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13 Jan. 2006
Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show
Monk investigates the death of a model after his favorite shirt inspector's son is accused of the crime.
20 Jan. 2006
Mr. Monk Bumps His Head
After a vicious truck stop attack, Monk awakens with amnesia in a desert hamlet, married to a domineering loon, and suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the hasty departure of a waitress.
27 Jan. 2006
Mr. Monk and the Captain's Marriage
While investigating a murder, Stottlemeyer gets into an argument with a cop at the scene who snidely tells him he has been seeing his wife. As a result the crime scene was deemed contaminated. He later asks Monk to follow his wife to see if it's true.
3 Feb. 2006
Mr. Monk and the Big Reward
Adrian is one of four detectives on the hunt for a priceless diamond that promises a handsome reward for its finder.
3 Mar. 2006
Mr. Monk and the Astronaut
Despite everyone's disbelief that a hero making the news is actually a coldblooded killer, Adrian tries to prove that a celebrity astronaut is responsible, despite an airtight alibi.
10 Mar. 2006
Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist
Monk must face his fears of dentists after Randy believes he witnesses a murder while under anasthetics. The problem is, the case is connected to a recent armored car robbery.
17 Mar. 2006
Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty
Lt. Disher and Captain Stottlemeyer capture a "Most Wanted", Colombian criminal, Miguel Escobar, who's wanted for drug trafficking crimes in multiple states, and arrest him for a local homicide. Escobar is notorious for escaping custody, so Stottlemeyer must take extra precautions to ensure that this does not happen while Escobar is in his custody. Captain Stottlemeyer learns that the US Attorney General is ordering him to turn over Escobar to the Federal Government, and is to do nothing more than detain their prisoner until the hand-off, following an extradition ...
7 Jul. 2006
Mr. Monk and the Actor
A method actor gets in the way as Monk tries to solve a case.
14 Jul. 2006
Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike
A city-wide garbage strike throws Monk completely off his game as he tries to solve the murder of a union boss.
21 Jul. 2006
Mr. Monk and the Big Game
Monk coaches basketball while trying to solve a murder case.
28 Jul. 2006
Mr. Monk Can't See a Thing
Monk is blinded by a murderer at a fire station, and then must help find him using his other senses.
4 Aug. 2006
Mr. Monk, Private Eye
With work scarce from the police department, Natalie manipulates Monk into opening his own agency, but his first case may be deadly.
11 Aug. 2006
Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion
Monk and Natalie go to Berkeley for Monk's 25th college reunion, but are sidetracked when Stottlemeyer shows up asking for their help on the recent homicide of a retired clinic nurse.
18 Aug. 2006
Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink
Dr. Kroger questions his abilities after a patient becomes the prime suspect in a murder. He decides to retire but a distressed Monk is convinced someone else is responsible.
25 Aug. 2006
Mr. Monk Goes to a Rock Concert
Monk and Natalie are sidetracked into a homicide investigation at a local music festival when a roadie turns up dead, due to a suspected overdose.
17 Nov. 2006
Mr. Monk Meets His Dad
Monk meets his long lost father after 39 years.
22 Dec. 2006
Mr. Monk and the Leper
Monk deals with leprosy on two fronts as he's called to testify that a leper is indeed alive so that his money isn't given away.

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