Horror is a genre filled with blood, gore, violence, and jumpscares. While there are horror franchises that thrive off the fears of fans, there are some that are fantastic. While you may be aware of highly-acclaimed horror anime and manga like Shiki or When They Cry, what about manhwa?

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Unbeknownst to manga fans, manhwa has lots of horror to keep you occupied. Whether it is about frightening creatures or surviving on an island, there is a manhwa out there for you. We have waded through many volumes and chapters to tell you about the ten best horror manhwa for fans of manga.


10 HIVE (2014 - 2018)

Hive is written and illustrated by Kim Gyu-Sam. We are beginning this list with a horror sci-fi manhwa that takes on the apocalyptic genre. Although Eun-Sung Lee left work after saying his goodbyes to his wife and child like usual, the next thing to happen that day blows him away.

Seoul collapses and is infested by man-eating insects that kill and infect anyone, and humans begin to fight others for survival. Eung-Sung Lee has no choice but to join his co-worker Ji-Eun Seong and war veteran Eun-Sun to find his family and traverse this apocalyptic world.


Home Sweet Home is written by Carnby and illustrated by Youngchan Hwang.  It should be noted that the author of Home Sweet Home also authored Bastard, another horror manhwa that will make an appearance on this list later. It centers on a young high school student recluse, Hyun Cha who rarely leaves his home for anything.

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However, when strange occurrences begin to happen around him as well as outside, Hyun Cha must leave the home he always stayed inside as monsters have begun to appear everywhere.

8 PERFECT CLASSROOM (2016 - 2017)

Perfect Classroom is written and illustrated by O-Gu. This horror manhwa won the 2015 Global Rookie Project Award as it was the debut manhwa for O-Gu. If the story captures your interest, then you will be glad to know it is fully translated officially, instead of just having a fan translation.

The story centers on two siblings who have a lot of secrets, although their classmates think they have darker ones. While capturing the attention of the entire class, things begin to change as they get to know both of them more.

7 RED CAGE (2014 - 2017)

Red Cage, or known by its alternative title Model Taxi, is written by KeuKeuJ.J and illustrated by Carlos. This horror manhwa comes with a warning, as it contains mature themes such as physical abuse and sexual issues. If you ever have any problems, then you should call 5326, so you can have it solved.

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If you call, Deke will be there to solve your problems neatly and cleanly, no matter how dirty or special the instructions may be. This manhwa happens to deal with revenge and is in full color.


Dreamcide was written by Jung-Hoon Hong and illustrated by Weol Shin. This manhwa's colorful look may seem appealing, but it is a horror. It also contains some romance and fantasy elements. Although Hazin Nam has always had nightmares, he suddenly dreams of an apocalyptic world where humans must fight against demons and zombies seven years in the future.

He doesn't pay it any mind until he meets the girl who appeared in his dreams, Yuri Hong, and she transfers into his class. It's up to Hazin to save the future.

5 REDRUM 327 (2003)

Redrum was written and illustrated by Ya-Seong Ko. This manhwa may be an old one, but that does not make it any less of a great read. As one of the earliest drawn manhwa created in 2003, it is in black and white akin to manga.

It follows a group of friends who go on a vacation to an isolated mountain. Although the night begins perfectly, as it goes on the friends begin to mix reality with hallucinations and disappearances start to occur, making their vacation turn into a bloody mess.

4 DELUSIONAL BOY (2014 - 2016)

Delusional Boy was written by JAL and illustrated by Jin-Wu Song. Giu Haru is a high school student who has an illness that prevents him from telling apart reality and delusions. He has a somewhat peaceful life until he ends up killing his girlfriend Kang Lee Ha. He is also betrayed by his best friend Kang Yul and loses both of his eyes.

He is detained in a mental institute and pinned as the mass murderer of his entire class. He isn't kept locked down for long, however, as he receives help from a group who calls themselves Panthers and begins to chase after Kang Yul.

3 THE PHANTOM KING (2009 - 2012)

The Phantom King was written by Dal-Young Im and illustrated by Jae-Ho Yoon. Do you enjoy ecchi with a dash of mystery in your manhwa? Then, this manhwa is right up your alley. Eun Sung-min is a survivor from a small village after the Evil Phenomenon eleven years ago.

Eun Sung-min was saved along with his maid by a group called the Phantom King, and the Special Environmental Protection Agency is searching for answers about the tragedy and how to defeat the Evil Spirits who caused it.

2 BASTARD (2014 - 2016)

Bastard was written by Carnby and illustrated by Youngchan Hwang. If you are looking for your newest horror manhwa obsession, Bastard will be sure to get you hooked. The story follows Jin Seon, the son of a serial killer who also happens to be an accomplice to his crimes.

That is until his father Dong-Soo Seon goes after Kyun Yoon, a girl he befriends who is supposed to be his next target. Jin Seon decides to finally escape from his father's craziness and protect her, as well as do his best to not become twisted like his father.

1 JACK FROST (2005 - 2014)

Jack Frost was written and illustrated by Jin-Ho Go. When you think of Jack Frost, the first thing to come to your mind isn't horror. It's probably a cuddly snowman or an imp. The story centers on Noh-A, a girl who becomes caught in the cross-fires of an epic battle.

Amityville is a high school where paranormal creatures battle each other to become the king and queen of the hill, and Noh-A gets tangled in-between. Luckily, or perhaps not so, she seeks the help of the evilest student in school, Jack Frost.

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