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Azure DevOps Data Ingestor

A console application that calls Azure DevOps client libraries and ingests data into a specified SQL Server database. The following ingestors are available and can be specified from the command line.

  • Project
  • Repository
  • PullRequest
  • BuildDefinition


Install tool from


The console application can be executed by calling AzureDevOps.DataIngestor.exe. The help menu shows up if you give it no parameters. The mininum requirements when running AzureDevOps.Ingestor.exe are the name of your organization, Azure DevOps personal access token, SQL connection string, and which data ingestor you want to run.

c:\>AzureDevOps.DataIngestor.exe --help
AzureDevOps.DataIngestor 1.0.7
Copyright (C) 2020

  project            Collect projects data given a specific project or all projects by default

  repository         Collect repository data given a specific project or all projects by default

  pullrequest        Collect pull request data given a specific project or all projects by default

  builddefinition    Collect bulid definition data given a specific project or all projects by default

  help               Display more information on a specific command.

  version            Display version information.

Both SQL connection string and personal access token can set as enviornment variables so you don't have to supply it from the command line. Below is an example command with Azure DevOps personal access token and sql connection string already set as an enviornment variable.

SET VssPersonalAccessToken=MyPersonalAccessTokenString
SET SqlServerConnectionString="My Sql Server Connection String Can Contain Space"
AzureDevOps.DataIngestor.exe repository --organization MyOrg

Example with personal access token

AzureDevOps.DataIngestor.exe repository --organization MyOrg --pat MyPersonalAccessToken

Example with SQL connection string being passed in and personal access token set as an environment variable

SET VssPersonalAccessToken=MyPersonalAccessTokenString
AzureDevOps.DataIngestor.exe repository --organization MyOrg --sqlserverconnectionstring MySqlServerConnectionString

Example with SQL connection string and personal access token being passed in

AzureDevOps.DataIngestor.exe repository --organization MyOrg --pat MyPersonalAccessToken --sqlserverconnectionstring MySqlServerConnectionString


To collect projects data from Azure DevOps.

AzureDevOps.DataIngestor.exe project --organization MyOrg

Build Definition

Collect build definition data from Azure DevOps for all projects, param --projects is not required.

AzureDevOps.Ingestor.exe builddefinition --organization MyOrg

Collect build definition data from Azure DevOps given a list of projects

AzureDevOps.Ingestor.exe builddefinition --organization MyOrg --projects project1:project2

Pull Request

Pull requests are collected by going back one month. This ingestor only collects completed and active pull requests. Currently there is no support for abandoned pull requests. Once the ingestor is finished running, a watermark is updated to the most recent run date, and the next time this ingestor gets called again, it will not collect the same pull requests.

AzureDevOps.DataIngestor.exe pullrequest --organization MyOrg --projects MyProject


Collect all repositories from the whole organization.

AzureDevOps.Ingestor.exe repository --organization MyOrg

Collect all repositories for a selected set of projects

AzureDevOps.Ingestor.exe repository --organization MyOrg --projects project1:project2


If you have any questions/feedback/suggestions. Feel free to create an issue or submit a pull request. Additonal ingestors are added upon requests.


This is an open source project, feel free to create a PR and I'll review the changes.


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