Greg Kinnear Biography, Age, Wife, Gay, Christian, Religion, Movies | Greg Kinnear Biography, Age, Wife, Gay, Christian, Religion, Movies

Greg Kinnear Biography, Age, Wife, Gay, Christian, Religion, Movies

Greg Kinnear (Gregory Buck Kinnear) is an American actor and television personality. He is best known for his roles in films such as As Good as It Gets

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Greg Kinnear Biography

Greg Kinnear (Gregory Buck Kinnear) is an American actor and television personality. He is best known for his roles in films such as As Good as It Gets and Heaven is for Real.

He studied at the American Community Schools in Athens, where he first ventured into the role of talk show host with his radio show School Daze With Greg Kinnear. After moving to back to the United States for university education, Kinnear attended the University of Arizona, graduating in 1985 with a degree in broadcast journalism. While there, he was a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.

He hosted a short-lived game show, College Mad House (September 5, 1988 to April 13, 1991), which was spun off from the kids’ show Fun House.

From 1991 to 1992, Kinnear became the creator, co-executive producer and host of Best of the Worst, which aired. The show was later canceled, after a hoax led by several students at The University of Texas at Austin, including Burnie Burns.

Kinnear has appeared in many popular films including; Nurse Betty, Robots, Stuck on You, The Last Song, As Good as It Gets, Heaven is for Real, We Were Soldiers, Little Miss Sunshine, Sabrina, You’ve Got Mail, Someone Like You, Invincible, Green Zone, and television roles, such as The Kennedys, Friends, Talk Soup, Modern Family and Rake.

Greg Kinnear Photo

Greg Kinnear Age | How Old Is Greg Kinnear?

He was born on June 17, 1963 in Logansport, Indiana, United States. He is 55 years old as of 2018.

Greg Kinnear Height | How Tall Is Greg Kinnear?

He stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches weighing 165 lb (75 kg).

Greg Kinnear Family

Kinnear is of Scots-Irish descent. He is the son to Suzanne (née Buck), a homemaker, and Edward Kinnear, a career diplomat who worked for the US State Department. He has two older brothers, James (born 1957) and Steven (born 1959). He grew up a “Foreign Service brat”, having moved around frequently, from Beirut to Athens.

Greg Kinnear Wife | Greg Kinnear Married

He is married to British glamour model Helen Labdon since May 1, 1999.

Greg Kinnear Children

Kinnear and Helen Labdon have three daughters: Lily Kathryn born on September 2003, Audrey Mae born June 2006 and Kate Grace born in 2009.

Greg Kinnear Christian | Is Greg Kinnear A Christian? | Greg Kinnear Religion

Kinnear plays the role of a preacher in director Randall Wallace’s movie, Heaven Is For Real. He plays Todd Burpo, pastor of Crossroads Wesleyan Church in Imperial, Nebraska.

When in an interview, Kinnear was asked if he is a religious person and he said, “I wouldn’t call myself a deeply religious person. I really liked that the film didn’t get too distracted with the question of whether heaven is real. That is a theme in the movie, but it really gives the audience a front and center seat in watching how this family deals with these events. The fact that he’s a pastor, but not a holy man of the cloth as we’re so used to seeing in movies, and a volunteer firefighter and a wrestler and a father and a teacher, fascinated me. When his son tells him he went to heaven, Todd goes into this internal struggle about what it means. It sets up a lot more conflict than I would have imagined, given the title.”

Greg Kinnear Gay

Greg Kinnear often alternated roles, often playing good guys like a righteous principal in The Gift or a gay painter in As Good as It Gets, to bad guys such as a sleazy college professor in Loser, a womanizer in Someone Like You as well as Sabrina and an egotistical soap opera star in Nurse Betty.

Greg Kinnear Talk Soup

In 1991, he became the first host of Talk Soup, which he hosted until 1995. He later left the show for the NBC late-night talk show Later with Greg Kinnear (1994).

Greg Kinnear Net Worth

Kinnear has an estimated net worth of $20 million which he has earned through his acting career.

Greg Kinnear Glasses | Greg Kinnear Look Alike

Greg Kinnear Look Alike and Glasses

Greg Kinnear Movies And Tv Shows

Greg Kinnear Movies | Greg Kinnear Films | Greg Kinnear Movies List




Strange but True
The Red Sea Diving Resort
Walton Bowen
Brigsby Bear
Detective Vogel
Same Kind of Different as Me
Ron Hall
Little Men
Brian Jardine
Heaven Is for Real
Todd Burpo
Murder of a Cat
Al Ford
Movie 43
Griffin Schraeder
The English Teacher
Dr. Richard Riker
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Gary Bragger
Stuck in Love
Bill Borgens
Thin Ice
Mickey Prohaska
That’s What I Am
Salvation Boulevard
Carl Vanderveer
I Don’t Know How She Does It
Richard Reddy
Green Zone
Clark Poundstone
The Last Song
Steve Miller
Baby Mama
Rob Ackerman
Ghost Town
Frank Herlihy
Flash of Genius
Bob Kearns
Feast of Love
Bradley Miller
Fast Food Nation
Robert Anderson
Little Miss Sunshine
Richard Hoover
Dick Vermeil
Broken Nose
The Matador
Danny Wright
Phineas T. Ratchet
Bad News Bears
Ray Bullock
Paul Duncan
Stuck on You
Walter Tenor
We Were Soldiers
Maj. Bruce “Snake” Crandall
Auto Focus
Bob Crane
Someone like You
Ray Brown
What Planet Are You From?
Perry Gordon
Nurse Betty
Dr. David Ravell / George McCord
Professor Edward Alcott
The Gift
Wayne Ragger
Mystery Men
Captain Amazing / Lance Hunt
You’ve Got Mail
Frank Navasky
A Smile Like Yours
Danny Robertson
As Good as It Gets
Simon Bishop
Dear God
Tom Turner
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
ATF Agent Bork
David Larrabee
Talk Show Host
Bob Hope

Greg Kinnear Tv Shows | Greg Kinnear Tv Series





Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Episode: “Kimmy Is… Little Girl, Big City!”
House of Cards
Bill Shepherd
7 episodes
Electric Dreams
Episode: “Father Thing”
Joe Biden
Television film
BoJack Horseman
Greg Kinglear
Voice role; episode: “Start Spreading the News”
Drunk History
Thaddeus Lowe
Episode: “New Jersey”
Keegan Deane
Lead role
Modern Family
Episode: “Me? Jealous?”
The Kennedys
John F. Kennedy
Television miniseries
Benjamin Hobart
Episode: “The One with Ross’s Grant”
Dinner with Friends
Television film
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child
Prince Gavin
Episode: “The Frog Princess”
The Larry Sanders Show
Greg Kinnear
Episode: “Flip”
Based on an Untrue Story
Orlando Chang Stein
Television film
L.A. Law
Episode: “Spleen It to Me, Lucy”
Best of the Worst
Talk Soup
Arizona Legislator
Television film
Murder in Mississippi
News Reporter
Television film
Mancuso, F.B.I.
Episode: “Adamant Eve”
Life Goes On
Episode: “Break a Leg, Mom”
What Price Victory
Teacher’s Assistant
Television film

Greg Kinnear Jfk

Greg Kinnear Interview

Interviewer: What was your first impression of the Burpos and their ‘heavenly’ story?

Greg Kinnear: It’s funny. When I first met with Randy Wallace, who is an incredible writer and filmmaker… in fact, I’ve worked with him on We Were Soldiers… I went in and he held up this book, Heaven is for Real with a little boy on it, hands in his pockets, and he said, “You seen that?” And I said, “Nope.” I wasn’t familiar with the book, and he proceeded to just tell me about the story. And I thought even if it wasn’t a book or based on a book, I thought it had great potential as a movie. Then, obviously reading the script, I was really, really happy.

I thought that [Randy] had managed to find a way into this story that felt very honest. It seemed to focus primarily on just this family in this small town that goes through this extraordinary experience, and how they dealt with it and how the town dealt with it, the church, and the ramifications of it. It was all done in a very honest and beautiful way, so I was on at that point.

Todd [Burpo] was traveling and I was traveling and working, so we Skyped a few times. That was my introduction to Todd. We had a couple straightforward conversations about it. Then, honestly, that was about it. Todd brought the family up toward the end of shooting, and I met them briefly, like, literally in a day where we were shooting six pages or something. So it was a busy day, but I got to meet them all. They were all extremely nice; and they’re very welcoming with just telling their story.

Interviewer: How did you approach playing Todd Burpo, the husband, father and pastor?

Greg Kinnear: I didn’t know what to except from the script. It’s a pretty straightforward title… So how do you tell that story without it just turning into a sermon or being a preaching lesson for an hour and a half? I didn’t know how that was going to be done.

Randy did an extraordinary job with the script and finding not only the conflict that this created, not only the crisis for Todd and the questions that he asked, and the wonderment of it all, but just the reaction of the church and the newspaper, and the town. It all felt very honest to me. I can’t imagine what it would be like if my three-year-old came to me one day and had some sort of extreme experience like that.

Interviewer: Have you gotten any positive or negative feedback from your colleagues in Hollywood about your role in this faith and family-centered film?

Greg Kinnear: I had a few friends here [in Los Angeles], when I told them when I was doing a movie called Heaven Is For Real, they said, “Heaven what?” The title certainly declares itself.

I love the idea of playing a preacher. I hadn’t done that before. I hadn’t played a minister, anybody like that. A man of the cloth always has a certain sort of one-note thing that I feel that I’ve seen in many movies, and I felt like here was a guy who was funny. He was a volunteer firefighter and a wrestling coach. He was a father and a garage door repairman. And, yeah, he’s a pastor, too. So I think that composite of that “every man” quality, it got me really interested in him, because it didn’t feel like a one-note sort of guy.

The notion, in this film, that a guy could have the ups and downs that he does and the struggles that he does seemed interesting to me to play and that was the job.

Interviewer: What would you say to those who aren’t sure they even want to see this movie because of the faith aspect of it?

Greg Kinnear: Oh, there will be plenty of them. Sure enough, there’s a nice big quadrant of people who will not be paying their eight dollars to go to a movie with this title. Honestly, I think it’s a shame, if that is the case. I feel like the film is really accessible. Regardless of where you are on the religious spectrum, I think that there is a very honest story about some events that whether you believe them or you don’t believe them. I don’t think that the story doesn’t resonate in some ways, the idea of your child introducing you to something that strong and how you would deal with it. It’s an interesting starting point.

In movies, whenever you hear that gravelly voice narrator come on and say, “One man will discover that everything he thought was right was wrong.” And the drums will play and violins will play, and really, it’s the inverse here. Todd’s four year old comes to him and says, “Hey, everything you have been talking about is real.” And rather than the movie have the response, “Oh, well that’s what I’ve been telling people, there you go,” it’s actually hearing that and his struggle is actually amplified by having to go deeper than he thought he might ever have to go. That, to me, was an interesting story that I just hadn’t seen done before.

Interviewer: There’s a moment in the movie when Todd gets angry at God. What was going through your mind as you filmed that scene?

Greg Kinnear: Yeah, that was the last scene I did in the movie. I kept saying, “Could we do that tomorrow?” It was a powerful moment both for me and for the movie, I thought. It was just a really… It’s hard to explain. I don’t know what to say about it other than it’s the furthest reach inward that Todd goes in our story in a way. It’s the darkest moment and the bleakest. It was an important scene though. It helps set the stage for what the story’s all about.

Interviewer: Randall Wallace usually has the classic values of love, honor and courage ingrained in every story he’s telling. From your perspective, how are these virtues presented in Heaven Is For Real?

Greg Kinnear: I think that is true. That is a theme with Randy’s movies… I knew if that if there was anybody who would find a way into a story like this and could bring it in a way that would make it accessible to an audience, he’d be the guy.

Love runs through this movie like water. I mean, it kind of is just there. [In] meeting Todd, one of the first things I was taken with was his love of his children and how important that is to him. So just out of respect to that and certainly having his son go through what he did and face what he did, I think we wanted to try and translate that relationship between the two of them as best we could.

Honor is deeply ingrained in it too. I think strangely enough, the firefighting element, the volunteer firefighting element group that’s on this movie, and also the way that Todd sort of honorably wrestles with this issue is evident as well. He’s not a dumb guy. He knew the risk. No father wants to put their son in jeopardy and yet by being public with this story, I think he definitely was facing some difficult, choppy water in doing that. But I think he felt strongly about the subject matter and what had happened. So that’s why he did it, but I thought he handled it honorably.

It’s not like his son says, “Hey, everything you’ve been talking about is consistent with what I saw.” And that Todd high fives him back and says, “See!” Instead, it’s that news that causes him to have to search deeper and to trust more in what he already has a strong faith about.

Family is obviously evident in the movie, just the love of family. It’s a very hopeful story as well. Regardless of where you’re at on the faith spectrum, I do think there’s a hopeful message in the movie, a positive message. The movie does a really nice job of honestly giving you a front row seat to watch this family deal with these extraordinary events.


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