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STAY INFORMED SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERS Friday, October 22, 2021 95P Candidates interviewed for top job Pages 62&63 COME UP TO SEE OUR NHS STAFF, MINISTER MP takes issue with Government over hospital pressure and says situation is ‘unbearable’ for workers in Newcastle Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah Full story: Page 2 Page 43 Customer pulled knife complaining about prices Page 8 Page 53 FREEDOM to discover MOR For the best deals on NEW & USED motorhomes our exclusive deale MOTORHOME & camper vans built a , B y e r m o o r , B u r n o p f i e l d , N e w c a s t l e , N E 1 6 6 N S T: 01207 272 777

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In today’s Chronicle Weather ......................................................8 Puzzles .............................................38&39 Feedback ........................................... 40 TV Pages......................................41-44 Family Notices .....................................45 Sport ..................................................54-64 STAY INFORMED friday £1,000 B11 3HJ CA28 8UA CF63 2FA CH4 9GD CW7 4DX SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERS DT1 3EF G33 2RN HD2 1BT KT17 1UX LS6 1NB for every ticket in these winning postcodes LS13 2ND MK6 2SA NG11 9AF NN6 7RQ NR11 6GG PL9 8RS PO8 9UR PR7 5LJ SA44 5YL TN6 1RR By DAN O’DONOGHUE Westminster Editor MP hits out at minister over NHS ‘If the government believes that the NHS is not under pressure, may I urge her to speak to NHS workers in Newcastle, for whom the pressure is becoming unbearable’ NewcaStle ceNtral MP chI ONwurah Sajid javid has been told to speak to health workers in Newcastle after he claimed that Covid pressures on the NHS were currently at a sustainable level. The call came as shadow health secretary jonathan ashworth blasted the government for not taking stronger action to bring down Covid cases. Mr javid said in a Number 10 press conference last night that there was no plan to introduce tighter restrictions “at this point”, but said the government was remaining “vigilant” and “preparing for all eventualities”. Mr ashworth branded the move “complacent”, he said: “Yesterday the Secretary of State said the pressures on the NHS are sustainable, but we have ambulances backed up outside hospitals, patients waiting hours upon hours in a&E, cancer operations cancelled and NHS staff exhausted. Has there ever been in the history of the NHS a more complacent attitude from a secretary of state as we head into winter?” Health Minister Maggie Throup repeated that there was no plan to introduce tighter restrictions, adding: “Our vaccines have created a wall of defence. it is incredible how many people have taken up the offer of not just the first jab but the second jab, and are now coming forward for their boosters.” But Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah warned that the pressure on the NHS in the North East was now becoming “unbearable”, she said: “if the government believes that the NHS is not under pressure may i urge her to speak to NHS workers in Newcastle, for whom the pressure is becoming unbearable.” Ms Onwurah also asked the minister to confirm that the public should wear face masks, something which Mr javid last night said was one of the “things that we can all do to help contain the spread of this virus”. Ms Throup declined, instead saying: “it’s up to individuals to work out what works for them”. it came as leading virologist dr Chris Smith said the UK is probably already close to 100,000 cases a day, while Professor adam Finn said it is wrong to see the current death toll as acceptable. dr Smith, from the University of Cambridge, said that around half of Covid cases are asymptomatic. “So probably, with detected cases at 50,000, we’re probably already close to 100,000 cases a day anyway, we just don’t know about lots of them,” he said. “We are looking very hard, we’re doing more than a million tests a day now, but probably we do have really high levels bordering on that sort of number at the moment.” Prof Finn, an expert in paediatrics, said five million adults, mostly young adults, who have not had their vaccination should now come forward. He said: “it’s the responsibility of adults to look after children by getting vaccinated and stopping spreading this virus around because there’s a lot more adults infecting children than there are children infecting adults.” asked if 100,000 cases a day should be seen as petrifying (a figure that Health Secretary Sajid javid has twice said could be reached), Prof Finn said: “Yes, it absolutely should. “i mean we’re being told that somehow it’s OK because there’s only 150 to 200 deaths a day. “Well, in two weeks, that’s the same number of people who died in the 9/11 attacks in the USa and that was enough to start global wars. “it really isn’t OK to have this many people getting this infection and getting sick and dying. it’s a real big deal.” FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 3 News Help NHS heroes as pressure Covid jabs ‘saved my life’, says 68-year-old keeps piling By DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Visitors to Newcastle’s hospitals have been urged to do their bit to help “exhausted” NHs staff facing the worst strain of the entire Covid crisis. record-breaking numbers of people coming into A&E, huge waiting lists, and a rising number of Covid patients taking up beds continue to place the city’s frontline healthcare services in the “most pressured” environment since the pandemic began. Caroline Docking, Newcastle Hospitals’ assistant chief executive, told city leaders on Wednesday that immense pressure on the royal Victoria infirmary’s emergency department “doesn’t show any sign of abating”. in addition to that and a heavy backlog of treatments that have not been carried out during the last 18 months, the number of patients in hospital with Covid in Newcastle has jumped from around 50 to 70 over recent weeks. Prof Eugene Milne, the city’s public health director, told a meeting of the City Futures Board the figure seemed “relatively stable but is a lot of beds occupied”. Ms Docking added: “it really does feel like this period is the most pressured we have experienced throughout the pandemic. “Everybody in the organisation is very focused on doing the best they can, but that pressure is very clear and everybody is exhausted after working so hard for such a long period of time.” the hospital boss has also urged anyone visiting the rVi or the Freeman Hospital to wear a face mask even though being forced to do so is now “very different to the rest of society”. she had previously warned last month that NHs staff were being subjected to more incidents of Staff facing the worSt Strain of the entire PanDeMic Nick Forbes violence and aggression as a result of asking people to wear a face covering. Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes urged anyone going to hospital should “wear a mask and don’t make a fuss about it”. He said: “i think we all have huge sympathy with colleagues in the NHs who have not only had a huge amount of pressure and strain throughout the Covid pandemic, and of course many ordinary treatments have not been able to be carried out, and so there is both a backlog and the usual winter pressures which are likely to be even worse if Covid numbers continue to increase.” the Labour leader added: “it is very sad to hear stories of NHs staff being abused and shouted at for asking people to wear masks in healthcare premises. “it is entirely unacceptable and i hope we can stand in solidarity and sympathy with all those staff because the extra pressure that brings, on top of an already stressful job and a stressful couple of years, is the kind of stress and pressure that valued NHs colleagues could really do without.” Prof Milne said that the gradual rise in Covid patients in the city’s hospitals emphasised the need to get booster vaccines to vulnerable people whose immunity to the virus may be waning and deliver first or second jabs to those yet to get them. Jarrow’s Michael Evans is now heading home after three months in hospital with Covid-19 By SAM VOLPE Reporter A JARROW man who spent six weeks in intensive care and three months in total in hospital with Covid-19 said doctors told him having had both of his vaccine doses had probably saved his life. Michael Evans, 68, is finally heading home after his ordeal, but wanted to thank the staff at South Tyneside Hospital for the care they gave him. He said: “I cannot thank them enough for what they have done and if it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I would be here. The doctors and nurses have been fantastic and I’ve been so well looked after.” He was rushed to hospital by his brother-in-law when he woke one night over the summer unable to breathe – but his memory of being taken to intensive care was fuzzy. “I can’t really remember much of what happened and I can’t remember how I got to ITU,” he said. “They had me on my belly, so I could breathe better, but that’s about it. I’m now feeling a lot better, but I still get breathless obviously and I’ve been doing physio and they’re really pleased with my progress.” Michael, a retired Heathrow Airport warehouseman, lives with his twin sister Marion and her husband in Jarrow. The South Tyneside District Hospital respiratory team He added his experience had highlighted the importance of getting the Covid-19 vaccines – and the booster jabs. He said: “I’ve had both of my Covid-19 jabs and the doctor told me that it did help to save me, as he said he didn’t think I’d be here if I hadn’t had them. “People need to get them, 100%, and I would encourage them too, it certainly saved me and helped the doctors and nurses at that.” Health authorities are rolling out booster vaccinations and the winter flu jab to as many as possible. People over 50, NHS staff and others in vulnerable groups are eligible for the booster jab, while 12 to 15-yearolds can get their first vaccines. The South Tyneside District Hospital intensive care team

4 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 News Relief at new jab decision out-of-school jab move is welcomed Calling all Big Mac ® fans. Available until 16th November Served after 11am. Available until 16th November. Participating restaurants only. Subject to availability. © 2021 McDonald’s By DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Relieved North east health chiefs have welcomed the move to let children aged 12 to 15 book a Covid-19 vaccination outside of school. Health secretary Sajid Javid confirmed on Tuesday that the jab rollout for the youngest eligible age group was being extended to “make the most of half-term”. it comes after pressure from North east officials for ministers to allow alternatives for young people who miss out on a jab on the day their school is visited by immunisers – either through absence or because there is not enough time in the day to get through every child. it is also hoped that allowing children to visit other vaccination centres will help those who have felt intimidated by anti-vax protesters that have staged demonstrations outside schools, as well as catering for those children who want to have a vaccine but whose parents have not consented for them to have one in school. Prof eugene Milne, Newcastle’s public health director, told city leaders on Wednesday that officials had been asking “for some time” for extra resources to supplement the roll-out in schools. He told a meeting of the City Futures Board that news of youngsters soon being allowed to book an out-ofschool Covid jab appointment online was “a very welcome development and we are pleased that has taken place”. Prof Neil Watson, who runs the Covid vaccination Programme in the North east, said: “We’re really pleased that there will be more choice for parents for where and when their child can get their Covid-19 vaccine, just in the same way there is choice for adults. “This means that parents will be able to make a booking for example at a vaccination centre or community pharmacy if they so wish. “in the meantime, the school vaccination teams continue to visit schools so there will be further opportunities for eligible children to receive their flu immunisation and also their Covid-19 vaccine if they haven’t had it yet and parents have provided consent.” Prof Milne aired fears last week that there was a huge disparity in vaccine uptake between schoolchildren in affluent areas and those in deprived parts of Newcastle. At excelsior Academy in the West end, the first school in the region where the vaccine was offered last month, just 15% of eligible pupils got a jab – compared to more than 80% elsewhere. The public health chief said on Wednesday that average uptake in Newcastle schools that have received their vaccine visit was now around 40% – but that demand was actually higher than that, as some schools had been unable to get through every pupil who wanted a jab in a single day. Schools have been promised a second visit from vaccination teams to pick up any children, or in some cases entire year groups, that were missed the first time around. Prof Milne also praised the city’s university students once again for their high vaccination rates, which has helped avoid a repeat of the major outbreak seen in Newcastle this time last year when the new academic year began. Andrew Wathey, vice-chancellor of Northumbria University, reported that just 55 Covid cases have been reported among his students this term – compared to almost 1,500 on the same date in 2020. More than 80% of Northumbria students are thought to be fully vaccinated, while it was also said earlier this month that 90% of Newcastle University students had received at least one dose. Prof Milne added: “it is worth saying that last year when we had that huge outbreak the behaviour of students in relation to self-isolation and lowering spread was, for the most part, really admirable. “This year we have seen really really high, responsible num bers of vaccations in students. “Frankly i have been really impressed by the absence of any surge in cases with the return of students.” Prof Eugene Milne FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 5 By ToM WILKINSoN Press Association Reporter The parents of a university student killed outside a city centre bar in 2018 told a coroner their “nightmare” had been made worse by delays to the investigation. Olivia Burt’s parents said it was 1,353 days since they lost the 20-year-old Durham University student “in the most horrific circumstances imaginable”. The coroner, Oliver Longstaff, said he empathised and told them that Durham County Council was still considering whether there had been breaches of health and safety legislation. Ms Burt, who was studying natural sciences, was crushed when a barrier collapsed outside the busy Missoula bar in February 2018. Mr Longstaff held a brief hearing at Crook Civic Centre to assess progress in the case, and allowed Mr Burt to address him via a live link. With his wife Paula beside him, Mr Burt said: “It is exactly 1,353 days since our wonderful daughter Olivia was killed outside Missoula nightclub in Durham in the most horrific circumstances imaginable. every one of those 1,353 days has been a nightmare made worse by delays in the investigation.” Mr Longstaff said the county council Olivia Burt, 20, died in Durham had asked for a further adjournment while a decision was made on whether to charge parties with health and safety breaches. he said he would write to the county council to pass on the Burt family’s comments. Mr Longstaff said he would list the case for another mention hearing in January. The coroner praised Ms Burt’s parents, saying: “The family have dealt with their loss and the long wait for an outcome of the investigations that are ongoing with impeccable patience and dignity.” East Coast train choice widens News Student’s family in ‘nightmare’ wait for answers All Johnstone’s 2.5L Standard Coloured Emulsion WAS £12 NOW £ 9 ALL COLOURED EMULSION JOHNSTONE’S 2.5L STANDARD Johnstone’s 10L Brilliant White Matt Emulsion A Lumo service arrives at Newcastle’s Central Station the latest train service connecting Newcastle with edinburgh and London has been launched in an attempt to compete with airlines. the inaugural London-toedinburgh service departed at 10.45am yesterday. the journey along the east Coast Main Line is scheduled to take around four and a half hours, stopping at Stevenage, Newcastle and Morpeth. Lumo – owned by FirstGroup – will initially operate four daily services. this will be increased to 10 early next year. One-way fares were advertised as being available from £14.90, although many of the cheapest tickets have sold out. the firm is competing with state-run train operator London North eastern Railway and airlines in providing Anglo-Scottish travel. It is using five new hitachi At300 intercity electric trains with no first-class section. Instead, Lumo is pledging to provide all passengers with “good seats” which have “optimised leg room and larger tray tables”. Managing director helen Wylde said demand for tickets had been strong, particularly for weekends as people take leisure trips and visit friends and family. She went on: “the support we have received for Lumo has been fantastic. We have always said we intend to reimagine rail travel and we are glad people are giving us a chance. tickets are selling well beyond expectations.” WOW! 2 FOR £ 22 OR £14 EACH 20% OFF ALL WALLPAPER Images for illustration purposes only, subject to availability and whilst stocks last. Prices correct at time of going to print.

6 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 News ‘It did scare me ... I didn’t go out for a while after’ By SOPHIE BROWNSON Reporter A MOTHER has bravely shared her harrowing ordeal of being spiked in a Newcastle nightclub as she backs new measures being rolled out by city centre venues to protect drinkers. Katie Brady, 29, was working as a dancer in a Newcastle club when she says her drink was spiked while she performed. The mum-of-one said she placed her drink on the podium where she was dancing but can’t remember anything after that point. Katie, from Birtley, Gateshead, said: “I was told afterward that I had gone to the toilets and the door staff had to carry me out and give me water. “[They said that] my eyes had rolled back into my head and that later on, I had just walked away from the bar. Luckily, I was using ABC Taxis and I managed to ring a taxi and it was a driver I knew who came. “He helped me into the taxi and to my front door where he knocked to make sure my mam would wake up.” Katie, who was 23 at the time and living in Katie Brady Bensham, said her mam just thought she had too much to drink when she arrived home. “I had no memory at all of that night,” she said. “My mam took a photo and told me that she heard me being sick and then heard a bang and said I had fallen backward in the bathroom.” Katie said she was able to confirm with staff at the bar that she had only had one drink, leading her to believe she must have been spiked. But with no way to prove the incident took place, Katie decided not to report it to the police. Sadly, it wasn’t the only time Katie had been spiked. Katie believes her drink was tampered with on another occasion as she stood at the bar of a Newcastle venue chatting with friends. Katie, who was then aged 27, said: “My friend had served me the drink as she worked in the bar and we were stood by the bar which wasn’t very busy. I had my drink on the bar and no one was beside me and that’s the last thing I remember. “When I spoke to a friend afterwards, MUM SPEAKS OUT AFTER CLUB SPIKING ORDEAL they said that one of the staff had said to her; ‘you need to go and see [Katie] she is in a bad way’. “My friend took me to the bus stop and I managed to get the bus home. “My partner said that when I got home I was throwing up black vomit and I passed out on the sofa.” Katie said the bar checked their CCTV but because of the way she was standing, there was no way to see if anyone had been behind her. The Gateshead mam said she had always been confident going out at night in the city centre but has been left shaken by the two incidents. “I have been really lucky... it could have been completely different,” she said. “It did scare me and I didn’t go out for a long time afterward.” In an effort to look out for drinkers, three city centre venues have increased security and CCTV cameras as well as creating safe spaces for vulnerable people to seek help. The Market Shaker, The Dog and Parrott and Pumphreys Newcastle are the venues taking action, with measures including offering lids for drinks and kits to test whether beverages have been spiked. Katie said she feels reassured by such measures and felt ‘relieved’ that action was being taken. “I am so happy they are doing something like this,” she said. “I think it’s amazing - if the CCTV was a little bit different at the place I was they would have probably got the person who did it. It gives me confidence on a night out.” Northumbria Police stressed that the force is not currently seeing an increase in offences or any indication of actual spikings and said it is more reports of people “who appear to be spiked”. It said it also works with partners and licensees to help keep people safe on a night out. Students told to ‘stay vigilant’ Newcastle University students have been urged to look after one another amid reports of spiking incidents taking place in the city centre. the university warned students to ‘stay vigilant’ and said it is ‘working closely’ with the police to help keep them safe. It comes after a number of city centre bars announced measures this week to protect drinkers from incidents of spiking. In a post shared across its social media accounts, a Newcastle University spokeswoman said: “we’re aware of an increase in reports of spiking and want to reassure students we’re working closely with the police and other colleagues in the city to keep you safe. It’s important to stay vigilant, look after one another and be aware of the steps in place if yourself or a friend feels unwell.” FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 7 Beach protest sends message of welcome to refugees in face of new bill Protesters gathered in tynemouth on Wednesday to send a message to ministers over a “cruel and inhumane” bill which could criminalise refugees who do not enter the UK by official channels. Campaigners formed a giant heart on King edward’s Bay beach around the words ‘together with refugees’, in a stand against the Government’s proposed Nationality and Borders Bill. If the draft legislation is made law by parliament, it would mean that anyone arriving into the country through an illegal route, such as via boats crossing the Channel, could face up to four years in prison. Dozens of North east campaign groups signed a pledge this week calling on the Government to scrap the proposals, which it is feared will “lead to even more dangerous routes to safety” for people fleeing violence and persecution and prevent them rebuilding their lives. Penny Henry, who organised the beach rally through a local sea swimming group, said: “How we thief left his prison id card at the scene of crime By SARA NICHOL Court reporter A bungling burglar made the police’s job easy when he left behind his prison ID card after stealing booze from a shop. Steven Matthewson had forced the main doors at B&M Bargains, in North Shields, in order to gain entry after the store had closed. The 48-year-old then helped himself to £187-worth of vodka and fled but left an incriminating piece of evidence at the scene, a court heard. In what was described as ‘almost having comedy value’ by his own solicitor and as well as being caught on CCTV, the prolific burglar also dropped his prison ID card, leaving officers in no doubt as to who had committed the crime. Matthewson, who has 55 theftrelated offences on his record, was arrested at his home on Chesters Demonstrators on King Edward’s Bay Beach in Tynemouth to show solidarity for refugees and to protest against the Nationality and Borders Bill which is currently going through parliament Picture: Owen Humphreys treat refugees reflects who we are. If any of us feared for our lives or for our loved ones, we would want to know that others would help us to safety.” Hannah Barnes, director of Newcastle’s West end refugee service (Wers), has warned that the bill “takes away the basic right for people to seek asylum in the UK”. she added: “It makes Court, in Longbenton, a week later. And now he’s been ordered to stay indoors at his address between 7pm and 7am every day for two months as part of a curfew order after he pleaded guilty to burglary of a non-dwelling. Glenda Beck, prosecuting at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court, said staff had closed the Norham Road branch of B&M Bargains at 8pm on September 13 this year. Just a couple of minutes later, Matthewson was caught on CCTV judgments about an individual’s right to live safely based on the journey that individual has to make, and in doing so it will criminalise people fleeing persecution.” the campaign against the bill, backed by more than 50 groups and individuals from across the region this week, also has the support of North of tyne mayor Jamie Driscoll. at the main entrance forcing the automatic doors open. Mrs Beck continued: “The defendant prized the door open with both hands and managed to gain entry. “He went to the first aisle, which contained spirits, and took eight bottles of vodka. He spent five A Home office spokesperson said: “our New Plan for Immigration is based on a simple principle: that the right to come here, to settle here and to build a life here should be based on need, not the ability to pay organised criminal gangs to smuggle you into the UK. “that means building a new system that is fair but firm.” Booze burglar’s blunder made his capture simple If it wasn’t so serious, this almost has comedy value. It was certainly not a burglary that was planned. John Kirkhaam minutes inside the store then left via the door he’d gained entry from. “There was a prison ID card left at the premises by the defendant and the photo was found to match the CCTV footage.” The court was told that Matthewson was sent to prison in 2018 after being sentenced to four years for burglaries. John Kirkham, defending, said Matthewson had planned to go into the shop and buy the booze but decided to take the opportunity to steal it when he saw it was closed. Mr Kirkham added: “If it wasn’t so serious, this almost has comedy value. It was certainly not a burglary that was planned. The incident takes place at 8.02pm, had my client arrived at 19.58 the doors would still have been open.” The solicitor told the court that Matthewson was carrying his prison ID card in order to show proof of age when buying booze. As well as the curfew, Matthewson was ordered to pay £187.87 compensation and £85 costs. News Fight against drugs sees 28 arrests made More than £800,000 worth of Class A drugs have been seized and 28 people have been arrested in an operation to tackle crossborder drug dealing. A number of deal lines have also been shut down as police forces from across the country teamed up to tackle the cruel practice which is often used to exploit vulnerable drug users. County Lines is a specific type of dealing which involves criminals sending bulk text or social media messages to potential customers via a mobile phone in order to set up a deal. Nationally, the activity saw 1,468 arrests, £1.3m in cash seized as well as 289 weapons. Last week, Northumbria Police, regional organised Crime Units (roCUs) and other organisations across the UK joined forces to end to the ruthless practice known as County Lines as part of a national intensification period. In the force area, a number of warrants were executed which included addresses in Newcastle and sunderland. there were also visits to schools to educate pupils and raise awareness of the practice. A total of 28 people were arrested – 22 men, three women and two males under the age of 18. A total of £21,960 in suspected criminal cash was seized alongside eight mobile phones and a double barrel shotgun. officers recovered more than 17 kilos of cocaine with an estimated street value of £600,000. £200,000 of MDMA and £10,000 of LsD as well as quantities of cannabis and Gabapentin were also seized. Detective Chief Inspector sue Fryer, the Force lead for County Lines praised those who took part in the clampdown. “this has been an incredible effort with teams from across the Force working together to share intelligence and take action to stop a brutal form of drug dealing which has no place here in Northumbria”, she said. “What makes County Lines different to other forms of drug dealing is the aggression and the pushy methods used by criminals who are desperate to make money by selling highly addictive and illegal substances to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities – who then find themselves caught up in a cycle of debt, addiction and exploitation they can’t get out of. “As part of operation sentinel, we will continue to tackle County Lines and organised crime and make sure that those involved are brought before the courts and held accountable for their actions.”

8 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 News/Weather Holy Island crossIng tImes 08:05 to 14:30 and 20:15 to 02:45 (Saturday) Man waved knife at shop ‘to get mental health help’ By ROB KENNEDY Court Reporter @ChronicleCourt A shop worker was left terrified when an angry customer pulled a knife on him after complaining about prices. Lawrence Quinn went into a Best one Xpress store in Newcastle to buy a drink and left after complaining about the cost. But once outside he tried to make the victim follow him and pulled out a knife before trying to break through a glass door when he was locked out. Quinn said he committed the offence in a deliberate attempt to get locked up so he would get help for his mental health. Newcastle Crown Court heard it was around 3.30am on August 30 last year that he went to the shop. Kelly sherif, prosecuting, said: “The defendant began to complain about the cost of the drink. The worker tried to find him a cheaper one but he continued to get angry and he then left the shop. “he then shouted through the door, ‘Come outside, don’t make me angry’. “The defendant then lifted his top, under which was a knife, which he removed and began waving it at him, causing him to fear for his safety. “he locked the door and saw the defendant attack the door with the knife, hitting the glass with the knife.” The victim told him he was going to call the police, which made him even more angry. he then left but was found by police nearby, having discarded the knife in a cemetery. Quinn told officers he had “done it on purpose”, adding: “I could’ve stabbed him if I wanted to. I want to gan to jail.” he said he committed the offence to get help for his mental health. But Miss sherif said: “he said he wanted the shopkeeper to come outside so he could stab him.” Quinn, 24, of Gordon Road, Byker, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to possessing a bladed article and threatening and abusive behaviour. he was sentenced to eight months, suspended for 18 months, with a threemonth curfew between 7pm and 7am with rehabilitation. Recorder Anthony Dunne told him: “You were carrying a very large and very frightening kitchen knife. You entered the Best one shop and you were calm enough to begin with then became angry because you felt the prices in the shop were too high. “That’s an entirely unjustified reason for becoming angry. “It must have been terrifying for anyone who saw it.” The court heard he has 26 previous convictions, including for possessing a knife and an offensive weapon and violence. he had a difficult childhood and has struggled with his mental health for much of his life and it deteriorated after he was assaulted and his relationship ended. he started taking valium to cope and was under the influence of it on the night of the offence. penny hall, for Quinn, said: “he said when he was arrested he did this to get himself arrested. “he was a bit agitated about the price of something in the shop but nothing happened until he was outside. “he felt getting himself arrested was the only way he could receive some help and start to cope with matters. “he is in a much better place now, having been in custody for seven weeks.” Lawrence Quinn Weather Around the Country Today’s Weather Four-Day Outlook Birmingham Bristol Cardiff Carlisle Exeter Gloucester Leeds Liverpool London Manchester Norwich Nottingham Plymouth Swansea Friday Saturday °C °F °C °F cloudy 12 54 cloudy 12 54 cloudy 14 57 cloudy 14 57 cloudy 14 57 overcast 14 57 cloudy 12 54 overcast 13 55 cloudy 14 57 overcast 14 57 cloudy 13 55 overcast 13 55 cloudy 12 54 cloudy 13 55 cloudy 13 55 cloudy 13 55 cloudy 14 57 overcast 14 57 rain 12 54 cloudy 13 55 cloudy 12 54 cloudy 13 55 cloudy 12 54 cloudy 13 55 cloudy 14 57 overcast 14 57 cloudy 13 55 overcast 14 57 Around the World Amsterdam Beijing Corfu Majorca Mexico City Moscow New Delhi New York Paris Rio Rome Sydney Tokyo Friday Saturday °C °F °C °F rain 11 51 pcloudy 13 55 sunny 17 62 sunny 16 61 rain 21 69 rain 21 70 rain 19 67 cloudy 21 69 rain 22 72 rain 21 70 rain 12 53 cloudy 8 46 sunny 33 92 sunny 32 90 rain 13 56 cloudy 11 51 pcloudy 14 57 overcast 16 60 pcloudy 24 75 pcloudy 27 80 rain 23 73 rain 23 73 rain 19 67 sunny 23 74 rain 16 60 rain 18 64 Skies will be cloudy today. Afternoon highs will range from 10 to 13C. Haltwhistle Durham Sun & Moon Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset Leeds Almanac Berwick upon Tweed 7:45 a.m. 5:50 p.m. 6:38 p.m. 9:38 a.m. Newcastle upon Tyne Sunderland Middlesbrough York Hull Grimsby Newcastle Grimsby Leeds upon Tyne Yesterday's High (°C/°F) Yesterday's Low (°C/°F) Yesterday's Precip 13/55 5/41 0.10" 12/54 3/37 0.10" 11/52 3/37 0.10" Hull Middlesbrough York Yesterday's High (°C/°F) Yesterday's Low (°C/°F) Yesterday's Precip Oct. 28 Nov. 4 Nov. 11 Nov. 19 Last New First Full 11/52 10/50 13/55 4/39 3/37 3/37 0.00" 0.10" 0.00" High Tides Saturday Cloudy. 11°C/ 52°F 9°C/ 48°F Sunday Isolated light rain. 13°C/ 55°F 9°C/ 48°F Monday Partly cloudy. 11°C/ 52°F 7°C/ 45°F Tuesday Cloudy. 13°C/ 55°F 11°C/ 52°F Friday Saturday Holy Island 4.9 4:14 a 4.8 4:39 p 4.8 4:47 a 4.7 5:09 p Newcastle 5.4 4:59 a 5.3 5:24 p 5.3 5:32 a 5.2 5:54 p Tynemouth 5.1 4:56 a 5.0 5:21 p 5.0 5:29 a 4.9 5:51 p Sunderland 5.2 4:55 a 5.1 5:19 p 5.1 5:26 a 5.0 5:47 p River Tees Ent. 5.4 5:12 a 5.3 5:36 p 5.3 5:43 a 5.2 6:04 p Spurn Head 6.9 7:05 a 6.7 7:32 p 6.8 7:39 a 6.6 7:58 p Grimsby 7.1 7:21 a 6.9 7:47 p 6.9 7:55 a 6.8 8:13 p Wells 3.6 8:17 a 3.4 8:49 p 3.7 8:50 a 3.5 9:18 p Dover 6.6 12:48 a 6.7 1:02 p 6.6 1:18 a 6.6 1:31 p Liverpool 9.3 12:36 a 9.1 12:54 p 9.2 1:06 a 9.0 1:22 p

was £16.50 £10 Paranormal prices Jägermeister 50cl £10. (£20 per litre). Normally £16.50. Offer ends 09.11.21. Subject to availability. Participating stores only. Serving suggestion. Please drink responsibly. Geographical limitations for Home Delivery and Click & Collect services apply. Please use the Co-op Store Finder at to find your nearest Co-op Store and the services available at that store. For full terms of service please see FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 11 News By HErBErt SodEN Local democracy reporter Updated transport plans which feature more options for walkers and cyclists were given the green light by North tyneside councillors. the authority has set out how it will create opportunities for residents to use more sustainable forms of transport. the council has spent millions of pounds in recent years in improving the borough’s walking and cycling network and public transport initiatives and further major investment is planned in the coming years. the revised North tyneside transport Strategy, North tyneside on the Move, was agreed by the council’s cabinet on Monday evening. It maps out the updated transport vision for effective travel and how the borough will become more green, healthy, dynamic and thriving. It states that when the borough is making transport decisions or measuring performance it should be guided by the following: ■ Reduce carbon emissions from transport ■ Improve health outcomes ■ Support inclusive economic growth ■ Improve connectivity ■ Manage demand and enable smart choices for all the transport strategy outlines how opportunities for safe walking and cycling will be increased, including proposals for a segregated sustainable route along the seafront. deputy Mayor Coun Carl Johnson said: “transport is an important part of everyone’s lives so it is important that the authority has a clear policy. “this will be used to shape our future decisions, support future funding bids, future projects and investment.” Coun Sandra Graham, who represents Whitley Bay, backed the policy. She said: “this will help reduce carbon emissions throughout the whole of our borough and make North tyneside a healthier and greener place.” elected mayor Norma Redfearn said that the plan will help the council hit its target for achieving carbon net zero by 2030. She said: “In order for us to get near that we have to have a plan. this is a plan that will help us to get to and meet that target. “as a council everything we’re doing is about helping us get to that carbon net zero figure by 2030.” Fundraising walk for charity Council outlines its sustainable transport vision Every pledge today helps secure life-saving research for tomorrow. Supporters on the fundraising walk By ELIF GULMEN Reporter Staff and supporters of the Changing Lives charity have taken part in a fundraising challenge as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. Last month, 50 people turned up to walk from the charity’s HQ in Gateshead, to the angel of the North. they were joined by Gatesheadborn boxer Calum french, who is an ambassador for the charity. the 50k Your Way fundraising challenge asked supporters to complete 50KM over the course of nine days, to help raise vital funds for projects supporting people experiencing homelessness, domestic abuse, life-limiting addictions, long-term unemployment and more. “together we travelled the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest an amazing 740 times,” said abby Robinson, the Senior fundraising Manager for Changing Lives. Becky Elton, Deputy CEO, said: “Seeing so many people come together to fundraise on behalf of Changing Lives and the people we support is really inspiring.” the event was a first and it’s hoped it will be an annual event. abby said: “the funding for Charity Lives is by the public, there is no funding by the government and due to this the only way we can make money is through fundraising.” to learn more, visit: https://www. Get your free Gifts in Wills Guide, visit North East, play your part. Together we will beat cancer Cancer Research UK is a registered charity in England and Wales (1089464), Scotland (SC041666), the Isle of Man (1103) and Jersey (247).

12 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 National News MINUTE BRIEFING ‘Serious concerns’ over A&E provision Tributes to Logan left at the scene Boy on murder charge A 14-yeAr-OlD boy charged with the murder of a five-year-old who was found dead in a river has appeared at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court. logan Mwangi, also known as logan Williamson, from Bridgend, was discovered in the river Ogmore on July 31. The teenager, from Sarn in Bridgend County, who cannot be named because of his age, appeared in person in front of District Judge Stephen harmes. he spoke only to confirm his name, age and address. Recruitment surge Four out of five employers are planning to recruit staff over the next year, the highest number for almost a decade, new research suggests. Firms in Scotland and Wales were said to have the strongest recruitment plans, followed by those in the East of England and London. recruiters Hays said its study among 22,700 employers also revealed increasing attempts to retain staff. End to Troubles ‘cycle’ The Prime Minister has said he wants to bring an end to the cycle where people are being brought to court for offences relating to Northern Ireland’s Troubles with “no new evidence”. Army veteran Dennis hutchings died in Belfast this week after contracting Covid-19 while on trial over a 1974 Troubles shooting. In July, the Government announced plans for a statute of limitations that would end all prosecutions for Troubles incidents up to April 1998. Dame Joan’s wrath DamE Joan Collins has criticised William Shatner, left, following his historic space flight, describing him as a “fool”. appearing on The Jonathan ross Show on ITV, Dame Joan, said: “It’s amazing isn’t it? Who wants to do that? Let’s take care of this planet first before we start going off.” Charity’s Ofcom plea A ChArITy has written to Ofcom calling for regulatory action over Channel 4’s ongoing lack of subtitles, describing the situation as a “complete dereliction of duty”. The National Deaf Children’s Society said it had asked the broadcasting watchdog to intervene after Channel 4 announced on Tuesday that subtitles, sign language and audio description may not return to some of its services until the middle of November following a technical issue that arose last month. More than half of A&es and urgent care services require improvement or are inadequate, according to a report. The Care Quality Commission’s State of Care study for 2020/2021 found inspectors had “serious concerns” about some areas of emergency care in england, including ambulance handover delays at hospitals which put “the safety of patients at risk”. overall, 22% of NHS acute services in the study were found to require improvement, while 2% were inadequate, 67% were good and 8% were outstanding. Among 204 individual urgent and emergency services, 47% required improvement, 6% were inadequate, 42% were good and Nelson’s spot marked for Trafalgar anniversary NaVaL officers have gathered to mark the anniversary of Vice admiral Lord Nelson’s famous victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. The Second Sea Lord, Vice admiral Nick Hine, led the celebrations aboard HmS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard which involved a wreath being laid on the spot Lord Nelson died 5% were outstanding. In a briefing, the CQC’s chief inspector of hospitals Ted Baker said hospitals and ambulances were seeing a “major increase in pressure”, in part due to issues in social care. He said staff were facing a “tough winter” and needed support, and pointed to delays in people accessing emergency care and people having to wait in ambulances before they could be handed over to A&e staff. Mr Baker also said that even when people get into A&e, there can be long delays to be seen. “Those waits we describe as unacceptable,” he said. “As the pressures on the system build, more problems like that are going to develop.” Mr Baker said “things may well 216 years ago. The ceremony, which was reduced in size last year to meet Covid-19 regulations at the time, began with the daily naval ceremony of Colours in which the white ensign and the union flag are hauled up. This was followed by the flag sequence indicating Nelson’s famous message to the fleet: “England expects that every get more difficult” for the NHS and social care going into winter, though not all the pressures were about Covid. He said problems in emergency care have been building up over the summer and the CQC had been working with organisations to focus on patient safety. Asked about pressure through all the NHS and care system, Mr Baker said: “I think the levels of pressure at the moment are very intense and I think we are very concerned going into winter that they may get worse.” Mr Baker said staff were exhausted, with high levels of burnout, and the CQC was worried that care for individual patients could get worse due to pressures and not enough staff. man will do his duty”. a royal Navy spokesman said: “Trafalgar Day is the most important day in the calendar of HmS Victory, the oldest commissioned warship in the world. “about 70 officers, ratings cadets and guests, including the Lord mayor of Portsmouth and representatives of the united States, Polish, Turkish Ian Trenholm, chief executive of the CQC, said the organisation was seeing many services “at capacity and beyond capacity and problems that could traditionally have been diverted can no longer be diverted”. “So what we’re seeing are systems that are under enormous pressure,” he added. In the study, experts pointed to big problems with ambulances having to queue outside hospitals to hand over patients. In a survey of UK emergency department clinical leads, conducted in August 2021, half of respondents said their emergency department had been forced to hold patients outside in ambulances every day, up from a quarter the previous october. A wreath rests at the spot where Admiral Lord Nelson was shot and fell after a ceremony onboard HMS Victory in Portsmouth to mark the 216th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar ANDreW MATTheWS and New Zealand militaries, watched as Vice admiral Hine laid a wreath on the spot Lord Nelson fell during the battle.” Lord Nelson was shot dead by a French sniper as the royal Navy claimed victory over the French and Spanish navies at Trafalgar, off Cadiz, Spain, on october 21 1805. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 13 The Nuri rocket lifts off from a launch pad at the Naro Space Centre in Goheung, South Korea KoreA Pool/YoNHAP VIA AP Successful test launch for South Korea rocket World News GLOBAL BRIEFING Strong winds damage homes A quArter of a million homes in France were left without electricity and trains were halted from Normandy to the Paris region after powerful winds swept across swathes of northern France, the Netherlands and Belgium yesterday. It was reported that four people were injured in the Dutch town of Barendrecht, as winds ripped tiles off roofs and uprooted trees. Lava flows from a volcano on La Palma South Korea has test-launched its first domestically produced space rocket in what officials describe as an important step in the country’s pursuit of a satellite launch programme. the rocket reached its desired altitude but failed to deliver a dummy payload into orbit. South Korean President Moon Jae-in still described the test as an “excellent accomplishment”. the three-stage Nuri rocket was aiming to deliver the dummy payload – a 1.5-ton block of stainless steel and aluminium – into orbit 372 to 497 miles above the Earth. Live footage showed the 47-metre rocket soaring into the air following blast-off at Naro Space Centre, the country’s lone spaceport, on a small island off its southern coast. Science minister Lim hye-sook said Nuri’s first and second stages separated properly and that the third stage ejected the payload at 435 miles above Earth. But she said launch data suggested that the third stage’s engine burned out early after 475 seconds, about 50 seconds shorter than planned, failing to provide the payload with enough speed to stabilise in orbit. officials from the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (Kari), the country’s space agency, said debris from the payload would have landed in waters south of Australia. the launch had been delayed by an hour because engineers needed more time to examine the rocket’s valves. there had also been concerns that strong winds and other conditions would pose challenges for a successful launch. After relying on other countries to launch its satellites since the early 1990s, South Korea is now trying to become the 10th nation to send a satellite into space with its own technology. officials say such an ability would be crucial for the country’s space ambitions, which include plans for sending more advanced communications satellites and acquiring its own military intelligence satellites. the country is also hoping to send a probe to the moon by 2030. Trump launches new social media platform Former US president Donald Trump is launching a new media company with its own social media platform. The announcement came nine months after he was expelled from many social media channels for his role in inciting a deadly insurrection at the US Capitol. mr Trump says his goal in launching the Trump media & Technology Group and its TrUTH Social app is to create a rival to the Big Tech companies that have shut him out and denied him the megaphone that was paramount to his national rise. In a statement, he said: “We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favourite American President has been silenced. “This is unacceptable.” In a release, the new venture announced it had been created through a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corporation, and said it seeks to become a publicly listed company. DWA, based in miami, is a specialpurpose acquisition company, or Former President Donald Trump has launched Trump Media & Technology Group SPAC, designed to list the shares of a private company more quickly than a traditional initial public offering. In practice, that means the SPAC acquires a private firm and then changes its name and other details to those of the acquired firm. SPACs pay for their acquisitions with cash provided by investors who bought into its initial public offering. mr Trump has spoken about launching his own social media site ever since he was barred from Twitter and Facebook. An earlier effort to launch a blog on his existing website was abandoned after the page drew a dismal number of views. In addition to the app, which is expected to soft-launch next month, with a nationwide rollout early next year, the company says it is planning a video-on-demand service dubbed TmTG+ that will feature entertainment programming, news and podcasts. DWA said it has raised roughly 293 million US dollars (£212 million) in cash, which it will use to grow TmTG’s ventures. Hundreds are evacuated from lava flow HuNDreDs of people have been evacuated on the spanish island of la Palma as a river of molten rock crept deeper into a coastal town during a protracted volcanic eruption. emergency services helped around 500 people leave their homes, said the mayor of tazacorte, Juan Miguel rodriguez. A total of around 7,500 people have been forced to flee since Cumbre Vieja began erupting more than a month ago. scientists say the eruption could go on for three months. though most of the island of 85,000 people off north-west Africa is unaffected, part of the western side has seen the lava destroy livelihoods and homes. the molten rock has covered more than 2,100 acres and crushed around 2,185 buildings. Girl, 4, missing from campsite AustrAlIAN police have offered a one million dollar (£542,000) reward for information about a four-year-old girl who officials suspect was snatched from a tent at a remote coastal location five days earlier. Cleo smith was reportedly last seen by her parents at 1.30am on saturday at the Blowholes shacks campsite near Carnarvon, about 560 miles north of Perth.

14 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 News Gym staff pull together to give charity a boost WELCOME TO THE BACKSTAGE WHERE CREWS WORK IN SHIFTS AND SHIFTS WORK FOR YOU A strong and tight knit local community By AARON MORRIS Reporter @ChronicleLive row machine challenge raises funds for patients of hospice It was a community effort when staff and members of Ponteland’s No1 Gym took on a gruelling challenge for St Oswald’s Hospice. those involved each played their part in completing a 100-mile rowathon outdoors over 12 hours. the challenge began at 5.20am, and through the course of the day more than 50 people took turns on the fitness centre’s rowing machines. With the rowing machines set up outside the gym, anyone from students on their way to sixth form to local residents popping to the shops were curious about the day’s proceedings, and many stopped to find out the reason for it all. Around midday, the St Oswald’s fundraising team arrived and helped to clock up some miles. No1 Gym co-owner and head trainer James Milburn was overwhelmed by the community support. He said: “St Oswald’s Hospice is a charity close to the hearts of many of our gym members. “When we decided to start raising funds for a local charity, St Oswald’s seemed a worthy and obvious choice. “It’s brilliant to be open again and to welcome back our members, so we thought we’d set them a challenge and raise some funds for the hospice at the same time.” And it was James himself who would row the final mile of the fundraiser as the clock struck 4.30pm, and the evening gym staff got involved too, helping them surpass the original target by an extra 25 miles. In total, No1 Gym collected £845 for the Newcastle hospice. the money will be used to help the charity provide care to its service users . Business partnerships fundraiser Kirsty McDonald praised the gym team, saying: “We are so grateful to our friends at No1 Gym, and their wonderful members who helped make this event such a success. “Without our community, the hospice wouldn’t be here today so thank you to everyone who was part of this fabulous day of fundraising.” It’s not the first time No1 Gym has helped out St Oswald’s, among other charities. Last year it held a beach daythemed event and had other fundraising activities planned for inside the gym itself. However, Covid-19 put a halt to their plans, and Government restrictions forced the gym to close numerous times in the last 18 months. Now that the restrictions have been lifted, the team have wasted no time in getting back to where they left off in their charitable endeavours. Earn from £10 /hour as Warehouse Operative near you Apply now at James Milburn doing his bit on the day


16 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 News Review could lead to changes for five libraries Big data. Better value. 4GB £6 SMARTY mobile 30GB £10 Unlimited data £20 Great coverage No contract Unlimited calls and texts SIM Only 1 month plans. Plans include unlimited calls and texts to standard UK landlines and mobiles. For network coverage in your area, see Wrekenton Library in Gateshead By HerBert Soden Local democracy reporter Five Gateshead libraries could be transformed into “community spaces” run by voluntary organisations after councillors voted to launch a consultation. A report heard by the council’s cabinet stated that it needs to save £1.2m on services it provides under its public health and wellbeing group, which libraries fall under. Because of this, the group is reviewing its services, which calls for a “significant change of approach”. The document claimed that these changes are needed to “maximise the wellbeing” of the borough’s residents. it said: “The aim is to develop a health and wellbeing offer which im ­ proves opportunities for all and helps to maximise the wellbeing of our residents. This will require a significant change of approach so that community need, and improved equity are the main focus.” The review covers leisure services and the statutory library services run by Gateshead Council. This has revealed that the authority needs to continue supporting library services. However, it said “the existing library service model is not reaching enough residents, and services can be further developed for those most in need”. The borough has earmarked five libraries – at Chopwell, Crawcrook, ‘COMMUNITY SPACES’ PLAN MOOTED AS PART OF BID TO SAVE CASH Leam Lane, Pelaw and Wrekenton – that could be turned into “community spaces” with the responsibility for their management transferred to voluntary and community sector organisations. if this goes ahead libraries would still be run from these buildings alongside council services, community agencies and neighbourhood groups to “offer a range of activities, programmes and services to meet the needs of local residents”. it said that this will increase use of the libraries because they offer a wider range of services. it said: “The idea of a library offer being part of a community space alongside other services is not a new one. it aims to increase footfall in the building by offering a wider range of activities for local people.” The cabinet will vote on whether to start a consultation into the proposals at their meeting on Tuesday. This means a three­month public consultation would be carried out, and a report compiled and presented to councillors.

DONATE UNWANTED FURNITURE & HELP SUPPORT LOCAL COMMUNITIES CT Furniture continue to look for furniture donations. Part of a larger self-funded charity, we are looking for anything from small electrical appliances through to beds, sofas and wardrobes, or even unwanted office furniture. These items will either be reused in the local community or resold through our network of North East based stores or via our online shop. Our charity now supplies the largest range of pre-owned furniture in the North East from our four stores in Gateshead, Newcastle, Blyth and Peterlee. Giving local shoppers more choice of high-quality affordable furniture for every room in the house. We stock a huge range of unique pre-loved furniture - from electrical appliances through to sofas, dining sets and wardrobes. We also now supply new furniture items for the dining room and bedroom, including brand-new beds and mattresses. Plus, a large selection of premium office furniture, including desks, chairs and cabinets. All surplus funds raised through sales of donated furniture are used to help provide essential services and support in local communities, such as providing household items to families in need, helping those isolated with their shopping or transporting those with mobility issues on our fleet of accessible minibuses. We aim to encourage furniture re-use and reduce the number of items going to landfill - your donations will go on to help local people during these uncertain times. We offer a prompt home collection - all arranged via a quick phone call or through our website. Volunteer opportunities - we are looking for volunteer help and have roles to suits all ages and experience. Get in touch if you would like to make a difference in the local community, gain valuable work-based experience and meet new friends. To donate furniture call: 0800 917 4397, to pick up a bargain visit our stores or shop online: CT Furniture is a division of the charity Community Transport Reg. No.: 247331 - Helping create a better everyday life for local people since 1964.

18 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 NOSTALGIA @DaveSMorton Newcastle Chronicle - History Photosales - 01640 683 902 @DaveSMorton DAVE MORTON recalls the people and places of the North East EMAIL: TELEPHONE: 0191 2016437 WRITE TO: Dave Morton, ncjMedia, Eldon Court, Percy Street, Newcastle, NE1 7JB. CHECK US OUT ONLINE AT WWW.CHRONICLELIVE.CO.UK/NEWS/HISTORY Newcastle Chronicle - History Photosales - 01640 683 902 Explore the past... Get free access to our archive of 1000s of photos taken as far back as 1878. Scan the QR code or visit: Disaster at Wallsend: A pit claimed the lives of 52 men and boys when an explosion ripped through the colliery on October 23, 1821 Memorial to lives lost in disaster at Wallsend pit A pIT disaster that devastated a North Tyneside community is to be commemorated on its 200th anniversary. The Wallsend colliery disaster claimed the lives of 52 men and boys when an explosion ripped through the pit on October 23, 1821. The blast was said to have ‘shook the ground like an earthquake and made furniture dance in neighbouring houses’. The victims were between the ages of five and 77 and only four workers survived. To commemorate the disaster, North Tyneside’s Elected Mayor, Norma Redfearn CBE, and Mp Mary Glindon will unveil a plaque as part of a memorial service at St peter’s Church, Wallsend, where 46 of the victims are buried. They will be joined for the unveiling this Saturday – October 23 – by local councillors, Rev Michael Vine, and Ken Hutchinson, chair of Wallsend Local History, who will give a talk on the disaster. The Elected Mayor said: “The passage of time may have softened the grief and the sadness of this tragedy, but this had a devastating impact on the community, and we felt it was important to come together and remember the lives lost on that terrible day. “The men and boys who worked down the pit worked long hours in a hazardous environment. The working conditions are unimaginable for us today, and the death toll is even more shocking because of the very young age of some of the victims. “This memorial will serve as a reminder to future generations about the lives that were lost and our industrial heritage in North Tyneside. My thanks to all who have supported this project.” Ken Hutchinson, chair of Wallsend Local History, and the author of a book on the disaster, said: “Sadly there were a lot of mining disasters at this time and others such as Felling (92 killed in 1812) and Heaton in 1815 (75 Killed) got a lot of publicity and this disaster was largely overlooked.” The main part of the event is open to the public. Guests are invited to gather at the church at 10am and then proceed to the churchyard for a brief talk, prayers, and the unveiling at 10.35am.

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EXCLUSIVELY FOR ADULTS Ultimate 80’s Sailcation Extravaganza STEP BACK INTO THE 80’S ON THIS EPIC 11-NIGHT RETRO CRUISE FROM IMAGINE CRUISING FEATURING A STAR-STUDDED LINE-UP INCLUDING FORMER SPANDAU BALLET LEAD SINGER TONY HADLEY AND SOUL MAN SUPREME MARTIN FRY, LEAD SINGER OF ABC - AND ALL ON VIRGIN VOYAGES’ LAVISH NEW VALIANT LADY SHIP DEPARTING 21 MARCH 2022 SEA TERRACE FROM £1,499pp NO-FLY CRUISE TO THE CANARIES TONY HADLEY TOYAH T’PAU ALTERED IMAGES PLUS: DJs BRUNO BROOKES AND GARY DAVIES Book now at or call 01793 547 620 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 21 News By Maria cassidy Reporter A thief who stole a car and used a bank card left inside it has been jailed after returning to the crime scene the next day. Stephen Palmer, of Moorview Crescent, Newcastle, was caught on CCtV as he tried to break into a number of parked cars on Swinhoe Road in Gosforth in the early hours of Saturday morning. the 23-year-old stole a can of pop from a Nissan, leaving his empty can at the scene, before taking a Suzuki Swift on a joyride to search for more vehicles to target. he later stole a Volkswagen tiguan from the area and used a bank card which had been left inside to spend £50 at the Shell Garage in Gosforth before the card was blocked. Police then launched an investigation into the spate of incidents and officers began trawling through CCtV. the following day, Palmer returned to the scene of his crimes wearing a dressing gown and was swiftly spotted by an eagle-eyed officer who recognised him from CCtV. in a desperate bid to evade arrest, he Prison for thief who stole cars and bank card MAN ARRESTED AFTER RETURN TO CRIME SCENE offered up a fake name but was taken into custody, where he admitted the string of thefts and was later charged. On Monday, he pleaded guilty to two counts of theft of a motor vehicle, two counts of theft from a motor vehicle, two counts of fraud by false representation and three counts of interfering with a motor vehicle. he was subsequently jailed for 20 weeks at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court. following the case, Det Sgt Dave Lumsden said: “this was a great example of an officer trusting his instincts and knowing something was off when he saw Palmer heading down the street. “the officer was able to quickly recognise him as our main suspect from the CCtV footage of the thefts. “Now an opportunistic, greedy thief has been arrested, charged and convicted all within 24 hours – with both stolen cars returned to their rightful owners. it is a fantastic outcome which is the result of some fantastic and effective partnership working between officers and all our criminal justice partners. “We will not tolerate theft of any kind in our communities and we will always take swift, robust action against anyone found to be involved in this type of criminality.” Det Sgt Lumsden added: “We would like to take this opportunity to remind residents to be vigilant and continue reporting any suspicious behaviour to us, as well as ensuring their cars are always left secure.” Stephen Palmer Derelict social club ‘not fit for purpose’ and facing bulldozers A deRelict North tyneside social club building could be bulldozed after a council said it is “not fit for purpose”. North tyneside council, which owns the two-storey Four lane ends Social club in longbenton, has applied for planning permission to pull it down, saying it is no longer required. An application form said: “Building surplus to council requirements – not fit for purpose.” if the demolition plans are given the go-ahead it is expected the Whitby crescent site will be redeveloped. the form said: “Site to be used for future development – it is anticipated that the site will become brownfield for future development.” A bat survey carried out on behalf of the council stated that the common pipistrelle was the only species found near the site. it said: “the majority of the activity was foraging, primarily associated with the trees and scrub situated to the north of the building.” the report said that the bats could lose roosting opportunities, however, “no use has been proven”. it recommended the avoidance of demolition works between March and August, which is the nesting bird season. North tyneside council has yet to decide on the proposals. The former Four Lane Ends Social Club in Longbenton

22 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 Welcome to our latest families # OKBEAUTYBOX THE OK! BEAUTY BOX ONLY £7.50* Free P&P WORTH MORE THAN £90, GET YOUR FIRST BOX HALF PRICE AND SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR JUST £7.50* HYDRATION SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE TODAY AT OKBEAUTYBOX.CO.UK *£7.50 offer is only available to new customers. OK! Beauty Box subscription is £15 per month thereafter. Brought to you by Rupert, who recieved a P-Pod chair from the Chronicle Sunshine Fund Happy Friday, Sunshine News readers. This week we had our eagerly anticipated autumn equipment round and it did not disappoint. We have approved 35 applications totalling a staggering £70,000 in this round, which is the highest figure in our history. So many families in this round are completely new to the charity and we are delighted that their children will be getting the equipment they so desperately need, to ensure they are safe, comfortable and happy in all that they do and living each day to the fullest. Our family co-ordinator Bev has quite a job on her hands this week as she is contacting our families to let them know the good news. I had the pleasure of doing some of these calls in my first few months with the charity and I can hand on heart say it was a magical experience. We will introduce you to some of these families in the coming months and share their stories as we know many of them are looking forward to supporting our Christmas appeal. Now that Covid restrictions have lifted, we’re hoping to have a better Christmas than last year and actually see our families and children at some of the exciting Christmas events we have planned. It was a huge miss not being to see them all last year but it will make 2021 all the more special. We also had some good news this week that will enable us to see more of our families throughout the year. The National Lottery Community Fund and Ikea UK have awarded us £5,000 from their places Called Home programme to support us in connecting our families. This means that we can host exclusive events for our Sunshine Families to attend so that they can meet one another, get support and stay in touch with the charity. Most importantly, it’s also the opportunity for our children to have some fun in settings that are fully accessible and inclusive of their needs, giving them opportunities that they might usually miss out on. We often take for granted being able to take our own children on impromptu trips to soft play or bowling but, for many children, changes in routine and environment can be challenging, with the added stress for parents who need to plan ahead to check disabled parking, access and changing facilities. We have some pretty exciting ideas up our sleeve for where we can next take our families and this funding will go a huge way in supporting us. as always, we need your support and we’re on the hunt for fundraisers in the community to support us over Christmas by hosting their own fundraising events in their local area. This could be a bake sale at your toddler group or in your office, or maybe if you’re a small business you could do a raffle in your store. all support is welcomed so get in touch if you would like to help, at www. If you’re short on time but would still like to support, you can donate monthly by texting EQUIpMENT 2, 3 or 5 to 70085 to donate £2, £3 or £5 monthly through your phone bill or find out more ways to donate via our website: Have a wonderful weekend, Lauren x FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 23 News graphic 110% 100% 90% 97% on 1 st of March 2020 Off the rails Many commuters are still avoiding travel by train '% OF COMMUTERS USING THE NATIONAL RAIL SYSTEM COMPARED TO EQUIVALENT DAY IN 2019 Restrictions ease 54% on 19 th of July 2021 80% Second lockdown 34% on 5 th of November 2020 70% 64% on 1 st of October 2021 60% on 11 th of October 2021 60% 50% First lockdown 13% on 26 th of March 2020 Third lockdown 13% on 6 th of January 2021 40% 30% 20% 10% 5% on 1 st of April 2020 Visual by MARIANNA LONGO 0% 01/03/2020 01/04/2020 01/05/2020 01/06/2020 01/07/2020 01/08/2020 01/09/2020 01/10/2020 01/11/2020 01/12/2020 01/01/2021 01/02/2021 01/03/2021 01/04/2021 01/05/2021 01/06/2021 01/07/2021 01/08/2021 01/09/2021 01/10/2021 By RICHARD AULT MANY seats remain empty on trains travelling across the nation - as around a third of commuters continue to steer clear of Britain’s railway network. Transport ground to a near halt at the start of the pandemic, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson told people they must stay at home to protect the NHS on March 23 last year. By March 26, the day the first Covid-19 lockdown legally began, rail commuter numbers dropped to just 13% of what they were on the equivalent day before the pandemic. Numbers then continued to slump, down to a low of just 4% of normal levels, as people got used to life under lockdown, with shops, offices, and factories closed and thousands of people furloughed or working from home. Then, as lockdown measures were eased in June and July, passengers began to return to the trains, but still in vastly reduced numbers. By the end of July, passenger numbers were still at just 30% of what would normally be expected. By Monday, September 7, 2020, passenger numbers reached an early pandemic high of 43% of the equivalent day in 2019, before numbers once again began to drop over autumn and winter, as lockdown measures were re-introduced. More people have braved the trains this year, particularly as restrictions were lifted almost completely - but there continues to be far more empty seats on the trains than there were before Covid-19. In fact, passenger numbers hit a pandemic peak of 69% of the equivalent day before Covid-19, on Tuesday, September 7 of this year. But in contrast, on that day road traffic was virtually at pre-pandemic levels, with 99% of the numbers of cars, lorries, and vans seen on Britain’s motorways and trunk roads as would normally be expected. The latest data available shows that so far in October, passenger numbers have waned from between 64% and 59% of what they were in October 2019. Meanwhile, according to the latest Covid-19 travel survey, published by Transport Focus this month, more than a third of travellers not using a train (38%) said they would not feel very safe, or that they would not feel at all safe travelling by rail. However, of those who had ventured on board a train, nine out of 10 (90%) said they had felt safe on their journey. The survey also found that the majority of rail passengers (73%) had worn a face-covering throughout their journey. The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) - which represents passenger and freight rail companies - has now established a number of working groups to look at how the railway can respond to changing passenger needs. It says recovery from the pandemic offers a, “once in a generation opportunity to build back around a new, clean economy”. Andy Bagnall, director general at the RDG, said: “Rail companies are continuing to take steps, such as increased cleaning and boosting ventilation, to help passengers travel with confidence and the latest passenger research shows that nine in 10 rail passengers feel safe. “Through our ‘Let’s get back on track’ campaign, we’re welcoming an increasing number of people back to train travel, particularly for leisure journeys which were almost at pre-pandemic levels at points during the summer and we worked with Government to introduce Flexi Season Tickets to support commuters who are travelling into their workplaces less often than before the pandemic.”



26 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 Films DEAR EVAN HANSEN (12A) HHHII Pitch Perfect alumnus Ben Platt reprises his Tonywinning stage role for the big screen version of blockbuster musical Dear Evan Hansen. Anxious high school student Evan (Platt) has been advised by his therapist to write letters to himself to boost his self-confidence. Classmate Connor Murphy (Colton Ryan) steals one of these missives shortly before THE FRENCH DISPATCH (15) HHHII Writer-director Wes Anderson rounds up an all-star cast for a comedy of errors set in the offices of the titular magazine. When Arthur Howitzer Jr (Bill Murray), editor of The French Dispatch, a publication written by American ex-pats in a fictional French town, dies, the staff including travel writer Herbsaint Sazerac (Owen Wilson), cartoonist Hermes Jones (Jason Ben Platt as Evanand Nik Dodani as Jared he takes his own life. Connor’s distraught parents, Cynthia (Amy Adams) and Larry (Danny Pino), find the letter and mistakenly believe that Evan was friends with their son. The Murphys take great comfort in the thought that Schwartzman) and copy editor Alumna (Elisabeth Moss) reminisce. JKL Berensen (Tilda Swinton) recalls the efforts of art dealer Julien Cadazio (Adrien Brody) to acquire a painting by a convict (Benicio del Toro). Lucinda Krementz (Frances McDormand) relays her involvement in a student uprising led by Zeffirelli (Timothée Chalamet). Finally, food Elisabeth Moss Connor had at least one friend in this world and Evan refuses to shatter their illusions, setting in motion a chain of events which propels him into the spotlight. However, the truth about Evan’s deception must eventually come to light. Dear Evan Hansen captures some of the magic of the award-winning stage production but misses the intimacy and electrifying raw emotion of the theatre. ■ In cinemas now critic Roebuck Wright (Jeffery Wright) serves up the tall tale of Lieutenant Nescafier (Stephen Park), a pioneer of the gastronomic art of police cooking, who witnesses the abduction of the son of the commissaire. A valentine to journalism, The French Dispatch is blessed with the filmmaker’s signature visual style but feels sleight compared to earlier works. ■ In cinemas now Director Denis Villeneuve lays some solid foundations for a satisfying version of Frank Herbert’s Dune saga by creating a jaw-dropping universe for his cast SPICE WORLD Sale Now On! GREAT NEWS! WE ARE OPEN. All Government Safety Measures Have Been Put In Place. We Look Forward To Seeing You. NEW FURNITURE JUST ARRIVED FREE DELIVERY NE FURNITURE WAREHOUSE Call us today: 0191 296 6018 11 Narvik Way, Tyne Tunnel Trade Estate, North Tyneside NE29 7DE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 27 THE BOSS BABY 2 (PG) HHIII Thirty years after Tim Templeton discovered baby brother Ted Jr was a highly skilled secret agent for BabyCorp, the siblings have grown apart. While CEO Ted (Alec Baldwin) flits between business meetings, Tim (James Marsden) has raised a family with wife Carol (Eva Longoria). Eldest daughter Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt) is an academic high achiever at the Acorn Centre Ted and Tim revert to their childhood for Advanced Childhood run by Dr Erwin Armstrong (a sadly toned down Jeff Goldblum). Infant youngest daughter Tina (Amy Sedaris) simply gurgles with glee at her father’s stories. When Tim discovers Tina is also an operative from BabyCorp on a mission to gather intelligence on Dr Armstrong, she provides him and Ted with BabyCorp’s experimental formula which reverts cynical adults to childhood for 48 hours so they can infiltrate the Acorn Centre as a sevenyear-old boy and toddler. The Boss Baby 2 is an inoffensive jolly, which uses its central plot conceit as an excuse to recycle gags from the first film. ■ In cinemas now Rebecca Ferguson and Timothée Chalamet anchor this first chapter DUNE (12A) HHHHI REviEwS BY DAmON SmiTH French canadian director Denis Villeneuve certainly thinks big with his visually breath-taking adaptation of Frank herbert’s supposedly ‘unfilmable’ sci-fi tome. We meet Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac), who is selected by the emperor to assume control of harvesting Spice on the desert planet Arrakis, taking over from sworn rivals house harkonnen led by Baron harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgard). “The most valuable mineral in the universe” is integral to interstellar travel but mining the precious orange dust is fraught with peril. Duke Leto, his concubine Lady Jessica (rebecca Ferguson) and son Paul (Timothée chalamet) relocate to Arrakis, meeting the superstitious desert-dwelling people called The Fremen, whose eyes glow blue from exposure to the highly addictive Spice. The young Atreides experiences visions of a young Fremen woman, chani (Zendaya), as he trains with Zendaya weapons master Gurney as Chani halleck (Josh Brolin) and sword master Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa). Alas, these warriors are powerless to prevent Baron harkonnen and his nephew Glossu rabban (Dave Bautista) from staging an assault on Arrakis to exterminate house Atreides. Dune – or more accurately Dune Part One – is a feast for the senses, combining live action and impeccable digital effects to realise vast new worlds. Villeneuve and his team are determined to showcase every penny of a reported £120 million budget with lavish production design and at least one nail-biting set-piece devoted to the film’s biggest stars: the hulking sandworms. Unlike David Lynch’s ill-fated 1984 version, which attempted to distil herbert’s entire novel into one movie, Villeneuve’s script, co-written by Jon Spaihts and eric roth, retains narrative clarity by only addressing the first half of the book. By design, the picture therefore lacks a dramatic resolution but this opening chapter is well constructed and anchored by the fiery mother-son dynamic of Ferguson and chalamet. The running time does feel a little excessive, but allows space to flesh out flawed characters before the battle is joined. “This is only the beginning...” coos Zendaya’s desert warrior to co-star chalamet. Let’s pray Dune mines enough takings at the box office to make her promise a reality. ■ In cinemas now Josh Brolin and Oscar Isaac

→ → 28 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 Listen Up For those of a certain age... LAURA DaVIs Podcasts Editor STorieS of 29 What age stands out most for you when you look back at your life? This is the question that pop starturned-podcast presenter Pixie Lott asks her celebrity guests, who range from British photographer Rankin to Nigerian Afro-pop singer Yemi Alade. Seventeen has been the most popular age in the podcast so far, and was Lott’s own choice, but at 43 Rankin had two major exhibitions and got married, so there’s hope for older listeners yet. Marvel star Gregg Sulkin is one of those favouring 17 – the age he moved to America for a what was supposed to be a week-long acting job in the Disney Singer Yemi Alade Celebs tell singer Pixie Lott, the years that stood out most in their lives, plus there’s drama and true crime to get stuck into in this week’s podcasts Channel’s The Wizards of Waverly Place. That role lasted two-and-a-half years and in the 10 years since, he has starred in high-profile shows including the comics-based series Runaways. He shares what it was like to leave home as a teenager and his recent experience of adopting an elderly dog. Where to start: British neo-soul singer-songwriter Joy Crookes talks about what she was like at the age of nine in 2009 and how it has influenced her song lyrics. The Burned PhoTo Another drama based on a popular Reddit thread following the weird but excellent The Left Right Game, this is a suspense thriller about a woman fleeing a terrifying creature that’s been stalking her family for decades. Creepily, the being disguises itself as different children – one befriended Felicia’s brother before she was born, leading to his mysterious death. Now scared for her son, Felicia meets a woman who suffers the same real-life nightmare. Three episodes have been released so far, although you can download more if you’re an Apple Podcasts subscriber. Where to start: Episode one, in which Felicia’s mother recounts the first time she met her son’s new playmate Artie and her growing suspicions that something wasn’t quite right about him. Pixie Lott above hosts the Stories of 29 podcast, and guests include photographer Rankin, right Killer BooK CluB This may sound like the latest Richard Osman novel but in fact it’s a true story, explored by documentarymaker Gillian Pachter. Gillian is American but the story takes place in the strange, privileged world of an English boys’ school where victim Peter Farquhar first met his killer. His former pupil Benjamin Field was convicted of his murder in 2019 after admitting to secretly drugging the retired English teacher. Gillian attempts to discover both of their true characters as well as investigating the events that led to Farquhar’s death. Where to start: Episode one sets the scene by visiting the village where Peter Farquhar lived and ran an exclusive book club. ■ Exclusively on Audible ExpEriEncE thE diffErEncE fEStiVE tOUrS 27th November 2021 28th November 2021 29th November 2021 03rd December 2021 2 Days Shop Til You Drop £105 2 Days Markets Galore £95 5 Days book Early £399 3 Days Lots To Do £179 08th December 2021 09th December 2021 23rd December 2021 23rd December 2021 3 Days Truly Festive £225 3 Days Fab £185 5 Days Scottish Festive Fun £475 5 Days Ho Ho Ho £469 23rd December 2021 27th December 2021 30th December 2021 30th December 2021 5 Days Super Seasonal £489 3 Days Cheers £179 4 Days Celebrate £455 4 Days Great Value £449

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32 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 Chess with the Knight ANSWERS: A: 1…Nxe4! 2 Nxe6 Rxf1 3 Nxd8 Nxd2+ (or 3…Rxe1) wins for Black. B: 1 Rxd6+! Kxd6 2 Nxe4+ Kc6 3 Nxf2 wins the rook. C: 1…Bxd2! 2 Bxd2 f5 checkmate. D: 1 Nh5! gxh5 2 Bxh7+ Kh8 3 Qxf6 checkmate. Or 1…Nxh5 2 Qxh7 checkmate. Puzzle A: Black to play and win material Puzzle B: White to play and win material Puzzle C: Black to play. Find the winning tactic Puzzle D: White to play and force checkmate County contenders back in action It is very good to see the Northumberland County Individual Championships back overthe-board for 2021-22 after last season’s enforced move to online competition. there’s a good turnout for all competitions, with a total of 33 players taking part from clubs as far afield as Morpeth, South Shields and Hetton. With Round 1 now all but complete, the early leaders are starting to emerge. there is a three-way tie for the lead in the Zollner (Open) tournament between David Henderson (tynemouth), t David Armbruster (Gosforth) and tim Wall (Forest Hall), who all have 1 point. they defeated Chris Izod (Jesmond), John Boyd (South Shields), and Paul Dargan (tyne t - mouth), respectively. the seventh player, Andy trevelyan (Jesmond), had to sit out Round 1 with a bye. All players play six rounds and have a pitstop of one round. In the Sell tournament, for players rated Under 2000, after their 1st round games Paul Bielby (South Shields), John Clarke (tyne t - mouth) and Raj Mohindra (Forest Hall) are all on 1 point, Steve Burnell (tynemouth) t and Eddie Czestochowski (South Shields) are on 0.5 points each, and Mick Riding, Anthony Sweeting and Michael Allen (both South Shields) are on 0 points. the only postponed game, between Stuart Skelsey (Forest Hall) and Mark McKay (Gosforth), is due to be played at Gosforth Chess Club on Monday 25th October. In the Gilroy tournament (for players rated Under 1700) there are 16 players taking part. After Round 1 there is a five-way tie for the lead, between Ian Chester, Khaled Makkouk and Denise Mosse (all Gosforth), and Kevin Cox and Bill Noble (both Gateshead). On 0.5 points are Bob Heyman and Kurt Moreby (both Gosforth), Jeff Baird (Forest Hall) and Peter Wells (Gateshead). On 0 points are: Ian Rook and Andrew Hutchins (Forest Hall), Bob Appleby and Joseph Miller (Leam Lane), Dave Peardon (Hetton Lyons), David Simm (Morpeth) and Albert Griffiths (Gosforth). It is especially encouraging to see some players taking part in the County Individual Championships for the first time, including players who have only recently taken up the game during lockdown. this week’s puzzles are all taken from the popular titled Arena online tournaments, which take place every month at the website Opening times Monday - Friday 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM Saturday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM Sunday 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 33 Smarter For Ten mind the gap Marion McMullen looks at some of the longest waits between album releases 1 2 3 4 Grammy and Brit award singer Adele’s upcoming album, 30, features her first new material in six years. She has described the album, due for release next month, as her attempt at explaining her divorce to her eight-year-old son Angelo. The 33-year-old has said she is “in a strong place now, where I feel like I can put that vulnerability out”. Adele has a long way to go though for the longest gap between album releases. Abba’s new album Voyage comes out next month nearly 40 years after their last album. The 10 tracks included feature entirely new material from the Swedish band and Bjorn Ulvaeus said: “To release an album after 40 years and still be the best of friends and enjoying each other’s company and still have total loyalty. Who has experienced that? Nobody.” Rock ‘n’ roll legend Chuck Berry brought out his album Chuck in 2017 nearly 38 years after his last album Rockit in 1979. His rock classics include Roll Over Beethoven, Sweet Little Sixteen and Johnny B. Goode and he became one of the first artists to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986. It took nearly 36 years for The Boomtown Rats to bring out another album after In The Long Grass in 1984. The Irish band, fronted by Bob Geldof, enjoyed chart success with I Don’t Like Mondays and Rat Trap in the late 70s, and brought out Citizens Of Boomtown last year. It was released in tandem with Geldof’s book, Tales of Boomtown Glory. 5 6 7 8 9 10 It took Bee Gees singer Sir Barry Gibb, below, 32 years to bring out the follow-up to his 1984 album Now Voyager. In The Now was released in 2016 and he performed at Glastonbury the following year. Dexy’s Midnight Runners spent four weeks at the top of the UK singles charts with Come On Eileen in 1982 and they brought out album Don’t Stand Me Down in 1985. But fans had to wait 26 years before the band’s next album, One Day I’m Going To Soar, came out in 2012. The Who’s Roger Daltrey also had a 26-year gap between the release of his solo albums. Rocks In The Head came out in 1992 and As Long As I Have You was released in 2018. The 77-year-old rocker is embarking on a solo tour next month and describes it as a “musical journey through my career”. The Who also notched up a 24-year break between album releases with Endless Wire coming out in 2006. Their last album of new material had been It’s Hard back in 1982. Slave To The Rhythm’s Grace Jones took 19 years to bring out the follow-up to her 1989 album Bulletproof Heart. Hurricane came out in 2008 and last year she curated and headlined the Meltdown festival at London’s Southbank Centre. Tears For Fears are planning to bring out new album The Tipping Point in February – 17 years since the release of their last album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending in 2004. Band co-founder Roland Orzabal said: “Before everything went so right with this album, everything first had to go wrong. It took years, but something happens when we put our heads together.” SAVE £1000s SALE NOW ON ExpEriEncE thE of county Durham OWNERS-ONLY HOLIDAY PARK Set in the rolling hills of the North Pennines in the historic and quaint village of Edmundbyers, Village Green Holiday Park is the ideal location to own your very own static holiday home. This holiday park in County Durham has so much to offer, whether you fancy fishing or sailing at the nearby Derwent Reservoir or hiking and cycling on one of the many local forest trails. Village Green offers outstanding countryside views and excellent local facilities. Viewings available via appointment only. Contact John on 07933291062 to arrange yours! VILLAGE GREEN HOLIDAY PARK EDMUNDBYERS CO. DURHAM DH8 9NN 01207 772021

34 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 Spotlight I want to be like SHOWBUZZ Robin Williams – do serious acting and stand-up Comedian Paul Chowdhry tells MariOn McMullen why he’s not playing it for laughs when it comes to acting You are known as an awardwinning comedian, but has acting been keeping you busy lately? Yeah, I was in Rome filming the second season of Devils about a banking crisis. That was 10 episodes with Patrick Dempsey and will be on Sky Atlantic in February. Then I did a cameo in an episode of The Cleaner on BBC1 with Greg Davies who is a good friend of mine and I did another cameo on the movie Cruella with Emma Stone. I quite like the acting. It’s very different to stand-up unless you’re a character comedian. With standup it’s a performance, an exaggerated version of yourself. It’s basically you up on stage talking for an hour and a half. Acting can be about four hours of filming for three minutes of film... if you’re lucky. Could you see yourself stepping into Daniel Craig’s shoes as the next James Bond? It’s funny. I’ve had a few tweets on Twitter asking ‘Are you going to be the next James Bond?’ I’d love to play the next 007, but they talk of a black or a white Bond not a British Asian one. There’s not that diversity. I’d definitely be up for that though, but I’ll probably get to play the baddie than Bond. I’d like to be like Robin Williams. He was acting in serious films that people did not expect from a comic, but was still doing stand-up as well. I’d like to do the comedy and get serious with the acting also. I’m a regular on Devils and it is a serious acting role, but there are elements of comedy to it. There are so many different things between stand up and film. There is a lot of hanging around while acting and getting angles right and filming reactions. Paul Chowdhry will be a ‘Family- Friendly Comedian’ until Decenber 16 You’re heading back out on tour with new adult stand-up show Family-Friendly Comedian. How did the name come about? (Laughs) I want to be mainstream like Ant and Dec. I’ve been called controversial, but there is not really anything controversial about me. I just speak the truth on stage. I think we took live theatre for granted really before we lost it. Are you looking forward to being back on tour? It’s great to get back out there. I didn’t think it would be possible at one point to be back out there performing in front of a life audience. It was always felt our industry was almost recession-proof, but the pandemic has been difficult for theatres. I’ve done a lot of online performances, but they don’t really work very well. I was doing jokes on Zoom for 500 people and you get some who have forgotten to turn their microphones off and you get talking over the punchline and feedback through the speakers. It was just a whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sound coming through the speakers. I’ve done some live preview and warm-up shows just to get ready for the tour and there is nothing like a live performance. It’s not like watching some panel show where four hours of film is edited down to just 28 minutes to get comedy gold. How have things changed on the comedy scene? In the 1990s the diversity and inclusion was not really active. It’s changed a lot since then. Before the pandemic, I played to 100,000 people at Wembley. It was one of the top-selling shows of the In 2013 Paul, centre, hosted Stand Up For The Week on Channel 4 – the first TV show Romesh Ranganathan, second left, appeared on year and was up there with Jack Whitehall and Micky Flanagan who also played Wembley that year. I was probably the least known out of all of those. I can still go out to the supermarket and not be bothered. What have been some of your comedy milestones? I’ve been doing stand-up for 20 years now. In 2012, I was the first British Asian to host Live At The Apollo and the following year I hosted Stand Up For The Week on Channel 4. It featured comics like Josh Widdicombe and Seann Walsh and was Romesh Ranganathan’s first show and I was the host of it What do you like most about stand-up? I’ve never been a television-made comedian. TV can build you up fast, but then you can disappear just as quickly. For me it’s been a long build playing up and down the country, putting on shows and playing to 50 to 100 people. You have to build up a trust with the audience. When people pay to see you live they have to trust you for an evening and then they say ‘We had a good time let’s go to the next one’. ■ Family-Friendly Comedian runs until December 16. Go to for tour and ticket details Ore Oduba brings the Rocky Horror show to cinemas for one night only One night Of hOrrOr Strictly Come Dancing champ Ore Oduba is to star in a Halloween live cinema screening of Richard O’Brien’s rock ‘n’ roll musical The Rocky Horror Show. The show will be broadcast live from the Sadler’s Wells Peacock Theatre in London’s West End to more than 500 cinemas across the UK and Europe on October 28. Ore, who plays Brad, says: “It’s been a wild ride so far on tour, the audiences have been incredible. So we can’t wait to share the fun, frolics and frivolity with cinema audiences all over the UK – for one night only!” ■ Go to rockyhorrorincinemas. com for details. JOdie’s gOing it alOne Killing Eve star Jodie Comer is to make her West End debut next year in the UK premiere of writer Suzie Miller’s award-winning one-person play Prima Facie about a brilliant young barrister. The drama opens at the Harold Pinter Theatre on April 15. ■ Visit for further information. new bOOkings fOr rObin ince Comedian and Celebrity Mastermind winner Robin Ince wrote his new book The Importance of Being Interested: Adventures In Scientific Curiosity during 18 months of cancelled tours and gigs. He is now touring 100 book shops around the country to tie-in with the publication published by Atlantic Books (£16.99). ■ Go to for details of the tour. tOur is a shah thing Double Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Ahir Shah is set to tour with his new stand up show Ahir Shah: Dress about significance, insignificance, and scurvy. ■ Go to for ticket bookings. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 35 Dave Grohl on stage with Foo Fighters Music DurINg his live concerts, Dave grohl keeps a clock to the side of the stage. This is not so he can count down the minutes until the end of his set. Quite the opposite, in fact. The timer is there to stop him from playing one, two, even three hours over his allotted time. This entertaining piece of information is just one of many contained in the newly published memoirs of the veteran rock and roller, titled The Storyteller. He calls me the morning after debuting his accompanying self-written one-man show at the Savoy theatre in London. “I had shaped and formed and written it just a few days before and wanted to keep it really loose,” Dave says in his instantly recognisable, chesty growl. “Because that’s what I do.” The event saw Dave deliver a series of vignettes from the book. He charts his childhood in Washington DC, his rise to fame as the drummer in Nirvana, the tragic death of singer Kurt Cobain and his own continuing success with stadium rockers Foo Fighters. “I was afraid that I wasn’t going to say enough – and I feel like I said too much,” he adds with a booming laugh. unsurprisingly, Dave’s show ran over time, despite the presence of his trusty clock. The 52-year-old is releasing his memoir as Nevermind, the beloved second album by grunge pioneers Nirvana, turns 30. But The Storyteller focuses less on narrative sweep and more on individual moments that, through his enthusiastic delivery, tell a bigger picture. The idea for the book emerged from an Instagram account – Dave’s True Stories – that he started during the pandemic, “My mother was always very supportive and encouraged me to follow my own path,” he tells me of his youth in Washington DC. “My father was a conservative republican speechwriter so I don’t know that he understood a child like mine’s mind... “So, when I felt it was time to move on with life, and travel the world playing music, he did not approve. But that was OK with me. It was fine. I didn’t really need his approval to do it.” The Storyteller hurtles through Whenever I see a young artist becoming famous overnight, my initial reaction is concern. It’s a difficult path to navigate Dave’s time in cult hard- core band Scream before delving into Nirvana’s rise to international fame. “Nobody paid atten- tion to us,” he recalls of his four years beside frontman Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic. “Bless all the people at the labels. We love them. They’re great. But nobody had the foresight to imagine we would become a hugely popular band. “I think the original pressing, I think it sold 6,000 copies in its first week or something like that. But then it was when the video hit MTV, that’s when everything started to explode. Dave Grohl is an engaging and funny storyteller With that success came some financial stability, something that had been absent in Dave’s life since he left home as a teenager with Scream. “One of the most difficult parts for the band was just accepting the fact that we are now selling millions and millions of records. “And to be perfectly honest, I didn’t have a problem with it. “As the drummer, of course, I wasn’t the spokesperson or front person for the band. I Kurt Cobain thought of it as a blessing or a luxury. I didn’t have to work at Furniture Warehouse anymore.” Dave writes eloquently about the death of Cobain, who killed himself in 1994, the subsequent dissolution of Nirvana and the period of soul searching that followed. The book will do nothing to dispel his reputation as the nicest guy in rock but it does add nuance. “I am a generally happy, positive, hopeful person,” he explains. “I try to be at least. I can understand the catharsis or release in those chaotic moments. It was one of the things that attracted me to punk rock. “It was really all about that release of energy that was real and raw and powerful and pure. “But yes, there were times where smashing a guitar or jumping into the drumset could be a celebration, or it could be a sign of crisis. “And just a matter of intuition, gauging which was which.” As a father to three daughters, he has his own fears about the challenges faced by young musi- cians coming up today. “Let’s put it this way,” he says. “Whenever I see a young artist becoming famous overnight, my initial reaction is concern because it’s a really difficult path to navigate.” ■ The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music by Dave Grohl, is out now. My father was a conservative Republican speechwriter... so I don’t know that he understood a child like mine’s mind. Dave Grohl ave over Autumnal Reds Collection 12 CRAFT WINES album OF ThE wEEk FUTURE PAST – DURAN DURAN HHHHI As its name suggests, Future Past sees Simon Le Bon and the boys looking both forwards and back. Just look at the roll call of collaborators: influential indie DJ Erol Alkan, Blur guitarist Graham Coxon, rapper Ivorian Doll and Mark Ronson. Tonight United is the only misstep on the album, but thankfully the band are in fine fettle elsewhere, toeing the line between their pop leanings and darker, more experimental instincts. Give It All Up is a dark fantasy with a killer chorus, while the title track is a nostalgic anthem that conjures up images of pastoral England and distant decades. Of their late career purple patch, it is perhaps their highest point. With FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY! JUST ON 12 LUXURIOUS RED WINES Enjoy a massive £83 saving on 12 world-class red wines, complete with FREE express delivery! 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36 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 Screen Shots I don’t watch these movies. I’m not a fan of the genre Jamie Lee Curtis cannot believe she is playing Laurie Strode again. She couldn’t believe it back in 2018 too, when she reprised her most famous role for a reboot of the Halloween franchise, which made her a mega star back in 1978. But here she is, at the age of 62, facing off with Michael Myers again in the next terrifying instalment of the modern trilogy helmed by filmmaker David Gordon Green. “The last thing I thought I would be doing is a Halloween movie in 2017, when Jake Gyllenhaal called me and said that his friend David Green wanted to speak to me,” she remembers. “It was not my intention to do another Halloween movie, I felt like I had done them. “And yet what he had written, and how he told the story of Laurie, and her daughter, and her granddaughter, and all of the conflict, I felt it was really a very exciting way to tell that story. It was a no brainer for me. I just said yes immediately. “I didn’t know it was a trilogy when we signed up for the first one. I found that out only after we’d shot the first movie. That is when I learned we were doing more. But as soon as I understood what David was doing, to bring back not only legacy characters, but to talk about the concentric circles of grief and trauma that happened around a centralised figure, a community in trauma. “Now watch these people start to reject the system, the system fails, the police officers seem inept, they cannot help. And to watch that growing tide of people was very scary and powerful.” The daughter of Hollywood legends Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee was dubbed a scream queen for her star-making turn in the 70s horror film and she has returned to the role of Laurie numerous times over the years, including in the 1981 sequel, 1998’s Halloween H20 and 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection. Jamie Lee’s mum Janet in horror classic Psycho JAMIE LEE CURTIS talks to Laura Harding about her new movie halloween KILLS and makes a shock confession about her famous film franchise In between she’s had roles in box office hits such as A Fish Called Wanda, My Girl, True Lies, Trading Places and Freaky Friday, as well as turns on TV in shows including Scream Queens and New Girl. But it’s the new trilogy, which this week brings Halloween Kills, and will conclude with the third instalment, entitled Halloween Ends – slated for release next year – that has seen the character of Laurie Strode win a new generation of fans. “I think that’s when a movie becomes a universe,” Jamie Lee reflects. “Before it was just a little lowbudget slasher movie, made in 21 days for $300,000. “Then there were a couple of movies, so you could call it a franchise... Now it’s a franchise, you’re just going to churn out movie, movie, movie, movie. “When David Green showed up, he had prescience about female trauma, colliding with the Me Too movement, a movie written two years before. “In the same way, he wrote a movie in 2018, that we shot in 2019, that talks about mob violence, and a group of people rising up saying we are not going to take it any more, the system is broken – prescient to what’s going on socially all over the world. “Now it’s a universe. Now it feels like because you’re bringing back legacy characters, you’re bringing in a whole new group of people, audience members and young people who are seeing it for the first time. “It feels now that it has become the Halloween universe and Jamie Lee first played Laurie Strode in 1978 With Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday, 2003 Halloween Kills sees Haddonfield unite against Michael Myers that elevates it, because now it can grow and continue.” Does she have any concern about revisiting the world so often that the franchise may be run into the ground? “Sure,” she says frankly, “which is why it’s a trilogy. I think there’s a very clear path here that I think will be incredibly satisfying to the audience at the end. “I think it will make them ask a lot of questions, I think they will be shocked by the ending of the next movie, and will be sort of stunned by what David Green is talking about. “So that seems to be a perfect place to not run it into the ground, but actually put it up into the cloud, put it up into the universe, and let it just sort of spin around for a while. “Obviously, I’m not going to re-join another Halloween movie so quickly, but it certainly tees it up for you to be able to explore other Jamie Lee Curtis paid tribute to her famous mother Janet Leigh by dressing as Marion Crane, her character from Psycho, at a costume party for the premiere of Halloween Kills characters. It’s quite extraordinary what they’re doing.” But for all her protectiveness of the world of Halloween, Jamie Lee drops one surprising fact. “I don’t like these movies. I don’t watch these movies. I’m not a fan of the genre. “I am a fan of the fans of the genre. I love that people love them. I don’t have to love them. I don’t have to say they don’t have value, they have value. People love them. “I love the filmmakers. I love the filmmaking. I think the last 20 minutes of this movie are so beautiful. And yet they’re incredibly violent. “But I also think the filmmaking is exquisitely beautiful, beautiful homages, beautiful orchestration, visual orchestration. “So I can appreciate the genre without being a fan of it.” I am a fan of the fans of the genre. I love that people love them. I don’t have to love them... Spoken like a true scream queen. ■■Halloween Kills is out now FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 37 For many people, the past 18 months have been plagued by uncertainty, travel restrictions and unprecedented work disruption. For the cast and crew of returning Sky Original crime drama Temple, it proved a prime opportunity to take advantage of the nation’s quiet city streets, transforming a near deserted London into their own personal playground. Mark Strong, who returns as a surgeon determined to save his dying wife, even if that means agreeing to treat criminals and others for cash in a highly illegal secret underground clinic, says: “I was amazed that we were able to film a late-night scene of me staggering around drunk in Shaftesbury Avenue and then end up at Piccadilly Circus and be able to do it without any problems – that would be impossible at any other time.” The Londoner and Bafta nominee, best known for his roles in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Kingsman and 1917, adds: “We were able to show the city that we love. “We were lucky – conversely during this terrible time of Covid – to actually be able to shoot those sequences.” Temple is intrinsically linked to the London Underground station of the same name. With series one depicting rogue surgeon Daniel Milton (Strong) who runs his clinic while attempting to save his gravely ill wife Beth (Catherine McCormack) – the show operates from the confines of his shady bunker, situated directly beneath the bustling transport hub. Entering series two, Temple’s creators have quite literally turned the show on its head by venturing into the outside world. With reduced crowds and traffic granting the crew access to locations normally deemed off-limits, the race was on to capitalise on the lull created by the lockdowns. Taking to the streets of Chinatown, the rooftops of Liverpool Street and the abandoned tram network beneath Holborn, the freedom to film came as something of a surprise to the show’s lead director, Christopher Smith. “We don’t know how, but we got onto the rooftop of Liverpool Street Station,” says Christopher, who also directed the horror movies Severance and Creep. “We sort of said ‘can we go up there’... Maybe the staff had nothing to do because no one was travelling but we suddenly found ourselves with a camera, shooting. “Bar Italia is somewhere that is always full; this 24-hour cafe never closes and suddenly we can film in there.” Mark is once again joined by Daniel Mays (Line of Duty) and Emmy nominee Carice van Houten (Game Of Thrones), but the addition of Bafta winner Rhys Ifans (The Amazing Spider-Man) as underworld fixer Gubby adds an entirely new level of peril. With Christopher describing Rhys’ character as a “tier up” from the criminal fixers of series one, Gubby becomes both Daniel’s co-conspirator and a “type of nemesis”. Screen Shots It’s time to trade underground for overground as hit series returns Fixer: Rhys Ifans as Gubby Star Mark Strong and the crew of Temple talk sets, surgery and shooting in empty London during lockdown, with danielle de wolfe Mark Strong as Daniel Milton in Temple As we pick up the story, Beth wakes from her coma and demands answers, while Daniel wants to forget the bunker ever existed and reunite his family. But when his wrongdoing catches up with him, he is in danger of losing everything. ■■Temple returns to Sky Max on October 28 at 9pm and will be available to stream on NOW Best buys to make your garden great Half-Price Daffodil ‘Replete’ Bestselling Double Daffodil Double Daffodils are a beautiful sight in spring, and we are delighted to offer Daffodil ‘Replete’, one of the most popular varieties in our range. They produce wonderful, peony-shaped double creamy white and apricotpink flowers throughout March and April. They produce a sweetly scented fragrance. Growing to a height of 45cm, they are ideal for borders or containers. • A great naturaliser, they will multiply and produce a stunning display for many years. • They will make excellent cut flowers for bouquets. • Top-quality bulbs supplied. Call 0843 922 5000 (quoting NEC750) or visit Alternatively complete the coupon in block capitals and send it back to: Newcastle Evening Chronicle, Daffodil ‘Replete’ Offer (NEC750), PO Box 64,South West District Office, Manchester, M16 9HY TITLE INITIAL SURNAME ADDRESS DOB TEL NO (for queries only) NAME ON CARD Buy 15 Daffodil ‘Replete’ for £9.99 (Code GA1308) or order 60 for only £19.98 (Code GA1309), Half Price. 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38 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 Puzzles & Stars Cryptic crossword Quick crossword Gogen 6 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 16 12 21 22 23 Stuck on today’s puzzle? Call 0905 789 4220 to hear individual clues or the full solution. Calls cost 80p per minute plus network extras. Service Provider: Spoke Ltd, helpline 0333 202 3390 YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS 22/10/2021 Across: 6 Break in; 7 Vices; 9 One; 10 Reference; 12 Toastmaster; 15 Dissolution; 17 Concordat; 19 Mum; 21 Bands; 22 Keeping. Down: 1 Front; 2 Man; 3 Side; 4 Diversion; 5 Bencher; 8 Pelmet; 11 Morse code; 13 Salary; 14 Bifocal; 16 Burns; 18 Awed; 20 Ape. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS Across: 3 Seize; 9 Reason; 10 Elapse; 11 Taste; 12 Smog; 15 Agents; 17 Painter; 19 Sit; 20 Lions; 22 Shuts; 24 Tests; 25 Sugar; 27 And; 29 Launder; 32 Teacup; 34 Erse; 35 Roots; 37 Nudges; 38 Liking; 39 Sever. Insert letters to form the listed words, moving between adjacent cells horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction. Insert all the remaining letters of the alphabet (except Z) in the grid so all the listed words are spelt out in this way. 1 V T L W F S I H O J C R D N B U A P E G ACROSS 1. Part of the ship where the French will follow weather prediction (10) 7. They may be seen in a ring with friends (5) 8. A little bird I can make very large (7) 10. Money changing hands for the cooked sweetmeat (8) 11. Difference of opinion in Government, if frustrated (4) 13. Revolutionary spirit receives a setback because of slaughter (6) 15. Scanty extract from some agreement (6) 17. A certain number of guys will support this (4) 18. Sounds useful headgear, but it’s a disadvantage (8) 21. Was in front by a number of inches, but trifled incompetently (7) 22. See 6 Down 23. Common soldier to watch the detective (7,3) ACROSS 3. One who perseveres (5) 8. Adult female (5) 10. Backless sofa (5) 11. Label (3) 12. Pungent (5) 13. Flammable gas (7) 15. Lukewarm (5) 18. Racket (3) 19. Sullen (6) 21. Tea urn (7) 22. Burden (4) 23. Surrender (4) 24. Normal (7) 26. Tolerated (6) 29. Knock (3) 31. Of the kidneys (5) 32. Readable (7) 34. Stories (5) 35. Sound of disapproval (3) 36. Portly (5) 37. Weekly pay (5) 38. Intends (5) DOWN 1. Natural aptitude to make light of, we hear (5) 2. Artistically touched up and put in stock again (8) 3. Reduce permit for piece of meat (6) 4. Place for building survey, we hear (4) 5. Making an advance that’s finishing after the end of April (7) 6 & 22Ac. What the desecrator of Wimbledon is guilty of? (8,2,5) 9. Are these containers found in the grounds? No, just the reverse! (6,4) 12. This causes distress in the capital (8) 14. Soldier without promotion, we hear, shows bitterness (7) 16. He commits violent crimes and there’s a scrap all round (6) 19. Vessel required to remove one from a sea trip (5) 20. To be a drudge is a little too much for this European (4) DOWN 1. Distinguished (5) 2. Iraqi capital (7) 4. Food grain (4) 5. Newspaper boss (6) 6. Jockey (5) 7. Foundation (5) 9. Floor covering (3) 12. Vexed (7) 14. Objective (3) 16. Baffling question (5) 17. Postpone (5) 19. Ripens (7) 20. Communion table (5) 21. Fabric (5) 23. Large-sized letter (7) 24. Tell, narrate (6) 25. Insulate (3) 27. Defeats (5) 28. Fact (5) 30. Change (5) 32. Lacking fat (4) 33. Small insect (3) Down: 1 Grasp; 2 Hanoi; 3 Sot; 4 Enamel; 5 Zeta; 6 Elegant; 7 Spins; 8 Feast; 13 Machine; 14 Gnats; 16 Tiptoes; 18 Rival; 21 Seine; 23 Sutures; 26 Rattle; 27 Atone; 28 Dandy; 30 Drain; 31 Reign; 33 Pose; 36 Sir. Q M K Y X BONG FOWL JOB PRIDE QUAKE SCRUMPY VICAR WHIST XENOLITH A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y 2 T Y Q G K J I U C H X V A O N Codeword This puzzle has no clues. Instead, every number printed in the grid represents a letter, with the same number always representing the same letter. For example, if 8 turns out to be a V, you can write in V wherever a square contains 8. Using your knowledge of words, complete the puzzle. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 U T Need a little help getting started? Then call 0901 293 6261 to hear four random extra letter clues. Or text CODE and send to 64343 to receive 4 clues. Calls and texts cost £1 plus any network extras. Service Provider: Spoke Ltd, helpline 0333 202 3390 YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 R D M H P C T X W Q S L K 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 O A V B N E J F I Y U G Z Split Decision Cross out one of the two letters in each divided square to reveal a completed crossword grid. B J U H L I V C S E S E M R D I N O N E L L P W F B E T H X E O S R E T G R K P F E S Y U I T S A W R H BRAVE CAVE COMPLEXITY CORN DOUGH FROCK GUY JIVE QUIT SEW A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS C L U M P A N I M O I S T E O C L U N C H YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS G U D L W Q N A I H B P C T S M O K E Y V J X R F D J T O G S E M N H B L I P Q F V X A U R Y K C W FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 39 In association with Sudoku 7 4 6 2 3 4 8 1 6 8 3 8 2 1 9 6 2 3 4 8 1 2 5 4 6 9 1 2 3 1 YESTERDAY’S SUDOKU: Easy Circlegram Niner Each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9, and so must each 3 x 3 box. EASY 8 7 2 9 9 4 6 8 4 2 7 6 2 5 3 7 5 8 1 4 5 8 2 7 4 1 7 2 6 5 3 8 9 1 4 9 8 4 2 7 1 5 6 3 3 5 1 6 9 4 7 8 2 8 9 2 3 1 7 4 5 6 1 7 5 4 2 6 8 3 9 6 4 3 9 8 5 2 7 1 2 1 9 8 5 3 6 4 7 5 6 7 1 4 2 3 9 8 4 3 8 7 6 9 1 2 5 YESTERDAY’S SUDOKU: Hard 4 6 9 HARD 3 4 7 6 5 4 9 2 8 3 1 7 8 9 3 4 1 7 2 6 5 7 1 2 6 5 3 4 9 8 2 6 8 5 3 1 9 7 4 9 3 5 7 4 6 8 2 1 4 7 1 2 8 9 6 5 3 1 4 6 8 9 5 7 3 2 5 8 9 3 7 2 1 4 6 3 2 7 1 6 4 5 8 9 Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within the circle can be rearranged to form words with a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark? C H I G T B C O ? A K H M O L E R YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS The letter represented by the question mark is A. Cabrera, Immelman, Crenshaw, all Masters winning golfers. Alphamuddle Wordsquare Rearrange the letters in the top grid to make five words that read both across and down. Five letters have been placed in the bottom grid to start you off. F O O N D E L O N I W I L E D L O O B W O G E E S N L E E O C R I S P R E N A L I N G L E S A L S A P L E A D Find as many words as possible using the letters in the grid. Each word must use the central letter and at least 3 others, and letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns, but verb forms ending in ‘s’ are permitted. There is one 9-letter word to be found. D L I D K R E E N HOW YOU RATE 20 Good; 25 Very Good; 30 Excellent. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS OBFUSCATE cafe, face, faces, facet, fact, fast, fate, fatso, faucet, feast, feat, fest, feta, fetus, fobs, focus, foetus, fuse, safe, sofa, soft, tofu. Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 47478 gives to mock; 56236 gives to swagger; 971 gives to fool. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: EIGHTFOLD YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS Find the familiar phrase, saying or name in this arrangement of letters. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: Bing Crosby 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 22/10/2021 RUSSELL GRANT For more call 0905 789 4271 For more call 0905 789 4272 For more call 0905 789 4273 For more call 0905 789 4274 For more call 0905 789 4275 VIRGO For more call 0905 789 4276 arIEs March 21–April 20 Events at the end of the working week will confirm that at long last you are starting to emerge from a pattern that has been restricting your freedom. Family, friends and workmates will be supportive, giving you the cooperation you need to take the first step in a new direction. TaUrUs April 21-May 21 Career developments will affect family life. Although change makes you feel nervous, this will bring improvements your way in a roundabout way. Family plans are about to take a step forward as you will have more time for home affairs. Dealings with a neighbour will be strange and jumbled. GEMINI May 22-June 21 There’s quite a mixture of activities going on which will keep you interested and on your toes. Your partner or a housemate will be offered a new job. This could mean having to rearrange family routines. It will be an inconvenience at first but you will soon settle into a new pattern. caNcEr June 22-July 23 You’re getting positive feedback wherever you go and this makes you feel hopeful and successful. You want to share your happiness. A community exercise will take up a lot of time and this could require you to change arrangements with a partner when you can’t seem to fit everything in. lEo July 24-Aug 23 If you’re booking a holiday, it will be to an area you have never visited before and you are likely to benefit spiritually or educationally from this experience. You always enjoy learning and there are many opportunities to do so right now. You’re going through some powerful life lessons. Confidence in your abilities along with a growing sense of optimism is all that seems to be needed to attract good fortune your way. You have an important interview or some other type of meeting to attend. Once you have made your mind up about a move, there will be no stopping you. SCORPIO CAPRICORN lIBra Sept 24–Oct 23 The most difficult part of change is leaving old friends behind and other aspects of life that have become familiar. Once you do move on, all uncertainties will fade and it will be your future that counts, not the past. You are moving on from old commitments and taking on new responsibilities. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4277 access charge) scorPIo Oct 24-Nov22 You’re working quietly in the background, carrying out tasks and doing favours for people and they don’t even realise you are doing this. You’re trying hard to please your family and friends but because so much of the work is being carried out behind the scenes, many aren’t aware of it. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4278 access charge) saGITTarIUs Nov 23-Dec 21 Opportunities to veer off course will appeal to your need for change but if you had already made promises and people are relying on you it would be better to stick to your usual schedule. You love to experiment with new ideas and because you are feeling restless you are easily distracted. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4279 access charge) caPrIcorN Dec 22-Jan 20 Meetings and interviews should go well if you speak your truth rather than what you think others want to hear. Sometimes it is better to leave other people to their problems. Offering to help out a friend or neighbour could land you in such a mess you will wish you hadn’t bothered. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4280 access charge) aQUarIUs Jan 21-Feb 19 It’s too late now to wonder whether you have prepared sufficiently for a test, examination or interview. You’re understandably nervous but go into this with a positive spirit. Keep telling yourself all will go well. Have faith in yourself. You will make a good impression. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4281 access charge) VIrGo Aug 24-Sept 23 PIscEs Feb 20-Mar 20 It will seem as if everything is starting to go your way. A bonus, financial settlement or money gift will take you by surprise. Even if you were half expecting to receive this, you hadn’t thought it would happen so quickly. Get a second opinion or professional advice if you feel this is needed. (80p/min + network (80p/min + network access charge) For more call 0905 789 4282 access charge) Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge – maximum of 5 minutes duration. You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. Service provider Spoke. Helpline 0333 202 3390

40 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 FEEDBACK NEWSLETTER Sign up for our newsletter: WRITE Send your letters to: Feedback, The Chronicle, 2nd Floor, INTU Eldon Square, Eldon Court, Percy Street, Newcastle, NE1 7JB. Letters may be edited. EMAIL: SOCIAL MEDIA Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @eveningchron @ChronicleNUFC or @ChronicleSAFC LETTERS MAY BE EDITED on this day 1797: The first parachute descent was made, over the Parc Monceau in Paris, by Andre-Jacques Garnerin, from a balloon. 1811: Franz Liszt, composer – creator of the symphonic poem – and piano virtuoso was born near Sopron, Hungary, in what was then the Austrian Empire. 1881: 1883: performance of Gounod’s Faust. 1910: The first edition of the British magazine Tit-Bits was published. The Metropolitan Opera House in New York opened with a American-born Dr Hawley Crippen was convicted at the Old Bailey of poisoning his wife Cora. He was hanged on November 23 at Pentonville Prison. 1937: The Duke and Duchess of Windsor arrived in Berlin to meet Hitler, study housing conditions and hear a concert by the Nazi District Orchestra. 1966: KGB master-spy George Blake escaped from Wormwood Scrubs where he was serving a 40-year sentence. YOUR VIEW The sun sets behind Penshaw Monument by Owen Humphreys/ PA Wire, from our archive. If you want your picture to appear here, email us at: George Blake 1974: A bomb exploded in Brooks Club in London, near a restaurant where opposition leader of the time Edward Heath was dining. 1987: The first volume of the Gutenberg Bible was sold in New York for £3.26-million, becoming the most expensive printed book ever sold at auction. ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: A trio of space travellers – NASA’s Chris Cassidy and Russia’s Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner – returned safely to Earth after a six-month mission on the International Space Station. BIRTHDAYS: Sir Derek Jacobi, actor/director, 83; Christopher Lloyd, actor, 83; Catherine Deneuve, actress, 78; Kelvin MacKenzie, former newspaper editor and media executive, 75; Arsene Wenger, football manager, 72; Jeff Goldblum, actor, 69; Shelby Lynne, singer, 53; Shaggy, singer, 53; Amanda Coetzer, former tennis player, 50; Plan B (Ben Drew), rapper/ producer/actor, 38. YOUR CHRONICLE: If you have any queries regarding the quality of production of this newspaper, please do not hesitate to contact our Newspaper Sales Department on 0191 232 7500 or write to the Newspaper Sales Department, ncjMedia, 2nd Floor, INTU Eldon Square, Eldon Court, Percy Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7JB The recycled paper content of UK newspapers in 2016 was 62.8% half term meal vouchers available FOUr in 10 youngsters across newcastle are trapped in child poverty, according to the thinkthank, the nE Child Poverty Commission. That’s one reason newcastle Council are stepping in to provide food vouchers for city children and young people this October half-term. The council has set aside £235,000 to support 15,700 youngsters who are eligible for free school meals. Each voucher is worth £15 per child per week. Free school meals are a lifeline to so many regional families. Without any formal system in place to meet this demand over half-term, the council has put together a voucher scheme to ensure that children and young people don’t go hungry. With the cost of living crisis hitting thousands - over 18,000 in newcastle due to lose over £86 a month in november from Univeral Credit - many city residents will struggle to make ends meet. Parents and carers should contact their child’s school, college or early year’s provider who will issue the vouchers. Child poverty is everyone’s business both in the city and elsewhere. CouN StePheN lAMBeRt, Coun Ged Bell, POEM OF THE DAY GO GREEN Go green So they say Get the infrastructure right It won’t happen overnight Time is money People need trained To think and take action Coun Anya Durrant, Kenton Ward, Newcastle City Council People must realise Covid is still with us EvEn though Covid infection rates and hospital admissions are increasing and we have one of the highest death rates in the world, people are acting as though the pandemic had gone away. I have even heard people on television and elsewhere referring to it in the past tense. It’s a sobering thought that if Covid deaths continue at the present rate the number of dead in the next 12 months would equal a capacity crowd at St James’ Park. People should still wear masks where appropriate and social distancing should be observed - otherwise waiting lists for other treatments and surgery will continue to We need investment Go green in all departments The new generation Will sort it out Go green They know the future They can see it happening Step by step onward we go grow. By Kenneth Mood AW, Gosforth It’s no surprise that infections are rising I hEar and read that the Government are monitoring the Covid situation. Infection numbers and consequently hospitalisations and deaths are increasing daily and show no signs of abating. hardly a surprise in that masks and distancing are no longer happening. Shops, pubs, transporta and sports grounds are packed to the gunnels. It’s as if things are as normal. When the government removed the restrictions while infections were still at a worrying level this was inevitable. It was like the fire brigade leaving a blazing house and stating “it’s nearly out, you’ll be fine”. Watch this space for the upcoming lockdown. JACK RouGh, Sunderland Information needed on old Magpies star rEadErS might be able to help me with some basic information about henry “harry” Middleton, who played for newcastle from July 1906 to1909. he then played for Brighton, Watford, darlington and finally Blyth Spartans, who he left in 1914. I believe he was born in about 1888 and might have died on august 12, 1968 in the newcastle area. There is record of someone by that name dying on that date, of Gosforth, but I am not certain if that is the same Middleton. Similarly a harry Middleton is shown as serving in the Scottish Fusiliers from 1914-18, being discharged in 1919 because or disability, but I am not certain this is him. If anyone can tell me the footballer’s date of birth, other occupations before and after his football, and his place and year of death it would be of great help. The information is to be included on a book I am writing on the life of Charlie Webb, Brighton footballer and manager for about 40 years. an acknowledgment of any source will be made in the book. Thank you for your time. PhIl DeNNett, Burgess hill, West Sussex Can you feel the love two knights? Graham’s starry guests include pop icon Sir Elton John and acting legend Sir Ian McKellen THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW BBC1, 10.35pm IT’s another star-studded line-up from the BAFTAwinning talk show, as the masterful Graham Norton sparks bright conversation between his mismatched celebrity guests. This series has already seen Andie McDowell mocked for her potty mouth, diver Tom Daley in a Graham show and Norton tell, 007 star Daniel Craig getting emotional over saying goodbye to Bond and Billy Connolly waxing lyrical about dancing naked. Tonight, Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne and Irish actress Jessie Buckley are in the studio. They are starring together in Cabaret in the West End, with Eddie as The Emcee and Jessie EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm It’s been a frightening week as murderous Meena took control of a survival event that turned out to be quite literal, above. In scenes reminiscent of a horror movie, Meena chased Andrea around a maize maze, brandishing a metal signpost as a weapon. Then a fire raged across the maze. Now Meena innocently enquires about a missing Andrea, practising her fake emotions in the mirror in readiness for her chat with the police. PICK OF THE DAY playing sally Bowles. Comedian stephen Merchant is in the studio to talk about his upcoming role as serial killer stephen Port in the BBC drama Four Lives. Also joining Graham will be strictly dancer Motsi Mabuse, on hand to discuss the glamour of this latest series of the ballroom contest. And the great sir Ian McKellen, currently starring in The Cherry Orchard at the Theatre Royal Windsor, drops in for a chat. And there’s music from the legend that is sir Elton John. He will be performing After All with Charlie Puth. SOAP Watch EASTENDERS BBC1, 8pm Gray is reeling after the news about his dad’s death and tells Whitney, pictured, that he didn’t expect to be so cut up about it. Going through his dad’s belongings, Gray is touched when he finds some childhood memories. Aaron tells Tiffany that he plans to be in Walford for a while, but she assures a protective Liam that it’s too soon for her to be dating after Keegan. Meanwhile, Janine, ever the manipulator, finds a way to get what she wants. CORONATION STREET ITV, 7.30pm & 8.30pm Sir Elton John will perform Sir ian McKellen In the sewer, Johnny hears Jenny’s cries for help and battles his way through the water towards her, pictured. The water continues to rise, but Johnny assures his ex that someone is surely going to come to their rescue. Elsewhere, an emotional Dev struggles with his guilt over the accident as he sits at Aadi’s beside, willing him to wake up. The police have some questions for Roy – but will he tell the truth about what he saw? And Nick makes a shocking discovery. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 41 BY Sara WalliS THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF: AN EXTRA SLICE Channel 4, 8pm Jo Brand, right, serves up another taste of Bake Off for fans, as she and celeb guests get stuck into German Week. Richard Osman, Anneka Rice and Ade Adepitan are on hand to discuss everything from the beautiful biscuits to the tough regal torta for the technical. It was a week of shocks where favourite Jurgen, who is German, did not win Star Baker for once. He was beaten to it by Giuseppe, another frontrunner. There’s exclusive unseen footage from the tent as well as a chat with the latest baker to say auf wiedersehen – Freya, who got das boot after her upside-down showstopper cake was blasted by Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood. We buy any house! Tonight’s TV GRANTCHESTER ITV, 9pm In the final episode of the series, Geordie (Robson Green) and Will (Tom Brittney) investigate a domestic incident at the home of singer Rita Daltrey and her domineering music producer husband Gene, after she asks for Geordie by name. Unable to pin anything on him, Geordie learns that Rita got his name from his old army buddy Johnny Richards, who has been trying to help her escape Gene’s clutches. When Gene is discovered murdered the next day, Geordie finds himself implicated in the investigation. Will, pictured, is on thin ice with the Bishop, who wants to discuss his future in Grantchester. Could both of their jobs be on the line? WE BUY HOUSES FOR CASH Sell in days – or in your timescale No fees & no obligation Any condition or location NAPB approved & RICS regulated GET UP TO £30,000 CASH ADVANCE Call us FREE today for a cash offer available 24/7 0800 031 9071 BEST PRICE PAID

42 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 43 Go for less! Unlimited travel on Northern trains Travel in November! 1 TOKEN AUTUMN RAIL OFFER 2021 Travel available until 30 November Just £10 per day or £17.50 for a weekend. Kids go ½ price Collect 2 tokens by 31 October to enjoy unlimited travel on Northern trains. Visit Go do your thing T&Cs apply, see website for details.

44 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 45 ADAMS FRANK (East Stanley) Final Curtain call for East Stanley's Frank (Frankie) Adams. Widower of Sylvia Adams much loved Dad to Lee and Gayle, and Grandad to Maya. He passed comfortably in North Durham University Hospital in the early hours of Tuesday, October 5th. Family flowers only, and as a keen supporter of the MND Association, any donations should go directly there if desired. Family and Friends will sadly miss Frankie, and we would like to see you at Mountsett Crematorium, Ewehurst Rd, Dipton at 11am Wednesday, October 27th, and then at the Beamish & East Stanley Sports Club. ALLAN ELIZABETH WENDY (Nee Purves) (Betty) (Wideopen). Betty passed away peacefully at home after a long illness on October 10th aged 85 years. Beloved wife of Nelson, loving Mother of Ron, John and Kevin, devoted Grandma of Peter, Fran, Tom, Kate, Kris, Shona and Michael, Great Grandma of Finlay and George. Family and friends please meet for service at The West Road Crematorium, Newcastle on Thursday October 28th at 2.00pm. Family flowers only please, donations in lieu if desired to the NSPCC. At Betty's request cheerful clothes, smiling faces and happy memories. All enquiries to H. Duckworth Funeral Directors, Wideopen. Tel: 0191 2364444. ATKINSON JAMES HENDERSON (JIM) (Washington). Peacefully at home after a short illness on 16th October 2021, Jim, aged 95 years, beloved brother of Betty, Sheila & the late George, dear brother-in-law of Jeff & Roy and also a dearly loved uncle. Friends please meet for service at Saltwell Crematorium on Friday 29th October at 9.45am. Everyone is then welcome to Jim's "Party" afterwards at the George Washington Hotel. Family flowers only please, donations in lieu to Cancer Research by a collection at the crematorium. The service will be live streamed for those who can't attend in person. For webcast details please contact Walker & Morrell Funeral Directors Tel 0191 4164160. BASSINDER MARGARET (Maggie) (Heaton). Suddenly but peacefully in the RVI on 8th October 2021 aged 73 years, Maggie, a loving mum of Bobbie, Terry, Glenn and Charly. Dearly missed by all her family and friends. Would family and friends please meet for funeral service at the West Road Crematorium on Wednesday 3rd November at 10.30am. Family flowers only please donation if so desired to Women's Aid. BRADY JIMMY (Gateshead). Peacefully at home on 14th October aged 81 years, James Henderson (Jimmy). Dearly loved husband of Maureen, much loved Dad of Martin, Melvin and Claire and treasured Grandad of Cara, Patsy, Emily, Josh, Jake and Libby and of greatgrandchildren Gracie and Jack. Friends invited to service at Saltwell Crematorium on Tuesday 26th October at 1pm. Family flowers only please but donations in lieu may be made at the service for the RNIB BROWN ROSE MARIE (NeeTodd) (Bedlington). Peacefully on 13th of October aged 84 years. Beloved wife to the late John Brown, much loved mam to Pamela, Heather, Judith and the late Carol. Loving nanna and great nanna. Rose Marie will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. A funeral service will take place at St Bede's Church Bedlington on Tuesday the 2nd of November at 12:00 followed by a Committal service at Blyth Crematorium. All flowers will be welcome, donations in lieu of flowers can be made to Dementia Care UK. BURDIS DAVID (Dave) (North Shields). Passed away peacefully on 12th October 2021 at the age of 82 surrounded by his family. Devoted husband of Moira, loving Dad, Granda and great granda. Dave will be sadly missed by all family and friends. Funeral service will be held at Tynemouth Crematorium on Wednesday 27th October at 12.45pm. All welcome back to North Shields Rugby Club after, from 1.30pm for refreshments. Special thanks to Elaina the admiral nurse, and all Macmillan and district nurses. Donations if desired to Dementia UK, donation boxes will be available at the service on the day. CAMPBELL IRENE (Blyth). In hospital on October 18th aged 91 years Irene. Dearly loved wife of the late Ronnie, dear mum of Helen and Lesley, mother in-law of Phil a much loved grandma of Daniel and Joanne, a beloved sister of Joan and will be sadly missed by all her nieces and nephews. Service and cremation at Cowpen Crematorium on Thursday October 28th at 10.00am. Friends please meet at the crematorium. Family flowers only please, donations in lieu to the British Heart Foundation. All enquiries please to James Hamilton Funeral Directors, Darrell House, Brunswick Village. Tel: 0191 2366243 CARLILL COLIN (North Shields/Tantobie). Peacefully in hospital on 14th October 2021, aged 71. Loving dad of Kerry, much loved granda of Josh and Ben. Would family and friends please meet for the funeral service at Tynemouth Crematorium on 3rd November 2021 at 12:45 and afterwards at Cullercoats Crescent Club. Family flowers only please, donations in lieu if so desired can be made to the British Heart Foundation. A box will be available at the service. Sadly missed CHARLTON DEREK (Spital Tongues). Peacefully in hospital on Monday 18th October 2021, aged 87 years, Derek. Beloved Husband of Doreen. Much loved Dad of Ian. Loving Father In law of Michelle. Devoted Grandad of Danielle and Laura. Would family and friends please meet for funeral service and cremation at the West Road Crematorium Chapel on Thursday 4th November at 1.30pm. Family flowers only please, donations if so desired to the British Heart Foundation. All welcome afterwards for refreshments to Benwell Hill Cricket Club. Will be loved and missed by all family and friends. CHARLTON DONALD HENRY (Don, Charlie) (Blyth). Peacefully at home on 13th October, aged 78 years. Beloved husband of Sheila, much loved dad of six and grandad of eleven. He will be sadly missed by all his family. Friends please meet for funeral service and cremation at Blyth Crematorium on Monday 25th October at 10.00am. No flowers by request, donations if desired may be given for Macmillan Cancer Support. Enquiries c/o William Purves Funeral Directors, Blyth Tel 01670 352000 CLARK NICK (West Denton). Passed away peacefully on 10th October 2021, aged 95 years. Much loved husband, father and grandfather. Service to be held at the West Road Crematorium on Friday 29th October at 12pm. Family flowers only, donations if desired to the British Heart Foundation. DEBETHAM ALICE CHRISTINA (nee Knox) (formerly Heaton). Died after a short illness in the RVI on 6th October 2021 aged 92 years. Wife of the late Theo, dearly loved mam of Thomas, Brenda, Elizabeth, Kathleen, Pamela, Paul and the late Peter. Much loved grandmother, great grandmother, sister and aunty. Will be sadly missed by all her family and friends. Funeral service to be held at West Road Crematorium on Thursday 28th October at 12:30pm. Flowers welcome. DODD OLWEN (Leadgate). Olwen sadly passed away in hospital on the 1st October aged 93 years. Loving wife of the late Patrick, Beloved mother of Patrick, Anne and of the late Pauline & Olwen. Dearest Daughter in law Betty & son in law Barry. Olwen will be sadly missed by all of her family and friends. Requiem mass to take place in Brooms RC Church, Leadgate on Friday the 29th October at 10am. Donations if desired to the Alzheimer's Society. All welcome back to Leadgate cricket club for refreshments. All enquiries contact Derwentside Service. 234444. Funeral TEL:01207 FAULKNER NOEL (HUGH) (Fawdon). Ex Scottish & Newcastle Breweries. Noel (Hugh). Passed away peacefully at home with his family around him. On October 13th aged 81 years. Beloved husband of Katrina, dear dad of Alan and Karen, father in-law of Jeff and a much loved grandad of George. Service and cremation at the West Road Crematorium on Friday October 29th at 12.45pm. Friends please meet at the crematorium. Family flowers only please, donations in lieu to Macmillan Cancer Support. All welcome back to the Fox and Hounds Pub after the funeral Service. Enquiries please to James Hamilton Funeral Directors, Darrell House, Brunswick Village. Tel: 0191 2366243 GRAY EVELYN (Chapel House formerly Blakelaw). Peacefully on 14th October aged 88 years. Evelyn (Nee Turner). Beloved Wife of the late Stan. Precious Mam of Lynne, Denise and Hazel. Also a dear Mother in law of Billy and Terry and a much loved Gran and Great Gran of all her Grandchildren. Evelyn will be sadly missed. Cremation at the West Road Crematorium on Thursday 28th October at 10:15am. Friends please meet at the Crematorium. Immediate family flowers only please. Donations if desired to Macmillan Cancer Care. All welcome back to the Benwell Hill Cricket Club for refreshments. All enquiries to R W Barrett & Son Funeral Services, 379 West Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE15 7NL, Tel 0191 2410873 HULME DAVID ALLAN (Cramlington). David passed away peacefully on October 2nd aged 71 years. Beloved husband of Cynthia, proud dad of Rachel, father in law of Steven and a devoted grandad of Jack, Maddie and Beth. David will be greatly missed. Family and friends please meet for service at Tynemouth Crematorium on Tuesday October 26th at 1.30pm. Family flowers only please, donations in lieu if desired to the N.S.P.C.C or Lung Cancer Research. All enquiries to. H.Duckworth Funeral Directors, Cramlington. Tel 01670713218 HUNTER ELEANOR (NEE LEIPER) (Gosforth). Died peacefully on Monday 18th October 2021 aged 95 years. Loving wife of the late James Gordon Hunter, very dearly loved mother to Ian, Brian and Neil and a dear grandmother and great grandma. Eleanor will be greatly missed by all her family and friends. Please meet for funeral service at St Nicholas Gosforth Parish Church, Gosforth on Tuesday 2nd November at 11.30am followed by private burial at Hollywood Cemetery. Flowers may be sent c/o Newcastle Family Funeral Directors, 71-73 Great North Road, Gosforth NE3 2DQ. JORDAN IRIS (Prudhoe). Peacefully in Hexham General Hospital on 15th October 2021 aged 85 years. Iris beloved wife of the late Bill. Loving mam of Sherae, Alan, Barry and Amanda. Much loved mother in law of Helen, Dawn and Mel. Treasured Grandma of Tom, David, Eloise, Ben, Sam, Ryan and Ty. Great Grandma to Sophie, Abigail, Reuben and Blake. Funeral service and cremation to take place at West Road Crematorium, Newcastle on Tuesday 2nd November at 11.00 am. All welcome back for refreshments to The Adam and Eve, Low Prudhoe. Family flowers only please, donations if so desired to Alzheimer's Society. LAMB WAUGH EDWARD (Eddie) (Walkergate) Peacefully in hospital after a life well lived with his loving family close by on Saturday 16th October 2021 aged 94 years, Eddie, dearly beloved husband to the late Mary, a loving dad of Alan, Ann, Brenda and father in law to George, a proud grandad of Lee and Rachel and a much loved great grandad to Oliver. Would family and friends please meet for funeral service at the West Road Crematorium on Wednesday 3rd November at 1:30 pm. Family flowers only please donations if so desired to the PKD. LOWDON JOHN (Kenton). Passed away with all his family by his side on 10th October 2021, aged 71 years. John, beloved husband of Linda. Loving dad of Andrea, Julie, Caroline and Ken. Dear brother of June, Val, Maureen, Norman and the late David and George. Devoted grandad and great grandad. Loving uncle to Michelle and all his nieces, nephews and in laws. Service to be held at West Road Crematorium on Wednesday 27th October at 11.00am. Family flowers only. Donations in lieu of flowers to the British Heart Foundation. All welcome afterwards to The Empire Social Club, Salters Road. MORTON SHEILA (Blyth). Peacefully on 15th October 2021 aged 88 years. Sheila, beloved wife of the late Alan. Loving mother of Stuart. Devoted nana to Liam and mother-in-law to Lisa. Sheila will be greatly missed by all her family and friends. A funeral service will be held at Cowpen Crematorium on Thursday, 28th October at 9.15a.m. All floral tributes and enquiries to Co-op Funeralcare, Blyth. Telephone 01670 352880. NICHOLSON SANDRA (née Usher) (North Shields). Passed away peacefully on 2nd October 2021, aged 74 years. Much loved wife of the late Keith, dear sister to Rob and Chris, greatly loved aunty to Lee, Marc and Ben. She will be dearly missed by all her friends and family. Funeral service to be held at Tynemouth Crematorium on Thursday 28th October at 3pm. Flowers welcome. NISBET DUNCAN (North Shields). Passed away peacefully after a short illness on 10th October 2021. A private cremation is to be carried out at Tynemouth Crematorium on Tuesday 26th October. Any enquiries or flowers may be sent to Chris Sample Funerals, 47 Eastbourne Gardens, Whitley Bay NE26 3LX, tel 0191 252 3366.

46 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 O'DONNELL STANLEY (Stan) (Slatyford formerly Shieldfield.). Suddenly at home on Wednesday 13th October 2021 aged 57 years. Stanley, dear son of Betty, loving brother of Michael, nephew of David, loving partner of Joyce, good friend of Sean and Ross and a loving grandad of Olivia and Elijah. Stan will be dearly missed by all his family and friends. Funeral service to be held at the West Rd Crematorium on Tuesday 2nd November at 2:00pm. Family flowers only please, donations if so desired to the Arthritic Society UK. Afterwards welcome back to the Denton for refreshments. OSEI-BONSU IRIS (Bea & Granny Boo) Sadly passed away peacefully at home on 9th October. Will be greatly missed by her loving family, friends and all who knew her. The funeral is on 28th October at West Road Crematorium at 12.45pm. Reception to follow at the Babucho, Quayside, Newcastle. Family flowers only, donations if desired to the British Heart Foundation. PYLE JAMES (West Denton). Peacefully at home with his loving family by his side on 13th October aged 81 years. James (Jimmy). Treasured Husband of Lorna. Dearly loved Dad of Paul, Michael and James. Also a much loved Grandad of Christopher, Hannah, Amelia, Lia and Brooke. James will be sadly missed by all the family. Cremation at West Road Crematorium on Friday 29th October at 9:45am. Friends please meet at Crematorium. Family flowers only please. Donations in lieu of flowers to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. All welcome back to the Denton for refreshments. Treasured and loved for Eternity. R.I.P All enquiries to R W Barrett & Son Funeral Services, 379 West Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE15 7NL, Tel 0191 2410873 ROBINSON DOREEN (Heaton) Doreen died peacefully on Tuesday 12th October 2021 aged 94. She was a dearly beloved wife to Dennis for sixty three years, a loving Mum to her children Brian and Maureen and proud Grandma to Daniel. Would family and friends please meet for the funeral service at Saltwell Crematorium, Gateshead, on Friday 29th October at 12:00 noon and afterwards nearby at Eslington Villa Hotel. If desired, please make donations in Doreen's memory to Lert Sa Wat Child Development and Guide Dogs for the Blind. SHEPHERD SHEILA (nee Walker) (Gateshead). Passed peacefully, in hospital, on 12th October 2021, aged 79 years. Devoted wife to Sam. Much loved mam of Deborah, mother in law to Colin, cherished grandma of James and Jessica, great grandma to Amelia and a beloved sister of Helen, Lorna, David and Maurice. Funeral service to take place at St Mary's Church, Heworth on Tuesday 2nd November at 1:15pm, followed by a private burial. Family flowers only please, donations, if so desired can be left after the service for The Alzheimer's Society. Sheila's family request facemasks to be worn during the service and a negative lateral flow test to be taken, prior to attending. Family and friends please meet at Heworth Golf Club following the service. All enquiries to Co-op Funeralcare, Gateshead. Tel: (0191) 482 2371 SILLITOE WILLIAM ARTHUR (Bill) (North Shields) Peacefully in hospital on 13th October, 2021, aged 92. Beloved husband to Nora, Adoring father to Billy, Norma and Ronnie, much loved Grandad, Fatherin-Law and Uncle. Would family and friends please meet for the Funeral Service at Tynemouth Crematorium at 1.30pm on Friday 29th October 2021. Afterwards all welcome to Tynemouth Golf Club for Afternoon Tea. Family flowers only please, charitable donations in lieu on the day thank you. We love you and will miss you forever! STOREY MARY ELIZABETH (Barley Mow). Peacefully in hospital on October 14th aged 95 years Mary. A dearly loved wife of the late John, a much loved mother of James, Thomas and John, a loving grandma, great-grandma and great-great-grandma. Mary will be deeply missed by all her loving family and friends. Would friends please meet at Birtley Crematorium on Wednesday 27th October at 11.00am for service. TAYLOR DAVID JOHN (Whitley Bay). Suddenly died on 2nd October aged just 46 years. Dear son of Alan and Christine, brother of Ian and the late Ruth also an uncle and great uncle. He will be sadly missed by all his family. Please meet for the funeral service at Tynemouth Crematorium on Wednesday 3rd November at 1.30pm. Family flowers only please with donations in support of Guide Dogs for the Blind requested in lieu. TELFORD DOREEN (Westerhope). Peacefully after a long illness on 14th October 2021 aged 87 years, Doreen beloved wife of the late Bob, a loving mam of Lynda, Doreen and Bob also a dear mother in law of Mick, Steve and Jayne, a much loved nana and great nana. Would family and friends please meet for funeral service and cremation at the West Road Crematorium on Monday 1st November at 11am. Family flowers only please donations if so desired to Alzheimer's Society. the THOMPSON JAMES ALAN (Known as Alan) (South West Denton) Peacefully but far too soon, in hospital with his loving family close by, on Friday 15th October 2021 aged 75 years, Alan, dearly beloved husband to Linda, a loving dad of David, proud grandad and great grandad as well as a loving brother, brother in law and uncle who will be missed by all the family and his friends. Would family and friends please meet for funeral service at the West Road Crematorium on Friday 5th November at 2:45 pm. Family flowers only please donations if so desired to Ward 38 at the RVI Hospital Newcastle. THOMPSON LINDA (Byker). Peacefully in hospital on 8th October 2021 aged 71 years Linda, beloved wife of Alby, a dearly missed sister of John, Michael, Brian and David also a dear sister in law of Jackie and Dawn, a much loved aunty of all her nieces and nephews. Would family and friends please meet for funeral service at the West Road Crematorium on Wednesday 27th October at 1.30pm. Family flowers only please donations in memory of Linda in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. THOMPSON LINDA (Byker). Linda you are the love of my life. I will miss you forever. From your loving husband and soul mate Alby. TUPMAN MARGARET (Tanfield Lea) Suddenly In Hospital on 4th October aged 84 years Margaret (nee Carr), beloved Wife of the late Eric. A loving Mam, Mother In Law, Nana, Great Nana, Sister, Sister in law and Aunt who will be sadly missed by all family and friends. Friends please meet for a celebration of Margaret's life at Mountsett Crematorium on Thursday 28th October 2021 at 11am. Private Afterwards. All Enquiries to Co-op Funeralcare, 01207232154. Stanley WARDLE MARTHA (Formerly Proctor) (Walker). Peacefully at home on 9th October aged 95 years. Martha beloved wife of the late John. A much loved mother to Rosemary, Danny, Moira, Maria, Kathleen, Christine and the late John and Stephen. A loving grandmother and greatgrandmother. A much loved sister to Ruth, and a loving aunty and mother in law. Family and friends please meet at West Road Crematorium on Wednesday 27th October at 11.15 am. All flowers to be sent to T. Moore & Family Funeral Directors 21-23 High St East Wallsend NE28 8PF. Rest in peace mam with John and Stephen. You will always be missed but never forgotten. WHARTON ANN (Nee Yeats) (Newbiggin Hall Estate). Peacefully in Pavilion Court on Saturday 16th October 2021 aged 74 years. Beloved wife of the late Walter. Much loved mam of Debbie and Darren. Dear mother in law of Paul and Sharon also a loving nana and great grandmother who will be sadly missed. Would all please meet for funeral service at West Road Crematorium on Wednesday 27th October at 9.45am. Family flowers only please but donations gratefully received on behalf of Dementia UK. All enquiries c/o Clark Pearson Funeral Services, Denton Burn. Tel 0191-2744373. YOUNG WILLIAM (Known as Ray) (Gateshead formerly of Kenton Bar). Peacefully on 14th October 2021, aged 91 years. Beloved husband of the late Olive, much loved dad of Lesley and Susan, father in law of Simon and Paul, a loved grandad of Rachel, Emma, Amy and Ben and a loving brother of Judy. Will be greatly missed by all family and friends. Would family and friends please meet at West Road Crematorium on Wednesday 27th October 2021 at 9.30am. Private afterwards. Announce, share and remember forever Funeral Notice Partners The following Funeral Directors have chosen to provide notices on their website meaning you may view their current and past notices on their own websites. Check out your local Funeral Notice Partners below: ALL SEASONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AYTON FUNERAL SERVICE Visit: CHRISTOPHER SAMPLE FUNERAL SERVICES DERWENTSIDE FUNERAL SERVICE Visit: E BUSH FUNERAL DIRECTORS Visit: E & J ROBINSON Visit: E PEART LIMITED Visit: GO AS YOU PLEASE FUNERALS Visit: JAMES HAMILTON FUNERAL DIRECTOR JOHN HINDMARSH & SON Visit: J M & E OVINGTON & SON LTD Visit: MELROSE FUNERAL SERVICES LTD Visit: WATSON’S FUNERAL DIRECTORS Visit: W LAUDERDALE & SON FUNERAL SERVICES Visit: W.S. TAYLOR & SONS LTD Visit: YOUR CHOICE FUNERALS Interested in becoming a preferred partner to funeral notices? Funeral Directors can be added free to this advert by calling 03444 060 276 COOK PHYLLIS (Devlin) (Benwell, Newcastle). Mam, You may be gone from our sight but never gone from our hearts. We know you will be happy and safe as you're with your loving husband Colin. We will always miss you, but knowing you are with dad and at peace gives us comfort. We will always love you. Elaine, Colin, Karen, Alison, Dave, Susan, Des, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, Great Great Grandchildren xxx MADDISON ANNIE (Lawson) (Sunniside). Died 22 October 2020. Always in our hearts. Beloved Wife, Mum, Mum-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Auntie, Godmother and friend to so many. WATSON JONNA (Kingston Park). Loving memories of our gorgeous son, Jonna tragically taken from us 22nd October 2004. Although it has been 17 long years, in our hearts we will never stop missing you. Thoughts of you surround us, on how you brought us great joy. Every day you are always on our minds and forever in our hearts. Our baby, our son, our life. Love you always.- Mam, Dad and Brothers Billy and Jack xxx Loving memories also of Jonna's 2 best mates Lee and Donathy xx HAYTON ALBERT EDWARD The family of the late Albert Edward Hayton wish to express their sincere thanks to all relatives, friends and neighbours for the kindness and sympathy shown to them during their recent bereavement. Also for the cards, letters of condolence and donations to Myeloma UK. Thanks to Dr Soward, all District Nurses, Gary at the Coop Funeral Directors and the Reverend Matthew Hunter for all their care and support when it was needed the most. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 47 JOHN BARDGETT & SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND MEMORIAL CONSULTANTS Oakwood House 571 Westgate Road Newcastle NE4 9PQ 0191 2739292 Also at 80 The Drive, Heworth Gateshead NE10 0PL 0191 4386950 STRETTLE FUNERAL SERVICES Est. 1946 2021 - 75 th ANNIvERSARy SERv ING ALL Of TyNESIDE AND NORTHuMbERLAND WITH bRANCHES IN SHIREMOOR - West Rd, NEWCASTLE - PONTELAND and now open at Saltwell Rd, GATESHEAD Traditional cremation from £2,500 - Direct to crematorium from £1,350 Tel: 0191 252 8222 (24 hrs) E Peart Ltd Funeral Directors 24 Hour Service Independent Funeral Director Funeral Director, Darren Johnstone 0191 413 2318 1 Kepier Chare, Crawcrook Ryton Tyne & Wear NE40 4TS J.M & E. Ovington & Son FUNERAL DIRECTORS ‘Our caring, reliable and sympathetic staff will offer the highest standards of care, help and support to you at all times’ Murray Memorials Safeguarding us all during the COVID-19 pandemic. All enquiries & orders of memorials can still be organised if you prefer not to visit our showroom. Call today and find out how to Celebrate a life Email Website Call: 0191 5641937 OUR STAFF ARE AT YOUR SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY HELP AND GUIDANCE THROUGH EVERY STEP PART OF DIGNITY PLC At R. Johnson we understand that losing a loved one is one of life’s greatest challenges. With more than 60 years’ experience and empathetic service, we believe we can help. 64 Howard Street, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE30 1AF Tel 0191 2574627 Email Website E Turnbull & Son FUNERAL DIRECTORS Since 1790 For more than 200 years, the community of North Shields and the wider area of Tyne & Wear, has been putting their trust in E Turnbull & Son Ltd. Independent and family owned E Turnbull & Son Ltd, Albion Road, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE29 0HE Tel 0191 2571201 Email Website Watson’s Funeral Directors Ltd Est. 1920 A Complete Funeral Service Respect Value Simplicity Andrew Williams Funeral Service Director Gateshead 0191 477 1484 Head Office: 282-284 Old Durham Road, Gateshead, NE8 4BP ‘Pre-paid funeral plans’ 28 Ravensworth Road, Birtley, Co. Durham DH3 1EJ Tel: (0191) 410 3863 (24 hours) Chris Sample Funerals Direct Cremation: £1,350 Traditional Cremation: £2,695 Funeral Planner of the Year 2018, 2019 & 2020 Regional Winner North Sheilds and Whitley Bay 0191 252 3366 South Shields and Hebburn 0191 454 4960 R. J. RYLAND FUNERAL SERVICES Serving North Tyneside and Newcastle area, 24 hours Tel: 0191 252 6500 • Private Chapels • A Family Firm T . MOORE & FAMILY (EST 1905) Local independent Funeral Directors 21-23 High Street East, Wallsend 0191 5974142 (24 hours) Now Offering Golden Charter Funeral Plans & Low cost basic funerals MARTIN RANKIN Funeral Directors • 24 Hour Service • Private Chapel of Rest Tel: 0191 488 22 55 7 The Square, Whickham, NE16 4JB STUART WRIGHT Funeral Service 3 Front Street, Pelton Chester-le-Street PRIVATE CHAPELS SILVER FLEET Tel 0191 370 0015 24hr Service John Hindmarsh & Son Funeral Directors Care and Professional Service Pre-paid Funeral Plans Newcastle 0191 265 5012 261 Shields Road, Byker, Newcastle, NE6 1DQ

48 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 Classified RUGS DIRECT UK Rugs Specialist Warehouse Open to public Small to very large sizes in different qualities • Modern & Contemporary • Traditional, All types of Orientals, Persians etc • Huge Stock • Massive Savings 321N Mayoral Way (off Retail World, 1st Right), Team Valley, Gateshead, NE11 0RT Tel: 0191 482 6262 - Open 7 days 10-6 - FREE MEASURING & FITTING • BLINDS FREE MEASURING & FITTING • FREE MEASURING & FITTING 0800 756 0866 FREE PERFECT FIT FRAMES ON ALL VENETIAN AND PLEATED BLINDS FREE MEASURING & FITTING MASSIVE SAVINGS ON SO-LO RANGE Vertical & Roller Blinds * Selected fabrics, restrictions apply Solo Blinds Manor Walks, Cramlington FREE MEASURING & FITTING • FREE MEASURING & FITTING FREE MEASURING & FITTING • FREE MEASURING & FITTING ✓ ✓ FREE MEASURING FREE FITTING SERVICE 7 blinds for just £229 2 roller blinds + 5 vertical blinds Call 0191 414 9311 to book your appointment ✓ VISIT OUR SHOWROOMS Blaydon & Forest Hall LET’S GET SOCIAL! @a1blindsuk Jesmond Antiques We buy furniture and collectables • China • Jewellery • Bric – a – Brac • Gold and Silver • Stained Glass Windows • Chesterfield Sofas and Chairs Single Items and Houses Cleared Call Mike (0191) 2449699 07909092906 M V MOBILITY Mobile Showroom Used Scooters from £295 All new models available Rise/Recline Chairs from £595 Adj Beds from £595 Electric Wheelchairs and Bath Lifts No Obligation Home demonstrations Home Services and Repairs on all makes Part Ex Welcome Call 0191 4846172 01670 331066 Est 2003 Donations of furniture anD electrical gooDs Urgently reqUired Donate to a local charity and help local people gain access to affordable furniture and electricals By calling our collections team on 0191 2656433 contact us on 0800 917 4397 0191 265 6433 Visit our Warehouses at Unit 1, Mill Lane (off West Rd), 6 Heaton Terrace Byker WANTED CLASSIC CARS CALL ME TODAY FOR A PROMPT OFFER , ALSO FUTURE CLASSICS will pay up to £30,000 07816907815 WANTED F O O T B A L L PROGRAMMES Wanted Before - 1970 , Badges ,Old Shirts , DINKY CORGI HORNBY VINTAGE TOYS cornerprogrammes@ 07427 746 806 Services FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 49 Your TV Reception Fixed Today! Bad Reception? No Signal? Picture Freezing? Friendly local fully insured engineers in your area today - Call now! Aerial & Satellite Specialists Free Estimates - TV Wall Hanging 0191 933 6368 07868 809 796 Newcastle Aerial & Satellite Best Picture Guaranteed & Installed Today! TV Aerials - Digital Aerials - Freeview - Sky - BBC Freesat WE GUARANTEE TO To Beat Any Quote - To Turn Up On Time To be clean and Tidy - Offer OAP Discounts Aerials from £45 0191 933 6369 07868 809 796 Tyneside Aerials DIGITAL AERIAL SERVICES AERIALS FITTED FROM £40 TELEVISION, SKY, SAT REPAIRS REPAIRS TO LCD, LED AND PLASMA TVS • Setups, Tune ins • TV wall mount services • Telephone, WIFI, BT, Talk Talk Services • Skybox repair service • All areas 7 days a week • Non-working TV’s Collected FREE • Starlink Sat Service OAP DISCOUNTS Ncle (0191) 267 7631 Blyth (01670) 569119 Prudhoe (01661) 808118 R. 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PONTELAND 01661 897 681 NEWCASTLE 0191 640 7669 FAST • LOCAL • RELIABLE OVER 21 Years Experience From a single Slate to Complete New Roof Slating / Tiling / Flat Roofs • Chimney Stacks Repaired & Dismantled uPVC Fascias & Soffits • Guttering Repaired & Replaced WHY US? We don’t use contractors! No money taken up front • Pay when you are 100% satisfied Top quality materials • We only use the best for your property Top quality workmanship at all times • References available WE BUY & SELL ALL TYPES OF ROOFING MATERIALS All of the North East covered Please dial full Number GATESHEAD 0191 432 9023 MORPETH 01670 895 605 SOUTH SHIELDS 0191 640 7599 ALNWICK 01665 568 560 HEXHAM 01434 267 826 Storm Damage Experts • 24 Hr Emergency Call Out Forbes Roofing Ltd WE ARE ONE OF NEWCASTLE’S LEADING ROOFING SPECIALISTS Compare our price to other Roofing Companies - Written Guarantees with All Work - Storm Damage and Insurance Work - Free Estimates and Free Advice - Leave the paperwork to us FAST • LOCAL • RELAIBLE • Over 21 Years Experience From a Single Slate to Complete New Roof • Slating/Tiling/Flat Roofs • Chimney Stacks Repaired and Dismantled • upvC Facias and Soffits • Guttering Repaired and Replaced WHY USE US? We only use own employees • No money taken upfront Pay when you’re 100% satisfied • Top quality materials • We only use the best • References available • Which means top quality workmanship Covering all of Newcastle & Northumberland Please dial area code Ponteland 01661 898356 Seaton Burn 0191 4324856 Newcastle 0191 4324955 Morpeth 01670 897125 Alnwick 01665 568059 Hexham 01434 267674 24 hour emergency callout Win a Dream £25,000 to be won! Coming soon in *Token collect promotion - 10 tokens per entry. 10 readers will each win £2500 in time for Christmas.

52 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 Services Property Motors SKY LIGHT ROOFING SERVICES One of the North East’s most trusted roofing service. FREE estimates FREE advice FREE roof checks 24 hour emergency call outs • No money taken up front • guarantees given with all work • local and reliable Site fee ONLY £1800 for the whole year! A PEACEFUL AND PRIVATE PARK WITH SOME OF THE MOST BREATHTAKING VIEWS IN NORTHUMBERLAND. Experience your own luxury home This fantastic new development at Lilswood Holiday Park set in the beautiful open countryside, unique to Northumberland, offers peace and tranquility and is the ideal location to relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Lilswood Holiday Park, Steel, Hexhamshire, Northumberland, NE47 0HX Tel: 01434 719061 • 07545 850277 WANTED MOTORHOME & TOURING CARAVAN Any age or condition, damp or damaged. ALL TYPES OF ROOFING WORK UNDERTAKEN • Full roof replacements • Slating/Tiling • Flat roofs • uPVC Facias and soffits • guttering • Roof repairs • Roof cleaning/sealing • Storm damage Please dial full area code: Newcastle 0191 3036260 • South Shields 0191 3036476 Ponteland 01661 897665 • Morpeth 01670 895972 Alnwick 01665 568580 • Hexham 01434 267603 GUTTERS CLEARED AND REPAIRED FROM £49 + VAT No Job too small. No call out Fee. All the North East Area covered. Same day service. OAP Rates. Polished Plastics Trading Standards Approved 0191 489 9999 OVeR 20 BRIDGE GARAGE Tel: 0191 2500091 FORD OWNERS TIRED OF PAYING MAIN DEALER PRICES? • WE CAN SERVICE ANY CAR UNDER 3 YRS OLD WITHOUT INVALIDATING ANY WARRANTIES • Full Ford backed warranty on all Ford parts fitted • Independent Ford specialists Cash waiting, best price paid. Same day payment and collection. Instant decision. £. 07444 371 359 • WE ALSO SERVICE ALL MAKES & MODELS. RING FOR FREE QUOTE • Factory trained technicians • Main dealer service and quality without the price • MoT test centre • Courtesy car available We also cater for all makes & models of car - please ring for a quote £100 to £5000 CASH PAID Cars, Vans, Motorhomes and Caravans Any make or year considered with or without MOT Prompt Collection 7 Days 8am - 10pm DVLA NotifieD CALL NOW ON 07548 493796 Share your favourite new dog-friendly business with TeamDogs Visit Motors FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 53 Public Notices WANTED All scrap vehicles • Minimum £100 Paid • MOT failures/crash damaged • Motorcycles & caravans also taken • All modern cars & vans bought & sold • All parts for all makes & models off the shelf • Tyres, batteries, starters, alternators, engines, gearboxes etc …. A1 DISMANTLERS Tel 01670 825 991 or 07946 558 608 Find us on Facebook A1 Dismantlers, Yards 3, 4 & 5 West Sleekburn Industrial Estate, Bedlington, NE22 7LQ BMW WINTER TYRES CONTINENTAL CONTIWINTER CONTACT TS 8 3 0 P R U N F L AT T Y R E S 205/60/R16 92H, 6mm tread, complete with BMW alloy wheels. £120 07717761530 JOHN DUNCAN MACLEOD (DECEASED) Pursuant to the Trustee Act 1925 any persons having a claim against or an interest in the Estate of the above named, late of 21 Biddick Villas, Washington, NE38 7DT, who died on 15/05/2021, are required to send written particulars thereof to the undersigned on or before 23/12/2021, after which date the Estate will be distributed having regard only to the claims and interests of which they have had notice. KIDD AND SPOOR SOLICITORS LIMITED, 7 Marden Road, Whitley Bay, NE26 2JN Spooky, scary, pretty, funny... Halloween is back and we want to shout about it. Send in your pictures of your Little Horror including pets enjoying a very memorable Halloween this year for the chance to appear in our Little Horrors Halloween Photo Special on Friday 5th November, 2021. Upload your pics now!

54 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 DONCASTER TODAY NEWCASTLE TODAY Going: Soft Draw: High numbers best on the straight course. Going: Standard Draw: High numbers have a slight advantage over 5f. Find 1.00 Find Big News 1.30 Glory And Gold Jimi Hendrix 2.05 Jimi Hendrix Fresh 2.40 Fresh Stargazer 3.15 Not So Sleepy Alba Rose 3.50 titian Kentucky Kitten 4.25 Kentucky Kitten Just Hiss 4.55 Precisely Major Snugfit 5.30 Major Snugfit Sandret 6.00 Three Platoon Love Interest 6.30 Love Interest Bondi Girl 7.00 Pocket The Profit Mobashr 7.30 Mobashr Royal Invitation 8.00 Royal Invitation Tamaska 8.30 tAmaska 1.00 VIRGIN BET NURSERY (STR) (3) (2-Y-O) 1m Winner £5,669 (7 run) SSR 1 (7) 218 Find (42) J & T Gosden 9-7.................................... David Egan 84 2 (2) 101 Oh Herberts Reign (13) R Hannon 8-13 (D)........R L Moore 99 3 (1) 221 Grey Belle (56) I Furtado 8-7 (D).................................J Hart 84 4 (4) 314 Sharvara (16) R Hannon 8-6 (D)..............................H Doyle 94 5 (5) 951 Youthful King (22) L Dace 8-5..............................J Haynes 79 6 (3) 464 Baikal (72) K Ryan 8-5............................................. A Atzeni 70 7 (6) 544 Superior Force (7) G Boughey 8-5................... S De Sousa 94 BETTING: 7-4 Oh Herberts Reign, 3 Find, 11-2 Baikal, 8 Sharvara, Superior Force, 10 Grey Belle, 12 Youthful King. 2020: HEIGHTS OF ABRAHAM 9 0, Shane Gray 10-3 (K Dalgleish), drawn (3), 8 ran. 1.30 VIRGIN BET EBF MAIDEN FILLIES’ STAKES (STR) (5) (2-Y-O) 1m Winner £3,780 (13 run) SSR 1 (1) 7 Aiming High (14) D M Simcock 9-0..................... C Shepherd 98 2 (6) Big News J Fanshawe 9-0......................................O Murphy — 3 (3) Candy Shack D Menuisier 9-0........................... David Egan — 4 (13) Glory And Gold W Haggas 9-0..............................W Buick — 5 (12) Goodison Girl E De Giles 9-0.................................L Morris — 6 (8) Heart Of Summer S bin Suroor 9-0........Josephine Gordon — 7 (7) 55 Moon De Vega (34) R Beckett 9-0.......................... H Crouch 99 8 (2) Nashwa J & T Gosden 9-0.........................................H Doyle — 9 (9) 0 Nusa Dua (23) H Morrison 9-0.....................................J Hart 82 10 (10) One Evening J & T Gosden 9-0..............................R L Moore — 11 (5) 7 Rumourmonger (32) I Furtado 9-0........................T Eaves 70 12 (4) Suffrajet M Johnston 9-0...................................J Fanning — 13 (11) Sunaina R Hannon 9-0............................T Hammer Hansen — BETTING: 11-4 One Evening, 11-2 Nashwa, 13-2 Moon De Vega, 7 Aiming High, 15-2 Heart Of Summer, Glory And Gold, 8 Big News, 14 Candy Shack, 16 Others. 2020: VESELA 9 0, Harry Bentley 3-1 JtFav (R Beckett), drawn (4), 10 ran. 2.05 BRITISH EBF MAIDEN STAKES (GBB RACE) (5) (2-Y-O) 7f Winner £3,780 (16 run) SSR 1 (3) Ahamoment T D Barron 9-5................................. C Beasley — 2 (2) 0 Ample Power (63) T Dascombe 9-5................ P J McDonald 77 3 (1) 3 Beluga Gold (20) J J Quinn 9-5.............................O Murphy 90 4 (12) Cumulonimbus C Fellowes 9-5.........................S Donohoe — 5 (11) Dion Baker K Ryan 9-5............................................T Eaves — 6 (8) 0 Dougies Dream (42) N Tinkler 9-5..........F McManoman (3) 86 7 (7) Eagle’s Way Sir M Prescott 9-5.................................L Morris — 8 (6) Farhh Point Tom Clover 9-5............................. David Egan — 9 (16) 8 Jabbar (34) A Balding 9-5.........................................H Doyle 70 10 (10) 5 Jimi Hendrix (22) R Beckett 9-5............................ H Crouch 94 11 (9) Medrara R Varian 9-5............................................ A Atzeni — 12 (14) Moonlight Dawn A Keatley 9-5.......................L Edmunds — 13 (4) 70 Overdraft (10) J J Quinn 9-5......................................J Hart 73 14 (5) 9 Sydney Bay (10) Mrs A Duffield 9-5..............................S Gray — 15 (15) 026 Velazquez (63) J & T Gosden 9-5............................. R Havlin 99 16 (13) Volos S C Williams 9-5.............................................M Ghiani — BETTING: 9-4 Velazquez, 9-2 Jimi Hendrix, Medrara, 15-2 Beluga Gold, 12 Eagle’s Way, 14 Jabbar, 16 Farhh Point, Dion Baker, Dougies Dream, 20 Others. 2020: EL DRAMA 9 5, Andrea Atzeni 10-11 Fav (R Varian), drawn (4), 10 ran. 2.40 VERTEM INVESTING IN THE FUTURE HANDICAP (2) 6f Winner £10,308 (12 run) SSR 1 (2) 283 Fresh (20) J Fanshawe 4 9-10 (D2)......................K Shoemark 96 2 (3) 033 Air Raid (7) J O’Keeffe 6 9-8 (BF, D4)........................J Garritty 93 3 (4) 321 Chairmanoftheboard (7) M Channon 5 9-8 (D4.............. ..................................................................................W Buick 87 4 (11) 026 Soldier’s Minute (16) K Dalgleish 6 9-7 (D4)... C Rodriguez 93 5 (10) 085 Pendleton (14) M Dods 5 9-7 (D).......................... C Beasley 84 6 (9) 900 Rathbone (13) K Ryan 5 9-5 (D4)..................Megan Nicholls 93 7 (7) 340 Magical Spirit (13) K Ryan 5 9-4 (D3)......................T Eaves 99 8 (8) 050 Lord Rapscallion (34) S C Williams 5 9-1 (D).........H Doyle 93 9 (5) 267 Call Me Ginger (7) J Goldie 5 8-13 (CD).... Miss A Waugh (5) 90 10 (6) 020 Gellhorn (13) S C Williams 4 8-12 (D2)...................M Ghiani 93 11 (12) 335 Danzan (11) T Easterby 6 8-10 (D3).............................D Allan 93 12 (1) 050 Music Society (14) T Easterby 6 8-9 (D2)........Ella McCain (5) 70 BETTING: 4 Fresh, 13-2 Chairmanoftheboard, 7 Danzan, Air Raid, 8 Gellhorn, 10 Magical Spirit, Soldier’s Minute, Call Me Ginger, Pendleton, 12 Others. 2020: ABERAMA GOLD 3 9 3, Silvestre De Sousa 9-1 (K Dalgleish), drawn (1), 12 ran. 5.30 PLAY 4 TO SCORE AT BETWAY HANDICAP (5) 2m Winner £3,140 (7 run) SSR 1 (2) 150 Manjaam (40) M Loughnane 8 10-6 (CD2)............. R Dawson 99 2 (3) 125 Yagood (61) Joseph Parr 5 9-13 (D2).....................H Burns (5) 85 3 (1) 121 Major Snugfit (14) R Menzies 5 9-12 (C)........P Mulrennan 93 4 (7) 574 Crane N Henderson 3 9-7....................................R Kingscote 70 5 (5) 243 Victoriano (10) B Ellison 5 9-3.......................... B Robinson 96 6 (4) 521 One Night In Milan (15) K Dalgleish 8 9-1.....B Garritty (3) — 7 (6) 552 Can Can Girl (15) D Brown 3 8-12............................. K Stott 99 BETTING: 5-2 One Night In Milan, 7-2 Major Snugfit, 5 Yagood, 6 Can Can Girl, 7 Victoriano, 8 Crane, 10 Manjaam. 2020: BELLATRIXSA 3 9 4, Callum Rodriguez 4-1 (M Dods), drawn (11), 13 ran. 6.00 MANSIONBET PROUD PARTNERS OF AWC HAND- ICAP (5) 1m Winner £3,240 (11 run) SSR 1 (10) 260 Daniel Deronda (14) D O’Meara 4 9-12 (C)........... J Watson — 2 (3) 433 Sandret (30) B Haslam 5 9-11 (C)........................... A Mullen — 3 (8) 474 Midnite Bride (36) K Ryan 4 9-11............................ K Stott — 4 (2) 235 Three Platoon (159) R Varian 3 9-10................. R Dawson 90 5 (11) 153 Whatwouldyouknow (10) N Tinkler 6 9-10......... R Scott 90 6 (1) 414 Perfect Swiss (20) T Easterby 5 9-9 (CD3).........D Fentiman 99 7 (6) 355 Abrag (13) Alice Haynes 3 9-7 (D)................. Ryan Sexton (7) 91 8 (4) 297 Tacitus (9) B Meehan 3 9-7...............................P Mulrennan 83 9 (7) 470 Badlands (18) D Loughnane 3 9-7.....................R Kingscote 70 10 (5) 654 Fashion Free (11) M Appleby 4 9-1 (CD2)......... M Crehan (3) 89 11 (9) 079 Big Muddy (18) S Spencer 4 8-8...............................C Hardie 87 BETTING: 4 Perfect Swiss, 9-2 Sandret, 11-2 Three Platoon, 13-2 Daniel Deronda, Whatwouldyouknow, 8 Fashion Free, 10 Midnite Bride, 12 Abrag, Tacitus, 20 Others. 2020: BOSTON GEORGE 4 9 11, Callum Rodriguez 6-4 Fav (K Dalgleish), drawn (9), 11 ran. 6.30 EBF FILLIES’ NOVICE STAKES (GBB RACE) (5) (2-Y-O) 7f Winner £4,158 (8 run) SSR 1 (2) Biyariq B Haslam 9-0.......................................P Mulrennan — 2 (3) 5 Equal Share (50) Sir M Stoute 9-0.........................Doubtful — 3 (1) Love Interest D O’Meara 9-0................................ J Watson — 4 (7) 66 Paradise Of Love (10) N Tinkler 9-0........................ R Scott 99 5 (8) 6 Picual (72) Sir M Stoute 9-0................................R Kingscote 85 6 (5) 09 Sweetest Company (31) B Haslam 9-0.............. JP Sullivan 70 7 (6) Tiger Boat I Jardine 9-0........................................ A Mullen — 8 (4) Vamos Chica I Jardine 9-0....................................J Gormley — BETTING: Evens Love Interest, 10-3 Picual, 6 Paradise Of Love, 8 Biyariq, Tiger Boat, 20 Vamos Chica, 66 Sweetest Company. 2020: WILD IRIS 9 0, Robert Havlin 5-1 (J & T Gosden), drawn (3), 10 ran. 7.00 WATCH RACING FREE ONLINE AT CORAL NURSERY (6) (2-Y-O) 5f Winner £2,700 (11 run) SSR 1 (7) 111 Pocket The Profit (3) G Boughey 10-6(18ex) (C, D)............ .......................................................................... M Crehan (3) 89 2 (4) 033 Bondi Girl (73) J L Eyre 9-7..............................P Mulrennan — 3 (5) 530 Benzema (39) D O’Meara 9-6.................................. J Watson 97 4 (3) 873 Dalglish (23) A Brittain 9-6....................................C Hardie 72 5 (9) 500 Contactless (39) L Mullaney 9-4 (BF)................R Kingscote — 6 (8) 350 Hatshepsut (18) R Cowell 9-0.................................. K Stott 70 7 (10) 012 Brazen Akoya (11) Phillip Makin 8-13 (D)................ R Scott 95 8 (6) 389 Fiji Gold (18) R Cowell 8-13.................................. R Dawson 99 9 (11) 806 Chant For More (38) P Midgley 8-13............... B Robinson — 10 (2) 040 Arkid (23) J L Eyre 8-11.............................. O McSweeney (5) — 11 (1) 706 Al Tilal (15) J Butler 8-9......................................... A Mullen 87 BETTING: 5-4 Pocket The Profit, 6 Bondi Girl, Brazen Akoya, 12 Benzema, Hatshepsut, 14 Al Tilal, Contactless, Fiji Gold, 16 Others. 2020: JAZZY SOCKS 8 11, Ray Dawson(5) 16-1 (R Cowell), drawn (13), 13 ran. 3.15 VERTEM.CO.UK HANDICAP (2) 1m 6f 115yds Winner £10,468 (7 run) SSR 1 (2) 052 Favorite Moon (12) W Haggas 4 10-0.................R L Moore 99 2 (5) 4-7 Not So Sleepy (168) H Morrison 9 10-0 (BF).................G Lee 87 3 (7) 247 Postileo (129) R Varian 4 9-9.................................. A Atzeni 94 4 (4) /2- Cayirli (376) S Durack 9 9-6.................................T P Queally — 5 (3) 631 Stargazer (28) P Kirby 8 9-3................................O Murphy 93 6 (6) 008 Sir Chauvelin (34) J Goldie 9 9-3............. Miss A Waugh (5) 70 7 (1) 160 Gentleman At Arms (23) H Dunlop 4 8-9..............L Morris 94 BETTING: 9-4 Favorite Moon, 11-4 Not So Sleepy, 4 Postileo, 9-2 Stargazer, 10 Cayirli, 14 Gentleman At Arms, 33 Sir Chauvelin. 2020: OCEAN WIND 4 10 0, Jack Mitchell 13-8 (R Teal), drawn (6), 8 ran. 3.50 VIRGIN BET HANDICAP (3) (3-Y-O) 1m 2f Winner £6,480 (8 run) SSR 1 (8) 8-6 Alba Rose (173) M Johnston 9-7............................J Fanning 70 2 (4) 3-2 Titian (55) W Haggas 9-1.......................................R L Moore 94 3 (7) 344 Camelot Tales (49) S & E Crisford 8-13 (D2).... P J McDonald 96 4 (5) 026 Kolisi (9) W Haggas 8-13 (BF, D)................................H Doyle 96 5 (2) 344 Charger (22) B Meehan 8-8.....................................W Buick 86 6 (3) 213 Eikonix (42) A Balding 8-7.....................................O Murphy 93 7 (6) 664 Knowwhentorun (12) R Teal 8-7........................ A Atzeni 94 8 (1) 650 Buxted Too (39) I Williams 8-2 (BF).................... David Egan 99 BETTING: 9-4 Titian, 3 Eikonix, 6 Kolisi, 15-2 Camelot Tales, 8 Alba Rose, Charger, 14 Knowwhentorun, Buxted Too. 2020: KALEIDOSCOPIC 8 7, Silvestre De Sousa 17-2 (M Channon), drawn (6), 5 ran. 4.25 VIRGINBET.COM HANDICAP (DIV 1) (5) 1m 2f Winner £2,862 (12 run) SSR 1 (1) 233 Mafia Power (31) R Hannon 4 9-13 (D).............. S De Sousa 97 2 (7) 944 Rewired (20) D Menuisier 3 9-10 (D)......................R L Moore 98 3 (9) 108 Amy Beach (57) M Channon 3 9-9 (D2)................ David Egan 98 4 (10) 348 Maxine (58) H Dunlop 3 9-8 (D2)................................N Currie 97 5 (5) 8-0 Yulong Magicreef (133) Jonjo O’Neill 4 9-8.............J Hart 70 6 (12) 068 Rainbow Jet (16) J Mackie 4 9-5 (D)......................J Fanning 99 7 (6) 209 Photograph (20) D Carroll 4 9-4............................. H Shaw 97 8 (3) 431 Kentucky Kitten (10) T Easterby 3 9-3 (D2)............W Buick 96 9 (4) 616 Sunset Memory (11) W Muir & C Grassick 3 9-2 (D)..H Doyle 95 10 (8) 803 Mikmak (18) T Easterby 8 9-0 (D)................................D Allan 97 11 (11) 458 Tommaso (15) P Kirby 3 8-12.................................O Murphy 97 12 (2) 761 The Nu Form Way (16) T Dascombe 3 8-9 (D).. P J McDonald 94 BETTING: 4 Kentucky Kitten, 11-2 The Nu Form Way, Rewired, 6 Mafia Power, Rainbow Jet, 10 Sunset Memory, 12 Amy Beach, Maxine, 14 Others. 2020: FIRST CHARGE 3 9 0, Tom Marquand 5-1 (E Walker), drawn (2), 13 ran. 4.55 VIRGINBET.COM HANDICAP (DIV 2) (5) 1m 2f Winner £2,862 (11 run) SSR 1 (8) 461 Sagauteur (20) D O’Meara 5 9-11 (D)....................R L Moore 92 2 (10) 885 Just Hiss (23) T Easterby 8 9-9...................................D Allan 99 3 (3) 1-2 Precisely (11) J Butler 4 9-9 (D).......................... David Egan 95 4 (7) 228 Clay (72) R Hannon 3 9-7..........................T Hammer Hansen 92 5 (6) 050 London Arch (13) C Fellowes 4 9-6....................S Donohoe 95 6 (5) 534 Tele Red (10) K Burke 4 9-4........................................... C Lee 70 7 (9) 245 Mustazeed (23) C Wall 3 9-4 (BF, D)..........................H Doyle 95 8 (1) 682 Bluetech (20) J J Davies 4 9-2.......................................G Lee 92 9 (2) 532 Two Brothers (20) M & D Easterby 3 9-0................W Buick 95 10 (11) 796 Yaaser (24) J Goldie 3 8-12......................... Miss A Waugh (5) 70 11 (4) 653 Aone Ally (15) L Russell 3 8-10..............................O Murphy 92 BETTING: 4 Two Brothers, 9-2 Sagauteur, Precisely, 13-2 Aone Ally, 15-2 Just Hiss, Mustazeed, 10 Clay, 12 Bluetech, 20 Others. 7.30 NOVICE MEDIAN AUCTION STAKES (6) 1m Winner £2,700 (8 run) SSR 1 (2) 51 Mobashr (117) M Botti 3 9-9 (D).......................S Cherchi (3) — 2 (6) 5-3 Fanzone (14) Liam Bailey 4 9-5.................................. K Stott 78 3 (1) 334 Eleven Eleven (199) I Furtado 3 9-2..................T Hamilton 99 4 (3) 4 Great Ridley (7) G Tuer 3 9-2..................................S James 97 5 (8) 68 So Savvy R Menzies 3 9-2.........................................C Hardie 96 6 (4) 7 Pennymaze (37) S A Harris 4 9-0......................P Mulrennan — 7 (5) 460 Lady Ziana (55) D Brown 3 8-11........................... R Dawson — 8 (7) 7 Larllunna (10) B Ellison 3 8-11........................H Russell (3) 70 BETTING: 8-11 Mobashr, 10-3 Great Ridley, 9-2 Eleven Eleven, 16 Fanzone, Lady Ziana, 25 So Savvy, 100 Pennymaze, Larllunna. 2020: No corresponding race. FORM GUIDE: MOBASHR 15-2 Mid-division, steady headway 3f out when ridden, headed leader 2f out on outer, kept on, always doing enough, won at Windsor 1m nov auc stk (4) gf in Jun beating Bascule by nk, 10 ran. GREAT RIDLEY 25-1 Held up, ridden entering final furlong, could not go pace of leaders, kept on final 100 yards, promising, 4th of 7, 2 3/4l behind Biplane at Newcastle 7f nov auct (6). ELEVEN ELEVEN 16-1 Mid-division, ridden and outpaced after 2f out, kept on inside final furlong but never dangerous, 4th of 8, 5l behind Buxted Too at Chelmsford City 7f mdn stks (5) pol in Apr. 8.00 MANSIONBET BEST ODDS GUARANTEED NOVICE STAKES (5) 1m Winner £3,672 (6 run) SSR 1 (5) 31 Gaassee (20) W Haggas 3 9-9....................................C Fallon 87 2 (4) El Jad A Brittain 3 9-2...............................................C Hardie — 3 (1) Must Be Royale M Appleby 3 9-2......................... J Watson — 4 (6) 6 Nationwide (11) Sir M Stoute 3 9-2...................R Kingscote 72 5 (2) 3 Royal Invitation (22) S bin Suroor 3 9-2............ R Dawson 99 6 (3) 68 Qasaayed (11) I Jardine 3 8-11................................ A Mullen 70 BETTING: 4-5 Gaassee, 6-4 Royal Invitation, 10 Nationwide, 25 El Jad, 33 Must Be Royale, 66 Qasaayed. 2020: HABIT ROUGE 3 9 7, Stefano Cherchi(5) 15-8 Fav (M Botti), drawn (3), 8 ran. 8.30 MANSIONBET PROUD PARTNERS OF THE AWC HANDICAP (5) 7f Winner £3,240 (11 run) SSR 1 (5) 300 Little Muddy (18) S Spencer 5 9-12.................H Russell (3) — 2 (9) 657 Late Arrival (21) M & D Easterby 4 9-11 (CD)...... JP Sullivan 93 3 (7) 009 Worldly Wise (84) I Mohammed 3 9-10............. R Dawson 70 4 (1) 712 Tamaska (31) D O’Meara 3 9-10 (D2)....................... J Watson 92 5 (4) 952 Macmerry Jim (68) P Midgley 3 9-10 (BF, D)...... B Robinson 93 6 (10) 099 Royal Advice (10) K Dalgleish 3 9-8 (CD)... O McSweeney (5) 99 7 (3) 160 Mabdaa (105) A Brittain 3 9-7 (D).............................C Hardie 84 8 (6) 228 Moonbootz (7) K Burke 4 9-6..........................P-L Jamin (3) 93 9 (2) 309 Tahonta (18) K Ryan 3 9-5......................................... K Stott — 10 (8) 345 Northbound (17) J Camacho 3 9-2.................P Mulrennan 90 11 (11) 122 Key Look (7) G Harker 4 9-2 (D2)................................S James 95 BETTING: 4 Northbound, 5 Key Look, 11-2 Royal Advice, 6 Tamaska, 7 Late Arrival, 8 Worldly Wise, 10 Macmerry Jim, 12 Moonbootz, 14 Others. 2020: STRAWBERRYANDCREAM 5 9 0, Daniel Tudhope 28-1 (J Bethell), drawn (11), 12 ran. CAPTAIN BECHER THE MARQUIS CAPTAIN BECHER THE MARQUIS CHELTENHAM TODAY NEWBURY TODAY Going: Good-good to soft in places Going: Heavy Draw: High numbers best in large fields, especially in very soft ground. Off Your Rocco 1.55 Camprond Third Time Lucki 2.30 Third Time Lucki Dragon Bones 3.05 Almazhar Garde Faivoir (nap) 3.40 Back On The Lash Saint Sonnet 4.15 Saint Sonnet Marquis Of Carabas 4.50 Debden Bank Go Dante (nb) 5.25 Go Dante Libra Tiger 1.38 Hebrides Zain Nights 2.13 Zain Nights Tying The Knot 2.48 Tying The Knot Skytree 3.23 Skytree Downsman 3.58 Downsman Motorious 4.30 Old Flame Spanish Star 5.00 Spanish Star Cloud Thunder 5.35 Single 1.55 BALLYMORE NOVICES’ HURDLE (GBB RACE) (2) 2m 4f Winner £10,406 (5 run) RTV 1 421 Camprond (14) P Hobbs 5 11-6................................. A Coleman 99 2 231 Mars Harper (14) G Elliott (IRE) 5 11-6....................D N Russell 81 3 711 Off Your Rocco (12) G Elliott (IRE) 5 11-6...................Doubtful 91 4 74- Bannixtown Boy (282) R Rowe 7 10-12...............N F Houlihan 70 5 133 All Clenched Up (31) F O’Brien 5 10-10................... P Brennan 81 BETTING: 1-2 Camprond, 5-2 Mars Harper, 10 All Clenched Up, 33 Bannixtown Boy. 2020: DOES HE KNOW 5 11 3, David Bass 9-1 (K Bailey), 6 ran. FORM GUIDE: CAMPROND 5-1 Held up in touch towards rear, mistake 2nd, closed after not fluent 3rd, went 2nd before 3 out, challenging when not fluent 2 out, soon led, edged left and went clear before last, stayed on well, won at Chepstow 2m 3f nov hdl G2 (1) gd beating Luttrell Lad by 5l, 7 ran. MARS HARPER 9-4fav Tracked leaders, slight mistake 3rd, 3rd at 5th, pushed along in 6th when switched left approaching last, ridden in 2nd 1f out and soon challenged, led 50 yards out, kept on well, won at Downpatrick 2m 3f nov hdl 0-116 sft beating Rock On Seamie by 2l, 8 ran. ALL CLENCHED UP 9-4 Led until after 2nd, chased leader who soon went clear, not fluent 3rd, closed to lead 4th, headed next, chased leaders, led again briefly home turn, headed before 2 out, stayed on same pace, no chance with winner, lost 2nd final strides, 3rd of 9, 7l behind Cobblers Dream at Warwick 2m nh nov hdl (4) gd in Sep. 2.30 SQUAREINTHEAIR.COM NOVICES’ CHASE (GBB RACE) (2) 2m Winner £13,008 (5 run) RTV 1 112 Fidelio Vallis (13) P Nicholls 6 11-10 (BF, D3).............H Cobden 99 2 121 Sir Tivo (31) G Hanmer 7 11-10 (D2)...............................B Carver 70 3 -62 Any News (22) N Mulholland 6 11-2 (BF)....................... S Bowen 98 4 222 Buddy Rich (10) G Elliott (IRE) 8 11-2........................D N Russell 95 5 64- Third Time Lucki (196) D Skelton 6 11-2 (BF, D4)........H Skelton — BETTING: 15-8 Third Time Lucki, 5-2 Fidelio Vallis, 11-4 Any News, 5 Buddy Rich, 25 Sir Tivo. 2020: FUSIL RAFFLES 5 11 7, Daryl Jacob 4-5 Fav (N Henderson), 4 ran. FORM GUIDE: THIRD TIME LUCKI 5-2fav Mid-division on inside, headway 5th, close 4th when mistake last, no extra flat, 4th of 10, 15l behind Belfast Banter at Aintree 2m nov hdl Grade 1 (1) gs in Apr. FIDELIO VALLIS 11-4fav Led, hit 3rd, not fluent 4 out and 2 out, pressed and ridden before last, headed inside final furlong, no extra, 2nd of 5, 3l behind Tea Clipper at Chepstow 2m 3f Listed nov ch (1) gd. ANY NEWS 13-8fav Raced wide, keen tracked leaders, went 2nd 4 out, led narrowly 2 out, headed next, ridden and ran on, 2nd of 5, nk behind Beyond The Clouds at Warwick 2m nov hcp chs (3) gd in Sep. 3.05 888SPORT WHAT’S YOUR THINKING NOVICES’ HURDLE (2) 3m Winner £8,325 (8 run) RTV 1 113 Bardenstown Lad (34) J McConnell (IRE) 6 11-6 (BF, D2)...S Bowen 70 2 111 Calagogo (63) G Elliott (IRE) 5 11-6...........................D N Russell 76 3 131 Drumlee Watar (30) W Greatrex 8 11-6 (D2).......... H Bannister 83 4 1-1 Onagatheringstorm (161) F O’Brien 6 11-6 (D).... P Brennan 83 5 1-1 Dragon Bones (170) I Williams 6 10-13 (D).....................C Todd 99 6 1-6 Almazhar Garde (174) C Longsdon 6 10-12............ G Sheehan — 7 3-2 Grace A Vous Enki (15) P Nicholls 5 10-12 (BF)...........H Cobden 99 8 /U- Siruh Du Lac (342) D Pipe 8 10-12 (C2)...................T Scudamore — BETTING: 7-2 Calagogo, 4 Dragon Bones, 11-2 Grace A Vous Enki, 6 Bardenstown Lad, 13-2 Onagatheringstorm, 7 Siruh Du Lac, 15-2 Drumlee Watar, 12 Almazhar Garde. 2020: STREETS OF DOYEN 6 11 6, Richard Johnson 11-4 (J McConnell(Ire)), 6 ran. FORM GUIDE: CALAGOGO 22-1 Made all, ridden after 3 out, 1 length advantage when mistake last, under pressure and kept on well run-in, won at Killarney 2m 7f nh nov hdl in Aug beating Molly Wedger by 1/2l, 8 ran. DRAGON BONES 5-6fav Tracked leader, raced freely, pressed leader run to 2 out, hung left and hampered rival when led narrowly 2 out, edged left when in front run to the last, pushed out, won at Newton Abbot 2m 6f mrs nov hdl (3) gd in May beating Dancing Dani by 2 1/2l, 9 ran. GRACE A VOUS ENKI 8-11fav Pressed winner, led 2nd until before 7th, led again next until after 4 out, hit next, switched left between last 2, over 1 length down last, driven and stayed on same pace run-in, 2nd of 6, 3/4l behind Colorado Doc at Worcester 2m 7f nh nov hdl (4) gs. BARDENSTOWN LAD 85-40fav In touch, 4th after 6th, 3rd 4 out, improved to 2nd after 3 out, 3rd 2 out, ridden and no impression on leaders at last, kept on well run-in, held, 3rd of 6, 1 3/4l behind Tullybeg at Navan 2m 6f hdl gd in Sep. 1.38 EBF MAIDEN STAKES (GBB RACE) (4) (2-Y-O) 6f 110yds Winner £4,860 (13 run) RTV 1 (11) Byhookorbycrook A West 9-5......................... C Bennett — 2 (12) Delorean R Beckett 9-5........................................R Hornby — 3 (7) 7 Grenada (30) H Dunlop 9-5................................. T Heard (5) — 4 (1) Hebrides W Haggas 9-5....................................T Marquand — 5 (5) Ingra Tor M Channon 9-5................................James Doyle — 6 (4) 0 King Alfred (20) E Walker 9-5............................P Cosgrave 70 7 (9) 4 Libra Tiger (12) D Menuisier 9-5........................J P Spencer 99 8 (2) 0 Octopus (13) J Tuite 9-5.............................R Clutterbuck (5) — 9 (6) Unsung Hero H Main 9-5................................. Rossa Ryan — 10 (8) 70 Vlad The Impaler (17) J S Moore 9-5........Sophie Jones (7) — 11 (10) 9 American Kestrel (23) R Hannon 9-0................S M Levey — 12 (13) Ave Maria R Charlton 9-0..................................... T Whelan — 13 (3) Virtuoso A Balding 9-0........................................D Probert — BETTING: 3 Ave Maria, 4 Hebrides, 9-2 Libra Tiger, 7 Delorean, 8 Ingra Tor, Grenada, Virtuoso, 25 American Kestrel, King Alfred, 33 Others. 2020: STATEMENT 9 0, Rob Hornby 11-8 Fav (M Meade), drawn (2), 13 ran. FORM GUIDE: AVE MARIA Kingman filly out of Lustrous. HEBRIDES Mehmas colt out of Woodland Maiden. LIBRA TIGER 16-1 Slowly into stride, off the pace towards rear, good headway centre of group over 2f out, stayed on inside final furlong, never going pace to reach leaders, 4th of 13, 4l behind Lil Guff at Goodwood 6f 2yo nov stk (4) sft. DELOREAN Time Test gelding out of Dawn Of Empire. GRENADA 66-1 Tracked leaders, ridden and rallied at 2f, weakened inside final furlong, 7th of 12, 5l behind Kiwano at Kempton 7f 2yo nov stks (5) pol in Sep. 2.13 NOVICE STAKES (DIV 1) (GBB RACE) (STR) (4) (2-Y-O) 1m Winner £4,860 (11 run) RTV 1 (4) 9 Alaadee (20) R Hannon 9-5................................ Rossa Ryan 70 2 (9) Alhabor A King 9-5...............................................M Harley — 3 (7) 6 Cresta De Vega (30) R Beckett 9-5........................R Hornby — 4 (1) Desert William I Williams 9-5............................D Costello — 5 (5) 78 Hines (20) A West 9-5............................................ C Bennett 84 6 (2) Lionel D Menuisier 9-5........................................J P Spencer — 7 (10) Lysander W Haggas 9-5...................................T Marquand — 8 (11) Shockwaves H Morrison 9-5................................S M Levey — 9 (6) 6 Tidal Storm (22) E Walker 9-5..............................R Coakley 93 10 (3) Via Serica B Meehan 9-5.......................................M Dwyer — 11 (8) 4 Zain Nights (16) R Charlton 9-5............................ T Whelan 99 BETTING: 4 Lysander, 9-2 Cresta De Vega, 5 Zain Nights, 13-2 Tidal Storm, Lionel, 10 Alaadee, Alhabor, 12 Shockwaves, Via Serica, 20 Others. 2020: ALEAS 9 5, Rossa Ryan 3-1 JtFav (R Beckett), drawn (14), 14 ran. FORM GUIDE: LYSANDER New Approach colt out of Darting. CRESTA DE VEGA 3-1 Prominent and tracked leader, ridden and ever chance at 2f, weakened inside final furlong, 6th of 12, 4l behind Kiwano at Kempton 7f 2yo nov stks (5) pol in Sep. ZAIN NIGHTS 16-1 In touch, pushed along over 2f out, kept on towards finish, 4th of 6, 7l behind Grenoble at Nottingham 1m 2yo nov stk (2) sft. LIONEL Lope De Vega colt out of Gretchen. TIDAL STORM 66-1 Off the pace in rear, pushed along and struggling halfway, kept on steadily inside final furlong, 6th of 13, 8l behind Wind Your Neck In at Salisbury 1m 2yo nov stk (4) sft in Sep. 2.48 NOVICE STAKES (DIV 2) (GBB RACE) (STR) (4) (2-Y-O) 1m Winner £4,860 (10 run) RTV 1 (2) Balgowan W Haggas 9-5.................................T Marquand — 2 (9) 73 Bushfire (22) H Morrison 9-5...........................James Doyle 88 3 (7) 538 Hapap (13) R Hannon 9-5.......................................S M Levey 99 4 (3) 05 Mambo Beat (7) C Cox 9-5........................................ A Kirby 79 5 (8) My Mate Ted R Teal 9-5........................................R Winston — 6 (5) Postmark R Beckett 9-5................................... Rossa Ryan — 7 (1) 6 Shorts On (27) R Charlton 9-5.............................. T Whelan 70 8 (6) The Residencies B Millman 9-5...........................R Coakley — 9 (4) 83 Tying The Knot (37) A King 9-5............................M Harley 76 10 (10) Ve Day A Balding 9-5..............................................D Probert — BETTING: 10-3 Tying The Knot, 9-2 Bushfire, 5 Balgowan, 7 Ve Day, 15-2 Hapap, Mambo Beat, 8 Shorts On, 10 Postmark, 20 Others. 2020: SCOPE 9 5, Rob Hornby 16-1 (R Beckett), drawn (15), 15 ran. 3.40 888SPORT NOVICES’ LIMITED HANDICAP CHASE (GBB RACE) (3) 2m 4f Winner £8,169 (5 run) RTV 1 1-1 Faivoir (19) D Skelton 6 11-8 (CD).................................H Skelton 70 2 171 Back On The Lash (89) M Keighley 7 11-2 (C)............... S Bowen 70 3 4-2 Annual Invictus (19) C Gordon 6 11-0...................... T Cannon 99 4 71- Danny Kirwan (207) P Nicholls 8 10-11.....................H Cobden — 5 13- Torn And Frayed (191) N Twiston-Davies 7 10-11 (D2).............. ..........................................................................S Twiston-Davies — BETTING: 9-4 Faivoir, 5-2 Annual Invictus, 4 Danny Kirwan, 9-2 Back On The Lash, 13-2 Torn And Frayed. 2020: No corresponding race. FORM GUIDE: FAIVOIR 5-2 Towards rear, headway before 5 out, went 3rd approaching 4 out, pressed leader 2 out, soon led and pushed out, jumped left last, ridden out, won at Uttoxeter 2m nov chs (3) gs beating Annual Invictus by 2 1/2l, 6 ran. ANNUAL INVICTUS 11-2 Prominent, pushed along before 4 out, briefly pressed leader 3 out, ridden 2 out, stayed on after last to take 2nd run-in, not pace of winner, 2nd of 6, 2 1/2l behind Faivoir at Uttoxeter 2m nov chs (3) gs. DANNY KIRWAN 5-4fav Soon led, quickened clear before 2 out, easily, won at Wincanton 2m 5f nh nov hdl (4) gd in Mar beating Beyond The Pale by 14l, 6 ran. BACK ON THE LASH 11-10fav Made virtually all, jumped well, stayed on well flat, ridden out, won at Uttoxeter 2m 6f nov hcp chs (3) gd in Jul beating Thistle Do Nicely by 1 1/4l, 4 ran. 4.15 ABU DHABI DIGITAL EXCHANGE HANDICAP HURDLE (3) 2m 4f Winner £8,169 (12 run) RTV 1 73- Guard Your Dreams (195) N Twiston-Davies 5 11-12.............. ..........................................................................S Twiston-Davies 91 2 03- Saint Sonnet (187) P Nicholls 6 11-11........................H Cobden 91 3 44- Coole Cody (191) E Williams 10 11-7 (BF, CD).. Isabel Williams (5) — 4 47- Clemencia (285) T Vaughan 5 11-0................................. A Johns 75 5 114 Dal Horrisgle (44) A King 5 10-13 (BF, D).................. T Cannon 88 6 0P- Captain Morgs (186) N Henderson 5 10-11 (BF)..N De Boinville 86 7 74- Sometimes Always (209) I Williams 6 10-10 (D)........ C Todd (3) 89 8 11- Art Approval (199) F O’Brien 5 10-7........................ P Brennan 88 9 -21 Found On (22) M Keighley 6 10-7 (D)............................. S Bowen 89 10 4U3 Fitzroy (69) S-J Davies 7 10-3..................................W T Kennedy 99 11 811 Mullaghmore Wave (75) J McConnell (IRE) 6 10-2......B Hayes 70 12 114 Calvinist (28) K Frost 8 10-0 (D2)...................................J J Burke 89 BETTING: 5 Guard Your Dreams, 11-2 Art Approval, Mullaghmore Wave, 13-2 Found On, Coole Cody, 15-2 Captain Morgs, 8 Saint Sonnet, 10 Dal Horrisgle, 14 Others. 2020: CAPTAIN TOM CAT 5 10 9, Cillin Leonard(7) 15-2 (Dr R Newland), 19 ran. FORM GUIDE: GUARD YOUR DREAMS 28-1 Held up in rear, headway 3 out, went 3rd 2 out, hit last, pressing for 2nd flat, no impression on winner, kept on, 3rd of 12, 10l behind My Drogo at Aintree 2m 4f nov hdl Grade 1 (1) gs in Apr. ART APPROVAL 10-11fav Chased leaders on inside, not much room and pushed along before 3 out, challenged 2 out, soon edged right and bumped, led last, edged right flat, going away towards finish, won at Exeter 2m 1f hcp hdl 0-125 (3) gf in Apr beating Paseo by 2 1/4l, 5 ran. MULLAGHMORE WAVE 9-2 Tracked leaders, not fluent 1st, 2nd halfway, almost on terms 2 out, pushed along to dispute lead at last, ridden and led under 1f out, bumped rival over 100 yards out and again close home, stayed on well, won at Downpatrick 2m 6f mrs hcp hdl in Aug beating Lighthouse Rose by 1/2l, 8 ran. COOLE CODY 10-3fav Prominent, led after the 5th, ridden and headed 2 out, no extra closing stages, 4th of 9, 11l behind Manofthemountain at Cheltenham 2m 5f hcap ch G2 (1) gd in Apr. FOUND ON 3-1fav Made all, ridden 2 out, ran on, won at Warwick 2m mares hcp hdl 0-115 (4) gd in Sep beating Howdilyoudo by 5l, 7 ran. FORM GUIDE: TYING THE KNOT 40-1 Prominent and tracked leader, driven at 2f, outpaced but kept on inside final furlong, not reach leader, 3rd of 9, 9l behind Goldspur at Sandown 1m 2yo nov stk (4) sft in Sep. BUSHFIRE 25-1 Steadied start, pulled hard in last pair, headway on far rail over 2f out, pushed along and kept on into never nearer 3rd inside final furlong, 3rd of 13, 5l behind Wind Your Neck In at Salisbury 1m 2yo nov stk (4) sft in Sep. BALGOWAN Australia colt out of Star Search. VE DAY Churchill colt out of Cochabamba. 3.23 HOT TO TROT RACING FILLIES’ HANDICAP (4) 1m 2f Winner £4,347 (9 run) RTV 1 (5) 544 Kaleidoscopic (16) M Channon 4 9-8 (D2).............D O’Neill 97 2 (4) 216 Hoodwinker (62) W Haggas 3 9-7...................T Marquand 97 3 (3) 113 Strawberri (61) R Varian 3 9-6 (BF).................James Doyle 98 4 (2) -18 Haykal (160) P Phelan 3 9-5.......................R Clutterbuck (5) 70 5 (7) 331 Skytree (20) W Haggas 3 9-4 (D)....................A Farragher (5) 97 6 (8) 31- Lady Percival (311) H Morrison 3 9-4...................R Hornby — 7 (1) 353 Dromquinna (92) A King 3 9-0.............................M Harley 97 8 (9) 440 Atavique (20) G Kelleway 4 8-12 (CD).......................H Turner 99 9 (6) 403 La Hulotte (10) A Balding 4 8-9............................D Probert 96 BETTING: 7-2 Skytree, 4 Strawberri, 5 Kaleidoscopic, 11-2 Hoodwinker, 7 Atavique, 15-2 Lady Percival, 10 La Hulotte, 14 Dromquinna, 20 Haykal. 2020: END RESULT 3 8 8, David Probert 15-2 (D Elsworth), drawn (4), 11 ran. FORM GUIDE: SKYTREE 7-2fav Pressed leader, ridden over 2f out, led over 1f out, stayed on gamely final furlong, won at Chester 1m 2f 3yo hcp 0-80 (4) sft beating Two Brothers by nk, 8 ran. STRAWBERRI 11-4fav Mid-division on inner, ridden and switched left 2f out, headway 1f out, kept on final furlong, never dangerous, 3rd of 14, 3 1/2l behind Yorkshire Lady at Sandown 1m 1f flls hcp 0-85 (4) gs in Aug. KALEIDOSCOPIC 9-2 Pushed along to track leader after 2f, ridden to lead over 1f out, headed inside final furlong, kept on, 4th of 11, 2l behind Kattani at Nottingham 1m 2f hcp 0-85 (4) sft. 3.58 HANDICAP (3) (3-Y-O) 1m 5f Winner £6,210 (10 run) RTV 1 (3) 319 Oman (62) R Beckett 9-7...................................... Rossa Ryan 81 2 (4) 821 Solent Gateway (62) T Dascombe 9-6...............Jane Elliott 82 3 (7) 390 Glen Again (61) I Williams 9-0..........................T Marquand 85 4 (6) 171 Downsman (17) J Boyle 8-11..............................P Cosgrave 81 5 (2) 512 Crema Inglesa (20) J Osborne 8-10........................J F Egan 79 6 (5) 441 Thunder Ahead (11) H Dunlop 8-10(6ex).............R Hornby 72 7 (10) 141 Secret Shadow (16) A Balding 8-9........................H Turner 83 8 (8) 454 Reverend Hubert (17) R Hannon 8-9.................S M Levey 83 9 (1) 531 Aggagio G L Moore 8-6.......................................A Keeley (7) 99 10 (9) 254 Maketh Believeth (11) H Dunlop 8-5.............. G Rooke (3) 70 BETTING: 10-3 Secret Shadow, 5 Downsman, 11-2 Reverend Hubert, 13-2 Solent Gateway, Oman, 8 Thunder Ahead, 10 Crema Inglesa, 12 Glen Again, 14 Others. 2020: GENTLEMAN AT ARMS 8 4, Luke Morris 15-2 (H Dunlop), drawn (4), 8 ran. FORM GUIDE: SECRET SHADOW 9-2 Keen early, tracked leaders, headway to lead over 1f out, soon in command, comfortable, won at Nottingham 1m 6f flls hcp 0-85 (4) sft beating Summertime Romance by 3 1/2l, 9 ran. DOWNSMAN 9-2 Steadied start, held up in last pair, good headway centre 3f out, led over 1f out, ridden clear, won at Leicester 1m 4f 3yo hcp 0-85 (4) hvy beating In The Breeze by 1l, 6 ran. REVEREND HUBERT 9-1 Held up rear of mid-division on outside, ridden over 2f out, stayed on inside final furlong, no impression on winner, pressing for 2nd towards finish, 4th of 8, 5l behind Spring Glow at Kempton 1m 4f hcp 0-85 (4) pol. 4.50 ANDY STEWART MEMORIAL AMATEUR JOCKEYS’ HCAP CHSE (3) 3m 1f Winner £7,700 (18 run) RTV 1 4P- Redford Road (218) N Twiston-Davies 7 12-4 (C)...... Mr Z Baker 70 2 122 Boughtbeforelunch (116) P Webber 8 11-12 (BF)................ ............................................................................Miss G Andrews 95 3 214 Ballyegan Hero (12) P Henderson 10 11-10...Mr Luke Scott (7) 95 4 32/ Marquis Of Carabas (900) F O’Brien 11 11-10..Mr D O’Connor — 5 33- Bermeo (191) T Vaughan 10 11-8 (CD)............. Miss A B O’Connor 99 6 -87 Petite Power (144) F O’Brien 12 11-8 (CD).....Mr S Waley-Cohen 92 7 14- First Class Return (192) O Murphy 8 11-8 (BF)....................... ........................................................................ Miss A Stevens (7) 92 8 074 Super Citizen (10) E O’Sullivan (IRE) 7 11-7............................... ................................................................Miss Maxine O’Sullivan 71 9 -11 Debden Bank (101) M Keighley 7 11-7.........................Mr J King 92 10 -82 Elan De Balme (158) D Pipe 7 11-7................ Mr M McIntyre (3) 94 11 3-3 Jean Genie (14) T Vaughan 5 11-6.................Mr Thomas O’Brien 94 12 241 Carnet De Stage (14) E O’Sullivan (IRE) 6 11-5.......................... .................................................................Mr M J M O’Sullivan (3) 77 13 4/2 Len Brennan (108) T Vaughan 8 11-5................... Mr J Andrews — 14 2-3 Defuture Is Bright (12) Christian Williams 7 11-5.................. ............................................................................. Mr R James (5) 92 15 432 Fact Of The Matter (35) J Snowden 11 11-2 (BF, CD)................. ........................................................Mr William Featherstone (7) 99 16 -85 Strictlyadancer (14) Christian Williams 7 11-1..... Mr P A King 95 17 232 Furius De Ciergues (23) O Greenall 6 10-12............................. .....................................................................Mr Jack Hendrick (7) 94 18 2-2 Madera Mist (160) T Vaughan 7 10-9 (C).............Mr T Durrell (7) 89 BETTING: 6 Marquis Of Carabas, 8 Defuture Is Bright, 10 Carnet De Stage, Debden Bank, Bermeo, 12 First Class Return, Strictlyadancer, Redford Road, 14 Others. 2020: BERMEO 9 10 5, Angus Cheleda(5) 20-1 (J Farrelly), 13 ran. FORM GUIDE: MARQUIS OF CARABAS 8-1 Held up in last pair, headway 5 out, left 2nd before next, soon challenged, outpaced before 3 out, ridden and no impression winner after, 2nd of 5, 7l behind Beau Du Brizais at Kempton 3m hcp chs 0-140 (3) gd in May ‘19. DEFUTURE IS BRIGHT 66-1 Held up in rear, gradually lost touch from 10th, tailed off, 3rd of 4, well behind Bravemansgame at Newton Abbot 2m 5f int chs (2) gs. BERMEO 8-1 Towards rear, no fluent when making headway 3 out, pushed along and tracked leaders 2 out, ridden and every chance last, not fluent last, kept on run-in but no match for front two, 3rd of 9, 5l behind Domaine De L’Isle at Cheltenham 3m 2f hcp chs 0-150 (2) gd in Apr. CARNET DE STAGE 5-1 Chased leaders, headway to 3rd 4 out, soon 2nd, on terms when not fluent 3 out, led travelling well 2 out, pushed along and readily went clear run-in, eased close home, easily, won at Downpatrick 2m 7f hcp chs 0-95 sft beating Earths Furies by 15l, 12 ran. DEBDEN BANK 6-4fav Prominent, led after 12th, pushed approaching 3 out, ridden after last and kept on strongly, won at Southwell 3m hcp chs 0-105 (5) gd in Jul beating Between The Waters by 7l, 12 ran. 5.25 FOUNDATION DEVELOPMENTS MAIDEN HURDLE (GBB RACE) (3) 2m Winner £7,804 (14 run) RTV 1 /2- Adjournment (206) O Greenall 5 11-2........................H Brooke — 2 6-5 Ballybreeze (23) S Drinkwater 5 11-2......................... A Wedge 70 3 -23 Brorson (23) M Keighley 5 11-2................................... S Bowen 80 4 Cardano I Williams 5 11-2......................................T Scudamore — 5 22 Cirque Royal (21) Gerald Quinn 5 11-2.......... Mr N McParlan (3) 91 6 1- Go Dante (225) O Murphy 5 11-2................................ A Coleman — 7 3F- Jetoile (384) R Potter 6 11-2........................................... D Jacob — 8 35- Lebowski (219) M Scudamore 6 11-2...........................B J Powell — 9 4-2 Mister Watson (167) B Pauling 7 11-2............Luca Morgan (5) 98 10 Mr Jorrocks M Hawker 6 11-2......................................H Reed — 11 38- Stratton Oakmont (206) K Woollacott 5 11-2..S Twiston-Davies — 12 -13 Top Bandit (12) G Elliott (IRE) 5 11-2........................D N Russell 93 13 327 Wild Shot (14) J McConnell (IRE) 7 11-2.........................B Hayes 93 14 44- John Locke (197) D Skelton 4 11-1..............................H Skelton 99 BETTING: 7-4 John Locke, 9-2 Cardano, 11-2 Top Bandit, 13-2 Cirque Royal, 15-2 Go Dante, 12 Mister Watson, 14 Wild Shot, 20 Brorson, Lebowski, 33 Others. 4.30 DOWNLOAD THE BETVICTOR APP HANDICAP (3) 7f Winner £6,210 (18 run) RTV 1 (3) 093 Cliffs Of Capri (21) J Osborne 7 10-0 (D4)............D Costello 99 2 (12) 207 Gifted Ruler (49) T Dascombe 4 9-13................Jane Elliott 97 3 (18) -70 Colour Image (28) S bin Suroor 4 9-12...............P Cosgrave 70 4 (11) 311 Motorious (38) S C Williams 3 9-10 (D2)...............S M Levey 91 5 (8) 054 Jack’s Point (42) Tom Clover 5 9-10 (D).....Laura Pearson (3) 94 6 (13) 769 Milltown Star (10) M Channon 4 9-9 (D)............ G Bass (5) 95 7 (1) 169 Molls Memory (20) E Walker 6 9-9 (CD2).........T Marquand 97 8 (16) 060 Devilwala (13) D Loughnane 3 9-9.................... Rossa Ryan 94 9 (5) 129 Final Watch (21) W Stone 3 9-8 (D2).................... J Mitchell 97 10 (6) 411 Old Flame (34) R Beckett 3 9-8 (D2).......................R Hornby 96 11 (17) 322 Pretty Rebel (13) G O’Leary (IRE) 4 9-6 (D2).........M Harley 98 12 (10) 351 Ascot Adventure (22) C Cox 3 9-5.......................... A Kirby 97 13 (9) 843 Dulas (34) C Hills 4 9-4 (D)..................................James Doyle 98 14 (15) 216 Global Esteem (12) C Dwyer 4 9-4 (D)................A Beech (5) 97 15 (4) 567 Caribou (12) D Coakley 3 9-3 (C)..............................C Bishop 97 16 (7) 322 Love Dreams (16) M Blake 7 8-12 (D6)..................D Probert 98 17 (2) 190 Dancing To Win (24) H Palmer 3 8-10 (D)............ L Steward 98 18 (14) 654 Bellazada (20) B Meehan 3 8-9.............................M Dwyer 98 BETTING: 11-2 Old Flame, 6 Molls Memory, 15-2 Motorious, Ascot Adventure, 8 Pretty Rebel, 10 Milltown Star, Caribou, 12 Gifted Ruler, Cliffs Of Capri, 14 Others. 2020: MOLLS MEMORY 5 9 6, Jamie Spencer 7-2 (E Walker), drawn (5), 7 ran. 5.00 WEST BERKSHIRE RACING CLUB HANDICAP (3) 6f Winner £6,210 (16 run) RTV 1 (5) 211 Capote’s Dream (81) T Ward 4 9-12 (D5)..........T Marquand 95 2 (9) 230 Fastar (153) G O’Leary (IRE) 7 9-9 (D)......................M Harley 99 3 (12) 414 Nelson Gay (9) R Hughes 3 9-9 (D2).................... G Rooke (3) 91 4 (13) 431 Spanish Star (12) P Chamings 6 9-7 (C, D4)..........D Probert 95 5 (10) 284 Mitrosonfire (21) W Muir & C Grassick 3 9-6 (D5)............... ....................................................................Cathal Gahan (7) 96 6 (6) 359 Indian Creak (12) M Channon 4 9-6 (D2)........... Rossa Ryan 93 7 (4) 249 Bernardo O’Reilly (35) R Spencer 7 9-5 (CD)...A Villiers (3) 98 8 (1) 378 Kimifive (27) D Bridgwater 6 9-4 (D2)....................D Keenan 98 9 (11) 005 Uncle Jumbo (21) K Ryan 3 9-4 (D).....................J P Spencer 96 10 (7) 613 Louie de Palma (49) C Cox 9 9-3 (D4)........................ A Kirby 95 11 (14) 35- Tommy de Vito (474) C Hills 4 9-3 (D)......................D O’Neill — 12 (16) -02 Rolfe Rembrandt (22) M Scudamore 3 9-0 (C).. James Doyle 95 13 (3) 26- Dandys Derriere (413) B Meehan 3 8-9 (D)....... L Steward — 14 (8) 639 Bella Notte (22) R Hannon 3 8-8.........................S M Levey 98 15 (15) 4-9 Eastern Delight (185) C Mason 3 8-5....................J F Egan 70 16 (2) 340 Teruntum Star (14) D C Griffiths 9 8-5 (CD).............L Jones 93 BETTING: 11-2 Fastar, 13-2 Spanish Star, 7 Bernardo O’Reilly, 15-2 Capote’s Dream, 8 Rolfe Rembrandt, 12 Mitrosonfire, Kimifive, Bella Notte, Indian Creak, 14 Others. 2020: PUNCHBOWL FLYER 3 9 4, Charles Bishop 4-1 JtFav (E J-Houghton), drawn (5), 10 ran. 5.35 BETVICTOR ‘HANDS AND HEELS’ APPRENTICE HANDICAP (5) 2m Winner £2,862 (14 run) RTV 1 (4) 544 Single (9) M Channon 4 9-11.............................. Rose Dawes 99 2 (5) 283 Cloud Thunder (136) H Main 4 9-10.....................F Larson 70 3 (1) 535 Be My Sea (12) A Carroll 10 9-8 (D)................... Emma Taff (3) 93 4 (3) 241 Super Superjack (9) M Harris 4 9-5..................B Harris (3) 98 5 (6) 535 Russian Rumour (9) J Portman 4 9-2 (D).............A Jary (3) 92 6 (2) 13- Tribal Commander I Williams 5 9-2 (D)..W Humphrey (3) — 7 (12) 12- Mere Anarchy R Stephens 10 9-1 (D).........Jack Osborne (5) — 8 (9) 140 Zillion (12) Mrs S Gardner 7 9-1 (D)............Georgina King (3) 92 9 (14) 912 Tin Fandango (12) M Usher 6 9-1 (D2)........ Sophie Reed (5) 93 10 (11) 234 Sulochana (23) H Morrison 4 9-1.......................... L Browne 91 11 (13) 572 Beggarman (23) H Morrison 4 8-12.................A Brookes (3) 76 12 (10) 0-0 The Twisler N Mulholland 9 8-12................... Morgan Cole 75 13 (7) 272 Flammarion D Pipe 5 8-9..............................C Howarth (3) 93 14 (8) 215 Weardiditallgorong (15) P Phelan 9 8-6..........A Keeley 90 BETTING: 10-3 Single, 11-2 Tin Fandango, 13-2 Sulochana, 7 Super Superjack, 8 Flammarion, 10 Beggarman, 12 Mere Anarchy, Be My Sea, 14 Others. 2020: MAIN FACT 7 9 0, Luke Catton Evens Fav (D Pipe), drawn (15), 14 ran. CAPTAIN BECHER THE MARQUIS CAPTAIN BECHER THE MARQUIS Racing FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 55 Sport By simon rushworth Yesterday’s RESULTS CARLISLE Going: Good 1.55 (2m 4f 8yds, £7,500 added): 1 KAYF HERNANDO (H Skelton) 5-1; 2 MISTER WHITAKER (IRE) 8-13Fav; 3 HIGH MOON 50-1. Also: 10-3 Glentruan (IRE) 5th, 16-1 Everyday Champagne (IRE) 6th, 28-1 Ritson (IRE) 4th, 33-1 Landacre Bridge pulled up. 11 ran. nk, 11l. (D Skelton). 2.30 (2m 4f, £14,400 added): 1 HARDY DU SEUIL (FR) (G Sheehan) 10-3; 2 TUPELO MISSISSIPPI (IRE) 1-5Fav 2 ran. 7½l. (Jamie Snowden). NRs: Ahoy Senor, Cadzand, Deluxe Range. 3.05 (2m 1f 33yds, £13,900 added): 1 QUINTA DO MAR (IRE) (L Morgan) 11-4; 2 ONEHUNDRED- PERCENT (FR) 5-2Fav; 3 RED MISSILE (IRE) 11-1. Also: 8-1 Joie De Vivre (IRE) 5th, 11-1 Frightened Rabbit (USA) 4th, 14-1 Hello Judge 6th. 9 ran. 4¾l, 6l. (B Pauling). 3.40 (3m 2f 34yds, £16,400 added): 1 GENERATOR CITY (IRE) (S Quinlan) 5-1; 2 SPEAK OF THE DEVIL (IRE) 9-2; 3 PRESENT CHIEF (IRE) 3-1JtFav. Also: 3-1 Jt Fav Oscar Montel (IRE) 4th, 6-1 Louis’ Vac Pouch (IRE) fell, 11-1 Mance Rayder (IRE) unseated rider, 14-1 Lough Derg Farmer (IRE) 5th. 7 ran. 1l, 14l. (B Leavy). NR: Event Of Sivola. 4.15 (2m 4f, £11,400 added): 1 KILBROOK (IRE) (J O’Neill Jr.) 7-2; 2 DINO BOY (FR) 10-3; 3 THE PADDY PIE (IRE) 4-1. Also: 5-4 Fav Palixandre (FR) 4th, 28-1 Thatbeatsbanagher (IRE) 5th. 5 ran. ns, 2¼l. (Jonjo O’Neill). NRs: Caboy, Doktor Glaz, Holme Abbey, Sambezi, Victory Echo, Waitonit, Well Above Par. 4.50 (2m 4f 8yds, £8,600 added): 1 RICKETY GATE (S Quinlan) 4-1; 2 ON SPRINGS (IRE) 3-1Fav; 3 KISS Eagles flying high in regional celebrations Darius Defoe won the prestigious Sporting Achievement of the Year award It was a night to remember for Newcastle Eagles as British basketball’s most successful franchise dominated the North East’s biggest sports awards. The annual Sport Newcastle gala dinner recognises the city’s top performers, rising stars and unsung heroes. And on a star-studded night at the Vertu Motors Arena, the Eagles claimed three of the night’s biggest prizes following another fantastic year on and off the court. Darius Defoe, the most decorated player in British Basketball League history, won Sport Newcastle’s blue ribband prize as he scooped the prestigious Sporting Achievement of the Year award. Chris Bunten, head coach of Newcastle Eagles’ WBBL, was handed the Sport Newcastle Coaching Award in recognition of his longterm commitment to women’s hoops in the city. And the Eagles Wings Team was named among 2021’s Unsung Heroes as a group of fans turned volunteers proved themselves time and time again in the face of an unforgiving global pandemic. “I think everyone knows just how challenging this last 18 months has been but across the board our players, coaches, staff and volunteers have risen to the challenge time and time again,” said Newcastle Eagles’ managing director, Paul Blake. “I’m extremely proud to work alongside these amazing people day in, day out and they’re a credit to Newcastle Eagles and the Eagles Community Foundation.” Defoe, who joined the club as a teenager in 2004, has won 27 national titles in 18 successive seasons in a black and white vest. And he was awarded the biggest prize in Newcastle sport after adding another trophy double to his hugely impressive tally last season. “Darius is a true leader who embodies our culture,” said Newcastle Eagles’ head coach, Ian MacLeod, who accepted the Sporting Achievement award on Defoe’s behalf as the Eagles’ forward continues to selfisolate following an outbreak of Covid. “He is the bedrock this team and club is built on and everything you would want from a professional.” Bunten has been coaching the best female basketball players in the North East for close to a decade. And last season he returned to the WBBL Playoff final for the first time since 2016 as the Eagles’ WBBL side MY FACE 17-2. Also: 13-2 Elusive Red (IRE) fell, 11-1 Coral Blue (IRE) 5th, 14-1 On We Go (IRE) 4th, 40-1 Amma Lord (IRE) 6th. 13 ran. 3¼l, 6l. (N G Richards). NR: Be The Difference. 5.20 (2m 4f 8yds, £8,600 added): 1 HEADSCARF LIL (IRE) (S Quinlan) 10-3Fav; 2 BRICKADANK (IRE) 13-2; 3 FERNHILL DANE (IRE) 14-1. Also: 9-2 Calliope 6th, 15-2 Fernhill Lad (IRE) 4th, 25-1 Paddy The Panda (IRE) 4th. 10 ran. 1¼l, ½l. (N G Richards). NRs: Arcanja, Mcgarry, Your Place. LUDLOW Going: Good 1.00 (1m 7f 169yds, £8,500 added): 1 KEY TO THE MOON (GER) (S Twiston-Davies) 8-1; 2 FULL OF LIGHT (IRE) 8-13Fav; 3 ANNUAL REVIEW (IRE) 13-2. Also: 9-2 Clear The Runway (IRE) 4th, 10-1 Bricklagger (IRE) 5th, 20-1 Doyens De Ante (IRE) fell, 250-1 Yambocharlie 6th. 11 ran. 2½l, 5½l. (N A Twiston-Davies). 1.30 (2m 5f 55yds, £9,000 added): 1 SINNDARELLA (IRE) (R Patrick) 2-5Fav; 2 EASTERLY 7-2; 3 SPORT- ING SCOPEY 6-1. 3 ran. 8l, 52l. (Sarah Hollinshead). 2.05 (1m 7f 212yds, £14,500 added): 1 GOLDEN TAIPAN (IRE) (P J Brennan) 7-5Fav; 2 RAYA TIME (FR) 9-2; 3 FLASHING GLANCE 9-4. Also: 9-2 Battle Of Actium (IRE) 4th. 4 ran. 6½l, 1¾l. (F O’Brien). NR: Storm Rising. 2.40 (1m 7f 169yds, £10,000 added): 1 JUST THE MAN (FR) (A Wedge) 9-2; 2 KARAKORAM 11-2; 3 SORBET 8-1. Also: 3-1 Fav Yauthym (GER) 5th, 9-2 Kensington Art 4th, 12-1 Lucky Robin (IRE) 6th. 7 ran. 2¼l, 1¼l. (J G M O’Shea). 3.15 (2m 4f 11yds, £9,000 added): 1 HAPPY NEWS (M G Andrews) 9-1; 2 GOUET DES BRUYERES (FR) 3-1; 3 PRINTING DOLLARS (IRE) 4-1. Also: 5-2 Fav Goldencard (IRE) 5th, 6-1 Kilbrew Boy (IRE) 6th, 6-1 Muse Of Fire (IRE) 4th. 6 ran. 1½l, 22l. (J Groucott). 3.50 (2m 7f 174yds, £8,500 added): 1 IMPHAL (J E Moore) 2-1Fav; 2 DYNALI 8-1; 3 TIP TOP CAT (IRE) 11-4. Also: 7-2 Ballymilan 6th, 9-1 Fraterculus (IRE) 4th, 25-1 Top Drawer (IRE) 5th. 7 ran. 1l, 2¼l. (G L Moore). NRs: Major Robinson, Mr Yeats. NEWTON ABBOT Going: Heavy 1.38 (3m 2f 105yds, £7,200 added): 1 SHANTOU SUNSET (T J O’Brien) 5-2; 2 DOYEN QUEEN (IRE) 2-1Fav; 3 MY LADY GREY 9-2. Also: 5-2 Do Ya Feel Lucky (IRE) fell. 4 ran. 9½l, 14l. (P J Hobbs). NRs: Ballybough Nora, Mabela, Martha Brae, Winter Getaway. 2.13 (2m 5f 122yds, £7,600 added): 1 INVESTMENT MANAGER (B Powell) 6-1; 2 OSCARS MOONSHINE (IRE) 3-1; 3 STEADY AWAY (IRE) 15-8Fav. Also: 5-1 Nickelsonthedime (IRE) 6th, 13-2 Paricolor (FR) 5th, 11-1 Hogan’s Height (IRE) 4th. 6 ran. 4¼l, 2½l. (C L Tizzard). NRs: Ballinslea Bridge, Mistersister. 2.48 (2m 2f 110yds, £7,500 added): 1 MIGHT I (IRE) (L Murtagh) 10-11Fav; 2 THUNDER ROCK (IRE) 3-1; 3 TRIPLE TRADE 33-1. Also: 3-1 Halo Des Obeaux (FR) fell, 25-1 Nelsons Rock pulled up, 40-1 Without A Doubt 4th, 50-1 Doran’s Bridge (IRE) pulled up. 7 ran. 11l, 7l. (H Fry). NRs: Advantura, Hazard Collonges, Hidden Heroics, Millbank Flyer, Mojito Royale, Saoirse Away, Ted’s Friend. 3.23 (2m 4f 216yds, £12,200 added): 1 ARIAN (IRE) (T J O’Brien) 9-2; 2 CHINWAG 8-1; 3 TIQUER (FR) 22-1. Also: 7-4 Fav Orrisdale (IRE) fell, 7-2 shocked the world of basketball. Newcastle became the first seventh-placed side in the league’s history to knock off the top two teams in the post-season. And the club’s fairytale trip to the Playoff final made headlines across the globe. But Bunten’s Sport Newcastle Coaching Award recognises a longstanding determination to raise the Colonel Custard (IRE) fell, 11-1 Itacare (FR) 4th, 12-1 Doitforthevillage (IRE) 6th, 12-1 Entre Deux (FR) 5th. 8 ran. 4l, 2l. (P J Hobbs). NRs: Corran Cross, Kauto The King, Vinnie The Hoddie. 3.58 (2m 167yds, £5,779 added): 1 TEN PAST MIDNIGHT (P Cowley) 5-2; 2 ALRAMZ 10-11Fav; 3 THAT OLE CHESTNUT (IRE) 15-2. Also: 15-2 Richie Valentine 5th, 12-1 Blistering Bob unseated rider, 80-1 Whataboutwalt (IRE) 4th. 6 ran. ¾l, 6½l. (M Keighley). NRs: Folly Gate, Independence, Lime Drop, Oneonechop, Poet’s Reflection, Sadma, Vocal Duke. 4.30 (3m 1f 170yds, £6,061 added): 1 ISLA DI MILANO (IRE) (C Brace) 11-1; 2 LEAVE MY ALONE (IRE) 3-1Fav; 3 CLOUD FORMATION 7-2. Also: 10-3 Dorado Dollar (IRE) pulled up, 13-2 Treacys Jim (IRE) 4th, 15-2 Clondaw Rigger (IRE) pulled up, 8-1 Kingsmill Gin fell. 7 ran. 20l, 5l. (J L Flint). NRs: Arc Of Bubbles, Between The Waters, First Assembly, Hedgeinator, Mr Stubbs. 5.05 (2m 167yds, £3,500 added): 1 KNOWWHEN- TOHOLDEM (IRE) (M Bastyan) 11-1; 2 BAREST OF MARGINS (IRE) 3-1; 3 ASTRONOMIC VIEW 40-1. Also: 9-4 Fav Great Ocean (FR) 6th, 13-2 Almost Gotaway (IRE) 5th, 22-1 Meechlands Magic 4th. 10 ran. 2½l, nk. (M F Harris). NRs: Dr Seb, Festive Glory, Nivlac, Rex Of Temple. WOLVERHAMPTON Going: Standard 5.00 (6f 20yds, £8,700 added): 1 BEAUZON (J Watson) 15-2; 2 POET 7-1; 3 NEVER IN FOURTH 12-1. Also: 5-2 Fav Trail Hawk 6th, 11-2 Rhinoplasty (IRE) 4th, 12-1 Sienna Bonnie (IRE) 5th. 10 ran. ¾l, ½l. (D O’Meara). NRs: Costa Adeje, Red Power. standard and profile of women’s basketball across Tyneside and a commitment to developing players of all ages and abilities. During the last 18 months the Eagles Wings Team ensured the Vertu Motors Arena operated seamlessly as a Covid-safe home for elite 5.30 (7f 36yds, £7,200 added): 1 SECRET MOMENT (IRE) (M Ghiani) 11-4Fav; 2 PORT NOIR 22-1; 3 BRUNEL CHARM 10-1. Also: 16-1 Al Qaasim (IRE) 6th, 18-1 First Lott 5th, 33-1 Katheefa (USA) 4th. 12 ran. 2l, 2¼l. (S bin Suroor). 6.00 (7f 36yds, £7,000 added): 1 RED PHANTOM (IRE) (D Probert) 25-1; 2 MUMCAT 6-1; 3 FYLDE COAST (FR) 14-1. Also: 5-1 Atlantic Heart (IRE) 6th, 10-1 Almodovar Del Rio (IRE) 4th, 12-1 Mount Kosciuszko 5th. 12 ran. ½l, 1½l. (Sir M Todd). 6.30 (1m 142yds, £8,700 added): 1 ODISSEO (A Atzeni) 6-1; 2 HAUNTED DREAM (IRE) 6-5Fav; 3 ICONIC LOOK 9-1. Also: 11-2 Astaroth 5th, 12-1 Refai (IRE) 6th, 33-1 Uncs (IRE) 4th. 8 ran. 1l, ¾l. (M Botti). 7.00 (1m 142yds, £6,500 added): 1 UPTON PARK (FR) (O Murphy) 5-2; 2 OUTSMART (IRE) 10-1; 3 PAVLODAR (FR) 11-8Fav. Also: 10-1 Loudspeaker 5th, 16-1 Muzaffar 4th, 66-1 Pangloss 6th. 8 ran. ns, ½l. (A M Balding). NR: Estadio Mestalla. 7.30 (5f 21yds, £19,000 added): 1 MONDAMMEJ (C Hardie) 2-1Fav; 2 NEWYORKSTATEOFMIND 10-3; 3 CAROLINE DALE 7-2. Also: 6-1 Blue De Vega (GER) 4th, 17-2 Mokaatil 6th, 14-1 Royal Birth 5th. 6 ran. nk, nk. (A Brittain). 8.00 (5f 21yds, £7,200 added): 1 PURPLE BLING (IRE) (C Murtagh) 10-1; 2 SIDCOT SWALLET 14-1; 3 FAIR AND SQUARE 25-1. Also: 7-2 Fav Lucky Man (IRE) 4th, 13-2 Gift Horse 6th, 7-1 Jazzy Princess 5th. 11 ran. nk, 1¼l. (R A Fahey). 8.30 (1m 1f 104yds, £7,200 added): 1 SHINING AITCH (B McHugh) 9-2; 2 RITCHIE VALENS (IRE) 9-2; 3 OUT OF REASON 5-1. Also: 4-1 Fav Bakersboy 5th, 16-1 Tio Mio (IRE) 6th, 22-1 Star Of Valour (IRE) 4th. 13 ran. ¾l, ½l. (P J McBride). Darius is a true leader who embodies our culture Ian MacLeod Weight watcher Horses which have dropped most from previous winning handicap marks in the last two years. CHELTENHAM: 4.50 Petite Power (won off 120 down 3lb to 117). DONCASTER: 2.40 Lord Rapscallion (won off 94 down 5lb to 89); 4.55 Just Hiss (10lb). NEWBURY: 4.30 Jack’s Point (won off 91 down 3lb to 88); 5.00 Teruntum Star (19lb). NEWCASTLE: 6.00 Perfect Swiss Fibre Sand (won off 75 down 3lb to 72); 8.30 Late Arrival (6lb). Downgraded Horses dropped two grades or more from their previous race. basketball and as a vital base for the NHS. The unwavering commitment of a dedicated army of volunteers meant the versatile venue was transformed on a weekly basis from the home of BBL and WBBL basketball to a busy vaccination centre. The VMA also became a distribution base for kids’ activity packs and free school meals. And in identifying the Wings Team as worthy recipients of a 2021 Unsung Heroes award, Sport Newcastle hailed the team-work and passion at the heart of a communitydriven collective. Other major winners on the night included Ros Miller, coach and mother of the North East’s most successful athlete, Stephen Miller. Ros was awarded the Wilkinson Sword for Lifetime Achievement after guiding the career of one of the world’s most famous Paralympians and inspiring generations of athletes across the North East. 2020 FA Vase winners Hebburn Town bagged Team Of The Year following an incredible season for the Tynesiders and statistics triathlete Dan Dixon won the Young Sporting Achievement award. Unsung Heroes included Ian Chapman and Paul Netherton from The City Of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy, rising star of the boxing world Beau Pape, Myra and Neil Jamieson from Gosforth Rugby Club and badminton’s Karen Davison. DONCASTER: 1.30 Aiming High (down 2 grades), 1.30 Rumourmonger (down 2), 2.05 Ample Power (down 3), 2.05 Velazquez (down 3), 2.05 Dougies Dream (down 2), 4.25 Amy Beach (down 2), 4.55 Just Hiss (down 3). NEWBURY: 2.13 Zain Nights (down 2), 2.48 Hapap (down 2), 3.23 Atavique (down 2), 5.35 Sulochana (down 3). NEWCASTLE: 6.00 Perfect Swiss (down 3), 6.30 Equal Share (down 3), 7.00 Arkid (down 2), 7.30 Mobashr (down 2), 8.00 Gaassee (down 2). CHELTENHAM: 1.55 Camprond (down 3), 2.30 Third Time Lucki (down 4), 3.05 Siruh Du Lac (down 2), 4.15 Guard Your Dreams (down 5), 4.50 Redford Road (down 3), 5.25 John Locke (down 5). OFFICIALHORSERACING COMMENTARY AND RESULTS Cal09016094248 Calscost65pperminplusyourtelephonecompany’snetworkaccesscharge.18+only. SP:Spoke.Helpline:03332023390

56 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 Basketball cricket Lyon hopes to face Stokes in Ashes clash Australia spinner Nathan Lyon says he expects Durham star Ben Stokes to feature in the Ashes, despite the England all-rounder’s ongoing hiatus from competitive cricket. Stokes took an extended break from the game in July, citing his mental wellbeing and the need to fully recover from a fractured left index finger. England have made it clear that they will not put any pressure on him to return to action, with head coach Chris Silverwood saying the ball is in Stokes’ court regarding any comeback. He was absent from the main Ashes squad and the supporting Lions group but a series of social media posts in recent days have detailed his enthusiastic return to training, raising expectations among fans that he could be preparing to re-enter the fray this winter. And Lyon, who was one of the Australia bowlers taken apart by Stokes during his unforgettable match-winning innings at Headingley two years ago, has also been paying attention. “I’m expecting him to come,” Lyon told “I hope he is. You want to play against the best players in the world. Stokesy is the best all-rounder in the world. He’s an X-factor, a game changer, and you want to play against these sort of players.” Meanwhile, Dom Sibley has pulled out of the England Lions trip to Australia, effectively ending his Ashes hopes, with Yorkshire’s Harry Brook called up as a replacement. Opener Sibley played 22 Tests before being dropped against India this summer but was handed a lifeline when he was invited Down Under with the Lions squad. By jeff king Ian MacLeod admits the Newcastle Eagles will once again be without a number of their star players for their do-or-die BBL Cup weekend double-header. The holders face the ignominy of being dumped out at the group stage if they do not beat Manchester Giants tonight and Cheshire Phoenix on Sunday. Even then, that might not be enough as Newcastle also need cross-border rivals Glasgow Rocks to beat the Phoenix tonight. Injuries and a Covid outbreak have compounded a difficult start to the campaign, with the Eagles unable to get their full roster together until just a few days before their season opener against the Rocks. Since then, they have won just one of their six matches and are on the brink of BBL Cup elimination. However, MacLeod has not given up hope of a stunning fightback to earn their place in the quarter-finals. “[Victory tonight against Manchester] could set up a winner-takesall type scenario on Sunday but we have another game to battle through before then,” the Eagles head coach said. “We also need a little help from Glasgow to beat Cheshire tonight. Right now, the focus is to get back to work and make sure we are as prepared as possible.” The Eagles were already shorthanded going into last weekend’s double-header with MacLeod and a number of players ruled out due to Covid. And when star point guard Rahmon Fletcher and dynamo Kyle Williams both went off injured, it added injury to insult as they lost at both Sheffield Sharks and Glasgow. MacLeod said that while his coaching staff will be back to full strength, his playing squad might not be. “Firstly, all coaches will be back on the sideline, and we will look to build on the stellar work Gary [Stronach, assistant coach] has done in our stead. Kyle and Fletch are touchand-go for the weekend, we will have to see closer to the time,” he said. “Due to procedures and isolations, we will essentially be running with the same roster again but with some youth players in support. Being released from isolation is not ‘job done’ and full steam ahead. “Covid takes its toll and I know even for me it will be a process of building things back up, so for the players we must ensure we do not put too much in them too quickly. Their health has to come first.” Manchester (5-2) are on a great run and come into the game top of the BBL Cup north group, with all their starting five averaging double figures so far this season. The Eagles lost 92-86 in the North West at the start of this month and MacLeod admitted they face a tough test tonight. He said: “They are a well-balanced Head coach Ian MacLeod is back for tonight’s crucial BBL Cup clash with Manchester Giants – but star point guard Rahmon Fletcher will be touch and go Injury-stricken Eagles facing a Giant Cup test team with some good athletes. I expect them to be very competitive throughout the season. “I thought we let the game slip at their place which was a real opportunity for us. But we will be fighting on Friday for the win to hopefully set us up for Sunday.” Tip-off at the sold-out Vertu Motors Arena tonight will be at 7.30pm. CALLING ALL INDEPENDENT RETAILERS! START YOUR LOCAL TO NATIONAL SALES JOURNEY WITH A 14-DAY FREE TRIAL For 2-week free promo. T&C’s apply. Account can be closed before trial ends. Standard account fees apply after trial period JOIN US AND HELP THE NATION SHOP LOCAL THE ONLINE MARKETPLACE only for independent bricks and mortar retailers WE CATER FOR EVERYTHING from fashion to furniture, electronics to kitchen essentials VAST AND VARIED CUSTOMER BASE committed to supporting the local high street SCAN OR VISIT: WWW.DOWNYOURHIGHSTREET.CO.UK/LOCAL2FREE LOW COMMISSION and fast payments FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 57 Non-league football Focus is on league for Heed after Cup thriller national north By Jeff Bowron GATESHEAD will put the FA Cup on the back-burner ahead of a crucial week on the league front with a trio of six-pointers. The Heed booked their place in the first round of the Cup after a thrilling 3-2 midweek replay over Marske United. That earned them a first-round tie at home to Altrincham in a fortnight, but it is league matters that now focus the mind. Gateshead stage a top-four clash with Brackley Town at the International Stadium tomorrow afternoon. They then travel to managerless sixth-placed Curzon Ashton on Tuesday followed by a trip to unbeaten leaders AFC Fylde at Field Mill four days later. It is a big week for a side that has started brilliantly having lost just one of their 12 outings this season. Mike Williamson’s men are the joint leading scorers in National League North with 19 goals, while visitors Brackley have the best defensive record. Something has to give on Tyneside and Williamson, as ever, is looking forward to the challenges ahead. He said: “Brackley are right up there and setting the pace, they have a great platform and a wealth of experience. But ultimately we focus on ourselves.” On the win over Marske, the Heed’s eight of the campaign, the former Newcastle defender added. “We had to be patient, but we played through the thirds, and when you have the firepower we have it was only a matter of time.” Cedwyn Scott scored his eighth goal of the season to move within two goals of leading scorer Macaulay Langstaff. Brackley have won seven of their nine league games, but Tuesday’s 2-1 FA Cup defeat at Guiseley ended their unbeaten away record. ebac northern league Ashington manager Ian Skinner has praised his side as they prepare for two challenging away fixtures inside four days. The Colliers moved into the top six of the Division One table with a 4-2 home win against Sunderland RCA in midweek – but their promotion credentials will be severely tested with trips to Newton Aycliffe and West Auckland Town over the coming days. The latter of those away days comes tomorrow and Skinner is determined to stay true to the style of play that has helped his side to an encouraging first two months of their league campaign. He told the club website: “We are playing the type of football we want to play and at times I will just have to accept that we will concede goals because of that style.” Elsewhere tomorrow, Steve Bowey will continue in his role as Whickham’s caretaker manager when they host Bishop Auckland. Whitley Bay will hope to avoid a fifth consecutive defeat when they face Guisborough Town at Hillheads and Crook Town are hoping to bounce back from their heavy home defeat against Consett when they host Redcar Athletic. Billingham Town are without the suspended Joe Taylor for their visit to Sunderland RCA. Sunderland West End can close the gap on Division Two leaders Heaton Stannington to five points if Gateshead’s Cedwyn Scott moved on to eight goals with his strike in Tuesday’s FA Cup replay win over Marske United PIC: Charlie Waugh they claim a win at fellow promotion contenders Newcastle University. The division’s bottom two clubs meet at Ford Hub as Washington entertain winless Durham City and Tow Law Town will hope to take advantage of Horden CW’s poor form at Ironworks Road. Sam Attewell has been ruled out of Boldon CA’s home game with Blyth Town and former Blyth Spartans striker Ash Davis is an injury doubt for Willington as they prepare to host Bedlington Terriers. New signing Chris Tarn is in the Jarrow squad for their trip to in-form Ryton and Crawcrook Albion, and a suspension has ruled Josh Home-Jackson out of Easington Colliery’s home meeting with Esh Winning. Nelson hopes hard work finally pays off for Spartans Blyth Spartans manager Michael Nelson is hoping to see the benefit of hard work on the training pitch when his side host Boston United on Saturday. Spartans have been without a game during the last fortnight and that has allowed Nelson and assistant Micky Barron to assess where their side needs to improve after they suffered three national north By Mark Carruthers consecutive defeats against Chester, Guiseley and Chorley. Nelson told the club website: “We’ve got a lot of training into them and sorted some 11 v 11 games to get them into shape and let them By Mark Carruthers know what we want. We broke it down and went back to what we tried to do in the early part of the season. “Hopefully the lads will respond really well to it and we will see that on Saturday.” Spennymoor Town will return to action tomorrow when they host managerless Curzon Ashton. The Moors will be without midfielder Stephen Thompson as he serves a suspension. Darlington manager Alun Armstrong is hoping to move on from his side’s defeat at Chorley when they entertain Leamington. He told the club website: “It’s a shame this little mini run we are on has ended, but I’ve said to the lads we have to get back at it on Saturday.” PITCHING IN NORTHERN PREM South Shields have completed the signing of former FC United of Manchester striker Cedric Main ahead of their home game against promotion rivals Buxton. The 24-year-old Frenchman becomes the latest addition to Graham Fenton’s squad and he could be handed a debut tomorrow if the Mariners receive clearance from the Football Association and Northern Premier League. Main began his career in the Netherlands and played in the youth ranks at Eredivisie club FC Groningen before spending time with Spanish clubs La Nucía and Almagro CF. He moved to England to join the Mariners’ Northern Premier League rivals FC United of Manchester and found the net as his former employers and his new club battled to a 1-1 draw at the 1st Cloud Arena in August. He said: “When I found out South Shields wanted to sign me, I was very pleased because when I played against them earlier this season I could see it was an amazing club.” Morpeth Town will be boosted by the return of striker Liam Henderson and midfielder Connor Oliver when they head to Nantwich Town. Hebburn Town head to Bridlington Town and Dunston UTS are targeting a fifth consecutive league win when they travel to Sheffield. FIXTURES TOMORROW (3pm unless stated). Vanarama National League North: Blyth Spartans v Boston United. Darlington v Leamington. Gateshead v Brackley Town. Spennymoor Town v Curzon Ashton. Pitching-In Northern Premier League Premier Division: Nantwich Town v Morpeth Town. South Shields v Buxton. Pitching-In Northern Premier League East Division: Bridlington Town v Hebburn Town. Lincoln United v Shildon. Liversedge v Stockton Town. Sheffield v Dunston UTS. Stocksbridge Park Steels v Marske United. Buildbase FA Vase First Round: AFC Liverpool v Newton Aycliffe. Billingham Synthonia v Isle of Man. Carlisle City v Chester-le-Street Town. Consett v Atherton LR. Grimsby Borough v Redcar Town. Heaton Stannington v Eccleshill United. Newcastle Benfield v Golcar United. Pilkington v West Allotment Celtic. Prestwich Hays v Penrith. Ryhope CW v Bury AFC. Seaham Red Star v Wythenshawe Town. Swallownest v Birtley Town. Thornaby v South Liverpool. Vauxhall Motors v North Shields. Ebac Northern League Division One: Crook Town v Redcar Athletic. Sunderland RCA v Billingham Town. West Auckland Town v Ashington. Whitley Bay v Guisborough Town. Whickham v Bishop Auckland. Ebac Northern League Division Two: Boldon CA v Blyth Town. Tow Law Town v Horden CW. Washington v Durham City. Willington v Bedlington Terriers. Easington Colliery v Esh Winning. Newcastle University v Sunderland West End. Ryton & Crawcrook Albion v Jarrow. BAY PLASTICS NORTHERN ALLIANCE PREMIER DIVISION: Alnwick Town v Killingworth FC. Burradon & New Fordley v North Shields Athletic. Cullercoats v Haltwhistle Jubilee. Gateshead Rutherford v Prudhoe Youth Club Seniors. Newcastle Blue Star v Percy Main Amateurs. Newcastle Chemfica Amateurs v Wallington. Ponteland United v Whitley Bay Reserves. Seaton Delaval v Winlaton Community. REEVES INDEPENDENT NORTHERN ALLIANCE FIRST DIVI- SION: Bedlington v Whitley Bay Sporting Club. FC United of Newcastle v Seaton Burn. Gosforth Bohemians v Cramlington United. Hebburn Town U23s v AFC Newbiggin. Rothbury v Hexham. Wallsend Boys Club v Newcastle Independent. Whitburn & Cleadon v West Moor & Jesmond. TEAM VALLEY CARPETS NORTHERN ALLIANCE SECOND DIVISION: Ashington Reserves v Willington Quay Saints. Heaton Stannington A v Morpeth FC. Newcastle Chemfica Amateurs v Newcastle University A. Newcastle East End v Wideopen & District. Seaton Sluice Reserves v Newcastle Blue Star Reserves. Stobswood Welfare v Ponteland United Reserves. BLUEFIN SPORT INSURANCE NORTHERN ALLIANCE THIRD DIVISION: AFC Newbiggin Central v Blaydon Community. Blyth Town U23s v Gosforth Bohemians Reserves. Newcastle Independent Cabrito v Walker Central. North Sunderland v Fawdon. Red House Farm v Ellington Juniors Development. Whickham U23s v Alnwick Town Development. Whitley Bay Sporting Club A v Bedlington United Sporting Club. NORTHUMBERLAND FA MINOR CUP SECOND ROUND: Forest Hall Celtic v Great Park.

58 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 SAFC Stan prepare for ‘toughest test so far’ fa vase Heaton Stannington manager Dean Nicholson believes his side will have to overcome their biggest test of the season if they are to reach the FA Vase second round for the first time in 40 years. Not since a 2-0 home win against Percy Main Amateurs in October 1981 have the Stan reached that stage of the competition – but that could all change tomorrow when they host Eccleshill United at Grounsell Park. The Bradford-based visitors will arrive on Tyneside in good heart after a promising start to the season that has cemented their position as one of the main promotion contenders in the Northern Counties East League Premier Division. But the Stan are also full of confidence and head into the tie with an eight-point lead at the top of the Division Two table, and they have won 16 out of 21 games in all competitions this season. Ahead of the tie, Nicholson told The Chronicle: “It’s been a season of positives and Saturday is a break from the league, but we will go an attack in the same way we always do. “We have seen how they [Eccleshill] have got on and spoken to people they have played against. It’s the toughest test so far, and we are well aware of what is ahead of us. “We would like to see a big crowd. The lads deserve the big crowds they’ve been getting because the football they are playing is even surprising us.” Long-term injury victim Richie Hoggins is the only player unavailable for Nicholson. Elsewhere tomorrow, 2015 Vase winners North Shields travel to Vauxhall Motors and 2020 beaten finalists Consett continue their bid to return to Wembley with a home tie against Atherton LR. Former Sunderland winger Andy Welsh and his Bury AFC side are the visitors to Ryhope CW and Seaham Red Star get their run under way with a home tie against Wythenshawe Town. West Allotment Celtic have added former striker Michael Baxter to their squad ahead of their tie at Pilkington and Newcastle Benfield are looking to reach the second round for the fourth time in six seasons when they host Golcar United. Newton Aycliffe hit the road to visit AFC Liverpool and Billingham Synthonia will entertain North West Counties League new boys FC Isle of Man. Birtley Town travel to Swallownest. Dajaku’s delight at playing in front of fans By James Hunter Sunderland writer @JHunterChron Leon Dajaku has realised an ambition by playing in England – and the on-loan Union Berlin winger is enjoying being involved in Sunderland’s promotion bid. Dajaku joined the Black Cats on deadline day along with fellow loanee Bayern Munich goalkeeper Thorben Hoffmann, with both deals containing clauses that allow the moves to be made permanent at the end of the season. Hoffmann was immediately installed as first-choice keeper, but Dajaku has had to be more patient because he needed to build up his fitness when he arrived, and he has also picked up one or two minor knocks. Dajaku has experience of the German third tier, having previously played at that level with Bayern Munich II, but says League One offers a very different challenge. “I was never really nervous about the move,” said the 20-year-old. “I always had it in my mind to play in England, so when I heard I could come here, I was happy. “There has been a lot of talk in my country about the good young English players that are coming over to Germany – maybe now we change it Former Charlton manager Nigel Adkins and show it can start to happen the other way. “It is a big opportunity for a young player like myself. “It is a chance to play big games in front of big crowds at this level – that is why I decided to come to England. “Of course, Sunderland is a big club, and that was really important. But in general, I think there are definitely opportunities for young players from Germany here in England. “That’s why I came here and I am enjoying it. “I spoke with the manager a lot, and he gave me a good feeling to come here. I know it’s England, a new country, and it could have been difficult for me. “But I wanted to give it a go, and I was 100% feeling good that I would do this. The gaffer gave me a good feeling too, and with these team-mates, it’s great. “The football is different from the same level in Germany. “Here, it is much faster. “You get competitive games in Germany at this level – the teams are still pretty good – but often we would be playing a bit slower. It’s hard, but Addicks sack Adkins ahead of Wearside clash Struggling Charlton Athletic have parted company with manager Nigel Adkins after just seven months in charge. The former Hull boss was appointed in March and almost led the Addicks into the play-off places at the end of the previous League One campaign. But this season the club sit in the relegation zone with only two wins from their 13 league games. It is a big opportunity for a young player like is a chance to play big games in front of big crowds not so fast. Here, it’s quick. You have to be always 100% ready to sprint and get involved. It’s definitely faster.” On Tuesday night, Dajaku returned from the slight thigh injury he suffered while on international duty with Germany U20 and came off the bench at Gresty Road to score a brilliant individual goal to set the seal on Sunderland’s 4-0 win at Crewe. He said: “It was just a little bit of pain [in the thigh], but it is better now. “It was important for me to come back again, and to do it with a goal is always great. “I think the first minutes were difficult because they [Crewe] pressed a lot and played well. “We had to stick in, but after the Assistant boss Johnnie Jackson will take over as caretaker manager for the weekend’s clash with Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. The former midfielder will be assisted by first-team coach Jason Euell. Charlton owner Thomas Sandgaard told the club website: “Nigel joined us at the end of last season and had an immediate impact, as we finished the season On-loan Union Berlin winger Leon Dajaku celebrates scoring Sunderland’s fourth goal at Crewe on Tuesday first goal, it was our game.” Aside from the speed of the game in England, Dajaku has been taken aback by the number of fans that follow Sunderland on the road, with almost 1,700 making the midweek trip to Crewe. He said: “I couldn’t really believe it. Before the game, I was looking at the whole of the stand and asking the rest of the players, ‘Are they all the fans from us?’ “There were so many fans for us, and it’s great, we need that support. “It’s great for us to have that, and we have to say thanks to our fans because they came a long way. “It’s definitely different from the third level in Germany. “We also have some games where there are a lot of fans, but certainly not every game. “The big difference here is that when we play, it is every game where there are thousands and thousands of Sunderland fans coming to watch us... “For us, it’s important.” well, just missing out on a play-off place on goal difference. “Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to carry that form into this season. “I’d like to thank Nigel for his hard work, positivity and continued professionalism during his time at the club. We are all disappointed that it hasn’t worked out this season and we wish him the very best for the future.” FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 59 Nowhere for players to hide now, Clark warns By Lee Ryder Chief Newcastle writer @lee_ryder Lee Clark says that Newcastle United’s players no longer have any excuses and must shape up or ship out between now and January. Previously, players have been offered some protection by the feud between supporters and former owner Mike Ashley, while Steve Bruce’s problems with Geordie fans have also resulted in the negative headlines being directed elsewhere. However, as Newcastle head to Crystal Palace looking for their first win of the season with eight games now behind them, Clark wants to see players stand up and be counted at Selhurst Park. He told The Chronicle: “The squad is going to stay exactly the same until January and the players have to take responsibility now. “You become a good manager because your team wins; you become a manager who leaves or gets the sack because your team loses. “Ultimately it’s down to your players. For them, every excuse is now gone for these players. “The relationship between the fans and previous owner – that’s gone, it was creating a negative atmosphere but it isn’t now. “ T h e rumours that some of them didn’t like Steve Bruce or didn’t get on with him, that’s gone too. “They have no hiding place.” Fans created a superb atmosphere to welcome new non-executive chairman Yasir Al- Rumayyan and fellow directors Amanda Staveley and Jamie Reuben at the weekend against Tottenham Hotspur but the momentum generated early on fizzled out. Clark said in his new Chronicle column this week that United’s players started with the best of intentions but reverted to a defensive mentality after going 1-0 up. Add in the fact that they also left a huge hole in the middle of the field and they conceded three goals before half-time to ultimately throw away the points. Miguel Almiron and Jonjo Shelvey look dejected after Newcastle’s opening-day defeat by West Ham. With ex-head coach Steve Bruce and former owner Mike Ashley gone, players must take responsibility, according to Lee Clark (below) With 12 games to go until the window swings open for business, Clark feels that some players will be fighting for their future. The former midfielder added: “They have to deliver. There’s nowhere to hide now for this group of players. “They need to produce performances and all the previous excuses that have been rolled out in front of people saying, ‘It’s difficult’, or this or that, it’s gone. Over to you now lads. “It’s over to you to deliver and get us out of the situation we’re in.” NUFC Bruce abuse saddening, says Arteta Mikel Arteta has called for change after Steve Bruce revealed the extent of personal abuse after his Newcastle departure. The Magpies boss has admitted he’s considering retirement after some of the abuse hurled his way by a section of Newcastle supporters. In an interview with The Telegraph, the former Toon head coach said “it was hard being called an inept cabbage-head.” Bruce has admitted the abuse has taken its toll on his entire family, in particular his wife Jan. The former Magpies boss doesn’t believe he was given a fair crack of the whip by the Toon Army and said he found it “tough” leading his boyhood club. Now, Arsenal boss Arteta believes more needs to be done to stamp out that kind of abuse. The Spaniard, who was heavily linked with the Magpies job before Bruce was appointed, said: “I was really sad after reading that statement from Steve. “You’re talking about someone that’s been in the game over 40 years that has managed over 1,000 games and he’s telling you with that experience that he struggled with that kind of abuse so I think we have to accept. “We can’t take for granted that things are the way they are. No, we are here to improve them and change them. “I think we have to think about one of the most experienced managers in English history is telling you something. “For me it’s a very serious statement and we have to change that.”

60 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 NUFC Risky move backfires as Spurs beaten ToTTenham’s decision to leave their big guns at home saw them lose 1-0 to Vitesse arnhem in Group G of europa Conference League. The likes of harry Kane, son heung-min, Cristiano Romero and hugo Lloris did not travel to holland with sunday’s clash at West ham in mind, and a second string were undone by maximilian Wittek’s 78th-minute strike. The side nuno espirito santo picked still had nine international players, but they were never really in the game and Bryan Gil’s shot that hit the crossbar early in the second half was their only moment of note. Last time Tottenham played in holland they enjoyed one of the most famous nights in their history as Lucas moura’s hat-trick against ajax sent them through to the Champions League final. That moura miracle must seem a long time ago as spurs compete in the third tier of european football. nuno has shown the competition respect so far, but made it clear where his priorities lay, leaving the entire XI that played 90 minutes at newcastle last weekend at home to train ahead of sunday’s Premier League visit to the hammers. With the return fixture in a fortnight and then a trip to the weakest team in the competition ns mura to come, the Portuguese decided that leaving his big guns back in London for this game was a risk worth taking. nikolai Baden Frederiksen forced Pierluigi Gollini into a save with his feet after being played in in the third minute and then Jacob Rasmussen flashed a header just wide from a corner. Unsurprisingly given the amount of changes, spurs were not up to much in an attacking sense in the first half, with teenage striker Dane scarlett up against it in a lone role in attack. They immediately showed more after the break and were within inches of taking the lead in the 47th minute. Giovani Lo Celso showed why he is becoming a key player for argentina as he went on an enterprising dribble before laying it off for Gil, whose first-time shot rattled the crossbar. That was as good as it got for spurs who were pinned further and further back as the second half wore on, with eli Dasa twice going close with efforts from distance, the second effort bringing a smart stop out of Gollini. It was no surprise when the goal came 12 minutes from time as Wittek brilliantly volleyed home Dasa’s cross from the edge of the area to send the home crowd wild. If survival is to be achieved there must be tactical changes SO nOw w the great cull is complete. Mike Ashley has gone. Steve Bruce has gone. newcastle can become united again. we await the appointment of a new manager with heightened excitement so that lift-off can begin. And the arrival of a taxi load of new players come January. Both are vitally necessary if survival is to be attained. There is much work still to be done but it is a good start. Supporters can come together with the club once again in a common cause. Tottenham was a match too far under Bruce. The winless run had gone on for much too long and with hindsight was definitely going to continue if he remained in place. His presence on the touchline did nothing to inspire, instead being a visual and constant reminder of failure to frustrated fans. Even now, after his removal, it is crystal clear whichever way you want to pitch it that newcastle are in dire trouble. A visit to the Palace is AlAn Shearer has hit out at Mike Ashley for the way he ran newcastle United over his 14 years in charge – and why he left it as an “almost impossible club to manage”. The club’s record goalscorer, while conceding it was time for Steve Bruce to go – with the head coach leaving by mutual consent on Wednesday – believes Ashley’s blueprint for the club meant any manager would have found it difficult. Shearer hit out at the facilities and transfer spend – and referenced Rafa Benitez’s exit as a sign of how tough Bruce really had it under Ashley. “It was almost an impossible club to manage in the circumstances,” Shearer (right) said on BBC Five live. “And every manager that has been in Newcastle are in dire trouble. A visit to the Palace is a grim battle for survival against mounting odds no garden party but a grim battle for survival against mounting odds. Eight Premier League matches, no wins. Three points out of 24. nineteen goals conceded in eight visits to the green baize. Shocking, shocking figures from a relatively kind fixture list. Ominously but inevitably in the relegation dungeon, newcastle are cut adrift by three points and cannot allow that to grow. Especially not with European champions Chelsea next up here after a visit to the Smoke. Yet this is a confrontation between a team very difficult to beat and one that has been relatively easy to beat. These newcastle players cannot defend their own honour. From front to back it gets worse. Midfield easily overrun, back four Championship at best. why Palace is so over the last 14 years has found it very difficult. “We had an unbelievable manager in Rafa Benitez and he didn’t want to carry on, he left because he couldn’t manage the football club in the way he wanted it – that’s what made it very difficult for Steve when he came, hence when he asked me, I told him not to take it. “There’s an argument from a section of newcastle fans who say he’s had the investment – he spent on Jamal lewis, Joe Willock, Callum Wilson – that’s fine, but if you look at the grand scheme of things over 14 years, I think I’m correct in JOHNGIBSON newcastle’s new owners have a rather large mess to clean up important is that the next 11 games up to the end of the year and opening of the transfer window give us a set of matches that are tough, tricky, or terrifying. ■ Tough: Chelsea (h), Arsenal (a), Liverpool (a), Man City (h) and Man United (a). saying the net spend has been £130m over 14 years. You get £130m for staying in the Premier league – over the 14 years there’s hardly been any investment in the playing side which is the most important thing. “That hasn’t been any investment in the stadium because it’s falling apart, there certainly hasn’t been any investment in the training ground because it’s the same one I left, other than a lick of paint, in 2006. “I understand when people say about lewis, Wilson and Willock but you need more than that to compete. They had a big manager in Rafa Benitez, he didn’t want to be here ■ Tricky: Brighton (a), Brentford (h), Leicester (a) and Rafa’s Everton (a). ■ Terrifying: norwich and Burnley at home. Because they form with us the current bottom three and if we don’t take six points we may as well forget a survival fight. So Palace is a Shearer: Ashley made Newcastle ‘impossible club to manage’ By andrew musgrove because he couldn’t manage the way he wanted to and that tells you that Steve was up against it from day one, hence I said he shouldn’t take the job because it was an almost impossible club to manage under the current circumstances. First and foremost what has to happen, the only thing that is important is they are in a relegation battle and they need to stay in the league. “There are so many big decisions to be made and choices to be made – one, is there a head coach or manager? Two, are they going to go down the director of football route? Three, are they going to get a chief executive in and run the football club? The next few months are hugely important but the most important thing is avoiding relegation at whatever cost.” FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 61 With Patrick Vieira (below) in the dugout, Wilfried Zaha and Conor Gallagher impressing and Odsonne Edouard (top right) a threat in front of goal, Crystal Palace will offer a stern test must-not-lose match. The long wait cannot go on. However, their record is one of warning. They may have won only one Premier League game out of eight but they have lost only twice and have consistently faced the quality of opposition which is now coming Newcastle’s way. For example, Palace’s losses have come against Liverpool and Chelsea – no disgrace there – while they have drawn with a host of decent sides like Leicester, West Ham, Brighton, Brentford and Arsenal and beaten Spurs 3-0. It may be a fact that Palace are the draw specialists of the Premier League but they were deprived of four points by 95th-minute equalisers against Arsenal on their Emirates patch earlier this week and against Brighton. A change of owner is one thing for which United’s supporters are eternally grateful but the club is still suffering in the aftermath of Mike Ashley’s terrible dereliction of duty. It is an awful mess for Amanda Staveley and company to clean up. They have the money, we must hope they also have the footballing nous or at least the experts who have their ear can provide it. It is what everyone wants. Palace have some good players. Patrick Vieira has subtly changed the way Roy Hodgson played. Centre-backs Joachim Andersen and Marc Guehi allow the side to play higher up the pitch and keep possession, Conor Gallagher has been a stand-out performer, ex-Celt Odsonne Edouard has added an extra dimension up top, and club legend Wilfred Zaha is due to return against United after missing the last match at Arsenal through illness. Can the Magpies keep them out? They have not managed a Premier League clean sheet this season through kamikaze defending but somehow tactics must be devised using the same shaky personnel to stem a relentless tide. We must hope that the departure of Bruce sees the increasing feelgood factor created among fans spreading to the field of play. NUFC Big Sam ‘a good fit for United job’ Newcastle United should avoid making a “Hollywood” managerial appointment and opt instead for a proven English boss, says Simon Jordan. Pundit Jordan even suggested former Toon manager Sam Allardyce would be the right man for the job. Foreign managers Lucien Favre and Paulo Fonseca have both been linked with the vacant post, though Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Eddie Howe have also been mentioned. Former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan, speaking on talkSPORT, said appointing a foreign boss would not be the right route to go down as Newcastle look to secure Premier League safety this season. He said: “There’s no good getting a Hollywood signing right now. You need someone who is going to get in among the muck and bullets and get down and dirty to do what it takes to drag them out. “Who that is going to be and to incentivise them it is going to be a short-term job with an option at the end of it that says ‘if you get 50 points or 47 points you have an option to stay, but if we don’t take that option up we have to pay you some more money’. “It does look like somebody like Sam Allardyce or that ilk, which might bring in a sharp intake of breath, but you need someone to get you away from this conundrum. “Graeme Jones is not the answer because he’s not a manager he’s a coach.” DANNY BLOOMER LADBROKES LADBROKES LADBROKES LADBROKE DBROKES GET OUR LADBROKES LADBROKES LADBROKES L LADBROKES BEST EVER LADBROKES ACCALADBROKES LADBROKE DBROKES LADBROKES LADBROKES LADBROKES L Boost Edit Track Insure LADBROKES LADBROKES LADBROKES LADBROKE DBROKES LADBROKES LADBROKES LADBROKES L 18+. UK&IRE only. Online, Mobile. 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62 The Chronicle FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 NUFC Overmars a ‘target’ for director role By Lee RydeR AJAX supremo Marc Overmars has refused to comment on suggestions he has been lined up by Newcastle United to take the reins as the club’s new sporting director. The Magpies are currently reviewing their organisational structure and plan to appoint a director of football or sporting director to make key decisions and appointments at the academy and training ground. Former Arsenal star Overmars, who broke Toon hearts in the 1998 FA Cup final at Wembley to hand the North London club the trophy, is reportedly in the frame for a role on Tyneside. The ex-Holland international (pictured below) has been director of football with Dutch giants Ajax since 2012 and has been linked with moves to the likes of the Gunners and Manchester United in recent years. Overmars has refused to comment on the speculation, with the former Barcelona ace tied down to the Amsterdam club until 2024. Newcastle are currently assessing managerial candidates including Portuguese free agent Paulo Fonseca, Belgium chief Roberto Martinez and ex-Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe. However, whoever is appointed would be required to work hand in hand with a new sporting director. New Magpies director Amanda Staveley was asked about sporting directors after being appointed and said: “We have thought about sporting directors and directors of football but we need to sit down with our board and look at what we have today. “You can bring in the best sporting director in the world but you’ve got no infrastructure. “Your medical staff, your training facilities, they need really heavy investment and that’s what we need to know at every single level. “We need to attract people to work with us as well who share our dream and will do that.” Newcastle declined to comment on the reports. New boss must fight as ‘Zico’ Former united hero: some players did not give everything For ex-manager By Lee RydeR Chief Newcastle writer @lee_ryder Former Newcastle United skipper mick martin has warned whoever is chosen to replace Steve Bruce in the St James’ Park dugout must prepare for a relegation fight. The former fan favourite also said he believes some members of the magpies squad quit on the former head coach, adding that they have let the side down. With new owners in place, ambitions greatly heightened and significant funds available to spend, Newcastle’s long-term aim is to challenge for trophies. However, with the club currently 19th in the Premier League and winless in nine games this season, martin believes the next appointment in the dugout may only be a short to medium-term solution. As it stands, Graeme Jones will be in caretaker control for the clash at Crystal Palace this weekend. However, new magpies direct o r s Amanda Staveley and Jamie reuben – and the Saudi Arabia backers from the country’s Public Investment Fund, which owns 80% of the club – hope to announce a full-time succcessor soon. martin admitted he would ‘hate’ the responsibility of picking the next manager but said many of the names linked with the club come with question marks. He told The Chronicle: “The issue is you are looking to appoint a manager at the wealthiest club in the world. The problem is all of the big boys who’d be interested in that type of proposition are already employed. “The likes of Jose mourinho, rafa Benitez, maurizio Sarri or whoever, they all have jobs [roma, everton and Napoli respectively]. So then you are stuck with those who don’t have jobs who have decent records. “I have heard of people suggesting they go down the sentimental route and bring back K e v i n Keegan, but I’m not sure he would Magpies interview candidates as manager hunt PAULO Fonseca and Lucien Favre are both awaiting news from Newcastle on the fate of their respective bids to be the club’s next manager. The Magpies are interviewing a number of candidates for the role vacated by Steve Bruce on Wednesday morning, after the 60-year-old left the club by mutual consent. Belgium manager Roberto There are one or two who have let the side down, and all you need is one or two people not pulling their weight Mick Martin (below) By Lee RydeR go down that road again, he has been out of it a long time. “At the moment they are talking about Paulo Fonseca but he lost his job at roma in Italy and he hasn’t managed in the Premier League. “It would be a huge test coming in with Newcastle in a relegation battle. There’s eddie Howe and roberto martinez, who have both been relegated but anybody could go down with Bournemouth or Wigan. “I’ve seen [rangers manager] Steven Gerrard touted a lot but I get the feeling he’s waiting for the Liverpool job. Whoever it is is facing a relegation battle.” The selection process has already been whittled down to names including ex-roma boss Fonseca, Belgium head coach martinez and former Bournemouth manager Howe. ex-republic of Ireland international martin said he thought the new owners might have spoken to Alan Shearer but added: “It is ultimately their call. But it’s a hugely dangerous time. Whoever gets appointed, even if it was [former Italy and Chelsea manager] Antonio Conte, they could quite easily be relegated. “They have the same players until January. How else can they Martinez has also indicated he could be tempted to quit the Red Devils for a return to club management and a reunion with his former assistant Graeme Jones. Ex-Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe, who turned down Scottish giants Celtic in the summer, is another in the frame. United have a number of former Cherries on the books, including star striker Callum Wilson and influential squad member Matt Ritchie. Fonseca is one of the first candidates that Newcastle approached and it is understood that he is keen on the job. However, he once again faces an anxious wait to see if he has earned a crack at management in the Premier League. The ex-AS Roma boss thought he had landed the Tottenham Hotspur FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2021 The Chronicle 63 brace for relegation blasts Toon stars £40million forward Joelinton has failed to impress since joining the Magpies NUFC No way I’ll quit Roma, insists Jose JoSE Mourinho has ruled himself out of the running for the vacant Newcastle job after Steve Bruce left the club on Wednesday morning. The three-time Premier League winner, who is now manager at Serie A side AS Roma, has a soft spot for the Magpies after working under Sir Bobby Robson at Barcelona. The former Chelsea boss has been tentatively linked with the role in the past, but the idea seemed nothing more than a dream for fans while United were under the ownership of the frugal Mike Ashley. However, Newcastle have vast riches at their disposal now after the Sports Direct tycoon was bought out by a Saudi-backed consortium led by Amanda Staveley. Substitute Jonjo Shelvey trips Tanguy Ndombele to earn his second yellow card in United’s defeat by Spurs on Sunday boost them to be better players between now and Christmas?” Former Luton boss Jones faces a stern test at Selhurst Park, leading a squad that has not won a competitive game since May. Martin said: “They will have their work cut out even to get a point at Crystal Palace. “Graeme Jones will be looking to get them fired up and getting a result at Crystal Palace, that would help. “But I can’t see it being easy, especially if you watched Palace on Monday at Arsenal, that would be a big ask. Last season I’d think it would be a winnable game. But this time around I’d be wary.” United were beaten 3-2 by Spurs at the weekend in a game that was steps up with big names eager to replace Bruce job in the summer until club chiefs changed their minds and opted for Nuno Espirito Santo. Players were back at the training ground yesterday with Jones taking charge as caretaker boss. Regardless of who comes in as manager, Jones is expected to remain on Tyneside. Fellow coach Ben Dawson is also expected to stay. There were mixed feelings around the camp with some players sad to swiftly followed by Bruce losing his job. When asked if players could look themselves in the mirror and say they gave it their all for Bruce, Martin said bluntly: “No. There are one or two who have let the side down, and all you need is one or two people not pulling their weight. “In fact, it only has to be one of the big three, Allan Saint-Maximin, Callum Newcastle’s caretaker boss Graeme Jones see Steve Bruce leave the club and others, who weren’t currently in the team, seeing it as an opportunity to win back their place. Switzerland international Fabian Schar is one star pushing for a recall for the trip to Crystal Palace, with the centre-back having not played in a black-and-white shirt since August. Another big call facing Jones is deciding whether to switch goalkeeper. Martin Dubravka is back Wilson or say Jonjo Shelvey – if one of them isn’t up for it, it affects all of us. That’s what happened against Spurs really. “Defensively we stood off them too easily, I was in the executive boxes with Kevin Carr and when things were g o i n g wrong, Kev said: ‘ Y o u ’ d be going mad out there from injury and Karl Darlow conceded three goals during the first half of Newcastle’s defeat by Spurs on Sunday. Even if Newcastle do name a manager before the weekend, they would likely watch the game at Selhurst Park from the stands, with Jones taking charge for the game. The former Luton boss will also face the media ahead of the clash with the Eagles today. M i c k and giv- ing them a right talking to!’ He wasn’t wrong.” Martin, who captained and coached Newcastle during a successful career, believes that the hefty fee paid for Joelinton left Bruce in a tough position. The £40million signing was effectively a done deal by the time the 60-year-old was appointed in 2019. Martin said: “I don’t know who recommended him at £40million or who decided to give him the number nine shirt, but you’d be lucky to get £40,000 for him now. “Did it push Steve Bruce closer to the door by persisting with him? He didn’t have to justify the tag – if he’s playing well, play him; if he’s not, drop him. I don’t know why he kept getting picked.” He went on: “Unfortunately it’s been a nightmare for him and us. “I don’t think he has been able to handle the £40million tag and I don’t think he even understands the number nine shirt, or may never have been told about the significance of it. Hence why it was taken off him.” Roma manager Jose Mourinho For some fans, the prospect of getting a two-time Champions League manager who is considered to be one of the best of his generation was back on the table. However, when asked if he would be prepared to quit the Italian capital for Tyneside, the Portuguese said: “No. Absolutely not. I signed for three years and nothing can make me leave these lads.” Mourinho was appointed Roma boss in May, just a month after being controversially sacked by Tottenham. The former Porto, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Inter Milan boss had guided the North London side to a League Cup final before being sacked on the brink of the game after a poor run of form in the Premier League. Bruce left the club by mutual consent earlier this week after a dismal start to the season, with the head coach coming under increased pressure to find a result. The former Magpies head coach lashed out at the abuse he had suffered during his time as Newcastle boss and the search for a replacement is now under way.

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