Choosing the perfect POF Login might just be one of the most overlooked steps to completing any dating profile. We don’t just sign in to POF using it. Having the right POF Login can pay big dividends for many reasons. Its the very first thing most members instantly see beyond some tiny photo and should say something exciting about you, without having to say much at all. This of course could include some hint of what makes you special or to some extent, what you ultimately hope to achieve inside your online dating experience. Choose wisely and success will be a little easier. Every little nuance sets the stage for reeling in that perfect fish.

For instance if casual encounters, well outside commitment are your primary goal, maybe a more risque username or login is in order and may even appeal to those with same objective.  However, long term relationships being the goal and a much more grounded login name starts to make all the sense in the world. Think “wildcrazynights222” versus “conscientiousthinker123” The notion a well thought username or pof login might be one of the more important portions of any online profile is hardly without merit.  Again, choose wisely so potential love interests don’t run from a bad first impression. We know this makes a little more sense, now? POF Login to sign in to POF

There is one more reason why careful planning of your PlentyOfFish login might also be important. Even though POF is free, they do charge for small, insignificant upgrades. One of these upgrades is the capability to change your username or login. Unless you decide to upgrade your account, you will never have the ability to edit your POF Login name. Having a creative block? Why not search other profiles to see what others are doing. Pay attention to those pof login names that catch your curiosity. Remember, this is a dating site that allows you to view profiles without signing up in any manor.

In the upper right hand corner you will find the login form. This will be where you enter your Plenty Of Fish login and password created during the registration process. If you do not already have a login you can create one in mere seconds from the main page. In the event you do not remember your pof login information, you can also use the email address associated with the member account to sign into the dating website. At the time of this writing its not possible to link or sign-up for POF using your Facebook account. Much like an important letter we do not mail or send until sleeping on it. Give the set up procedure a few days of thought before pulling the trigger. Its all about preparation.

POF Login – Login PlentyOfFish

First verify the correct spelling of your password or username and try again.  If you have forgotten the username associated with profile you can type in the email address used to sign up. This should get you into your member profile where you will be able to note correct username and spelling. Make a note of this in a safe place for future reference. Recovering a password requires clicking on the link inside the website and your pof login information will then be sent to the email associated with the account.

If you do not receive this recovery email be certain to check your email spam folder and if there, tag as “not spam” so any future emails find your pof inbox. However, if you are certain the correct email account is being used and still have no recovery information from Plenty Of Fish, there is a chance your profile may have been deleted. If this is the case you may have to create a new login. Plenty Of Fish accounts are deleted for numorus reasons. Please be sure to thoroughly read through the sites TOS ( Terms Of Service ) to be sure you did not break any rules.

Who started Plenty Of Fish?

The online dating site Plenty Of Fish was founded in 2003 by Canadian Markus Frind employing a feature rich environment only previously found on the many paid sites which had long dominated the internet dating scene. By giving users features the other sites counted on to drive revenue, much like the ability to see who has viewed ones profile or instantly email other users, he quickly achieved a huge following.

Additionally, by simply constructing a online dating site completely void of the many constraints, such as required lengthy sign-up process, POF instantly grew by leaps and bounds. In fact, as of today there are over 82 million members and estimated 2 billion page views per month! Its clear this simplified signup process is partly responsible for the rapid buildup. Even addressed inside Eharmony commercials where the founder himself comforts a Eharmony member complaint about this arduous sign up process.

Next came the surprisingly high quality POF Mobile app for all popular platforms like iPhone and Android. This addition added in 2010 allows for chat, and is presently believed to account for over 70 percent of all pof logins. Plenty Of Fish is now the top free dating site in the world when sheer member numbers is unit of measure. Its easily responsible for creating millions of new relationships.

The site has struggled to shake the common perception its largely some place for the uncommitted to play, with changes in May 2013 pointed toward changing this. The removal of “Intimate Encounters” and inability for males to attach photos to their messages was implemented. There was also age guidelines put in place making 14 years the maximum separation allowed between male and female, hopefuls.

Markus himself bluntly stating: “there is no good reason for a 50 year old man to contact a 18 year old female!” Some honestly believe these changes are more about protecting ad revenue than his own morals. Its hard to fault him for a wise business decision, nonetheless. The sheer amount of monthly ad revenue this site earns is quite staggering. This includes many major advertisers such as Anheuser Busch, so a business model worth protecting.

Plenty Of Fish pretty much ran solo those first years, but currently employs around 70 employees, in areas such as developer, sales, marketing and improved customer service. The site remains largely self-policed. The over 50,000 daily photos, endless forum posts and user-behavior largely depending on member reporting to find and weed out offensive content and conduct. This won’t get you a ban on pure hearsay, though. It does get you under the microscope.

Whatever you may take away from all this, it is still a fantastic online dating site to find love. Even when based on sheer number of members alone. Hence, the perfect name. Be careful, use common sense and learn from other peoples experiences. The POF Forums are a great place to find helpful tips and information to that end. While Plenty Of Fish is geared toward a local dating scene, it is possible to meet the love of your life from another country. Google Translate is a great tool to start the conversation.

What started out in Canada has now spread throughout many geographical locations around the globe. The United States still earns the highest traffic, then POF UK, Australia and POF Canada, respectfully. You are allowed to search any geographical location. So if you don’t mind a long distance relationship and find someone you seemingly have a lot in common with, it never hurts to message them. What is the worst thing that can happen? Now think of the best. The POF search will allow you to locate members in any country as well as hone results based on physical attributes, interests and even religious beliefs.

 Will you like Plenty Of Fish?

Any online dating site can be the right dating site. Meeting someone you have an amazing connection with can happen anywhere. Since POF is a free online dating solution there is nothing to lose by creating a Plenty Of Fish Login. Your results will be largely dependent on how much effort you put in to finding the perfect someone. Just pen a few dozen words of wit and upload some photos to your profile and you could have a date tonight!

There is nothing more exciting then logging on to find that first dating message in your POF inbox. The only requirement to use Plenty Of Fish is that all members must have a pof login or username, as its also called. Don’t take things personal if it takes a while to net a response. This would be doubly true for males. A couple of sentences is an adequate first response to a message. We are fishing and you don’t want to set the hook too quick. You so got this!


If you are looking for a no cost solution with most of the bells and whistles other dating sites charge for, then Plenty Of Fish is really hard to beat. Even if you pay to upgrade your member account you still have to marvel at the sheer numbers of profiles on this online dating powerhouse. The ease, simplicity and functionality are rock solid. There is also not an easier place to start your online search for love out there. The small amount of time required to open an account and no cost element to get started, make this a great place to test the water. Let’s go fishing!

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