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Jean Rhys

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Wide Sargasso Sea | Part Summaries

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Part Summaries Chart

Part Summary
Part 1 (The Burning of Coulibri) As Wide Sargasso Sea opens, Antoinette, the protagonist and narrator, explains why her mother (Annette) and the family a... Read More
Part 1 (Antoinette's Schooling) Six weeks have passed and Antoinette wakes up from her sickness and finds herself in Aunt Cora's house. Aunt Cora catche... Read More
Part 2 (The Honeymoon and Rochester's Regret) Part 2 is narrated by Rochester, who when Part 2 opens, is married to Antoinette and has used her money to pay off his d... Read More
Part 2 (Meeting and Marriage) Rochester recalls his meeting and courtship of Antoinette. He says he was playing a role and acting a part and is surpri... Read More
Part 2 (Sexual Longing) Rochester awakens and goes to the dining room, which is laid out in an attractive way. He sees Antoinette and wonders, "... Read More
Part 2 (The Letter) Amélie delivers a letter to Rochester who thinks nothing of it. Later he opens the letter, which is from Daniel Cosway, ... Read More
Part 2 (Rochester's Rejection of Antoinette) With Antoinette away at Christophine's, Rochester receives a second letter from Daniel Cosway. He speaks to Amélie about... Read More
Part 2 (Help Me, Christophine) Antoinette is once again the narrator. She rides off on her horse to Christophine's house. When she finds her, Antoinett... Read More
Part 2 (Poor Me) Rochester looks out at the landscape, of which he says he will never see lovelier, and comments on the weather—the hurri... Read More
Part 2 (Leaving Jamaica) The next morning Rochester and Antoinette are leaving and headed toward England. Antoinette shows no emotion and had not... Read More
Part 3 (Grace's Watch) Grace Poole narrates the beginning of Part 3. While Rochester was in Jamaica, both his father and his brother died, and ... Read More
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