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The European film industry finds its way through the latter stages of the coronavirus pandemic


- An overview of the solutions the film world is coming up with to move forward despite the restrictions imposed by the health crisis, in the lead-up to the return of a certain normality

The European film industry finds its way through the latter stages of the coronavirus pandemic

After having seen the light at the end of the tunnel during late summer, which witnessed the successful hosting of the Venice Film Festival under strict measures but in its usual physical form (see the news), the European film industry is now facing a new period of uncertainty caused by the so-called second wave of COVID-19, which is starting to wreak havoc across all countries.

On the cusp of a new, multinational lockdown, which may or may not be as restrictive as the first one, but which is certainly already affecting the industry, Europe looks to the future with despair, forced to adapt to the present situation. Due to the new measures being adopted by European governments, which have again included the closure of cinemas and limitations on social events, festivals, industry gatherings and theatres have been forced to abide by them, and find new ways to unspool and welcome their participants and public, mostly by moving their programmes online in collaboration with streaming services.

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Here is the updated situation as of 16 June:


4th Balkan Film Market (original dates 12-15 November, partly moved online)


Cinemas closed until further notice

18th Crossing Europe (original dates late April, postponed to 1-6 June)

Diagonale Graz (original dates 16-21 March, postponed to 8-13 June)


Cinemas set to reopen on 9 June (with 200 cinemagoers maximum)

36th Festival International du Film de Mons (original dates March, moved to 9-16 July)

4th Brussels International Film Festival (original dates June, moved to 31 August-11 September)

24th Brussels Short Film Festival (original dates June, moved to 26 August-4 September)

14th Festival International du Film Policier de Liège (original dates 7-10 May, cancelled)

16th Courts Mais Trash - Brussels Independent Short Film Festival (original dates 21-28 April, moved online)

39th BIFF (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival) (original dates 6-18 April, moved online)

40th Anima - Brussels International Animation Film Festival (original dates 12-21 February, moved online)

11th Tournai Ramdam Festival (original dates 16-26 January, cancelled)

Belgian Magritte Film Awards ceremony cancelled, 2020 films will compete alongside 2021 films in the 2022 ceremony
Replaced by a special programme of Belgian films broadcasted on pubcaster RTBF channels during one week, as well as a selection of 10 2020 titles streaming at a reduced prize on three VOD platforms

20th Cinemamed (original dates 26 November-5 December 2020, moved online)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cinemas open respecting measures


Cinemas reopening on 1 April at 30% capacity

25th Sofia International Film Festival (split edition, a first phase from 11-31 March and a second one in summer, dates TBA) (news)
18th Sofia Meetings (original dates 17-24 March, moved online) (news)


Cinemas open respecting measures

18th Zagreb Film Festival (original dates 8-15 November 2020, moved online) (read interview)

Czech Republic

Cinemas open
Multiplex cinemas set to open on 10 June

55th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (original dates July, moved to 20-28 August)

28th Days of European Film (Euro Film Fest) (postponed to 16-23 June)

61st Zlin Film Fest (divided in two, an online edition from 28 May–1 June; an in-person edition from 9–15 September)

28th IFF Febiofest Prague (original dates April, postponed to 17-24 September)

33th Finale Plzen (original dates April, postponed to 24-29 September)

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 54 ½ (original dates 18-21 November 2020, cancelled) (read news)

24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (original dates 27 October-8 November 2020, moved online)
(read news)


Cinemas set to reopen on 6 May, taking up to 500 certificate-holding visitors, subject to number of seats (one empty seat between each visitor/group of visitors)


Cinemas open, 50% capacity

16th Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (original dates 30 April-2 May, moved to 4-6 June)


Cinemas closed, rentals allowed up to 10 persons


Cinemas set to reopen on 19 May
A first phase from 19 May with a 35% theatre capacity restriction and a curfew at 21h00; a second phase from 9 June with a 65% theatre capacity restriction and a curfew at 23h00; a third phase from 30 June with a 100% theatre capacity and no curfew (always depending on territorial restrictions)

13th Festival Lumière (9-17 October, physical edition)

4th Canneseries (original dates 9-14 April, moved to 8-13 October)

10th Champs-Elysées Film Festival (original dates June, moved to 14-21 September)

32th FIDMarseille (original dates 19-25 July, physical edition)

74th Cannes Film Festival (original dates 11-22 May, moved to 6-17 July)
Marché du Film (moved to 6-15 July, Pre-Cannes Screenings organised in May)

49th Festival La Rochelle Cinéma (Fema) (original dates 25 June-4 July, physical edition, a 65% capacity of the theatres until 29 June, and a 100% capacity later on)

32th Sunny Side of the Doc (original dates 21-24 June, moved online) (read news)
5th PiXii (Festival international des Cultures Digitales) (hybrid edition, online and physically in La Rochelle)

45th Festival international du film d’animation d'Annecy (14-19 June, hybrid edition, online and physical)
Marché MIFA (15-18 June, hybrid edition, online and physical)

3rd FIPADOC (original dates 18-24 January, moved online, a physical edition in Biarritz from 12-17 June) (read news)

22nd Festival international du film d’Aubagne Music & Cinema (hybrid edition, a physical edition from 31 May-5 June, with restrictions to 35% capacity of the theatres and a curfew at 21.00, an online edition from 7-12 June)

38th Festival du Film Policier (online edition, from 26-30 May)

18th Festival du Cinéma de Brive (original dates 6-11 April, moved to 25-30 May)

30th Festival du Cinéma Espagnol de Nantes (original dates 25 March-4 April, moved online, with a physical edition from 21-23 May, 11-13 June and 19-20 June) (news)

33th Festival Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse (online edition 19-28 March, physical edition 9-13 June)

12th Séries Mania Lille Hauts de France (original dates 19-27 March, postponed to 26 August-2 September)

43th Festival Cinéma du réel (original dates 12-21 March, moved online)

22nd Festival International du Film d’Aubagne, Music & Cinema (original dates 10-20 March, moved to 31 May-5 June)
A part of professional and school events will take place online on 10-20 March

15th Festival L'Europe autour de l'Europe Paris (original dates 3-28 March, postponed to 2-16 June)

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin (original dates 23-28 February, moved online)

43rd Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (original dates 29 January-6 February, moved online) (read news)

33rd Angers’ Premiers Plans Film Festival (original dates 25-31 January, moved online) (read news)

24th Festival international du film de comédie de l'Alpe d'Huez (original dates 19-24 January, moved to 23-28 March)

23rd Rendez-Vous with French Cinema in Paris organised by UniFrance (moved online, from 13-15 January)

13th Les Arcs Film Festival (original dates 12-19 December 2020, moved online)
Industry Village postponed to 17-18 January 2021 to a physical event in Paris and to 20-21 January 2021 online

3rd Festival International du Film Politique (FIFP) de Carcassonne, (original dates 8-12 December 2020, postponed to 15-19 January 2021)

24th Œillades, Festival du Film Francophone d'Albi (original dates 24-29 November 2020, cancelled)

35th Festival Entrevues Belfort (original dates 15-22 November 2020, cancelled, awards to be given out either way by the jury) (read news)

29th Festival du Film de Sarlat (original dates 14-11 November 2020, cancelled)

8th Festival du Film de Muret (original dates 8-15 November 2020, postponed to 31 January-7 February 2021)

21st Arras Film Festival (original dates 7-15 November 2020, cancelled) (read news)
Arras Days moved online

Les Rencontres Cinématographiques de L’ARP (original dates 4-6 November 2020, moved online)


Cinemas open on 4 June, with a Covid test required

21st goEast - Festival of Central and Eastern European Film (original dates 20-26 April, moved online)

71st Berlin International Film Festival (original dates 11-18 February, moved online for press and jury members (read news), an all-outdor physical edition from 9-20 June (read more)
European Film Market (moved online, from 1-5 March)

69th International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg (original dates 12-22 November 2020, moved online) (read interview)

30th FilmFestival Cottbus (original dates 3-8 November 2020, partly moved online) (read news)
Connecting Cottbus (original dates 4-6 November 2020, moved online) (read news)


Cinemas closed until further notice
Open air cinemas to open on 21 May (at 75% of capacity)

23rd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (TDF) (hybrid edition: online edition 4-14 March, physical+online edition 24 June-4 July) (read news)

23rd Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People (original dates 28 November-5 December 2020, moved online)

3rd Athens International Children's Film Festival (original dates 14-22 November 2020, moved online)

61st Thessaloniki International Film Festival (original dates 5-15 November 2020, moved online)


Cinemas set to reopen on 1 May


Cinemas set to reopen on 7 June


Cinemas open on 26 April in the moderate-risk regions ("yellow zones")

22nd Festival del cinema europeo di Lecce (original dates April, moved to 6-13 November, physical edition)

7th Festival Internazionale del Documentario Visioni dal Mondo, Milano (moved to 16-19 September)

78th Venice International Film Festival (original dates 1-11 September, physical edition)

23th Far East Film Festival Udine (physical edition, 24 June-2 July)

17th Biografilm Festival (original dates 4-14 June, hybrid edition)

43rd Giornate Professionali di Cinema (original dates 30 November-3 December 2020, cancelled) (extraordinary online edition 4-5 May)

39th Bergamo Film Meeting (postponed to 24 April-2 May 2021)

7th Seeyousound International Music Film Festival (original dates 19-25 February, moved online) (read news)

19th RIFF - Rome Independent Film Festival (original dates 26 November-4 December 2020, moved online)

38th Torino Film Festival (original dates 20-28 November 2020, moved online)

30th Noir in Festival (original dates 30 November-4 December 2020, postponed to 8-13 March 2021)

5th Torino Short Film Market (original dates 17-24 November 2020, moved online)

61st Festival dei Popoli (Florence, original dates 15-22 November 2020, moved online)

40th Fantafestival - Mostra internazionale del film di fantascienza e del fantastico di Roma (original dates 11-15 November 2020, moved online)

26th MedFilm Festival di Roma (original dates 4-13 November 2020, moved online 9-15 November 2020)

21st Festival del cinema europeo di Lecce (original dates 31 October-7 November 2020, moved online)

18th Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest (original dates 31 October-8 November 2020, moved online)

20th Trieste Science+Fiction Festival (original dates 29 October-3 November 2020, moved online)

11th Festival Nuovo Cinema Europa Genoa (original dates 12-18 December 2020, moved online)


Cinemas open, screenings only until 18.00


Cinemas closed until further notice


Cinemas open on 19 April

26th Vilnius International Film Festival Kino Pavasaris (original dates 18 March-5 April, hybrid edition) (news)
Meeting Point – Vilnius (original dates 14-16 April, moved online) (news)


Cinemas open

11th Luxembourg City Film Festival (original dates 4-14 March, hybrid edition) (news)


Cinemas closed until further notice


Cinemas open, screenings only until 21.00


Cinemas set to open 5 June

50th IFFR - International Film Festival Rotterdam (hybrid edition, an online part 1-5 February - read news + a physical edition 2-6 June - read news)

33rd IDFA (original dates 18 November-6 December 2020, partly moved online) (news)

14½ Leiden International Film Festival (original dates 29 October-8 November 2020, moved online)

41st Northern Film Festival (original dates 11-15 November 2020, cancelled)

North Macedonia

Cinemas closed


Cinemas set to reopen on 7 May, maximum 50 guests, with a possible expansion to 200 guests by 15 June


Cinemas set to reopen on 21 May

18th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival (original dates May, an hybrid edition moved to 16 September-3 October (online) and 3-12 December (physical edition in various cities in Poland)

20th New Horizons International Film Festival (original dates July, moved to 12-22 August)

61st Krakow Film Festival (hybrid edition, 30 May-6 June) (news)

45th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia (original dates 8-12 December 2020) (moved online)

28th Camerimage International Film Festival (original dates 14-21 November 2020) (moved online)

20th New Horizons International Film Festival (original dates 23 July-3 August 2020, postponed to 10-15 November 2020) + 11th American Film Festival (original dates 10-15 November 2020) (both moved online)
New Horizons International Film Festival Polish Days Industry section (moved online)


Cinemas open (except in 7 municipalities)

18th IndieLisboa (original dates May, moved to 21 August-6 September)

17th FEST Espinho - New Directors New Films Festival (original dates June, moved to 4-11 October)

4th BEAST IFF (original dates 24 March-4 April, moved online)

20th Monstra Lisbon Animation Festival (online edition 17 March-4 April, physical edition 21 July-1 August)

7th Porto/Post/Doc (original dates 20-29 November 2020, partly moved online, screening restrictions on weekends)

14th LEFFEST (original dates 13-25 November 2020, screening restrictions on weekend)


Cinemas open at 70% capacity

28th Astra Film Festival (divided in two phases, a first one outdoor from August 27-September 12, a second one indoor October 11-16)

20th Transilvania International Film Festival (original dates June, postponed to 23 July-1 August)

14th One World Romania Film Festival (original dates May, postponed to 11-20 June)


Cinemas open respecting measures


Cinemas set to open on 17 May, under restrictions


Cinemas open since 23 April, allowed to accommodate up to 50% of their hall capacity under Covid restrictions (audience members have to be either vaccinated, have a negative Covid test or have had Covid)


Cinemas open, depending on the regional restrictions

49th Curtas Festival do Imaxinario (physical edition, 22-31 October)

40th Terrormolins. Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei (hybrid version, physical edition 5-14 November, online edition 28 October-21 November)

4th Festival de Cine por Mujeres (original dates 27 October-7 November, hybrid version)

69th San Sebastián International Film Festival (original dates 17-25 September, physical edition)

8th NIAFFS (NOIDENTITY-International Action Film Festival-Spain) (online edition, 27 June-3 July)

12th Murcia International Film Festival IBAFF (original dates March, postponed to 18-26 June)

49th Huesca International Film Festival (hybrid edition, 11-19 June)

25th Fire!! Mostra Lambda Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (hybrid edition, 10-20 June)

11th (S8) Mostra Internacional de Cinema Periférico (hybrid edition, May 28 and June 6)

18th DocumentaMadrid (hybrid edition, a physical part from 26 May-30 May, an online part from 26 May-6 June)

24th DocsBarcelona (original dates 18-30 May, hybrid edition, partly online)

4th Premios Quirino (hybrid edition, online from 10-23 May, physical from 27-29 May in La Laguna, Tenerife)

16th Animayo (hybrid edition, 5-8 May)

10th D'A Film Festival (original dates 29 April-9 May, hybrid edition)

17th CIIF Market (original dates 28-30 April, hybrid edition)

18th Festival de Cine y Derechos Humanos de San Sebastián (original dates 23-30 April, physical edition)

5th Festival Internacional de Cine de Barcelona-Sant Jordi BCN FILM FEST (original dates 15-23 April, physical edition) (read news)

21st Festival Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (original dates 9-18 April, hybrid version)
International Market of Almost-Finished Films, MECAS (in-person, 10-13 April)

4th Rodando Páginas (8 April, hybrid edition)

2021 Goya Awards (hybrid ceremony, no guests at the ceremony)

58th Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón FICX (original dates 20-29 November 2020, moved online) (read news)

27th L’Alternativa Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona (original dates 16-29 November 2020, moved online)

62nd Zinebi Bilbao (original dates 13-20 November 2020, partly moved online)

5th Fantastic Film Festival - FANT Bilbao (original dates 6-12 November 2020, partly moved online)

1st Visual Art - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Lleida (original dates 29 October-8 November 2020, postponed)


Cinemas open with a maximum audience of 8 guests, with an expansion to 50 guests set for 1 June

44th Göteborg Film Festival (original dates January 29 - February 8, moved online) (read news)


Cinemas open, maximum guests 100 or half the theatre capacity from 26 June onwards

52nd Visions du Réel (original dates 15-25 April, moved online, opening 4 cinemas for the public, starting on Thursday 22 April, for 4 days) (read news)

35th Fribourg International Film Festival (original dates 19-28 March, moved to 16-25 July)

22nd Black Movie Independent Film Festival (22-31 January) (read news)

26th Geneva International Film Festival (original dates 6-15 November 2020, cancelled)
Geneva Digital Market (original dates 9-13 November, moved online)

United Kingdom

Cinemas closed at least until 17 May

Out of Europe

(US) 20th Tribeca Film Festival (original dates April, hybrid edition 9-20 June)

(Canada) 28th Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (moved online, 29 April-9 May) (read news)

(Turkey) 40th Istanbul Film Festival (original dates 1 April-June, hybrid edition)
16th Meetings on the Bridge (original dates 2-9 April, moved online) (news)

(Mexico) 11th FICUNAM UNAM International Film Festival (moved online 18-28 March)

(Qatar) 7th Qumra (original dates 12-17 March, moved online) (news)

(US) 34th SXSW Festival (moved online 16-20 March)

37th Sundance Film Festival (original dates 28 January-3 February, partly moved online) (read news)

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