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What happened at Yalta?
February 1945 Allied leaders met at Yalta in Ukraine to plan what would happen to Europe after Germany's defeat. Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met.
What was agreed at Yalta?
1. Stalin to enter war against Japan once Germany defeated
2. Germany split into American, French, British, Soviet zones
3. To hunt and punish war criminals responsible for genocide
4. As countries liberated from occupation they would be allowed free elections to choose the government they wanted
5. Big Three joined U.N
6. 20 mill soviets dead, Stalin concerned about future security of USSR. Agreed eastern Europe should be seen as Soviet sphere of influence.
What were the disagreements at Yalta?
1. USSR wanted to move boarder westwards into Poland and then Poland could move its border westwards into German territory.
2. Churchill did not approve but knew he could do nothing as Stalin's Army in total control of Poland and eastern Germany
3. Roosevelt was like no but Churchill persuaded him as long as the soviets did not interfere in Greece which they were trying to keep not commy and Stalin was like k den.
What was the previous situation in Poland?
London Polish exiles saw themselves as the government. They were pro-Catholic, Anti-communist. In 1943 they learned Stalin executed 15,000 Polish army officers.
What did the USSR do?
July 1944 USSR set up own Polish government in exile in Lubin.
What happened in August 1944?
Polish resistance fighters attacked German forces in Warsaw Uprising on behalf of the London Poles Stalin sent no help 300,000 poles were killed.
January 1945
USSR announced free Poland with Lubin Poles in control.