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LOTTE, GERMANY - MAY 21:  Fans of Alemannia Aachen celebrate during the Regionalliga West match between SF Lotte and Alemannia Aachen at Sportpark am Lotterkreuz on May 21, 2016 in Lotte, Germany.  (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images)

15 of the Weirdest and Funniest Nicknames of Teams From Around the World of Football

In England we are used to nicknames such as 'the Red Devils', 'the Toffees' and 'the Cherries', however despite the normality that takes place in the Premier League, there are some teams in the world that just simply have some weird nicknames.

After scouring the internet we found some weird and funny nicknames in world football and below are 15 of the best...  

15. Sugarcane Growers - Club Atlético Zacatepec

Playing in the second tier in Mexico, Ascenso MX, the nickname 'Sugarcane Growers' comes from the kit of the team. The colors of the kit are white and green - resembling the color of a sugarcane.

Life hasn't been very sweet for the 'Sugarcane Growers' in the past and going off current form they won't be growing in stature anytime soon.

14. Submarino Amarillo - Cadiz FC

Sharing their nickname with La Liga club Villarreal, Cadiz FC might not be on 'their way to Amarillo', however they are certainly heading in the right direction as they look good for promotion from Spain's second division with the club currently sitting in third in the league.

13. The Chinese Orientals - Leyton Orient

It is said that the nickname 'Chinese Orientals' is a paying homage to the vast selection of Chinese takeaways in Leyton and the surrounding areas, and with the team currently struggling in the Conference they made need to swap their Saturday night curries for something a bit healthier.

12. Bully Wee - Clyde

Quite straightforward this one as Clyde would be known as a 'wee' team who would 'bully' the bigger teams.

Currently seventh in Scotland's second division and out of the Scottish cup, the 'Bully Wee' will have to wait until next season to cause another upset and rub it in the opposition's face.

11. The Moody Diva - Eintracht Frankfurt

Normally known as 'The Eagles', but throughout their history, Eintracht Frankfurt have been a club with many ups-and-downs, hence the nickname 'Moody Diva'.

This season saw the club sit second for a brief spell, however the club now sit in sixth - playing up to their lesser known nickname.

10. The Graoully Dragons - FC Metz

Probably the most awesome name on this list, with the origins of the nickname said to come from the tale of the first bishop of Metz, Saint Peter, during the first century when he vanquished the local dragon that terrorized the town.

9. The Blue Vampires - Gloria Bistrita

A team from Transylvania with the nickname Vampires is just a must, and because of their blue kit they are the 'Blue Vampires', and after a rough few relegations the club will be 'Count Von Count-ing' the days before they get back into the top flight in Romania.

8. The Flying Donkeys - Chievo

Chievo have a fierce rivalry with Hellas Verona, and it was because of the comments from the latter that Chievo are now known as the 'Flying Donkeys'.

During the years in which Chievo struggled, Hellas supporters would mock Chievo by claiming that they would only be promoted if 'donkey's could fly' - a take on the phrase 'if pigs could fly'. 

In recent years Chievo have climbed the leagues and now find themselves in Serie A - I guess donkey's can fly then!

7. Potato Beetles - Alemania Aachen

Alemania's nickname 'Potato Beetles' (Kartoffelkäfer) comes from the club's striped yellow-black jerseys, which makes them look like the particular insects.

The club has had a few stints in Germany's top division, however the fairytale soon came to an end and now the 'Potato Beetles' find themselves in the third tier of German football.

6. The Anchovies - Malaga FC

Malaga are the 'Boquerones' (the anchovies) due to the fish being a cultural symbol and it is used in a lot of dishes, which applies not just to the football team but to the city itself.

This nickname certainly won't strike fear into the opposition, however it might go well on a pizza.

5. The Biscuit Men - Reading

The name 'the Biscuit Men' refers to the former Huntley and Palmers biscuit factory in the town of Reading.

Reading's league form has been tough for the fans to digest this season, and they will be hopeful that the team don't crumble and fall into a relegation battle. 

4. Pools Monkey Hangers - Hartlepool FC

The bizarre nickname originates from local folklore that claims residents of Hartlepool once hung a monkey thinking it was a French spy during the Napoleonic wars, rival fans of Darlington first used the nickname, and since then Hartlepool has made it their own.

3. Clockwork Cheese - Albacete FC

The odd nickname origins from the city's production of cheese, and their attempt to try and copy the style of the Dutch (Clockwork Orange) in the 70's.

A strange fact to go with a strange nickname is that Barcelona star Andres Iniesta played for the club before joining the Catalan giants and is now a major shareholder at the club who currently sit 17th in the Segunda Division.

2. Clockwork Hazelnut - CF Reus Deportiu

'Clockwork Hazelnut' is the nickname of the club due to their production of Hazelnuts in the city itself, and in the similar vein as the Clockwork Cheese tried to copy the Dutch. 

Currently situated 13th in Spain's second tier, the nickname for Reus, not the Borussia Dortmund star, is quite possibly the oddest on the list.

1. The Cucumber Pickers - Leganes FC

The town, with a population of around 180,000, was well-known for its market gardens and in particular for growing cucumbers, and therefore people from the nearby capital nicknamed the locals 'cucumber-growers'.

Much like the cucumbers, the club has grown in stature over the past few years, and look likely to remain in La Liga next season.