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2000 BCE. This means 2000 years before common era. it used to be referred to as "bc" until the scientific community decided that that was too centered on Christianity so they changed it from "bc=before christ" to "bce=before common era" and "ad=anno domini (the year of our lord)" to "ce=common era"

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What year starts and ends the second millennium?

The start of the second millennium AD was 1001, and the final year of the second millennium was 2000.

What millennium was the year 1399 in?

The year 1399 was in the second millennium.

What millennium does the year 1001 belong in?

The second millennium.

What year were the Phoenicia discovered?

Their empire existed in the 1st Millennium BCE.

What year did the Phoenicians dominate trade?

The first half of the First Millennium BCE.

When and where did the Phoenicians move?

One theory is that they moved from the Persian Gulf in the mid-second millennium BCE.

When and where did the Phoenicians live?

They were a Semitic people who migrated to Syria and Lebanon in the second millennium BCE, then in the first millennium BCE ablished colonies and trading stations around the Mediterranean Sea, including Carthage, and east in Mesopotamia.

Which millennium does the year 2011 belong to?


Who were the Spartans descendants of?

They were a tribe of the Dorian Greeks who migrated to the Peloponnesian Peninsula around the end of the second millennium BCE.

In which millennium was the year 1935?

1935 was in the second millennium (1000 AD to 2000 AD).

What was the root causes of the crisis that many states faced at the end of the second millennium BCE?

unstable governments and ecological fragility.

What does the second millennium BC or BCE mean in terms of beginning and end dates?

2000 BC through 1001 BC

When was Phoenicia established?

First Millennium BCE.

When was astrology invented?

The earliest records of any form of astrology are those of the Babylonians, in or around the second millennium BCE. Some claim the Sumerians also had it a millennium earlier, but there is no evidence to support this.

What time was second millennium BC?

From the year 1001 to 2000.

When did the second millennium begin?

In the year 2000, januari 1.

When did Korea become a country?

700th millennium BCE

When was writing created?

Around the 4th millennium BCE.

When was the Phoenician alphabet used?

First millennium BCE.

When was Mesopotamian nailhead creaeted?

3rd Millennium BCE.

When did the Phoenician civilization develop?

In the First Millennium BCE.

When did the ancient Mesopotamians begin?

Early settlement began 10,000 BCE. Early Bronze Age kingdoms arose in the 3rd Millennium BCE. Babylonian empires followed by the Assyrian Empire 2nd Millennium BCE. Hittite empire followed by neo-Asyrian and neo-Babylonian empires followed by Persian empire and Macedonian ngdoms 1st Millennium BCE.

When was the third milienm?

The first millennium was from the year 1 to 1,000, the second millunium was from 1,001 to 2,000 while the third millennium (which we are now in) is from the year 2,001 to 3,000

Where did astrology originate?

The study of astrology has been around almost as long as human civilization. The date for the founding of Astrology has been dated to the second millennium BCE, to the first Mesopotamian Dynasty in 1950 BCE.

What year is in the second century BC in?

200 to 101 BCE.

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