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The phrase Tagalog Lang is taken by Filipinos to mean “Tagalog only” or “just Tagalog.” It also happens to be short for “Tagalog language.”

Coincidentally, the ISO 639-1 code for the Tagalog language is tl, which is also our acronym TL.

Online since March 2002 and a Top 1700 site in the Philippines, Tagalog Lang is the world’s largest and longest-running Tagalog-learning site.

We are an ad-supported and donation-supported site, which makes it possible for you to browse our Tagalog lessons for free — no registration or email address required.

This website has never focused on Tagalog in the academic sense. Among our pages, you’ll find very few lessons in Tagalog grammar  or harangues about using “pure” Tagalog.

Our focus has been on English-Tagalog translations of basic words, phrases and sentences that the average person finds most useful.

We extensively include Taglish (the blend of Tagalog and English words common in the Philippines) and slang if that is what Filipinos are apt to use in regular conversation. Short versions of Tagalog expressions are given preference.

Noticing that most of the searches made on this site have been of words and expressions not found in standard dictionaries — and written in a very contemporary style that many professional translation agencies find impossible to easily or quickly handle — we decided to offer translation services also as a way to supplement the funding to keep this website up.

The current dictionary is being hand-built based on searches entered on this site by users like you. (Pages are not auto-generated by a bot. The content of each page is written up by a human being.) We manually look over the words that have been entered into the search box. They are frequently misspellings and slangy shorthand, and are often in other Phlippine languages that are very distinct from the Tagalog language.

We still have a long way to go in achieving the kind of dictionary that perfectly suits the needs of most of our site’s visitors, but we are gaining a lot of insight and are looking forward to a breakthrough.

Our more short-term goals are to add more pronunciation files and improve the search function. You can help by regularly dropping by this site — enter your search terms or send us your feedback and suggestions.


Check if there is a short url for common Tagalog words that don’t show up in our search results. For example:


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