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  1. review and improve classroom practice. The outstanding classroom 02 Outstanding Classrooms www.oxfordprimary.co.uk conTenTs 02 The outstanding classroom 04 Creating an exciting climate for learning 05 Inspiring and vibrant teaching 06 English and literacy in the outstanding classroom 08 A word on mathematics 10 The curriculu
  2. Mixed Nursery/Reception/Year 1 teacher. Reply . Kat. 11.05.2016 at 12:31 pm. Has anyone tried this in year 2, with the new pressures of the curriculum I am finding it very hard to fit everything in within this year group. I would really appreciate any comments or help. Reply . Leah
  3. Jul 26, 2018 - Explore Rachel Yates's board Year 1 classroom ideas, followed by 446 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about year 1 classroom, classroom, teaching
  4. Visit https://www.videolearning.co.uk to access them online.This year 1 Literacy class are looking at the topic of growing things. They have learnt the story..
  5. The OFSTED definition of an outstanding lesson. OFSTED defines an outstanding lesson as one in which pupils are: Inspired, engaged and motivated. Challenged. Making progress. Keen to contribute to the lesson, asking relevant questions and debating the topic with enthusiasm. Interacting productively with each other as well as the teacher

Continuous provision in year 1 : Should year 1 children still have continuous provision - learning through play - as they move into year 1, year 2 and Key Stage 1 (KS1)? This post is a version of my research dissertation looking at the benefits of play based learning and concluding from evidence, why children should still have continuous provision and play opportunities higher up in the school. Year 1 Teacher (Outstanding Brent School) 2 days left. Recruiter CLARUS EDUCATION. Location Brent, London (Inner North West London) Salary Inner London MPS2 - MPS5 (£33,658 - £39,492 per annum) Posted 06 May 2021. Closing date 06 Jun 2021 Industry Schools.

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'Outstanding' - the ultimate accolade for teachers. Year 1 teacher, Salma Ali, is challenged to raise her game in From Good to Outstanding. Sebright Primary School rates primary teacher Salma Ali as 'good'. As part of our challenge we bring in top inspector Clare Gillies to assess one of Salma's Year 1 lessons Rent this and other primary lessons at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/primaryobservationsSubscribe to all lessons at https://www.videolearning.co.ukIn the previo.. Feb 25, 2020 - Explore Ash Warren's board Year 1 Classroom on Pinterest. See more ideas about year 1 classroom, classroom, christmas kindergarten Sway Grantham is a year 5 class teacher and ICT subject leader at a primary school in Milton Keynes. You can follow her on Twitter @SwayGrantham or read her blog . This content is brought to you.

What to expect in Year 1 Light touch learning and plenty of fun! Leaving Reception behind and moving into Year 1 can feel like a big step for both children and their parents. Your child's Year 1 teacher is there to make this transition easier for everyone by supporting the children (and their parents!) in their next learning step Next year I will be specialising in teaching Key Stage 5 (ages 16-18) only, so watch this space for some A Level maths display ideas! And once again, I must thank those talented and generous teachers on Twitter who have inspired me. For more quality maths classroom display ideas, do explore their websites Mini plenaries - ideas to use in any lesson to demonstrate progress If you are looking for ways to become an Outstanding Teacher then you have come to the right page. The current buzz word at the moment is mini plenary, Top 50 Maths mini plenary ideas to use in an outstanding Maths lesson Read More Step 1: Part Whole Model Year 1 Autumn Block 2 Resources. Part Whole Model Year 1 Resource Pack includes a teaching PowerPoint and differentiated varied fluency and reasoning and problem solving resources for Autumn Block 2. (0 votes, average: 0.00 out of 5) You need to be a registered member to rate this

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Good to Outstanding Seminar. On May 11 Paul Dix will deliver a seminar called From Good to Outstanding Teaching at GTN headquarters in King's Place, London. This is a practical and active course. Mar 12, 2014 - Primary teacher Sway Grantham shares some tried and tested ideas for interview lessons that will engage students and impress observers. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures

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Year 1 Teaching Resources. A collection of primary school teaching resources to suit Year 1 students. This collection includes a variety of teaching resources, classroom posters, engaging games, group and individual activities, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and more. Location Being trustworthy is a key component of being a leader. If your classmates don't trust you, then you won't be a leader. If you are a leader amongst your peers, you have the responsibility to lead by example and the ultimate power to motivate others to be successful. 05. of 10 What Makes a Good Teacher: 10 Qualities of an Excellent Teacher Being a good teacher is extremely important, and a good teacher is someone who a student will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. But what really makes a good teacher? There are a lot of things to consider when answering this question. Below we will discuss the top 10 qualities of a good teacher that we believe are.

Good educators are high in demand, but to be an effective teacher, you need to have a diverse set of professional skills to complete the package. Without further ado, here is a list of the top 25 skills needed to be a successful primary or secondary school teacher. 1. Enthusias Perceptiveness. Outstanding teachers are very perceptive people who understand the dynamics of the classroom. They quickly notice when the pace of the lesson falters and when students become disengaged and attentions start to wander. Crucially, these teachers are quick to notice when a pupil finds the work too challenging or not challenging.

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End-of-Year Certificates & Awards. Star Performance Award. At the end of the school year, customize this printable as a graduation award: Congratulations on your star performance in second grade. Graduation Note: Owl Always Remember Yo Brainstorm classroom rules with your students at the first of the year so your students know what is expected of them and feel responsible for following the rules. This is excellent classroom management advice, especially for new teachers, because it makes students an important part of the behavioral process improvement. It is also agreed that an outstanding lesson should provide very c lear evidence of highly effective learning for every learner in that class. In my view the response of the learners is of paramount importance in evaluating a lesson, and thus any observation needs to focus more on what the pupils are doing than what the teacher does

33. They say that a teacher plants seeds of wisdom that grow forever. Thank you for being such an amazing gardener! 34. The school year is coming to an end, so I wanted to take a moment to thank you. I am so grateful for your patience and dedication. You have given my child an amazing year in your class. Thanks! 35 Outstanding Lessons: Key Stage 1. If you have ever searched the internet for inspiration for your history sessions you will know how frustrating it can be. Luckily the answer is at hand. Built up from twenty years' experience of working with infant schools, the site brings into one place some of the best history lessons you can expect to find

I have a 30 min lesson to do in a year 1 class. I have chosen adding coins and identifying the value of each coin. I will start with coins recognition then sowing items with price tags and invite chn to chose the correct coins to pay. This is the whole class activity followed by independent work adding coins Poetry Skill 1: Using Line Breaks-Splitting a line of text into two or more shorter lines. This makes the reader slow down or draws their attention to words at the ends of the lines. Activity. Write a few sentences about a favorite place. Experiment with adding line breaks to get the reader to slow down over the best parts 10 creative ways to teach English that deliver outstanding results. Anna Warren is the English subject leader and the year 6 teacher at Holy Trinity and St Silas School, London 1. RAG123. This is a useful self-assessment tool and is taken from @listerkev. Pupils rate how much they understand the content from 1-3 (3 is misunderstanding the work whereas 1 is excellent understand). They then also reflect on their behaviour (red is distracted from learning whereas green is outstanding attitude to learning) Outstanding Checklist. Subject: Whole school. Age range: 11-14. Resource type: Lesson (complete) 3.9. 14 reviews. Colmanweb. 4.362857142857142 277 reviews. Graham Colman has been a UK high school and sixth form maths teacher since September 2001

Step-by-step guide to Outstanding teaching in Year 1 Identify key characteristics of high-quality practice Apply simple assessment and tracking methods Effectively use differentiation for children who have not completed the EYFS Organise your classroom - create a stimulating learning environment Make all lessons relevant and engagin Questions About You as a Teacher . Share your enthusiasm for teaching, working with students, and examples of how you would teach your class. Be prepared to answer questions about why you are interested in the job, how you teach different types of learners within the same class, and how you handle challenges in the classroom A PowerPoint providing a series of warm up activities for Year 1 students across the curriculum. This teaching resource is an interactive PowerPoint which provides a series of mathematical warm up activities that cover areas across the curriculum. You can do these quick activities to help warm up for a particular focus lesson, or use them to.

When you see an Outstanding lesson, these things are likely to be happening. ALL students are actively engaged and challengede.g. simple think/pair/share discussion is routine. structured group work where everyone has a role is being used. students are working individually but all are busy, stretched, on task Your teacher sets the late-work policies for your class. However, Classroom doesn't prevent you from turning in work after the due date. When your teacher assigns work, it's marked Assigned. If you don't turn in your work on time, it's marked Missing or Done late as soon as the due date or time arrives. For example, if work is due at 9:00. Example #1. Dear Principal Stetson, I am taking this opportunity to give my personal recommendation of Mrs. Petra Forde for the position of 5th Grade Teacher at Gulch River Elementary. During her three year tenure at Wolfhampton Middle School, Mrs. Forde has managed to make herself an integral member of the school community A Year 4 lesson on place value with decimal numbers. A lesson from 2015/16 led by Clare Christie, maths subject leader for the Ashley Down Schools Federation in Bristol. KS2. Primary. Year 4. Classroom Videos. A Year 6 lesson on comparing fractions. Comparing the value of fractions with the same denominators. KS2 K-12. Hey, New Teacher, Don't Quit. It Will Get Better. Starting a new job is always tough — no matter the profession. But the first year for a new teacher can be brutal. Research shows that.

I have enjoyed having _ in our class this year and will truly miss him/her as he/she moves on to _ grade. _ is a very special student and one that I will never forget. I will miss him/her next year. If you'd like to have a free PDF of this list from The Teacher Next Door Shop, please click here: 100 Report Card Comments You Can Use No Example teacher strength 1: Collaboration. I am an excellent and energetic collaborator. Two years ago, my whole fifth grade teaching team was new to our school. To foster team spirit, I suggested we choose a theme and create decor and team-building activities between the students around it each morning Quick View. Disney's Elena Confetti Award Ribbon. 1 Piece (s) #13778056. $2.97 was $3.99. Quick View. I'm Going to 3rd Grade Graduate Ribbons. Per Dozen #13641816. $2.67 was $3.79. Quick View

Browse, download & customise over 15,000 free lesson resources for teacher Teacher of the Year. Honoring An Outstanding Teacher In recognition of your dedication to professional growth and service to Trinity Christian School. Congratulations on a job well done! Personalize #275-1 #275-2. Award for Outstanding Teaching (#275-2) Presented t First-year teachers experience a range of anticipatory feelings going into their first academic year, including excitement, fear, and everything in between. Being a teacher is a worthwhile but stressful career that brings many challenges, especially for new teachers. Often, one's first year of teaching is by far the most difficult ASCD Customer Service. Phone Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. 1-800-933-ASCD (2723) Address 1703 North Beauregard St. Alexandria, VA 22311-171

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9. Good Teachers Share Best Practices. A willingness to share knowledge and experiences with others is one of the most important qualities of a good teacher, Rogers said. Education is a very hands-on field and often requires experimentation within the classroom to discover which methods of communicating with students work best Mathematics Year 5: (5N2) Read, write, order and compare numbers to at least 1 000 000 and determine the value of each digit. Mathematics Year 5: (5N4) Round any number up to 1 000 000 to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000 and 100 000. Mathematics Year 5: (5N6) Solve number problems and practical problems that involve 5N1 - 5N5 Deb Jacobston, middle the Outstanding 2013 Title 1 Educator of the Year, works with students at Wyndmere Public School. Robyn Rohd As a secondary math teacher for more than 10 years, I've found that my passion for (and commitment to teaching) have only grown with every year. Even with the complexities of the current educational landscape, the feeling of getting through to that student who just wasn't getting the hang of it, or helping advanced students achieve. The checklist includes sections for classroom essentials, English resources, Maths resources and construction materials for your Year 2 classroom. This makes it a fantastic place to start preparing a shopping list and making sure your classroom is properly stocked for the arrival of the class. Easy to download and print, the Year 2 classroom.

Special Thanks to our Community Sponsors: DUNELAND SCHOOL CORPORATION OUTSTANDING TEACHER OF THE YEAR & EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR 2020 RECOGNITION PROGRAM. The Duneland School Corporation is accepting nominations for the Teacher of the Year and Employee of the Year.. The DSC will select a Teacher of the Year recipient for each of the following The maximum forgiveness amount is either $17,500 or $5,000, depending on the subject area taught. If you have eligible loans under both the Direct Loan Program and the FFEL Program, $17,500 or $5,000 is a combined maximum forgiveness amount for both programs. You may receive up to $17,500 in loan forgiveness if you were Teacher Life Love Shirts for Women Teaching Loving Heart Graphic Letter Print Inspired Summer Short Sleeve Tee Tops. 4.9 out of 5 stars 15. $16.99 $ 16. 99 $21.65 $21.65. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Calvin&Sally. Women Take A Look Its in A Book T Shirt Funny Bookworm Shirt Rainbow Graphic Tee 2021 NAAE Outstanding Early Career Teacher Award As a means of encouraging young teachers to remain in the profession and to encourage and recognize participation in professional activities, the NAAE Outstanding Early Career Teacher Award program is sponsored by John Deere as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.NAAE members who are in their third, fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh.

Asheville City Schools revealed the district's NCCAT Beginning Teacher of the Year on Thursday. Caption: WLOS. The award recognizes early career teachers who demonstrate excellence and high. Now in its 38 th Year, Outstanding Teacher Day recognizes outstanding teachers throughout the state through a ceremonial event that takes place in October. Each participating supervisory union or school district may nominate one teacher at the elementary/middle school level, one teacher at the secondary level and one technical center teacher What are the eligibility requirements?You must not have had an outstanding balance on Direct Loans or Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program loans as of Oct. 1, 1998, or on the date that you obtained a Direct Loan or FFEL Program loan after Oct. 1, 1998. If you are in default on a subsidized or unsubsidized loan, you are not eligible for forgiveness of that loan unles Murray, Ky., July 9, 2021------Kandi Dawson, Murray Elementary School third grade teacher and 29-year veteran educator with the Murray Independent School District---is one of 24 outstanding Kentucky educators named as recipients of the 2022 Valvoline Teacher Achievement Awards. Dawson now competes for the 2022 Kentucky Teacher of the Year Award competition, to be announced in September. Dawson.

Download free resources for Year 1 - Everyday materials from Outstanding Science absolutely free! Supports the National Curriculum for Primary Science in KS1. Children choose 18 objects from around the classroom. They draw a picture, name the object and identify the material. They cut and sort the objects by material At the end of each school year, I like to ask myself: What are the best teaching methods I've used this year? By examining my practice and identifying my best teaching methods, I can ensure they are fully incorporated into next year's lessons. Here are five strategies that proved to be extremely effective in my classroom. 1

School reports for year 2 (key stage 1) Reports issued at the end of year 2 (end of key stage 1) will differ slightly because they must include statutory teacher assessment judgments for reading, writing, maths and science. If your child's in year 2, he will have taken the national curriculum tests, also known as SATs, in May Download over 60 lesson plan units for just £14.99 Includes all the plans listed below and many more. Why not download the free plans (see below) to see what we are doing. Click here for a full list of the units included in the package.. Buy Now » Download Free Lesson Plans, Enter your name and email below and we will send you a link to download a free lesson plan pack The impact that teaching assistants can have in the classroom is widely acknowledged - but effective deployment and professional collaboration with the teacher is key. Co-author of a new book on outstanding classroom support, Jill Morgan, offers some advic

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  1. • Classroom Awards (see below for classroom award ideas) • Academic certificates for academic achievement • School achievement certificates • End of the Year Awards for Students. Free printable end of the year awards for students. • Funny Awards for Students. Make as many student award categories as you can so that every student gets one
  2. Employee of the Year: Performance 4: Citizenship - Young: Outstanding Teacher 1: Dare To Soar: Associate of the Week: Extra mile: Community Service: Outstanding Teacher 2: Excellence 1: Associate of the Month: Thank You: Art - Excellence: Teacher of the Month 1: Excellence 2: Associate of the Quarter: You Make A Difference: English - Excellence.
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Teacher enthusiasm is evident and contagious. You now have a blueprint for what an effective teacher 's classroom looks like. Try it on for size, and get your teaching organized. Management is the key to success. Just do it, and be at your best! For an organized teacher is a happier one than one who has let things come undone 1. Thank you. It's a simple but meaningful phrase that people in this profession just don't hear often enough. 2. We appreciate you. Teachers don't just teach—they prepare us for the road ahead. Saying you appreciate that effort reminds teachers that their impact goes beyond the classroom. 3. Your sacrifices don't go unnoticed Figure 1: Sample of Performance Standard and Indicators Performance Standard 3: Instructional Delivery The teacher engages students in learning by using a variety of effective instructional strategies in order to meet individual learning needs. Sample Performance Indicators The teacher: 3.1 Engages and maintains students in active learning May 19, 2021 - Explore Jessica Wentz's board Classroom Set-up Ideas, followed by 2226 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about classroom, classroom setting, classroom organization

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  1. Outstanding Science Teacher Educator of the Year. Science teachers who win this award will receive a stipend for classroom supplies, recognition in an industry magazine and more. The National Science Teachers Association (NSTE) uses this award to showcase the exemplary professional achievements of its members
  2. 5 Principles of Outstanding Classroom Management. When we asked our community for their best classroom management practices, over 700 ideas rolled in. and supportive, but you still have to be their teacher. Establish the code of conduct early in the year, and be sure that everyone—including the teacher—makes an effort to stay true to.
  3. Hamilton's Flexible English provides all you need to teach Year 1 SPAG, comprehension or extended writing. Superb resources, from vibrant images to writing templates, grammar exercises and comprehension papers are all included
  4. 1. Conduct AwardsA. Classroom Awards •Conduct Awards for grades 4 to 12 in each class will be given at the end of the school year. This will be based on the evaluation of the adviser and subject teachers, using the guidelines stipulated in Section VI of DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2015. 2. Academic Excellence Award •The Award for Academic.
  5. Computing in the classroom. In computing lessons in KS1, your child might tackle projects like these: Write a set of step-by-step instructions for sharing sweets fairly among friends or build a maze out of boxes and help a blindfolded friend navigate through it by giving them precise instructions, helping them gain an understanding of algorithms

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2 Format 3 - Original Teacher Observation Form - Revised August 2004 Instructions: 1. This instrument involves both an Observation and Interview of the teacher being evaluated. 2. Most indicators can be rated by Observing the teacher and the classroom activities.Items should be scored based primarily on what i There are eight (8) Excellence Awards: Teacher of the Year. This award recognizes the finest career and technical teachers at the middle/secondary school level who have demonstrated innovation in the classroom, commitment to their students and dedication to the improvement of CTE in their institutions and communities. View the Guidelines 1. A great teacher respects students. In a great teacher's classroom, each person's ideas and opinions are valued. Students feel safe to express their feelings and learn to respect and listen to others. This teacher creates a welcoming learning environment for all students. 2

The 25 most common teacher interview questions and answers to prep for any teaching interview. Know what they'll ask in advance. Prepare for the top interview questions for teachers with a time-tested approach. Don't get caught in your underwear! Walk into the teacher interview ready and calm and land that job End of year statements are complete and accurate. Maintains and monitors progress of project plan in order to stay on target. Exceeds Requirements: Gets the most out of scarce resources. Projects normally are within budget and are well planned. Outstanding: Anticipates problems before they occur March 1 is deadline to Nominate an Outstanding Teacher of the Year Guest Contributor February 7, 2017 Announcements , Education Leave a comment GILA COUNTY-Gila County School Superintendent Roy Sandoval is proud to announce that the Teacher of the Year Award nominations are now open Teachers play vital roles in the lives and educations of the students in their classrooms. Beyond the academic, teachers serve other roles by setting the classroom tone, building a warm environment, mentoring and nurture students and being role models. They also observe the classroom for issues

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  1. Some teachers and some entire schools do it every day, year in and year out, with outstanding results. But the nation as a whole has not yet acted on that knowledge. —Commission on Chapter 1 (1992, pp. 3-4
  2. 1. Choose a professional format. A letter of recommendation for a teacher should use a professional format and tone. While each letter of recommendation will vary depending on the candidate and the position, there are a few pieces of information you should include: Your name and address in the top right corner. The date
  3. Career Advice. Students aren't the only ones who learn at school! From the everyday to the unconventional, these teacher PD resources will help you make the most out of your career in education. Grade. All grades 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade Elementary School High School Higher Ed Kindergarten Middle School PreK. All grades
  4. Chamber honors outstanding teachers. $1* for 6 mos.! EDITOR`S SPECIAL 3.0. Liberty Elementary School third-grade teacher Julie Ward gets high-fives from her students at the end of the day on.
  5. We have 2 teachers on Tuesday and a 3rd teacher for part of the morning on Thursdays, with 10 two year olds. Our outdoor classroom is directly off our classroom, so one teacher takes 5 outside at a time while the other teacher is inside

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1, achieved well. This report examines the provision in their Reception Year and the extent to which it was preparing four- and five-year-olds for their years of schooling and life ahead. Reading was at the heart of the curriculum in the most successful classes. Listening to stories, poems and rhymes fed children's imagination, enhance Ideas. Getting outdoor play and learning on the agenda is a webinar in response to children's mental and. At this Outdoor Classroom Day webinar, outdoor learning and play experts share practical advice on how schools. Mud play is not only fun; research shows that it has lots benefits for children, including increasing Robertson County Farm Bureau has named Julie Stroud from East Robertson Elementary the Outstanding Ag Teacher of the Year. She was presented at the monthly board meeting with a certificate and a check for her classroom. Congratulations Julie and thank you for all you do for your students and community. SUBMITTED The 2008-2009 Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award winners include: Patricia Casto. Calvert County Public Schools. Ms. Casto is a ninth-grade academic and comprehensive algebra teacher at Calvert. Define outstanding. outstanding synonyms, outstanding pronunciation, outstanding translation, English dictionary definition of outstanding. adj. 1. Excellent or exceptionally good: an outstanding essay that received an A+

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According to the Connecticut State Department of Education, there were up to 29 applicants per teaching position in Connecticut last year!Teaching's a competitive field, so a stand-out letter of recommendation can go a long way. In the sample letter below, a principal recommends an art teacher applying to another school due to budget cuts The Teacher of the Year Award is the county's most prestigious award for teachers. Each of the state's 24 school systems selects a Teacher of the Year who serves as a teacher ambassador. One of these local winners is named the Maryland Teacher of the Year and goes on to compete for the title of National Teacher of the Year The last week of school was into the 90 degree days this year and at the spur of the moment, we decided to have a Water Fun day. All the kids in our school (about 400) wore/brought their swimsuits and towels to school and we went outside for 2 hours in the morning and 1 1/2 in the afternoon to take part in about 15 different water stations

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Deadline: 1 st June every year. English Teacher Scholarships. Another essential area of education is the English language. Whether you have a passion for teaching the great works of literature to kids, or are more interested in linguistics (the mechanics and rules of language), there are many funds available for this highly important field For example, on What Makes An Outstanding Teacher Essay our site, you can buy a new essay written by a great specialist for less than $8.99 What Makes An Outstanding Teacher Essay per page. This What Makes An Outstanding Teacher Essay includes topic research, writing, editing, proofreading, formatting, plagiarism check, and follow-up revisions Each unit in this Flexible Maths Block covers a set of Year 1 Addition and Subtraction related skills and concepts. Unit 1: Adding by counting on. Unit 2: Partitioning to create number bonds. Unit 3: Subtraction: count back/take away. Unit 4: Add by counting on (numbers to 20). Unit 5: Number bonds to 10. Unit 6: Say one more/one less up to 100 Scholastic's Core Knowledge Classroom Libraries offer an outstanding collection of authentic children's literature designed to support the Core Knowledge curriculum for Grades PreK-8. These libraries take students beyond functional literacy and provide students with a foundation in cultural literacy. Each library includes history, geography, math, science, language arts, visual arts, and. Each year, Texas PTA sends out a call to PTAs to share the love and nominate those educators who truly back the future of every child in their communities. Congratulations to the Texas PTA 2021 Outstanding Educators of the Year! Superintendent of the Year . Michelle McCord, Ed. D. Frenship ISD. Secondary Principal of the Year. Michael Curl.

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1.9K shares Every year my students can be fantastic at mathuntil they start to see math with words. For some reason, once math gets translated into reading, even my best readers start to panic The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) announced their winner for the 2021 Teacher of the Year Thursday. The department chose a social studies teacher from the Denver Center for International. Teaching 2-year-olds is challenging in the best of circumstances, although a properly organized classroom alleviates some of the potential obstacles such as arguments over toys. Children of this age vary dramatically in ability levels, maturity and overall development, so the classroom must be safely organized with.