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Manhunt 2

Key events

Single PEGI age rating system starts today

1-in-3 parents has bought a kid an unsuitable game, says poll.

Gamers' Voice slams Keith Vaz

Attacks "amateurish" early day motion.

Vaz: "I’ve never been against games"

Controversial MP speaks to Eurogamer.


In search of Germany's virtual scapegoats.

Manhunt 2 finally gets release date

It's out sooner than you might think.

No Manhunt 2 date despite Nintendo claim

Rockstar comments on NUK release dates.

Games not linked to violence, says Govt.

Staying out of Manhunt 2 debate.

Manhunt 2 will get UK release

BBFC had "no alternative" but to give in.

Vaz claims games let you "rape women"

Misguided MP challenged in Parliament.

Rockstar questions High Court ruling

Was happy with 18-rating, shockingly.

High Court blocks Manhunt 2 from sale

Man in wig overturns appeal decision.

BBFC applies for judicial review

Contests Manhunt VAC ruling.

Rockstar wins Manhunt 2 appeal

BBFC will study judgement.

Tiga, psychologist defend R*

BBFC told off for Daily Maily acts.

Rockstar rails against BBFC

Manhunt 2 appeal hearing begins.

ESRB on Manhunt PSP rating

Not a Hot Coffee repeat.

Manhunt manual ignores Vienna

Producer cross at lack of credit.

Manhunt violence reinstated

Hot Coffee all over again?

Itagaki doesn't feel censored

Backs classification systems.

FeatureBBFC: Who are they rating for?

Comparing the BBFC's attitude to film and games.

Sony blamed for Manhunt 2 leak

Take-Two points finger.

BBFC says no to Manhunt 2 again

New version still not passable.

Manhunt 2 OK for Holland

Lets adults make own choice.

ESRB quiet on Manhunt re-rating

Politician has a strop.

Manhunt 2 gets US go ahead

Rated and dated.

FeatureManhunt 2

Don't ban this 'Sick Filth'?

Rockstar "proud" of Manhunt 2

Says thanks to fans.

Take-Two shelves Manhunt 2

[Surely "kills"? - Ed]

US platform holders refuse Manhunt sequel

Won't allow AO-rated game.

Rockstar upset by Manhunt ban

They "emphatically disagree".

BBFC denies political pressure

Nothing to do with Manhunt ban.

Manhunt 2 banned in UK

BBFC says no.

Manhunt 2 excuses in early

Rockstar leaps to own defence.

Manhunt 2 trailer

Kill murder frenzy death!