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Microsoft Scam Email

Got this today (3/16/2021) in Yahoo Email:

                                          SCAM?PHISH????  I NEVER Ordered it.  Anybody else get this???:

                                                                             Windows Defender Order <*** Email address is removed for privacy ***>,<-------    

                              " Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Firewall & Network Protection (One Year Subscription)"



Invoice Number : WIN48974984-57265

Customer Id : 112603134

Email : *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Phone : +1 XXX-XXX-XXXX

Invoice Date: March 16, 2021

Quantity 1

Total $ 299.99

ITEM: Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Firewall & Network Protection (One Year Subscription)

Dear Customer,

If You didn’t make this purchase or if you believe an unauthorized person is attempting to access your Microsoft account, Call our customer care representative +1 877-418-7093 (Toll Free).

This Email confirms payment for the Microsoft Defender listed above. You will charge each plan perioduntil you cancel by downloading the Microsoft Defender plan from your PC.

You May contact Microsoft for a full refund within 48 Hrs of a monthly Subscription upgrade or within 72 Hrs after yearly payment. Partial refunds are available where required by law.



                                                                                                Microsoft team

                                                                                           Phone : 18774187093

                                      Boy oh Boy, when the Lights come on, the Cockroaches scatter. Just in time for Tax Returns and/or Stimulus checks.


Yes David,

Just another in a series of literally millions of similar email scam messages that provide false information including:

Fake product names, no such product called: "Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Firewall & Network Protection"

has ever existed, though Windows 10 includes Windows Defender Antivirus, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection used to exist as a commercial product for enterprises, and Windows Firewall is a separate component included free with Windows 10.

See how the scammers use a complex combination of other product names to confuse?

Microsoft never includes phone numbers in their communications, since they do business via computers and the web, so any phone number is always fake and clearly indicates the message that contains it is fake as well, as the following Microsoft Support page mentions partway down the page i the bullet points.

Protect yourself from tech support scams

You can always verify whether Microsoft itself is actually charging you for any real product by simply logging directly into your Microsoft Account and selecting Billing or Subscriptions.  Anything purchased directly from Microsoft will always be shown there and valid Microsoft email notifications will only reference your account, not some supposed customer support phone number.

I just looked at an annual renewal notice email I received for a Microsoft product and noted that along with no phone number, it only mentioned the product name, price and description.  All links within the message were clearly to addresses and none of these were actually clickable, in other words I would need to manually copy and paste the URL text in order to go to these specific sites.  Most of these were also to the same address I provided above or

There is no invoice number or customer id number included in the official email, since your Microsoft account address, which is also your address is the only item required to access your account other than your password.  So any message containing this is also obviously fake and a scam.

Instead of "Dear Customer", my notification starts with Hello Robert Koch", since this information is also contained in my Microsoft account though my email address doesn't contain my full name.

You recognized the message was a scam, yet seem to remain concerned.  Since only your email address is required to send any message including scams, it's easily possible for scammers to send messages to anyone.  However, it's usually more difficult to also include the other personal information like full name or other specific details, so when these are missing that's often another clue to a fake such as the one you received.

Simply move the message to the Junk Folder or delete it, since that's all that's required to submit the message if the email client actually uses the true Outlook junk folder.


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