seh, ‘you the first piece of black pudding I ever had an I like de romp we had, so we turn back an start at the five furlong pole. The rains came an drench ah we dese. But we happy. Ten months later me get summons fuh chile support an when de judge see de baby he jump back in he chair an start to laugh an seh, ‘sorry, miss S I have to dismiss this petition de baby en black.’ Man o man when I see the colour, the eyes, an hair of the chile, me also got a surprise cause the Indian beauty wanted de chinee chile to call me DADDY.
Four years later I saw she, the lil boy and a fry eating in a Chinee restaurant on Lapenitence Road and the boy was eating he food with chop sticks and talkin a language I did not comprehend. When we eyes meet she wink pon me an a gentle smile enveloped her beautiful face so I walked across to her table to reintroduce meself an she seh, ‘gwan me nah know you,’ an de fry a watch me wit bad intentions an me show she me badge an id card an she seh, ‘sorry sir, de police already ketch dem people dat break in we house.’ I told her I was stationed at Providence.’ An by now we all know what happened. An afta dat me a sing ‘Dil Deke Dekho.’

184. DACTA SWEE - January 29, 2012

Low me leh me bubble – gwan dah side duh – leave me alone, I want to be by myself for a little while.

185. DACTA SWEE - January 30, 2012

Bambai – later, especially when you have leftover food. ‘me lef um deh, and me gon eat um bambai.

Cora Betty – an ant, which smells like perfume and taste sweet when eaten. Their favourite morsel was homemade bread. Man, mek suh, dab some butta pun de bread then put some cheddar cheese all de while yuh a covering up de ants, den eat the bread, the sugary taste of the ants makes the snak taste good.

Den if yah hada couple of dem crawling pon yah han, den yuh eat dem too, an if yuh eat plenty, plenty a dem, den dem women seh, dem man get instant cock stan, ting get hard till it hut. Dem old gyals seh it is modern day viagra.

Bull pup – making love doggy style.
Chicken in de rough – she too upper legs pon yuh shoulders an yuh driving home.
Smoke de cigar – head job – blow job.
Tickle de pata – anoint de pata tongue – de clit.

186. Sharon Baird-Mosley - February 6, 2012

Too Funny!!!

187. lisa - March 17, 2012

How do you say someone half white half coolie?

DACTA SWEE - April 5, 2012

Half scald!

188. Gavin M. Singh - April 15, 2012

Um.. If you weren’t born in gt doesn’t mean you were born in a bush. Get your facts straight. You’re just making Guyanese look bad in some of your explanations because some is not true..

189. Gigi - May 15, 2012

My mommys side is 100%GT. I grew up in London with her oldest sister.. this site brought back sooooo many memories! Lol!

Auntie would always say Dont form yuhself the gidddy goat! Trans: Dont act like an ass!
Another favorite…lil boy ( or girl) bicycle ain have no breaks. Trans: Young/ Immature minds dont know when to stop.
Frowsy: Stink or funky
Totee: penis
Pengey: see Totee
Maco: a man that runs his mouth like a woman or has feminine tendencies
Chigga: insect that burrows into ur foot, and makes it itch giving you a Chiggafoot!
Oh shyt!: Oh shit!
Carry yuh rass!: get outta here!
Lashes, licks, cuffs & buffs: a beating, spanking

190. Betts gal - May 21, 2012

This a mek. Me laff so hard me a pee meself

191. Gaitree - May 30, 2012

you forgot some words bai! LOLOL yuh rass

buttahflap- dem bread tings yuh buy at narines bakery
tennisroll- wah dem people doe eat for breakfast
Narine- yuh muss know wan bannuh name narine
stink batty- one batty dah stink
colanduh- da ting wit holes dat dem white people does call “colender”

192. seo sydney - June 15, 2012

Hey! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website? I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at alternatives for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

193. Katherina - July 30, 2012

Bai yuh fagot WOK!!!

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