What instruments are there in jazz fusion? - Answers


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Jazz fusion is a type of jazz band consisting of many instruments.

  • Various saxophones
  • Trumpet
  • drums
  • auxiliary percussion
  • sometimes violin
  • keyboard
  • and any other type of jazz instrument
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Q: What instruments are there in jazz fusion?
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Who was the first jazz group to mix jazz and rock?

Miles Davis is generally considered the forerunner of fusion jazz, which combined jazz instrumentation with rock's electric instruments. His "electric era" began in 1968, and his first fusion album, "In a Silent Way," was released in 1969. A British group called Soft Machine also began developing fusion jazz around the same period. Their second album, "Volume II," features lengthy jazz improvisations played loudly on electric instruments. Live recordings of the group playing these pieces live before the release of their second album arguably makes them the first jazz fusion group.

What was the musical style of the 1960s that combines jazz improvisation with amplified instruments and a rock beat called?


How did the fusion jazz movement change the jazz scene?

Fusion jazz introduced more electric instruments into jazz such as the synthesizer and electric keyboard used by Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. It also used a heavier sounding electric bass guitar. It modernized jazz and made it more relate-able to rock and disco which were popular at the time.

Can you define the term jazz fusion?

Jazz fusion is generally a 50-50 mix of jazz and rock styles of music.

When was Jazz Blues Fusion - album - created?

Jazz Blues Fusion - album - was created in 1972.

What is the term for a combination of jazz and rock?

It is called jazz fusion.

Were oboes common instruments in new Orleans jazz bands?

No, oboes were not common instruments in New Orleans jazz bands.

What was the concept of fusion music in the 1970's?

Fusion music as the name implies was an attempt to fuse elements of jazz and rock music. The defining elements of fusion were the improvisational nature borrowed from jazz married to the electrified and amplified sound of rock music. Fusion was also predominantly an instrumental form, focusing on the soloing and interplay of the musicians. One of the earliest examples of fusion music is regarded as the group Miles Davis the jazz trumpeter put together in the late sixties which was essentially a jazz group but instead of being played on acoustic instruments as jazz predominantly was up until that point, the music on the album B----es Brew was played on amplified electrified keyboards and guitars at a loud volume a la rock music. From then on fusion music grew in popularity to include a whole generation of new bands in the early seventies which took from this starting point to grow into a whole new genre of modern music.

A style of jazz music that combined traditional jazz concepts with rock R and B or funk was called?

jazz fusion

Where was jazz fusion found?

my house

What is the difference between jazz dance and jazz music?

in jazz dance you dance. in jazz music you play instruments

List four styles of jazz music?

swing,fusion,blues and cool jazz

What is the different types of jazz music?

New Orleans, Dixieland, revivalist, swing, main stream, bebop, hard bop, avant garde, free jazz, jazz/rock fusion, third stream (jazz/classical fusion), small group, big band.

What kinds of instruments are used in jazz instrumental music?

There are many instruments that are used in jazz instrumental music. Some examples of instruments include the saxophone, the trumpet, the piano, and the guitar.

The style of jazz music that combined elements of rock R and B and funk with traditional jazz?

Jazz Fusion (Apex)

What style of jazz did Miles Davis play?

He played many styles including: cool jazz, hard bop, free jazz and jazz fusion.

What are all the instruments that are used in jazz?

Usually saxophones (baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano), trumpets, trombones, string bass, drum set, and piano are instruments found in a jazz band. Other instruments that are sometimes found are clarinet, flute, and vibraphone. You can play jazz with any instrument though. but the above instruments are common because of how well the sound suits jazz

Where can i find lucky dube's live in concert dvds?

Dear Mariah Carey This is Stephfon Shavers from Detroit, MI Do you know jazz fusion singer Flora Purim? She's a jazz fusion singer, and she's have whistle voice like a dolphin. I wish you can record a jazz fusion CD, you can do whistle voice like Flora. I wish you can sing the 1973 jazz fusion song Moon Dreams, by Flora Purim. Thank you, and have a great weekend.

What instruments are used in cool jazz?

cool jazz has banjos and guitars

Which famous jazz musician explored the fusion of Afro Cuban music with jazz?

Dizzy Gillespie.

What are the Early jazz instruments not used much after the early jazz period?

a cornet

Which famous jazz musician explored the fusion of Afro-Cuban music with jazz?

Trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie

What country was jazz fusion popular in?

America and Europe

What characteristics do jazz fusion have- Musical and other?

my butt

What jazz musician played clarinet?

I don't think any jazz musicians played clarinet. Jazz has brass instruments.