POF : Girl I’m texting with keeps asking for security code.

POF : Girl I’m texting with keeps asking for security code.

I matched with her and she says she needs a security code to « verify ». I then get an SMS message from an unknown phone number saying « this is your POF security code : ###### ». What exactly is she trying to pull?

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  1. Recently, POF added a phone verification requirement, probably as an effort to stop the sex porn bots. It requires that you use your real phone number and they send you a code. She (maybe a he pretending to be a she) already has your phone number and is trying to use it by getting you to give her the code. Which means after he/she uses it, you won’t be able to use your own phone number to create a POF account. So if your account gets banned, you delete it, or you are unable to log in and need to create a new account, you will be shit out of luck until you change your phone number. I think that there are three possibilities. This girl you are texting doesn’t have a POF account and wants to use you to get one so she can flirt and meet with other guys. She is asking for a friend. Or you didn’t confirm her gender and identity and it’s really a guy or scammer trying to trick you. Anyway, don’t do it.

  2. I’ve never seen anything like this.. Maybe it’s a new POF feature, to prove you are an actual person. Maybe it’s just a scam. If you didn’t give your number to her, maybe best to contact POF directly and ask what is going on.

  3. I would under no circumstances send her that security code. It looks like she may be trying to bypass some sort of 2-factor authentication that involves your phone number.

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