Did Nostradamus predict the death of Donald Trump? The chilling prediction is filtered (PHOTO)

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Did Nostradamus predict the death of Donald Trump?  The chilling prediction is filtered (PHOTO)
FOTO: Agencia Reforma
  • After it became known that Donald Trump, president of the United States, and his wife, Melania Trump, had been infected with coronavirus, new information comes to light
  • In social networks, it is ensured that the French seer Nostradamus predicted the death of Trump
  • Also, it is said that this prediction could refer to his defeat in the November elections.

In a year full of surprising news almost every day, it is now said on social media that the French seer Nostradamus, known for the accuracy of his revelations, predicted the death of Donald Trump, the US president.

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It was only last Thursday that it became known that Trump, along with his wife Melania, had been infected with coronavirus, which is why Nostradamus’s prediction does not sound far-fetched to many a little over a month before the US presidential elections.

Did Nostradamus predict the death of Donald Trump?

PHOTO Twitter Excelsior

According to information from Excelsior, Nostradamus had already spoken of Donald Trump and his arrival to the US presidency, which occurred in 2016, in his 81st Centuria III quatrain, which reads the following:

“The great talker without fearless shame, / Will be elected governor of the army; / The courage of its contender / The broken bridge, a city of astonished fear ”.

It should be noted that upon being appointed president of the United States, Donald Trump also received the appointment of commander of the army of this nation.

As if that were not enough, Nostradamus wrote another century that could refer to Trump’s coronavirus disease and his probable death:

“The trumpet trembles with great discord. A broken agreement: raise your face to the sky, the bloody mouth will swim with blood; the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground ”.

Did Nostradamus predict the death of Donald Trump?

PHOTO Taken from Twitter

Although it could signal the death of Donald Trump, some people argue that this prediction could refer to his ‘political death’, implying that he will lose the upcoming presidential election in November.

Not only did Nostradamus predict Trump’s death

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, better known as Baba Vanga, was a blind, mystic, supposed clairvoyant and Bulgarian herbalist, who spent most of her life in Rupite, an area in the Kozhuh Mountains in Bulgaria.

Like the French seer Nostradamus, Baba Vanga would have predicted the death of Donald Trump, US President.

For this 2020, the Bulgarian clairvoyant, who was visited by politicians from around the world between 1970 and 1980, assured that a president of the United States would be attacked by a ‘mysterious disease’ (the coronavirus?).

Did Nostradamus predict the death of Donald Trump?

PHOTO Twitter El Heraldo de México

He also said that this disease would damage his hearing and could cause serious brain damage.

Both Nostradamus and Baba Vanga are known for the correctness of their predictions, so we would have to wait for the news regarding the state of health of Donald Trump.

“Why do they always graft everything to Nostradamus? The Simpsons also make the seer “,” Mhoni Vidente is better than this pair “,” No, Trump does not dislike him, he is a crap for Mexico “,” Many Donald Trump or any political character may dislike him, but that of wishing death and hiding behind seers, is not good “,” And what do The Simpsons say? “, expressed users of the Excelsior Twitter account.

Trump, not short of breath, say doctors

US President Donald Trump is without difficulty breathing or walking and with “a great attitude” while he is admitted to a military hospital, after testing positive for Covid-19, his doctors reported.

“At this time, the team and I are very pleased with the progress the president has made,” White House physician Sean Conley told the media.

“On Thursday I had a mild cough with nasal congestion, fatigue, all of which is now resolved and improving.” He also explained that the President had been without fever for 24 hours, but that he had had it on Thursday.

One of the doctors said that Donald Trump told him that he felt he could leave the hospital today, which he considered “a motivating comment from the president.”

Did Nostradamus predict the death of Donald Trump?

PHOTO Twitter Donald Trump

Another of the doctors explained that the US president had received antibody therapy in the last 24 hours, as well as a dose of remdesivir, an experimental treatment that has accelerated the recovery of Covid-19 patients.

“The plan for today, taking into account his good attitude, is to help him eat, drink, stay hydrated, get out of bed and do the things he needs to do,” said the doctor.

Early on Friday, President Trump announced that he had contracted the coronavirus and that he would be in quarantine with his wife, who also tested positive.

Yesterday, the White House reported that, as a preventive measure, the president would be admitted to a military hospital in Maryland

Donald Trump is 74 years old, which puts him in a risk group for Covid-19. In addition, he is obese, another risky element for the disease (With information from Agencia Reforma).

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