Top ten REAL rarest items! :O

In meh last post about the top ten rarest items, was really old, outdated, incorrect, etc. Here is the REAL top ten list! You can check on youtube.. its correct! 🙂


1. Furry hat (Magneta) In the first 2 ours furry hats were selling, aj realized a coding error, and changed it to white. Very good item!

2. The Beta Creature Mask, mysteriously disappeared from the halloween store that sells creature masks every year.

3. The Beta Elf Helmet. I have only seen one person with this. Ive seen people offer like, 2 black longs!

4. Plaster tiara (Or Milky Tiara) Its white and pink!

5. Beta Eyeball Hat. It has a purple middle, pink center and pink eyelashes. I have never seen anyone with it, I have heard of it!

6.  Tan Tiki Mask! The best Tiki (Duh), it is the only tiki that can not be given back by ajhq. It is my dream item!

7. Reward Plaque. It was renamed by aj, the ‘Howl’Plaque. Some jammers have plaques not changed by aj.

8. The Pearly Tiara (white and purple!)

9. Beta hood. It is teal with a green eye.

10. Turquise ring (Aka, ‘glitched’) I have seen a decent amount of people wearing these, (Turquoise rings with a dark blue center); but not trading them. I have seen people offer good longs and light pink headdress+add!

Beta Elf Helmet Reward Plaque Beta Eyeball hat Beta Hood Magneta Furry HatTan Tiki Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 4.58.41 PMBeta Creature Mask

The rarest item on aj! Not to be confused with the store bought white and blue!

The rarest item on aj! Not to be confused with the store bought white and blue!

Glitched Ring

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