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Nigerian Men Are Bottom Tier. - Romance (2) - Nairaland

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Re: Nigerian Men Are Bottom Tier. by Lucyspa: 10:27pm On Nov 04
To be honest babes, u actually have really nice points especially POINT 1. That one irks me for real. Nigerian women dey try. To find better men na by God's grace.


Re: Nigerian Men Are Bottom Tier. by Lucyspa: 10:29pm On Nov 04

1. Nigerian men love a patriachial society that recognises them as leaders aka 'head of the house', a social system that demands that they be 'providers'....they know this, yet expect women to split bills with them, to prove to them that we're independent while expecting you to provide unpaid domestic labour like cooking and cleaning which according to them is the 'duty of a woman'� patriachy demands. Basically, the woman is expecting to be 'twice as tall' to be worthy. So when they say "a woman that has something to offer", they are looking for a wealthy slave.

2. Very entitled beings. Why would you expect someone to have something to offer to you? Do women owe you that? No, we don't. And this entitlement is why a lot of them are rapists. A lot. And they pretend to not know what rape is. Who are you as a wife to 'refuse' your husband your body? It belongs to them. So when you say no, it's taken by force because they "paid for it"�
Let's not for get the self acclaimed "nice guys". They go "I respect girls but they prefer bad boys". Who told you women owe you shit for the bare minimum??.??

3. They are slutshamers. Holding women to such high moral standards but wanting to live their lives as free as possible. And "ashewo" deserves no respect, but a man that bleeps women for money na boss. Do you have a different opinion? Olosho! Are you wearing shorts? Ashewo! Did you do a nude photoshoot? Hoe!

4. They loooooove to blame women for evurrrrrrythang. It can never be them! They're perfect. Did your husband beat you? Why did you marry him? Your boyfriend raped you? why did you choose him? A bunch of men harrased you?why did you dress like that? And instead of ever taking correction, they try to pretend they are different! "not all men!" "men that rape are not real men, they are animals!" "good men like us exist!". who caressssss?

5. Low IQ. Lol do I need to elaborate?

6. They will do anything to force women into submission just so they can keep being mediocre and not be questioned. They will use religion, use nature, use biology....not that any of it is logical or sensible.

7. In Beyonce's voice "such a huge egooooooo"
Take for example, a man sees you, likes you and wants to talk to you. Then they start "ssssss" "fine girl" "come I want to tell you something". Is it you that wants to talk to me or it's me that wants to talk to you I should walk to YOU? You are what

8. They don't care about systemic oppression unless they are the victims. See how they expect the police to respect how they dress and not harass them because of it, but expect women to protect themselves by dressing decently �. Tell them to respect women, they expect you to give them a reason why, because respecting women is so foreign, right? Talk to them about privilege and they laugh and with all the stupidity in the world they reply "but it's women who are privileged. You enters clubs for free and men dash you money". Did mention low IQ already?

9. Toxic masculinity that leads to homophobia. A girl that dresses like a boy is just a tomboy. They hang out with her and all. But a boy who wants to be himself and be feminine is 'not normal'. I mean, who wants to be like women, the lower inferior gender? I said before, they don't care about systemic oppression unless they are the victims. And so they will stone gay people to death if they could.

10. Misogyny. Refer to 1-9

Men are the cause of most of Nigeria's problem. Look and yourself and your friends and do better instead of pretending you're not what you actually are. Thank you.

Points 1, 3,4 6,8. U hit the nail on the head. 'wealthy slave' u couldn't have described it better to be honest.


Re: Nigerian Men Are Bottom Tier. by Sawzer(m): 10:59pm On Nov 04
I think OP should stop generalising "Nigerian Men"
Besides, you don't sound much different from the Misogynistic Nairalanders (Alpha Gorilla) except you're taking it from a female perspective.
Re: Nigerian Men Are Bottom Tier. by Sawzer(m): 11:00pm On Nov 04
Lol be shaking table unnecessarily.

Maybe it is the men you have met,I wonder how you guys come up with your conclusion.
You met 2-3 stupid men,so you think all Nigerian men are same.

I see this write up as a way to get even with men forming redpill on Nairaland.
You are no different from them.
Re: Nigerian Men Are Bottom Tier. by Sawzer(m): 11:03pm On Nov 04
grin Right!

STFU nigarrrrrrrrr you're the one I know
Your stupid comma's and yellow stickersgrin grin
Re: Nigerian Men Are Bottom Tier. by MhisTahrah: 11:08pm On Nov 04
I'm here for the violence. cheesy

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Re: Nigerian Men Are Bottom Tier. by abbaemma: 11:18pm On Nov 04
embarassed embarassed i really felt for you.......but i remembered "WHO CARES"
Re: Nigerian Men Are Bottom Tier. by esomchi98820: 11:28pm On Nov 04
The moniker though