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Wicca 2 Previously In my first book of the Wiccan series, we talked about the beginning of wicca, and the basics you need to know about starting out in the religion, and finding out what kind of wiccan you want to be. There was information on the elements and the basic things that you need to start out, and how to prepare yourself. In this book, you will learn more about spells, starting with the book of shadows. You will learn all sorts of spells that you can choose to keep in your book, or you can choose to make your own spells. Continue reading to learn more about making a book of shadows. Before we Begin Making a Book of Shadows Finding the Right Book Before you can start with making your book of shadows, you must first find the perfect book. While most book of shadows are created in leather, you can create yours out of anything you want. However, be warned, any fake substance such as the fuzzy bound books, will not hold your magic. Paper notebooks and spiral bounds do not do so well either. Leather bound books are found to be the best. Go to your local stationary or office supply store. Once you find the notebook section, you are going to have to get a little weird. You want a notebook that speaks to you. That you can feel it, coursing through your veins. You do not want just any old standard bound notebook. You want one that speaks to you. Whether you find one made of leather or organic paper materials. You want to feel the energy move within 2 it, because if you just pick one that doesn't mesh well with your energy, you will find that your spells are not as well protected from someone who might want to steal your book of shadows. So once you have found a few good notebooks, hold them to your chest and close your eyes. If you can imagine yourself writing for hours in the book, you have found the right one. If you cannot, keep looking. You want a strongly wielded spell book, not a book full of spells. That is a cookbook that only has recipes for disasters. Why the Right Book is so Important There are bad witches out there. They want to use your spells, and turn them into evil ones. If they have access to your spells, they can do some horrible things to them, and corrupt them. A spell book that meshes with your energy will not allow them to see it. An experienced witch can enchant their book to look blank to anyone who reads it but them. However, they can only do it if the notebook is loyal only to them. You want a notebook that is loyal to you. Much like in the Harry Potter universe, the book chooses the witch. If you have a strong bond with your book of shadows, it will not be easy for someone to counteract the invisibility enchantment. The only way to counteract another witch's enchantment is to pour a drop of their blood on the notebook. (or so it is told. I have never tried to steal another witch's book) Not many witches know that though, and it may not even be true. It may just be an old wives tale. There is another rumor out there that talks about the real reason that a Wiccan should never let anyone near their book. If someone gets a hold of another witch's book of shadows, and gets past the enchantment, then that witch can control the true owner of the book. It becomes like a voodoo doll almost. You will be in the evildoers clutches until you regain possession of your book. However, this is just a rumor, as there really are no nonfiction documentations of this happening. But you know what they say, fiction starts with a grain of truth. So better safe than sorry. How to Start Your Book 3 With your book of shadows, you are going to need to set it up first. To do this you are going to need to cast a circle and have an altar set up. You want to cast a protection spell on your book, in order to keep it safe. Since you are just beginning you will not be strong enough for an invisibility spell, so you will just have to find a good hiding spot for your book of shadows. To set up the altar and circle you are going to need: Your chosen book A charged crystal An athame a pentacle a smudge stick made up of ◦ Aspen ◦ Beech ◦ Blessed Thistle ◦ Fennel ◦ Hyacinth ◦ Pine ◦ Walnut ◦ Yarrow A white candle A yellow candle A blue candle A red candle A green candle A purple candle A full moon In a later book we will talk about making your own smudge sticks, for now, if you can find a pagan store, you can ask them to make you one with these ingredients or you can order one online. If you wish to make your own, you can skip to book three real quick to learn how to make your own. You may have noticed that you need a full moon. This is imperative, and it is best if you can do the spell at midnight. This will give you the most strength in a protection spell. You want the strongest protection that you can have for your book of shadows, because you do not want anyone to find it. When you get to your favorite spot, place the athame, charged crystal, and 4 pentacle on the altar around your smudge stick (place your stick in a fireproof bowl.) You should also have a whit candle on your altar towards the back. This is imperative, because you always want to light your smudge stick with a white candle. Set up the candles in a circle around your altar according to their elements, setting the purple candle on the ground in front of the altar. (be careful not to kick it over) The circle should be big enough for you to move around your altar with ease and not worry about disturbing the candles. Light the white candle. As you welcome each element, light the corresponding candle. You have experience with casting a circle from the last book, I presume, so now it is just a matter of knowing which candle goes to what. Yellow = air Red = fire Green = earth Blue = water Purple = spirit After you have cast your circle, you want to be sure that you are able to move around without stepping out of the circle, and halting the magic. Move candles if need be to expand the circle. Once all the candles are lit, and the white candle is back on the altar. It is time to invoke the goddess and horned god. Now is the time to experience the pleasantries of the athame. Prick your index finger and allow two drops of blood to hit the ground. No more, or else you can attract demons. You should probably have a bandage handy as well so you can keep from getting blood everywhere. As you drop the blood on the ground, say this chant. Mother Goddess, Father God I ask you to bless this night Fill this circle with your protection Fill it full with your might Grace me please as I bind my spells in a book of shadows help me do it well. Keep it safe from those who mean harm 5 make this book a powerful charm. Thank you for joining me on this blessed night give me strength to bless this book give me strength to do it right After you call upon the deities, it is time to start the spell. First, you take the charged crystal, and wave it over the book in three clockwise circles. As you wave the crystal chant. Protect this vessel of my spells keep it safe and keep it well You should say the chant one time each time you make a circle, so three times total. Saying this will begin the portal of protection, and make a gateway between the magic and your book to begin the protection spell. Light your smudge stick, and after it is fully ignited, blow the flame out and leave it smoldering. Place the stick in the fireproof bowl and step away towards the altar towards the element air's candle. As you step towards air, chant this phrase. Mighty power I ask you please open this spell and assist me in protecting my secrets and guarding my thoughts. Repeat this chant as you move around the circle to each element. After you finish with spirit, waft the smoke over your spell book, and the pentacle at the same time. Waft it three times, and then pick up the pentacle, and press it on the cover of the book and say this phrase. Protect this, oh Father and Mother Protect this sacred book So I ask May it be done. After you have done that, you may thank the deities for joining you. After you part with the deities, you can close your circle, thanking each element as 6 you dismiss it. Make sure that you put out your smudge stick and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Now that your Book of shadows has been blessed, you can use it to put your spells in. Common Misconceptions about the Book of Shadows. There are many different misconceptions about a Wiccan's book of shadows. Many people believe that there is one magical book of shadows that is constantly changing and holds all of the spell and answers of the universe. However, this is highly unlikely, because that much power would be easy to spot, and that much power is enough to turn even the purest wiccan evil. Power does not become a love until you experience it. More than likely, someone stumbled upon a powerful witches book and felt that it was the all powerful book. Another misconception is that when you have a book of shadows, you have to have the same journal all of your life. In reality, most witches book of shadows is actually a collection of journals that they have filled up throughout the year. Unless you can find a giant book to keep, you are going to have to use more journals than you ever thought possible. This means that you are going to have to bless your new one every time, but don't worry, this does not take the blessings off your other journals. Many witches use more than ten journals in their lifetimes. Be careful not to use any loose papers in them though, they will not be protected if they ever fall out of the book. If you think of the spell and you are not around your book of shadows, you can write it down on loose paper, but be sure to transfer it to your book of shadows, don't just stuff the paper in there. Also, try to keep your spells organized. This can span from just organizing each journal with different types of spells, to keeping separate journals for different types of spells. Make sure to write the dates that you recorded the spells so you can see your progress over time as well. You want to have a well organized book so that when you need a spell, you can find it easily. Many people think that Books of shadows are super neat, and only filled with completed spells. This is not true. Many of them have half finished spells, spells where things are crossed out and rewritten, spells that make no sense. In all honesty, a lot of witches even put their speculations and reactions from the spells in their books. These are essentially journals to record your adventure through this life. If you see a witch with a perfect and 7 pristine book of shadows, then they have probably transferred all of their old journals into a new book in order to keep of the appearance of knowing what they are doing. These people are often not witches, they are often frauds. (Not always, as there are some OCD witches out there though.) Just as they say, “don't trust a skinny cook”, you shouldn't trust a pristine book of shadows. There is this hidden stigma that you should never let anyone see your book of shadows, and that is partially right, however, if you are in a coven or circle, chances are you are going to need to use it at some point. The actual danger is if another witch gets a hold of your book of shadows. That is why most people try to hide theirs in order to keep other people from wanting to use it. However, if you just take care of it, and make sure that you know where it is at all times, you can show your friends in the Wiccan community. Section One: Love and Relationship Spells Introduction to Relationship Spells There are many spells out there that you can use to help you find love and make strong bonds. These are a great thing to have in your life, as they can do anything from giving you confidence to approach someone, to attracting the right people into your life. There are spells for friendships as well, and you can make people drawn to you. However, this magic comes at a price. You cannot force someone to fall in love with you, you can only influence them to do so by causing infatuation. You may find that once the spell wears off, so does their feelings for you. However if you are not careful, you can cause them to have a powerful, and even dangerous obsession for you. You have to ask yourself, is it worth the 8 possible side effects? Also, if you try to force someone to fall in love with you, you are making a moral mistake. This can cause some serious issues in some Wiccan communities. Love spells should only be used to attract the right people to you, and to strengthen your bond with someone you already love. If you are already in a committed relationship with someone, and you are both Wiccan, try casting a love spell together. This is a great way to bond well with your partner, and keep the love alive. You are not doing anything wrong either, because a love spell with someone you are already with is not forcing them to fall in love with you. It is inviting them to fall even more in love with you than they already are. You also can't force someone to be your friend. However, it is entirely possible to use a spell that will attract the right people in your life. The people that will lift you up whether they are under a spell or not These are the people who you will want to be friends with your entire life. Friendship spells are a great thing, because then you can be sure that you are befriending the right people. As long as you do not target someone that you think would be a good friend, and instead let the great deities choose like it is meant to be. You want to find the right friends, not ones who are going to do you harm. You can also use love spells to boost your confidence and love yourself. Most Wiccans are so beaten down by the world, because they see more than others. They give more of themselves than the world deserves. So they eventually run out of love for themselves. This means that they will have problems in future relationships. A love yourself spell will bring that self love back into your life. Once you love yourself again, it will be easier to love others who are around you, and give them the encouragement that they need, because you will feel that those words you are speaking are true. You have to love yourself to love others. There are so many different love spells out there, and I am putting several different types in this section, to help you build your book of shadows with the love section. You can choose ans many or as few as you would like to put in your book of shadows, or you can use these to try to create your own spells. 9 Love spells for you There are many different spells out there to help you find the confidence in yourself that you need to find. This is an important part of love spells. If you have no confidence in yourself, then you can have some serious trouble with being able to help others, and as a Wiccan, part of your moral duty is to help others when they are having trouble. Also, to find your true love, you have to have confidence in yourself. This way you can show your true self and not miss an opportunity. These spells can also help you find clarity and peace of mind. Some of them are herb spells, and some of them are just spells. Some of them you can do at any time of the day or night or year, but some are more specific. Some you don't even need a circle for. You can choose any of these spells that are in this book, or you can try to use your own. Don't underestimate your power just because you are beginning. If you want to try a few of these first, go ahead. It is your book, it is your religion, it is you. You are in control. Now with that boost of confidence, let us move onto the actual spells, shall we. First Date Confidence Charm How many times have you been asked out on a date? If the answer is not very many, which is probably the case as Wiccans are known to be solitary people, then you probably get nervous during those first dates that you go on, which can cause problems for getting a second date. First date jitters can cause you to stutter over the simplest words, be unable to perform the simplest tasks properly. And make you knock things over. If you are one of those people who literally freeze up in a nerve wracking situation, the awkward silences can be what get you. 10 That is where a confidence charm comes into play. However, any confidence charm could cause issues, as some may cause you to talk to much, to boast a lot, or to become obnoxious almost. So you need one that is geared towards a first date. That is where this charm comes into play. You don't need anything special, as this is just a simple charm. However, if you feel you need a little boost, you can smell some crushed borage to give you a confidence boost on top of the charm. Only for a short second though, because too much will become overbearing. This charm is not permanent, so you want to do it, just before your date, and if the date goes on for more than an hour, then you may want to “reapply” so to speak. If you are not ready to let your date in on your Wiccan secret, excuse yourself to the restroom, and you can do it in the mirror there. What you need: Yourself A mirror A pinch of crushed borage (optional) Just before your date, go into your bathroom, or any room with a mirror. If you have your borage, take three good whiffs of it now. Then look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say I call upon your forces three Let me see the worth of me Confidence is what I seek I am strong, I am not meek. Say this three times in the mirror, and then go enjoy your date. If you feel yourself start to loose confidence, say the charm again in a mirror, doesn't matter if it is a big mirror or pocket sized mirror. You may want to practice this a few times before your date as well, that way you are sure that it will work well, and that you got it right. 11 Love yourself spell It is important to love yourself so that you can choose the love you truly deserve. Too often, we choose the love that we think we deserve, which is way under the love we actually deserve. This love that we choose is often way beneath what we actually deserve. You have to love yourself enough to tell yourself that you deserve better than what is available at that second. That is what this spell is for. It will help you love yourself, and so that you can truly find the love you deserve. What you need Pink candle Charged crystal pendant Athame This spell is a little weird, but it is one that I have found very effective. You are going to have to prick your finger, so bring a bandage along as well, so that you do not end up bleeding all over everything and ruining the spell. As this is an actual spell, you are going to have to do it during a moon phase. The new moon phase. This is the time of refreshing, and changing some things in your life. You want to be fresh and new when you start to love yourself. You are also going to have to cast a circle around your altar. This will be how you begin your spell. After you have finished opening your circle, step up to the altar. You need not invoke the Horned God, or Mother Goddess for this spell, just the elements. However, you still need to prick your finger. You have to drop a drip of blood on the pink candle, as close to the wick as you can get. Let the blood soak into the wick, before you light the candle. Once most of the blood is soaked up, light the candle. Let it burn for ten minutes, while you think good thoughts about yourself while staring into the flames, blinking as little as you possibly can. You should feel yourself go into a trance like state. This is what you want. DO NOT LET ANY BAD THOUGHTS IN. It is imperative that you keep the thoughts good and pure in order to let the magic do its job fully. If you have any bad thoughts about yourself seep in, then you will have to start the ten minutes over again. Once you have successfully went three minutes with good thoughts, blow the 12 candle out so that it is smoking. Take your crystal pendant and wave in three circles as you say this chant. I am powerful I am Pure and I am bright I ask the elements to show me so I deserve to love myself with a love greater than I have ever known. Say this chant with every circle. Then after you finish that, put the pendant on, necklace style, and close your eyes. Place your dominant hand over your pendant, and recite this spell. Love is power and might I wish to have this power Not only for others, but for myself. I deserve to be loved not only by others but by myself. I want to love hard not only others but also myself After you do this, you can close your circle. Make sure to thank the elements. It sounds like a self motivation mantra, but it truly works. It takes about two days for the full effect of the spell to take effect, but then you will begin noticing that you look in the mirror with a smile more often. Once the effects take place you will find yourself saying no to people who are not willing to love you as much as you deserve. You will learn that you have to take care of you, before you can take care of anyone else. And you won't feel guilty about taking some time for yourself. Removing negative attachments 13 Chances are, you probably people in your life that you shouldn't and that makes it hard for the love yourself spell to take effect. So you have get rid of those people in your life. However, this can be extremely hard if they have been around for a long time. You also have to get rid of any bad habits that you have that could hold you back by making you feel bad about yourself. The only problem is that if you develop them over the course of several years, it is not that easy to drop them overnight. You can do so with help though. This spell will help you remove all the things that are toxic in your life that you are attached to. It is not a full out spell. You just need to smudge yourself with a few things and say a few lines. No circle needed. What you need Black cohosh Basil Aloe Fireproof bowl Once you have a smudge stick made from the ingredients above, find a calming place for yourself and go sit in a meditation pose. Before you smudge yourself, you have to meditate, and think of all the unhealthy things that you need to let go. Gather them all up in one “room” in your mind. Once you do so, and have everything together. Light the smudge stick. Blow it out till it is smoldering and waft the smoke around you. With every wave of the smoke imagine more and more or your negativity and bad habits leaving. As you imagine all of the toxicity leaving your body, chant this phrase over and over until you feel refreshed. Mind and body heart and soul they are not worth it let it all go Once you have finished doing this, you can open your eyes, and return to 14 your normal activities. This serves you best during a new moon, but it can be preformed at any time in the moon phases and still work. Choose Peace Spell Peace is something that we all need in our everyday life. We need to learn to choose peace in order to become non confrontational. If you are less likely to start a confrontation, you will lead a happier life, and make stronger bonds with people, as you will be able to talk things out, rather than scream or be irrational. If you are peaceful, you will be able to think a lot more clearly. Especially in troublesome situations. As a witch it is important that you be able to assess a situation and find the proper spell with ease, so you have to be peaceful. This is a spell, so you will need a circle, however, it is not an intense one that requires any sort of blood letting. You also do not need any herbs for this. You only have to be able to recite a spell easily, and know how to make a circle. Since you don't need anything other than what you use to cast a circle, let's just jump straight to the spell. You already know how to call the elements to cast a circle I presume. After it is cast stand in the middle and say this spell. I am not what hurt me I am not the anger that surrounds me I choose peace in all situations. Elements surround me protect my mind help me choose peace every time. After you have said this spell, you can close your circle. Say the spell as 15 many time as you feel you need to before you close your circle. Friendship is Important too A lot of people do not equate friendship with love. These people do not understand that no one can have the same type of love for you as your best friend does. Not even a significant other. It is important to have friends who care about you, and who love you, just as it is important for you to love yourself. You want friends who have your best interest at heart when they tell you, that person is no good for you, proceed with ultimate caution. You have to have friendship in your life to truly complete yourself. While you do not need a lot of friends, you do need one or two good ones. People who will inspire you to be you, and not someone else. You should find friends that you want to be with you through everything. From meeting the person of your dreams, to walking down the isle, these friends will be there for you through it all. And twenty years down the road, you will look back at all the fun times you had, and how close you still are and smile. There are a few spells that relate to friendship and seeing possible friendships/true intentions of your current friends that are included in this section. There are a lot more out there, but for demonstration's sake, I am just doing the most common. Spell for new friendships Sometimes, we look around us,and realize that people we thought were friends, were not truly friends, or that we have just drifted apart from our friends, and realize we need some new connections. Ones that will last. This is especially true for Wiccans, as we tend to be introverted, and we need friends who understand that . This spell is a little different than the ones that were currently in here, but it is not that hard. What you Need: 16 Ribbon or yarn. Enough to make a bracelet Yellow Candle Good luck oil. To begin, cast your circle, and gather your supplies. You will want to put a drop of the oil on the candle to anoint it before you light it. Start to braid the yarn into a friendship bracelet. As you are braiding say this spell. Intertwine and Interwoven May our friendship not be broken truest friends, attract to me so I will, so it must be Repeat this spell until you have finished your bracelet. Then you should add three drops of the oil to the bracelet, and then wrap the bracelet around the candle until it burns out. Once the candle burns out, take the bracelet and put it on. Finally, close your circle, and thank each element as it departs. Charm for spiritual connections. This is not a spell, merely a chant, so you do not have to cast a circle. You are merely putting out good thoughts in the atmosphere to find a deep spiritual connection with someone. These people can be friends, or other loved ones. Spiritual connections are important, because you need someone who sparks you soul. When you have the time, go into a solitary room, and shut yourself away. Think about the type of connection you want, and close your eyes. You want to find something deep within your interests, so keep that in mind. While you are imagining the connection say this chant. My heart my soul my spiritual friend come to me I welcome you in. 17 Say the chant three times and then open your eyes. You have completed the chant. Now go out there and talk to people. Soon you will find someone who sparks your very spirit. You have to be willing to get out there and find the person, however this spell should draw you to the right people. Apple Divination spell Divination is a great way to tell the true intentions of those around you. You can also use it to find love. Whether it be true love or friendship, divination can help you find it all. I know the Harry Potter realm kind of laughed at the topic of divination, by casting a crazy lady as the professor who taught it. However, it is a real magic, and should be taken seriously. What you need An apple an apple peel Boiling pot of hot water To begin, peel an apple in a circular motion, making an unbroken spiral. As you peel, say this chant. Apple peel, please let us play a game, take the form of the first initial of my true friend's first name The mysteries of love, and the joy of Halloween Using the help of Pomona make your symbol clear to me After you have said the chant, toss the peel over your shoulder into the water (this may take some practice). Then, as it heats up, the peel will unfurl, taking shape of the first letter of the first name of the person you are searching for. Love/ Romance 18 Finally, the section you have been waiting for. The true love magic. Everyone wants, and deserves, to find their true love. These spells will help you find the love you deserve. Using these spells however, may not always have the best effects if you use them with the wrong intentions. You have to have good intentions when you are doing a love spell. You want to attract true love, not the love you think you want. As was stated in the beginning, you cannot force someone to fall in love with you, and trying to do so can be disastrous. You have to let the right person fall in love with you. Quality Attraction Charm You want to attract a quality relationship. This is important, because the higher quality the relationship, the better you will connect, and the closer you will be to true love. This charm involves a talisman of sorts in the form of a perfume or cologne. What you need Your favorite perfume or cologne Carnation oil To use this charm, take a bottle of your favorite eau de toilette and add a few drops of carnation oil. This will cause it to attract pure love to you. After you add the oil, say this chant. As I will, so mote it be bring me love of quality That is all you have to do for this one. Whenever you go out, spritz the charmed spray on yourself, and watch it work its magic. You will soon find someone who is worth being in a relationship with. 19 Romance Attraction Smudge Everyone wants romance in their life. Romance is what keeps the love alive. You want to attract some good romance in your life, and this smudge will help you do so. What you need apple carnation chickweed chili cinnamon violet wallflower hyacinth white candle fireproof bow create, or buy, a smudge stick with these ingredients (minus the white candle) Once you have a properly dried smudge stick, it is time to start the ceremony. Take the smudge stick, and light it with the white candle. Blow out the fire on the stick, and lay it in a fireproof bowl. Waft the smoke over you, and say this chant. Light of passion build my fire fill my relation ship with desire After you have said the chant four or five times, and smudged yourself fully, you can put out and dispose of the smudge stick. Happy romancing! Ritual Bath for a Blind Date 20 This is a little bit of different magic. This involves taking a bath. However, you have to cast a circle. Do not worry about being naked in the presence of the goddess, for in the wiccan culture, it is natural to not be covered. You are free to be as you please. During this bath, you need to focus on relaxing, and letting all of the stress melt from your body. You want to be fresh and renewed in order to allow the positivity to flow through you. Because this is a blind date, you also want to be extra alert to your inner feelings. That is super important, because you do not know the person at all. If there is something off about them, then you want to be able to get out before you are in danger. You also want to be protected, so you want some things for protection. You have to be careful, but you don't want to be worried. You want to be confident and strong. That is what this bath is for. It will give you the protection and clarity and confidence that you need to make this date a success, or to get out before things go bad. What you need a bathtub water to temp rose petals chamomile blue fag iris cinnamon oil centaury Basil Blue candle red candle Yellow candle green candle purple candle In this ritual, you do not have to light the candles around yourself in a circle, as being in a tub makes it hard. Make a circle beside the tub with candles. Fill your bath with water at the temp of your choice till it is at a suitable height for you. Add the rose petals, chamomile, blue flag iris, and basil in your water. Anoint the candles with the cinnamon oil before you light them and open your circle. 21 (do not put cinnamon in your bath as it is an irritant) Climb into your bath and relax. You have to let yourself feel the effects of all the herbs in the bath take place. This is the time when you purify yourself to ready yourself for the upcoming date. It is best to do this as close to your date as possible so the effects don't wear off. They last for around twenty four hours. So if you do so the morning of your date, you should be perfectly fine. Once you have finished your bath, (take the time to let the water get cold), you can close your circle,and get on with your day. 22 Section 2: Wealth and Prosperity Spells Introduction to Wealth and Prosperity Spells 23 We all need some wealth and prosperity in our lives, and that is okay. Sometimes we are a little short on cash, and there is nothing wrong with wanting a little help. This is totally normal, and there are even spells to help you become successful in your businesses, and money making endeavors. With thee spells you my find yourself with a little more abundance of things than you thought possible. I must warn you, though, that you should not be greedy. While prosperity is one thing, you should not try to use spells to make money if you do not want to put in the effort. These spells should be used entirely to supplement the income you already make, and make it a little bit more. You also should not hoard the money that you make. Prosperity is only truly noticed when you spread it around. Help the little old lady down the street have a more successful garden, give the next door neighbor little financial surprise to help with Christmas. It doesn't have to be a lot, just spread the love around. That being said there are a few spells that are good to use to help you out, without causing you to be greedy. They fill your crops, and your piggy bank to help you become more successful. However, you will not get rich with these spells, so you do not have to worry about becoming greedy.\ These spells will help you find coins and other loose inconsequential money just laying around. If you do happen to find bigger bills, then your belief and power is stronger than most beginners, or you should find an old lady who may have dropped it. If there is no one around, then that money was meant for you. Success and prosperity spells These spells relate to your success and giving you prosperity in your endeavors. These do not always bring you access to random bouts of money, but open the gates to making the money that you need, and making sure that you prosper in your gardens and businesses. Everyone wants to succeed at what they do, and if you use these spells, they 24 will help you gain success. However, they will not keep you on the success ladder forever, you have to buck up and put in the effort to stay successful. You cannot rely on magic to do all of your work for you. Garden Planting Spell If you are a gardener, chances are you want your crops to succeed, and be bountiful. This spell helps for that. This spell is to be done while you are planting your garden, to give it a successful chance from the time the seeds hit the ground. This spell is a little different than the ones that we have listed so far, but it is a good one, and it has been shared by many witches. What you need 2 wooden stakes for each row of your garden 1 piece of pastel ribbon for each stake small tree or bush branch with new leaves 2 qt container Seeds or plants 1 qt milk ½ cup of honey Mix the milk and honey, and pour it into the container. Stick the branch in the container, leaves down. Take all of the materials outside. As you start a row of seeds or plants, stick a stake in the ground at the head of that row and tie a piece of ribbon on it. As you tie the ribbon on, say this phrase Sprout and thrive with life anew with this perfect love I give to you When you finish a row, repeat the stake/ribbon/chant step, and continue with every row. You should say the chant two times with every row you do one for each stake with ribbon you put in the ground. After you have planted your garden, grab the milk mixture and go back to the beginning row. Take the branch and use it to sprinkle the mixture across each row while saying this spell 25 Milk and honey flow throughout, Fertilize each seed and sprout. Sprites of the garden, dance and play, Twirl and laugh in my garden each day. Bring large growth and abundance to this spot Every where you dance, play and walk. After you do this, water your garden, and tend to it daily. Honey Abundance Jar This is a ritual that is kind of strange if you think about it, but it really works. It started as a hoodoo ritual, and spread to the Wiccan culture, as it has shown that it is very successful. The honey abundance jar is a way for you to welcome prosperity into your life. If you do so, you will find things get better with time. What You Need Honey a pinch of chamomile a pinch of Irish moss a hinge lidded jar a pinch of cinnamon money drawing oil a small piece of paper a pen a small green candle matches To begin, write out what you are looking for. ( a new job, second income, a side job) Make sure when you are writing, your pen never leaves the paper. Even if you are starting a new word, just drag the pen over. Continuity is key. After you do that, you have to put the paper in the jar. Cover the paper with leaves, and pour the honey over that. Close and secure the lid of the jar. 26 Now you rub the money oil into your candle, and then light it. Let a few drops of the wax drip onto the lid of the jar, and use that wax to secure the candle to the lid. Then, let the candle burn out completely in one shot. Repeat this process once a month, and you will be surprised at the difference it makes. Moonlight prosperity spell This money spell is to be done by the full moon, to give you the fullest amount of power to the spell. You want to do so when the moon is at its peak, which means staying up late. However, most wiccns find that they are night owls, so it shouldn't be a problem for you. What you need Cauldron water silver coin full moon Once you have everything ready, cast a circle around your cauldron. After your circle is cast, take the water and pour it into your cauldron till the cauldron is half full. Once that is done you have to slip the silver coin into the water. Waving your hands over the water as if you are trying to scoop up the silver of the moon's reflections, say this chant three times. Moon Goddess hear my cry Bring me prosperity on this night Let me use it well and wise to keep that prosperity my whole life After you have finished this, you can close your circle, and pack up your stuff. 27 Interview success charm This is extremely simple, and doesn't require a chant. Physical photo of yourself Green candle Dollar bill. paperclip Light the candle, and take the dollar bill and wave both sides of it to the flame. Once you do this, blow out the candle, and paperclip the money to the photo of yourself. Carry this in your purse or wallet to your interview. Business success charm This is also a very easy charm to do, though it does take some talking. What you need Strand of silver jingle bells Hold the bells and say this chant Bells song bring me luck and great prosperity all year long Hang the bells on the door of your business, and every time it rings it shall bring success. Money attractants Cinnamon money charm This spell is to attract just money to you. However, the money will not be 28 substantial, just enough to give you a boost. What you need Ground Cinnamon Dollar Bill Belief This spell must be done on a Thursday as this is the strongest time of the week for money spells. Dampen the dollar bill on both sides with a little water. Then wet your finger, and dip it in the cinnamon. Make three lines with the cinnamon on the dollar bill, and then place it where you would normally keep your money. Be sure to believe that this works, and watch the money roll in. Pyrite for Prosperity This is not a spell, however it is the use of magic. Crystal magic to be exact. Crystal magic is the art of pairing crystals together to get the effect you want. In this spell, we are using pyrite to attract wealth. There are many others that do so, but Pyrite is the strongest. Crystal magic is very easy, however, it does take a lot of belief that it will work. You have to first charge your crystals with what you want from them. In above spells you read that you need to charge a clear quartz crystal to do the spell. However, there was no instruction on how to charge a crystal. To charge a crystal, you have to first hold it tightly in your hand and “make a wish” your wish can be anything, though certain crystals work best with certain crystals. For wealth and prosperity, citrine, green aventurine, tiger's eye, moss agate, ruby, jade and pyrite are the best. When you want to use a crystal, (in this spell you will need to choose a pyrite and a combination of eight others.) simply make your wish while holding it tight with your eyes closed, and leave it in the light of a full moon overnight. Once you have charged your crystals, then you can use them. However, even if unused, the charges do not last forever, and should be renewed once a 29 month at every full moon. It is always a good idea to charge a plethora of crystals. If you do not have a specific wish for your crystals, and just want to charge them to use for future spells, then simply leave them in the light of the full moon and they will charge with a neutral power. Charge as many or as few crystals as you like, however, the more that you charge, the more prepared you will be in the future. I often have ten to twelve crystals charging every full moon. You will need One Pyrite Crystal Eight other wealth Crystals of your choice belief To begin, charge your crystals during a full moon. Once they are charged, arrange them in a circle with pyrite in the middle. Place these crystals in a safe but well trafficked area in your home. Such as a high shelf in your living room or bedroom. The crystals will work their magic over your home, and you will soon be blessed with prosperity. Make sure every day that all of the crystals are still standing. You want to get the most out of your crystals as possible and if any og them have broke formation, they will cause issues in the magic stream. These are some money spells and charms to welcome money and prosperity in your life. Remember not to be greedy, and to spread the wealth around. Section 3: Health and Well Being Spells 30 Introduction to Health and Well Being Spells Everyone wants to be healthy, and have a good, healthy life. Unfortunately, life has other plans. With flu, injuries, and death all trying to sneak up on you, you are always going to need these spells to help you out. Health and well being spells keep you in general good health. You can't repair a broken bone, or an injured spleen, but you can ward off the flu, and relieve minor injuries. I must warn you, however, that you cannot bring someone back from the dead. Cannot. Cannot. Cannot. Some of the greatest witches of all time have lost their minds trying. Nicholas Flamel, the worlds most famed alchemist, went crazy because he created a stone to resurrect the dead, and the results drove him insane. You probably heard that name before, if nowhere else, but the Harry Potter world in the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer’s) Stone. The Philosopher's Stone, was said to keep the person in possession alive for as long as they were in possession of the stone. What the book didn't mention was that the stone could also bring back the dead. However, that was mentioned in the Deathly Hallows, and Ian Peverell, the receiver of the resurrection stone, went crazy. So keeping that in mind, please only use healing spells for what they are meant to do. Heal the minor injuries. There is no magical potion to regrow or heal broken bones in a night, and there is no way to repair an organ, either. Trying to do so could have devastating results. Because healing spells are at a higher than beginner level, there are no actual injury healing spells in this section. They take a lot of energy, and if not done right, they can be disastrous, so it is best that you save those until you have had more practice with higher level spells. In this section there are spells to do with personal health and your well being. Such as protection and mental health. Health 31 Speedy recovery bath If you are injured, or not feeling well, chances are you want to recover fairly quickly. That is what this spell is for. It is to help aid the speed of recovery, and get you back on your feet sooner. It is not an immediate healing spell, merely one to help your body speed up the recovery phase. What you need angelica arnica castor oil chamomile yellow candle purple candle Bathtub water to temp To begin, fill the tub with water to the temperature of your liking, to a point suitable for you. Dump in angelica, arnica, and chamomile (as much as you think you need). Let the herbs soak into the water. While they are doing that, anoint the candles with castor oil, and light them. Turn off the lights, and get in the bath, soaking until the water starts to get cold. While you are soaking, let your mind relax, and drift away to your happy place. Imagine your body being whole, and nothing ails you. Once you get out of the bath, blow out the candles, and continue on with your day. Anxiety Calming Spell Anxiety is a common problem in Wiccans. This is due to their empathic sensitivities. However, if you do find yourself having an anxiety attack, you can use this spell to help you. Because anxiety hits whenever, this spell is created to have all of the effects of a spell, without all of the ingredients. The only thing you need is a few minutes of peace. To do this spell find a quiet place, if you are in public, the restroom should suffice. Get as close to the floor as you can, and curl up into a meditation 32 pose. Take three deep breaths and say this chant Anxiety anxiety leave me be take your leave and be gone from me Say this chant ten times. Watch as your anxiety dissappears and you are able to go have fun even in the most crowded situations. Yellow infusion pick me up spell Everyone needs a pick me up spell, and this one uses the color yellow, which is a known mood lifter to make you feel better. What you need Yellow candle yellow ribbon (enough for a bracelet) yellow paper (very small piece) yellow marker castor oil To begin, anoint the candle with castor oil and let the oil seep into the candle. While the oil sets, take the yellow marker and write on the yellow paper how you wish to feel. (Happy, excited, joyous) use cursive, and don't lift the marker from the page until you are done. Once you have the word written down, make your bracelet by braiding the ribbons together. As you braid, say this spell. Little Bracelet so intricately made braided by hand made by me take my mood lift me up make me feel better soon 33 Say this as many times as it takes to get the bracelet braided. After you have braided the bracelet, set it to the side. Take the candle and light it. Stick the paper in the flame, and let it burn up. Once the paper has burned up entirely, grab the bracelet. Blow out the candle, and hold the bracelet in the smoke until the smoke dissipates. Put the bracelet on, and feel your mood brighten. Red Jasper for energy and endurance Energy and endurance are necessary things in life. Especially if you are an active person. This spell will help you keep up your energy and help you do those tasks that you have been wanting to do but just never seem to have the time or the energy at the end of the day. Or it can help you run that marathon that you signed up for. Whatever you need that takes energy, this spell works. This spell requires use of the chakras. You must first locate your base chakra. A quick search online will give you the information that you need. What you need A chakra guide Red jasper stone To begin, locate your base chakra. You must be entirely relaxed for this to work. Take the red jasper stone, and place it on your base chakra, and imagine the energy flowing through you. Say this spell Stone of energy spare me some fill me up and make me run Once you have done that, rest for fifteen minutes with the stone on you chakra. Repeat the process two more times. After the third time's rest period 34 is over, you can the continue on with your day. Well Being Spells Pet Protection Collar If you have pets, then more than likely, you want to protect them. But what happens if you aren't around to protect them. We can't be home every minute of every day to watch them. That is what this is for. This spell will adhere to your dogs collar. It is actually a smudge of the collar with protective herbs. What you need bay angelica blesed thistle basil pet collar To begin, get a smudge stick created from the four herbs mentioned above. You know the drill by now. Find a quiet room, light the stick, blow it out to a smolder. However, you do not want to place it in a bowl. You want the ashes from the stick to fall on the collar. Wave the smudge stick over the collar several times while chanting Mother goddess protect my friend from all harm until the end Keep chanting this until the smudge stick has burned well over halfway down. Once you have done this, you can put out the stick, and rub the ashes into the collar. Clean up your mess, and let the collar sit overnight with the ashes rubbed into it. Wash and dry the collar, and then put it on your pet. The collar will now provide your pet with the protection he or she needs. 35 Witch bottle for protecting the home This bit of magic will provide a protective field for your home, so that even when you are away your home is protected from bad things happening. What you need An empty wine bottle small blue taper candle blessed thistle paper pen cats eye stone (small) To begin, take the bottle, and wash it out. Make sure that it is clean. Once the bottle is clean, take the piece of paper and pen, and write what you want from the jar (Protection of the household is a good thing to write). Make sure once you start writing, the pen doesn't leave the paper once you start writing until you are finished. Stick the paper in the bottle, and cover with blessed thistle, and the cats eye stone. Cork the bottle back up, and light the candle. Use a few drips of wax to secure the candle to the cork, and then let the candle burn out. Once it has burnt out, put the bottle in your living room to protect the whole house. Do this once a month. Morning motivation potion If you are anything like me, it is hard to get moving in the morning, and coffee itself doesn't seem to help. However, this potion will. What you need Coffee Aloe (1 tsp per 12 cup) cayenne (just a pinch!) centaury (less than a tsp) Make this every morning like you would regular coffee, and watch the motivation kick in. 36 Section 4: Assorted Spells Introduction to assorted spells There are many other spells out there that are useful in everyday life, that don't really have a group to be in. These spells range from basic to advances. However, we are only going to go over the basic ones in this section of this book. As you become more proficient, you can move on to more difficult spells, and there will be more difficult spells in the next book about herbal magic. Here are the spells 37 Spells Elemental Blessing for the new year This is a spell to bless your new year What you need Athame Cauldron water Cast a circle, and once you have done that, stand at the altar with your cauldron. Pour the water into the cauldron. Take your athame and prick your finger. Do not bandage your finger. Stick your pricked finger and dip it in the water swirling it around. Say this spell Blessed One in the Sky see my new year Give me success rid me of fear make it great oh blessed God. Close your circle and thank the elements. Clarity Spell This spell is to clear your mind and give you clarity. Cast your circle, and and say this chant Brain on fire with questions alight clear yourself get it right 38 Close your circle and thank the elements Avocado Beauty Spell This is a spell to brighten your skin up and bring forth your inner beauty. What you need Avocado chamomile Mix the two ingredients together, and apply to your face. Let sit for thirty minutes. Before you remove say this spell Beauty within Beauty without clear my skin don't make me shout make me bright shiny and new as I say I ask of you Remove the mixture from your face, and wash your face thoroughly. 39