Martin Scorsese Found Lasting Love With 5th Wife, Whom He Married 21 Years Ago | They Found Joy in Parenthood in Their 50s

Martin Scorsese Found Lasting Love With 5th Wife, Whom He Married 21 Years Ago | They Found Joy in Parenthood in Their 50s

Martin Scorsese and his wife Helen Morris are proud parents of 20-year-old Francesca, who is already an actress.

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese has loved women all his life and has three daughters from his five marriages to prove it as well. He is well known for his movies, which are mostly about Italian men, like Goodfellas, The Departed, Casino, The Wolf of Wall Street, Taxi Driver. He has an Oscar and critical acclaim for his work but the most important part of his life now, at the age of 77, is his kids. 

Scorsese married his college sweetheart Laraine Marie Brennan in 1965. The couple welcomed their only daughter Catherine the same year on December 7, 1965. Unfortunately, their marriage didn't last and they parted ways in 1971, as per Amomama. However, his eldest daughter, 54, followed in his footsteps, or rather, she tried to. She is best known for her films The King of Comedy and Casino. When her acting career didn't work, Catherine became an assistant property master of several notable films such as The Departed, Music and Lyrics, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Shutter Island, and several others. Many of those films were made by her father. 


She was in the news in 2019 for starting a GoFundMe page asking for help from people to fix her flooded Brooklyn apartment worth $30,000. She told PageSix that she was no trust fund baby and would only ask her father for help for "something like helping to fix me up with Chris Evans." Ironic, since Chris Evans is of Marvel fame and her father doesn't consider them cinema.

"This was something nice my sisters tried to do," Catherine said of the GoFundMe. "I’m my own person, and unless it’s something I feel like I can’t manage, I would prefer not to go to my parents," she said.


After divorcing Catherine's mother, Scorsese married journalist Julia Cameron in 1976 and welcomed his second child, Domenica. This marriage lasted only one year, according to Promipool. Domenica Cameron-Scorsese also works in Hollywood.


She became an actor and director and has credits for work on The Age of Innocence, A Little God, Saving Little Italy, and Cape Fear. She recently directed the film Almost Paris, starring Wally Marzano-Lesnevich, Susan Varon, Michael Sorvino, and Joanna Adler, according to Amomama.


In 1979, the Shutter Island director married Isabella Rossellini, the daughter of Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossellini. They divorced three years later and had no children together. He got married for the fourth time in 1985, to Barbara De Fina, a Hollywood film producer. They had worked together on some of his films together like Goodfellas and Casino. This marriage lasted for 6 years. He married for the final time in 1999 to writer Helen Morris.

By then, he was around 57 years old and Morris was around 52. They welcomed their only child, Francesca, together in 1999, just months after their wedding. She was a 5-pound, 9-ounce baby, as per Daily News.


Francesca, 20, also made a name for herself and is looking to be a director. She already has credits in a few notable movies, including The Departed, The Aviator, and We Are Who We Are. In 2018, the blonde beauty and her friends made a short film, which they directed and shared on social media. She is also a funny person who trolled her father for criticizing the Marvel franchise. His comments made an uproar on social media and she took a humorous way to teach him a lesson. 


Francesa shared a pic of his Christmas gifts all decorated with Marvel wrapping paper. "Look what I’m wrapping my dad’s Christmas gifts in,” she jokingly captioned the photo," as per Closer Weekly.


Scorsese also showers his love on his kids by taking them to the red carpet with him often and helping them get work in Hollywood. 







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